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Hotwire is one of the most popular travel websites in the U.S. It is used by millions of users annually to book flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. It competes directly with other websites like Orbitz and Hotels. 

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I searched for Narragansett Rhode Island hotels. Hotwire popped up offering a 3.5 star hotel in the Narragansett area. It ended up booking me far away in Providence. This is false advertising and illegal! When I called they refused to find me a hotel within that areas and price. I am very upset. I never had a problem booking online before!


On or about May 12, 2019 I purchased two tickets from Dallas to Milwaukee. I was due to travel May 16, 2019 for a funeral. I didn’t
realize the first reservation completed due to my browser freezing, so I opened a new browser and tried to complete the transaction a second time. Upon completing the reservation, I discovered that I actually had two reservations for the same trip. I immediately contacted your customer department and I was reassured that it would be credited. However, it was not! And after numerous calls and over 20 hours on the phone NOTHING was done! I have been placed on hold for over an hour at a time, blind transferred to other departments only to be disconnected and promised follow ups and call backs on numerous occasions. Today I finally spoke with a so-called corporate customer service supervisor and I was completed lied to YET AGAIN! He told me that Delta refused to provide a refund code so there was nothing Hotwire could do. He offered a courtesy credit of $150 and told me that I needed to call Delta to get a refund for the unused ticket. He insisted that it was out of Hotwires hands.
I contacted Delta and I spoke with a customer service supervisor and he explained how Hotwire purchases bulk fares and resells them to its customers and everything the Hotwire told me about needing a refund code etc. was a lie!!!!
Hotwire resold me something that had already been paid Hotwire should have refunded me my money. SINCE YOU WERE THE ONES THAT GOT PAID!!!
I will NEVER do business with Hotwire again!


I was rudely handled by one of the managers at Hotwire. His name is Daniel Cormen. I was on a call with him on Friday July 12 @ 2:42PM for approximately 12 minutes. This was the far the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. I was DOUBLE CHARGE for a car rental and I was simply trying to get my refund. When I noticed that this manager was not helpful I asked to speak to someone who is in a higher position. This individual informed that he is the highest person in the company and that he was the one who founded hot-wire and that he will be closing my case and I will not get my refund back.

At this point I have no choice but to seek counsel because this is plain, unjust, an immoral. I not only seek my full refund but I am also requesting an immediate removal of this manager and proper retraining for I never want another customer to have to deal with what I had to go through today.

You may reach me at or at 904-770-6349

Thank you.


Going on vacation, tried to book hotels on hotwire as I did many times before with no issues in Orlado Fl. Found rooms tried to book and they said this reservation is no longer available. Ok no problem, went to look at other reservations and my bank alerted me that there was a hold from Hotwire for $284.20 but the reservations was never confirmed. Called bank and they said it was on a 5 day hold and if hotwire sends a letter of cancellation then they can lift the hold sooner. Spoke to several customer reps and no one could help they stated it was all on the bank. Mother spoke to Rep today and explained the frustration and aggravation of not being able to book a hotel until the hold is lifted next Monday and we go on vacation on Friday. Not fair that now we cannot get the better deals for rooms because of this. Rep tried to compensate with $15 but still did not seem fair. I asked to speak to a supervisor numerous times and rep said that would not be possible and hung up on us. We just wanted rooms not headaches trying to book. This is false advertisement. Trying to make a purchase but cannot provide merchandise and holding your money for days .... funds should never be placed on hold until your purchase is finalized and authorized by the customer. Me and my family are very upset and disappointed with the lack of service and professionalism from your company and those that represent Hotwire.


I booked a car and was not able to pick up the car so I ended up booking another car with them. I waited for my refund on the first car and it never came. When I called they notified me that it was a hot rate deal and the fine print said it was nonrefundable and no changes can be made. Even though I have called Hotwire before and made changes to this kind of rental. After I realized I couldn’t pick up the car I still went ahead and rented another car through them immediately. When I called to ask about the refund they stated that no refund could be granted... I know it was a bunch of people working from their homes and more than likely no manager or anyone was around and could process the refund. I am extremely disappointed and will never rent from Hotwire again. If I could give 0 stars I would


Hotwire is a scam. I booked a 2 night stay with 2 double beds, charged 186.56, when I got to the hotel they told me they havent had rooms with two beds in months and there was only 1 room with 1 bed available. They felt bad so only charged me 47.80 for that night and my daughter slept on the floor. After several collective hours and many unhelpful customer service people, one person agreed I would get a refund of $138, but then left me on hold for 18 mins to "note the account" Ofcourse she was to return with the confirmation number and the call was disconnected and she never called back. 7 days later, no refund, I called yet again- and was told I'd only get a refund for $93 & a "hotdollar credit" for $45. That is totally unacceptable, not what was agreed upon after being hung up on and lied to several times- I'm never using their service again, why would I accept $45 in credit when they broke the contract and it was their mistake? The hotel only charged 47.80 of the 186.56 of my money. 186.56 minus 47.80 is not 93 dollars.


I made a reservation and was not aware that I Was going to be charged right away. They charged me causing my bank to overdraft. When i called to ask to cancel, I was told that They couldn't cancel. Thats a bit crazy to me. If i hadn't been charged right away I would have still wanted to do business with hotwire but the inconsiderable staff there wouldnt help me not even the supervisor. Its like this company can give no care in the world for the first time users and there inconveniences they caused me. I will NEVER do any business with hotwire. I will always recommend another third party company to anyone I come across who are looking to do business with them. I travel at least twice a year and I always rent a car. Ive never dealt with this EVER. And the disregard that the call reps showed me was unbelievable. I felt like They gave no care and when i calles and was told no many times I became irrate. I have worked in this business before and never was I ever told that it was ok to "give a warning" for saying the word "shit" in a conversation. These people shouldnt be in business. Now im days companies dont care about customer care anymore. Its like "what ever we have your money now move along" "slap in the face". No morals and compation. Especially for those who are new customers. So extremely disappointed and will NEVER do business with Hotwire and neither will my friends and family. Shame on you Hotwire!


I got a " hotdeal"through you with Ace in Sacramento. My whole experience ; flew in got on a shuttle to rental car place, had to call Ace to pick me up from the rental car place. I was told they have no shuttle that day and to take Lyft. I told them that I was told you have shuttle they said wait and we will try to get someone to get you. Hour passes, I tried to call several times just to have someone pick up then hang up the phone. Finally I decided to Uber. I now have to take a shuttle back to the airport because Uber can't come to the rental place, walk to the u er loading and go to Ace. Now. Ace is not Airport rental, it is 20 minutes away. I get there, I have to do a walk around inspection, do that turn in the form, get ready to leave and decided to get a copy of the form. I ask the guy for a copy because the damage is pretty significant and that placed seemed sketchy ( cracked light in back, some small dents and paint chips), he said that it's probably already noted but ok. I get in the van and drive away and noticed the gas isn't full but don't want to go back. Only thing that was easy was the return. The rep went out did a once over the van came back told me the deposit will go back on the credit card, handed me my paperwork and that was it. I will not trust to use you again because of this horrible experience.


