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American Airlines is a Fort Worth, Texas based airline and is one of the top two airlines in the world. After its merger with US Airways in 2013 it now trades on NASDAQ:AAL. The AA fleet is over 939 with over 6700 flights daily to 350 destinations in 50 countries. Third quarter earnings in 2015 were reported as over US 1.7 billion. Employees numbered over 113,000 in 2015.

If you have a problem with your American Airlines flight you are not alone. The best customer service phone number to call for help is 1-800-433-7300. If you are an AAdvantage member call 1-800-882-8880. Find helpful numbers here. If you would like to contact CEO, Doug Parker, you may address a postal correspondence to him with American Airlines, 4333 Amon Carter Blvd., MD 5675, Fort Worth, Texas 76155. The corporate phone number is 817-963-1234.

From its beginnings in 1930 as American Airways it was a consolidation of over 80 small airlines. It officially became American Airlines in 1934 and moved headquarters to Texas in 1979. The C.R. Smith Aviation Museum is operated by American Airlines as well as a Texas based flight academy. Social presence may be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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re. Spaceflight AA4527 delayed about 2 hr.s. to take of from N.Y, JFK to Washington Reagan on Jan. ,05,2018and caused me to miss my connection to Cincinnati on AA5133 on same date. I advise the flight crew of the need to attend my brothers funeral service. I was advised to fly to Columbus Ohio on AA4698 and take a taxi to Mason Ohio where my hotel is locate and that Mason was only one hour by taxi. I took their advise and flew to Columbus and had to pay the taxi $212.00 for the trip to mason which lasted more than 3hrs. to complete. I can submit the taxi receipt on your request for cab # 937 on United Taxi. I arrived att United Inn Express & Suites about 3a.m.on 1/6/18. For the incorrect instructions of the attendant on the AA4527 flight I need the refund of the taxi fee for $212.00.ref. EWGCPR. Orlando Cortez.


On Saturday, December 23, 2017, I took an early 3:25 A.M. LIFT ride in order to take an early flight from CAK to DCA. Flight AA5260 was delayed over two hours due to a reported mechanical issue. After several gate changes and an airplane change we departed CAK @ 8:12 A.M. rather than the scheduled 5:42 A.M. departure time. We arrived at DCA @ 9:12 A.M. rather than the scheduled arrival time of 7:04 A.M. I am a 62 year old disabled veteran with a monthly pension. The additional expense of the early transportation, along with my checked bag could have been preventable if not for such an early flight. I certainly hope it's possible to be compensated by AA for an unfortunate inconvenience the mechanical issue subjected me & others to 12/23/2017. I also hope to have a more favourable experience on my return flight AA5188 scheduled for departure later today @ 5:10 P.M. I have not received a response to my online form suggestion/complaint submitted on or around Saturday, December 23, 2017. I look forward to a response to my email to address my genuine concern expressed. Respectfully, Celestine Shelton. 330-622-1699 #7031671278 2 Baggage claim # AA 79 54 83


I was told after paying $50 for my carry on, that I could not take it on the plane. Everyone I dealt with was rude. I will NEVER fly American Airlines again


To American Airlines Customer Service,
On September 30, 2017, I was transferred from a United Airlines flight to an American Airlines flight because of a flight cancellation.
I boarded the American Airlines flight and then it was cancelled due to mechanical difficulties.
I spent the entire day and night in the Sacramento California airport and was not able to get home to Detroit Michigan until the next morning!
As a result, I was late getting to work and missed an important meeting. And, I arrived stressed and exhausted after my upsetting travels.
The reason for my trip was to be with my Mother who is battling Cancer and was receiving a chemotherapy infusion treatment..
I would appreciate receiving a refund for my return ticket from Sacramento to Detroit. Thank You!
Janet Warda (734)-255-6578 // 22008 Provincial Street Woodhaven, Michigan 48183


The flight and service were excellent! Beautiful new plane. My complaint stems from being forced to sit next to a huge person in the aisle seat. I consider myself and my wife to be of average size. We fit well in the seats. I put the arm rest down between myself and Mr. Huge. He objected a bit since his extremely large butt was now forced to conform. I had to keep the arm rest between my wife and I up and lean into her seat for the entire trip from RSW to ORD. By the time I got to ORD, my back was killing me.
This is not fair! I know he paid for a seat but so did I. There has to be something as an airline that you can do to accommodate everyone. Someone who tips the scales easily at 350 lbs should not be allowed to buy a standard seat. He needs to be in First Class, or buy 2 seats.
I am an Advantage member, flying a few times a year for business (V1232V4) and a few times for pleasure. We have a reservation for Dec. 29th to fly back to RSW (Flight 1267 at 12:05 PM). I assure you if I have another behemoth next to me it will be my last American flight!


I paid additional for exit row seating for my husband and myself to have more leg room and co,fort. However the seats we received were 13 D and 13 E on our flight home from Charlotte NC to Honolulu on October 28th and also,ashamed problem with seat for my husband from Honolulu to Charlotte on October 20th. These seats were smaller than any sea I've ever been in. No leg room or extra space whatsoever.m I do not believe we should be charged the additional a,punt that we were charged. D would respectfully request a refund for those fees. The flight home was Aa 694 on the 28th and the flight on the 20th was 433 the seat 24C. Thank you for your help


October 31, 2017

Charles W. Flagg
64 Owen Brown St.
Hudson, Ohio 44236

American Airlines:

My recent trip to Dallas from CAK through Charlotte was fraught with difficulties and inconvenience that you should be aware of:

AA 5245 took me to Tulsa on Tuesday 24Oct leaving the gate “late” and putting me in Tulsa with too little time to make my connection to Tulsa. Knowing this, AA held my bags for the 6:45 flight to Tulsa without knowing the 2:25 Charlotte-Tulsa flight, also late was able to get me to my destination…without bags. I was forced to return to the Tulsa airport late at night to retrieve it.

AA496 Dallas to CAK through Charlotte did not leave on time due to a “maintenance problem” we were preparing to leave the gate. Arriving in Charlotte “late” the gate was blocked by a another plane with “maintenance problems”.

AA5134 Charlotte to CAK actually arrived “early” prior to 7:00 p.m. While waiting for luggage at the CAK carrousel for forty minutes another arrival came for their bags before ours…when an attendant at approximately 7:45 p.m. informed our group that: “the baggage bay doors were stuck, luggage could not be retrieved….”


My bag was delivered Sunday October 29th at approximately 3:00 p.m.

You will please note that each leg of my journey was affected by timing and service issues that should not be tolerated; leaving me completely dissatisfied with your airline…given a choice, I’ll choose another.

Thank you,

Charlie Flagg


I had a horrible experience at Dulles/Reagan Airport in DC. Flew from Boston, MA where I had a connecting flight to Knoxville, TN, on Oct. 11, 2017. Asked a TSA agent if we were in the right terminal to catch our next plane which was gate 35X and she said, yes. No one told us we had to change terminals by riding a bus. There were no signs anywhere and no indication on our tickets! So, 3 of us missed the connection and had to spend 7 hours in the airport waiting for the next plane to Knoxville! It was horrible!!! Why is there not signs or information to guide you to Gate 35X? We lost a whole day, sitting in the airport! Went online to social media and everyone joined the party to slam American Airlines for not dealing with this problem. Tons of people contacted us to say they had also missed their plane in Dulles. Do you guys think we should KNOW we need to switch terminals? I think you should do something to make this up to us. You are responsible for 3 people missing an entire day by sitting in an airport! It was the worst experience I have ever had flying. I think you should give me a discounted ticked to make up for ruining my day. Please make a change at the airport and direct people to their "hidden" gate.


On October 7, 2017 my traveling companion (Sue Lytle) and I arrived in Lima Peru, after flying there on Latam Airlines flight 2068 from Cusco Peru. Our original booked flight was American Airlines flight 7694 operated by Latam, but due to problems caused by Latam we did not arrive on that flight. We arrived at 11:10 pm, with our connecting flight (AA 988) scheduled to leave at 11:54 pm. There was no one at the AA ticket counter or baggage check. Our cell phones did not work in Peru, so we could not generate electronic boarding passes. We did not know that the American Airlines ticket counter and baggage check closed one hour before the last flight leaves for the night, although we were later informed of this. We grabbed our luggage and went upstairs to speak with someone in the American Airlines office, but no one was there to help us. We were quite frustrated that we were going to miss our connecting flight!

A Latam attendant told us that the American Airlines ticket counter would reopen at 3:45 am. We opened up our sleeping bags and laid down in front of the AA ticket counter. After little sleep, AA opened up and we said we needed help getting back to the USA and told what happened. They sent us to the Latam counter for help. We hauled our luggage back and forth speaking with people at both airlines with no resolution to our dilemma. Finally, American Airlines said we would have to rebook, at a fee of $300 each, in order to get home. There was some hope that we might get a morning flight to Miami and then on to Atlanta, instead of our destination of Nashville, but by then, the Miami flight was full . Desperate to get home, we charged the American Airlines booking fee to Sue's credit card. Now, we were booked for an Oct. 8, 11:54 pm flight (988) to Dallas Fort Worth. We spent a grueling 24 hours in the Lima airport waiting. During this time, we spoke with Latam agent Ursula Olorregui who told us we should not have been charged for rebooking since missing the flight was not our fault. She advised us to file a complaint/claim.

We are requesting a refund of the $300 rebooking fee for each passenger, Sue Lytle and Anne Grindle. The record locator number for our trip was CKCREB. We have also filed a complaint/claim with Latam and disputed the charge on Sue Lytle’s credit card. Your speedy attention to this disappointing situation would be greatly appreciated.


I flew with u a month ago set in airport for 14 hours lost 500 pay from work now I am setting on a plane in Texas with no pilots wtf I will lose 500 again I can't say I will never fly with aa again because all airlines are the same where did custermer service go


I was flying out of Shreveport, LA.(shv) on Monday, labor day, Sept. 4, 2017. My flight was suppose to be a direct flight to Charlotte, NC at 7:30 am. The plane was there from the night before. We boarded the plane, about 45 people. No sooner did we get our seat belts on and they told us we needed to deplane due to a mechanical issue, which they knew about all night long. I personally feel that was bull, they only had 45 people on the flight so it wasn't profitable for them to fly out. I was then rebooked onto a flight to Dallas at 10:30. My original destination was Raleigh, NC. We boarded that plane, a full flight, only to be deplaned again for hydraulic leak. This flight was suppose to leave at 12:30. They did arrange another plane for us but that plane wasn't leaving till 3:30. We boarded the plane only to sit on a hot plane for 1 and half hours. They had said we were free to get up and walk around and even leave the plane, but no guarantee of reboarding the plane. They said if you leave take all your belongings. Needless to say that flight did take off at 5:10 not 3:30. They were so generous as to serve us water and a cookie. My original itinery had me getting to Raleigh at 12:15 PM, I did not get there till 9:00 pm. This was my 2nd time flying American. My first time was not as bad but did have a problem. Back in May I was flying from Shreveport to Syracuse, NY. As had a carry on with me. When I went to board the plane they told me I had to check the bag. The incompetent clerk sent my bag to the connecting flight in Dallas not straight through to Syracuse. Needless to say I got to Dallas and had to leave the terminal and go to baggage claim and then proceed back through TSA check point. My overall experience with American Airlines is you are the worst airline around. I will never fly American again. In Shreveport we don't have many choices but the big 3, but I will definitely switch back to Delta anytime. Due to this problem on the Sept. 4th flight, I missed a welcome party at the function I was going to Raleigh for. I can understand having to deplane maybe once but certainly not twice and the have a long delay on the third plane. Thank you, Robert C McEntee, phone # 716-984-3636


On 9/16/2017 around 5:50pm my family was traveling from Chicago to Atlanta in security checkout location 7a when we encountered a TSA officer which was very rude and unprofessional representing TSA also American Airlines in a very distasteful way. We had a baby bag with milk inside, I do understand the necessary process to undergo in order to secure everyone including my family. As we patiently waited 20 min for the bag to be picked up and checked thoroughly after we cleared a young lady ( TSO Taylor) made the statement " when will y'all realize we don't care about your flight" my daughter and I were offended we placed no rush on anyone we were actually there 2 hours early as instructed, we asked the young lady for her name she refused becoming defensive and a bit belligerent with disregard for other AA customers. we then found an onsite supervisor who was very helpful and apologized for her conduct then gave us her name which is TSO Taylor. Ms. Taylors conduct was very unprofessional and she not only represents ,American Airline and the Airline industry in a whole.


