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I upgraded my phone on 2012/09/09, I wanted a phone that can do emails and I received a Nokia 500, after a week it started giving problems and I took it in to Vodacom Blue Route Mall, they then send it in for repairs, when It returned from repairs it was still not fixed so it was send in again, when I received it the thrid time it worked for two week and it started given problems again so it was send in again, I received the phone back today and they said it was a new phone because the previous one could not be fixed, when I inserted my sim card it still do not work so it must go in again and apperently it can take up to six weeks to get it back. I need a phone that can check and send emails for work purposes and according to me this is a breach of contract and I would rather cancel my contract with Vodacom than to carry on with something that does not work!


I recently submitted my blackberry for repairs. After all documentation was taken care of and i left the premises of vodacare, which might i add was not the the easiest locations to find and travel too, 2 hrs later within the comfortabality of my home i received a sms from Marco Fourie a repairs consultant that i completed the terms and conditions of the repairs by asking me to resubmit my ID document via email or travelling again to the branch. According to him he misplaced and somehow lost my copy of my ID document.

On a further note i recently received a sms stating that my phone is beyond economical repair. After numerous attempts to call to enquire the way forward given that i have insurance on my blacberry the consultants aswell as Marco Fourie has placed me on hold and i lost up to 60 min just by being placed on hold. However so far my query still has not been addressed. I dont know what is happening over there or if this is forms part of vodacoms policy to instill a sense of unhappiness in thier customers. I cant even begin to express my disappointment in the level of service i received. Please supply me with advice?


Well, where do I start. Right, let me start by saying just how wrong I was by thinking that Vodacom is the one of the best cellular network in South Africa, so you can imagine my delight when I applied for a contract and it was approved! Great! Little did I know. You can choose any fone you want mam, the lady told me and so I ordered the Lumia 920 and an Hp laptop with a modem. Ok, let me get to d point; that was 3 weeks ago!! Today, again was the day I was waiting for my stuff to be delivered, nothing. I call Vodacom again, for what's like the hundreth time in 3 weeks, not forgetting the irritation of having to be put on hold for what seems like forever! The lady I talk to today tells me I should call REM, the deliver company, I call. REM and they say Vodacom hasn't sent the stuff through to them for delivery and I must contact Vodacom, geez, that's exactly what I do, feeling that I'm totally at my wits end. Upon calling vodacom again (and holding), I'm told there order hasn't been released yet, I've heard that one before I tell them, and I finally do myself a favour and cancel the whole damn thing. Look, I'm so disappointed at the 'service' I received from you Vodacom, I seriously never thought I'd struggle like this and spend hours utilising my landline at work calling you, while you only bothered to only return my calls only about 3 times, always with false promises! But then again, it seems our complaints are just falling on deaf ears. Are they?


I purchased a contract with Vodacom Century City for a sim card for an ipad mini. I asked them to confirm that I was getting the correct sim card, the second sales person confirmed it. I got home to find that it was too big, contacted the store and was asked to come in the next day for a sim swop which I did. Four hours later it still had no service, I contacted customer care but they were unable to resolve the problem.

I contacted the store, left a message but no-one called back. I contacted them after an hour and they said that they would sort it out. Two hours later I phoned again as I still had no service. I was on hold for 15 minutes, and thats after they cut me off twice and I had to call back for a third time. I am now still waiting for some one to contact me, to inform me as to what the hell is going on. I am speachless at how a company like this treats its clients, clearly we should move all our contracts to a company that looks after its clients.


Apart from the whole identity theft issue and the whole way it has been handled, I had gone into your Fourways Vodashop to upgrade my account and to “fix” my 3G (not knowing it had been fraudulently upgraded). I notified Vodacom on the phone and at your store with Kai that I no longer wanted to upgrade with Vodacom given the circumstances. I even called Vodacom to make sure a Talk 1000 was no longer going to be actioned. I am not going to call them again – I don’t have the time to repeat myself. I told Vodacom on the phone that I wanted all contracts cancelled. They told me my Talk 500 contract would end in March 2013, and I said I would cancel then as I didn’t want to pay the cancellation fees. I will be using the number portability option to another supplier. I am NOT going to be upgrading to a talk 1000 with Vodacom – this was clearly verbalised and Vodacom can check their recorded conversations on the phone.

After all of this, I have now received and sms this morning from Vodacom stating “Your migration to Talk 1000 call per second package has been completed successfully”. As per the consumer protection act – “Exercise your new rights under FACTA to review your credit record and report fraudulent activity”. Vodacom has not helped me with this and I no longer want to conduct business with them. I’m sure you understand.

Also – according to the consumer protection act, and given that my request for the Talk 1000 which was supposed to kick on on the 1st December was cancelled within 48 hours of the request on the phone to Vodacom and at your Vodashop when I was there, I want this to be treated with care. Again, I don’t want to be a client of Vodacom anymore (as of March 2013 as per my current contractual obligation). I have not received the service I believe I deserve after 15 years with your holding organisation.


My father has a contract with you that was done over the phone. The one is for R135p.m and the other is for R107. We had the phone for +-6 months when we got a call from vodacom that stated the contract includes a laptop and internet, my father said he did not want it because he is a pensioner and can't afford it but the the guy told my father that it was free and you only pay for the internet when you activate it. The first month we did not pay for the laptop or internet but when the second invoice came we had to pay R120 for the laptop and R249 for the internet (wich was activated without our permission or knowledge). We have been through the hole vodacom help centers witch is not so helpfull because according to one of your own workers its a scam that vodacom does and they only target old people. I don't want to hear its not your problem and that its another company, your logo is on the invoice we get every month. I am really sick and tired of this and i want this sorted out ASAP. If i dont get a responce i will go to a laywer and see what i can do to fix this. I dont want numbers to phone because i only waste my time you never give a service only another number, its your problem and i think you should fix it that is what CUSTOMER SERVICE is right? Can i please get a responce before the end of the week(friday).


i applied for an samsung tablet 10.1 two and a half weeks ago. the consultant in Promenade Mitchells Palin Tamlyn said that it would be there at the store within one week. nobody phoned to say after a week its not there. i had to phone them to find nothing has been delivered yet. they then said they will phone me when it arrives and it has been two weeks and nobody has contacted me yet. i phoned again and left a message for the manager to phone me back as i left the complaint to say nobody is keeping me updated on how far the the process is regarding the Tablet. i decided to go to the store and requested to speak to the manager. she said that she never received a complaint from her consultant tamsyn. My problem is that the manager does not follow through on her complaints received. she should check on a daily basis what complaints there is as to me she is not doing her job properly but just sitting there and doing nothing. i am still waiting for them to phone me but no repsonse and no Tablet.
they are unprofessional and no client service.


Contract never canceled and 3 phone calls to cancel my contract - have been ignored. My cancelation email has been ignored. I have been taken to ITC illegaly and now I must pay the price because of their GROSS NEGLIGENCE
You owe me big time, Vodacom, for this as you have breached the terms and conditions of your own contract AND of the law of south africa.

Good day. Please let me know why I should keep on paying my contract every month if I can't use my phone. If someone tries to phone me the call goes straight to voicemail and the same if I want to make a call, or it shows on the screen "network busy" or congestion and the signal stays on sos most of the time.

What am I suppose to do if I get in an accident or someone needs my help or there is a real emergency and my network is off, who is to blame if something like that happens? This is not fair to let the customer pay for something that he or she can't use.


I have closed my vodacom account in 2009. In 2010 I found out that vodacom have blacklisted me without informing my by any statements of an outstanding account or telephone calls! I went into a vodacom dealer shop to find out what was going on and they informed me that I have a outstanding balance of R1200 with vodacom. I have paid the amount to clear my name. Now in 2012- 2 YEARS later!!!!!!! Vadocom legal department phoned me to tell me that I have an outstanding acount of R1800 from 2009??? I told them that I have setteled my vodacom account in 2010 but they seem to have no record of it and I have been blacklistsed again!! They can't even send me an email with statements and I think that its totally unacceptable!!!!!


Last Friday I applied for a contract phone and got approved. Tuesday I phoned to check my delivery and the operator told me it'll be ready for delivery on Friday. I told them to deliver the phone at my work but its 14:30 already and I still don't have a phone. I'm going to spend a lot on the contract but at least if I'm told I'll get it on Friday then i don't want to wait for the damn thing. So if I don't get it by 10:00 on Monday I'm going to cancel because its not nice what you are doing.


To Whom It May Concern: I am really unsatisfied and frustrated about the service I have been receiving from the Vodacom repair centre at the Centurion Lake repair centre in Centurion, Pretoria. I took my phone if for repairs the first time, as it has been giving me problems. I had to stand in the long queue and explain to the lady what was wrong. They did not send me a sms to come and collect the phone, I eventually went to the branch and received the phone. I had to wait as Vodacom did not send my battery with, that they booked in.

The next day the phone was giving me the exact same problems, I went back a second time and had to stand in the queue again and explain to them the situation with the phone. They said they will send it to head office, which they did not. They did not send me a sms to say I must come and collect the phone. I eventually went again to ask what’s happing with the phone. The lady could not track my phone on their system as the previous person did not even book the phone in on the system.

The lady had to phone the technician to ask if he knew about the phone. I had to wait a long time for them to find the phone. When they got the phone they said it had been fixed, and will receive sms now, I asked about the rest of the problems and she said “What problem” I explained again and she said there’s nothing wrong with the phone, Like I am making everything up that is wrong with the phone. I felt like she said that I was lying about the problems with the phone.

She said I must take out the memory card and see what happens. So I did and it was still giving me the same problems. I went back today a third time and are SO frustrated about the service, I had to explain everything and fill in the forms again. And I had to hear the same story again, that they will be sending the phone to head office. How many times do I have to do this to get the phone fixed? It is service like this that makes me want to go to another network. It is unacceptable. New Job number received for the repair of the phone: 8302689-52101198.


About 2weeks ago i saw a Laptop and cellphone deal of R199 per month in one of Vodacoms booklets which looked very attractive. the advert shows all the xtra stuff that one gets with the deal and that thers a once-off Sim and connection fee payable which i was well aware of and more then willing to pay. I went into the Vodashop in Stellenbosch to enquire about this deal and as advertised the guy repeated it to me. When i went to sign the deal, i was told to sign a page of an xtra R230 inisiation fee that will be deducted from my account within 48hours after signing the contract.

Seeing that this was a gift to someone close to me i decided to sign the contract bt with the intention of placing a complaint of charges thats not advertised.I feel this is totally wrong of Vodacom to charge fees thats not stated in the advertisement and the salesperson did not tell me about this before i even orderd the laptop.

