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Ordered a phone on line for 469.99. Website was not working well on 9/27/18 and was instructed to call Virgin. They completed order but did not charge us the web price of $100 less. They did not tell us and found out by looking at charge card statement. Spent 3 hours over 2 days asking Virgin for a receipt because it was not sent to my email. After three hours of promises to send it to the email (which still did not come) they said there is a receipt under the packing label. I bought an iPhone 7S but the Description is an AW Alcatel One Touch Cinch item # AL1018BAPB , unit cost $0.
I am completely unsatisfied with this. I asked that there be a credit of $100 be issued because of their error to match the price I was looking at when purchased. The representative refused but suggested I pay to return the phone and try to order online when it works to get the price I originally bought it at.. Your satisfaction guarantee is worthless if I have to pay to do this and waste another week of not getting the phone.. The invoice for the iPhone is VM-TOMA-5239811 with an order number of 599076567. For warranty, future repairs and as per your own return policy I need/want a receipt for an IPHONE 7s. I will be returning the phone to purchase elsewhere .


how do get u get your back from a rip off company


first thing have two phone the first one broke that ok my wife dropt it and crack my phone had no problem and had a small crack very small one day did not come on so went to store they call me back and sad cant fix it so i still owe 400 on the two phone they say because oh the crack the phone is garbage can fix it so piss off i go home and spend 6 houre to learn the phone and all it was was the factory reset had to be done so i am piss off that tec cant do a reset and make me go trwu all this i can only figure that alot more people are getting told that there phone are garbage so you can sell more phone i will get to the both of this for all the other people like me and will find out the tec that work on it if i can the news will call me 506 204 1764 or 506 8506974 dieppe new brunswick store champlain mall


Following the receipt of this apology and offer below, I am still not satisfied how my complaint was handled!. The phone (samsung A5) was a danger to me in the first place due to a faulty battery that could caught fire just like Samsung note 7. For the repair department to resend it to me and damaged by them on the top of that, is not acceptable to me as a loyal customer. I should have been given a new phone as promised by your customer rep and kept my original plan. The only reason I got a new phone from you is because I was still paying for the plan.

Based on that I am asking you to do better if you want to keep us 4 as your customers. Thanks for reaching out to us and sharing this. We are disappointed to hear that your experience with our service recently had been less than stellar and that you were not able to find resolution when calling our team.

We appreciate the detail you have been able to provide us. It will be retained while we review the interactions you had with our team recently. We want to be sure any shortcomings can be addressed to improve the experience for yourself and all other members of Virgin Mobile going forward.

We can see that you just upgraded your line and paid the upgrade fee of $266.56. To show our apologies for any inconvenience you may have been caused, we have applied a discount to your upgrade fee of $200. We remain truly sorry if this incident had negatively impacted your experience with Virgin Mobile.


20 phone calls to 1-844-326-1261 and 5 days later with no phone service, because the customer service technician remove the number from the wrong phone. After trying #72786# every time I called. Yesterday (10/05/16) i received work order 417-533 but I was told it may take up to two days before I receive a call back from the tech. Virgin mobile customer care is horrible. Is there any way to call headquarters with a complaint?


I've been a long time customer of virgin and recently purchased a new phone, however I couldn't activate the new handset online when trying to switch from my old device to the new one. I call Virgin customer service and got through to Mary, she asked me to ensure the sim is inserted, I explained to her that I didn't receive one with the new phone and the old phone sim was too large. She put me on hold no less than 4 times during this process making me repeat my problem each time. She then asked me to check the box for the sim, which I did. She continued to place me on hold and asked me 5 more times to check the box before telling me that they were out of stock of sims when they shipped my cell phone and that I had to wait 7 took 35 mins to get to this point.

I asked her to expedite the sim for a next day delivery as the out of stock situation wasn't not highlighted by Virgin when I placed my order. She then proceeded to talk over me spending 10 mins explaining that I could visit an apple store if a I had an issue with the phone. I asked her if apple would give me a sim and she said "no" again telling me how great the apple stores are for fixing phone issues for 10 mins not allowing me to speak. At this point I asked to speak to her manager as I wanted the sim expedited.

She placed me on hold 2 further 2 times before telling me that the manager was not available. I asked her to get the manager to call me regarding expediting the sim, again, I was placed on hold multiple times and made to repeat my request and being given unrelated information regarding how popular the iPhone is and how lots of customers want it which has lead to the out of stock situation regarding the sim, each time I attempted to bring the conversation back on topic she would talk over me not allowing me to finish my sentences. Eventually she placed me on hold for what felt like the 100th time and came back saying the back office would expedite my sim as requested.

Great news I thought, so I asked one last question, what does the expedite mean? I.e. when will I be getting the sim.....her answer came back "7 business days" at this point I became irritated and explained how that was not an expedite as the 7 business days had not pulled in. At this point I gave up, requested that the manager call me back with confirmation that I would be getting the sim that was originally missing from my package, sooner than 7 business days. Mary asked for my phone number so I gave her my cell number as my original handset was/is still functioning, she asked for a back up number and I explained that I didn't have one (the phone I was calling from was not mine)

Shortly after this Mary's manager called me but not on my cell. She called me back on the phone that was not mine so I didn't get to speak with her instead receiving a voicemail giving me no more information than I already had. This whole experience has got me looking at a new carrier with competent and direct Virgin Mobile customer service staff that have a level of confidence in their voices when asked simple questions. I felt like Virgin CS just wanted me off the call as quickly as possible and didn't have any interest in helping resolve my issue.

The advisor sounded like they were reading a script and making stuff up as they went along, talking over me to stop me asking relevant questions. I am now seriously considering both myself and my wife over to another carrier due to this display of incompetence.


My contract was changed without adequate explanation from the sales person. I was charged incredible amount of money and was asked to pay £390 to get out of the contract despite haven paid over £400 into the contract. I want to change my contract but was told I couldn't and that nothing could be done to resolve my query. I was mis-sold a contract that does not meet my needs. I repeatedly said I want an amendement into my contract but no one could help me.


I've been with Virgin Mobile over 3 years. My phone got wet, so I ordered a new one - next day shipping. The FedEx guy showed up, handed me the box, and there's was a SIM card, NO phone. After an 1 hr 1/2 on the phone (using Google Voice since I'm without a phone) all that could be done was a claim, which would take 2-3 days. No refund, no replacement phone in the mean time. Today the email I got said I had to file a police report! The phone wasn't stolen! The box was in tact, and the FedEx guy handed it directly to ME.

I guess you get what you pay for, but NO cell provider is any good. I pay $30 unlimited everything, no contract. Phones must be paid in full, but no strings...until your phone gets wet, destroyed, and you try to order a new phone...your empty box arrives, and you must wait. File a police report ON YOUR own time. Bull...I'm beyond the point where I can be nice, because kindness has not gone fine in this case. The customer service reps only seemed to care about their pay check, not providing good service, and certainly not going above and beyond. This company is about "keeping costs low" Can't even....The emails to the company also give me different answers, and to get a person on the phone takes SO long.

