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Merrick Bank is a credit card issuer that primarily exists to help customers establish and rebuild their credit rating. They are located in Utah, specialize in recreational loans and have over 1 million credit card holders.  They are FDIC insured and listed with the Better Business Bureau.

If you have a problem with your account or service at you may call 801-545-6600. You may also call toll free at 1-800-204-5936. If you would like to contact the, Chief Operational Officer, David Herzfeld, you may address a postal correspondence to him at either Merrick Bank Corporation, P.O. Box 5000, Draper, Utah 84020-5000 or 10705 South Jordan Gateway, #200, South Jordan, Utah 84095. Merrick Bank Customer Service address is P.O. Box 9201, Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001.

Merrick Bank was founded in 1997 and has social presence on YouTube and LinkedIn.  

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TO: MERRICK BANK. This is to advise my family and I are victims of identity theft by Sebastian Moving Co. of Orlando, FL During the move and in our absence, its moving staff broke into our office and financial files, stole and used our credit cards and check books .This crime was immediately reported to the Volusia County Sherriff, Sanford Florida Police Dept., the Seminole County Sheriff, Merrick, Chase and Friends Banks, and others. I requested immediate closure of all of our accounts and copies of all transactions.

Payments on my account were made not knowing of the theft until recently. I called Merrick Bank several times requesting faxed copies of our 2015 to 2019 statements. However, I was advised I would have to pay Merrick Bank for faxed or mailed copies which is outrageous and extremely poor customer service, particularly when there is an ongoing serious reported robbery involved. We are crime victims and require proof of every transaction on the account and are requesting copies of all statements be faxed to me at 407-688-3003 or emailed to

I have never received a thorough breakdown from Merrick Bank identifying all charges dates and amounts. If you have a problem identifying what charges are mine identity thief, you should compare my signature on each charge to prove forgery as my signature is unique and difficult to reproduce.

This is to confirm that I just received your April 2, 2019 bill indicating a new balance of $1,114.58, my current balance exceeds my credit limit and requesting payment .This should have been a red flag of an urgent account based on my payment history.

Your immediate attention and resolution to these extremely serious identity theft issues is appreciated.

Thank You, Patricia H. and Christopher M. Curcija


I was offered this card after I already had two other cards. I did not find the $92 courtesy that was attached in the offer. I was offered to have the $92 given back to me, if I pay the full amount in full (which at that point I couldn't.

I could've received other offers where I would've not been charge this fee, but by the time I found it out it was too late.

I have since closed the account out, and I regret ever having done anything with his 'Bank.' Unless you're desperate to get credit, do unless you're desperate to get credit, don't have anything to do with this card.


I want a paperless Statement of my account


I have paid my payments with money orders, the last 2 payments have been cut in half and returned to me! Calling several times asking for explanation, once, it was the mail, another my money orders are to thick! Asked for mangers to talk to, but passed from supervisor to supervisor, manager was busy, they would call back, never did!!! 2 money orders returned cut in half. Now i had to replace and receive late charges. Plus the business i purchased orders with will not keep replacing, because i showed what happed and they see they are cut in half for no reason! I have paid with money orders for over 2 years. I pay other companies also. NEVER has this crazy thing happen ever!!! I can not use any other paymemt method! I will keep reporting and sharing until i get help. I find customer service can not help, no assistance only asking what ypu going to pay. Just as well have a recording and let those people go!!


I was in identy thrift I call years a go and told some one I never open up this account I was denied. and I'm not paying 4 something I did not do. I was not happy with the fraud rep I want to re do this case.


I sent a letter to your Office in N.Y. state requesting to reduce APR on my Credit Card and waive monthly fee $4.00 but I not receive any sort of response. However, I urge your good offices to reduce APR by 50% and waive monthly fee so I continues paying much more each month. I hope hear from you favourable so I make payment each month more than $100.00. I hope to have better cooperation from Merrick Bsnk. Thanks in advance with warm regards. Mehrun S. Bhojani My Address : 919 El Paisaje, San Antonio. Texas 78258-2900.. Credit Card AC # 4529 1210 0320 6305


No complaints so far, good banking experience.


I have been associated with Merrick Bank for quite some time now and I am totally happy with their services. They keep me posted about my payments with timely alerts and calls. A reliable bank which doesn't hide any charges. I have never had a problem with them. As I never defaulted, Merrick Bank keep increasing my credit limit which is worth the overall experience of having a credit card. This help me build up my credit score and my score jumped up 20 points. I get my bills on time which doesn't keep me waiting like other bank does. Higly recommended to anyone looking for a credit card or loans. Best Bank that I have every come across.

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