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Truck had broke down had to be towed mechanic specifically remembered truck because they don’t inspect my stuff got destroyed and after paying for insurance it’s almost been months and can’t even get claims to have the common courtesy to reply to many voicemails on status I cannot understand the blatant lie of how a voicemail can tell me how eager they are to help but will not even call back, while we’re out struggling to replace stuff we’d already bought I hope you all have everything you need


I had called budget to inform them I had an issue with the truck rental. I got the run around for three hours. I finally got reached a customer service agent that was educated enough to answer my questions. She gave me instructions to call them again once I turn in the truck for them not to charge me because if there truck broken down on me twice. I called them all day the next day . I finally reached a person again after calling several times. He told me to call again the next day because my drop off area hadn’t closed out my case and to not worry I wouldn’t see any extra fees. So I called the following day and the lady that answer was extremely rude and said she couldn’t help me at all to email “budgettruckrental@avis.com” which this email belongs to no one. Now I’m sitting here try to get my issues resolved!!!


We ordered our moving truck 6 weeks in advance and the day we were to pick it up there was no truck waiting for us. Finally 5 hours a truck came in and we were called to pick it up. The truck was not serviced nor was it clean. My husband were moving from Joshua Tree Ca to Canton Ohio and we are both 70 years old. The truck did not have prober head lites so we were unable to drive after dark or before daylite. We broke down in Missouri because we were told not to touch the tank that was to have the DEF in it. The girl in the Palm Springs office specifically told my husband DO NOT MESS WITH THIS referring to the DEF tank. So when we were leaving Missouri first thing in the morning we broke down after getting gas. The road side service was very helpful and about 3 hours later and spending $25.00 for 5 gallons of DEF we were finally back on the road. The truck would never go over 50 miles per hour and going up hill would slow down to about 35 miles per hour. We spent over $3200.00 for this truck not to mention the extra amount for gas because of the poor maintence of this truck. There was also a terrible sound from the engine meaning there was a bad injector. I feel we should be compensated for the extra fuel and the cost of the DEF. Your company should be ashamed to send two 70 year olds on a cross country move with a truck in this condition. The people working in the Palm Springs office should be ashamed of themselves. Would you send your parents across the country in a truck in this condition? I would not give this experience a single star. I would appreciate a call or some acknowledgement of this complaint. my number is 760-819-1445


I was told that I was on a "Do not rent" list when I tried to rent a Budget Rental Truck on my second moving load. For no apparent reason should I be on any type of a "Do not rent" list, because there should be no claims against me. I have tried no less than ten times now to resolve the issue through phone calls to several different numbers given to me. The latest number called and hung up on me each time I made a selection that was listed. I have tried to resolve calling Customer Service, but get transferred to the "Audit" department. This is a terrible way to do business and I will be going to a different rental company in the future. I have spent over 45 minutes trying to resolve this issue and have gotten no where. I wish I could give them negative stars for their Customer resolution process.


Found marijuana cigarettes in ashtray, gas cap was broken, and overall poor maintenance on your trucks! As a licensed commercial truck driver I WILL be filing a formal complaint with the BBB and The Department of Public Safety if I do not hear from you in 48 hrs. Thank you for your attention with this matter!


I'm not giving you any stars. Your truck rental service sucks and the people are rude.


I pre paid for a van rental the day I went to pick it up I was told I needed a major credit card for a 100.00 deposit I was then told if I use a bank card they would run a credit check and if denied I would not get van well last month I filed bankruptcy so guess what happen no van they denied me picking it up that’s a lot of bs because no one mentioned that ahead of time I offered cash I was told they don’t take it so I was left holding the bag with Nothing I am writing BBB federal trade consumer affairs attorney general someone or somebody is going to make this right full refund FULL REFUND


Truck was mistakenly delivered to wrong Budget site in the same City and State. My mom was not notified until 14 days later and was charged for 15 days. My mother is disabled and a senior with limited funds and your company drafted every dollar she had left in her account.at the same time leaving her with over draft fees and balance of $1000 still needing to pay the bank to cover Budgets draw. If the truck was dropped off at a Budget site there should be systems in place to notify renter that truck needs to be pick up and dropped at appropriate site or Budget should still accept the truck into inventory since it is a Budget location. We are respectful requesting reimbursement of my mothers social security money that was taken from her banking account. This situation has made her ill by adding stress to her since her rent and bills can’t get paid due to insufficient funds. It will take two additional months to pay bank full amount taken out by Budget.
Can someone contact me to discuss further (201)344-0711
Thank you


Picked up truck in Washington and drove to Texas, over 2,000 miles.
Windshield was dirty inside and out. Cargo bed dirty.
No explanation of controls.
Parking brake did not release properly.
Fuel gauge did not work properly. Would not show full when topped off.
Metal flexing of cab or bed at highway speeds caused a loud banging noise in cab all the way. Very annoying. An unpleasant trip caused by the ridiculous loud cab noise. Constant banging.


