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Consumer Cellular is a national provider of telecom services. The company offers a plan that suits every individual that is cost effective and supposedly at high quality. Consumer Cellular products include flexible plans, nationwide coverage, and a money-back guarantee that is 100%.

If you have a problem with Consumer Cellular, call their customer service number at 888-345-5509 toll free. The company has it's headquarters in Tigard, Oregon at 12123 and 12447 SW 69th Ave. They recently related their due to expansion and growth in the business.

The corporation was founded in the year 1995 by John Marick and Greg Pryor. Their ultimate goal was to have affordable plans with quality service. Consumer Cellular brings a wide range of plans starting from 250 minutes to 4,000 as well as an unlimited plan. There are Talk Plans, Talk & Data Plans as well as Protection plans.

Common issues with Consumer Cellular range from rude employees to billing problems. Plans unique features that make the product complicated like free automated usage alerts service. Billing gives you the option to choose from various plans and also cancel any plan at a given point of time. If you refer a friend into the network, you get $10 off your monthly bill.

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My cell is junk!!! I told the non empathetic customer service rep, I am VERY unhappy with the battery life of my first phone after 18 months. Yes - 18 months!!! After being fully charged in the afternoon,(without making calls) the phone had a RED signal that the battery was dangerously low the next morning. I am a senior citizen and this is to contact family "phone" for me. "Perhaps new customers should be informed of the short battery life so they don't get stuck like me." Proceed with caution..........


I ordered a Doro 7050 phone (acct #101654739) in the package was the brochure for the Alcatel Go Flip phone.
I called and was told that the correct brochure could not be provided but it could be sent to my email address.
I am sight impaired and need the brochure. Not my fault the a mistake was made in the packaging.
Not good customer service.


If you can sign up for a plan online then you should be able to cancel a plan online. Isn't that obvious? But with the scammy Consumer Cellular you cannot do that. They intentionally make the cancellation process difficult and frustrating. Why isn't this illegal. It should be.


Tried to sign on and was told my phone would not work with their system. Did not /have not received one minute of service with them and their trying to bill me for service. now their even saying past due and charge me extra for amount reversed on credit card. Trying to get hold of them and referred to everybody but them.


Bought a new phone went to set it up found out my SIM card from the exact same phone older model would not fit. I called the company talked to a very ugly phone operator after being told that I must have broken the little clip that is supposed to secure the SIM card and that there would be no exchange. He said I could buy another cell phone and just throw out the new one I was trying to exchange. Point in fact I asked for a "Supervisor and was told they were all in meetings that I could speak to a floor supervisor she was even worse and told me that I should have purchased the extra insurance for my phone and then there would have been no problem in exchanging the phones. There is no Executive Office phone number so all numbers lead to telephone operators. This company has very good rates but their customer service and training to retain loyal customers is little to none.


Consumer cellular is the absolute worst cell provider. I paid my bill with a check but the check must have sat on someones desk because it never posted to my account, so they shut off the phones. I called and paid over the phone to get the service restored and asked the rep to send back the check but they refused. SO i had to go to the bank to put a stop payment on the check and then Consumer Cellular tried to deposit the check to make me pay the same bill twice but the payment was rejected so they shut off my phone even though I already paid the fucking bill!! The last time i called the rep I spoke with said they would NOT shut off the phone when the check didnt clear but that was a LIE! Consumer Cellular- YOU SUCK!! shutting off my phone like that is ILLEGAL!! I AM CALLING AN ATTORNEY!!


My cell # is 215-873-3319 and as I told the non empathetic customer service rep, I am VERY unhappy with the battery life of my second phone as I was with my first one. After being fully charged in the afternoon,(without making calls) the phone had a RED signal that the battery was dangerously low the next morning. I am 80 years old and this is an Emergency only phone for me. Perhaps new customers should be informed of the short battery life so they don't get stuck like me. I will be looking for a tracfone as I had before.


When I'm at home, I have very little service, if any. I don't get any service in my home(even text). I called your company before I decided to purchase your service to see if I would get service here. Your representative told me I would. I'm not very happy with the service at home and some places around town. It would be nice to have a cell tower near my home and around Davis Hospital.


I phoned about my phone not charging correctly, It is still under warranty. I was told that I would be charged for another phone if it was not returned in perfect working condition. What kind of warranty is that? Return a perfect phone? If it were working correctly, I would keep it.

