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I recently helped a friend of mine move from Port St. Lucie FL to Dayton OH. You will not find my email in relation to the rental, they would not accept my card as payment because I was not driving the truck. I just want to say that I have NEVER been treated so rude by the man behind the counter and he didn't care that the car hauler tail light didn't work. (He was also RUDE to another customer while I was there). I sure wish I would have read the comments on YELP ahead of time, there is NO good commit to about him. Maybe you should consider finding a nicer person to represent your company.


I will be filing a complaint with the BBB, I turned in my undamaged vehicle then almost a month later I get an email indicating there was windshield damage, the car was checked and looked over by your representative and my receipt was provided indicating no damage because there wasn't . I supplied copies of my receipt showing no damage indicated via email to your ERS billing center and then called, yet you refuse to yield on the plan to bill me.The car was returned in the same condition it was in when I rented it and any charges to my credit card from your company beyond what I paid for the rental is fraud, it took almost a month to find damage, how convenient that you found it when I was no longer there to verify that it was or wasn't damaged.


When I went to the Budget counter in Albuquerque NM a very friendly man there working asked me if I would like to upgrade for just
$20.00 extra a day. I told him I was ok with what I had reserved. We talked the upgrade over and I told him if I could get a military discount
for my vehicle and he assured me it would not be a problem. I agreed to the upgrade and he told me that when I brought the car back that
he would get the manager to approve the military discount. When I returned the car and went to the counter they told me that they had no
idea what I was talking about and that the man who told me this must know something they didn't. I gave them my name and phone number and that I would be receiving a call. It has been 6 days and still no call as to why I was lied to. My rental agreement number was 232668752 and I just want an answer to being lied to at the time of pickup and why no call back. I can tolerate a lot but lying is not one of them. I trust Budget will look into this and please give me an answer. Thank you


I rented a car from Dave Lyle Blvd in Rock hill SC on July 12, 2019 for five days I was asked to initial the contract which I did and he handed me the keys to the car no walk around with me. I proceed to get in the car and notice the windshield cracked and the seats were stained. I brought the car to my destination which is less than 10 minutes and decided to take pictures of the car which was of the cracked windshield and soiled seats. On Tuesday July 16, 2019 I returned the car before 4 pm with a full tank of gas. I waited for Dwayne Deans for about 10 minutes while he sat and I could see him to finish his break to wait on me the security gentleman I asked had to go get him he proceeded to go outside look at the car then came in and went through his file cabinet and said there was no report on this car and I would have to fill out an accident report before he could take back the car. I did not fill out a report because I didn't do any damage to this car. I was so angry I called and talked to Bernice case ID 29052523 and emailed her the pictures of the car she was very pleasant to work with. When I return home I will be contacting an attorney to cover my rights. I would like a response to your decision by Friday the 19 of July.


I'm writing this complaint for my father, C Edward Williamson. We rented a black in color GMC Yukon XL from the Pineville, NC location on July 10, 2019. We were in a hurry and got the vehicle and drove to our residence in York, SC. We proceeded to load the vehicle and noticed then how dirty it was on the inside. The vehicle had not been vacuumed out and we found Pistachio nut shells in one of the rear cup holders. This was a concern due to one of our family members is highly allergic to nuts. We cleaned the vehicle as best as we could and then left for our destination which was Marietta, Georgia. We had no problems with the vehicle on the way down, but on Saturday, July 13, 2019, we went to drive the vehicle and noticed that the passenger front tire was low. We added air to the tire and proceeded to our destination. We only drove a few miles and noticed that the tire was losing air very quickly. We found a AAA car care center and pulled into it. They checked the tire and found that the tire had three plugs in it and that one was leaking. They stated that it could not be fixed and needed a new tire. We called Budget and they sent someone out to change it to the spare and we were also told to take the vehicle on Sunday to the Atlanta airport Budget center and exchange it. The Atlanta airport was approximately one hour from our location in Marietta, Georgia. We took the vehicle to this location and exchanged it for another Yukon XL that was gray in color. On Monday, July 15, 2019, we returned home to York, SC in this exchanged Yukon. Once home, we took the vehicle to the Dave Lyle Blvd, Rock Hill, SC location as our rental agreement stated. Rental agreement # 259773566. Once we arrived, we informed the Budget employee, Dwayne Deans that we were turning the vehicle in. Mr. Deans took the keys and proceeded to type a number on the key chain in the computer and then informed us that the vehicle had to be turned back into the Atlanta airport location. I informed him no that our contract showed that it was to be turned into the Rock Hill location. He proceeded to show me his paperwork that showed Atlanta and told us that if we turned it in to this location that it would be $300 charge and told us that it was our problem and not his. I examined the paperwork and saw that the rental agreement had a different # than ours. It had 418785813 as the number and had the name of Erez Bashari. I do not know who this is and pointed this out to Mr. Deans. He still stated that it was our problem and that we would have to get it taken care of and was of no help at all. I finally made contact with a customer service representative and explained it to him. Case # 29037865. He stated to go ahead and turn the vehicle into this location and that he would wave the $300 charge.

I just would like to say how disappointed we are in Budget car rental for allowing a vehicle to be rented out with a tire in the shape that it was and how disappointed we are in the customer service that we received. I would like to see my father be reimbursed for part of the money that he paid to rent the vehicle due to all the time that it took away from our vacation handling the above issues. I think this is the least that you all could do! Thanks!