My items got wet a leak in the truck had to wash all clothing items and steam clean a couch and ottman and two chairs 32 inch tv that was boxed was damaged.... The price was. Great and customer service was great but the truck leaked horribly


Budget has a habit of charging no show fees of $50 due to their errors and their lack of taking all steps necessary to avoid said charges. Customer service sucks! Gabriel hung the phone up on me after I requested to speak to a supervisor. I was calling about my refund for a no show fee for a reservation that I cancelled 2 hours after I made it. Even after I explained how I did not want the charge to appear on my credit card bill. Being told that the refund has been made but it depends on my bank. My bank credits accounts as soon as the refunds are issued. So therefore I know for a fact that the money has not been refunded as of yet! And its screwing with my credit score , to boot! Cust. Reg. #0891040573479


I rented a budget truck and car carrier in 2017 and now I have a bill from them because the car carrier got a flat and someone had to come fix it. I paid for the truck insurance .The repair person told me they were having problems with these tires . I spent 12 hours waiting for a fix , I had to sleep in the truck and now Budget sends this to collections !!!


Rented truck, not at location when went to get sent 30 miles out of way to get, still charged for all the extra miles. Spoke with Joe at corporate office, promised discount did not ever get pd $ 315.00 I go same place, almost same miles every time. (25 cents a mile) for non -profit We are tax exempt 501 (c) 3 agency.1808196331538 Receipt says 15% off next rental, never happened.

Changed locations as closer.
2988300002202- $222.41 (25 cents a mile non profit) ****
1808330481512- $446.69 refused tax exempt letter 63 cents a mile not 15% discount
1808328333733 443.56 Did not have truck we reserved. Had accidently let it go out. Was given a diseal truck instead of regular gas and a larger truck than ordered. so had to pay extra for gas as diseal is higher. i go to the same place every time. I think you owe me a free truck rental. I would apprecaite a call back. the loaction supersisor sadi to send to you. They don't deal with at loacl leavel. 314-779-6734. I WILL SEND PICTURES OF RECEIPTS TOMORROW.


I booked a 12' truck at:
OLATHE, KS 66062

(913) 764-4098
Confirmation #: 1808227176397
On 3/11/19 for Sat., 3/16/19. Received a call this morning that they overbooked and now we don't have a truck to use.

Poor service!!!!!


The worst customer service I have ever had to deal with!!! I called to ask why I was charged for a tire that was driving off the Budget rental store and 15 minutes later the tire was flat.. All freeway may I add.. And I got no where..asked to speak with the supervisor and was put on hold for a hour and 48 minutes had to hang up and call again...Ridiculous!!!! By the way when I called again I was sent to the claims department st 6:32 and was hung up on due to they were closed.. So I called back again and was told they don’t close until 7pm .... this is past ridiculous!!! So what I understand is that Budget can charge me for what ever they feel like charging me and just give me the run around!!!


It was a great experience until I checked my bank statement this morning to find that Budget charged a NO SHOW fee of $50.00 on my account and I have rented and returned the truck. This is bad business. The company has charged me a no show fee of $50.00 in error please credit my card back. I picked up a truck in Orlando, FL RA #1808332681792 and it has been returned to the same pickup location Budget of Orlando Landstreet
2125 W. Landstreet Rd, Orlando, FL 32809 please call Jacob to verify at 407-850-2521


I got one of your box truck on January 24,2019..4 the company i was working for was Freight Next Day !!! Im no longer driving for this company...because of been illegal i was running over a thousand miles...im also getting DOT involved in this matter ...i also was wondering if my name is on any of these truck rental from this company or yours...if someone could please give me a call @ 1-336-615-3721 if my name is still on the truck i would like a full investigation on this matter before DOT IS CALLED...


