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Air India is owned and operates passenger and cargo flights. With a fleet of 109 it travels to 85 destinations. Domestic flights number 60 and international flights the remaining 31. In 2014 revenues were reported at US 8 million and Air India employs over 23,000.

If you have a problem and need to contact Air India you will need to use one of three phone numbers. If calling from the United States dial 1-800-223-7776. If calling from Canada, dial 1-800-625-64224. Another contact number listed on the corporate website  is 1800-180-1407.

If you wish to contact the CEO Rohit Nandan by mail you will carefully address your correspondence to him at: 113, Airlines House, Mahadev Road, Gurudwara Rakabganj Road, Parliament Street, Delhi 110001. An email that you may find helpful is

Founded in 1930 as Tata Sons, this airline originally exclusively carried mail for another airline called Imperial Airways. The corporate slogan is “Your Palace in the Sky” and social media presence may be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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Good afternoon,

i have emailed regarding a complaint i have had no response from yourselfs.

I am waiting for someone to contact me please.

Kind Regards

Bal Rathore


Non-availability of front row seat (premium economy) for a senior citizen despite paying extra charges. My mother, a senior citizen (73 years) was to travel from New Delhi to Chicago on Aug. 2, 2018 by AI 127. Owing to her old age and frequent cramps that she experiences in her calf muscles, we tried to ensure that she gets sufficient leg-room to stretch her legs by reserving a first row aisle seat (17 H) for her, for which we were charged an extra amount. This reservation of the special seat was done on July 13. To our horror, she was not given the reserved seat during the flight and had to be seated in discomfort for 15 hours. Despite her repeatedly requesting the staff and telling them that we had paid for the seat, she was not entertained. As if it was not enough, the staff did not provide her a feedback/complaint form for lodging a complaint despite her repeatedly asking for it. Travelling all by herself, and not knowing how to handle the situation, this kind of behaviour was no less than a harassment to her. Throughout the journey she had to bear the trauma of being seated uncomfortably and being treated with such disrespect. Such behaviour with a senior citizen is a shame to the company. I appeal for:
1. Apology
2. Refund of the charges paid for the seat
3. Compensation for all the harassment faced by my mother


10 November 2016 - I had nothing but problems on my flight home and so many lies told by Air India's staff. My flight from Mumbai AI 809 to Delhi was delayed which mean't my connection flight AI 113 was not met. At your transfer desk in Delhi I found your staff not to be knowledgeable and told me lies to get me out of there, they offered me 2 choices either fly the next day of fly to London on AI 111 and they would pay for my taxi to Birmingham. I explained to your staff this would add approx.

3 hours to my home journey so I told your staff please arrange the car to send me to Derby as there is not a big difference approx. 30 miles, at first they would not agree, so I asked to speak to her manager, after some time he agreed to arrange a taxi to take me to Derby and they assured me that she had sent an email to your London team. I asked her is this guaranteed as I have a doctors appointment on the 11th, she said I have sent the email.

On arriving at London Heathrow I was met by a member of the transfer team (not staff of Air India) and he said he will get me a bus ticket to Birmingham, I explained to him I should have a taxi to Derby, we went to the air India desk where we were told only a ticket on the bus is available to Birmingham. I asked for the manager and got a message back through your team, he said only a bus ticket no taxi and would not meet me.

I had no choice but to take the bus. We arrived at Birmingham about 11:30 pm approx. 4 hours later than the flight would of been. My son had planned to pick me up about 7:30 pm and now had to collect me at 11:30 pm and he had to leave for work at 6 am the following morning I found your staff to be dishonorable, no respect and told me lies to get me out of India and at a cost to you of £36 for the bus.
I expect full compensation of my air ticket and compensation for my delay and troubles caused to my family. Look forward to a response from corporate.


I would like to put forth a very strong complaint regarding extremely rude behavior of a fellow passenger. I was flying from Delhi to Jodhpur on 29th October 2016 from Air India 475 departing at 11:50. I would like to complain against the passenger sitting on 18B in front of me. I have a lot of metal implants in my left arm owing to a surgery some months back. I have 2 phones because of shifting recently to a new phone which doesn't work properly. I had taken my medicines and fell asleep in the flight forgetting to switch off my phone. I accept my mistake there but it was rather circumstantial than habitual.

So 20 mins before landing I got a call on my number and to my surprise because I couldn't believe it, I picked up. I was going home on Diwali from work after a long time. The lady in front of me literally shouted at me repeatedly for it. I asked her to be polite and accepted switching my phone off. She kept being extremely cynical saying am I flying for the first time etc. I am an IIT Delhi graduate working for a top tier management consulting firm and travel almost every week 3-4 times. I am appalled at such behavior with my medical circumstances. I would never take an Air India flight again if that lady is not notified by AI to apologize.


On 23rd September we, 8 people were traveling with Air India from Varanasi to Cochin. The flight was connected from Varanasi to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Cochin. The Flight from Mumbai was Delayed so much. Ok that's not a problem, but the food was old and true junk. 7 from 8 of us who ate your food got sick with the food and stomach disorder too. And we got some ticket to peel and get some reward even by 999 Rs. But there is nobody at Air India headquarters to deal with that.


I am flying return members and my account for some reason is suspended state. I have submitted all of KYC documents so it is verified. No one knows why it is suspended. I called the support 3 times and they keep telling me to email to And these people just keep sending me form letter about missing miles. I have never seen such a uncaring support. In the meanwhile my miles keep on expiring and I cannot use them. Just a huge scam from a national airline.


I arrived at Delhi Indira Gandhi airport traveling from Punjab after a long journey. My brother dropped me and headed back to Punjab, my flight no 113 departing at 1.35pm on 18th April 2016 and arriving at Birmingham 18th April at 6.00pm.I checked my luggage in which had gone through and headed to get my boarding pass I was handed my boarding pass and went through security as I was walking towards boarding my flight I was called by a member of staff and asked to come back to the reception so I went with the member of staff thinking that there might be a problem with the boarding pass.

I was informed that I am not allowed to board flight as I am late if I was late why was my luggage taken and I was given a boarding pass and allowed to go through, I was then spoken to a female manager who spoke to me very rudely and said she has deleted my details from the computer and I can not board the flight as it has left so I asked about my luggage and she again very rudely said my luggage will be returned which it was i asked her when can I board on to the next flight she said there is no next flight I can buy another ticket at this time I was shocked at what was happening and thought it was just a dream.

I spoke to so many staff and no one was telling me why I was not allowed to board my flight after standing there for over two hours they told me I was late and that's why I was not allowed the staff are so rude and no one wants to listen and help, I asked them if they had a hotel arranged for me and was told no I had given all the India money which I had left to my brother as I did not think I would have this problem. I informed the staff I have had major heart surgery and can not take any stress they were not bothered and I felt more and more stressed and my heart beat was getting faster I again went to the reception and told them I need them to book me a hotel did they care no.

I stayed at the airport and made a phone call to my wife who had set off from Leeds to Birmingham to receive me and when I told her what had happened she was shocked and had to return back to Leeds. she sent me some money to book in to a hotel I stayed in a hotel for until 26th April that was the next flight available I did not book with Air India so I booked with another air line and had to pay 246.29 for another ticket to come back home.

I have always travelled with Air India and advised my friends and family to travel with Air India as I told them it was the best flight I have flown with but not any more I will never ever fly with Air India again in my life.I have been very ill since all this happened. I would like a refund for the ticket fare and for the hotel that I paid which I had to stay in. I hope you will respond to my email and refund me the ticket money for all the stress caused.


Thank you once again on my reply. With regards to your reply, I am once again retrieved to inform you that my family who was travelled from Dumraon to Patna by train and from there PATNA to DELHI ( PNR # YJMQD dated 09.04.2016) by Air India and after passing all the way completing all the Emigration procedure missed the flight due to your misguidance staff . Also the flight was missed because no Gate Number was shown in the Boarding pass .

When my wife ask this question to the entrance of Gate 19, the manager stating that it is problem of Patna Airport why they have not mention the gate Number. You are making us fool . I will not tolerate this issue . The Gate Number was not displayed at any location except Gate # 19 . How one can understand which gate number the flight will go from. Also every time your staffs was misguided to my family and ask to seat at the location and staff confirm that it is our duty to take to flight location.

Secondly how your staff throw my family out of Departure gate at Night 1:30 without thinking where this lady with 2 kids will move at that night. from 8 :30 Pm your staff once say they will assign hotel for my family then after One Hour says they are arranging the Next flight departure and slowly they cancel all Emigration Process and bring her outside the Departure Gate and by say you have to book new ticket and this ticket has no Value. Also my wife struggle for more than 3 hours to collect the luggage. What courtesy Air India Staff Shows about the Lady by throwing her with the Kids at that Night . Do you think whether she has money to go back where she stay and what will be condition do you think. How the lady will move with Luggage and Kids and how she go back to Dubai. What kind of mentally do you people have.Gents can spend the night anywhere. My wife stay full night at the Airport ,my Kids were hungry that night. I feel shame for such act and I will file a case against this activity. I have all evidence, your staff teared all the gate passes and put in dust bin .

“In your statement you are saying – Boarding Cards are Collected as the same were required to be retained for clearance from Govt Authorities “

I have all the photocopy of boarding pass and it is good for me to file a case against the harassment for my family that night made by AIR INDIA Staff. I will get full compensation for this act.

