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American Airlines is a Fort Worth, Texas based airline and is one of the top two airlines in the world. After its merger with US Airways in 2013 it now trades on NASDAQ:AAL. The AA fleet is over 939 with over 6700 flights daily to 350 destinations in 50 countries. Third quarter earnings in 2015 were reported as over US 1.7 billion. Employees numbered over 113,000 in 2015.

If you have a problem with your American Airlines flight you are not alone. The best customer service phone number to call for help is 1-800-433-7300. If you are an AAdvantage member call 1-800-882-8880. Find helpful numbers here. If you would like to contact CEO, Doug Parker, you may address a postal correspondence to him with American Airlines, 4333 Amon Carter Blvd., MD 5675, Fort Worth, Texas 76155. The corporate phone number is 817-963-1234.

From its beginnings in 1930 as American Airways it was a consolidation of over 80 small airlines. It officially became American Airlines in 1934 and moved headquarters to Texas in 1979. The C.R. Smith Aviation Museum is operated by American Airlines as well as a Texas based flight academy. Social presence may be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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I am an 85 year old diabetic handicapped passemger/ First leaving Dayton for Chattanooga I was charged $30 for my luggage and wheelchair was free.. Leaving Chattanooga for Dayton I was charged $30 for luggage and $40 for my wheelchair. Tried to complain to clerk who ignore me. I understood wheelchairs were free.

Secondly from Washington to Dayton on my return flight I was delayed and sat in a lower level for five to six hours (in a wheel chair. I asked a AA employee if I could have a glass of water and she said no - I sked why and she said I could choke on it ad they would be responsible. I later asked a supervisor for water and she didn't know , but eventually brought me a paper cup half full of water. It was a very uncomfortable layover.


My daughter and I were flying business class SLC To Guayaquil on April 19, 2019. We got to Dallas and our flight was cancelled due to weather into Miami. We were rebooked on Take Airlines into Guayaquil and arrived later that night. This flight was far from business class and no luggage when we arrived. Other rebooked folks on the same flight the next day arrived with their baggage. Our luggage did not make it. It arrived four days later. We bought what replacement clothing we thought necessary before we left port but honestly did not buy enough because we thought our luggage would be on the flight with the other arriving passengers. Not much and very expensive options were available on board ship. We suffered and made do. I did not save receipts. We would request $100/ day compensation for each of us and the difference between business and coach Dallas to Guayaquil. I could not figure out your on line reimbursement format.
Brad Talcott


I was treated badly when asked over and over about how long before are flight would take off and was told to look at my phone if I wanted information about my flight which was delayed for 8 hr I fight you all a lot and I would like to hear form someone soon my phone number is 1404-304-7942 eastern stand time and you can reach me 24 hr 7 days a week or email me at it cost me extra meals and made me miss other arrangement's I had

Thank you.


Flight 5753 canceled on Apr 13 from GPT to DFW, DFW to SAN; your system rescheduled next day, I had a 5 pm cruise leaving san diego. Your attended got my bag on flight and I drove to New Orleans took southwest flight to san diego. I was told my return ticket still open on AA return from San to Gpt. when I got to airport at san diego on apr 29, my locator @ZFSKDO dit not work. aa ticket agent told me it was automatly cancelled when I did not make cancel flight. I ended up paying $519.00, new ticket same flight. I have paid twice for same seat on plane. please call me 228-223-6412. I have call 800-433-7300, 800-843-3447 and they tell me I have to go on line to customer relation to get anything done, when I tried your system will not let me put in Apr date. I am very displeased with AA airline and automatic system.


My flight AA1886 left Charlotte late which caused a delay in my arrival to Philadelphia. I landed at 3:30 and my connecting flight AA 4872 to Erie was scheduled to leave at 3:44. I asked flight attendant on plane for helping catching that flight and was told nothing they could do. I arrived at the gate at 3:40, plane still at terminal but attendant would not let me board. The flight actually did not take off until ~30 min later. I was trying to get to my 83 yr old father who had a major cardiac event and his prognosis poor. Attendant (M. Dunsmore) told me too bad they already rescheduled me for a flight that left 6 hrs later!! I had to pay extra for my seats but when reschedule was told they could not honor what I paid previously and would assign me whatever seat they had. I am requesting a refund for my ticket. I have never had attendants care less and be less helpful than on this trip. The flight I needed didn’t depart until 4:15 and there was plenty of time to allow me aboard.


This is my first time flying AA and it will be my last. Made reservations in January for a flight in May was able to select the seats that worked best for both me and my wife as we both have disabilities. Today I checked on the reservations and all but one of the RESERVED SEATING assignments were changed. I was told that when you buy your tickets the ONLY thing they guarantee is to get you to your destination. The first person I talked to was very rude so I asked for a Supervisor. She also was not concerned about the changes and could not give me a reason why. She basically said that's tuff that is what we do. She said it with a SMILE ?? so that makes it OK. Now I know why they have a 1.5 star rating. If there was a lower than one I surely would have used that. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


Record Locator: GOFVYQ
Passengers: Jim Bauman, Martha Bauman, Mackenzie Bauman

I am writing on behalf of myself and my family to explain our upsetting experience with American Airlines on Saturday April 27, 2019. We arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor at 6:45 AM for our 8:40 AM flight (#590). We were flying home to New York with a connecting flight in St. Louis. We were directed to get on-line to check our bags. The chaos at Sky Harbor was extreme! The line just to check bags was lengthy and snaking around. After about half an hour on-line we began to seek assistance. We stopped 3 different employees to explain the dilemma we were having; despite assurances they would send a Supervisor over, the DID NOT. Although there were employees directing people, NO ONE would help us as we waited in the baggage check line for an hour and a half! By the time we reached the kiosk where we were told to input our names (even though we already had our printed boarding passes in our hands) the computer screen told us we would not be allowed to check our bags on the plane because they were already boarding. The responses we got from the employees we begged for help were:
"you just have to wait in-line to check your bag"
"I don't even know what's going on"
"It all went to Crap here at Sky Harbor at 3AM"
There was an agent at the desk we finally reached who was keeping a list of all the people who missed flights because of the situation. At least 5 families around us were having the same problem. There were 2 men nearby who were actually concerned they would not make their 10 am flight because of the massive delay. I'd like to emphasize these delays were NOT caused by TSA. This delay took place in the American Airlines baggage check area before we even got to the TSA check. (That check, by the way, only took 15 minutes to get through). The lack of help/assistance was shocking and very upsetting. We were told there was no chance we could board our ticketed flight.
We were directed to go to the Customer Assistance Counter where we stood on-line for another 30 minutes. We spoke to Diane (employee # on badge: 393248). She efforted getting us back to New York (La Guardia) for some time. Her ultimate resolution for us was flight #974 in to Chicago to make a connection there to La Guardia. To make matters worse, this flight was delayed close to 2 hours, and when it did start to board, we found out we were considered stand-by, creating more uncertainty as to whether we would make this flight. When we finally arrived in Chicago O'Hare it was approximately 4:00 and we ran to the gate because we were told by Diane that there was a 4:30 plane (flight #30) to La Guardia. We were among 43 other people on Stand-by for this flight. As you might imagine, we were told there was no chance we would get this flight out, but believe it or not, our luggage was on that plane to New York! Coincidentally Chicago was being impacted by a freak, late April snow storm which was forcing, what we found out later to be over 700 flights in and out of O'Hare to be cancelled. Going back to our initial dilemma in Phoenix; By no fault of our own we missed our first flight to St. Louis, ,and American now had sent us to Chicago to be on stand-by in an airport that was virtually shut down. We were obviously sent to Chicago just to get us "closer to New York" without regard to the weather conditions or what would happen after we arrived.
We waited for hours at the gate, all while speaking to multiple people at Customer Assistance and by phone to the American Airlines Help Line, but the end result was the same...we could not be changed from Stand-by to guaranteed seats back to New York. Our wonderful trip was tarnished at the end by the stressful, upsetting situation created by the lack of concern and sense of urgency by the American Airlines staff at the terminal in Phoenix. We finally made it on the last flight bound for New York that miraculously took off in the storm. We were elated to be on board but questioned even being able to take off when we couldn't get on the runway before they had to de-ice the plane!

(As a side note: we received 3 e-mails on Sunday 4/28 telling us to check-in for our flight on Monday 4/29 from Chicago O'Hare to Dayton, Ohio!! We had no prior knowledge that we were booked on this flight. And comically our final destination according to the message was Ohio, NOT NEW YORK. That's just absurd! Did American Airlines even know we flew to New York late Saturday??)

Please explain what went wrong in Phoenix on Saturday morning 4/27/19 and why we were changed from ticketed passengers to stand-by. We feel these are the main reasons why we had to spend a total of over 17 stressful hours in travel, which is unacceptable as it was no fault of our own. Our traumatic experience should have been handled better and with more concern for customer satisfaction.

How can American Airlines explain and compensate us for our very unacceptable experience?

Thank you for your prompt response.

We can be contacted by phone at: 516-334-3748
or by email at:

Martha and Jim Bauman


Cancelled AA Flight 1178 April 20, 2019 and Exceptionally Poor American Airline Resolution

American Airline Representative,
I am contacting you hoping for better resolution to the subject problem before I go to social media. After making reservations on October 8, 2018 at the All-Inclusive Saint James Club Antigua for April 20-27, 2019, I made airline reservation with American Airlines (AA) on October 15, 2018 at a cost of $1,310.06. The reservation were as follows:
April 20, 2019
• AA Flight 1178 DCA (6:15 AM) to MIA (9:02 AM)
• AA Flight 2405 MIA (10:45 AM) to ANU (1:53 PM)
April 27
• AA Flight 2405 ANU (2:53 PM) to MIA (6:40 PM)
• AA Flight 2648 MIA (8:37 PM) to DCA (11:12 PM)
On March 26, 2019 when I checked there was a slight change in Flight 1178 boarding by 15 minutes.
TEXT MESSAGE: On April 19, 2019 via a test message at 5:51 PM I was informed my flight to Miami has been cancelled, and “Passengers will be rebooked and notified soon.” I waited over an hour and half with no communication from AA so I called. I receive a can answer that due to the high volume of caller, I was instructed to leave my name and number I would be in the que and called back in 1 hour and 17 minutes. At 8:05 PM while waiting I received another text from AA saying choose your new flight with a link to select. I selected the link and it did nothing
AA CALL BACK: I can’t remember exact time it was over an hour and 17 minutes when I first call but I did get a call back. The female AA representative was very polite and apologized ahead of time for the cancellation but said it was for weather. (Note: Planes took off from DCA in the morning with no weather delays. The weather cancellation was due the plane never leaving MIA to come to DCA.) The AA representative started looking and after a good five minutes of searching she could not even get me to Antigua on Wednesday. Her solution was for me and my wife to hop in a car at close to 9 PM at night and drive to MIA to catch the AA flight 2405 at 10:45 AM. Even if I wanted to do that, it is over a 15-hour drive from my Woodbridge VA home to the Miami Airport so that was not an executable option. She told me it was best if I tried to book on my own with another Airline and that was all she could do but to call back to cancel my reservations to get a refund.
MAKING NEW AIRLINE RESERVATION: I was freaking out because at his point I believe my vacation booked way in advanced was going to be cancelled and I’d lose the money I had already paid to and all-inclusive resort. After a lot of searching I did find a JetBlue Airline flight to San Juan and then a Liat Flight from San Juan to Antigua getting us there a 4:00 PM on April 20, 2019. My search was for round trip and only 2 were left so when I went to pick the return flight, I picked the same AA returns flights we already had and booked it because I was afraid if I went back and did a one way trip from DCA to ANU it would be gone. Flight cost me $3,052.26
CALL BACK TO AA TO CANCEL RESEVATION TPHXOD: Again, I had to leave my name and number and waited to be call back. After 37 minute I got a call back from an AA representative and cancelled our original reservation and she said I would get a full refund ($1,310.06) in 7 to 10 business days. I inquired about any other compensation and she no nothing, end of conversation.
BOTTOM LINE: Because of the cancelled flight it cost me $1,742.20 more to fly to ANU. I understand no one can control the weather but AA had no other viable solution and offered no compensation what so ever. My friends and co-workers could not believe AA’s response to the situation. Your Flight Attendant Video on the plane thanks passengers for selection American Airline when they have other choices. After reading many other AA complaint many may decide not select American Airlines.
Timothy E Bowen


On Tue. April 9, my wife and I boarded an American Airtline flight iat the CAnton /Akron Airport bound for CHarlotte,NC. AS we neared our destination , we informed by the pilot that NO planes were being allowed to land because of a severe lightning storm, After circling for a period of time we landed,Immediately baggage handling crews began off-loading ALL passengers" luggage in a downpour. Needless tio say, that when we finally arrived at our daughters' home , we found that all our luggage was soaked, both inside and out.
Such careless handling of our possessions is inexcusable and reflect badly on the thoughtfulness of a major corporation.
No apology or explanation was forthcoming. THis failure speaks volumes about the professiional of you organization.
Something action needs to be taken,
Our daughters recently relocated to the CHarlotte area from Denver, so we will be visiting them often. Depending upon the action of American Airlines , it remains to be seen whether we will avail ourselves of yiour services again!!!