Rented at Salt Lake City airport. when we return the car the total bill was twice as much as I thought. Talked to the manager he gave me a discount of 23.87. I explain to him when we picked up the car the person doing the paper work mislead me to think my insurance was not adequate. So I signed for their insurance. If I knew before hand how much more the rental was going to be I would not have accepted their insurance. they never came out to inspect the car when we picked it up. I feel they should have given me a round about estimate of what total cost was going to be before taking possession of vehicle. Cannot find an 800 # to call and speak with someone about this.


Had to change flights and fly into a neighboring airport and drive home instead of getting picked up. Budget was the 4th car rental I went to as the other three were completely booked out (no surprise Budget had cars). I was given a price and I said that seems extremely high for a economy car. I was told if I was returning it to this airport it'd be about half that price (lie #1). So being desperate I took it and found out later a bunch of insurance was added. I was then told to sign the screen which I did, never got to or asked to look over the paper work and pretty sure it wasn't easily accessible on the screen (scam #2). I was then told where to get my car and the keys were in it. No walk around and no prior damage report (scam #3). Upon returning my car that evening the check in employee walked up to my car and literally within 10 seconds pointed to a micro chip in the windshield, he never walked around the car once, ever before or after this, he just went and got a accident report form for me to fill out. This was all put in play from the beginning, they are about to get a new windshield that I'll bet was paid for and not repaired many times. This company is shady, run don't walk away from them. Its sad really that people do this crap to other people.


The worst rental company I ever dealt with !!!!! Avoid them like the plaque!! Gave me my discount , but at the rate of the "free" upgrade. Not my problem if they did not have the size car I requested. What a SCAM ! This rental at Piper Ave In Trenton NJ is just plain terrible. They did not even help load or unload our bags when boarding the shuttle bus. Fine way to treat a disabled senior !!!!!! Filthy shuttle bus also.


Budget Rental charged for additional services which were declined when offered. My husband was asked to sign the agreement in several places even though I queried what it was he was signing. Was told it just confirms the agreement !! When asked to sign, nothing was made clear or explained. We were then 'stung' for additional charges on the day we dropped off the car. The charge was only noticed after we returned home. We have tried to resolve this directly with the rental company however they insist 'we signed therefore we accepted'. In all the years of hiring cars we have NEVER accepted additional services and find this to be very deceitful and dishonest of them, especially as nothing was made CLEAR of the charges that would apply. How odd that no payment was asked for at the time of the rental, why charge after !!!


I rented the car Tuesday 6/11/2019 from the Costa MEsa, CA Harbor Blvd location and on Tuesday night/ and Wednesday, the malfunction light went on and stayed on.
I brought the car back after 24 hours as the person behind the desk said it would reset.
When it did not reset, I brought the car back again and the woman said to ignore the light. I asked for the manual and said when I googled it, it said NOT to ignore a malfunction light.

When I asked for a new car she directed me to go over to the airport and offered no help or attempt to rectify in the way of compensation or credit whatsoever.
I WANT TO RETURN THE CAR BUT DO NOT WANT TO BE CHARGED. I rented a car two weeks ago for a week and did not have this problem, but at this rate, I NEVER WANT TO USE BUDGET AGAIN.

Can you please help to take the car back and refund me my money in FULL.

Extremely unhappy,
Jessica Anne May


My husband and I rented a car from the Budget car rental at the Las Vegas airport this past March. First, the desk clerk was pushy about taking out their insurance. And I politely refused numerous times. Second, the parking garage was so dark you couldn't do a proper inspection of your car. And, before you could get in decent light to do a proper inspection, you had to turn in your inspection slip to the clerk at the gate. Four days later we returned the car. The guy checking us in looked at our paperwork and immediately looked at the windshield and said there was a chip. What he called a chip was a speck of dust. My husband ran his hand over the area in the question and said the glass was smooth and there was no defect. We were told to take it up with desk clerk. When we said something to the desk clerk, she was rude and shoved a form at us to fill out. I filled out the form and turned it in. The desk clerk didn't say anything so we thought that was the end of it. Two months later we received an invoice for over $720.00 for a windshield replacement. The cover letter to the invoice was printed on letterhead stating Maco d/b/a Budget. Maco did the windshield replacement. It doesn't cost $700.00 to replace a windshield on any vehicle I can think of. This is a scam. Since we didn't get the extra insurance through them, they are trying to extort money from our insurance company or our credit card. The cover letter even suggested we contact our insurance company or credit card company. They are banking on the fact that you will pay just to make the issue go away. They shouldn't be allowed to do this.


on the 5/18/19 I rented one of your cars my reservation was for a Chevrolet Impala he downgraded me to a midsize car all because I cancel several reservation after rates went down ,he told me that I had multiple reservation @different budget he was screaming I tried to explain to him my reservation was only at that location he disputed me .he said if I ever cancel any more reservation he would not rent to me I Will have to go someplace else he said it was my fault because I didn't get that particular car that I put in for. far from the truth he did the same thing to me last year he is prejudice I didn't know it was against the law to cancel reservation we been you all customer for many years he told me his name was Terry he has giving me a hard time I should be compensated for all of the hazard Will you please take a look into this situation Thank You


I rented a car from Budget through Priceline. I evidently made a mistake and put the same airport to pick up and return, when I meant to return to the airport I was flying from. Budget charged me $324.36 for my mistake????? I am appalled at their decision. SHAME ON THEM. I WILL NEVER RENT FROM THEM AGAIN.


