Sprint Customer Service Hotline Kept Me Waiting on Hold


We've all been there before. Waiting on hold for hours for customer service phone number. I called the toll free line at 1-888-211-4727 and got put on hold for an hour. Here's what happened to me and why I will never use Sprint again.

I purchased 2 iPhones, the S6 plus, and 2 iPad Airs on Feb 10, 2016. I needed the ipads fairly quickly and advised the rep that another store had them readily available. I was told the iPads would be delivered by UPS by Friday Feb 12, 2016. I agreed to wait until then. I called on the 12th and I was advised that it usually takes 3 to 5 bus days which is the total opposite of what I was told before. The customer service rep stated I can call back later in the day to see if another shipment came in. I called back at 3:05 cst asked if my shipment has come in and was placed on hold.

That hold while waiting for the 1-888-211-4727 number was for 52 MINS.

No one ever came back on the line. I had to hang up and call again and on the first ring a rep by the name of Leticia answered. I explained that I was livid that someone placed me on hold for literally over 45min. She passively apologized and stated I can help you now. I asked for a manager and she said the manager was on a conference call but would call me back sometime that day. I never got a call back.

This is the worst customer service I have ever seen in my entire life! We have been loyal customers for over 15 years and this is how were treated. This is unacceptable. I do believe it is time to find a new cell phone carrier who is willing to give excellent customer service and who values loyal customers. I added a screenshot of the hold timecall to the Sprint store.


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Today I had my Sprint smartphone pick pocketed in a NYC midtown subway. I need to immediately report the phone so I went to the 42nd Street Sprint store. I dont have a land line so its my only means of communication other than my computer.  I tried the door only to see a sign that the store was closing early for some function at 7. ( Its normally closes at 8). I looked at my watch and it was 7 on the dot.

I saw lots of customers still walking around. I motioned to an employee to come to the door but he just ignored me.  When they went to let someone out. I explained to an employee my circumstances and that I needed to make a short call. (Its impossible to find a pay phone in Manhattan). He totally refused to help me.  I said that I dont have a phone to call Asurion. I said that he was showing poor customer service to a customer in need and I would make a formal complaint. He didnt seem to care.

No one was rushing to go home and many customers were still making purchases. What happened to helping your fellow man in a time of need. 


In January I got a phone from Boost Mobile, promotion, phone was free with plan...then in July I lost my phone, thinking it was stolen, I got a new phone from Boost Mobile, using over $100.00 out of my small budget. Then I was supposed to get a rebate.

I sent in for the rebate but you said I had to fax info., so went to Boost Mobile and the guy there faxed info..nothing from you, so then I mailed you my receipt for phone and the end of the box with all the info needed...to this day, it has been over a month, I have not received my rebate and I need the money!

I called Sprint customer service today at 855-886-1705, but was having trouble understanding the man on the phone and when I told him I could not understand him because of his accent so please speak slower...he hung up on me!! I will be reporting you to the BBB if I don't get satisfaction from you soon and tell my friends of my bad experience, not to buy phones connected with Sprint.


I have been a customer with sprint for a very very long time. I have referred so many people to sprint and still can't get respect. I have been very sick with a blood clot on my lungs and a heart attack. I'm still under doctor care and its very important that I have a phone. I'm currently without a phone because my Galaxy 2 phone will not charge. this is the third galaxy 2 that I have been in the store and they have replaced because of the charge port.

Its not the battery (have tried several different batteries). it the charge port at the bottom of the phone. The last time I was in your store the manager did give me another phone. Now I'm having the same problem again. He also stated that they don't even make galaxy 2 anymore and that its was a recall on them.

He stated that I'm over due for a upgrade. But my bill has to be paid in full. I have been in and out of the hospital. I'm on short term disability and try to pay what I can to just keep my service on. I pay insurance on the phone every month. I spoke to your rep yesterday who was very rude. I asked for a phone number to your corporate office or a address.

At that time she put a supervisor on the phone. Well I see where your rep gets her disrespect because the supervisor wasn't any better. She transferred me to someone that told me that I would have to pay $100.00 to replace the phone. (to me thast like saying go to hell. your problem isn't mine.

