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Cricket Wireless Cellular, LLC, is “no contract” mobile phone plan provider that is a subsidiary of AT&T since 1999. There are 1156 Cricket stores in 38 states in America.

To talk to someone about your plan, call 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538). You may also find contact information here. To write a personal letter to President, John Dwyer address your envelop with: Cricket Wireless, LLC, 575 Morosgo Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA  30309 USA.

“Straight forward price and more” is the slogan for Cricket Wireless. They provide 4G LTE, T-Mobile, Sprint and plans for Apple, iPhone7 and the new LGStylo2. Social presence and support is found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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I came from Orlando Florida about a year ago and months I have that company for many years bot this is goings on they said they make uses the internet what is not true I'm using my daughters wife they still charge my 2 lines they don't give no discount they keeping sharing every month they test grab the money bot no internet they don't do everything to fix tha problem they charged me $109 for 2 lines and no access to the company internet ef I don't paid they disconnect the service


I only gave one star because I can't give 0. I have been calling cricket since November 11. My phone has been loosing calls, not having service, and everything else since late October. I finally got a ticket put in mid December and was promised a credit for the full month due to the inconvenience. Well when I called to get the credit added I was first told by the Supervisor Rodrigo (emp # 2162) told me that made a mistake and I was only getting a credit of $16. So I asked him if I could speak to his manager and he proceeded to tell me managers don't talk to customers. So I hung up on him and called back to get the corporate number when I explained to the new rep what happened she assured me that I most definitely should've been transferred to a manger and that she didn't see any promise of a credit any where on my account. So she transfers me to a manager. I hold for about 20 mins just for them to pick up the phone and hang up. I then called back and spoke with another rep who stated that he would credit my account the $20 that was previously paid, but no manager was available as they were all on other phone calls. I gave him my call back number and I am still waiting on a call. Everyone over there has a different lie and they don't stick to their own words. On top of my service being horrible


I ported my phone number from Metro Pcs and added another line for my cousin. The bill was opened in my name and I paid the first initial installation fee. One month later my cousin was allowed to change my pincode and add another line to the account without my permission. Cricket allowed my cousin to switch the bill into her name as well. When I called customer service they changed it back into my name only to switch the bill back into my cousins name 20 minutes later after a group text notified her of the new change. This is the worst phone company I've ever dealt with in my life. They have breached confidentially several times and no one can explain why but yet they continue to ensure me that no one will be able to switch my info again yet and still my info is still getting changed. I hate this company and am thinking about retaining private counsel.


Theres nothing I can say good about the service I received from cricket ever since I switch it's just been an awful experience I'm in the process of switching now I just hate my serviceA


Cricket has merge with at t and every since then because at t has a track record of treating customer anyway they want , CRICKET has really hurt me over this i will not get any cell phone service from anyone because of the way i have been treated by Cricket. Cricket has really open my eyes with this cutting my phone . This will be a Major Life change for me with CRICKET HAS BETRAY ME SO BAD. Cricket is sitting around laughing about the whole thing . THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE BETRAY U HAVE DONE TO MY LIFE BECAUSE OF YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE I FEEL LIKE I AM NOTHING BUT A PHONE NUMBER. ALVIN B. WINSTON


Bought a phone..told to pick case out..lady put it on phone and i was done..30 min later i read receipt and was charged 30$ for case i didnt want or ask for..went back to store 45min after purchase and was told No returns on accessories..went home called left message for manager..manager calls back its same lady who sold me phone..she said i could only get half my money back if i had box for case..i said i never touched it..she said yes its in trash and we already took trash out..i asked her if she was telling me i had to look through a dumpster of trash for a box she said yes and laughed and hung up


For the first time ever I was told I have to pay to change my due date from the 26th to the 28th. I have been calling about this change & this was never mentioned before. Also for the 2 days of service interrupted I was advised there would be a credit for those times. A supervisor, Luz, who was very unprofessional & disrespectful when I asked her name, saying she had already given her name once not wanting to repeat it talking over me, said no one told me I would get credit for no service times and that is incorrect.


