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I rented a car from your Bradley Airport location. RA 550807727.
Customer service was excellent! Associate suggested I upgrade due to intending snow storm and I agreed. At that time I said I might be a little late on return and he assured me it would be no problem. I just received my email receipt and was charged an extra day for returning at 2PM instead of 12pm. I thought the Alamo experience was very good except this extra charge especially after being told it would not be a problem. My reservation number was 1413583938. Please let me know what can be done to fix this.


I am very thankful for Alamo and the service you render. The car I rented is excellent. This is not complaint. Rather it is to let you know about what happened so that you can respond. On July 1 I rented a car at the Atlanta Airport from Alamo. I made the initial reservation through Costco and thought that the cost was reasonable for three weeks, $730. Through the Costco website, i learned that the full-size vehicle I reserved would hold five people and four bags. I am traveling with my wife and adult daughter. We have three full size bags and three carry-ons. I reasoned that if the car would hold four bags in the trunk then I could put two carryons in the back seat where we would have only one person. Based on the price we decided to proceed with our plans for the trip.

But I wanted to be sure. So I called Alamo directly and told the person exactly how many people we had and how much and what size luggage we had (three large bags and three carry-ons). I was told that we would be fine.

But I still wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to have a problem when we got to Atlanta. I called Alamo directly a second time. The first person I spoke to didn’t seem to know the answer. I asked if there was someone else I could talk to. I was transferred. This nice person told me that the trunk of the full-size car would hold four large bags. I reasoned that if that was true, I had no problem.

We arrived in Atlanta on Monday. At the desk, it took the very nice person there about a minute to tell us that the luggage probably wasn’t going to fit. She took us out to the cars and it was clear she was right. The trunk would not fit four large size bags. It was perfectly clear that the car was too small for our needs. I had to rent an SUV which cost us almost $500 more than the original $730.

The car is excellent (I love the backup camera!) and I am willing to pay something for the upgrade. However, $500 seems too much since I called twice to discuss the issue with you and was told I was fine. Please let me know what you think.

My Costco confirmation number is C361674718. the Alamo confirmation number is 1604646628.

I hope and pray that you have a wonderful day!


Dennis Cahill


I rented a car from Alamo/Enterprise on 30 April, 2019, RA# 547296431, Bill # 50035473772. I was involved in a two car accident on May 28, 2019.
I returned the Nissan Altima Vehicle # KC169643, License # Ca. 8GLJ648 to Alamo and notified the Agent that I been in a no-fault accident and he took a report # 257655 Express Incident Report and told me to report to a cashier window to pay for the rental with my debit card instead of charging my Visa Card.To this date, June 13th, there has not been any charges on my Bank of America Debit Card. Whatever the delay is, I must report this to my financial institution, just in case.
I do have a completed rental receipt from Alamo along with the incident report.
I don't live in the U.S. I am temporarily living abroad in the Philippines and would like to leave my email in case you have information that I need to know. EMAIL: is a phone number I can provide that is talk/text only, 001 63 926-751-0776.
Please let me know if we you can provide me an update in this matter.


Itinerary - 7403052715560
Confirmation #: 1503008982COUNT

My family and I vacationed on your island from March 13 to the 20, within 24 hours we were robbed of everything. Money, cell phones, charge cards, key to the Alamo rent a car etc. When we picked up the car from Alamo at the airport, the check in gentlemen confirmed we had the insurance.

When we came to return the car, we were told we would have additional fees because of replacing the locks on the car. First, it doesn't cost 500 plus dollars to do that so I had no choice to pay a fee we should not be charged and gave them my credit card.

We should have not been charged anything above the extra driver fee but instead you overcharge me and we get robbed again. I believe a complete refund except the 65.43 is called for. I believe my family and I suffered on your island and would have never came to and regret every moment. We should not lose more money (we lost everything on your island)

The card you charged the 500 was NOT AUTHORIZED and I that MUST BE RECTIFIED IMMEDIATELY. Your company was informed when I checked out that the card I gave you to use at check out was the only card to be charged. Using another card without permission cannot be something your company is allowed to do.

