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Upset? If you have experienced poor customer service from T-Mobile, the best way to get satisfaction is to register your own feedback using our complaint form. If you are a customer who is experiencing issues with your account, the best phone number for customer service is 1-877-453-1304.

Normal business hours generally apply to reach a live person at the T-Mobile corporate office by calling 425-378-4000. Their mailing address is 12920 SE 38th St  Bellevue, WA 98006. You can also dial 611 directly from your mobile phone to get support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the 24/7 hotline is automated. To reach a human customer service rep at T-Mobile, you will need to call during normal business hours 7 days a week. The longest hold times are generally at lunch and in the evenings.

Common reviews of T-Mobile are not good and include frustrating support, long wait times, billing problems, insurance claims, and rude employees. Often times the challenge relates to signal problems or issues understanding wireless account questions. Are you having a ripoff moment? Let us know.

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I used T-mobile services for 3-4 years, basic plan, flip phone. Every time I purchased additional time
for the phone, the actual minutes I received was less than the amount of minutes I purchased.
When addressing the problem with store where the purchase was made, a rather vague explanation was given and
the actual amount of minutes was then added to my account. I was switched to a new plan during my last visit
to T-Mobile which seemed ideal for me and for the minutes promised, seemed like a good deal. Once on the new
plan however, I was contacted monthly that I had exhausted the monthly limits. I use the phone very infrequently and
find it difficult to believe I had used the monthly allotment. Because of these issues I decided to move to another carrier.
I want to use my existing phone with the new carrier, however the phone is locked. I made a request to T-Mobile
on 11/09/17 for an unlock code and was told a request was forwarded to Samsung for the code and it would be forwarded
to me once received. Still waiting for code. From research done, I believe the code actually comes from T-Mobile and this
is another reason I will never do business with your company in the future. Will file a complaint with the FCC if code is not received.


My daughter (adult and disabled) paid forward more than $800 on her Tmobile account. When her phone was cloned and made unusable, she was told to take it into a store. Store personnel said they coudn't help. Finally, she was allowed to deactivate her account but there was a remaining credit of more than $600. She requested deactivation in August. Tmobile said they could not perform same until the next billing cycle which turned out to be October. Now the credit is down to $400+ dollars. Twice she was told her refund was in process. The first time it was to be a Visa prepaid card. The next time (a month later) it was to be a check which was to have been delivered November 6, 2017. It's now November 9. Still nothing. How is it they can keep jerking her around and keeping her money?








I filed a complaint over a week ago. I have called on NUMEROUS occassions!!!!! I phoned spoke with someone 10-31-17. Was told it hadn't been
sent out because of $20.00 that was due. Now I should have been told this while I was in the STORE!!!! Now upon my phone call yesterday I requested that the phone be sent to my JOB!!! It is time for me to go. STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY DAMN PHONE!!!!!! I have a order of protection and my PHONE IS NEEDED!!!!!! I do not have a LAND LINE!! MY CELL IS MY ONLY MEANS OF COMMUNITCATION!!!!!!!. SO YOU KNOW WHAT. I am going to make sure that should something HAPPEN TO ME, that your ASSES will be held accountable!!!


I had issues with my iPhone, so I stopped by the t-mobile store on South Main Street in Portchester, NY. I don’t think it’s appropriate for the employees and also the management in the store to tell the customers not to stand and the rug by the door in the store, either you get off the rug or you go outside the store, remind you I have four lines with your company. I asked the manager for the information to file a complaint he refused to provide the information, and dealt with me very disrespectful, it almost got physical, this manager professionalism is the worst, i do hope for continuing business relationships this matter is look into.


I bought a iPhone 7 a year ago and I pay off and I am asking them to unlock it so I can use it in Mexico since is mine now and I call customer service two times in two weeks and they send me a email sayin that I can't and I see no reason why since I pay my bills


I am not happy with the service I received, I brought and Iphone 6e and a Galaxy J7. Now both of these phones are locked on Tmobile and can not be used. I called September 15 about this and was advised that the Iphone would be unlocked with 24-72 hours. After waiting 5 days I called back again. This time I spoke with 3 different representatives and was advised I still owed a balance on the phone. I am not sure why I am showing that balance as to the down payment I initially put down as well as my monthly payments for a bill that should have been 200 dollars and it was almost 400 dollars a month. So how is a phone not paid off that Cost 399.00. Still can not use my phone. I have a child and I work and need a phone all I would like is for this Iphone to be unlocked. The representatives were rude and not very helpful or compassionate at all.


Switched from Sprint to TMobile. Was offered a promotional reward to pay off the balance of our I phone from Sprint if we poured over our phone numbers to T-Mobile and send our Sprint I phone to Tmoblie. We did all that was required for the promotional reward (sent our Sprint I phone to T-Mobile and submitted promotional request and last Sprint bill stating our balance for I phone for breaking lease with Sprint. Four months later, T-Mobile said they denied our promotional reward and did not return our Sprint I phone after denying our promotional reward for the balance of our Sprint iPhone. No reason was available for the denial. T-Mobile did not return our Sprint I phone, they stole it. Numerous calls to T-Mobile resulted with promises to return our calls by T-Mobile sups. After 12 calls and all said their sups would return our call within 1 hour, never received a return call. Most pathetic company ever. We’re dropping T-Mobile and taking a huge financial loss. I’d rather pay to exit than being associated with thieves and liars.


Last November 2016 black Friday, T-Mobile had the promotion, buy an IPhone 7 or 7plus with a trade-in eligible iPhone (iPhone 5 thru 6) and get $300 credit and the remainder balance is billed credited, meaning they bill you monthly, but it gets credited back to you.

IPhone 7 plus----- $869.99 + Tax
Down Payment--$149.99
Remain Balance ---$ 720.00
Trade-In Credit---- $300 (IPhone 5s Trade in)

Last November 2016 black Friday, my daughter and I went to the T-Mobile store in Savage, MN. I asked the sale’s rep to verify if my current plan (Simple Family plan with no unlimited internet service) would be qualified for the IPhone 7 or 7plus with a trade-in eligible iPhone promotion. He confirmed with another sales rep and informed me that my current plan would be qualified. So, we bought the IPhone 7 plus in rose gold but was not able to trade in my daughter’s IPhone 5s 16g as they had no rose gold IPhone 7 plus in stock. We were told to come back to the store to do the trade in when the IPhone 7 plus arrived . A week or so later, the IPhone 7plus arrived at our home instead of sending it to the store. We brought in the IPhone 5s to the store, but we were told that since they made the mistake of shipping to our home we need to mail in the trade-in. So, I got it packaged and wrote all the reference number and mailed it.

When the December billing came and I did NOT get the monthly billed credit. I checked my statement and it showed I was enrolled into the promotion, but a week later it showed I was removed from the promotion. I contacted Customer Service and explained the situation. It turns out that I must have an unlimited internet plan to qualify for the promotion. The Customer Rep whom I spoke to went to check with a manager and the manager agreed that because the store sales staff had informed me that I qualify before making the purchase they will give me the credit instead, but I must contact the store to give me the credit since it I made the purchase there. I asked that the Customer Rep put on the case notes what the manager had said.
I contacted John R, the Manager at the T-Mobile store in Savage, MN and explained the whole situation. He said the amount $720 to be credited is too large so it must be done by a higher up Manager (Ruben). John contacted Ruben with the situation and assured me that the $720 credit will be applied the following billing cycle.
January billing came and still no credit. I contacted John again and he contacted Ruben. Again, I was informed it will be applied next billing. The following months nothing ever came through. When I contacted John, he asked that I contact Ruben directly. I called Ruben’s Cell and actually got hold of him. I explained the whole situation again and Ruben attempted to give me the credit while in his car, but Ruben said he has bad connection so he will complete the transaction once he is inside and will call me back. He lied. He never call me back. I made several calls and left multiple messages for Ruben but still no return calls.
Finally, I contacted the store manager (John) and told him what had happened. I told John, if they are not going to credit me I am willing to accept another IPhone 7Plus in exchange. But he refused. He contacted Ruben again and promise the credit will be applied next month. Next month’s bill came and still no credit. John finally suggest that I contact Customer Service again to see if they can do something now that I have done all that I could and still can’t get this situation resolved. We are now in October 2017 already.

I called and spoke to a female customer service rep and explained the entire situation to her. She was very apologetic and can’t believe it has been going on for almost ONE YEAR. She needed to do some research and maybe call the store manager and then call me back within 2-3 hours. A week went by and still no call from her. VERY DISPPOINTING!!!
I decided to call customer service back to follow up. I spoke to a young man, he understood my situation and wanted to help me. He put me on hold and contacted the T-Mobile Customer Solution to see what my options are. He then transferred me to a young lady with a heavy accent, it was hard to understand her. She gave me a long explanation and finally said she can give me the credit for $633.99. I told her it should be $720, not $633.99. She went back to explaining but I could not understand her. So I just said, go ahead and apply the $633.99 credit. So $720 - $633.99 = $86.81 that T-Mobile still owes to me.

Throughout this whole process, I have been very professional and very patient. I have 7 lines on my T-Mobile account and have been a long time customer for at least 10 years.
To compensate for this bad experience and for what I went through I request that T-Mobile send me a new IPhone 8 Plus.


I was just forced to electronically sign your completely one-sided legal equipment agreement in order to order a phone. This agreement is absolutely ridiculous, and required me to basically give up all of my rights as it pertains to my personal information and any kind of legal recourse.

T-Mobile seems to take the stance that "if it's legal - we're gonna do it", whether it's good for our customers or not. No options for opting out of personal information sharing, mandatory arbitration, and no class action. This says a lot about T-Mobile as a company. As a long-time customer, I wanted to write and let you know that 1) I noticed 2) I do not appreciate it and 3) I am concerned about the security of my personal data. The last time i begrudgingly provided T-Mobile with my personal data - you lost it (emphasis added).

I understand that you THINK you are in a position to force your customers to sign these kinds of unfair and one-sided agreements, but it speaks volumes about the corporate culture. I do not appreciate it and urge you to revisit how you treat your loyal customers.

- Kevin


Inquired about 55+ with 2 lines plan at the Menlo Park Mall, Edison, NJ retail store and was told I had to call customer service. Called customer service and was told any retail shop can take care of the change. Went to another retail store (Woodbridge Mall, Woodbridge, NJ) and was told they don't do the change and had to call Customer service.. Called customer service again and was told any retail store location can do change because photo id needed. Went to a retail store (299 U.S. 1, Edison, NJ) and was told I needed to go to a corporate retail store. Went to a corporate retail store (32 Parsonage Road, Edison, NJ) and was told they don't do it and had to call customer service. This time, I called customer care while still at this location and told them of my misery, aggravation, frustration, anger, for being bounced back and forth. The rep finally agreed to do it and was passed on to an activation line where they took my wife's information so she can open up her own account under the 55+ plan.

What a nightmare! What kind of customer service is this? If not for my daughter, I would switch in an instant to Verizon or AT&T. After being a customer for more than 2 years, this is what I get.


