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Avis is one of the world's largest rental car companies. If you have a problem with your rental car and need assistance, call Avis customer service toll-free at 1-800-352-7900. The company offers reservations, car sales, and an Avis preferred program which brings discounts and additional perks for frequent customers.

If you have a claim you can direct your comments to the Avis corporate office which is located at PO Box 409309, Atlanta, GA 30384-9309. The CEO is Larry D. De Shon, who has been Chief Executive since the beginning of 2016.

If you have rented a car and have an accident, call 720-479-4034 immediately to contact support and let them know. You will need to quickly complete an accident form and mail or fax it in for processing.

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Never again!
Booked a Car online for pickup in Frankfurt Germany for a 3 Week vacation. My Car rental estimate was CAD 560.79, my final bill CAD 740.73. I declined any extras, but was charged for a GPS which I didn’t need since I have my own. Returned car with a full tank of gas and had no traffic infractions.
Unfortunate I signed the hard to read computer screen (no more paper contracts).
Should you use AVIS Rent a Car, make sure you read that Computer screen no matter how long it takes and do not be concerned about a lineup. It seems they will slip in all kinds of charges and get away with it.
I for one will never use AVIS again.


The owner and operator at the Avis at Pierre SD. My son had emergency surgery and my wife flew up to see him. He had complications and is flying out of Bismarck. I called the Pierre location to ask for help but nobody answered. I called the cell line nobody answered. I called them 6 more times over the next 3 hours. Finally, over 3 hours later owner called back. All excuses and horrible example of Avis brand. NEVER AGAIN! READ THE REVIEWS ONLINE. ITS ALL RIGHT THERE.


Reservation number 08003154US5 - picked up car in Las Vegas on June 16, 2019. Yolanda was my contact at the desk. She was very rude - didn't want me to ask questions. Every time I would start talking - she would cut me off. When I asked about giving information about an additional driver, she said she didn't need anything. I was told on the initial reservation, Avis would need the information at time of pickup. I asked her about the additional charges and she couldn't tell me what they were - except "taxes". I told her I would be filing a complaint and she didn't care. I have been sent several requests to complete a survey on my experience. I complete the survey several days ago and haven't received a response. The gentleman that checked us out when leaving the parking lot was very nice - sorry I don't have his name. I told him about my experience at the counter and he did everything to try to apologize. I don't know if this is her normal interaction with customers - but she needs some help. I don't know that I will rent a car again from Avis based on this employee. I managed Customer Service group for over 10 years and would not have tolerated this behavior from any employee. If you need to talk to me, please call me at 501-230-9491. At least, I expect an email response on this complaint.


Dear Avis,

I am not a person that makes a habit of writing letters of complaint. However, with what happened to me today concerning the break-down of a car I have rented from you, and the way it was dealt with by your company, I have been left no choice but to write this letter in the hope that you make some changes to your service and therefore other people will not have to suffer in the way I have today.

An important thing to note before starting to read the rest of this letter is that I hired the car from Copenhagen airport and drove it across to Sweden to spend my holiday there.

I will now start by explaining what happened to the car…When I woke up in the morning the battery was dead. However, I already noticed something strange the evening before when I had gotten out the car at the house I have been staying at and tried to lock the car with the keys. I didn’t see the lights flicker or the hear any sound when doing so. I chose to ignore it and assumed that I must have just missed the lights or the noise as I was multitasking at the time with unloading various things from the car. Thinking about this now, the cars battery must have already died before that moment, within fifteen minutes of driving the car.

In the morning upon realising I couldn’t drive the car as it wouldn’t start, of course I called Avis. They told me that a company called Viking will handle this case from now on and someone will be with me shortly. After waiting a while, I decided to call Viking to see how long it would be as of course I wanted to continue with my day - for which I needed a car. Once I reached them, I asked what would happen now, and they told me someone was on the way to come pick up the car to take it to the garage. I then asked if I would receive a replacement car considering my rental car was about to be taken away, to which they replied ‘No, we are only the tow company, if you need a replacement car you will have to contact Avis.’ I did then of course contact Avis and I explained what Viking had said, to which they replied with ‘No, we have passed this case onto Viking now, only they can provide you with a replacement car.’

After realising that I was caught between two companies passing the buck, so to speak, I tried calling both companies multiple times, explaining what had happened, and tried to get some sense and a solution from someone, anyone! The only place I manged to have what seemed at the time like success was from the Copenhagen Airport Avis branch where I had originally rented the car, where I spoke to a man called Anders. Anders was the first person that tried to help me. He expressed his understanding of the absurdity of the situation, and I actually said he has experienced this before and recognises that there is serious flaw in the service that Avis provide with regards to the break-down of a car in different country of which it has been rented. He said, If I could get to Avis branch at Jönköping airport, perhaps I could get a car there. He tried to call but no answer. He advised me that he will email them and I should go there and then perhaps I can get a new car.