I spent 3 hours with customer service reps who were not able to tell me how to stop ads from blasting out their ads even when no one was using the phone. No one seemed to know what the other had told me. One told me to call back on another line so that we could troubleshoot the charging mechanism on my phone, I did this, but the next lady I spoke with had no idea and wanted to lecture me about ads on the phone. I have had many phones and none behaved in this manner and she did not know how to do the trouble shooting.I asked for a supervisor and got Ariena (23646) who advised me to file a claim with Square Trade. They told me my phone was under warranty and to contact Consumer Cellular. I did and was again told the phone must be in good working order to use the warranty. Please explain to me what good is aa warranty like this? I finally was connected to Square Trade only to learn it is costing me $50 to replace a phone that should have been replaced by you because it was still under warranty. I am not a happy customer. I am looking for a new carrier if you do not make this right. I think I should get a new phone at no cost since it was under warranty 205-657-4300


It is a shame you do not have a minus one star or I would have used it. Long story short I purchase iPhone 5s back in March was never told had to wait 180 days to have it unlocked till I contacted your customer service dept so ok I waited well as I waited I had problems with my phone untenable make overseas calls (phone was not programmed right. This only took one week to correct and not one day like normal cell companies). Never an apology or a offer for my inconvenience and a then a month ago on our two phones one which I bought thru you the other I had bought at Target and when purchased.

Then a few weeks back when talking on our phones there was a pause talking to the person on the other line and once again called your customer service it but they did not until I called again and then they said we were on the wrong towers and sent out new chips for our phones which they did. This all since phones were bought I have no idea why they could not fix the problem the first time and thru all this I was lucky to get a apology and nothing for our inconvenience. I had friends in Portugal when calling them ask what kind of service I had which by the way I never had with Verizon.

Now today 6 November I call to get the one phone unlocked, which I was told could be unlocked on 4 November. This company screwed up telling me my phone was not registered and had to wait 72 hours to correct the problem once again another of your companies faults and again all I get is well we can fix it in 72 hours and we are sorry, well I feel sorry is not enough for our inconvenience. You can feel free to call me anytime and chat and I hope this is the last problem we have with your company well maybe not the last as they tell us the other phone cannot be unlocked until 27 Dec and cannot check it if there will be a problem like I have had today. My bill is always paid on time and before the due date.

Only one thing to say I am one very very disappointed customer and expect a phone call and not a standard e-mail. Have a nice day which I have not had this morning and I keep getting is I am sorry which all I want is the phones fixed and the other phone unlocked also at no cost.


Consumer Cellular had impeccable customer service until June 2016. Recently, they "informed" me that my cell phone for a senior citizen would soon become obsolete and I needed to purchase an iPhone for $100.00. They further conveyed to me that since I work for a Christian organization, I needed a phone that they could "track and monitor."

Subsequently, I have sent them payments that they are refusing to accept or acknowledge. This means they are retaining the money for free, and expect me to continue to send payments they refuse to accept until I comply with their political mandates. They also placed 14 Direct Assistance calls on an invoice to continue the "punishment." I suppose we've reverted back to 1938 Germany and no one bothered to inform me. Does anyone have a contact number for Consumer Cellular customer service?


Please inform me of the government agency that regulates and supervises companies like Consumer Cellular providing cellphone calling service so I can submit my complaint and it be investigated and treated seriously? I have experienced horrible customer service from this company but cannot contact them. It's almost as if this is not a legitimate organization. Does anyone have a phone number or email address to get a hold of them?

Here is my complaint. On January 14, 2016, I, over the cellphone I had been using, informed Consumer Cellular that I did not want to continue my phone service with the company beyond the end of that day, the last day of my billing period. Rather than at day’s end, Consumer Cellular immediately terminated my phone service thus taking away from me what minutes I still had on the phone — that surprised me — and,

I would only today Thursday, March 24, 2016, finally discover that Consumer Cellular also charged me for the following billing period (011516 through 021416) during which I had no phone service with the company and presumably withdrew the money from my back account! Moreover, the Consumer Cellular also neglected to send to me billing statements for the billing period of 121515 through 011416, during which I last had phone service with the company, and for the billing period 011516 through 021416 during which, as I have already stated.

I had absolutely no service from the company: it never e-mailed to me, the last billing statement for the billing period corresponding to my last month of cellphone service with the company and ending January 14 2016 and the one for the following billing period of January 15, 2016 through February 14, 2016 during which I had no cellphone service at all with the company.