I went online to order 2 more lines for my children got logged me out for some reason. when I went back and logged in it said I already had a new number pending activation. I called customer service and the first time I spoke to someone she kept me on the line for 30 minuets and didn’t even understand what my concern was asked to speak to a supervisor got hung up on, when I called back the office was closed. Called the next morning and spoke to another agent and she did not know how to resolve my issue told me if I paid $10 that she could activate the line and I could order a phone with the new number, well that was not the case I ended up paying the money and still have to wait for them to cancel the pending number, then go back online and order the new phones and pay the full amount even after I made a payment already. All I got back from the whole situation is a $10 credit and a headache.


I bought a new phone and went to a new carrier, I wanted my same telephone number, so I needed my account number and password and I called cricket and explained to them the info I needed for my number to be ported in, but I did not want to port in that day as I had a very urgent call coming August 1, 2018 , your representative told me that it would take up to 3 days for the port but that I would still be able to use my phone for three days to make calls and receive calls. I hung up and my service was cancelled that quickly, evidently she started the port and I did not have a phone from my new carrier and from cricket and I could not call anyone to tell the what happened, I needed to have service for this important call coming in in the morning, Your REP explained and told me a couple times that I would have service from my new carrier and cricket while the port was going thru. I NEVER WOULD OF started the port if I knew I wouldn't of had service, I went to your chat online and I have the report of that chat, he told me that is how a port goes and she told me right, I said I don't think you understand what I am saying, She told me I would have service for the next three days, he said no, you don't understand me, she did it right.
Who told me I would have a phone to talk on for the next 3 days while the port is going thru??? I asked him this, and he said she told you right. I have never been treated so badly and I am going to see this matter thru, if I miss this call and I will, it means money to me, I will by all means see my attorney. I also said my son was going to be taking over my old cricket phone and have cricket for his provider, but I sure will not now. You can read my whole chat with your rep and if you can't what I was trying to say , your nor very alert either.
Sharon Popp


This is my complaint I don't have you as my carrier but my wife has Cricket I'm making a formal complaint about her making prank calls to me and other people that I won't mention there has been times that she calls me at work 20 times in one day than other the rest of the day she also makes prank calls to a friend of mine that I also won't mention the name she (Judith A Flores phone # 361-906-6641) has been harassing people all hours of the day using *69 my friend has an app that clearly shows it is the number above 361-906-6641 all this week she has made calls all day long and hangs up
please take care of this matter ASAP!


I come from Metro PCS bought me and my son a phone the data was not working on either phone so I called back the next day Cricket made a ticket out and I never heard nothing back and I've been without a phone for 30 days with no data service only time I have data service for if I connect it to my home Wi-Fi I'm not paying $80 for 2 phones and my data is never worked on these phones thanks Robert Maxwell 1926 Conway Drive Florence Alabama 35630 phone number to 256 980 7262 pin number 8125


The workers name was Keana she was a horrible employee she did not know how to do anything she couldn't even tell us how to go online and perform the things that we needed in order to be able to get the phone that we need it for my mother-in-law I have been a loyal and faithful Cricket customer for years she was rude and acted as if we were bothering her. She told us that the store was a cash only store. 3479 Memorial Dr. # 7 store address. I will be switching my service.


Went into Cricket Store Oct 1 2017 approx 1:30p NF, NY 14304. My phone isn't working properly, doesn't ring etc. I tt employee named "Chris", he said he didn't have to tell me his last name. He didn't look at my phone, interrupted me describing my phone issue's, used fowl language in store (my kids, other customers) also heard. I would like to file a verbal complaint, I have been a long time customer this individual will continue to damage yr company.


Short version: I confirmed with multiple Cricket Wireless reps that I could bring my iPhone & phone number from ST to CW. I had a brand new CW SIM card for my phone. I called and activated my service with a $60 plan with a CW rep. After a few hours it was not working. I called back & the rep told me the phone would not work with CW. A mgr told me it was my fault for not doing better research. What is better than asking reps from CW? They work there, I don't! I can only trust what they tell me. That is also why I asked more than one, just to make sure. A rep then told me I either had to have ST unlock the phone or I had to purchase a new phone from then. (CW) I did not have money to purchase a new one, I want to use my iPhone which is why I asked first & ST refused to give the code to unlock. (Can you blame them?)