But they so quick to say to me thank you for being a valuable customer. I live in Columbia SC I will go to the new station WIS and WLTX and let them know just how sprint treat there customers. I'm not trying to make any threats. I'm just tired of Sprint and the rude and unconcern people that you all have working for you. I have worked at a Law Firm for 20 years and know how to treat people and there concerns. If you need help in training your employees I will send you my resume.

We can do the right thing in treating me as a loyal customer or we can take this further. I look forward from hearing from someone that can help me.


I am writing you to share my horrendous experience. I started noticing that my iPhone 5 was starting to slow down and that memory space has started to fill up, so I decided to walk into a Sprint store and purchase a new iPhone. I've been with Sprint from the start, i.e. I have *NEVER* had any other carrier... and I've been in this country since 2001... That's almost 15 years of loyalty to Sprint, but my recent experiences with what seemed like such a simple task has made me change me mind about staying.

My intention was to sign a 2 year contract and get a discount on an iPhone 6s (64gb). The associate at the Sprint store at downtown Walnut Creek, CA informed me that they could not do 2 year contracts in the store, that I would need to call the 800 number to process that. After the wasted trip, I decided I would try my corporate website and see if my company, Kaiser Permanente, had any discounts they could offer me for Sprint.

The web portal showed that if I purchased the phone I wanted and agreed to a 2 year contract, that the regular price would drop down to $299 and using a corporate coupon code SAVE50, knock the price down to $249 before taxes... I was excited and ready to make my purchase. A pop up screen asked for me for my phone number and for me to sign in with my Sprint User ID. Going to the next page, an alert in red text instructed me that I would need to call the 800 number to avail the 2 yr contract pricing, which had disappeared from the options I could choose from the drop down box on the screen.

Slightly annoyed, I none-the-less called. The lady I spoke with was pleasant enough, but an excruciating experience ensued. Having informed her of the phone I wanted and declining her advertised offers, she informed me that I could not use the corporate coupon code since it was over the phone and not on the corporate website. This agitated me further. The website instructed me to call, I called. Because I called, I could not use $50 off. I felt like it was such an underhanded move.

The representative found out through conversation that I had never had any other carrier and could see on my account I had been with Sprint since 2001 or so. She thanked me and told me that because of my loyalty I could purchase an iPad 4 mini and proceeded with the sales pitch. I politely declined and said I had no intention to add another bill and wanted to keep my bill as is. She apologized and said that there was no way for me to use my corporate discount. Exasperated, I said fine and was willing to lose out on it.

She helped me decide on a color and went through the process of making the purchase. Near the end, she informed me of a $25 upcharge. In my mind, I thought it was a one time charge, but listening to instinct, I asked... she replied that it was an additional $25 a month on my bill! I was screaming in my head "WHAT?!" but kept my patience and polite tone of voice with her and asked her to explain the reason for this. She said, "Well, Sir, you are getting a heavily discounted phone so we must make it up on the monthly price, right now you are paying about $65 a month for your plan and having this device would require us to charge more..."

The calculations bothered me and I asked her to hold for a few seconds. A $750 phone is discounted to $300 in exchange for my commitment for another 2 years AND Sprint increases my bill by $25 a month?! It makes no sense... An extra $25 a month is $600 in 2 years... It's a better deal to purchase the phone full price than to sign a 2 year contract for a deceptive "discount".

Trying to recover me from my frustration, she quickly offered for me to consider something else... the Easy Pay... which would charge about $27 a month on my credit card. She assured me of no increases to my monthly bill and that there were no changes on my phone plan. I reluctantly agreed to it (already feeling cheated because now, I have to pay full cost albeit over the course of a couple years) and gave her my credit card number.

She informed me of a $12 shipping fee, which could not be waived, not even for a loyal customer... (Why is it that loyal customers are never offered anything we could conveniently make use of? I mean even a measley free case for the phone would have alleviated a lot of this bad vibe brewing in me.) She read the terms for me, and asked me to check my email in order to esign the agreement. Quickly scanning to make sure everything was okay, I noticed that the item description was for a 16gb phone instead of the 64gb I wanted. I could feel my veins pulsing on my forehead. Why does this experience have to be so difficult? I would rather go to my dentist and have her pull all my molars, but I digress.

