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The commercial spokesperson for National Car rental service acts like a mob boss. Would I do business with your company?
NO! Will I speak out against your company because of the advertisement spokesman? YES

Get rid of the jerk. He is totally offensive.


Their customer service, escalation department and billing.

We rented a car with an EZ Pass and of course we knew the tolls would be p
Charged later but they charged once and then a second time. We called about the second charge and the customer service agent TOLD us we would have to call the toll companies ourselves. I called back and asked for a manager instead they sent my call to the escalation department, an even bigger joke. The person proceeded to inform me that even with the EZ Pass we would have to pay tolls like we didn't know this! And after him talking down to me again it was go to this website which he actually spelled the word toll another insult to find out what they are. This whole company is one giant nightmare!!!


Trip #344056212.
I recently was on vacation and we had rented a SUV from Tampa. Had zero issues until I needed to extend my rental. I used my free coupons since I had several to use I travel all the time for work, I called the local Tampa office(1 844-370-9186) and told them what I needed. I was instructed to book as a Executive Area and bring the my current car in and then I could just re-rent the SUV I had currently. I thought this will simple and easy and off my family and I went. The return was simple like she told me then it all fell apart. I was told I couldn't do this and that they need to have my SUV. I told them what I was told and got the run around from the manager on duty. He then told me I need to get my belongings out and he would get me a mini van with low miles that could fit my family and belongings. This was a joke. I got a dirty(inside) van with high miles that was not what I am used to when I rent from you. Highly disappointed Executive Elite Member. I do have photos that I can share if you would like.


Milwaukee international airport. Milwaukee Wisconsin.
this location is run by a car dealership these people are among the most untrusted groups of peoples around with poor business practices.
There were only Chevy vehicles at this location and if I want an upgrade I have to pay.
Please review this locations business practices and you will find they are inconsistent with other airport locations I have visited.
I have spoken with the manager from this location and was told this is the direction National car rental is going. There is additional information regarding the conversation if interested.
Please email and I will go into more detail (It will be interesting to know if I am asked to reply)
If I do not hear from you in 2 weeks I will send the entire conversation to the BBB.

I am extremely disappointed in nationals choice of business partner at this location.

Bradley Deimel


I dropped my rental car off at 3:50 pm on October 18,2017 and as of 5:50 pm it wasn't processed. I called and they said it would be closed in 1 hour. At 11:00 pm it still wasn't processed. I called and they transferred me to a survey line. I called backed to speak to a supervisor and he transferred me to a survey line. This is beyond frustrating. I finally spoke to another customer service manager and she stated she would forward this to their office. As of 9:00 am on October 20th this isn't resolved!!! I called back and they said the supervisor is busy and will get back to me! I am an Executive Elite member and I have never in my life dealt with such incompetence in a company than this!


I had placed a complaint on August 8th 2017 I finally had it transferred to a regional manager on the 15th of August 2017 today is the September 6th still no reply confirmation # 1824018960. Thank God I'm part of the rewards program right!!!! Lets see how long it takes now to get back to me.


I am a business traveler who use National Car rental weekly and 3 times in Monroe LA I have been given poor cars and this is not the treatment I should be receiving as a loyal customer. 3 cars have been filthy and I've been told there weren't any other cars that could be given until someone returned one. I've been late to 2 appointments because of it. Therefore I do want at least 3 car rentals for the buy 2 get 1 credited to my account for the inconvenience because I've sent 3 complaints and no one has even attempted to reach out to me and that's not acceptable. If you can not make this happen I will have to go with Hertz. Please I am hoping you can make this right.


After selecting my National rental car on 8/20/16 at 1:25am from the Executive Emerald line, I proceeded to the check out line with one employee on duty at the booth. She was a young, attractive African American female with a sarcastic, unprofessional attitude. I requested rental paperwork due to going out of town. My total amount was approximately $421 for a 2 week rental. When I asked the EE the total, she stated $597, and I asked why? She told me National changed the rules about charging for the spouse of an Emerald Club member as an additional driver, sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes. When I asked her to remove my spouse she added an additional charge of $421 totaling my amount to $1018 for my 2 week rental.

Had the employee been friendlier with a professional, business attitude, I would have thought since it was so late at night and she was the only person working the booth, it could have been an innocent mistake that could have been corrected. But now that I think back, she was either illiterate of the Emerald Club by-laws about not charging for a spouse as an additional driver, or lying to me to rush me along and was very unprofessional. The National employee then stated had this been a business trip, I would not have been charged.

There is no question about a business or pleasure trip on the car rental application and I questioned her on this also. She just ignored my question and continued keying on the computer, overcharging me. I was not made aware of the overcharge until I reached my destination 2 days later. It's a good thing I had my wife and her credit cards with me, or I would have been short of funds for my hotel and other expenses. I would like this matter investigated by National corporate and explain to me why I was double charged. I am very disappointed, displeased and upset on the way this incident occurred.

Maybe retraining needs to be applied to his particular employee with customer service skills being heavily implied.


I am an Emerald Club Member 706200950. I along with some of my Home Depot peers are frequent customers at the Tucson International Airport National Car Rental Booth. I am known on a first name basis by the staff and have always been treated very well from Luis and Tommy which is what has kept me returning, when I have multiple choices to choose from.

On 8/18/2016 I returned a car (res#1223795432COUNT) and inadvertently left my iPhone on the passenger seat. I checked out and got 2 blocks away when I realized that I left my phone in the car. I immediately returned to the National booth to retrieve my phone. I went directly to wear they where they staged the car for detailing, not more than 15 minutes later. Tommy from National attempted to help me locate the phone to no avail and several employees had already had involvement with the car. naturally no one admitted to any knowledge of the phone. I inquired about the lost and found and ran into roadblocks in getting anyone who had access to check for me so I left frustrated.

The next morning 8/19/16 I called Kathy or Kathryn the branch manager at 7:15 AM and explained the situation, she told me she would look into it and get back to me after she could talk to the employees involved and check the lost and found. I had not heard back from her so I called again at 1:54 PM and spoke to Tommy again, he checked with Kathy and told me she had been busy and did not have time to do anything with my concern. So on my way home at approx. 4 PM I again returned to National to find out the status if my phone was located only to run into more roadblocks with who has control over the lock boxes and lost and found items. I was finally directed to the Enterprise Booth and told to find Tesha who said she had keys and would look for me while I waited. She came back and said she did not find anything.

As of today Monday 4 PM I still never did heard back from the manager Kathy as to what she found out which in my world of leadership is unacceptable customer service to not follow up with a good loyal customer. Yes if was my mistake to leave the phone behind but the fact is that you have dishonest employees working and lack of proper follow up by a National Manager to a customer concern! I am very disappointed with this whole encounter.


I reserved a car at Phuket airport, Thailand for Dec 22-Jan 7. The car is an old Nissan, I can not tell the exact age. It has very poor performance and power and the engine seems to be failing. Phuket has many steep inclines and yesterday the car failed while driving back from Kata Beach to Rawai over the hills even in the low gear; we had to pull in to the side of the road. This was dangerous and scary because there was heavy traffic.

I have rented 4 times in Thailand from Avis and Hertz and local dealers all with wonderful new model cars; this is first time that I tried National and the worst car I have ever rented anywhere. On the basis of this bad experience I do not plan to rent from National again. Cars like this one should be retired as unsafe.


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