Long story short, pissed off and still phoneless. Almost rather a contract at this point.


I called Virgin corporate relations last January 29 asking for help because I over scratched a top up card I got from 7-11 in Orange thorpe. I was asked by the rep who took my call to email the receipt and a photo of the card back and front. I did this and got an acknowledgement. He told me that the issue will be resolved in 48 hours so in the meantime, he will give me a one time courtesy credit to cover the account for the month's due (January 29). He also told me that the top up card will be credited to me and will be applied to the following payment due date (Feb 29).

Last Feb 29 I got a text that my service has been disconnected because I failed to pay. I called up your customer service , spoke to Rep 1 and was told the following. There was no record that I was supposed to be given a courtesy credit (I dont know why your record does not show this, but I did. it was $30 because I still had a balance of $5 in my account last Jan 29). Somebody was trying to reach me to verify the serial no in my top up card but I couldnt be reached ( your top up cards do not have a serial no. and I did not receive any notification from you about it. if you were trying to call me I must have been at work . You could have sent me a text.)

He forwarded my call to Rep 2. This is what I was told. My issue has not been resolved because it is not a simple matter. I cannot be given another courtesy credit because it is one time. He insisted that there is a serial no in the top up card. I was surprised by these two statements because I cannot understand why it should take you more than a month to fix a simple issue or to get back to me through a text if I am not reachable by phone. I was not asking for free credit I was simply following up on the previous conversation agreements I had in January 29.

When I told him that there is no serial no in the top up card, he started getting defensive that he has been to the USA and in fact graduated in a high school here. I do not know what this has to do with my issue. why was he explaining himself to me. except for the fact that it was so difficult to understand him because of his very thick accent, I didnt even know that the call is going somewhere out of the USA. Unfortunately, Rep no 2 was very rude, condescending , and this I told him.


Please be advised that myself and two of my Children will be discontinuing our Virgin Mobile services due to the absolute worst response and they way I was treating regarding my late wives account over closing her account due to she was killed in a car accident on January 11, 2016. I have called since January 26 requesting that the account be closed and the last payment be refunded back to our bank. I and my bank have called and spent hours on this and have faxed letters and a copy of her death certificate.

The way that I have been talked to "like please forward the death certificate to your fraud department" is truly insulting. I have yet to be called back and neither has my bank been called back. The representation of your Virgin Mobile is very poor and insulting. You have made a bad time even worse, and out of all the miserable calls I have had to do regarding to my wife being killed last month, Virgin Mobile has been the worst people to deal with. Please do not email me.


On Jan.7 we purchased cell phone from Costco with the proviso that we had 14 days to cancel if unsatisfied. We went with Virgin Mobile. On 10 Jan I had an accident at work and with Drs visits etc we did not use our phones much. We received an ebill from virgin on the 16th Jan. Unfortunately, being disconcerted by recent events I paid it immediately as is my habit. In the next few days we started to check our phones and noted that our reception was poor to non existent.

My husband spoke to Virgin and was told to try changing the sim cards and we took the phones to Costco and cards were changed with no improvement. We spoke to one of the employees at the Costco outlet and were told that our neighbourhood was known for receiving poor reception from Virgin and perhaps Fido was a better choice so we switched to Fido.I called Virgin today (20th Jan/16) and asked for a refund of payment made of $81.00 and was told payments made were not refunded. I told him we were within the 14 day trial period and were not receiving reception. He put on a Supervisor who said no refund coming.

I pointed out the 14 day trial etc but he said no refund. He said I was having buyers remorse. I replied it was not buyers remorse we were not getting reception and were within the 14 days.I told him to find a way to send us our money but he said there was no way to do that.


On Oct. 26 we purchased a second phone. When returned home ,and checked data usage, I noted the U.S. fees were too costly, hence the next morning we returned the phone to the store, being THE SOURCE at Bayshore in Ottawa. We explained the situation and since we could not match my previous rate plan, I cancelled my plan with phone returned. The next phone bill showed a termination charge of $143.75, plus smartphone VSC of $2.53 plus another charge of $21.35.

I called Virgin Mobile customer service and was told the $21.35 would be reversed which I have not seen. My issue it the refund of the termination fee-- have made numerous lengthy call to resolve and several visits to the store to no avail as well as a previous e-mail. I was given excellent service by all the store personnel as they assisted me and with your call centre. Now, I am asking that this issue be resolved on a timely matter as it has gone on far too long with too many diversions from completing the transaction.


In October 2015, I voluntarily disconnected my Virgin Mobile phone number. The customer service representative said I would lose all access to my account information and the phone number. The deactivation was immediate. I retained my cell phone equipment and on Dec. 8,2015 sold the phone, which was a Walmart purchase, to an acquaintance. The acquaintance use the "Top-up" procedure to activate the phone and to her surprise, my old phone number came up and voice mail still intact.

She called Virgin Mobile to set up her own account and was bombarded with security questions which was obviously my old information. She called me to ask me what was going on. I called Virgin Mobile and asked why was my information still attached to MY phone that I purchased from Walmart and had disconnected service on? The war started there and is continuing. Virgin Mobile told my my service was disconnected, deactivated and all association with Virgin Mobile under my name would be removed.

It was not. How you get it done is not my concern but my association with Virgin Mobile needs to be removed from your database. This includes email address, passwords, street address, security questions social security number and any other items referencing me. The phone number can remain unless it is fully necessary to wipe out the account and give me acquaintance a fresh start. The insolence, rudeness, and unprofessional mannerisms and voice inflections of your employees is unacceptable. Sprint really needs to severe ties with you before a catastrophic event occurs.


I was just checking my checking account online and an unauthorized charge of $42.62 was made on my debit card on December 1st 2015. I am not a Virgin Mobile customer and my debit card has been in my possession the whole time. I cannot afford to lose the money. Is there anyway you could refund me the amount? I am including my bank account statement with the Virgin charge on it hoping that you can help me contact the Virgin Mobile corporate offices to file a complaint.


Around end of October I received a letter stating that my VIP packages is no longer available and that I should go with another company or downgrade. I have enjoyed unlimited everything and couldn't understand why I was being targeted for using my data unlimited. I rung up Virgin customer service and was told that I had to leave because I was using too much data despite it being unlimited. Also on my record do not upgrade this customer. I was really upset as no one rung me to question or find out how come I use so much data. I am a mum and only I use the phone. I cancelled but later found out that I shouldn't have as I am being treated like a criminal after my complaint as I found out that other VIP customers who use less data will not be targeted like I and many others. I also found that my custom was not welcome and told to go with three who also offer unlimited data but at a larger price


I upgraded my virgin mobile phone and received a Sony Experia M2 in black I followed the instructions and after waiting 48 hours for the activation to proceed I found that their was a fault no phone service? I after making several calls to virgin was given a replacement phone of the same type this phone has the same fault and after another call I received a second sim card this had now taken many days and I had spent much wasted time and after making many calls I eventually was told that their was a system error? and that the IMIE number for this phone which is 35626606-539480-8 was not on their system? and that as soon as it was sorted I could send back the phone end the contract and start a new contract with a new different phone.