I pointed out the mistake to her and after a few more minutes she informed me that there would be an additional $100 on top of the shipping and that by the way, the $50 tax would also increase (Ooooof course.) That was the final straw, I said cancel everything. I was already exhausted through this whole experience and if I kept going, something else would inevitably happen and give me an untimely stroke. She tried to recover me, I said forget it.

This is too STRESSFUL a purchasing experience. She asked if she could transfer me to another person who would see to it that the order got properly cancelled. With all my remaining patience, I said fine and waited on hold as she transferred me. The automated voice came on and informed me to call back later because that department was now closed. Shocking.

This coming week, I plan to walk into an AT&T store and see what they have to offer. I will compare that to what ever results from my sending this email (if any... and I have to be honest here, after that experience, I am not holding my breath...) and if they speak my language, I will leave Sprint for the first and probably last time ever and share this fiasco with others that they may avoid all the grief.


I am very irate and i think it is ridiculous you cant speak w/a manager you have to do this ignorant form.  I have had nothing but issues since i switched from Ntelos to you.  I have been given false information.  I have had different amounts given.  I have not received phones and was lied to about that situation as well.  It seems you must not really care about your customers because you have the worst customer service and you lie about everything.  Now you are sending me bills and threats.  I have paid a $98.98 down payment and now you are sending me a $26.08 bill for what?  

I was never told i would have additional fees and amounts now you are threatning to disconnect my service when it was over 2 wks that i didnt have 2 of my phones and than when i went into a store they gave me totally diff info and got my phones that i had backordered and had to pay for and operator lied stating they were shipped an couldnt cancel order, yet they werent shipped that was over wk ago and still have not received those phones.  

You go ahead and turn off service because im not paying anymore money for these phones that didnt even have half my order i will just go to another company that knows how to treat their customers.  This is the worst company i have had to deal with.  They didnt even take care of my Ntelos acct like was promised.  I need a call from a manager immediately to either take care of this situation or to cancel everything and give me my refund back on my down payment and the additional amount i paid for the phones in store. 


On sept 5, 2015 my lg sprint phone quit working and my husband and I went to the sprint store in Heath Ohio 43056 on sept 6, 2015 to order a new phone the rep had computer problems advised they would order and with the holiday weekend I wouldn't receive my phone until the following Thursday. Since I didn't receive my phone my husband went to the sprint store on 21st street in Newark Ohio and sprint rep Brittany Jones ordered a new phone my husband paid 22.22 for taxes a including in this charge was for over night delivery so as of sept 12,2015 my phone never showed up and the rep never called us we had to call off and on all day.  

And as of today no call from the rep so 9 days later I still don't have a phone after two attempts and my bank account shows two charges one for 22.22 and 22.29 to be deducted from my checking I called Brittany Jones about this and she said she didn't know why and for me to call the 1-800'at sprint so I did and spoke to Carla and she said I have to wait to see if both charges actually post to my bank account and call back so I called my bank and we are working together on this matter.  

I have been which I consider a valued customer over 15 years with your company and after 9 days and numerous calls and trips to my local stores I still don't have a phone I have filed a complaint to the better business bureau I want refunded my charges and a phone.


We bought an iPhone 4s from Sprint. Almost one year to the day, the phone stopped charging. We tried several Apple charging cords and the phone would not power on. We were told by Sprint that the battery needed replacing. We drove an hour to the Apple store to have that done and we were informed that the phone sold to us as new was sold to someone else in 2013. I called the Sprint store to speak with a manager.

A very rude employee took my name and number and put me on hold but not before he cut off my explanation to tell me they sold refurbished phones. The problem is that our phone was misrepresented as a new phone by Sprint employees. While holding for the manager, the call was picked up and then disconnected. The manager never called back either. We just want what we were told we were paying for.....a new phone.

I should not have to keep commuting one hour to hopefully get repaired at the Apple store where they are constantly too overbooked to service us in a reasonable amount of time.


