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Branch Banking and Trust Corporation is one of the largest financial services holding companies in the Unites States. In 2014 their assets were reported as US 184 billion. BB&T is publicly traded on the NYSE:BBT and has over 33,000 employees as of 2015. Financial services offered include banking, lending, investing, retirement and insurance. They are a Fortune 500 Company.

If you have a problem with your BB&T account or service received you may call 1-800-226-5228. You may also find Contact Us information here. There are printable pages and Customer Service tools here. If  you would like to send postal correspondence to CEO Kelly S. King you may address you envelope with Branch Banking and Trust Corporation, 200 West Second Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101. The corporate office phone number is 336-733-2500.

Alpheus Branch recovered from the Civil War, enrolled in military school, married and started a small mercantile business. In 1872 he joined Thomas Hadley in starting a private banking firm. In 1913 the charter was changed to read Branch Banking and Trust. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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Too much of your COVID-19 letter is simply not factual.  I have banked with BBT for many DECADES commercially, never bounced a check, never defaulted on a loan, nothing--and have over half a dozen active accounts at present.  I never even got the opportunity to APPLY for a PPP loan, just promises from BBT that applications were "coming."  In fact, MANY other businesses in this region DID IN FACT get applications from BBT AND loans...many of us were never given the chance to.  So much for bank loyalty--if I had applied via another lender, it likely would have been done as I was prepared with the SBA loan document filled out within 12 hours of the program being offered.  BBT let me down completely in this case and while I will stay as a customer for the immediate future, it won't take much for me to change banks.  If I am to be treated like the red headed stepchild, I may as well just bank shop for the best rates as clearly, client loyalty means NOTHING to BBT--or in this case, now, TRUIST.


I have been a customer at BBT (Branch Banking and Trust Company) for four years with a clean record. My debit card expired on February the 30th. First, I received an email asking me to activate the card and telling me that if I hadn’t received it, to contact them. The person I contacted on the 20th didn’t know how to advise me, confirmed that the card had been sent and didn’t have a tracking number. She wasn’t sure whether requesting a new card for $30 would be through a tracking number shipment method. She told another option was to wait a few days. The card still did not arrive on the 23rd, when I had a scheduled phone call with my manager. He told me that, having checked my account, my card would arrive that week (the week that ended on February the 29th). It didn’t arrive. I still don’t know if I will get a tracking number while requesting a new card and paying much more than the USPO charges. I believe there is a legal issue here, having been through the same thing with another financial institution, who backed off and sent the new card for free: if the sender does not provide the customer with a tracking number, delivery is their responsibility (it should be, always, regardless of the tracking number). Without a tracking number, the bank asks me to take their word as true (“we’ve sent your card on February the 8th”) and to pay for the delivery failure. I request that they send the card at no cost and apologize to me given the trouble they caused.


Someone used 1000 off of my card I called immediately the representative I spoke with says the person was still using my card. They kept giving me the run around saying the charges are pending then told me that the card was present when used so they can’t credit me, if I lost my card it’s clear that I didn’t have it in possession so that’s not my fault they used it how were they even able to use a high amount on it and I have never shared my pin so they couldn’t have used my pin. I am very dissatisfied because I’ve never had a problem with my card being used before but multiple people have told me that a bank is supposed to secure your account and when things like this happens they will reimburse, instead my bank had given me the run around and finally told me it’s denied two weeks later. It’s not like I have a little bit of money in there i sell wigs so I constantly make 400 and 500 deposits at a time my account is always over 2000 dollars I am livid. They are terrible!


My wife and I have been banking with BB&T for many years, ever since it opened and took over our old bank. From the very beginning this bank made one horrible mistake after another. First off, we set up a checking account and deposited all of our money into it, then a week after we tried to use our checking account, the bank said we had no money in the account. They had put our money into the wrong account, so after bouncing numerus checks, and being charged for every bad check, we made an appearance at the bank to get to the bottom of the mess. After a week and a half the bank finally found our money, That was just the beginning of a long list of bad experiences. Personally I wanted to ditch this bank from the start, but was outvoted by my wife.
A few years ago we took out a personal loan to pay off a debt we acquired after the passing of my wife's mother. We have never missed a payment and have always payed on time. When we took out this loan we gave the bank all of our personal information including our first, middle, and last names as required on the loan application. We also showed proof of who we are via drivers license, Social Security cards, letters mailed to us showing our names and addresses. Had we not done all of this we would not have been given the loan. This information is on file somewhere in that bank. And this leads me to my current complaint. On Friday, November 15, 2019 I went into the BB&T Bank in Hull Ga. to deposit a small check, less the fifty dollars, into my checking account. The check was made out to my wife's FIRST and LAST name. The bank teller told me I could not do that because her first name was not on the account, or on record anywhere in bank. Then he asked who I was and asked for my ID, which I showed him. Then he wanted to know if I was related to the person who's name was on the check. I told him she was my wife, at which time he said she would have to come in and show proof of who she was and that she was the person so named on the check. By this time I was getting very aggravated with the whole ordeal and asked to speak to a manager. I was told there was no manager in the building. I said fine, I'll call him later and I left the building and went home. After about an hour I called the bank and asked to speak to the manager and was told he was not in, but when I started asking when he would be in and told this person who I was, I was told that he had just come in and my call would be transferred to him. I explained to him what add just happened, and he told me the same thing the teller had told me earlier, and that she would have to come in and prove she is the person the check is made out to. Does this bank keep records on fife or are they just simply incompetent and pretending to be a bank?