Well it may sound good but I have now after waiting for one hundred and six days and each week spending one hour speaking to your people being told that they cannot do any thing until the IMIE number is on their system I am now at a point of answers to what I can actually do I am locked into a contract for a phone that dose not work and never has worked? I now need to end this being polite and understanding unless someone can be reasonable give me a new phone new contract that works I will seek legal advice. My employer is now very unhappy I work on a zero hour contract and informing me as to when to be at work is very difficult and is costing me I have to end this nonsense phone number at fault, if you can help then well done if not do I need to take legal advice.


I have had services with this company for at least 3 years. I have had the same email. I recently got a new phone because my old phone had a damaged speaker. I have tried for 3 days to get my phone on. I worked with 3 different customer service people.

They shut my old phone off and added the minutes left to my new phone. After that they added minutes from a top up card I had bought. I was assured my phone would be connected in 6 hours. I received emails, my email was incorrect. I am receiving their emails. It does not take over 2 days to get my phone started. The problem is in their system.

I have been a good customer please help me. I am 68 living alone with 2 grandchildren that have a disability. I need my phone. They should give me 2 days credit for the stress they have put me through. Please help! A scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best, I give them a 1.


My direct debit is the 16th of the month yet it was taken on 13/04/15, and I have been informed the next one will be on 11/04/15, making my payments every 4 weeks. By taking the payment early it caused my bank account to go overdrawn and left me in financial hardship. I have been in touch with Virgin Mobile on 01/05/15, and they could offer me no explanation as to why this happened and to contact my bank re bank charges. They showed no remorse in the fact that I was £27.00 down and was without bus fares to work and food.


I bought a Galaxy 3 at the online store. Sent it back never opening box, because I don't have any service where I live. I returned it with same delivery that dropped it off and that was it. I've never got a refund, I've called numerous times and this last time the women I spoke with demanded why I bought a T-mobile instead. I get service plus wifi calling with T-mobile, I asked to speak to supervisor, and she laughed at me and hung up. I have two disabled children both 4. I'm going through my second bout of chemo. I can't afford to just give up 399.00


Phoned Virgin Mobile to upgrade my phone as I've had it 2 and 1/2 years. The very rude man on the end of the phone kept telling me my password was incorrect and asked me other security questions to verify I was myself. Every answer I gave, he kept telling me I was wrong till after I'd spent at least 30 minutes arguing back and forth. I was told to ring again but no one would be able to help me because I didn't know what I was talking about keep giving out random answers as he kept saying so I rang back spoke to a woman who had my account details up and sorted in two minutes !! What can I say should have just asked to speak to a woman in the first place but very very bad customer service from virgin and no way of really making a complaint poor !!!


I have had my my virgin mobile lg tribute phone for only about half a year and it has been acting up lately. it has been saying that i do not have enough space on my phone even after I delete several things and put the rest on an SD card. It has gotten so bad that it has been interfering with my text messaging saying that i cannot get incoming messages because i supposedly have no space. I pay for text messaging so i shouldn't be told that i cannot get incoming text messages. i would like for you to send me a new phone because this behavior is unacceptable!


I am absolutely disgusted about the way I have been treated by the Virgin Mobile customer service team in the past four months. I have never felt so belittled in my life! Firstly, they would not take a payment over the phone for two weeks. Secondly, when the payment was taken, I was promised my services would reconnected after three business days which was not true. I was constantly lied to over the phone until finally I spoke to someone called Dave from collections whose identification number is 230143. Dave confirmed that every single person I had spoken to during this situation had not been doing their job properly. I have recorded every single call I have made to customer services as evidence of how I have been treated. I will continue my contract and Virgin media home services until the end of both contracts and then will be leaving Virgin and going somewhere else.


I tried to cancel my contract with Virgin Mobile, and pay the balance on my contract. When I phoned 789, the automated system kept redirecting me back to the start. It was a constant loop every time. When I finally found a way around this, I was told that my £18.80 bill had jumped to £39 and I would have to pay this before I could cancel my contract (a sim only contract at £15 a month). It also had to be paid before a pac code would be issued by text. I have not received this code even tho I was assured I would. I never want to be involved with another virgin product again!!!


Tried to change direct debit date. this was a problem. cancelled direct debit payed by visa card monthly without fail and taking half hour to do this because customer services insisted on charging over thirty pounds when I get a (eelve pounds discount. Come Jan 2015 without my consent DD re set up first amount over £30 and consecutive months the lower amount matched by my visa payments. therefore in three month more than double my phone bill has been taken. Hours on phone to customer services and talking to managers. I insisted on a full refund. eventually told it would be in my bank without fail. On 13 04. 15 this has not happened. previously you told me it would be put on credit on my phone and that is exactly what has been done. I am now contacting my bank offcom and finally the financial ombudsman. I will be seeking a full refund and compensation for the stress this has caused


Very rude staff gave virgin media my new address was told my phone contact ended November last year . The company is sold to you as a whole eg:if you go to virgin media you can get broadband and mobile phone packages ,but some how the to company's are separate and don't cross reference details with each other. They don't have a dedicated team to contact people to inform them that their contact is coming to an end not even my email. my contract finished in November but they have only now decided to contact me via email why did it take so long. Really pissed off would never recommend virgin mobile or virgin media to anyone ever again!


Unbelievable service as a existing customer I purchased an Iphone yesterday I was told an agreement would be e-mailed to me with a security number were you either copied or manually inputted I tried both. message read incorrect code after several attempts I called there customer service I explained my predicament that the e-mail security number would not let me sign the agreement I was on the phone 30 minutes with the advisor asking for my sim , have I got it inserted properly he asked I asked this is a request for help on a email sent from you and a security number that will not let me read a agreement. the customer service assistant then put me on hold for a few minutes and asked me there are four numbers on the sim , I don't understand this is a request for help on a contract this has nothing to do with the phone I am contacting you on in desperation I pleaded to be put through to sales and waited ten minutes explained my problem, put through to a following contact then cut off I will wait for virgin media to contact me .


My name is Steven Mckay, i have on going complaint which i want resolved as soon as possible, This complaint has been ongoing from 17th feb 2015, I returned my mobile for repairs, the phone was returned to me, as i was not at home my neighbor took the delivery, he has denied receiving the phone, I have Contacted Virgin on numerous occasions trying to get this matter resolved. A new phone was supposed to be issued to me, but i have been waiting all this time, and no phone.I have constantly called Virgin Mobile and they have made excuse after excuse, it is getting to the stage that when i call them, they waste my time by putting me on hold, and at the expense of using my mother in laws landline. I have spoken to two managers and 7 agents and still not getting anywhere. Please contact me if i do not hear a reply within 2 working days i will pass this on to Of com, and i will terminate my contract. The contact number for the phone is 07982806552. Some of your agents are very rude and unwilling to help. they need a course in manners. Yours. Steven Mckay.


