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Vodacom is the leading African mobile communications carrier that operates in 40 countries. It is publicly traded on JSE: VOD. With recent revenues reported at ZAR75 million and Net income ZAR 13 million. Providing service to over 61 million customers its parent company is Vodafone.

If you have a problem with your handset you can find a live chat available Monday to Sunday, 8am-10pm.  On the Vodacom website you may use tand prompts to type questions or “reactivate my line”. or you can use the following telephone numbers: call from RSA on 082-111; from abroad +27-8211 or lines are open 24 hours for repairs at 082-1944. The best email address to use for 24/7 support is customercare@vodacom.co.za.

If you wish to contact the corporate headquarters you may address your complaint to the CEO Shameel Aziz Joosub at 82 Vodacom Boulevard, 1687, Midrand, South Africa. You may also dial “111 from any Vodocam handset. Vodacom has social media presence through Twitter (@Vodacom) , Facebook and Youtube. Their Linkedin presence includes corporate information, which matches the contact page on the website.

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I am living in the township in Bela-Bela, Limpopo. Since yesterday morning, 2017-11-10, our Vodacom signal is about zero. No problem with other Networks. We can not use WhatsApp or Facebook.




I have no network on my phone since Tuesday 31 Oct 2017. If I want to use my phone all I get is "your phone has been rerouted and your account suspended" I spent 4 hours at your branch in Noordstad Bloemfontein, 5 hours at Dr Cellular and 2 hours at your head office in Bloemfontein but to no avail. I have 5 different phones on my account and mine is the only one with a problem, so how can my account be suspended? My account is on average R5000-00 - R6000-00 a month and not in arrears. My account no: B0016405-8 and the phone with the problem no: 082 55 84 209. Please help as I am very disappointed with the service!!!!! No-one seems to know why or what the problem is - it is not the phone itself but the connection. How can one of the five have a problem??


My airtime is disappearing I'm on contract mobile number 0637210547


I have upgraded as from 1st July 2017 on 0825741186. I am still waiting to migrate. I did upgrade at Vodacom Ilanga mall Nelspruit. I have been complaining and they just tell me they have reported it. I chose M+ option but the minutes I receive is still the old contract minutes. Please I'm paying for something I don't have. I also have to do a second upgrade Jan 2018. But I feel like canceling my contract on that phone. Waiting for reply and help. Thak you Willie van Zyl


Good afternoon

Please note that i am not happy with the way my upgrade process was handled.

I went to Vodacom to get a new phone upgrade and and i was told to fill in a form to cancel an old cellphone insurance and add a new one i did that.

I also requested that the old device which was a Tablet to be used by my daugher to be insured i signed the 3rd form for that. All along i thought that this is added on my account as i receive a statement from vodacom every months.

I saw a debit order that i don't know with a funy description or a reference i reversed it thinking that it was a mistake.

Vodacom did tell me that i will still pay for the old device for 3 months. Today i got a chance to look at my statement as i am always a busy person.

I noticed that i have been paying for this old device for a long time, and they denyied and told me its an insurance of a tablet. That hurts me because i was charged for this tablet twice and when i came to claim for the damage of my tablet i was told that it is not insured.

Can somebody please assist me in this matter URGENTLY????



I called Vodacom new lines on 0821950,at 18h40 I spoke to the rudest agent named Thabiso,he has no customer service skills at all and refused to let me speak to his team leader,I am disgusted in the service I got if that what it can be called. I gave him my identity number,he asked for it a second time to confirm which clearly means he already had it if he wants to confirm,so I said it fast,his response was say it slowly so I replied saying but I did give I to you,he says ,"this is your I'd not mine so say it slowly" !
This individual does not belong in customer service .


Good day
I have received 150 min free from Vodacom via rewards program Play every day . As attached the sms said it 150 min to any network . Yesterday I tried calling to any network it's says insufficient funds. When I called Vodacom via 111 the consultant told me it's a network problem I should remove my sim switch the phone on and off which I did. Then I tried checking my balance as per the attached the free minutes it's now changed to Vodacom to Vodacom call. I called Vodacom again another consultant told me that they are receiving so many complaints regarding the same matter. I told him well I'm not happy and especially because its a rewards program Vodacom ceant mislead the customers.
I have asked to speak to a manager and was told there's no manager available but I need to call the Play everyday directly and it's not a free call. I called this morning 082 241 1082 spoke to Lindo explain my story he said he can't help me and the manager will only be available at 11. I asked him to let a manager contact me as I cannot keep calling back and hear the same story.
Please can you intervene for me as I'm so fed up with Vodacom. I've been a customer for so many years I spend so much on data and get this crap service in return ? I can change to any other network where it's cheaper . They can check my record and see how much I'm spending on data and airtime.
Vodacom really needs to up their game in a economy we're living today
079 954 3259


I have been trying to install Fibre and Internet at our Business for the past two months. Dealing with Vodacom is worse than trying to deal with the municipality or SARS. I have written about 26 mails over the course of 4 weeks. I have spent a total of 4 full days on the phone with different departments trying to follow up and each time I am put on hold and transferred to a different person or the call is dropped.

How are you the best???? There is no support, no one seems to know what they are doing.






I did a upgrade on 29 august 2017 on the 2 September I called to check on upgrade and was told that a vodacom staff member cancelled my upgrade. The person reinstated the upgrade on the wrong contracy on the 6 th September I called again to check what the problem was and was sent from.pillar to.post I instructed them to cancel which they didn't and the phone was delivered on the 7th September so much for next day delivery on the 8 th I tried to do a sim. Swop this did not happen. As there seem to be a.problem after 10.calls I was told that my account was at fraud department the reason being that a incompetent staff member entered my daughters Id as I live with her and she supplied me with a letter stating this. The idiot put her Id in instead of reading the letter. So after 28 calls to the fraud department and a helpful person called David the code was removed and after 6 sum cards at a cost of R60 we were able to do the sum. Swop. That was Tuesday I was told it would take 24 hours to work . Well we r now on 36 hours. I managed to get hold of a.team.leader by the name of zyaad who has tried his best. He called me.today and when I tried to call him back I haveto.put up with the idiots in the call centre who.tell.me he doesnt work.there I lost it and they have now banned.me . I have made a total.of 78 calls to try and get this sorted and am.pushe'd from.pI'll at to.post with no resolution I have been a customer since 1993 and this is the service u get. I will be laying a formal.complaint with icasa and will take this viral. The problems on.my account have got to do the the incompetent staff employed by vodacom. I have recording of all.calls.made from my daughters phone . I have been with out a phone since 7 Sept. And u can be assured they will take there money at the end of the month.


I have phoned the first time on the 30th August to ask when is my upgrade date and they replied it is on the 08th Sept so the consultant said he can bypass it and do it that day so we did it wand I would have received my new cell on the 5th Sept so then I phone on the wed 06th Sept to ask about my phone and replied back to me to say there is no upgrade. Then I asked what is going on and then they said that my cell no does not exist nor show on the system so they can not help me they will log a complaint and see what happens. Up until now I do not have a upgrade done and still no feedback what is going on on my cell no


I have a modem and havent use it for more than 6 month. I wasnt aware that they recicle and went and load data on it can someone assist me, why was i not informed by vodacom, and why cant this number not be activated again for my use so i can get back my 1gig i had load. Is this how vodacom treat customers.


On the 15th of Sept 2017 i went to Vodacom is Southgate Mall where i have a contract phone and inquired about upgrading the software since its my phone is giving me problems, and was told to go ask at another Voda shop n they said i must pay R160 to assist or go to Jabulani Mall Voda care. I dont understand why since my phone is only 10mnths, contract and under warranty??? please assist.... Thank u


PLease see email send
No Response
Dear Vodacom And Samsung
I did give in my SAMSUNG A5 in for repairs
Ref 12336750 @ Potchefstroom

I was told it is the battery

No problem

I was told that there is 1 year guarantee

I did bring in the phone 1 DAY to late for the guarantee

I have to pay for the repair

Surely their must be a way that this can be fix with in the guarantee

Not only because I am a loyal customer , I do pay on time . NOT A DAY LATE=
This is a business package to show my support to Vodacom
Now Ive been punish because I am a day late=20
And it is not that there is a repair shop in every town

Please relook into the matter=20

Charl Strydom=20


My contract came to and end and the price was put up. Have not been able to cancel the contract, and the bill keeps comeing.
I have tried every method of contact, and nooooo response.
Just want someone to resolve


RE: 0828894331 (I cannot be reached on this number) Can someone assist. I have been complaining for 2 weeks now. I was offered a 10” tablet as an upgrade. When this tablet arrived it is not what I agreed to.

I spoke to a lady on the same day the tablet was delivered – telling her I was not given what was promised. This tablet was delivered on the 18th August. I was given a reference no 1-3407298559-5012. Whoever I spoke to said the tablet would be collected within 7 days. Well this never happened.

Please call me on 0832927621. This is the only way I can be reached. I DO NOT WANT THIS TABLET as the old one I have is exactly the same.

Michelle Farrell


I opened account with Vodacom around March, I went again end on the 27th of July took another phone under existing account that I've already have. Because I took the phone after 25th it happened that my account became on arrears of which I made arrangement with Vodacom to deduct money on the 25th of august. My bank statement shows money was debited, and I kept on getting sms to show Vodacom kept on deducting my money of which some of the amount doesn't make sense to me. I went to the bank I was told to lay complain with voda...of which I did. the report came back saying I owe Vodacom R1000.00 of which im still shocked cause I don't no what went wrong. My account had money. How could debit orders fail after money they took from my account. How could I have so much arrears in 5 days. Please help as I customer I really think my right are abused. I really need explanation. customer care they failed me. Vodacom shop also failed me. Im so worried.


We normally have more than enough data to get us to the next month but in August our data was used up a week before the month end.We saw in the news that you had clitch in your system and you would be refund the data. When will this happen?


Two of my VODACOM numbers have been used for fraud and Vodacom does not seem to be interested in the reported exposure. I have a query pending with Vodacom which they have not made an effort to finalise.
Now, I seem to have another incident of fraud on my other number.
The numbers in question are:
060 966 7996 &
060 966 7997

I would like to hear from the CEO of VODACOM tell me what he plans to do with this problem.