Rented a car at Fort Lauderdale, Fl on April 2nd. The dirtiest car I ever rented. I should have returned it. When I returned the car on MAY 13TH, I left my house keys attached to the rental car keys. Your people cannot find my keys, how can they be lost if they were attached to the car keys? I filled a lost report with no results. Your people just do not respond to customer problems.


I was charged an extra $120 for pet hair removal. I was NOT told about this charge BEFORE I RENTED THE CAR, OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE VACUUMED MYSELF. When I called to ask, the woman was rude. First she couldn't find any records of me renting a car and hung up. Then when she found it and told me what the charge was for and I said I was never informed this would be the case, she told me IT WAS MY PROBLEM. This is unacceptable! I've never had such horrible customer service. This was at the Tallahassee International Airport.


We picked up our rental car Friday May 3rd at the Concord NC location. We had asked for a compact car and had been upgraded online to an intermediate car, no smoking.
When we got to the counter the guy was rude and told us his computer system was a pain in the ass. He then told us he did not have any cars and we would be moved to a Jeep Renegade. We had been in line for almost 40 minutes at this point.
When we got to the jeep, there was a dent on the drivers side, the car was dirty inside and out and smelled of smoke. We should have walked back in and refused to drive it, but we were in a hurry to leave so we took it. I took it to the car wash and paid $10.00 just to be able to see out of the windshield.
The smoke smell made both of our allergies trigger and it was miserable.
When we brought it back we told the manager about it being dirty and his response was "we don't have a way of washing the outside here" he acted like he could care less.
We were very disappointed with the service we received and will never use Budget again.
Lisa Holshouser


I am so mad I can't even think straight. I rented a car online to be picked up in Hanover MD on April 24 to 28. I was given a bill, in which I have already prepaid for charges. The customer service representative at the desk, indicated that additional charges would be added to the already pre-paid bill. When I returned the car, because I could barely read the bill, a new one was printed. He started talking to me in Spanish, socializing, he is Indian and barely could speak Spanish but I was trying to be nice. He asked that I signed the new print out, which I did, while we were talking. Upon my return home, I reviewed my credit card charges, and this individual has billed me double of what he has quoted me. I look at the new print out and realized that this thief has charged me twice for the same services. I am having my credit card investigate these charges.

Rental Agreement Number 207955403


I've called Budget like 5 times for a receipt and have yet to receive a copy. This is preventing me from filing my voucher to settle my government charge card timely. Can someone please assist me???? My rental agreement # 184070073. My number is 918-306-0932.

Please send to the following email. ladyp77@icloud.com





I know you have certain hours of operation but I at least expect if it’s pouring raining outside you can let the customers come in at least and sit down until you open, it was only 6 minutes away. Have some kind of compassion. Debit Card policy needs to be explained much better on the website prior to a customer arriving and getting denied. I think you should just have a set amount and hold the funds until you return the vehicle.


I was supposed to pick up my rental on 3/29/19 at 10:30 a.m. When I arrived I was given the keys to a smaller and less plush SUV than I had reserved. I had reserved months in advance to avoid this problem. When I questioned this, a lady behind the counter started to argue with me. She was not the original person I was talking to and was very rude and insisted this was the vehicle I reserved when clearly in my e-mail conformation it was not. I left and called there corporate office and was told to go to the airport and exchange it for the correct vehicle because I had indeed been given the wrong vehicle. When I arrived at the airport and waited for over an hour in another line I was told that they could not help me. I again called corporate and was told to return to the original rental office and demand to speak with management. When I arrived both of the original counter woman became argumentative continuing to tell me that I was wrong and that the manager was gone for the day. While this was transpiring a gentleman that was cleaning the vehicles overheard us and told the counter help that they were wrong. He pointed this out to them which they finally conceded. He put me in contact with the manager on his personal phone. The manager explained that they had overbooked and that I would have to wait to get the vehicle I reserved. After a five hour wait I was finally able to begin my vacation which had been planned for a year to only be delayed by poor management and two rude counter people.This will be the last time I rent using budget. I take this trip every year and have another trip in June. I definitely will use another company. Life is to short to wait in a rental car parking lot for five hours dealing with two rude and very unprofessional individuals.


Budget Harassment Complaint Department,

My name is Dennis Fox. My address is 2676 Becky Thatcher Rd. Muscatine, Iowa 52761. My phone number is 563-260-4802.

I rented a car in St. Thomas at the Cyril E. King Airport. My Booking number was 47497588US5.

I landed and picked up my car at approximately 2:15 PM on January 29th 2019. Upon completing the paperwork, I proceeded to the parking lot to get my car. The car had major damage all the way around it. I returned to the check in counter to report the damage. I asked the agent to come and look at the damage the car had. The agent at the counter told me not to worry about it and to take pictures of the damage. I took the pictures and departed the airport.

I returned the car at approximately 2 PM on February 10th. I took my contract to the counter and asked the agent to come with me outside to verify the damage. She refused do look at it. I asked what I was being charged for the rental, She told me it was on my agreement. I confirmed that the charge was going to be $1109.02 and she agreed.

On February 12, 2019 my charge card was charged $1109.02.