I upgraded my hardware from nexus 5 to i phone 6 and i get a phone bill without even completion of my first billing cycle with data charges that i incurred on my previous phone?? While i was instructed to pay all outstanding charges while switching to my new phone. On top of that the verbal lashing by some inconsiderate female customer service representative was the last nail in the coffin.


Never should have given this company another chance. Round 2. Activated $20 wifi lover's plan, which is include 300 minutes talk & unlimited text on March 9, 2015. Topped-up with $30 - $0 balance. A few minutes later, I topped-up with $10 - $0 balance. What happened to the balance? Virgin Mobile paid for 2 months of service. A few hours service. I emailed back & forth worth with customer service for a week (actually 5 of 7 days). Customer Service unable to resolve the issue, stopped communication. March 17, I put it away. Two days later, I decided to try service in the morning. Later that evening, I decided to try a factory reset (repetitive) and used the information sent by one of their Customer have service, with 10 days lost.

Sending & receiving pictures, no longer exist; notification for voice mail, doesn't exist (phone > press 1); but, Code V30 will show...maybe code V08, etc. Wi-Fi, is a challenge (used 1 hour complimentary by another major player).
Need a plan to use the weather widget. The service is a total mess. Unfortunately, the communication monopoly for customers (including new), is 'At Your Own Risk'!.


Don't keep Virgin Mobile because I have been calling and phoning customer service line, been hung up on and told problem fixed but has been a lie. Phone help rep said he couldn't understand me. I had a contract for 8 months already and it has not been repaired. Now every month videos wont play yet and I am paying for unlimited data. I have another 16 months on my Virgin Mobile contract. Not happy


Due to a fault with the virgin media super hub 2,am unable to use my wired connection to connect to the internet,and i spoken to a tech department memeber of staff and she didnt book in my new super hub 2 router :( and also didnt give discount for part services unable to use the full services of my broadband :( got put to virgin media customer relations department and got my new super hub router booked for delivery and recieving £40 off my next virgin media bill :)


I bought my mobile to keep in touch with my family by texts.I have had several mobiles but am really disappointed with my virgin one because I have to keep trying and trying to send messages and mostly they go back to the folder and don't get delivered and get really surprised when one does get sent .I have checked and I do have the correct number,I would never have bought it had I known and would never recommend Virgin mobiles to anyone.


I never had a problem with virgin mobile, until now. I attempted to purchase a phone on virgin mobiles website. Waited two days and the transaction on my bank account was at "pending"and I never got a confirmation number or tracking number. I call virgin mobile and they tell me the order is still being I wait longer. (Still without a phone 4 days later) I call back again, sit on hold for about an hour, and finally I am connected to a rep. They tell me they have no record of me even purchasing the phone but somehow it is on my bank statement. At this point, I am a bit annoyed but I figured it was only because of their "system update". I then call my bank and they cancel the transaction and refund my money.

I try to purchase the phone AGAIN and they tell me my account is locked and I have to wait 2-3 days to resolve the issue. I call back 2 days later and all they do is transfer me to 10 different reps. Mind you none of them were Americans and had no idea what I was talking about. This time, they tell me they'll call ME back so I wait a day and never get a call back. Next day, I try to order over the phone AGAIN and they say their system is frozen and my account is still locked for whatever reason.

At this point I just want a damn phone. Any phone! I go to radio shack to see if they can help me. FINALLY they unlock my phone so I am able to swap to my new phone. I go to pay for it and my card is declined. (There was more than enough money to buy the phone) Little did I know, virgin mobile had charged me AGAIN for the phone that apparently was never in their system or records from the beginning! I call virgin mobile and I get like 20 different stories from 20 different reps and each and every one of them was rude about my situation. DO NOT purchase a phone from virgin mobile unless it's off of eBay, amazon, or radio shack unless you want to go thru what I have. Virgin mobile is a nightmare and everyone needs to know how badly they treat their customers. Great phone company, terrible customer service! Hire some Americans maybe!


I purchased a Virgin Mobile Mifi 2200 from Walmart in Feb. I had a little trouble installing it because I had a communication manager from ATT on my computer and it is how I connect to WiFi but I got thru it. Less than a week later, the mifi quit working. I called the 800 number every hour or so and I just kept being on "hold". Finally I held until someone answered 1 hour and 47 minutes later! They then told me that there was a update and they would have to reboot me. We got it reactivated and I was assured that the update was only once a year and I should have no further problems.

I have now called them on 9 different indicents of "no internet service" and I have to go thru a very loud auto answer from a voice who calls itself "Ales". Alex is way too happy - probably becuase he delights in the torture one must go thru to speak to a person. I have always talked to people with very thick Indian accents and they used American names like Rick and Jason. If your name is Indian and you have such a thick accent, just use your real name! Finally I learned how to reactivate my unit by myself and found I was having to reactivate every time I turned it off. The person I spoke with last week seemed amazed that I turned it off and took it other places.

Isn't it for that purpose? Finally, I yelled loud enough that they sent me a replacement. Supposedly I am not supposed to have to reactivate it every time - finally someone listened! The new one came after I had no service for a week. I was assured that I would keep the same account and the $40 unlimited service that is no longer available. I entered the new EIN into my computer and phones when I got the new unit and expected it to work. NO! I had to got thru Alex's happy little voice and hit the number 1 7 times becuase he now walks you thru the activation steps before he lets you talk to a live person in India. I called 3 times and each time they acted like I wasn't following the steps. Finally one guy put in a ticket and said the problem was at their end and my Mifi was just start working within 4 hours. 4 hours later, no service.

I called and went thru pressing 1 and listening to happy Alex until I reached another man. It was ten p.m. and I give my account number and password to the guy and tell him to check my account because I am not explaining the problem again. He comes back on the line, calls me by my first name (legal name, not what I go by) and proceeds to happily tell me that there is no problem. I differed with him that there was a problem because after the promised time I still have no service and I am going out of town the next day and I would like to use the Mifi with my laptop. I am then informed that they have 72 hours to fix my problem. I asked for a manager and after holding for 10 minutes I am told that the manager is on another very long call and no one can help me. I give up. I am going to just cancel the service.

I was saving some money over the ATT Motorola Wifi and was able to use the Mifi with phones and laptops, but it is not worth all the time I have spent on hold and all the "unlimited" 5G I have paid for and not been able to use. Do not buy this product. It's a great idea and when it works it is fine, even faster than I expected. When it goes wrong there is no way to get help. There is only one 877 number, no email addresses, and no people who speak English to help.