ON Tue April 9, my wife and I departed Canton/Akron Airport bound for CHarlotte,NC. Approaching Charlotte, we were informed that we would be in a holding pattern for no flights were being landed because of the severe lightning storm at the field. When we were finally allowed to land it was pouring rain. Baggage handler immediately ser about off-loading luggage, even though there was no let up in the rain.
When we arrived at our daughters, we found that everything inside and out was soaked.
Not having flown with American before, to say that we were disgusted is putting it mildly!
Such inconsideration should never be the hall mark of a top flight operation.
Our daughters recently relocated from Denver, CO and we will be travelling often to visit, but not with American Airlines. NO explanation was offered for such shoddy handling of all passengers luggage.


On Easter Sunday I was in the Orlando Airport checking in to my flight back to Dallas-Ft Worth Airport Flight #2489.
I had just got back from a 7 day Cruise and we were returning home. When we arrived to check-in at B3 at about 9:20 am on 04/21/2019 at the Orland Airport we went to check in and was at a Kiosk to check in. An American Airlines employee walked up to us and started barking orders to us VERY RUDELY that we had luggage and was at the wrong Kiosk, when needed to go to the other one because we had luggage. She was very RUDE. We moved to the correct one and that just bothered me because Customer Service is no longer around, even at the Number One Airlines. I went over to ask her name and she covered her badge so I could not see her name and asked why. I explained how RUDE she was. She was a middle aged black lady with a bun on her head and glitter eye shadow. Then an employee by the name of Shennel came over and was not aware on what was going on, So I got her name and walked away. As I was walking away I heard one of them under their breath call me a BITCH. REALLY this is what Customer Service has come to. Then I spotted a woman that looked like a Supervisor named Andrea Csibi (not sure the spelling I was upset).
Shennel came over to see what was going on and I explained the situation on how RUDE the other employee with the bun in her hair, the Supervisor did not know the black lady name. Shennel tried taking up for her but she did not see any of what was going on.
If it was not for us as passengers they would not have a job.
This was very upsetting to me and I think you should know what kind of people you are hiring and this was totally unexceptable as a large company.

Shelah Metzger
750 E Mid Cities Blvd, #2102
Euless, Texas 76039


i need wheelchair asst.i booked a round trip record spbgwp 3 1 19 to tulsa .I sat at gate 2 hrs before fleight,when they boarded no one came for me. after they called group 7 and it appesared they were done i got attention of pilot who got help, i paid for upgrade to 5a ,when they boarded me , i was put in front by door across from galley. i was so cold i couldn't stop shivering. i asked to go to seat i paid was not acknowledged. attendant saw me coughing and told her i was so cold i couldnt feel my feet or hands. she got me her own coat and covered me. when i arrived i felt worse. 3 days later i was admitted to baily hospital with pneumonia,had to stay over ,could not fly, son had to come from chicago to drive me home. saw dr,contiued treatment,too sick to contact you immeadtly, was admitted to hospital in elmhurst il with pneumonia ,never recooperated from my experience,have congestive heart failure from prolonged illness. why wasnt i boarded until i found sonmeone to help me? why was i left to become so cold i becamne ill?I have proof of all of this.why when i was crying from cold wasI not put in seat I paid for?I thought your policy was to help handicapped.This experience was inexscusable,and shocking that ot was allowed to occur. I took out insurance but was told when i called to explain i had to cancel because of illness ins doeasnt apply when using miles. I wuld have to pay fee to rebook, which i was to ill to do. I will ursue this incident to media if neccessary ,would like a love contact with explaination of how something like this could occur,my comtact phone is 708 562 8917, I was just released from hospital after 9 days,have many dr appts because of the manner i was treated by american airlines. please leave name and number if i do not answer,i will return call asap. I will be receiving treatment for an unseen amount of time, Rose Hinde 828 alcoa ave melrose pk il 60164 708 562 8917,home phone,, this is to serious to ignore,I would like this handled in the serious manner for what it is,thank you for a prompt reply and quick resolution to an incident of pure negligence on the bpart of american airlines.


Had an emergency at home came back to the airport the next day to come home then had too buy another ticket to charlotte cash $457.00 ticket number 0012350242058 pnr code EWRORU bad customer service in providence at the airport very upset with this airlines i will like a check for the over pay of this ticket on 4/22/19 never thought that this could happen and that a company doing so much for the public will laugh at me while i was in line for 45mins i would like a check sent to my home i did not pay for it with a credit card they made me use their credit card that was located on the side of the wall address 128 aiden farm ct mt holly my name is Marcus T Wilson


on 4-13-19 my son and i were traveling from Buffalo, NY flight 4009 with a lay over in Chicago our flight from there Dallas 2300 was cancelled due to weather as well as our flight to Killeen Texas 439. I received a notice via e-mail advising me of the cancelation for the Killeen flight. The problem started with us boarding the flight to Dallas and then having to get off the plane after waiting for and hour on it to leave. once off the plane we were told to wait in a line and try to get another flight which i did for 4hrs. Then all of a sudden the staff slowly starts leaving 1 by 1 the last lady was very rude to myself and several people who were in front of me and behind me she stated " I'm closing after this so your gonna have to wait till tomorrow or get in line at the ticket counter in the morning I need to get some sleep myself." I was total lost for words that no one from your company offered any kind of help for the ones left waiting. They said there were cots being set up but everyone i asked had no ideal where they were, my son slept on a baggage cart in the main lobby. We ended up taking a flight to St. Paul Minnesota DL 4182 to Wichita Kansas on completely different airline and then renting a car and drive 8hrs to Killeen Texas at a cost of $269.09 on top of what i paid for my tickets. Then on way home our info was in system but had to be retrieved before we could get boarding pass by the attendant almost didn't make the flight I feel your company could of handled this situation in a better matter and some kind of compensation should be offered for all this inconvenience.



Verna L. Kokmeyer Frequent Flier # 8453576
Frank A. Kokmeyer Frequent Flier # 8454616

My husband and I have long travelled with American Airlines, and we have also had American Airlines CitiCard Credit Cards for many years. More recently, my husband opened a new business credit card with American Airlines. We were attracted to the offer of miles to use for travel.

Over the past few years, we have used our miles to travel to central America, including travel to Roatan, Honduras. This is definitely the benefit promised when we obtained AA credit cards, but we found out on our last trip, there is a severe downside of using miles for travel. This is never told people who sign up for the card.

Verna Kokmeyer Record Locator: KMQHQK
Frank Kokmeyer Record Locator: XIGWYI

Flying to Roatan on April 2, 2019, we were to return home from Roatan on April 13. We were to arrive home on April 14 on a flight that connected in DFW. We understand that was especially problematic due to sever weather in the Texas area. After several delays, our flight (2308) was cancelled. I waited almost 2 hours in a line which I incorrectly assumed would precipitate rescheduling of our itinerary. Instead, the only purpose was to give us lodging and a meal voucher. We have a place in Roatan, which we could have left for if we had known no flights were being rescheduled for anyone in the very long line. How nice it would have been to have an agent just inform us of what what happening. When I got to the front of the line and they found out I did not want to take advantage of lodging, the agents just walked around looking everywhere but at me. I would advise you in your training programs—assuming you have some—to encourage agents to act like they care, even if they couldn’t care less. I was told the only solution—although I was at the AA counter—was to call AA. We might also be contacted, except although we were staying at a well-known resort, since it was not one they offered, we might not be reached. We left contact info, but to the best of our knowledge, Infinity Bay on Roatan was never called. When we got back to our lodging, I spent another 2 ½ hours on hold with American Airlines. Our resort also called their contacts. By morning, we had still not heard anything about when we would leave, and we finally just headed for the airport. Although we had always received text or email notifications, none were received. The agents suggested maybe AA would be sending another plane for all the people whose flights were cancelled and that was the reason given for not scheduling us. The only emails I received, referred to incorrect flights—like the booking of a Dallas flight, when we had no flight to Dallas.

At the airport, we were quickly shuffled on a flight departing for San Pedro Sula. Not the place we looked forward to being, especially with the reputation for the airport and area lacking safety. However, in this case, we were assured that when we arrived, American had already scheduled our travel to Miami and beyond. We were told we’d receive boarding passes at the airport. We waited in line with all the others on that flight, fully expecting American Airlines to horror the promise to us. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All others were given boarding passes or put on stand-by resulting in a Miami flight, but we were told no seats were reserved for us. Why? We were told it was because we were traveling on award tickets. In other words, those who paid whatever were taken care of, while the two of us, who had been a part of your mileage program for years, and had probably flown more with AA than anyone else (each of us has had gold status for years) were left to stand around for another couple of hours. In fact, my husband waited in a wheelchair which he needed to use on this trip. No solution seemed possible. I believe the agents at SPS were trying to help, but it seemed the buck stopped with the AA Agents on Roatan, and communication was lacking. In the end we were offered lodging in San Pedro Sula, airport / hotel transportation and a $12 voucher for dinner. The voucher didn’t begin to cover the cost of dinner at the hotel, much less breakfast, but that’s beside the point. Our poor treatment was undoubtedly the result of our “free” tickets. When you promote your credit cards on flights, magazines, and mailings, you should add that the result of using the miles might leave one stranded somewhere when you choose to fly with the reward. It was obvious that everyone else will be better served.

Our flight home the next day was from San Pedro Sula / Miami / Philadelphia / Grand Rapids, MI. We are glad to be home, but every step seemed to include a fight and extremely long waits while agents stood around without a solution.

I’ve long been puzzled by American’s policy regarding reward tickets. If I buy a ticket, I can upgrade. When I have an award ticket, no amount of miles or money enables an upgrade. That problem now seems insignificant compared to the greater problem of having less reliable tickets.

Do I want miles in compensation for the nightmare we experienced? Maybe. We should not have “paid” for the last flights. However, we have all but lost faith in the your “reward” system and will be careful in their use. I wouldn’t even waste my time writing American, if it had not been for so many years through which we have felt more than loyal to your airline.

Verna Kokmeyer
Frank Kokmeyer
10641 Gun Lake Road
Middleville, MI 49333


Have not been contacted since the 18th when we paid hotel overnight and then had to book on Alaska to get back to Seattle from Spokane....flight attendants on the Delta flight we were put on were not informed we had a plane to catch in Spokane and as a result, we were there two minutes after the Alaska flight gate closed in Spokane after running about 1/4 mile to get from one terminal to the next. American booked us, American is responsible. This is unsatisfactory...there is no pigeonhole to request compensation only a refund. Not interested in a refund, furest half of the trip went smoothly....interested in being COMPENSATED for hotel stay of four hours, getting up at 03:00 to catch a flight to Seattle on the 18th.


It has been almost a year since I made a complaint about my flight from New Bern N.C. to Miami. I have sent all information requested and have not heard a thing from your airlines.


Held on the ground in Chicago for crew, when crew arrived (Captain) took off 1/2 hour late, passed Minneapolis to divert for fuel to Sioux Falls, back to Minneapolis, rebooked again for Spokane on Delta, late taking off once again, missed connecting flight by two minutes, (door closed we were told) and plane took off while we were standing at the gate (Alaska for Seattle).

Itinerary: START: Portland Maine, Philadelphia, Chicago, Sioux City Iowa, Minneapolis, Spokane (Spent the night, paid out-of pocket for Hilton Hotel , paid out of pocket for Alaska Airlines 05:50 Flight to Seattle. That would be the short story.

I need to speak to someone. This cost me business time, a hotel stay and a personal booking and arrival one day after schedule.

What I would find reasonable is a substantial travel voucher. If this cannot be resolved today...we shall pile it on.

What say you? 360.731.7614


I flew into DFW from Ft. Meyer's on Sat.April 13th @4.00 pm. Gate agent told me he couldn't get me a seat until April 16th my original ticket was for 4 pm on April 13th. A spent 2 nights in the air port before I had enough. I purchased a ticket from delta for $688.00 just so I could get home. American air lines didn't have enough staff to get me out of Texas. I think AA. Is the worst air line. I.Will never use AA. Again


I have been on the phone on and off all day waiting to book a reservation, i have had to wait hours for calls back! I just got a call and the girl hung up on me.I am not a happy camper at this point, i need to book a reservation asap before the prices go up. Your customer service is not very friendly.I would like a manager to call me back asap.I rate this customer service at the moment a big fat 0


Platinum Pro P7A3636 -I am writing to complain about Delayed Flight 853 from BNA to PHL on April 15, 2019. After getting up at 3.45am this morning and checking the flight status to ensure the 6.26am departure was ON TIME, we were notified at the gate that the flight would be delayed three (3) hours because there was no available pilot. As a result , I will miss a scheduled 11.00am meeting and my day is pretty well shot. I understand weather delays and mechanical delays but it is inexcusable to have a delay because the flight didn’t have a pilot. Your website specifically states that American Airlines ensures that it will have adequate resources available to meet passenger needs. Moreover, to not notify the passengers of the delay until Boarding Time is deplorable. I respectfully request some compensation for this unnecessary inconvenience in the form a miles credit to my Frequent Flyer account (P7A3636) or, better yet, a elevation in status from Platinum Pro to Executive Platinum through 1/31/2020. Thank you for your cooperation.


