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USAA, United States Automobile Association,, is a Texas based insurance, banking, investment, real estate, retirement planning and health insurance company. With 19 financial centers the 2014 reported revenues were reported as US 24 billion and employees numbered 26,000. Foremost for military and family there are some services available to non-military.

If you want policy support you may call 1-800-531-USAA (8722) or 1-877-632-3002. To set up an account and receive support online you may start here. To contact CEO, Stuart Parker with postal correspondence, address your envelope with 9800 Fredericksburg, Road, San Antonio, Texas 78288. The corporate office phone number is 210-498-0940.

Founded in 1902 as the United States “Army” Automobile Association by a group of US Army officers, USAA was a pioneer in direct marketing. Eligibility information can be found here. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

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I have talked to at least 20 reps both online via the chat function and spent HOURS on the phone.

My father is a military vet so when I decided to switch to USAA for banking because my old bank, Bank of America started charging me $17 a month to use my account, I thought it would be seamless and simple.


I haven't had access to almost $4k in my bank account for weeks due to a 'deposit only hold' that was placed on the account when my father, who called in March to confirm his identity and service, was told he now had to upload multiple documents to regain access.

I have sent in the documents 2x both on the app itself as well as uploading them on the website.

I was told these would be received within 15-20 minutes. It's been two weeks and they just told me it would be another 3 business days, even with an escalation.

Oh and the best part is that I was told I had a "front door" status meaning they would expedite the documents so I could pay my bills which are now late. After just spending another 45 minutes on the phone I was just notified that that request was never submitted, so the reps have all been lying to me the whole time.

I have spent NO JOKE about 10 hours on the phone with these incompetent people. As well as many hours on the chat line trying to get answers.

It's amazing to me that they happily accepted my $4k INTO the account but now that I direly need it, they can't release my funds.

I guess it's time to call in some legal action. I am sick and tired of this joke of a company and will be ecstatic to pay $17 a month to have access to my own money.

Thank god I don't have a hungry family relying on my income, we'd be homeless by now!

Thanks USAA for being the WORST bank I have ever dealt with in my life. You are all a JOKE.

See you in court <3


I've been a customer for almost 40 years. Recently someone forged a check on my account. The signature didn't look anything like mine and was spelled wrong. USAA tells me that it wasn't fraud. I'm out hundreds of dollars and USAA is in effect, saying, "Tough Luck!" I've spent hours and hours on the phone to no avail. I trusted them. Don't make the same mistake.


Good morning,

i aplied for refinance loan.was appo\ numbe# 3001797988.
i was sent a list of requirement information which i sent back the very next day april 2, 2019.
Received a call from Giovanny Rivera and we went thrun the list and she said that all was missing was termite ispection and the appraisal.
House was appaise at 275000 and i submited the termite inspection and invoice, Ms Rivera said will be closing on the first.
I was waiting to close the loan so i E-mail Ms Rivera. for status. On the 30 of April she calls me at night to tell me that i needed to submit more paperwork and she needed awater test report with invoice. In no time a water test was mention and if more paperwork was needed why did she wait until the 30 to tello me.Also, the water test was added at the end of the month in the loan information. the one that i got on the 2nd of october only mentions the termite inspection.

Feel free to call me at 706-550 7697

Awiting a response

Michael A.Amengual

i like to haLoan ve all this clear up. Need to know exactly what i have left to submit to close this loan and i need someone othe that Ms Rivera to handle the loan. She is not help to me.