The man from Viking was kind enough to take me to the Avis centre but did express his confusion to me that this seemed to be an unusual situation as they normally don’t drive customers around, but only take the cars away. On the way to the Avis centre we dropped my broken down rental car at a Mercedes garage. It was at this point I realised, if I wasn’t actively trying to find a replacement car, then Viking would have simply picked up the broken one and left me with no car! Upon arriving at the Avis centre, I found no one at the desk, not even a computer, no sign of life accept a note which gave a number to call. No answer. At this point it become very obvious that I have seriously have something to complain about now. My rental car which I have paid for has been taken away and I currently don’t have a replacement. I am now not only carless but actually stranded. What should I do? The only thing I could do was repeatedly call Viking and Avis. I received the same answers multiple times from various people. ‘Call Avis, it’s not our problem.’, ‘Call Viking, it’s not our problem.’

Four hours passed while I was waiting in the airport and trying to solve the problem. During this time, my father in law was also trying to get in contact with both companies, also trying to find a solution. In the end, after spending more than an hour trying to get through to Jönköping, he had some luck and informed me that a man called Andreas, will bring me a car.

At this point I should inform you I had paid an extra amount in order to rent a larger car as I am travelling with my wife and a child and therefore have a lot of luggage. When Andreas brought me this car, I was of course happy that I wasn’t stranded anymore, but I was very unhappy that the new car I had received was not in the same class as what I had paid for, and mainly, not big enough. Andreas told me, it was literally the only car they had. I drove it back to the place where I was staying and tried to put the suitcases in the boot. They did not fit.

At this point I got on the phone to Anders again. He again was very helpful and assured me that he was going to do his absolute best to help me, and both he and his manager could see what a disgraceful and un-excusable situation this was. He tried to arrange that somehow a car of the right class and more importantly size would be delivered to me from Gothenburg. He unfortunately at this point had to finish work but passed me on to Lyn in Gothenburg. She said could get Viking to bring me a new, larger car on a tow truck but it would cost me 5000 Kronen. At this point of course I was extremely angry and exclaimed to her that there was absolutely no way I should have to pay a cent, in fact actually I should be entitled to compensation. She explained to me that there was nothing she could do. I rang Copenhagen once more. No answer.

In summary, after being left with no car at all for five hours in total, racking up what will likely be a huge phone bill, having wasted a whole day of my holiday on the phone in an airport, I ended up with a car that is not adequate for my needs and that is in a lower class than that of which I had paid for. Tomorrow I have no choice but to use the car to drive to our next destination in Sweden, and will have to make other arrangements as I cannot carry all of my luggage.

I am disgusted. I have never felt so wronged by a company like I have by Avis today. I am awaiting your response to find out how you will be compensating me for all my costs and the utter inconvenience that I experienced today. I hope to hear from you before 16:00 on Monday 1stJuly otherwise I will be forced to take further action.


Jack Chamberlain


This is Jim Sumner my rental #778562724,I rented a car from you guys and didn't buy the insurance because I have my own.I didn't know that a blow-out of a tire was not covered by you. If you would waive the $161.00 I will continue to be your customer.


1. At no time did either of the avis shuttle drivers offer to help with luggage or assistance in seating customers.
2. At he return process in Denver Airport:
a. It was pouring rain and the car return is outside and not covered
b. The person at the return again did not ask to assist in unloading luggage or in any other manner
3. Other than the person at the rental counter I found LL PEOPLE AT THE Denver FACILITY RATHER RUDE AND NOT VERY HELPFUL TO ANY CUSTOMER
4. It is unlikely I will use the Denver Avis again and would not recommend to my friends and family.


Showed up at the Shannon airport this morning with a reasonable rental rate for 8 days. Declined insurance coverage (already declined on reservation) as my Chase Sapphire Visa covers all costs. Was then informed that I would have to have an almost $5700 USD hold charge added to my credit card if I declined insurance. This is a complete con artist scheme!! Said ok to insurance and then hours later discover that the insurance charges added to bill were almost 400 euro!!! This insurance scam charge was over what the rental fee was for 8 days!!!! I rent a lot of vehicles and chose Avis this time as I thought was a reputable company. It will be the first AND last time for me. Extremely disappointed in how your company bait and switches your customers. I have never had a rental car company place more then a few hundred dollar hold on a credit card for declining insurance. To want $5700 USD is absurd and then to double your rental rate is shocking! You get an F from me.


I reserved a rental car 2-3 weeks prior to me picking it up. When I arrived at the Orlando airport the rep behind
counter told me they did not have any full size cars available but she would give me a SUV at no additional charge.
When I return I am charged for it and one hour past time and they charged me a full day. Rep in Tihuahana Mark
very rude!! I will never rent from Avis again. I am an Allstate agent and refer rental car companies every day and will never refer AVIS after this!!


