Top 10 Best Garden Carts

Author: Emma Johnson
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Top 10 Best Garden Carts 

If you're into gardening, you know how important a sturdy garden cart is for transferring things from one place to another while you work in your garden. If you have a small garden and only move a few items at a time, you may not need to worry about the size of your garden cart. On the other hand, if your garden is large and you do a lot of heavy lifting, you need to use one of the top 10 best garden carts on our list.

A garden cart is a more advanced and stronger product than a wheelbarrow which is used for the same purpose. While some garden carts are manual, some others are electronically powered. Most small scale farm owners prefer the manual garden cart to the electronic option because it is cheaper and more accessible. 


In this review, we will provide you with as much information as you need to make an informed decision when it's time to buy a good garden cart. Our review is based on several factors including the strength of the cart, the size, the stability, and durability. All top ten garden carts on this list are durable, strong, stable.  




1. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS



  • Convertible Handle: The handle of this garden cart is based on a 2 in 1 technology that allows you to use it in two different ways depending on what you wish to achieve. All you have to do is remove the locking pin, change the position of the handle and put the pin right back. This makes it suitable for hand pulling and tractor pulling. 

  • Quick-release Dump Technology: This garden cart gives users the option to dump items easily without having to manually remove them one by one. The loading and unloading process is quick and efficient. 

  • Stable With 4 Wheels: Unlike many other garden carts, this one is incredibly stable with 4 strong wheels. You can push it through rough and smooth surfaces without any fear of losing stability. 

  • Hauling Capacity Of 1200-lbs: This heavy-duty garden cart can carry anything with a maximum weight of 1200-lbs. This is far more weight than many other carts can hold. 


With a bed dimension of 40 by 25, the Gorilla Carts GOR6PS, will make a good addition to your home garden tools. The sides are detachable and easy to assemble. It is one of the newest versions of Gorilla's Garden cart and it comes with features that make it easy to use. 

This cart is 26.2 inches high and it weighs about 54 pounds giving you the right value for your money. For $159.99, you can buy one on Amazon. It has gained a 4.7 star rating from about 1651 reviewers. 

2. Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Carts 



  • It Has 4 10 Inches Pneumatic Rubber Tires: The cart has 4 strong pneumatic rubber tires that absorb shock and are resistant to abrasion. This makes it an excellent option for indoor and outdoor use. 

  • It Has A Crate That Can Take Up to 400lbs: The crate wagon can be used to transport 400 pounds of weight from one place to another. It doesn't matter what the items are as long as they fit and aren't above 400 pounds, you're good to go. 

  • It is Made of Steel Mesh: This cart is made of steel mesh and finished with power. The powereding is done to prevent rust over time. And the steel mesh also makes it durable because it is less likely to fall apart compared to carts that are made of iron. 

  • It Has A D-style Handle: There is a D-shaped handle that makes pulling the cart from place to place easy. It also makes it easy for you to navigate from one point to another while you maintain a steady grip. 


The Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Cart is an ideal product for light-duty gardening because it can't take more than 400 pounds at a time. It is crucial that you avoid overloading the cart to avoid wearing it out. You can fold down the sides of the crate when you want a flatbed use of the wagon. 

It is about 21-3/4 x 34 x 18 inches and weighs 39.6 pounds. When you remove the sides, the height will be about 13-½ inches and it can be used in construction sites, gardens, and anywhere else. It has 4.4 stars on Amazon and each one costs about $85.95. 

3. AMES 1123047100 Buddy Cart 



  • Can Be Used For Storing Items: Because of its great covering, this cart serves a dual purpose for moving items and for storing them as well. Not many carts can be used to store items like this. 

  • Thick Wheels of 7 Inches In Diameter: The 7-inches wheel and the steel axles makes it sturdy for transporting items. It doesn't wiggle even when you're pulling it uphill as long as you are not overloading it. It has a foot capacity of 2 cubics. 

  • The Handle Is Attached To the Lid: Unlike the two garden carts listed above, this product's handle is attached to its lid. All you have to do when you want to use it is flip it and pull the cart to wherever you want. 

  • Designed For Small Scale Gardening: This product is meant for transporting a few items at a time because it isn't big. While there isn't any information about the load capacity, the size alone tells you that it isn't meant for the transportation of heavy load. 


The Ames Lawn Buddy cart is a sturdy option for anyone who needs a cart for moving and storing items in their home garden. Keep in mind that it was not designed for commercial use except you want to use it for storing small garden tools. 