I reserved a truck and called in to cancel it with in an hour. They still charged me a 50.00 no show fee because the truck was cancelled as (with a confirmation email) "no longer needed truck" so I had to pay their no show fee. Having a hard time getting my money back. this charge put my bank account in overdraft with a 35.00 fee. I'm paying 85.00 for a truck I never used and cancelled the proper way according to the website. I WILL NEVER EVER USE BUDGET AGAIN FOR ANY REASON.


I reserved a 26 ft. truck with a liftgate for 2-9-18 from the budget dealer on rt. 38 and Chapel ave in Cherry Hill, N.J.I was told when I reserved it the truck was phsically available.I reserved it on 2-8-19.When I arrived to pick it up at the time we agreed upon in advance it was not available.Had any customer service been extended in this situation I should at very least have been notified.However, none was extended costing me alot of extra money for having to rent elsewhere as well as time, personnel and other miscellaneous relaqted costs.i understaqnd errors happen but can tell from the comfort level with which the story was delivered when I arrive that this is common.Wish I knew than I could've at least planned on spending an extra 400....Lesson learned!!


I like to think budget for leaving me stranded for over a week who keep seems to think that setting the truck with a computer is the way to go when I break down within every hundred miles every single day since Monday February 4th and I'm still only as far as Oregon and I left Auburn Washington on Monday and it broke down every single day and I'm in my fifth night which is Friday still at a hotel with a broken down truck in LaGrande Oregon my wife was an accident and I was your response was that unfortunate and I need to get to my wife who is in Wyoming I just sent her a head because of a snowstorm that was coming through Oregon and I'm stuck in the past and all you can say is that's unfortunate and will not get me to my wife I've been broken. I'm going on truck number for with budget and I can say this you will never be recommended by me or anybody I ever know and I have filed numerous complaints with several different agencies about what's going on and I have already filed claims and I will be dealing with you in court and I will make sure that your company is never used by anybody ever again to haul anything from you people


I rented a truck from Kansas City, Mo to drive to Goodyear, Az. One hour into the trip and truck broke down in Kansas. I waited 1 1/2 hours on the interstate highway on the side of the road for your roadside assistance To Answer the call, only to be laughing while answering the phone and not taking my correct number or location. 8 hours later someone showed up. The truck barely made it. I had to have my parents meet me to make the rest of the trip. This is the worst service I have ever encountered or customer service. I am sick and my child is sick from sitting on the side of the highway.