I am confident everything I am requesting will be addressed expeditiously and I will be happy with the conclusion.

Thank you

Barbara Gordon

Fees charged:

65.43 - extra driver
115.24 - just because you wanted to take more money


I received a notice there was damage to the car rented. Please include contact information for vendor that I can contact regarding the following information.
Claim number #14004122 / Date of Loss 02/14/2019 / Rental Agreement #450182398

Candace Liniger


On Feb 2nd When I rented a car my debit card was charged $898.00 and when I returned it on Feb 16th, I was given a receipt for $842.00 and it has been 2 weeks and I still have NOT received the refund of $56.00
RA 757312101 RES 1280225960.
Please email me on or call me +94777788150

Thank you

Mohamed Faleel


I returned a rental today that I rented for seven days on I was stopped by Chicago police because license plate tag had expired after returning the vehicle today and telling young lady about this she told me it was no big deal I cannot believe I rent a car for seven days And for four of the seven days the vehicle tag was expired I am very disappointed in my experience with Alamo


I returned a rental today that I rented for seven days on I was stopped by Chicago police because license plate tag had expired after returning the vehicle today and telling young lady about this she told me it was no big deal I cannot believe I rent a car for seven days And for four of the seven days the vehicle tag was expired I am very disappointed in my experience with Alamo


This is totally false information, spoke to the toll company, Alamo’s acount with the toll company overrides any payments made by the user !!!plus you cannot use your own etoll tag!
Charged admin fees plus the toll fees for 3 trips on the east link motorway even though I paid over the phone for the trips! AS YOU SUGGESTED. I AM RESPONSIBLE!!
My suggestion to change wording on information to pay tolls before you drive on a toll road & get charged by the car rental company was poo poof by Alamo!! It still won’t go through !
This is a scam to make money!


Ref 29138174
Reimbursement to me of $61.90 for out of pocket repair was authorized but not paid. I have called repeatedly over 6 months. I have been told that the Tyson Airport office must pay but it has not and now will not return my emails. Please let me know what steps I should take to obtain this payment. Thank you.


I travel the United States, rent vehicles and fly dozens of times a year, working in the Entertainment and News businesses. Looking to point out a VERY unprofessional employee, who had no name tag and would not give me her name. The employee, photo attached 2 minute video exists is to large to send in this format, was telling me that I was, "disrespecting" another person in another part, not an Alamo counter, and she was denying service to my sister and self. The other person's children were climbing and clawing at my baggage, I told them, "NO" and that the Mother could "discipline her children in front of me and would not judge her." I smiled and the Mother smiled back, I said, "tough day? I feel for you." The Mother smiled back at me, we went back to our business. The Alamo employee from then on went into a tirade of admonishing me, in a highly vocally harassing judgement not knowing the complete story. The Alamo employee went back and forth to a manager who she said was in back, the manager never showed face. I started recording video and shooting photos at a certain point in the issue, not from the beginning. The Alamo employee finally gave my sister the contract, saying she would not let me be an additional driver. July, 13, 2018 in the late afternoon. I went to another counter and just got another vehicle, as the money was not the issue and this was a personal trip for a dying family member.
What I need from Alamo is a apology and a discount for another rental in the future. Or just take the rental off my poor sister's, Jan Tomski's, account. I will follow up on this and not let it go until I get a response from the Alamo Rental Company. Thank you for your time. Pat Tomski


We returned a car tire light was on been at this Alamo in West Palm Beach since 12:11 a.m. the manager you said was very very rude they offered us an upgraded car then he refused to give us an upgraded car he brought them the car that they were going to give us he need to sit in the parking lot and did not even inform us to come out there and just rude and I told him I was going to call the corporate office he said go ahead and call it what do I care he is rude he's ugly he's nasty I've never been treated so bad do not ever Rent-A-Car from this place


I rented a car from Alamo Car Rental at Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan on June 21, 2018 (this is the third time - and last time) that I will use Alamo. and also prepaid a full tank of gas. The first two times I used Alamo, the service was OK. The last time was terrible.