To Whom It May Concern,
I Was charged $230.36 extra for a Loss Damage Waiver on a car rental in which I did not want or even needed. I had my own car insurance & it was not necessary to acquire. When filling out the reservation car form on line I remember checking off decline for all of the Products & Services to keep the rental cost down as low as I could.

The Loss Damage charge made my billing twice the original rental amount that was originally quoted by the car rental associate of $254.16. This was an obvious mistake made by the rental associate at the Linthicum, MD site. He said and quoted to me that the full rental cost would only be the original on line price of $254.16 and to please sign the rental agreement! My husband and I were already under a lot of grieving despair from his first cousins sudden passing at 56. Like I said before I do believe this was a complete oversight by the Linthicum, MD Avis Center Associate.

I would appreciate if at all possible your company would please eliminate the oversight charge of $230.36 for the Loss Damage Waiver Insurance that was not even needed in the first place.

Thank You For Your Time And Consideration In These Matters,
Lorraine Meyett
4015 SW 1st Place
Cape Coral, FL 33914

PS: My husband and I flew up from Florida to attend his 1st Cousins Funeral. She was buried on Friday 03/29/2019 at the Glen Garden Cemetery in Glen Burnie, MD 21060. Her name was Shannon Kooser.

Attachments Included


Avis Car Rental in Fayetteville, GA was the most horrible experience EVER. They don't deserve a One. They deserve a big fat ZERO. I am thoroughly disgusted with both of the stupid women's lack of professionalism and customer service. Both of them should be fired immediately. They don't deserve a job dealing with people. They have no customer service skills.

I reserved a rental car and went to pick the car up, I was given the run around for an hour and a half. They told me the car was returned but they couldn't be released it for some reason. I waited for an hour and a half. They did not apologize for the inconvenience. On top of that both of them argued with my son for questioning when the car would be ready. Now you tell me if that is professional. I will never use this company or location again. I will tell my friends, coworkers and family to don't use this company.


I complained on 26th March about the poor service received when collecting our hire car in Kyneton, Victoria,Oz. To date we have not heard back. this is what I set via the Australian website...
"Booked a group G car from the UK to collect in Kyneton, Victoria. THe rental confirmation was $1081.20AUD plus a $25 fee for a second driver..THis car was not available and a group K was offered which is smaller and a lower group. When they came to work out the rental difference we were asked to pay more for the smaller car than our original booking. Phone calls to Bendigo were not helpful and they did not seem to care that the price was higher and had a take it or leave it attitude. The rep then called further up the cahin . SOmeone there eventually worked out a $2.20 deduction per day from the group G to the group K. which made the base rate $1047.20. The $25 fee for a second driver does not apply in Australia so was removed...why was it charged in the first place ?We were happy to take the group K as we understood the groupG had been damaged. However, no one had worked out the new rate based upon our original booking nor did they have the information to do so. We had no choice but to agree to this small deduction. It took nearly an hour and a half to sort this out....time out of our schedule which was not appreciated. THen to cap it all., we were handed the keys and waved nonchalantly to the car park with the word...its a white one. No body check, no showing to the car. The car was filthy both inside and out and had not been cleaned despite the fact they knew this was the car we would have to take. THis was not an overnight booking. We were renting for 17 days and felt the service provided was completely sub standard and not to our usual experience with Avis. I need an email addresd to send a full and formal complaint to. We had hoped to use this Avis location every year but perhaps it would be better to look at other rental agencies in Melbourne instead based upon this experience."
I have attached photos of the state of the car when we picked it up.
As the booking was made in the UK for a car in Australia this is a global problem and I would like to get a response.
Lynne Austin


I made a complaint on Monday about the sales person at Chicago Airport being deceitful. After making a complaint at Avis, they have refunded the money I was charged for the upgrade that the sales person charged me. I just want to be sure to give a compliment where it is deserved. Avis stood by their word and I will definitely give them another chance the next time I need a car.


If I could do 0 stars, i would. The more i think about my experience, the angrier I get. The sales person at the Chicago Ohare airport lied to us. She never once said upgrade or a higher amount than what I reserved!! She was very friendly. "Well we have a Cherokee grand whatever for you." When i asked about some of the billing....that is for gas, it will be taken off when you return the car. I was at work all day, then to the airport to get on a plane. True, I signed a contract, but I, like most people assume that the person you're dealing with is honest. Boy was I wrong!!! BEWARE!!! This will be the last time I use Avis.


Trying to collect payment from Avis Car Rental at 3907 Eagle View South Park Service Center in Jackson, WY 83001.
They have an account with us that is 90 days past due that will be going to collections. ACCT# 1079163 Balance of $716.81
Dennis is the Manager has ignored repeated attempts to collect, and has relocated to the Jackson Hole Airport but still operates under the AVIS brand name.
His billing office is 2140 North Skyline Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Phone calls are not returned.
Please call our office to make account whole.