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you of our horrible experience renting a 16' truck and tow dolly from your company on December 29th 2018 for our move from Delray Beach, FL to Newark, Ohio.
We had a reservation confirmed since October 25th but when we went to the designated pick up location Delray Auto & Marine we were told not only did they have no knowledge of our reservation but hadn't had any rental trucks in over a month, after an hour long wait as my movers were waiting and charging me $100 an hour we were directed to another location 30 miles in the opposite direction which ultimately set us back three hours again, with my movers waiting on the clock. Once we finally got the truck it was not even clean, there was a sticky substance all over, food remains on the floor, the windshield was filthy etc. as though it hadn't been cleaned or inspected between renters or ever for that matter!
We finally got the truck packed and paid our very unhappy movers (who were about to leave) the extra $300 for the delay and started our 1300 mile drive,shortly after it started to pour rain and we discovered the windshield wipers were barely functioning and one was torn and basically useless as were the barely visible headlights making an already frustrating journey dangerous!
The truck was making noises the whole drive as though it was having problems getting into gear slowing our drive even more and was very loud adding to our stress as we feared breaking down on top of everything and at 2 am we hear a loud bang and see smoke and sparks coming from the car carrier and the truck starts to swerve afraid the car would break lose we pull over on the shoulder of I-95, the middle of nowhere south Carolina, no street lights, trucks buzzing by etc. and so begins the run around you call "customer service". We call your "roadside assistance" explained all the issues we have had and now being stranded we needed someone quickly and were told someone would be dispatched ASAP which after waiting an hour were told that wasn't the case and that we had to remove the car from the carrier to make it possible to drive the truck with the broken wheel axle to the next exit miles away and try to find a hotel at 3am at this point so after all this I am laying in the dirt on the side of the road, now raining, cars and trucks buzzing by dangerously close hoping the something else doesn't break and crush me as i try to unhook the car! The next exit we could get to has of course a hotel completely booked and a grimy motel 6 we had no choice but to stay at and of course the back of the truck doesn't lock so we could barely sleep concerned we would be robbed overnight.
The next morning at 8am we receive a call that a mechanic was on his way to fix the car carrier instead of just sending a new carrier to have us on our way as soon as possible considering we have now been stranded overnight?! The mechanic came and left to go get parts, having to be checked out by 11 we sat in the parking lot stuck in our car as it rained for over 3 hours no word from anyone as to where he has gone since he told us the parts place was 20 miles away we called your "customer service" at least 10 times having to explain this disaster over and over again as we were being transfered and put on hold for 30-45min each time only to have to tell the next person what was going on again and again and to be told they had no information or a contact number to find out where the mechanic had gone, I was so stressed out and livid I thought I was going to have to go to emergency! The fact that not one person we spoke to had any information nor seemed to care that this ordeal was yet again delaying our trip, costing us money we didn't have to spend so soon after the holidays but then twice we get a recorded message asking if our issue had been resolved only to be hung up on after replying no it hadn't!! At this point we have been stranded 14 hours and the mechanic finally returns and after and hour fixes the carrier, finally i go to load my car back onto the carrier and the left side of the ramp collapses dropping the car onto the the end of the carrier crushing my bumper!!! I of course call "customer service" yet again and again am put on hold for 30 min.
After this unbelievably absurd series of events and your companies total disregard for the safety and well being of your customers we some how make it to our destination only to find when we start to unload the truck that it had been leaking in the right hand corner near the cab all over our furniture and boxes of clothing soaked through!!!!
When we finally return the truck and explain what has transpired the agent told us to call your corporate office and speak to someone about getting compensated for not only the cost of this rental but also the days of work i've missed, the damage to our car, the motel stay as well as the stress and trauma caused by your faulty dangerous equipment and total lack of care or concern we experienced from your "customer service" so i call and yet again have to explain to the agent this entire story for at least the 20th time only to be put on hold and when the agent returns says he has been "authorized" to return 173.00!!! we explain that is not only insulting but doesn't even begin to cover what should at the very least a refund for the rental but doesn't include the damage to our car, lost wages, stress and aggravation, we are then transfered to a woman who claims she is the highest level of person we can speak to whom was rude dismissive and basically told us $200 take it or leave it, Is this the way u conduct business to your customers.The representative that i talked to name is Adrian ID 32537 claims she is the highest level and the $200 is the most your company is prepared to compensate us for the above list of problems and this is just not acceptable and cannot be legal so if we re not contacted with a more satisfactory resolution to our complaint we will have to take matters to a legal level and contact our attorney as well as post our story on social media. I will be expecting your emmediate response,

Very unhappy and distraught customer
Isaac Short
ref# 2991800002486
(727) 213-4274


I rent a lot of trucks which I currently have to do through someone else because I was told I am on no rent list however it has been almost three months now and no one can seem to tell me why I am on a no rent list could someone please take care of this my phone number is 754-367-6626


yes I reserved a truck last month well the move was cancelled I called your Jamestown office spoke to the lady the next day and cancelled my truck it was charged to my capital one credit card it has not been removed I have disputed this charge my name is linda taylor the rental office is Jamestown ca. next move is better business bureau or who ever else handles poor business practices please remove this charge


I reserved a truck and tow dolly a month in advance of my move.Two days before I move I get a call saying that you don’t have a tow dolly so I try to get a hold of the store can’t it just sends me to customer service and they say just drive there.So I drive to make sure I have a truck and they tell me the haven’t had any tow equipment for over a month.and neither as any towns around my area.So I had to rent on from U-Haul which cost me more money.
So after I get All done driving 1300 miles and unloading and dropping the truck of they tell me to call customer service because what happen was wrong. So I did and they said once I hooked the U-Haul trail to your truck I voided the contact.So I would just like to know what I was supposed to do it cost me $200.00 dollars more from U-Haul because of the discount my wife gets from Wal-Mart.so please tell me what was I to do ??????????


I reserved a truck in Jamestown ca on nov 14th well I wasn't able to move that day so I called and cancelled the truck within 24 hrs the lady was very nice and said if I needed a truck call and let her know I said I would well she cancelled the truck next thing I know I am being charged 50 bucks well I put in a dispute with my credit card co. and will never do business with your company and will tell my family and friends not to use you ….BAD BUSINESS !!!!!


I rented a Budget truck Oct 27, 2018. From day 1 it broke down. Had a fuel leak and engine trouble.
At times it would only go 20mph. We called road side assistance 2 times. Nothing fixed. It was dangerous. We were even charged $380 for beining 2 days late. The truck was in bad shape, over 10 warning lights were found and documented. They would not give us a new truck. They endangered our lives with that fuel leak. Cost us 3x as much for fuel. I will NEVER EVER rent from them again. Going to fight to get a refund!!!