Have to vent on this one...Yesterday My wife Joanne and I had return plans on American at 11:45 at Tampa International Airport we were on vacation at Siesta Key Beach. We got up at 5am with our relatives and headed out to the airport to head home. First of all I was sick for the last 3 days with a stomach virus and was looking forward to going home. I had a Doctor's appointment later in the afternoon back in our town of Clifton Heights PA. in the morning and felt ok and was just forward to going home but American had other ideas. First as we leave for the Airport my wife gets notification you canceled the flight. So you don't replace that flight. Your next flight was now 2:26 pm..and we now on stand by as we should have been added to the next flight...we didn't cancel the flight you did ...Well you quessed it...we weren't able to get on the stand by flight ...The only chance to make the Doctor's Appointment was gone. So now we are on the 5;02 Plane back to Philadelphia that time the stomach virus kicked in full tilt...I could have been home and looked out and was feeling like hell...That 5:02 plane now becomes a 6:30 take off ...and I was in full pain doctor just suffering ...we landed in Philadelphia at 8:50 pm ..and by the time we got home it was 10pm ...we spent the whole day in Tampa Bay as I felt worse..Oh remember the standby flight at 2:36..well one of our bags went home ..we didn't...then we met your customer service reps for the finding of that bag...while I was in pain..I don't need that.hell...everyone wants respect but the customer is always told to quiet up while they explain their side of where the bag is..and how a report has to be filed and then they will find the bag..or go to Section A while we were in Section F and told it was a short walk outside in the rain to Section A Yes we did get the bag in section A ..One rep was nice while the other Rep said my wife couldn't look through the you can see the kinda day your airline provided. ...but I feel after the first flight was cancelled your company could have done more...everyone ask for our business every day but no one cares after they get it..and if we didn't fly your airline you don't have a a job..I normally don't complain but this was a back breaker … You can look up our records yesterday ...Ray and Joanne Thomas 43 Walnut Street, Clifton Hgts, Pa. 19018...610-329-8368 ...Thank you...


I purchased a First Class ticket for my trip. Toledo to Chicago, Chicago to Puerto Vallarta on March 17, 2019. Flight #AA-2338. Before boarding, I was called up to the counter to tell me that their was a problem with my seat, and I would have to wait before boarding. Everyone was on the plane ready to go but me. Now I have some back problems, and that is one of the reasons that I purchased that first class ticket. Now I do know that I flew from Toledo to Chicago in a very small plane, but it was only a 45 min trip. That's doable. The Chicago to Puerto Vallarta was 41/2 hours long. Well after about 15 min of either not knowing if I will be able to go on this trip, I was told that I could board. Well the problem with the seat was it couldn't recline. I did get a picture of the tape with writing on it saying INOP RECLINE. So the story is that I had to sit up completely straight up in a First Class seat that I paid over $1,100 for the whole trip. I did ask if there was a coach seat available for me to sit in instead at least I would of been able to sit back. They said it was a full flight. I was very uncomfortable. I would of rather just stayed back and took the next flight out if I knew I was going to have to sit there like that.

I don't fly first class. But for the comfort of my situation, I purchased that first class seat.

I usually always fly American Airlines. In fact I have your credit card so I could fly your airlines more. But this was terrible.

I would like somebody to email me back with some kind of something. The 1,400 flying points that the Attendant promise me was ridiculous.

I would like your feedback on this.

Thank you

Valerie Hobbs


I was told I had to check my carry-on case on flight AA2629 from MSP to DFW, scheduled departure 18.29 on April 10th, 2019 as it was so busy. From DFW I was then scheduled to transfer to my connecting flight to El Paso (AA5874), scheduled departure 22.15. I was furious on arrival at ELP to find my bag did not arrive. Registered my bag loss with the agent in the Baggage Reclaim (ref delayed baggage receipt ELPAA04003956) and have asked for my bag to be sent to my hotel on the 08.00 flight arriving from DFW today (Hampton Inn, 12088 Gateway West Boulevard, El Paso, TX 79936).

Why didn't American check-in attendants at MSP prioritise people with connecting flights to have carry-on bags and those terminating at DFW check in their bags. This is so frustrating and has ruined my trip. Very unhappy with the service of AA. This could have been avoided with a little thought.

I am due to leave DFW on AA5963 on Friday April 12th at 18.17 to get my flight home on BA/AA6153 to LHR, so have very little time in the US to be reunited with my bag and its contents. I need American to deliver and get my bag to me today (Ref: Bag tag: 4001487157).

Jonathan Garrett
Mobile: +44 (0)7803 234314


On my fight from charlotte NC to Jacksonville NC, fright AA5161, 4/8/19, PNR: ERAVPT.


On April 7, 2019 I had a layover in Chicago OHAR Airport flight was suppose to leave a 5:45pm, we boarded the airplane we started to move then the pilot said due to thunderstorm and lightening there was going to be a delay as we sat on the plane(understandable), then the rain stopped, the airplane started to move, then we stopped again with the announcement from the pilot saying we should be ready for take off in 15 minutes, well 15 minutes turned into 10 minutes of taking off then 10 minutes of taking off turned into 2 minutes of taking off, 2 minutes of taking off turned into we have to go back to the gate for more fuel, getting more fuel turned into the flight was cancelled and we had to get off the plane to see when we can get the next flight out the attitudes at that counter was despicable after having to sit on that plane for so long and being very exhausted. I was do to be in Cleveland Ohio at 8:02pm Sunday April 7, 2019, when we got to the counter to see when will our next flight leave, we were told going to Cleveland, Ohio next flight out would not be until the next day which would be Monday April 8, 2019 at 12:30pm, which was very inconvenient for me because not only did I have a very important mandatory meeting at my job, I had lost a whole day of pay, yes I was offered to stay at a nearby hotel and was told that I would have to pay half of my hotel stay which I thought was a incredibly horrible offer, this was nothing I had planned in my budget nor did I plan to loose a day of work of which made me to be forced to use another PTO day of which was suppose to go on my next trip, I do understand that things happen, but there were many many planes pulling off before us WHILE WE SAT ON THAT PLAN FOR THREE(3) HOURS UNTIL Our BEHINDS WAS GETTING NUMB. I would like to be compensated for my hotel stay that was charged to me twice($98.79) of which one is in the process of getting credited to my bank account. There were people that could not afford to get a hotel for that night and had to stay at that airport from about 9:30pm until their flight was ready to leave the next day, I'm sure that had to be uncomfortable for them. This was my first time using American Airlines and was hoping it would not be my last. At the beginning everything was great going to Las Vegas, but coming back was a really bad frustrating experience for me and others. If this is how we as paying customers are being treated, then I will continue flying with Delta and others. I really hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,
Susan L. Johnson/Mauldin


My colleague had a delayed flight in Charlotte on 8 April. I called the customer service rep to get a status on the lost/delayed bag. I was told it was in Charlotte and it should be on the next of two flights, the second being a bit after 12. At 1412, they are STILL waiting on someone at the lost baggage department in Charlotte to send a message back about when it will be put on a plane to Augusta. Is there nobody working in that department? Do they care about a paying customer not having a change of clothing? It would seem that once they have your money, the hell with you and customer service from then on.


ALWAYS LATE IN CONNECTING FLIGHTS . WE PAIDED FIRST CLASS TO JAMAICA HAD NO SEATS BY MY HUSBAND ON WAY BACK SAT NEXT TO A ( emotional support dog) which owner claimed was kool cus her dog can fly with her free. Flights attendents more interested in dog than us first class paying customers . We started flying economy why spend extra money on late flights. we fly often another flight no water we had to use hand wipes . just plain disrespectful was told to complain on wedsite. todays flights for my brother was agained delayed by 2 hrs touch down in ILM. waited 45 for customer phone service.













Besides having 2 delays on initial flight and connecting flights.i am 71 years old and a disabled Vietnam nam vet.
I was confused on what gate I was to be at in Chicago ohare. I respectfully ask a AA employee if I was in the right area. He just go straight down the escalator but he said in front of our customers “it’s wriiten right here on your boarding pass don’t you know how to read”. People looked at me and I was embarrassed and humiliated by his actions.
You should think strongly on giving classes on how to be a respectful and courteous employee.
They should know it’s part of their job to help customers and also protect the credibility and integrity of the company.
John Maratea


This letter details the events that lead up to our missing out on what was supposed to be a wonderful 7-day Western Caribbean Cruise vacation. A day that began with excitement and anticipation quickly turned into a nightmare that left us furious, frustrated, and disenfranchised due to various delays with flight # AA 1340. This cruise was planned on the Holland America-Nieuw Statendam ship several months in advance. On the day of our departure from Reagan National Airport (DCA), me and my travel companion, Ms. Deborah Burroughs never reached the pier because of the continuing “delays”. The ship was leaving from Fort Lauderdale, so we flew into Miami and arranged for a transfer to the pier in Ft. Lauderdale. The ship was scheduled to sail at 5 PM on Sunday, March 24, 2019.

Originally, we were booked on flight # 1178 departing DCA at 6:10 AM, arriving in Miami, 8:47 AM, which was ample time to reach Miami and get to Ft. Lauderdale. A week prior to the cruise, I was notified that the time of departure had changed from 6:10 AM to 8:00 AM and the flight # changed to AA 1340. This did not cause us concern because it was still an early flight. The morning of our departure, I received notification that flight # AA 1340 was delayed until 11:00 AM. Within moments, I received another notice that the flight was delayed until 12 noon. We were clinging to hope that this would be the final delay. However, we soon realized that the departure time had changed once again to 12:30 PM. We boarded shortly before 12:30 PM, feeling hopeful yet anxious that we could still get to the ship on time barring any further delays. Once on board; and before leaving the gate we were notified by the flight crew that there was a mechanical issue. The mechanic came and resolved the issue in approximately 20 minutes. We proceeded to leave the gate for take-off and the flight crew announced that a light came on and we would be returning to the gate. The mechanic came aboard to repair while we sat on the plane. By the time we finally took-off, it’s close to 2 PM. We arrived in Miami a little after 4 PM, retrieved our luggage which was given priority tags, but came out no quicker than any of the other bags. We realized that it was absolutely hopeless; and we were not going to make it.

At a point during all of these delays, I contacted the cruise line’s 1-800 number several times to notify them that we were experiencing flight delays, but we were on our way. As the probability of making it became bleak, I made calls directly to the ship at a cost of $8 per minute and spoke to someone expecting to hear they would wait for us to arrive, as they sometimes do at ports when guests are late returning to the ship. We needed a miracle!

Upon arriving in Miami, I retrieved a message that had been left on my cell phone from Holland America confirming that it was no way we were going to make the ship in time and that we should consider flying to the first port on the cruise which was Ochs Rios, Jamaica. However, meeting the ship at the next port would not be possible until Wednesday, March 27th if we decided to do this. It would mean losing 3-days of our 7-day cruise. Needless to say, the thought of having missed the cruise and now accepting the reality that we have to return home left us filled with anxiety and disappointment. We went to the AA ticket counter. We were told that AA would indeed send us to Jamaica to catch up with the ship. But we decided at that time to cancel the trip and get return tickets home for the next day (Monday 25th). We were given a voucher for one night at the Holiday Inn International airport hotel which was sub-par at the best, and two $12 food vouchers each which we felt were insufficient. We had to add money to it to cover the cost of our meals. Lastly, we were also told by an agent that the breakfast in the hotel was complimentary, which was incorrect.

Before actually making the decision to go home, we returned to the AA ticket counter the next morning and spoke with a ticketing supervisor whose name was Carmen. We were reconsidering our options. Carmen did not seem eager to assist us. Carmen initially told us we could not get tickets to Jamaica which we had been told by agents the night before that we could. Carmen told us that she needed to confer with her manager, and left us standing there for nearly ½ hour. Another agent walked up and questioned why we were still there. We proceeded to explain that we’d missed our cruise because of flight delays and that Carmen told us that we should never have received tickets to return home. After speaking to her manger, Carmen said that the tickets could be changed so that we could go to Jamaica if we still wanted to. She told us there were no other concessions available to us. At the very least, we needed a voucher for another hotel night in Miami, more food vouchers and accommodations for one night in Jamaica. We were told we could only receive one hotel night in Miami, no more food vouchers and use our own expenses for hotel and food in Jamaica. If that is your policy, we know that you are at liberty to make exceptions. The reason we were unable to meet the ship until Wednesday was because on Monday the ship was going to a private island and Tuesday was a full day at sea. There was absolutely no empathy for what we were experiencing. It was time to return home.

Our Monday flight home was originally scheduled to leave Miami at 4:20 PM, arriving in Birmingham, AL at 6:22 PM. We were told that all other flights were completely booked and that was the only flight we could take to get home. That flight was also delayed until 5:30 PM due to mechanical problems, (deja vu)! Because of that delay we ultimately missed our connection in Birmingham which would have gotten us home at 9:30 PM, Monday night. AA booked us on a 6:05 AM flight for the following Tuesday morning. We were hoping to return home Monday night. We definitely did not want another overnight stay and tried desperately to get put on another flight even if it meant booking us with another airline. We had to get another hotel voucher for Holiday Inn in Birmingham and food vouchers for dinner. When the agent in Birmingham printed the vouchers, I noticed that the hotel voucher we had been given had the same address as the hotel in Miami. Upon comparing the food vouchers given to us with the ones I’d received electronically, they too were the same as what we received in Miami. The airport was closing; the agent had to place a call to someone else that then had to instruct her on how to correct the vouchers. This entire experience was a case of all that could go wrong did go wrong, it was surreal. Other than the fact that we arrived home safely, the only thing we can say good is that our flight home on Tuesday morning was pleasant. There were no delays, it left on time and we were back at DCA by
9 AM.

Missing what should have been an incredible cruise has caused us loss both mentally and monetarily. We cannot get back the time and energy that went into planning and preparing nor the enjoyment that we would have had on this cruise. Only memories of what could have been. No photos and stories to share with our families and friends.