Complaint against sprint agent who provided wrong information to change plan giving me a certain cost and relying on it and  then being confronted with higher fees for the cycle December 23, 2015 to January 22, 2016. Because of this experience with such a person whose English was deficient and hard to understand, I believe that I've been damaged with increased fees unknown to me at the time. During the cycle ending December 22,2015, I was paying $121.58 for three lines and 20 GB and with 4GB the cost was to be $101 inclusive of taxes. This type of customer service is uncalled for and gives Sprint a bad reputation.  Your assistance in this matter is appreciated!


I have been a Sprint customer for over several years and I must say the customer service and the payment plan have gone over the roof.   In heavens name why do I have a cell phone bill for payment over $1000.00.  I have called Sprint over 10 times to remove the tablet from my contract. I told the customer rep. the devise was stolen and I no longer have it in my position, so please cancel at the time I was willing to pay for early termination. The on going saga of my bill going up. I have (4) lines on my phone so we opt for the plan (such a mess).

This family plan is the biggest rip off I've ever seen.  Because of the continued high bill cycle, my daughter have called to remove her phone from the contract (4361) number, she was told to visit a sprint store to complete the transaction of being removed, both of us visited the union store on Rt.22, was advised by customer rep. this would take place and as of today, nothing has been done and my bill continue to go up and up. I have made several phone calls to adjusting my bill. What family plan and discount? I believe all the plans with Sprint make it very  impossible for average person to pay.  

December 28, 2015 I was on the phone for several hours with customer service rep. who seams helpful and somewhat understanding to assist me with my ongoing problem, and I truly taught after that length conversation this would not have anymore issues with my bill. Today, again my service was interrupted and turned off. Please, please I need someone to give me an average of what my bill would be and not every month a different payment or payment plan. I cannot continue to pay such and extravagant bill. At this time I'm so furious I need an adjustment on my bill.  Its very annoying every time I'm ready to use my phone it is off. At this point I may need to switch carrier.


I called customer service and I also was trying to pay my bill over the phone and realized that I was talking to someone in a foreign country. That was bad enough but the connection was so bad that I could not understand the person on both calls. I suspect that the people that I talked to gave me fake American names. I have been a customer for over 15 years now but I feel like sprint is getting too greedy and I am highly dissatisfied.

My experience at tonight was very unpleasant, the rep there was very disrespectful. I was told two weeks ago by the rep a sprint that was able to make a payment arrangement, I try to make that payment tonight, and was told that I wasn't able to make the arrangement. I have been with sprint for over 10yrs. For me to be told I can't may an arrangement was very unpleasant. I spoke with a supervisor which I ask for the address for corporate  office and was told by him that he doesn't know the address. I am not sure what kind of people you have working for your company, but the are not very pleasant at all. I will be taking my business else were as soon as my contract is over.


I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with Sprint company. I think sprint has the worst customer service and the most disrespectful service agents. I said that to say that that I called sprint and talked to a very rude associate, and she was very aggressive about not meeting payment arrangement on the account, and disconnects, but what she doesn’t know is why. She was so quick to make her judgment and throw that up there instead of listening to the customer and showing any type of empathy.

I would like her to know that I am aisle father with 3 kids, which I lost their mother due to complications at child birth. I also would like her to know that my father recently passed form cancer, and my mother has a similar cancer diagnosis and it just matter of time before my family loses her as well.

Financially it has not been easy for me, as I’m the only one supporting my family, kid’s school and extra circular, and also taking care of my parents for the last few years. Each and every day has been a struggle, but not one day have I been to work and disrespected any one of my customers or lashed out on them for any reason, or have not provided exceptional service to them, no matter how rude , nasty or even because of their history. My company has zero tolerance for it and I would be without a job.

Your company seems to standby these types of employees because this wouldn’t be the first time that I came across less that satisfactory service. I have called earlier in that week and was hung up on by an employee, purposely, because there was no call back or apology to follow, so it seems to be the going thing for service at sprint. Sprint does not value the customers at all, and as soon as this contact is up I will take my business elsewhere. Sprint may want to take the opportunity to share this video and see a new perception of customer service. There needs to be a new standard set.


The above says it all about Sprint. Their customer service is the worst for any wireless business. I have been a Sprint customer since 2009 and I want out. This company needs to be monitored for poor and inhumane services.