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U.S. Bank is an American financial services holding company, the 5th largest commercial bank in the United States. The bank provides banking, investment, mortgage, trust, and payment services products to individuals, businesses, governmental entities, and other financial institutions.

U.S. Bank, provide a comprehensive selection of premium financial products and services to individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, institutions, and government entities. The company was founded in 1929 headquarted at Minneapolis, Minnesota and operates across 25 states across the U.S.

U.S. Bank was ranked third best in customer service within the banking industry, the banks payment and merchant processing services are global, and the wholesale and trust services are national. Their service area is primarily across major cities like Washington, Minnesota, Kentucy, California.

Common problems with U.S. Bank cinldue consumer banking, which products and services to the broad consumer market and small businesses, and encompasses community banking, metropolitan banking, small business banking, and consumer lending. Other issues include mortgage banking, workplace banking, student banking, 24-hour banking, and investment products and also it offers investments, brokerage, financial planning and insurance products and services to small and large business groups.

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You only got a 1 because I can't give you a 0. Your Customer Service certainly lives up to the 1.12 satisfaction rating. I wouldn't rate it that high. The CS personnel are unwilling to listen. The support e-mail address listed is not operational. The 800 number listed starts with 641, a toll number. Not an 800 number as stated. Customer Service is useless. They have 1 goal...piss off the client and provide no help. Maybe they'll go away! I've never had an experience like this from any reputable bank. I plan to pay off my card and close the account. It's a shame there is no effort to make a pleasant customer service experience.


My Zelle account is still connected to my Wells Fargo account. I called US Bank 3 x and each time I got zero help. They Reps were no help they said I have to straighten it out with Well Fargo. I told them the account is closed and they supposed to help me not put the burden on me. This is sad and unprofessional


My complaint is about how long it is taking to get a my home loan refinanced. My loan is currently with US bank and I refinanced thru US bank. I feel like I have been asked to jump through hoops to get information for the underwriter. There are concerns that I have a trailer which I still pay on and pay home owners insurance and I pay property taxes on that trailer. I have given the underwriter all that information. Then it was requested of me to get a statement from the land owners to prove that I don't make monthly payments for my trailer to sit on the property where it is located. I provided that statement. Now, I am being ask to produce a receipt for the property taxes. I can not produce receipt I Don't own the land. It's not in my name. However, I have asked the land owner to provide that information to me. I have requested several times to speak with someone above Kathy Lewis Omega who is my processor..... I was told someone would call. I didn't get a call from anyone last week. I was told they would call. I have requested to speak with someone again. Still no call. The processor blames the underwriter and I just want to speak with someone other than Kathy. Kathy is no help to me because in her recent email she stated that I said on multiple occasions I don't pay property taxes on my trailer. That is not what I said to her. I told her I do pay taxes on the trailer, even provided receipts last week. This week she is still saying stuff that is incorrect. Kathy makes me feel like I am trying to get one over on her when I am trying to give her exactly what she wants. However, I feel if I have to ask other people for their tax receipts to prove to Kathy that I don't own the land. WHY IS THIS AN ISSUE? I'd really like to speak to someone.......


I have been a customer over 15+years and their customer service has gone down hill drastically. Run. Don’t bank with these guys!!!


On 9/22/2020 I filed a dispute and was told it would take 120 days I call frequently to check the status and was constantly given misinformation by customer service reps I’m am overly outraged at the professionalism of this business I was told March 12 that on Feb 16/2021 my case was closed and I was given credit to my account but the funds never came I filed several Escalation tickets with no luck I feel taken advantage of in a time of need these are rightfully my funds and I still have not heard anything from RELIA CARD OR US BANK IN REFRENCE TO THIS MATTER NOT EVEN A LETTER SAYING I WAS AWARDED THE FUNDS


The Us Bank in Willows is HORRIBLE the absolute WORST customer service nah it was customer DIS SERVICE
We drove 2 hoirs to set up joint account with contractor in willows we both bank at us but he (contractor) said they sucked here and if had more tome go to the one next town over.. So we went to bank manager unlocked door turned and walked back to his office (NO WELCOME) there where 3 tellers non doing anything . I stated we needed to open an account and that we are all US BANK CUSTOMERS. The lady said had to have an appointment. I looked around thinking maybe I missed something nope all just standing there doing nothing and manager had his face down looking at his desk. I explained we had driven 2 hours and this was honestly the only time we could all be together this week and we needed to deposit 20k check. We cant help you without an appointment. You have to go on line to make an apointment. Another lady said all the appointments are full today.. I said we are all customers of US BANK this is crazy I was heading to the managers door but through the glass he put his head down to face the table as soon as I looked at him. At this point still no ody in the office but employees and us.. i said I guess we will have to bank elsewhere. NOTHING they all (except for manager still looking at tabletop) looked atbus likenwe where wasting their time. We left went to Umpqua around the corner had a new account in 15 minutes great service and they at least greeted us and thanked us..
Side note I spoke with 4 other people in willows they all said the EXACT same about the service in the willows ca branch said to go to Orland next time ......therebis no next time. Now I have to decide about my Us accounts
Thank you for your time


I needed to adjust an ACH TRANSMISSION. They forwarded an internal form to me to fill out as if I was supposed to know how to do it. I received NO HELP. They didn’t want to help
Me so they gave no assistance

Was with USBANK for 27 years.


