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Tracfone Wireless, Inc. is a prepaid mobile virtual network that operates in US, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. There are over 90,000 store fronts, 25 million subscribers (2015), over 400 corporate employees (2008) and revenues in 2015 were reported as 6.9 billion USD.

To reach Customer Service, call 1-800-867-7183. Find online ‘Talk To Us’ here. To write a letter to CEO, Frederick J. Pollak, address an envelop with Tracfone, Inc., c, USA. Corporate phone number is 800-876-5733.

Tracfone is a subsidiary of Mexico’s largest telecom company, America Movil. Other brands include Page Plus Cellular, Wal-Mart Family Mobile, Go Smart Wireless, NET10Wireless and Straight Talk. Social support is found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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I purchased minutes from you 21 hours ago. The minutes and days have not been put on my phone yet . I have tried to speak to someone on a phone and only get recordings that do not help me . I am not very happy with this . Please have somebody contact me very soon . I am a 79 year old that needs this done . My home phone is 518 297 7392 . My cell phone is 518 6452283 .I will be waiting .


Called in to change vm passcode still on the phone with the sixth tech. Is there any that is able to change a password ? Now be transfer the seventh time. 1he and 10 minutes trying. Please can someone who can fix this call me. 301 359 1975


Since BYOP SIM cards are no longer available in Billings, Montana; I ordered one from the TracFone store. I needed this SIM card so I can transfer my TracFone account to a new phone. After waiting over a week the new SIM card arrived. I then called TracFone to activate my account on my new phone, which is an unlocked Verizon phone, I was told my SIM card number was not valid. The number is 89148000003669528833. I don’t understand.... I ordered the SIM card from TracFone. My order was accepted and verified by TracFone. As I did not get a tracking number, I called TracFone and the order was again confirmed and I was given the tracking number. When the box arrived the return address was TracFone Store. The enclosed SIM card was packaged in a TracFone card with the TracFone logo. In fact the packaging was identical to three other SIM cards I had ordered and received that worked fine. Then why is it not a valid number. So, I ordered another SIM card, today,with no assurance that it will work. It would sure be nice if I could just take the SIM card out of my old phone, which I know works, and put it in my new phone. As it is I have to hope my old phone lasts until the new card gets here in eleven days and then hope that it works.


First complaint I contacted tech services not only were they extremely hard to understand and of very little help Zero.
But she wanted to change my phone number which would have made things worse for me and not helped.


my phone wont get me on line I tried to exchange it back to Walmart they said there exchange policy is fore only 14 days I went on the 15 day my question is can i get a different phone even if willing to pay fore a more expansive one


I bought a new card on Thursday Sept.28th, 2017, for 60 minutes, paid $19.99, I got home & entered the numbers off the back after scratching off the protective film, as I have done for the last 10 yrs or so that I have been using tracfone svs, & it did not take & give me my minutes or days, so I called & finally got a person, after one disconnecting me...told him what happened, gave him the new set of #'s, he got them working & they appeared on my phone, so I thought it was taken care of. Then yesterday, Sunday the 1st day of Oct...I used it & all was ok....until yesterday evening & when I went to use it , it said "Activation required", all my contacts, #'s, everything was deleted from my I called again today, I was on the phone total for over an hour, on hold, till a person, named Michelle, came on & I explained what had happened & she said hold on she w/chk it out....waited another 20 minutes until a recording came on & I did not understand it, telling me to make a copy of my battery, sending a letter of some sort as this was my phone etc??? I am very disgusted with Tracfone, have never had a problem until this year, & this happened maybe the last time & had to call for them to put # in manually. I am an honest person & I want my phone activated back up or someone to contact me with a reason why this has happened. My cell # is 304-543-8259.


Every time I refill my minutes I lose them without making or receiving calls. It is always 5 min here then maybe ten minutes a week later. I know how much time I'm using . My next step is contacting BBB! And maybe just dropping your service.