Worst customer service I experienced in many years. After twice having my credit card denied for purchases and six complaint calls, three for the credit card section and three for the main office, still have my card blocked for absolutely no real apparent reasons. If this is any indication how they take care of business, excuse me, I don't want it.


usaa no- 004 940 862

Please leave me alone, I do not wish to do any banking business with u. Opening an account last week with you WAS A MISTAKE, I have had nothing work for me, your websites do not or did not work and when I contacted u to resolve the issues in was treated like a criminal and liar, passed around departments, one smart mouth girl informed me its not your fault your website was down and for me to stick it in the mail. I have wasted hours in dealing with you. I will keep with my bank I have had since 1989 thank you! I understand that if I do nothing and give no more permission to paperwork you send me, then u will close the account which is what I want, please close the account, if it was ever open and do not bother me again.

thank you

Keith Parsons


Yesterday 3/14/19 fraudulent activity occurred on my account. Someone, somehow created an additional savings account under my name without my authorization. I was advised that someone may have hacked my log in information. 1900.00 was transferred out of my individual account into this random savings account that has now been created under name. That same day who ever did this transferred the money from that account to some random usaa account. It is clear where the money went and that this random person supposedly by the name of (Kyle Webber) had an account with USAA. I have spent over 4 hours on the phone since yesterday trying to get my money back (getting dropped to random areas, sitting on hold for extended periods of time, agents disconnecting the call me after holding for 25 minutes). I have been a member for 8 years with this bank and I have never been treated so poorly during such a stressful event. They advised me it could take 3-5 days. This is not acceptable and 1900.00 is ALOT of money. I have spoken to two supervisors from the fraud department. The first so called supervisor was no help and couldn't answer any of my questions. I advised I wanted to speak with her manager (apparently by the name of Amy) over the fraud team should said she would put in a request for her to give me a call back today. This obviously didn't happen I spoke to another supervisor who stated managers do not take complaints or handle complaints. LITERALLY IN AWWW BY THE WHOLE SITUATION AT THIS POINT!


I have been a member of USAA for over 40 years and have ALWAYS received courteous, accuurate,,and prompt service. I have auto insurance currently have auto insurance. I was in Little Rock Thursday of last week and parked in a parking lot. Upon leaving another car and I bumped each other bumper to bumper as both of us were exiting our parking spot directly behind each other. there was no damage on my truck. The other car exited the scene without stopping to see the damage. I called USAA to inform them that the two cars bumped each other and I had no damage.. The claims adjuster, Matt, insisted on filing a claim. This angered me as I just wanted to file the report in case someone filed against me and I argued with Matt about this. At first, I told him I was stopped which was not true and I shoudn't have. I then told Matt I had moved . The next thing I know, Matt filed a claim with me with me at fault. The other car had no damage and didnt even know he had bumped me. So now, I have reported an incident with no damage when the other car left the scene and now I have a collision on my record that was my Fault??? This man was intent on filing a claim with me at fault because I angered him telling him I did not want to file a claim So now I am stuck with a collision on my record as my fault when there was no damggewhat soever when the other car did not even feel the bump. I have ALWAYS felt like USAA was on My Side and glad they were my company. I am sour now over this guy putting that on my record.


A USAA member for 50+ years and have since joining purchased all my insurances and most of my investments from the Association. Having never questioned the premiums paid assuming USAA was covering my SIX and providing me the best rates and coverages. Not so the last two years on homeowners insurance as premiums increased $1600.00 annually while never having a homeowners claim in 40+ years. Inquiries with the Association Staff have resulted mostly in being ignored or told increases are expected and would continue in the future. I have shopped the policies with USAA affiliates (Chubb/Pure) using USAA as communicator with some satisfaction, but outside companies State Farm, Progressive, and Farmers are all lower using the same coverages offered by USAA. Why am I being treated with less concern and overcharged by USAA?


USAA has serious issues regarding electronic funds transfer act compliance on consumer disputes in addition to serious issues in insurance claims failure to follow states laws in a. obtaining info from party in accident b. failure communicate and unfair underpricing accidents thus causing undo stress to our nations armed forces .

I suggest the usaa customers contact DOD Inspector General, Comptroller of currency. FDIC and state insurance agencies, file complaint and even file suit as arbitration as stated in their policy can be waived and suit moved forward when GROSS NEGLIGENCE IS INVOLVED.