I attempted to purchase items on Menard's site. It kept declining my card. I immediately contacted you to see if
I was charged The $113.00. I was told "no". When I asked, could they take the money out in the future, since I attempted to make a payment twice? I was told by customer service "No, that's illegal" . Well, they did take it out, twice. When I contacted customer service I was told I could get a credit in 10 business days. I shouldn't have to wait two weeks for money that you should have known was being stolen two minutes after the theft. I trust you, my bank, to watch my money. I feel that you didn't do your job. I also feel like your 10 business day wait on giving someone a credit is WAY too long. This time it was only $226 next time it might be my $2000 and I won't be able to pay my bills. Horrible policy! Thanks U.S. Bank. Furthermore, I will attempt to do your job for you and get my money back directly from Menards myself. When/if I do, I will be closing my accounts with you.


I have been trying to get a copy of a fraud despite firm re-sent to me for weeks. Everytime I call I am trnsferred - then hung up on - or unable to be helped . I even called the direct line of your banker no one ever replied . I have a fraudulent charge on my debit card from April 2019 the paperwork did not get sent in - in time the fraud charge is back on there . If I can't get this resolved through your bank I will have to report it higher up. Regards April Cooper


Would not give me a loan after paying 4 yrs with out missing an payment paid 45 days early had to go lease another veh instead of purchase the one I had. Would never use them they have a charge for everything


contacted U.S. BANK on July 11th at 5:22 PM CST. I spoke with the initial representative regarding the closure of my account and was informed there was nothing they could do. I informed the representative that my direct deposit was going into at midnight that evening. The representative directed me to the branch and advised I could not accomplish over the phone. I requested to speak with a supervisor and was connected to Randy K. Randy retorted the same information provided by the representative and advised the account could not be reopened over the phone. I informed Randy that I would incur charges as a result of this issue and also informed him that I did not receive a letter regarding the closure of my account. Randy did not verify the address the letter was mailed to or attempt to rectify the situation. Randy seemed interested in holding his position rather than assisting me as a customer. When I asked Randy what I can accomplish by calling the customer service number rather than checking balances etc. which is the same available options online, Randy responded: We prefer our customers to handle their business online as opposed to calling. I went into the branch the next day and was informed the direct deposit was not showing and I would have to wait until Monday. On Monday July 15, 2019 I called the same customer service center and spoke with Sara. Within 2 minutes Sara contacted the tracking department and located my deposit. Sara then went on to attempt to contact the branch to reopen the account. Sara advised me it was taking a little longer to reach the branch so she would call me back and she also provided her phone number (303-626-9146). Sara called back about an hour later and advised that she was able to get the account reopened, although she just missed the deadline of 12pm to prevent the payment from being returned.
Resolution: I would definitely like Randy K to be held accountable for provided lackluster and inaccurate information as the account was opened over the phone. I believe he should be demoted and Sara who exhibited professionalism resourcefulness, and expertise should be promoted to his role. An apology would be nice although I won’t hold my breath for it. In addition to that I would like the overdraft charges accrued as a result of Randy’s negligence to be refunded.
In closing I believe this situation could have been avoided if Randy had taken the time to attempt to resolve the issue rather than simply just retorting the employee’s stance.


July 14th, 2019
Alicia Shaw
4020 Palisade Rd.
Reno, NV 89521

To US Bank:
I would like to make you aware of am issue my family has experienced with your bank and the lack of response we have received from our local branch and the customer service numbers. On July 3rd, 2019 at 10:24 PM my 18-year-old son made his very first ATM deposit into his checking account. He had been saving his birthday and graduation money for several years and had saved $1,130.00 for his senior trip on July 5th, 2019. Upon deposit an error occurred, and he received a receipt that the items deposited were not credited to his account nor were his funds returned. 153757707150
He waited on site and called the 1-800 number listed on the receipt. He was told he would have to wait upwards of 55 days for the money’s return. The following day was July 4th, so on the fifth of July we visited the local branch to find out what could be done to return his money. The local branch assistant manager informed us that there was absolutely nothing that could be done and she could not access the ATM that was holding my son’s money. We called the 1-800 number again, in an attempt to get a provisional credit to his account as he was flying to Europe for his Senior trip that very day. This request was denied and again we were told a provisional credit would take 10 days and the investigation 45 days after that.
This is unacceptable. We have been customers of US bank for over 20 years. While I understand that one account makes absolutely no difference to your company, we should matter. An ATM error should absolutely not result in my son’s funds being held for any amount of time and consideration of our personal situation should have been taken into account. I understand that you need policies in place to handle every situation, but there should be a “human” overseeing these policies and make “human” decisions” when the need is warranted.
It has been 11 days since this “ATM error” occurred, yet the funds have not been returned. I request that the funds be returned immediately with interest as you have no right to hold onto funds that do not belong to you. Further, I would request that you review your policies on ATM errors. When fraudulent activity happens, provisional credit is granted immediately, yet when the ATM steals your customer’s money the same procedure is not utilized? Not only is this unfair, I believe it is a violation of Federal Banking Guidelines and I will be filing a complaint with the Federal Reserve today. Further, my husband and I have decided that we don’t wish to bank with a corporation that cares so little for their small customers. We will be transferring our accounts to a local credit union.
Alicia Shaw