On February 20, 2019 I received a phone text from Kristy from Budget St. Thomas. Phone text came from 407-470-2194. She sent two photos with the following comments: “would you please tell me about this damage. When, where, how etc.”

I replied that “ this car had damage all the way around when I picked it up. I deleted the photos after the visa credit card that I used was charged.”

On the same day she replied “Would you please see if there is any way that you can recover them.” She also replied “I was in the states since the 7th. Going over everything now. I pulled your slip for the rental. Shows only upfront bumper damage. Will pull the previous.”

I replied on February 20, 2019 “we will try to recover them.”

She replied on February 20, 2019 “recover your photos. Thanks.”

She sent me another text on February 20, 2019 at 1:04 PM “I’ve gone back a couple of more rentals and neither of these dents/scratches are reflected on the slips. Let me know as soon as you are or not able to”

On February 20, 2019 at 2:38 PM I had the photos that I could access recovered and sent them to her. 11 photos all taken on the 29th of January before I departed from the airport.

On February 21, 2019 she replied. She wanted more photos. She wanted photos of the hood. I told her that we had no recovered pictures of the hood and that we didn’t damage the car.

I received more texts from her that I am willing to share with you. March 11, March 13, March 14, and March 21.

I am tired of being harassed by her. Always by text and no phone calls or e-mails.

I would like a call from you to discuss. I am willing to share the pictures with you. The car should have never been rented out due to the excessive damage.

Thank you,



I am done. I have been using Budget for my business since 1999 and NO MORE. I go to use my $15.00 certificates for a vacation rental and I was told those cannot be stacked. In other words, I cannot use up to 7 certificates because they have different discount codes. What a joke. I rent every week with NO benefits. I am so done....and I will not ever RECOMEND Budget. I am now searching for another business provider that will at least give me some frequent rental benefits.


I rented a car in palm springs calif march 9 to march 16. At the time of the rental I told the clerk that I had a car rental policy that covered Loss Damage Waiver. He charged me any way for LDW at $17.00 dollars a day, a total of $119.00. I feel that I deserve aa refund. Every time I charge
my rental by American express the the policy is added right away. My rental agreement is 223216836.


The van was delivered three hours and forty minutes late. It did not have a wind shield wiper blade on the drivers side and it was a rainy day. I had to take it to the airport to exchange vehicles and it made me three hours late for my engagement in another state. Needless to say I ordered the vehicle online a week prior to pick-up.


While visiting Orlando, Florida, we acquired a one-week rental from Budget. We were told that their cars had transponders for the toll roads and if we wanted to turn it off there was a switch under the dashboard. There was never any mention of a hidden access fee which would be automatically added to our credit card when the tolls were posted. Not only is the access fee more than the tolls, you are billed for the number of days on your rental, not the number of days you incur tolls. This is a very deceptive business practice. Additionally, before leaving the airport we could not find the switch that would turn the transponder off. We grabbed an associate of Budget, in a Budget uniform, who also could not figure out how to turn the transponder off and therefore told us the car probably doesn't have that option. Again, your people can't tell me how to turn it off, you don't mention the access fees when discussing costs and contracts, and then you bill me, after the fact, for days that I didn't incur tolls. E-tolls gave me a $11.85 credit, but said they can't refund the remaining $7.90. The entire amount really should be refunded due to this completely deceptive business practice.


I am picking up a car at the Atlantic City Airport tomorrow. They are expecting snow. I live in Florida. I've been on the phone for over an hour with 5 different people concerning a question I have. No one can connect me to Atlantic City and no one knows the answer. My question is " does my rental come with a scraper and a brush?" I will never rent from Budget again! William Ansbro 813-689-8248 reservation number-00079648US2


We rented a mini-van in October in CA. We lost the keys and called budget to tell them. They gave us the address where we should have the van towed to a budget location near where we were staying. We called Nationwide to file a claim and for the lost keys and the tow. They towed it to the location given by Budget. Also we had it returned a day early and should have been reimbursed for that and we were ready to pay our deductible or fee for the tow and lost keys. Then our insurance company's tow truck called and said that the budget location we were told to tow it too was old and shut down. I called budget and they said, oh no problem we will come get the van, our fault. I said thanks and take care.

Then 3 months later we get a bill from their billing service (Viking Billing) for more than $2,600.00 !!!

There was no mention of our lost keys at all, but they charged an administration fee of $150, $875 damage, and $1,600 for Budget to tow the min-van and from it being left in an impound lot for a week. I called budget and their Viking billing service, but they decided to defend their obvious FRAUD no matter what I said. My insurance company is negotiating with them and I have to pay our $900 deductible, instead of just a lost keys fee of $150 or something. So we decided to just pay the $900 deductible to make this a closed case, which was the agreement amongst all parties. Then Viking Billing out of no where billing decided to demand the administration fee of $150 from us also, while Nationwide is forced to pay the remaining balance for the fraudulent tow, damage and lot fees. This was the worst case of fraud by a huge company with no accountability. My insurance company said that they will sue and take advantage of the situation if we decide to fight it and the best thing to do is just pay the deductible to Nationwide and they will cover it for us.

In our non-fraudulent minds we should have received a refund for a 1-day early return and we should have paid for the lost keys fee as our insurance Nationwide, handled the tow. THE END, but not so fast.....Budget apparently gets away with this kind of fraudulent lying and uses Viking Billing service as their bouncers. This company needs to be shut down and sued, but I'm just a special ed. teacher with a family and no money and time to take down this giant corporation that steals money from it's customers. Stay far far away!


