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Net10 wireless is a low cost cell phone carrier that provides free cell phones and pay-as-you-go network plans. The phones can be bought online or in many department stores for a fixed price. Network coverage is also very cheap compared to other larger alternatives.

If you are a Net10 customer and have a problem with your service, there are a few things you need to know. First, you must provide Net10 with your phone number and serial number when you contact customer service. You can call toll free either 1-877-TEN-CENT or 1-877-836-2368.

Live chat is available from 8am-Midnight (Easter Standard Time). The head office address is 9700 N.W. 112th Ave Miami, FL 33178.

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I had net10 service last year and was very happy with it. Then my family bought me a jitterbug smart phone (great call/ Verizon) I hate the phone and the service! The service at net10 is good but no one knows how to get my net10 service back. I have been trying the whole month of june and talked to at least ten people. Is there someone I can talk to face to face, like a kiosk ? Can you help?


10 year customer. Bought Samsung on5 on net 10 website with my zipcode wont work on my network card still doesn't work. 5 times on phone with customer service sent me a sim card I replaced and they say it was not right one. English is so hard to understand being offshore support and background noise from them talking in their native language so load if you could understand can't hear.going on 3 weeks now No phone still


I purchased a net10 service plan at my local Cumberland Farms.The card displayed 5 different options.I chose the $30.00 300min.60 day plan this is the same plan I have purchased many times in the past .The sale was rung up and at the end of the transaction a reciept was printed out with the pin # just as it always did in the past..when I entered the pin # I recieved a message back that stated that a 15 digit pin was required. The pin on the reciept was only ten digits and my phone would not accept it.I tried to resolve this with net10 by calling the # on the reciept.After many phone calls and hours on the phone I am still without service on my phone.I paid $30.75 including tax on a worthless pin.I made the purchase on 02/03/2018 and have been stonewalled every time I have tried to resolve this problem.The customer service was horrible and I was told several times that they could fix it and I would just get another tel# to call someone else who could activate my service.when I would call the next # I would get the same answer "Im sorry but there is nothing I can do". I would like my phone plan loaded on my phone as soon as possible or a refund for the full amount. I also failled to mention that I faxed all the infomation,the net10 card front and back,the 4 part complete reciept that clearly showes the 10 digit pin at their request and after calling them back was told if I emailed the same information they could resolve the problem right away.I did email the information with a brief message. I recieved a email back that stated the message came thru but the photos did not.and stated that I needed to use anothe format,Im not even sure what that means!!!This has been the most disorganized situation with one excuse after another. In closing let me state I am very angry with all the effort of energy and TIME wasted to try to resolve this Problem that should have been very easy to correct !!! PLEASE RESPOND AND PLEASE RESOLVE THIS AS I NEED MY PHONE SOON!!!!!! Thankyou Glenn Fecteau cell# 603-520-9450(no service)



After spending 10 hours to resolve a problem and being told at the supervisor level that my sim card had been deregistered and the phone number was no longer associated with the device. I made the comment to the supervisor level that they had just lost a customer of over 8 years. Auto billing failed in December, ok that happens but to do it for a price increase is not acceptable. Tell me after 8 years we need a price increase from 17 to 24 bucks, that is understandable. The supervisor level I finally arrived informed me that my sim card was retired my device was obsolete and the phone number had been re allocated. BULL SHIT. My bill was paid on time, a day late after after auto billing failed and 17 days later the account is inactive. My response to the super level was well after 8 years I will find another supplier, which I did re activating my VOIP with comcast for 40 bucks. How did I do that you might ask by using my cell phone which by magic was activated. Now if you want to visualize how surprised I was I had 1500 roll over minutes but when again looking at the numbers I had 50k minutes remaining. Now thats a way to keep a customer when your head is buried in a dark place , just my opinion. I will keep my expensive VOIP for the next fiasco of corporate incompetence . Perhaps a hint educate those folks you rely on to correct problems and really try for those who speak English, at least for this country with out a dialect. These people try hard but you must give them some latitude to make decisions that benefit the company. I do not have a problem with english dialects as I have been involved with medical products I have sold world wide and understand them easily. I must say they did try to correct the problem but were limited in their ability to solve the problem


I have been a customer for over 6 years with my phone and phone number. I purchase airtime every month. This month my service was not working and I tried to solve it with the Internet Chat. That did not prove a resolution. So I called. After getting transferred to different departments (5 transfers) I was told there was a Chargeback on my account. 55.98 to be exact. To send a money order to resolve it. I did not authorize or ask for a charge back. I have not used a credit card for airtime, I used pay pal. They told me to pay it. I will not. I have already purchased minutes and I did not get 55.98 from any financial institution. Net10 gave the chargeback and they should be the ones to recover it. In the meantime I should not be penalized by not having cell service. I guess Net 10 doesn't mind losing customers. I am really upset they are not trying to resolve this issue.