I am completely a palled that you guys would charge a check cashing fee of seven dollars when it is your own customers checks. I understand I do not have an account there but the check is still coming from one of your customers I have been cleaning houses for over 20 years and I just received a client who banks with US Bank so I just took three checks in there and was charged three different seven dollar charges so it cost me $21 to cash my checks I did not charge my customer next your $21 because I’ve been cashing checks all over for many years and never have I ever been charged a check cashing fee for not having an account with them I am extremely frustrated and I’m also just extremely frustrated that they don’t have courtesies where they can waive the fee for one time and so I can make sure to tell all of my clients to bank with US Bank to not write me checks extremely frustrating and you can guarantee that I’m going to be writing a review to better business Bureau and I am going to tell every single customer I come across what you guys do when it comes to charging for cashing checks and I hope they switch to a more valuable bank that appreciates their customers more so than you guys do and care about making every little penny everywhere you can. I would love to have an email I am extremely frustrated and I’m also just extremely frustrated that they don’t have courtesies where they can waive the fee for one time and so I can make sure to tell all of my clients to bank with US Bank to not write me checks extremely frustrating and you can guarantee that I’m going to be writing a review to Better Business Bureau and I am going to tell every single customer I come across what you guys do when it comes to charging for cashing checks and I hope they switch to a more valuable bank that appreciates their customers more so than you guys do and care about making every little penny everywhere you can. I would love to have an email So that I know that you were addressing my situation thank you very much


I have been dealing with an issue for over a month with the us bank reliacard department.

My account information was hacked over a month ago approximately 1000.00 was stolen from my account. I called us bank to resolve this issue this issue...turns out someone had changed my account information, address and phone number. We was able to change it back to my correct address and phone number easy enough...requested a new card.filed dispute paperwork on the charges..was suppose to wait 5 days to check and make sure all the disputed charges had passed thru the system. then all should be good.

nope- called in 5 days to verify not only was someone allowed to come in and change my information back to the wrong address they also managed to get the new card sent to that address. us bank, instantly shut down that card corrected the address and phone number again...this time I placed a password on the account so nobody could change the information again. had to wait another 5 days for the address change to take effect so I could request a new card.

another 5 days passes I call to request a new card- gave them my password...guess what, the password I had and the one on file didn't match for some reason. even though the cust.. rep I talked to repeated this to me three times, and I had it written down when it was set up., apparently someone changed the password somehow.

I had to fax in a letter requesting the password be changed as well as a copy of my license to get this resolved. which I pasword. new card sent to correct address. I would thin k this problem is all resolved now.

nope- Thursday I went to use my card at the dentist to pay a bill...was rejected...tried again today at a different location...still I call the number on the back of the USBank reliacard and find out the card had ben reported stolen.

from talking to the cust rep she told me someone had called and reported this stolen, she claims this cannot happen if they didn't have my passwords which I know is impossible. im the only one that has it, and I certainly haven't called to report this card stolen. however in order to get a new card I was going to have to wait 5-7 business days again.
this has been going on for over a month now with no access to MY money- not to mention I haven't heard anything about the 1000.00 I have no access to because it is still being investigated which I have heard nothing from us bank on this matter to date. when asked if the card could be expedited to me as I didn't turn in the other one as stolen I was charged to have this done.

at this point I am getting extremely frustrated as it has been over a month. And a bank has failed to protect my account, and my interests on this matter. im not a rich man by no means, right now there is around 2000.00 tied up of my money that I cannot access to pay bills. this is ridiculous that a banking establishment cannot resolve this matter and continues to allow a customer to go thru this type of bullshit and continue to run me around when all I want is access to MY money so I can pay my bills.

I would love to be able to talk to someone that actually has the authority to do something about this because at this point all I'm getting is the run around and I'm pretty much done dealing with people that cannot do their jobs correctly...I'm going to look into legal or news directions if this is not resolved rather quickly. its time to end this matter!!

Kenneth Chad Montgomery
870-219-7230 707 park lane walnut ridge Arkansas 72476


Mike:Manager 39th Salmon Portland While expressing my frustration with miscommunication your ATM teller gave me Mike was only able to respond to a certain level. As a Manager he gets paid to have a higher tolerance with angry customer. yes, I expressed my frustration and for good reason. Rather than acknowledging my frustration and making me feel better, he was quick to hang on me after saying some "F" word. I do not know what was said because he chose to hang up so quickly after he said it. I am going to be confident he told me to "F*&%#" OFF. I also researched complaints online about US Bank and found many about your customer service. He needs to be the better person while on the clock in customer service, rise above our frustration and keep HIS cool. He chose very unprofessional and poorly. Hanging up...really? He stooped to my level of frustration, disappointing service. The first women to take my call was AMAZING though.