A week ago I went to a ton Ile store because my phone was not working right. The sales girl told me she could not help me I had to call costumer service. I did that and customer service said I needed to go back I to the store so they could help me. I did this because I never left the parking lot. The sales girl only helped while I was on the phone with customer service. As soon as I hung up she said I will just put in the warranty for you and you will have your phone tomorrow. Come to find out after several calls back to the store this never happened. On Thursday my phone finally got ordered under the warranty was told it would come in on Friday the next day. This did not happen. Today Monday a week later my husband's calls the store to ask when the phone would be in. The sales man told him to tell me to come in and they would make it right. So I did. All they did was tell me when the truck might come in. By the way I was told 3pm it is now 336pm no phone yet. While I was at the store I spoke with the manager who said it was my fault and they could not do anything to fix how upset I am. He also said firing the sales girl should be enough. That is not as I still do not have a phone that works. So I'm writing this complete will give you time to come up with a way to fix this before I go to another phone service. This will only be a couple of days. I feel I have wasted enough time and now money because I'm paying for service I can't use.Beth Cross


I just started service with tmobile two days ago , the first issue I had was the store I went to convinced me to trade in my iPhone 6plus for a lgk20 telling me it was a better phone because it had newer technology ((LIES)) the phone was horrible it was cheap and nothing close to my iPhone , I was also told that they would hold my phone until the next day because I was really on the fence with buying this phone , I went back to the store yesterday (9/26/2017)) to return the CHEAP phone that was upsold to me for my iPhone ,and tthey told me they already sent my phone in forcing me to keep the CHEAP k20 , so I called the district manager and his solution was to sell me an iPhone 6s .... this phone is wayyyy to small I cant see anything (which is why I had the plus to begin with) I am not an unreasonable person , but I feel an unjustice was done , I am a brand new customer and I am VERY UNHAPPY . If I could get out of this contract I would .


There is no coordination or consistency -- they sent me to the store to return the phone. At the store, they told me I had to ship it back with UPS. After hourso n the phone, I still have no answer. This happens almost weekly with T-mobile-- there customer service is pretty much the worst.


I was admitted to the hospital on Sept. 10 and was not discharged until 8 pm on 09/20/17. Before I left the hospital I talked with John and Guido as well as someone in tech support regarding my phone. My phone (229.296.9699) is completely inoperable and I wanted to know if I could get it repaired. I was informed that it would have to be mailed off and probably take 3-5 days, which I didn't have to wait. On Sept. 21, 2017 I went to the T-Mobile store in Albany and talked with Sales Associates Heather who talked with someone at T-Mobile for several minutes along with the store manager Kimberly. The outcome was that an EC? show that I was eligible for an upgrade but I would have to pay $228 and some change before I could upgrade to a new phone. After this discussion, I left the store to go get some additional funds to be able to take care of this matter. When I got back to the Albany store Kimberly assisted me with the transaction whereby I paid $125.00 in cash and the balance on my VISA debit card. The payment went thru on the store end but T-Mobile is still telling the manager and myself that I still owe the balance which has already been paid and shows up in their system as being processed. However, I was not able to get a phone nor was Kimberly able to get the issue resolved.
Before leaving the T-Mobile store I called and asked to speak with a manager but I was given over to a supervisor who told me that there was nothing that they could do. I in an anger and unprofessional manner told customer service and the supervisor that I couldn't give a damn about what they were saying. I informed them that I had just got out of the hospital and as I live along I need to be able to call 911 or EMS if I have a relapsed of my condition. They didn't give a damn at that point I informed them that if I go home and have a relapsed of my condition this evening, tonight or tomorrow and unable to contact anyone for help I was going to sue T-Mobile. The supervisor or manager was nonchalant about the situation and kept telling me that if would take 24 hours or a day before the issue could be resolved.
The reason I am so upset and extremely pissed off is because I have been a customer with T-Mobile for over 11 years and could not be given any better service even though they had talked with the manager at the Albany Store and she verified the payment. My medical issue is coughing up blood and if I started back I was to call 911 and come back to the hospital. Hopefully for T-Mobile sake and with the God's grace and mercy I will not have an issue where I will have to go back to the hospital.
This makes me really consider whether or not I want to continue to be a T-Mobile customer. Hopefully someone will take the time to read this message and contact me via the email above because I have no phone.


I will be traveling soon to the UK and wanted a prepaid phone that would work. I went 3 times to the store at Southridge Mall in Milwaukee, WI. I spoke to Tom who explained in detail about the plan. I went back the additional 2 times to be sure I understood. When the time came to finalize the info I called the store and found out Tom (the manager) wasn't at that store anymore and no one knew where he was. The person I talked to didn't seem well informed so I went to the store on S. 27St in Milwaukee and talked to Melissa. She gave me different information but seemed very capable so I decided to go there when the time came to get the prepaid phone. I went back Sept. 21st. She got the phone out and was putting information into the computer and found out that I cannot have a prepaid phone for the UK. I would have to go home, thaw out all three credit freezes, come back, buy a regular plan with the international feature added and cancel it when I get back. I already have a Trac Phone which is inexpensive, but meets my needs. I only wanted a phone for travel to the UK, and if I had known ahead of time about removing credit freezes, etc I could have done it weeks ago. Now it's just too much of a rush and I no longer trust that the phone would have worked. I really did due diligence and the fact that I don't have a T-Mobile phone to travel with isn't due to my lack of trying. It is due to employees who were well meaning, but not well trained. I can't be the only person who ever wanted a prepaid phone for foreign travel. After being given 3 different versions of what was available, none of them was correct. Better training could have eliminated a whole truckload of frustration!


I was advised that I would receive an corporate discount from my job just to be given the run around for almost 2 months. I have been a T-Mobile customer since it was under Suncom. I had a conversation with 2 employees on 9/8 regarding my discount which I was advised (if you would pull the calls) that once I receive my discounts that T-Mobile would retroactive the months that I never received and was advised today 9/20 that I was given the incorrect information from Paula (supervisor) located in Idaho that the information that was provided to me was incorrect. This has been the worst experience that I received from T-Mobile. I will be searching for another provider, clearly your employees were not trained properly to be providing inaccurate information.


I am your customer for almost 16 years and am very dissatisfied with your t-mobile service. I bought my phone in t mobile store and seems they are not very competent to help me as a customer. When I came with my issues the lady said to me that she cannot help me because her job is to sell the phone. that i have to go to computer and call the 1800. Also, before that , the guy who help me to purchase the phone is I felt that he just want to sell the phone with out explanation. I paid my phone in large amount of money. I am sure you can check my billing and the amount.
I am adjunct faculty of one of the College here in Chicago .I met one of my students and found out that she is the manager of tmobile. She explain to me that I really paid too much and end up the right things.

I have to report this issues to someone (Consumer Affairs) because this is taking advantage for those people who trusted your company. Please send me my money back that you owe me. You charge me $500 plus and 244 plus for 2 lines without explanations. Trust is the best to get more people to rely in your company but if you have more complaints then you have more people to go somewhere else. Don't ignore this issues because people chat and talk , Thank you for your attention.


This complain is regarding the tmobile store at king of prussia. I went and purchased an Iphone 7 plus for which I paid $817 ,cash. I asked and was told by a sales.person named allysia that the phone is unlocked and I can use it the next day if I want in europe. When I asked her to please be sure before I pay for it because I am travelimg in few days and needed.to have a phone with me, her exact words were " no worries, from the 6s the Iphone makes its phones unlocked. I paid cash and left only to return after 4 days and ask for a refund . I was told they dont have the money and I should go and look at other tmobile stores hoping one of them had $817 cash to give me, because they had not made enough sales that day but even if I would come on a saturday they could not guarantee me I would be able to get my money, so I should go looking in other tmobile stores if any of them around the city had enough money or I could get a corporate check .This was unacceptable because when I paid I was not told that if I were to return it I only will get my money if the store has made enough sales that day. After they made some phone calls to other stores and 2 hrs of waiting ,there were no money found so I decided to get a corporate check and wait 14-21 days without phone to get my money back. Then while waiting for the check and after after 2 hrs and 15.min, they searched in the store and in all the registers and found some money and told.me they have to keep $50 restocking fee? For their mistake which the employee admitted in front of everyone? If you could check the cameras you will see what happened on Thursday, sept 14 2017 , 6-8:15. This was the worst service I have seen, the worst way I was treated from a store and its managers. And in the end they robbed $50 from me. I have been a tmobile customer for more than 15 years and this is not a way you should treat your customers. One of the managers that dropped by suddenly told me : " we dont have any money to give you , those are the only 2 options you have so either take it or leave it" unbelievable. I am requesting that the $50 they kept as "restocking fee" to be returned to me because it was their


TINASHA.......In TENN..Could Not Help Me With Problem. (tech Dept) She Is Unqualified To Hold That position In My Opinion.t) She Kept Talking Over Me. When I was Trying To Get Help. The Tower Was Down Or What''? Please Educate.The person She Is Inept in Her job. I'm Very Un happy with Your Service On This Date 9/11/2017 EST 1PM.


This is an example of how NOT to handle a identity theft issue!!!

I have file a police report as my account information and personal identification information was stolen/utilized by employee (sales agents) at the Bartlett TN location. Back in June 30th someone purchased an iPhone 7 and accessories on my account. Once I noted the issue, I have made over 10 phone calls to the customer service line with request for follow up. To date, I have received little to "no" follow up or feedback. At this point, I feel victimized twice ... Once by the sales associate and second by the lack of ownership by someone to ensure complete resolution. I hope this compliant will result in an outreach from T-Mobile's escalation team ... I'm considering cancelling my services and going to another provider.


T-Mobil is the last carrier I will ever purchase from. They basically, stole 3 relatively new Sprint IPhone's from me.

We took them up on their supposed better service and savings only to find that their coverage was well less then what it was proclaimed to be. We could barely get service from our home which is 6 miles outside a the Capitol city of MI, Lansing.

When we "switched" to them they had us send to them our 3 sprint (*nearly new*) Iphone's with the promise of paying any fees associated to switching to them as well as crediting us 250 per phone for the IPhone's that we send them, at the time these were the top phone (5S). Well, that didn't happen, they had us ship to them the phones in their provided boxes with their provided labels and then after asking repeatedly for our credits they told us that they never received them.... I asked them how that could possibly be the case since they provided the method to get these back to them. We went back and forth with them for several months and finally became tired of not getting anywhere. We then went back to Sprint and have been happy with our service since. After letting T-Mobil know that we switched they not only stole our phones but sent a collection agency after us to pay them for the balance (equipment) that *they* say they were owed for. We tried repeatedly to deal with them to get the proper credits we were promised and would gladly pay any difference once we received them but they did not comply with their promises.

I have had cell service with all of the major providers at one point in time or another and T-Mobil is by far the worst as well as the most dishonest. We are looking for answers in how to file legal action against them but they are the big company and me the average consume... I would like to have this resolved so they can stop damaging my otherwise perfect credit! We still have all of the shipping information that they had us send them our equipment with.

Looking for answers?