Kind Regards,
071 682 7768


I am struggling for 3 days now to get my number reactivated. It has been blocked but I have made payments by EFT. However my reference was incorrect and I have send them the proof several times with the correct reference, but it is still not corrected. I contacted them about 20 times without the matter to be resolved. This is the worst service I have experience in my whole life. In the meantime I cannot use my phone. I have all the evidence and correspondence about the matter. I have talked to about 10 different people and every time I have to explain my self from the start.


I called vodacom sometime in April telling them that I am unemployed and to stop debit order and I will make cash payment at vodacom shop and I have been doing so for the past 6 months. To my surprise I am having arrears of R539 and I need to now why because my monthly installment is R239?


I ported my number from Vodacom to Cell C which transpired w.e.f. from the 12/10/2016. I requested a pro-rata invoice from Vodacom numerous times and complained about my signal numerous times. But to no avail have not received any feedback.

Today i get a call to say i am liable for the full amount billed by Vodacom on the contract that i was on. I informed them numerous times that i cannot be charged for a service that i am not using. I was already billed for the remaining days of October and full month of November from Cell C. So how on earth can i pay a full month of October if I was not using the Vodacom Service. Today i get a call from a very rude and arrogant lady to say if i don't pay the full amount to Vodacom they are handing the account over and puts the phone down before i can discuss or disclose any information.

Now i am sure this should all be on recordings. I will make it very known how existing and ex clients are treated. I want feedback please on this account and complaint - I am sure no -one would pay for a service they do not use.


Vodacom upgraded the wrong number on my profile of numbers to a data only account in October 16. Since then I have been trying to get it rectified. On the 12th of Oct I called Vodacom from to notify them of the mistake and am yet to get confirmation that they will reinstate the contract to its original package.

This has left me paying so much more on this number than i usually do. Despite numerous calls (which i hope have been recorded) and so much wasted time and effort from my side for weeks on end now, i still have not received any notification that this problem will be rectified. Absolutely shocking. They are able to so quickly and easily sign you up, upgrade or migrate your account but when it comes to fixing their mistakes it takes forever and costs the client not Vodacom. If I could give Vodacom less than 1 star - I would.


My complaint is about the company named Vodacom SA. On the 08 November I received an small from Vodacom however they suspend my numbers which are 0828060828 and 0711137953 and the following day I call and I being told I have reached my call limit which is stipulated in my contract, which for me does not make sense as why does Vodacom have a problem with a well paying customer who makes sure there is always money on the the scheduled for a debit order and whenever I run out of airtime or data I top up using my own money, and they decide I have been spending too much money on Vodacom and they rather suspend my numbers not be able to make calls with the airtime I paid for.

What is most frustrating is that I was promised the matter is being fixed only finding myself having to call them daily because my line gets suspended daily and when I call to get answers all I could get is that the problem is being escalated to solutions department. Today I found myself having to call you twice for the same problem and this is not acceptable at all. Vodacom are you really expecting me to upgrade if this is the service I am getting? The question is will I be able able to make calls after the upgrade? Right now I think I should just cancelled the contract instead of upgrading. This is so unacceptable and frustrating. Bad Service


For the last 4 and half months we are in a battle with Vodacom. My husband passed away. We need to do a transfer from his name to my name. The corrected documents has been delivered by hand at Vodacom Delmas. Every time with unsatisfied service nothing has happened. Phone calls and e mails send back and forward with relevant people did not accomplices anything. They make promises they can not keep. This type of service is very bad. My phone has been cut of since the 12 October 2016 after making a payment as requested. Still nothing. We have been with Vodacom for the last 18 years is this the kind of treatment as a value customer received from Vodacom.


I have lodge several complaints with Vodacom about the billing issue I experience. Nothing has been done to fix the billing issue. How many times do I still need to contact Vodacom before they will fix my account. Vodacom is currently in breach of contract and I have taken this matter to the National Consumer Commission and if this does not get fixed soon I will take it to one of my colleagues working at Carte Blanche here at Mnet. I am not going to pay Vodacom a cent further until this matter has been solved. I am prepared to take Vodacom to court. I will also not pay the R100 they charge me for the debit that I stop as I have not seen any credit on my account.

They are not suppose to deduct more than R294 each month from my account and not a cent more. They must go and look at the history on my account and they will see for themselves. I have an UChoose account so if I top my account up it goes directly from my bank account. I see my current bill are already standing on R416. I am telling Vodacom now, the debit order will not go off from my account as I stopped it. I will pay Vodacom corporate what is due to you which is R294 nothing more and nothing less.

Until they can prove to me where this additional airtime is coming from you charge me unlawfully and fix my account I will not allow any further debit orders from my bank account and I will not pay the R100 you charge me for another fault not mine. I say again I am prepared to take this companyto court and to the media.


I paid more money into my Vodacom Cell phone account through the FNB online banking when paying my monthly bill. When I want to claim the additional funds which is in my account I am told I need to present proof of payment for the whole 2 years that I have been paying my account. When I said I will present the bank statement, Vodacom says the bank statements are not acceptable. The additional funds into my account is in excess of R2000. I want to upgrade my account, however I am unable to do it before the refund issue is settled.

My feeling is that Vodacom is full of tricks when it comes to serving its own customers honestly. I have great respect for Vodacom but after going through this ordeal I have to think otherwise. I am prepared to escalate this to the highest authorities even if it means going to the media. I believe I deserve a better service from Vodacom than the mediocre service that I am exposed to. Funds that are in the account has been paid by me not Vodacom, It does not make sense when a big company like Vodacom enjoys when money comes in but makes it difficult for money to go out. I wondered whether she understood what she was telling me or it is the coaching that she received from Vodacom.


I have contacted the Vodacom store more than I can remember to inquire about the 5 gig of data that was supposed to have been loaded upon activation of the account and the issue has not been resolved. I also asked for the just for you promotion to be activated on my account that too has not been resolved. I have been more that patient to the point that I can't anymore. I have contacted Amanda so many times she told me it will be resolved and nothing has been sorted!


I have received a free tablet from Vodacom in the middle of September 2016 for being a loyal customer for 22years. I was offered a 5Gig a month contract for R199-00 a month which I accepted. I received the device and sim card on the 16th of September 2016. I installed the sim card into the device and it worked fine for a week after which it stopped working. I have ever since been trying to get it connected again after I paid the monthly subscription and the pro-rata amount for the 2.5Gig they gave me for September not being a full month.

I went to various Vodacom shops in Greenstone mall as well as made various calls to the Vodacom help line with no luck. The one guy at greenstone Vodacom told me to do a sim swop which is still not being done after I bought the sim card from them, excuse being the synchronisation which was done by Vodacom 4U in greenstone is still pending. Surely it cannot take 4 days for them to do the synchronisation and holding up the process because it is still pending. I have no guarantee that the sim swop will solve my problem but at least this guy is trying. I am very disappointed with the way I have been treated in the last week and I don't think that is appropriate to treat your loyal customers like this. I would like this matter resolved now, I am currently paying for a service I am not receiving.


I sent my phone in for a warranty repair (for a common problem with the S6) and for them to avoided fixing the problem i believe they put liquid in the device and say it's liquid damage. I cannot accept this discussion as my phone has been nowhere near water and then i got a rude consultant who keep interrupting handling the complaint. I will go viral and take this to the ombudsman.


For the past month I have been requesting a simple tax certificate for year ending Feb 2016. I have sent numerous e-mails to customer care. I have contact several on line consultants, I have been to a local store, they refer me to 082 1946. I spoke to a Reesha there, she said she will sent me a tax certificate within the next 10 minutes, that was 3 days ago-still nothing. This must rate as the poorest service I have ever experienced and my esteem of Vodacom and the Vodashop company is very low. I do not expect much of this as well and will shortly share my experience with the local newspaper! Go on with your utterly bad service.


On 5th September I entered into a new contract for 2 Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Neo phones, one with R200 airtime and the other R55 airtime. Before I could collect the new phones the store in Simmonds street was robbed and the phones stolen. I eventually received the phones on 16th September 2016. It is now the 28th September and I am still unable to access the internet.

I have been back to the store on probably 4 occasions and have been to the Rosebank store on 3 occasions to assist with the set-up but they have been unable to resolve. I have also phoned the call centre about 4 times and was transferred to an IT specialist yesterday. According to all of them the sim has been synchronized, the Internet access is on according to the system etc and I have reset the settings on the phone on numerous occasions, but I still do not have access to a Network. I can phone and receive calls but cannot access the internet. I have placed this Sim card in another device and was also unable to access the internet. To me this then means there is a problem with the sim card.

Yesterday I returned to the store in Simmonds street to request that the sim card be swopped free of charge and the R200-00 airtime to be transferred to the new number. When they called the call centre they were advised that they need to log this via email and after visiting the branch now I have been advised that they still do not have an answer. It is apparent to me that there is a problem with the Sim card and it needs to be replaced. I have had the phone for nearly 2 weeks and can still not use it for the purposes I got it. I would appreciate it if this matter could be resolved sooner rather than later.

In addition to the issues above I visited the Eastgate branch on Sunday 18th September 2016. When we arrived at the branch at 10h30 the doors were closed. We tried to make eye contact with the staff inside the branch but they either just stared at us or had their backs turned to us. Only after my husband started banging on the doors, did a staff member decide to lift herself off her chair to talk to us. She advised us that the store had been flooded and the systems were off. When I asked her why they had not placed a sign on the door, she advised that they were drafting a notice. Really, it takes them from 09h00 to 10h30 to draft a notice? Surely they could have had a staff member at the door advising the customers of the issue?

At this stage I have really had enough of Vodacom and I just want to be able to use the phone I received on the 16th September to access the internet.


I requested on 18 May 2016 a premature contract cancellation quotation, which I received the same day. The quotation indicated an amount of R471.63 to settle the account. On 19 May 2016 I paid the said amount into Vodacom account and mailed the proof of payment to your Retentions and Cancellation section. On 03 June 2016 I received a statement indicating payment due of R393.49 on this specific statement the payment done on 19 May 2016 is indicated under reference number TR85800287.