The amount we paid for the cruise alone was $2,274 which was a special promotion and was deeply discounted for a luxury suite on the brand new Holland America ship. We feel we’ve been robbed of great fun, food, excellent music and entertainment, shore excursions, spa treatments, gala nights, and all of the amenities, etc. that come with a luxury vacation aboard a luxurious ship. Our airfare was $753.

We would like to be compensated for the lack of empathy shown to us for this devastating experience. Again, we can never recoup what was lost when our only crime, if you will, was booking a flight with AA. We’ve suffered a great lost, not to mention the stress levels that were reached as a result of this debacle.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Vanessa Fox
2802 Keith Street
Temple Hills, MD 20748
Advantage # 5E64C52


On Sunday March 24 both planes had issues, one from MLB the maintence did not remove something, plane came back to boarding and then was cancelled, being a diabetic an s on insulimpump, maintain is important. Was re scheduled on later flight to charl. Got there that plane was waiting on maintence, door was not working !, Really, what started out at a 1:41p.m. ended .@ 10:45 p.m. On dayton, ohio.
no stars !


If I could give 0 stars I would. Going to see our Sailor graduate. Our direct flight was cancelled and we had to get a connecting flight. Payless car rental through the AA website wanted to charge us $118.00 more from r arriving 4 hours early. Then on our 2nd flight my husband and myself were placed in 2 different rows. No problem as per customer service. Just tell them at the airport and they’ll change it. Get to Charlotte and they told us no! We have to fly out of one airport and return to a different one. Now we had to pay for car service instead of being able to take our car. So horrible!! I WILL NEVER FLY AMERICAN AGAIN


Got to my flight at 5 a.m. Told I could be bummed. Stayed they always over book. Did get on but satin seat 1 and literally froze. Got to Chicago got a w/c.the attendant grabbed the wrong suitcase which I didn't realize until I got to my gate.waited forever to get any assist. My bag was found and deliver with $300 missing. Who would go through personal items to find hidden valuables.? On the way back I had 3 hate changes. With just having foot surgery it made it very difficult. Besides that if it wasn't for me going up and questioning it many of us would of missed out flight. Not a frequent flyer so didn't even know they did this. I am finally thawed out from the trip back home. American airlines never again!!!!


I had a plastic jar of whipped hand exfoliate soap,That was very thick you turn it upside down and would not have poured out.Clearly not like a gel or liquid..They took it


I got removed from one flight, then scheduled on another one. That flight got grounded. So I have I to take a flight a day earlier than I planned, so I had to change my hotel reservations for a day earlier. I am out of an extra 129.00 because they were not able to find a flight for me that would get me where I needed to be on time. I made these reservations in January and they were changed 2 times within the last week. The agent was very pleasant and helpful though. I would like to be reimbursed the 129.00.


First of all we booked round trip air from Cleveland OH to San Juan Puerto Rico and paid over $1400.00 for 2 tickets. On our return flight home, the 2nd part of our trip (Miami to Cleveland on a Sunday night)) was cancelled due to high winds in Cleveland. I am not upset about the cancellation (weather). What really irks me is the lack of customer service at the Miami Airport for American. As soon as our flight was announced that it was cancelled, everyone went to the proper desk (to reschedule). We were about 9 or 10 in line... they were 2 agents working that desk at first, then one left and came back about 20 minutes later. People were very upset. We were told that NO flights were going out the next day and had to wait until Tuesday to get back home. That is still fine in my book... what really aggravated us was the lack of help with the employees. We were told that we could go downstairs and get our luggage. We did.. NO luggage. We were told that it is on it's way to Cleveland !! How could that be if nothing was going to Cleveland because of weather??? THen we were told if wanted our bags we would have to wait 6-8 hours for them. That is horrific customer service!!! We were also told we were confirmed on a flight home, but had to call the next day to rebook our flights. No one knew what the heck they were doing. The absolute worse part is that not one person offered to help get our bags. We know that they were still in the plane that wasn't going anywhere!!!! The employees were rude at best. No one smiled, apologized, or tried to help anyone!! Great customer service is NON_NEGOTIABLE... period!!! I really expected more from you, American Airlines!!!. I wanted to mention also that the flight attendants on our flight from San Juan to Miami were very rude as well. No greeting when boarding the aircraft, only a drink was offered, no snack. It was as if there were no one on board except them. They were busy chatting with each other the whole flight and not paying attention to their passengers. I book a lot of flights for employees all over the US... I will NEVER use American again!! How about a refund or partial refund American Airlines???????


My wife and I called to make a change to our car rental reservation and we spoke with a Lindsy A. who asked us to hold. Thinking we were on hold I began to talk to my wife about the $30.00 fee charged just to make a minor change to our reservation. Not knowing the repersentative was still listening in, she then butted in and stated if I wasn't professonial she would hang up or discontinue this call. I then told her I was talking to my wife and I'm not the one at work and she needs to be the professional, and she needs to monitor her tone when talking to a customer. I the asked to speak to her superior, and I was told that her superior would not take any calls. After taking our reservation change she hung up befor I could get any information to file my complaint.March 19, 2019 at 10:23 am time of the call.


I am 87 years old who enjoy reading the Washington Post Sunday newspaper. I used my AAdvantage miles to pay for an additional subscription. I am very disappointed that you put a restriction hidden in the small print. I am even more upset that after you took my miles, you are not going to refund me them even you are not providing the promised service, it is not only bad customer service but I believe deceiving business practices. I am demanding you that at the minimum you refund my miles so I can get another newspaper.
Ana Calderon

From: Subscriptions <>
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2019 2:28 PM
Subject: ORDER 9991217702

Dear Ms. Calderon,

You recently used your airline miles to place an order for the Washington Post newspaper. Unfortunately, per the Terms & Conditions of the airline website, the newspaper has rejected your subscription request. There are no renewals allowed, nor will the newspaper deliver multiple copies to the same address or deliver to customers who have previously used miles to start a new subscription.

If you wish, you can revisit the airline website where you placed your order to review the disclaimer at the top of the page. It states:

Only 1 order per address will be processed. Not valid with other discounts.
*Note: Airline mile awards are for new subscribers at a new address only.
Existing customers of this newspaper are not eligible. Miles cannot be refunded.

You may also re-visit the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page, which you accepted before placing your order. Per the airline policy, miles or points you redeem to obtain a subscription are non-refundable, and all redeem transactions are considered final.

If you have any further questions please contact the airline directly.


Newspaper Subscription Services

Customer service Manager
Newspaper Subscription Services


First the rep at bdl refuse to check me in so I could board my 632am flight that was there for cancel y connect flight in Charolette nc that i arrived in time put me on stand by for 159pm fligt that did not exist an rep in Charolette booke me for 440 flight upon trying to return on 03/11/19 myflight for myself and husband total cancel we went to bury my husband brother total delayed on making funeral arrangementd to the 8 of march. Cancel re turn caused my self and husband to sit up all night due to fact no tranportation check out of hotel and turn in rental and sched 530 am flight that left at 523am and the last icing on the cake a dirty derrogztive remark regarding the weight oa bag she assume was mines


Paid for seat upgrade to include free beverages and meal, and somehow ended up in the back of the plane and separated from my husband. When asked what happened and if the agent could help, her response was quick, and quite rude, and said sorry, the plane is overbooked. She (Patricia, gate agent) did nothing to try and help nor did she look up the history to see if there was anything she could do to make it better. It was merely a 'matter of fact' to her. In my opinion, the gate agents need more customer service training, this isn't the first time that AA agents have been rude and show a lack of concern. However, I will praise the flight attendant (flight no. 2469) named Tammy (confirmation no. ITOPXL), she did 'everything' she could to have someone switch seats with us, unfortunately we still ended up in row 28, but we were seated together, thanks to her.

I would not only like my money back (we were charged $100.66/pp for seats that we did not occupy), but an apology. What a horrible long ride in the back of the plane. If this doesn't get resolved, we refuse to fly AA again.

Please also add my recent trip to my member no. 5RU72P0


My wife and I flew from PHX to MCO on flight 1984 on 3/13/19.. We requested a wheelchair for our arrival at MCO. When we deplaned the chair was waiting at the door of the aircraft but the attendant was not. My wife walked up the gateway where he was standing talking. He immediately ran down the gateway where I was setting in the wheelchair. He pushed me to the lobby area where he told us (and another woman in wheelchair) to wait which we did for about 15 minutes. When he returned he scanned our tickets. He ask if we had checked luggage and we told him no...only carry on.. We told him we needed to go to terminal B-1 between gates 35-38. He then pushed both wheelchairs to the baggage claim area which was in terminal B-2 where we again told him we needed to go to B-1 gates 35-38. He then pushed us outside of terminal B-2 at gate 22-23.which was totally deserted. We again told him where we needed to go,, gave him the off-site parking firms ticket with name address etc and yhen called the off-site parking shuttle and gave him our phone so they could tell him where to take us. .As he was talking on our phone to the parking shuttle agent we moved to a nearby bench. He finished the phone call, handed us the phone and said he was done. We sat there totally bewildered. We then started walked to where we could find an elevator to level 1 which was quite a distance. Te elevator let us out at about gate 24 of level 1. We then walked to gates 35-38 which took us about 30 minutes because we had to stop and rest frequently. When we arrived at the gates 35-38 the shuttle had all ready departed. We called them and they returned about 20 minutes later. I was totally exhausted and my replaced ankle, knee and both hips were killing me. Needless to say we were totally dismayed with your lack of service and probably will not utilize your poor service in the future. Carol & Robert Gunter


On March 12, 2019 my wife Kamilah Townsend (AA Frequent Flyer Number 9V04LJ6) was scheduled on AA flt 0012 from Jacksonville, Florida. For what ever reason, after a 6 hour delay the flight was ultimately cancelled. American Airlines provided her a hotel voucher to Tri Cove Inn as well as a round trip cab voucher. When Kamilah arrived at the Inn it was a very undesirable Motel which the desk clerk informed my wife that he had not seen the voucher before and they could not honor it. The single room he had available was for emergencies only and she could not have the room. Mind you it is after midnight. Because of extended call delays at American Airlines Customer Service, my wife and I decided to divide and conquer. She called the cab company back and I called to get in queue with the airline. The cab company said only the driver who dropped her off could honor the cab voucher and he was no longer available. Ultimately, we found what seemed to be the only room left in the city at a Hyatt 20 minutes away from her original drop off. She called Uber and made it safely to her hotel shortly after 1am. Mind you, her flight was scheduled to leave at 7pm EST. Making for a very long, stressful, scary and chaotic day.

I received a call back from AA at 11:58 CST. Apparently the Reservation Center called me back. I began explaining the turn of events to the Rep and immediately she had no empathy. The Rep told me she was with Reservations and I would need to call another number for complaints. I explained that it took 2 hours to get through to her and all I wanted was to get the matter noted on my wife's acct if possible for tracking. The young lady continued on with a very rude rant so I then said, I can imagine you all are swamped due to cancellations and other things and I don't want to make this your fault so please forward me to a supervisor. Se laughed and said she needed my record number which I offered. She said she could not hear me and I would need to repeat it again so I did. Again, she said I cant hear you and if you don't speak up I will have to disconnect the call. Now I am agitated. I repeated the record locator again using alphaphonetics. This time she heard me. I said young lady I know what you tried to do just now which was find a reason to avoid the call transfer. She asked for the travels name then mine. Then she said had I shut up and quit talking this could have been handled differently. At that time she placed me on hold until a manager got on the line. The time stamp of this call was 12:02am CST. The manager was a great ambassador for American Airlines, she was empathetic, sincere and very apologetic. She confirmed my wife was scheduled for the 9am flight on March, 13 and she instructed me to follow these escalation procedures to ensure this matter is addressed appropriately and the Rep who was extremely rude be addressed accordingly.

My wife and I travel on AA at least every other week for leisure or business and never have we experienced this kind of mistreatment. From being sent to a nasty Inn in a horrible part of town with no rooms available, to the cab voucher that was worthless and had we not had resources, my wife would have been stranded and possibly victimized. Followed by a degrading and disrespectful customer service experience. I (we) need something to be done because we trust that American Airlines is better than this. At minimum we should receive reimbursement of the hotel and Uber fee too include Points of something added to my wife's frequent flyer acct (9V04LJ6) to compensate for this horrible experience. I know what ever ultimately happens to the young call rep who spoke with me will not be disclosed to me. However I expect that the call be reviewed and something be done to curb this behavior going forward.

Please contact me direct for any further questions.

LaPrie Townsend
(214)205-0966 direct


Boarding our plain when they stopped it because the pilot had too many hours on ! Delayed on our vacation do to poor management!


We were told our son would be able to check his luggage straight thru from Green Bay to Fiji as long as he booked all through American Airlines. Well they lied and he had to get his luggage at LAX and try to recheck. He missed the time to check it by 2 minutes and they wouldn’t take it. With only 1 flight a day, he had to stay over in LA. They made us buy him a new ticket, which cost as much as the original round trip ticket, even though they ASSURED us this would work fine when we booked it. I have send numerous complaints only to be told that Fiji Airlines is only a codeshare so it wasn’t able to check through.
If they would have told me that when I booked it, I would of left enough time in between flights. I only booked the flights I did because AA confirmed they would send luggage straight through.
AA refuses to do anything except tell me too bad. I am out $1400 because of there customer service.