I was offered a plan of $130 for 4 phones unlimited with $10 off with auto pay, total of $120 after rebate. Ever since taking the offer I been in constant dispute with T-Mobile. At first, they said I had a different plan then after several disputes they would find the plan the offered me, then followed by a assurance that it would not happen again, but it kept on happening after each bill. The last dispute they claimed that don't have any such plain and that I was mislead. they offered a $200 rebate for my problem which I refuse. I would like for T-Mobile to honor what they promise


On July 11,2017 I reported my phone(Galaxy note3) lost service.
I deal with tracfone for the free service. I purchased a sim card for t mobile, which is compatible with tracfone service.
Having trouble getting it actived since I complained on 7/11/17.
Tracfone contacted t mobile about the problem on 9/2/17. We were told I'd have activation within 2-4 hrs. It's now 9/10/17 & still no service.
Now they tel me my sim card has expired & it will be 7-10 business days to send me the new one.!
You can't believe how frustrating this has been!! This is 3 months now without a phone, as a senior on a low fixed income, I'm unable to purchase even the cheapest hone.
What is the solution to this?


I need to make a complaint regarding the bill we have been receiving. I do not owe T-Mobile any amount since the last payment was made for $114.81 on 5/5/17, which was for the service period of 5/15/17 – 6/15/17. On 6/10/17 I called T-Mobile notifying that we were cancelling the service effective 6/10/17. I switched the service to MetroPCS on the same day, 6/10/17. I actually called T-Mobile from the MetroPCS store.
On 8/3/17 I received the bill for $509.79. When I spoke to Cheyenne (her Rep. ID 40517), a T-Mobile representative, I was told that it was for 1) Device we had from T-Mobile not returned 2) One line (my daughter, Nadia’s line), and 3) Service charge from 6/15/17. Cheyenne acknowledged that 1) I would return the device (I sent it back to T-Mobile by UPS next day.); 2) Service for Nadia’s line had been separated from mine; and 3) I cancelled the service with T-Mobile effective 6/10/17. She promised to clear this charge and make our balance 0.
On 9/1/17 I received the bill for $142.08. According to Belle (rep ID 280989), our balance shows 0, and she would text me the confirmation. She also suggested me to go to a local T-Mobile store. I never received text from her. When I went to the T-Mobile store close to my house this morning, I was told that I owe $142.08.
As I mentioned above, my last payment was made for 5/15/17 – 6/15/17, and I cancelled the service on 6/10/17. Therefore, I owe T-Mobile absolutely nothing!
I am a long time customer of T-Mobile who never failed the payment on time. I don’t understand why I have been treated like this. I switched to MetroPCS, which is your own affiliated company!
I am looking forward to receiving the statement showing 0 balances.


I purchased a 2nd line phone for my husband on 8/3/17 for a gift, but my husband is loosing his eye sight, I called T-mobile and stated that I have to go to a store so my husband can pick one out.
The lady send me a return label per e-mail. I sent it back on 8/8/ 17 per Courtney instruction.She also corrected my phone bill to $50.00 per month. I am 71 years old and will be issued credit.
I called back on 8/15/17 spoke with George who stated that they received my phn. and I will see credit on my charge account on the 8/19/17.
On 8/16/17 I spoke with Miquel after looking at my account on the website and found mistakes he said he adjusted my account
On 8/24/17 I spoke with Raya who said credit was issued on 8-19-17 She also adjusted my account again. Because it kept going up.
On 8/28/17 my statement on line says I owe $80.38 I supposed to get a $30.00 credit. Also no $106.00 credit to my credit card.
I had spoken with Nicco employee # 19460811 who credit my account down to $30.00 for September who stated he will look into why I did not received my $106.00.
I am on Social Security, who needs her money, so I can purchase a 2nd phone for my Husband
Please advise ASP
Ellen Savage


Last week, my sons phone just stopped connecting to the Tmobile network. I called Tech support to troubleshoot it, they recommended going into a store to see if the SIM card was bad.

I visited a store located on Roosevelt Blvd in Jax, Fl. The employee there told me the device was the problem, not the SIM card. The device still worked fine, it just couldn't connect to internet/ calling network. This employee initially told me he could switch out this phone for a new one with no changes in my monthly payments or overall costs, since this device wasn't that old. I agreed.. And then he tried to have me pay 76.00 for various fees.
I had him stop, put my current device back together and declined. It is not my fault this device just suddenly and inexplicably won't connect to the network.

I then called customer service. I spoke with Jeffrey in IT who again tried to troubleshoot the device unsuccessfully. He apologized, realized the device was NOT old enough to be having this problem and offered to set something up internally. He arranged a replacement phone, free of charge, to be shipped to another local store in Jax, Fl on 103rd St. I explained to him that my current device did have a screen crack and had for some time. He said this was not an issue.

When I went in today to finally get this new phone, the rep at the 103 St location,( Asst Manager, Romnick), REFUSED to give me the phone they received because my current phone screen had a crack. I attempted repeatedly to explain the process of what happened to him. He refused me when I asked to speak to a manager. He refused to provide me any contact information for anyone in Managements. When I pressed him, he gave me the WRONG e-mail address for the General Manager. He didn't apologize or even care to listen to any words that left my mouth.

I called Customer Service from the store and spoke with Drew in Boise, Idaho. He apologized and stated he would ship a different replacement phone to my home, overnight, free of charge. I'm expecting it tomorrow.

This employee at the 103rd location needs to be FIRED. I want correct contact information for management at this location.

I've been a customer for over 10 years and NEVER should have been treated this way. Ill keep reaching out to every senior level associate in this company if necessary. This person was HORRIBLE and this experience us ridiculous.






T Mobile is very unprofessional and unorganized. My phone went black and I called to purchase a new phone. It's been two week and my phone is still not here yet. Each time I call to check on the status of my order I speak to a different representative who provides me with different information. One time I was told it was coming the next day. Another representative told me a week from now. I even spoke with multiple supervisors. One told me a week and another told me 27days literally 3hrs later when I called. Its frustrating and very irritating. I have been with T-Mobile for about 2 years.. but this is absolutely ridiculous. I am always having issues with their services however their rates are good which is why I stayed as long as I did. But enough is enough, I'd rather pay extra for good service. I am canceling my services with this company.


My phone was cut off on September the 22 and was off the whole month of October until the 28 and T-Mobile is trying to charge my for that month by saying that they did not charge me but there was no credit on my bill for that month at all and it is not fair that I was charge. I argue with that customer representative that was not listening to what I was saying she had me to hold on for a manager which never came to the phone to talk to me.


I am so upset. I opened a new line on September in Bellingham store, the service is very good. They explained the term to me clearly. However, I got a text message on September 13, please see attachment which is the line is charged $0 and I called 611.

One of your customer service told me that there is no charge on the line as long as I use T-Mobile service. So I asked him that it means No charge on that line every month. He told me yes. But on Oct statement, I got charge and I called 611,the customer service told me to bring the text message to near T-Mobile store. I went and showed the salesman the text.He called the center, just told the salesman that it was a mistake. I felt very disappointed about the calling center.

Then I called again and told the customer service Raymond the whole story. He told me that he will adjust my monthly payment to $290.Every month from that day, I only pay $290.i confirmed with him again. He told me I only pay $290every month, not only on October. However, I got charge again this month, I called again but the customer service Owen just revoked the agreement between Raymond and me on behalf of T-Mobile, and I tried to talk to her supervisor Dexter who refused to talk to me. I feel very sad and disappointed that the two customer service persons do not cherish my business with your company.

I told owen that if you guys do not anything, I will bring the case to consumer affairs and small claims court,or court.because T-Mobile did not do any remedy action. But Dexter still did not do anything and even refused to have phone conversation with me. Do you think that your customer team respects the customer or me? If your company does not mind I bring this case to consumer affairs and Court, I will be happy to take this case to court. I hope that you can give me reasonable solution.


I own a business with a 715-463 exchange (our # 715-463-3663) and since May of 2016 customers who have T-mobile as their carrier 715-222 are not able to connect to my pizza business because the calls are dropped, routed to another phone number, or just never connect. I have been told that the calls go out fine to the switch (a long distance carrier), but not sent through to the local phone company (Grantsburg Telecom).

Our business depends on calls from cell phones and the T-mobile customers can't get through. There has been at least five trouble tickets issued with no solution to the problem or explanation of what is going on. Total and complete incompetence! I am currently soliciting information from every customer (offering a coupon) who uses T-mobile; asking them to write down how many times they have tried to order in the past five months and what they usually order.

This information will be placed on an invoice and submitted to a lawyer for processing. latest ticket numbers: 14135418, 14149006. My business records of sales comparisons from the past five years indicate that we have lost a considerable amount of business since May 2016 due to this problem.


I inquired recently regarding not being able to dial on a conference call number that I have been using for a long time and that now, I am being charged .01 a minute to dial in on this call. The representative that assisted me before I was able to speak to a manager was not aware of this change and that it was not new policy. However, she was able to eventually tell me that the changes were just made about 6 weeks ago. I am very upset that a notice was not sent to me as a customer to inform me of the recent changes. As a customer, we are spending a lot of money each month paying for the equipment and telephone bills, and as a courtesy, we should have been informed. Now I am unable to log in on the conference line each week.


Have a LG G4 handset that recently died. Told handset was on back order and possibly could take 2 weeks to receive device. I understand that it is not the carriers fault for the handset to quit working. I do, however, hold the carrier responsible for taking 2 weeks to get the replacement. We pay insurance so that any problems happen with handsets can be rectified quickly. We have been with T Mobile for 15 years, maybe it is time to shop elsewhere.


there was a promotion going on that t-mobile offer trade-in your iPhone 6 for free new iPhone 7, so i call t-mobile to place order for iPhone 7, the rep said my order was processed. When log in my account to check the order status a week later, i didn't see any pending at all. I called t-mobile and found out that my order never has been processed, so i try to replace the order, the promotion was already expired.

So i was so mad and switch to sprint, about a month later, the t-mobile charge me $150. the plan i used was the t-mobile one plan, i pay 3 lines get 1 line free, but i only used 3 lines. I couldn't find the 4th person to join my plan, so the 4th line was not being use. When i switch to sprint, i thought my t-mobile account was cancel. They charge me $150 for the 4th line remaining active. T-mobile is a big scam company.


I am a T-Mobile customer for more than a decade. My L-G4 phone, which is less than one year old, stopped working, so I took it to the local T-Mobile store to process a replacement per terms of the insurance policy sold to me by T-Mobile. The store tech determined that I had not damaged the phone and am eligible for a replacement ---in 29 days! Because it is back-ordered at the factory.

A replacement that takes 29 days is not in compliance with the policy terms I was promised when purchasing this phone and policy. I am told my option is to "jump" to another phone, the nearest similar model is priced at $499 --before taxes, with my "credit" of the balance still owed on the LG4, this would represent an additional $320. Why should I pay $320 when they owe me a fully functioning LG4, which they are pricing at $344.99 in their store? And they have these in the store.

I called the T-Mobile customer service line and was told it was not their problem because the manufacturer is back-ordered. But I did not buy this from the manufacturer, T-Mobile sold me, billed me, and collected from me, payments for the phone and the insurance.


i had divorced and separated back in May 2016 and my ex-husband had been cancelled off my t-mobile account, i have been calling several times and is still being charged for his phone he had sent back to the company several months ago. I would like to get this corrected ASAP this has been very up setting that nobody at the store nor on the phone can take care of the issue in getting this corrected. I don't agree i should have to pay for a cell phone he nor i no linger have and would like a reimbursement of the charges i have been paying throughout the months. It will not be hard for me to switch providers. This is very up setting that nobody can get this corrected on my account, not so much worried about the refund, just getting my bill corrected would be great.