Attention Budget Customers:
On 1/14/19, I rented a white Toyota Prius from the Budget LAX location. I was coming to LA for my son's wedding from Boston. From day one my Budget car had serious mechanical problems. The Toyota would intermediately not start. Also, the low tire indicator on the dashboard was always on, after many, many calls to Budget for road side emergency for hours and put on hold. My complaint is that the Prius should never have been allowed the Prius to leave the rental lot at LAX in that condition. Budget was of no help for days. Finally Budget sent a replacement rental to my sons Hollywood home. I will be returning the replacement rental car to your LAX location today. I will be contacting my CC company when I return to Boston for further action.


My complaint has to do with the return process. I returned my rental vehicle over a week ago (DEC 15 2018) in Jacksonville NC. I have still not received the receipt. I have called budget a total of 6 times with regards to this matter and have been told each time they will email my receipt to me, I still have not received it and therefore I am delinquent processing my travel claim through the military. ALL I WANT IS MY RECIEPT emailed to me: kris.h.clampitt.mil@mail.mil please email my receipt

Kris Clampitt



This complaint is being filed not against Budget Rental itself but against a costumer of Budget Rentals (whom I assume is using a Budget van to provider delivery for amazon). Today, Sunday December 22nd, a driver of a Budget van (Oklahoma license plate 3AL 078) mistakingly pulled into my driveway instead of that of the neighbor. Rather than carefully backing up, he pulled a "3 point turn" at an unreasonably high speed driving off my driveway and into my plant bed damaging the metal trim dividing the driveway gravel and yard. I am hoping the driver can be identified and Budget will think twice about allowing this guy to rent their vans in the future.

Thank you for your time.

Patrick McCarty


I've rented from budget in winter haven fl, and the last 3 times were not good, the 3rd time the car was dirty, tape on the doors were black the person in front of me refused the car I took it because it was a one day rental for me.The next time the car smelled heavily of smoke and I called to report it so as not to be charged for it and it took forever to get the car because the guy was busy arguing with a lady abut extended fees. while we waited and heard every word. This last time I waited again while he waited on every customer ahead of me and then having me wait while he talked with someone on the phone for awhile with me there and an appointment time waiting patiently. So when I bring the car back after 4 days I'm told its filthy but there not going to charge me I asked what the problem was and I was shown where the front driver side had grass and dirt from getting in and out of the car since it rained yesterday, and we were at the soccer fields I wanted to take a pic to send in but figured shed show her butt and charge me if I did. Just a note I refuse to rent from this place anymore as to the tasteless attitudes and lies I've actually witnessed them tell other customers on the phone about other rental companies that I have rented from and no it not to be true.


I am on a long-term rental (1 Oct 2018 - 14 Dec 2018), and recently noticed that the oil light coming on in the vehicle. I stopped in at your location located that the Norfolk International Airport on 3 Dec 2018 find out the source of the problem. The Gentleman who check me in (Mark) was very helpful stating the vehicle was past due for an oil change and I should have been notified on 1 Nov 2018 or this occurrence. He was prompt in checking me in and directing me to the counter to be processed for a new vehicle.

When I arrived at the counter, I was greeted by one of your clerks ( Nichole) after reviewing my paperwork, she offered a pick-up or a minivan. I informed that I would prefer a vehicle of similar size to the one turned in but she was adamant that the Pick-up and minivan was all the company had to offer. I asked if there was anyway I could check in the vehicle I had and pick it up at a later time after the oil change was complete. She stated no, and suggested I go to one of your other locations to see what they could do. When I asked about the other locations, she suggested I search the internet. I asked to see a manager and waited for over 10 minutes. I reminded her that I needed to speak with a manager and was informed that the manager is on another floor and would be with me as soon as she could. Nichole eventually walked away from the counter area. During this time, I observed several employees come and go but not manager. I then waited for what might have been another 15 minutes with no manager in sight. One of the other clerks also at the front desk (Marie) took my paperwork and processed it for the new vehicle. Somehow, she was able to put me in a similar vehicle to the one I turned in.

This email is two fold, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mark and Marie for their assistance and suggest that you offer your clerk Nichole additional training in customer service. Her behavior was very rude and she was of no help.


Nadesia Henry
Rental Agreement: 152093314


I rented a car in Tampa, Florida. What should have been reserved on my confirmation were 2, awful choices. So, I upgraded. I got a Nissan, Sentra and it was no better. The car should not have been driven by anyone. I called 3 times regarding the issue. The car was so loud, that I actually thought the engine was having some problems. My daughter and the three other girls also noticed the loud noise coming from the right side of the vehicle in the front door towards motor area. Hard to tell exactly where it was coming from. I called three times about the issue and was switched around to so many people. The last person couldn't even find me in the system. I will never rent from budget again. My friend, who also came to Florida for a college visit with her daughter had the same problems with rental, not getting what was reserved and had to upgrade. Ridiculous. To be so far from home and to have to have issues with not getting what you were confirmed to have.