I phoned your accounting section and spoke to a lady who promised that she will come back to me in less than two days - she never came back. On 11 July 2016 I received another statement indicating I am two months in rears. I forwarded an e-mail to the Retention and Cancellation section where I requested Vodacom to correct the mistake. On 13 July 2016 I received mail from srm@vodacom.co.za (Mateemane) indicating that he could not retrieve my documents as mailed to you on 19 May 2016. I was requested to "copy it the way it is on the email you received so that we can request credit and reconcile your account or resend the original documents with ID copy and proof of payment" On 13 July 2016 I send proof again to Mateemane.

On 20 July 2016 I send another mail to Mateemane requesting feedback. I never hear anything form him. On 08 August 2016 I phoned the accounting section again to finally resolve this matter, I spoke to a person with the name of David, he said that the matter must be dealt with the Retentions and Cancellation section, he put me through to that section where I spoke with Aubrey Ntshebele who said I must forward all the necessary documentation to his personal e-mail address which I did, he responded the same day by e-mail stating " Kindly be advised that the documents have been received and will be forwarded to the admin guys". On 11 August 2016 I send mail to him asking "Still no feedback?" No response.

On 28 September 2016 I received mail from Vodacom accounts that I had to pay R1473.96, which will be deducted from my bank account, not long after the mail I received a call from a lady in your accounting section and I express my dissatisfaction regarding this matter, she said that she will follow it up. I forward again an e-mail to Aubrey Ntshebele expressing my dissatisfaction.


For the past few months I have had the problem whereby I am unable to purchase data bundles when my data runs out. This results in me having to contact Vodacom and have a service request logged. Until such time that the problem gets resolved I inevitably run of out-of-bundle rates to the tune of one almost R1000 two months ago.On Friday 23rd September just after 08:00 I tried purchasing a data bundle again and although I got an email confirming my successful purchase, the data was never loaded or activated. I contacted the call centre after 15:00 and spoke to Seipati. She said she sees the problem but cannot assist and neither could she load data for me from her side. I asked for her surname for record purposes and she refused to give it to me.

She in turn transferred me to a department called "Solutions" where I spoke to Khomotso. He also confirmed that he sees the problem as well as comments from previous times I escalated it. I asked him where was based and he said in Johannesburg. He indicated that he would be logging a call and personally handle this matter and get back to me by latest Monday 26th. He further mentioned that I would be reimbursed or credited with any out-of-bundle costs added to my account from the time that this problem commenced. It is now Wednesday and I've not received as much as an sms from him, let alone a call. I contacted Talk Radio 567 about this problem on Friday afternoon and a massive host of listener called in and sent sms's afterwards confirming that they experience the same thing.

One person said his bill ran up by R3000 more than usual in one month due to the same issue. Is this per Vodacom's attempt to scam people out of money because the cost of out-of-bundle rates is astronomical. I will be phoning Cape Talk Radio back by tomorrow afternoon if this matter is not resolved by then.


At the beginning of July 2016, I accompanied my Son to the main Vodacom outlet in the Menlyn Mall with the intent of transferring one of my accounts to him. We walked in at 12.45pm and waited nearly 2 hours for our number to be called out. Once we were eventually helped, the consultant acted as if this was completely normal. We filled in all the forms, all "T's were crossed and "i's were dotted. we submitted all the required documents. The consultant said that it would take a few days to process the documentation and that I should upgrade to the package that my son wanted and the account would be transferred within a few days. We eventually left the store at 15.30. To this day, the account has not been transferred. I have no intention of sitting there for another 2 and 3/4 hours.


I am livid, Vodacom keeps debiting my account on the wrong dates after I have told them to change it several times. Now has affected my credit rating. Missed my flight on Friday because they suspended my line and all I get is Sorry for the inconvenience. I just need my contract terminated with immediate effect and I'm not paying no penalty fee after all the financial implementations you have caused me. I'm tired. And Vodacom's incompetent call centre agents who keep a person holding for hours. Call me and cancel my contract please.


I have taken out a router contract with Vodacom on 24 August 2016. The package was delivered on 29 August 2016 without a sim card, I could not use my data and to date I have spent an unnecessary R 165 on data. I contacted the after sales department on 4 September 2016 and 7 September 2016 to inform them of the sim card that was excluded from the package. I was informed the sim card will be delivered with in 5 - 7 days. On 13 September 2016 the sim card has not yet been dispatched for delivery by Tobogo (team leader in the after sales call centre).

I hereby request that my R 165 be refunded and Vodacom to deliver the sim card by no later than Friday, 16 September 2016 at 14.00pm. The service I received from Vodacom within the last 3 weeks was poor, your service was always outstanding, for reason I am very disappointed for the service I received.


Different companies call me everyday claiming they are phoning from companies Elize Roodberg or Mondo and that they received my personal information from Vodacom. They know my ID no, my full names etc. They then offer me discount on airtime. I am on a limitless package. Why is Vodacom giving out my detail.s.


I am a long standing Vodacom client, who has been supporting Vodacom for many years and have always paid my account with a credit card. With my electronic statements, I also received a form to complete to update my credit card details for payment around April 2016. When I first enquired about updating my details telephonically, I was told that it is no longer possible to pay my monthly account with my credit card. In indicated that that was not true, as I had received written communication from Vodacom to update my details.

I faxed through the completed form to update the credit card details in May 2016. After receiving an sms indicating that the account is in arrears, I again faxed through the form on 13 July, as per the instructions on the form received. After receiving another warning about the outstanding account, I again phoned client services on 20/21 July. This time I was told that I need to put a reference number on my faxed form, otherwise it will not be dealt with. The reference number I received is 1-24265041538, which I wrote on the update form and faxed with a copy of my ID document on 22 July 2016.

On 28 July 2016, I was informed by my wife and daughters that their services had been suspended. I again phoned the client services to try to get the matter resolved, without success. Eventually I made an EFT payment on 28 July and was told that the service would be reconnected within 4 hours. Nearly 24 hours later I again had to phone client services to get the lines connected, which then happened after half an hour or so! On 29 July I was also phoned by a Vodacom representative to request my updated details, which was provided, which I then assumed would resolve the matter.

However, on 16 August at 14:00 I was informed by my daughters that service had again been suspended. I went to the local Vodacom shop in Potchefstroom to get their assistance, without any success. On the morning of 17 August I drove from Potchefstroom to Midrand to have the matter resolved once and for all. I cost me a day out of office, as well as the traveling costs, but after talking to the client services manager at Vodaworld, he appointed a lady to assist me, and the matter was resolved within approximately 20 minutes.

My frustration is that I spent hours on the phone, trying to engage with a customer services supervisor or manager to get their assistance, but every time I was blocked by the call centre staff, refusing to transfer me to a supervisor and bouncing me from customer services to accounts and back. This is the worst customer service or actually complete lack thereof, that I have experienced in a long time, although I am sure that all regularly receive bonuses for keeping the customers away from the people who can really resolve matters.

I lodged a formal complaint in this regard on 17 August at the Vodacom client services in Vodaworld. A Service in Retail Specialist, Juanita Scholtz contacted me in hours, calling me a valued customer of Vodacom and thanking me for my continuous support, also indicating that the matter has been escalated to higher management. It is now nearly one month later and I am still awaiting feedback from the higher management. It is increasingly becoming clear to me that with regard to customer service, talk is cheap for Vodacom. Unfortunately, it is the money that buys the whiskey and not the cheap talk.


I bought a tablet on contract in 2015 at Vodacom mall of north polokwane. it was a birthday present for my wife. She passed on in May 2016. I contacted Vodacom several times in order to close the account since I could not continue using the number which was used by my deceased wife and alternatively I was advised to do a number swap or settle the balance. I decided a number swap and went to the nearest Vodacom outlet in Tzaneen lifestyle around June. I was told that number swap is not possible since my account was an open/closed line, not sure.

They advised me to terminate close/open line. The form was sent to me and I completed and submitted back to the outlet. To date nothing is happening and I pay the premium every month. The 500 data which she used to receive on monthly basis, no one is using them since May 2016. I used to call Vodacom but they send me from pillar to post. The gentleman at Tzaneen outlet promised to call me but he never did. You are frustrating me and if this thing is not solved within 30 days from today. I will stop the debit order until my conundrum is solved.


I was offered a new contract that included the provision of a tablet, and was informed that if I did not want the offer, I could contact Vodacom within two weeks and they would collect the tablet and cancel the contract. Having received the package, I decided that it was not something that I wanted, so I contacted Vodacom and informed them. The person that I spoke to accepted my explanation and said that Vodacom would come and collect the package. The package never was collected, and I have been billed since February.


I'm very disappointed in Vodacom. I was due for an upgrade in August on one of my 4 contracts that I have with Vodacom. I phoned Vodacom upgrades and chose one of the Double Deals (Vodacom Power Tab 10 on 2GB 24 month data top up price plan & Includes additional Vodacom smart tab 2 3G + Starter pack + 10GB data once off & R10000 online educational voucher) for R269p/m x24, that was advertise online. The lady told me that, that deal don’t exist anymore, but for the same R269p/m, I will get all the devices as per that deal, with my 2GB 24month data and on the starter pack I will get 2GB of data for 12 months. Great! I told her that they must take that deal off online, because I am sure I am not the first one that wanted that deal. Yesterday that deal still exists.

Yesterday morning I had no data, no sms and no airtime. The previous night I had about 169 min, 200 sms and a lot of data left. I phone Vodacom and asked them what is going on. Where has all my things disappear to? I'm still waiting on an answer. Yesterday afternoon me and my husband went to Vodacom at Somerset Mall and there were two nice consultants that tried to help us. Unfortunately they couldn’t help me because they also didn’t understand where my things disappear to?

This morning I have my 2GB but where is my 10GB data once off or my 2GB of data on my starter pack? I only got 100MB on my starter pack? Why must I pay for something I didn’t get? I didn’t agree to this. I'm feeling that I want to take my contracts and go over to MTN or CellC. Which one will be the best?


I have been struggling for over a week now to have my number ported to CellC. Each time this is done Vodacom rejects the port request due to Account Locked Reason/ MSISDN not linked. This is a CellC contract buy out which means I cannot cancel the number and pay Vodacom first. The port has to be accepted and started before I cancel the number. If I cancel the contract before this the number cannot be ported.

