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Southwest Airlines is a major US airline and the world’s largest low-fare carrier. It is publicly traded on the NYSE:LUV and operates the most 737 aircraft worldwide with over 700 in service and each averaging 6 flights daily. The growing number of destination is currently at 97 with over 49,000 employees. Revenues reported in 2015 were over US 19 billion.

If you have a problem with your Southwest Air flight or service, call 1-800-435-9792. You may also find Customer Service here. To send a postal correspondence to the CEO, Gary C. Kelly, address your envelope with Southwest Airlines, 2702 Love Field Drive, Dallas, Texas 75235. The corporate office phone number is 214-792-4000.

Founded in 1967 by Herb Kelleher with first flights in 1971 Southwest is known as the ‘Low fares. Nothing to hide.’ airlines. For the tenth year in a row, Fortune Magazine recognized Southwest Air as #3 on their list of the ‘10 Most Admired Corporations’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

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My complaint is how Southwest Airlines uses the advertisements saying your Rapid Reward Points Don't Expire. But you have to read the Fine print. Using the terminology "Don't Expire" is deceptive trade practice to lure the public into purchasing your service. Basically, False Advertisement. Which is illegal practice, especially here in Texas. I had a good amount of points in my Rapid Reward Account. Then come to find out last night that they had expired on January 19, 2019 due to no activity for a 24 month period. My employer (State of Texas) uses Southwest Airlines. But here forward, I will choose to use another airline. I would suggest you should reword your Rapid Reward advertisement. I've read many of your complains.

A deceptive trade practice is activity by an individual or business that is meant to mislead or lure the public into purchasing a product or service. False advertising and odometer tampering are two of the most blatant examples of commercial fraud.


Use to travel all the time on Southwest in early mid 90s, great airline. Now starting to travel again and went back to old faithful Southwest, and it has turned into a scam with all of upgrades you can do and the way they market the airline. Left on a flight out of St louis on Dec 28th, flight delayed 30 minutes waiting for a connecting flight that had 2 people on it. Coming home Jan 2 flight late an hour and half no problem weather delay probably. Load up and taxi out to runway and sit there for half hour, and pilot says flight cancelled one of pilots time out, go back to terminal and greeted by Southwest employee saying your on your own book a connecting flight on your phone at 1:30 in morning. Needless to say my $40 upgrade was not refunded and my hotel room wasn't. Left next morning on 8 oclock flight landed in St Louis 20 minutes early and guess what, no open gates for 45 minutes so late again. Maybe the FAA should regulate these airlines more


I flew out of Denver,Co. on 12-26-2018. I had a PRBD WCHR. I still have my boarding pass with it printed on my paper work. I have trouble working . They parked me right next to the desk. I got there 2 hours ahead of time, I waiting 1-20 mintues before they picked me up to bring me to the gate. I got to the gate 10 mintues before we boarded. I don't like to fly and it stressed me out a lot, I kept asking the two ladies that was on when they would bring me to the gate. Her answer was (I have a schedule and she was would bring to ones that were leaving first. I did what I was suppose to got to the check in 2 hours earlier, many other people came in after me and they didn't come in 2 hours early like I did. I was not feeling well when I got there and then they women just kept tell me they have the schedule. They had a gentlemen that told them he could take me and they told him , she is the one who says who they take that is what she has the job. Well. It was not for me, I take blood pressure measure and due to the fact that I got there early , my stress level just shot up. I have had a stroke 3 years ago along with trouble with my knee. And As far as I am concern they ladies didn 't care of me . You could tell on how they treated me and talked to me. My flight was 4705 from Denver,to New Orleans. The man that finally took me over I ask him the ladies name cause I could not pronounce them, he said he didn't know, but he worked for them. I told him I was going to tell Southwest. Each and every customer should be treated with respect. That did not happen. I daughter said it would not make a different to complain. I only fly 1 or 2 a year. Even though I like flying Southwest I will think about it the next time I go to fly to Denver. I am still upset with how I was treated. Joan Charpentier -1-985-232-0043 just in case anyone want to talk to me. Joan