I purchased an American Airlines ticket using rewards miles for my 17 year old grandson, Preston Corneau-Morrow. Preston traveled from Fayetteville , North Carolina to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on August 19, 2017. Preston was supposed to return to Fayetteville on September 9 but, due to a family situation, he needed to go to Knoxville. This necessity became apparent approximately 3 days prior to his scheduled departure.

I telephoned American Airlines and the representative told me that she could make the change and that the “number of points were the same” so it would be an even exchange. I would not have to pay any additional points. Several days after he flew, I looked back at Preston’s original reservation because I was trying to understand why he was charged $25 to check a bag. When I looked at the original reservation, I saw that I was charged 20,000 miles for that flight. The flight to Knoxville was listed at 12,500 miles at the time of booking. This was clearly not an even exchange to me so I called American Airlines in an attempt to get a refund on my miles. The representative did not give me a reasonable explanation for not being able to refund my 7,500 miles nor did the supervisor I asked to speak with.

I am confident that if the situation were reversed and the original flight cost 12,500 miles and the second flight cost 20,000, I certainly would have been assessed the extra 7,500 miles. I would have understood and willingly paid the additional miles.

I also asked the representative about the $25 fee for Preston’s checked bag. She said that he was assessed that charge because the charge was made on my husband’s account. The baggage fee is waived only when he accompanies other customers on the same flight. We have been American Airlines Advantage members for over 25 years. I was never aware of this rule. I have flown both with and without my husband and have never been charged a baggage fee. Admittedly, in the past 3-4 years it has been more difficult for me to transact the business of booking flights and negotiating your website because the account is in his name. My husband and I tried to have the account changed to both our names but we denied that luxury. This is in spite of the fact that we both use an American Airlines Visa with the same account number and an American Airlines MasterCard with the same account number.

I am asking that the excess and unfair charge of 7,500 miles be reinstated in my account.

I am asking that you direct where I can see, in writing, that there is a baggage fee for customers who travel independent of the account holder.

I am asking that American Airlines add my name to the account so I am able to avoid past pitfalls and can continue to enjoy our long-standing relationship with American Airlines.


My flight on Saturday was cancelled without notice. I missed my son's first college game and feel like I was robbed of something I will never get back. Customer service was the rudest I have ever experienced in my life. No help no compensation, Nothing. I'm speaking to an attorney. They should not be able to do this to people. My tickets were over $1,000. I and my family are devastated!! 5 standby flights and Nothing still.


My wife and I had reservations to fly round trip from Houston, TX, to Providence, R.I., on 9/14/17, on a combination of AA and Delta. Because our house was flooded by Hurricane Harvey, we had to cancel our trip. I spoke to Travelocity, in some foreign country, and was informed that there is no refund, even in the wake of this national disaster, but that AA would give us a credit for up to one year. However, there would be an additional $200 fee, per person, per flight, plus any fair increase.

People in S.E. Texas will be suffering through this killer storm and many will not be able to travel, and you not only refuse to refund any money, but you are assessing any additional fee on top of this.

Are you serious,


Ray Martini
Orange, TX


On August 24th I Had A Flight Leaving Ontario Ca To Seattle Washington When I Got There I Used A Machine To Get Boarding Pass And pay For Two Small Bags That Needed To Be Checked The Machine Was Not Working Like It Should The Lady At The Ticket Counter Came Over And we Explained That We Pushed The Buttons For Two Small Bags At 30 Dollars Each We Asked Her If The Machine Took The Payment Off My Debit Card And She Told Us No No No And That Was Not True She Said She Could Help Me At The Ticket Counter She Charged Me 50 Dollars Then For The Two Little Bags I Would Like A Full Refund For The Additional 59 Dollars That Was Charged On my Card I Have Already Put In Claims For A Refund And It Says Still Pending The Lady At Ontario Ca Airport Lied And There Was No Excuse For That At All Please Respond To My Claims Soon My Ticket0012145323389 My Daughters Is0012145323390 Thank You The PRN Code Is UNQVKF


August The 24th I Had A Flight From Ontario Ca To Seattle Wa I Used The Machine To Get Boarding Pass And Pay For Two Small Bags That Needed To Be Checked The Machine Quit Working Before It Did It Charged My Debit Card 59 Dollars For The Bags The Lady At The Ticket Counter Came Over And Said She Would Help Me I Asked Her If The Machine Charged The 59 Dollars And She Told Me No That It Did not I Asked Her Again She Said No No When I Got Home My Bank Statement Said That I Was Charged 59 Dollars And 50 Dollars So I Was Charged 109 Dollars For Two Small Bags I Would Like A Full Refund Of 59 Dollars Back As Soon As You Can Do It Thank You Faith Crawford


I purchase a ticket online with one of your representatives and paid additional $30.00 to ensure that my husband seating would be correct; all was great going to San Diego, however on the longest leg of the trip coming back from San Diego to Philadelphia. My husband who is 6ft. 3in. tall and was placed in a middle seat. I tried several times to get this corrected before boarding but each attendant suggested that I wait and speak to the agent at the gate. Once we got to the gate, they informed us there was nothing that they could do because all seats were full. This information was false, as well. I called the 800 number and they stated that they had one seat remaining, but because the agent at the gate had checked him in, she would not be able to change the seating. I am requesting a full return for my return seat or a round trip ticket. HERE IS THE RECORD LOCATOR NO: ZZ1QBU. I can be reached at 703-489-6991.


My husband and I experienced a problem going back home to Charlotte from St. Martin on August 12th. The check in machines were down and there was no one around to help get our tickets to go back home. We asked for help at the American Airlines service desk and she said that she couldn't leave here post. We arrived in plenty of time to catch the flight. We didn't have any bags to check since we traveled with only a backpack. We finally got in a line with others with checked baggage hoping that someone around would help us. While in that line the check in machines finally came back on so I got in that line to get our ticket. Others in line with us got the same black and white ticket out of the machine indicating that we should see an attendant so we went back to the service desk where the lady wouldn't help us the first time. She indicated that if we wanted to go home we would have to pay 150.00 more and catch the next flight back to Charlotte. We really didn't have the extra money and had to put it on our credit card but wanted to get home. We had no other choice. Yes,, there were people employed during that time but they were all downstairs at the boarding desk laughing about a shoe that was left on a plane. No one was upstairs to help us and we had plenty of time to get on our flight. I have tried to talk with Alicia Rande but she won't call me back after we got cut off on Friday. My next step will be in written form or with a call to Doug Parker to explain the situation. This is poor business and customer relations. This is a big matter to me and I don't expect to pay for something that is not my fault. My first correspondence back was an email that didn't have anything to do with my trip. It was a form letter. This shouldn't be the way you treat paying customers. We paid money for our trip and didn't use frequent flyer miles or credit card miles.




I was booked on flight from Greenville,SC to Seattle,WA via Charlotte (Flights AA 5117 and 443 on August 26th, 2017). When I got to the main passenger ticketing area, there weren't many people there, and I was called up quickly. I was told to use the computer screen, but was unable to find the number required from the paperwork given me by Clemson University. When I asked the attendant to help me, she said " I don't really like reading", and stood there. The other woman behind the counter laughed. It was left to another customer to help me, and she determined that I hadn't been given the complete paperwork. Eventually they found me, and when handed my ticket, I asked the gate number. No answer. I did not have my glasses with me (they saw a case, but it was empty - the glasses were way in the bottom of my carry on), so I squinted and asked if it was 13A. One woman said "Oh Lord.....he thinks it's 13A," and they laughed. They asked me to look again, and after another wrong guess on my part (met with further condescending laughter), when I got it right, I got mock applause. One of them then said "I'll help you out sweetheart", and proceeded to circle the gate number several times. Seething, I then asked if the escalator was to my left, and was told "Oh, no....I'm not helping you with that kind of life changing decision!". When I left, they practically collapsed laughing.

I have never been treated like this by an airline. I was humiliated, and the butt of an extended joke. I travel often for Clemson, and generally take another carrier, but I was asked to take American this time because of a slight difference in price. You can be absolutely certain that the travel booking group at the University will get this report, in even more detail than I have given you. I am outraged.

As I write this, less 20 minutes has elapsed. Whoever was at the desk at 11:00 are the ones responsible - there were no other employees visible.

Robert McCrary
Environmental Compliance Officer
Clemson University


Fight from Las Vegas to Chicago on to Traverse City Mi was poorly handled by American airline. Costing us 8 hours of wasted time, $60 in additional costs and missed activities at our final destination. Flight 2562 from Las Vegas to Traverse City touched down early on the runway at O'Hare airport. We were told by the captain, twice, that we would get to the gate early. However, due to excess traffic we were left in the "airplane parking lot" for a length of time. We circled into the gate area only to go back to the parking lot.

Now instead of an early arrival we arrived at our gate late. These things happen, however, here is the complaint. Instead of being courteous and allowing those passengers with connecting flights to exit the airplane first our exit took 10 precious minutes. Then when we exited and asked the agent what gate we were to go to she did not call ahead to tell them that we were on our way or even tell us the distance to our next gate. We went from K1 to G 18, the farthest gate in the American airline terminal! We were 5 minutes late.

Doors were closed and we were rebooked on a flight instead of 1:15 pm flight 3576 we were to leave at 9:50 pm on flight 3303! So we had to eat lunch, dinner and get a taxi home! Our ride at 3:15 pm was not able to pick us up at midnight. The personnel were somewhat rude and not helpful. We would hope to be reimbursed our excess expenditures of $60. Otherwise I will find it hard to fly or recommend this airline to others.


Charging extra money for seats on flights is a bad practice. No other airlines that I have dealt with charges extra for selecting seats online or charges if you talk to a representative and are charged $50 per seat. I forgot that you charge for seats and that seems to be only since my last flight so I forgot on this flight this week. I will do my best never to choose AA again.


I flew on AA 135 from London to LAX on Aug. 29th. (ticket code:1 001 2379856301 4). The flight attendants went through the plane delivering the "special request vegetarian meals". Next, they delivered meals to everyone else. When they got to me, the chicken meal was all gone and I was stuck with a vegetarian meal that I did not request or want. It was a pile of overcooked spinach and rice with a tiny bit of veg. sauce to one side of the rice. I left it and ate the tiny salad and roll. This was not up to American Airlines food quality that I am use to.