This is ridiculous that Vodacom is doing this. This just shows how desperate Vodacom must be to retain customers if this is how low they are willing to go. I have done this before with another number and it went through with no problems so I know what the process is.


My debit order was returned, I got notification on Thursday. I was not in office on Friday so I contacted customer care on Thursday and Made a payment arrangement. My phone was cut off on Sunday with a sms Verification of what was outstanding. I did a transfer at 8 am this morning. 10 min later I got a sms stating that my account was up to date and that I did not need send proof of payment. Since then I have spoken to 8 consultants and my call gets dropped every time they transfer me to another department. I still do not have clarity of what is going on!


I am trying to have my number ported but Vodacom will not release my number. First there was a mix up on Vodacom's side when I cancelled my contract and was handed over to legal or no reason whatsoever and now I cant get my number ported. I have been on hold with the porting department now for over an hour and no one answers the phone. I am disgusted with Vodacom's service that I have received. Please sort this out as I cannot receive my new phone until my number is released. I am very unhappy and due to this will never recommend Vodacom to anyone.


When i upgraded my Vodacom contract through the Limpopo branch of Vodacom in October 2015, I was advised that I would have to pay in a considerable amount to obtain another Blackberry device, and was advised to rather purchase 2 x Samsung Galaxy J.1 phones. I have had endless trouble with both ever since. Currently, my J.1 appears to be locked on Ultra Power Saving mode: the only apps which I can access are Whats Up, Facebook, Messaging, Phonebook and Settings. The facility to correct this is not available, as the pulldown menu has also disappeared.

My daughter's J.1 freezes repeatedly and her Play Store is currently also not working. She is has been unable to restore it and can therefor not upgrade any of her apps. I am unfortunately not able to get in to Louis Trichardt to take up this matter with the store, but have little confidence in their ability to do anything. From previous experience, I will be told to hand my phone in so that it can be sent to Polokwane, where repairs are made. I seriously regret ever having upgraded to Samsung from my Blackberry, and am also very seriously considering canceling my Vodacom contract and applying to another service provider.


My could device couldn't pick up signal I took it the store where I bought it Ackermans Bayside Mall on the 17/05/2016 three weeks later I received a call from the contact center quoting me R671 for repairs that was on the 10/06/2016. I gave the lady I spoke to a go ahead to fix the phone and inquired as to where am I suppose to make the payment required, she advised me to bay at Ackermans Bayside Mall where the phone was booked,

A week after I'm receiving a call from the store assistant Yoliswa informing that Vodacom brought the phone back non repaired and Vodacom claims that they never quoted me for repairs therefore I must collect the phone or they can rebook the phone for repairs again if I wish so. After a month without a phone I must wait for another month again as the phone has to be rebooked for repairs, What kind of inefficiency is that now, I'm paying here no one is doing me any favor

What is the repair Centre for then? What is customer service for if clients are not being assisted efficiently and accordingly. How do one get by without a mobile device for 2months, is this the kind of service we paying for at Vodacom. What happened to the brand promise of vodacom of best network, best value and best service. What happened to your strategies of Delivering the best customer experience. Making your processes and businesses more efficient, Build a "diverse and talented team"?


If there was an option for no stars this is what Vodacom would receive from me for Customer Service. I phoned Vodacom today (10.06.2016) in connection with a deactivated account which was still being invoiced and deducted from my bank account. I was sent from department to department and ended up at the Cancellations department. Unfortunately I did not get the persons name but she took down my ID Number and said the system was just loading the details and then put me on hold. She never picked up the call again (10 minutes I waited). In total I spent 33.08 minutes on the Telephone and am no closer to getting answers to my query than I was before I wasted 33 minutes of my time.

As I still have 3 Accounts left with Vodacom I have no choice but to put up with this bad service but believe me if I had a choice I would definitely not be a client and I would definitely not recommend Vodacom to any of my friends.This is not the first time I have had bad service for your client services department. If you can go back and trace who opened and worked on this query in the cancellations department I strongly suggest retraining for her as she is not fit to carry out her job.


I called the cancellation department and I was sent an invoice and the lady advised me to switch off the phone on the 31/05/2016 as it will be disconnected and will be reconnected as prepaid on the 01/06/2016, since from the 01/06/2016 I am unable to make or receive calls the SIM not activated on the network. I switched it off the whole day on the 01/06/2016, when I switched it on this morning it is still not connected. I called the cancellation department and they advised that I am still under contract up until the 30/06/2016 Thabo sent me another invoice and he said he has escalated the matter to support and the turnaround time is 24 to 72 hours, as per below e-mail was advised to do a SIM swap which I paid R105.00 and it is still not working.

I went to Vodacom shop in Sandton on Saturday there is a lady by the name of Barbara who has been trying to help me she said she phoned the trader and they said it connected on their side on myside it is still saying SIM is not activated on the network ,contact your service provider MM#2 . This is very frustrating as I have been a very loyal client to Vodacom for more than 24 months. I have never missed a debit order on this contract and now my phone has been off since the 01/06/2016 up until today it is still off, even if the it’s the case that it will convert to prepaid on the 01/07/2016 I need my phone on, I am unable to pay my bills. I cannot receive calls or make calls. I don’t know what to do now. I have lost hope and I cannot afford to change my number ,as when I took contract with you guys I ported my number.


My Problem has too much info to explain. I'm disgusted with Vodacom and the so called service? It has been 7 weeks to the day and my problem has not been solved. The company and agents at the call center are dishonest and don't care about clients. It's evident after making 75million that the company can't be bothered with their mistakes that customers have to pay penalties for.


I bought a Vodacom Smart Speed phone from Incredible Connection for R1299 which included R300 airtime valid for 7 days. To me this implies:

1. pre-paid tariff of 79c because it is a pre-paid phone
2. I will be able to phone any network.

Upon activating I found out the following:
1. calls cost R2 a minute
2. the airtime is only valid for Vodacom to Vodacom.

The advertisement is totally misleading and now I am told I must refer to the terms and conditions on the Vodacom website. When you go into a shop and buy any product I would expect that the salesperson would explain the deal. This did not happen because they (Incredible Connection) were not even aware of the conditions. I have been loyal customer to Vodacom with the same number for 16 years but this will probably be my last dealings with Vodacom and most definitely my last dealing with Incredible Connection.


I am so very very frustrated. I cancelled my data account on its anniversary in February 2016 and am still being charged R109.00 per month (taken off on debit order) and no one can tell me why. I have spend three weeks phoning Vodacom every single day to try and resolve this, but get transferred from pillar to post. I have logged a query with a reference number and now they tell me I am "pre legal", even though they take money off my account every single month.

I do not know what more to do to resolve this, I told them that I would cancel the debit order at the bank, to which they told me that then they would black list me. I just want someone to tell me why I am being charged R109.00 per month when they see that the contract was cancelled, and why I am pre-legal.


I was due for an update. Phone was delivered. No sim card. 5 phone calls later got it next day. Not activated. After 9 phone calls and holding on I was told a sim swop was needed. About 17 phone calls and cut- offs got through to the manager Brenton Matthews who told me I had to wait for two weeks for some migration at the end of the month and then phone again. Every time had to go through to the same procedure, got cut off, put on hold, etc. got hold of the manager again.

He was not helpful at all. According to him I have an open line and he will put it through to his desk and I will receive an sms. Needless to say that was a week ago. I am a bloody commercial lawyer, has been a customer for over 30 years and this is the crap service I get. Just get me another bloody phone that is working, because I am going to something with this phone not suitable to describe. Let me guess - not going to hear from you. There are other service providers you know. Four weeks and I cannot use my phone.


I would like to enquire about the amount payable and due on the 31 March 2016 - IT with utter discussed than since logging my call reference number. I had no response to my query. Vodacom also ignored my complaint logged. Kindly take notes if my complaint or query is not addressed this time I will be forces to log my complain with the ombudsman and media.

I have requested a copy of the Itemized billing statement on a number occasions today and still did not received the full statement for date 2016-02-01 to 2016-02-29. I have been send emails with the same information and not the requested information – Am I be billed for these documentation where I was specific in my requested I needed which is my itemized billing information, yet I only receive stated for 21-02-2016 to 29-02-29 (refer to statement attached). I have been send and invoice B993888905 for data usage and data once off payment request. I need to verified when these transaction took place as I have a used problem if these transaction took place on the weekend.

Reason being - on this specific weekend I made numerous call to your call centre which you can trace on your system and the discussion that took place whereby I specificity enquired about purchase data and of which the system gave me errors and the message unable to process your application due a upgrade your organization did without informing the client (as I has no interaction nor notification of this – if you differ on this regards I will require proof that you did send me the notification).

I also spoke to your consultants which was also not clued up into what was going on and I was referred another department as some sort migration happened I of which then I was advised. Eventually I got to one consultant which assisted and of which he was also unable to purchase bundle for my contract due to your system problem and if which he assured me that he would log a service requested and of no consultant got back to be on the regards – refer to the call conversation on the 21-02-2016.

I need to know when these bundles was purchased on your my contract as well as data usage amounting to R 174.93 as stated on the invoice. If this is on the weekend of the 19-02-2016 to 21-02-2016, why am I being charged on bundles of which I got specific notification the my request is unable to process – why am I being charged and why was this application processed without confirmation – hence I would not have purchase more than 1 bundle if it was successful. Why am I being charge on data usage if you guys did not inform your clients about the migration where by data bill negatively increased due to not being able to purchase bundles (yet I was charged for these bundles). What data usage and data bundles is reflecting on invoice number H0-245E and what is the data usage and bundles on invoice number – why do I have separate invoice

I need my invoice statement to be addressed as soon as possible – and will be take further steps by submitting a formation submission to the ombudsman with my question has now been answered. I want all my charges for the weekend to be 19-02-2016 to 21-02-2016 reversed – this fraud and bad client services by not informing me as client. I have a business and my data need to available 24/7 hence a purchase additional bundles and you negatively affected me with your poor migration implementation system.


I'm so furious. Vodacom corporate offices won't deal with my son I'm not in SA. I call and wait for ten minutes. Then told wrong system and put through to another department. Hung up after another ten minutes. I'm calling from Canada. I have no words to describe the extremely poor service I have received from Vodacom.