You are saying this ticket still shows “OPEN FOR USE “ if this ticket says open to use then why you have not asked or arrange the passenger for the next Flight give me your answer. How I know this ticket open for Use and how to use this and till what date we can use, can you reply. I will not leave Air India any more. I will display this news in the News Paper and all possible areas where I can. You have to pay this compensation. I will not keep Quiet and continue till I get my compensation.

dsigned segregates all the respective passenger and ask them to wait at one location. My wife checked twice with your staff but she could not able to get the Gate Number and ask to wait till they will be taken to the respective gates ,she has no other choice than to stay at one location. My wife and kids are not only the passengers who has missed the flight but also the 2 more passenger who has travelled from Patna were also missed the flight, may be the other passenger also missed the flight who were traveling to other countries as well due to misguidance of the staff assigned by Air india.

My relative immediately call me and inform me about this incident, immediately he provided me the mobile number of your staff but the time was 20:30 Hrs this indicate that your staff tried to search my family at around 20:20 Hrs (which is the closing time of the gate). I personally talk to him but in turn inform he could help us in this matter. Also the matter was not closed your staff members tear all the Gate Passes issued to my family to be clear from their end.

My family made no mistake from their side and for which I should be paid for this either refund of Air Ticket or free ticket by Air India. I am not claiming the charges for the pain they have spend that night. My family stayed entire night at the Airport with two kids, and still you have no courtesy in this regard.

If she not reached to the gate, why no announcement was made in the name of passenger. I understand you as a staff are getting clear picture of the passenger has completed the Immigration procedure. As my family has travelled from Patna to Dubai so at least you should check weather the passenger is in Toilet or staff should check and locate the passenger as the passenger is not alone it is easy for anyone to find a passenger who is equipped with two kids . My kids were sick and out of which one was omitting. Your staff members have no courtesy to call on the speaker to get the passenger. I want to know please clarify why other passenger also missed the flight.

I mostly travel with Air India but I never ever seen Air India flight takes off the right time from the Airport either from Delhi or Mumbai. I am not blaming the System. I just raise my views.

My Grievances is that Air India should pay or compensate the Air Ticket for my Family,I understand Air India will not loose anything but we as a traveller will always have a big hole in our mind and in future as an Indian we will never like to travel with Air India and this will reflect the bad images of Air India in market.

If I will not get favorable reply I will keep on writing this email to all Authorities/Ministers and blame Air India Staff for not compensating my Air Ticket. As a courtesy your favorable reply is required with compensation.

I await a positive action from your end. Here is my message I received back from them:

This has reference to your email of Apr 13, 2016 addressed to our Chief Vigilance Officer, when your Spouse Ms. Poonam Kumari and children were booked to travel from Patna to Dubai via Delhi on flights AI408/AI995/09 Apr 16. At the outset please accept our profound apologies for all the inconvenience that your Family may have experienced and, for our delayed response as well.

The issues highlighted in your mail were investigated and the outcome reveals that after the timely arrival of AI 408/09 Apr from Patna, all Dubai bound passengers from this flight for AI 995/09 Apr were duly met and guided through Immigration formalities. Keeping in view that there was a sufficient time gap till the departure of the Dubai flight, these passengers were advised the Boarding Gate number ( Gate 19 ). Change of Gate No. if required for operational reasons is announced. Report submitted by the Airport Office indicates that due IGIA T3 being a silent Airport, announcement is made only on the commencement of boarding process. Flight Information Display Screens (FIDS) are located at various prominent locations all over to keep the passengers updated on the current status of every flight including Gate No.

The boarding of AI 995/09 Apr commenced at 1942 Hrs from the allotted Gate 19. The boarding Officials were, simultaneously keeping a track of passengers as the departure time was nearing. As your Family was not in contact, our Official immediately took the initiative and from his own Mobile called on the given number given in the Booking Record. The number turned out to be of one of your relative who was unable to provide Ms. Poonam Kumari's contact number. All efforts were made to locate your Family till the time the last passenger boarded the flight at 2016 Hrs but in vain.

Investigations further indicate that Ms. Poonam Kumari, contacted our Officials much later after the flight departure. The Family was a " No Show " on this flight. All possible assistance was provided to your Family and upon cancellation of the Immigration provided with escort to come out. Ms. Poonam was suitably briefed and guided to the Customer Service Counter for rebooking after payment of applicable charges. Due to heightened security measures at the Airport, retrieving of baggage of ' No Show ' passengers from the hold area to departures takes a long time as approval of various Govt. Agencies is mandatory to clear baggage for restoration to the passengers.

On one hand, we fully understand your anguish and disappointment and on the other, express our ability to offer any compensation in this matter. Notwithstanding the above, we deeply regret the incident and take this opportunity to assure you all efforts are made to minimize inconvenience to our valued passengers within the constraints. We trust we have your continued support.


Traveled Mumbai Delhi on AI 101 16th Jan 2016, landed at Delhi 17th Jan 12.00 a.m., i was with family with 5 bags, 3 bags badly damaged, one bag had minor damage [ repairable] so i went to baggage services & reported the damage, they gave me damage report for 2 bags & said i could repair anywhere at bag shop who would provide bill & claim the same from air India ticketing office in cash. On return to Mumbai i could get only one bag trolley assembly repaired the 2nd bag beyond repairmen have sent several mails & every alternate day calling air India Delhi, Mumbai as to what compensation i will get for bag that cannot be repaired as per IATA & other international baggage rules, there is no response at all from air India. I flied a feedback complaint with all photographs & ness. documents to prove my bag is beyond repair they have no response system since Jan 2016 i am following up with them.

Due to damage to main trolley assembly damage i had to carry my heavy bags on my entire vacation in himachal, the 2nd bag main wheel assembly broken & had to lift & carry the bag all around instead of pulling it by wheels all over the hilly region of himachal where trolley, wheel bags are easy to monover, due to damage i cannot use this bag anymore mainly its a large size full suit carrier bag, i travel for international sectors with my suits etc. i cannot use this damaged bag. The bag that is repaired at a cost of 1350 Rs Air India Delhi has to authorize Mumbai under copy to me to collect the amount from AI Mumbai airport & i want compensation of damaged bag to purchase a new bags with wheels as per IATA, General conditions of carriage.


I traveled form London to Delhi on air india AI112 on 03/03/2016. The attitude of staff sucks.The ground staff is very rude.The on board staff specially the young lad he had no customer skills. He served me drink and just shoved it on my table and didn't even gave me ice.I had to wait 20 minutes after request for ice.Even with the food he served me wrong food. Not just me with other passengers as well,like he was doing us favour. To be honest he doesn't deserve to be there. I paid extra to travel on Air india even though there were cheaper flights availiable,but I want to support our national carriage.But the way they treat passenger is like doing us favour. 0 star on service. I gave you 2 stars for your new dreamliner.


I and my husband traveled by Air India on 23 rd Jan2016 AI-645 BOM to JHD 9;45 am and returned on 28 th Jan 2016 by AI-646 JHD to BOM 12;20 pm. PNR_HOVN-3 i requested to issue me the Travel Certificate to produce the same to my office (Govt. Servant). The customer service centre e mail me the said certificate but it is found to be wrong hence on 13 th Feb again. I send a e-mail to send correct Travel Certificate. But til to this date (4th March 2016). No reply is received no communication from AIR INDIA.


Please see below details of reservation cancellation that I just received from Air India. I made an error in spelling the middle name of the passenger so I called the Air India customer service support to fix the name spelling. They declined to do it and asked me to cancel the ticket since I booked it online. I cancelled the ticket within 20 minutes and was given only partial refund. My impression about cancellation of non-refundable ticket within 24 hours of booking is a full refund, hence I should get a full refund of the ticket so I can book the ticket again.

All airlines in united states allows to cancel air tickets within 24 hours with full refund so please refund my credit card without any deduction. As per consumer protection rights any cancellations done within 24 hours have to be refunded without deductions.


I have been traveling with Air india at least 2-3 times in year, last time I traveled on 16/12/15 to 05/01/16 flight was LHR to Ahmedabad airport. - I did requested going an returning way ONLY fruits and nuts, but it was not available, when I asked. I copped with my fruits which I had 2 apples. no food at all in flight. nearly more than 18 hours without any food despite requested when booked my ticket in aug. 2015.

coming back from Ahmedabad airport on 05/01/2016 flight was 22.30 I reached on airport 19.30 and queued for check in. my check in number came after more than 1 hour. than my bags had over weighted with 6 kg both each of had 2.75kg extra weight in 2 bags, they said remove and I did than again send me for security check which I did and again queued up, and given me boarding pass second time. than they did my hand bags which I was transferred 6 kg into my hand bag. than they said remove from hand bags and trf into this 2 bags and pay 106 dollar which I agreed to pay.

So did that they given me 2 time another boarding pass taken first time given boarding pass and they send my 2 bags to plane, by that time was nearly 21.30, I try to pay $106 with my UK card but their card machine had problem and did not work, so they said go out side get cash and pay, they send 2 staff member with me to get cash drawing, I insert my card but before even entering cash amount on machine message said your transaction complete but cash did not came out, went back to counter explained and witness was their staff, than they took me to Deputy manager. he said we can not let you to go, than I said please bring my bags or keep this card number & details of my passport copy for me to pay over the phone when I get UK, they denied that all my offer.