I have now been without service for a week! Cricket Wireless customer care refuses to do the right thing even though I was provided incorrect information by not one but multiple CW reps! My cell is the only way I have to communicate with my mother who is ill , my job, family & my transportation. I am not asking for anything out of the way. I would not have paid the $60 for service had the CW reps not told me it would work. My mother even tried to communicate with their customer service through Twitter & all they said was to have ST unlock the phone. They then stopped responding to her. My mom really likes Cricket Wireless , has 2 lines with them and always speaks highly of them. This is the main reason I was switching. She is now extremely disappointed & so am I.

I have also been extremely nervous traveling alone without a phone, not knowing if something happens with my mom or family how someone will reach me and then there's my job! *Please excuse any typos...... I can't stop crying from being so frustrated!*


Misrepresented cell coverage map at sale. On arrival home had zero coverage. Was told by sales staff that the return policy was "7 days, no problem" On bringing 5 phones back there was a huge problem. $25 restocking fee per line, no refund on activation fees, no refund on service fees.


My cricket mobile phone is not working. Again and again it is rebooting and none of the applications are working. Incoming and outgoing calls is not possible even if the network is full. None of the applications are updating. Media player is not playing. Volume of mobile is not functional. What gives?


I have been with cricket 3 yrs i had to switch my service with you guys cause of your merge well when i did i paid the difference cause my expiration change. Well it was suppose to be 28th. Each month I had a emergency to come up so i called you last week to talk about making a part payment or paid it on 3rd when i get my check the guy went to talk to his boss came back said since u have been a great customer u can pay your bill on the 3rd with no problems getting service shut off so on 24 my phone got shut off i called guy was nasty said u cant have free service and when i ask to speak to a supervisor he left me on hold for 10 mins came back and said his boss was going to tell me the same thing and she cant talk to u for about a hour.

So, I said call me back well they didn't, so phone was good till 28 got shut off on 24th what about the difference i paid do i get credit than my phone was sticking 8 days after i got it store said i was 1 day too late. I am really pissed and i worked for the government i know i was put on hold on purpose for 10 mins than tell me she cant talk to me i want answers 3 yrs never late one time and this is how u do me I am posting this across the state of Indiana since i have connections to do that because this was so wrong.


First let me explain that I am a single mother to a small child as well as a full time student for the past three years. I do not receive child support and my sole income is my student aid. Due to this fact, I am in the habit of paying online, to each company I use, money that will carry me through until I am due to receive my next aid. I had the lifeline plan and originally my monthly bill was 36.00, but because of a mistake either on Cricket’s side or Lifeline, my $10 discount was cancelled, leaving me with a new monthly pre-paid balance of $45.00. On January 22, 2014, I paid online with my Wells Fargo bank card, $252.00 to Cricket. This would have paid my bills through August, until the bill went up to $45.00 (which of course would have shorted me a month or two, but no big deal).

Yesterday, on April 4th, 2014, because of bad service both from customer service agents and the phone itself, I called in to Cricket to cancel my service as well as inquire as to when I would be receiving the $114.00 credit still left in my account. I was told that they would cancel my service but that they would not send MY MONEY back to me. When I asked the agent “WHY?” he could not give me an answer. He admitted that it was my money and I had no contract with the company but could not give me an answer as to why I would not get money back that I had put on the account for future bill usage that I was not going to use.

Due to bad service on the phone, after having quite a lengthy conversation to no avail, I lost signal. I then called back and spoke to another gentlemen in the cancellation department and explained my conversation with the previous agent. He looked up my account and told me the same thing, that they could not give me my money back. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold.

During my hold time, I again lost signal and was disconnected. After that I tried continuously for at least 2 hours to get through but their automated service kept telling me that there were no agents available. I may be drawing conclusions, but since that had never happened in the past, I found it a little strange. I attempted to call the BBB, but just my luck, it was after hours (I will be following through on Monday). I decided to call a local Cricket store and explained the situation to a salesman on the phone. He then gave me the number to the corporate office in Reno.

I called that store and spoke to a gentleman named Damien. I explained the situation to him and he told me that I needed to cancel service and then they could put a request in for a refund. He also told me that if I was unable to get through to Cricket via 611 that I would need to come into the store and cancel my service and then the request for a refund could be submitted. I asked him if he believed that I would then get my money back and he said yes. I explained to him that I had to take the bus with my 4 year old to the store and I did not want to do so if it was in vain.