My problems date back to July 2015. I still had 6 months left on my data contract but wouldn't be in SA to use. Hence I gave my son authorization to use the data. I changed all my contact details in May already, but only realized in July that none was updated and hence I couldn't log into my account. Eventually I gave up and send my son with a letter from me to Vodacom. The card was activated again. But log in still not fixed. As of October I send e mails to customer service to notify that I do not want my contract extended and that I was giving notice for end of period.

Needless to say, I never received confirmation. In January when I noticed another debit off my account. I mailed again. No feedback. I got hold of an on line agent and she informed me to notify cancelations. I mailed them, again I get case number, EC-04N6-36WEER, and nothing more. Again two weeks later. EC-04OI-3HCW4U. No reply. I got hold of on line agent again and was informed they only do sales. I had to call Vodacom customer relations. Don't they respond to e-mails? Why do you have e mail addresses if they are not been actioned?


I contacted Vodacom insurance for assistance. Consultant referred me to a local repair centre nearest to my residence. This morning (29 March 2016 @ 10am) I visited the Westgate Vodacom Branch. I stood around for a minute or so with no consultant ready to assist.

I approached a consultant sitting at his desk busy on his cellphone and asked for assistance to which he replied with no greeting at all "what do you need assistance with". I replied that I need assistance with repairs to my iPhone for which I do have insurance. Consultant disappeared for a couple of minutes and upon his return said that no body can help me, sorry. The consultant who is able to help with a repair claim is on leave today.

Honestly, is there only one person per branch who can assist with a claim? Vodacom, one of the largest telecommunication providers! Come on. I know that Vodacom has grown into this huge JSE listed company, but remember, it is us, your customers who got you there.


I upgraded my phone on Friday the 11/03/2016 to the S7. I received my phone yesterday 15/03/2016. As discussed with the Vodacom consultant they advised me that once my phone is active I would need to download the Samsung rewards app in order to redeem my VR Gear headset. Today is the 16/03/2016 & I have been on the phone with Vodacom trying to do my SIM SWAP, and nobody can seem to assist me in getting this sorted. I have been pushed from pillar to post telling me that as per the new system of Vodacom they cannot close my order & therefore cannot do my SIM SWAP. I was told that it would only be sorted by the 01/04/2016. The VR GEAR promotion is only valid to the 20/03/2016 & if I am unable to get this item, somebody at Vodacom will give me one VR GEAR, if not I will take this up further with the ombudsman or even my Lawyers.


Purchased a laptop deal hp 15 Celeron which comes with a 1G k4203 dongle which was delivered on Tuesday. This "special" is advertised nationwide on in store leaflet(brochure) as well as online. The hp laptop comes standard with windows 10 already installed. However I discovered (and this was verified by various Vodacom agents) that the dongle is NOT compatible with windows 10.

After insisting for two days of how this will be rectified, I was told that ram couriers would collect from between 7-21 working days, and that this deal is cancelled with immediate effect. Once the laptop is collected I can re apply for a new deal. This does not sit well with me for the following reasons. I have spent days setting up the laptop with personal information and personalisation. Work was done on the laptop as I use it for homework after work. The 7-21 working days collection policy (as stated in contract) only applies for faulty devives howver this is INCORRECT and FALSE advertising and negligent on behalf of Vodacom.

I would like a general manager to contact me asap to rectify this immediately or I will be forced to go public with this matter. The service I received from Vodacom even after speaking with management from Vodacom online is pathetic!


I have a complaint about my Vodacom Power Tab 10. On Saturday the 27th February 2016 I went to Vodacom store in Scottburgh. I applied for a Vodacom Power Tab 10 for my daughter. They had no stock. On Monday got a call stock arrived. On Tuesday 1st March I went to store to collect. My daughter took some photos and videos, tried to send a sms. She was not allowed to play with it as it was a school night. She plugged it in to charge. We notice it was not charging. I then tried again on Wednesday to charge, thought maybe it was her plug. Not charging I eventually got it to charge it took the whole day to go from 12% to 24%.

I went to the store today 3rd March 2016, My Consultant Nazeera was busy with another person, I patiently waited. While she was busy I spoke to the other consultant, he then told Nazeera the problem. She took the tab and put it in front of her to see if it is charging while helping her client in front of her, she was leaning over the tab while assisting the other client. When I gave it to her I had the sponge that protected the screen from the Bluetooth keypad, she removed the white sponge thing and carried on with her other client.

Still waiting patiently. After they confirmed it is def. not charging. When I received it on Tuesday 1st March with my contract 3 pages it was explained that I can bring it back if there was a problem with the device, (I did not receive a booklet regarding the warranty) and so I did bring it to the stone. I wanted a new tabled (as it is faulty and not charging) they said no, it needs to go in for repairs and evaluation and will take a week to do so.

I do not want a repaired tabled I need a new. When I asked for that she said she will call the manager. I explained according to CPA that I got the right to have a new tab. (I as a consumer got the right to choose to receive a new device or send in for repair or cancel and get my money back. He then insulted me and said if I know so much why don't I just do want I want.

This is no way to speak to a client. Absolutely unacceptable. Because I started being upset the way he was treating me he started searching for errors on the screen and then pointed out a small scratch on the screen. He said he need to report that and that might be a reason why they will not give me a new tablet. We been extremely careful with the tabled as I said before the device was not charging so we had no time to actually have time spend with the tabled, it still had the white sponge protector when I handed it inn it had no scratches so it must have been while Nazeera was dealing with her client she must have scratched it as she was annoyed with me.

I have never been treated the way I have been treated by Vodacom the last couple of days.I was so deeply upset the way they were treating me I left with the device again) I actually feel like canceling this contact and would like all money refunded to me. I will go somewhere else with better service.

On Tuesday when I collected my daughters tabled I also had my husband with me to do his upgrade. We changed our mind regarding the upgrade and while she was on the phone to do upgrade she said in a tone that customer have. Since when do we as clients gets treated like this? Then on Wednesday I was on the line with Vodacom regarding our Wi-Fi device that I got a sms that we have little data left so I phone to find out why as the start of the month just started and we have a 2G data contract and it is impossible to have used that in 1 day. And also wanted to discuss his upgrade, we then got transferred to another department as his contact is on the new system. I was on the line for 1hour 17min. Just to get cut off at that stage. Nothing been sorted.

I changed my package on Saturday 27th February to higher package. I then said that I noticed on my contact that I have BIS on my new Blackberry and was very annoyed that Vodacom did not delete this service when I received my new blackberry and you cannot use BIS on the new devices. I would like a refund on all of this. Before all this I would have just left it but I am so disappointed in Vodacom that I now would like this refunded to me.


For many years we are making use of Vodacom for the simple reason that we thought that Vodacom is a leading company in the cellphone industry. Also that they care about service to their customers. My fiancee bought a Samsung Galaxy Tablet from Mooirivier Mall on 16/12/2015 for the reason to stay in connection with me. I am working far away from home and this tablet is suppose to keep us in touch with one another.The tablet is not in a good working order and definitely not of good quality.The tablet just cut out and switch off.She had taken it back to Mooirivier Mall at Potchefstroom now for the third time for repairs.

According to the manager they must send it away every time to be repaired by their contractors that they are using. It seems that the problem can not be solved. The question that must be asked. Are the people capable and trained to give us a proper after sales service? Or are they just selling these devices for the sake of commission? Her tablet is on contract and she is paying every month her hard earned money for nothing. Why paying for a product that is not working and unreliable? Must she struggle everyday for the reason that she can not fight for her right to get proper after sales service?

What will happen if she stop her payment? That is the right thing to do.Why paying for something that are most of the time broken and in for repairs? Please, I ask for somebody with experience and who really cares about their customers to assist her. We need the tablet to be fixed or replaced.I do not think that Mooirivier Mall at Potchefstroom will be able to get a solution to solve the problem for us.


Someone called suggesting the upgrade of my 3G and I agree to that. To my surprise I received 3 X 3G modems which I returned immediately. I have been on Vodacom but could get any assistance. The tracker no for the parcel was V2P0033316 and the parcel was received by Craig. I request for the immediate cancellation of these deductions. This inconvenience me a lot. I will never again have deal with your company. I will cancel all my contracts as soon as they due for renewal.


On the 3-11-15 I received an account from Vodacom for roaming in Canada R642.88, UK R708.08 and USA R235.93. At no stage did I make or receive any calls. I was told that it would take 2 days at the longest for someone to get back to me and I have called many times and spoken to Thalitha Madiba, Sindiswa Butelesi, Zawele Mabena, Sipho Dhlamini etc. in the customer service dept., and today 3 months later I have still not received any calls from Vodacom regarding this issue, only SMS's telling me to pay or the service will be disconnected. Reference number is S3-9O26C-CWJN. Hope that this matter will receive your urgent attention.


I bought a vodacom tablet in April 2015. The tablet was constantly overheating to a point where it was too hot to even pick up since day one. I took it back to the store within the 7 day exchange period and i was told that its normal and that they wouldn't exchange it.

I kept on using the tablet until one morning while charging as i picked up the tablet the screen cracked in right hand bottom corner. I took the tablet in and i dealt with a vodacom technician named Basil who explained that there is a technical fault with the tablet and he then contacted someone at vodacom head office who advises me to take in the box with all accessories and tablet to the store where i bought it and that i will be contacted as to when i will be receiving my new tablet.


My Vodacom phone was sent in for repairs and was received at the Vodacom repair centre. I stipulated that as soon they received the phone they must call me back what the problem is as the phone switch between screens without touching it. I took in at the Vodacom client service centre in Tableview. The consultant had a look at the phone and mentioned that its a software problem. He then reload all the software and the phone still doing the same. I took it back the next day and he mentioned to me that the phone must be send to the repair centre.

The centre send me a mail on the 13th that they received the phone for repairs. After two week not hearing from them I phone the centre Vodacom and ask what the status is of the phone. The lady mentioned to me that they will call me back. After couple of hours waiting I call them again. Gave them my reference number. She said the technical department will have a look at the phone and call me back. That was on the 22 of January 2016. No call was received again.

