Winners International Payout Services

I was contacted by Winners International. They said I had won a large amount of money but wanted me to pick a validation form at western union 275.00. I did not and told them I had NO money. The man claimed his name was Jhon. I have passed this info on to the local police and others. SCAM!


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its a scam…… My Mom got hit with it this morning………but I called him he is very conviencing, but it is a scam DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY!

I just received phone call from WIPS, wants me to go to my nearest Walmart w/Western Union and get a check paid out to the payout consultant named Minna Mullings and his name is Mr. Thomas and wants me to call back ASAP as soon as I have the check for $125 and mail to their address on Cindy Road in Palmbay Florida, told him it was a scam, he said NO, I was 2nd place for paying all my bills on time (yeah right..who does that now adays with the economy that sucks so bad), told him I wanted to look up his company…I knew it was a SCAM the whole time….he must think I’m an idiot to believe this BS, especially…I have never entered anything & he knew I was looking it up and asked how long it will take…LMAO…major’s June 14th, 2011 and he just called at 3:00 from Kingston, JM…Phone # 1-876-254-3170….and yes I will report them to the BBB and possibly the Hall of Shame, I’m in Mich….

P.S. my winnings are for $386,000

OK, just called back Mr. Thomas…said I knew it was a scam when I first asked him, still said NO…I told him I looked up his site, I’m not an idiot, you don’t pay money because you won money, I was chosen 2nd out of 30 people, said website is full of complaints about the scam like i origanlly told him & would be reporting him to the BBB, and possibly Hall of Shame, put me on Do not Call List ever again..he was still trying to say No No, not a scam, I hung up !!!

I had the exact same thing happen to me as dawnangel777. I got my first call on July 2, 2011 and my last call on 5 July 2011. The guy that I spoke to told me that I was selected as a 2nd place winner for spending over $200 at Walmart recently (i spend that all of the time……so i told him when did i spend that much money) OR for paying my utilities bills. The first guy i spoke to told me that I won $2.5 million. The guy must have lost connection because his phone hung up. The 2nd guy that I spoke to said that the first guy is a “f***ing scam artist”……….like i am really that stupid. So the 2nd guy told me that I wont $1.5 million and that I needed to send $199 via Western Union or Moneygram today and i will have a “package” delivered to me tomorrow. So i went along with his little scam. What was scary is the fact that he somehow had an old address of mine. I told him that that address is old. I gave him a fake address for FAIRBANKS, ALASKA. I told him that i couldnt give him $199 because all i have is $20. He told me that i needed to ask a friend or a neighbor or a coworker to lend me $20 so that I can send him $40 instead of $199. I told him NO and he said why and i said i dont know anyone. I told him that i dont really understand why i have to send in money to get money… makes no sense to me. He told me that it isn’t supposed to make sense to me……it is only supposed to make sense to the company. Do I look like i have dumba** written on my face?? I dont understand these people. Well, anyways, i am sending a complaint to the BBB and the Las Vegas PD (that is where they are located). If you see the numbers 876-267-0223, 876-254-3170, 876-528-6884 come up on your caller id, dont answer it. it could just be a scam artist!!!

i was informed i won a large amount of money but i had to go to wal mart and pay 475 dollars for a recharge money pak sounds like a scam to me how can you let this happen on your website are you involved in this scam too why is there not a phone number on your website to report this issue

I have been receiving phone calls for 3 weeks now from the International Payout Service from a Man named David Cordover #876-863-5272 He told me I won a 2 million dollar check and I needed to send him $300.00 Western Union to recieve the check I won. I have told him over and over that I was not sending any money to him. He has continuted to harrass me every week.. Last Thursday he gave me another name that was his boss Mark Ashby which he came on the line to speak with me about my winnings and gave me some more phone numbers 876-378-7628 and 976-449-2750 and 876-991-5273 If you recieve any calls from these people report them to your local phone company and the police do not send them any money! It is a SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i keep getting calling i did send 1,600 dollars he told me to send it to mr rajnikant patel the man i was talking to was so call jake mallicater i very upset he had me really thinking i won 2. million the number he give was 876-389-3119Y DO PEPOLE DO THIS BUT GOD DONT LIKE UGLY

What a shame the FBI does not have enough agents to cover the MILLIONS scammed out of our public and hardly a way to help people avoid some as they are really looking professional in there paper work and checks.I work with our local police and FBI agents only after I connect all the dots to pass on the info.Maybe somebody could get to AARP and have them publish a WARNING that would cover about 40 Million seniors it would be a start.I believe they are the easiest targets also any local TV,radio,or news papers.Its worth the efforts.

It’s May 3, 2013 and I received a call from a Curtis Perry with Winners International Payout service with a # 702-359-2180 and located in Las Vegas Nevada. I was suppose to have won 8.1 million and a 2013 mercedes but I needed to go to the Walgreen or CVS pharmacy and buy a $500 green dot card and to call them once I returned. I knew it was a scam but some kind of way they have to be stopped. When they realized they was’nt getting any money they cussed me out

got a call from 876-476-7598 man was very convincing…..i won 2.5 mill will also be recieving 300 thousand cash in a breaf case, PLUS A BRAND NEW MERSADES… rip off, gave him fake green paypack # and acutally was checking it on the phone as i was looking up the company, told him its a rip off, told not to believe anything i read about his company…FRAUD and RIP-OFF, will be calling my local police