I was online yesterday to get tickets for a trip I wanted to make in May. I then purchased what I thought was round trip tickets to Colorado Springs and back to Indianapolis for $364.00 along with an insurance policy. I was then told that my itinerary would be emailed to me within 3 hours. It was not when I called today I was told I did not get my flight. I then said I wanted my money back and that I would not purchase tickets for the same flight for over $400.00 without getting my 364.00 back. See the attached jpg showing the still pending charge. Until you release my money I cannot afford to buy tickets please either give me my reservation or my money.

Barbara C Claypool


Discriminators ;
Hispano , mayor de dead , valva y canello largo ,pier negra ;
ERAN 4 Hempleados para tomar deciciones , solo 1 decidio,



I sent a refund complaint 2 weeks ago and a formal complaint 1 week ago and no one has had the courtesy to call me back regarding this. I am extremely upset regarding the experience I had to endure being a handicapped person flying alone.

My name is Barbara-Ann Garaventa (910) 491-8782. The following is a response to the complaint letter 1 week ago.
Your Reference number to this request: 1-28162085175.

I would appreciate someone getting back to me regarding this matter.


I called AA customer service department about an issue. After finally getting to customer service through a dozen menu items, I hear a recording: "our office is closed, call back during business hours" and then hangs up on you. It was 8:30 CST and there is no mention of their business hours. Just think, this is the customer service department!.


i was left unatended by a counter person in the middel of the walk wife had to push me halfway accross the airport her self. our gate was changed 5 times while we waited for a flight. we got home a day late because of it,,'and at our flight from mobile;al. we had to wait at the airport 17 hrs before we could get signed in ...if you want the whole story ;please call me at 610-554-6253 ken zemencsik.theres just to much to type for me.thank you.


I booked a flight with a connecting flight to my final destination. The first flight was fine but my connecting flight was delayed 7 times in 5.25 hrs and it left me in the airport overnight and no compensation was offered. My flight was supposed to leave at 8:24 pm and after 7 DELAYS I found myself at the airport at 1AM with a trip to Universal for that day ruined! So not only was I stressed out but my daughter had to pick me up at 3:45am and I lost more that $100.00 worth of my Universal Studios ticket because we did not get to go until late in the afternoon since we were so tired and were supposed to be driving to Orlando on Friday, but instead we had to get some sleep! This was only a short 3 day trip that I only got to enjoy two days with my daughter and only two days at Universal! They NEVER explained why … they just kept saying they were waiting for maintenance and then at 11pm they said they were calling in another crew? They once we boarded we had another 40 min worth of navigation technical delay??? REALLY ? I think you owe me a vacation or at least another flight? Debra Pimental / / AA# 1XC82W2 / 843-251-7864. I left a call back on a 800# and they just called but the press #1 when I was on the line didn't work so they disconnected. Great customer service?!




My wife was scheduled out of MLI to ORD and then to ORF this morning on the 0608 flight. No crew arrived as they needed crew rest and did not call to tell the AA ticket counter until 6:00am. My wife then missed her connecting flight from ORD to ORF and was rebooked on a flight after noon that resulted in a 5 hr layover in ORD. Now her flight 3297 to ORF is delayed over an hour. This is utterly ridiculous. Instead of being in ORD for her work by early afternoon she now is scheduled to arrive after 10:00pm. You guys need to exercise much more - MUCH MORE - control over your feeder airlines. This is totally unacceptable and the worst part is it is more and more standard. The only airline I trust in the US is Delta. Good equipment, great people and they fly on time - anywhere. Get hot and get back to flying that can be counted on and trusted. I will never book with AA unless I have no other choice. What a compliment to and for you. Two huge thumbs down. I gave you the worst ranking available when I signed in.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019..American # 3103 Operated by Sky West American Eagle..PSP to Phoenix to Philadelphia

When we arrived at the airport, we were told by a tall white haired lady "supervisor", who said, we were two minutes late..and we would not be able to fly that day..We had bought 1st class tickets, for a "treat" and because of recent health issues I had....I believe it was the first time, we had bought 1st class seats..We were stunned..and said, we never had this issue we fly at least 3 or more times from PSP to Philadelphia..each year..She told us, that the TSA did not have time to check our bag..and more over did not have any tickets available until Thursday..then she said.."People like you, really ruin my day.. I get people that do not know the new time frame for being at the airport..With no other husband, stayed with the bags, as I ran for the plane..I fell in running and was helped by the TSA..who said, "Miss, you have plenty of will make the plane..we have at least another 15 minutes before take-off..I asked if they could help get my husband on the plane but they were more interested in helping me, off the ground....Then I went to the gate, and a VERY nice 21 year old man, who had told everyone he was 21 that day..said, Oh, there must be mistake..I can help you..Well, he called..and got the same woman, who again identified herself as the "supervisor" and she was NOT changing her ruling..He apologized..again..and said, we have many people that come a few minutes late everyday..and we never stop them from getting on the plane..especially since they bought 1st class from Phoenix to Philadelphia..Then I walk to see, at least 40-50 bags not yet loaded on the when I get inside, I ask the stewardess, can she help me..since there seems to be plenty time for my husband to board..She said, absolutely..this is really bizarre..So she tries..and again. the supervisor tells her NO..Off we go to Phoenix..I am upset..but when I get to Phoenix, because of my inability to walk long distances, I reach out for a red jitney who takes me to where I should board the plane to Philadelphia..I asked this man, where would I go, if I had to complain..He said,well it is right across from your is our custom service..

I am greeted by a man who identifies himself as legally blind. He was kind..but could NOT read the information in front of him..Another custom service lady, who was seated next to him, came over to help him..when he asked her to read the small print..on a chart or something..He said, they gave me a big screen to help me do my job..but the printed material is too small for me to read..The woman, was less then enthusiastic to help him,,and I said to her.."You know, he is blind..could you not give him a little help so he can do his job ?? Since, I lost my sight briefly, due to a unexpected illness, I was annoyed at her lack of hello him.. She clearly was embarrassed...and returned to help him..With that, The blind man said, I am going to contact a supervisor..this is so wrong..and I want to make sure, you get some help..I was so concerned that with my walking issues and my husband who will be 80, and had a knee replacement, would not be able to catch the next flight that is always so tight, typically only 45 minutes between our landing and catching the next flight, I booked a later give us time to get to the next flight..with no issues..The supervisor came out in about 10-15 minutes and was MORE then KIND..She was stunned also by the actions of "the supervisor at the ticket counter, and said, PSP is such a small airport..what was she thinking..I do not know her name..but she was reassuring..had my husband cleared for another flight that day..and took special interest in getting him on well..Although we have both had unexpected health issues, since Thanksgiving, I wanted to assure a nice flight for 1st class..and it turned into a nightmare..We are gold members of AA..We ONLY fly American..either PSP through Dallas to Philadelphia..OR..PSP through Phoenix to Philadelphia..We are totally disappointed in the ticket "supervisor" in Palm Springs..and the co worker of the blind man in Phoenix..I look forward to some adjustment on our tickets..since they were not able to give my husband a 1st class they did not have any more and we paid for 1st class.... The "supervisor at the PS ticket counter, should NOT be a ticket agent..and the blind man needs equipment he can use, to work and represent AA as it should be..I do believe AA should offer some sort of free 1st class tickets...and certainly give us the difference of cash for the 1st class ticket we paid for, but only used a coach ticket.. Sincerely, Carol Jelus..


On January 31, 2019, we left Cleveland Ohio at 6:17 a.m. headed to Las Vegas. We had a short layover in Washington DC. Arrived 10 minutes early in Washington sat on the tarmac for 20 minutes because of a disabled plane got on the shuttle to one terminal had to take a second shuttle to a second terminal only to find our plane had already departed. Spoke with an American representative to find out that they wanted to send us back to Philadelphia PA to go to Vegas putting us on a flight to arrive in Vegas at 11:59 p.m. we ended up speaking with the second representative who did everything she could to get us to Vegas as soon as possible even speaking with the back office. She was able to get us on the flight to land in Vegas at 8:30 p.m. connecting through Dallas-Fort Worth. We ended up in the last row 36 of the plane after paying for seats in the front of the plane in our original flight. We used our advantage card to pay for the flight which was higher than any flight that we have ever purchased. One of the perks of our advantage card is to have priority boarding however we did not receive priority boarding we were in group 5. We ended up missing a rehearsal dinner and almost missed the wedding. We are extremely dissatisfied with American Airlines service and are contemplating closing our card and never flying American Airlines again. We ended up paying over $1000 even after using my husbands mileage for our two tickets.


I have no complaint regarding service during a flight. However, I attempted to book a flight from Columbia SC to Frankfurt Germany and use my accumulated air miles for an upgrade. I have roughly 187,000 miles which I have accumulated over a number of years. I communicated with a "gentleman" who indicated that he was the person with whom to speak regarding the booking of the flight. However, once I mentioned that I wanted to use air miles for an upgrade to business class (I have every intention of purchasing the ticket) and how many miles I have accumulated, matters became very strange and I have been getting a run-around without accomplishing anything at all. If you could be of assistance, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.


On January 26th at 6:30 am, we were scheduled to fly from Milwaukee, Wi. to Chicago to Aruba.
On January 26th at 12:00 midnight, we received a automated phone call informing us we would be flying from Milwaukee, Wi to Charlotte NC to Aruba.
On January 26th after boarding our flight to Charlotte the plane experienced mechanical problems. we were returned to the terminal and taken off the plane.
on January 26th we were rerouted from Milwaukee to Dallas to Aruba. We asked about our luggage and were told no problem, our luggage would be with us to Aruba.
On arriving in Aruba 4 hours later than planned our luggage was still in Milwaukee. We were told it would arrive January 27 at 4:00 pm. It arrived at 5:30pm.
The results of this confusion is that we lost 2 days of our vacation.
January 26th we found our car rental was closed. We spent $31.00 on a cab to the resort.
January 27 we called the car rental and were told they gave away our car but would have one for us on January 28 at 2:00 pm
January 27 was spent in winter clothes in Aruba looking to purchase swimming suits and shorts and shirts(no swimming, no walking just stayed in our air conditioned room when not shopping for clothes within walking distance of our resort.We spent $248.00 on clothes we didn't need or want.
January 28 we missed our scheduled excursion because we were busy picking up the car we were too late to pick up on January 26. We spent $ 45.00 for a cab to get to the car rental place.
January 28 2:30 pm our expensive vacation begins 2 days late.

Now I understand scheduling and mechanical difficulties. I certainly would not want to fly in a plane with issues. My issue is with the logistics of losing luggage for 24 hours and the inconvenience and expense of losing luggage and missing prearranged plans. At the very least I expect to be reimbursed for my added expenses, just as other airlines policies. Southwest airlines lost the luggage of a woman at the resort, they reimbursed her 100%for clothes and necessities. Are you willing to step up and make things right?

Nancy Arnold
3048 Nagawicka Ave.
Delafield, Wi 53018


On January 15, 2019, I flew American Airlines Flight #660 to Phoenix Az. from Philadelphia International Airport the flight was wonderful I was excited about reaching my Mothers home in Tucson Az. for Her 70th Birthday our connecting flight was to depart at 7:53 pm which would have gotten us there at 8:39 pm but instead the connecting flight was delayed then the flight was changed as well as the gate number this flight didn't
board until 8:30 pm which landed in Tucson around 9:15 pm this caused us to miss our dinner reservations, secondly my luggage was put on a separate flight from the one that I was on this flight was not due in until Wednesday, January 16, 2019, at 11:00 am this created a major problem for my fiance` and myself. My asthma medication was in my luggage I am on maintenance medication I need to use my inhaler twice a day
so that I can manage my asthma symptom this was very unnerving also my fiance` and I had to purchase toiletries and sleep ware for the night.
I really enjoy flying American Airlines but with this being the second incident in a years time the inconvenience is very disturbing, please rectify the situation and keep me as a loyal American Airline Advantage Member.

Leander C. Berry Sr.


My name is Felix Alicea. I am an active duty and I am submitting a complaint on one of the your employees at the San Antonio Airport agent counter this morning at 0315 am, 2 February 2019. I was trying to bring my hockey stick on board with me when the agent told me that I could not bring that on the aircraft (Flight AA1052). I informed the agent that TSA regulations told me that I could bring this on the plane. The agent told me that I could not bring that on the plane. I went to one of the TSA agents that told me that I can check the item and that they could check it on the plane. The TSA agent showed me the regulation and stated that the agent should have provided courteous service and should have never acted in a way especially if you showed him that you're active duty.

Also, when checking the item, I did not receive any polite service from the 5'6 Hispanic agent, black hair, glasses that when I asked her how to check the item, she was very rude in her attitude with me and did not want to assist me with the checking until I informed her that I need assistance.

After getting my baggage checked, my stick of item was lost at the time when I connected with another flight from Charlotte to Richmond, VA (AA 248). The baggage clerk informed me that it was on another flight that would come later in the airport. She listed to me and said it was wrong how the agents in San Antonio acted. I can believe that these people don't provide customer service and their attitude seemed to be inappropriate toward active duty service members. I frequently fly American Airlines and I felt very bothered by the conduct of these agents. I will inform the military about the attitude of your employees at this station and that they take their personal actions towards people. I am very disatisfied by their attitude and conduct. I believe that my baggage did get screwed up (RICAA0002736084) and that I believe that these agents did this action against me. I am very disatified by this service especially as an active duty service member and a constant user of your airlines. Either the personnel have attitude problems with certain people of race, or just don't like active duty service members.