I filed a formal complaint against Southwest Airlines, (hereinafter SWA), based upon the following facts:
I booked a round trip with SWA, departing Phoenix, AZ, on Oct. 8, 2018, bound for LaGuardia Airport, NYC (hereinafter LGA), returning to Phoenix on Oct. 10, 2018.
I never reached my destination of LGA, due to egregious failures and/or errors on the part of SWA personnel, who sent me back to Phoenix from St Louis on the morning of Oct. 9, 2018, after SWA personnel had stranded me in St Louis at midnight, thus making it impossible for me to attend my mother’s funeral, which commenced at 10:30 a.m. on Oct. 9.
SWA personnel sent me to three different cities, Dallas, TX; Little Rock, AR; and finally St Louis, MO, where I was stranded overnight.
To add to this damage, SWA lost all my luggage, which included a suitcase filled entirely with my medications and supplements, thus leaving me without them. The flight itinerary predicted that I would be without these remedies for 7 hours, but I was without them for 52 hours, due to SWA nonfeasance. Moreover, one of my suitcases was returned damaged.
By losing my luggage, SWA wrongfully denied necessary remedies to a disabled person, thus causing me to suffer unnecessarily for two days. These physical sufferings included dizziness, which caused me to fall and seriously injure my left shoulder.
As a direct result of the above mentioned traumatic stress, I suffered a mild heart attack on early morning of Oct. 9.
It was extremely important to me to go to the family gravesite with my family and bury my mother. Being denied this caused me serious emotional distress, not to mention the physical suffering caused by SWA losing my luggage.
SWA wrongfully put me on a flight to Lambert International in St. Louis, when they knew that the flight could not continue on to LGA as promised. As SWA Lambert personnel pointed out, it is common knowledge among airline personnel that LGA and Lambert both have curfews. These facts were withheld from me, as well as from the three other passengers who were stranded with me in St Louis, also unable to get to LGA that night. SWA negligently prevented me from pursuing other travel options in Dallas on Oct. 8, while I still had time to get to mother’s funeral, and stranded me in a strange city.
I checked into the hotel provided by SWA alone at 2:00 a.m. on Oct. 9, where I did not sleep a wink, and without any of my clothes, toiletries, medications, nor any of the special foods which I require due to my poor health, where I suffered physical injury, heart attack and nervous breakdown.

In summation, I hired SWA to transport me to LGA, and SWA breached that contract, and negligently caused me to suffer physical and emotional trauma. I am paying mounting medical bills, as not all of my treatments are paid for by insurance. SWA negligently prevented me from attending mother’s funeral, thereby inflicting severe emotional distress. SWA put me on an airplane in Dallas that it’s personnel falsely stated was bound for my destination, but which did not take me to my destination, thus causing me to miss the funeral, and lost my luggage.


I am an A List preferred client of Southwest Air. I fly at least 2 trips per month and will be flying more in the future. The last 4 trips I have made, I am seeing that the "pre-boarding" process is totally out of control. Yesterday (11/14/18), I was flying from Ontario, CA to Dallas, TX. I had boarding pass A 01. There had to be at least 30 people "pre-boarded". Some were in wheel chairs but could walk. Others were their companions. Also, there were several that walked on with no issue - they just had "pre-boarding" passes.

I pay a premium to get the Business Class access.

I made a comment to the gate person. The person agreed with me and said it is totally out of hand. I asked what could be done about it. That person suggested I write a letter and complain.

I have never complained before. However, if this continues, I will be moving my business to another airline.

Craig Fisher

Rapid Rewards # : 82670744


I am longtime customer ID# 73654151. I fly your airline weekly and have put up with canceled flights, been left in airports, etc. however I did believe that I had some type of status so I continued to fly your airline. I normally book business select, however when I tried today it was sold out, I selected anytime fare and checked in exactly 24 hours ahead. You assigned me B13. despite the fact that others traveling with me received A19 to A23 checking in after me. I just want you to know that I am extremely upset I have received seating behind people traveling on promotional fares. Thanks I appreciate the manner Southwest treats loyal customers, goes a long way for me to continue flying Delta and achieving some type of status.