Dan F Webb Manager
Westbank Santitation
District 3022 Jackson, WY 83001
307-733-2615 Office
307-733-4671 Fax
307-248-0862 Cell


Our nephew (living in Italy in Guilianova) reserved a car for my wife and I in advance of our trip to Italy to the city of Guilianova at Avis Budge Italia S.p.a Stazione
Dettafli della Staszione Te 085003460 Contratto di noleggion : 853311432.
He reserved for Feb 28 morning. The rep even called early to make sure we were still picking it up. To our surprise and disappointment when the rep brought it around to us, it was very very dirty!! Not only was it dirty it had dents, scratches all over as if it had been in several accidents. We had her go and get it washed so that we could take pictures of the damage prior to taking possession. We reserved an automatic and scheduled to leave on a trip so we had to accept this car at that time.
It was VW Golf Executive with over 78,000 Km on it. I really do not think it was worth the 952.98 euros or $ 1,100 I paid for it.
To make matters worse, we could not adjust the seats because the adjustment levers were broken, the cigarette did not work and we could not use it to charge our phones while traveling. Also, we did fill up the tank up and believe me it was just slight under the full mark line that the rep said to go and put more diesel in it, we declined and paid the difference.
This agency has a very small office and lot, located on a very busy street where drivers are moving very quickly.
I am considering writing a review on Yelp and two travel magazines in both English and Italian advising everyone of our poor experience with this agency.


This is the second time I have filed this complaint, the first one only got me a standard response that someone would contact me. Have reserved cars at Tampa Fl several times. Each time I reserved a full size car. When we get there the car is not in right parking spot, contract not completed or they attempt to put us in an SUV which we do not like. I will not send another email about this I did call your customer service line and they transferred me to reservations. Not a very service oriented company
Roger Gerlach


Service at Greenacres Port Elizabeth Branch since 11 Feb 2019 - 19 Feb 2019

This service at this branch has been nothing short of disgusting, unethical and surely illegal .

On Collection of the Car no mention of the Fact that the car is inspected in the Pouring rain - so visibility for proper inspection of scratches and chips unclear with raindrops.

Due to theft - the keys on the hired car were stolen the following day. This resulted in the car having to be towed to the depot in the night .
On collection the Inspection is now done in the darkness( thanks to loadshedding) with a torch! and chips etc now well noted. (Note please that the car was hardly driven at all by this stage - maybe 10km) The return and closure of this contract was not closed for 8 days... damages and money deducsted withhout notice or even invoice .... this is criminal and surely illegal. Manager rude, unhelpful with no knowledge of day to day.


Good day

REF: E168738264 dated 10 January 2019 [Case: mGxSNW, Reference: AxfY8P]

I don't get joy as nobody comes back to me regarding the above mentioned case. I need urgent attention to this issue.

Hoping to here from you soon

Distell Libertas, Adam Tas Road, Stellenbosch, South Africa
+27 (0)21 8097584 /0729186109


I want to rent a car in Kahalui Maui for 15 days. To do so I wanted to sign up for your preferred account so that I would not have to wait in line, a problem which seems to persist with all the other rental agencies at Kahalui. During my last trip there I noted that Avis had a prefferred member line which seemed to move people through quite rapidly. I want this. So, I downloaded your app. I found out that I still needed a wizard number. I called your Customer Service to find out if I already had one or needed a new one. End result: I now have a wizard number M6K084. However, when I try to sign up for the preferred membership using this number it seems to hang up on my Washington State DL number and/or credit card number. I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with either. I tried numerous times. I then called your Customer Service again for help. They couldn't make it work either and referred me to a Wizard Help Line 757 687 2570. That number goes to an extension with an answering machine. I left a message. No one called back. I called Customer Service again and was referred to another Wizard Help Line 866 842 5552. I tried calling this number and again was transferred to the extension that nobody ever answers. Left a message again. This seems like pretty pathetic service and a lot of customer inconveinience for a company as well known as Avis. I'm would still like to avail myself of your service, but need someone's attention.


San Juan PR the customer service at the location I was unsatisfied with the service. I stood at the counter for 5 minutes (the only one on line before the 3 ladies that was there said anything to me, the only customer there). One lady looked at me and turned her head, then finally another lady ask if she could help me. The vehicle that I received was not fitting, the car shakes and needs an alignment along with another tire on the drivers side. the gas tank was not full. Being a preferred member I should have received better service then what I was given. I do not rent for 1 week, I rent for 3 months at a time. If this is how you treat your preferred customer, I will have to start renting somewhere else.


Deceptive pricing. First price shown does not include fees, taxes. Second price shown (estimated total) is NOT the total price.

The total price is ONLY shown after you click reserve (and have your credit card charged). Called, was told "something went wrong and we will investigate this" and that the total would be refunded. Not the case. They hold your $50 cancellation fee hostage for 3-10 business days.

Avis's website is deceptive: Don't be fooled by their prices.