I was mortified when I lost all my contacts due to lack of care or training. The sales person was apologetic for his mistake but that does niot help. I Grace been with you 12 years and this is my first complain I regret even getting a new phone. This person took upon himself to shred my sims card and also the chip that contained my fathers pictures I ask heart broken those were the last pictures I hear of him. Why are they not trained on this.


Called customer service 3 times. Got a different rep. 3 different times that I could not understand. Spoke too fast, could not understand them with there accent and could not complete my request. Been a customer 12 + years, never missed a payment and have never been late with a payment. Have had current phone for about 2 years and now can not understand any one due to the receiver of the phone (had to call on the house phone). Am wanting to upgrade to a GPS phone and I feel the prices involved in getting another phone are just too high. Since we have been a loyal customer for so long, and since we use to get free upgrades, I feel I should receive a free up grade at not charge seeing that the current unit is not working correctly and can not be used. I would accept a used or refurbished working phone. Do not need the latest, greatest or most expensive model. Only request is that it not be Pink.


Back in July I signed up for a plan with T-mobile. We were told that if we bought 4 Samsung J7 phones and upgraded to the 10G of data that the 40.00 for the plan and the 10.00 a month for the phones would be credited to my account every month. Well every month since then I have had to call customer service or go down to my local T-mobile store and fight for at least 1/2 hour or more to get my bill adjusted being told that it would not happen the next month.

I have gotten text messages over the last three months telling me that I was dropped from the plan and then re-enrolled in the plan. Every month I am told there will no longer be a problem. Finally this month I had had enough of the problem. I got ahold of customer service once again and was told that my complaints were not on record and that as of the 20th of this month it was finally added to my account to have the problem fixed.

I went to my local store and (they are awesome, by the way) they called and got the problem fixed once again and asked if there was some sort of compensation for my problems over the last three months and he was told there was nothing they could do to help me due to the fact that it was not their problem but that it was my local stores problem. It has nothing to do with my local store, all they did was sign my up.

They do not drop me out of the promotion or re enroll me in the promotion. That has to come from somewhere else. My rep told the customer service lady on the phone that he did not feel he should be responsible for compensating me on my bill, due to the fact that it was not his fault. The lady on the phone said there was nothing she could do. I am not happy with customer service. I have been a loyal t-mobile customer for two years now and I have paid my bill on time every month.

Fighting for a plan was not in the cards for me and i was not aware that I would have to fight every month for this upgrade. I am expecting some form of compensation on my account for the problems that I have encountered and all of the rude customer service people I have come across over the last few months. I will take this problem higher if something is not done to make me a happy customer.


I have been trying to solve a complicated issue for the past month or more. No one I talk to when I call customer service has been able to help me. On August 12th, my friend and I decided to switch from Verizon to T-mobile. She went to a T-Mobile store without me. She did not have access to our Verizon account, or any of the information that T-Mobile needed in order to port her number. The sales associate helping her told her it was no problem: He can just give her a new number and that he could port both of our numbers when I came into the store later that day.

I did in fact go to the same store, to the same person, a few hours later. He set me up with a new cell phone and ported my number. I was under the impression that he would also port my friend's number at the same time. He did not. I didn't become aware of this fact until I got a bill from Verizon that included both the remaining cost for my financed phone and a charge for my friend's line, since it was never actually ported. There is also no record of her trading in her phone. As far as I’m concerned, he stole her phone and lied to both of us.

The name of the person at the T-Mobile store in Tucson, AZ, is Eddie. I don't know his last name. His sales rep number is: 7980503. The store he works (or worked) at is: San Clemente Shopping Center, 3847 E Broadway Blvd #3847, Tucson, AZ 85716. I paid the Verizon bill ($154.89), which includes both the cost of my device buyout and a regular monthly bill for the other line that was never ported. I submitted the bill to Switch to t-mobile and was approved for a reimbursement of $54 (which, by the way, I still have not received).

I went to a different T-mobile store a little over a month ago to try to solve this problem. The manager there advised that I let him port my friend's number to my T-mobile account, so that I can at least get that part taken care of. I am still waiting for my final bill from Verizon before I can submit it for reimbursement. He also told me that he would put a credit on my account for the extra line for 4 months. After 4 months he said I could cancel the extra line. I got my new bill from T-mobile and it is $143.16. You can imagine why I’m confused as to why it is so high. I do not see the credit on my account for the extra line.

I would like to be reimbursed for the last monthly bill I got from Verizon for my friend's line (about $100). I would also like to be credited for the extra line that I currently have, that no one is using (there isn’t even a phone attached to the line).


Horrible experience with T-mobile. been a loyal customer for almost 2 years now, but extremely disappointed with my latest experience. I don't have a phone right now because they were not able to solve my problem. I use my phone for business, so basically I can't do my job right now. Extremely frustrated. They can't solve the issue and they don't have a loaner program while they are working on the issue.


I requested a replacement for my Note 4 (it freezes and goes crappy when I set it to mute). So after 2 weeks of waiting I finally got it. But the replacement I got was even worse (the girl at the store who did the transfer notice some glitch even before the transfer from my old phone started). After they did the transfer It kept on rebooting and it just freezes. When it rebooted... it goes really hot too. So I told them that's unacceptable. They made me call 611 (Customer support) and I know I got rerouted to a call center and the person I spoke to can't do anything but order another replacement which is in back order and credit me the $5.35 i paid every time I get a replacement.

She said I could ask the store if I could get a loaner phone. I went to the store the next day. The manager and the staff who did the transfer clearly knows that there is a problem with the phone but told me they have no loaner phone. In the meantime, they wont just give me back my old phone which was there in front of us because apparently it has to go to the warehouse ASAP. So now I have no phone at all. The replacement just died and I don't know how long a wait I have to get a new replacement.


T-Mobile, has being pushing me around since September to replace my phone Samsung Note 7 for the New iPhone 7 plus 256. They had take three orders and none of them has gone thru. Their customer service is not qualify to work with the system. Las order I place was in store, tired to deal with the phone person and while speaking to them about my order, they cancelled my order without my authorization and put me and the end of the line again pushing my shipping date from 10/18 thru 12/12. Very shady and unreliable company. I switch from AT&T after 8 years and I strongly regret it.


T-Mobile has advertised that they will pay your last bill if you transfer your service to them. This is untrue. Approximately 2 months ago, my sons decided to get off my AT&T plan and get a T-Mobile account. They've called an incredible amount of time inquiring as to the status of the payment, even receiving a text over a month ago (Wed., September 14, 8:09PM, as follows: "Free T-Mobile MSG: Your reimbursement submission has been approved. Please allow 2-3 weeks for receipt of your final payout via prepaid card."

Mind you, this came after we had waited a month for T-Mobile to pay the "final payout." Now another month has passed and nothing. T-Mobile keep telling my sons, processing. T-Mobile won't talk to me personally. This is very poor customer service. Why can't this just get taken care of as promised? Quick to add them as new customers, slow to cover their final payout. Bad business.


Cool pad battery overheated customer service sent whole phone back for replacement. When replacement phone arrived it was only the phone no battery or back cover. I have spent over 10 hours trying to resolve this issue. The phone was purchased at a T mobile store.The customer service has been awful. Today I have spoken with 7 people and been transferred 5 times. I have been trying to resolve this matter for almost 2 months. I had to purchase another phone.


I had a T-mobile plan with a corporate discount. I asked about family plan w/ discount and was told I was eligible to switch to the family plan and keep discount. I switched plan, and was processed for the corporate discount and all was good. I changed jobs and in 10/15, I again asked about the discount with my plan, was again told I could have my plan with the discount. Corporate discount was verified and applied monthly. All is good. In 2016, I stopped getting the discount automatically, and had to call. No problem.

Eventually I was referred to Migrations for resolution, and was told I never should have had the discount with my plan. I spent 3 months, and finally got it resolved. There was an email from a supervisor to discount confirming. Today I'm told no more discount. Call and email records stop 1+ month short of when I when this was resolved. Told can't get copies of my own contacts with customer service. I'm grandfathered in. Discount confirmed. Do not understand lost records or why discount is being yanked again. T-mobile website very clear that grandfathered in discounts (like mine, pre-2014) still qualify.

Please return my discount. I brought in 5 people (5 new phone) and in 1.5 years, bought 2 more phones. Very disappointing.


An employee at a T-Mobile branch in Tampa was in charge of merging two accounts. My husband and I wanted to be together in a family plan so we asked her to merge us into one account. She made my husband the account holder and supposedly canceled my old account. She forgot to tell me that I needed to pay for my phone in full that day before transferring to my husbands account because the jump service I was using couldn't be transferred. Today I got charged $404 without notice all because she forgot to tell me that I needed to pay that off.

She then lied and said both my husband and I would be making installment payments on his new account and today I found out it was all A lie. My account was overdrawn and now I have to deal with the fact that I not only have no money left in my account but also owe money to the bank. I want this issues addressed and acknowledged. I hope to hear back from corporate about this terrible experience.


I am customer of T-Mobile. I took the connection in July 2016. Before coming to India have requested in Store whether I can use the services in India or not. Got the response like I can use the service but they are going to charge 20c per minute. I am trying to use after coming to India. But I see there is "No Service" so have contacted Customer care services and they have done their basic troubleshooting things but no use. So they have raised a ticket and informed me the issue is going in 5 business days. it's almost 40 days. But the issue was not yet resolved. gain I tried to contact the customer care but got the same reply. But paying the bill on time. Not getting any proper service.


I have been a customer with Tmobile over 14 years. Today I walked in the store I've always gone to for questions, purchases or to make payments. They signed me in, a couple of customers walked in after I did. The employees helped them before me. I checked the sign in sheet and I was next, according to the sign in list. I confronted an employee that was helping the person who should have been helped after me. I mentioned to him that my name was next in line before the persons they were helping. He just looked at me and said "we'll get to you in a minute". I was so upset because of how he made that comment, and felt I am a paying and loyal customers also. Just want to say, the employee has attitude and picks and chooses who to serve next. Now I have to go back tomorrow and hope the don't have attitude.


I set up a family plan with T-Mobile last week in order to enjoy the free trade-in promotion with them. There are four lines in this family plan, and three of them need to trade-in. I pre-ordered the new iphone and finalized the trade-in process the day i set up the plan. But the other two, because the line are located in different cities, I have been adviced to ship out the sim card to them. so they can go to a nearby T-mobile and do service after then. Today, when the other line holder went to the T-Mobile store, the repentative told them that the trade in promotion was gone yesterday without any warning or notice. Right now, my old iphone 5 can't be trade in anymore.


Two SIM Cards Delivered - One SIM Card/Service Representatives Won't Cancel, 2nd SIM Card does not work. 1st SIM card was lied to by t-mobile customer rep and told was cancelled and follow-up again to cancel and got a bill for SIM card that doesn't work and I didn't activate but asked to cancel.

