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Marriott International, Inc. is a multinational hospitality company that manages and franchises a large portfolio of hotel and resort properties. It is publicly traded on NASDQ:MAR. Revenues in 2015 were reported as 14.4 billion USD. In 2013 employees were reported numbering over 199,000. As of 2016 Marriott operates 30 brands internationally.

To reach Guest Services call 1-800-721-7033 or you may find guest help here. If you would like to write to CEO Arne M. Sorenson, address an envelop with Marriott International, Inc., 10400 Fernwood Road, Bethesda, MD 20817-1102. The corporate office phone number is 301-380-3000.

In addition to Marriott Rewards benefits guests will also be able to book stays at Marriott owned Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis properties. The new Marriott headquarters are being built atop the American Legion Bridge in Maryland. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Good Evening,

My name is Lisa Brown and I would like to file a formal disability complaint on your Marriott location
28555 Northwestern Hwy Southfield,Mi. I was scheduled to check in today and upon checking in I was notified the elevator was not working and there were no rooms available on the first floor. I am disabled and asked why the hotel didn’t have a policy to notify this guest if this prior to the arrival. I found this unprofessional and tasteless. Being that I had to either walk up a flight of stairs or find another hotel. The hotel manager became belligerent and told me he was cancelling my reservation since I was unhappy. I told him that yes I was very unhappy but I still needed the hotel room because surrounding hotels were very high. He then proceeded to tell me no i couldn’t stay there and cancelled my reservation leaving me disabled and without hotel accommodations for the night. I feel like I was discriminated against only because I am disabled. I would like to speak with someone from Marriott cooperate department before escalating this complaint. I can be reached at

Thank You
Lisa Brown


While staying at the Marriott Residence Inn, Lexington City Center in Aug 2020, I experienced some situations that should be brought to senior management attention as well as the Health and Human Services Dept. The swimming pool was recently opened,with a maximum of 8 guests allowed at any time. I went to check out the pool and it looked like a family of 6 with their dog was enjoying the pool. I’m a dog person, have had Boxer dogs for decades, but even I know you don’t put your dog in the swimming pool and help it swim around. I reported this to hotel staff that said they would notify hotel security. This seemed odd, so at my earliest I reached out to the front desk and was told they knew nothing about the violation. I believe this is a health code violation, but I’ll leave that to the state of Kentucky to determine.


General Manager, Townplace Suites, Lake Forest, CA

I am taken back that there had been a decision to assess a charge to my credit card after some questionable accusations. I can say with absolute certainty that I did not nor did anyone else smoke in room 209 during my stay at the hotel and I did not vandalize anything. I touched the smoke detector in an attempt to reset it after it went off. It did not go off because I touched it. The top portion separated from the base very easily without any force as it was designed to do. Afterwards I did not attempt to reinstall myself. and placed it on the counter and thats where it was when i checked out of the room a day and a half later There was no tampering with the unit. I advised the front desk what happened in person that night after i finished with my shower.

After speaking with you today on the phone I had the following thoughts:

The smoke detector did go off and I attempted to reset it which, in most instances, is what is usually done to get the loud beeping to stop (very loud)
- I believe that is what the average person would do in that type of situation (without presence of indication of a further problem)
- I understand now that the smoke detectors are wired to communicate directly with the fire department
- I was not given any information by the hotel regarding the new system and what to do in the event it went off and that it could only reset by the fire department remotely. I dont even think it would be reasonable to expect a typical guest to know that.

I turned on the shower and went to the restroom. I it a small cash register receipt on fire for not more than a couple of seconds and then tossed it in the toilet to cover up the smell. The restroom was primarily filled with steam, not smoke and the alarm did not activate until after iI was in the shower soaping up..The bathroom door remained open the entire time.

As you are aware,the smoke detector is installed just outside the restroom door. You are adamant that these new alarms can not be set off by steam. However they still use optical photoelectric sensors and /or ionization sensors and use led light sources. Until smoke and steam refract light differently so it can be measured which they won't or until a new different light source with different results is found and used then steam will always be a potential for a false alarm. There is a lot of information available regarding that issue. Potential for false alarms is not much of a selling feature and maybe why you were not aware of it.

What these new smoke detectors do do is use multiple types of sensors that helps to identify the density of smoke, steam, dust or other particulates that it is sensing. So in the event of fire the information relayed can aid in the fire department's assessment of type and stage of fire. They don't sense heat but can different between something smoldering or fanning flames, Honeywell is a great company and makes a great product but even the FSP-951 is not foolproof and can have a false alarm. There was no smoking in the room. Very little smoke was released from the receipt (a walmart receipt about 4 inches in length) before it was flushed down the toilet and at the time the bathroom was filling with steam.

Yes the smoke detector is designed to be tamper proof from a standpoint that can't be intentionally deactivated or altered to not work correctly and wire so that an alert is sent when they are removed. THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED.

The smoke detector activated while I was in the shower and in an attempt to deactivate it the top came off like it was designed to do. NOTHING WAS FORCED OFF. Nothing was broken and there were no other pieces or parts of pieces anywhere around to be seen. The top part was placed on the countertop. That's it.. It was not wrapped up or thrown away by me. There is not any reasonable reason to have done so. I wasn't trying to hide anything. i didnt vandalize or tamper with anything.The fire department and the night manager knew what happened.