I have been charged $200 through hotwire and $460 through ACE. Can you please fix that?



Feel very cheated. Hotel run down. Not safe area. Couldnt stay as horrendous. Paid for a room in a safe place


We have been trying to use our "Hot Dollars" (currently Reginald has $379.85 and Kathy has $547.09)" to book several car reservations at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida since Tuesday, June 4, 2019. We tried numerous times over a 4 hour period without success so we called customer service and asked for assistance. We spoke with a representative who identified himself as Mike. He tried to book the reservation numerous times using different browsers and systems for approximately 40 minutes before telling us to try again the next day. We asked for a supervisor because "Mike" was frustrated and we thought someone higher may have more knowledge. We spent another 45 minutes on the phone with "Alan" who identified himself as a supervisor and he could not figure it out either, so he told us to try again the next day. We called back the next day, Wednesday, June 5, 2019, and spoke with "Let" and "Jhay (supervisor), and had the same problem. All of us kept getting the same error message, "Whoops. We can't process your booking. Your card hasn't been charged. Please try again." The supervisor stated that this was happening because the vehicles I was trying to rent were no longer available. This would have been understandable if we were trying to rent a specific type of vehicle, but we tried every vehicle on the page (12 different vehicles and classes) and got the same message. We explained to "Khay" that we expressed our concern about there being a system problem previously, but she said she would escalate it to upper management. By now, we had spent over 3 hours on the phone with different representatives without successfully renting a vehicle. Finally, we asked for another resolution that would allow us to use the "Hot Dollars." and was told that we had to pay for the rental. This is NOT an acceptable solution! We have $926.94 in "Hot Dollars" and should not have to pay anything for a vehicle considering every vehicle is under $350 (we have more than enough in "Hot Dollars"). Furthermore, we tried to book several vehicles for different dates at Las Vegas Airport on using on Thursday, June 6, 2019, and the same thing happened...we received the same message. Therefore, the problem has to be a Hotwire issue!


Upon checking in my hotel room I inspected the room and noticed the sheets weren’t clean and it was hair all over the bed and room clearly indicating it wasn’t properly cleaned. The tub was filthy as well as all the counters. I contacted the front desk who told me I can walk around the building to pick up sheets and make my bed myself. Before making it to the desk I received a call back stating they can change room. I inspected the second room and it was the same situation yet this room had dirty towels left hanging in Bathroom which clearly mean yet again these rooms wasn’t cleaned. It also smelled bad like dogs. I contacted Hotwire immediately about changing hotels and was told I will receive a refund in 5-7 business days. I was left to sleep in my car with my kids


I have been calling Hotwire for two days about a rental car that was booked, but when I arrived at that location, there were none available. Every time I call, I get put on hold and then get cut off. What a TERRIBLE way to run a business.


Customer Service horrible, no compassion no empathy I never want to do business ever with yall


My phone number 828-315-3646
I made a reservation 4 hotel choices were given: Vero Beach inn, Caribbean court, driftwood and holiday inn
The last 3 are at least 3 star hotels located on the beach , the Vero Beach inn is very far from the island 25 minutes away. Now you showed a map where these hotels should be inside the perimeter of the map!
The last 3 hotels they are off the map they are in the island ! False advertising not right
I am very upset with this situation
I used your service for years I am very disappointed I called too many times to cancel and rebook without any luck
The Vero Beach inn is a 2 star hotel off the highway no comparison to the other 3
It’s like comparing the holiday inn with the Ritz Carlton!
I have all the proofs if I don’t hear from you and fix this I am going to take it to the next level and your company is going to loose a lot of business believe you me!


This hotel was dirty. Curtains did not cover windows. Blinds were broken. You couldn’t sit on the toilet without bumping your arms. Had to close toilet seat to reach back to flush the toilet. Breakfast area was dirty, not enough food for the amount of guests. Dead bolt on door would not lock. Chairs in all areas were dirty.


I am very disappointed with Hotwire's treatment of long term customer. I was booking hotels for the first couple legs of our trip to Calgary. I noticed the web page saying 10% additional discount for members, thinking it is automatically included in the price upon login. I made two hotel bookings at around 7:30 pm on 5/21/2019. While working on the additional hotel bookings for the same trip after 9pm, I noticed a special Memorial Day promotion banner code "Getaway10". I realized that I may not have entered the promotion code in my previous bookings a few hours ago. After verifying, I called the customer service number, speaking to a representative, asking to get the Getaway10 discount since i only booked them a few hours ago. The representative said, since it was within 24 hours, he could reverse the charge and rebook the same, but he has to check with his supervisor because he does not know how to enter the Getaway10 code and put me on hold. After holding for more than 10 minutes, I was cut off. I then called again, getting someone else. This person insisted that nothing can be done. After talking to Mark J. the supervisor, he also insisted nothing can be done, I know the promotion is not from the hotels, it's from Hotwire. For Hotwire to show no flexibility at all to accommodate a long time customer and willing to loose all future potential business from me, it make no business sense. 10% on what I have booked would amount to a litlle over $100, but when I switch my business to your competitors, Hotwire stands to loose much more. i want to keep the reservations, but I want the discount. Failure to resolve this promotional discount issue within a few hours of the bookings, It is obvious to me now, Hotwire's true Corporate value of profit over anything else. When it is within Hotwire's power to grant such discount (since hotels are not the one offering this promotion) for a long term customer, Hotwire chooses to hold the standard line the bookings are final, not recognizing I am not trying to change the reservation, just the amount i was charged due to the special Hotwire promotion. For a meager $100 dispute, if not resolved, you will no longer have my business for remaining of this trip and all potential future bookings. I hope to hear from Hotwire. My reservation # is 5329400109 and 6951010524 and a Case ID# is 12091137077. James Wu,


For the last two days your sight has been advertising flights between Boston and nantucket to be 99 dollars on cape air, but every time to click on a time the fare bumps to 279. Why is that?


Hotwire does not update or investage their vendors. I booked a hotel in miami in March 2019. I was having issues with hotel contact. I used my itinerary, google, white pages, and info listed on the hotel's web site to reach the hotel..and only reached busy sound. I contacted Hot wire..and was told "everything will be ok, just go to the property". 16th of May, i called Hotwire again. I was still experiencing the same busy sound when contacting the hotel. Hotwire was unable to contact vendor. I was placed on hold for hours only to find out this vendor information was NOT updated.. Hotwire stated on my recorded line "the issues arised because the vendor's status had not being updated.

When booking the reservation, I was suppose to have: a lots of amenities, breakfast, free shuttle to and from airports, sheek room and so much more. Upon arriving to the property, hubby and i were shocked. This is not the hotel advertised. In speaking with other guests, they experienced the same exact issues: increased hotel fees, shabby conditions, and a bunch on have nots. We feel taken advantage of.. Hotwire is responsible.