On my monthly plan I have a cretin amour of date that I get to use before it is reduced to a slower speed for the remainder of the month. Whenever this happens it never goes back to the fasted speed for the next month. It stays at the same slow speed. I have to call customer service and explain to three different people what is wrong. They always tell me to do the same stuff which never ends up working. They then try to tell me it's my fault because they don't know what's wrong. I have had to deal with this so many times over the last 3 months and have lost a good 5 hours of my life talking to your so called customer service people. I just want my fast data back and if I'm not going to get it I'm changing my service provider and the end of the month


I have been calling about a refund owed to since February 25th 29013,The money was taken out of my account on 2/20/2013 for the purchase of a phone,but who ever took my payment never made the order, I have spoken to numerous incompetent reps and still no refund .This is dishonest to say the least, do to this I have no phone,because the phone I have after being replaced 3 times is not working that was the reason for me buying another phone to avoid having to keep replacing it .After all the attempts to resolve this ,I feel the need to file a claim or a class action lawsuit their are numerous unsatisfied customers.Hoping this get's resolved.


Virgin mobile phone was purchased on March 4, 2013 as was your service. The representative stated my area is within clear reception are of Virgin mobile service. It was not. I called to confirm that I was shipping recently purchased phone back to their company and cancelling my service after being a customer for only one hour. Since that time, I have called numerous times, given the run around, transferred all over and then when I reached a supervisor, hung up on more than once. I've written more than 5 emails.

During one call, I discovered my case number was not found as it was closed out. An employee named Sayda who was the ONLY employee to help me, located all of my information and gave me a new case number stating I would be contracted in 3-5 days. She called to follow up. I explained I still received no communicae from Virgin mobile. I emailed one last time including pertinent information. That was a week ago and still, have received nothing.

I am unemployed and truly need my refund. I have complete documentation of dates, names, costs and times. I want resolve. This has cost me a terrible inconvenience. I would also like to be reimbursed fully for shipping, my phone, the service et. al. I will forward them to you upon request. It is September 5th and I have had no reply nor have I received any refund from your company.


I have been a Virgin Mobile customer for over 3 years and up until recently I have been happy to say I was a VM customer until my Alcatel VM800 failed to work as I couldn't hear anything in the ear piece. The only way I could hear the caller was to put the phone on loudspeaker. I decided to get an upgrade using my benefits I had accrued over the past 3 years and I received my first VM820 phone within days of placing my order. I called 3 people on different phone numbers whilst I was in 3 different locations during the first day of receipt of my new phone.

During each of the 3 calls I found that there was a constant buzzing sound in the background of the call. I rang VM customer services 3 times, each time I would be put on hold waiting for the tech team only to be cut off. On the third attempt I finally got through to the team only to be told that the deparment was closed and someone would ring me the next day.

I received a call the next day, but due to being at work I was unable to talk, so was told that they would ring me at 5.30pm that evening. 6.15 came and I still had not recieved a call, so I rang them, only to be put on hold yet again. I finally got a call at 6.30pm and it was suggested I used the phone again with the headset - the buzzing disappeared. It was decided by the tech team that the phone was faulty and a replacement phone would be sent and swapped out with the faulty one.

The replacement arrived the next day and after testing it I found the second phone had the same problem, so a few more calls later to VM customer services, I finally got to speak to the tech team again, who after re-setting the default settings they decided it was probably my sim creating the problem. 4 days later without a mobile phone I finally received my new sim today only to find the phone still had the same problem. I rang VM customer services and after waiting 20 minutes to speak to someone in the tech team the call was disconnected.

I rang a second time and after waiting 45 minutes plus to speak to someone in the tech time. I finally got through only to be told the department was now closing and they would call me again tomorrow. This was the final straw and I have now decided that I no longer wish to be a customer of such a shabby unprofessional company. How on earth can Richard Branson put his name to such a horrendous unproffessional company I do not know!!! Anyone thinking of becoming a VM customer, think again.


On Feb 21 2013 I tryed to pay for mymonthly service on my phone. I got an error message and no service so I called and entered my info they charged me twice I have called several times to get a refund and keep getting run around by people who barley speak English and understand it even less. I have started looking into new phone service after 6 years :(


I have been calling about a refund owed to since February 25th 29013,The money was taken out of my account on 2/20/2013 for the purchase of a phone,but who ever took my payment never made the order, I have spoken to numerous incompetent reps and still no refund .This is dishonest to say the least, do to this I have no phone,because the phone I have after being replaced 3 times is not working that was the reason for me buying another phone to avoid having to keep replacing it .After all the attempts to resolve this ,I feel the need to file a claim or a class action lawsuit their are numerous unsatisfied customers.Hoping this get's resolved.


I am upset about my Virgin Mobile phone bill. At least 5 times I have phoned up and told a manager and they say they will call back. I am still waiting and I pay $13 per month and they try to say a went over and I now have to pay $162 what a joke! The people that spoke to me about this matter could care less and refuse to sort it out. I am angry as been with virgin for 3 years wish I just went with sky instead. If they want to treat me like this fine but I quit.


I am just off the phone to jim who works for virgin mobile. He has told me that I am over my bill by 368 mins (this is not true) and they are now billing me 168 pounds. They wouldn't listen to one word I said. I have tv and phone and internet plus 2 mobile phones and I have been a costumer of virgin for 3 years. I am looking for new company for my household and I will fight this all the way as I know that's not my bill!


I've been a customer of Virgin Mobile for almost two years now, however that will not continue. In December of 2014 I paid my bill and a month later I received a text message saying I have used all my data now my speed will slow. This was odd so I gave customer service a call. The young lady, with customer service, apologized and informed me that this was an issue on their end and said she would restart my data plan and escalate the issue.

The next I received a text message with the same message so I called again and the lady I spoke with said that the lady I spoke to the day prior did not restart my data plan, however she would take care of it. Two days later I receive the same message so I call again, because my data usage has been the same as it was during the almost two years of the service and I have never ran out. I speak to the man and explain it all over again. He states that there is nothing he can do since I have used all of my data. I start to get frustrated because of course he did not listen to a word I said. He then states that he cannot restart my plan and suggests that I switch cell phone providers. I was also told that my data usage was because I decided to buy a 4G cell phone instead of a regular 3G cell phone

I intended to switch cell phone providers, however I did not have enough money to buy a new cell. I pay my bill at 11am on January 12th and on January 13th I get a message stating that I have used up all of my data. I call and the manager I speak with said she was going to restart my service and of course she did not, so when I called back to let them know that my service was still slow the man I speak with tells me that he has no record of my call from the previous day and tells me that since I have used up all of my data that I would need to pay for a new month of service.

I can't deal with this place and their horrible customer service anymore. I would rather be without a phone. They make me wish only land lines existed.


I have agreed to a new contract with Virgin and there are a few things that were said during that conversation have not happened as part of the agreement being made.

During the conversation which I was later told was not recorded, I was told that a charge for data use that month that had been placed on my bill would be waived in full on me completing a new contract. This did not happen. We are talking off less than £15.

The call centre that I called were to put it mildly very rude.

The contract was obtained under a false promise.