On Friday, 31 May 2019 at 4 pm, I spoke with a customer representative who identified herself to me as China. I told China that I wanted to make a equity line of credit payment over the phone. She said she could not verify me. I had no problem with her answer but she was rude and argumentative, poor attitude. I have been customer since 2012 and have never experience rudeness with customer service before. I am truly disappointed with her service and she should not be in that position.





I can no longer put up with the terrible service I have received at your local branches here in Scripps Ranch area and Mira Mesa. Other than one man in Mira Mesa Branch (I can get his name) who always greets me when I come in, the Managers and other personnel need to be trained on how to treat customers. I moved from Vista CA a year ago. In Vista I had a very good relationship with your Branches there. Since I moved to Scripps Ranch I am abhorred at the treatment I have put up with at your branches here and Mira Mesa. I have held off however after I year now I can no longer tolerate the attitude of your personnel at the two branches I have dealt with constantly. I am in the process of closing all of my accounts and transferring them to Chase Bank here where I am welcomed and treated so kindly by all of their employees!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a pleasure to walk in and to be greeted with a smile and helped immediately. Take lessons from them. You have the worst service here I have ever experienced in my 86 years! I mentioned that I was dissatisfied and that I was deciding to leave to go with Chase Bank and the response was who cares. Please look into my records dating back from over 30 years with San Diego National Bank and then US Bank so you can see how long I have been a good and loyal customer. I also referred many of my friends to US Bank over the years too. Not any more. Delores Lukerralli


I deposited a check from my dealership and US bank put a 15 day hold on my check for fraud . They did not notify me they contacted the dealership. I called them back and was told my branch which was closed over 3 years ago has to release the whole now I have checks and fees I will receive for no reason .This is none crazy.


I requested assistance from US Bank with an issue with one of their investors that has shown fraudulent activity. I sent the documents to US Bank official and they indicated that it was nothing they could do because they were on the TRUSTEE to the investor. However it seems odd that as a TRUSTEE you would think that word means something. If a customer tells US Bank that one their clients has been conducting fraudulent activities and they do nothing about it and act as if they are not part of the activities. I just alerted them and they refuse to make correction. As the Trustee I am holding US Bank accountable to the activities of their clients because they are allowing it which makes them part of it. FRAUD is FRAUD and falsifying documents is FRAUD.

I will be filing further complaints with the proper authorities to resolve the issue


I have been a USB customer for 47 years and
my credibility as a customer has been impeccable over those years.
Not only did I do my personal with USB , but also my business banking as well. Even had USB handle my daughter’s trust throughout her childhood.
In the past few years I have encountered too many complications and errors that has cost me not only money but hours of my time.
My frustration has reached a level of seeking a new bank that caters to their client rather than make it increasingly difficult to do business with.
I have a list of incidents that I would gladly share if only there was someone who would reach out and show they care about me as a loyal client.
Robert Lucich


Treated rudely and unprofessionally by a branch manager at Shea and Tatum, Phoenix. When I gave him a 1* on Google the bank closed my two perfect-pay credit cards, my checking account, and my savings account. When I complained to a government agency they sent me a form letter saying they could close accounts "with or without any reason". This bank is malicious in obtaining retribution against good customers instead of taking corrective action.
Many of their employees agreed with my position and asked me to send a letter about my experience directly to the bank. They acknowledged receipt yet they never responded to the letter or my repeated queries.


When attempting to claim a Flexperks reward, I was told it was not possible to send my Amazon car to a p.O. Box. I live in a rural area of Oregon and have all of my mail sent to a secure box. I have used this box in claiming Flexperks rewards many times in the past without issue. Today I was told it is not possible. In fact I was forced to have the reward sent to my sister-in-laws address because she has a street address. This is not acceptable. Also when attempting to fill in the customer service survey I was not allowed to give a rating of 4 unacceptable. The customer dis-service department is a disgrace.


As a formerly loyal customer with 6-figure accounts, let me tell you why i am taking my money elsewhere and
why U.S. Bank SUCKS:

They will randomly LOCK you out of your account and deny normal card transactions(i.e., for the same amount as usual from the same account, at the same old ATM, store etc.) for NO APPARENT REASON at all! This means there was plenty of $$ in the account, nothing unusual or suspicious going on at all.
They will screw you over like this REpeatedly(this has already happened 4x in the past year)
making it time to divest from this dysfunctional, faceless, unaccountable institution...

They will offer no explanation or apology whatsoever...
If you visit your local branch, the management will proceed to demonstrate that they have NO CLUE how their own automation works, or why it continually generates HAIR-TRIGGER LOCKouts of good customers...

If you value control over YOUR MONEY and don't take kindly to being HELD UP by the Banksters-
DO NOT do business with U.S. Bank !!!


Each Month I attempt to make a payment online for my credit card there are continued issues and errors I receive. At least twice I have made payments only to go back and look and it was never credited. Fortunately, because of all the issues I have with this online web service I verify a few days later that my payment was credited. This is so terribly inconvenient. This needs to be fixed, at some point I will be blamed for not making my payment on time. I pay all my bills online and have never had these kind of issues with any other business. Twice it would not even allow me to make a payment and I had to call and make the payment over the phone. This month I attempted at least 5 times and it continued to tell me my payment was not an available amount, which makes no sense as I was not trying to get money I was trying to pay.