The customer service agents working for Hotwire do not speak fluent English and I doubt Call centers are in America. I do not believe Hotwire has customers in their best intrest. Hot wire does not check vendors status or value.

The consumers are penalized. My compensation offered for all my troubles were: A phone number, my family paying more money, and 40 dollars Hotwire money.

This is the second time Hotwire has soiled my vacation in three months. My family and I would like an outcome. I find sending emails for this issues is just preposterous. Hotwire could have take care of this issue in March 2018 after booking.

Hubby and I are not happy with: Customer Service, the I T issues on Hotwires's website, the property, the room, the non amenities, the vendor not being updated, and forced to reside in a room that was what we paid for. My itenary state's one thing but we were given something eles.

Contact my family so we can bring forth the evidence of our claims.



Hotwire charged reservation fee and never actually reserved the flight. Car was reserved therefore you had funds access to reserve the flight.
I SHOWED UP AT THE AIRPORT to check in to find out that I have no flight.

I have been flying for years and such outrageous thing has never happened.
Airline was contacted, but they had no information of reservation as none was ever processed

Please let me know what Hotwire is intending to do
What I've been told is that it was failed booking. Unfortunately that does not help especially that you have NOT INFORMED ME OF THE CANCELLATION during the whole month since booking the flight

Agnieszka Dobosz
Itinerary # 7425889566456

781 853 7705


Ok the microtel in Miami charged my card 150.00 so I called Saturday right after checking out they said it’s was a deposit it would go back on card I called everyday up to today they said the same thing until today now they say that someone smoked in room which I don’t smoke and these are their pic no date and it could be any sink


I need to change a reservation made 4 months in advance. I don’t know many people that can afford to waste $1000, but I can’t. I’m traveling for a wedding, I need to be at this wedding. I can’t travel later because I can’t take more time off. Who do you think you are to force something on hard working customers and especially to try to keep people’s money for no service.


Extremely disappointed and infuriated regarding Hotwire services. Booked a hotel to stay in Nashville, TN April 20th after traveling 8 hours from S.C. I received the confirmation and receipt of payment. My wife and I get to the hotel where we had booked, only to be told they are sold out of rooms and that they have no availability. How the hell is this even possible? Mind you, we had been driving for 8 hours and it was now 1230am. We made a reservation in Nashville because neither myself or wife can see well driving at night and it would be a halfway point to come back to Chicago. The hotel told us that hotwire overbooked them. We call Hotwire customer service to be told that as we are driving to try and find another hotel we needed to download an app ourselves. Terrible customer service, hotwire messed up and expects their customers to resolve the issue by themselves? Hot wire then tells us all other hotels in the area are booked and the best they could do is either refund us the money or give us $50 credit to use towards another hotel….. Still did not fix the problem of us having a place to sleep. We had to drive in the middle of the night back to Chicago, another 8 hour drive with no sleep. I suggest that you confirm that when you are taking peoples money that the hotel they have “reservations” for is actually available. TERRIBLE customer service and we will NEVER use Hotwire again.


I LOST $96.00 plus DOLLARS ON A HOTEL I didn't reserved on 4/3/2019 for Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. I reserved a Hotel for Oxon Hill Harborshore hotel and this company would not reimburse me my money back on my credit card. THEY SIAD I had to reserved the hotel again and get my money back in two weeks. NO WAY WILL YOU GET ME A SECOND TIME. HOTWIRE NEED TO REIMBURSE ME MONEY BACK. Will never use them again. Very Unhappy. Antionette


I rented a car thru. Hotwire and when I went to pick it up today at the airpprt they said I could not rent the car. So I had to rent from another ...Enterprise and paid double. Very upsetting.
What a mess this caused! I called Dollar car rental and they couldn't be of any help at all.


Need a refund for a hotel reservation that I did not use. Hotel is not safe, I do not stay at hotels that have outside doors only, never saw security guard and they played loud music in parking lot and no elevator for my disabled mother to use. Please call me at 720-404-2712 to resolve this issue immediately.


I feel that their booking was based on false advertisement regarding their rental cars. It says that you will take a shuttle to the airport car rental center, which is fine. It doesn’t say you may take up to two shuttles. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have booked the rental car and now they won’t cancel my reservation as I don’t feel comfortable going offsite from the airport car rental center to rent my car.


This is about refund. Here is the situation:

When I was purchasing this ticket, roundtrip between Ontario, CA and Pittsburgh (April 12), there was something wrong with your website. When I filled in my bank information and moved to the final booking, I was told there was an error and that I had to do it all over again. When I did, I saw the same error message on the screen. So I filled in my bank information twice. Two problems arose as a result:

(1) I was charged twice, $294 twice for American (#2997 and 1716) for Ontario to Pittsburgh via DFW, and $252 twice for United (#2228, 1745) for return flight from Pittsburgh to Ontario via SF;
(2) Then, as soon as I made this reservation, United cancelled the flight from Pittsburgh to Ontario. Since there is no point in making only one way reservation, in seven hours I cancelled my entire reservation by calling you. Perhaps because the return flight was already cancelled by the United, you cancelled only my American flight from Ontario to Pittsburgh, even though I wanted to cancel the entire itinerary.

Now I find that you charged my Visa account $10 twice for your fee (?), $252 (United) twice, and $294 (American) twice. American refunded one of these charges, not both, but I remain charged twice (each $252) by United, even though United cancelled the flight. I also remain charged twice by Hotwire ( $10 each).

I find this absolutely crazy. Would you please rectify this situation by refunding the entire amount ($818) ? I would appreciate it very much if you could resolve this as soon as possible and restore my confidence in Hotwire.

Here is some appropriate information you may need:

Customer's First Name: Anselm
Customer's Last Name: Min
Customer's Email:
Customer's Phone No: 909-294-9806
Appropriate Numbers: Itinerary Number: 7426615500342; Confirmation Number: 7426617217796; American, confirmation, AROEDX; United, confirmation, OSDRNC


First time using “Hotwire”. Booking a hotel in Oxon Hill, MD n the company book a hotel in Washington, DC tried to cancel the book hotel to the one I wanted. They said I had to book the hotel I wanted first n then I be refund in two weeks. Hotwire took my money that’s thief, will never use them again “Never”.


My first time ever using hotwire and never again nor will i reccommend you !! THe extra insurance states exactly that now i cant get a refund nor can i just stay where i am !! the hotel i booked says pet friendly, doesnt say a fuckin thing about a fee , now i have to pay an extra 33$ plus instead of the 133$ originally for the room I was charged $177.... I have no money no means of transportation when all I want is to stay in the holtel im in , and pay for it... transferring the reservation is NOTa big deal as you are making it !! I will be calling the better business bureau as well !!