I came to Michigan to help my sister, who is having some medical issues. I told her I would be there around 10:30 AM on June 21, 2018.

When my flight arrived, I walked to the Alamo desk to pick up my rental car, a mid-size sedan, which was reserved on line 4 days earlier. When I got to the desk and paid for the rental and a full tank of gas, I was told to take a seat and wait for the car. There were several other people also waiting for a car. Approximately 45 minutes later, a person behind the desk said they had a truck available if I wanted it. I said OK and got in the truck. As I drove around the parking lot, I realized that my sister would not be able to ride in the truck because of the height of the seats. While I was in the truck, I put my jacket (a beige pullover jacket) in the back seat and forgot it was there. I took the truck back to Alamo and told them it would not work. Shortly thereafter, the representative said they had a Nissan Rogue. I looked at it and decided it would work, so I rented the Rogue.

When I got to my sister's house, I realized I had left the jacket in the truck. I attempted to call Alamo to let someone know what happened. After calling 4 different phone numbers, I finally reached the Hertz desk at Bishop Airport.They then relayed the message to the Alamo desk that I had left my jacket in the truck and I wanted it back. I was told by the Alamo rep that they rented the truck and the person who rented it would not be back for 5 days although I was told that she knew my jacket (a beige colored pullover jacket) was in the back seat.

I asked what I should do about getting my jacket back. I was told that "it was my fault that I left the jacket in the truck"). She then told me to purchase a box with pre-paid postage and bring it to the Alamo desk when I returned the car. She said she would get the jacket from the truck, when the current customer returned the truck, and mail it to me. I went to the post office and purchased a mailing box with postage totaling $13.60, put my return address on the box and left it with a representative named Kayla (who was very helpful and professional).

Today is July 5, 2018. I have not gotten my jacket back, nor have I heard anything from anyone at Alamo. Obviously, I am very unhappy and dismayed at the lack of action on the part of Alamo. They are quick to take my money, however when I ask for my jacket to be returned after supplied the mailing box and prepaid postage, I am completely ignored and accused of the situation being my fault.

I am asking for the return of my jacket and some response from Alamo and an apology for saying this is my fault.


George Hurst



We rented a car in Anchorage Airport on June 18, we waited an hour and a half in line to get a car. They gave a key a car which was NOT what we had paid for. So then we had to go back in line to get the the right car, which they were out of so we had to wait even longer to get the right car!! NOT a good experience !!!


On Mar 7, 2018, I contacted Alamo Car Rental concerning a charge for a toll already paid for from my California Fastrak road toll account. I was told to provided some proof of the transaction and the receipt can be emailed to Alamo. I emailed a receipt on March 7th reflecting my Fastrak account number and various debits on that account to include the date in question. On March 14, I inquired again about the status of my reimbursement for an already paid toll and I was told by Jason from Alamo that the matter was resolved and I would be reimbursed in days. Minutes after that telephone conversation, I received an email from Whitney from Alamo claiming the needed a more official Fastrak statement in PDF format. The statement in PDF format was sent on March 14th. My complaint is that I sent my initial receipt 7 days ago and there was no response or concern and after my second inquiry, I was told all was well and my reimbursement is expected in days and then Whitney from Alamo said there was a concern. Alamo can never be a rental car option if this is their level of professionalism which in this case lacked a prompt response and misinformation.


On Jan. 3 I picked up a rental car from Alamo in Sioux Falls SD. Res. No. 1253447339. Everything was fine when I picked up the car. BUT when I went to the gas station to fill the car up a couple days later, I discovered the button you push to make the gasoline cover door open was broken. Luckily someone knew there was aware there was an emergency lever in the trunk. I used that. My complaint is when I returned the car of course I told them about the broken button for the gas door the agent said. "OH YES, WE HAVE A NOTE ON THIS CAR THAT SAYS IT IS BROKEN." WHY ON THE WORLD WOULD THEY RENT ME A CAR WITH THIS PROBLEM. IT WAS A 3 DAY RENTAL AND I NEEDED TO GET GAS. Thank you. Patricia DeJoode


When I returned your auto in St Louis the driver that took us to the airport did two things which I thought was wrong: first he didn't help us with our luggage and secondly he drop everyone at the same spot so I was forced to walk to the other end of terminal for my airline. I don't know if the policy at St Louis International prevents drop off the customers at their individual airlines but your driver drove past my airline point and his way back to the car rental. Your Driver told us this is terminal 1 and named the airlines that service that terminal and that was all.


