Husband Catches Jiffy Lube Employee Trying to Scam Wife


A recent Jiffy Lube scam was caught red-handed by a husban in Maynard, MA. Luckily for other Jiffy Lube customers, he shared his complaint with HissingKitty so we can share it with you. The next time you send your spouse to get their oil changed, beware!

Here is the original complaint:

My wife took her 2006 Lexus es330 to the Maynard, MA Jiffy Lube location and had her oil changed (synthetic). The technician showed her an extremely filthy engine air filter with dead bees in it and said it was from her car. I change the air filter myself in this car after every oil change, so I know this was not her air filter. I changed the air filter when she got home and I am providing you with a picture of the air filter they said was hers.

There is nothing wrong with it and appears to still be in newer condition. This fraudulent practice of showing a (female) customer a worn out disgusting air filter (not the real filter) so they buy a new one is ridiculous! I will be sending a complaint to the better business bureau also about the shenanigans displayed by the Maynard, MA Jiffy lube.


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I went to the Jiffy lube in Desert Hot Springs for an oil change and when I got home, I found several oil spots in my garage. I went to the Jiffy lube in Yucca Valley for an inspection, and found out the oil filter adapter had been overtightened and cracked. The GM dealership special ordered the part and made the repair. I am seeking reimbursement of $304.00 for the repair and will be filing a complaint against both locations. Is this some kind of a scam?


I arrived at the Jiffy Lube in Kingwood Texas, North Park location at 0830. I was not greeted by the young man who came to my car. He did not say anything just more or less "grunted" at me. I left my auto and he rapidly walked away leaving the car door open. I went into the office and waited for the oil change. I watched as cars who arrived after I were driven in for their changes.

Finally after the third car was driven into place, I went to my car which had been backed out of the line and placed into a parking spot with the engine left running. He gave no explanation for the delay just seemed glad that I was leaving. I will never go to another Jiffy Lube and I will share this bad service with other clients.


Jiffy lub technician lied. Said 5-30 weight oil was the wrong oil per manufacturer and I had to use synthetic oil. (Jiffy Lube serviced my vehicle last and used 5-30 oil.). I checked car manual and 5-30 is the manufacturer recommendation. So yeah Jiffy scam, your technician lied to me.  I'll never use Jiffy Lube services again.


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