Then I said bring my bags I will remove extra my 6 kg than I can go, some one went to get my bags from plane took them more than 45 minutes, when I got my bags after 40 mints they 2 deputy manger said you can not fly now and they make me so much cry and mental harassment instead of helping, also one of the DM said to the staff put her outside to the gate, I was soaked when he said that and said to him do you not have sense single lady where she will go and stay during whole night and he did not care but, I said I am not going out and you going to arrange my next flight, they said you have to pay another 26000 rupees to put you on next flight, how silly people ? I did not understand at all what they trying to achieve from me. Than I hear from staff saying they over booked and therefore they did this all with me.

I need my flight money back now what I paid £599.99 and I will take further action against Air India, I was sick when I came back nearly NO water or food for 13 hours on that day. I am accountant and will put this all in UK news paper once I finish my tax return deadline work.


I am traveling from Milano, Italy to Dehradun India on 6 January when I reached Dehradun I didn't get my bag ( Tag no. AI402730 Blue colour). Official told me that you didn't clear custom that's why your bag didn't go Dehradun. But from 6 days I am continuing to ask about my luggage but your official never clear me anything. Please submit my complaint and tell me about my bag. Air India customer service is bad, very bad.


On dec 18/2015 I flew from Delhi to JFK NY by Air India. Unfortunately they lost my luggage. At the airport they gave me a phone # to contact for Air India customer service. It's been 5 days that I have been calling Air India claim department in JFK airport no one answers the phone. I need to talk to someone live to ask about my luggage. It's making me very frustrated, I am very upset, not satisfied with this Air line.


SUB: Baggage missing while traveling from Kochi to Oman on 6th November 2015. I have lost my baggage while traveling on your Flight No. IX 443 --- on 6th November 2015 from Kochi to Oman. Departure time 7.55am. my all dresses kept in the baggage. I have submitted my baggage in Kochi airport in your counter ( Attach scanned copy of baggage receipt with boarding pass). Pl do the needful to find my baggage and get it back to me immediately. These are the items in my bag (mention all the items).

1. Three Jeans
2. 4 T shirts, under wears & 4 Shirts
3. 3 Pants, 2 Shorts
4. 1 Canon Flash, modal 580ex2
5 Battery charger & Battery. for Canon 5d Mark 2
6. AAA batter charger
7 1 wrist watch titan
8. 1tb Hard disk (sea gate)
9. 32 nos rechargeable battery


My sister had flown on AI 126 from Chicago to Delhi on 26th November en route to Guwahati, Assam - her booking was through from Chicago to Guwahati. While checking on line with Air India in the U.S. she had been told that she will be allowed two pieces of luggage all the way from Chicago to Guwahati. However,while checking in at Delhi she was not allowed her second luggage and was asked to pay Rs.4500.00 for it, which she did and for which she holds a document number 0988200923420. Air India should not have given her incorrect information about the number of luggage allowed. She had to undergo a lot of trouble running from pillar to post to pay the above amount. She and a fellow passenger swear never to fly Air India again. Her Etk was 0987639170099C2. Please clarify about the pieces of luggage allowed to avoid trauma to passengers. This seems like a horrible way to treat customers and I wish to escalate this problem to the highest department.


Bookings made through April 24, 2015 for travel. Journey Chennai- Bagdogra-Chennai ( Only Return leg on Nov 6 2015 by Air India, AI 722 Bagdogra to Kolkatta and AI 765 Kolkatta to Chennai. Onward Chennai- Bagdogra Oct 28 with another airline. Return Bagdogra - Kolkatta- Chennai Nov 6, 2015 AI 722 and AI 765 PNR HVZ99. Originally 8 tickets were booked through Make My Trip. (All senior citizens, aged 61 to 74), including one challenged wheel chair passenger. On the return leg, at the Bagdogra airport, to our dismay and shock, we find that the tickets of 6 passengers were Air India. Who authorized this cancellation? The tickets of two passengers (V. Narasimhan and Mallika Narasimhan), which were to have been cancelled, were kept live. And having done so, we have yet to receive the cancellation refunds due to us. This has been both a traumatic experience and a great financial loss to us retired people.We seek refunds and compensation from Air India. This is an outstanding example of customer unfriendliness of Air India.


Re: Travel to India from 9th October to 17th October 2015. Original flight Ticket numbers: 0989342598851 and 0989342598852. Flights AI114 and AI113. We were booked to travel back from India on the 17th October but had to travel back to the UK on the 18th October. The journey to the airport from where we were staying, i..e Jalandhar would normally have taken us 1 ½ hours, however took us 5 ½ hours. This was due to trouble in Punjab, which consequently caused a lock down on all routes we tried to take to the airport. We managed to get to the airport for 10.00am having telephoned the airport explaining we were on our way but were struggling, due to road closures. Upon our arrival, Air India confirmed we were too late and the check in desks and immigration had closed. The flight was not due to go until 10.30am as per the tickets. We did explain the situation and that we made a call to the airport on our way there and explained the situation which they confirmed they were aware of.

We did argue the fact that, they had done little to warn passengers of the problems that may be caused to travel to the airport, since they had all our details, such as our mobile numbers and place of stay, through the immigration form which we filled in on the plane. They just said they cannot help us and were not happy to assist us any further. We did ask Air India staff what we were supposed to do now and they just said that we would have to book the next flight, which was not until the next day. They were not accommodating and did not give us any options apart from we had to go to the booking desk and book further flights, even booking the flights took about 2 hours or more to be confirmed and booked.

Since we were traveling with other family members, who had younger children, we were unwilling to wait in the airport for x amount of hours, therefore we all booked the nearest hotel to the airport to travel the following day. This was extra expenses on our already expensive trip to purchase further tickets at £200 each together with booking hotel for one more night. There were a number of others in the same situation as us, also missing their flights due to the same reason. The Air India staffs were very unhelpful. This trip to India has really put us off to attend in the future with Air India as no help or assistance was provided to us, especially by the management staff at the airport.


The experience is 0 star. The issue is we tried to contact the cargo department by call at nagpur at least 30 40 times no response. The booking no. no response, the customer call centre says no numbers provided for nagpur so they gave delhi number. Delhi number not responsive. This is amazing! The bombay customer service number has not picked up. Now what complaint cab be logged with the corporate office? Should air india but shut down, if not in a position to help the public?


Self & my wife traveled from Toronto to Kolkata via Paris & Delhi boarding air Canada flight on 29/8/2015,on Air India tickets with total four no of baggage through checked/booked up to Kolkata. On reaching Kolkata on 31/8/2015,while collecting the baggage,it was found that the locks put on two bigger suitcases were broken & chains were open at the middle to a certain extend. On reporting the matter to Air India staff,the four baggage belonging to me were individually weighed and on totaling a difference of 5 kg was found. This was recorded on the damaged baggage report apart from damage detail of the suit cases. Air India staff asked me to check after reaching residence if any item was missing or not.

On checking the next day two valuable articiles were found missing and same was informed were informed over phone and a few days later the same was communicated to Air India by e mail. On reply they simply denied my claim for compensation on a whimsical ground that the damaged baggage booked in the name of my wife did not indicated any negative weight on their weighing m/c' While it is fact that against each of our ticket the two luggage one bigger one (damaged one) and smaller one were weighed at the Toronto' The tagging was done accordingly As such the explanation /excuse of Air India vis -a=vis refusal to process the claim for compensation is not acceptable to me In spite of reminder my claim is not being processed It may pl. be noted that intentionally only one ticket no was put in the damaged report which I missed to see.


We were traveling in Air India from Madurai to Kuwait Via Chennai on 12/06/2015 . We were informed about the delay after reaching Madurai Airport .They were very well aware that we 6 passengers will get stranded in Chennai because the connecting flight will be leaving to Kuwait via Bombay by 17.00 Hrs. In my original schedule the booking was given at 18.15 Hrs. We were continuously requesting the station manager for alternative arrangement from Madurai by other carriers since the AI flight was delayed about 3Hrs.They have done nothing and finally the AI 672 reached Chennai at 18.00 hrs. and we were asked to stay in the hotel. I am deducted 3 days of salary and a warning letter from my company since AI could arranged us the travel only on next day. The way Air India staffs behaved is surprising and they never in a mood to support our cause even at Chennai Airport.
Please see the trauma we faced at Air India's hand since so many carriers are operating from Chennai to Kuwait but they do not have the will to support us and finally we are penalized for Air India's problems. Please look in to this complaint and from were we will get the penalized money which is imposed on us for joining late.


I was booked on Air India from Newark to Ahmedabad via Mumbai for April 16th departing Newark at 5:25 pm (AI 144)
returning from Mumbai to Newark on April 30th 2015 (AI 191) departing Mumbai at 1:30am.

I received a notification from Air India that the flight from Newark on 16th April has been rescheduled to depart Newark on April 17th at 1:45 am (AI1144). It turns out that the flight was reinstated to depart at 4:25pm on Thursday. NO INTIMATION WAS RECEIVED FROM AIR INDIA. I, of course, missed the flight.

I was traveling to India to attend my college 30 year reunion planned by my batch mates 6 months in advance.There was no way I would be able to make it. My husband found that there was a Virgin Atlantic flight going via London to India which would have reached me to Ahmedabad in time for my reunion. We called Air India customer service and the manager told us that if we met the duty manager at Newark. The duty manager would be able to help us get on the Virgin Atlantic flight. We drove 75 miles based on the the manager's advise.

