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I received two American Airlines Awards as a retirement gift last July. Knowing they expired in 12 months, I put together a vacation itinerary for my wife and me by mid-June; called Business ExtraAA to ticket the trip and I was pleased. Later I received an e-mail that the award had expired 7 days earlier and should call AA. I did -they said “Sorry”! I had been a Platinum Gold Elite customer for a number of years. (They used to have GOOD customer service- some years ago) – This inflexibility is a huge disappointment! I do not recommend American Airlines as a preferred airline –maybe last in line!


i made reservations on american airlines. when i received confirmation, i noticed that my wife’s name was wrong. i called american airlines and was told that i would have to pay $150 to change her name! it is more than a month until this flight. i think that it is unbelievable that you are charged to repair a mistake on a future ticket. i would think that it would be an advantage to the airline to have the correct information for their flight passengers, since national security is so tight. i would certainly consider it an advantage to know who was on one of my flights if i owned an airline. i consider this robbery and will find an alternate airline next time.


I had to change my itinerary on a return international ticket and was told I would receive the updated itinerary through email, which I didn’t get. I called back to American Airlines to ask for it to be sent again. The lady on the other end asked me to be absolutely sure because to have the itinerary resent American Airlines would charge me $5.00. When I expressed my displeasure she didn’t even bother trying to explain further, instead she transferred me to her supervisor (knowing very well I was calling long distance). I waited longer than 10 minutes, and hung up eventually. American Airlines, you should treat your customers with respect and dignity. It was a complete pain dealing with their customer service.

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