I rented a medium size car in Orlando, Fla.last week and the agent told me several aparrent lies about the car I received. 1. the gas he charged me for he said was cheaper than in Orlando. i saw several gas prices cheaper. 2..He asked me what kind of car i usually drove and i told him a nissan quest. he said he would give me an upgrade free. He gave us a Volks jetta which was a piece of crap. i am 73 years old and getting in and out of that car was a real chore. The car alcually surged when it was still. Years ago Budget gave me an upgrade to a Lincoln and that was great but a Jetta that was unacceptable. 3. I don't know if the Airline discount was a better rate than AARP I had but the agent said it was. $352,81 is a riduculous price for a week anyway and we only drove about 80 miles with most of those miles being lost to and from the airport since the agent did not give me any directions in Orlando or a map or anything. I would hope you would give me some kind of adjustment for this ridiculous price. If not I guess this will be the last time with Budget/Avis rental cars.


I have been renting from Budget Rent A Car, since, 12/2/17, while my 2007, Buick was in shop. I was told to get rid of it. I had it towed to another place that said it would cost me $4,000.00 to repair which I do not have. Both my husband and I were laid off in 2011 and we had to in 2012 go back and forth to Rehoboth then Newark. We are now living in Rehoboth, my mother passed away in 2015. I had to take care of her since 2013, and could not work. We were to claim Bankruptcy and gave up our house. This is the reason for renting the car for so long. I would pay once I signed the agreement. It would never clear until the end with the bank. 1) 12/2/17-12/9/17 $154.56 2) 12/9-1/6/18 $727.67 3) 1/6-2/11 $759.01 2/7-3/7$687.96 4)3/7-4/6 $587.16 5) 4/7-5/7 $622.03 6) 5/7-6/7 $612.21 I called main office for a special early before, 6/7 at least three days and was afford $549.09 Reservation# 800621284VA. He was an older man who said I could pay over the phone. I told him it is a few days early. He said it did not matter. Just take the care back when it is due. The day I was to return to get the paper work, I saw on my debit account another payment taken out, 07/06 for $612.21 which bounced by debit card/checking account. I went to the bank and got a letter showing two payments and went to Budget and was told the pre payment changed the agreement of June-July $612.21. So, he saw the payment of $549.09 and deliberately took the $612.21 out of my debit card. I spoke to Daniel Ochoa who advised me to scan or take picture and once her receives it will credit my card. It still does not show to the main company, because Budget, here in Rehoboth, pocket the money. Daniel never received all the papers. Instead it went to Mario Mo, from Email Customer Service who stated $50.00 was not charged. I sent all pages of all agreement from the beginning. So, this $50.00 was not a problem wherever he saw that. I have had other issues with this location, but that is not important. The major one is being told he saw the payment of $548,09 and still took another payment out 07/07/18, $612.21 which bounced my debit account and fortunately when the late fee was going to add from the bank, Ralph got his Disability Social Security Check in. I sent another copy again to Daniel Ochoa and no luck. Then I went back to WSFS and sat almost until closing the regular person would not even see me. Later I was told to sit where the phone could be heard. That person was so busy and did not know the story. She took control and spoke to someone who gave her the payments. That person did not give her the last payment of $612.21. All the payments that I do goes to the main company, but not this one, because it is a second payment for 07/07/18-08/07/18. The representative from the bank said the same thing the first one said who did the letter of the two payments and all of the statements. That she should charge me for this. I left and went to a different WSFS, Millsboro, DE. I saw Derrell Williams, NMLS# 1750259 and went over everything. He called he explained was given the phone to explain again the reason they do not see the second payment is because the Rehoboth Budget pocket the money. I explained the conversation with Daniel Ochoa in getting the money back. Instead of faxing the information of proof he emailed it. I told him that was what I was doing. He was better off in emailing the info. He wouldn't listen to me. He was told I would receive the $612.21 in three days. It is three days and it is not on my debit. I am on a program for oil and now I am off the program with a $60.00 late fee, because I was to pay. We both are on Social Security and my husband can not work, because of Congestive Heart Failure and other complications. I can not stand long, because of no meniscus in my right knee. I still have not gotten the surgery. I need the $612.21 placed back on my debit card. You can contact the bank, Derrell Williams, 302-360-0020 to get my debit info or any other proof you need. I need that money of $612.21. I will be returning the car back either 08/6 or 7th. I have to call them. I will join the Senior Center to get rides until I can save up the $4000.00 to get my car fixed. I spent a total from Dec 2017, to Aug. 6, 2018 $5,309.89. I do not have credit now, because of giving up the house and showing the bank of a letter from the cancer doctor my mother needed 24 hours care. She passed away in Aug., 2015. I have gone through (3) Attorneys regarding the will. The siblings fought it by saying she was not in her right mind. The siblings now own the house and can live in here until I die, but they are not paying any repairs, insurance, taxes, or any bills pertaining to what an owner is to pay. This is my last change so please call Derrell Williams if you need anything and have it faxed to you. 302-360-0020 dwsilliams2@wsfsbank.com. I was told I would receive the money in three days. I have not received it. My next step is to go the Attorney General's Office, Department of Justice. My phone number is 302-278-7077. I have bills that need to be paid and this caused me to go off the program for the oil and got a $60.00 late fee. I have my mother's golden retriever who needs her hair cut that I was planning to do, but could not. I can not attach an image to the complaint, because I do not know how. Please contact Derrell Williams at the bank. He will know how to do that.