I feel American Airlines corporate office owes me some kind of reimbursement. At least a meal voucher for a domestic flight with no expiration date. I have been a loyal Airlines customer and even have the AA Citi Advantage credit card.


My daughter was on a flight on Thursday 9/15/2016 from Nashville, TN to Houston, TX with a stop in Dallas, TX. Her flight number was 2259 & 2368. Her flight was late taking off from Nashville due to weather in Dallas. Upon landing in Dallas she was told by her flight attendant that she would be fine, her connecting flight was still at the gate. Upon departing the plane she asked an American Airlines employee to please radio the gate and let them know she was on her way, again she was told not to worry her flight was still at the gate, which it was. Upon reaching the gate my daughter was told that they didn't think she was going to make it so they had given her seat to someone else.

At this time the gate was not closed and people were still boarding. This was the last flight out of Dallas to Houston! My daughter was told she would have to spend the night in the Dallas airport until the morning flight. I am outraged by this, my daughter had a seat assigned to her and it should not have been given to someone else, I paid for that seat, it was hers! The attendant working that gate was rude to her to the point where she was crying. This was our first time flying AA and it will definitely be our last! That your company would expect a young girl to spend the night in an airport is appalling.

Thankfully my husband and I were able to drive the 3 hours there and back to pick up our daughter because we did not feel she was safe or being looked after by anyone in your company. I sincerely hope you change the way you do things so someone else's daughter doesn't have to go through this. I am sure this complaint will fall on deaf ears but I feel better!


On August 19, 2016, my family of four were sitting on flight 253 (Confirmation #HUROKR) to Hawaii, Maui in LAX for 3 hours unable to take off because the plane had a mechanical problem and was able to take off on time. We sat in the plane unable to get something to eat. We were told several times from the pilot that he did not have the authority to let us leave and had no exact time when our plane would take off to Hawaii. It was miserable not being able to get food. We did not get offer water or even alone snacks.

A lunch from American Airlines would have been the appropriate thing to do for a full plane. My family and I would like to request a minimal check to take the family to a nice lunch. Maybe a check of $150.00 dollars to cover the suffering and waiting. We paid a total of $3,500 dollars on tickets round trip for 5 people we deserve some type of compensation from American Airlines. Please contact for additional information if needed.


I am not a person who normally complains because life is just too short, however this should be brought to your attention. This is in reference to a recent flight #AA1463 I took from Chicago O’Hare to Ft. Lauderdale on August 11th. I understand that the plane is going to be warm until we take off but this flight was unbearable for the first 20 minutes. The air was barely coming thru the vents; lots of people were complaining. They apologize and asked us to open the vents all the way however the air was barely coming thru. I took the first flight out so it should have not been this warm. My flight going to Chicago was in the morning and was nowhere as warm as this one and the vents were fine.

The biggest complaint I have is about 1 hour into the flight, I had gotten very congested and did not know why to find out there was a dog on board directly across from me. They kept him in a bag until the very end and that’s when I saw the dog. I am highly allergic to dogs. I was not aware that passengers can bring animal’s on board unless they were service pets. So the next time I fly with American I will inquire if any pets are around me. This was the worst flight I have ever taken, very uncomfortable and I suffered terrible breathing for the remainder of the flight. Had I known there was a dog that close to me I would have changed my seat. I hope you take this into consideration because if pets are brought on board, you really need to notify passengers or find out if anyone has allergies. You don’t have peanuts on board anymore because of people with allergies and to me this is the same concept.


On August 2, my family flew on AA Flight 530 from Seattle and experienced a layover in Philadelphia. We arrived at 6:06 AM on the morning of August 3 and made our way to our connecting flight 4855. A delay was explained as bad weather in Albany, NY. We checked and the ceiling in Albany was 12,000 feet. Then we were told of another delay. After waiting more time, we were told unceremoniously that the flight to Albany was cancelled. We could be wait-listed for the 9 PM flight that night.

My daughter and son-in-law decided it was best to take their toddlers and rent a car to make the trip north. Imagine being in the car all day with 2 toddlers from Philadelphia to Albany. Unable to rent a car one way to Albany and unsure how many days we would be stranded in the Philadelphia airport my husband and I decided to take the train. We were told to go downstairs and wait for our luggage, for which we had paid $25.00 for each suitcase. After 1 1/2 hours we were told that one bag was already on its way to Albany, the other was still being retrieved from the plane. At 2 hours I checked again and was told that both pieces of luggage were already in Albany.

Again, we could be waitlisted for the 9 PM flight for which there was already a long waiting list because the flight from the day before had stranded a number of passengers overnight at the airport. We thus chose to take the train into Philadelphia, proceeding to Penn Station and thence to Albany. It was an all day trip but we made it to Albany by 6 PM. Then we had travel from the train station to the airport to retrieve our luggage. (My daughter's family's reservations for the return trip from JFK on Monday, Aug 8 was cancelled without any notice from American.. They arrived at the airport to learn that just before boarding. Imagine their frustration with 2 toddlers to take care of).

My husband and I are petitioning for a refund on our luggage checked baggage fee ($50.00) plus the cost of our train fare, ($164.90). And we feel that we should be refunded for the Philadelphia - Albany leg of our trip. If there is no response to my letter I intend to contact my Washington State Senator who is on the Transportation Committee in the US Congress.


I booked a flight for Christmas at 487.70 Total. The confirming email was very late--I never checked it. I didn't realize it was wrong until I received the pre-flight check-in notification one week after I booked the flight for Christmas. The dates were 10 days apart. The flight the reservation system booked for me was one week later for a short 2 day flight. I booked the car rental from the AA website that populated the dates automatically to match the flight days correctly for Christmas. I have the confirming email for the car rental. I explained this but All I got was "the system say's you booked the two day flight at that price one week before the flight". There are no deals that good for a flight one week before for two days at that distance but it fell on deaf ears.

There is no way that I mistakenly booked a flight for August for 2 days at that price instead of a December, January flight. The computer is always right even when basic logic is overwhelming and crystal clear. So now of course there are no flights at that price when I know they were available. Something happened and I'm very disappointed and hurt by the complete disregard for the facts.


Here's a complaint. 6 weeks ago Gail and I were heading for Maui when American Airlines cancelled our flight out of Dallas. The next day we flew out, but this time they put us in Economy instead of the $1033 more we had paid for first class. Here's the thing: Despite 3 emails and the travel agent's efforts, they have not refunded us that money or even answered us. For a retired teacher and a teacher's aide, $1033 is a lot of money. If you can, avoid AA. They are always late, frequently cancelled and darned hard to get them to pay up on refunds. American Airlines just plain stinks!


I flew with my daughter and family to the Cayman Island on July 30th and returned on August 8th. The flight there was great . they were there with a wheel chair each time we got off the planes. But on the way back it was totally different. I had asked have a wheel chair when we landed in Charlotte NC and St Louis but that did not happen. I have lower back issue and can't walk that far. I was really disappointed because it left me in a lot of pain.


When I purchased my tickets, because I am disabled, I asked for a seat closer to the front because I'm on crutches. I was told I could not be helped at that time, but someone from the disability area would call me a few days before the flight to help with better seats. No one called and when I called, I was only offered seats in the middle or a few rows back. I asked if I fall trying to maneuver what will you people say. I could have gotten better seats but AA dropped the ball. When I asked if I could change my flight, I was told yes, but I would have to purchase a new ticket.

Even though AA didn't help, the offered to carry me back to my seat in a wheel chair, which I find so humiliating. Of course the seats in the front were available tto purchase, but I could not be accommodated. Instead of telling me I would have to pay for another flight, you already have my money, so there's nothing I can do. I should at least be offered a seat that is for purchase, but of course not. I ended up buying one on my own to try to help. But why did I have to buy it, if it was available. This is horrible how you treat those of us with disabilities, even when I tried to get a better seat earlier, but I was told I would have to wait--wait to be mistreated.


I was traveling on American Airlines on Wednesday July 6th 2016. I arrived at the Dallas Fort Worth airport at 12:45pm traveling on flight #463 to Charlotte, North Carolina which was suppose to leave at 2:32pm but was delayed to 2:55pm. That really didn't bother me much but my return flight to Dallas Fort Worth is where it all started. I was returning on Sunday July 10th on flight #721 when it all started to unravel. I arrived at the Douglas Airport in Charlotte, NC at 4:00 pm for my flight back to DFW flight #721 leaving at 5:40pm.

I boarded the airplane at 5:25 which was suppose to depart at 5:40 but that did not happen. The captain came on the loud speaker at about 5:35 letting us know that we were waiting on passengers from an international flight to arrive to this flight. I had no problem with that thinking that it would be about 15 or 20 minutes, which it was. They arrived got situated and now I'm thinking ok now were going to be on our way. Now at this point it has been about an hour the captain comes on again and says he is waiting for numbers from the dispatcher to take off. Apparently he never received the numbers until 7:00 because we still haven't left yet. At this point I am very irritated seating on this plane all this time with no water offered to me by the staff. I guess he finally gets the numbers to take off and the time now is 7:15.

I travel Amercian Airlines paying the the higher price which I don't mind because I like to get where I'm going on time. I am an AAdvantage customer and this delay has really annoyed me to the point that I am writing this letter. If I wanted to be inconvenienced like I was I would have flown with Spirit Airlines. I feel at this point I need to be compensated some kind of way. Thank you, Camille Cheers


How does American Airlines not have a protocol with flights that are delayed and cancelled and get re-booked the next day. My 18 year old daughter and 19 year old friend got stranded in Orlando with no assistance from any American airline agent. How does this happen?


Arrived 3 hours early, checked in, terminal belt went down. Was sent to a new terminal, made to stand in two more lines just to be told they could not help us. When we finally got to someone and we were advised that the bags would not make it and we would be rescheduled for departure the next day. Meaning I lose on time, paid time off work, the money I spent for tonight's hotel, and the activity scheduled bc it has a 24 hour cancellation policy. This is completely unacceptable! I will wait for a response to this complaint.


My Letter to VP of Flight Operations: "Hi Mr. Stone, Thank you for accepting my request. On Sunday June 12 I was scheduled to fly out of DFW to RDU at 6:30 PM. DFW had canceled several flights to to sever weather. I understand that, but what happened afterwards has left me wondering if I should book future flights with AA. After arriving in DFW , I immediately located a boarding agent and requested a seat on the next flight to RDU. She took my ID an issues me a boarding pass. I was a little surprised but didn't think much of it. After boarding the plane I was informed that there was a mistake and I was issued the wrong boarding pass. It had another passenger's name on it. I was asked to leave the plane and I politely told them that I was not leaving the flight because it was American's mistake.

The captain said "Well we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but you are exiting this plane". What upset me most was that they allowed several stand by passengers to stay on the flight and did not ask any of them to leave. It was obvious that the flight was overbooked because there were 2 other gentlemen that were asked to leave along with myself. When I asked for compensation for a room, or an upgrade to first class on the next flight, I was told no because it was due to DFW ATC stopping flights for 4 hours. I have had other issues with American in the past, IE, Flight delays and changing gates.

At a time when oil prices are low and the Airlines are recording record profits, i cannot understand why AA was not willing to comp the Motel room and cab fair. I would like to respectfully request a full refund of my ticket plus compensation of $200 for the motel room and cab fare.Please let me know if AA can accommodate my request. Thanks." This is the response I received from the VP of Flight Operations: "Sir: I am away from my office at this time, but to ensure your concerns are reviewed, I would like to suggest that you contact customer relations via AA.COM. I work on the flight operations side of the business and customer relations is better suited to investigate your concerns." Unbelievable, blown off by the VP.