2nd SIM card I prepaid $50, my credit card was charged after I activated it but doesn't work and SIM pin code i gave to T-mobile customer rep doesn't work. My at&t account was cancelled by t-mobile when i activated the 2nd SIM card. This is my experience with T-mobile, mocked, ridiculed, dragged through the mud, stressed, taken advantage of for money and time and left with nothing - no phone. I included details in images below.


I am the owner of a Note 7. I have been following what needed to be done to return the phone for the recall. I knew, thanks to customer care that the phones would be arriving at the store on September 21, 2016. Yesterday, Sept. 21, I waiting outside the Tmobile store (307 E. Expressway 83, Mission Texas) When it opened I was one of two people waiting. We were both told that the phones were not in but would be arriving later in the evening. The representative said if we gave her our info. She would call us when they came in. She even put a phone on hold for us. About 12 noon she called and I rushed back to the t-mobile store to get the phone recall over with.

I waited an hour because it was busy. When the time came for me to be helped I was told that I needed a receipt because I had purchased my phone thru a third party vendor. I was frustrated, but understood. So I left the store. I had to be at work at 2pm and it was already past one. I arrived home, found the receipt and called the same store back. I spoke with Carlos who is the store manager there and the same representative who told me I needed a receipt.

I told him that I found the receipt, but had to be at work. I was to get off work at 6pm, I asked if there was anyway he could please hold the phone for me. He told me due to high demand he was not able to hold the phone that it was a first come first serve basis. I explained that I was first, that I had arrived at the store when it opened and was one of two people waiting first. He told me there was nothing he could do. There were six phones left and he was not able to hold them. I stated to Carlos that he was not making this easy at all. I ended the conversation.

I took the phone to work with me in case I ended up in the area. My job at times takes me in that direction, and sure in enough it did. When I knew that I would be in the area I called Carlos. I let him know that I was in the area, asked if there were still phones. He said yes. I asked if I could take me phone and receipt in......leaving it there so the paper work could be done and picking it up after work. He told me that I must in in store for the process and it would take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. I could not do so and my frustration had mounted. I could not understand why not one inch was being given. My family has been loyal t-mobile customers for over 9 years. I explained to Carlos that he was not trying to help me in the least and that I was doing every thing I could.

He gave no further help and I ended the conversation. I called my mother the primary account holder....asked her if she would go in and do the recall return for me, she agreed and I dropped the phone off to her. She then called Carlos to make she he still had a phone. He said he did not. My mom described Carlos as being rude to her on the phone. I am highly disappointed with the lack of effort on Carlos' part to try and help me resolve my problem. I feel I did all I could to obtain the new note 7 and exchange the other faulty one. Yet I still ended up in the same position in the end. The phone I have heats up quite hot and often. I have always given great reviews about tmobile.

My family calls me a walking advertisement, but yesterday was quite disappointing.


I changed my plan on Friday, September 16 to have unlimited text, talk, data and international calling. I still cannot reach my husband who is in the United Kingdom at this time. The call drops immediately and does not go thru. I have been with T-Mobile for at least 16 years now and am very disappointed in the time I have to wait for this issue to be resolved. If you cannot resolve the issue within the next 24 hours, I shall have no alternative but to go to another provider. The customer service representatives try to be most helpful and congenial but it is out of their hands to resolve the problem.


There is no opportunity afforded to the customer to know and utilize the mobile without boundaries program, until they receive their bill and then your very friendly staff suggest them to use that $10.00 program on their next travels. What is interesting is upon my stay in Mexico, I received a text telling me that my text were free and my calls would be .20 per minute. Wouldn't that been a great time to offer me a link to utilize the mobile without boundaries program. But no that did not happen.

I know others that have been ripped off completely by the lack of awareness T-mobile stands by. I always come with a solution to the problem. Put advantages to buying mobile on the payment page, everyone has to go there, A sort of did you know when traveling you can make major discounts with T-mobile? then list the different buy programs. That would be proactive. Currently T-mobile is reactive, they leave it to the customer to surf their site. I was told by one representative that my account was over a year old so it was not in my paperwork upon signing.

That went over bad. Also seeing as you can generate text with welcome to Mexico, add a link to start the Mobile without boundaries process. I know I will love it and I think it is a wonderful feature to show your customers they are valued and you have their utmost comfort in mind while traveling.


My husband went into the Local T-mobile store In Spokane Wa. He had his credit run and was approved for a account. The Sales person gave him a non credit account that charges 250.00 a month rather than 150-180 a month with credit. So we get the bill 250.00 and Alvin my husband calls to get a arrangement. He tells them the situation so they grant him 10 days to pay. I call to pay the bill. The customer assistance says. you have a zero balance. I ask are you sure? He says yes I am looking at your account right now. Your next bill is due Oct. 6th.

The next day the phones off. I call to see what happened and told the operator what happened. I asked to speak to a manager. I was given Arvin S. He was rude spoke over me and was saying you should have paid your bill. I told him I called and was told it was $0 owed. I thought perhaps the previous Supervisor put the account at zero for the tricky way we had been put in a higher payment account then we should have been. How could I pay a balance that was set to zero owing?


Tmobile like to waste your time, gas, and money. For a while now my phone has drained around 50% of its battery overnight. After talking to a phone technician for 2 days. I had to reformat my phone to make sure it was the battery that has a problem. He told me before I send it in for a manufacturer warranty exchange I should bring it in to inspect it for damages so I wont be surprised by hidden charges. When I brought it in for and an inspection the worker had told me that I do not have a problem and the phone is safe to exchange.

I continued to proceed with the manufacturer warranty exchange. Fast forward to next week. I come in after I received a messaging saying my phone has arrived. I came in to exchange my phone and they told me because I have a small crack on the screen I would be charged the full price of the phone. I told them what the other worker said the prior week when he has inspected it. They continue to say that they cant help me. If they had told me prior that it is a problem them I wouldn't have minded.

But after they have wasted my time, effort, and gas they told me it not they problem but mine.I have gone out of my way multiple time, driving to the store twice, multiple calls to customer services, and formatting my phone just to get my time wasted and ignored by the people are supposed to help me.


Horrible, horrible, horrible. I cannot begin to explain the horrendous service you can expect to receive once you walk into his place. I went into this store 3 days prior to actually buying a phone, as soon as I walked inside I had this lady follow me asking if I needed help I said no I was just looking she came up to me 2 time after asking the same question I finally asked her about the galaxy s6 edge (which was on display) if they had any other colors she responded saying yes. I came back 3 days after ready to buy the phone and a guy this time attended me I told him the phone I wanted and he said that it's on display but they no longer have it in stock I would have to purchase it online and walked away from me.

I then asked him to okay go through with the order online, a man standing next to me goes and asks what phone is he selling I tell him the galaxy s6 edge and without even thinking about it he gives me a disgusted look and says "eww" and then proceeds to tell me he is a manager at another store and that he knows about phones ( I have no clue how he became a manager with those non customer service skills). I then asked the guy selling me my phone if it was brand new and not refurbished or previously owned he clearly said "yes it's brand new" a week later and I still have not received my phone I get a call from t-mobile saying I had 48 hours from the day I ordered the phone to sign an electronic form (which I was never informed of) and thus my order was canceled.

I called t-mobile and re-ordered it which took another week and when I finally get it surprise surprise the box says pre-owned and to top it off the sim card doesn't fit. This store and t-mobile combined are just straight trash. To take your money they do with the quickness but to actually have good customer service is apparently difficult for them.


Went to my T-Mobile store today, Sept. 14, 2016 and thanked the man for NOT giving me any service! He was downright rude. I had two questions and since someone else there had installed tat drive well app, I figured they would know more than my local State Farm office. I was frankly told they had nothing to do with apps and I should go elsewhere. I intend to go elsewhere and seek a better and more friendly telephone company as soon as possible. You would think that T Mobile would hire employees with a better demeanor and who are not so slovenly.

This store is across from the Mall on 192 in Melbourne Florida and the funny thing is that they send you to that mall for a battery replacement...that in and of itself should have been a red flag. I must say that generally this is the worst employee I have seen there, but initially when I purchased the Galaxy 4 they did not transfer the info from my Blackberry and I had to go to Best Buy for that. Suggest that T-Mobile needs to hire better individuals who are not so nasty.


I went to visit a local T-Mobile to inquiry about portable wifi, unlimited talk and text and data, and to look at the phone and tablet selection. No one greeted me, or asked if I needed any assistance, another customer came in shortly and a representative urgently rushed to greet them and proceeded to assist them. I just left the store.


Been having trouble with T-Mobile lately. When I'm at home, the phone scrambles and disconnects while I'm talking to someone. Then I can't use the phone for about 15 minutes. So far, T Mobile can't solve the issue. I've spent hours on this. They sent me a new phone and the next day, scramble, scramble scramble. It sounds like a tape rewinding. Customer service told me I was receiving a credit which was a lie. It didn't happen. Then when I called and asked for a supervisor, the rep kept saying, "Don't worry about it." I waited for a long time to be connected to a supervisor and he transferred me to another rep. So I tried to talk to a supervisor again and was transferred to someone's voice mail. This is lousy service and I'm ready to change to a new carrier.


As a new 8 day customer I am totally blown away. Excellent telephone service, great customer service reps experience, but I've had nothing but issues with my iPhone 6s device itself from day 1, if you were to research the notes you would be informed of my issues. The very first day. I had 5 dropped calls, then I found out that my data wasn't provisioned correctly therefore i could not use data. I had to call three times to your tech support reps whom I would have to give excellent scores to for their hard work.

Why did I have to call because I had go reinstall apples software just to place a call and use data. Finally if I wish to upgrade my telephone to your new iPhone 7 which is a win win for both your company plus myself I am forced to pay a fee, pardon my language a (bull****) $50.00/$75.00 restocking fee. Next, I wouldn't be able to use my prepaid iPhone 6s balance of $189.99 cash which I paid towards the iPhone 6s towards for the purchase of a new iPhone 7. Therefore I plan to just return to return to the store and pay the restocking fee for the iPhone 6s and just get my cash back while using my unlocked iPhone 6 from At&t.


I place an order online for a new iPhone 7. I received the email with Equipment Agreement & order #. when I check the order the next day, it stated it can take up to 48 hr to update ( I check a few time). I called after the 48hrs and was told by the rep I had no email on file, yet I received the first email. and my order was canceled and she could not help. Asked for a supervisor, the supervisor was going to place the order for me, gave her my card number which repeat back wrong twice, them tell me it was denied, gave another card same repeating wrong numbers again denied. after 30 minute I gave up and was not going to give another card number. I guess T-Mobile does not want me to buy a new phone.


I've been a customer of T-Mobile for many years. I made the switch from Sprint to Suncom before it became T-Mobile because of poor customer service on Sprints part. My account is in good standing I have 4 lines. I recently moved from Asheville NC where service was so so due to the geography I would drop a call every now and then and because my house was in a cove I used my WiFi a lot but I was able to get calls or make calls when I needed. Since I moved to Elkhart IN and spend 98% of my time in Middlebury IN and the other 3% Driving I might as well not even take my phone with me because I have little to no service here. I use wifi whenever I can but I don't feel like I should have to.