I have had many problems in the time that I have banked with this branch. My ffirst problem was that the teller shorted me 1000 dollars and I was not aware of it for weeks until I returned to the bank.
I waited over 6 years for a safety deposit box. During that time I asked that I be put on a list for a smaller box;that was never done. I finally agreed in order to get a box I would take a larger box. I am disabled and can not get down on my knees. The box they gave me was on the bottom row in a corner. I can not or never could reach the box. Two days ago I decided to close the the person that let me into the vault was so annoyed with me because she had to kneel down to get to the box. I decided to close the box and had brought with me the keys needed to do so. I was told that I had to wait for a Branch Banker to sign a paper to close the box. There were 3 people ahead of me in line to see the Branch Banker. . I had to make an appointment and return to the bank again. The day that I tried to open the safety deposit bank I had a friend come with me to sign a card to be my deputy. We waited almost 1 hour and then she had to return to work.and then I had to ask her to return with me again.
This morning I decided to leave the minimum amount in my checking account and asked for a check for the rest of the amount. I was informed there would be a ten dollar charge. I asked that it be waved and was told that I would have to see the manager and she was in a meeting. There was no one in her office at that time. I asked for the number for corporate and was told they did not have it.
BB&T is now part of Suntrust Bank . I have a a number of large accounts there and a premier banker. If I am going to get the same service at Suntrust that I am receivingi and have received at BB&T I will certainly bank somewhere else. Judy Leitner


I went into a branch office today to do one presumably simple task ( guessing 5 minutes maybe) and it took over half an hour to complete. The task: request a consolidated monthly statemen showing BOTH my checking and my money market account on a single statement. Today I get a monthly statement for each account and handed them to the teller. Simple request.
First, the teller said "oh, I have not done this in a while" and took a few minutes then, said let me make a phone call to confirm I have done this correctly. Minutes and minutes passed between the teller and the person on the phone. Finally, the teller says "ok, we got it. You SHOULD see it in two business cycles, i.e. two months".
For the record, the teller - 15 years of service and a Supervisor; and can't do an account statement consolidation. And for myself, a 40 year IT veteran who has designed, built, tested, installed, and trained clients on real time business systems. Just don't understand 'two months' to see a consolidated bank statement.
People always says, You'll know when its time to change; I think this is the time.

Thank you.


As I just visited BB&T of princess Anne, MD I was waiting in the drive thru while two employees looked at me through the window. One walks up to the window and drops the shade down right in front of me. I realized they have yet to open as I did not know the correct opening time. I was shocked by the customer service that was demonstrated. The staff did not do any hand gestures or give any reassurance that they were closed, just simply drop the shade literally in front of my face without warning. Where has customer service went? This staff was really rude in my opinion. Just that one situation has me reconsidering my banking preference.


I am power of attorney for my niece. Attempted to cash a check from her divorce settlement. POA was denied by the bank, although the POA was from a local attorney. I have been a customer of this banking system since I was 23 years old. I am now 68 years old and have been an educator for 40 years.
The associated at this particular Oxford, Alabama branch obviously didn't care and suggested that I consult my niece's bank. I will certainly do that. I am disgusted with their rude and uncaring attitude toward a consistent customer.
My sister is also my niece's POA. Her bank cashed the check with a 7 day hold. Guess which bank I will patronize in the near future.
Mike White, Anniston, Alabama


I went to the UFC even on 4/27/19. Section6/RowP/seat3. In the main even everyone in front of me started standing on their chair so I had to do the same to be able to see. One of your employee came from behind me. Pulled me down grabbing my arm and screamed at me to get down. If he needed me to get down. Why he didn’t came in front of me to tell me, instead he almost made me lost my balance and almost got me hurt. The worse part is that the people in front of me, he didn’t said anything to them, it’s because I was a Spanish female and they weren’t?. I was very embarrassed and couldn’t believe how hard he grabbed my arm for no reason. It was my first time at BB&T and hopefully I never have to go back. Horrible experience.