I have flown on AA for he last twenty years. June 12th 2016 we experienced bad weather this is no ones fault. However, Sitting on the runway for approximately 2 hours inflamed my Fibromyalgia causing me sever nerve pain, my medication was left on the plane and I didn't get it until the next day June 13th around 11:00. No one seemed to care about my pain and discomfort except for Mr. Duke a kind and caring agent working the night of June 12th. I am extremely disappointed in the poor service, lack of communication and organization between employees throughout AA and the poor attitudes of most of the employees.


I had a flight scheduled to leave Norfolk, Virginia, on June 3, 2016, at 11:40. The flight number was 5427. The flight was delayed for 2 hours as we sat on the runway. We missed the connecting flight because of the delay and the next flight was scheduled to leave 3 hours later. After sitting in the airport for the 3 hours, the next plane, flight number 2073, was once again delayed for another 2 hours. Once again we ended up sitting on the runway for 2 hours. I arrived in New York after 9:00pm. I had tickets to a Broadway play, which I missed.

The ticket to "Shuffle Along", cost me $169.00. It started at 8:00pm. When I called customer service from the airport, I was offered $50.00 as compensation and was told that there is no reimbursement for weather related delays. There were no weather delays. The weather was beautiful up and down the entire east coast. This was my first and last time flying American Airlines and I want justice from this airline. My weekend trip became a one day trip and I wasted much valuable time and money. There were no apologies made and no reasonable accommodations. There is no live person to talk to about this horrendous airline!


I complained but received no action other than your receipt of my complaint. You have all the details. I paid for first class accommodations and was told that they could give me a simple egg omelet for my breakfast because they didn't have enough. They said I ad to have pancakes or nothing and that I should complain about this cost saving move. How is it possible to not get anything for breakfast on a first class international flight - March 15, 2016 from San Jose Costa Rica to Miami flight Aa1204, seat 4B.


Am seeking reimbursement for 55 pound baggage fee of $100.00. I am a FEMA employee. Please See Attached!


I called AA on 3/27/16 to ask a question about my passport after I tried to check in on-line and was unsuccessful. While I was on the line with the agent I asked, no less than three times, whether or not the first bag was free on an international flight. I pointed out that I was flying from Missouri in the US to Mexico. I was told that the first bag would be free each of the three times I asked. I repeatedly asked, "Are you sure?" I pointed out that the website made it look like there may be a charge, but it stated that there were exceptions. Over and over she told me that the first bag would be free. When we arrived at the airport we were charged! So, there went a chunk of our vacation spending money! AA needs to better train the people that answer the phone. One person says one thing and another says something different!

Flight #362 was to depart from MCI at 9:29 am on Sunday March 27th. The flight was initially delayed due to the need to de-ice the plane. When that was completed the plane taxied to the runway to take off. At that point we would have made our connection in DFW for Flight #1256 to Cozumel. But, Flight 362 did not take off because the "Stall Light" would not turn off, a mechanical failure. So, we had to return to a gate until the problem was solved. We finally took off from Kansas City so late we missed our connection in DFW to get to Cozumel. There were no more flights that day from DFW to Cozumel. Since we had already pre paid our accommodations in Cozumel at Grand Park Royal Resort, and did not want to spend the night sitting in a chair at DFW, we got on an AA flight to Cancun. After arriving in Cancun we had to pay to fly to Cozumel at the price of $55.00 each. There goes another chunk of our vacation spending money!

When we arrived in DFW from MCI we discovered that Jane's luggage was lost. We were told that it made it to Cozumel. We pointed out that that was impossible because the flight we missed to Cozumel was the last of the day and her luggage could not possibly have been on it because it was in the air with us on delayed flight 362! We waited for the next flight from MCI to DFW to arrive and her luggage was not on that one either! We went on to Cozumel without it.

Jane had to sleep in the clothes she wore all day Sunday and then she had to wear them all day Monday after sleeping in them. We were unable to enjoy the resort all day our first day because she only had the clothes on her back. She had no swim suit or sun screen or even a pair of shorts. She wore a long skirt on the plane! Jane called AA Monday morning was told her suitcase was still in Dallas! She did not get it until 10:35 pm on Monday after checking it at MCI at 8:30 am Sunday morning! That is 2 days to get luggage from MCI to Cozumel.

We would like to be reimbursed for the $55.00 each we paid to get to Cozumel from Cancun and $50.00 each for the luggage I was told would be free. That is a total of $210.00 of extra expense due to American Airlines. We would also like compensation for missing an evening and full day of use at the resort.


When I arrived to LAX airport the ticket agent with American airlines American Airlines flights 1588-from lax, & flight 1397 from Miami to Montego Bay didn't see my reservation that was booked through Travelocity firstly. Once retrieved I was questioned several times of having multiple bookings ok the info was retrieved. Secondly the counter attendant didn't give me a connecting flight to my final destination in which it was paid for (3rd Mistake).

I had to collect my bags, re check in Miami the counter agent was unprofessional questioning stamp dates and my citizenship by me having a unconditional stamp in my passport (mentioning she's been employed for approximately 40 years and never saw an American passport with foreign status as mine) another agent beside her confirmed it was valid (4th Mistake) once all said and done I had to get to my final destination, hustle to my connecting flight.

I'd requested wheelchair in final destination nothing was awaiting my arrival so I walked to immigration I have two artificial knees (I did have a chair in my first and second departure but not the last.) The experience was very humiliating and tiresome I need to be compensated.


Our flight left at 6:05am Saturday April 2nd. As instructed we arrived at the airport 2hrs ahead of our flight. Because of the security having a insane long line, I asked an American Agent passing by that we were concerned that we would miss our flight. He looked at my ticket and assured me we would be ok. As more time passed I went and asked another agent and was told the same thing. Of course we missed our flight. The agent at the gate could not have cared less to were another agent stepped in to help. We had to pay an additional $300.00 or it was $150.00 not be on standby. My husband had radio interviews and release parties that had commercial's paid for and had to be in Fresno at a certain time..

This trip was a night mare dealing with incompetent agent who could not provide us with correct information. If we would have been given correct info I would have no problem asking people if we could move ahead of them. Not one of the agents we asked told us that they close the gate 15 mins early.. I am the first to understand rules. Then to mention the sour faces of the Stewarts on the plane and the rudeness was unacceptable.. Our flight on the way home was no problem..But we will never ever fly this airline ever. The additional money we had to pay was not our fault.


My daughter booked a flight from ORD to San Antonio to surprise her brother during graduation from basic. We went to pick her up at the airport only to learn that her flight has been delayed by an hour and a half, arriving now after midnight, because a crew member was late. Now we will get less than four hours of sleep before our son's big day. Thank you for being so inconsiderate crew member.


After booking a number of flights for a holiday from uk. to Orlando in September 2015 to fly march 2016 I was informed in January 2016 that changes to the flight itinerary was taking place.These changes were unsuitable to my requirements and applied for a refund,this involved filling a refund form to be completed which I duly completed on 20th of January 2016. I E-mailed the forms to Omega flight store UK as they were the travel agents I was using for the booking.It stated on the form that it took 6-8 weeks to complete the refund.

I found that i was in an impossible position because I had to accept this condition or no refund would be forthcoming..I find it astounding that it takes so long to reimburse passengers through no fault of their own.When the booking was made it took 6-8 seconds for the monies paid to leave my bank account..I will be informing ABTA of this dilemma that I and probably many other passengers find themselves in.


I was checking in at the kiosk in Orlando MCO yesterday for flight #2080 and accidentally entered group 1 boarding. I saw this right away and wanted to back out but the only option was to hit Start Over which it did but it immediately printed a boarding pass and made the $15.00 charge to my credit card. I had no way to back out of the entry or to cancel the charge. I spoke to the check in desk manager and he said he couldn't do anything. I contacted American Airlines customer service line and was told I would have to wait to get my credit card statement and request a refund at the time.

I think this is TERRIBLE service. Also, and more importantly your kiosk should have the ability to back out of an errant entry and not have this mess to begin with. You really need to get that corrected. I would like a refund for the $15.00 and not any type of airline credit.


On Monday February 15,2016 on Flight 3304 coming from Peoria Illinois. The Flight was great until we Landed . Chicago , O'Hare International Airport. All passengers on this flight were sitting on this plane for over an hour on the run way. The staff was great, what the heck was management thinking. This is totally unacceptable. Chicago has had more snow and cold weather than this in pass history. This was not handled professionally, I won't tell you all how to do your job, but I will say that I know it should have been handle in more respectable manner. Some customer missed connecting flights. I missed my ride. and had to wait an hour for another ride. The passengers on American Airlines Flight 3304, should be compensated for the unnecessary time sitting on the plane on the run way.


I was scheduled to depart from LGA to DFW on a 6pm flight. Due to weather conditions the flight was delayed to 6:50pm, than 7:15pm, 9:30pm, 10:50pm, than 10:20pm. This kept going on al day, which resulted to me staying at the airport all day. After 12:00am the flight came in, and the passengers were informed the flight was cancelled due to illegality (In other words, the flight attendants are exhausted and opt not to fly to Dallas). Understandable.

However there was no courtesy provided to the customers who camped out at the airport all day. At one point we were told American Airlines are attempting to call other flight attendants (which never happened). We were then told the flight has been rescheduled for 7:30am on 02/16. No only were there no accommodations (hotel vouchers). we were told due to security reasons, we have to exit the gate and sleep outside of TSA.

It was absolutely humiliating to treat a customer this way. There was a lack of service and in most cases the customers were made to feel it was our fault. There was a lack of information, provided to the customers, and the manager "Sue" was less than helpful. There were customers on wheelchairs sleeping on the floor. I have always been prideful to fly American, and it is absolutely disappointed to have experienced this kind of treatment.


We purchased a round trip ticket from Indy to NYC( LGA) on Thursday 2/4/16 and arrived just fine with no problems. However on Monday 2/8/16 we have a flight to leave at 2:00 p.m. and got checked in just fine however , it was delayed then cancelled with no explanation and just said you know be leaving at 7:35 and nobody told us or offered any vouchers just and the gate got changed several again with no explanations.

Then finally when we did boarded it was around 8:45 or so and they got us all on board deiced the plane went out to taxi and after sitting on the runaway for about 2 hours if not longer then told us we had to go back to the gate and at that time again we had to continue to wait until another gate was available for us and once back in the airport around 11:30 ish we had to stand in line and they said ( flight attendants & pilot ) that we would get a hotel on American Airlines because they had timed out on their work time.

We were not offered anything such as food/drink vouchers, hotels, taxi's fees, parking etc and then when we went to get our luggage my husband's luggage was soaking wet and we went to the baggage compliment area and put in a compliment his clothes were soaking wet and then to find out again that you guys over no Mercy.

We had to leave the airport get another taxi, hotel, taxi back the next day and miss work, pay for another day of parking in Indy and once again the flight was delayed on Tuesday and we had to change gates again and take a shuttle to a different terminal again with no one caring or offering us anything. We are very disappointed in how the whole event unfolded. You guys knew that they were not ever gone to be able to take off. We have flown with American Airlines many times over the years. Would appreciate some type of compensation or voucher.