At first I thought it was my phone so I took it to the T-mobile store at the University park mall in Mishawaka IN and had the Sim card replaced and checked to make sure all my settings were there for optimal service. Drove back out to Middlebury and still no service. The clerk at the store told me service is bad in that area because it's an amish community and it's just not needed out there. Well I beg to differ it's very important to have cell service no matter where you are after all it is what I pay for. I use my phone as a gps and I use Spotify for music. I am retired from law enforcement and My wife works in the medical field and has to be in contact with her office at all times so you can imagine how big of an inconvenience not having service when you need it has been.

Not to mention my son who also has a phone has no way of contacting me from school unless he uses a land line. Once again something we shouldn't have to do for the amount of money we have spent. And even then if he tries to call me I won't get the call until I can connect with wifi. And sometimes that doesn't even work. It's extremely frustrating even when we are in Elkhart if my son goes for a bike ride or if my wife goes running communication can't happen because of the lack of service.

As it stands now I don't have many other options but to find a new career or service and that sucks because up until this point my services with T-mobile was something I would brag about not just the call quality but the employees at the store in Asheville NC off Patton Ave. Who was always ready to go above and beyond. I'm really disappointed and feel really inconvenienced at this point.... but I don't have many other options. I need to be able to make calls and receive calls on the go and not tied down to the wifi at my house or the local McDonalds if that was the case I would have stayed with my home land line and never invested in my cell phones. I understand why service was spoty in the mountains of NC but the idea that it's this bad up here is just not right.

I'd love to find a way to resolve these issues not only for myself and my family but for the thousands of tourists who come to this area who run into the same problems I have... I have attached the location of several towers or at least the ones that showed up. With winter coming it's vital for my wife's safety my son's safety and even my elderly parents to be able to reach me my wife or my son.


The original plan I signed with T-Mobile was for unlimited local calls and texting. Last month I had someone visiting from Europe and I gave him the fourth line that we do not use in order to be able to contact me for the duration of his stay. My phone bill for the month is 1200. I was never notified by T-Mobile that there were called being made internationally. When I became a T-Mobile client I specifically told the salesperson all I wanted was a set deal only talk and text. I have spoken to several personal on the phone and I do not get any correct answer to my problem. So I am vey dissatisfied and I will be leaving your service. I have been with you for four years and have gotten no promotional deal with you, I have also paid my bill way ahead of time. If this is the way you treat your customers then you do not deserve my or my families business.


I purchased a phone at the t-mobile store. After about two weeks I realized something was vert wrong with the phone call connection. All was well with the other apps. So after trying for a week strict to get the phone fixed, exchanged and re-evaluated, no go on the phone calls. Now because I started bringing it in 7 days after the "buyers remorse" period, the won't reimburse me, take the phone back or be credited for it on my account. How can t-mobile sell defective products and not stand by them when something goes wrong? Especially if they keep saying this is not a common problem? Also, the warranty exchange phone was so defective it would not turn on! T-mobile has been trying to sell defective phones, hoping to not have returns by having a crazy short period. Most retail stores have a 30 days return policy. Why 14 for t-mobile? Because they know they sell defective devices.


On July 28,2016, while shopping at Westown Mall, Knoxville, TN. I went to a T mobile Kiosk booth to inquire about my account. I approach a representative (Yessmean or something like that) to ask. While i was asking her about my account, she ignored me completely and she started using her cell phone taking pictures of the mall. BTW, NO customer(s)was present at that time and there were three reps manning the booth. My fiancee was there and witnessed everything that happened.

I immediately called (611) T mobile customer service number to register a complaint about the horrible "customer service" (or non existent ) I just received from their kiosk booth. The person (Brad, i think the name i spoke on the phone) stated that there is no need to talk to management because he said that he will take care of it. HE did not mention his job title.. Forgot to ask. If I could, I want to rate my experience with a negative star review on this complaint board. Yes, that bad!


The sales person set up the rebate buy one Samsung 7 and get one free. They turned down my rebate because they said the sales person did not set it up correct. I have called several times and went in to the store. The store manager from Elk Grove said this would be cleared up and he would call me. I just received a text from T-Mobile with my bill and it still reflects the discrepancy.

The problem with this is that I did not go into the store planning on buying three phones. I went into to get a birthday present for my stepson, which who only wants an I-phone. Also, I needed to get a replacement phone for my husband because he broke his phone while we were on vacation.

I have been getting the run around from one person to the other. I am frustrated and want this taken care of. Right now I feel like walking in the store and turning all the phones in and going to Sprint.


I am tired of complaining to T-Mobile, wifi never works! Images attached.


I have been having hard time with the representative and nobody was able to solve my problem. T-mobile keep sending huge bill every money. About four month ago, T-mobile sent me a new phone which I was charged $175. Although, I have insurance on the old before it got broken but T-mobile still charge me. I agree to pay the amount which I already finished the payment. But to my own surprises, the same bill keep showing on my bill.

I'm frustrated and regret having T-mobile as my carrier. I introduced T-mobile to all my family member but they are blaming me for it. I regret why I did that, I wish I had known T-mobile is not good I wouldn't have introduce it to my family. I wish somebody could help me out because have spoke with more than 20 representative already they couldn't solve the issue. I have been paying more than I suppose to pay .


After being with T-mobile for 12 years I will leaving them as soon as I get my billing resolved. Their customer service is horrible, incompetent and rude. I moved from a personal account to a business account in March and asked them to close my personal account. This still has not been done, every time I call they say its all done, I should wait for the next bill it will show all the adjustments. I am still getting duplicate bills, one for the old personal account and another for the business account. Its not the old T-mobile I know and frankly I have had enough. Good bye and good luck. We need more competition.


Our basic plan billing was for basic which states on the bill that we have unlimited talk ,text and high speed data. We discovered among the charges (a series of letter ad numbers) a charge for 5GB data. After an afternoon for transfers from place to place we found out that the charge was for extra 5GB and that the basic statement of unlimited data meant limited to 2GB. They ain't going to refund the 2 years they charged us and said that the wording might be changed on future billing.


Service in my local T-Mobile store has been a pretty bad experience. I was promised a low price on my plan but they raised it to double than to what I was told, the employees ignored me when I walked in, they helped the other people that walked in after me.


I'm General Manager of a store in Houston. T-Mobile is screwing over people like me. The T-Mobile associate came to MY workplace, approached ME saying he could do me a favor. I'm assuming he's paid on commission after all this. My contract at the time (May 2016) was with Sprint. I was paying no more than $92/Mo for the service and an LG G3. The T-Mobile rep said he could match the contract price, and get me a better phone if I just paid the down payment / activation fee. I did. I paid him $100 on the spot. He informed me that I would receive a last bill from sprint, and that I should send it over with my phone to have the amount credited.

I received my last bill from Sprint around the same time as my first bill from T-Mobile. The rep assured the bill would match my Sprint bill but now I'm being charged $127 by T-Mobile for a single month's usage. I'm told that is because of "Prorated Billing", something the associate never discussed with me but now I'm told that I have to pay for an additional month. A little upset.

But now I'm being told by T-Mobile that it is "too late" for me to send them the bill or the phone.. I have a G3 in perfect shape and a phone company that's still billing me for service that I "cancelled", so the service transfer was apparently never run by Sprint. The associate told me I would NOT have to contact my old provider, and that T-Mobile would "Handle it" but in the meantime I'm still receiving bills, and T-Mobile is refusing to honor the original deal I had made, and that deal is the only reason I left my previous contract.

Now T-Mobile's "favor" is forcing me to deal with 2 phone providers billing me $150 and $170, when before the only payment I had to worry about was a one-time $92. Tell me why I switched? This is definitely something worthy of small claims court.


None of the retail stores have updated software for transferring files, contacts, photos, etc. when upgrading devices. In particular, for Lg G5. I was there for over 2 hours and each attempt failed. Corporate needs to update and/or replace the existing software/machines. Customer care was unhelpful and rude. But, the in-store manager was attentive. I expected better in so much as I'm a customer since 2004.


Had a phone that was purchased from T-Mobile May 2015. Phone was not charging. Sent phone back in January 2016 for a fix or replacement since it was still under warranty. It has been 6 months and still waiting. The information I receive tells me to keep checking every 10 days. Seriously fed up.


I have been on the phone 5 hours trying to get your 25 dollar monthly service only to get the run around and was told I will get the 4 g service and never got any resolution. That is incomprehensible and abhorrent. And was treated like a piece of shit.no company should treat someone like that. You are the worst company. Shame on you. You wasted my entire day and still no resolution!


I signed up with T-Mobile back in February of 2016. me and my father ordered 3 phones and two tablets. however customer service did not check our address to see if we had a service which we did not. we had to wait for a cell tower to be sent by mail because none of our stores actually carried any.... which did not work. we had to then wait for another cell tower to be sent by mail ----all the while doing without phones because we absolutely had no service.

First of all they sent the wrong phone for my father I reordered another phone for him and they sent me the exact same phone that I was waiting to return to them. They did not set up my insurance as I requested my account went without insurance for 6 or 7 days until I had to call and speak with a supervisor to get it corrected because the customer service representative could not do it and would not do it. Every CSR that we spoke to there at T-Mobile was more rude and more rude with every phone call and every problem that we had!

I finally spoke with supposed manager by the name of Cody who was the most rudest person I've ever spoke to...he did not care about our issues or our problems and that made the final decision for me to cancel our service and to send back the products that we had ordered. We returned the phones and tablets within the 20-day deadline and they still billed me for a month of service and they also billed me for data charges which were not correct because we absolutely didn't even turn the phones on. I called and spoke with a supervisor named Marty or Monty on 4-27-16 and he said that he was going to take care of the bill...and that we shouldn't owe anything and that we did not use any of the devices and that they were actually still in the original boxes!

We were still billed for data charges and the phones and tablets were never taken out of the boxes. we never even called anyone we never sent one text message or anything. And now my bill has jumped from what was originally one $198.29 to $952.50 !!! miraculously they are charging me for canceling my service when everything was returned within the 20 days of us ordering the service and the cell phones and tablets.

I have tried several times just since I receive this building to contact T-Mobile and speak with a supervisor and everytime I call I have to go through a 45 minutes to 1 hour whole time just to speak with someone who can actually transfer me to a supervisor to get this account taken care of. I know that they are able to look at the account and verify that there was no data used at all either for the cell phones or for the tablets. I have been told twice that they would return my calls I have not received a phone call back I will not pay a bill that I did not incur I did not use any cell service I did not use any data I did not use the tablets or the phones and I want this bill taken and written off and I will never ever recommend T-Mobile to anyone even if they were the last cell service on the face of this Earth!!


We learned from friends that T mobile has” buy one, get one free” promotion for Samsung Galaxy S7 phones in March 2016. Considering that T mobile is a reputable company, without any doubt we decided to catch the deal and switch our cell phone service from AT&T to T mobile. We went to a local T mobile store (store 5879) in Gainesville, Florida, where we bought two S7 Edge phones on March 15th. At the store, we specifically asked the store associate what we needed to do to get the get-one-free rebate, and we were told that all is set and we just need to wait for the rebate card which would be mailed to us in 6~8 weeks. However, up to May 13th we had not received any rebate card or email of any sort confirming that the rebate was being processed.