My Budget agree number is 796981673/ Confirmation number is 35743781US3. This is the second time with Budget and not good. I rented on line and decided I would get my insurance when I got to airport rather than pay for something ahead before we even got to CMH. Fist my flight was late 11/2 hours, then get to Budget counter no one there, sign says go to Avis--only 2 people working a line that I stood in for 11/2 hours before I got served. Then the agent could not speak English well was EXREMELY hard to understand. He charges me $263.92 for insurance which was $30 per day and if I would have known this would have bought on-line for $8-$9 a day this is absolutely ABSURD and misrepresentation as I mentioned this to agent he says only insurance we have, so after already waiting 11/2 hours in line we needed to leave as we were late. Agent then gives be paperwork for the car, go outside to get car and find its the wrong license number, so I go back in and line still long and people will not let you slid into line even though I had just been there, so ran I go down outside, he said I will go find the car that belongs to you--just unreal at this point. I feel this was an overcharged billing and service was horrendous with only 2 people working the long line at that time. Avis and Budget together was no handled very well surely someone knew of the rentals on the books at Budget and Avis and should have been prepared. My bill was $696.88 and almost half was insurance unnecessarily. I want a better experience with Budget because I use you when in C MH and would other places we travel but this time and previous time in CMH with a charge for an Upgrade I did not request (that was rectified by Budget and I thank you. This time warrants the same, inconvenience service time, outrages insurance coverage, being given wrong car at start and fortunately I checked as cars were the same color and model and I was not the only one getting wrong car as I witensed similar with other customers as I was there 11/2 hours to pick up car I had rented over month in advance. Please review and hope that you can find some satisfaction for me and my wife. Thank you.
Melvin R Potter
2662 Saratoga Ave.
LHC, AZ 86406


I had a reservation for a Ford Fiesta or similar for today (June 28) to Sunday (July 1). My confirmation number was 37550264US3. I understand that things sometimes happen and not everything always goes well. However, my complaint is not that my reservation was not honored (which it wasn't). My complaint is the attitude of the two men at the counter. I walked up to the counter and stood in line. One person was in front of me. And another agent was "caring" for another customer. When the person in front of me finished the agent just immediately turned around and walked off without saying a word. He went out the back door and did not come back. I stood there waiting. Nothing was said. He just looked at me, turned around and walked out. I wasn't sure if I should wait or get in the other line or what. I stood there waiting. The customer with the other agent finished and I looked at the agent. He didn't say anything. I waited for an awkward amount of time and then asked him if he was working. He did not like the question and became defensive. There were only about three customers in the entire area. They were not busy. I began to angry myself. I told him I had a reservation and asked if he could help me. He asked my name and then told me, "you know you have a smart car, right?" I didn't know what a smart car was so he showed me a picture and told me that was all they had and that if I wanted a car that was my only choice. He then asked, "Are you going to be going on the highway?" I said, "yes." And, he said, "well you'll have a problem with this on the highway but it's all we've got for you." I went to Thrifty next to them and received a radical contrast in service. They were over the top. It is in your best interest that you check into that particular office (the one that the shuttle goes to from the Phoenix airport). If you look into that office and if you do your due diligence then you will fire at least two of the people working there. If you do not do that then you will have more people with experiences like mine seeing these two men as expressions of you. So, first, Budget did not honor my reservation. If you overlooked something or something got lost in the shuffle no problem. That happens all the time. But I am a professional conflict manager who works with people all over the United States. These agents had no clue about that but they did not care about anyone in front of them in any way at all. Tell them that you have decided to deal with this conflict with a particular customer who is going to do some quality assurance and teach them how to deal with conflict. When I show up we will see if they recognize me! However, you would need to be prepared to pay a hefty price because my fees for Budget just went up considerably!


Within my two-week vacation I had four lost days because I had to exchange cars three times due to dead batteries, inoperable components, and leaking oil. On the first two I had to drive 30 miles to effect the exchanges. For the last two I demanded that Budget deliver a car to me, but both of those leaked so much oil that I could not drive them. Finally I instructed budget to just take the 4th car away. To ensure I could make my flight back home, I rented a on-way drop car from Enterprise - It cost me $75.00 but reliably got me to the airport.

My Case # is 23438366.

This was a very frustrating experience that caused several lost opportunities for my wife and I to be with friends and enjoy planned activities.


I picked up my rental car from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Tuesday, March 27 between 5-6 pm. I received a gray jeep, which was very dirty on the outside, and smelled like the inside had been shampooed that day. Since I had been traveling all day, I went straight to the hotel. The next morning, when I started the jeep, it smelled like there was a skunk in the vehicle as the smell of shampoo had left overnight. I have a very busy work schedule this past week and had no time to turn in the vehicle for another one, especially with the heavy traffic. During my time in the DC area, it rained. After the rain I had to clean the windshield, but there was no windshield wiper fluid. I am overly disappointed in my experience with Budget. My fastbreak # is SC564B. I would give the rental agreement number, but cannot read it, as the copy they gave me is illegible. I am returning the vehicle on 31 March 2018.


Noah should not be in a customer service position. My original contract was for $139.76 (24951515US1) and was charged $148.01. I called Ft Myers Budget car rental 1/19/18 at 6:30am to tell then I was over charged and Noah answered. He referred to having a good night, asked where I was calling and he said international after the second time of hearing international I asked him for his location. Not only did he refuse to tell me, he proceeded to say Do YOU WANT TO ASK ME FOR MY AGE or FACEBOOK PROFILE. I am totally offended by his comments. They were unacceptable and uncalled for. He told me his location has nothing to do with the issue. I totally agree however when during the call he references having a good evening it is ONLY NORMAL to ask where I was calling. Needless to say the call was not pleasant, again NOAH should NOT be on the phone speaking to customers and I have been overcharged. Not only do I expect the difference of $8.25 to be credited but I do expect some compensation for Noahs horrible, insulting, unprofessional comments. Please listen to the call, he was unacceptable.