Tried to check in 48 hours to try and book seats. Could not. Got through this morning and checked in and were given assigned seats. Was disappointed about the seating arrangements. My husband and I always sit together do not like the fact I am travelling 4 hrs and hes on one end of the plane and I on the other. Other airlines at least designate seats for you (and they are economy) together. You think, which I am sure the other airlines do, that if you are under the recorder location YUAGCF that they know you are travelling together that they would seat you together? Disappointed and also other airlines do have check bag that you can do online. You do not. And was using economy for the other airlines too. If you are going to use that excuse. Seating should be looked at if you are assigning. Should not be a penalty if you do not have the AAdvantage card? tks Faye Zayonc


My name is Alexis Alvarez I am very upset and annoyed with American Airlines , on January 27 on flight 310 from Miami to Cuba, my wife grandmother traveled, she is 92 years old so we always ask for a wheelchair , the chair service in Miami was delayed an hour and when she arrived in Cuba they made her walk from the plane until she left by the exit door, she never received the chair service in Cuba, that lady needed medical attention when she left from the airport because to have high blood pressure ,joint pains and severe headache , that is irresponsibility of the airline since she is a very old person and that service is requested for her medical problems , the airline has to take responsible for the health of that old woman


My wife and I booked a flight with united to Kalamazoo and got there ok , then we was to fly out Monday Jan.28 and it was canceled then canceled again so they booked us with American airlines for Jan.29 and we got to the airport and checked our bags in then and hr and 1/2 we were told our flight was canceled again then they put us again on a flight for Jan. 30 and it was canceled when we got to the airport so I asked them do they have anything out of Detroit so they got us on a flight that day how ever it took 6 trips to the airport and a long trip to Detroit and two more days to pay for my car at the airport in ONT. CA. and all these cancellations I never got a notice on my phone and I did checked on the computer for up dates before I left so I feel you all dropped the ball on this trip for we do travel a lot and hope communications get better with the customers . code=WLWSQL


I (Sharon Linville) booked a flight through Expedia from Springfield,MO to Medellin, Colombia on November 19, 2018 ticket #0457223862503, to be with our daughter, who had been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, and was in Medellin alone. Due to a delay in my husband's passport I called the airline reservations direct and he was booked on same flight Eticket LA045-72696142 32-33. This flight was perfect!!! After arriving in Medellin, during routine heart tests for giving chemotherapy our daughter was diagnosed in heart failure and needed open heart surgery. All medical procedures required payment up front and she had no insurance. We had money for chemo treatment, but then had to spend it for her open heart surgery. After heart surgery was completed and our granddaughter came from U.S. to be with her, we started trying on Dec. 12 to book flight back to Springfield, MO to sell our truck and camper to provide funds for her to start chemo a month or six weeks after heart surgery. We had so much difficulty trying to change our return flight, we had another daughter in the U.S. call american airlines for assistance. They told her that change would need to be made with Latam Airlines in Medellin as that is where return flight would originate from. She tried talking with Latam several times and I emailed with them several times, but by Dec. 15, we could not received anything from anyone. Finally, my daughter in states contacted my husband's booking agent, Ivy Thomas, and she booked us on flight on Dec. 18,th, flight AA924 to Miami AA2700 to Charlotte, AA3868 to Springfield,mO and told it had to be confirmed immediately to get the flight, which my daughter did because she could not reach us in Medellin.

Our ticket prices were Sharon 1037.83 (including a 8.40 booking fee and 63.00 flight protection plan.) Larry 1089.53 plus 209.35 agent fee.
RETURN FLIGHT was 945.76 plus 526.50 plus 325.50. We felt we were taken advantage of on our return flight as we could have booked a one-way flight from Medellin to Springield, MO for $510.00 for each of us on that same date. If you need further information, please advise. If you can assist us in reimbursing us in some manner, we would appreciate it. We felt American Airlines did very little to help us economically change the return flight
Sharon Linville 417 848-4091.


I was on a return flight on Thursday 24,2019 out of Cleveland, Ohio flight AA5358. While in the boarding area before the flight, two service men with their dogs entered the area and sat. I thanked them both for their service to our country. They were members of SOWW from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The military dogs were well behaved.

When boarding started you could tell there was an issue, two others passengers and I were very aware of some confrontation going on. One soldier was refused boarding. So as follows:

1. military with dogs who fought for our country.
2. empty seats on the plane
3. one passenger gave up her first class seat for one of these men.
4. female attended made it clear she was afraid of the dogs
5. one soldier was left behind
6. pilot tried to get the other soldier on the flight and gatekeeper said no.
7. read about gatekeepers and not sure how it applied.
8. I want to know how an airline can refuse a military personal a seat that they had tickets for.
9. I am looking for an answer .

Maryann McNeish


My name is Chinnu vazha Joseph. I am writing this e-mail because I had a bad experience from American air line on 1/23/19. I am supposed to travel from JFK to BFL via Phoenix and Upon arrival in JFK I came to know that the flight AA 1587 will be departing late and I may not be able to get my connection flight from phoenix to Bakersfield (AA3010).Then I approached the enquiry and they said I can only travel from Phoenix to Bakersfield on 1/24/19 @1056 and I have to wait at Phoenix airport from 2115 till 1056(1/24/19). Then I asked whether I will be able to get a hotel room the clerk said ,no you have to get your on. I am a 62 years old lady with h/o diabetes on insulin, how can I sit at the airport Almost 14hrs?. The clerk issued a boarding pass for Bakersfield from Phoenix (AA5846) for 1/24/19 @1056 without answering anything. Then I approached another clerk and asked Is there any alternative way I can go home. Then she said one available for LAX and my two already checked baggage will go to Bakersfield and will reach on 1/24/19. Also she issued boarding pass from JFK to LAX (AA 302). I traveled from JFK to LAX and from LAX to Bakersfield I took a taxi and spend almost $75 and a 2hrs and 30minutes.Now again I went to Bakersfield airport on 1/24/19 two times to get my baggage and they said it is in LAX . I requested the staff to get my baggage from LAX to Bakersfield and she said she will try and it may get by tonight or may be Tomorrow. I am still waiting to get my baggage.

Now my concern is why I have to go through all these hassle?. What compensation are you going to give me for these suffering?. I truly think I have to get a complementary ticket From BFL to JFK to use anytime this year by AA . I am patiently waiting for your reply and my 2 piece baggage which i paid and checked in from JFK.

Chinnu Joseph


My recent flight on Wed. Jan9th Nonstop from Mia to EGE my luggage was misplaced and didn't make the flight.Myself and 4 other friends were on a 3 day ski trip. We filled out all the necessary forms and explained to the agent that it was imperative that we get the luggage the same day because all of our ski needs were in that specific luggage. When we called to see why our luggage didn't make it the used the excuse that it was related to weight, fuel and head winds. The truth is that it was a half full nonstop flight that we checked in over 11/2 hrs in advance. We found at least 4 flights that could have easily gotten our luggage to us the same day but instead was delivered on the next day nonstop out of Miami. we didn't get our luggage until 12:30 and by the time we drove back to Vail and got our skiis we missed out on the entire day of skiing. I feel this whole situation was handled with neglect when it could have been handled much more efficiently. Your agents we spoke to were even embarassed by some of their answers that were read off a standard reply. I have been a advantage member for many years and this is the first example of total incompetence that I have experienced. This is the first such complaint that I have ever reported but the handling of the whole situation was extremely frustrating. I am anxiously waiting for a response!!!


I was on Flight 5880, flying First Class from Houston, Texas to Ontario, California, via Dallas/Fort Worth. My request for a wheelchair was on my flight reservations. When we got to Dallas/Fort Worth, I was detained on the airplane for about 1/2 hour waiting for a wheelchair. The crew made numerous callas as they had to remain on the aircraft until I was off, as you know.

When the wheelchair finally arrived, he took me into the terminal and that is where we stopped while he was trying to get someone to take me to Gate 26C. Finally they put me on a cart and the guy took me to the down to an elevator away from where we should have been going. Anyway, he stopped at the elevator and said follow me. I said I need a wheelchair. He said oh sit there and left. A woman came who obviously knew what was happening as she said I will see what I can do. I must have sat there for about 15 minutes and finally someone took me to the train and knew where we were to go. I was the last person to board my flight and almost missed it.

I must say this was the first flight I had made first class and the first trip down from Ontario was great, but the return flight was terrible. I was treated better on an economy class flight. I am 83 years old and this was my first, first class flight. I am really disappointed with American Airlines.My number is 951-410-5248, in case you would like to respond.


I am medical doctor and an American Air lines frequent flyer on international routes particularly to India. i buy frequent flyer miles often.More recently I am having difficulty booking international Bussiness class or first class. When I want to book First class, the only choice I have is British Airways who charges >$560 above the 115,000 miles given each way for first class, this also I rarely get direct flights from DFW, they route it through different airports that too only one segment in First class ans the segment from london to Hyderabad only Bussiness class ,but takes full first class miles.

WhenI book on Qatar First class I never got first class availability, only bussiness class, rarely do I get a direct flight to doha from DFW. It is usually routed through other airports.
You encourage flyers in buying frequent flyer miles, but provide no availability of direct flights on international routes and poor availability of first class for the full journey. Are you going to provide some answers to this problem? Without answers to the problem I am afraid that you will loose some of the loyal frequent flyers like myself. Thank you for listening and hope you will rectify the problem soon.
Dr. Raghavendra S. Prasad,
E14K934 (Aadvantage Number)


On December 3 I used 25,000 of my AAdvantage air miles to book a December flight from Akron-Canton to Orlando four our 3-month winter stay in The Villages, Florida. Record locator: ZWADDI.

On December 28 I was informed by my surgeon that I would require abdominal surgery to repair an aneurism that had a 50% chance of bursting within the year.

Being considerate I immediately canceled the flight so that American could sell the seats to someone else.
When I asked the American Airlines representative by phone to have my 25,000 air miles restored to me, he demanded that I pay $180 to buy back MY air miles that I did not use. I refused.

I sent a letter to Doug Parker, American Airlines CEO, in Fort Worth, Texas. I did not get even the courtesy of a reply.

Department of Transportation requires that American Airlines responses to my complaint. I'm waiting.

And then I have to decide whether I want to switch my Master Card from AAdvantage to another, friendlier airline.

American Airlines did not lose money if it filled my seat. Yet it wants me to pay $180 to buy back my own miles. My thousands of dollars of AAdvantage credit card purchased have benefitted American Airlines. Why punish me for being put under a surgeon's knife tomorrow?


I was caught in the mess on Dec 26 to and from Yuma Arizona. I realize the weather played a big part but I paid for assistance which I never received. I paid for seat assignment
which I only received twice and had to pay an additional $30 for seat assignment on my return trip. I also had to pay for a trip to New Orlenes where I could finally get a return trip to Yuma. I paid for assistance on the flight which I never received any more assistance than any other senior, which was an occasional wheel chair. I paid for baggage protection which upon arriving finally I found my bag contents were sopping wet. when I could not get out of Dallas FW I was 4 days where I had to purchase clothes for 4 days and make calls to obtain my extra medicine for the additional days. I have to admit that I thought I had purchased all the protection that a 83 year old would need to protect me on this trip. My PNR is OUIUW. Thank you for looking into this matter. Arlys McDonald.


I requested a wheel chair on round trip from virginia to lax, there was no wheel chair when I checked in at roanoke virginia airport an when I arrived at lax there was none there to go to baggage claims which was a long walk. the returned flight was good until landing at roanoke airport around 11:30 pm then no one was there again. I'm a partial disable veteran an have a hard time walking long distances an stairs. just to let you know what happened an the last time I flew with american air the same thing happened again.


My family was traveling to Madrid, Spain from Philadelphia, Pa on 12/21/18 Fight 740.We got to the airport at least 3 hours ahead of schedule.The TSA agent told us to put our 8oz Philosophy skin cleaner in our checked baggage.My husband went back to the check in area which was not busy.He walked right up to the counter.The airline personal refused to put the item in 1 of our 3 checked baggage.My daughter has very sensitive skin and needed this item and it was a Christmas present. We spent over $3000 for these tickets.The item was $35.00.American Airlines should reimburse this cost.
I hope to hear a response from American Airlines.The video on our flight stressed how American airlines wants to be "great".This small request would remind us to use American Airlines on our next trip to Spain.