Despite its small size, this cart also has a relatively wide internal storage. The 7 inches thick tires and steel axles make it perfect for transporting things on any surface. It currently has 4.5 stars on Amazon from 685 reviewers. 

4. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding



  • Foldable: One of the reasons why many people love this garden cart is that it is foldable. You can easily unfold it when you want to use it and collapse it when you're done using it. This is a great space saving function as it is only 8 inches thick after folding. 

  • Adjustable Handle: Just like the rest of the cart, the handle is adjustable depending on how you want to use it. There are also 2 cup holders made of mesh that allow you to enjoy your refreshment while you're working on your garden. 

  • Holds Up To 150 Pounds: This product can take up to 150 pounds of weight at once without falling apart. The dimension outside is 35" x 20" x 23 while the inner dimension is 32 L x 20.1 W x 17.4 H inches. 

  • Made of 600D Fabric: This product is not entirely made of steel. It has a 600D fabric covering that makes cleaning easy. The fabric is also resistant to mildew so it is durable. 


The Mac Sports foldable garden cart is a multipurpose cart that can be used to haul items around different places even if it's not just the garden. You can use it to take items to a campsite, concerts, beach or anywhere else thanks to its heavy duty frame. 

This cart was built for comfort so it is easy to use. This product scored a solid 4.7 star rating on Amazon from over 10,011 buyers many of whom are verified. This is impressive for a fabric cart with smaller tires than most. 


5. Sekey Folding Cart 



  • Ideal for Flatbed Use: You can fold or remove the sides of the wagon when you want to carry oversized  items that don't fit. Flatbedding the cart is always a good way to carry items without ruining the cart. 

  • Easy to Navigate: Even with several heavy items on top, you can navigate this cart with ease thanks to the advanced technology. The big PU wheels move without generating unnecessary noise in your environment. The wheels are large and the frame is sturdy. 

  • Foldable: You can fold this cart easily and put it in your car when you have to take it somewhere. When you're ready to use, simply unfold it and load it up. Make sure that you max it out at 176 pounds. 

  • 2-year Warranty: This product comes with a commendable 2-year warranty. So, if anything happens within the first two years of purchase, you'll get a free repair. 


The Sekey Garden cart is another great foldable cart on Amazon. It is made of high quality 600D polyester which also happens to be two layers to ensure durability. You can adjust the handles and the length of the cart to meet your transportation demands. 

There is currently a 4.6 star rating for this product from about 471 customers on Amazon. It has a protective cover that you can use when you don't want anyone to see what you're transporting. It costs $115.99 and it is worth every penny. 

6.  AmazonBasics Garden Tool



  • Comes With a Storage Bag: This cart comes with a free storage bag that you use to store the cart after folding. 

  • Collapsible Mechanism: This product collapses into itself when you don't want to use it or when it's time to move it from one point to another without any overloading inside. 

  • 64-Pound Weight Capacity: This AmazonBasics cart can hold up to 264 pounds of weight without overloading. This is especially impressive when compared to other fabric carts. 

  • Extendible Steel Tube: The cart has an extendible steel tube that allows you to adjust it according to your needs. The handle is also made of the finest quality of plastic in the industry. 


Do you want to get new supplies for your garden, take your kids to the zoo or take your children to the park? The AmazonBasics Garden tool may be a good option for you because it is sturdy and durable. 

With 4.8 stars on Amazon, this cart has gotten reviews from 45 satisfied customers and many of them gave it a 5 star rating due to it’s easy to assemble and use. 

7. Suncast 2-Wheel Multi-Purpose Cart



  • Two Wheels: Unlike other garden carts on this list that have four wheels, this one has 2. However, you don't need to worry about stability because you will have to tilt it when you're trying to pull items away. When you're not pulling anything, it stays steady on the floor. 

  • Can Be Utilized Indoors and Outdoors: Another great feature of this cart is that its use isn't limited to garden use. It can be used in your bathroom or anywhere else you choose to use it from the shopping mall to the park. 

  • Telescoping Handle: With the telescoping handle, the cart is suitable for all users because it can be adjusted to meet your needs. You can extend it when you want to haul an item and push it back in when you want the cart to be stationary. 

  • Incredibly Durable: This garden cart is made with heavy-duty resin plastic that can last for years without damage. It is far more durable than many other carts out there even if it has a small size. 