Hello my name is Jeff AHART, my complaint is u.s. Bank credit card my payment was due March 24th which is on a Sunday the phone app that I have won't allow you to take money from either checking North savings to make a payment on your credit card as I lay in the hospital with an infected stent replacement I had several family members attempt this feat. So come Monday as I arrived home I called and made the payment as I normally do way before 2 no late fee showed up on my phone app until much later in the week of $27 after a very unpleasant phone call they said they would fill out a report and give it to a supervisor and I will hear back within 24 to 48 hours which I never did after just calling back and speaking to the supervisor personally her name is Mary extremely rude needs to lose her job immediately she refused to remove the $27 charge all four of my kids have bank accounts both savings and checking at US Bank this makes it easy to transfer money throughout the family and my oldest son as purchasing a commercial building later this month close to $200,000 do to my referral of our so-called family Bank I described my medical issues to marry which made no difference to her whatsoever she explain last October and wants this year that they waive the fee and they were not going to do it I explained to her that I am very sorry for my medical condition over the last 9 months you can only imagine my medical bills needless to say I don't need any Bank drama also we're talking $27 I am livid at the customer service the length of time that I have been what this Bank is over 5 years I have never been treated worse buy a financial institution I am bedridden until Thursday later today I will attempt one more phone call to this establishment come Thursday


In the past (3 years ago )I was turned down for a first mortgage loan which I obtained easily elsewhere . Shortly there after us bank us bank approved me for a $59.000 car loan in 2017 which is now payed off , I am applying for a $22.000 boat loan which is being denied ! Are you folks for real my credit score is 801 who makes these decisions some one with no credit knowledge . You truly don’t ever get the facts straight


I leased a car in Dec. 2018 from Grogans in Toledo. The lease agreement said the payments were due the 28th of the month. My first bill said it was due the first of the month, so I borrowed the money from a friend to pay the bill. I called us bank to change the due date since I don't get my social security until the 3rd of the month. No one told me there was a charge to change the date. I was very surprised when I got my March bill with the fee of $50 attached. I called and got no satisfaction. I also called Grogans and they were no help. I don't think I should have had to pay this fee since I was not told about it. Please take this into consideration. I only get social security and do not have $50 extra per month. I think Grogans should have put the correct due date on the lease agreement and your customer service person was negligent when they didn't inform me of the fee! Thank you for your help.


I visited the Clarksville, IN branch today to make my mortgage payment. First, the teller had bright orange/pink hair, and was dressed in a very tight red button up jacket with some sort of black low cut top on that was extremely too revealing and unprofessional in a banking setting. I was offended. The manager stood right next to her, so that is also a reflection upon her as a manager to allow that type of dress code, or lack there of. Secondly, I handed her a blank check which she directed me to fill out in front of her then made me correct the date two times stating the 9 in 2019 looked like a 7.

I have business degrees, one of which is in financial services and have worked at Chase Bank. We were not allowed to dress or act that way.

I am shocked. I have never seen the likes at US Bank in the past.

Good luck correcting the issue.

Here are the numbers from my receipt. 00045 08003 0001 03/801/2019 01:47 USB
MTG PAY ***************0931 H

Jessica King


I went to the ATM machine in Florissant Missouri (Crosskey Schnucks) to pay the workers at my home. When I put my card in the ATM it instantly took my card. I was very upset . I called the 800 number spoke to a representative and explained what happened she did not say I'm sorry or anything .she only said "there is nothing we can do". I was afraid that my card would spit out and someone would use it . I was upset I told her just close it down. She closed my account out completely , checks started bouncing . I need to be compensated for all the hell I went through , thinking about changing banks . She did not try to help at all. I think she deliberately try to bring all of this on me .


The majority of the experiences I have received from the Ankeny,IA US bank have been absolutely appalling. The business I work for banks with US bank and I have been with the company for over 7 years and visited at least three other US banks over that time and have never had any complaints, customer service was outstanding. The branch in Ankeny is blatantly rude whenever I call in a change order or drop off deposits. There is absolutely no reason to treat customers with such disrespect! I will be sure to notify my area director and the business owner how terrible the employees are to their business accounts.


A month ago I sent a letter of complain to the branch manager of the US bank located on Cliff Lake Road in Eagan, MN about the unprofessional conduct of an employee when I used the drive thru service on December 4, 2018. It was an inhouse problem requiring an inhouse resolution I have no idea if such a resolution was achieved because I never received a written response from the bank manager. He/she may have tired to telephone me, but I do not answer any call from a number I do not recognize and I do not accept messages. I took the time to write a letter and I think it is reasonable to expect that the branch manager would so the same. There is nothing like written communication. I assume US bank agrees and that a letter from the branch manager will be forthcoming.

Thank you.