On Monday 25th I call the centre again and the the lady mentioned that the phone cannot be repaired and that the phone will be replaced. She gave me the customer call centre in JHB number which a called. The lady mentioned to me that the phone will be replaced I must send a mail to the corporate section. As I am leaving for overseas on Thursday I mentioned in my mail that I do need a phone before my departure. The Vodacom repair escalations mentioned as bellowed email that the phone replacement is still in process. I really had enough with the back and forward call to Vodacom in this regard. As I mentioned that my phone is still not replaced


In September 2015 I went to Vodacom Heidelberg Gauteng at their shop situated in the new mall. I asked the lady to cancel all unnecessary extras on my bill so that it gets to R1000 and then blocks. I would then like the option to load airtime myself. She promised me that will be done and that Vodacom will phone me to finalize everything. This didn't happen and I went bank in October where after she told me she will try again. In late October 2015 I started at a new Company Alpla and the contract was transferred to Alpla.

Again we picked up that the account was still open and that a lot of extras weren't canceled. The Vodacom Rep. for Alpla then promised it will be done. Today I had to pay in excess R4500 for bills exceeding R1000 for the months of Oct , Nov and December 2015. This is exceptional bad service and I am now at a point to take this much further to the Consumer council and more. I expect Vodacom to re-fund me the R4500 . I have been a loyal Customer of Vodacom for more than 10 years.


So I noticed when I checked my balance that my my balances for February is showing and I roamed a bit and made some phone calls. I checked again later and saw that instead of January balances reducing they take from the February data and airtime. I phoned the customer service and the guy confirmed that is how it works with Vodacom. I'm gonna lose my R600 + airtime and almost a gig of data because "that's how it works with Vodacom " Anyone experiencing this corrupt practice with advice.


On or about the 14th December I phoned Vodacom for a Data Bundle (R216Z Router and 2GB LTE Data). I am currently for about 20 (twenty) years a contract customer with Vodacom. After all the approvals and many minutes on the phone, I was informed via sms that they do not have stock and will contact me when stock is available. I received an sms around 24th December that they will deliver the following week.

I then phoned 082-1945 and asked them if they can deliver from the 11th January as I am not at home and on holiday. I was informed that it is not possible and that they will then cancel the deal. I then went to Vodashop in Cresta on the 26 or 27th of December and explained that I am away from the 28th of December and if they can help me with above Data bundle.

They could actually help me and have stock, but Vodacom have still not cancelled the previous deal. I then decided to wait till I am back from my holiday. Today the 12th January I walked into Vodashop Cresta and asked if we can do the deal today. Unbelievably the deal is still not cancelled, I still have not received anything and I still cannot receive anything from Cresta. I just wonder how pathetic Vodacom can actually be!! I cannot talk to anybody or try to sort the mess out!!


I ask Vodacom four months ago to send my statement by email according to the Vodacom worker that she change it and will be done. This is now the 4th time that I must struggle to get my statement on time.
I want a letter from Vodacom to confirm that the statement will be send by email on time. After 30 plus years the Vodacom service are turning in a circus. to much advertising messages while waiting to be help on your customer services lines. Very irritating -- I want to be serve with the problem I am phoning for. Not buying exstra things I do not need or can not afford.


My account was debited twice on 31 dec 2015. I called several times for a refund as I have other debit orders running. I was promised a fault is logged and a sms confirmed money will be refunded. My debit orders was returned and my money was rather credited to the Vodacom account. I am very disappointed and unsatisfied that I have to beg Vodacom for my own money and the inconvenience it is causing as I have rd's on my account. I need the money back into my asap and as I have called Vodacom again today for it to be refunded today still. Just tell me if Vodacom know they made a mistake why must I as a paying customer pay for your mistakes and do continuos follow ups. I'm not in areas and what you are doing is unlawful to take extra money from account without my consent.


I have been billed TWICE for the month of December 2015 and this was a great cause of anxiety. Received an sms from Vodacom stating they have made an error. How did that happen. Its a very callous thing to do. Also during December the network esp.for internet and browsing was absolutely pathetic. Vodacom Account number:I3030851-7.


Have a contract with active debit order with Vodacom since 1998. Travel a lot, have roaming and never had problems .Vodacom also never had a problem once to get paid. Travel abroad on 22 Dec 2015, could use my phone for two days, thereafter no service. Back in the country on 3 Jan 2016, found out that my account has been suspended. After a nightmare of getting someone to query this with, I was told that my account has been suspended because of non payment. Vodacom did not submit the debit order because the 1st Jan was a holiday. They could still not explain why my services were suspended since 23 December 2015.

Who authorized the deactivation of my roaming and why do I have to be punished for Vodacom's incompetency? Today I spoke to Zuki at Customer service, one helpful person in the desert of Vodacom's customer service department. Found out that someone in back office block my phone, because he has decided that I use my phone too much! I made about four calls, had an emergency I will keep on sending complaints out in cyber space until someone from Vodacom can answer my queries. Vodacom, please step up and take ownership of your bad service in order to avoid the same problem in future.


I applied for a mortgage bond and was advised that I am in arrears with my Vodacom account. I called the customer care line on 4th January 2016 to get details of arrears as the only account I have with Vodacom I cancelled around March 2015. the call center agent advised that the account has been handed over to BBM attorneys , I called BBM attorney and they advised that they cannot pick up my account on their system.

I then called the customer care department again and they advised that they would resolve and revert back to me. I called the customer care line again on the 5th January 2016 and advised that I need to understand why I have arrears account and I need a letter detailing the information with the amount outstanding and banking details. The customer care department advised that I must wait for BBM to get back to me around the 15th January 2016.

I asked that the consultant send me a letter confirming that I am trying to resolve this issue so I can submit to my financial institution and proceed with my mortgage bond application, the consultant advised that they cannot assist and I must wait until the 15th. I find this unacceptable that Vodacom process design cannot accommodate my request and is putting my entire bond application at risk for an account which I had cancelled. All I am asking is the details the amount and where I can make payment .


I have been with Vodacom for over 11years, of late they are not helpful at all. I've contacted them to change my debit order date due to me starting at a new company and my salary date has changed - the lady informed me that they will sent me the forms to complete - I have still not to today received any forms from Vodacom. so with that issue my debit order has been an issue for the past two months!!! after upgrading in October I phoned in again as I received an sms saying that there was a problem with my account again - I was then informed that Vodacom billed me twice for insurance for a product that I gave no authorization for. The lady in the accounts department change my debit order over the phone when I asked her to - why couldn't that have been done in the first place when I phoned? No they wont re-activate my line for 3 working days even though the debit order went off on the correct date? I don't understand how the 'leading mobile provider" is not helping their clients that have been with them over a decade?


What exactly happened? I was contacted by Vodacom 24/10/15 re my contracts that had ended. I upgraded data contract for 0764404434 and took vodacom power 10 Tablet with bluetooth keyboard to be delivered on 2/11/15. It never arrived so I queried it 4/11/15 @13.39 and had to call 6 different no's, finally told @14.17 that vodacom had pushed back the release date to 6/11/15. All the reps I spoke to denied responsibility. To date nobody has contacted me and I have not received anything after calling 2 more times. I find this unacceptable and is not client service.

Vodacom is quick to take money and it does not meet its contractual obligations, so where is my financial compensation for this huge inconvenience in terms of my time, frustration, loss of earnings and lack of consideration as a valued customer? I could have taken a contract with a different service provider and been using my tablet for the last 2 weeks. Coming from the service industry myself, this is appalling. I should have been contacted throughout this process but was not. The service reps believe its not their to keep customers updated on what's happening, even though the date was provided by Vodacom. I'm not interested in whose fault it is, be it the manufacturer, the warehouse, the distributor or the courier company.

I want to know when my tablet will arrive and why I haven't been contacted once by Vodacom to inform me of the delay and when I can expect an arrival. I also would expect to be offered something extra as a gratuity for continued support of Vodacom and th show my faith has not been misplaced. Its an insult to feel so "valued" as I spend almost R1000 every month with Vodacom, for the last 4 years or so. Perhaps you are so arrogant to believe you do not need to retain your current customer base? Your customer service department staff are unprofessional, lack knowledge, untrained and have no idea how to solve problems. They also do not understand the importance of following up on their queries. I have numerous queries, on no 0794415217, logged since July, and not once did Vodacom bother to contact me, so yes they remain unresolved, ongoing issues for me. I expect a resolution of this matter before close of business today.


I have been a customer with Vodacom for over 4 years. I was now due for an upgrade on 1 October 2015. When I wanted to do the actual upgrade, I contacted the Vodacom Key West branch to assist me. The person that was assisting me informed me that I had a P400 portfolio and I needed a P600 portfolio in order to upgrade. When I asked what it meant, he said that there is 2 ITC listings on my name and that is the reason why Vodacom cannot upgrade me. I then argued to say that I know that I do not have any listings on my name, he said I can then contact TransUnion to get my report and email it through to them, he can then motivate to say that the information regarding my profile on Vodacom's system is incorrect. I contacted TransUnion and had to wait 10 working days to get my report, when I received the report, I immediately sent it to Vodacom. The report was completely clear with no defaults, judgements, notarial bonds or trace alerts on my name. I then waited another 2 days for Vodacom to just get back to me, so I had to phone them to request feedback. Then he said that the ITC report does not suffice and I must contact Experian as well, since there is negative results on my name from Experian as well.

I then went back to the drawing board and requested my Experian check as well, which also came back negative with no defaults, judgements, notarial bonds or trace alerts on my name. I also pulled a RefCheck report on my name which has ITC, Experian as well as XDS results on, which is all negative and completely clear of any listings. After another wait of 3 days, he came back to me to say that Vodacom won't be able to assist me at all. I then contacted the Vodacom upgrades department to see if they can assist, they were more pathetic than the branch! I dealt with one of the agents called Chantell, who said she will assist me and requested that I send through all the reports with the negative results, which I did. She then never came back to me and I had to contact her again, I left 2 messages for her, as she was not available, upon which she never returned my calls. I then escalated it to her Manager, Charlene who kept on putting me on hold and eventually put Chantell back on the phone. Charlene did not once try and resolve my query or assist in escalating it to the correct person. Chantell then eventually said they cannot assist me, I asked to then speak to Charlene's boss's boss's boss, Chantell could not even tell me who that person is, how does Vodacom's employees NOT KNOW who they are working for?