When we reached the airport, the Air India office was closed-locked and there was no representative from Air India to help us. A representative finally showed up-with no power to help us. After a lot of persuasion, we spoke to the station supervisor who did not help us and advised that we come back the next day to catch the flight. We drove back the 75 miles home.

The flight on Thursday April 16th from Newark to Ahmedabad left with 80 passengers !!

No one even at this time could confirm my seat to Ahmedabad on the flight on Friday 17th April 2015. So it was calling customer service again several times but to no avail. So it was back to driving the 75 miles to Newark airport. Thankfully, I was able to get on to the flight to Ahmedabad. I missed half of the reunion. Thanks to Air India's total disregard for passengers. No explanations given. No apologies!!!!

On the return journey on April 30th 2015, the flight was delayed by an hour and half because the crew was late. Again, passengers waiting no announcements. Don't passengers deserve some courtesy? Passengers were waiting near the aircraft gate. There was no restroom on the waiting floor and there were a number of seniors traveling by that flight.

When will Air India take some responsibility ans stop treating passengers as if they don't matter ?


I was traveling back by Air India flight AI 131 from Ahmedabad to LHR on 13th April 2015 with my two kids aged 13 and 11. My flight was at 4:00 am in the morning and so the check in time was at 1:00 am. When we went to check in, to our disbelief, we were told that the flight from Bombay was delayed by 8 hours!!! So the officials at Bombay knew that the flights were delayed, however, no arrangements were made to take us to the hotel as soon as we landed. We were asked to wait outside for an hour and a half before the coach arrived.

It didn't get any better, the coach was so full and people were standing with their hand luggages. My kids hadn't slept all night and this is the reception we got upon arrival in Bombay. The coach driver was no good either, he drove off, but did not know where he was going. Several phone calls and an hour and a half later, we arrived at the hotel where the staff gave us our rooms and asked us to be ready for 11:00 am to leave for the airport. The room was not any good as the toilets were not flushing!!

We had just over a couple of hours before we had to leave for the airport. I woke the boys up at 10:45am and get them ready to go to the airport. Upon reaching the reception, we were told that the flight has been further delayed and not sure what time it will leave!!! We were left in a lurch, there was no one from Air India to explain the situation, to give any valid reason for the delay or to let us know when the flight will depart. At about 4:00 pm, we were asked to collect our passports from the reception and were told that we are being dropped off at the airport. Even at this stage, we were not told what time the flight will be leaving.

Two hours later, we reached the airport at about 5:45 pm. When we looked at the screen, it showed that the flight was departing at 6:30, we were rushed through immigration and taken to the plane. The flight finally took off at 6:45!!! It was a horrendous journey for me and my kids. I had the same experience about 8 years ago and since then stopped traveling by Air India. I thought they would have changed their ways, but was mistaken. I don't think I would ever want to travel by Air India again. Shame, really brings our country's reputation to shame. Will never recommend any one to travel by Air India again!!


This is to inform Air India that on 2nd April 2015, we were traveling to Dubai from Lucknow airport at 5:35am with flight IX- 193. We had pathetic service because as soon as we entered into the flight there were lots of mosquitos causing my child to get ill and our trip was ruined as we were going for our vacation.

But this was not enough as it reached the heights of pathetic customer services. When we were coming back from Dubai on 6th April 2015, from flight IX-194. Air hostess named Rinku Tiwari with a very rude behavior and pathetic service was not listening to anybody. When I asked her for a glass of water she came back after 20 mints with it and without checking it she poured the water into a broken glass and as a result a whole water of bottle was on to my clothes and I was all wet. My anger reached to the core when she didn't even said sorry to me. And when my husband asked her to say sorry she said with arrogance ma'am please go and change the clothes. I did not have a change of clothes in the cabin so I had to sit with wet clothes throughout my flight which was very embarrassing.

I request Air India to look into this matter accordingly and get back to us with complete resolution as we suffered a lot during our vacation in both the flights. And as we do not want to take this case to media or social media or any legal action against Air india.


On 27/02/2015 I booked 2 seats for Varanasi to Mumbai and Rs 7062/- was deducted twice from my debit card. Passanger names Ms Gauri Agarwal and Master Navya Agarwal. I have requested Bank of India to refund excess amount paid. It was informed that amount will be refunded by the airline as double payment was made to them. Please do the needful as I am not getting any reply from Air India. Thanks.


Flight booked Birmingham UK to Amritsar via Delhi on 05/12/2014 ticket number 0986595594216 and 0986595594217 depart 22/02/2015 return 08/04/2015. All details fully confirmed and tickets issued. When we arrived to depart we were told seats had been cancelled and no reason given. We were sent to the AI desk and after 90 minutes we were told you can have a seat to Delhi but not to Amritsar. And after another discussion they agreed to book to Amritsar also and told there would be no issues on the return flight. To make sure we contacted customer services Delhi AI to confirm our return we were told again the seats are cancelled and possibly because payment had not been made or there are no seats. I then contacted the booking agents in the UK and after over seven days of arguing with the booking agents we were eventually given seats back to the UK. This was about eight hours from flight time and also 150 KM from the airport.

What should have been a holiday of a lifetime started off as a nightmare and continued on our return journey. Why do you confirm flights, take our payment and then on departure both ways do you cancel our seats? This is totally unacceptable and as far as im concern embarrassing for such big organization as Air India. I am an 80 year old pensioner and my wife who has heart problems is 75. What should be a straightforward stress free booking experience and holiday has led to us to worry for a full seven days before our return leading to my wife worrying unduly and becoming ill. This in anyone's book it outrageous and totally unacceptable and I want to know what Air India intend to do to recompense us for this poor treatment of an elderly couple who just wanted to enjoy time on holiday


It was a very hard time for me as I was travelling from Jeddah to Bangalore via Mubai in an emergency as my father had passed away 7th march and funeral was on 8th March at 11:30a.m.My flight [AI 930] was scheduled at 21:15 from Jeddah but to my astonishment were just stranded in the airport till 2:00a.m without any information. We could not see ground officers of Air India in the airport. I was travelling alone with the grief. The flight was delayed for 5hours, it reached Bombay at 10:00 a.m instead of its actual arrival time 4:10 a.m. I missed my connecting flight from Bombay to Bangalore with departure time 6:15 a.m. I requested the airline staff to give me me the immediate next flight for Bombay [ in any other airlines] but they did not help me in any way and gave me the flight with departure time 4:30 p.m. I then went to the domestic airport of bombay purchased the Indigo flight for Rs.8200 and reached Bangalore at 2:30p.m.Thus my connecting flight ticket was useless for me. Again I had to go to Mysore. The stress and tension I suffered during this 24 hours of my journey is highly unimaginable. This is the worst experience I have faced in my life . I request you to remove the name India from AIRINDIA as it is dignity of our India is brought down such a poor management. I need the compensation for all the tension , torture and loss of money, apart from this the greatest loss was that I could not reach on time for the burial of my father.


On the morning of 6th January we were to depart at 0300hrs but when we arrived at the airport we were told by Air India that the flight had already gone and that they sent us a message informing us of this, but we did not receive any information via text or email that the flight time had changed, we were then informed to come back the next morning, once we got to the airport the next day we were then told that the flight was delayed due to the fog and would run the following day. Once we got the flight on the 7th January it was delayed for a further two hours, we finally arrived at London Heathrow on 7th January at 2230hrs. That's two days later. We weren't notified of anything. I need a letter from Air India to confirm the reason for delay for my insurance purposes. I have sent several messages with no reply. I will have no option other than involving my solicitors if I do not get a reply.


Delayed flight from goa to delhi resulting in missing our flight back to uk.overnight stay in hotel ,in room where nothing worked,curry dinner in makeshift dirty dining room and finally getting back to the uk 25 hours late causing my wife and myself to lose a day's pay.i have been in touch with air India but no one can advise me in any way.


I travelled by air India flight leaving Mumbai on the 25th of April 2013 for Dubai. It was AI 983 and I my seat number was 6D. The flight entertainment system was not working, or rather it played only Hindi movies but not one English Channel. But what was more disturbing was the behavior of an air hostess named Sheetal who was rude and not a courteous person. Apart from the rude tone she used, she just snatched the half empty can of beer in utter disgust although I said I was not done with it. The main air hostess who served me and others in my sector was ms. Kahnal. She on the other hand was sweet and courteous and I'm sure she will tell you I was not a disturbing passenger. I request air India to please review ms Sheetal. She seemed like she didn't want to work in air India or she just didn't care about the passengers. I have travelled with air India on numerous occasions but this is the first time I'm writing about an air hostess working for India.


Hi, I have booked the flight in AIR India for the flight on 23rd May 2013 Night, But I Just login to the online site for adding luggage I came to know that the flight is rescheduled to 24thMay 2013 Morning, No intimation from AIR India either in call or even in mail. with out asking my concern they have changed my travel plan, I have totally irritated by this behavior, And in the site it is mentioned as no further cancellation or changes allowed. I have doubt that I have booked it for free, And the next day flight will reach india @ 9:30 AM I have an appointment @ 9:00 AM.

Ok I will agree with all their points stating that they are not having flights, they have only one flight to run from Singapore to india, they doesn't have pilots, they doesn't have fuel. but my question is clear can't they inform about the change and they doesn't have a sense to discuss with the customer whether he is ok for travelling on that flight or he need change of date. Inspite of all the above I came to know from other blogs these type of changes is ususal to AIR India then why they are allowing to book the ticket for the particular flight.