I recently reactivated my wireless air card after three month of inactivity. Virgin mobile had prompted me to renew my subscription several times via email. Within two minutes of activating the air card and logging onto the internet, the unit ceased to function. I called a representative at Virgin Mobile and they said the device was defective. Good luck. I also topped up my phone with a top up card at the same time. A $1.25 was immediately deducted from my account requiring that I top up again. It seems they are not happy with using top up cards to renew the subscription. They are constantly looking for a credit card. Also the representatives in India make a point of insulting the customer. Hanging up and putting you on indefinite hold. Even hearing laughing in the back ground. I have been notified that my service will be shut off on the 24th as I do not have enough funds. I will never do business with this company again


i have complained about my phone for months and the now has not worked at all for a month now and i payed for phone service of 35.00 and the whole moth i could not access my web site or my messages or send any texts. now it wont go to the front page. i’m going to tell people on facebook and best buy stores and twitter to not buy your phones. your phones are really bad and do not work for very long. i don’t know who is making your phones but they suck. i will also tell people on my space not to buy your phones. i feel riped off. not only for the phone but for the phone servise. what a wast of money. i’m going to put virgin mobile through the DIRT !!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone who will listen i will tell what crap your phones really are!!!!!! Phayla Milburn


My wife and I have had Virgin Mobile Cell phone for several years and were happy with the service. We always kept a lot more money in both accounts than was needed to cover the $6.99 monthly charge and 10 cents per minute to make calls. With over $69 in my account, the service was turned off and I was told I had to top up.

While I tried to get this corrected I was told twice to take the battery out of my cell phone wait 15 minutes and than put it back and this would correct the problem. As silly as this sounded, I did it…. trying to have a logical conversation with Virgin Service Reps is not possible. I emailed Virgin Service and was getting no where. I asked a manager to contact me and was ignored. Now a Virgin email says a “sweep” has taken my $60.


I purchased the usb broadband and a $55 top up card. I was reassured by the Virgin sales person that if it did not work, I would get a refund on both. I told him I was unemployed and had to be absolutely sure this would work because I am looking for work.

Unfortunately the broadband did not work at my house so I took it back to the store and was told to make copies of the receipts and mail them to Virgin refund department. I sent in my receipt for both the usb and the top up card. I got a refund on the usb but not the top up card.

I went back to the sales person and he said you have to talk to the store (meaning Target in Meriden Connecticut) I did and they informed me it was Virgin Mobile’s responsibility. I went back to the Virgin sales person told me to make a copy of the card and the receipt and mail it to Virgin for a refund. I explained that I did that and he shrugged and said, well you have to call them.

I have wasted most of my minutes on hold with Virgin (no I do not have a virgin phone)and cant do this anymore.

I have received nothing after almost four weeks. I realize $55 is not a lot and when I worked, that was absolutely nothing to me but today $55 is a *&^% load of money for me. That is two weeks worth of food to me.

I plan on seeing the manger at Target tomorrow and asking (very politely, which I have been so far and intend to stay polite) if they would be willing to help me.


I bought my cell phone from Virgin Mobile about last August. The clerk swiped my credit card through two computers at his kiosk in the mall, then called a buddy of his in a different city with my credit card number–a total of three full charges to buy one phone. When I saw those two extra charges on my credit card bill, I called my credit card company and complained. Virgin Mobile’s response was to send my credit card company the one authorization I signed, then claimed that one charge authorized them to charge my card the additional two times for the same amount in each charge. It took about 3-4 months to get Virgin Mobile to reverse those unauthorized additional TWO charges.

After I was credited back for the unauthorized two charges, I changed the credit card I was using to pay my monthly cell phone charge so they couldn’t make any additional unauthorized charges to it. Then, for three months, it would take me about two hours to get someone at Virgin Mobile customer service to accept my $55/month credit card payment. I always had to go through a supervisor to get it paid. The man who sold me the cell phone (and wrongfully charged me three times for one cell phone) used his office address as my address.

Virgin Mobile customer service then claimed that because the address for my cell phone purchase (which was one of their stores) was the ‘wrong address’, they would charge my credit card, then apparently discover the address was that of one of their stores, then would “reverse” the charge to my credit card. One of the customer service people then cancelled my phone service–even though it was paid through several more days.

Today I had another bout of dealing with those horrible customer service people, trying to pay my $55/month cell phone bill. Over a a very disturbing couple of hours trying to pay my cell phone bill iwth the same card I have used the past two months, I finally had to again go through a supervisor to get my bill paid. As I was getting ready to hang up with the supervisor, I received a call from the fraud division of VISA.

Apparently, the really horrible people at customer service had charged my credit card four times, then because the address was the Virgin Mobile store address, Virgin Mobile “reversed” the charge to my credit caard, denying me service. Only by going through the supervisor was I able to get my cell phone service paid. Only after hours of abuse with those people.

They wanted MY mailing address–neither Visa nor my bank needed for Virgin Mobile to have my address to approve the charges. Virgin Mobile has no reason to have my mailing address–it can only be for purposes of selling my information, relentless harassment by them or their associates.


My Virgin Simcard crashed in April of this year, and up to today, no Virgin consultant or technician has contacted me regarding this problem. After various phonecalls from my side I finally got a simswop done in August 2011, but when I received it, it was not activated. It took them until end of September to resolve this, but only after I finally stopped their debitorders from going off my bank account. Yes, all this time that I was not being able to use my Virgin simcard I was loyally paying my account, but no service! In the meantime I had to get a Vodacom simcard and pay extra pre-paid money to keep my business up and running.

Virgin has now been deducting different amounts at random from my bak account, and it costs me R55 per cancellation extra a month to get my money back. They have offered NO compensation for the 6 months of inconvenience and are happy to report that the problem is now solved as they have activated my sim. Over and above this they insist that I have been using my simcard as some kind of unauthorised subscription has been deducted from my account amounting to R4.99/ day. So according to them I have no complaint!!!

I do not have enough time or space to tell you all my complaints!! I so wish that I can get some joy from my dealings with Virgin! But maybe before the end of the world?! We are located near a major highway and have consistent outages od cell service during rush hour or traffic backups. The problem is costing me sometimes hundreds of dollars in service schedules and contracts. I have switched our trucks to a more reliable provider, but I am still missing daily business calls that go directly to live mail. Their service maps are also a fraud. Why not be Honest? Canceling the contracts has cost money, but I have found other providers very flexible and resourceful. The bottom line is over-sold.


We apply for a contract phone Samsung G… our contract were approved. After more than a month and a lot of phone calls we receive the phone ect via Courier. The promise was that we will receive in 7 working days. We have the phone almost for two weeks but cannot use it. Every time we want to make a call it said their is a call baring on. If you into the settings they required a baring pasword, that we don’t have. I wish there was enough space so that can tell you all the escuses from Virgin Mobile and their call centre regarding this problem we received.

We are realy fedup and if we don’t get any positive (working) response we really feel that you as Virgin Mobile netword must send your courier to come and fetch the phone, we prefer to cancelled the contract and believe me such a type of service is definetly not recommed to the public.


