2002 Ford F150 Airbag Safety Recall

Sir, I am writing you this letter to express my dis-satisfaction with the service, (or lack there of) provided me. Today I took my vehicle to Gus Machado Ford on US1 and 152 street to fix a problem with my airbag. The light just came on, and I saw on the news Ford was recalling the F150 for the same issue. I received a call from the service department relating my vehicle was not covered? My truck is a 2002, and they told me it was not covered? I have bought 2 NEW expeditions from Gus Machado Ford, and also own a Ford F150. I would expect better service of one of their customers.

I had allways been a GM owner and switched to Ford for the service and quality of the vehicles they produce. The service department also failed to inform me of another safety recall on my vehicle, nor did they offer to repair it. 05S28 SPEED CONTROL SYSTEM MODIFICATION. I hope this does not become an issue also. I am appalled at the thought you would not warranty this SAFETY issue, being it is occuring in your vehicles to date. I am forced to send copies of this e-mail to my attorney, and the media should something happen to myself or my children as a result of your negligence.

Should you have any questions or comments concerning this issue, please contact me…..

Lieutenant Anthony M. McInerney
Z190074 [at] bellsouth.net

NHTSA Investigation

The NHTSA has received 269 reports of random airbag deployments, resulting in 98 injuries. The number of reports was the most in the last 27 years for airbag problems and led to a thorough investigation. The reported injuries have ranged from chipped teeth, to fractured arms and severe burns. There was also one reported accident where the driver jumped out of his moving vehicle after the airbag randomly deployed because he thought it was on fire.

Ford’s Response
Ford vigorously opposed the recall expansion at first, stating it wasn’t necessary. Eventually they gave into Government pressure and today released a somewhat patronizing statement explaining that they were expanding the recall to “eliminate possible customer confusion”. How about to eliminate a driver’s fear of randomly getting punched in the face by their airbag?

What Happens Next
If your truck is recalled, you will be notified and told to bring it to an authorized dealer to install a new clockspring jumper wire that incorporates a special mesh cover to prevent the problem from happening. In the meantime, if your airbag light is on, bring your truck to an authorized mechanic as soon as possible and reference your concerns about this recall.

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