Flight from CLT io SB In Dec 28 2018. AA 2923/28. My wife and me were completely overlooked by 2 attendees for drink and snack for 2 seats on row 10 when they were served. I raised my hand and yelled but to no avail. Everyone else was served beverage and snack. Very poor service by the woman and man. Especially by the woman who from the back with a cart. We were completely ignored. BAD!!! Also Aviator customer. Should get a Gift Card. Reply please. Craig and Mary Gober


Flight 1064 Dec 26, 2018. Flight was to due to depart from San Diego at 10:51 am. Flight left at approximately 12:00 noon for Dallas. Nearly an
hour late. Pilot stated, "no problem he would make up the time." We entered Dallas airspace at approximately 4:00pm ,pretty much on schedule. But, Dallas was busy and the pilot indicated he would "hover". His hovering burnt too much fuel and he announced that he would fly to Shreveport, La. to refuel. After a delay, Shreveport gave permission to land. Time now, about 5:00 p.m. Problems, now escalate. Not able to refuel because no ladder tall enough to reach fuel port. Sat for hours. No food was handed out, none was offered for purchase during flight, just some old pretzels. Now about, 8:30 pm. Being a diabetic, I ask for some OJ. Reluctantly, I was given about an ounce. Now, an announcement was made, we would be staying in Shreveport overnight. They did not have a stairway tall enough to reach doorway to unload the passengers (approx 191). It has now been about 4.5 hrs on the tarmac, total of 8.5 on plane. No drinks, no food, paper towels and toilet paper depleted. Another 45 minutes goes by before a stairway appears. Passengers are told that they would have to step down a foot to reach the gangplank. Before disembarking a bus would have to be found to transport passengers 30 at a time. When finished we were 6 hrs on tarmac, 10 hrs on plane. It was now sheets of rain an severe lightning as we disembarked. No one met us to tell us where to stay. Word passed, we were on our own. No reimbursement. Be back at 8:30 am tomorrow. The next morning at 11:00a.m. we were told they were looking for the crew. They showed up at noon laughing and carrying pizzas' for themselves. Wish I had taken a picture. What an optic! If someone held fell down that gangplank with the sheets of rain and lightning it would have been quite a lawsuit. As of 12/31/18, my wife is still sick in bed. She has missed 3 days of work as a Registered Nurse, been to doctors, on antibiotics. We in addition, have bills for lodging, food and transportation. Their decisions were not well formed. If they say the weather
was bad, it only became bad after spending 4 hours on the tarmac. Their were other airports that would have been in their purview, or better suited
for the aircraft /airport.
Bob & Chris Draft
4523 W. Lawnview Dr.
Pgh. Pa. 15227

Hotel $98
Work 840 24 hrs @35 hr.
Food 54
Trsp 19

Itemized costs as listed above.


I took my daughter, Veronica Tovar (disabled) and her daughter April Ambriz, to the airport yesterday at about 11:00 am. We checked in at Customer Service because she was going to need a wc and assistance. The attendant was very helpful and called for wheelchair assistance for my daughter. We waited about 45 min. Which, I didn't mind being that the airport was pretty busy. We finally got the wheelchair and our escort. He was a very nice gentleman by the name of Mr. Dhairya Mistry. He proceeded to escort her to the security check. Then, that's when the problem began, we approached the conveyor belt and he told us to remove our items and place them on the bins. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere this one TSA by the name of "Ray" came over and told us not to be grabbing the bins. I told her we were instructed by the escort to do so. She, then told me well he shouldn't be grabbing bins when there are a lot more up ahead. I didn't know what she meant by that. Then another TSA told her that the line was open and he could proceed. She, then replied I don't care he shouldn't have grabbed the bins, I'm not done yet. So, then Mr. Mistry apologized to us for her tone of voice with us and misrepresentation of good customer service. So, we went on and I decided to stay with them at the terminal until she boarded. I wanted to make sure they didn't encounter any more problems. After they boarded I left to the parking lot and on my way out the parking lot, I realized the ticket must have fallen out of my pocket when I placed my jacket on the conveyor belt because we weren't allowed to get a bin and place it in. So, I approached the ticket gate at about 1:30 and, I apologized for losing my ticket. The attendant said to me "you lost your ticket?" and, I explained to her what might have happened to my ticket, I told her the time that I arrived there was no need for me to lie. She told me that I'd have to pay from 9 am up until the time, I left and so, I said ok how much. She then said id have to pay 40.00 and, I was so upset because I didn't mind paying up until I left the airport which was reasonable considering I lost my ticket. Then again parking was 2$ for every hr. I was parking in the hourly garage. I wouldn't have stayed so long if it hadn't been for the rude customer service of the TSA. My daughter has a special impairment which makes it hard for her to communicate well. This was her second time flying AA and, she told me she wasn't very happy with how we were treated.


AA155409-Due to inclement weather my flight was cancelled 12-26 and rebook 12-27 for arrival at JFK instead of LGA. I inquired about my luggage and was told it would arrive with me, it did but not at the same airport, therefore my 1 piece of luggage did not arrive with me at JFK. I filled out the delivery on line. When I did not hear from anyone I called on hold for 2.5 hours. After completing the necessary info I mentioned my meds were in the suite case. Email stated luggage would be delivered by 4 PM. Luggged delivered at 7:30. 20 mile from LGA to 10469.


Upset and disappointed . Sandra Y Peters


My wife and I were scheduled for a Direct flight to Buffalo, NY on Wednesday December 26, 2018.
Our record locator number was HOCVYG.

Our flight number was AA 502 scheduled to leave DFW at 8:30 PM.
This Flight had two schedule time changes, and then, was cancelled due to extreme Thunder/Lightening and very heavy rain.

Upon cancellation we were auto rebooked on a non direct flight for the next day which due to personal reasons was unacceptable.

After cancelling our flight, we were told we could retrieve our one checked bag at the the baggage claim carousel,
when we got there we were told to go back up to the ticket counter and enter a delayed baggage claim. At this point the agent told us
we could pick the bag up the next day or wait up to two hours at claim area D30 and our bag would be brought to us via the carousel.
We chose to wait the two hours because we live about 40 miles from the airport. After waiting for two hours i went to the baggage service
representative and gave him our information. He then issued a "DELAYED BAGGAGE RECEIPT" and told us no luggage would be retrieved that evening. When I asked him how long before we would receive bag, his answer was it will get there, when it gets there! By this time it was between 11:00 and 11:30 pm. We then had to hire a "LYFT" driver at the expense of $82.50 to get us home.

On Thursday we contacted the luggage claim people, the bag was not located and they had no idea of it's delivery time. It is now Saturday December 29, 2018 and after calling today to check the status we were told it was still at DFW in claim area C31. We still do not have our luggage and, realize there were many flight cancellations on the 26th, but our bag never left the baggage area for gate D37 and no one can still give us a time as to when our luggage will be found and delivered to our home.
We feel this was very poor customer service communications. We are reaching out to you to try to retrieve this luggage as soon as posssible.
Our "Delayed Baggage Receipt" file number is DFWAA03667576.

We can be contacted by either phone or e-mail. Cell Phone # 972-742-9915; Home: 972-530-0729; E-mail:

We thank you for any assistance you can give us in locating and getting our luggage back to us.

Sincerely, Fred and Linda Fagyas


First of all we have always had great experience with AA, always use them and have had the best prices. We took a trip to North Carolina to stay with the grand kids for Christmas vacation. We left Chicago on December 21 Flight 1668 PNR Code XEKFEZ. When we arrived at Charlotte airport one of our pieces of luggage didn't arrive. Went to customer service to file a missing luggage and she said it was delayed and will be on the next flight. So we waited and it wasn't. To make a long story short it arrived at our hotel about 4am.
Now returning from Charlotte to Chicago on December 27 flight 1821 XEKFEZ, my wife is 73 and needs a wheelchair and we had to wait for over an hour for a wheelchair to arrive. Good thing we got there early. So, we got on the plane and sat there for over an hour to be told they didn't have a front end crew to fly the plane and we had to deplane and wait in the terminal. Our flight was at 1:05 and after several delays the lady at the counter said the pilot should be there at 5:30. At 5:30 we were notified the flight was cancelled and we had to book another flight at customer service counter. The line at the customer service counter was a block long, literally. So we waited in line for about 30 minutes and I received an Email that they had booked us on a flight leaving at 5:45 at gate B16 and we were at B08, just to remind you my wife needs a wheel chair, but we had to walk because there were no wheel chairs around. The new flight number out of B16 was 2488 that was suppose to leave at 5:45, well it finally left at 7:45. I mentioned to the flight attendant that we had changed planes and that my wife would need a wheel chair at Ohara. We got there and no wheel chair. We had to wait about 30 minutes while the counter person had to request a wheelchair. So we finally got to Chicago at 9:00. What a long day.


While traveling with my daughter Tamieya Coffey on 12-20-2018 from Moline, Illinois to Dallas where she caught a connected flight to Tucson, Arizona while I caught my connected flight to Sacramento, Ca we both received each others baggage instead of our own. While American Air Lines did get her bag to her the next day they never were able to get my bag to me. By the second day I had to drive 100 miles each way to receive my baggage. I had to pay $30.00 per bag for this service for a total of $60 plus gas, parking and time off from work!


I had a round trip ticket from Bermuda to Miami then I received information which made me have to go to my senior parents in Orlando which I had to purchase another ticket for as well as pay to change my return date from Miami. When returning from Orlando, I had offered to bring back bags for my parents which would make their return less stressful. I had to pay $420.00 for 4 bags and then had to collect them in Miami and recheck them for another $420.00. I found this to be absolute robbery. $840.00 just for luggage to be transported back to Bermuda??? I could have bought 3 tickets for that price and to think that it was because I had to go to my senior parents before travelling back and assisted them with thier bags ALL on the same airlines. I always travel on AA and am a rewards member but this has left a very sore taste in my mouth. Where exactly is the customer service??? I could halfway agree with paying the $420.00 once BUT TWICE?? That’s just ridiculous. My travel dates were Nov 29-Dec 12th (original return was Dec 6th)2018, Bermuda to Miami round trip then Dec 6th -12th round trip from Miami to Orlando.
Can someone explain this exorbitant charge? Record locators EQHNLI AND JHUQEQ


My flight back to KCI was a total disaster ON Dec 6 my flight at GRK Killeen Airport at 6:32pm was cancelled due to maintenance so that meant I would not connect to my 8:50 flight to MCI kansas city ks...this put a hardship on me...I had to catch an 8:00 clock flight to Dallas Tx then spend the night in the Airport in order to catch a 7:20am flight to MCI....This hardship I suffered was an extra day cost on my economy parking and a missed doctor appoint at 8:30am at the VA hospital and no rest all night....I would like to be compensated with a voucher for a round trip in order for me to ever use this airline again and this was my first experience with this airline


I went from KCI to Killeen TX... on Dec. 5 flight 1098 to DFW the flight was good but the gate said B22 when it was actually B46 I was the last one to get to plane, nearly missed it but ok upon getting off bags was lost but was the return that was a disaster...flight from killeen to flight 3545 at 6:32 never left the ground due to maintenance problems....well that through my whole schedule off for friday the 7th....first I had to sleep in airport in order to catch a flight out that morning to get to my final destination and had to pay for a extra day in economy parking....I would like some type of compensation for my inconvenience, stress no rest from your maintenance problems with your aircraft please..thank you!!!


I’m at Gate B7 in the Charlotte Douglas airport and a woman by the name of Shayone is working. She has not only been very rude to me but other costumers behind me in line. Working in the service industry myself I understand that people have bad days but traveling is stressful enough, so when asking for help seems to be a burden for those who’s job it is to help it’s unsettling. Thank you for reading, hopefully the issue is resolved for the next guest she encounters.


We were on our 15 year anniversary and splurged for first class seats. On our return home flight connection we got to the gate still before other passengers to be told our seats had been given to someone else. How does that even happen. They said that they rescheduled us on another flight over 12 hours later but there was still room on the flight in coach so we still got on the flight. The workers at the desk said that we needed to contact American Airlines when we got home because they said we would get a refund.
After many attempts from my wife we still don't have this resolved one month later. Pretty crazy that they give people free flights, hotels and money to opt out of an overbooked flights, but when they give your seats away they don't want to refund you


I have been flying from Charlotte to Shreveport La. for the last 7 month and when I take the 8pm flight. I have been delayed numerous times. The last trip on 11-15-18 was delayed over 3 hours, this put me home at 1am. Also on return flight at 6:51am they ran out of coffee. I was sitting in 1A. Due to I am 6'5" tall I continually have to have my seat changed so my knees are not in the back of the person in the seat in front of me. I do fly this flight every 2 to 3 weeks.


Record Locator: IBZZWH
Gate At LAX :
Flight AA2459
Treated EXTREMELY RUDE & DISRESPECTFUL by first employee to arrive working flight gate.
Humiliated and embarrassed.
Please call me to discuss this issue.

Sheila Locketz


Upon arriving Paris on flight a44 on October14 our plane could not arrive at a gate ,instead the plane landed in the middle of CDG airport,and because i needed a wheelchair i and several other passengers with disabilities i had to wait over 1 hour before anyone came to pick me up. Therefore i missed a car service that could not wait that long and my wife and i had to pay for another service.after missing the original driver. Your pilot on this flight suggested that i contact you for this awful service!The pilot himself was also frustrated by the lack of anyone caring about us instead we had to wait on the windy field. I feel that American Airlines owes us the additional cost 95.00 . In addition ,no one in your firm cared about us. I am an an advantage Gold member U6n2040. I hope that in the future if we fly International and use your firm things will be better. Frank Pilmar


On my connecting flight from Cancun to Buffalo, we had to connect at the Charlotte, NC airport.

I would like you to be aware of a horrific incident that happened at Gate 15 C, waiting for our flight No.AA 703 to Buffalo, NY.

My friend and I went to Cancun to celebrate my 70th birthday.

All airport personnel were terrific. We were both in wheelchairs that had to be pushed because of the bar behind us. Since it was after 6:30 p.m. and our flight to Buffalo didn't leave till 9:35 p.m., we decided to have the airport personnel push us to Gate 15C. It was crowded with people leaving going to I think Springfield, etc.

Upon arrival at gate 15C, the wheelchair agents asked the Gate Agent where to put us. He instructed them to put us at the farthest end of the first row. After the congestion settled, my travel companion went up to ask that if the plane to Buffalo was not full could they change our seats closer to the front because we were originally back in row 25.