For several years we have been complaining about the poor signal in our area GPS 25°47.756 E 028°27.298. If i could just get past the faceless system and email a real person then i could send them 25 vodacom subscribers numbers with the same complaint in this area. The customer care line is a joke, when you have finished listening to their excuses and you press 2 for the poor quality the voice recording says can't understand your selection. The truth is they don’t want to listen to complaints they just want to sell airtime and contracts. Perhaps under the new consumer act we can take them in as a group of 25 consumers ?

PS. if Mr Vodacom is listening do a Earth Google search on the name to find us


In August 2012, I went in to the Vodacom store to request that my the internet usage is capped once I reach my monthly limit as I had been billed far more than the R.149 that was agreed to on my contract. The lady at the store informed me that she had made a note on my account and that my request would be granted going forward and so it was, as I paid just R.149 in Sep, Oct & Nov.
However, on the 10th of Jan 2013, I could not connect to the internet, upon calling Vodacom, I learnt that Vodacom has put a stop on my account due to me having exceeded my limit for Dec and my bill now stands at a staggering R.3000.
I would like to know how come, the cap placed on my account did not kick in once I had exceeded my limit so that I wouldn’t have been charged such an exorbitant amount and secondly, why is it that a stop was placed on my account 10 days after I was billed for the month of December??? Had Vodacom been more efficient in processing my request for my internet usage to be capped, surely I would not be in this position where I have to pay a ridiculous bill with money which I do not have.
This is yet another clear indication of just how useless and appalling Vodacom really is. They clearly do not have their customers interests at heart and try to make money off customers any which way they can.


We have received two bills that state we have used R851 and R1144 for data usage on a blackberry. When I know for a fact that its not possible. We use the office computer to open email attachments or to download as the bold 9900 is the worst blackberry and it is not worth your while to even try. Also we are on our 2nd refurbished model already. There is 3 phones on one contract and for over 3 years our whole account has never been higher than perhaps 1800 or so, but average between 1200 and 1500. And now we have 851 and 1144 just for data usage. We don't do anything different? Vodacom simply says its data usage. They don't respond to complaints on hello peter, and I've tried radio 702 now.

If this is not resolved in an acceptable manner, I will go to MTN and I will go to court over this. As I refuse to be ripped off. I KNOW we don't use that amount of data, not even on the 3g! And Vodacom owes me an explanation as to where and how this much data ended up on my account. I will demand that the account is split so that only Colin is on contract and we go on pay as you go. Or we all go over to MTN. I've had it with the poor service from Vodacom after we've been loyal customers from the very beginning. We've never paid late and even pay more. The number in question for the 2 previous billing months is 072 674 2244. I'm sure if you go back in history you will find that this must be a mistake.


For the last 2 weeks we have had problems with making calls from our vodacom number cell phones, get "call failed" sometimes 4-5x after each other to just try call a number( landlines, other networks), when through the signal breaks up continually and drops calls frequently! I called someone the other day 8x to try finish a phone call conversation! Had alarms going off at neighbors house today and couldn't even get a call out to them! Tried 5x and it just says call failed! what if I had an emergency??!!
It's not other networks we call that drop - if I call a landline it dies/ cuts the same. Vodacom- WHAT is going on???? This makes us want to migrate to MTN!! SO frustrating!!!


I use vodacom modem to access the internet, now because to use the modem to get on the internet we have to purchase bundles with our airtime money,but as soon after i've just bought the bundle i need and try to access the internet the server would say that i have ran out of money to use the internet, knowing very well that i've just bought my internet bundle and have never used it, i want to know why are they saying i don't have sufficiant funds to access the internet? Hai! Man please do something about this problem, just the other day i had a problem with the network.

The Vodacom call centre service is abominable! If I have to speak to one more incompetent, impatient person unable to converse cohesively in English, I will actually blow my top. No matter what you do or how nice you try to be, these call centre agents just read their awful scripts and parrot away unempathetically - and every single time you have to start your story again, as no one takes responsiblity for solving any problems! Uncouth, unmannered, and absolutely UNTRAINED in form of customer service or basic communication skills.

I suggest you conduct a training needs analysis based on the numerous complaints you receive and do something about it. Good grief I'll even help you do it.


I am very dissatisfied with the Samsung S3 mini that I purchased from Vodacome Liberty Mall. I have sent the unit for fixing for the fifth time. Every time i send the unit for fixing I do not have a phone for over one week as i have to travel 1 hour to take the unit and then make another trip to fetch it. I am currently without the phone because i had to send it again for fixing for the same problem. I am very unhappy with The phone. It will be appreciated if i could get another unit as i am tired of fixing the same unit every time.


On the 22nd of October 2014 a lady called me from Mondo Mobile offering me a flexi 100 package. I had just recently did a transfer of ownership to get the Vodacom contract in my name as it was on my fathers name. I was under the impression it was a package for my current number Vodacom delivered a new sim card to me on the 28th October that had been RICA and I thought this was normal because my address was different on transfer of ownership so thought this was normal practice. I later discovered the sim card had a cell number which I did not want, Why would would I want another cell number? I went to the Vodashop in fourways mall where I did the transfer of ownership and I explained to a young white lady about what had happened and she looked on her system and said oh Vodacom have made a mistake and cancelled this contract and cut my sim card up in front of me. I said are you sure she said yes.

Now since December I am getting billed for this number but I am not even using it! Instead of been billed R89.00 its now R339.00!! The amount of hours I have spent on the phone with customer care in Dec and January 2015 has proven futile and then I get told oh you should of cancelled it within 14 days of activation. Thanks nobody told me about this!! I feel I have been misled and robbed and now if I want to cancel my contract I have to pay 75% of the remaining months which ends in July 2016! This is BS! Finally my complaint got escalated to rewards or something but as of today nothing has been done about it. I was in contact with Jonathan Subban and Bianca Qwabe from Mondo Mobile who were very apologetic and helpful and assured me this contract will be cancelled and I will be refunded for the amounts that have been debited off my account.

On Monday 2nd February 2015 surprise surprise Vodacom charged me for the number again! When I try contact Jonathan or Bianca now they ignore me. I am so angry and so disappointed with Vodacom. They do not care at all about customers or services but are more than happy to suck you for every penny you have. They don't care if they lose you as a client because they can make their money off other new clients! All I want is for this issue to be resolved but nobody ever gets back to me with a solution then I must spend loads of time fighting on the phone. Please help me sort out this issue because it is causing me sleepless nights.


Requested an early upgrade had to follow up myself to be told that the phone was discontinued. Tried again and ordered a Blackberry Z3 was told there was no stock and was put on a back order. Today a month before my contract expires I have no whatsapp. sms or internet services however I paid my monthly subscription and am still on my old contract topup 99. Call centre informs me that this happened due to upgrade requested after the 25th of the month and I need to pay R57 for BBM connection this for Vodacoms error!!!!!! I want to cancel my contract as I am sure I can get better service at MTN or Cell C for that matter. I have been holding on for Vodacom for more than an hour and my call has been dropped twice.


I took my iPhone to the Hillcrest Vodacom branch, where I purchased it, for repairs (the screen was blank) on 16 Dec 2014 ( please note I only purchased the phone in November 2014). It was returned un-epaired on the 24th, apparently Find my iPhone was installed and they could not repair it. I deleted this app and sent it back. On the 30th it was again returned with the same comment. I assured the management (Lushen) that the app was removed, bought BB data for my spare phone for the month and sent it off again. Early January the same scenario! This time I gave management all my Apple ID info so he could check for himself that the app was deactivated and that no devices were linked, he did and we sent it off again! I then had to change all my Apple ID info.

A week later we went through the whole scenario again, phone back with same comment and we have the same argument. Management assures me that the phone will be at the store repaired by Friday 30th. I phone the store that morning to be told it would be sent in by late afternoon by Monday at the latest, all repairs are done. Today I went to the store, no management present, my phone is there, unrepaired, same story. I am now ready to explode! My BB data has subsequently run its month's course and I am without whatsapp or Internet etc access. What is Vodacom going to do to make up for this inexcusable inconvenience!?


I have a contract phone with Altech Autopage with Vodacom line.On the 2nd December 2014 Vodacom blacklisted my phone (Blackberry Z3 - cell no 0607902159) without my consent for reasons known to them. Since then i have been sent from pillar to post by both Altech and Vodacom both failing resolve the problem. On the 19th December 2014 i even went to Vodacom centre in Welkom submited an affidavit and filling a form to unblacklist my phone.I was promised the matter would be corrected within 72 hours and to date the phone is still blacklisted.I have continued to engage both Altech and Vodacom but to date the phone is still blacklisted.I am very angry and upset as i have to pay for a phone that is not functioning.I am now considering to approach a TV program SPEAKOUT and National Consumer Commision.


I can not understand - this is not the first time that I complain about my account. I never used to have a problem with Vodacom but now - I do not use internet on my cell phone because I have my internet at home. I am not the browsing type of person. According to the last statement I used internet everyday and I know that I did not do it! Furthermore according to my statement I made a call (to my daughter) and spoke for 1hr and 59sec. in my entire life I have never spoken so long on a phone, not even a telkom phone. This is ridiculous!!!!
I tried to speak to a person at Vodacom just now but apart from the noise that you could hardly hear what they say she was all but helpful. I have been a customer of Vodacom since 2001 but if this is the way that things change I can't wait till July that I can close my three contracts!


I never in my life after 12 years as a customer at Vodacom, receive such poor service as i am currently experience now. I reported my phone as Stolen on Sunday 30 March 2014. Open a case at SAPS and on Monday i went to my insurance. On Tuesday 1 April 2014 I went to VOdacom Middelburg for a sim swap. After an hour of sitting in the store, they inform me that it is not done. I went back on the 2nd April 2014 at last in half an hour they informed me that the sim swap is done. After 4 hours i must put in my new sim. After 5 hours i phoned customer care, they told me that the sim swap was cancelled i informed them that was on Tuesday when the saleslady done the sim swap wrong. Customer Care (don’t really care) inform me that it take 24 hours. After 24 hours still did not work. I phone again to find a lady informing me my account were never open, she open it and within 3 hours it will work. After 4 hours i still could not use my sim. I phone again the Customer Care and they informed me that the account were never opened. She going to open it now and after 6 hours it will be fine. What is going on what is going to be the next excuse.

I am not very happy.