He said “no, I am looking at your account right now and I see no reason why you shouldn’t get your money back. So I went to the store and requested to speak to Damien so that I didn’t have to go through the trouble of explaining the situation to yet another person. However when I got there, I was informed that Damien was busy and that it was going to take a while, so the manager, Ryan assisted me. I once again explained the situation to him and he told me that he would put the request in but if they already told me on the phone that I would not get my money, then I probably would not get my money. Ryan was friendly and helpful but did not tell me what I wanted to hear.

I am outraged and in disbelief over this situation. It has been time consuming and frustrating, to say the least. I had no contract with these people and as far as I am concerned, this is outright theft!!! Why would somebody keep money from anyone for bills they do not owe or will not owe in the future? Not only that, but I have had the service since 2011 and have NEVER been late with a payment! I don’t know the legalities of the matter, but I do know that MORALLY their behavior is disgusting.


After running late on my payment not one person was able to resolve my Issue. talk with 5 different people and still had no answers. I used Bill pay through my Bank of America account as I had done for the past year. But this time because it was late there is no answers. I am 55 years old who used my bank to pay all my bills for the last 15 years and never had any discrepancies with no other company, but cricket costumer service really sucks.


On October 22, 2011, I bought a Cricket Broadband Wireless for my Toshiba Laptop. It would not download to my computer. The follwing day I took it along with Laptop to the Geek Squad They could not download it either. It took two days before I got my Laptop back. I returned the wireless to the store on October 26, 2011 at 12803 Westheimer, Houston, Texs. The attendant told me that I would receive a refund less restocking fee. I went to pick up the refund today, and was told that I had to return it 3 days. I returned 4 days after purchase, as I was trying to get it downloaded by the Geek Squad.


I contacted cricket about getting service for myself and my wife, when i first called them the customer service rep was very helpful and answered all of my answers. I asked if they gave refunds if the serivce didn’t work out and they said yes they would refund both the phones and service as long as the phones had been used less then 30 mins and i cancelled the service within the first week. They also told me that they used the same towers sprint does to increase their cell phone range which I was happy about becuase we get strong sprint signals in the home. They charged me for every thing including my first month bill right up front.

As soon as we got the phones we realized we were going to have problems we could not get and signals in the house or at my job. The phones didn’t ring at all we just got messages that there was a missed call. The people we called could not hear us and after about 2 mins of yelling into the phone can you hear me, the call was dropped. That same night I called the customer service and I was told by a customer service rep they would refund me for my phones I just had to mail them back.

But then she told me I should not have been charged for my monthly bill until after the first month was up but to get refunded I had to go into a cricket store with my proof of payment, when I told her to cancel my plan she then told me she couldn’t do that did not refer me to anyone else just told me to go to my local store. So the next day I went into my local cricket store and was told something completely different.

1) they always charge you’re first bill up front.

2) they are a “prepaid” cell phone company and do not give refunds under any circumstances.

3)there are 2 different 1800 numbers and only one is actually cricket the other one just sales their items and signs you up (but doesnt know their policies yet they answer customer service questions and never refers you to the real cricket customer service number)

4) anything sold online has to be taken care of online if there are any problems you cannot go into you’re local store and handle it (unless its paying you’re bill or cancelling you’re phone plan) and finally

5) for me to even be considered for a refund i have to fill out request forms send them in and then wait 6-8 weeks just to be denied for a service I couldn’t use and barely had for 24 hours.

So I left the store went to the post office mailed the package with the phones certified mail that way they cannot lie about never recieving it and refusing me a refund on phones I barely put 10 mins on, then i contacted my bank and disputed the charges for the service which I am now in the process of fighting. Cricket is a company full of liars and thieves as long as I am concerned and if you were smart you would go somewhere else.


I recently purchased a Blackberry phone at a local cricket store. I had the presence of mind to ask if all of the features would work and was told “absolutely” by the store employee. Since then I have had nothing but issues. The coverage is terrible. The internet is as slow as an old dial up system. They outsource their “customer service” to india and 99% of the time you can’t understand the person on the other end. So what is the point of selling a feature rich phone in your stores if none of the features will ever work? Cricket Wireless has yet to respond to that question. Don’t buy a cricket phone. Don’t use them as your wireless provider. Instead, just throw 60 bucks a month into your toilet and flush it. That is basically what you will be doing with any cricket service.

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