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The last two rentals from Dollar have both had car issues, I was treated poorly by your staff and never even given a one day free car rental or a sorry from anyone. This most recent car rental was for 21 days!!!
Im so upset with this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reserved a car to be picked up at Orly, Paris on 27 May 2019. Just got my statement from AMEX.
1. I was charged immediately for a car I'm not to pick up for two (2) months.
2. The charge [$539.38] was twice the amount I agreed to with NO explanation.

I canceled forthwith.

I'm going to Normandy for D-Day 75 and will shop elsewhere for a car.

-Stephen Bergin


I believe I left a very important and expensive medical item on a car that I rented. I called Dollar to inquire who to call to ask about this lost equipment. I was told to go on a website to see if it was listed on the site as a lost item. This website is the only way to find out if it's been "found.". Thanks Dollar for your help and concern for my health. I'll remember not to use your car rental or recommend your services again.


I have had nothing but rude emails from the billing department (especially from Dana Martinez CFO of Billing) that never helped me get to the bottom of my dispute. The first three emails were sent weeks later after my first dispute on the amount she said I still owe which I disputed. They are expecting I pay $53 for a tank that wasn't delivered fully gassed. I was asked to deliver it back where it was gassed at when I received the car. Which I did plus some. Dana Martinez and her billing team were not nice and very condescending. I'm an honest woman who does not normally dispute stuff. Her attitude and inability to extend customer service (and be willing to lose me as a future customer) was incomprehensible. Taking dispute up the food chain and will never rent again from Dollar! Shame on Dollar for hiring inept customer service.


December 28, 2018

TO: Dollar Processing Services
President, Dollar Car Rental

From: William Stringfellow
Express Member # 0100478610

Reference: Receipt of Unpaid Toll Amount and Administrative Insult Fee
Notice #7461890743129

Dear Dollar Management;

I am in receipt of your Unpaid toll and Administrative insult processing fee and believe I should not be charged for any of these tolls or fees for the following reason.

I reserved a vehicle through Dollar on line for pickup at Denver International Airport on 12-10-2018 upon arrival at DEN I was directed to the Thrifty car rental as the processing location for Dollar, I assume because it was late at night on the 10th. I had reserved the managers special and during the rental process asked the attendant if the vehicle had the toll pass plate on the vehicle knowing that DEN had a toll access road to the airport and to Denver Metro. She replied, all of our vehicles have the toll pass on them. (I believe that she was he night supervisor as she was giving instructions to the other attendants at the location, about 5’6”, long black hair with tattoos on the back of her right hand). I proceeded to collect the vehicle from the lot.

Upon getting into the vehicle I found no toll pass box attached to the windshield as normal, thinking Denver may have changed as some States have and gone to a very small sticker attached to the windshield but I departed regardless. About 2 miles down the road I had second thoughts about the vehicle having a toll pass because I could see no sticker on the windshield and turned around and proceeded back to the location to reconfirm that the vehicle did in fact have a toll pass. I specifically asked the same person again at the rental location if the vehicle had the toll pass plate and she reconfirmed that all the cars have the toll pass plate at this location.

To my surprise only to receive your invoice and additional insult fee processing fee later in December.

I do not believe that I should be charged for the tolls and the associated insult fee for nonpayment or administrative fee, because I as a customer validated with your representative not once, but twice, even returning from my trip to reconfirm the toll pass plate on the vehicle the second time.

I can see being charged at most for the tolls, as mistakes do happen and confusion does occur late at night but not for the administrative fee. This because I ascertained not once but twice that the vehicle had a toll pass plate by even returning to the location after departing to reconfirm. As a longtime Dollar customer that freely gives accolades to service providers and comments, which by the way the letters and the telephone messages that I have repeatedly left for your PHL location manager have never been answered or addressed either from the recent past.

It would be shame lose a valued customer over such a small incident, but I am not willing to pay the administrative fee under any circumstance. This because I cannot do anymore than confirm and then again reconfirm what your employees are telling me is correct, I can only assume they are correct.

There are other non-Dollar car rental companies to service my rental needs that are just as cost effective and convenient and maybe even better.

Just a customer for you to lose,

William J. Stringfellow


They charged me more than double the agreed price. I've been asking for refund more than a month now but they kept on delaying it. Tey don't have any department to deal with customer complaints. 1-800 number kept on passing me from one agent to another. Below sea level performance.


First Time to rent, Told the front desk Gentlemen, I booked a car on line. he started with you need this Ins. cause your car Ins, doesn't cover all this. Then told me about the fees and tolls and gas. Then went on about other things fast and confusing. Then said a Malibu ready to go. Didn't ask me anything about what I wanted, just talked fast and before I knew it I was paying 399.00 plus. Gave me no time to find out if my Ins. Company would cover anything. I was totally confused. Not to mention the Gas info.