I have received the worst service from Vodashop Craighall Park- when trying to open my contract and again now when trying to resolve an account query. Rea the ‘second in charge’ is very rude and so unhelpful that its almost laughable. Further to this, the call limit i had requested and signed for when I opened the contract has after 7 months suddenly “disappeared” from Vodacoms records, and now I have been charged ridiculous amounts of money for two months because suddenly my limit has ‘lifted itself’. Vodacoms customer service has always been shocking, but this is now ridiculous. Time to switch networks.


I’m a blackberry user who was originally on the MTN network but recently (as in yesterday) moved to Vodacom thinking its the best network. But halfway through the day I see a decrease in the network speed but then I found out its because of the throttling!…. Now I’m stuck with a slow speed for whole frickin month because I have apparently exceeded the 100MB limit. This is really annoying considering they didn’t mention it! I’m really considering changing back to MTN as this isn’t really helping I can’t use a phone with a cap over my internet usage. This really pisses me off as unlimited browsing means no flipping CAP!!! 3G my ass


Good day

for the last couple of weeks, I have been experiencing bad network problems. After mentioning this to several friends, I find out that everyone is having the same problem. Phone calls are not going through and directed straight to voicemail. Not receiving voicemails in real time. Not receiving SmS’s in real time. Not receiving MMS’s in real time.

Sometimes my messages only reach another person a day later. I could be sitting next to someone and phone them, and it would go straight to voicemail. I, myself, have been receiving complaints from other users trying to get ahold of me, that I am just not answering them, meanwhile my phone, which is placed on my desk at work does not even ring, but indicates after a call, a missed call came through.

The matter is becoming quite frustrating and I hope it will be resolved soon.

Best regards


I went to vodacom Richards bay branch to apply for an upgrade the lady who was helping me her name is Zakithi, she had no time to explain things to me and her service was not up to standard she ended giving me the package which I was not happy about then I decided to call Vodacom helpline who were able 2 explain the type of the package that I was upgraded to then I decided to cancel the upgrade. I personally went to Vodacom shop and spoke to Zakithi asked her to cancell the updrage but only to find out she did not cancel cose on the 20th amount of R629 was debted from my account then I went there again to find out what happened and only to find out that the upgrade was not canceled and when I speak to Zakithi she was very rude with me and blamed everything to her manager, I asked her to cancel upgrade again and reverse back the money which was not suppose to be taken but till now nothing has been done about it.


I am so upset with the fact that my account went into errors, and I did mot know about it. I only found out about it when i pulled a 3 months bank statement in order to buy a house, if it was not for the bank i would not have known that my account was in errors. When i was informed that my account as not been paid for 3 months i was shocked. I spoke to someone in the accounts department and they said that they sent an sms on my contract card. But i did not get that sms because that sim card has been off for 2 years, and what shocks me is that you did not pick up that sim has not been used, i am still trying to figure that out as a service provider you did not notice that sim as not been used.

When i asked her why they did not send me n email or post me a letter to state that my account is in errors, she said that they only send letters when they are going to hand me over to lawyers. I still do not understand how they can send a letters to hand me over to the lawyers, but not to say my account went into errors. My accounts was always up to date and my contract for my laptop ends in April 2014, now because of this i cannot get an approvale from a bank to buy a house. The lady then told me that my account has been removed from every month debting and i will have to pay cash, i had no problem about that. but yesterday they tried to debt the amount out again, i do not understand why.

This was all a misunderstanding or no communication and when i told then that they said it was not. This has never happend to me were my account went in errors and i had an excellent credit record and this small miss communication left me as a bad payer. If no one coucould help me with this minner problem then i do not think i will recomend you as a service provider and will not buy anything from vodacom again.


I am lodging two complaints against Vodacom. I have sent my note book for repairs the date mentioned below. Until today I did not receive feedback my note book or any update regarding the repairs. I went to store several times. They told me they are still waiting for my note book.

Second complain. I have sent my phone for repairs Blackberry 9320(Job number 9507821). Only one button was not working properly, the repair company demand R1800 which is above the price of the brand new phone. Both phone and note are on contact, Vodacom is deducting monthly premium without fail but I’m using their products.



I contacted Vodacom on 20 Jan 14 to confirm when my contract expires and will revert to standard rates. I was told end February and that higher rates will only be charged from March and that I will still get the discounted rate in February. This did not happen and when I received my bill for February the higher rates were charged. However I spoke to 2 different departments on the 20th who both confirmed that the higher rates will be charged only in March. I have a reference nr as all their calls are recorded. I spoke to a Nonhlahla at 12:22 on the 20th and to Khanyi with ref 323381972. I phoned them in February lodging my complaint and spoke to Asanda. When no one got back to me I phoned again and spoke to Tshego, who promised to get back to me. This did not happen.

I then spoke to a Team Leader called Clarish Gardiner from Cape Town, who lodged my complaint and told me it will take 6 working days to investigate ref nr 330771323. When 6 days passed without a call I followed up again. I spoke to another team leader Kersha Wagenaar, whoc promised to phone me the same day. This did not happen. I phoned 2 days later and spoke to Team Leader Pologo Hailoe from Joburg who promised that someone will phone me same day. This did not happen. I phoned the next day and spoke to Team leader Bulelane Skhikhi who promised to get back to me same day. Guess what it didn’t happen. I phoned the next day and asked agent Wayne Williams to get Manager Mandy Nthule to phone me back. This did not happen. Really?

It seams Vodacom is in the business of cahsing customers away. They grew so big that customer service is non exitent. I really hope someone reads this that can resolve the problem or at least get back to me.



Vodacom phoned me in connection with a contract whereby I get 135 airtime and only pay R115. I told the lady that I’ve got a bank account but the debit orders cannot go off from my account. I told her that I can pay the money in cash every month. But she proceeded with the application, then they tried to debit my account and the debit order did not go off. they’ve blocked my simcard and I was honest by telling them, that the debit orders cannot be deducted from my account.

I don’t know how many times I phoned in connection with this and they keep on telling me that I must pay R100 because of the debit order that was declined. They are so rude everytime when I try to explain to them they drop the phone in my ears and I feel I’m the customer and should be treated with respect. My numbers that’s blocked 072 3748 489. My ID No. 560214 0157 08 0. Kindly investigate this matter and treat as a matter of urgency.


I’ve joined the Vodacom network about a month ago, from the point of inserting the new sim card into my phone, I haven’t had a single good day with the service provider. Would you believe that I get +/- 5 to 7 seconds of network coverage per minute, its a pitty I cannot attach images to this complaint to emphasize the poor coverage. I’ve called the call centre and they advised me there’s something wrong with my handset because everything is clear on their side. Its possible yes but my BB 9790 is still new. So I’ve inserted a colleague’s M_N sim into my handset and voila it works with no hassle, endlessly. I’m starting to believe I’ve made a huge mistake joing Vodacom because my plea to have decent covearge withthem is wishful thinking.


When i lost my job i notified vodacom and they understood, so far i owe R160 (which i am gonna pay today). Vodacom locked my number (it says sim registration failed). I want my number back since i have been using it in 2010, they must tell me who is going to pay the remaining contract money? I have been using that number before they offered me contract


my complaint is the network in general I can’t use 3G then it goes to sos or a small 3g icon appears and I can’t get any emails or bbm msgs nothing its been like this 4 days now I’ve purchased my R59 bb internet service I’m busy on a free site the next minute I know it tells me I’m out of funds a whole R33 something and it keeps saying I have insufficient funds now you tell me what’s the use I pay my R59 for 30 days then I don’t even get all my days I’m disgusted in this pathetic service this is daylight robbery I’ve been with vodacom 4 more than 10 years but as soon as the shops open I’m changing networks because all you are going to say is sorry but sorry doesn’t give me my days back or my airtime and your network is damn slow it takes 4 ever to download a small 1000kb file really myself and my family and close friends are done with you guys because this is fucking ridiculous


This is the second time in a year that I am complaining about the poorest signal. They have send people out but we are now back even worst than before. We are a school in Mposa, KZN and we have 740 kids and about 100 staff which more than half is with Vodacom. Our parents is also not happy with the signal and many staff and kids at the end of contract are now moving over to Cell C as their signal is the best out here. Now I have been with Vodacom for more that 13 years if not longer but are looking seriously at other companies or to stop my calls from this number and switch over as that will be far better than to struggle as much as we do! I do pay R100o rand and more every month but is no longer available to waste money on you.


Bought a Vodacom Blackberry 8520 at game, within a year it started giving us problems so we took it back back to game , got a call back after a month to tell us that we need to pay R920.00 for the phone to be fixed as the screen was damaged “apparently Vodacom told game we need to pay that R920, for the phone to be fixed” what’s the whole purpose of the phone being under warranty ? This is daylight robbery so very disappointed.


I have been a customer of vodacom since 2000 and had spend over R100 000 on contract and airtime purchase over this past 13years, last night I transfered R300 to my internet modem sim card no 0727049260. I went to vodacom shop in jeffreysbay after I could access the sim card, I was advised that the sim card has been scrap from network and I must get a new sim card but the R300 is just my lost. I want the R300 back as this unacceptable since vodacom can trace this money. R300 is a lot and its not R30 I feel after spending so much money over these years its just fair to refund my R300. If this is the service I get after been a loyal client for the past 13years I’m seriously considering taking my business to other network company. I am looking foward for your response. Thanks Furious!!!


To whom it may concern: One more week then it will be 2 moths that I have been waiting for a phone. I have used my points to obtain 2 phones from VODACOM. The shop has told me firstly it would only be a week. Excuse upon excuse and almost two months later and I still have not received anything nor have I been updated or called.

Time upon time I have to call the shop. I am not VODACOM nor the service provider, I am the customer. I feel that this is completely unacceptable. Please advise way forward.


My Samsung tablet is 3 months old, it shut down, Vodacom Shelly Beach sent it to Durban for repairs, it took 2 weeks, the PCB was replaced, when I collected it the tablet would not accept any sim card, the servicefrom Vodacom Shelly beach was very o what ever attitude, the tablet was sent back, now it has been another week, Vodacom will not replace it and can not tell me why the tablet is not opperational and said it has been sent to JHB samsung, as it is still under warrenty, and My business. Depends on it I feel it should be replaced….every time I go into that. Shop you wait for an hour and every staff member refers you to another one, the assistant manageres has a sorry could care attitude and take it up with samsung.



Upgraded into a data line in August and took a 1gig top up contract. I have been advised that this was not the case as a normal data contract instead was activated. I have been liaising with Faiek from data and Alida from legal. I also have a second line with Vodacom with has been deactivated because of the dispute with data line. I sent questions in December to both Faiek and Alida as instructed by my legal advisor, I have not had the courtesy of their response.