Dear Avery,
As you can imagine I don’t think much of your customer service skills. I answered a survey regarding my experience at US Bank on Greenway in Scottsdale Arizona. You then sent me an email to follow up on my feedback. My customer feedback response #03732808. Will I have reached out to you by phone twice. I even left you 2 voice mails on 503 401 1177. Today is December 19th and the $50 that the branch owes me is still not in my account. I will NEVER do a debit with that card again. I don’t understand why when your bank made the mistake I have to wait until after the first of the year to receive my $50. It is the holidays, and would be nice to have now.

No need to call me, as you the Greenway branch are both the same, you talk out of the side of your mouth that works for you and not the customer.

Kaye Arkin


Needed a question answered for my 92 yr old Mother's credit card account (Ralphs) which is several years old. I have inquired regarding her account on many occasions by phone as well as email online. After being treated rudely by phone, I was directed to take my Mother to a local branch. We went to the Redondo Beach (Catalina) Branch and sat with the MANAGER of the branch.

"As a banking customer, I've never been treated with such disrespect" I told the Manager, regarding phone calls I made on Mother's behalf....I made an online payment on a Thursday and wanted to know if it had processed...This visit was by a suggestion made by a supervisor (one of four) that I spoke to on the the phone. All we needed was a confirmation that the payment had completed. No go. US Bank wouldn't give her the information in person because her driver's license was expired and aside from a utility bill which she had in her possession, was her only form of identification. We were refused service, or should I say, refused the information we went to acquire. Mom has Alzheimer's and needed me to vouch for her. I showed my identification (not an account holder but Mom and I share the same address on my driver's license. I was questioned at length, Mom was questioned at length, only to be told that we would have to provide a 'power of attorney' to be given ANY information. Firstly, because Mom has Alzheimer's and secondly because she needs my help with bookeeping and banking matters. Why a load of BS~!

We left the bank and promised to close the account since the 4 phone supervisors wouldn't give her information, and this bovine-like Manager refused as well--IN PERSON! The very next day, my doorbell rang and it was a policeman from our city of Redondo Beach. He said 'a bank has accused you of fraud' and i'm here to verify that your Mother is not being abused by you'....I told him of the reason for the incident that took us to the branch and he rolled his eyes around and said, 'sometimes these banks go a little overboard' and we left it at that. I'm considering filing a civil suit against US Bank, the Manager who filed the complaint against Mom and I...."Elderly Abuse" is a hot-ticket item these days--but in no way did I give an impression, nor did my Mother, of anything 'fraudulent' going on and certainly NOT 'Elderly Abuse'....Shame on US BANK and the cow that made the charge with the police department~! Disgusting self-righteous, self-important pigs run US Bank and do a disservice to the banking industry.


I was traveling and shut off 4 times. Every time i called in and verified myself and told my card would be working and it never worked. I was transferred multiple times but nobody could get my card to work. I went to differents atms and tried to withdraw different dollar amounts with no luck. I ended up using my southwest card the rest of my trip. I returned home and denied at walmart for $46. I called in to fraud department and supervisor couldnt help me and then refused to end call knowing i was going to give him bad survey. So he transferred me to mailbox that hung up on me.


My daughter attends Iowa State University in Ames. She has been in Ames for 4 years. My daughter put her debit card, no, not a US Bank one, in the ATM to retreive money so she could drive home for Thanksgiving break....the machine kept her card. She was there 11/15/18 at 10:15pm. The bank was called first thing in the am and was told the card was "kept" for a reason and was shredded.she said it is policy to never give back non bank debit cards... REALLY? And then the Bank Manager offered her to open a checking account....WHY??? What would that solve.
So no my kid who is 6 hours from home is trying to borrow money off of other broke college kids so she has enough gas money to get home for Thanksgiving break. THIS WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING IF YOUR MANAGER HAD ANY IDEA WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE A COLLEGE KID OR ACTUALLY CARED. I understand that you wouldn't know if an debit card belonged to a kid but I would think that there could be a "holding" period for these situations....not only do kids use those machines but so do the parents of those children.

This is a college town and there are kids from all over and most will not have a US Bank Debit card. I understand policies.....but in a college town you may want to consider having a Manager who understands and wants to help kids and do what they can.

I will never bank at nor recommend US Bank to anyone!!! If I could have given you a negative star, I would have.

Very poor customer service.


I asked a lady sitting at a desk whether she can help me to get in my safety despoil box since a line was long.
She said she would, then she demanded to see my drivers license and box number which I provided.
She checked drawers and said I have no file.
She went to her office and told me to provide her with my phone number and she needed to call her boss.
I have been with USBank customer 25 years and had never been treated like today.
She treated me like a criminal and only thing she did not do was body search.
I told her check my accounts which she replied not necessary. She told me I need to give her my phone number and she will call me to come back later. What a terrible and embarrassing experience in front of other customers.