I purchased a new phone for my girlfriend on March 29th from Trust Cellular in Gainesville GA. Also purchased a new sim and made a payment for the month of April. Phone was activated on the 30th. I still don't know why it took so long as Net 10 confirmed with Trust Cellular the activation was complete. The phone was working great for two days and then was deactivated on April 2nd.

We called and spoke with Gerald (employee#520907) but he was unable to find the payment. Nor was he willing to assist when we pointed out we activated a new phone and could provide IMEI and SIM info. This was all done on the same transaction on the 29th, but again Gerald either was not interested or unable to actually look at past transactions on the account ( phone number on acct 6783167935).

I had to ask several times if I can just make another payment to get the phone reactivated but Gerald was either not listening or unwilling to do anything. ( he also has a habit of interrupting and talking over his customers) Eventually, he realized what I was asking and I was able to reactivate the phone after 30 minutes on the phone.
there were supervisors on the floor but he would not transfer me so another person.

I am also submitting a complaint to the FCC and the BBB regarding this. Net 10 just stole 40 dollars from me.


They are really rude. They sound like robots. They have no kind of sympathy for anyone. I had to call 6 times back and forth to finally get what i needed.


The Net10 customer service representative was very rude. Treated and spoke to me poorly, and problem never did get fixed.


I bought an activation kit and $50 prepaid minutes card for a byop program that online said would work with my phone. After trying different ways of trying to get your Sims cards to activate on the phone and the Net10 customer care person on the phone getting me to scratch the pin off the minutes card it turns out the phone could not work with your company. They did not give me any reference number or tell me to write down the Sims number that we was trying to activate. They sent me over to the refund center.

Net10 told me to ship absolutely everything including the receipt from me buying it from Best Buy here in Hot Springs AR. That included all parts of the activation kit and the already scratched off $50 prepaid minute card for a full refund. The item was sent to Plainfield IN. They got my mailing address and told me that the refund would come in a check. That it could not be returned to my state issued debit card that I had bought it. They did not give me a reference number either.

I sent the item on 3 day shipping and have the tracking number. The package arrived on September 5th so I called back to the number 1-866-667-6470 with reference #840519. The employee confirmed the item had arrived. He took all my mailing information and told me the check would arrive in 30 days. That it could not be refunded back to my card since I bought the items from a store that was not Walmart or through you company.

As of yesterday October 5th that would have made it 30 days and I did not receive a check yet. I called back last night and was on the phone with your service for almost an hour with a "manager" employee from that phone number. They claimed to be looking for any kind of confirmation that a refund was sent. But he couldn't find one. So to me that makes me understand that the refund was never sent to me. Then he put me on the phone with someone else that tells me that 5 days after your business received the package, that a refund was sent to my debit card. I had 5 prior employees tell me that that isn't possible to do. He got really rude with me. I was even going to call my card on 3 way so he could here my deposit list to hear that I never got it, but he didn't want to bother with that and hung up.

I really have enjoyed the service when I have had service with you before. Matter of fact most of my friends and family have your service due to my recommendation. But I don't appreciate the way your employees have been handling my situation. I assume that since it's a refund then that's why there are no reference or other service numbers for you to find where I have called and cried so many times. Last night I was on the phone from 8:10-8:15 until 9:12 pm Central time. They assured me it was all recorded. Please help me to continue to be a referred and happy customer. I was gonna buy a Net10 phone n get it activated with the refund check I'm suppose to get from your company.


I purchase unlimited talk, text, and data $35 +tax first 500mb and after that it's 2g. I purchase them on 9\27\2016 after 9pm I tried to update my Google app which I couldn't. All it did was that circle round and round. I called Net10 support by phone the next morning and just like other occurrences they pass you to someone else that gives you another excuse and tell you that's a joke. I will never purchase another phone from Net10 it's a total ripoff.


My phone has not worked correctly since the day i bought it. Net10 customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. My phone constantly drops calls, text take forever to go through and then when they do they are received multiple times. After my third call to customer service the woman i was talking to told me i had a bad phone and they would ship a new one out to me.

I was satisfied with this solution until four days later i received a box from FedEx that contained an envelope to return the phone i had. I called customer service again and asked where my new phone was and was informed they wont ship it out until i send back the phone i have. This is totally unacceptable for me to go without a phone until i receive a new one.

I was told the only other solution would be for me to buy a new phone and they would transfer the service. So, I guess I'm suppose to eat the cost of the first phone. I would not recommend Net 10 to anyone. If there was a 0 rating that is what they would receive from me.


I called Net10's customer service toll free number some time ago pertaining to a defective phone which I purchased. Someone by the name of Joseph answered. He was very rude and unprofessional. In the middle of our conversation, while I was talking, he hung up on me. When I tried to call back, no one answered my call any more. I'm sick and tired of the kind of service they are providing. I am definitely switching carriers.