If this is what the customer service with Vodacom is, I am absolutely HORRIFIED !!!! I am not a customer trying to do a new application, I am an existing customer trying to keep giving Vodacom business, which they are obviously not interested in. The call centre is actually PATHETIC to say the least and the branch isn't much better. I demand that someone from Vodacom contact me immediately and make sure that I can upgrade. There is no actual valid reason why this is being declined, as I have 3 reports to show that my name is clear. The lack of responsibility and 'passing the buck' with Vodacom is SHOCKING and HORRENDOUS, I can actually not believe how these people are still in business.


At the end of September I had a problem with my standard bank account where Vodacom debits my account from. their debit order was returned however I transferred money into this account on and paid them in full (R1075.80) on the 3 October. I phoned and was given the reference number of I33254052 to put as a reference on the payment. They then suspended my account mid October I called and explained everything which they then activated my account and I thought it was all sorted. however on the 1 November they debited my account R1075.80 and R1102.25. I have been trying ever since trying to sort this out.


My parents bought me a contract cellphone and I feel as if I'm supporting a network that doesn't really care about me. First of all its very irritating that every time I want to change something on my phone I always have to ask my parent's permission it's ridiculous. Yes she is the account holder but she bought me this cellphone therefore it belongs to me not her. I'm a student and I stay around 500 km away from home and now when she cannot answer her cellphone I am stuck and cannot do anything even if it is urgent.

When I explained this to your consultant she put me on hold for a good 10 minutes or so than she hang up the phone on me. Is my service not good enough for you guys that my problems don't matter. I could be dying here and wanted the service to call a friend to come pick me up and take me to the hospital but no the account holder who bought me this phone needs to be informed on everything I do on my phone. I am the one who is supporting your network on a daily basis not the account holder, I'm the one who in the end has to recommend your services to my friends not the account holder. I'm the one experiencing problems with my phone or your services not the account holder. I am so disappointed in the service that I received from Vodacom. It's really sad that you treat some of the people that support you the way you do.


On the 14/04/2015 I bought at phone at Vodacom Rivonia. I pointed at the phone I wanted and then subsequent to that I was issued with a wrong phone which is Nokia Lumia 530. The explanation I got after my complaint when I asked for the correct phone "Is that once a box is opened there's nothing they can do" I then bought another phone and requested a refund. It is now 6x months of waiting. On Friday 30th October'15 I went back and requested a refund or the phone to be fixed. I was told by the customer service manager we'll call you tomorrow by the manager between 09h. No one bothered to call, I then decided to go back again and got to the shop at 12h. I was told the phone has been sent to head office,'we will call you on Monday morning. I am still waiting... I have had enough of these incompetent individuals at this shop. I am extremely upset, don't want anything to do with the Vodacom company. Please give me the phone back or my refund. It is enough now!


Took out a Vodacom contract in December last year, migrated to an affordable package of R200 per month but was unable to have the line 'capped' - as in not being able to use more than R200 per month on calls, sms' and data. Still tried to monitor use so that the bill wouldn't be too high each month. I never get statements sent to me even after I requested it by telephone on more than one occasion. end of September 2015 my bill was R819.00 I wasn't too surprised because I had to use my phone a lot the previous month. Unfortunately the debit order bounced because I didn't expect the bill to be so high. I called Vodacom to make arrangement for the amount to be debited with the following month's amount.

I made a point to confirm the amount I had to budget for as a emailed Vodacom customer service with my complaint. The lady confirmed R919.00 - the extra R100 was for the bounced-debit-order fee. I was ok with that, and left more than enough in my account at the end of October. I also snapped my Vodacom sim card end of September to avoid having to pay so much again, I used my prepaid sim card in stead. I couldn't understand why my debit order didn't go off for October, when I phoned 082 1946 I was VERY SHOCKED to hear that my bill is suddenly R1878.45? how can that be if I didn't even use my sim card? Can I request itemized billing to verify the amount?


Have been trying to cancel a router that I don't want have phoned. Sent 3 emails gone to Vodacom where was treated worse than anything I have ever experienced. A debit order was put through very promptly which I returned but of course they have managed to quickly let me know that I must go and pay that in despite my numerous attempts and emails that would make any person sit up and take note. But I have been totally ignored and treated with absolute disdain. My many years of being a customer and never missing a payment has come to nothing. So of course my contract is due for renewal and fortunately at least I will have a choice to move on, cant wait.


I am paying for three data bundle contracts. Two of 2GB and one for 500MB. I am using this especially for e-mails that are work related. My balances are zero and when I enquired at a Vodacom shop they informed me that I am not getting data on any of these accounts since August, although I am paying the prescription amounts. They lodged a complaint and told me that it will take between 2 to 4 weeks for a response. My reference number is 53-9JY22-25vH7. This it totally unacceptable and I insist that me accounts be reinstated immediately and that I am refunded for the months I paid and did not receive any data.


On the 27th August I booked in my almost 2yr old Sony Xperia Z1 with the following comments. A line in left upper corner of LCD, but LCD still functioning properly. Whites on pictures taken with camera hazy, possible lens is dirty/glass scratched. Speaker grill missing - fell out. Rubber seal on charging flap broken and missing. I was expecting a quote, but to my surprise, it was repaired in warranty. When I went to collect my phone, the camera issue and LCD was untouched. So I booked in it immediately again (job number 11026214) without taking possession of the phone.

This time around my phone was assessed and deemed out of warranty due to physical damage. Upon querying the physical damage and out of warranty I was sent a picture of the corner of my phone and pointed to their Vodacom Website on Physical damage and warranties. I did not take possession of the phone but according to Vodacom they could not work on my phone as it had physical damage and I was quoted R3300. I complained and asked why the first repair was carried out and now quoted, all I got was a message to say it is under investigation. Then my phone was sent back without being repaired. Again I sent it back as I want to get to the bottom of this issue and this time my phone was deemed in warranty again and my battery replaced??? without any communication and sent back..

Again I went in to collect my phone from Vodacom Parow and yet again I sent it back (17th October 2015) as the issue was not addressed. New job number 11135155. The line on the LCD is still present. The camera is still hazy. It was found on job number 11026214 to be repaired and was deemed out of warranty because of physical damage after the speaker grill and flap seal was repaired. I was quoted R3300. After I queried the physical damage reasoning, I had to book it back in. Then it was under investigation. Then without communication, repaired again under warranty (11105340), but not what was quoted under job number 11026214. I booked my unit in again this morning job number 11135155


I have just phoned at 12.30 pm on the 16 October 2015, and the customer service person slammed the phone on me, when I asked him for the Customer Service Manager. He ask if he could help, I told him that this my third call therefore I would like to speak to a Manager who is in charge of the customer service people. I am really disappointed in the service but I have been with Altech AutoPage of rover 30 years, this this is the service I get. I need this guy disciplined and an apology. All I am query is that I received my phone last week, and now it’s a week and I am still not on the network. I phone through and did the sim swap twice now with two customer service consultant. If, I am still now on the new by Monday morning, please collect the phone from where you have deliver and cancel my contract, I will go to Cell C or Vodacom.


On my latest statement I noticed that I am being charged for two handsets. I recently received an upgrade and am quite prepared to pay the amount of R380 for the new handset, but the old handset of R170.00 is also still being billed to me. On approaching the call centre with this I was advised that the old contract only expired in June 2016 and that I would have to pay for both handsets until then. The more I explained that the current contract had expired and that this was an upgrade, the more I was told that the current contract has not expired. I need someone to investigate and advise urgently.


For about four years i had a contract through Real People Cellular. In December 2014 my contract comes to an end and i continue to use the applicable number on prepaid. Since Sunday 13 September 2015 it gives me a supplementary error. I phoned Real People and they referred me to Vodacom. I visit the Vodacom Golden Acre branch in Cape Town to Rica my simcard as it was barged according to Real People. Robin the person at Vodacom was very rude in helping me. He told me he can only help me if i do have the simcard number.

He told me that the phone has been Stolen Lock (P) Full. He told me to phone Customer Care and so that they can unlocked the card, I've done that and they told me to go back to the shop so that they at the shop can Rica the simcard. Again the person that helped me said that the Sim has already been registered and it shows still Stolen Locked (P) Full. I phone Customer Care again and after quite a argue with one of the consultants there he finally understood my problem and referred me back to the shop.

I told him that i will go back tomorrow with the necessary details and the Simcard so that we can put this problem to rest.


I would like to inform you that I am extremely unhappy with Vodacom’s costumer service. I phoned in on the 20th of August to change my debit order date to the 1st of each month informed me that it has been done and confirmed that the next debit order will be on the 1st of September 2015.

When I logged into my bank account I saw that my Vodacom debit order have not yet been paid. This is unacceptable as I arrange my finances according to the information provided by the Vodacom customer care service personnel. Now when I don’t have enough money in my account on the 15th I will get a bad credit record as the debit order will bounce all thanks to the Vodacom Customer Service personnel.

This is not the 1st time received such bad service from Vodacom. (Data and airtime went missing. Had to phone in more than once to get that corrected) I have never had a pleasant experience with Vodacom. As soon as my contract is due for upgrade I will cancel both contracts and move to another service provider with better customer service and surly will never advise anyone to go to Vodacom.


I wanted to migrate to Vodacom from Cell C I went to Vodacom and was assisted by the Manager Kate who told me I have to cancel my Cell C want a month and then hand in relevant documents to her for the migration the expiry date for Cell C was 28 August 2015 a week before I took all documents to Kate and she promised to get it all ready and to call if she needed anything else as I only wanted a sim card contract and the contract Kate suggested was Smart 5 for R209-00 a month. I wanted to put it through my company and handed all relevant documents to her.

September 05, 2015 I went in to Vodacom as she did not contact me. I was then told that the company registration as incorrect!!! The company has been going since 1985 has bank accounts etc with good income and I don't think the R209-00 per month. I filled out another form and after confirming that it is the right registration no Kate told me be buy a sim card for R105-00 and it will be activated within 24 hr - it was not! I have contacted her how many time. She first told me the IT dept. was working on in & when I contact her today she sent me a message " Its declined"! Without an explination How is it possible.