I was depositing my wife pay roll check at my account for last 5 years while she present at the bank counter with proper id. Suddenly 09/21/2018 at 4.30pm, me and my wife went to the counter line was big susie howard called me to take deposite, She ask me why my wife do not have an account at us bank,i replied she do not need one. susie howard replied today is the last time she will take my wife deposite at my account, I reply that i was depositing for last 5 years, and also where the bank policies say that,its not accepted to deposite my wife check while she is present at the bank, she replied she is assist manager what she said is the law, she was harrasing me in front of 20 other customer. i been with us bank for last 15 years,and maintaining good relationship. I felt she harrassing me. I also call my branch manager Mike Mcdonald at meadowood br, reno nv and he explain that susie howard is wrong as long as my wife present at the counter with proper id, she can not refuse to take the deposites. waiting for reply from proper authorities.

khairul khan



Delaware, Ohio 43015. Kroger Branch I didn't catch the reps name. Male with a beard, mid 30s, when I got there he was friendly, asked about my employment and I told him how I was currently unable to work and living off my father. I had two checks from my dad for 700 total (from US Bank) and told the rep I wanted the cash. He told me he could only give me 500.00, nothing more, even though I had cashed more than one check at a time there (for more than 700) multiple times. I also have a joint account with my father with way more than that in it that we use as an expense account. As I walked out a lady stopped me and apologized and said she overheard how rude he was. I can't believe that guy has a job in customer service because of his attitude and his appearance.


To whom it may concern:
July, 18, 2018

My name is Ron Gibbs, and today, July 18, 2018, I was in Smith’s Grocery store in Dayton, Nevada 2200 US Highay 50 E, Dayton Nevada 89403-7352. SF-NV-6850 at approximately 12:15 PM conducting business at the U S Bank branch located in that store. Having just opened an online account at U S Bank, I needed to get a direct deposit and make a deposit to the bank in cash.

While in the process of doing this, the subject of my address came up, which is at the Dayton RV Park. The young lady, fairly short with blond, or reddish blond hair made a statement that I consider to be totally unprofessional about the manager of the RV Park.
Her statement was “he is mean”, and I said “mean”? I find him to be a very nice guy, and he takes good care of the park, and is loved by all that live there”. Her reply was “well he is mean to a woman I know, but that may be because she is crazy” while making small circles round her ear with her finger. I find this TOTALLY unprofessional, and akin to plain gossip! I know we live in a small community out here, but I found this to be very distasteful, and as a matter of fact slanderous to the park manager, whom I have reported this too.

If he decides to take legal action, he will have a copy of this letter to back up the facts. The tellers name is Amber Elking, and I feel she should be warned about idle gossip, and what effects it can have on people she doesn't even know.

I am now wondering if I made a mistake by moving my banking to US Bank.

Most sincerely,

Ron Gibbs

Acct. Number: 153796087671


You keep on taking thing off my on line banking.So I have to move them to my page.


I have been in the process of a mortgage assumption over 4times in the past year. The first was denied due to debt to housing ratio, the loan officer advised to try again since I just got a new job, it was denied a second time, The third time my father co applied with me and it was denied again due to housing to income ratio despite the fact both of our credit scores are in the high 700s and combined income is over 180K a year. I was told by the loan officer , Ciera Boyd, that it was due to my father not going to be a resident in the house when in fact he was due to a recent separation. I applied a fourth time listing my house as his primary residence. Every application took two months and cost me money. The communication beteeen the loan officer, Ciera Boyd, was extremely bad. No phone calls were returned, emails were answered sporadically. I do not understand why US Bank is showing no interest in keeping my mortgage with them and forcing me to seek refinancing at another institution. Other banks are calling me daily to have me refinance with them but US Bank won’t even return phone calls. It has been the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had with a banking institution. I have bent over backwards in supplying all documents and statements requested in a timely manner and US Bank has done nothing to assist me or keep me informed of the status. My interest rate is 3.75and to refinance will cost me much more money as interest rates have climbed. I would like my case reviewed and told why I’m being denied after I have done all I can. The problem of my father, who is a coborrower now , not residing at the residence has been resolved. I have wasted almost a years time and have gotten nowhere. The customer service is atrocious. My case number on the fourth attempt is
6800894537. After waiting months I finally stent an email saying I’m withdrawing my application . However, I do not want to after investing all this time but I had no choice as was getting no information from US Bank and I have to get this mortgage assumption done or refinance elsewhere. Please advise what I need to do to get this application active again and approved. There is no reason I should have been denied. If I am denied then the loan officer has given me false information asking me to reapply for a fourth time to specify my father will be a co occupant, I would like someone at US Bank to help me keep my house. I have more than enough income and great credit scores. I have consistently paid my mortgage promptly in my own despite my current co owner not assisting at all. There is absolutely no reason I should be denied and I would like to file a formal complaint.


I went into Us bank of Dickson to cash a LTD check for the amount of 6,602.69 and I was shorted 500.00 and was told that the matter would be taken care of and I have not heard from any one at this branch or from anyone else. I live on a fixed income and this hurt my income very much. The teller was Judy Anderson Dickson Office 723 College St Dickson Tn 37055. The Date was 3/27 or 3/28 . I would appreciate if someone would contact me on this matter my phone number is 615 209 8338. Thank You Danny Privette


went there Wed. to take money from savings into checking to pay on 2 credit cards. that did not happen. the cashier paid one of my credit cards with that money. today, i had to move the money again. the lady cashier said oh! it paid most of your credit card that's good. she then said, you have enough money to move some into your checking acct. again. it is not up to her to feel how i should manage my money or to assume i am so financially secure i have other bills to handle which is none of her business or where my money goes


My son James l iiii just became the beneficiary of a annuity from my father, that past on 11/11/16 . He need d a medallion stamp. On the phone he was told that, the Westland branch of US bank. Could do this. At 5:00 on Friday 2 he was told that he didn't have the proper paper work. I when to the bank to find out what was the problem. After arguing with Tara Huffman for 15 - 20 minutes. Your manager helped James the third to make the proper phone call to have the info faxed to the bank.