It seems Vodacom is bullying their customers into accepting mistakes made by their staff or those of their business partners. I need my line (fully paid up and has never been in arreasr) re-instated and the data line complaint resolved to my satisfaction, I am the customer who is paying after all. Judging by the similar complaints on the internet from Vodacom, maybe I need to escalate this to the public protector’s office and consumer office. I will appreciate any kind of response, in writing as I am done talking to rude and obnoxious staff from your call centres.


my phone was booked off to vodacom still under warrantee. blackberry told me its a common issue with the 9900. Vodacom cw checks for water damage and tells me no its common issue and have to send it off to their advance repair centre. So they call me to tell me there’s water damage which is their excuse for basically everything and tell me its going to be R6000 to fix the phone! A price of a brand new 9900 so I escalate the matter to manger. The guy name EDWARD spoke over me countless times and at one point sounded like he shouted at me his voice got louder and ask him if I could get a recording he just said no. So at this point I decided I had enough of vodacom I will be going to a telecommunication ombudsman to report this as I’m going to the bank to stop all debits from vodacom and will honestly use that R6000 to take them to court than fixing my phone. I work in customer service for iinet and no matter how hard it gets I have to take the call with smile and deliver the absolute best service. To make matters worse my phone before this one was handed in 3 times and told me that can not fix. If the phone don’t get fix or replace in the next few days I will take this further.


it has been 3 months now that i have not been able to use my cellphone due to vodacom staff not following up on their work and having a no care attitude.my number that is 072 2936177 has been removed from the network due to not being able to pay for it as me and my wife had moved over to new jobs.i missed one months payment and arrangements have been made and we were assured by the call centre that all will be fine and that we dont have to worry about it as long as we made arrangements.if only i knew that it was not true then i could have made other arrangements.everything is paid up full now and we followed all procedures to get my number back up and working.nothing is being done about it we had to send a fax 3 times already and still they cant confirm if they got it even right after the fax have been sent.now im assuming that it is not a normal fax but surely one that works on a data base or a system.it feels like we are trying to do their job for them and if they dont care at all about anything why call it customer care in the 1st place.how can we fix this?….im sure their is atleast one person that will be able to help.


I’m on contract and always browsed and downloaded for free for the last year. Just recently I received the account that said I owe R500 for data and email charges. I called customer care to find out how this charge of R500 came about, and was told that I mustve used a charged site. How am I suppose to know which sites are charged sites?

I read that I could even be charged for a certain type of application when I download from blackberry app world. I’m afraid to upgrade my applications or download new applications cause I’m not sure what will charge me. I don’t even use my internet browser anymore because I’m not sure which sites will charge me.

Where can I get a list of all the charged sites and why couldn’t you let customers know that you started charging for downloads. I got a blackberry for the main purpose of using the internet and downloads. Really not happy with vodacom and the lengths to which they go to rip their customers off to make money.

Can’t wait for my contract to end so I can leave vodacom with all your other blackberry users!


Since the 14th march I have been struggling with REWARDS in Durban regarding my cell phone contract! Its taking me THIRTY FIVE DAYS to get my contract from Vodacom. I initially spoke to SHANZEL GOVENDER and then later on was in correspondence with the MANAGER DENZIL. SHANZEL the agent who assisted me with the contract MIS QUOTED me and now that becomes MY PROBLEM!

Vodacom has it on record and I repeated the price THREE times and SHANZEL agreed. The confirmation department then tried to stall this package and after complaining, I was called by Vodacom who apologized and I was assured by Vodacom directly that I would get this package.. and would get it delivered in 5 working days.

This was 10 days ago, still no phone and it looks like they are trying to STALL MY CONTRACT again!! using what seems like tricks and lies…. My assistant has spoken to DENZIL on the 17th April 2012 and he then advised her that SOMEONE had called to CANCEL THE CONTRACT which nobody had done!!!!

When she asked for the information on the call he was quick to tell her he was going to call her back and HE DIDN’T!!! she then further tried calling him back and he wouldn’t answer his phone and when he did pick up he didn’t even say HELLO he put her on hold?

I question this company’s ability to assist clients or to sell products, I get the feeling that they or the REWARDS call center is trying to avoid me so that I can cancel this contract because of their in competencies but I was promised a certain contract and need this contract because I already ported to Vodacom .

I spoke to a Vodacom agent today but when I found out from my assistant that she was actually lied to and that they had claimed I cancelled the contract I decided to go public with this. I better get the phone on Monday- 5 weeks after I initially used the website! If this matter is not sorted out IMMEDIATELY I will take this matter further.


Vodacom’s browsing & downloading speeds on a blackberry is pathetic seriously.when I first got my blackberry it used to download at super fast speeds like 120.00kb/s now its like 2.5kb/s so from 120 to 2.5 its not even worth it.Being a vodacom user I have heard that Vodacom has capped the internet usage on the BIS plan which is wrong in the first place without informing customers both prepaid & contract customers about what they planned on doing.

a little notice in advance would be nice cause that’s how things should be done in a professional manner not just do it & let everyone just roll with it.I’m pissed off cause I have a 3G phone why should I be pushed to be using the internet speed of a 2G network.In all regards Vodacom is the biggest company in South Africa even world wide yet competitors like Cell C is beating them with a better internet experience.

I’m a contract customer & its not fair to be paying for something that’s not even satisfying my needs for actually buying a blackberry phone & the main usage of it was for browsing & downloading .if vodacom doesn’t change back 2normal then you’ll loose more customers 2 other networks cause people are complaining but nothing is being done & I’m fed up with it really.


I upgraded my blackberry 9700 Bold cell phone with a Blackberry 9900 Bold cell phone at your Cresta branch on the 16 March 2012. On Saturday the 24 March I returned to Vodacom Cresta as the phone went onto SOS calls only and would not receive emails. The consultant informs me that the phone being 8 days old would have to be sent to Blackberry for repair.

This is absolutly unacceptable. I have my own business and my cell phone is extremly inportant. I need to be in contact with my clients at all times. As the phone is only 8 days old I would have expected the Vodacom branch of Cresta to supply me with a brand new phone. The manager by the name of Nathi Khoza was extremly rude and should not be in a position of management if he is unable to deal with people.

I have previously dealt with your Fourways branch. This has always been a pleasure. They have been very helpful and always very well mannered. I would like to reverse the contract signed on the 16 March, You are in possession of the phone. I do not want it back. It is obviously Faulty. I will arrange for the upgrade to be done at your Fourways branch.

Your very urgent advices are awaited.


On Thursday 22 Marc, I was in line for an upgrade of my cell. I stay in Polokwane. I went to the first Vodacom outlet only to be told to come back tomorrow, as, according to them, I had worked out the days incorrectly. However, I was sure about my dates, so I approached another outlet store of Vodacom.

Yes, they say, I am correct about the date, but this Vodacom outlet has no cellphones available. They are waiting for the Manager to bring in some stock. Please go to another Vodacom outlet. So I go to the third Vodacom outlet – still in Polokwane!

Yes they say, everything is fine, I can upgrade. Then suddenly there is this BIG mistake. The last two digits of my ID is not the same as is reflected on Vodacom’s records. Impossible. I have been upgrading on and off for the past 15 years. Vodacom is now making their problem my problem! No,no I have to go to another Vodacom outlet to have this ‘huge'(!) problem solved.

So now I go to the fourth Voda outlet to have my ID number corrected (the last two numbers seems to be different) on the ID. Now Vodacom’s records must be updated. After filling in the forms and signing every page, the matter is solved. ‘Thank you sir, but now go back to the previous Voda outlet where they will help you with a new phone’.

Back at this store I am told that they have very limited stock. Which was true. But I am told if I choose the one that I preferred, I will be entitled to a R2500 voucher.

I knew that the first outlet I approached that morning had a phone that I was interested in. So I go all the way back to the first Vodacom store. I started my little excersize at 8h30. It is now close to 12o’clock! I confront the guy at the Vodacom outlet saying that he had not given me good advice that morning. “Sorry Sir, but let’s now help you quickly!”

So I upgrade. BUT. ‘Sorry sir, the people at the other Voda outlet stores gave you wrong info. Your voucher is not R2500 but R1500′. Yes one thousand rand less. Mistake?! Or just plain incompetency? Then I receive a phone, only to be told that there is something wrong with this particular phone. They will get another phone from yet another Vodacom outlet. Can you believe it? But, I eventually get my new phone after 4 o’clock that afternoon. With my cut back voucher for R1500. Not R2500 as I was told/promised’ previously. No, no.

You won’t believe me, but this is not the end of my story. Then on Friday I receive one sms after the other from Vodacom. Close to twenty sms’s! I deleted a few but I still have no less than twelve (12)!! on my cell. All these sms’s with the same wording: “Thanks for visiting our Vodacom Outlet. Did our service make you smile? Please reply YES or NO”

And I replied, three or four times NO, NO , NO. And yet, one after the other sms’s still kept rolling in. No wonder we pay so dearly for calls. All the nonsense Vodacom sends out.

So I have taken the liberty to write you this e-mail. I doubt whether I will hear from you but, nevertheless. I did upgrade, although it took me a full working day. And yes,I have been exposed to bad service in the past, but Vodacom’s takes first prize.


On Saturday,17March,in the morning, I looged in a complaint that when I looged in my puk number and putting a new pin number the phone rejects it with an error code notification. I call in 3 consultants which they inform me to repeat the same thing,but still without any change. Only, on the 4 th time after another three attempts with same error code notification,when the lady by the name of Cynthia explained it to me that I must puta minimum of 4 and max.of 6 number, but without 11 or 00.

Unfortunately, it was the last attempt and the sim went rejected. I had to buy another sim which I did. I called in Vodacom for a swim swap for number and as advised by Cynthia, I put another sim card on E5 Nokia with order to contact Vodacom. On Saturday round about past six, I put in a new sim card,but seemed not to be working and when putting the sim card back to the other phone,it reflected sim card registration failed.i again called Vodacom call centre quering as to why the sim card for reflects sim failed error, but the lady told me that I must do phone setting manually which i did, but with the same error.

The lady advised me to take off the sim to another phone as she claimed that there might be a network error, which even that could’nt help. The rest of Sunday, 18th both phones were not working. When I called this morning, Monday, 19th March spoke to a lady by the name of Ali ,at first could not where the problem was ant later she informed me that the consultant made an error on the swim swap as she did a swim swap on the new sim card for instead

Now,i had to pass the new card to the wich my 10 yr old daughter is using with all new saved information during weekend that will still be lost after IT rectifies the problem as Ali claimed. At the same time, I have to buy another swim and still do another swim swop request for.All two phones are currently not in use due to Vodacom poor service. Your consultants do not have listening skills at all, doubt if they know what they are doing.

