Adobe Customer Service Ranks as Worst in Software

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With more than 41 customer complaints filed against them in 2015, Adobe ranks as the worst rated Software in the world according to HissingKitty.

The average consumer ranked Adobe 2.05 of out 5 possible stars in terms of customer satisfaction. This is no surprising considering the number of angry people we see each week upset about their Adobe service and customer service experiences.

Here is what happened to me. I experienced shockingly appalling customer service provided by Adobe. t is very obvious that there is no visible complaints procedure provided by Adobe which only goes to show the lack of professionalism provided by this company. I really hope that this is the way to file complaints through to Adobe systems inc. So by human error, i purchased a monthly cloud subscription but it was registered to the wrong email address (I simply entered .com at the end of the email rather than This I am sure is a very common mistake made by many and should be easily rectified.

However, Adobe regardless of me verifying my email address (which i have no access too) proceeded to take the payment from the card to the tune of £57.17. This should NOT have happened when the email address has not been verified. Anyway, as this is a company expense i need a VAT invoice. This i learnt i could only get through accessing my adobe ID which i cannot get access too as i have no access to this email address. So after ringing up three times now to which i have waited on average 12 minutes to get through to a person i am told that they cannot send me the invoice to an alternative email address.

Again there should always be a back-up email when creating an adobe ID for when situations like this occur and for security reasons. They suggested that i cancel the subscription, set up a new one with the correct email address, however this still doesn't solve my problem as to needing the VAT invoice for the first subscription payment. So i was told that i can get a refund on my monthly subscription. I get transferred through to the sales department to then be told that i couldn't get a refund on a monthly subscription as per their T&C's. This 1 call alone has taken 40 minutes! Most of it was spent spelling out my name and email address several times.

No offer was made to post the invoice to the registered address. So now i will make another 40 minute call just to find out if they will post the invoice to the address. If they cannot do that then this will have to go through to a higher authority. This is all because of a simple VAT invoice that is needed and can be done simply with a click of a button. I will never subscribe to adobe products again.

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