We were on a Princess Cruise (Caribbean Princess) in November that docked on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 for a full day in Curacao. Prior to our trip, we reserved a car at the Mega Pier, WM2 in Curacao. The Confirmation Number of our reservation was: 36867084US2. On November 19, 2018, two days before we were to dock, we received an e-mail confirming our reservation and thanking us for choosing AVIS. When we got off the ship and went to the AVIS office, we were summarily told "WEHAVE NO CARS LEFT". Just 2 days earlier, we received confirmation of our reservation. The reception person was abrupt, did not apologize at all and we were left without a car and no ability to do the touring of Curacao that we planned.

On our prior travels we have rented from AVIS in the South Pacific (Tahiti and Moorea) before and had good experiences. This was certainly not one of them.


Be careful when you book Avis cars. You will get huge hidden costs that no one tells you about a few days after you give the car back. if the car is not clean? R360.Why would i let them charge me R360 cleaning fee when i could have taken it to any car wash and had it cleaned for R100? If you fill up the car with fuel Avis will Squeeze another R30 into the car so that they can charge you a R20 fill-up fee. Apparently, you pay a fee because you didn't smash the windscreen or windows??? total of R474 which is more than half the rental cost. I'm contacting my lawyers about this. Not going to be taken for a ride.


November 29th at L,A,X, airport we rented a Prius automobile. Rental Agreement number is 348473230 the rental agreement said that the tank was full on returning the car we filled the tank it took 4. 851 gallons for a journey of 102 miles the car got 56 miles per gallon so the tank was not full.i paid $15.03 for4.851 gallons so I think I paid about $9 more than I should have I was on the phone for over 30 minutes regarding this. I was offered a $20.00 credit to be used for future rental. As I am a senior citizen and I do not anticipate needing a rental I wonder why I could not have the excess amount credited to my account. We have used Avis many times over the years and this is the first time we have had any problem. We really appreciate your checking on this for us. Sincerely. James McFetridge.


Charged for a vehicle we didn't pick up at MSY New Orleans airport on Monday September 17, 2018. I could understand a small cancellation fee but instead they charged our credit card the full rental amount of $115.00. Very poor customer service. Never received a confirmation number or cancellation confirmation.


Avis car rental 25 July 18 to Aug 01 18.CS#24809041.Quoted cost of rental $411.31.Three weeks after the return of my rental I received my
CC bill.Additional charges for Fuel $92.46 and tolls charge of $22.50 for New York on 08/16.I have sent several messages and talked to several
agents about these mistakes.I was told to send copies of all my charges and copy of the gas debit to Avis customer service.Now they want me
to send a PDF file..whatever that is with all my information.I am a 45 year TWA/AA retiree.I would not Jeopardize all the discounts that Airline
employees are offered.I am 80 years old and lucky that i can operate a computer.Appreciate if someone would use common sense and correct
these wrong charges.
Thank You;
Paul McCarthy


I have contacted your customer service before. My booking number is 134296374. I hired a car from Avis in France and there were some issues happened. The customer service said the rental did not take place in the US, so it cannot be resolved the problems for me. It also told me that it forwarded my inquiry to the customer service desk in France (I've sent another email to there as well). However, its been a month already, I still don't hear anything from there. Could you please take a note of this issue and reply me asap.


Had to rent a car on emergency basis on Sun.July 15. Very few car rentals are opened on Sundays. I always use Enterprise,but I found an Avis on Rte.22 in Springfield,NJ opened. They wanted $67.00 a day for the cheapest car. They said it was so expensive because I didn't make prior reservations online. As it was an emergency, I reluctantly agreed on the price. The car was a tan cheap Ford Focus. The car was returned to same location three days later (July18). When I saw my charge card statement online, I was SHOCKED that they charged me the weekly rate of $357.00.Thev car was used for THREE days and they charged me for SEVEN. Calls to customer service were of no help. I called up my credit card company and put through a dispute. Avis is by far the worst,dishonest,car rental company that I have EVER come across. This is why I use Enterprise.I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED with AVIS.


I reserved a minivan 11/17/17 for pickup 6/21/18. After waiting in line 1.2 hrs--totally unacceptable, only 3 agents--I was told none were available. I was substituted a Ford flex. After loading & starting the car, the oil change light was on. I had to go back to counter, wait until an agent was available & get another car. Again I was told no minivan was available but the next agent said one was available. Again we loaded and drove off. Day 1 of the trip the TPI light came on & stayed on. When we were cleaning the windshield I noticed written on the windshield in a white marker "TPI" but nothing was done before we were given the car. 3 days before we were to turn in the vehicle, we received a call the vehicle had been recalled & to take it to the nearest Avis within a few days. On return to the Denver terminal, no1 would even acknowledge return of the car or let us relay said info. We were told to put the paperwork on the stand. I rented this because of AARP but will be filing a complaint with them also. I also just received a charge for tolls but to my knowledge I did not drive on a toll road, because if I had I would have paid any toll. Your Denver off office needs more personnel. Our agent was very polite but the one walking around was not. There were at least 75-100 people in line for a car.