I was budget insurance client, and before I changed to another insurance I lodged a claim with budget insurance regarding the windscreen of my car which was cracked. The budget consultant said I should take my car to glass fit in Rustenburg which is what I did. Rustenburg glass fit fitted the new windscreen but the problem is it was throwing the wind on the lefty side of the car. I lodged the complain with Glass fit and they said I should bring the car for it to be re-fitted, and that's what I did. The car came back with the same problem and it seems to be throwing a lot of wind now. Your urgent help to this regard will be highly appreciated, which might bring me back to your insurance.


Were told it would be a one time charge for driving through Washington Oregon California to a wedding in Vegas we were gone a total of 16 days we were not in California Oregon Washington for 16 days as we did not leave until the next morning gone 15 days they charged me for 16 days each state for a total 880.00 permits for driving on us highway but the highway does not see a cent of that money when i called to tell about the over charges the person in charge of budget Canada.

Anna said u used a lot of miles so those charges are yours to keep sorry u didn't read the contract we were told by the person at the desk it was a one time charge and the had to give permission to go to Nevada i said they gave us permission the reservation was for 570 plus 70 for extra permits when we brought the car back our bill was 1719.99 after 6 phone calls and one to my lawyer one to the credit card company ANNA from budget Canada gave me back 55.for the day we we in our town and 240. cause the person did give us permission to go to Nevada so what was 1719.99 -280 =1439.99 for 16 days for a Toyota corolla biggest rip off ever will never use budget rental cars ever again.


I rented a truck from Budget Rent a car on Thursday January 15, 2015. I walked into the Office of Orem, Utah at 12:30pm and began filling out the paper work. The man behind the counter had me initial and sign it without going over it. He was friendly but very inexperienced. He wasn't sure what the paperwork meant and wasn't even sure where I had to sign. His co-worker had to help him from time to time, although it was quick and very watered down information. So we proceed to the truck and inspected it cosmetically. Outside it seemed fine, there were of course small scratches, some small dents, dirt; evidence of a used 10ft moving truck. He had me turn on the key, but only to the accessories to see the mileage and gas.

A small orange light came on in the right corner in the shape of a trailer and I asked what that was. He said he didn't know but that all lights come on before you start any vehicle. So, I didn't think anything of it and asked him if the truck would make it to my destination, Colorado springs. He said yes. So i turned on the truck, the light never went off. I left the lot noticing a loud semi-grinding sound, but thinking it was normal (I have never rented a truck before nor even know enough about cars to even begin determining mechanical issues). Saturday I had my mother and step father help us take our load to Colorado Springs, Colorado. We made a stop in price so my step father could use the restroom and as we began moving again, the truck got really quiet.

After about 15 to 20 minutes out of price, something popped sounding like a car horn and the truck began to swerve dangerously. I noticed it from my rear view mirror and immediately pulled over. After making a few calls to budget and their emergency road side number a little after 12:30 pm Saturday, we finally got the mechanic there at 1:30. When it was determined it was the rear axle, they called for a tow truck. The tow truck did not show up until almost 5pm. Meanwhile, I was running out of water and food for my infant and toddler in the middle of nowhere.

My mother has a medical condition and was beginning to feel drowsy as well as nauseous. She fell down a couple of times going back and forth from the truck to the car. So finally at 3pm we got sick of waiting and getting really hungry; my husband stayed with the truck while I began to take my step father, mother and my children to Green River, Utah. Half way there I got a text message from FleetNet saying the tow truck would be there in less than an hour. So, we turned around and waited for another hour and a half for it to get there. When he finally did get there, he told use we were being taken to a weight station because Budget/ FleetNet was blaming us for "overloading" the truck. At this point being livid beyond all reason, we finally get to Green River.

Turns out we were 800lbs Under the max weight. I was so angry that it took that long for them to get someone out there and to find out we were being dragged through more hoops was really making me angry. We had to rent a hotel and buy dinner, which FleetNet told me I would be reimbursed for that. I called FleetNet at 6:30 mountain time Sunday morning to see where we were at. The truck hadn't been located yet and wasn't located until about 11; at the time of check out. Thankfully, the hotel let us stay until the maids had to clean the room which would be at 2 or 3pm.

I would like to point out again, that no paperwork was ever explained to me, no one ever told me what the max weight was and the fact that the company wanted to blame me is sickening. Budget/ FleetNet will not get away with this. Someone could have been seriously injured or even killed.

Needless to say, I am livid and I will be filing a lawsuit against Budget for failing to comply with inspection routines and against their FleetNet company for putting people's lives at risk having us wait there for hours in the middle of no where and then trying to blame us for the damage to the truck. I would like to note that even the mechanic that showed up said that this was the fault of FleetNet and Budget, that this has happened before and more than it should. I was scheduled for a job offer today, January 18, 2015 and yet I am still sitting here in Green River. If I lose that offer I will be including that in my legal complaint, as well as my husband's. I want all my money back and I will Never recommend this company to anyone. I will never use this company again either.

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