My friend was a flight from kcmo to Washington yesterday. Her seat belt didn't fit by a half inch. She was fat shamed by your flight attendant. She was so traumatized her got off the plane. First time flying and now will never fly again. Shame shame on your airline


I was in Newark New Jersey and my flight was supposed to be @ 5:55 I came in the airport early because I wanted to change my flight earlier to Chicago .I asked Evans in the counter if I could change it to 3;15 flight instead of 5:55 pm.I asked if I could be on standy by and I did not know that I cannot do that.He told me I have to pay $357.00.And he mad a comment there is no such as free ticket.I travel a lot and I know that no such free.
He should not say that to me.or any customer at all. So I decide to take the late flight .I came to the counter and the guy who gave me a boarding
flight was really nice .Flight 1276 which my daughter used her points .And the black lady was whispering to Evans and I heard her.She thought that
I was trying to get away to get a free tickets.So I said something to her and she told me she is not talking to me .She was so loud and unprofessional.
All the passenger could hear her.She should not be in the counter if her attitudes was rude.I asked the guy who booked me if I could speak to the supervisor aaaaand the name is Brian she will meet me at gate 14.but I never see her there.


file reference number for your email is 2261741379657.
Still waiting for a response from my second letter---my husband and I are both rewards members 14544053 177167491 (not sure my husband got his points for this flight I do not see his number added on my itinerary just another thing to check on (please check my first note)

This is my second note as the response you offered regarding my concerns about early-bird boarding I find unacceptable .You cannot be serious, are you? You are telling me that I no longer need to purchase 2 early bird tickets because if I buy one I can save a seat for my spouse or whoever, really? What does this say to your loyal customers like me who have paid for years for 2 early bird seats. I would think- like myself they would feel insulted and duped . I am shocked that you allow this and I am certain customers who are legitimately paying for 2 seats will be as well. This is unfair to paying customers. You know you're losing money by doing this correct? The CEO approves correct? Please inform me.

My husband and I paid for 2 early bird tickets and did not get the seats we paid for and were entitled to because another passenger who paid for one seat was allowed to save it for his wife who boarded close to when the door was closed. Now as a paying customer should accept this without voicing a concern or complaint? It is not often that I get upset or write a letter of complaint but clearly here what is being overlooked it is a matter of fairness and good customer service.

If this is the case than all customers should be informed that they only need to buy 1 early bird seat because Southwest stated this is acceptable. Given I now have proof provided in the letter you sent. This should definitely be added to social media like Facebook, Twitter and for that matter local and major news media. Is this something you plan to do or will you leave this up to frustrated customers like myself to do for you.


Our flight N92XBR Depart Baltimore/Washington, MD arrive Norfolk, VA(ORF ) 10:45PM We didn't take off because Norfolk Airport has had a
curfew for 5 weeks(Southwest knew this). "We need to get on board in 20 minutes or be cancelled! We got down the runway and was about
to ascend. Then Captain said "we are sorry folks Norfolk Airport is closed. No accomodations for hotel. We slept on the floor. Southwest had
a flight at 6:AM this morning. We took off at 7:30AM. This is the second time missing a curfew. FAA should get involved this matter.