So now luckily I have logged in and I came to know about this change else ?, So can any one of the officials of AIR India please help us to solve this kind of issues and first advice to the airlines to have the courtesy of discussing with the customer for change of flight, even a normal private cab they are discussing about the change of buses I don't know why this is not happening with the reputed AIR Lines, if it continuous my sincere suggestion please stop online booking for your flights, make it open booking if any body wants they will come and travel at least we won't be screwed in future.


Hello, This is Wasim Nausha Mirza, I travelled on 21st December 2012 with Air India from Jeddah to Mumbai. I bought some stuff from Jeddah airport and put in my baggage and then checked-in but when I received that bag on Mumbai airport some stuff was missing from that bag like My Nokia C3 Cell phone (Used) and a Perfume Bottle. So I immidiately complianed in Air India baggage missing service. After that complain the staff said they will reply me in 15 days, but still I didn't received anything even I tried by phone then they are giving me some bullshit excuse. Normally I am working out of India, that's why I can't call by phone everyday So I am kindly requesting you please return my stuffs as soon as possible. Complain details are given Below: FIRE REFERENCE : BOMAI66510 / 21DEC12 / 0545GMT NAME : MIRZA / WASIM / TITLE / INITIALS : MR WASIM / WM / FLIGHT / DATE : AI964 / 20 DEC / ROUTING : JED / HYD / BOM COLOUR / TYPE : BK22HWX LOST PROPERTY : NOKIA C3 MOBILE / PERFUME BOTTLE HARDLEY Please reply me as soon as possible, and please reply me via email because right now also I am out of India. Waiting for positive reply.


I and my wife will be going to Bittsburg from Chennai on24th April 2013 . My booking ref. is 4QI2GX. through YATRA
ONLINE PVT LTD. I need for wheelchair assistance for my wife SRINIVASAGAM/PRABAVATHY who is suffering from backpain.
She also wore belt for the above pain. So I need for wheelchair assisatance for my wife from DELHI to CHICAGO in AI127
on 25th April 2013. She has also confirmed for wheelchair assistance from CHENNAI to DELHI and CHICAGO to BITTSBURGH.


they first rescheduled the fligth for a 15 hours delay then when i reach the airport which happens to be 1 hour away from home, they tell me no such fligth departs today but can put me on the next fligth 10 hours away. so i end up waitin at the airport for 9 hour. then they are so confused with the timings that the boarding time to the boarding pass was 3 hours different if i was not aware i would have missed my fligth.
so now not only am i not gona fly with them anymore but will make sure the people i know will not fly either, and will make sure the trouble i went through because of the airlines will make them pay for it.


To whom it may concern,

My brother Veraat Singh who was set to travel back to India today on flight AI-102 leaving JFK 1/20/13 to Delhi has been refused boarding (booking ref Y9MTC5). He was 4 Kgs overweight and did not have sufficient cash on him to pay the over baggage fee of $50. He had with him $30 and sufficient Indian currency (We had weighed his bags at home and they were 1 kg under). I offered to give my credit card to them at counter but the Floor manager refused citing air india policy to not take credit cards over phone.

Mr Singh could not even assist him with making a call to me as my brother's India phone was out of signal. My brother had to run across the airport to just make a call to me from the payphone to ask for my credit card number with all his baggage. For the $20 shortfall- Mr Amarjeet Singh misbehaved with my brother- refusing to take his bags - He said ' I don't care if you miss your flight' When my brother asked for a solution from Mr. Singh - he just shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

When my brother asked him for a written explanation for the reason why he had to miss the flight, Mr. Singh refused rudely. He said he would say My brother had refused to pay the baggage fee and that is why they were stopping him from taking the flight. This is patently untrue as we offered to pay and could have paid when we landed in India or some other solution that could have avoided this debacle.

Needless to say that this is the most shocking behavior to have encountered from a customer service professional. For $20 that my brother was subject to such a callous behavior, is inexcusable!

Causing the flight delay has hugely inconvenienced my brother due to work and family obligations. Not to mention the extra expense we have to incur changing the flight etc

I hope Air-India will make speedy reparations for this shocking behavior. Our family will be lodging a high level complaint in India tomorrow and we are taking this very seriously and will consider legal action and making this news public in India and New York.


I travelled on AI-822 from Srinagar to Jammu on 08 Sept. The flight was delayed by about 2 hours. Guidance/ Attention towards passengers in the departure hold was completely missing. After boarding I asked for some drinking water.I did not get it. After we were airborne I pushed the call button 5 times, nobody cared. The greying supervisor (male) gave me a couple of dirty looks.

I only saw him opening his mouth when he shouted like a hardened havidar when passegers were still disembarking at Jammu and an onward going passenger wanted to shift to just vacated seat. What a disgusting feeling I had! I had flown the airline (formerly Indian Airlines) for the first time in many years, since the private airlines came on the scene, although I have been one of the most frequent fliers from J&K, having held many positions including those of Director-General Tourism,and Commissioner & Secretary to Government.

I regret having flown with your airline. You are going down rapidly because you are working to that end.


Air-India-Complaint-note-30-11-2011. Dear Sir, I travelled by Air India flight No. AI 849 from Delhi to Pune on November 30, 2011. I reported at Delhi air port at 15.30 hrs having boarding No. 106 and Etk No. 0983573609587C1. I had submitted my baggage having No. 0098366375 at Delhi air port. While depositing the baggage I had kept Rs. Around 3500/- in the same bag. My flight was reached at Pune around 17.50 hrs. and collection of baggage was started at 18.05 hrs. But my baggage came at last around 18.25 hrs. Then I moved to my home around 19.00 hrs.

I started to open my baggage, it was not opening properly, because of slight damage of chain. Finally I opened my baggage and I found that there was money at all. It was kept in side top shelf of baggage. I am sure that somebody has opened my baggage and taken out the money and relocked. It is difficult to say where it is opened. But I feel that it might be opened at Pune air port. Because my baggage came at last, even though I depoisited my one hr early.

Kindly ask to your staff members who carrying the baggage and kindly return my money. There is no provision of attachment of scanned copies of tickets.


Recently after 15yrs I decided to travel with my family to India from ewr to bombay and I work for airline customer service agent I was travelling on Z fare the way I was treated at ewr and at ahemedabad was absoletly appaling the staff has no manners or respect and no guidance they just tell you stand aside and keep sending to different agents or officers finally to tell you flight is full and you did not make it while the reservation people at air India tells me me flight is wide open Is this the way You guys work or treat staff travelling on Z fares I can confirm there were plenty seats open as couple of my friends were on same flight I intended to go I did not make it both inbound and was waste of time and money

Finally I did manage to go another airlines and was treated far better and as a agent we do not treat our non revs like you guys I was intersted to go on Air India because I am Indian and the flight was direct from ewr to ahmedabad it was saving me time and money but with this experience you have put me off and ashamed to be treated bad with your own people


i had booked my airindia flight from chennai to delhi for travel on 21st december 2012,i cancelled the same on 19th of december .when i asked about refund they suggested to contact customer care.on doing the same they asked me to post my request to even did that and sent almost 3 to 4 emails regarding the situation but not recieved any positive reply from airindia.kindly help me in this regard.


My wife and myself are senior citizens. Both of us generally prefer to travel by Indian Airlines/Air India. Yesterday evening we were three passengers and took your flight 849 from Delhi to Pune. (my wife - one of the passengers), suffers from movement disorder as a result of which she is a wheel chair bound person. Till now we had experienced that the facilities available with you were much better than other airlines as a result of which your staff was better enabled to handle such passengers. While your staff at all points was cooperative the wheel chairs given to them both at Delhi and Pune air ports were not suitable.

At Delhi she had to be left to the mercy of the cabin crew to get to her seat, while at Pune the system of disembarking was somewhat dangerous - because the wheel chair which the attendant had brought was quite rickety and was swaying from side to side. It also had very miniature sized wheels - even negotiating small small pot holes was difficult. One could see the fear of falling on the face/ eyes of Mrs. Lall.
I am sorry to have to point this out to you, but this time the system of handling a wheel chair bound passenger was quite callous. I do hope you will take necessary action to ensure that the above is not repeated.


Hi, I booked my flight(Singapore-Chennai) in advance(14th of August) to travel on 6th of September which is confirmed. Now on 27th of august I got a mail from airindia saying that flight has been cancelled and rescheduled to 7th of September. Now all my plans has gone. I cant attend my official meeting on 7th of September 2013. If I try to change the flight the cost now varies almost double to book. Let me know who is going to give the difference of that money for flight change. I plan to raise a complaint with Singapore IRAS for this.


Air-India-Complaint-note-30-11-2011 Dear Sir, I travelled by Air India flight No. AI 849 from Delhi to Pune on November 30, 2011. I reported at Delhi air port at 15.30 hrs having boarding No. 106 and Etk No. 0983573609587C1. I had submitted my baggage having No. 0098366375 at Delhi air port. While depositing the baggage I had kept Rs. Around 3500/- in the same bag. My flight was reached at Pune around 17.50 hrs. and collection of baggage was started at 18.05 hrs. But my baggage came at last around 18.25 hrs.

Then I moved to my home around 19.00 hrs. I started to open my baggage, it was not opening properly, because of slight damage of chain. Finally I opened my baggage and I found that there was money at all. It was kept in side top shelf of baggage. I am sure that somebody has opened my baggage and taken out the money and relocked. It is difficult to say where it is opened. But I feel that it might be opened at Pune air port. Because my baggage came at last, even though I depoisited my one hr early. Kindly ask to your staff members who carrying the baggage and kindly return my money. There is no proviision of attachment of files.