Dear Sir or Mam I was on a return flight from Las Vegas to Jacksonville NC with a stop in Charlotte NC after arriving in Charlotte I saw on your board that the flight going to Jacksonville had been cancelled. I immediately went to the American Airlines customer service desk to get help. I was travelling with my fiancé and after about forty five minutes the agent had gotten us tickets for a flight the next morning my fiancé's flight was confirmed and I had to go standby.

I was disappointed in the time it took although the woman seemed to be friendly I felt that things did not go as smooth as they should have she had to make several calls and said the issues were due to the merger between American and US Air. I asked about getting a room or even renting a car and she said they could not do that. I really felt like I was left to fend for myself and thought your airline should have been more helpful especially since this was due to no fault of my own.


I booked a flight (record locator jwackq) in December to southeast Asia. I paid more than 800 dollars in upgrades. The plane had mechanical problems in Chicago and the flight was cancelled. On three separate occasions, your customer service people assured me that the money would be refunded within 10 to 12 business days. That was more than 6 weeks ago and so far the refund is still in your account instead of mine. I want to know today the status of that refund. This is also the second time I have filled out this online form. AA corporate headquarters have yet to respond to the first one sent more than 3 weeks ago.


Myself, my wife 6 months pregnant and my 4 children from 2-13 were booked on flight 739 leaving Miami at 9:34 pm arriving at Philadelphia 12:24 am on 1/30/2016 arriving on 1/31/2016 we get to the ticket booth to check our bags they refuse to take it because it was within 45 min of takeoff and they don't except bags within that time frame. I'm obligated to empty my suitcase and divide it into 6 shopping bags so we ca takeout on flight. I had to throw out my$159 dollar suitcase and start running with my family to the security line.

Security line is very crowded and we tell them our flight is leaving shortly they move us to the front but for some reason stop the line due to finding a laptop that was unclaimed for 15 minutes we beg them to check us through but they refused. By the time we left security line we had to run to our gate that was literally a mile away with4 kids and a pregnant wife to get to our gate. The flight left as we arrived at gate.

They knew we checked in and were racing to gate they couldn't are less. We had to spend the night at airport to go on standby the next morning for a 7:10 Am flight. The airport air conditioning was blasting my children and wife were freezing. It was impossible to fall asleep on your chairs that are obviously not meant to lye across. We never slept spent 10 hours at airport your crew could have held the plane for 2 more minutes we were 6 passengers of witch 4 were children.

We hit traffic going to airport we had to return car get shuttle wait on line to check in throw out a suitcase run to gate to have missed plane by 2 minutes.children are sick from 10 hours of blasting air conditioning, unable to sleep. The crew at the security were heartless they couldn't care less that we were late and told us not to bother we would never make it due to gate being a mile away with all our carry on in hand it was a losing battle no help and no one alerted flight that we were running to gate to make it.


Arrived Sun. Jan. 17, 2016 in Miami, FL from Columbus, OH my checked bag could not be located. Reported to your customer service desk. File # MIAAA00428898. Was told that my bag should be taken to my hotel by 8am (Hilton Downtown) or "worst case, be delivered to my cruise ship before departure..." Next morning Mon. 18, NO BAG at hotel, had to purchase gift shop shorts and shirt! Called airline, NO BAG!

Had to rush to a shopping area to try to find clothing and shoes to wear on my much anticipated vacation cruise! Also had to purchase essentials on ship, and just do without other belongings to make my trip great and comfortable. Called airline Tues 19, found bag "where do you want your bag delivered? they asked. Needless to say "MAJOR MISTAKE" . Now, after making an 80 mile round trip to IND airport to talk face to face with someone from American airlines, (because all aa phones are automated) hopefully my bag will be delivered to my home tomorrow. How can aa make this up to me?


I submitted a written complaint online the last week of January, 2015, regarding a request for airline credit for my experience flying from Jackson Mississippi to Lynchburg Virginia. My flight on the 23rd of December from Charlotte to Lynchburg was cancelled and I had to rent a car. The only one available was at the cost of $200. In addition to this, my bag was lost for two days. I have yet to hear back from someone regarding my submission of complaint. I would appreciate someone calling me.


I had the worst experience of my life flying from Boston on Dec. 29 (800am flight to Washington DC. It was a terrible icy slippery ride (4hours ) to get to Logan Normally takes 45min. We left early knowing the weather condition. The major roads and buses were jammed. I made it to the airport by 8 but was not allowed on plane. I then waited standby several hours more refused on that one then tried again, and refused again. I had terrible anxiety attacks and the service dept agents were extremely frustrated and nasty.I received no definitive answers from anyone. I was treated poorly during my entire 12 and a half hours and was crying from frustration.

I missed an entire day with my grandchild. I headed home on bus to Braintree when my daughter called and said get off the bus. (I was on the last bus out) I was so exhausted mentally and physically I nearly had a nervous breakdown. This should not happen to a frequent flyer of your airline. I understand you have all kinds of dilemmas to face but I feel as if I was treated terribly. I would like either a refund or partial refund which I can use for my next flight. I always considered your airline reputable and have never been treated with such disrespect.


To: American Airlines Complaint Center. Re: Flight Attendant Carolyn – Aggressive Attitude toward traveler Carlos G Vazquez- Senior and Handicap person. Aboard the flight AA 2180 from SJ to Dallas TX with final destination to San Antonio TX, on Jan 8th 2016, . Boarding at 2.35pm. Record locator EGXFYG and with boarding passes attached in this email. Summary of Incident of Aggression: A flight attendant by the name of Carolyn, middle age woman with blond hair. Displayed an aggressive, harsh, demeanor, rude and loud words in front of a full occupancy flight to my husband Carlos G Vazquez, 62 y/o with disabilities.

Incident: While boarding the plane we were the last persons to board a full plane, an overhead storage area on isle 7 was empty was we walk in and I told my husband to use it to store a small computer and handbag inside it, as he was exhausted from walking and we thought the plane was full and maybe the storage areas in the back of the plane were full where we were to seated.

As we were placing our bags in the above bin #7 Carolyn was next to us watching near the front door entrance and didn’t say anything. We them walk to our seats (24c&d) and after 2-4 minutes later arolyn walks up to my husband and very load and rude way, shouting at him in front of everyone in the plane said, “ you had to place your bags back here where you are seated, I am going to let it go for now but make sure it doesn’t happen again”, as she is shouting to my husband ,I on the other side of the isle seated ,are saying “ ok, we didn’t know , thanks”, Madelyn never turned to look at me, she continue to repeat the same words to my husband very loud , at the point where everyone surrounding us were looking to see what was going on.

My husband them upset and trying to understand her behavior, said to her “ how do you know it was me ?. she responded, because I saw you, for which my husband asked her, “ if you saw me, why didn’t you say anything them and waited until now?. Madelyn paused and the responded because I was busy doing other things and didn’t have the time.

My husband in astonishing and embarrass gesture turn to me and I said “ don’t let her bad mood and behavior take your peace”. Never to said it was the worse flight ever after that incident. My husband had to take his blood pressure pills again because he didn’t feel well the rest of the flight. If something happens to my husband to the incident , we could pursue a lawsuit against American. We had friend in the flight that are willing to testify as witness,

I understand the flight attendants are place in planes to help people, she could of asked us if we needed help relocating our bags, and if she saw us in the beginning placing the bags incorrectly she could of politely redirected us to another storage bin. There were so many way she could have guided us instead of displaying such a load and rude behavior. We didn't know there was specific designated area for bags.

After an ½ hr. on the air I believe she realize that what she did was wrong or maybe some of the other flight attendants told her she was out of place and as she was walking back and forth the isle she was holding her ID badge in her hand as if trying to hide her name avoiding for us to send a complaint. But in a disregard way one time I saw her name as she approach me, the rest of the flight she put on a red vest to hide the ID badge.

Madelyn knew she did same thing wrong and because of her aggression and rudeness, she placed us and the rest of the people around us in a uncomfortable tough spot the rest of the flight. We will never use American to fly again due to her behavior. But I am hoping that with this report Madelyn will never take her bad attitude , aggression and rudeness with anyone else. I will like to hear from American corporate office in regards to this complaint.


My flight left Las Vegas, NV on 12/23/15 via American Airlines. That flight was wonderful, however, the return flight via United Airlines was absolutely disastrous. The United Airlines flight was scheduled to leave 12/27/15 but did not leave until 12/29/15. My parents live in Greenville, Ms, whom I was visiting and I was stuck in Memphis, TN (2 and a half hours away). It was an inconvenience that I was not prepared for. I filed this complaint earlier but have not heard from your company. On the night before printing my boarding pass, I was informed that the flight was overbooked and asked if I was interested in taking a different flight, to which I replied "NO" because I had to go back to work. I am requesting that you compensate me monetarily or in flyer miles to supplement the expenses that I incurred. Thank you for you attention in this matter.


On November 17th I boarded a flight en route too Charlotte North Carolina after an hour and half delayed at la guardian airport in New York too be rudely ignored by an AA flight attendant when I asked for something too quenched my thirst. I am diabetic and all I wanted was some ginger ale and he heard my request and got a call or message on his phone and totally ignored me. I felt sort of embarrassed cause there were one passenger next too me and he heard when I asked and didnit receive the drink. My sister and her husband also experienced somewhat the same that we later related too also with American Airlines. Very very unprofessional.


We had booked a flight from Palm Springs, CA to San Antonio, TX for Dec. 22 - Dec. 28, 2015. My husband was being seen by an oncologist for Mantel Cell Lymphoma. He had recently developed fluids in his lungs and stomach; prior to our flight the doctor ordered a bone marrow and discovered my husband now had stage 4 Mantel Cell Lymphoma and ordered my husband to cancel our flight immediately. Via e-mail, I sent American Airlines the letter that the doctor had composed that he could not fly and needed treatment ASAP. I now find that we have been denied reimbursement or refund. I would accept a voucher to be used perhaps at another time, but to deny us no refund whatsoever is very unfair. We have been world travelers for many years, our sons are world travelers (one son owning his own business). We have always when possible used American Airlines. I am appealing to you if you refuse refund to at least provide a voucher whereby we might use in the future.


Flying from Cleveland, Ohio to Montego Bay, Jamaica for a Christmas Holiday Vacation ($5,000.00 including airfare and resort) on American Airlines. Missed connection flight in Philadelphia to Montego Bay because of a computer cliché on our flight from Cleveland to Philly. Plane had to re-boot computer and by the time it completed, we were told we couldn't take off for Philly because of weather in Philly. Missed the MO BAY flight. Jumped on a flight to Miami stand by. Missed the stand by to mo bay because it was overbooked.

Flew to Kingston Jamaica and a taxi to Sandal Resort in MO Bay. Didn't receive our bags til 3-days later even though they were sitting in airport at Mo Bay. Answer, our paperwork was in Kingston and would take a day or two to FAX over. Upon return to USA, Left Mo Bay Jamaica to Miami, had cancelled flight from Miami to Cleveland due to weather. Had to spend night in hotel at our own expense. No apologies from AA, and had to deal with the most rude individuals I have ever experienced. I will NEVER fly AA again. A nightmare of flying experience.


I booked a return flight with AA to fly from Phoenix to LaGuardia, NY, with a transfer through Charlotte, NC, on 12/22/15, to return 12/27/15. On my return flight AA451 from LGA, ( having waited an hour to board ), a cancellation of that flight was announced. I was told by the attendant on duty, that there was no other flight out with AA, to get me home to Phoenix.