Helene B. Thomas


We were leaving Sea Tac in Seattle on Wed. Aug. 8 to fly to Chicago and home to Charleston, SC. We made reservations for these tickets a year in advance. Just before boarding we were moved to a different gate then back to the original gate then called to the desk and told another airline plane, (Delta) was blocking access to the loading gates and they would have to reschedule our leaving for three days. Later they told another story that there was an emergency to one the passengers on the Delta plane and that was the cause of the blockage to the loading gates. The women at the desk offered no alternative. They were very rude and kept telling my husband to calm down. We called and there were no rooms available in all of Seattle due to the airshow and a concert in Seattle. We went back to the desk and ask to brainstorm for alternatives. We said just get us to the south. They then said we could leave the next day and go to Denver then to Atlanta. We would then have to rent a car at our expense to drive to Charleston. We ask about hotel vouchers for the night at a town an hour away from Seattle. They said no. We had to spend the night in the airport. The next day we arrived at the gate and flew to Denver and then to DC ( we were never told we would go to DC) in DC there was a 2 hour delay due to thunderstorms in Atlanta (understandable). We arrived in Atlanta and had to rent a car at our own added expense. We arrived home at 6am on Fri. morning, out the cost of the rental car and gas and wear and tear on my exhausted husband who had to drive the rental car from Atlanta to Charleston. We we accompanied by another couple in the same situation as us. The husband was in a wheelchair and they had spent the night in the Sea Tac airport just as we had due to no rooms being available in Seattle. We have always sang the praises of Southwest and always fly your airline. This was such deplorable treatment that we will consider other airlines in the future. We should have been offered hotel vouchers, a free trip and many apologies for the extreme inconveniences we were made to endure. instead we were told to calm down and no problem solving to get us home was offered. We came up with the "just get us to the south". The young girl at the computer did not have a clue what she was doing and the blond supervisor lady was just so rude and hateful. The final insult was a letter containing free drink coupons on our next flight. Really??? Is that the best you can do for such inconvenience? Spending the night in the airport is less than a pleasant experience. I hope you never have to do it. I don't understand why a plane could not be towed off the blocking road to the gates or if indeed an emergency did occur why the ambulance could not have removed the ailing person and the plane moved to carry on traffic??? Shame on your airline for making a man in a wheelchair spend the night in an airport. I hope the couple who rode with us to Charleston from Atlanta complains to you as well.


I tried to book 6 plane tickets last night from Kansas City to Orlando leaving July 24th returning August 2nd, and 1 ticket leaving July 26th returning August 2nd. Something was wrong with your website as I typed all our information in, I hit the next button and it deleted all my information 4 times!!!! I called the Southwest 1-800-fly and talked with 2 different people last night and they tried inputting my information and couldn't get it to work. They said the system must be down for a bit. At that time the fare was $248 to Orlando. I told the person on the phone I was tired and ready for bed did he think the fare would change since it was 12:15am at the time and he said "No, since its after midnight the fare will stay the same if you want to try again later". So, I went to bed. I got up at 6am, logged in and the fare has gone up to $548 to Orlando!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A $300 difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He told me it was not going up so I could wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I explained this to the lady I talked with this morning and she said "Too bad" I asked her if she could honor the price from yesterday since July 25th is still the $248 rate and she said "NO". I told her that it was not right for you to do this to me since I tried multiple times online and twice on the phone and could not get anything done. I told her we could not afford the $548 fare to Orlando but can afford the $248. She said and I quote "I suggest you go somewhere else cheaper!!!!" I hung up with her and called back to the corporate office and explained all of this to yet ANOTHER woman and she said "Well, I can't honor the price but I would be glad to fill out a complaint for you". REALLY????????? What good does that do me? NONE!!!!! I still do not have plane tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's sad that Southwest treats their customers like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should try to make this right


SOUTHWEST lost my luggage, no one seems too care or want to help me just keep passing me on too a other persons
luggage never showed up to mdw airport on 7/13/18 from stlouis confirmation# LFFRYQ
Please HELP


we flew last August 10th, our luggage was lost and we didnt get it until the next night. We were home for a wedding, we had to purchase new clothes and cosmetics. Made several calls and would be told we would get some money, still waiting. I didnt know who else to call or write.


I recently flew to Las Vegas Mc Carran airport to attend a two day seminar. I flew from John Wayne Orange County on Wednesday March 21 and return flight on Friday March 23. On the day before the first flight departure, i went to at 10AM so i could get a boarding priority number. The website would not let me in because it didn't recognize my password. So I called the airline's main number and waited on hold to get "tech advice" help. I wound up being on permahold and hung up after an hour and twenty minutes. I can only conclude other travelers were having a great deal of difficulty with similar issues to mine. I got my priority at curbside, C15 i think it was.