Poor customer service/hit my 3 year old daughter in the mouth. I opted for the get your car and go option, as well as the daily rental of a car seat. I reached Alamo and still had to go to the counter to ask for help. 'They said, just go outside, someone will help you" Outside, there was a woman unloading from a truck. I saw car seats laying on the ground. I showed her my rental agreement, she said 'just pick any car in this row:" and walked back to the truck to unload more stuff. I walked over to her and asked about the car seat. She said just grab any one of them. All the while, I'm tending to our luggage and 3 year old. There were about 10 cars to choose from, 4 of which were blocked by other cars. I picked the 3rd one because the first two smelled like vomit.

Upon out return, at 4:17pm, we waited for the shuttle bus which arrived about 4:36pm stopped and unloaded customer, I gathered our luggage and was about to board when the driver (woman) said she wasn't going back to the airport and walked away. I asked if there was another bus coming soon, she said "should be in a few minutes" She then pulled the bus forward about 5 feet, got out and walked in the building. the next bus arrived at about 4:47. The same thing happened, the guy said "I'm not going back to the airport" pulled up and got out. Our flight boarding time was 5:23pm. We were the only people there when we arrived and now there are about 25 people waiting and irritated. The next bus arrive shortly after 5:07pm and we are second on the bus.

I place my luggage (a small carryon and a stroller in a bag) on the floor in the luggage area when the driver (Colette) grabs the stroller bag from my hands and says "this needs to go on top" As she pulls the bag from me it hits my 3 year old daughter in the mouth and she starts to cry and hold her mouth. Collete, asks "if she ok?" and continues to put the stroller bag up and help other customers. Meanwhile, my daughter is crying and screaming her mouth hurts and other customers are asking if she is ok and are concerned. After all passengers are loaded, Collette comes back to ask if my daughter is alright and if I need to talk to a manager. The time is now nearly 5:15. I'm concerned about making our flight. I say no, we need to get to the airport.

Collete decides to make an announcement to see if anyone has left any personal belongings in their cars, sunglasses, hats, other items. I look around me and people are looking at me and my daughter and looking at Colette and rolling their eyes. I couldn't believe it. I typically never complain, but this is beyond ridiculous and uncaring and goes beyond poor customer service. As a result, I really don't feel there is any resolution but do hope that Alamo cares enough to invest a little in customer service training. I will continue to share my experience and will only choose alamo as a last resort.


I made this confirmation Oct 8 for Oct 15. Very important to be in Daytona at 2 pm. I rent only from Alamo and when I got there the dumb lady working said we have no cars. Then 3 other people came in with the same problem. They had reservations too. These un-professionals that you have working need to be fired. I finally went to Enterprise and the girl said I will honor Alamo's price and I will find you a car. Within an hour lots of cars came in and she was on the phone calling other clients to tell them how much longer it will take someone to pick them up. Now she was a real professional. This office in Sunny Isles is bad. Fire all those idiots.


I booked through Priceline for my rental car at Alamo and I was charged 600 dollars more. I dropped the rental car off from Alamo they sold me when I had my own insurance. What a racket don't book through Priceline it's a fraud website, I paid another 600 dollars and now I need a refund. How can I call Priceline corporate or maybe even Alamo to tell them not be listed on such a scam website?

They doubled charged me. I did keep my car longer then expected from September 28 to October 4 but called to drop extended coverage 2 weeks prior. They still charged me the entire time. Alamo owes me 2 weeks of extended coverage because I called and dropped that coverage 2 weeks of having the Alamo rental. I am very disappointed!