We became suspicious and called T mobile customer service to check the rebate status. To our surprise, there is no record of our rebate in T mobile system. The customer service explained that in order to get the rebate, either the store associate or we by ourselves need to fill up the rebate application online shortly after phone purchase. Since it was already 8 weeks past the date we purchased the phones and the promotion had long expired, we could not apply for the rebate anymore but were advised to contact the local store to get the rebate.

We therefore went back to the store and talked to the store manager Janneth Wagner, with whom we had the most unpleasant and humiliating experience ever in my life. In an extremely condescending tone, the manager refused to take any responsibility and made excuses to blame us for the mistake which was obviously made by the store. She claimed that we had to use the phones and keep them active right after purchase to get the rebate. But later she admitted that there was no such requirement written anywhere in the contact or the promotion. Even worse, because we are not American, she said that it could be that we didn’t understand what the store associate said (in English) when we purchased the phone.

After a long negotiation, she said that she would call T mobile later to see what we could do, and made promises to get back to us on Monday May 16th. We waited till Tuesday morning, without any message from her. The get-one-free rebate is $ (779.99) is not a trivial amount of money to anyone. And no customer deserves to be treated like what we did by the store manager. We sincerely believe what we have experienced does not and should not represent the service ethic of T-mobile. During the whole time, the store manager Janneth Wagner was shirking their responsibilities and blaming us. We should not pay for T-mobile store’s fault (3606 southwest Archer Road). We are hoping somebody can help us get the rebate what we deserved.


Been with T-Mobile for 10 yrs or more. Have been using Samsung for years now. Lately I had problems with Samsung within a year or two on two phones (for me and daughter). I am new to using iPhone. I purchased two equipment on 5/9/16 at the store located in Mason Katy TX. Richard was the CSR. He was great.

The problem started next day (5/10) I could not remember a pass code to enter in and use the iPhone. Tried fixing it on our own but apparently we weren't able to complete the process. I took it back to Richard after so many calls from T-Mobile, they said they can't help us over the phone, the device is defective. 5/11 I went to the store. My frustrations is utmost due to a lot of calls I missed. Went to the store hoping it will be resolve after office hours and have not eaten anything yet. Richard went back and forth - he was nice all the time.

Then he said that he cannot fix the iPhone because it's my fault that I locked myself out and that I bring it to the Apple store. (The Apple store is 18-20 miles away.) The iPhone is under my ownership. ----- I was so furious. The lady (CSR) inside the store follow through with the same response, stern look on her face even though she said "I'm sorry". The other CSR, male, came forward to Richard, walk around and I am waiting if he is coming to rescue, but instead made a smile walk around and look what Richard was doing and went back to his area. I asked Richard if I can go to a Corporate store and he said "No" only at Apple Store.

I left the store, drove down on a rush hour time. I called 611, around 6:30 and the lady understood my concern and patched me to a iPhone expert. I believe he truly is. He recommended to go the nearest Corporate Store, which was on Fry Rd and Sams. I went over there and a young lady reset my phone.


I traded in my iPhone 6 at a T-Mobile store with the understanding that it was worth $230. The person at the store and I did everything to the phone that we were supposed to do and I then mailed the phone in. T-Mobile now says that the phone is "Blocked" and is therefore worthless. I have requested that they return the phone to me but they refuse to do so. The T-Mobile store has tried to help, but to no avail. Customer service refuses to ship the phone back even though I have offered to pay any shipping charge. As some of us have learned from San Bernardino phone, if they attempted to get into the phone they may have bricked it. A simple text message from them could have solved any issue. I have enclosed the photo they sent me which seems indicates that the phone was not bricked when they received it.





Salesmen in T-Mobile Stores are trained to mislead your customers. Nothing against your salesmen, but your method of training by misleading hidden costs, is a joke. What happened to being honest to the customer? My reception in Bremerton, WA is terrible. Five city blocks from your store sucks! The salesmen are polished on their reply and probably deter most of your patriots by pointing out a near tower However, the fact is reception is down to one or two bars only five blocks in any direction l was offered a free router for home but it's $99.


After purchasing a screen protector for my new cell phone at the Massapequa mall I began to install it based on the salesman saying it was easy to do. After noticing some bubbles the salesman had stated it was self healing and would go away in a short time. I then left the kiosk only to turn back because the bubbles were bothering me. After returning back the salesman claimed he could fix it, he then took my phone and began strenuously depressing and rubbing on the screen.

This force caused numerous scuff and scratch marks on the screen protector and had done nothing to remove the bubbles in which he stated he could do. At this point I asked for a refund due to the fact that I should not have had to pay for a damaged item. The salesman refused to issue a refund stating "there is nothing I can do". I was very shocked to see the level of carelessness shown by the 2 employees. Additional information as follows: Item=. 1 SUPM46710 Samsung GS7 PG roll-on extreme impact $27.15. T-Mobile 4369, 10 Sunrise Mall STE 10, Massapequa, NY 11758.


I have been with tmobile for over ten years. I have the cell phone call the wing. I am told this phone was discontinue now I can no longer locate a battery for the phone. I am paying for service but if I am not near a outlet I can not use my phone. My battery life on my phone is a little less than 45 minutes. The only thing everyone in your customer service department wants me to do is purchase a new telephone. No everyone those over price telephone/ new two years plan/ more costly plan. Never did not receive a notice that my cell phone was phase out. If I would have I would have purchase more than one battery for this cell phone. I have been to countless store checking to see if I could locate a battery, with no success. I this how a company suppose to treat a loyal customer.


In mid-May from last year, my fiancé and I decided to switch over from AT&T and Sprint respectively. We went to the T-Mobile store at 82 Lakeview in Clifton, NJ. The manager/team leader was a bit pushy, but the gentleman who assisted us was actually pretty nice and very mellow. We discussed the estimated monthly bill. Understandably, the 1st bill would be more expensive, but the guy said it would cost less than $150.00 per month including EVERYTHING. (Issue #1)

At that time, he gave us a credit for my HTC M8 Harmon/Kardon edition and my fiancé's iPhone 4. We were given $155.00 for the trade-in. (Issue #2: Will explain further down)

Essentially, we only wanted to get the phones, get our credits to cover the termination fees, and buy the accessories online since they are much cheaper there. The guy said we could pick a screen protector and a phone case per phone. We told him we didn't want the items since they are pricey and we were going to buy them online. He said to not worry about it since they were having a promotion and those accessories would be free. (Issue #3) We were pleased to find out such good news. So we both picked a screen protector and a phone case. After everything was totaled up and things were discounted, we paid for the down payment and left.

Issue #1: Fast forward to the 1st statement. It came out to $168.45. We didn't think much of it since the gentleman did say it would cost a little more the 1st month. Then came the 2nd and 3rd statements. All the same amount. We thought it was weird so we sat down and looked through the charges. $20 for JUMP for both phones. That was an additional cost the guy didn't mention. He specifically said EVERYTHING would cost less than $150.00 per month. Him failing to mention the extra charge is basically cheating.

Issue #2: My fiancé's termination fee was $324.90. He was given a credit of $169.9. The remaining $155.00 was never given to him. According to the T-Mobile rep I spoke to over the phone, he said this credit was given to us upon payment of the initial cost and if it wasn't, it would appear as a credit on our next bill. The $155.00 credit we were given was from the phones we traded in. So the credit they deducted from the trade-in had nothing to do with his switch over rebate. We are still waiting for $155.00.

Issue #3: During the sit down to look over the charges, we found out that T-Mobile was charging us for the "free" accessories. This is also cheating, stealing, fraud, and a lie. I wouldn't have had an issue if the gentleman who helped us was honest to begin with instead of hustling us and taking advantage.

Every time I called T-Mobile, I was transferred to another rep or another department. It's ridiculous and time consuming. I believe they do this so the consumer gets tired and eventually gives up. I haven't given up. We are owed $155.00, a reduction in the phone bill, and the cost of the accessories. Regardless of the actual total amount, this is robbery. It's nice to know T-Mobile teaches their employees to lie, cheat, and steal.


I transferred my service from Sprint to T-Mobil on or August 1, 2015 at Store #9716. At that time. I had an iPhone 6 and a Samsung tablet in my possession. Both were traded in at the time in this particular store located at 8498 S. Sam Houston Parkway Suite 900, Houston, TX 77075. Your policy states: "get up to $300 for every trade-in. Plus when switching from an eligible carrier, have your switching costs reimbursed or get credit within 2-3 billing cycles." I received a new iPhone 6 and an Alcatel One Touch Pixi 7 tablet (which I had not heard the name before) on the day of exchange. It took over months before I received a termination fee of approximately $298.50 from T-Mobil because of their computer errors.

I did not realize until a much later date, that I was also to receive an early termination for my Samsung tablet. That is when I got the run-around about the issuance of these fees. I had made several calls to the store and discovered that the representative had moved to a new store in Webster, Texas. I traveled to Webster to speak to this representative in January 2016 to try to settle this matter. He was willing to help settle the matter and gave me an email address to forward a formal complaint. I am still in debt to Sprint for $585.27 which I am unable to full pay before it is sent to a collection agency. The final note in this dilemma was that T-Mobil was giving a total of $200.00 for the Samsung tablet.

It was also noted that due to the time loss that they were unable to give it me for my Sprint account. It was applied to my T-Mobil account. I am a retiree living on a fixed income with a budget meeting my everyday needs. It is not always an easy task when you live on half the salary that you are comfortable living on with the economy steady rising. At this point, I am at a total loss why this was not totally done appropriately in the beginning to avoid all that I have gone to meet my basic needs and try to pay two cellphone bills at the same time. I am insulted and humiliated how this turned out. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


I placed an order on Jan 5th 2016 The rep told me I was getting a I6 plus w/128gb, they would pay any fees for transferring from my former carrier, I could keep my existing number, and a 2GB plan, I was rushed into a quick Esign and after printing off contract within 3 minutes.

I called T-Mobile to cancel, it said a 6gb plan and a 16gb iPhone along w/a new phone number. I was told they had to ship the phone, I returned next day and still haven't had my almost $400 returned that they took out of my account. I've called 17 times and I'm ignored at least 8x and each time I'm promised my refund, I still have not received and it's almost 4months, plus they keep sending me a monthly bill.


I downloaded an app after i bought this Samsung galaxy core prime from my friend called root or something. And then I shut my phone and now all it says is Custom binary blocked by FRP and then there tiny words that say SECURE FAIL: KERNEL. What did a do to fix this I just bought it?


I have a feeling this will be ignored, but I must speak out. I bought a hot spot and refill card in September 2015. In October I used a credit card to purchase data. The following month I decided to use my debit card instead. I was told I could do that online, which I did. Then I find that the credit card and debit card were both being charged since November. I certainly never received twice the data. I spoke with billing and customer support on 3 different occasions (no one has a clue about anything by the way)they said credit card would not be charged again. Didn't happen had to put a block on credit card to stop the charges.

Now your horrible web site won't let me do anything...can't purchase data at all I have to call which takes way to long or go to the store and purchase a refill card, and then find out your refill cards don't even refill I have to purchase a new card every time! I am extremely dissatisfied with T Mobile. I was with Virgin Mobile for years and never had an issue, not one! Guess where I'm going! If I could give you minus stars I would. The worst customer service ever. It has been a nightmare trying to get my issue resolved.