Bear, in mind that there are other services providers we can utilize if we continue receiving such pathetic service, its unbearable.


Since my first cell phone I have been using Vodacom as a service provider and I have never been so disappointed in your service, there is a few problems on my account and I keep on phoning and trying to sort the problem ssince its not my mistake but vodacoms, but every consultant I speak to keeps on telling me that they will look into the matter and phone me back before the end of the day, but no one ever does, one of your consultants was so rude that she even put down the phone in my ear while I was talking to her and explaining the problem,after she threatened me with handing over the problem to the “criminal department”…

Why must I be treated like this. But let me start from the beginning. A few years back I had 3 accounts with vodacom because of the fact that I had a business, unfortunately the business closed down and on 11 June 2010 I got premature contract cancellation quotes from vodacom so that I could pay all the accounts up to date and close them…like I did,afterwards I faxed the proof of payment with the signed copy of the quote and a copy of my ID to the cancellation department, and I never heard anything of this again.

Last year I took out 2 new contracts for me and my wife, seeing that I started a new job. I wrote down the correct banking details on the contract and was under the impression that the debit order was going off each month as it was suppose to, but the end of January 2012 I received a phone call from vodacom saying that my account is in arrears and that the debit order kept on being returned because of the account being closed.

I could not understand this because I am using this account and its not possible, then the consultant brought it under my attention that Vodacom has been deducting the money from the businesses bank account, the one that is no longer active because of the business closing down, and that there is currently 5 accounts open in my name, please tell me who’s fault it is that vodacom deducted money from a wrong account since I wrote the right banking details in the contract.

I then asked them about the accounts that was never closed as I paid them and cancelled them in 2010 and I have the proof,the lady I spoke to is Shelly, she assured me that they would fix the problem and close the accounts on which they closed 2 accounts but the 3rd account was only closed 23 FEB 2012 and now vodacom wants me to pay all outstanding amounts on this account even though I cancelled this contract in 2010 how is this possible.

It was vodacom that made the mistake,but no one can help me with this matter, without permission they just keep on deducting the amount from my bank account and I have to go to the bank and ask them to reverse this, because no one can help me in sorting this matter.now I spoke to a consultant again today and asked him for the outstanding balance on the 2 accounts that I took out last year on which he replied that he can unfortunately not give me those amounts…

Please I want to pay my account but only after the problem has been solved and someone can help me, because like I say everyone I speak to keeps on saying they will phone me back or get a manager to phone me but no one does… What is going on with vodacom I have never experienced this type of poor service from vodacom… Please. My phone number is 0765276157 if you can get someone capable in helping me to phone me.


I took a contract phone with Vodacom on the 9th November 2009 and I received nokia E75.The duration of the contract was 24 months.The monthly amount was R245.60 including subscription fee and other charges.I used the sim card for the year 2010 and Istopped used it middway through 2010 because i could not afford to pay more than thhe agreed amount.I personally phoned customer care and asked for the sim card to be put offline because I was not gonna use it.

The contract expired last year November 2011,i assumed that as it was the final month the contract will automatically cease to function.In December 2011 the debit continue to run on my account,I was so surprised and I phoned customer care enquiering about what transparing in my account.The person whom I spoke to was very rude its a pity I did not recall his name.I was given a number for cancelletation and i was told I have to wait for 30 days before my contract to expire.

I was not informed that if the contact is 24months when it expire you must go to Vodacom and cancel honestly i was not told.I received a call yersterday(08/03/2012) that my account is in arrears of R270.00 and i was going to be sent to legal.I was so cross because i don’t know why it is happening to Vodacom.Please help.


We have a contract with Vodacom (via Videotronic Grahamstown). Our ex-manager had the account opened in his personal name BUT used the Estate bank account. When he was asked to resign we tried getting the contract put into the Estate’s name which it should have been when it was originally opened. The ex-manager also has his daughters contract being debited to the Estate account, BUT Vodacom says they cant put the account in the Estate name because we have been listed with the Credit Bureau (Because of the ex-manager and his wife who used to do the books for the Estate).

WHY BECAUSE THE ESTATE HAS BEEN PAYING THIS ACCOUNT, IT IS DEBITED TO THE ESTATE BANK ACCOUNT EVERY MONTH. That is what I dont understand, if Vodacom had done their credit check correctly when the contract was first opened they would have immediatley seen that the bank account did not belong to the Estate manager. Until we can rectify this our Estate is having to pay for the managers daughters contract as the ex refuses to do anything about it and our hands are tied till Vodacom just changes the name.



You know, when you go onto a vodacom website this is the first thing you see “At Vodacom, we value your time, which is why we strive to ensure that you receive efficient service and care, wherever you are. We understand that you prefer personal assistance rather than an automated call distribution and standardised scripts.” I feel like i have been working with ROBOTS. i even put a complaint on Hello Peter, but it got me no where. instead getting a reply a day later for my phones IEMI no and JOB no.

It all started in when my keypad on my blackberry just stopped working all of a sudden. I took it to the vodacom 4u store in the Brits mall. They booked it in for repairs. 2 weeks late i get a call my phone is ready for collection. To my surprise its a brand new phone. now the problem begins, i put my sim in the phone, and set up my emails, i cant, i am getting error messages, then i try calling vodacom call centre using the NEW blackberry, it says called fail. I try calling another number it still says call failed, I call vodacom from another phone.

It seems to be happening more and more often that I send a sms to another Vodacom nr, and the message just doesn’t get delivered. I have the same problem receiving messages, and this creates a serious problem as I use my cellphone as a password generator for my internet banking, and the password gets sent to my phone. I have complained about this to the customer service department, who informed me that certain upgrades were being done etc etc.

How long can this carry on? I remember Vodacom being the best provider in South Africa, no it seems the saying is true that Vodacom doesn’t have clients, they have victims.

A helpful consultant helps me set up my email. but cannot fix the “CALLED FAILED” problem. he gives me some codes to type in they don’t work. the next day i called vodacom again, nothing, I take my phone in on Monday 16/01 to the vodacom 4u, They said they have to log a call with vodacom to unlock the phone, which they did. but vodacom says the waiting period is 24-48 hours. the kind people at the vodacom 4u explained that this phone is almost 7 days old its URGENT, Vodacom wants me to WAIT!!

WHY should i wait when this was never my problem. vodacom GAVE me a broken phone, but I MUST WAIT. VERY DISAPPOINTED being a loyal Client. I have wait 4 days now, nothing has happened in that 4 days. Am i going to sit with this broken blackberry until vodacom decides its time to fix the Broken fone THEY gave me…


I took out a contrack from vodacom with a laptop and 100 meg data. The data, as explained was capped to 100meg whereafter I should load on a pre paid card. which was also provided free of charge and will the account not be debited. After a month, I received an sms stating that my bank account was debited with R1800.00. I called Vodacom and was this confirmed as my account due to data ussage. I lodged a complaint as was I assured that this will be sorted out, I did not even use the date more than once and received an account for R1200.00. Until now, no one has phoned me to sort the matter out. I was mislead by Vodacom and wish to cancel the contrack with immediate affect.

I was within the scope of the CPA and did the representative at Vodacom on the phone confirmed that I was miss sold (his words) a contract and that he will contact the branch and sort the matter out and will revert in 1 week. Ithas been more than a month and would it seem that the delay is an attempt to frustrate me to let this matter go. Kindly see to this complaint.


I am extremly dissapointed with Vodacom repair centres, I am a Corporate Client of Vodacom and have 20 business lines, I have booked 2 blackberry’s 9900 ( Directors business phones) in with Vodacom Green Point for repairs as both the handsets kept switching off and we have to take the battery out to reboot the phones. They booked the handsets in December 2011 , we then receive the hansets back advising us that the hansets has been replaced with new phones, when switching the phones on yesterday on receipt of the exchanged handsets from Vodacom both handsets cut off and would not go back on.

I then called Zakkiyah Shabodien on 17/01/2012 @ 9:06am and she asked me to explain the problem to her as the manager was not able to take the call, she then advised that she was going to explain the problem to the manager and ask her to return my call with a solution, she had not called and i then went into the store @ 13:33 and Tantum was to busy to speak to me and i was advised by their agent that she would call me back. This morning 18/01/2012 @ 8:45am i called spoke to Zakkiyaa and once again Tatum was not available. I am so frustrated and do not know who to talk to?

Vodacom Greenpoint says they do not have corporates telephone number. I demand to 2 BRAND NEW Blackberry’s but not the 9900 as they are problamatic phones. If Vodacom does not replace the two handsets with 2 brand new blackberry’s; they will leave me know choice but to take away my corperate lines from their company.I have left a message at Vodacom Hub for one of their directors ( Tim Mitchel) to call me back.


I opened an account at Vodacom Randfontein branch after I signed Morne gave me my phone and went on with my fiance’s contract. I asked him if I can open my phone he said yes I can because I will pay both contracts when he is finish with my fiances. After my fiance signed Morne went to the back. We were waiting about 15 min while exploring my new phone. my fiance’s phone was on the counte everything was signed and given to us we was just waiting to pay the connecting fee. I was under the impression it is R202 per contract.

We asked the other lady working there if she would please call him because its already 17:30 we would like to go home. Morne came out and said that the special is no longer running and if we want the same phone we must go on the top up R315. I said thats not what I want then he said if I still want that phone on the contract R199 I must pay in R900 each. So I said I dont have that money he went to the back again. While my fiance’s pfone is still on the desk with the 2 signed contracts. We waited about 10 min again when he came out and said he cant give us my fiances pfone because the contract is not on anymore and his phone is still closed.

Everything was signed and all so he wrote big on that contract CANCEL. How can he take back the pfone after we signed and he gave the phone in our hands. I can keep mine for the same contract because my phone is already opened. When it came to the payment he said I only have to pay R105. I said isn’t it R202 he said no its only R105 for the sim and the other R97 they will deduct from my account. So I paid the R105. This moring I received an sms from FNB for the deduction of R261 and because its not the amount Morne said it was going to be deducted the debitorder did not went through so now I must pay the fee for not having enough money in and why is the amount R261??????????


I received and sms that my internet connetion settings is not correct and i had to phone vodacom customer care. I did phone and the lady refer my call to blackberry customer care. After she transfer my call the line was disconnected after waiting for more than 20 minutes. I phone 082 155. After more than waiting and hour i decided to disconnet my call. All i hear is the songs and no response. How is it that the customer care after an hour not mentioned what my call status is and what number im in the line. I cannnot afford to wait for more than an hour for response from the customer care centre.