We booked and as required had to put a deposit down when we got there . After we left we didn't get it back. We went back and forth with our bank the motel and finally went to hotwire. They proceeded to help and went back and forth with us and the motel. Finally they told us there was nothing they could do. We were out our deposit and with our bank which over drafted us. They should have went that extra mile to help us at least


The worse customer experience. Clearly a mistake booking and they refused to refund my money! Wrong city. Wrong amount of people. No credit card! I caught it within 5 minutes. Still they wouldn’t refund! All they offered was to re book. Clearly I don’t wanna rebook! The original was a mistake to begin with! I thought I would have time to book! Nope!


I booked a reservation through hotwire for a rental vehicle to pick up in Providence Airport at 12:30 AM for a family Easter visit. When I arrived to pick up the vehicle, the rental car company (Budget at Provience Airport) was closed (as they close at 12:30 AM). This left me stuck without a vehicl. Upon calling Budget and Hotwire, I was told nothing could be done. Hertz was the only rental car service still open and they were sold out of vehicles. Therefore, I had to pay for a car service that evening, pay for a car service the next day and pay more for a rental vehicle. Unacceptable.

Upon speaking with a customer service agent at Hotwire named Jenny, I was informed that they SHOULD NOT have taken a reservation for 12:30 AM as the agency closed at that time and therefore it must have been a computer glitch. After waiting on hold for a long period to speak with a manager, Fred, agent #767, he would not take responsibility or offer a credit. Furthermore, he would not provide another means to voice my complaint.

I was exhausted, stressed and stranded at the Providence airport, alone in the middle of the night with luggage, forced to pay out of pocket for a ride to Boston and faced more expenses and inconveniences the next day due to Hotwires "glitch". I assumed Budget would be open when I arrived as I received no notification that they wouldn't be. In the future, I will book directly with the service provider instead of Hotwire. I will also call ahead to ensure they are open. It is sad to know after so many years using Hotwire that they have such terrible customer service practices. If they don't make this right by providing a credit to offset my expenses due to their mistake, I won't use them again and will make sure a ripple effect of Fred's poor customer service occurs.


Motel6 Falls Church VA. Lost hotwire reservation. No room for 3 hrs. Then mo6. Tried to say room was never paid. Room was paid via hotwire. Then mo 6. Took debit card ours. Tried to collect second fee. Then. No room for 3 hour. We refused to enter room 3 hrs late. The mo6 said room rescheduled 5 days later....5 days later. More bs. We got room 5 days later. But. Mo6. Was playing victim with insurer. Sitting outdoor in cold bad. Police called..mo6 lied to police


Hello, we checked into club quarters New York w51st street last night, we booked 2 rooms through Hotwire. It was advertised 4 star - it is sub standard small dingy, smelly room and I am sure I have been bitten by fleas - more of a hostel standard! We need to move I can’t stay here another night, we are booked until 29th another 3 nights please help us we can’t stay here? I don’t understand how this hotel can advertise 4 star, the furniture is all scratched and the bed is a double not queen! Can you please help us we are here for a funeral and are upset enough without having to stay at this hotel? We stayed at Parker’s ny and found this ok. We also stayed at Bentley which was lovely.

I look forward to hearing from you
Kathleen and Noreen Mccarthy


hello, I am writing this complaint because on April 7,2019 I went on your website and did a reservation for a car. You guys had me go to Advantage Car Rental. You guys charged me 72.91. I was ok with it. I got the car and used it like I need to while I was on vacation. when I took the car back the guy at Advantage email me the recipe for the total car rental and it was 62.88. I got to looking at what was on my credit card and my rental agreement. That is when I became a where of the price difference. The price on my agreement was 62.88. So I called your call center this morning and they say all they can do it credit my hotwire account of 9.03 and that was from two of your employees. I told them now that I know you guys don't give use deals . You guys rip your customer off I will not ever use your website again. I want my money back. I hate that you hotwire took my money so easy but now its you guys want to play around and not give my money back to me. I Thinks it messed up how you hotwire wants customer to think that there helping them get the best deal when there really not. hotwire is a joke. Plus there is one star because it wouldn't let me not put anything.


I booked a budget rental through your site and was denied after taking a bus7 hours to pickup with 7 hours to drive home, I was stranded in their parking lot in an undesirable location because your site did not mention a credit score level, all my plans were ruined!!!!!!


To whom it may concern:

I am a current guest at the Motel 6 Tropicana Hotel. I have been transferred twice because of odors emanating from the rooms. The first room had a marijuana smell and the second room a very strong and pungent detergent odor which made me defty ill. I am still recovering from the second room. I am in my third room and now there appears to be smoke (cigarette smoke?) emanating from the room. However, the impact of the odors on my health has been no less than devastating. I feel ill all the time and I grow weary of asking for a room change from the front desk. This particular occasion actually surprises me because I have stayed at Motel 6 before in other states and locations and have had a relatively good experience. It is indeed unfortunate that I have had to experience this as Motel 6 has always, with the exception of this occasion only, to provide excellent service.

I feel I have no other recourse than to request a full refund for my stay here. Please note that this is a very serious experience as my health has been severely impacted by this experience. Please help me to resolve this matter.

Herman Lorenzo


I made a reservation for a hotel and when I inquired about canceling that reservation I was not told at that time that if I inquired about this cancellation that it would turn into a nonrefundable non-cancelable situation it wasn’t until a day later that they told me that they canceled the reservation and I would not get any money back so I cannot use my reservation and they have stolen to $385 Of my money. Even though I want to use my reservation I can’t all I was doing was inquiring about possibly canceling And it turned into a complete mess I would like to talk to somebody who can be reasonable and listen to commonsense


I searched for a hotel for this weekend at "Friday Harbor WA" and hotwire gave me the options as shown in the screenshot attached. When the reservation was confirmed, we were shocked to find out that the reservation was made at Victoria BC, Canada. And please note that I dont have a Canadian Visa, so cannot travel to the country. Please note that our reservation was made for $75+taxes which came to about $100. Since the reservation was confirmed in a different city/state/country - we called customer service to fix this and cancel this reservation. They mentioned that it was a mistake at their end and as a one-time-exception, they can rebook at friday harbor themselves.

Their new reservation came to $174 + taxes and we were not ready to take it. We talked to customer service for more than 30 minutes and they were not giving me any options but to accept the new reservation only. They were not ready to listen to me and just hung up.


