T-Mobile Complaints Continued... (Page 8)

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I purchased t mobile’s family plan with 3 lines, one for my husband, one for myself and one for our 2 children for emergency. I set up to cancel with at&t service on Tuesday, and since i made an order late on Friday night, t mobile said i would receive the package on Tuesday. But the package arrived on Monday when nobody was home, so i had to make an after hours pick at ups. I could have been home waiting for package if i was told the package could arrive on Monday. Then i spent one hour on the phone setting up my account and activating service on all 3 phones. I really enjoyed their service for a day and a half. Then midday on Wednesday, out of nowhere, t mobile canceled my service. Sweet!


Although they seem to be taking over the wireless world, they fire people with no explanation. I know someone who worked there for nearly 3 years, and was let go. he went to work and was told to take the weekend off, and was suspended and was not told so. then he found out he was fired by someone else, not even his manager…. hmm doesnt seem right, does it?

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