Hello i hope you can short this matter out with air india, because they seems to do what ever they want, when ever they want.from mumbai on 28th 0ctober 2012,we were waiting in the plane for almost two hours.when enquired as why we were stilling waiting,the air hostess responded that we are waiting for passengers from delhi to arrive it might be for two hours.i said do we the passengers here have any say on this matter?she had not responed to my question.i told that is not our fault we came here on time and yet we been punished.this not right to me i told the air hostess.this delay was unnessary and at our own expense. I told the air hostess that my brother is picking me up and need to let him know that this plane will be delayed therefore i need to text him is this ok iasked her?she said no you cant text him but you can phone him from our special phone, which accept credit cards. I was not happy with response that once again i have to use my own money call my brother.they created the delay and i have to spend more money. This is a very cheecky.i would like a refund/discount when this kind of delays happen people should be given discounts off their tickets for in conviences caused. TICKET NO;AIR INDIA AI 131 REF NO; Z2BKH FARE CODE; ERTGBSP.


Air India flight AI866 Goa to Delhi on 02/02/2013 delayed 5 hours therefore our connecting flight Air India flight AI111 to Heathrow missed. After a further 3 hours we were taken to a hotel and booked onto another flight the next morning 03/02/2013 Air India AI115 to Heathrow. This resulted in our overnight stay at a hotel in Heathrow being cancelled and our train tickets invalid. In total we incured extra costs of £151.09 plus the loss of our original train costs of £114.00. The total inconveniece of the whole problem including the lack of airline staff information and no inflight entertainment in my seat row 37K for the whole of the 10 hour flight was the final straw.


Where to begin.... My husband and I set out on our first holiday to India 12 days ago flying return with air india. Our first flight was to delhi which connected to our second flight down to our destination in sunny Goa. To start with tje flight was delayed by three hours This has been ny first long haul flight therefore I am not used to such delays as flights in Europe don't tend to give you much greif. We anyway we landed in delhi 9hours later.. The flight was pleasant, I'll give them that, however when we reached delhi ny husbands main luggage was nowhere to be seen. We originally had seven hours between connecting flights in which we decided maybe we could look around delhi and relax. Turns out those hours were precious as we needed to somehow find my husbands lost bag and allow for the three hour delay. After about an hour to spare we finally boarded our flight to goa in hope they'd send the bag over to our accommodation and that it hadn't been stolen. Again, I can't complain about the flight itself and luckily the bag turned up in goa airport once we had arrived.

After a fantastic holiday it was time to board our first flight back to delhi 12 days later. This is where it got a hell of a lot worse. The staff don't seem to care or show any respect for their customers- particularly women which really surprises me. We all boarded plane one and sat there stationary for two hours until they discovered there was a problem with the breaks and we were all to get off and get our luggage back. This procedure was extremely unorganised. . There was an angry mob of passengers surrounding just one air india official desperate for answers and information about what we were to do about having missed our connections. Again. . The attitude of all staff was unacceptable and made us all feel very uneasy. 8 hours later we boarded our delayed flight to delhi having queued up like cattle to check our bags in again on to tje same plane as before.

The system was atrocious. . No barriers to organise queues, people arguing tired and irate.. pushing in. The process was slow.. we were a queuing for at least an hour and the person at the desk had to reenter all our ticket information individually and not just that, they could barely type and used the index finger which i guess was the reason for the speed of it all. We reached delhi on time. . Only to then discover that we couldn't get our connecting flight to england until the following day. So there we all were changing tickets and sorting out complimentary hotel stays with a number of incredibly rude staff who didn't seem to care in the slightest. One of the women we had met had missed her Virgin flight to London and had been informed she could too have a hotel stay for their cock up. This turned out to be a complete lie, the manager was called and the poor lady who was also pregnant tried to fight her side but even he didn't care. We managed to look after her ourselves as no one working for air india seemed capable of this. The woman was so desperate to get home and she was offered a direct flight to London for £1000 which she accepted and paid for. To our horror.

This turned out to be a hoax. .. The flight was due to stop through China first and was none refundable. Eventually she gave up and stayed with us and hopefully got back the following day having paid for yet a third flight . whether she will get her £1000 back is debatable. .from what I've seen it looks unlikely. Anyway. . We arrived at the hotel which was a complete dump. The place was freezing, there was no bar or hot water for a shower. The only way to get a drink after our horrendous day was to ask some weird shady young man who worked there to go to the shop. The prices of the drinks were double so he was clearly pocketing half the money himself. We were given a free meal.. Curry again in an empty dining room which looked like it was made up for some awful wedding. What topped it off was the reheated curry for breakfast from the night before. .. obviously we all left as early as possible and got back to the airport for a macdonalds. So there we were feeling quite happy that we may actually get on a plane to england soon. . But no. Another three hour delay.

No sympathy from any staff.. nothing. I'm not one to moan but the experience with air india has been truly outrageous and they continue to get away with this as they're so big around the world. I've heard numerous bad publicity since this experience and we shall never EVER be using them again and hope to spread the word across the uk if not further. Don't bother with them they're a very selfish company who deserve very little.


06th January 2015. The most horrifying experience and a perfect way to bring in the New Years – courtesy Air India. I had a flight back to Toronto from Delhi, after a few weeks of vacation with my family. I was supposed to fly back on 6th January 2015 at 06:50 am. I was to fly Air India – AI 115 – from Delhi to London and then Air Canada from London to Toronto. The tickets were booked and confirmed. As usual I was at the airport at 03:45 am - 3 hours before the flight time. Upon reaching the AI counters there was already a long queue because only 3 counters were functioning out of the 12-15. But we all waited for our turns patiently which obviously was taking forever.

It was only around 05:15 am that we all started wondering that the queue has hardly moved, some officials made some calls regarding some other flights and took the passengers from the middle with them. But the people flying to London were still waiting and wondering. And when asked, sure enough, none of the officials had any answers and in turn in their rude and unruly behaviour asked us to stay in the line and wait for our turn. As I was unsure of what was going on, I called my parents and asked them to stay on until I was sure, who were still waiting outside the airport for almost 2 hours now.

By now we all started realising that there was definitely a screw up and this is the reason why the officials that too hardly 3 of them catering some 100-200 people, had gone mute. So within seconds of their such behaviour the ‘so –called queue’ no longer existed, people started rushing in towards the 3 counters open to understand the situation, and in no time there was a chaos or in literal terms - a local fish market in front of the AI counters. I was a little lost, because I was travelling alone and I was in a fix, because either I could have taken care of my luggage or shoved it aside and somehow made my way to the counters through the crowd.

But it dint take long for us to understand when the mum officials of AI finally broke their silence and told us how AI 115 was overbooked and they wont be able to send us on that flight, and will have to accommodate us on another flight. What’s surprising is that – it took them almost 2.5 hours to tell us something they knew all along. They were just playing us passengers. So what came next was not at all surprising - The reactions of the passengers. They were loud screams and shouts and loud voices and people hooting – ‘haye haye air india’ – from each and every side. And those AI officials still had the audacity to speak to us rudely and arrogantly.

Anyway, somewhere around 06:45 am (mind you 06:50 am was the time of our actual flight), another official of AI came and asked the other officials to start issuing us the Boarding Passes for the next flight which was at 02:45 pm same day. Yes, this was a little relief, so yet again there was literally a mob attack at those counters – everyone rushing into get their boarding passes before they fill up that flight as well and we are left with nothing. So I called my parents who were still waiting outside and asked them to leave now that I shall be getting booked on a new flight soon. But after all this they refused to trust the air lines so soon and said they would wait until I have it in my hand. So I made my way somehow with my luggage through the crowd to a counter and asked her to issue me a Boarding Pass and informed her how I have a further connecting flight to Canada, only to realise that the 15 other people standing around me were also complaining about the same.

And once again the AI supervisor sitting at the counter goes mum. For the next 30 mins she kept taking our passports and tickets and said she is issuing us our Boarding Passes, and upon asking what about the connecting flight, she said she is working on it. I guess it was stupid on our part to trust them once again, thinking that they were honestly trying to figure out something for us. Meanwhile, other passengers only travelling upto London were issued their Boarding Passes for 2:45 pm and were promised a hotel till then and meal vouchers (which they NEVER GOT and I saw them fight for it till the time I was at the airport). And here we were still standing at the counter in hope that we will get ours soon.

So guess what happens next – at around 07:30 am (its been 4 hours since we have been at the airport now) – the supervisor who was ‘apparently helping us’ starts explaining the situation to some new official, and that’s when we understand that all this while she has been unable to find any connections for us since all Air Canada flights were fully booked and also how she was unable to contact any AC official. Oh, and why was she explaining all this to the new guy – because the shifts were changing. As soon as we understood the whole situation -there was a fit of rage from all of us standing on the other side. And we pleaded her to stay on and leave once she is able to fix the situation because she knew what was going on better than anyone else, but she simply walked off. I just used the word plead – but I don’t understand why we had to beg these officials when WE are the passengers and have paid FULLY for these tickets, and its not like they are obliging us. Anyway this is how SHITTY WAS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE OF AIR INDIA.