I purchased/reserved a King Room @ the Kimpton, Downtown Seattle this past September 2018 for a planned overnight stay on July 1, 2019 Upon confirming my Reservation with my Visa Card was charged for the Room Reservation for the amount of $237.23. I even purchased Hotwire's "Trip Insurance" for an addt'l $9.12 never expecting to have to cancel the Reservation. I called today to cancel the Hotel Reservation and spoke with CSR Laura Lynn, advising her we had to cancel the Hotel Reservation to wit, she replied, "You don't qualify for a Refund for your Cancellation." I reiterated that I had reluctantly purchased Hotwire's "Trip Insurance" at the time of original purchase/Reservation whereupon her answer was "Unless your cancellation is due to an Emergency, your Reservation & Trip Insurance does not qualify for a Refund." I muttered something to the effect of "That's a Crock" to wit Laura Lynn replied, "I'm sorry is there anything else I can help you with today?" I replied, "No, but I suggest you carefully document this call as I believe's Trip Insurance to potential Customers is not only misleading, but a racket and this is not the end of my Complaint." Laura Lynn stated, "She had carefully documented my call Cancelling our Reservation." Seriously, take my advice...DON'T BOOK SQUAT FOR ANY REASON WITH HOTWIRE.COM and PARTICULARLY DON'T PURCHASE THEIR TRIP INSURANCE OFFER AS NOTHING IS PROVIDED TO THE CUSTOMER AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE AS TO EXACTLY WHAT AND WHEN THE TRIP INSURANCE COVERS...


Why does your company continue to use ACE rental car? You are aware of hundreds of customer reviews and complaints with your company about this car company but you continue to do business with them. ACE has been scamming customers for YEARS!! I have filed a complaint against ACE/AVR with the FTC and through my AG office. I have also filed a complaint with the FTC and my AG about HOTWIRE. Your company will be sued along with ACE.

You also outsource your customer care so no one knows what the heck is going on! You are compliant with this company and their scams!


somebody is stealing my ID and using my name and an old phone number of mine 608-609-5755 and making car reservations through out the united states using Hotwire. this has been happening about once a month or every two months for the past two years!! Ive called everytime and cancel and try to explain it is not me making the rentals and they do cancel it , but then 30 days later they allow it to happen again, and again and never question it!!! I will tell you right now that I will never make a reservation for anything thru hotwire and if you ever see my name and email address with that old phone number it is a case of FRAUD!!!!!!!!!! im so sick of dealing with this month after month!!


February 2 2019

Regarding :

Hotwire Itinerary

To whom it may concern; I booked this car rental and when I went to confirm shuttle I was transferred to Budget 2 times and they did not have shuttle option from this pickup point.
Hotwires confirmation page states shuttle service instructions are as follows:

"Shuttle / Pick-up information

Pick up service will be confirmed with a 24 hour advance notice, if customer is within 5 miles of rental location. If less than 24 hours notice or pick up is more than 5 miles from rental location then the service may not be available, in either case the customer must call the rental location directly to arrange. ."
Our rental pickup is on 02/13/19 and distance to airport is less than 5 miles.

Google maps distance:

11 min (2.8 miles)
via E Airport Blvd
Fastest route, despite the usual traffic
Orlando Sanford International Airport
1200 Red Cleveland Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773
Head west on Red Cleveland Blvd
0.3 mi
Continue straight onto Airline Ave
0.4 mi
Turn right onto E Airport Blvd
2.0 mi
Turn left onto S Orlando Dr
Destination will be on the right
0.1 mi
3098 S Orlando Dr
Sanford, FL 32773

So I feel have complied with both of these requirements.

I tried to resolve first by calling customer service and Hotwire was experiencing poor connections on telephone x first two calls and finally I was able to get through to Jenn customer service agent, she noted that I should have called the rental agency to confirm the shuttle service was available that Hotwire had indicated on the check out page, (I did not appreciate that it was suggested that I check to see if Hotwire web page instructions are correct! I don't feel it is my job to make sure web page is correct) who transferred me to Erick ( he indicated he was a supervisor I asked for identification and he could only give me his 3 digit badge number 620 ) at Hotwire # 844-207-0306 . Erick stated that I needed to confirm if Budget offered this service before I booked trip. He noted that a shuttle is not guaranteed on off site bookings. Erick stated that under agreement Hotwire does not guarantee transportation to rental agency.

The only option Erick had to resolve this was to cancel the reservation and reschedule at today's rate, which would cost $22.00 more and go from full size car to a standard car. Very poor option at this point!!!

I did state that my search was for SFB to TPA and hotwire offered this under this search. This makes sense to a customer if transportation is available from airport to car rental agency. But who would chose an option if transportation is not available?

I really feel I have been misled by the statement on hot wires web page under shuttle pick up information. It is very misleading and hotwire representative Eric was very pompous in stating that this is a final decision and he was the supervisor in charge. I feel this was poorly handled by him and especially as a supervisor.

I have spent over an hour on the telephone and more time to file this complaint.

Please address this issue as it is misleading at the least.

Greg Rummel


I reserved a rental car. When I went to pick it up I was told they didn’t have any cars left. I call Ed Hotwire and they told me they found another car for me 45 minutes away. I went to the second rental company and they also said they didn’t have a car. Then I called Hotwire twice, spent an hour and a half on the phone and they couldn’t find a car for me. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced!


I am currently staying at one of your properties (3105 Tower Blvd Durham NC) Im not sure if you are aware of this particular property and how its being maintained, this is day two my room has not been cleaned nor does the front desk have any fresh linings, also I was locked out of my room the young man at the front desk tried to use the master key to let me in my room that didn't work he proceeded to call maintainence, maintainence instructed him to open my window, he open my window with no problem, meaning my room room has not been secured!!!! my whole stay, I am livid, I left my room today for business, I am missing a remote by amazon it was on the dresser when I left now its not there, yes I have reported to the young man thats working tonight, I also requested a key report to see who has been in my room for the wrong reasons. I do not feel safe in this room no one has secured this window nor does anyone care this is the worst property that I have ever seen I understand that this is not the best but its not even satisfactory! I have taken pictures because this is unbelievable. I was also told that this property didn't have any housekeepers, there is no one to wash linings towels there are no rooms that are clean that you can get fresh towels from, SAD! I would like a full refund of my stays and the remote that has been taken from my room. If possible I would like someone to please contact me at 919-973-9871 also I would love to elaborate more and I would love to send the pictures of the bathroom and the mole all over the shower curtain.


My name is Johnetta Smith and i have booked through you a few times this week please read the email above i am requestiing a full refund for my stays this is unsatisfactory and un safe! before you book people into this property make sure there are clean linings and a secure room. please contact me 919-973-9871 i do have pictures upon request.


Wasted a lot of time trying to book using a Black Friday discount through your app which is not working.
Reinstall the app, change my password, and finally called customer service. They were useless but at least informed me that there was a problem with the app. Still, Hotwire wasted a lot of my time, and for that reason you've lost a customer.