This great Suncast 2-Wheel Multi-Purpose cart is just what you need for your small garden. It's the perfect cart for someone who is always short on time. This is because you don't need to assemble it since it comes ready to use with only the handle detached. 

The cart weighs about 10 pounds and it has a load capacity of 125 pounds. There are 1031 reviewers on Amazon who gave this product a 4.7 star. With just $39.9, you can add this to your list of garden tools and get a 3 year warranty card along with it. 

8. Landworks 2103Q044A Heavy Duty Lawn/Garden Utility



  • Steel Mesh Sides: Since this product is meant for heavy weight of up to 400 pounds, it has steel mesh sides that are removable when you want to pull heavy items that are wider than cart. You can remove the sides for easy loading. 

  • Assembled With Ease: You don't need any special skill to know how to assemble and disassemble this garden cart. Everything is straightforward and if you must, you can read the instructions before use. 

  • 10 Inch Rubber Wheels: This cart has your 10 inches shock absorbing wheels that guarantee stability on the go. You can transport anything you want on a smooth or rough surface without worrying about any disappointment. 

  • Environment Friendly: This cart doesn't require the use of batteries or electricity. So, you don't need to worry about harming the environment with additional carbon footprint. It might seem like nothing but something as simple as using a manual cart instead of a petrol or battery powered one is a good step in the right direction. 

  • Coated With Powder: All the steel parts of the item are coated with powder. This helps protect it from corrosion even when it is exposed to the elements. 


The Landworks 2103Q044A cart was created specifically for outdoor use so it is perfect for gardening, camping, walking to the camp or just when you need to move any item from one place to the other outdoors. 

On Amazon, this product has 4.4 stars from 149 reviewers and many of them were satisfied with the product for outdoor use.

9. Seina 150 Pound Capacity Cart 



  • Easy To Assemble: Even if this product doesn't come ready to use, setting it up is easy because folding and unfolding is quick. It only takes a few minutes to remove it from storage and get it ready for pulling your heavy items. 

  • Durable 600D Polyester Fabric: The 600D polyester fabric is more or less the best material for indoor or outdoor carts. This fabric is strong and perfect for covering the heavy duty steel frame. 

  • Suitable For All Terrains: This cart is perfect for all terrains thanks to its strong rubber wheels that keeps it stable on uneven ground and sandy ground like in the beach. 

  • Multipurpose Cart: It is a multipurpose cart that is great for moving items outdoors and indoors. You can even use it to move your pet when you're going for a walk and they are tired of walking. As long as the pet isn't above 150 pounds, you will not have a problem. 

10. Portal Folding Utility Wagon 



  • Fabric Is Removable: The wagon comes with thick removable fabric. All you have to do to remove it is twist the screw on the side. You don't need a spanner to do this, you can do it with your hand. It is a good idea to remove it when you want to clean the cart to make things easy. 

  • Holds Up 225 Pounds:  This cart falls in the heavy duty category because it can hold up to 225 pounds of weight at a time. The steel frame is strong so it can hold the weight without wiggling. 

  • 7 Inch Thick Wheels: The 7-inches thick wheels make it perfect for transporting items to concerts, sporting events, beach parties, parks, and even in and out of your home garden. 

  • 1-year Warranty: If anything happens to the cart within the first year after purchase, you can repair it at no extra cost. This makes it a risk free purchase. 


The Portal Folding cart is the perfect option for anyone who is looking for a multipurpose cart that is durable as much as it is functional. It is easy to navigate, assemble and use by people irrespective of age or gender. 

Each one costs just about $87.99 on Amazon which is fair for a cart with its load capacity. It has a 4.5 star rating overall. It comes with a cover that enables storage efficiently. 


The Verdict 

All the garden carts we listed above are great for home use, indoor and outdoor alike. Unfortunately, you can't buy all of them at the same time, so you need to choose the best one for your needs. If you want a cart for heavy duty lifting, you should go for either the Gorilla Carts GOR6PS, or the Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Carts. If you want a cart for light lifting, the Mac Sports cart or the Seina 150 capacity cart. 

Anyone who is looking for budget friendly options can go for AmazonBasics garden tool for just $62.04 or the Suncast 2-wheel cart which costs around $35. Both options are durable but the second is smaller than the first and far cheaper. Another budget friendly option is the AMES 1123047100 Buddy which sells for about $42. So, it all depends on what you want and what you can afford.