I upgraded my daughter to a Z3 about 3 months ago. Because it does not come with BIS, I was told i could apply for the BB10, which i did and the money gets deducted from airtime each month although she has never been able to use it. I have been to Parow Centre Store on 3 occasions and this has not been sorted. She received a message from Vodacom last Friday tom say the problem had been sorted, and it seemed it was, only up until the next day and then her BBM was off again. Please can someone contact me urgently as i need this to be sorted out once and for all. This is costing me a lot of money in data, not to mention the money for the bb10 is been deducted each month.


I upgraded on 8 May and was told by Aaron from Vodacom Horison that my phone will be delivered on Tuesday 12 May. It did not happen until I phoned and phoned and they became rather annoyed with me. My blackberry passport was eventually delivered on 18 May. Which I reported faulty the very next day as it gives me an error message and would not pass that message.

I was told by Aaron that someone will pick the phone up from me and they will sort it and have it back to me in two days. This is now day 4, still waiting for them to pick up the phone...I am so disgusted in the service I am getting I can pull my hair out, and just because there's no Vodacom employee to bash in the face.

Besides having to sit with this very expensive phone in the office the whole week, my bill for the month has already been amended on the 10th of May already. That's even before the phone was delivered. And by the rate the service is going now, I bet they will charge me before this phone is back in my hands.

I have been with Vodacom for eight solid years and has always just sang praises about their service, now I don't know anymore. This is beyond pathetic. The incompetence is killing me. What do I have to do to get proper service here? I want my bill to be fixed, I want you to pick up this faulty phone and replace it, and I want to be compensated for my inconvenience....



Last week, on Monday, I went to the Vodacom store in Pretoria Sunnyside to apply for a contract phone. The consultant there said I must submit my latest payslip, bank statement, and ID copy of which I did. Since I have two employers, I submitted my second payslip, bank statement from another bank I bank with just to increase my chances of getting the contract, then the consultant made me fill in the second application form similar to the one I filled in the first time I came. That confused me as I couldn't understand why.

This week Tuesday, I went there (Vodacom store) to ask about the progress of my application then the consultant there said to me the system rejected my application cause there is fraud. I then asked him "are you saying there is something fraudulent about my documents or something?" Then he said "No your documents are OK we don't understand what's wrong."

I insisted on getting clarity. They couldn't help me, he just gave me the Vodacom customer care line (082 111) which didn't help me at all. All they did was to transfer my call from one person to another until I got to the Online Sales Department where they advised me to go to the branch and ask them to cancel the application from the system so that he can process it online. I went there and asked them to cancel the application as I was advised by the Online sales Department.

They gave me my documents back, and I called the online sales to apply for new contract phone afresh but the lady there couldn't help at all she just hang up the phone. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP AS WE ARE TREATED BAD AS CUSTOMERS, THE LEVEL OF SERVICE WE RECEIVE IS REALLY BAD, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FOLLOW UP ON THE MATTER AND HELP!!


Vodacoms data bundles are too expensive . As a prepaid customer I am very unhappy and I think its a total rip off.


My son's almost new Sony Xperia's screen stopped working in the middle of March. The phone still worked, but the display was dead. He walked down to Strand Square Vodacom to explain the problem as we saw on the internet that it was a much discussed problem on certain batches of the Xperia. He was told by the staff that he had to take the phone to the repair centre at Somerset Mall (The Circle @ 5 Flags Centre).

As I work out of town and my son doesn't have transport, he had to wait a few days before we could do this. We took the phone there on about 20 or 21 March. Unfortunately he dropped the phone on the way to the shop and it had a small crack on the back plate by the time we got to the shop. I understand that Sony refuses any warranty repairs if there is any damage on the phone. I accepted this reluctantly, and asked them to supply us with a quote.

On 26 March 2015, I received a phone call from Stacey-Lee Manuel with the quote for the repairs and asked her to email it to me, which she did. I told her to give me a little time as it was a lot of money and I needed to arrange for the funds to be available.

On 31 March 2015 at 12h57 PM I sent an email to vodacomrepairs.somersetwest@vodacom.co.za to confirm that they should continue with the repairs as I have the money available. About a week later, we saw on the Vodacom website that the phone was back at the Repair Centre in Somerset West.

When we arrived at the Repair Centre we went to the counter to collect the phone. They went to collect it and to our surprise the phone was not repaired at all. When I asked them why it was not repaired, they informed me that it was sent back to them from the 3rd party as the quote was never accepted. I insisted that I accepted the quote and at first it seemed like the staff member didn't believe me as it clearly states on the document that the quote went unanswered.

At this point I really lost my cool and insisted that the situation get sorted out as soon as possible. Eventually she apologized and agreed to send the phone back to be repaired with a priority notice. I am not 100% sure of the dates, but after this last conversation the phone has been away for more than a month.

The worst of this whole situation is that we have received no communication from Vodacom whatsoever. TOTAL SILENCE. According to the website, the phone is still at the 3rd party repairer (for more than a month). My son actually phoned the Repair Centre last week to enquire about the status of the phone and was told that it's still being repaired and they will contact the 3rd party and ask for priority service.

In the meantime, I have spoken to some other repair centres and they all confirmed that it was at worst 1 days work to repair the stated problem according to the quote provided by Vodacom.

The level of service my son received from Vodacom is appalling, and it seems that there is no urgency from there side whatsoever to help. Every time either of us have contacted them, it ended up with an apology from them and promises to have it sorted out as soon as possible.

Of course, this would never happen and they never communicated any follow up news to us. Every time we had to contact them again, they never had the courtesy to phone, email or sms us once after the phone was sent away for the second time.

With all of this happening, he still pays his account every month!!

I have spent my whole life in the service and sales industry, and I have never experienced such bad service. The attitude of Vodacom's staff is so bad that it seems they really don't care about their customers. This experience with Vodacom will be spread far and wide and everyone who is willing to listen will hear this story.


My phone gives problems, just going off. I took my phone to Vodacom Chats in Brakpan. The guy said it can only be a software update or battery. I just bought a new battery, I said to him I think it might be charging points as my phone does not charge. He did the software update for which I paid R180.

When I went to fetch my phone the same problem exist. He then said I must buy new battery. I told him I have just bought a new battery. Now he wants to give me quote for repairing my phone which I think he should have done in the first place. This guy is just trying to make money out of customers. If I can't get this solved I will have no other choice as to contact the onbudsman. I hope to hear from you soon.


My Daughter's, who works on cruise liners, cell phone was stolen while she was home in November 2013, and this was 2 days after taking out the contract. As a result, when my husband was due for an upgrade last year in May 2014 we got a Nokia Lumia 720 for her as her contract had 18 months to go. We tested it and then put it away until she returned from overseas in Mid July 2014.

In August 2014 the phone's sound started coming and going. The phone was then taken into Tyger Valley Vodacare store and at the time told them that this was urgent as she was returning overseas on the 11 September. The updates and responses were very poor and we had to phone on a weekly basis to chase things up only to discover that the phone was sent to Johannesburg only a week before she was due to leave. I then had to phone on a daily basis and it was eventually sent back to the store 2 hours before she was due to leave for the airport.

6 weeks later, the same problem occurred but now she was on a ship and only returning 17 March 2015. so nothing could be done, and to add insult to injury the battery packed up as well at 7 months

On her return, the phone was taken back to Tyger Valley Vodacare on the 23rd March 2015 and again told them that this was an urgent job as she was going back overseas. and here the fun began again. ...... the previous job had not been closed and as a result a job number could not be provided. This they said had to be done by head office. After 4 phone calls and going to the store 3 times this was eventually achieved on the 17th of April. Again after various calls I was eventually told today 4 May 2015 that the phone is on the way to Johannesburg and has not arrived yet. 17 days after the job was allocated and 42 days after the phone was handed in.

My daughter is leaving on 11 May which is in 7 days time and no repair has even been started. This phone is still under Warranty, and I now demand a replacement as I do not trust that: number 1 it will be repaired correctly and number 2 continue to work once she leaves again and then at that stage the warranty will have expired.

I am in the service industry and have never in my life received such appalling service. All I receive is the run around by everyone I have spoken too including Managers at the Customer Relations. This phone must be replaced and ready for collection by Thursday 7th May at the very latest


I ordered a Tablet and phone combo from Vodacom. The courier only delivered the phone. I was not too happy with that and I phoned Vodacom to ask them to collect the phone on the same day. I received the phone and canceled my contract as they have a 7 day exchange option, this was from November last year.

Every time I phone them, they say that it takes 21 days to collect. It is now 6 months later and no one has collected this device! What irritates me even more is the fact that Vodacom have been taking money from my account every month. I find this very unprofessional from Vodacom. As one of South Africa's leading cellular networks, I expected them to have more moral and values and stop stealing and robbing its clients.

Failing to get a response from Vodacom, I will be speaking to my lawyers to get back what was wrongfully stollen from me.


My contract phone (Samsung S5 Mini) was stolen 2 months ago and I am struggling to claim my phone back because some genius never activated my insurance, which I signed for on my contract. So now for the last 2 months I have been paying for a phone I dont have, Vodacom please sort out your mess and fast.


Why do you advertise on the internet under itemized billing that you can view you recharge history, recent nos. dialed, account mini statement, 30 day statement, etc etc. when you cannot deliver or have the options available. Vodacoms service is really becomming frustrating more especially when you advertise what you cannot deliver. I am seriously thinking of switching networks. Even your call center is a waste of customer time and money 99% of the time they tell you they are working on the problem day's on end.


I took my phone for repairs on 11-04-2015 at Vodacom repair centre in Polokwane. The phone had a problem of a thick line on the left screen of the phone. The job number is 10736102 and they collected the phone on 23-04-2015 and the problem was fixed but they upgraded my phone with a new software which I don't like (not user friendly).

I then went back to Vodacom repairs centre to ask them to reinstate the software which came with the phone, I was told that is not possible. I as a customer not happy with this software version 5.0.2. I know for a fact that it is possible as I have knowledge of this, so please my request is straight forward.


Loss of business and destruction of existing infrastructure/property. The on going laying of fibre optic cable in ubungo has caused a total closure of my business for the last four days, sewage infra has been completely demolished, parking lot has been demolished and blocked. I am filling for legal assistance and you will be communicated shortly.

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