Booked a rental car through your site was given ACE rent a car. in Orlando Fl. Narcosse Road..horrible horrible experience no customer service at all....from the first day I picked up the car it was a hassel... Wanted me to pay $59.99 per day for their ins. when I have full coverage on my own cars at home in DE. Had to call my ins. company at 9:30 PM to have someone talk to the front desk lady. Then was given an inspection slip for me to fill out in the dark indicating dents scratches etc. which I did.. then upon returning the car a guy came out to inspect the vehicle and went right to the windshield and said "oh there is a ding and I have to report it. You will have to pay $250.00 on your credit card for the damage. Not how was your trip or your stay or any problems with the car? Nothing nice. Wouldn't let me or my family get on their shuttle to the airport until I gave them my credit card and paid the $250.00 so I did but was also told that they would put the charge on hold until the dispute was settled. I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told at first there wasn't one there. But later a girl at the desk named marlene said she was the supervisor but she didn't say that at first. I contacted my attorney who practices in Florida. I will never ever do any business with this company again. I knew when I first got this car off the lot there would be trouble...I always used a reputable rental car company for the past 30 years when I travel. So much for trying new ones you live and you learn. my confirmation # 4559831286.

Thank you,
Joanne Scullion


Booked a 5* hotel Kimpton Epic Miami on their site . On Arrival , the hotel had no confirmation or booking . After 2 hours of waiting at the hotel , the receptionist can’t get any information about our reservation , a hot wire agent confirmed the third party had never confirmed our room but took our money. After traveling all day we were exhausted with this. We booked another hotel ourselves as Kimpton was sold out. Hot wire has agreed to refund us but we will never recommend or use them again. This agency is not professional. Customer service should be a priority.


After hours of searching for the cheapest 4-star Mall of America (MOA) hotel rate, I finally settled on the "hot rate" listed by of $103 nightly. This special rate was stated as a whopping 57% savings over the standard room rate for this hotel of $207. I was thrilled to lock in this Fri - Sat night rate at a MOA hotel, especially since it's the first time in a decade that I get to celebrate my birthday alone with my husband all night - without children! Sadly, my thrill quickly turned to disgust.

The first of many Hotwire lies was immediately revealed when the "Hyatt Regency" Bloomington hotel appeared as my overnight destination. This hotel is not near the Hotwire map pin that displayed this hotel's location as being within the MOA campus. The hotel is actually over 1.2 miles away from MOA, and not within walking distance due to several busy freeways and highways in-between. But, this wasn't the only surprise lie that Hotwire had up their sleeve.

After discovering the falsified distance, I immediately navigated to Hyatt's official website and found the standard average weekend room rate of $129 - which is EXTREMELY cheaper than the falsified listed standard rate of $237 by Hotwire. In fact, I only saved $26 over Hyatt's given rate - and ended up paying more overall by using Hotwire after fees were included.

I contacted customer support within 10 minutes after this purchase and clearly stated my disappointment and disgust with their sales ploy that used exaggerated rates and a falsified location to scam me as an unsuspecting buyer, into purchasing something that I did not want. The brash representative not only refused to refund this purchase, but she also would not even let me pay more to stay at a desired hotel like the one they promised and failed to deliver. She also (in a rude demeanor) refused to compromise, and firmly stated that the sale is final, could not be refunded or exchanged, and there is nothing that can be done to resolve this matter. A non-specific, not verbatim policy was loosely repeated by the foreign speaking representative (with poor English skills) as the reason for not fixing this problem, and after asking - no site or disclosure location containing such a policy was ever provided.

I have used Priceline and Expedia in the past to great satisfaction - I wish I would have stuck with what works, because Hotwire certainly does not!


Reserved room for one night. Was billed $1622 and was told by customer service about their no refund policy. I'm a disabled senior citizen on a fixed income and could not afford a room for a week+. Thanks for your 'no help' customer service. I DID NOT RENT A ROOM FOR MORE THAN 1 NIGHT. I will file fraud charges dispute the charge hire a lawyer and find every complaint site to let people know your deceptive practices. Of course there are the news papers, they love these kind of stories.


In June I booked a room thru Hotwire. The booking was one of the "we will tell you where you are staying after you book."

The hotel was the Econo Lodge Tech Center in Denver, CO. Not necessarily my first choice but, I needed a room for the night. I have pasted the reservation Information below.

Upon arrival I found that there were no rooms available. The hotel did not, would not, find me a room anywhere else. I talked with Hotwire customer support and got nowhere with them either. I ended up driving 90 miles back home for the night, had to leave home the next extremely early to make a meeting. I booked a room to avoid this. To no avail.

I am out $103.60 for a room that my account in Hotwire shows as being cancelled. I did not cancel it. The hotel nor Hotwire has come thru with any recompense nor explanations beyond pointing the finger of blame at the other business. Hotwire customer service said the hotel was responsible for the room not being available. Econo Lodge says that Hotwire should not have booked the room because they did not have the rooms available for booking.

Something is not right. I feel that regardless of Hotwire refund policy I am due reimbursement of the $!03.60. I was also offered points from Hotwire and do not see them applied to my account either.

Also, with this experience, please tell me WHY I would want to book any travel through Hotwire in the future.


Hotwire has become very misleading. While staying in a suite with my family including my newborn baby I was searching for a deal through Hotwire to remain at that location one more day. During my search I was advised by Hotwire to hurry up and book due to the fact that the hotel I was searching was almost sold out. However once I immediately booked like advised I realized that I’d gotten an entirely different hotel. Upon reaching out to Hotwire I explained how much of an inconvenience it would have been to try and relocate my infant to a hotel that wasn’t equipped for family stay. I have been a loyal Hotwire customer for over a decade now however after being deceived by new advertising methods and receiving absolutely no compassion or help I will no longer be booking anymore stays through Hotwire.

Sonya Duffey


I booked a pair of tickets from El Paso, Tx. to Columbia, SC for July 14 to July 21 with HOTWIRE. After ordering the tickets I wanted to bundle the purchase with a rental car so I called HOTWIRE to see if it was OK to do that. The HOTWIRE representative I spoke to told me I would have to cancel my tickets and rebook later. At that time the rep. informed me that I would be getting a refund in 2 to 3 days (that did not happen). I called on Friday, June 29th to see where my refund was at since it had not yet been deposited in my bank account.


I spoke to a rep. at HOTWIRE who apparently thinks what she had to say was more important than the customer since she constantly kept interrupting me as I spoke. She kept informing me that my tickets were non-refundable and there would be NO REFUND. I told her the 1st rep. I spoke with on Monday said I would and he sent me a e-mail telling me just that. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after asking her 6 times that I wanted to speak to one she said she would put me on hold to see if she could find one. After about 10 minutes on hold the rep. came back and said she was still looking for a supervisor, but had not yet found one. Finally after another 5 minutes on hold ANNA came on the phone. The 1st thing she said was the tickets were non-refundable and there was nothing she could do. I informed her that the original rep. I spoke to me said I would so what was the problem. She stated that company policy did not allow a refund on my tickets. I said that was unacceptable and asked to speak to someone in the corporate office (which I found out later that the CEO, per Jonathan, does not have a phone or office and if I wanted him to email me, he was too busy to do so. He stated he was to busy to contact me or anyone else). I asked ANNA to have someone from the corporate office to contact me within the hour to discuss this matter. THAT CALL NEVER CAME. MORE LIES AND LIP SERVICE FROM HOTWIRE.