The cherry on top of the pie however was on my return trip from LV to OC scheduled for 9:45 AM on 3/23/18 Flight #6267. Curbside check in (at 9 AM) said it was at gate C1/on time. When I cleared security & looked at a monitor, it had been changed to C8 and 15 minute delay. I sat down at what I thought was the C8 gate (turned out to be C9 and waited for boarding to be announced). Turned out I was in the wrong gate area and heard no announcements. I am not sure of what happened over the next 20 minutes, but I started to wonder why no announcements had been made, I thought the plane was delayed again. I finally walked to the podium for C8 (nobody was there) so i walked onto the boarding ramp and at the end, an employee told me: "you are too late, boarding has completed, door has been shut". I said but I have a confirmed reservation on that flight. Was told "all seats are cancelled at 10 minutes before departure,so yours was given away". "Go see another gate agent to re-book another flight.". Well, the next flight wasn't for another 4 1/2 hours(2:30pm). I tried standby on that one, but it was completely full, no standbys taken. I finally got a middle seat on the 4:15 PM departure which was delayed big time and didn't start it's takeoff roll until 5:25 pm. I had wasted the entire day sitting around a strange airport, waiting and hoping to get home. While I was waiting, I spoke with a gate agent supervisor, Barbara Williams, who was very nice and tried to be accommodating, but there was very little she could do to help me. I'm sure it's a long way from other people's hardships, but this is not the kind of service I think is acceptable. I have been flying Southwest since "hot pants" days, but I am thoroughly turned off by piss poor service lately.
I'm quite sure I won't get a meaningful reply to this complaint,(probably just a generic one) or any compensation, but I will skip calling your airline in the future and book with your competitors if that is the case.
Dennis Kite
2393 Carriage Circle
Oceanside, CA 92056
RR # 00000635346073


Nov16th 2017...given a recepit for Nov02 2017


Girl at gate sent me to Gate 19 for a pre boarding pass
Sunday Sept 24 flight from Pvd to Tpa 2:10

Samantha asked what my disability was
After I tried to show my 100% disability card. ( her comment was we don't recognize that)
She asked if I could walk, needed help up ramp, on board, and more
She assumed my problem needed a wheelchair and when she kept hammering at me I said yes, just to stop the questions
I said I had 'other' issues which under law that's all she needed to know

She knew I was upset and radioed to the girl at the gate what she had supposedly asked me, which was a lie.

She can ask if I'm disabled and do I need assistance-period

Everyone who is disabled doesn't need a wheelchair Or even assistance but other requirements that no one has the right to ask per the ADA

Education obviously needs to be upgraded and I'd like assurance that this will never happen again to me next time I fly to RI. Will also be speaking to my attorney.


I was on Flight 1314 from Norfolk Intl to Chicago Midway on August 31, 2017.
The cabin was far too cold. People were wrapping themselves in whatever material they could find. My husband had DIRTY clothes in his carry on which I was forced to wrap up in!

I went forward to ask the the stewardess if there was anything she could do to increase the temperature. She said she would see what she could do but I never saw her pick up the phone, adjust anything that resembled a thermostat or do anything to make the cabin temperature bearable UNTIL several other passengers complained. I seemed after about 25 miserable minutes that the temperature became warmer following her picking up the phone and talking to someone. Even at this point it was too cool, although a little better.

I could not read the stewardess' name. She was mid forties with blond hair and blunt haircut.

I have always been impressed with Southwest Airlines in the past. This complete lack of caring for your passenger's comfort was unacceptable.


My wife and I flew your carrier to Vegas last Saturday returning home yesterday. The reason we went with you was because you had a direct flight from Des Moines to Vegas. Our tickets we purchased business select tickets spending the extra $$$'s so that we could pretty much get the bulk head seats in the event we need to use the restroom and I have MS...which would make it more convenient.