I rented two chevy suburbans on 2/12/2018 and the rental agent gave me a price for prepayment. Both vehicle was paid for on my visa credit card. the agent informed me that the credit card was not accepted, and canceled the reservation and made two more reservation for the vehicle and they was set up to pay at the counter.

After making the reservation I called my credit card company to see why the charges was not accepted, and the credit card company told me the charges was approved. I call Avis reservation and informed them of the situation, and the agent informed me nothing could be done, and would not receive the prepaid discount.
Not only did I waste time making the reservation, I will not get the discount on tow of the company most expense vehicles.

Very bad experience,
Tom Andrews


they charged me base rate. I am wizard member and they would not use AARP discount. this is Madison wi on Washington ave. not nice people


I have been with Avis for a number of years and I have a platinum preferred membership. I rented a car at Chicago O'Hare Airport on 09/05-09/08 and when I arrived my name was not on the board and I had to wait over an hour to get into a car. Every car I was put in someone drove off in three times before they finally got me in a car. I recently checked rented with Avis again on 09/21-09/25 it was the wrong car and I waited 30 minutes before getting into rental. I was given the wrong rate, which they corrected after I turned in rental. I am concerned I always rent with Avis and they offered me a ten dollar coupon it felt insulting. I like Avis and I refer friends and family but the recent service was not five star of what I am custom to. I have to fly to Chicago this month I want to rent with Avis but I have doubts of the quality of service.

Mrs. Dotson


I reserved a car through Avis while in Los Angeles from October 1st till October 9th, when I booked my car online I was sure to decline the insurance and even advised the rep at the location to not assign any insurance as I have coverage with my credit card. Rep assured me that no insurance was added and asked me to print my initials on the documents. At my surprise when I returned the document an amount equivalent to $459 was added to my bill for insurance coverage.

As I had a plane to catch I could' t take care of this at the spot. When I arrived to Montreal, I called Avis, the first rep said to call back next day but assured me that it will be waived as he saw the confirmation on the system that I declined the coverage. Rep asked em to call back next day, when I called back, another rep said there was nothing they can do! Not only the insurance was applied but also the amount I paid was much higher than what I paid for the car itself.

What kind of scam is this? Please let me know how you can fix this as I seriously believe that Avis scammed me. Please refer to attached document to see the confirmation that I got from Avis when I booked the car declining the insurance. A very disappointed client.


I have been a loyal Avis preferred customer for years. I rented a car from PBI airport to Miami airport for $40.00 to fly out of the country. Upon my return I went on line and set up my return car rental from MIA to PBI. I did not read the fine print as I felt as they were always fair with me and I was a Preferred Customer getting a good deal. The bill turned out to be $140.00. That is $100.00 more than I paid for the same car, same time,reversed on a different day. $140.00 to travel 109-miles in 24-hours! If they would make the fine print larger and let me know of these outrageous charges in advance I would have gone elsewhere as I will in the future. I complained and was offered a $20.00 credit. Wow! what a bargain. So much for being a preferred customer.


Between 23rd March to 27th March 2016, I rented a car from Avis and picked up the car from Malta airport. I was told that I have to sign and make a few initials on the form before he can issue me the car key. But nothing was said or explain about extra insurance, collision damage waiver, mia counter product or roadside Assistance plus! Not a single word about any of the above. This is very misleading as he gave us the impression I am signing what I already paid for online in advance. When I discovered the transaction on my credit card back in the UK.

I thought it was just a mistake and contacted Avis customer support online, but today when I received the invoice, my family and I feel this is outrageous! The staff at the Avis counter should at least mention the extra add ons and it's up to me to decide, not him! He just demand a few signatures on the form to issue the car key. I feel cheated! This is very bad conduct for your business if that's how you train your staff. I was not told about the extra charges and demand a refund for the extra 107.13 euros charged from my card which I am not aware of.


I am having a dispute with Budget/Avis regarding a car that I hired in Milan Malpensa on 11 January 2016 and on the same day the car brakes and ABS malfunctioned 5 hrs into our journey. Unfortunately, Budget did not provide any assistance in organising a tow truck, a replacement car, guidance as to who would cover the cost and still charged the full amount of the rental at the end of the journey.

I have been in contact with many of Budget's office in Italy as well as their Customer Service team, but so far have had no response regarding what the procedures are when an incident like this happens. Due to the breakdown we have incurred around 900 Euro worth of expenses. I believe, that as we had an agreement with Budget for them to provide a car in "good working condition", they should be responsible for the costs that we incurred when the car they provided broke down.

I am asking assistance to see if someone can look into this matter as no-one in Italy or the Malpensa office, where we hired the Car but no-one wants to provide any answers. Is this something that you can assist with.


We reserved out an Avis rental car online through Travelocity.com as a package deal. Paid for the car before we left Germany. When we arrived at the Avis location my husband was asked for the credit card used to make the reservation and we did not have it with us but they made him present a different card for a deposit. My husband was asked twice about the additional insurance protection and declined both times.

