Comcast Xfinity Error Codes and Problems

Is it me or is it possible that xfinity is actually worse than comcast? On demand is an excellent feature when it works, which for me is about 60% of the time. Errors codes, claims to “try again momentarily” as a program cuts out in the middle of watching it with no result hours later, and lack of consistent updates really makes this a frustrating experience. Want to keep up with a season of your favorite show? Here’s the most popular codes if anybody else is curious.

Get on demand, keep up with it for a few episodes, then wait a couple of weeks for episode 5 to pop up with no avail, but 6 might be there, or 4 twice. Im trying to follow a season on demand for a show that currently reads S4E3 S4E4 S4E6 S4E6 S4E9. AWESOME! At least I can watch fragments of series I am at work for and miss, thanks Xfinity.

For crying out loud, get your sh*t together comcast/xfinity, we pay for this service to WORK. I write this as I was watching a program that froze midway through and haven’t been able to access the on demand feature since. Its bad when you have to pirate basic cable programming because it simply wont work on demand.

If you want to know how to fix the error codes the most common of them can be followed with these three steps

1. Ensure cables are tightly secured
2. Unplug the set-top box from the electrical outlet
3. Wait 10 seconds, then plug back in to restart

CL-7, CL-13, CL-14, CL-0x000d, CL-0x000e, CL-0x0007, CL-0x0011

CMOD-4, CMOD-8, CMOD-54001, CMOD-54002, CMOD-0x0004, CMOD-0x0007, CMOD-0x0008, CMOD-0xD2F1, CMOD-0xD2F2

ERR-0, ERR-6, ERR-7, ERR-36895, ERR-36896

SRM-8, SRM-20, SRM-24, SRM-0017, SRM-8001, SRM-8012, SRM-8017, SRM-9001, SRM-65532, SRM-0x0008, SRM-0x0020, SRM-0x000c, SRM-0x8001, SRM-0x8012, SRM-0x901F, SRM-0x9001, SRM-0x9020, SRM-0xfffc

VM-255, VM-0x00ff


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Comcast On Demand never works!

Comcast/Xfinity sucks really bad. How about I ordered Wrestlemania…and I ordered it from the add that pops up in the menu. it automatically ordered the hd version for me..One problem I don’t have an hd box…So Im thinking, it should still show up on the regular PPV channel NOPE..So I call customer service…The service rep, says no problem, he’ll make sure Im not charged twice…the bill came in a clearly I was charged twice. The on demand service doesn’t even work anymore. The shows are all choppy and then they cut out, now I go to order something and after a 5 minute pause an error message comes up saying please disconnect and reconnect cable box if problem persist please contact comcast…Why so your service reps, can tell me to disconnect and reconnect the cable box…Why so you, can say I need a new box then you send me a DVR and charge me an extra 30 dollars. Xfinity/Comcast whatever your calling yourself now-a-days…YOU SUCK…oh and lets not forget how you took the function to fast forward out of your ON DEMAND SERVICE…most ppl use on demand SO THEY CAN SKIP THE COMMERCIALS…

Another box bites the dust! I’ve been to the Comcast service center three times to replace these stupid boxes. The funniest thing is they recycle them and give them out to other customers. And, every time I go there, I have to stand in a line of at least ten people, all of us doing the exact same thing. Here’s an Error message: Comcast, whatever you think you’re saving by giving out old boxes is going to be spent on more advertising because people will be dropping you as fast as they can!

I am very unhappy with the service the cable box gives. The manual does not cover anything abouts the errors that come up. The pictue is always jumpinf or freezes up. The weather channel is very bad for this to occure.

Every time power goes off (duh, summer time in Florida with lots of thunderstorms knocking us off a second or two with every lightning strike) I have to call Xfinity to send refresh codes to my boxes or I just get [ERR40961, call Comcast] again messages. Very frustrating, takes 20-30 minutes to get through some days. I watched my DVD player more since we got Xfinity than before we starting paying for it. Wonder what VOD service the other cable company uses?