How many people are working at a time when their is an high volume of calls to attend to. I think vodacom must adress this need.


I have been overcharched by vodacom in my account and seemingly its getting worse day by day, I dont stay without airtime in my prepaid phone but the minute I load airtime most of it will be gone within no time, I tried to call many times but you dont get an option that allows you to wait for an operator,last night I bought R29 airtime and made the first call this morning which I took about 4 mnts and its sunday and after that call I was left with R18. Its not the first I am complaining and was also told Im registerd with other sites of which Im only registered with dateclub only which deduct R2 this one that deduct R4,99.

I dont have a clue about them, please cancel all of them in my account, this is very frustrating Im waisting a lot of money. I hope that my request will be attended to ASAP.


I am absolutely disgusted and outraged by the level of services that I’ve received from Vodacom over the past week.I bought a blackberry from a Vodacom shop only to realise a few days later that the fone was a refurbished fone.I went into the store within the 7 working day grace period but received no assistance whatsoever yet they were very helpful when I was buying the fone. I called customer services on 19/10/11. I spoke to 6 different agents with no avail. I was so dis_satisfied at having being lied to, having my calls dropped to plain unhelpfulness from unskilled agents with no level of professionalism.

I was placed on hold without being informed. I was told that customer services aren’t allowed to transfer calls to blackberry tec support and the most ridiculous statement was that there were no managers or floor walkers to speak to me when requested. I cannot believe that Vodacom customer service agents are not supervised or have managers. The agent actually lied to me when I work in one of the biggest callcentres in SA. I intend to switch my network unless I get this issue resolved once and for all.

i recently bought a phone on contract and only to find out that i cant make international call, and this was not explained to me when i orderd the phone they tell me about a sum of R1500 that i need to pay before i can make international call, i mean really what is all this , i have about three contract with MTN and i have never experience such nonsense service that i got from Vodacom , i think more fire is really becoming a problem they should just go back to being BLUE [vodacom is like blue monday] because it is clear that red doesnt suite you guys .

you have no fire you are just like a big DARK AND COLD night , your service is very bad very bad , i know that this is my last contract that i will be taking with vodacom because with such service who will want to come back while you can find the best. SIS.


my original sim card was damaged. i purchased a new starter pack and followed the law by registering in accordance to the RICA act. according to vodacom customercare this was wrong as i needed to have a simswop and then had to purchase another starter pack. i did so and called vodacom for assistance. the questions are ridiculous, they ask ridiculous security questions and keep insisting that i have to visit a vodacom outlet as i am not answering these questions correctly. all i want is to keep my original cell number as all my associates as well as my bank is familiar with this number. i am not a criminal and have no devious intentions.

how difficult can it be to perform a simswop telephonically?


I am a very unhappy customer right now as I feel that Vodacom has not provided a good service and due to that my number has now been deleted off the system. For 3 months Vodacom never contacted me regarding my oustanding monthly payments, I never received any invoices and my line remained opened up until the 3rd month, eventually I received a call on a Friday afternoon telling me that if my phone was not paid by Monday then my number would be deleted. I made arrangements to pay off my account and received an sms as a reminder for the 1st installment, for the second installment I didn’t and eventually I phoned Vodacom.

to find out what was happening only to be told that my number was to be deleted on that day being Friday the 7th October I spoke to the consultant and told her that I would make a payment by Monday. Vodacom went and deleted my number anyway and now I have to go and pay more money to have it reactivated. I did not ask for this as I communicated with them that I would pay my oustanding amount. I am very upset about this as I have a full time business to run and now I am losing business as no one can get hold of me.

I will not be reconecting my account as I do not have the time to wait as well as the funds to do it. I find Vodacom very unprofessional as no one was helpfull at all and most of the consultants were very rude and abrupt. I am hoping that we can resolve this issue otherwise Vodacom will have lost yet another customer. I would appreciated feedback as soon as possible as I would like to resolve this matter. Regards Nicole Nunes.


From day one vodacom gave me,endless problems.To start,(and this is two(2)years back I open a contract with vodacom which took them three(3)weeks to say NO I cant have a contract with all the lamest excuses about I do not earn enough salary.After about thirty(30) phone calls to put me through the one person to the next,and five(5) faxes to complaint that I earn R9300-00 p/m after deductions,and at my work place is about six(6)junior employers that earn half of my salary and believe it or not,our cleaner who earn R1200-00 per month got a contract the 1st day.Just a coincidence was that they were all black people.

and do not get me wrong or put words in my mouth because I am close friends with them all,but When I put the question to you,I was ignored,but the very next call I was received by the first friendly person who was surprised with what I told her and she clicked on her computer and there was no problem and told me for what packages I could apply.Then WHEN i WENT back to Vodacom Overcell,They were very angry because the answer they received was no,and now they lose commission,because it was their sale,and HE FILED A COMPLAINT AND FAXED it with all my application,and proof of address ect to vodacom again.

and everything was put on hold again!!twelve(12) days later they called me and said its approved.Okay lets forget there was no stock and waited another four(4)days the weekend included.So They REFUSED TO EXCEPT IF I DON’T SIGN A DEBIT ORDER, but also mention that after the 1st payment I could change that option,and from that month(the2nd month),I said to cancel the debit order,because I live 60km from FNB(MY BANK)and when the end of the month falls over a weekend my salary gets paid in on the Thursday,and I’m 90% of the time not available to do my payments because I’m in the Police force.

and may not tell what duties I perform for my own safety,and a family member go and withdraw basically everything in two days.All my other debit orders come off directly,and you also were not competent to do so.And that is my reason to pay it myself,even if I had to post it to a friend in the town were the nearest Standard bank is,to pay for me,and would be at most two(2)days later then the 1st of the month.Every time you said you wiil cancel it but a few days before I receive a sms to remind me about the payment.And 95% I had to brake a leg and arm to make last minute arrangements to get it paid.

,Because ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS,I RECEIVE A SMS THAT THE AMOUNT OF R..? WAS PAID FROM MY ACCOUNT.!!!And then few days later I get the threatening sms that immediate payment or my line will be cut off or whatever the correct words are.I mean then I am under the impression it was paid and again have to make arrangements and beg people to go to hermanus to pay.And then mostly succeeds to be done the following day.

Then I phone accounts department and explain the whole story again like EVERY MONTH ALL OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND ASK PLEASE NOT TO PUT MY PHONE OFF LINE BECAUSE EXPECTING URGENT CALLS FROM MY DAUGHTER OR WIFE WHO IS 1700KM FROM ME,AND THEN LIKE ALWAYS I RECEIVE RUDE,ILL-MANNERED,INCOMPREHENSIBLE,UNCONCERNED, IMPOLITE, INCOMPETENT TREATMENT,AND THEY CUT THE LINE.To make things worst is the first time I was not informed about the penalty fee,and received a sms that the full amount was not paid and they cut the line!!!!That is just plain spiteful unprofessional!And it will maybe help(but I doubt it,cause it became their nature)if you sent your account department people who work with customers for customer/client service training.!!

YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE HELPLINE ARE EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL FRIENDLY PEOPLE,AND I CAN CALL ANYTIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT AND GET THE BEST TREATMENT AND HELP DOESN’T MATTER WHAT PROBLEMS I HAD WITH SETTINGS OR EMAIL OR ANYTHING ELSE.That I can praise vodacom with.I SPEND THOUSANDS OF RAND’S ON MY PHONE AND YOU KNOW IT.Then came a time you advertised a laptop for R100-00 a month and your accounts department insulted me as a bad payer and and do not want to do any business with me.

When I ask them To check on the computer if I have any outstanding payments,the answer was no,but I do not pay always on time and that makes me a bad customer.So I took a contract with another provider on a laptop for double the amount,was approved the same day(IN FACT I WAITED A HOUR AND NOT FIVE(5)WEEKS WITH FAXES AND 20 PHONE CALLS!!!),AND made the arrangements of paying it myself and can be late 2 to 5 days SOMETIMES,and HAD NOT ONE PROBLEM UNTIL NOW AND THAT IS A YEAR AND A HALF!!!

Because of YOUR SMA stating the debit order went of and is paid in ,and then a few days later sometimes 7days tell me I didn,t pay and cut the line and have to pay penalty fee’s to the bank for debit order that did not go off and penalty fee’s to put me on line again>>>?AND AGAIN ASK TO CANCEL THE DEBIT ORDER LIKE ALMOST TWO YEARS BACK EVERY MONTH,BUT ITS AS GOOD AS I TALK TO A TREE!

Four(4)Months back my phone got a virus and i lost all my memory on the phone,and if I received a message,and if its not to long,have to delete my previous message to read it.Any sms from FNB,or from Polmed or accounts I could not open,but after many hours on the internet(with my other provider account)I managed to regain little by little memory on my phone.Two(2)months back I left town for intense training in Thabazimbi,AND LEFT MY PHONE TO MY DAUGHTER(9years old),but she don’t know much about accounts.But as far she could understand the payments went off because there stands payment successful.


But I did my duty to make sure if there is maybe outstanding payments and phoned the short number the help line told me to and a voice told me YOUR OUTSTANDING AMOUNT ON YOUR ACCOUNT IS R189 AND THAT IS WHAT I PAID…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





So Dear Sir/Me

How are you going to handle this complaint?Are you just going to sent me threats with your lawyers and keep on with your”don’t care about only one customer”attitude?Like I said I was prepared to pay and I am losing my own ± R60.00 airtime I put up and could have used to phone friends to make a payment.And remember that this your mistake because I did phone to find out and you gave me the amount to pay and that is what I did pay.And when you find out I am behind after your mistake could have arranged with me to pay all outstanding at the end of the month,when I have money again.??

I f you choose your normal hostile way,then just do so,but past me and go straight to the Supreme Court,because I have been put under Depth Review in terms of Section 86(4)(b)(i)(ii).

I still did not planned using this,and would rather pay off my last 3 or maybe 4 payments by VODACOM,But then you must be comprehensible and negotiable,ans also not going to pay if I cant use the phone,then there is no use
Shawn-lee Scheepers


I had enough vodacom now its been more than 3 months and the same thing happens every night between 9 and 22:30 every night of my life my inter net service goes down every night its a routine.I can’t use my facebook I can’t use my vodacom internet or any application that uses internet service.I called the support team more than 6-7 times already and still no resolution to my query I was told that it is my settings they did something on their end and told me to put the phone off for a few minutes I know its not my settings because it works whole day jus at the that certain time I don’t get service..