If I could go lower than 0 I would. Rented a trailer and truck, trailers axle broke while driving down the highway. 1 called roadside assistance and took 6 hours for a tow truck. Once there they lowered my vehicle and towed the truck and trailer, leaving me with my dog in a unknown area. Told to call in morning and wasn't offered assistance in finding lodging. After spending another 12 hours in my vehicle a trailer was found. Had to hook it up alone and I am disabled. Only compensation offered was 80 dollars which I find insulting. .....


Good afternoon I want to make a complaint on corporate on the Bronx I have waited long enough for my money every time I call it’s some thing it’s been over 3 weeks still nothing they tell me call tomorrow or call later today they said I have to wait until the manager comes back from vacation this is ridiculous and very unprofessional I’m going to make a complaint to the Better business bureau


One of your trucks with the name budget hit my Parke vehicle a black caddilac 1989 brougham two weeks ago and left the screen ..I filed a police report and I have a witness that one of your tucks hit my car.my phone # is 631-969 -6858 for more info contact me please thank you .Wayne Brown.


I am writing today regarding my recent experience with a truck rental.

Last week, I made 2 separate truck rentals on a truck to be picked up in Fort Collins, Co – one for Friday 10/27 and one for Saturday 10/28. I had to make 2 because after making the first, I realized that we could not make that pickup d/t unavailability of driver. I unsuccessfully tried to change this reservation, so made an additional reservation for Saturday, 10/28. I then called the customer service line and cancelled the reservation for Friday – was assured it was cancelled but the one for Saturday remained.

I received an email on 9/27 at 1:31 pm – Confirmation #1808326109661 with the pickup noted as 10/28/17 at 9:00 am for the truck rental cost of $425.00/estimated total of $462.60.

When we picked up the truck, the attendant in Fort Collins, Co had the paperwork all ready. There was an additional fee for $24.00 for an additional driver, making the total in my estimation $486.60.

On the way to Memphis, Tn the truck broke down 72.6 miles from our final destination. We contacted the Budget Truck Rental office, and spoke to Ashley, who tried very hard to get our problem solved. That said, we waited over 4 hours for the tow truck to arrive – the truck came to Jonesboro, Arkansas from Southhaven Mississippi. I’m not clear as to why a tow truck was not sent from the Jonesboro area, but apparently a truck 80 miles away was the closest one available. Upon arriving at our destination 5 hours later than anticipated, we unloaded the truck and the tow truck took the rental away.

Since we still had need of moving items to another location, on Tuesday, 10/31 a tow truck delivered a second truck from a company in Memphis to our home approximately 2 hours after the requested time. We then had to load items back on the truck for their final destination. I called the Budget 800-number to ask where to return the truck –to the office that it had come from or to the office designated on my contract. I was told to deliver it to the office on my contract. When I arrived at the designated office around 4:30 pm on 10/31, they had no record of my contract despite giving the attendant the confirmation number, truck numbers, site of origination and name. At that point I was told it had to be handled by the manager, and that couldn’t happen today; was reassured I would be contacted the following day regarding closing this out.

Yesterday came and went without any call from any Budget Truck Rental personnel. I called the customer service line today, and spoke with Richard who identified himself as a supervisor. I will admit that I had difficulty understanding him as he spoke softly and fast. He informed me that the contract had been closed out yesterday – news to me. I questioned the difference in the cost given the quoted $486.60 vs the $700.20 that was on the bill. He told me that the original reservation (from Friday) and not the one for Saturday was what the number they used –but the price was the same for both days so the additional fee does not make any sense. Richard then told me he would honor that and for the breakdown would give an additional percentage, with the end result taking approximately $200.00 off the total. That amount is still more than the original quote I had received. I then requested to speak to a higher authority, and he gave me this email for further information.

I am corresponding to request that an appropriate adjustment/compensation be made to my bill. Having driven a different truck on 10/31 than I had on the previous days of 10/28 & 10/29, it was evident that the second truck was in better mechanical shape by the way it drove – much more responsive to acceleration and better on gas mileage which leads me to believe that the initial truck was not in the best working order. The fact that we were stranded on a highway for over 4 hours, and that it was necessary to urinate on the side of the road is unconscionable to me. I found the experience very disturbing and degrading.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and for your decision on any compensation that you feel is fair and reasonable in this case.