Sure enough the new official was clueless and we were impatient, so on repeatedly questioning him he snapped and started behaving in an unruly manner. Anyway soon enough we realised that he was also USELESS – like any other official there, and had failed to provide us any answers and kept us hanging for another hour. So now it was 9 am – we have been at the airport for 5.5 hours with no answers, solutions, boarding passes, food/water being offered – and still victims of foul and impolite behaviour of the AI officials. Finally after 15 mins a senior AI official walks in unaware of what was going on. On learning the situation he promised us that he will figure it out for us in the next 15 minutes. So we believed. And yes my parents were still waiting outside in the cold – so I called them and informed that a senior is here and we might just get lucky now. So, now we are running back and forth with him – from the ticketing counters to the AI counter, and sure enough it dint take 15 mins but good 45 mins.

Yes it was 10 am – and I had been at the airport for 6.5 hours – hungry, thirsty, lost, mentally harassed, abused, and HELPLESS – for the first time I dint know where to go, what to do. I had tried raising my voice, tried to talk softly, tried to threaten that will report to social media – tried everything and nothing worked. Finally I broke down. I was tired – very tired. And honestly did not know how long this could go on for – had lost all hopes. And outside my parents were equally impatient, tired and cold. So finally around 10 am my dad – who is an advocate - angry and frustrated called me up and asked me to leave. AI had really tested our patience. And I had to be back in Canada asap because I had work to join.

So after another 30 mins of haggling with the senior official – I learnt that he was unable to do anything. There were no connecting flights available uptil the 14th January and that too he wasn’t sure off whether we will get or not, and he refused to provide any further answers or help – but a piece of paper saying that ‘the passenger was offloaded due to overbooking’ – and if I want I can complain basis this paper, but there is nothing more he could do. Oh and cherry on top, while leaving he – ‘a senior official of AI’ himself said that it was our mistake that we booked AI, and now that we did book we need to suffer because this was bound to happen. I was quite shocked at this statement.

So after 7 hours of ruthless wait at the airport, and with my parents waiting outside the airport, we decided to leave. And because it was important for me to get back to Canada at the earliest because of my job, we had to book a one way ticket at our own expense for the day after – and this time made no mistake and booked my preferred airline – jet airways. This was my first time flying via AI and MOST DEFINITELY THE LAST. It was the biggest mistake that I could have ever made. The staff and the customer service was really bad, inefficient, had no empathy for their passengers, ruthless, arrogant and ignorant. No one had any care for the time, money or feelings for their passengers and in turn made us feel that it was our mistake. I would honestly advise each and every one of you to think a 100 times before booking AI. It was a MAJOR MENTAL HARRASMENT. And I ended up spending SO MUCH MORE MONEY AND TIME, of which AI has no regret.


London Heathrow t4 air India check in supervisor has been so rude and denies to provide any guidance. He misguided the passenger and the passenger had to travel without her hand luggage. She is feeling so uncomfortable with her baby as all baby food and her medicines are left on Heathrow t4. The passenger is on Tb medicine course and all the medicines are left on the airport. We would like to give zero service rate for this misbehaving of check in supervisor YA SIR on Heathrow t4 air India. It is a shameful for me to say that air India is my country flight while others flight supervisor behave so politely and so gentlemen, baby’s nappies are also left on the airport. We would like to see strict actions taken against him and I would like to see your investigation report as well.

I will never travel in air India whose staff doesn’t knowhow to behave with customers. Customer service level is HORRIBLE. I will never ever recommend this flight to any of my friend or anyone I know. Worst scenario was in front of all the passengers he challenged us to complaint about him by stating his name.


I am seeing in the Air India site that there is no page for people who want to make any complaints . Even the feedback page does not open the page where a passenger can write if I want to give a feed back. I have flown Air India now four ( 4) times long haul. From Delhi to Chicago 1st class, two long haul return flights . Then I traveled to New York in February 2014 on Air India direct flight ,and returned on 8th of March from New York to Delhi by Air India direct flight business class , which took off at 2.30 pm USA time. It was a 13.5 hour flight .

There are some questions I would like to ask Air India’s management . How many meals is a passenger flying for thirteen hours supposed to get on this flight? Any person in thirteen hours I think has at least four meals?

At 2.30 pm when we took off from New York it was lunch time . Normally in any flight , we are offered Drinks , then starters then lunch . before I go any further I want to mention that whatever is given on the menu card , was never available in all the four flights. If Air India does not want to serve those Drinks then why do you even print those items? every time I asked them to serve me Bailys Irish Cream they said sorry it was not available, mind you in all the four flights. If Air India does not want to serve the Liquers then they should not print it. I was given wine instead of Bailys Irish Cream. then no starters, it was direct lunch the passengers slept.

After lunch is there no tea time? when I asked for something to eat , and tea, I was served these , then I was told that the snacks were lying there in the service area for anyone who wanted to have anything to eat .If a passenger is supposed to get food by themselves then there should have been an announcement to that effect. After that , no dinner was served although dinner time had passed , when asked they said they will be serving Breakfast before landing. I have flown all over the world on the best of Airlines and they serve a meal as per the time of day .we reached Delhi 3.30 pm IST . Is that breakfast time or lunch time ?

The controls on the seat in Business Class I was given were not working , how do you expect a passenger travelling for 14 to 15 hours to sit upright? when I requested the crew they said the plane was full but they will try and find another seat , which they did, but in the back portion of the business class .

In the back portion of the Business Class the middle seats are all reserved for the crew to rest , I can understand that since it is a long haul flight. There were heavy curtains on both sides which were closed for the privacy of the crew. On top of that eye masks are provided to the passengers for sleeping to blot out light , which the passengers use, so why could’nt the crew use these? Although the curtains were so thick that no light could filter through. As I am sitting on my seat , surely there should not be any restrictions either to open my window or not?

If this is the type of service we get on Air India , my last flight from New York to Delhi on 8th of March 2014 was my last flight. This was when I was flying Business Class , and last time I was flying return flight First Class ,Delhi- Chicago with my husband. the crew service was very good but the food was not availability of liquers was not there even though the menu card had it printed with the names of all the Liquers , and they could not say it is finished because there were no other passengers in the first class other than us, the steward said it was not available. 

I came to know recently that one of the Air India flights flying from Delhi long haul to somewhere , I don’t know, it’s transponder stopped working , but it still wanted to go on., but the country they were flying over stopped them and asked them to turn back for Delhi after 6 hours of flight. I have come to know time and again that the servicing of Air India is very bad. I am quite scared to fly Air India ever again , I will also suggest to all my friends not to. I shudder to think what the Economy passengers must be suffering or going through on Air India.

I just came to know that there was an Air India flight going long haul and after 6 hours they had to come back because their transponder was not working,they came back because the country they were flying over refused to let them fly any further , otherwise they wanted to continue their flight.


My baggage was mishandled , expensive locks stolen, zippers-latches broken & 2 new Samsonite bags torn on my recent trip to India on Air India.The staff of AI at JFK Airport was rude & not at all helpful.


i travelLed on Air india via connecting flight from hyderabad to ludhiana,via delhi..but while traveeling to ludhiana,air india employees misplaced my baggage at delhi airport and that baggage i recieved after 1 week,and that too in damaged condition,rats have eaten my bags destroying my clothes and valuables..

and even after this too i have not recieved any compensation from air india,this is pure negligence on the part of a national airline of this standard..if they have no decency in taking care of the people and their luggage they they should better stop operating their flights

I request you to look into this matter and provide me with compensation as early as possible


Flight number-AI 543/Ai 9803

ticket number-0983202656978

PHONE NUMBER-7893998431


On the 5th day of April 2012, I planned to fly with Air-India to Chennai from Singapore with my family (my wife & 2.5yr old son). After reaching Singapore Changi airport (2hour before flight departure) we realize that flight was cancelled only after looking to flight status board. We are shocked as we didn’t receive any cancelation information to our Email address & Phone numbers. We even choose the seat numbers in the flight.
The intolerable episode is, there is no Air-India representative at the Check-in counters to assist or answer about the flight cancellation. The customer officer (not from Air-India, Changi airport staff) told us to wait aside, since there is another flight Singapore-Mumbai (stops at Chennai) where they might place us if there are any cancellations (seat availabilities), Officer told us that Air-India’s in-charge is busy doing other operations, so that they can’t attend to this cancelation passengers. It is upon our pure luck, no guarantee about the Journey.
Our journey that day was so important, and we have connected journey reservations (journey time about 7hours) to take us to our home town in Andhra Pradesh (Indian state). Along with us there are over 25passengers, finally the customer officer places my family in the Singapore-Mumbai flight in the last minute. I am not aware, what happen to rest of the passengers.

Why Air-India haven’t inform it’s passenger about the flight cancelations (at least one day before)?
Why there is no Air-India representative to assist the Passengers during these kind of discrepancies.

Our Ticket Details:
TICKET NO.(S): 098-2102677016
Booking reference no (PNR): ZDPVZ
Web Reference: AIBE3417405
Flight Number: AI 347(Singapore – Chennai), Date of Journey: Thu, 5 Apr 2012, 08:25
Singapore Mumbai Flight number AI 343(where we were placed in the last minute)


This is to bring to your notice a pathetic and harrowing experience with Air Inida Customer service . I booked a ticket from Chennai to Cochin with PNR number YQSCJ, through your AirIndia Website. The page however generated a session error after my net banking transaction was successful. So when i contacted the air India customer care via toll free number (1800 180 1407), i was connected to various executives who advised to wait for a few hours before cancelling the ticket . I contacted them again on this after a few hours and they now advised me on call the Head office in Delhi , for further action.