I visited your shop in above city, this morning, explained the nature of the problem with my mobile phone (07722245087). The response i had from the staff was disgusting and very unhelpful. I asked someone to see if my mobile is repairable, or need to do something else with it. the respond i had your contract was finished over a year ago and there is nothing we can do about it in a very bad manner. Then i ask to see the manager they said he is very busy, did not even try to see weather he he was busy?. Then I ask to phone customer services, they said they can not use their phone between 12 to 1600?, they asked to go and use public pay phones if you want to get in touch with them.

I visited few mobile shop on my way to virgin at the same time they were very busy,when arrived at virgin shop there was nobody there??? i can understand why if this is the way you treat customers. I left your shop contact your customer services spoke to a lady called (Lulu) in loyalty department she was fantastic and very helpful. looking forward to hear from you. As a valuable customer i would like to hear how you tend to keep customers or drive them away. I am losing business as a result of badly manged staff of your shop and not been able to use my phone. many thanks


Well recently i bought a LG rumor touch from virgin mobile. Now at the beginning everything was great i loved the phone. Now its been 3 weeks since i got it and now im having trouble sending txts and im not getting all my calls, all calls would go right to my voicemail. And the internet is outragestly slow. So i have call virgin mobile plenty of times that im sure they all know my name. But evertime i call its the same thing, reboot and it DONT work. So im going to buy a new phone from virgin mobile. But just incase you do buy the LG rumor touch, buy online because they have the refunds and help u will need.


I am a new customer of Virgin. I bought the LG Optimus ($200.00) and plan-$40.00 month for 1200 minutes. Had to replace the phone 3 times in 2 weeks.(overheated phone, no internet) Customer service is not for customer complaints and problems. They told me to take the battery out, which didn’t help at all) Best Buy (where I got the phone and plan) was and is great at trying to help me. They even contacted Virgin for me. I called Virgin and could understand much of what the girl said (all calls are apparently answered in the Phillipines and of the 8 I called only 2 spoke English partly understandable. When I ask to speak to the United States, they hung up on me.

So much trouble and then promised 1200 bonus minutes for my trouble. Best Buy called them as I didn’t see the minutes on the online site. She was told they would give me 1200 bonus minutes (I paid for my 1200 monthly minutes) and the bonus would carry over. They started deducting from my bonus, not the 1200 I paid for, So, I really got nothing. When I called, I was told I was to use the 2400 minutes that month, no carry over. I went to Best and they called. The girl from Virgin said I got 500 bonus minutes and they take from the bonus first. I had already used 778 of my (bonus) so that was entirely wrong, they they hung up on us. Total 3 times in 2 months I got hung up on.

Tells me they are afraid of complaints and the net is full of them. Yet you can find on the internet that the CEO (not sure which) is worth 2.5 Million. Cheap Phillipino service workers and customer service. Unprofessional and only out to make a buck from idiots like me. I will drop the Virgin service and get Net 10. Virgin, get leadership that cares as there is no way you don’t know about the horrible service!


Hi, My name is Yossi and I’m a Virgin Mobile wireless customer. I’ve been wrongfully treated by that company in so many ways. It all started when I bought the “unlimited internet access” plan for $40 a month in December of 2010 with great expectations. The card was amazing, we loved it for a whole of 2 weeks, then we read on the news that Virgin Mobile is changing their plan to only have fast internet for the first 5 MB and then slow for the rest of the month, instead of the unlimited fast internet for the whole month, from Feb 15 2011. In March, when we ran out of fast internet, my wife bought an extra $10 plan, which in itself is insulting because it gives you about 10 minutes of internet.

So when it was over, I discover that the plan now is $50 for 5 MB. Besides for that whole ordeal, I had to change the device maybe 5 times because about every month or month and a half, the device stops working. Now the last time was in the end of May when the device they sent me was, again, no good, so I had to wait for another device. When I finally got the new device in the mail, I had not had any internet for 2 weeks by then so they gave a $10 compensation, that in retrospective cost me more because the next time I bought my “unlimited” internet, for some reason it said I was only getting 2.5 mb of fast internet.

I called the company and they say that they never had fast 5mb. I got so furious, this is unfair; its a big company screwing the little guy over! Would anyone else please let me know if they have the same problem with that company?
The most unbelivible thing is, when I called them I was shocked to discouver that the company policy is to not admit to the 5Mb plan and try to convinced me that the only plan they have Is 2.5 MB of fast internet. Looking for other people with the same problem…


If there is an absurd, horrible, customer service, Virgin Mobile owns the worst disservices on records. In a month time of my new purchase of their LG rumor-touch phone, the Virgin Mobile Navigator stopped from working. The error on the screen says “Your subscription is no longer active. Please re-purchase the item.” Nobody at their customer services is able to assist with intelligent or logical suggestions or procedures. Virgin “advisors” (so called) are only able to reroute the call for assistance, to “higher levels” where,…ready for this? The new advisors, after asking for the re-explanation of the problem, just prepare a ticket and passes it on to another “escalated level” concluding with the line “somebody will take care of your problem within 72 hours.”

And this…is just to make the story short!


There was a charge on my credit card that I did not reconize so I disputd the charge and latr remember that my son had purchased $50.00 from Virgin Mobile for his computer. When he called to say that it was a mistake they told him it was fraud and he would need to purchase something from walmart He spent $60.00 and called you back and they stil said they would not activate his intrnet because it was a fraud charge. This is hot fraud. It was my mistake how do we fix this problem. I need virgin mobile or Walmart to please contact me or my son so I can verify the whole situation was a misunderstanding.


I purchased your Virgin Mobile mifi device with the intent of using it for school. Over the past month it appears that you have falsely advertised this device. For one, I was under the impression you could connect to the Internet with this device and that you had an unlimited data plan. After I bought it you revoked the Virgin Mobile unlimited data (my whole entire reason for buying this hunk of junk) and I have ever been able to successfully stay on the Internet. After timing it the longest the device will stay connected is three minutes. It literally took me over two hours to send ONE email causing a school assignment to be VERY late resulting in a lower grade.

I feel that your company should reimburse me the $210 I spent on your completely false advertised, ineffective product. When AT&T dropped their unlimited data plan that lost 1,000s of customers. If you do not make this right I will get on Facebook, twitter, and any other social network I can find and I will make it my sole unemployed mission to make sure that every person in America knows how ineffective your Virgin Mobile device is and how you took people’s unlimited data away after they spent their hard earned money with you.

I will also be posting your response to my emails in the public eye where thousands upon thousands of people will see how you take care of a first-time, unemployed, college student, with a four month old daughter that saved for months and months to buy this product only to be screwed. So, how are you guys going to handle this? Are you going to step to the front of the pack of all the shady corporations in America that will do anything for money, or will you stand out as a company that takes care of the customers it has wronged, especially the ones who are financially challenged and don’t have $20 to their name?