Bought new phones and net10 will not activate with new minute card. Tried to contact them but no information was listed on their website. This company is a scam and will not refund money.


Net10 internet is a joke. When are you guys going to step up like the other phone companies and allow free streaming and music, its sad even other prepaid services are offering it such as boost and Tmobile. I'm ready to switch companies I listen to a lot of music while at work and when I hit that 5g I cant. Why don't you give back to your customers there is many people like my husband and myself who have been customers for a while why don't you do something for them for once instead of cutting back our service. I do fully understand the law about cutting back peoples service.


I purchased a net 10 pay as you go phone and then got a $25.00 phone card and when I called to activate it the guy I talked to was the ruddest person I have ever talked to before. Then, I get screwed out of a $25 card that I can't do an thing with at all and I feel like that's messed up and that screws a lot of people over big time, I will never tell anybody to use net 10 phone service ever.


October 31 2015 my phone that was purchased in June glitched. Net10 had me reset the phone in hopes of fixing it and also but another $50 airtime card even though I wasn't out of service. Needless to say it didn't work. I have called Net10 customer service over 20 times literally. Hours wasted speaking to corporate offices to complain to no avail it seems. December 12 2015, I finally receive a replacement phone. The problem is that they sent me a cheap flip phone when my phone was a smartphone. $70 difference at least! And still no airtime bill? I'm at my wits end and I wish I knew where to start so I can sue them for this. I've been with Net10 company for 5 terrible years and my loyalty only got me screwed.


Net10 stole four hours data time every month on last service day. Now I am limited to outgoing calls only denied incoming calls during same four hours. Claimed it was the lowest rate of internet. No access was granted.


I purchased a $35 Net10 Card around November 1, 2015 and received 50,000 minutes and 30 services days, and I added this plan to my cell phone and you all have taken my minutes. I would like to have my minutes back. Please contact me and a response back to my email to contact me soon would be helpful.


I bought the 600 minutes on my phone not knowing how many days were charged. Wanting the 600 for 60 and was charged for 600 for 120 days. After waiting for an hour and finally getting someone who offered no help at all....I was then transferred again and will probably just hang up soon. Do your research on what you want with this phone cuz you will get no help from customer service at all from Net10.


I transfer for my number over to Net10, I call it took him about 5min every they work. The problem is that when they ask for my email I told them and even spell it out he repeat it and it was correct. But when I try to set up my account the number was associated with another account. So I download the app and found out that they had the wrong email, one letter was off. So I call to have them change it but told my they couldn't. They final said that it was change but still it is the wrong email. Call about time nothing. They have bad service and computers.


I have had problems with the last 3 phones I bought. The most recent phone, purchased this last week, will not keep the correct time, and the text come in out of order. I have had your service for approx. 8 yrs. And I have told a lot of people and customers, that have started using your service.I use this phone for a business. If my alarm never works cause its reading the wrong time, or some nights the phone shuts off in the middle of the night. calendar is useless. And today I was told by 3 customers, that they had called and it said my phone was shut off. I would really like to see how your company handles this situation. I went back to the store where I bought the phone, they said they were told to have customers contact you directly, and they weren't allowed to exchange phone. I hate thinking I need to go to another company, but if I have to, I have too. I am also owner of a small company, and need to keep my customers happy. in order to do that, I need a phone that works and tells correct time. you can reach me. Thank you


I paid cash for my phone why can I not use my data as a hotspot so I can use my tablet? Even if it is throttled speed. I'm paying my bill I should be able to use it as I want to. And, slow speeds at 500 MB wtf??? Really??


I enjoy chatting with my friends whole day and Net10 saved me by offering nationwide call rate at 10 cents per minute. ET10 is the pay-as-you-go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits. It also has phones, airtime cards, hotspot, T-mobile single boosters which we can get online. Widened features of Net10 are voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, text messages and blue tooth services. Grab the offer right away and enjoy the fun.


I am filing a complaint. I phoned Net 10 prior to my purchase. I asked if Iphones were compatible with Net 10 and was informed they were. I was never once told that my iphone 5c was not compatible. With that info I purchased a Net 10 min card for $65 plus tax = $71 from the Radio Shack on Gilmer Road in Longview. (Not once did the employee of Radio Shack tell me that it was not compatible after I showed her my phone.) Seems to me Radio Shack employees should know the product they sell or they shouldn’t be selling it. Then I tried to activate my phone and was told it was not compatable.

Radio Shack will not refund my money since the money and Net 10 said I have to return to where I purchased it. I’m filing a complaint with the better business bureau, also posting on Facebook how bad your company is, also writing a public blog, also posting on every social networking sure how bad your company is and will inform everyone I know. I plan to continue with this until I get my refund. Your company is run poorly and you steal peoples hard earned money. I will not stop until I feel justified.


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