I received a replacement phone from T-Mobile in November, and I shipped my old phone back in December. However T-mobile states the phone was never received. But, I was not made aware of this information until the charge was placed on my account. I visited the UPS store I sent the phone thru, after spending 2 hours there only to find out my phone had been sitting there the entire time and was never shipped. So, that day I made sure the phone was shipped, well T-mobile states because its outside of the 60 days I will still need to be charged $699.00 for the phone. I don't understand the integrity of this decision especially since this phone is now with T-mobile, and can be sent thru the refurbished process and then sent back out to sell to another customer.

I even advised the Manager, that in part to my phone being shipped in December, that I visited your North Richland Hill Store Multiple times because the store rep erased all my information by accident, and the store was trying to come up with ways to retrieve my information instead of just admitting the ball was dropped. Overall I spent about 15 hours with your in store support and still the problem created by the store rep was never resolved, and never was I offered compensation for the huge financial problem this caused me. I've lost about 400 clients and still have not recovered the entire 400 lost. I do not feel the $699.00 is valid and when I inquired about the charge to cancel my account your staff pretty much gave me the red carpet to leave. I've never witnessed a Customer Service so eager and happy to lose a customer. Your assistance with resolving this matter will be greatly appreciated.


I am charged for $10,000 worth of minutes use. I have been calling internationally without being alerted that I am over using international calls. I feel exploited especially when I was asked to pay this huge bill and CAN'T. When I over use my data, the company notifies me about it so why didn't they do the same with international calls?


Hello Mr. Legere, I know you are the CEO of T-Mobile. I am a customer and I must say I am not satisfied. I want to make my complaint brief but it hard to do so with the level of frustration I am feeling. I purchased a Samsung 6 Edge and have been with you for almost 2 years. About a week ago my phone was not working and no one seems to be able to get it functioning so I called the 877-413-5903 customer service number on Monday at 4:19pm (for 17 minutes) and 4:37pm (for 12 minutes) to which the sales rep was assisting on a replacement phone.

In the mist of the call I was inquiring about the LGV10 and he stated that I was eligible for the Jump on Demand. I asked how do I go about that he stated that once my replacement phone arrives to I could take it to any T-Mobile store and request for the phone.

I then asked him if I had to pay anything and when he searched on his end he informed me that I would not. Well on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 I went to the location on 1146 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC I spoke with a Sales Associate by the name of Geimo ( I may have mis-spelled his name) and he even checked the system and said the only thing I had to pay was my past due balance of $267 or $261 somewhere in that ball park. I told him that I would have to come back to which I did however he has left for the day so another gentleman assisted me but proceeds to tell me I had to pay a deposit of $285 even though I am doing the Jump on Demand.

He then proceeded to sell me a different plan to which I am not sure I want to continue with what I have given the level of false information I have been receiving. I did tell him that upon speaking to the initial rep on Monday, February 15, 2016 there was nothing I had to pay. So on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 5:50pm I was speaking to yet another rep from the 877-413-5903 number and he was saying the same thing that the initial rep stated from Monday but I informed him that I was about to get on the subway and could he give me a call back at 6:30pm so that we can clear up the miscommunication of what I endured so he stated how about I call you at 6:35pm to which I agreed.

Well I never received that call. I had to end up making yet another call to speak with yet another rep at 7:33pm(called lasted 28 minutes) to which I was still unsuccessful in receiving any positive outcome…I did get an apology for the false information from the sales rep on Monday, February 15, 2016 but that does not help me. I was told that I had to be a valued customer for at least 3 years before I could receive an no down payment on a device with the Jump on Demand.

Livid is what I am, so you mean to tell me even if I left from one wireless company to come to T-Mobile I am not considered a valued customer because I have not been with you all for 3 or more years…Wow smack in the face when I was informed that, the sad part is I had my daughter leave from Sprint to come to T-Mobile on my plan and I must say I don’t them I would recommend anyone else if that is the case. Yes I pay my bill monthly, I do not let another month overlap.

I am not sure if you are the right person to reach out to but I just had to try, yes I want the LGV10 and I would send the Samsung 6 Edge but I shouldn’t have to pay a deposit if I am and already been a customer.


I've been a customer with you for 3 years, and I would like you to look up my account. I have never missed a payment and I am now complaining because recently, to be specific November, 2015 I added my friend and landlord Lawrence Spearman to my line thinking that we would with combined bills (because he had a T-Mobil account also), our bills would be less.

T-mobile customer service representatives never told me that if I put him on my account that the extra equipment he was still paying for would not be able to transferred again if I want to go back to my original account. I talked to your specialist who told me that he should have paid the equipment in full before your company could switch him to my account.

I was not under the impression that Mr. Spearman had extra equipment on his account (an I-pad and key board) that would make his bill higher. So after an month of seeing how much the bill was and finding out all the extra-charges on the bill. I preferred to go back to my past service paying only $156.00 give or take more or less each month.

Which we did, he agreed also to go back to his original account and he would be responsible for paying his account. Now your customer service reps will not transfer his monthly payments for his I-Pad equipment back to his account. They never even told me they were leaving his extra bill on my account and now I am responsible for his payments because none of your employees told me your policy that they cannot transfer his equipment to his account with his phone.

My complaint is your that customer services representative should did not properly explain my responsibility to me and I am stuck with his bill after I pay for my service.


I've had to have an adjustment to my bill since August, 2015. Every month my bill increases. On Tuesday, 2/9/16, once again, I had to go to my "home" store to have it adjusted. This time they tod me it was for taxes that the T-Mobile store was in aware of. So, when I went to change my service a few months ago when 10 gigs was being offered, my monthly bill, including taxes was calculated at $170 & change. WHY is my bill $192.47? For the December, 2015 bill, it was $179.22 & adjusted to $167.22. My Nov. 2015 bill was $154.73 after adjustments. My September, 2015 bill was $193.08 & adjusted to $167.43.

My August bill was $211.03 & adjusted to $170.34. June & July bills were $150.87 &$151.53 respectively. Granted, after June, I increased my services to 10gigs. Before I decided to increase my service, told them I wanted to know what my bill was going to be. So, if I was informed that my bill would be approximately $170, give or take a few cents, why oh why is my bill $192?


I was charged data roaming charges of $140.00 after being told I would not be charged for these upgrades by phone while on vacation. I specifically asked 3 times if there would be any charges to my account and was told because I was a long time customer of 10 years, there would be no charge. I asked if I would need to call back to cancel any type of service and was told that it would automatically drop off at the end of the month. I go to pay my bill this month and see all these additional charges.

I call customer service and the Rep tells me she can credit my account $40.00 for the inconvenience, because I did use the data even after returning home now for the last month. I have been with this company for so long, I do not regularly check my account as the amount I owe stays the same, she had the nerve to ask me, "so you are just now looking at your account to see the increase"? Why are the calls recorded for "quality service" if for training purposes you do not or as I was told, cannot go back and listen to these calls? Why are the notes on the account so vague. Of course, it did not indicate why I was calling in or that you were not charging me. Now you want me to pay an extra $200.00 in charges and stay with your company for THIS type of SERVICE? NO THANK YOU!

You have just lost a 10 year customer and I will surely pass on my disgust with your company to everyone I know!


Tried over 2 days to invoke auto pay. Went through credit card data, etc, etc. time after time. Each time it goes to the confirmation of terms and conditions and you are asked to press "1" to accept. When you press 1 it takes you to a sales associate and the cycle starts over. Each time this takes 30 to 45 minutes. Each time the sales associate states they can do nothing but transfer you to a billing specialist who then transfers you back to a sales associate who then takes the information again and so on and so on. When I asked for a manager I am told they can not do that and transfer me to another person that can not help. We have wasted hours and hours on this. I vote with my dollars. If someone does not call to get this working for this employee I will change carriers.


My husband purchased a new phone for me called the Grand Prime on December 24th. This phone has been giving me problems every since I bought it. I took it back to the store and they have swapped it out two times already. On January 23 I took it back to the store again. I let them know that this phone is not working again and this time I asked them to give me a refund. They told me that they cannot give me a refund. I asked then if they can give me another phone comparable to what I have. All I want is a phone that works. The customer service guy said he would have to e mail some higher up person to get the okay. I asked how long will this take. He said she is pretty good about getting back with them rite away. I said okay. About 45 minutes goes buy and this women still has not e mailed him back. That is when the owner of the store at least that's who he said he was says to the young man, she probable will not get back with you until Monday the 24th.

I said to him, if you knew she was not going to respond until Monday why didn't you say something. That is when the customer service next to the person waiting on me started rolling his eyes and snickering like this was funny. I told him this is not funny then he said in a sarcastic voice you have a good day now. That when I got really upset and told him loudly, what he could do. Then the owner of the store told me to get out of the store. At the same time he started walking up fast behind the counter with his fist balled up like he was going to come from behind the counter to hit me. I believe he was going to call me a nigger but he stopped short of saying it. the look he gave me was a look of hatred. I told him if he puts his hands on me, there is going to be problems. Then he said I am going to call the police.

I said go ahead I am not scared of the police. I told him very loudly if you are the owner, then give me a refund or a phone comparable to the one I have. He said he couldn't. The police came and asked me what the problem was and I explained to him what had transpired in the store with these two men. They told the police that they would take care of my problem January 25th when the store opens. I called them on the 25th of January they told me in light of what happened on Saturday they refuse to help me. In summary I am a 62 year old women, I need a phone that works. I cannot afford to keep buying phones. A hundred thirty three dollars is not a lot to your company butt it is a lot to us. I need a phone that works.


I switched to T-Mobile in April of 2015 and was promised a reimbursement of up o $350 for each of he 4 lines I switched. Uploaded my final Att bill in June and within a few weeks I received 1 Visa card for aprox $350. I called to find out why the other cards weren't sent out. I was told that they only received the bill for 1 line,which is ridiculous if all 4lines were on the same bill I sent. On Aug 6th 2015 I was contacted by Kristin from the merchant solution center (I had a business account) and was given a fax number to send back my AT&T bill. I did on Aug 13th. T-Mobile is claiming that I uploaded the information to the incorrect website so my reimbursement was put under review.

I have a screenshot from their website with the approval of $921.23 dated Nov 6th and my account was in good standing but they never sent out my reimbursement card. Fed up with their false promises I left the company on Niv 17th. I had filed a claim with the FCC so now TMobile is saying that since I owe them they will not issues he reimbursement. The point is that they were suppose o issue my reimbursement in a timidly manner just as was making my payments in a timidly manner and sent in all required documents.


I have been a customer with T-Mobile for years. The Customer Service has always been excellent and anytime I have called, the representative has been helpful and would help me with any issues I had and in way they could and would. I have called in the last 6 month to complain about my phone not working right and not one person would help me, and just call again today 1/21/2016 about the raise in Premium Handset Protection. Yes, it's only $2.00 but my Union has been on a freeze for two years now and since you can't raise the price of the phone you raise the price of the protections. But the phone in garbage. I told the rep. that I was cancelling my service. She said, ok well thank you for your time. This is the kind of Customer Service you give your people now. I'm not the only one, many of my co-workers and friends have had the same issues and have left T-Mobile, and I'm right behind them.

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