A Friend who has endured over 7500 losses in cash, son couldn't pay tuition cause money my tust gave was stolen and usaa did nothing but credit acct then reverse credit without one word. Time to seek a 3 year debarment of USAA in regards to no further armed forces or dependents use of usaa and possible force closure of all active duty memebers This may bankrupt usaa but maybe corrective action will take place.

Stop large firms from ruling usa now its time usaa memebers to take back and demand the rule of law be followined.

A request for action is in process at federal level by me I wont stop sick injured aside I will not rest till fixed. MAC


My husband and I have been USAA members for 40 years. In April, we added renters insurance after talking with your policy representatives. We asked if we had to leave our residence due to a hurricane if we lost power for a period of time or if we had to be out during any renovations on our building. We were told yes by your representative. So, we added it to our policy. We called to file a claim yesterday and was denied coverage because our building was being renovated. I have never been so disappointed and hurt by such deceit by USAA representatives. its totally abhorrent to be outright lied to by your representatives. I'm not sure if we can continue any more business with you. USAA no longer has any integrity. I am also going write to the CEO and board and inform what a disappointment USAA has become. our account number is 1854377.




My SSN: 556-40-32452


We have had to call them 4 times to try to get the correct address assigned to our renters (now also umbrella policy). They keep using our old address... VERY frustrating!!


Windshield Claim process.
On 31 January 2018 I was traveling south on 35 fro Desoto Texas to San Antonio, Texas. A rock struck my windshield and the crack increased in length to 13 inches. I contact USAA insurance and the USSA employee forward me the third party windshield company safe lite. The windshield company took my information and stated safe lite has no windshield for my car. (BMW 2015 X5). Over the last twenty years with USAA this is the third time I replaced windshield on my cars 1994 Ford thunderbird, 2002 BMW 3 series. When USSA third party windshield company replaced my windshield they did not provide to correct windshield for my car. After the replacement the wipers on the BMW 3 series failed to work. Since I had experience with this action I requested BMW to replace windshield on my current BMW X5. My challenges were the third party OEM windshield policy was not clearly understood by USAA and Safelite. I was told USAA would not fund the total price of the windshield because of an manpower disagreement between the BMW estimate. and USAA. I went to BMW and they reduced the price of the windshield down 263.00 dollars. I spoke to Jason of USAA who refused to let me speak to his supervisor. I told Jason the price difference between me and USAA was 17.00 dollars. You must understand after a twenty year membership with USAA, they would refuse to pay 17.00 dollars. This is the first time a was not happy with the company. USAA revenue in 2015 was around 24.5 billion dollars. I pay insurance premiums for a 2015 BMW X5 and I expect the repairs of an 2015 BMW X5. If this message goes to the claims department it is a waste of out time. They refused to let me speak to management .
Billie Gladney


Called USAA corporate today at 3:30 to make a phone payment thru your new automated phone system , tried several times to pay my phone customer code 909, automated system stated transaction did not go through for $65.00 dollars, asked for a representative for HELP and to make my Lan line payment she stated sure and would charge me $ 5.00 dollars. I stated I was having difficulty and have been a ATT customer for nearly 30 years and she stated that was ' nothing'.

Then asked for her supervisor , then Mgr-Jada came on line I stated again and again did difficulty I was having with the new phone automated system, I asked for her help and she stated she could make phone payment with a 5.00 dollar fee, I asked if she could waive it and she stated " NO ", that 30 years of being a customer to ATT was nothing, just to get over it and pay the 5.00 dollars.

I stated No and she hung up on me. I called back and spoke to a finally nice person and she stated that payment seemed to go thru but to check with my bank USAA on 6/28 to see if auto debit was done, so I will but again a Manager especially a ATT Manager should never Hang Up on a Loyal customer of being a Loyal customer for over 30 years, ATT needs to retrain some of these rude employees who poke Fun at customers who are having legitimate problems trying to pay their ATT bills, so is it time for I to leave ? is 30 years nothing to ATT?