I called another customer service number HOTWIRE had posted (3rd one of the day) and ran into another CSR who did not understand me when I constantly asked for a supervisor. Without rehashing what I went through earlier, it was the same result with this rep. also, I finally got RAVEN on the line who also went to the HOTWIRE School of treating customers, being RUDE and talking over the customer, on the phone by thinking what she had to say was more important than me. After getting NO where with her I asked to speak to corporate and that too fell on deaf ears. It was only with my persistence that she finally agreed. I was told she would call back in a hour with an answer (NO ANSWER) which I did not get except more LIP SERVICE. She said she would attempt to connect me with someone above her in the Las Vegas office by the name of Jonathan who was anything but helpful. He was not interested in helping me except to spout company policy that means nothing to me. When I asked if I may speak to the CEO, Mark Okerscram he told me it was but per the web site the CEO is Barbara Bates - MORE LIP SERVICE I GUESS, he informed me that he does not speak to customers. I asked for his phone number Jonathan said he had none. What about an office address. He had NO OFFICE. Jonathan stated he was TOO BUSY to deal with the public. Jonathan finally decided to refund me my money, but now I had to wait another week to receive it and that was his final decision. This was even after I explained to him I have a Cancer appt. on Monday and I needed that money to pay for my co-pay. He did not care. "COMPANY POLICY STATES" constantly was his answer.

WOW! A customer generated business and the CEO is too busy to speak to a customer. It is a miracle they are still IN business. Then not caring about a customer well being that is a shame on their part.

To wrap this up all I wanted was my money back that was promised to me by the first rep. who the all the supervisor I spoke with said was a mistake on the rep. side. If this rep. works for them then why do I have to suffer for his incompetence or the company's inability to hire or train quality employees. I have an email that states I would get my refund so why can't the company just pay my money back. This company in my opinion is not customer friendly and have lied to me on a number of times and in fact they are stealing my money. LIP SERVICE IS A TRAINING TOOL OF HOTWIRE again this is my opinion.

I finally received an email stating I would get a refund and that it could take up to 15 days not counting the 5 I already waited (Jonathan in his infinite wisdom pretty much told me to POUND SAND) minus $68 for travel insurance that I should not have paid and if I did why was it so difficult to redeem a refund. I guess HOTWIRE executives need that money to paid for part of their LAVISH lunches in my opinion.

I don't expect a response from you on this since you have already exhibited that CUSTOMERS ARE ONLY A MEANS TO AN END - CASH COWS TO YOU. Again just my opinion.

I am asked to rate you on a 1 to 5 star rating. You really don't want me to rate you the way you should be rated and that for a fact



I booked a hotdeal flight that stated a flight between 6am to 10 pm and received a flight before 6 am can not make a flight before 6am as I am connecting a flight called customer service and they wouldn't do anything. They keep repeating the same three sentences and don't speak half good English to even be able to communicate with them. Ask to speak to corporate office and they give me the run around. What kind of company takes advantage of there customers like this. There is no help or justice for these types of mishaps. No one should have to go through such hell to make a flight reservation. I want my money back and won't stop until I get it.


I called in to customer service tonight to request an itemized bill for my stay May 24, 2018 - June 2, 2018. I explained to the representative that we are a military family and that the military needs for the receipt to be itemized. She told me she couldn’t do that. I asked to speak to a supervisor.I the explained to her that it has to be itemized per night because the military needs that. She told me to just give them what I already have. I explained to her again that that will not work,it has to be itemized. She then stated that if there was nothing else she would disconnect the call....AND SHE HUNG UP ON ME!! I can’t believe a supervisor would actually hang up on a customer. I can’t be the first military family requesting an itemized bill. I would like someone who is capable of handling this to please call me.

Thank you,
Chanda Staab


I attempted to book a weekend away using Hotwire. When I went to "click" which hotel I wanted my computer screen jumped and I hit the wrong property. I immediately called Hotwire to correct the property. I was informed that they would have to refund me and I would have to pay for the new reservation. I agreed and specifically told the Representative that I wanted to stay in the in Plainview/ Melville property, I described the property, price, area exactly how it appeared on Hotwire's website. When I received my confirmation, I was booked in a COMPLETELY different hotel, which is now a motel, in a completely different unsafe area. I called Hotwire to have this issue corrected but I was informed that I would have to pay AGAIN (3rd time) in order to have a refund. I do not have any more money. I also do not have the reservation that I requested or, a safe place to stay. I just want a refund OR the correct accommodations without having to pay more money which I do not have. I called every telephone number I could obtain for Hotwire but nobody would give me the corporate office or even the number to customer service to obtain a refund. All I wanted was to switch the motel to the hotel in my desired area without being charged for the 3rd time. I finally, after calling 6 times, spoke with a supervisor, Eric. He told me that the town I wanted (Melville) did not exist and could not do nothing for me. I cannot cancel nor will they let me get the hotel i wanted. Eric was very unprofessional and hung up the phone on me. I called again and asked for the the Corporate office spoke with another supervisor, Amanda, and again, was given the run around. I tried to explain what was going on and she said she could not do anything for me. I am not getting a refund, and I do not feel safe with the motel that was booked without my consent. I need my money back. I believe I am a victim of bait and switch and Hotwire is stealing my money by forcing me to stay somewhere I do not want to stay.


last evening, our car broke down and we booked a rental from Hotwire. We were given the address of 1965 N. West Shore Blvd., Tampa, Florida 33607. The address was incorrect. I walked there to find that this location had closed down long ago. I then had to walk to the airport. It was a frightening experience as it was a very bad part of town. When I got to the airport, I realized that at some point during my walk, my wallet had fallen out of my pocket and I was unable to rent a vehicle. In total I walked about 5 miles. I spent $110 on an uber to get home hours later. I called customer service and spoke with Kasha - Badge #418. I tried to escalate the situation because she said there was nothing she could do. She put me on hold for longer than she said she would and when questioned as to why she didn't check back in she told me "you are not our only customer." She also said she could do nothing for us and when I asked for a manager she said she didn't have one and that she reported to no one. I called back this morning and spoke with Joy - Badge # 325. Joy said she had a manager, but that her manager didn't take calls and that she was the final word for hot wire. Although the wrong address forced me to walk for over an hour and I had to take an uber costing $110, she offered a $25 credit and said she was the final word for Hotwire. I have used your services for several years and am shocked by this poor customer service. My account should be credited $110 for the uber as well as at least another $140 for the mistake on your app, the time I had to spend walking and the poor customer services. This is the very least that should happen. I await your reply.