After a further long wait, the attendant returned to me, and told me the only available flight she could find, after research, was a direct flight on United Airlines, out of Newark, New Jersey, at 4.47pm, the following day 28th. Being now that I was stranded at LGA, until the next evening, I asked what the Airlines could do to assist with an overnight layover. I was told to deal with that with a complaint on line at My suitcase was put on another fully booked flight to Charlotte. I had nothing with me but a purse and ticket.

I was able to locate my daughter, in Brooklyn, who came to my rescue. The next day, she had to cancel appointments, to drive me the distance in heavy traffic to Newark AP, which took an hour. I took my flight C137, and arrived in Phx 15 minutes early. I then had to take transport from the United Terminal to AA terminal, in the hope that my suitcase had arrived. I lined up for an hour, at Customer Assistance Baggage Claim, and then another 1/2 hour to locate it, from one of your 3rd "holding areas." By the time I arranged transport at Sky Harbor, to drive me 45 minutes to get me home, in North Scottsdale, I was very tired and frustrated. I am a 79 year old widowed lady, and I was traveling alone. I realize that cancelations do occur, but to be unable to find an AA flight, somewhere for a return to Phx, either on 27th or 28th, seemed to me to be very disappointing & and unbelievable.

Firstly, I would like to request, some compensation from you, for the great inconvenience I experienced with AA. Secondly, I have been a Frequent Flyer member with AA ( though I was not using miles on my booking ), and because I was placed on a United Airways flight, I fear I have lost my "air miles". I would like to be reimbursed for the loss of these miles.


My son is active duty air force. He booked a round-trip flight 30 days in advance, with a return trip through american airlines. American airlines cancelled his return flight from atlanta at the last minute, did not place him on one of their other flights that left that same morning, and refused to reimburse him for the inconvenience and $$ of having to take a slow bus to return to his base. I spoke with some rude customer service rep called "tracy" (gmt), and an effeminate supervisor aka "billy ray" (said he/she/it was from the dallas fort worth dept).

American Airlines did not complete their end of the contract they entered into with my son, nor did they even bother to acknowledge that they were wrong for cancelling his economy military flight, (while keeping other (more expensive) flights). They owes my son his refund, plus the cost of his bus ticket.


After my initial flight out of SFO was delayed by 3 hours I missed my connecting flight out of DFW. When I approached an agent to find out if I was re booked on another flight I was RUDELY dismissed! I was eventually helped by another agent (with attitude) who booked me on a flight going to DCA however IAD was my final destination. My checked luggage did not make the flight and I was informed that I have to wait until the following night to receive my luggage. Because of this I had to cancel my flight to Barbados in order to get my luggage. The way how I was treated by YOUR employees was needless to say VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I vow NEVER to travel with your airline ever again.


Months ago, I originally paid more for a “later” flight because it was important for various reasons to fly out after 9:00 a.m. I could have saved over a $100 on the ticket at the time if I booked an earlier flight, But again, I was willing to pay additional monies to have a later flight. Now, they canceled that flight and I am now on an earlier flight anyway. So not only am I paying "more" for 9:16 a.m. flight but now I’m on the flight I could have originally paid less for. Again, this earlier flight that I am on now was considerably less than what I paid for to get a later flight.

It just seems unfair to me to change my flights and still charge me for the later flight that was cancelled and put me on a cheaper flight without any type of reimbursement for services not rendered. Now, is it not only costing me more money to fly at an earlier time, I now must pay for transportation to the airport. I had previously arranged for travel; but the driver is not available that early in the morning. How can you charge me extra for a 9:16 flight and then put me on an earlier flight.


On November 21, 2015, my son and I were traveling to England with a layover at Chicago O'Hare. Our flight was scheduled for 7 p.m. on November 21, 2015. We were told REPEATEDLY that our flight was delayed due to mechanical reason - something to do with the gate bridge being broke. We were moved to two different gates and each time were told the same thing - it was a problem with the bridge. Finally at about 10:30 p.m. we were told our flight was cancelled due to MECHANICAL reasons and we were re-booked for the next night at 7 p.m. I filed on my travel insurance and was told I needed something from American Airlines indicating it was a delay due to mechanical reasons. I did that and American responded saying it was "weather" related.

This is so wrong - flights were coming in and out of the airport and we were told it had nothing to do with the weather that it was mechanical. Of course my insurance doesn't want to pay because of American's "reason". I am very upset. If the delay was weather related - that is what we should have been told. But the people at the check in desk insisted it had nothing to do with weather and it was mechanical and also we KNOW that flights were departing - we watched other flights leave!


I purchased first class tickets traveling from Wichita KS to Port of Spain Trinidad. on my return trip 10/28/15 flight #5827 arrived late in Forth worth TX late causing us to missing our connecting flight to Wichita KS. The Miami FL flight was late because the pilot had to turn the plane around because someone on the flight didn't want to fly with that pilot. I was put up in a hotel and given a food voucher.

The next day I was able to continue my trip however, instead of being placed in first class, which I did purchase tickets for I was placed in coach. the reason I purchased first class tickets is because of my health flight information for 10/29/15 is #5831 @8:50 from Dallas TX to Wichita KS. I want to be compensated for my inconvenience as well as my extra cost of my first class tickets.


My wife and I coming home from Cabo san lucas on American Airlines leaving on November 21, 2015. We arrived at the airport early at 2:30 PM. We printed up our boarding passes and checked or baggage. Our flight was 770 leaving at 5:45 PM. The lady from American said that our flight was delayed so she had to put us on a earlier flight to arrive on time for our connecting flight in Phoenix Flight 603 to Seattle.

We arrived in Phoenix and we got there One hour before boarding flight 603. We already received our boarding passes in Cabo so we just waited until they announced us to board according to our seat number 16A and 16B. They called for us to boarded and they told my wife and I that we were not on this flight even tho we had our boarding passes we printed out that day. They asked us to go to talk to customer service. We talked to a very rude lady named Carol B.

She told us that we are not on this flight and our flight is not until 8:30AM the next morning. I asked her how this happened since we already got our boarding passes for flight 603 today. She said I don't know but your not on this flight. She said what do you expect me to do? call Cabo and asked what they did since they put you on a earlier flight so you can be on time for your connecting flight here in Phoenix? I said yes please. She said I can't I don't speak Spanish.I said the lady in Cabo speakes English and Spanish and she said I'm not calling her. She than said maybe you don't understand Spanish when she was talking. I said my speaks Spanish and English and so do I. My wife was born in Colombia.

Carl B said what do you expect me to do check for another flight? I said yes please and she said haven't you guys already did since your not on this flight and I no. She said there is no more flight's for tonight so you will have to rent a hotel and spend the night She said there are no more flights and if I don't believe her? I can check her computer. She was rude and very condescending to me and my wife. I asked to speak with a manager. The manage came and I explained the whole story and Carol B told her manager that I was not telling the truth about the whole matter.

The manager removed Carol B at this time because she got caught lying to me and him. The manage found us a flight the next morning at 6:00AM to Seattle and paid for hotel and apologized to us about her actions and being kicked off our flight. I told him I was going to write a letter to American Airlines corporate office and he gave me all the information to do so. I asked what happened to our baggage? He said it was already on the plane and headed to Seattle.

The other two women was at the customer serviced desk also apologized for what happened and Carol B actions towards my wife and I. They said they would also help us out about being compensated for the way Carol B treated us and also being taken off the flight The manager and the other two women asked what I did for a living in Seattle. I told them I own a Auto group in Seattle. Two Nissan Dealerships, Subaru and Hyundai. It's a small world to find out that one of the women son's work's in my service department at one of my Nissan Stores. So we went downstairs to catch the shuttle to the Hotel at the Airport here in Phoenix. My wife and I saw another American Airlines office. My wife said that looks like our suit case?

I said no they told us it was already on the plane and headed to Seattle. My wife walks in the office and it was our suit case. The bottom line is I fly all over the world every year and this has been the most horrible experience I have ever had with a airlines in my life from a customer service stand point. Being in the Auto business for Twenty Three years? I know all about customer service. Your airlines really disrespected myself and my wife. We should be compensated for a lose of flight and the stress your airlines put us through.


Flight 5889 from XNA to Dallas on 11/18. We landed in Dallas and sat waiting for a gate for 1 hour. This was longer than the flight itself. Dallas is your hub. How can it take 1 hour to find an available gate. All I can say is another disappointment from American. Unfortunately I feel like a hostage since you are the only carrier that flies to my locations non stop. What a horrible experience once again. My advantage number is 94VFD38 so you can see I'm flying weekly on your horrible airline. A very unhappy customer!


My Flight to California was very good but on the way home my plane was late out of Ontario California because of mechanical problems. Because of the late plane i missed my connecting flight to fort wayne, Indiana. I was told i could either get a hotel in Dallas at DFW or wait until the next morning after noon to get a flight to fort Wayne. I choose to fly into Chicago and get a flight. Waited 3 more hours to board flight the initial lady whom i spoke to who was a supervisor at the gate whether my flight took off from shortly after i arrived was fairly nice. But the lady who followed was very unconcerned no one ever apologized for me missing my flight because of American Airlines company's maintenance problems. I was told i could get a hotel in Chicago i landed in Chicago after Midnight and no one was around to help me. I called the American Airlines 800 support number and they kept me on line forever with no results I finally had my husband drive 4 hours from home to pick me up. I lost a day of pay at work and had a very frustrated experience and no one cares.


On September 26th I booked flights via record Locator KEHDEB and purchased ticked on the 27th September. My itinerary indicated that I was in First class from Trinidad to Miami and business class for my next flights. I left my home without eating at 4 a.m. in the morning, On checking in I was told that I was not in first class and this resulted in me traveling all all the way to Jackson (JAN) without having time to purchase a meal and nothing was given to on flight. I am diabetic and suffered great discomfort because of the mistake made y American Airlines. I am now seeking some form of compensation for my suffering. American Airlines is the only airline I ave used for the past twenty or so years.


I was booked on a flight from BWI to Phoenix Arizona this past Wednesday with a connecting flight to follow to Palm Springs, CA. Unfortunately, the original flight had a 2 hour delay, which meant I was stuck in Arizona for the night (no connecting flights to AZ). I understand these situations will sometime occur and no one has control over them. What disappoints me the most is, I was put up in a hotel Ramada, that was filthy. Not only that, I stood in line for 45 minutes to get my voucher, and was told "you should be able to contact the hotel and send the shuttle bus over, IF they are still picking up since it is after 12 AM, not to mention I had waited 2 additional hours to get on the plane.

The attendant at the gate checking boarding passes was inconsiderate, especially to the elder people and not knowing how to proceed since the flight was delayed. I sat and watched the interaction she had with these people and was appalled at how she spoke to them (young girl, hanging on the podium acting as if she could have cared less). The stewardess's were rude, no hello how are you, no thanks for flying with us. I have to say, I have had no complaints with other airlines in the past - to be quite frank I would have never thought American Airlines would have been any different.

I spent a lot of money for this trip, and would like to be reimbursed in some way shape or form, whether it be a refund or a flight credit.


Loise from counter was on duty along with another lady. I dropped my mom (68, Spanish Speaking only, flying to SJO CR). I initially talked to the nice lady on the counter but Loise interrupted our conversation to tell my mom that her carry on was too big to take on the plane. Her demeanor was just out professional realm. My exact complaint is that my mom was allowed from SJO to fly with the same carry on and in COS this disrespectful employee did not acknowledge nor honored the fact the AA had made a mistake. My mom had no choice but to leave her luggage behind or pay $150 as the other lady was quick to charge.

