What Happened To Me?

A few years back I got scammed by a local pawn shop. They took over $500 from me! Driving home I thought, "If only there was something I could do to warn other people and hold companies accountable for their poor customer service!"

That's where the idea from HissingKitty was born. A place for all the pissed off people who are tired of putting up with bad customer service, poor quality products, and companies who treat them like dirt.

The Reason I Got Frustrated

After my experience at the local pawn shop, I got home and began searching online for ways to share my story. I found plenty of places to complain, but none of them seemed trustworthy. That’s when I came up with a great idea.

I wanted to create one place for people just like me to go and simply look up the company they were upset about, and share their story. It had to be easy, it had to be quick, and most importantly it had to be accessible from anywhere in the world.

The Solution Was HissingKitty

I wanted to create a place that championed great customer service, so I started this website. No confusion support webistes, no long forms to fill out, and no automated 1-800 numbers. That’s why I created HissingKitty. It’s free and easy to use, and it always will be.

Our site now has more than 250,000 complaints and consumer contact info about 3,000 companies. These are submitted from real people all around the world just like you and me. HissingKitty was built for normal people who have normal problems with Cable TV, Credit Cards, and Online Shopping.

We Get Results

It's our job to hold companies accountable for their actions. We promote your complaint to thousands of people (and businesses too) so you are given the attention you deserve. Here are just a few examples!

@hissingkitty Thank You! I have been reduced to social media to get something done! It is absolutley ridiculous!

— Travel Chef Eric (@TravelChefEric) April 23, 2015

@hissingkitty someone who believes Customer Service is so important. I could write 1000s of tweets complaining

— Chris Lock (@christo29834987) April 23, 2015

@hissingkitty thank you, I just filed my @comcast @comcastcares complaint with your company. @comcast can't continue doing this to customers

— Mark Allan Powers (@markallanpowers) March 12, 2015

@hissingkitty thank you for acknowledging my dish dilemma. What ever happened to the "bunny ears"?

— Jim Gerber (@JimToshipoto) March 23, 2015

Thank you @hissingkitty for the favorite. There's got to be proper consumer recourse against @nissancanada

— Melissa Patrizi (@melpatz) April 8, 2015

@hissingkitty Loved '5 signs your customer service is broken'. Taking ownership of customer service problems is certainly a must.

— Niraj Ranjan Rout (@nirajr) April 8, 2016

@hissingkitty you are doing great job! create twitter account for hissing kitty. use social network to take against these big corporations

— PhanikarChaturvedula (@cvrphanikar) April 23, 2016

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