After so many Phone calls , i contacted the Delhi customer care.. The person who received the call was reluctant enough to at least address the caller and i was left in a confusion, if the call was connected. After 30 Sec when he addressed me in a very reluctant voice , i put forward my concern to him. There was no response from his side again for at least 30 secs, to which i presumed that the call got disconnected. When i asked if he could still hear me there was no response from him and after a pause of 30 more secs, he dosent care to answer my question , but again in a very reluctant voice inquired about my PNR number.

When I gave the required information , he checks on the details and again reluctantly answers that the flight is on 25th December, and also without any etiquette mentions ” hmm Christmas! ” , as if he is talking to an age old friend of his which put me off . While all this while the conversation which i started off in English, he moved on to Hindi on his own will and told me very rudely that the payment was not made . When i told him that i have a reference number from my bank, that the payment was made he was reluctant and seemingly so impatient to listen .

When i could no more tolerate this, i asked him to just cancel the ticket so i can rebook it. Even to this he was reluctant to initiate the cancellation process and advised me to wait for 48 hrs so that the cancellation would be automatically done. Even after my repeated insistence there was no use and advised me to mail a complaint to Air India. When i inquired upon his name, he mentioned he was some Pulkith.

After this I again called upon the Toll free number and i was fortunate enough that the executive understood my problem and initiated the Cancellation, which Mr Pulkith could have readily done.

This i would like to bring to notice of AirIndia and concerned authorities, to at least train the phone executives some phone etiquette, when they talk to their customers. This behavior of one or two persons like this would put off passengers from boarding your flight. I could have ignore this and moved on, but if this is how a women like me is responded to , the i can think how a senior citizen is responded. This is the reason for me writing this detailed mail . So I request you to take proper action on this.


I’d like to report an incident on this flight: Air India 332 Delhi to Bangkok. The flight was delayed at take off from Delhi for half an hour, and strange engine whining noises were heard. Later, about an hour or two, we were told we would have to make an emergency landing at Calcutta because of a technical fault. A Spanish passenger witnessed a large oil leak from the right hand side engine. A pice of the engine was seen on the tarmac under the wing. Rags were being hastily stuffed into the engine cavity to soak up the oil.

Finally we were offloaded to a bus after the passengers nearly rioted because the air conditioning had been turned off. The pilot made no announcement during this time.

DEPT DATE : 03-11-2011
ARRV DATE : 04-11-2011
DEPT TIME : 1340
scheduled 1920
Actual 2300

We were left at Calcutta Airport Transit Lounge with no information, apology or refreshments. Security staff were obscenely rude. Despite the situation, we were subjected to rigurous security checks and baggage checks before being allowed onto our new flight. Finally, after a near riot ensued, we were put onto a new aeroplane to continue our flight to Bangkok. No apologies or explanations were offered by Air India staff at any point. This was the first time I flied with Air India, and I must admit I was deeply shocked by the experience.


I along with my wife boarded AI120 at frankfurt on 10 OCT 2011 with TWO check in bags.On arrival at IGI on 11th morning we found that one of our bags tag number AI 162098 which had a stcker with my name and address with phone numbers also.was missing.We waited till the last after which the staff ther took us to the Baggage Service counter.At this place it took the Air India staff more tan one hour to register our report.They told us our bag will be sent to our place witin the shortest time.Now I am trying to reach them at least four to five times everyday.No one picks up the phone.I could reach the help line numbers twice and they sai it is under tracing.

I am a senior citizen of 72 yrs being made to go through this mental agony and torture.All my personal clothing and a few of my wife’s along with our purchases and gifts from our son were packed in this bag.These were all branded clothe from Marks& Spencers.Please take immediate action and help locate my Air India bag and save me from this mental torture.


Air india Counter staff at Hyderabad Airport behaved very rudely and unprofessional with irresponsible attitude as we were having questions and difficulties due to cancellation of our DIRECT FLIGHT AI 965 07OCT HYDJED 1820. Both the guys were not even listening to our queries and we demanded loud to meet the Supervisor or Manager In charge they made us wait for 2 hours saying that Manager is coming, at last once again we confronted both the guys to guide us to responsible person, they did not even care to answer us. No duty manager was available there to talk and this guys were making a hell saying that they cannot do anything and if we wish to travel or not its our headache.

They were saying it’s our problem if we wish to travel or not and they were not at all cooperative. If they are not answering or updating that the alternate flight arranged has baggage transfer facility and Mumbai airport or not. one staff is saying that we have to carry the baggage where as other staff is saying only we need to identify the baggage. we have suffered a lot during the travel time, but we were hurt more for irresponsible behavior of counter staff. They were acting like they are showing mercy on us by giving us the seat and boarding the flight. Very bad service and we even did not get any reply from them what compensation we were getting for cancellation of flight as per IATA.


Air India is indulging in Unfair Trade Practices. AI has created sub-categories under the Economy class which the randomly allocated to customers on booking. No choice is given to the customers to decide under what category would they want to book their Economy ticket in. Also, it is not informed to the customers that should they decide to re-schedule their flights/tickets, they would only be re-booked under the same sub-category. By arbitarily creating this sub-categories within Economy class AI has found a easy way to cheat the customers and extract monies out of them.

Specifics of my case are boelow:

– I have booked a ticket in AI 422 at 1500 Hrs from Mumbai to Delhi. This Ticket was booked at Rs. 5150/ on May 11, 2011

– On the same day I wanted to re-schedule my ticket to AI’s morning 10 o’clock flight for which the available Economy fare was Rs. 5291/- as confirmed to me my one Mr. Deepak from AI’s call center (on recorded line).

– considering that the fare difference was not much, I asked them to re-book me on the 10 AM flight and I was willing to pay Rs. 500 which is AI’s re-booking/modification charges. However, when the request for re-booking was initiated, I was asked to pay an amount of Rs. 2976/- as “fare difference” over and above the re-booking fee.

– When asked why do I need to pay Rs. 2976/- when an economy ticket is available at a difference of Rs. 141 /-, I was told that my existing booking is under “L” category of “Economy class” and the lower fare, as indicated above, is avialbe in the “T” category of the “Economy class” and that they can only book me under the same sub-category which was Rs. 2835/- more expensive for the same class of travel i.e. Ecomony.

I was also told that as per AI’s policy the call center people are only allowed to upgrade the customer and no down-grade. where does the question of upgradinf or doen-grading arise when its the same class of travel. No special/additional services are provided to upper sub-class of the Economy class then why are these divisions created?

Also, at the time of booking, a customer is not given a chice to choose between these sub-categories/sub-classes then why should a customer suffer and made to pay more if cheaper fare is available in the same class? Also, this allocation of sub-classes is arbitrary and is only a means of cheating customers and making them pay more for the ticktes which are otherwise available for cheaper cost.

I was also suggested by one of the AI’s office/agent that if I want cheaper fare, I should cancel my existing booking and make anew booking. Cancellation charges are Rs. 750. This is also a device of deceiving and cheating the custo,mer and fradulently extracting more money from their pockets. If I was allowed to remodify I would have had to pay only Rs. 500 as modification charges plus the difference of fare but here I was asked to pay more by paying the cancellation charges.

I spent more than an hour talking to the customer care people and also spoke to their supervisor named Mr. Vasant but none of them knew why were these sub-categories created and how are they allocated or what is the differene in these sub-categories/classes. These personnels not only have been given proper training about their work but also do not know how to talk to the customers. As a customer not only has it caused me mental agony but also has made me loose faith in policies and regulations of the aviation industry and department.

I have been forced to travel in the aftrenoon flight while I wanted to take a morning flight due to some critical work. I feel cheated as a customer also because this is a government owned entity and therefore it is required to be more transparent and co-operating rather than arbitrary.


i boarded an Air india flight IC173 going from Mumbai to Chennai on 13th Jan 2011 AT 8:20 P.M. I checked in and was sitting at the gate from where my flight was to take off. Soon an announcement was made that the flight was delayed by 45 mins. So i head to the cafeteria to fuel up my empty stomach and when i return to the gate of my flight, horror of horrors- the flight has taken off. After the meeting the manager i realized they made a wrong announcement for the flight and that they corrected it later on.

Though they gave me a ticket for next day morning my question is how did they manage to let my baggage go on the flight while i am have not boarded the flight. Isn’t that a breach of security??? How did they tally the physical person with the check in list?? How easy is it for anyone to plant a bomb in the plane. No matter how cheap their flight is which is actually not much of a difference, it’s way too much to risk your life in such an airline.


I came from India to Canada at Toronto airport and my baby’s stroller was found to be lost at time of landing. I lodge complaint at the counter and now it is almost six months whenever I call them they say they are looking for. Its being Six months it has been lost. They are neither giving any compensation. It looks bad to me to speak any thing adverse on India side but it is unfortunate that these sort of services let India down!


I was on a flight for air India headed to Chicago and I was made to wait almost 8 hours on-board before they let us know that the flight had been canceled. I really don’t believe this is proper or right in their eyes and should have not ever happened on a flight like this. I trust air India and fly with them a long time to see this things come to pass right in front of me. They lied and do not tell us anything and made us to wait forever without excuses or reason at Chicago airport. I don’t believe it and will not give business to air India ever again!

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