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I have used Firefox for some time. Not long ago, my computer developed a new problem upon opening. I then receive a message "Welcome to Toolbar" from Yahoo. It give me no way to stop this annoying sequence from recurring. I don't seem to have this problem with Explorer. Can you help me get rid of the Yahoo problem?

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Sometimes when I receive emails using Firefox, I can't see the content of the message. The first line appears, in part, in the inbox notification, but it's blank when I open it. I only have access to my email on my iPhone - no lap/desktop computer. I wouldn't mind, but the emails concerned are of importance to me, and I would appreciate any help with this matter.

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The new Firefox homepage is terrible, many times when I try to read a story, it does not load preventing me from reading it. Since the news is not segmented for different areas in the world I have to scroll thru the entire list for specific areas of world news. It is not a very good system and very user unfriendly. I have been a loyal customer for a number of years buy I am now starting to shop around.

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Yahoo mail was working fine last week. No issues. Then one morning I tried to access my mail from work and it is jibberish. I patiently waited until I got home to see if there was an issue on my home computer, also. It has the same issues. Trying to reach Yahoo about it is ridiculous. I'd change email providers but I've had the same email address for way too long and everything goes to this email. The ONLY fix I've found is the get rid of IE and go to Firefox, which Yahoo says to do when you try and log into email. Basically Yahoo is forcing users to use Firefox to access their email account.

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I have had issues with the latest version 40.1 of Firefox lately. I keep getting notices that start with "This is embarrassing". You can't get to your mail without disruptions -- is that because you want subscribers to use Chrome or another browser.

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I have used Firefox for many years but I have to tell you the fact that Firefox has dumped Google and is now using Yahoo as it's default browser is causing me to look at Firefox differently. I now use Chrome first, and then Safari, and only use Firefox when I have to. In fact as soon as I got the search engine I changed the default back to Google. I don't care that they struck a deal, Yahoo search results are not as good and it's going to cost Mozilla in the long run.

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Now for 4 months every time I do move the mouse arrow onto a function this arrow turns ito a bluegreen rotating disc and it says forefox has stopped working. I spent more than 8 hours a day on the computer and this is driving me crazy. Can somebody help me? Is there debugging resources for FF that I can use.

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