I recently had the displeasure of renting a car from Alamo. This was the first time I have ever rented a car and because of my experience, might be the last. I booked my car months in advance for my son’s senior trip to travel from Michigan to Florida. My confirmation number is 1804023863. Being nervous about renting for the first time I called Alamo numerous times to verify I would get a car. We were leaving on the 25th of March so the plan was to pick up the car the evening of the 24th at 7pm. I get to Alamo right on time and there were a lot of people in the facility. I was waited on by an older African American male. I do not want to call him gentlemen. I gave him my driver’s license and visa card. He told me he could not use my card because it was a bank card and not a credit card.

I told him we plan to pay cash. He said it did not matter I had to have a credit card! I explained that I had spoken with Alamo reps on at least 3 or 4 occasions and not one of them ever mentioned only one form of payment. I told him we did not use credit cards and what our trip was for and we were leaving in the morning. He was not only unsympathetic as to my predicament but proceeded to embarrass me beyond belief. He held my bank card up in the air in front of the entire lobby and pointed to where it says debit. He announced in front of all the customers "You see what it says here? It says debit! This is a bank card, not a credit card!!!" I was so embarrassed I started crying and asked what am I suppose to do? He pretty much dismissed me and proceeded to wait on the next person.

By this time, I left but was hysterical. I went into the parking lot to call Alamo 800 # and explained what was happening. The lady said she needed to speak with a supervisor. When she came back on the phone she said she could not help me and suggested I take A CAB. I went home and spoke with rep after rep, each telling me something different. One of the reps put me on hold saying she had to speak with a supervisor, after 20 minutes of holding I was disconnected! The next rep told me to find someone with a credit card and I could be listed as an additional driver and it would not be a difference in price. I managed to find someone and called back to make the arrangements only to be told it would cost more money. When all was said and done, it cost me an additional $185 because I figured if someone else was renting the car I better have insurance.

By the time I drove all the way back to the rental place it was 11pm. I was still so embarrassed at the inconvenience I had to cause my friend by going all the way down there with me! The girl at the desk informed me that when the rep changed my info he canceled my reservation and it was made for 11am the next day! At that point I thought I was going to go off the deep end! The girl at the desk at least was more friendly and cooperative that the insensitive man I was subjected to! She eventually straightened it out and we were back home with a car AT 12:15 IN THE MORNING! Given how your company operates and treats customers I will not hold my breath for a response but I have yet to be able to forget about what happened and the devastation and embarrassed I had to go through. I just felt if I sent this it would somehow make me feel better. Only time will tell.


I left my Oakley sunglasses on 2/28/2016 from phoenix/mesa.A fter flying out and landing 3 hours later in cedar rapids, I immediately called Alamo customer service to submit a claim where I left them. 5 days later after following up numerous times, I am informed no luck on getting them back. In the wide open by gear shift, the cleaning person would have seen them in order to drive vehicle. Why don't you have system to track who moves vehicles. The sunglasses were worth $140, employee theft has lost a customer for life. Poor followup on your part didn't help. The fault I have is I left them in car, couldn't call as I was flying, but your fault they were not turned in.


I rented a car on 3/17/15 at tampa airport office for 14 days and I was charge 209.86 extra for Insurance which I have through my American Express it was late at night and she lied to me and would not listen to what I was telling her then when I realize I got rip off it was to late Now as I look at my final bill your company charge me for something I did not want or need Her name is Sonja in Tampa Fl. I go to Florida every year 2 weeks to a month if this your policy I do business some where else!


Alamo car rental gives you best deals when compared to other car rental services. I have used their services and they were prompt on time that I have booked for. They have given me some great deals that I really didn't expect. They have a good selection of cars which makes it easy for a customer to choose. Alamo has given me a 10 percent discount as I booked it online. The online services are easy and friendly to use. I appreciate Alamo car rentals in the quality of work they have put in to make it one of the best services. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking out to travel and want a car to rent.

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