I applied for a loan for renovations on the home.This process took almost 3 months I had 3 different closing. 3 different loan officers due to one was no longer with company. The other 2 loan officers shifted blame and didn't know what to do. They asked 10 times who was my home ins with advised USAA. They lost a lot of my paperwork which i had to take off work to do. And after final closing the day before close they call me and say they don't have that type of product for the loan.

They wanted me to fix the things I was getting the loan for ie gutters, windows , central heat and air. this is what the loan was for. As i explained when i first called to applied for the loan. This was the worst experience I ever had. They are supposed to help veterans. I am a veteran i would not recommend USAA to anyone. its a waste of your time credit score and life. I have called to speak with processors i get transferred and hung up on multiple times. This is the worst customer service i have ever seen and i have worked in customer service for 15 yrs. I am talking to a loan agent right now as I type still getting the run around. If i could give them no stars i would. They should be ashamed with all the misrepresentation and no product knowledge. You are wasting peoples time.


I have been hit with identity theft 4 times to date. Usaa knew that someone was calling claiming to be me. In January of this year someone use a crowbar and broke into my home. Only documents was taken. I was on assignment or for 30 day when I was hit the fourth time. I used the app which Usaa suggested. It failed me miserably , it was inaccurate. I had $7800 dollars stolen out my account. I called and the representatives put the information into their computers wrong and they did not let me submit documentation on my behalf. They shuffled me from department to department. One representative said it was my fault and I have to take the loss. I am out all my money facing bankruptcy. I am not amused about the maltreatment and the incompetent behavior I have been receiving. All I want is my money back.


Upon arrival to General Motors Fort Lauderdale Deerfield Beach GMC. Failure to follow policy and procedures. Refused to do campaign safety recall. Refused service remove the car from property on off arise totally across the street and into a storage lot where it was left off property and a phony fraudulent repair bill was sent to an insurance company USAA without any signatures on a work order


I have a complaint about the USAA corporate office. On 14 February @ 1205hrs I was involved in an auto accident. I was hit by a red pickup truck driven by a man in his eighties.The man was very nice and admitted that he just did not see me. We exchanged insurance information and I called the police that we might have a police report of the accident. I also called his insurance while waiting for the police to arrive as the elderly man produced an expired insurance verification form.

This accident was not much more than one mile from where I live. At the time it was thought the car was safe to drive and after the police took all the information from both parties, he released me and my vehicle which I drove home. While driving my vehicle home I discovered that it would make strange rubbing noise when driving over 20 mph. I then drove home at less than 20 mph to prevent additional damage to my vehicle.

When I arrived home I called USAA claims department and informed them of the accident and they informed me that an adjustment agent would contact me the next day. I was also advised to wait to tow the car to a repair facility until hearing from the adjuster. 15 February @ about 1000hrs I received a call from the USAA claims adjuster Amanda Freed # 32253 and she asked for a recorded statement which was provided. I also provided the elderly man’s insurance information and the accident claim number.

The USAA agent Amanda Freed, I and the Nellow Volkswagen dealer in sacrament were in a phone conference call where the USAA agent Amanda and the VW body shop exchanged information. Then since my vehicle was not safe to drive to the VW body shop, the USAA agent arraigned a tow from my house to the Nellow VW body shop. It was my understanding the tow would occur within two to three hours. Three hours later I received a call that a truck was on the way.

I could no longer wait for the truck and was not with the car when the truck arrived but I had given all information and the key location to the USAA agent prior to the tow truck order. The truck arrived and the driver called me and informed me he did not know the tow needed a flatbed which he did not have. I was informed by the towing company that a flatbed would be on site @ 1600hrs. I went home to wait for the 1600hr appointment.

The truck did not come and I called USAA and ask what happened to the truck. USAA informed me another truck would be at the site to pick up the vehicle NLT 1700hrs. I sat in my car and waited until 1745hrs and called USAA and informed them I could wait no longer and to cancel the tow until 16 February. I secured the vehicle and then about 1830 I received a robo call informing me a tow was on the way and would be on site in 20 minutes. I called the tow company direct and informed them the car was no longer available for towing today.