Your Edgewood ,Md Location
Blonde heavy set teller.
I always put my paycheck in checking as cash. Every location. Including hers does it for me. I tried to explain that if she wasn’t comfortable doing it. She could call my main Havredegrace location to verify. She got real nasty and said this isn’t Havredegrace. I have in excess of $30,000 in your bank. More than enough to cover my check in event it doesn’t clear. This is the second time same Lady was nasty and hateful to me. I expect something to be done about this or I will gladly change to another bank. Thanks Dainer Wassum


2 years ago I made a loan for my car the Banker Efron did not file my title after 2 attempts to get my tag They still did not solve the problem.Bb&T claims they list my title. I was in an accident 5 weeks ago Geico can not pay off the car or pay me because the sorry job performance at the Fort Valley and Warner Robins Georgia branch’s Both office are giving us the run around the excuse today is supposed to be the day they were to get the title and now we believe they’re playing games. We’ve tried to a number to the corporate office to talk to the president. BB&T is being deceitful. Yet bank robbers go to jail. I need help today so I can get my money to pay off the loan and receive my money. I think both banks need new help including management. When this is resolved I’m changing banks. We’ve been with this branch since it was First Macon then Colonial Bank the Fort Valley Georgia branch is closed today for inclement weather. It’s about 70 degrees. Someone needs to call us an resolve this today. They even refused to send geico a letter to resolve this issue so we could get our payment. Is this illegal? Get out of the meetings and help us.


Called this morning was speaking with a lady about a card I received. So basically she was like did you read it the paper it says it on there. Then I said if I really wanted to open an account with your attitude would make me not want to. She wouldn’t give me her name then I called back to try to speak with someone different and she kept hanging up the phone. I called a different BB&T and the lady gave me Nathan names cause he is the manager I called back and ask for him she hung up again. I would like to report her but she is not letting anyone else answering cause I told her I was reporting her. I need your HELP!!!!


Yes...My son and I have an account (joint) at the Scotland Neck, NC branch and he went in yesterday afternoon to cash his check. A teller by the name of a Mrs. Watson...was very rude and unprofessional towards him after he stood in line behind a caucasian woman tstanding in front of him. He said she helped the lady in front of him...then told him to go to the other teller. She never had did this before. He says he didnt ask him to go to the next teller she told him in a rude manner. I feel this issue needs to be addressed accordingly. If you work inside a bank as a teller and I do not care for how ever long you been a employee there. You should treat all customers respectfully.


Dear BB&T,

I have enjoyed going to the lobby of the Main Branch bank @ Church street in Huntsville AL and was able to watch FOX NEWS. Apparently, some other customers complained and forced the bank to play a different channel. That is not right or fair to other customers that dislike their choice. Please change your policies so that FOX NEWS is on equal to the amt of time of other channels....or...put it on a business station like FOX Business or CNBC.

If fairness is not evident in BBT policies, then I will reconsider my banking options.

A Customer...


I wanted a tellers check for estimated tax payment. I requested it included “ from” information ( Michael J and Rosalie Morris) to reflect the name under which our taxes are paid. The teller withdrew the amount requested and issued a check payable to me . I told her it was incorrect but she acted confused. I said to cancel it at which point she did a withdrawal. I left . I returned the next day to try again with all the information written out for her. She got the “from” information wrong typing in just “Rosalie “ Maria Martinez ,the manager was nearby. I requested her help. She said to write in the other name, that the IRS didn’t care who sent it . and the sender had to reflect the person standing in front of the teller. The check needed to be correctly worded since as head of household Michael’s social security number was to be listed . I left and returned with copies of correct previous checks at which point she rudely took the incorrect check and after some time returned with a correct check acting very annoyed. It should not take 3 trips to get a correct check. Our deposit was about $3/4 million. I have withdrawn some and an thinking of taking down to the minimum since it has some direct deposits going there. *A foot note, our
living trust is with BB&T.
We have dealt with your bank for many years . The present manager seems to be lacking, and the teller I dealt with was patently incompetent.
Thank you, Rosalie Morris


BBT has no respect or care for government employees and especially a disabled Vet. Went to them “2” months ago for loan to build our dream home in the Smoky Mtns and still do not have approval. We have excellent credit and all our accounts with them and they review us as criminals! After 2 months they ask for something I CANNOT provide them with from my TSP loan because I do not have the means. Even TSP themselves said they never heard of such a request. I provided them everything I had that showed the loan date processed and coming out of my pay but someone at BBT said not good enough! Here we are after “2” months with no loan, contractor has to push our build date back in which has increased our expenses and stress. I encourage veterans and government employees do not use this bank they do not care how they disrupt a persons life and there was no cause to. I wish I never used them. They have collected fees from us but cannot deliver!!! I have never been treated this way in my life by a bank. I guess they gave grown so big they forgot about the little people they started with, they just step on us now!!!