These kind of employees do not represent your company in the right light. This employee has no compassion and not willing to help a senior person. I bet if this situation had happened to one of her family members she would have been a bit more human. AA please train your personal a bit better to respect consumers. I would like to have a prompt response from your department.


Nearly impossible to describe the ineptitude and rude treatment in 100 words. Flight from DCA to Phenix was delayed because over weight - and 11 passengers had to be removed from the flight. (Don't overbook flights!!!!) This made us 1 hour late, and I missed my connection to Honolulu. I was given a ticket hen I arrived, routine me through LAX and arriving in Honolulu at midnight. I was aware there was a 3:00 direct flight, and requested to be put on the flight rather than routed through LAX. That was accommodated and I was assured my bag would be transferred to the correct flight. No such luck. I was too the bag was actually in LAX and would be routed to Honolulu. I spoke with the attendant at the airport who assured that he bag would deb delivered when it arrived. I called later to confirm that the bag arrived in Honolulu and would be delivered. The rep informed me that a file for a missing bag had never been filed, despite my prior conversations. When I asked for a customer service number, she hung up on me. Throughout this horrific experience, none has bothered to apologize or to offer to improve the situations. Beyond disappointed in the horrific customer service.


We made a reservation on AA 91/AA 1151 from LHR to LAX via ORG on August 29,2014 for our return from a cruise in the UK on August 25, 2015. Going to LHR was a great trip. When trying to check in at LHR for our return trip we were told that we had no reservations for the 4 of us. The agent there said our tickets were canceled so we had to pay for the tickets again. We had even received an email 24 hours earlier to pre checkin but could not as we were traveling. We had our record locator KGXCON itinerary showing our flight information and our seat assignments. We had used 180,000 frequent flyer miles plus $851.60 for taxes etc plus $140.00 for telephone reservation. This $991.00 was charged to my Master Card ending in ...2861.

At LHR we had to buy new tickets to ORG and LAX using the same frequent flyer miles number but had to pay the fees again. After our return to LA we spoke to an AA agent on the telephone who said the $991.00 would be returned to my new Master Card ending in ...7332. As of now, November 5,2015, we have not received the refund. Maybe I need to wait longer. My M/C card ending in ...2861 had been stolen so the new M/C card ending in ...7332 had to be used. I called the CITI master card company and they said even if AA credited the old card it should be transferred over to my new card. This could be the problem. Please help and tell me when and to which card AA credited my account.


Here is my complaint. The AA confirmation #TGCZMZ so the executives at AA can read my record if you don't believe me. I spoke to agent Carla, I was able to purchase a ticket at the price of what I paid. I had a specific reason to be back in the A.M. due to attending a Stake race 11:30 a.m. Saturday which I missed due to a long delay. My son (by the way won that race I this what I base by paying double for a ticket to keep me from not spoiling my day. In return either refunding my $1,500 or send me a voucher for two tickets for travel anywhere in the u.s. My charge was $1,200 per ticket and I would like a response to my complaint asap. Thank you for your attention.


I flew from Greenville, sc to Charlotte then to Orlando, fl. When I arrived at the airport I spoke with 3 agents to insure that a wheel chair or cart would be there. I fly disabled. The cart was not there when I arrived and it came after 15 minutes. When we arrived at the gate they had just closed the doors. I missed my flight in Orlando. They re-routed me to Daytona Beach. My aunt was in Orlando and she was going to pick up my luggage.

However, after speaking again to 3 agents they informed me that my luggage would be re-routed to Daytona so my aunt could go ahead and drive to Daytona. When I arrived in Daytona, again, there was not a cart. When I arrived in the baggage claim area, my luggage was not there as it still was in Orlando. I received my luggage at 2am and retrieved it the next morning. I had a very bad experience and my first time flying AA. I typically fly Delta.


I received a e-mail back for Jada Sonnett AAREF#1-4658708532. I am very disappointed in her response. Making excuses for the airline personal is ridiculous. I and 3 other family members were treated so rudely by the airlines that I will probably never fly American Airlines again. I asked for compensation for 4 1st class seats and car rental, I got nothing but excuses and an apology.


Returning from Italy we arrived to late to get our connecting flight 117 to lax. We were bumped to flight 118 and were downgraded from our seats. Trying to keep the upgrade but to no avail. We ended up in row 22 seat b and c. When we sat down after 12 hours on our previous flight we sat in some disgusting throw up on both my wife and I seats. When we realized we were wet we informed the flight attendant. She apologized but never cleaned up the mess. since there were no seats available she moved my wife and I. I personally cleaned up, and used blankets under me to sit for 6 hours.Without my wife. Everyone around me was in shock at the mess. I believe you should compensate us for this awful experience. Please respond to our official complaint asap. If the American Airlines company would like to keep us as customers, please do something to make this right.


Watch out for airline money conversion fraud. In Mexico AA charged $400.00 for reservation change, which was also a possible fraud, and I insisted the amount in Pesos was much more than $400.00 USD. (three times) they kept telling the charge was in Pesos. When I got home I checked my credit card and sure enough it was $470.00. American Airlines people, clerks mainly, and the people at the information center (reservations) either don't know anything or they outright give you miss information to get more money.


On Oct. 3rd 2015 I was going to Maui for the 1st time I was suppossed to leave at 6:55 am, however our pilot never showed so we had to wait for a pilot from Virginia to get there. Then we got to Dallas/Fort worth 2 hrs. Late. So I missed my flight from Dallas to Maui with a lot of people which by no means was our fault. From there I had to fly to Phoenix then to LAX to Maui. Which was so awful! This trip had been planned for a yr. to get there as late as I got there I no longer had a ride to my villa. So it cost me over $100 to get to the resort. Really? That trip started off horrible ended terrible & on top of that my mother passed away.

Wow, what a memorable trip American airlines gave me as well as a lot if other people that were on the same flight. Furthermore, I was given a $12 voucher which was a huge insult & it was dated for Oct. 4th so no one would accept the voucher because I was traveling on Oct. 3rd not the 4th. What a disappointment all the way around (I gave the voucher still) shame on you American Airlines!


On July 27th 2015. my brother was murdered in Trinidad and Tobago. I booked an American Airlines flight on July 29th 2015. I arrived for my flight at around 5am. I waited for check in at the desk area of American Airline. As i sat in the waiting area to check in. I observed that the lines were getting pretty long with other traveling passengers so i walked over and stood there waiting to be checked in. The line was moving at a very slow pace. As i approached the desk to check in with the desk agent I was told that my flight was closed. I became very irritated and went into a panic because i was anticipating getting to Trinidad and Tobago for my brother funeral. I was then offered a flight leaving out at 7:50am as i boarded that flight it delayed for a couple hours. After reaching into Miami international airport that morning. I started to walk to every airline to get onto the next available flight so i can get to my brother funeral that day of July 29th 2015.

There was nothing leaving out until that afternoon around 4.45pm. My family tried to hold my brother's body until 4pm with the expectation that i would arrive that afternoon. Upon waiting in disappointment to get onto a flight going to Trinidad. It was now around 4pm as we boarded the afternoon flight. Well to my surprised that flight was delayed for 5 hours. After crying all day it finally created the most stressful moment in my life. We were routed off that plane to another plane so as i exit the plane and walked over to an American Airlines agent at gate 4 i believe. I asked if i can receive a voucher to get something to eat and the agent yelled out in the lobby that i wouldn't received none because i missed my flight. I became so embarrassed by her insensitive comment.

I stared to cry in a lobby filled with people. As i boarded that plane after 10pm that night, my world crumbled. I then realized that i missed my brother funeral that day and my life has never been the same. This was clearly one of the worst experience ever, I would never used your service again and would never encourage any of my friends or family to use American airline again. I would never be able to relived the memories of being there with my family and friends to lay my brother to rest at peace. Thanks American Airlines.


I am suppose to be landing in Aruba in 20 minutes. Instead I am sitting in a tiny seat for over an hour- for the second time trying to get to the same destination. Besides the fact that I will be 3 hours late and all reservations will be voided, I am disappointed that this is how your company functions. It is my intent to cancel my AA credit card as soon as I return home. This experience has caused me to rate your company very lowly. I will take any other airline from this point on, regardless if they are more expensive.

I spent over an hour sitting on the tar mat before the mechanic determined our first plane was not safe to carry us to Aruba. To your company's credit, the captain was upfront and displayed good leadership and customer service skills. However, after the ENTIRE plane rushed to the new gate, we were forced to sit for over an hour on the tarmac- again. The lack of organization, quick assessment and consideration of your passengers time has thoroughly upset me.

I will not be surprised if once again I am dissatisfied with your company's response to this complaint. Your customer service is rated 1.8/5 stars.


Our ship required us to get up and out by 8 am so we spent from 10 am to around 8 pm waiting in LaGuardia. Our plane had mechanical problems and our 1:30 pm flight was delayed.When we arrived in Dallas FW, Texas there was a game and NO hotel rooms! We managed to acquire a cot (most uncomfortable) with a thin, small blanket under which we froze, ceiling lights at top capacity (we were told they would be dimmed---they weren't) and TVs blaring. Under those horrible circumstances, we tried to sleep. We finally reached CA a day late. The airline personnel were not very helpful. There was a VIP lounge, but they refused to open it for us, even under these trying conditions. They made promises that they didn't keep and seemed totally lacking in empathy. They really need training in dealing with such situations. My friend and I feel we should receive a refund of that part of our ticket to make up for the horrendous experience we had with your airline.


My husband Robert Lee and I were on flight 1251 from DFW to Louisville KY on 10/7/15. We boarded the plane and sat on a very warm plane for 2 hours We were on for 30 min or so before anyone said anything as to why we weren't departing the gate. We were not offered the ability to deplane. I know that is more work for you but certainly would have been better for your clients. We were with about 17 or so other people and was suppose to catch a bus upon arriving for a drive to our final destination. Fortunately the bus driver waited but only for additional monies. Really put a damper on the beginning of a special vacation. In addition, we made reservation back in March and requested our seats based on the aircraft you said we would be on (2 seats on one side and whatever on the other) Turned out we were on a different type plane which resulted in my 6 ft 3 - 280 pound husband being crammed into a window seat. If we had known It was a 3 seater on each side he would have booked an aisle. Very bad experience.


I could not print out my boarding pass and go in line at American Airlines to get help. After finally getting to a real person, he abruptly told me to leave this line and go to the U.S. Airways line. I said I did not understand why because my itinerary said American Airlines. He pointed to the left and yelled ... Just go over there! I am NOT an idiot and did not like how he treated me. He was rude and would not explain the confusion. Here is my flight info so you can know who was working that shift. He was of oriental nationality. ORD 6:50 pm to PHX 8:43 pm. American Airlines flight 414. I am also writing a letter to corporate with this complaint.


3/1/15 flight 3297 Chicago to Toledo after hours of delay NO Pilot we were offered lodging and meal vouchers we needed to be in Toledo on the 2nd early. We asked and were assured that if I rented a vehicle they would reimburse. Submitted receipts totaling $ 418 that included tolls and a service plaza snack. Under separate cover the credited my credit card $ 54.00 ?! I want what they promised me simply reimbursed.