I have an older Trac Phone. When I called, I was told that if I purchased a refill card, the phone would work. I purchased the $20 card and installed it. IT DID NOT WORK.
I called ELEVEN TIMES before I was told that the phone had been deactivated ?
The 12th time They tried SEVEN times to give me a code to put in the phone. Same response every time " invalid Code-6.
The person spoke with her supervisor, cmae back and said the phone would work now, despite my concerns that it could not possibly work, and the phone says service disabled now.
There was over 586 minutes on that phone and the $ 20 card I was duped into buying, Not to mention the loss of all my minutes on the phone used to try to get this one to work. One supervisor told me not to hang up, he would be back, and thirty minutes later, he did not. I find it a little hard to believe that a company could operate this way, knowingly.
I would greatly appreciate it if this matter could be resolved, at your earliest convenience.
Now I have TWO PHONES t6hat do not work. I am also disabled on a very limited income, and continually buying minutes and phones is out of the question.
It also states that I must attempt to contact customer service before a formal complaint with Arbitration. I would assume the 12 calls would qualify as trying to contact customer service..


On 3/17/2017 I purchased minutes online.The total on the order summary came to a total of 93.38 (transition no. 1210076911) However when I got my credit card bill I had been charged 109.69 I immediatly called customer service 1_800_867_7183 and talked with an agent for 15 minutes,and got no where. I then asked to talk to a supervisor and got no reply for another 10 min. Then I hung up. I had Tracfone service for many years and never had this kind of problem.If I authorize a payment with my credit card I expect to just pay that amount.


Tracfone gives the worst customer service I have encountered. When calling to add airtime the associates are like robots- not helpful at all. It takes up valuables time arguing with them about buying airtime. It was a nitemare calling for airtime. I think that the company with do itself a favor by better training and making a purchase call easier for customers. They do not care to help people at all. I am throwing phone out and going to go elsewhere.


I am sick of fighting with TracFone billing department over my minutes. I have put in several calls to their support number and they still cannot resolve this dispute. I was supposed to get unlimited minutes.


Bought new Motorola Moto E Smartphone for TracFone service (from Amazon). Transferred minutes from old basic Tracfone to new phone, then activated the new phone with customer service rep "on air" activation, Then added additional minutes for a total plan minutes of 1365 minutes on 7/10/16. As I'm on vacation, few calls are being made or received. Only one voice mail in my log. On 7/23/16 pm, I noticed a significant decrease in my account minutes. It was showing less than 1100 mins remaining. I called the TracFone customer service number & reported the issue.

They advised I keep a journal to track my account closely. I did that. Twenty-four hours later mins had decreased 55 minutes, with the only phone use being 2 texts. I called this 2nd time & again reported. They changed some acct settings & had me "re-activate" the phone. The next morning, the call minutes had decreased 28 minutes, with no calls made, nor received. I called 3rd time, and a tech guy had me test the phone by sending myself a text. I sent myself a text, and when we reviewed my account my call minutes had gone down.

He again adjusted account settings & had me re-activate the phone. The following morning, my call minutes had decreased 33 minutes, with no calls made, nor received. Phone now showed 978 mins remaining. At this rate the phone's minutes will be zero in 30 days, without making, nor receiving calls. I transferred the remaining minutes back to my old basic phone. TracFone has replaced/credited my min for 30 minutes. Their tech support is not adequate, and their concern for long term customers is non-existent.

I've been a TracFone customer for 10+ years. Never had this poor experience before. What's really sad is I've completed three 'experience surveys' with them, detailing the problem encountered, and they've yet to respond in any way to them.


I got ripped off and bought a new TracFone and they took away all my minutes and texts and told me I had nothing to transfer. I just wanted to share my feedback online, since the they are liars and scam artists. If you are considering a low budget phone, do not buy from TracFone!


I am 75 years old I purchased a Tracphone to be shipped by FedEx I called at 8:00 P.M. on Tuesday to find when my package will arrive. I called at 8:00 A.M. on Wednesday today to find out. After many call check your records I was told the Driver would call me. After another call I was told his Boss would call me. It is now 2:01 P.M. I feel I should not have to pay for this shipment. I would not recommend FedEx to anyone. You have no respect for your customer. I know you won’t do anything, but if you do I would like a explanation to what happened. FedEx as a company in all my years is the worst.

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