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I tried to file a claim for 100% reimbursement for the San Francisco to Manila trip we booked with China Eastern. During our departure from Manila, a China Eastern Employee informed me that she was only able to print one boarding pass (for my daughter Leila) and that I would need to request the remaining two at the counter in Shanghai. The plane left 3 hours late in Manila which left us little time to board our connecting flight.

When arriving in Shanghai, I informed the employee that I need to have two boarding pass printed. She told me I was ok with the one boarding pass and told me to continue to the gate. When arriving at a Security point, they informed me that I had to go back and obtain the remaining buddy passes. The first employee that I encountered yelled. "Why did I come back?" I told her that the man in Security told me to go back. Then her manager came out and asked what the problem was. I told him the same thing.

I needed our two remaining boarding passes printed since they only printed my daughter's boarding pass. He tells me that my daughter has to go on the plane since she has a boarding pass. I firmly told him that I am not letting my minor daughter get on a plane without me. Who tells a minor to travel on an international flight by themselves? Clearly he has no regard for her safety. He started screaming in Cantonese and proceeded to discusses with his employees.

In the meantime, there were many people approaching the desk since their flight was also delayed, however, their connecting flight already left. They started assisting passengers who went to the counter. I patiently waited for them to print my boarding pass and started hearing that they were making the other passengers stay overnight to get on another flight. I went back to the manager and asked if he can just print my boarding pass since the employee in Manila mentioned we had confirmed seats already.

He did not mention why he couldn't just print our boarding passes. He told me that it was too late and that I would need to stay until the next flight in the morning. However, I received a trip notification on my phone that the airplane was delayed which he could have printed the passes and we could have made it. I informed him that I was just going to book tickets on United since there was no way we can stay overnight. We had work and school the following day. He then tells me to go to out through immigration. He didn't inform us that we needed to pick up our luggage since my daughter would not be on that flight. So all the while, I thought the luggage will be sent to SFO. It was not until my husband told me that the luggage was still in Shanghai when I asked him to retrieve it.

I am requesting full reimbursement for our plane tickets for the whole trip. I have never experienced such rude, disorganized, unsafe customer service. No guidance or explanation as to why they couldn't print our boarding pass. When calling China Eastern customer service, I am left on hold waiting for a representative for almost an hour. I would like my refund in US dollars and not in airline credits. I have no intention on flying on this airline or visiting China ever again.


Great airline! I am considering a trip to the far east and was looking at different options online for booking travel to China. From the first time I went to their website, they had an option to view the entire site in English or Australian. The staff looks very friendly, and the customer service phone number and information is easy to fine. It is very expensive to travel to Asia. So, if you do end up spending thousands of dollars on a flight overseas, you need to make sure that it is with a reputable airline. China Airlines seems like the one for me.


Was travelling to South East Asian through China Airlines last week. I am totally impressed with my travel because of China Airlines. They made my trip very comfortable and smooth. I was seated well. There was enough leg space to relax. The crew were pleasant and helpful. The thing I love about CI was the option to view take off and landing real time on your screen. The food was fresh and good. It was served on time. Whenever I needed anything, the crew were happy to help. They had a good selection of movies that were being played as well. China Airlines are doing a good job in keeping their customers happy and I am definelty going to travel with them again.

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