If I could give Negative stars, it would be a Negative 5. I stayed at the at the Quality Inn in Placentia, CA on 01/29/17, and again on 01/30/18, and three were issues the first night, but at least the employee/Emily was customer service friendly. When I checked in on 01/30/18, Mr. Montoya, was rude, unprofessional, and had no customer service. The gentleman had a dispassionate look, he never greeted me upon arriving at the hotel, and he never looked up from the computer as I was checking in. I told him that the King bed wouldn't do, and asked him for 2 queen beds, he said, "Ten dollars," Look, I can take no for an answer, I might even pay an extra fee for a bed choice ( never given the option to choose bed, even though it clearly says "bed choice when choosing the hotel.), but rude people are unacceptable. I still have 7 additional days in this area, but I want to be sure that I will get 2 queen beds, and I can't be assured of that with using Hotwire.
Ms. Moore
Confirmation # 6083460059


Hotwire to me is the biggest legal scammer allowed in the travel industry. Three years ago my wife and I booked a flight, hotel and rental car through hotwire to go see my ailing father in PR. We left Pottsville, PA 4 hours before the flight and faced a long traffic jam at the Philadelphia turn pike due to an automobile accident. We arrived to Philadelphia Int airport 45 minutes prior to flight and were not allowed to process tickets to board flight. All of our arrangements were cancelled by Hotwire because we did not have insurance. Nice and easy way for a company to make money off of people trying to pinch money during hardtimes. I speak horrors about hotwire for providing me and my family for one of our most horrendous experiences we have had in our lifetime and trust me I will spread the word as long as this company exists.

Carlos Rivera
Brookfield, MO


I made a car rental reservation several months ago through Hotwire. As life goes, plans change and I called to cancel the reservation. The customer service agent and her supervisor were far less than "customer service" oriented. They held fast to non-refundable, non-transferable. Even after I explained that I would not even be in the city where I reserved the car and asked if the amount could be credited to my account.

Nope, they stuck to their robotic corporate line and offered no solution. Now Hotwire has my money, I have no need for the car. Instead of working with a customer and keeping them loyal they have lost a customer and created someone that is going to make it my mission to tell everyone I know, use social media and every online complaint forum to spread the word about this company that cares more about keeping $140.00 than working with a customer.


The first room i was put in ended up being infested with ants and it was a first floor room and there wasn't even a screen on the window. I have a 2 year old and between all the ants and no screen. I wanted to a new room so they switched my room which was awesome until i saw this little roach in my new room.


I have tried to get a refund from hotwire because my mom died and wasn't able to use my ticket. I done every they told me to do and got the run a round .Even spoke to Emily Jade from corporate office, she was very rude and nasty to me. She doesn't know what customer service.


Horrible experience at the Leamington Hotel N 1st St. Miami, Fl. Rude Staff, bad neighborhood (junkies, beggars, con artists, prostitutes. The rooms are terrible, bath rooms and shower (5'x4'). Room smells, mold on shower walls. Never Again. Not a place to stay, for a visit or cruise after booking on Hotwire. Worst Ever experience.


I am writing to you in order to make a complaint about accommodation I got after booking a hotel on the Hotwire company website. I booked my accommodation in 3star hotel Aryan residence in Brussels for 5 nights/2 persons ( itinerary No. 6440335374). When we got to the hotel on 12th of November hotel was closed due to technical issues as it was written  on the front door together with the information that we are relocated to Hotel Albert, a 2star hotel 1km further of previous one.

Our complaint is based on the fact that we had no information either from your company or the hotel that it was not working and that we were relocated to lower rank hotel. I am seriously hoping to get any type of reimbursement from the Hotwire company for this inconvenience.


I have pictures of the disgusting rooms, that was rented to me at the Days Inn and Suites in pine bluff AR. I could not stay in these rooms. I requested a refund or to be moved to a different hotel. My reservation was for 8/31/16 until 9/3/1016. I only stayed one night.and i was denied. I have more pictures of the room. All I ask is to get what i paid for. Please help.


Booked a room on Hotwire, got a confirmation email from customer support go to the hotel to stay the night. Now they tell me it's been cancelled and my monies are refunded. They give you no reason why then I check my bank account and the transaction is pending so they made a false reservation took my money and I had nowhere to stay and it's happened to other people I know. Please check them out they are not reliable nor are they providing the service of a room it's a scam to take your money from and the CEO is probably crooked at the top.


I pastor a church and I made this reservation in early march for our Youth group. I conducted a search for 4 Rooms, 8 Adults, and 8 Children. Your policy states you will accommodate accordingly. On Friday, I got ready to check into this hotel and found out the hotel only had 1 single bed in each room. There is no way this would accommodate this amount of people. I immediately notified Hotwire and a refund was granted. However, I made a new reservation for the same amount of people and by the time we got ready to check in.

Hotwire had changed the count whether manually or system generated to less than requested. This is a violation in the event of a fire. Instead of having the appropriate count. It was changed where half of the occupants would not have been accounted for on any manifest. The rooms where over crowded because Hotwire failed to submit the appropriate count as requested. I am requesting an immediate refund for this fraudulent action of tampering with the numbers. If a refund isn't granted, we will contact our attorneys and go to the NEWS. Although, a refund was granted for the first reservation. I had to pay an additional $100.00 at the last minute to book another. Yet and still the numbers were tampered with again.


I called into hotwire customer service regarding flight prices. The customer service agent convinced me that I would get the best rate by booking on the phone. He took about 45 mins to book it and once he sent me the confirmation email with my itinerary number, the problems started. The itinerary number he sent me wasn't coming up as accurate. Every time I tried to look up my itinerary number on hotwires site, it came back as an error saying that it is deleted and that itinerary does not exists. Of course, my account was charged $4,015 immediately. I pointed this out to the agent right away and he told me not to worry about it and he transferred me to another agent because I was concerned.

The second agent transferred me to a third person and that third person said that the initial booking agent had made a mistake and didn't input some needed information. He put my on hold for about an hour and a half. Finally told me that he cant find my complete package in the system and that my best option is to cancel. Finally got put through to a supervisor and he was able to cancel the trip and told me I would have to wait 5 days for my refund. Wasn't very apologetic. I spent a total of 3 hours on the phone because one of their sales agents made a mistake and didn't even get an apology.

I am a singe mom and was very excited to book this trip to take my sister and my kids to mexico. Now, I will loose more money because I have to wait for the refund and try to find another good deal to rebook.


At, I was provided great deals on flights, hotels, vacation packages and many more. I was planning a vacation with my family and Hotwire gave the best deals. I called up Hotwire and spoke to an executive who was pleasant over the phone and explained me the process of going about the deal. I got a 50% discount for a hotel near the beach side with great views and ambiance. Also they helped me with the flight booking and pick and drop to the hotel as well. I am totally happy with the way the overall vacation went off. Going forward I would take help of Hotwire for any kind of travel.


Booked through Going to Ocean City MD. They did the great rate but you cant see the location. It was a hotel about an hour away and we had a 6am apppintment in Ocean City. Way too far. They refused to assist, made us call in to be read some canned answers. Absolutely terrible experience for first time users. Cancelling thie reservation off of our card.

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