Both my wife and I do a lot of flying with Delta (to Europe) and American to New York City three to four times per fact we just returned from Florida on Delta as well. Here's my beef...yesterday my wife and I had number 1 & 2 to board the plane...but unannounced to us the gate manager let some others enter the plane before us and they took both sides of the isle. They took the six seats in what I would consider First Class on other carrier planes.

The first one that they let board the plane was a woman with a large dog which should have been kenneled and this woman did not have an early boarding number, the next were two girls that were wrapped up in dirty blankets and smelled, and last but not least senior citizens in wheel chairs. Then came a single person who had not bathed or showed in months who had convinced the gatekeeper to let him on because of his age and he had a hard time walking? I think I deserve to get 50% of my money back...this whole thing stinks and I plan to tell my friends about our situation if not looked into. Thanks for listening.


This complaint is in regard to a credit that we have with SouthWest Airlines, 2 tickets of $179.20. We recently used your airline to fly to Tampa, Fl. in doing so again, we have a credit in the above amount. The travel agent told us that this amount had to be used by April 24,2017. Unfortunately we are unable to fly during the time specified and we were told that we had to use this amount by the 4-24-2017 or loose this credit. It is so sad that we have such strict constraints imposed on using this credit. We had planned on using this credit within the next to 12-14 months, when undoubtedly ticket prices would be higher and your airline would benefit. It seems that these restrictive conditions are discriminating against people that do not fly very often. It is sad that the management/CEO's of SouthWest Airlines is so unwilling to work with people that are on budget constraints and not able to fly at the whim of your Airline. It is hoped that some type of positive response will be forth coming from your Airline.


Southwest airline ruined our Christmas this year. My son had a ticket today from Dallas to louisville. He got to the airport early and checked in. For some reason the passengers to Louisville were told they were bumped. What happened? I haven't seen my son in a year. I paid for a ticket. I was counting on southwest airlines. The weather is good. Why? This airline has a problem. Very poor rating on my opinion.


In response to the Southwest email November 3, 2016 regarding a complaint I issued regarding my experience on flight # 1758 on October 8, 2016. I have contacted my attorney, Liz Higginbotham, San Antonio Texas regarding this matter, I was verbally and physically assaulted by your attendant. I had a pre-boarding pass to enter your plane and should have not received such discrimination


On 8/23/16 I traveled from CMH to TUC (Confirmation 9TRC3Y). On arrival at Tucson I noticed that my checked suitcase was wet on 1 side. I opened my suitcase and noticed that over half of my clothing was also wet. I went to the Southwest office, explained the situation and apparently the same thing happened to another traveler that also came from Columbus. Both of us seemed to have the same issue. After further investigation it was determined that by the smell of it that it seemed to be Rum.

I was offered a $25 coupon from the Southwest Rep but I declined because that was not going to correct the problem. She then asked if anything was damaged. I replied that at this point I don't know because I don't know if the stains would come out after washing all of the clothing (since it appeared to be dark rum). She proceeded to give me a business card with a phone number and stated I would have to call within 4 hrs if anything was damaged. So my first day of vacation I had to buy laundry detergent, find a Laundromat and spend the first day doing laundry and scrubbing my suitcase.

After exactly 3.50hrs I called the Southwest customer service phone number I was provided to let her know that the white clothing still had stains and didn't come out completely. All I got was a recording and was only able to leave a message with my name, phone number and explanation what I am writing to you. I called again 5 minutes later with the same result. As of today nobody at Southwest corporate headquarters has returned my call.


I just heard about the recent airline problems with Southwest. Unreal, how can you let a plane take off in that bad of shape. Just glad that nobody was hurt!


I fly with southwest airlines at least 4 times a year, sometimes more. I usually have a wonderful flight. I am aware that there are restrictions for certain things that can be brought on the plane. I flew yesterday, april 10, 2016 from las vegas to tucson. The security guard confiscated items from my bags that have been allowed for years. He said it wasn't anything new and that it is standard. The items he confiscated were beauty items that totaled up to $100, that i can't replace anytime soon. My complaint is that every airport has "their" own set of rules.