The point of this email is this, I have been with USAA for about 16 years and now have reservations on its ability to service any of my home or vehicle needs. I no longer have that warm and fuzzy feeling of confidence that USAA will be able to meet the challenge of even a simple auto claim. I wanted you to know that I still have a wrecked vehicle in my dive way that needs to be towed and if I do not hear from you or any one from USAA very soon, I will work this issue out with the elderly man’s insurance and pay for the tow myself. It is also my intentions to start looking into coverage by other insurance companies.


I am a disabled veteran and have a checking account, 2 investment accounts and 2 vehicle insurance policies with USAA. I have been depositing the same weekly payroll check via the USAA mobile app into my USAA checking account, for the same amount and drawn on the same corporate bank for over 2 years without problem. My funds have immediately been available to me in the past.

USAA has begun to "hold" my checks for the entire deposited amount for 8 days before releasing and allowing access to my funds. Just yesterday I deposited a payroll check so that I could pay a car insurance premium and was stuck with a "hold" on my check until next week. I had the same thing happen on a deposit in late December, 2015. The hold is placed on the deposit for 8 days and then the funds are made available.

I had been in the VA hospital and my auto insurance policy is about to be cancelled so I needed to pay it after depositing my check. Now thanks to USAA I will not be able to do that and after speaking with them there is nothing that can be done to reverse this "deposit" so that I can cash my check somewhere else and conduct my business.

USAA customer service and product policy has become very customer unfriendly to the point that I am cancelling all of my accounts (auto, investment and checking) with them. If you want reasonable and timely access to your hard earned money you should avoid this "bank" and deposit it into a real bank that has a real branch near you. Meanwhile, I am stuck waiting for this smug "bank" to release my money.

If USAA had a reasonable hold time, i.e., 2-3 days, I would not have such a taxing issue. Furthermore, the fact that this hold policy is random, and for varying amounts up to the entire amount of the deposit the customer has no idea as to what degree the inconvenience will be and, as such, cannot make an informed decision whether to make a deposit into USAA.


Involved in a car accident on 4-25-15 after 8 months I still have no vehicle when the vehicle should have been totaled. The cost of the repairs so far are 32,000 dollars. USAA is not helpful at all stating that they are just SORRY! Very unprofessional and I cannot believe that after 10 years with the company I get treated like a nobody by USAA customer service. So much for all those joke of a commercials about helping us out. The vehicle is still not repaired and no one seems to care! Great looking out for veterans... not!


I have bills that need to be paid and USAA is holding every single dollar that I have just deposited on the 15th of May 2015 until the 27th of May 2015, but the check has been verified that it is a good check from a legitimate bank. I received the check from my 401K investment account after changing jobs in April 2015. I have had some negative actions, but I feel that has nothing to do with holding your funds after they have been confirmed by the other bank (providing the check).

This is an inconvenience that I'm going to have to pay more for late fees. This has happened for the last several times. I will be leaving USAA and setting up an account with NAVY Federal or one of the other credit unions. So USAA will never have to worry about my negative actions. I will never deposit another check into this bank ever again.


I have bills that need to be paid and USAA is holding every single dollar that I have just deposited for 9 days. Now, because of this inconvenience I'm going to have to pay more for late fees. This is the second time this has happened. I will never deposit another check into this bank ever again.


This is not a complaint but the only way that I can reach WalMart to tell you that my credit number has been stolen and my credit card has been cancelled. An attempt to pay for merchandise at Wal Mart has been made by the criminals who stole this information. It was rejected by USAA Bank. Probably his attempt was made through the internet as my card has never left my possession. I would appreciate it if anyone has any help about my Walmart credit card problems, they could leave a comment below or help me out in any way.


USAA uses the military and their honorable service as a marketing pitch. I really don't like this! I support our veterans and the troops serving around the world, but do you really need them to sell insurance. The Marines, Navy, Army, and Air Force should be kept out of their commercials because honestly it's more about selling insurance and making money. Does anyone know why they do this? Hopefully USAA stops soon!

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