They tell me those stories so they can get lost of the call I worked in a call centre and in a support call centre I know what I’m talking about. vodacom is the worst service provider ever.I need a resolution asap if u think u can help please do.if not I’ll b trying mtn thank u.


I took my Blackberry to Cape Gate Vodacom who sent it to Tygervalley Branch who sent it to Vodacom Johannesburg who sent it to Blackberry (known as Research in Motion). After a few days I received a telephonic quote that the cost to repair my phone would be R675. This was a few weeks ago. A few days ago I went back to Cape Gate and filled in the forms instructing them to go ahead with the repairs. Today I received a call from Tygervally Vodacom that the phone is beyond repairs. In the meantime my wife got a Blackberry 9300 and in turn gave me her phone, which I sold yesterday to cover the repairs to my phone.

Now i have no Blackberry!! I hold Vodacom liable for this!! Besides this fiasco, the lady at the Tygervally branch refused to give me the number for Blackberry and proceeded to throw the phone down in my ear. I proceeded to call back asked for the number as if I was another customer and was promptly given the number. I want someone to be held accountable for their mess up. Had I known that my phone was beyond repair, I would have kept my wife’s phone.


In response to your automated account mail – I have made a formal complaint to Vodacom (Midrand) regarding my gross dissatisfaction regarding bad service, misinformation and lies from Vodashop Cresta. I am also bitterly disappointed that Vodacom shun responsibility by the excuse that Vodashop Cresta is just a franschise and not really their problem! Surely vodashop is working under licence to Vadacom? I am currently in the process of seeking advise from the Customer Consumers Act business department, as I would like to cancel all association with Vodamail. Please give me a detailed balance of the amounts highlighted below.

As I am proposing to the customers protection department that Vodashop Cresta be liable for most of the cost. When I realised the sales person at Vodashop was lying (just to get a sale) and that he did not as promised cancel my old contract on the 30th June and not only that, but when I called him back again (in front of 3 witnesses in my offices on the 30 june – he blatently lied again and told me that he had cancelled the old contract.

in fact I stressed my concern when someone from your customer service department called me a few days later, I even asked her to double check that my old contract had been cancelled, she told me no, it was still current and furthermore I would be responsible for payments until that particular contract expired. After another visit to Cresta vodashop I was still blatantly lied to and had my personal banker cancel my debit order. Looking at the amounts you have outlined below, it appears that Cresta still have not done their job. Therefore a detailed balance is required. As well as a copy of the taped conversation between myself and the lady from your customer service department.

If this is not your departments concern, then please pass on to the appropriate person and copy me on the correspondence. I am bitterly disappointed by the total indifference and lack of customer care by Vodacom.


I have had a Vodacom contract and to my knowledge signed up for the monthly payment not to be greater than R449 per month.I completed the contract for a two year period and was billed exactly R449 for the past 24 months. A month later (to renew) I was phoned by Vodacom to upgrade and I requested that they KEEP my contract exactly how it was ie for R449 per month fixed as in the past 24 months,which they said they would do.However from March April and May 2011 I was suddenly receiving bills of up to R14000 in a 3 month period.

On enquiry starting in March/April 2011 with Vodacom Customer Care I was informed that it would take 14 days to respond (whilst I still sat with the problem)Finally today 3 months later and after numerous calls and visiting Vodacom on at least 2 occassions I have been told that my original contract was not ticked TOP UP by the 3rd party vendor 2,5 years ago.I pointed out that this was an error on the vendors side when not ticking the contract(TOP UP) but the vendor did confirm with me they captured it on the system as a TOP UP hence I was billed ONLY R449 for 2years,which makes sense as the implementation proved correct.

Vodacom refuses to accept this and refuses to re imburse me for there or there vendors error. I have also asked for phone recordings to be heard by myself to CONFIRM that I did NOT change my original INTENT Vodacom still cannot as at 14 August provide me with such voice recordings despite first telling me they will do this. They are a complete ripp off and I will be cancelling with them.


yesterday i bougth 29.00 airtime and i recieve the sms after some seconds saying (you have up to 60 min FREE Vodaco-to-Vodacom calls!Minutes expire at midnight.you also get free night shift to use from 12am to 5am dail *111.i then call this numbers 0722387270, 0722441456, 0825666419, 0762379851, 0726891006, 0761116014, 0799454310 and all its vodacom network and it free 60 minutes expire at midnight, but im suprise at night17h00 i called this number 0722106101 i got the message of my airtime is finished a had to load so that i can make phone call. what happend about my airtime and free 60 minute that will expired at midnight.i would not call if it was not free 60 minutes.

please i want a good explanation on this situation. im not happy at all about this please help me and give me my 29.00 airtime back!


Vodacom called me, informing me that my data bundle is due for upgrade, the complete order and delivery was done telephonically and i was told that the new modem etc. will take approx 5 working days for delivery. This was 1 1/2 month ago and i have not received anything. I called vodacom customer care and they said that that is the upgrade departments duty and i called them. They again say this is the delivery departments duty, they dont even try to assist here. They gave me the bundle upgrade no. and here i was told to call the customer care or upgrade department, with all do respect i have decided to cancel this as it seems that no one knows what they are doing.

How can i trust vodacom to handle my account if they cant even upgrade and deliver, surely they have now bridged contract as they promises to deliver and they cant. What a shame.


i have purchased a blackberry phone unit it has given me problems i was instructed to take it to a vodacare where it will be sent in for repairs,i had later been informed that my unit can not be fixed and i will be receiving a refurbished unit i was absolutely annoyed by this as i can not pay for something second hand.i have spoken to lungile and mpho who are senior consultants at customer service and are apparently the highest people you can speak to LOL…i have now accepted the unit cause of the incompetent staff at vodacom who tell you that they can’t do anything for you. I’ve picked up the phone and the alerts do not work when messages,mails come through! the keys do not work!!

vodacom is in need of some serious staff changes and in need of management who can assist and the attitudes of “senior consultants“ are terrible.fair enough you don’t return a phone sealed in a box cause you purchase it to open it to use it..so that is no excuse why you cant receive a new one i did not want to accept a refurbished unit for this very same reason its second hand that could not be fixed was sent back to the UK fixed and given to me only to prove what a messed up CUSTOMER SERVICE warranty hey.


THE RUDEST SALES CONSULTANT I EVER ENCOUNTERD !! Her Name is Juanita, She is a Sales Consultant for Vodacom. She Actually made Me feel like Im the Sales Consultant and that She is the Customer….Snapping at Me and talking to me like Im a Child, Making ME feel like I did Something Wrong !! I bought a Cell Phone and Brought it back with in the First 7(seven) days, still in Perfect Condition. It did not download or update anything, it also froze and dropped calls. I also asked for a Smartphone and the Cell Phone given to me where in fact NOT a Smartphone. In short I where not Happy With the Cell Phone, and SHE(JUANITA) made Me feel like its MY PROBLEM AND MY FAULT !!!! SHE HAS NO HUMAN SKILLS AND SHOULD NOT WORK WITH CUSTOMERS.

We, in our house hold alone, have 9(nine) accounts at Vodacom and are considering to move to a Network with FRIENDLY AND PROFESSIONAL staff, All Because of HER(JUANITA) THE RUDE SALES CONSULTANT !!


I was contacted by Vodacom in January 2011 and sold a prepaid contract ( Top Up 75 ) My bank Account was debited every month at R55.50 and the wrong cell number was credited with the R75.00 I reported the error and given a Ref No. S2-DDU2220BAW. To this day 2 August, after several phone calls and put on hold every time then rudely just cut off. I am sick of being asked “How Can I Make You Smile” I have always been very happy purchasing my Vodacom Pre Paid at the ATM. I will never agree on any form of contract again. Vodacom need to do a lot more staff training than just teaching them to answer the phones like Parrots. Very Unhappy Customer, email: albertamelia@telkomsa.net


Not sure what is up with Vodacom – recently ported a number from CellC to Vodacom and starting to think this was a huge mistake. I am in Somersetwest and the signal is realy weak. Have been unable to make calls or use BlackBerry Services over the past 48 hrs. Does anyone know why the service is so poor? It’s amazing the cell phone service signal is so poor when we pay so much each and every month to make sure that this happens. I talk on my phone for business and pleasure and it needs to have signal no matter what part of town I go into. The fact that I have been unable to make calls or to use any of the services lately is a big problem for Vodacom.


I have had the same cellphone No for approx 3 years now and with Vodacom’s network coverage being unavailable last night i went online to try find out a way to advise them once again of our change of address which has not been changed.
When i registered i noticed that the system was welcoming me back as somebody else – Theresa Fraser and this is not my name. I have been receiving phone calls for this person for the past year and thought that they had dialled the wrong No. Strangely enough the account and details are correct and rec’d timeously every other month. We have however moved and changed our address on-line and have not received the account this month, can only assume it still went to the old address!

I also noticed that i’d rec’d a message (sms) via my 3G vodafone stating that i’d won a competition and should phone 0837608243 and quoted a Ref No that i should use when i phone during working hours. I have tried several times this morning to get hold of Vodacom but the moment i get through to the Consultant the phone rings once and then cuts off.
Could you pls advise further? Many thanks.


Hi there, about 7 years ago I had a Vodacom phone account. I cancelled it longtime ago before I even got my new contract with cell c now 7 years later Vodacom whant’s me to pay amount of R8008.00 +- hahaha. All they say I need to send them prof of payment, I mean realy im not stupid. I canelled my account longtime ago and only keep 5 years of filling and thats the Law im prepaird to take this very far. Im not PAYING this amount or any other amount I did cancel my contract with Vodacom,please stop sending me the sms or I will go to the Onbutsman. Vadacom cant wait 7 years later to tell me I just need to pay, pay for what????

Im sick of this. Please sort this out and 011 560 4753 nobody answers I phoned them 5 times so from my side I have done my bit so please sort this out.


I have been a Vodacom customer for more than 12 years. In about the year 2000 I paid R 5000 as a deposit for international roaming. I trusted that Vodacom would be honourable and given that I had paid the deposit in good faith, they would return it back to me upon my request. I didn’t have a copy of the deposit slip, as it is 11years after the fact. However it was a requirement that I had to pay the deposit in order to be granted international roaming, and I have it on my contract. I spoke with a number of Vodacom employees who admitted that they could see proof of the deposit in the system.