After another 45 minutes the stamped paper work was given to him. After all of that I was very angry. I said I wanted to pull my 40,000.00 out of this bank. This same women said she could help me with that right now. In my opinion that woman could have helped jimmy get the paper work faxed to her, and it all could have been taken care of in a hurry. This woman had her child sitting on her lap and just didn't want to do anything, she was ready to leave. Very disrespectful and not very good costumer service. I still might pull my money. But I would like to talk to a person, about this.


Only one ATM in Hibbing Minnesota 55746. ATM has been empty, no cash available five times in the last month, minimal. I have to go to US Bank to get cash from their ATM with a three dollar fee. Three dollars to access my own money. I may as well get rid of Wells Fargo and open an account with Us Bank. I will do exactly that Monday morning. Good bye Wells Fargo.


Deposited 6 digit check from a local bank into US Bank. Initially told it would be available in two days. Then bank called and said we would not have access to my money for 5 business days. Today I was told I would not have access to my money for another week. I had an existing account and I opened this new account 10 days before my recent deposit on 9/1/2016. I was told today I could not touch my money until 9/14/2016. If I knew this when I deposited the bank check I would never have opened an account.

When I tried to get the issue resolved I was made to feel like I was criminal wanting my own money by your customer service department. No one would make any effort to correct the situation. My only option is to wait your bank out. I will be asking for cash withdraw of all of my fund due to dishonest conduct of your banking staff in the Mt Pleasant, Iowa branch. I am within my right to ask for a cash withdrawal. My attorney believes that US bank's conduct and policies to be fraudulent.


Been waiting on hold for thirty minutes now just trying to get my account number to pay my lease payment. Is this a joke or what?


I made a mortgage payment through their app and it said it went through and was confirmed. Now it's saying no payment was made.


I have banked with US Bank for many years. I have a checking account, three credit cards, a personal line of credit, a personal loan, as well as a car loan with US Bank. My payment history is exemplary. Also, my family owns five rehabilitation centers. All of my accounts concerning these companies are also connected to US Bank. About two months ago, I wrote a check to someone. I dated the check 3/1/16. I found out today that the person that I wrote the check to cashed this check (at a branch) on 2/26/16. I called US Bank customer service today to put a stop payment on this check.

This is when I found out that the check had been cashed on 2/26/16. The customer service agent I spoke to was named "Donna". She was extremely nice and helpful and told me that this check should never have been accepted or cashed by the US Bank branch as the date on the check had not come to fruition. Donna then said that she would transfer me to a supervisor who could help me resolve this issue. I cannot remember the supervisor's name but she told me that their was nothing that could be done about this issue. I explained to this supervisor that I had all the paperwork from when I officially opened my checking account with US Bank and that the paperwork says nothing concerning the fact that US Bank does not recognize a post dated check and that US Bank will cash a check no matter what the date is (in this case a post dated check).

I then told the supervisor that I wanted to put a stop payment on another check that I had written to the same person that is dated for 4/1/16. This supervisor said that I would be charged 31.00 for the stop payment fee, which I am fine with. Then this same supervisor told me that even though I was being charged for this stop payment, their is no guarantee that the bank will actually "catch it" and that the check may still be cashed even though I authorized the 31.00 to be debited from my account for this stop payment. She told me that sometimes US Bank tellers "miss things" and this is why, even though I am being charged for the stop payment fee, their is no guarantee that the check may still go thru. She also told me that the teller who cashed the 250.00 check on 2/26/16 should have checked the date on the check and shouldn't have cashed it but again, sometimes things "get by" the tellers. This supervisor also said that "it was against the law for US Bank to returned these funds to me" Are you serious?

I contacted the Federal Reserve Bank's complaint department and they told me that this statement is false. I am shocked that your employees are allowed to lie in such a blatant manner. Personally, I am amazed and frankly, disappointed that some things "get by" your tellers and that, obviously, my money as well as all of your customer's money is clearly in the hands of US Bank employees that "miss things". For the most part, I have had good experiences with US Bank. This is why I sincerely hope that my 250.00 check that was cashed because one of your tellers "missed it" will be resolved. I am now out 250.00 not to mentioned I am out 31.00 for a stop payment fee that may or may not be effective because one of your employees may "miss it".

I am quite sure that this is not how US Bank truly operates and I trust that I will hear from someone very soon with a solution. I would like my 250.00 returned to me because a teller "missed" doing her job. I would also like some kind of a guarantee that the 31.00 I spent today to cancel another check will actually be effective.

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