Read the comments on this about “Xfinity”, and the so-called help this “Stephen” is trying to offer… To tell you the truth. Most of these apes don’t know diddly squat about networking or even problem solving when it comes to “IT” A lot of these people you talk to on the phone read “scripts” Stephen is one of those guys hired by “comcast” to basically offer “hope” to make it look like they are actually helping people. To up the image of the company by “acting” like they are getting involved and actually helping those in the community having issues w/ this cable provider. Basically one of those people that get payed to take all the shit… and throw out some false hope and “BS” to make it look like someone is actually trying to help when you’re just being walked around the issue rather than getting any help to solve the issue. I felt horribly disrespected by the so called “tech support” that don’t know anything about tech support… period. I feel like I’m being talked down to by a bunch of preschoolers that never ran a cat-5 cable in their life. Which i started doing at the age of 15…. These people are basically trained to bullshit with everyone… trained to use application/devices that fix the problem for them or temporarily relieve an error. yet they don’t know how to actually get into the devices and repair/troubleshoot them. When an experienced Technician feels like they are being talked down to like an ignorant fool, you’re going to lose that customer, and all the friends that that customer knows due to the hard facts that any and ALL of “comcast” support, blows. I’m tired of my programming getting interrupted by error codes when everything works fine. My problem is not that i can’t watch video’s at all… my problem with their joke of a system is that at times you cant even watch a whole episode of let’s say… “Torchwood” on “Starz” “on-demand” list, or lets say you just watched season 1, episodes 1-4 just fine, then on the next few your video’s just halt out of nowhere to an error message, you have to close your browser, open it again… sometiems it still wont play… close the browser, wait… open again… same error after gathering authentication… each time. and then try again and all of a sudden it works w/ a resume button to start where you left off. Comcast… if you’re reading this… I think Hulu is about to put you out of the on-demand business… simply cause your service lacks the quantity and quality of content most places give for free… and I pay for this bullshit? Comcast better step it up, or start looking into filing for bankruptcy in a year or two. We’ve been talking about switching to dish network… cheaper and the same channels and more… for at least half the cost. I have patience so i can wait for the menu’s on a satellite system, but not the patience for a faulty system w/ horrible uneducated employees, honstly… I could probably take any one of their jobs… ohh no wait… that’s right… I know what I’m worth, they don’t like hiring the smart type… they like hiring the ignorant folk that wont notice they are being burned and bought cheaply. “COMCAST/XFINITY” = EPIC FAIL…. should have just stayed comcast, or sell back to at&t… even when it was “roadrunner” it was still better, I can say this cause we’ve had the same internet/cable service since i was what… 14? I’m 26 now… I know how the quality of service has dropped tremendously. Going through all these lame company changes/buyouts/mergers have done nothing but ruin already great services.

this is the link I forgot to include about the other comcast error discussion.

I am very very disappointed in Comcast, it seems they do not have their stuff together. Since my service has been installed I have numerous error codes for on demand. Most recently on two of my boxes I can’t access on-demand I get error code 14 and like everyone else I called and got the same old song and dance of how they would send a signal through then I needed to unplug, blah blah blah. We were going to go with Verizon however they were on strike so that is why we went with Comcast. Well next week I am returning everything and going with Verizon much better service!!!!!!!

What is sad is—Comcast I really don’t believe, knows just how bad they are. Come on Marcj 2012, end of contract, hello FIOS!!!!!!!

don’t know where you got your info, but we don’t use ANY SCRIPTS..AND WE GO THROUGH EXTENSIVE TRAINING FOR TECH SUPPORT

I had my service upgrade to xfinty1 about five weeks ago. So far I’ve had to call service about 9 times and I’m getting ready to call again. New problem. Instead of the time on the box it has error code dl04. So sick of the hassle. Give back my old cable box. All problems are DVR related. More trouble in five weeks than the previous 10 years. Xfinity is soooo bad.

Comcast IS xfinity and vice versa!! You don’t upgrade to xfinity, and xfinity can’t be worse than comcast because it is exactly the same company, same lines, and same equipment!!! They are not competitors and they are not two seperate entities! They have the two names just like some gas companies and some electric companies. There is ABSOLUTLEY no difference. If you are having issues, call for a tech to come out. It is an awesome service, but if you are truly not satisfied with it, then do something about it besides complaining behind your keyboard! (Which I assume that you are perfectly surfing the web using comcast/xfinity services by being able to post your complaints on a forum) If it is that terrible for you, i am sure no telecom service will meet your standards.. maybe you are spending a little too much time indoors?

Just got Xfinity/comcast a few days ago, on demand doesn’t work we keep getting error codes, I believe what everyone said in previous comments. We just got this service I love internet speed but very disappointed with on demand. Tony how can it be an awesome service if it doesn’t work properly for so many people? I never had these problems with satellite and before you jump on your high horse and claim we spend too much time watching tv, that is an assumption on your part and really makes no sense. If i have 1 hr to watch tv as opposed to 10 hrs and it doesn’t work for that one hr. doesn’t that make it even worse? You should try reading the posts better people say they HAVE called and spoken to techs, done what they are told to do, even changed out cable boxes, and still things do not work. If you’re paying for a service you expect it to work or at least be fixed and then work. You probably work for them.

Im actualky surfing the web on my phone trying to figure out what my error code…my phone hasnt work either since i switched a month and a half ago. Ive called twice plus my local rep who came to my door to get me to switch from fios. Well. No tv, internet is alwayd random, and my phone….i can call out but if you call me back it goes to someone elses line…like they are crosed one way only…so my solution…take notes everyone…i,just refuse to pay my bill until they get my phone figured out..when the disconnect me ill jist go,back to,verzion..never had to call thwm once in 5 years. I switxhed for the cheaper rate but all i have so far is cheaper service.

Have not been able to get Espn 2 live stream for the last couple days. (Error 700|305 0) keeps popping up. I have no idea what it means but I know live stream is not working.

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