I would like Vodacom to listen to the call between myself and Charity Nwedamutswu on the23rd of May 2011, Charity was the only staff member who was helpful and tried to assist me. Vodacom’s finance department are refusing to return the deposit, they state that they have no records (BS) of my payment. They don’t acknowledge that one of their own employees stated that she could see proof of my deposit on the system, sorry Vodacom but I have a reference number for that call – SZ-DA321-1204W.

I do not accept that the onus of proof is on me, Vodacom have my deposit in good faith (and they have a record of it – unless they suddenly decide to lose the recorded phone call). What kind of company keeps no records? I have spoken to the head of finance one last time asking her to look again before I report them to the SAPS for thief and to ICASA – the cellular arbitrator.

Vodacom are dishonest and have no honour, please don’t open a contract with them and never pay them a deposit as they will refuse to return it to you. I am going to spread this news all over the internet – watch this space Vodacom you liars! Why are Vodacom being so dishonest? What are is causing Vodacom to give such shocking customer service and being deceitful? I would like Vodacom to listen to the call as it proves that Vodacom know they have my R 5000 deposit on their system.


I recieved an sms from saying i have won R175,000 from vodacom. I have so far lost R275 airtime. I was then informed that i need to deposit R1500 into an account with absa. It was then that i started to get suspicious. I was prepared to lose R275 but not R1500. When i began to ask some probing questions the person apparently calling from Vodacom just hung up the phone. What is going on guys what has happened to confidentiality of information…I think i got one of the perpetrators cell # 0738131561 i think he said his name is nolonolo.


Hi, I am currenlty a resident in Judith Paarl 2094 (next to Lorentzville). I recently found out that I have a vodacom network tower right under my nose. I live in a flat, knowing that I have to live with all this radiation make me not feel save. I am not too sure what the impact on the human health can be and hope it is not a health risk having this vodacom tower in the yard I live in. I called vodacom customer compaint centre on Monday 13 June with regard to a generator that was installed kept me awake for two nights.

The problem as addressed and it was switch off, but no appology received from anyone calling me with regards to my complaint. I would like to hear from Vodacom in writing that it is save for me to live with my child ( and also the other resident in this area), having this vodacom network tower next to my bedroom window and in a block of flats where we are all families with small kids.


To be presice it’s been occurring for the past four years specifically on these second Vodacom cell numbers, adding to this frustrating problem is my recent Contract cell numbers from Corporate. I would categorically emphasise the fact that these tools are surely not for display and good to have contrarily for better, clean and undisturbed communication purposes. Today I again happen to have spoken to the lady employee at Vodacom Customer care reporting the very same poor quality communucation overload in the system, my Reference Number 197797302. She phoned me back saying she forgot to put me through Corporate but what happened was that particular individual dropped the phone in my ears.

Surely there is no Vodacom customer satifaction in this environment, these action suggest to me as a customer who is never wrong to say yes I am treated as a non-entity and non-commodity. Last week I reprted this silly activity for the lack of a better word, for the first time I felt like new person. Only this week again I am experiencing that this predicament insist. I sinserely hope that this Vodacom complaint lands in the eyes and ears those of a natural person who can see and listen, with due respect, please I don’t need this disturbance whilst I busy talking in my cell phones.

The communcation system is Vodacom’s PRIORITY ONE PRODUCT that links the daily good business pracice WITH CUSTOMERS so eradicate any form of quality non-compliance intead instill continuous quality excellence. I hope my loud complaint will be professionally, satifactorily, considerably accepted and (CA) Correctice Action initiated in place.



9 mei 2011, to whom it may concern. hereby i want make a complaint regarding the purchase of a special displaid in the vodacom chatz connect catalogue. (deals valid 01 april until 06 may 2011). we made the package deal with chatz fochville president square shop (tel:018 771 2761) and it was approved. we received the hp compaq 56150si notebook + vodafone k3765 usb modem but the employee at chatz fochville shop said that the mouse and the bag that was displaid on the catalogue, are not included, because it was a miss print on the catalogue. we are very unhappy not to receive the mouse and bag, because it was displaid on the catalogue and that’s why we were interested in the vodacom package deal.

we called vodacoms customers care and spoke to an opperator and he said we must send our complaint with a copy of the catalogue how it was atvertised to (customer care@ vodacom.co.za). we will appreciate it that u will conferm this complaint and fix this as soon as possible. we are looking forward to hear from vodacom. copy of catalogue is included.

nb.we also did not receive the nokia x2 that was adverticed on catalogue, to date.
my details: mnr g.w.van eeden
email:gideonwve [at] vodamail.co.za


On the 1st of December 2010 I have upgraded to an Iphone 4 package. Advised by the Vodacom Potchefstroom dealership at Mooi River Mall. I really wanted the package because business wise the 250 meg data bundle would help me alot. a Month later my account was higher than normal so I realized that I didn’t receive the free megabytes. In the last few months I REALLY tried to have the problem fixed. After hours and hours of trying to have the problem fixed between the customer care department , the upgrade and accounts departments , the dealership in Potch my account was finally fixed.

Because I wanted the problem to be fixed my account is now suspended and blacklisted because of non payments. Now my problem is this….

1) Please listen to the hours of recordings about the problem and each concultants advise and service of where I am in the situation with my phone now

2) Why did the dealership admitted to the mistake where the package was put on a Talk 500 instead of an Iphone 4 package

3) Why was there not clear communication to me about my problem

4)The damages caused by the mistake from Vodacom must be captured in a value

5) The way service has been delivered to me is unacceptable Again listen to all the recordings. Why did this problems been adressed take months to resolve at the end still with no clear indication on where I am currently

Lastly i want to adress this very clear that my business involvement is helping the rural communities of south africa by creating jobs and feeding them through a bucket system vodacom do have involvement in these projects as well my question is : will vodacom help the rural communities the same way than they help me ? If that is the case my polital involvements from local to national goverment must be contacted and adressed that vodacom is not on the support level enough to be involved in helping the rural people of south africa through their service and i will not let them struggle the way i have been struggling.

camsmook [at] gmail.com


For the last two days I’ve been trying to get my Vodacom cellphone account reconnected. According to Vodacom I have a credit limit on my phone, which I don’t recall requesting. The 4th of of a new month and I receive a sms inforing me that my account has been placed on SOFTLOCK because I’ve exceeded my R1000 credit limit on a R315 top up contract??? With my blocked cellphone I can only call the 111 number, NO OTHER Vodacom numbers. So after holding for 23 minutes and 37 seconds on Monday the 4th of April 2011 I ended the call and waited for Tuesday morning at 7 am to try again. Finally got hold of a lady that informed me that I have to call the accounts department.

Now I can’t call the accounts department from my Vodacom cellphone so I used a Cell C phone number. Dialing the 082 1946 about 4 times, holding for 15 minutes at a time. Unfortunately I do have to do my work as well and can’t sit on the phone holding the whole day. The 4 calls from the Cell C number to the Vodacom accounts department has cost mr R100 in less than half an hour with no help, assistance, outcome or resolving my issue.


Me and my wife are both Vodacom subscribers,but both of us keep having trouble with weak signal strength in Boschfontein, Heidelberg. My wife did Log a query before via the call centre but was only sent handset settings Which did not resolve the issue! Whenever we browse the internet we only get the GPRS signal,with a glimmer Of EDGE sometimes, but never 3G? Funny thing is when I try my MTN sim card I have no trouble at all with 3G?? Can someone please have a look at this as it is really frustrating to try And browse or download with little or no signal on my cell phone!


Over a long time I have complained about a signal strenght that jumps from signal zero strenght to full strenght. Vodacom asked Cell Phone numbers for at least 10 people which I provided. They promised to either set up a small booster at my house (farm) or improve the signal to the whole area. Over a period of two years I got the occational sms from Vodacom promising that they are still attending to the problem but nothing has been done. My Cell number continues to have problems with Vodacom and I am not sure when they will ever get around to attending to the complaints from consumers.


I am a Vodacom Contract subscriber and for the past three months I have been trying helplessly to get someone to assist me with something so simple but nobody seems to be willing to. My money is very nice but to give me customer care is so difficult for you to do. Its a disgrace. I have been receiving my statements but I do not receive the so-called free Vodacom magazine [which was suddenly stopped without my consent] with my monthly statements. I was told to go onto the website and log my request there. The website is all stuffed up cos’ it just does not accept my request.

Whoevere is maintaining it, needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Wake up Vodacom and “up” your service delivery. Upon failing that route several times, I phoned customer care and reported the fault of the webpage still nobody cared to assist me. I also sent normal emails to Vodacom and to date still nobody cared to get back to me and yet again I still never receive a magazine again this month. This is disgusting and a BIG shame on Vodacom cos’ I am paying a subscription fee each month yet your’l can’t deliver a good service to me. If I don’t hear from anyone, I will never do business ever again with Vodacom.

Remember that to survive you need to respect your clients. You can get my contact details from your records.


REF: S2-D403W-WV3KM – I had an outstanding amount from my Jan statement on my Vodacom acc. I paid this to get my handset reactivated. At the end of Feb Vodacom did a DOUBLE debit on my account, for the amount that had already been paid! Because of this the debit order bounced. My other debit orders also bounced because of their mistake. I now have to pay Vodacom an R85 penalty fee for insufficient funds in my account, R115 bank penalty for the Vodacom debit order bouncing, and penalty fees for my other debit orders that bounced because of their mistake.

I phoned through and all the operator did was send me an SMS saying the outstanding amount had to be paid that same day. This was late afternoon and I couldn’t get to the bank. They then disconnected my line. What should have happened:I should have received an apology, had my line reconnected, been credited the penalty fee, plus bank penalty fees. All I get is arguments and arrogance when I phone through to try and find a solution. They were supposed to phone me back and haven’t.

My bank account and credit record is is now in disarray and I’ve lost money, and a knock to my business for their mistake. Shocking ‘service’…


There is a default against my name from Vodacom since November 2009, I try to clear my name but with no luck, 1 of the customer care consultants of Vodacom told me it must stay there for 2 years, but if it was a judgment my attorney can removed it from my name. Please help with this as I don’t want this default to hurt my name for years to come because of a mistake from this company.


In 2007 I signed-up for a 36 month contract with Vodacom. 3 years later, my contracted ended and Vodacom decided to charge me an extra R3 826.97 for what they say is money I still owed on the laptop. I have spoken to Vodacom countless times and they still can’t explain to me why I have to pay this amount, if the laptop cost was suppose to have been part of the contract. Then, a few months ago I went to Vodacom and was told that according to their system I only paid for 2 years. I wish I could deal with one person only, who is friendly and willing to get to the bottom of my problem. Every time I have to speak to a different person and everyone tells me a different story.

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