As the time was getting near boarding time, I tried to get the Gate Agent or his assistant's attention to no avail. I therefore got out of my wheelchair, took my cane and hobbled up to the Gate Agent's desk. I asked him if wheelchair travelers would go on first, as on all the other flights we took. He assured me that would happen.

Nancy Van Wie, my traveling companion, and I were watching all the rows board and we still sat there. Finally, I was able to get the assistant's attention. She came over and claimed that they didn't see us. I asked if we were invisible. She finally called to airport workers to wheel us to the gate desk. Upon arriving there, I calmly said to the Gate Agent, "did you forget about us?" He became very nasty and said, "don't you give me no attitude". I again calmly said "well it seems that you treat the handicapped and disabled differently than the young pretty girls". I then asked him for his name. He became enraged, turned is ID tag around and said "I'm not giving you my name". He became more enraged, yelled that he was only human, tore up my boarding pass and stormed off mummbling something under this breath.

The two wheelchair aids were horrified and apologized for his nasty, rude behavior and said no one should be spoken to like that. Nancy and myself felt so humiliated and embarrassed as there were many new people waiting for the next plane at that gate. I do not know his name, but I believe he may have been Pureto Rican with a bald shaved head for identification purposes..

The rest of our flight was great.

All I can say is that this incident is a bad way to remember my 70th birthday.

Hoping to hear from you soon and to avoid someone else having to suffer and endure the same humiliation as we did..


I purchase a one way ticket for me and my husband from vieux-fort st.lucia to las vegas nv for December 31 st leaving st.lucia at 7:57 am arriving las vegas at 12:26am then I call and spoke with a live person asking to change my time of departing from 7:57 am to 4:41pm instead the lady who help me made a big mistake by changing my flt to December 13 did not notice that until later the next day due to the error I develop panic attack right there and then ,cause me to get to work due to me being on the phone trying to resolve aa staff errors .Getting to work I could not focus because my mind was on what also happen so that spoil my day with a headache,so because of what aa put me through even if it was corrected i woul like part of a refund back


On Tuesday October 23, 2018 my wife and I were flying to Budapest, under record locator GXOIWJ. We boarded Fl. 96 in Philadelphia at 6:20 pm. The plane experienced mechanical problems and we ultimately had to deplaned. This whole process was handled poorly. We were promised sandwiches but only received snacks. We were kept at the gate waiting from the 6:20 pm time until around 1:00 am before the flight was concealed. We were provided hotel rooms for the night and the flight was rescheduled for the next day. We were later emailed a 4:20 or 4:30 pm time for the flight.

Next morning we attempted to get boarding passes but no one knew of the rescheduled flight. We were booked on the next 6:20 pm flight. And not in the ungraded economy sits we had. I knew this was not right and after searching found an experienced American person at the help desk who with much difficulty found our rescheduled flight and gate. I also had paid several times for our upgraded sits. I believe these have been removed from my credit card. This whole process seemed unnecessary, time consuming, anxiety producing especially for my wife who has some mobility problems. We had to walk around the airport looking for the help desk. It also causes us to miss the first day of our river cruise. I am disappointed in how difficult American made this process. If I were not as determined as I was we would have been on the wrong flight in less comfortable sits. I am reluctant to flight American again. Ronald Eckerle


I arrived at San Diego airport at 5:15 AM on Tuesday 11/6 for a 6:20 AM flight to Phila nonstop. I went to the First class check-in and was 4th in
line, when I was called to the counter it was 5:35. The agnt walked away from the counter to speak with someone from behind the counterm for severl minutes, when she returned she checked me in, but told me that I had missed the cut-off for checking my bag, and I would not be on the flight.She said she could get me on a flight through Chicago, but is was coach and in the rear of the plane. I declined and requested a first class flight, since I had paid full fare,they found me a flight hat keft in 2 hours through Chicago with a 2 1/2 hour layover. As a result I arrived in Phila about 6 hours after the original arrival time and was unable to vote and had to pay a fee to pick my dog up from the kennel after the 6:00 PM closing time.I feel that this was an unnecessary inconvenience and coud have been prevented with either more efficient or additional counter staff, or if the counter person had not walked away. It was a very long dissapointing flight, and a less than pleasant experience. I appreciate your indulgence and hope that these type of problems can be prevented especially for full fare ticket holders.


I arrived at San Diego airport at 5:15 AM for a 6:20 flight to Phila. I went to the First class/priority check-in and was 3rd in line . The agents were very slow and at approx. 5:35 I was called to the counter. The agent excused herself to talk to another person, who I later understood was supervisor. When she returned and began my check-in, she informed that I had missed the time deadline to get my luggage on the flight, and my seat had been given away. I was able to secure a seat on a plane to Chicago that left after 8AM. and had a 2 hour and 20 minute layover in Chicago. They first offered me a coach seat in the back of the plane that I refused. As a result of the delays in stead of arriving around 2:30 PM I arrived after 8PM, I arrived too later to vote and had to Pay a $30.00 late fee to pick up my dog from the kennel. I finally arrived home at about 9:30 bot the expected 2:30. My feeling is that the customer service at the check in was excessively slow and resulted in my missed flight, if the agent had not spent time talking to the supervisor I would have mad the cut-off time. Overall it was frustrating unwarranted experience, I would expect better service for a full fare customer.


On October 24th, my wife, my son, his girl friend and I scheduled a flight from Honolulu Hawaii to Los Vegas aboard American Airlines. We booked first class seating in both directions. The experience for all concerned was absolutely horrible. WE booked connecting flights - Hon to L.A. - L.A. to Los Vegas. When we landed in L.A. the nightmare started. My wife receives a message on her phone the connecting flight gate has changes. We quickly make it over to the new gate which is a fairly long ways. As soon as we arrive at the new gate, we're told the gate has changed once more - this time it's right next to the gate we just came in on. We once again quickly walk back to the second new gate. As we arrive at the second new gate number, we're now told the flight is delayed for 2 hours. This delay caused my family and I to miss a planned dinner with friends in Loa Vegas. NOW let's discuss the flight back home. On October 29, we arrive early to the airport, check in and walk over to our gate. Before reaching the gate, my wife received a message on her phone informing her the flight will be delayed for 2.5 hours. This delay will cause us to miss our connecting flight from L.A. to Honolulu. We stand in a "LONG" line to talk to flight representative at the gate. We were told he would try and get us on the flight scheduled to leave in the next hour and half. Have a seat and they'll call us back up before the flight boards. An hour and 10 minutes later - we get back in line and just as we reach the front of the line - we're informed this flight has also been delayed for 3 hours. Therefore, we're instructed to go and wait for and board our originally delayed flight which has changed gates for the third time. We get to the new gate and once again wait in line to talk to the gate representative. We're told American will put us up in a hotel and cover our meals for the night. We get into L.A. and our bags can't be found. After going around and around with the baggage assistance representative, our bags are finally found. By now it's getting late and we just want to eat and get some sleep. However, before leaving for the hotel, we must meet with another American representative to obtain hotel and meal tickets. We make it over to the hotel, check in and head for the dinning area. We were gIvewn12.00 EACH for dinner. The bill was over $90;00 with tip! There was not a meal for $12.00 in the menu. The flight the next day was also delayed for 20 minutes. We had to take a flight that took us into Kona and another 3 hours layover. All in all - it took us two days to get from Vegas to Honolulu. We all lost a days vacation. I'm pissed! Now what is American going to do to make this right?


My husband and I had never flown American Airlines. We were looking forward to our recent trip anticipating a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, our flight out of Chicago was delayed long enough for us to miss our American connection by minutes in Miami. There was no effort by your personnel to communicate the circumstances at which to possibly accommodate with connecting flights.
Departure from Key West on our return trip was very efficient giving us a renewed attitude about your abilities, until our connecting flight in Charlotte. First we were assigned to a faraway gate that should have been closed to the public! Cardboard covered floors, open ceiling panels; removed seating leaving much standing room with stale air greeted us. We were thankful for the change of gates to our flight even though it was another long trek. However, we were delayed 2 additional times! Our flight was to land In Chicago at 11:56 landed at 5:17. Apologies did not suffice for this inconvenience.Our time is valuable to us. We are asking for you to refund our airfare from Clt to Ord, our baggage fees and our upgrade seat fee. Vouchers are out of the question. Credit back to my credit card.
Kathleen and Kevin Mescall
Travel date 11/05/2018
Ticket #0017211102236 Kathleen M Mescall
Ticket #0017211102237 Kevin P Mescall


Friday Nov2 AA5938 scheduled 5;20 departure was delayed due to lack of crew then boarded 2hrs later then set on tarmac for 2hrs while mechanical issue was being resolved then deplaned then finally cancelled. was sent to various gates total confusion from agents Had a hard time retrieving my valet checked bag from plane. Then learned that that plane was giving to another group for people from an earlier flight. No hotel or food comp. It was an unbelievably stressful experience. I would appreciate a call please from someone to resolve before my next AA flights I have 3 more scheduled for November. Give me a reason to be loyal to AA when I book future flights for my company.


I flew first class on flight AA372 , sitting in seat 4B on Saturday November 3, 2018. I pay extra to fly first class because I have sever spinal issues.
The seat was broken and would not recline. The stewardess was very understanding and customers around me gave up their blankets to try and make me a bit more comfortable. Needless to say my first class flight was absolutely miserable. I am still very uncomfortable which would not be as severe as it is if Id been able to recline my seat for at least part of the 3hr and 20min flight.
My AAdvantage member # is 27EP84A.
I asked specifically at check in, to make sure I had a seat that reclined because of my spine issues.. I was told yes because it was a row 4 seat.
Thanks for your attention to this matter and Im hoping something can be done to compensate me for my flight.
Paulette Norby


Just submitted complaint today. Talked with American Airlines and problem is being addressed.
Please remove the previous complaint I just sent!


We had flights leaving Tulsa, okla on Tuesday October 9th going to Charlotte and on to Cancun. We have flown American always and was shocked we I received and text saying our flight had to be changed the crew did not have enough time off for us to make our flight on to Cancun. I called and got a very nice man by the name of mike he got us on to Dallas which is where we usually go any way all is good. We leave Tulsa as planned get to Dallas head right to our gate they are boarding and 8:40 and to make a long story shorter I had paid for preferred seating to the tune of $176.00 well we did not get to board early there are no benefit to paying that we got NOTHING out of it. Not even a free drink, anyway we sat on that plane until !12:00 when they let us leave to get some thing to eat then they had us get back on and we still sat there because of weather then plane issues i have 11 text rescheduling that flight AA1190 the flight attendants were rude and did not care one way if we were happy. They did not explain one thing so when i finally ask about getting a drink she told me they were out ??? What ? WE still did not leave until after 1:30 so we got in Cancun after 5:00 we were scheduled to arrive at 11:50 ? It was a totally awful trip and i would my $176.00 refunded that is a joke we got nothing out of it i never paid the extra before and was so excited about doing thinking there were benefits to it well there weren't, plus your attendants were awful and i still cannot believe how rude they were cold and uncaring. Very disappointed i have never complained before this was just tooooo much.
I hope someone will at least acknowledge me.

Camelia Burkey


Dear Customer Service,
I have travelled with American Airlines for over 25 years and have enjoyed great experience until today. Not only was it a horrible airline experience it was by far the worst customer service experience I've ever had.

June 6, 2018 Purchased Round Trip ticket from Phoenix to St. George, Utah Departing 10/24 and Return 10/27
paid $213 Confirm Code CSXAQT

October 20, 2018 Called to change my return flight. I requested information to return via Salt Lake City, Utah to Phoenix and was charged approx. $200 for the change. I told the agent I was still flying PX to St. George but decided I would drive from St. George to Salt Lake to see a friend as I'd heard it was a beautiful drive.
He changed my return flight and I got the confirmation. Confirm Code: CSXAQT (same as original)

October 23, 2018 Received email from American to check in
Discovered they completely erased my originating Phx to St. George flight

Talked with several agents and was transferred to a SUPERVISOR - PORCHE - Employee #RPG
She repeatedly acknowledged that it was an EMPLOYEE ERROR and he should not have erased my original flight nor should he have made representations about the incorrect fare. She said it was completely an employee error. I said I understood, things happen and could she just get it resolved so that I could have my important flight back which had already been fully paid for.

I would not have changed the flight to return via Salt Lake if he had said it would be a $374 fee

PORCHE repeatedly apologized that it WAS THE AIRLINE EMPLOYEE'S ERROR. But she still charged me $200 to rebook the flight I already had paid for.
Porche rebooked my flight from Phoenix to St. George Utah Departing on October 24 Code: DPCPZE

I would appreciate if AMerican would stand behind their error and not punish their loyal customers. Would you please issue me a voucher for the $200 I paid today. You'll keep me as a satisfied American Airlines travelor.

Thank you,
DArlene Richert
CEO - Avery Lane


On my flight from Chicago O'Hare to Venice flight AA 42 I had to sit next to a very large man. I would guess he was 350 to 400 pounds. I was in seat 18H on the aisle and he was in the middle. Luckly for him I am a small person, but I only had access to 3/4s of my seat. Now I paid for a full seat and didn't get one. I have always liked American Airlines and my number is AL 2P19AL4. I feel that I should be compensated for the discomfort that I experiences. I did not complain at the time as he was a nice man and I didn't want to hurt his feelings.
Sally Anne Kaiser
2 Chapin Circle
Myrtle Beach, SC

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