I have in hand my receipts from recent flights back home from Anchorage, AK to Dallas Ft Worth and then to Corpus Christi. My husband lost a new cap during flight in either the Anchorage, Dallas/Ft. Worth or Corpus Christi airport. I could not get the report claim to go through. It asked for destination and even though I completed it, it was all locked up. I needed to talk to a live person or have a help, technical button to push and there was nothing.

There no longer exists a live phone number or person to help. I could have used my home phone to call and paid for the charges but that was not an option. I do not have a SKYPE account as I do not use that. I could have used my cell phone but that was not an option. It looks as if the common courtesy that used to exists is not longer true for American Airlines. Surely their lines are no longer customer friendly. I am a professional person. I tried for over an hour to submit this request. The number for American Airlines is no longer functional at Corpus Christi, TX.

It would be very lovely to have a toll free number to call. Thank you!


I fortunately had an aisle seat because the man in the middle seat was so large he took up half of my seat as well the window seat. I could not put my armrest down or my tray table as his leg was so large the table would not lay flat. I had a back ache from having to sit half hanging over into the aisle. Is it not policy that a person the large must buy two seats? It was unfair and very uncomfortable for myself and the man by the window to have to sit like that for 3 hours. Your response will be appreciated and maybe encourage me to travel again on your airline. Thank you, Elaine Compton . flight #2314 RNO-DFW seat 23D


My daughter and I flew AA from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to Chicago to San Francisco on July 15. All was good. Yesterday, July 21 we flew from San Francisco with AA to Chicago and were booked through to Kitchener, ON, Canada. All was well and good until we were boarding our last flight in Chicago. Our luggage was already on the plane and the person checking us onto the plane sent me to talk to another person. That PERSON said that I could not fly into Canada and pulled our luggage off the plane.

He offered to book a flight into Buffalo, another 3 hour wait and then someone could come from Ontario to drive us across the border. The reason for this is that when I booked our flights online I gave my whole first, second and surnames and their site chose to call me by my first name and surname only and print it on the boarding pass. Unfortunately my passport has an initial for my first name and then the second and surnames. The second person to whom I spoke would not even look at my photo driver's license or health card with the 3 names on them.

He was very infuriating and so if the airline is going to be that stringent about name on passport matching exactly with name on boarding pass they should print the whole name on the boarding pass that you submitted in the first place. It was a very frustrating experience and obviously other airline personnel chose to accept my credentials on both legs of the journey until then. Oh a postscript, the AA site would not accept an initial for the first name.


Cancelled our flight to our resort in the Bahamas and could not get us there until the following day. When we arrived we did not get luggage for two and a half days (our vacation was only 4 days). Our flight getting back home was also cancelled and we spent the night in the airport. US Airways customer service could not even get us to the where we flew out of in Georgia. We had to fly in to SC and rent a car and drive to the airport in Savannah, GA. Horrible airline! We cut up our US Airways card with a big smile on our face.


I was scheduled to fly to Dallas from Kansas City MO on May 10th. When I arrive at the airport I noticed on the monitor my flight was cancelled due to flooding in Dallas. I live 2 hours away from the airport. After standing in line for over 3 hours this is what I was told, "we can get you out Tuesday", I needed to be there the next morning at 8 a.m. I told the clerk just that at which time she said "you can rent a car and drive". After standing in line for over 3 hours? Wasted a lot of time there. She then said maybe I could get out on Southwest Airlines. Which I did. I flew standby and they got me on.

It was to the wrong airport by I did get there 6 hours later. Forward to my flight home on Friday. I arrived at the airport 2 hours prior to my flight. I tried to check in and was ask if I could sit in the exit seat. I had fallen the night before and didn't think I should be responsible for helping anyone in an emergency so I declined. Apparently my response put me on the oversold list. Although ,all they would say was she's OS. I didn't know at the time what OS meant. I asked repeatedly and the attendant would not respond to me. The pilots and flight crew were both 20 to 30 minutes late with no apology for that either.

They boarded everyone but me. Even customers who were running to board the plane because they were late. I was the last person on that plane. One gentleman had opted to take a voucher not to fly on that flight or I probably wouldn't have gotten on. I had my ticket well in advance of my fly dates. I was physically upset and told the attendant I would sure think twice about flying American again. His response was "that's your choice". Customer service should be a priority when there are choices. Clearly American does not value their customers enough to try to keep them. I was never given an explanation or apology for this mess.

Please try to train your representatives as they are costing you customers everyday.


I booked AA flight #3682 going from LaGuardia, NewYork to Atlanta on May 15, returning May 18, which cost me USD 1018.80 for me, my wife and 2 kids. The departure time was schedule for 6.45am. When we arrived at 5:20am, we were informed that the flight was not leaving till 8.00am, which affected our plans and the functions we were going for. This upset our traveling plans tremendously as we had an event that we needed to be at and would miss by the late travel time.

Secondly, our return flight was scheduled for 12.46pm nonstop from Atlanta to NewYork. When we arrived at the airport 10:30am, we were informed that the flight have been cancelled and they will put us on a flight scheduled to go to Miami at 5:15 pm then we will transfer to New York flight immediately. After waiting for so long and finally arrived at Miami, we found out that there was no NewYork flights and we were re-book for the following morning flight. My family was forced to sleep at the airport!

Now my whole family is badly injured because of these undeserved ugly situation. My wife was fired from her job because of a no show on the 19 of May which she was supposed to go back to work as scheduled, my children missed a whole day of school which affected their class work and their school authority said is going to be in their record, and my job is highly threatened too cause it involves life. Please, we seriously need a compensation for these injuries American airline have caused us.


My 2 kids and I planned a flight, which was scheduled to depart May 13th at 11:59 pm fl 1283. We arrived to SeaTac airport at 10:50pm & after approaching the self service check-in machine, we stood in line for quite a while. A customer service rep (csr) approached me and asked where we were flying to. I told her Chicago & she led us directly to the front of the line.

When it was our turn to check in, the csr/Mary Ann/Marianne very rudely said she was not checking us in because we were required to be there 45 minutes prior to the flight. The clock read 11:20pm. I requested a supervisor after Marianne continued to be very rude. (We travel often) when the csr called for a supervisor, a return call came in. Marianne said she was going home when she got off work at 11:30 PM.

As we stood waiting- it was clear we could've made it to the gate in time. Marianne's entire demeanor, attitude & tone of voice changed when the supervisor arrived. Although Marianne initially told us we couldn't leave till the next night at 8 PM, the supervisor spent a lot of time looking into it & found a flight a few hours later.

We could have made the flight. We could've got a ride to the gate to ensure we made the flight. Your employee was very rude! She did not wish to assist us because she would rather get off work on time. This is the second negative experience I had with your airline in the last few months.


While waiting for the rain to pass, I was waiting in the lounge for your 7:10a flt DFW-GSP..supposedly the ramp was closed for a few minutes. But the storm passed and before departure time, we all noticed that you were missing a flight attendant. Calls were made but as cheaply as you must pay these people, you didn't have a ready reserve ( shame on you ) of poorly paid reservists to fill in.

Finally they posted a Cancelled sign and immediately made it a OMA flight? So they make the announcement that ( Due to local weather the Flight has been cancelled ) now that's a bunch of crap. Then they stated it as an ( Act of God ) so they weren't responsible for monies needed for a hotel room, as the remaining flights were full and not until the 18th could they get u on a flight.

How terrible first to LIE then to rub it in their collective noses!!! A pilot friend told me they cancelled due to missing crew member as I awaited my turn to be called. They wouldn't authorize a baggage retrieval so as I live in Southlake, Texas, my bag is now going to GSP?

Horrible, Horrible customer service!!!!!!! And outside of a WACO trip, we were the only flight getting cancelled for weather locally?? Now you tell me your not lieing through your teeth? I'm so disgusted with that branch of AA, someone should fold them and do everyone a favor.


On Sunday, May 10th, I was scheduled to fly from Palm Springs to Dallas Fort Worth. First the flight was delayed in Palm Springs after getting up at 4:00 AM to catch the 6:05 flight. When finally departed, we were told we could not land in Dallas and circled for 2 hours before having to refuel in Lubbock, Texas.

Then arrived late in Dallas only to find out my connecting flight to Nashville had been cancelled. No one on the flight let anyone know of cancelled flights. Once at Dallas Fort Worth about 500 people were forced to stand in line to get rebooked. I stood in line 7 hours in order to get rebooked for the next day, Monday May 11.

No services were offered to those of us that waited in line, no water, food, etc. Once rebooked - we were given a card to call American Airlines. People were forced to eat from vending machines that finally ran out. Near riot conditions existed when told that the ticket counters would be closing at 10:45 PM and police were summoned.

I finally got my ticket at 11:15 PM - so from 3:30 until then I stood in line. We were told that it was weather conditions, but other carriers were taking off and landing because we heard it. Having not eaten since Saturday at 2:00 PM - 24 hours later - I was able to go to Hyatt and eat.

I finally got a Hotel Room at 2:00 AM at the Marriott which cost me $163.00 for 8 hours. I know that supposedly this was an act of GOD, but lack of consideration on the part of American and no information made for a most unpleasant experience. I am asking that I be reimbursed for my original flight from Dallas to Nashville as well as my hotel room.


I will never use your airlines since you discriminate against special needs people such as the beautiful family you removed this May!! Autism affects one in fifty people !! It looks like you should just close down !!! Poor poor pilot he fears children that have neurological problems !!! He should be fired and the public would like to hear an apology given to the family and to all there supports. Shameful!!


I was charged $25.00 for having to check my carry-on bag. Many others got their bags checked free at the gate. One man got on the plane with two duffle bags and backpack and wasn't asked to check his bag. This type of service shows un-equal treatment of passengers. I want a refund of the $25.00 fee.


I bought a ticket through American Airlines to go from Little Rock Ark. to Fresno Ca. with a delay in Dallas Texas. I missed my flight to Fresno due to delay in Dallas. In La, I tried to get on another flight but they would not let me on since I had no reservations. Right after American Airlines made it for me to be on a flight then they said no more flights to Fresno Ca. until the next day at 5pm. I was so upset. I bought a ticket on United for the trip back home. I think American Airlines should pay me back the money I had to spend to come back home!!


I called at 2:30 eastern time and spoke with Troy URH is the name he gave me. He was very very rude over the phone saying things like "wow I cant believe this," "ugghh," "its crazy that you can't see, it's clear as day to me." He rudely hung up on me as well. He was not helpful at all and his aggressive tone, rude remarks and hanging up on me was not helping. This guy needs a serious attitude adjustment and should not be representing any companies. I will continue to file further complaints on all sites due to my disgust with his attitude. Listen to the recording I was nothing but polite in return.


On Wednesday April 1, I contacted my travel Group TZELL Travel Group Northwest to book my sister, Christine Cavil, a flight from Des Moines, IA to San Diego CA on April 10th. When Christine arrived at the airport, she was told her flight had been cancelled and the next available flight was 7am April 11th through American airlines. She did make it to San Diego CA on Saturday. Her return flight was scheduled for Monday April13th with American Airlines from San Diego, CA to Dallas TX with a layover . When she arrived in Dallas her flight was cancelled due to weather. The ticket agent told her the next available flight into Des Moines IA would be Tuesday April 14th at 12.30pm.

Because of the cancellation my sister had to spend the night in Dallas. There was no hotel voucher offered to my sister for her inconvenience. Because of the two cancellation my sister's trip was cut short. This trip cost me $550.00. The confirmation number:BC2KDQ

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