By the time I got to the Rental apt. I was outraged. Didn't want to spend my few days being mad. Then got sent a NEW bill for 16.01.How can you charge that? How do you Rent cars for 4 DAYS for more then 400.00 Plus? Also, there were dents and scratches all over the car. I come from a Large Family which one other of my family members went through the same thing. Never will our family Rent anything having to do with Dollar Thrifty. I'm sorry for this Company, obviously your front desk gentlemen doesn't care about the people who rent your vehicles, no respect for the person renting your dirty and all dented car. We do travel a lot so we will let others to know.


I booked on line and was talked into a upgrade to drive a new dodge charger. Upon arrival in Pittsburgh I found out I had a full size but nit a dodge. I got a ford not what i reserved, after a 10 min. speech how thrifty was now smokeless right through several attempts at stopping them short with (I DONT SMOKE). I then rented a dirty ashtray for a car that makes my cloths smell. There are ashes all over this car and no one to call to complain to about getting a clean car. I may take it back tomorrow but who would pay for the 300 miles extra of gas burned??? Never again will I do business with thrifty and will spend some time making sure everyone I know knows about it.


We rented from the Thrifty Car Rental location in Denver, CO. When my husband said he wished to decline the insurance, the staff member assisting him LIED and said it was required and he could not refuse it. I thought it seemed fishy when my husband came back from the counter and told me about the insurance charge because everywhere else the insurance had been optional. So I checked with a local friend who indicated he never had to purchase the insurance in Colorado. After returning our vehicle on our way to the airport, I then checked with a competitor and confirmed that it was not a local or state requirement specific to the area.

I called their customer service number and was practically interrogated as to why we waited until after the rental was turned in to complain. HELLO! It is reasonable to expect that a rental agent will be HONEST with you.


After arriving at the Spokane, WA. airport on business, I needed to get a rental car. I went to Thrify Car Rental at the airport. The woman who was working there, a red haired woman named Heather, proceeded to give me the worst experience I can ever remember with any service company. She was rude, condesending and acted like I was wasting her time. She grilled me like I was a convicted felon and although she quoted me a decent price, the actual printout showed all kinds of extra charges that increased the total to more than double the amount quoted. I decided to go to another company and I will never use Thrifty again!!


I have travelled over 1 million air miles and on my transit through Hononlulu during my two recent busines trips, I made the mistake of renting a car at Thritfy. Their facilities off-site Honolulu, Hawaii are pathetic and their has been no effort to improve thes meager facilities. I was encouraged to purchase a “pre-paid” fuel charge werein the local agent assured me that they would beat the medimum price of any retail gas station in Honolulu. While I did not accept this pre-paid gasoline charge, my overseas flight departure was changed so I had no time to refuel the sub-standard vehicle with dangerous brake problems.

I had Thrifty refuel 1/4 of a tank of gasoline that they admitted was $1.00 higher per gallon then the highest cost gas in Oahu. The employees at this sub-standard facility are highly motivated, but the facilities are the worst I have ever encountered in my world-wild travels. Bottom line, stay away from Thrifty Car Rents in Hawaii. It is amazing that I was unable to obtain a link to their Corporate Headquarters. My charges were outrageous and the car’s warning light consistently indicated that my brakes required immediate attention.

Stay away from these crooks if you transit Honolulu.


Thrifty car rental company is terrible with their service. Especially, with 1st time renters. My husband rented a vehicle due to having personal car service over a period of time. It was informed to the rental company that the possibility of needing rental longer. Either which was there was a form of miss communication and without notice the car was repoed. Of course, we contacted the police as well as Thrifty car rental company. Initially, they stated that they did not take the vehicle, etc…

The real problem came when Thrifty did finally contact us and we gave them the information as to we wanted to keep the vehicle and that there were communication issues to that fact. Well, to make a long story short, due to having equipment in the vehicle that we needed to recover, we went to MDW airport were they took it and contacted the manager. Well, this manager was very irate and unprofessional, we even had to call the police, who was not very much help because the thought the vehicle was repoed because we didn’t want to pay or whatever.

All we wanted to do was extend the vehicle until ours was completed. The police was helpful in recovering our items, that the manager was trying to with hold from us.

I will never use Thrifty Car Rental a day in my life, even if it is the last car place on earth.


I purchased a car rental from Thrifty from an on-site representative at a resort I was staying at. I purchased the rental at a good price and chose all insurance coverage available. Ended up being a terrible experience with Thrifty and decided to voice my complaints. I sent two e-mails to the CEO, the Senior Vice President of Operations, and the VP of Global Sales and Marketing for the parent company of Thrifty Rental Car; not even a reply back. I guess they care more about my $600 than how I was treated. I can tell you, for me, I will always choose to pay the extra $10 per day, or to walk the extra few blocks, to work with a brand name that I can trust… not Thrifty Rental Car.

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