I was chared on Nov 5th, $216.00 in over-draft fees for posted items for which there was a positive balance at the end of the day. i called custome service, who REFUSED to refund me the fees, claiming they were leigtimate for all items including all my pending transactions, when in fact there was only 1 item, item that when eventually paid would push the account to overdraft status (note it was not yet paid, and is still pending). the lady explained to me BBT takes the largest item deducts that from the available balance and counts backwards, rather then in chronological order of which transactions are made. I got very upset, as they have ROBBED me of 216.00 of my hard earned money, and unfairly levied overdraft fee against 6 or 7 items that were PAID with positive balance, when only 1 pending item made late in the day and after the other items would be paid with available money woudl actually potentially push the account to overdraft. I am EXTREMELY upset. I HATE BBT.


BB&T gave me a fake $50.00 bill and now I am out of my money.
The response was as if I did it and to take my bill back, the teller.

Not good practice.


Dear Sir,
I am sending you this in reference to the dismissal of Judy Cloninger this past Thursday from the Ellerbe Branch. There has been an outpouring of support, outrage and disbelief. I will not got into the reasons for her dismissal but would like to say that there is a consensus of loyal customers that believe that this was unjustified! I am sending this to ask one thing, please contact her and get her side of this. No one did this! I think it only fair for you to get her side of things on this matter. Her cell number is, 910-206-9141, her Home number is 910-652-5180. These are unpublished numbers. Whether this results in her rehiring or not, I believe everyone should be given a chance to respond to charges against them. Thank you in advance.

Linda Gunsallus, a BB&T customer.
Sent from my iPhone


2700 Park Crossing Way # 509
Lilburn, GA 30047

February 13, 2018

BB&T Corporation
200 West Second Street
Winton-Salem, NC 27101

Dear BB&T customer resolution department
Re: account number SENIOR CHECKING-MM 1110007741638
Unfortunately, the worst banking experience in my life your branch manager, Mrs. Simmons has not performed well based on the service received on January 12, 2018. My visit to the bank branch location at 4700 Lawrenceville Highway, Lilburn, GA, her behavior was ghastly, thought that a gang member was cornering me, that’s just how she presented herself, while in the office with the branch manager her voice escalated everyone heard her voice escalating from her office, her staff members and the customer who was sitting in the lobby of the bank. I ended up having to take 2 breathing treatments in her office and in the office of Jose Campos branch banker 1V.
I went to the emergency room after that event because my heart was palpitating and having chest pain, and it was difficult for me to breath thought I was having a heart attack.
I have spoken with several representatives from your customer complaint division and it seems nobody is following through; on 01/12/18 spoke with Greg Fischer (404) 290-4700 (the branch manager’s supervisor), 01/16/28 Mrs. Ginger Mitchell 1888-628-3926 your complaint department and 02/01/18 Tekelila Everett complaint department.
I accumulated a doctor bill from the emergency room visit, to resolve the problem, I would appreciate you pay the emergency room bill.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until February 20, 2018 before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at (404) 484-1735.

Elaine Ballard


I ordered some incontinent supplies. I have a shipping pass. When it took longer than the two days I needed I cancelled my order. On Sept.11 my BB&t account was debited. $16.84. I sent Walmart. Com copies of two different cancellation notices but still I am debited that money. I am a seventy year old woman on social security and the money y'all debited is my medicine money.


This has been the worst financial manager I have used. I recognize that the above account is very small in money amount but it never made any money so why does he continued to take management fees every year. Fees should be subject to performance. I recently inherited some money after my mother died and I decided not to have anything to do with BB&T because of his poor performance. I would like the transaction fees replaced into my account; I am not interested in the rules of established banking; those were abolished by the 2008 crash and they didn't seem interested in rules then. He reflects terrible customer service, indifference to his clients and the obsession of banks to get fees no matter what.


Went to bb&t bank in orange city Florida on Saxon blvd on 03/01/20169. I experienced poor customer service, and have been doing banking with them for a very long time.


Loan officer and processor are incompetent and do not know what they are doing in South Florida. The loan originator does more talking than working. Both the loan originator and processor do not return calls. Underwriting seems to be doing a horrible job as well. This has been the worst experience. BB&T customer service sucks. No one is ever in the office. No one return calls.


Looking for a convenient, affordable, reliable way of investing in mutual funds. Well BB&T is where you can get expert advice and plans to invest your money. I invested in the income mutual funds that gave me a relaxation about the investment I wanted to make. These are less risky than the normal mutual funds other companies have to offer. Stable price growth which one can expect. Why worry about investments when BB&T takes care of such things. The plan I opted for has tax exemption and provides me a tax free income. I feel relaxed now about my money. BB&T offers you to open a savings back account, credit and debit cards, retirement plans, online banking facility and many more. While I was investing in mutual funds, the executive has explained in detail about the plan so that I make sure I am investing in the right plan. Thank BB&T for taking care of your customers.

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