He verbally told the agent he did not want any other coverage as we had coverage of our own. When we returned the car we were billed for damage loss protection. Again, we declined all additional coverage on the initial day of rental. When we disputed the charges we explained that when my husband signed for the car, the Avis agent told us he was signing for the deposit on the car, no other charges. We were lied to by the agent when we received the car. When we complained about the charges we were told it was our responsibility to understand what we were signing for, even though we were lied to.

I called and complained to the custom relations line and was treated incompetent and the lady on the phone was so rude it was unbelievable. Being that we are both active duty military and were flying in from being overseas for the past few years, I never thought in my wildest dreams that we would be ripped off and taken advantage of by an American owned company but it proves to be a company that doesn't care who you are, they just want to make a buck.


I made a reservation for an intermediate car. On site they had me sign a lengthy contract in which they upgraded and charged me for a luxury vehicle (Nissan Ultima). I never thought Nissan was considered luxury so I have to wonder what Mercedes, Audi, Lexus is then. Their customer service would not refund the difference saying they had a signed contract. Will never use Avis again, moral of the story, read contract if they try to upgrade you without your verbal permission walk to reputable competitor.


I paid for a car rental prior to 3-14-2014, I returned the rental at Tampa Intl Airport Florida, 3-18-2014. On 3-20-14 my bank account had a 100.00 hold from Avis. I was told by the customer service agent,, this would be cleared in 48 hr. On 3-21-2014, a 2nd hold of 100.00 was placed on the same account, now totaling 200.00 in funds being held in my bank/debit account at TD Bank. WHY are these funds still, as of 3-23-14 held on my account? I am very upset and dissatisfied.


First I was told the Avis rental car would hold 5 full sized adults – it did not. Second, ne of the tires had a hole and a screw in it. As a result we were stranded in a snow storm in a tiny town where we couldn’t get it fixed until the next day after driving 40 more miles on a doughnut after spending the night in a motel. We ended up being late returning the car and being charged $91 more. When I asked for a rundown of these charges, Clinton became rude. He said $16 was for gas and I said what was the rest he wouldn’t break it down.

He finally said $68 was for an extra day and I pointed out that an extra day was only $48. I informed him that we had stopped and filled the gas tank up just before we arrived but he ignored that. He said we should have called them therefore it was our problem . I will never ever ,ever rent from avis again. I think he just did everything he could to hike up that bill and I have nothing to prove to me that he was not.



Never use them. I wasted 2.5 hours of trying to call the Avis rental car local branch to see if they could pick me up (They offered this service and confirmed it through the numerous customer service reps I spoke with). I finally spoke with someone who treated me like garbage. Massively unprofessional and after being fed-up with his terrible attitude and they way he spoke to me I told him to cancel my reservation.

His response, “Sure, whatever -click-” and hung up on me. Don’t ever waste your time or give these people a single penny of your money, they’ll just treat you like you terribly. Let them starve this branch out and die and maybe they’ll get the message and replace their staff. Don’t deal with the local rep: Mohammed Mustafa. You’re better off having a rabid dog eat your leg off than deal with them… the whole experience would leave you with a much better taste in your mouth rather than doing business with Avis in Charlotte, NC.


I rented a car from Avis in San juan PR on june 25. On the 26th of june i was impacted while parked. Puerto Rico has mandatory insurance called “seguro compulsorio” The person who impacted my car immediatly called them and made an appointment for the 29th of June in order to pay for the car which i also had to attend so they can take pictures of the car. I also called avis and spoke to a lady called Ada ( 787) 253-5916.

She told me to get all the paperwork from insurance company and a copy of the police report and she would take care of the whole situation. Upon returning my car i provided all the paperwork to Avis. I,ve called multiple times concerning the situation and she keeps telling me she has all the paperwork and will take care of the situation. She is the person who deals with this Insurance company in Puerto Rico, therefore I assumed everything was well.

I received a phone call a few months later from avis, stating that i have to pay 673.65 $ for the repair of the car. I immeddiatly called ADA again and inform her that avis is charging me, she tells me that she will look for the aperwork and call me bacK. I never received a phone call, therefore i called again, she then finds the paperwork and tells me that she will work with the insurance and call me back. I never receive a phone call back, so issume everything is ok. I just received a a letter from a collection agency, JNR adjustment company at 1-866-812-2345.

I called them and the guy immediatly starts harrasing me about how i did not comply with the contract and i needed to pay that ammount immediatly or my credit report will be damaged. When i rented the car i did not add insurance because i have my personal insurance that covers me, however the lady Mrs. Ada told me that if i turned in all the documents( police report and insurance paperwork from seguro compulsorio) I did not have to worry about contacting my insurance or paying the damages because she dealt exclusively with those guys and since i provided all documents early i would be fine.