All I am asking is that you fix this situation. As I said, I don’t even have twenty bucks to my name right now and it took a huge chunk of change for me, being unemployed and having a four month old daughter, to buy your product. Seeing as how you’re a multimillion dollar corporation it should be incredibly easy for you to make this right and refund me. Please don’t adhere to the greedy standard of doing anything for money like most companies in America. Show the public how much better you are than the rest, step up and do what’s right!

I hope you understand my situation and will help, although, I have this sickening feeling that you may turn out like the rest of corporte America, shrugging your shoulders and saying who cares, while my family and I barely scrap by on pennies. It saddens me to know that companies can have millions of dollars and still be so greedy, even when they are taking advantage of a young, unemployed, college student, with a four month old daughter.

Please make this right Virgin Mobile.

Jordan Miller

P.S. It took me over an hour to send this email to you because your Virgin Mobile website doesn’t work either. I was hung up on FOUR times by Virgin Mobile customer service representatives trying to get an email for you AND was given a false email address the first time. This will be documented on the Internet for all to see.

I was never able to get an email address from them and still haven’t been able to send this to them after calling them 5 times.


I have been with virgin mobile just for over a month now .to day being March 23/2011. I was going to make some calls this morning I found that my phone had been connected so went to my local terminal where I went t buy the phone and signed up with them to find out what the problem was.This is what they told me because I changed the billing date. They make it look like I’m 114;00 in thew red that is what I have to pay to get my phone hooked up.I made me first payment of 80.00 dollars. I spoke to Chris in the billing department asked him if they could change the billing date back to the original date he says they can’t.

I have major health problem es they are putting my life at risk should I need 911 emergency I do not have a land line.I live on a fixed income they have no Idea how what kind of a load they are putting on me.If I go into the hospital and should not come out again they won’t see their money anyway.I have my health nurse my doctor to back me me up on may email or phone mejfriesen2010@accesscomm.caor call 306 201 5352


I purchased three Virgin Mobile devices and accounts. I have had far too much trouble with all three accounts since the day they were purchased. I assumed that in time things would work themselves out, but this has not happened. The 5995 phone became unworkable, and I have received a replacement phone. I attempted to swap it earlier this evening, but was not allowed to do so. I received a message that there was a ‘problem, ’ and I should call Virgin Mobile customer service, which is closed until 4AM Monday. Your customer service reps, when I reach them, are often uninformed and unhelpful. I solve this problem by hanging up and calling back. If I say I’m having trouble with an accent, I often find myself listening to another language. Real good service!


I have been a Virgin Mobile customer for at least five years. I use Top Up from my phone $20.00 at a time. I have NEVER been charged sales tax until TODAY.I called Virgin Mobile customer NO Service for a reason and all they would say is ask your Government. What does this mean? Why can they not give me a reason for the sudden CHARGE. Very Dissatisfied Customer…..


As I am emigrating, I submitted my letters etc to the Virgin Mobile retentions department for cancellation of my contracts on 1st April 2010. Now almost 2 weeks later I phone retentions and get told that they cannot process anything because I am 60days in arrears on my account! I spoke to Billing who tells me that the Virgin Mobile finance department hasn’t closed my invoices and gave me a reference number. It is negatively affecting my empirica score and putting me in a bad light to future creditors and I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING WRONG. I have paid my bills on time every month and yet Virgin has still sent my account to a debt collector with no warning and now this!


I have recently taken on a plan with a new phone that simply doesn’t perform. It’s like using something from the 80’s. I have complained to virgin about this man many times with just a fob off every time. I am disgusted with there so called support team and suggest they bring it back to Australia where you get good service instead of some a country where the book is all that counts. The phils are like talking to robots. I will never renew any deal with Virgin again.


Virgin Mobile have no interest in dealing with complaints. They do not provide an idiot proof or ease of access to an email address especially for complaints because they do not want to deal with them. Beware of their mobile deals. Even if you are a good long term virgin media customer they will do a credit check. First of all they will ask for your Virgin Media customer account number to verify who you are. Then they will do a credit check. If Virgin media has your address slightly wrong then you will fail a credit check.

If then you phone about a complaint you will be forwarded to sales and without you knowing it the process has started again and a credit check done. If you then complain again you will be forwarded to a foreign country where again they will credit check you. At this time you have not been told that your address is slightly wrong and now you will recieve an email from them saying do not try to get a mobile off them for at least a month. The reason they give is because you have been credit checked locked.

When you complain to them you will get all the sympathy you want but no action or admittance of stupidity of their service. When you insist after talking to OFFCOM about how to complain with virgin mobile and you wish to complain in written form they then will give you an email address. No it is not an email address designed for complaints it is just Virgin mobile do not have a dedicated system for complaints because in their delusional world of virgins all their customers are happy and living the life of a virgin lol.

Now a message to richard branson. Get your companies act together or someone is going to come along and compete in such a way of which makes you look like total market traders; and eat you alive. Oh what a thought all that bearded hair in ones teeth. Stop thinking of floating in a balloon around the world and come down to earth and pretend to be a mystery customer and see your failings. How on earth you got to where you are is totally beyond me. Just show’s this world is full of rich man based not on business ability but total chance or luck.

Why can’t you be like virgin media and treat customers decent.


First contacted to have Virgin Mobile service activated and phone number ported from another provider. Asked for a more secured SSN as part of the “Process”. They did not provide SSN and followed up with current mobile provider. They could not expedite request to transfer service. Then I tried to activate with virgin mobile online but that failed. Second contact to Virgin Mobile went more smoothly with NO MENTION OF SSN! Please be careful when you provide SSN information to contact centers that are not in the US. This information is harvested and sold by virgin mobile!


I am an 8-year customer of Virgin Mobile with a prepaid no contract calling plan. I setup an automatic top-up payment option whenever balance falls below $5 or once every 90 days by using a credit card. In June 2010 I occasionally checked my account and found there was a $9.99 fraud charge with a code of “XTRAS”. I contacted customer service, they refunded me as air time and promised to block further charge by this code.

Now, in December 2010, I checked my account again and found there was the same charge on the same day in November and December. Since the account history only can track 60 days record, I don’t know how much money had been charged by this fraud charge. I have been treating Virgin Mobile as a bank, thought my money in its account should be safe. Now, I know my money in Virgin Mobile account is not safe, I request closing my account and refunding me the current balance. Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile declined to refund my full balance, I had to donate the rest of my balance to Virgin Mobile and close my account immediately.

I wonder how long Virgin Mobile can survive if it cannot protect its customers from frauds.


After numerous telephone calls regarding my monthly virgin mobile account for it to be taken out on the 26th of the month instead of the 16th, we have been told by your employees that every thing was sorted regarding this matter. Due to the incompetence of your staff we have incurred bank charges as a result of nobody listen to me. Since then my mobile account has been suspended. Yet again you have tried to take monies out on the 16th. I got with Virgin mobile originally because I thought they offered a decent service, but so what nothing yet that is noteworthy, just lots of problems.

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