According to this man in the las vegas airport, they all follow the same rules. I'm here to tell you that is not even remotely correct. Because all the other airports have allowed me to bring my items, i never thought there was a problem. I am very upset at having lost these expensive items. They all need to be on the same page. You can't have every airport have their own set of rules. I am very upset about this.


New planes have a storage compartment as you enter the plane.This area is for wheelchairs, but they do not use it. The arm rests do not fold out of the way also. The ADA will hereabout this. I am handicapped and southwest should take better care of their customers. Maybe they will not file complaints then?


For the past two days, I have been trying to pay a deposit for 11 tickets that I reserved on Southwest Airlines. When I call the number, I am told that they are too busy and that I should call back later. I find that very unusual. A company the size of Southwest Airlines does not have the manpower to accept money from an individual that is trying to pay her bill which has a deadline attached to it. If the deadline is not met, my reservations for 11 people will be canceled. I am very disappointed in the service that I have received from SWA. We are Rapid Rewards members and SWA is our go to airline.


Rental reservation RR 188477435 was processed thru Southwest Airlines. The rental called for a Dodge Grand Caravan or similar vehicle. I end up getting the worst car I have ever rented from any rent-a-car company, the Ford Transit. This is shortly after my 2nd worst rental car in Denver, RR 171394720, a garbage Jeep. Shame on Hertz for even offering these lousy vehicles. Sadly, I'm not sure if I will be renting again from Hertz.


I have flown many different airlines and while southwest is not perfect, they try pretty damn hard to get close. Everyone seems to care about what they do and the customers they serve.


I was traveling from Milwaukee to St Louis and on to Kansas City on 2/8/16. My outbound flight was delayed by weather. I arrived in St. Louis with about 17 minutes to make the Kansas City flight. The flight was two gates (about 100 feet) down the concourse. The gate agents didn't know that I was coming, so they closed the flight.

Seriously? don't know that a passenger is coming in two gates down; and you don't know when a late plane will arrive? Other airlines make this work...will hold a flight for a few minutes; or at least not close the doors when they know a tight passenger WILL be arriving. Your planes; I'd guess that you know when they will be arriving. The kind of poor, lousy customer service that makes a lasting memory...


Embarrassed and frustrated with Southwest Airlines when our son, his wife, and their two children (under age 2 years) flying back to Oregon. They were trying to assure a smoother trip, as they knew that they would have to be re-seated since both lap-children. Not "allowed" to approach counter for an extended time as the Southwest Airlines customer service representative non nonchalantly talking with other representatives about her day, prior illness, etc.

Then, after daughter in law finally checked in - told that our son could not be guaranteed of seating until he got to gate. By this time, only 20 minutes left until flight scheduled to depart. When asked about this, she very nonchalantly said they would probably be "okay." She displayed no interest, concern, compassion, emotion whatsoever. Luckily... the flight was delayed. It is rare for me to ever follow-up like this, but I am so disappointed that we are vowing to stick with other airlines even if the cost is more up-front. Our son's exact words, "We have never had anyone be so unhelpful and rude before, Mom. This made the airport look really bad!"


I have been having problems with other airlines so we will be switching to Southwest. Heard nothing but great things about their corporate policy and customer service.


I asked for tomato juice and the stewardess gave me a can of tomato juice. I never opened the can. When she started to collect the final trash she insisted I put my UNOPENED can of tomato juice in the trash. I asked if I could take a sip first. She said "PUT THE CAN IN THE TRASH, (several times) . I was reluctant. After entertaining the entire crew with her LOUD commanding HITLER voice, I put the UNOPENED can of tomato juice in the trash.

She later quietly told me it was policy " FOR THEM TO HAVE ALL CANS OPENED & UNOPENED" put in the trash before existing the plane. I didn't believe her, and I still don't. But either way, she humiliated me while in front of everyone on that plane since her loud voice carried throughout the entire cabin. She was unprofessional, aggressive, and unfriendly! I do not want to fly Southwest EVER again!

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