Why? So I not become aware of their over-billing? Incidentally, I had many times called Consumer Cellular to request the last two billing statement and one before and did not receive any response. Then I, more than once, e-mailed my request, not to mentioned e-mailed numerous complaints about their awful customer service. I, yesterday, finally received the two aforementioned billing statements, which I was not able to view until today. I am disturbed by what it shows.

What I find disturbingly ironic is that when I first signed up with Consumer Cellular, the company required me to agree to automatic payment allowing it to withdraw all payments due straight from my back account in order to receive cellphone service.. I did not trust me with paying. While I did not like the idea, I agreed.

I looked more closely at the invoice I received for the billing period from 011516 through 021416, during which period I did not have any service. I saw you were ccorrect. The $29 and change billed and withdrawn was for the "previous" billing cycle. I apologize for my error.

I don't understand why when I had already canceled before the corresponding billing period started and owed nothimg, Consumer Cellular would bill me or send me the invoice that it had. All I needed was the final invoice not followed by another to confuse me as the latter did.. Can you understabd that? At any rate, I am glad that the misunderstanding or confusion has been cleared up. I shall e-mail the FCC promptly to rectify matters as well as withdraw my complaint. Again, I apologize for the error I made. I should had examined the bill more closely than I had.

Regarding the matter of the phone service I had recently tried to set up with Consumer Cellular, I am not sure what you mean by an active account. I have no service and have not had any since a few hours after my service was activated this past Tuesday and that is, as the last agent with whom I spoke explaned to me, because the first rep with whom I spoke to get service had neglected to tell me that before requesting service, I needed to have a 3G cellphone, not the one on which I had requested service, a 2G since the 2G phones, according to the last agent, did not work with the latest phone service technology Consumer Cellulars and other companies were providing.

I unnecessarily made a special trip to Target and purchased a SIM card when It was not going to work on the cellphoe on which I had requested service. Incicentally, perhaps just as inconveniencing as that trip was was all the hours of waiting time I lost by calling multiple times in vain in order to reach an agent. Consequently, I expect that Consumer Cellular not charge me a penny for the arduous attempt I had made to get service. I hope you can promptly assure me of that.

I'll add that I am still doubtful about the information I received from the last agent I got on the cellphone I borrowed to make the call tp Consumer Cellular on Wednesday. But what else can I do but go by what your agents say. If Consumer Cellular insists that my currenrt phone won't work with your service and I don't get the service, I accept that. When I get a different phone that is 3G or 4G and is a qwerty like the one I have, I can call again to give it a try. I don't want to have a touch-screen, and unfortunately the majority of cellphones are touch screen.


I recently purchased a wifi base for my wife since we were in a wifi dead spot and no cable available. With the delay in billing and not realizing how they bill we had a $488 bill. Today I tried to cancel the service and get a total amount to pay. I now owe an additional $580.00. They wont take my credit card over the phone so I asked for a bill by mail. After many delays and an additional $5 charge I think I will be getting the actual bill and can rid myself of this awful plague. I would advise anyone walking up to a Sprint store to turn around and run as fast as possible. I use Consumer Cellular for my cell service and they are great. Best service and great people. Great value.


I recently ended service with Verizon and went to Consumer Cellular. I received a bill from Verizon for $178.69 which included an early termination fee. I have had Verizon for at least ten years or longer. This cancellation fee is outrageous and I cannot believe Verizon had the nerve to send out such a bill. I have always paid my bill on time and have been a loyal Verizon customer. I am requesting this so called cancellation fee be waived and a new correct bill be sent to me. If this is not done, I would like to request in writing the laws or rules that states Verizon can charge such an outrageous fee. I expect a reply to this as soon as possible or I will contact the Better Business Bureau as well as post this to social media outlets so everyone can see how Verizon does business and treats their customers.


I get these automated texts on my cell phone from Consumer Cellular. I have called customer service to try and get them to stop but they say they have no records. It's actually quite incredible that in 2015 you can not stop somebody from sending you spam text messages.


The best Telecom provider is which provides best tariffs and better customer serve 24*7. I am proud to be Consumer Cellular's customer from past couple of years. Consumer Cellular's services are aimed towards providing users with simple, inexpensive and no-contract cell phone plans. I really thank and grateful to Consumer Cellular for giving me valued services within my budget. It's your turn now to choose Consumer Cellular for the best voice and text tariffs. There are no contracts, legal obligations and absolutely risk free services.

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