Dish Network Billing Complaints Pile Up From New Customers

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We continue to see complaints against the Dish Network billing department, especially as more customers attempt to switch to alternate providers. Rather than lower their rates and make prices more affordable, Dish continues to increase them. For example, on customer reported issues while being in a coma.

I have been a dish customer for 3 years. I fell ill in January of 2013 and was in a coma for almost 3 months. My family had to take care of my apartment belongings and get my cable bills and paid equipment returned. They called made a payment for the balance and returned everything they could! I was finally released from hospital and called myself, they told me I owed more and more equipment we've bent over backwards to comply located the rest of equipment and returned it the dish rep said once we returned the equipment I would have a zero balance and would take it off my credit.

She also said she would refund fees that continued after shut off. However when I called today nikhil associate #931 said they credited a credit card and I have no idea why that would of happened especially because that particular account was closed. He insisted I owe 48.98 before they would help me! As being in customer service myself Its appealing to me to be treated like this after telling him the circumstances and what I was told to previously. I have referred a number of people to dish! I would really appreciate a call from the corporate office in reference to this matter thank you.

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