I am military service member with over 22 years of service and i do not have any problems assuming my responsibility.Paying that money is not a problem whatsoever. I just feel i was not treated fairly during this whole ordeal. I would like to talk to representative in order to finish with this ordeal.


RIP-OFF ARTIST. I recently reserved a car rental with Avis through Priceline. My offer price was accepted as $20.00 per day. I decided to upgrade my rental to a convertible for an additional $80.00 per day. The agent informed me that my Priceline total of $72.42 would be taken into consideration and my total for two days will be $160.00. I picked up my rental at: 6/4/11 @ 1: pm and Returned the Rental on 6/6/11 @ 2:30 pm. My rental charges were initially reflecting $238.00 (including $72.42), and the only thing necessary is to have the agent subtract the $72.42 from my charges due to a prepayment.

This amount also reflected on my Credit Card Statement. When I returned the rental, I was charged outrageous fees. I was charged $101.00 on top of an additional $80.00 for returning the car at 2:30. The phone agent stated that I was charged for an additional day. In any case….I will never ever rent from Avis Rental again in my life. The service was misleading. Exalt in a complete lack of professionalism. Avis Rental is a complete RIP-OFF. I do a great deal of business with Rental Companies and Avis will be terminated from the list and all business with Avis will cease…


I went online to rent a car from Avis at Worcester regional airport. I gave mt Debit number, and there was never any mention of needing a credit card to secure a car. I walked for 1.5 hours to get there. The gentleman at the counter said that if you don’t have a credit card, you must submit to a credit check. I have lousy credit because of a divorce and have not used credit in any form in over 5 years. I was denied the car, and subsequently missed work. When i complained about not posting this policy up front, the gentleman said “it’s not something we openly advertise”.

He and his friend rolled their eyes at me, and I promptly asked for my card and license and walked another 3.5 miles home. I WILL NEVER USE AVIS FOR ANY REASON. I work at a popular Boston restaurant, and see execs from Avis fairly often. I will make them give me their credit card before I serve them. If they only have a debit card, please enjoy the bread and water…on me.


Avis car rental…who gave them the right to rip off people and how come there is no discussion or redress with their car rental policy. Hope the company disappears down it’s own filthy hole of lies, scams and rip offs. It’s counter staff are primed to foist unwanted extra charges using hard sell techniques, give misleading advice ( “its cheaper to bring the car back empty”) or just downright lie (“there is a 150 mm long scratch” no there is not and here is the photo to prove it. “sorry already entered into the computer” and finally “sorry you can’t leave a complaint with us as we don’t keep any forms here” AVIS go rot. Avoid at all costs!


I rented an economy car through Expedia. It turned out Avis had the best deal at 225 (UK pounds). after renting the car I ran over a pot hole in a road. Avis sent out roadside assistance that towed me to a Tire company. I paid out nearly 90 pounds for a new tire. Avis told me my insurance did not cover this and since the car was in my care i had to pay. I have just received another credit card statement with an extra cost to Avis for 265 pounds. They told me first it was car damage (Which there was none) then changed it to ‘I had taken out extra insurance’. I of course challenged but they said I signed for this.

Of course the tire was not part of the insurance!! So in attempting to hire a cheap economy car it’s cost me more than i could have imagined. Avis and a lot of car rental companies need a watchdog or ombudsman. Avis are not nice people to deal with.


I hired a car from Avis for 7 days from Gatwick Airport, UK. While I was signing the documents, the male counter staff told me that if I took the car back about one hour before I was planning to, I would save myself a days’ hire charge, as the extra hour made an extra day. So I did, and guess what – Avis charged me EXTRA for taking the car back EARLY!!! What unbelievable nonsense. They told me that as I was now renting for only 6 days, I was on a different tariff which cost more. When I said that I had therefore been mislead by the first man, they told me to Avis phone customer services. I did, and guess what, I had phoned too soon, and had to phone back later, then they were not available for the weekend…… What a bunch of thieves Avis are. Will never use them again.


I had a prepaid vehicle reserved on Avis, all seemed well, till I went up to the counter and the lady refused to give me a vehicle under claims that I have bad credit (I don’t have bad credit). I promptly went to Hertz who didn’t seem to have a problem giving me a vehicle. Meanwhile Avis wants to charge me a $50 cancellation fee for this claiming it was my fault for not passing their crappy credit check system. Small claims here I come. My advise, stay away from Avis, they seem to have mood swings where they’ll either give you a car or not as this is not the first time this has happened to me with Avis.


I happened to rent a car for the New years from Avis Rental Services. I think it must have have been the biggest mistake made so far on my part. Avis not only charged my card without my consent but was not being entirely specific about the reason being charged. I was also given misleading information about disputing the charge. After calling AVIS customer service and bunch of other numbers provided to me, I learned that the so-called manager can waiver those charges. To put it in a nutshell, my card was authorized for $250 without my consent as miscellaneous charges. I was just being hustled by a company who doesn’t care about customer experience…

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