Thank you for your time,

Margaret Hussong


We rented a truck for a short move of 113 miles. Little did we know that the truck we rented had been damaged and not repaired correctly. It rained that night and I had left everything in there until morning. When we came out to finish our move it was still raining and there was water running out of the door. Lots of our belongings were damaged or soiled. Irreplaceable items like pictures of my wife with George Burns at Caesars were damaged beyond repair, water got between the glass and the photo and tears if you try to remove it from the frame. Our patio cushion's were strained as was a comforter I used to cover our belongings.

This happened over new years weekend of 2016 and all we get is the run around from the Budget truck rental location on Tropicana ave in las Vegas. I called right away a also showed them where the leak was when I returned the truck. I've sent picture's of damage and of the water in the truck and I am being treated like I'm trying to gouge them! We have been loyal customers for at least 20 years and can't believe we're being treated like this.

Here we are almost a year later and we are no closer to a resolution than we were when it happened! Extremely frustrated loyal customer!


I reached out via Twitter and to Budget customer service using the 800 phone number but was told I had to return the truck first before anything could be rectified with my horrible experience with Moving Chicago LLC in Chicago! On January 29, 2016 I had a reservation for 8:30am to pick up a truck for my move to Massachusetts. I arrived and Joe opened a ticket and got things rolling, asking me about extras and insurance etc. Reservation was at a higher rate then what Barbara their manager had sent me ( and taxes and insurance were included in her quote)...I pulled my rate and my 30% discount coupon I was told to bring in and he said I would have to contact corporate to use 30%...I said no it should already be applied and I had confirmation of that from Barbara. Barbara wasn't there the day I got my truck unfortunately.

So Joe, somehow, to keep things moving applied the discount. I thought things were moving along (as I had men coming to load the truck from my 3rd floor condo) and then Joe said no trucks were in yet
and it would be here soon! What? Well truck came at 9:45 And then still had to be gased up. I was told I had until end of business day Wednesday to return it to A Tech in Massachusetts. Which wasn't true as I found out as I was charged another day at $85.00 plus insurance for Wednesday after 9:12 am....when I didn't really get the truck until 10:15am! That isn't the worst of my experience!

I had told Barbara at the rental place in Chicago that I needed a truck like I had used before with 2 bucket seats NOT a bench or 3rd seat truck. She assured me it would just have 2 bucket seats and fit the dog crate in between the two seats that I needed for my 35lb dog....the other seat was going to be occupied. So the truck comes late on Jan 29 and then they give me a truck with a 3rd seat in the middle that couldn't be taken out. I couldn't not then fit the dog or dog crate! I had to rent a car and have a friend drive my dog to Mass! Costing me another $583 plus $223 in gas!

Due to receiving truck late, I had to have my moving / loading men come later then expected. I had to be out of my place by 5pm and we couldn't get everything out in that time frame so I have 25 more boxes I had to store in a friends basement and now have to fly out and rent another car and drive the boxes back. The whole experience was a disaster! I don't want to pay for the extra day of rental and I want a significant credit for getting the wrong truck and all this hassle! I will never use Budget again and will make sure everyone on social media knows about my horrible Budget experience. Please let me know what can be done to rectify this situation.


Hired a truck to move. On passing through a heavy vehicle check point I was stopped and the vehicle checked by State Authorities. They issued me with a Defect Warning Sheet! I told them it was a rental and they told me to ask for a refund and recommended I not reload the truck (as I needed to make several intracity journeys). I felt so embarrassed in front of my friend. When I got back to return the truck and hand over the notice I didn't even get an apology. I had to chase down the manager who told me her mechanic saw nothing wrong. I told her its the law and I was issued the warning by a state authority and felt nervous loading the truck again. She plain out refused a refund or free rental on a non defective truck. I WILL NEVER USE BUDGET AGAIN. I'm tearing up my Budget loyalty card (been a customer for 16 years! !)


I was looking for a better transport as I am shifting my place which is 500 miles away from my current location and Budget Truck Rentals is the best company which I found. I have booked my date of shifting with Budget Truck Rental and everything went on time. I also got special discount as it was Sunday. Budget Truck Rentals gives trucks and vans in rentals both for domestic and business requirements. Toll free customer service through out the day, online shipping tracking are the special services which i have enjoyed with Budget Truck Rental. I suggest you to go for this, if you are planning for long distance shifting.

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