You said that this was a life and safety issue and everything needs to be checked out and I agree. After the alarm went off nobody came to the room. Not anyone from the hotel. Not the fire department. Not even the next day.Nobody It wasn't until after I checked out u and your staff decided in your own minds that it was only that I was smoking in the room and You were going to assess the fee for smoking in the room. There was no other evidence like a smoke smell in the room or reported to be in the hallway or ashes on the floor or a cigarette butt.I have never smoked ever anywhere let alone your hotel. I find it amusing that as we spoke about the fee you were going to charge me you continually changed what it was for. Are you indirectly trying to get me to pay for the water leak you had on the forth floor during my stay and this is an opportunity to do that. I hope not but trust me the further this goes the more I will find out whats really going on.

There is nothing that had to be cleaned or replaced due to smoke. The only thing that is required to be done is that the top of the unit needs to be put back in place by someone qualified to run the appropriate tests on it after doing so. You already told me your company has a maintenance contract that covers this type of thing. If I was trying to hide anything I could have put it back up myself.

The hotel is not going to incur any additional expense from this but you want to have a guest incur an expense for an unintentional situation. I can tell you that it wasn't a great experience for me having that smoke detector go off while I was in the shower. I have only one story that I have told over and over. No missing facts. i didn't do anything malicious or anything an average person would not have also done given the same circumstances.

If the top part of the smoke detector was in the trash it wasn't put there by me. Maybe housekeeping put it there when they cleaned the room. Which trash and why was someone going through my trash anyways? Was there anything else incriminating you found?

I have never had any problems at any Marriott property or any hotel for that matter anywhere across the Country in over 35 years. I have never written a review on a hotel even tho I have had some exceptionally great experiences. My experience with you may cause me to right my first review. I dont know if you were having a bad day or what when I spoke with you but for you to take the position that you did, make the accusations you did and charge me $300 at the same time is ridiculous..

I spend $12,000 to $15,000 on average annually on hotel rooms. I don't know why you would want your hotel or the Marriott brands to lose out on that business by being so hostile and giving me no consideration for what I was explaining to you. Hopefully the owners and people at Marriott and Town Place Suites customer service will be more understanding. I am disputing the charge and they and the claims department at my bank as already been notified and a copy of this is being forwarded to the ownership/management company.

Unless the charges to my credit card are reversed immediately I will seek all legal remedies available to me.


My husband (Daniel L. Radke) and I (Carla is primary guest name) are enrolled in Mariott Vacation Club (Gold and Executive level). We booked a Caribbean cruise (for my husband and me) with Norwegian Cruise Lines to begin March 15, 2020 (from San Juan, Puerto Rico). Our confirmation number with MVC is 3330072 and our cruise line's confirmation number is 43614601. My husband is now 72 years old and I'm 65 years old. He is a disabled Vietnam veteran who receives VA disability benefits. He has PTSD, Agent Orange, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. I have had open heart surgery and thyroid disorder. We were forced to cancel our United Airline tickets and Caribbean cruise with Norwegian because of the COVID19 virus, which is a worldwide pandemic and which is afflicting the U.S. (including Arizona where we live) at alarming rates. We have been medically prohibited from flying or taking any cruises.

We paid thousands of Mariott points to take this trip, WHICH WE ARE REQUESTING BE RETURNED TO US IMMEDIATELY. We contacted a Mariott Vacation Club representative on July 10, 2020 about our dilemma and she gave us the run around and said we had to contact the cruise line because Mariott would not refund our trip points and that our only remedy was to book another cruise with Norweigian. I spoke with this representative's supervisor who said her name was Laura Cortez. She also gave us the run around. I asked her for MVC complaint information, email address of the cruiseline and the contact information for the president of MVC and she told me she could find neither, ergo, this complaint---the form of which I found on-line.


Please respond within 72 hours from my sending you this complaint (which was sent to you on July 10, 2020).


June 27th, stayed at Fairfield in Murphysboro, TN. I am furious. Room was FILTHY and uncleaned. No breakfast or coffee. I would like come compensation for my long loyalty to Marriott.


Hotel was dirty
Ripped sofa bed
Dirty room
Ac was not working
Broken disposal
Leaky faucets


I recently stayed at the Marriot Savannah Riverfront. Absolutely beautiful place. I loved our stay in Savannah. I booked the hotel at the rate listed. There was no immediate mention about paying for parking. Ok. It was there but not in plain sight. in plain sight was the fitness room ,spa and other amenities were available and were not. Fine. When I approached the front desk and mentioned what my issue was ,I was treated as if I was an idiot and should have known. I then complained and was hit with the common verbal judo practice by the manager. Completely disrespectful. Then I gave them the list of issues in my room. No coffee pot, extension cords on the floor, a big stain on the floor, the air conditioner was off when we entered the room(It was extremely hot) The clock was an hour behind, the security latch on the door was broken. They did not care. I am not looking for anything out of this. It would be appreciated if they had any common decency and not just pass someone through. Especially in these difficult times.


Called reservations to modify an upcoming stay. Talked to 2 different csr with no result. Got transferred to loyalty department. She was very rude and because she couldn’t answer my questions, she said she was going to transfer me to her supervisor because obviously I don’t understand anything. Her supervisor was not any better. He couldn’t help so he just said have a nice day and hung up! These are the people that represents the company. Your customer service department is seriously lacking customer service skills! Job skills/Expectations must not be very high if the answer is to transfer or hang up if you’re stuck with questions you don’t know how to answer. Will definitely go back to the Hilton after this


Was charged $30/day for valet parking service totaling over $100 when valet was not in operation due to covid. Filed a dispute with corporate and they informed me to contact the branch to try and obtain a refund. The customer service representative Moneise Tollfree refused to provide me with her supervisor's name. I had to file a dispute through my credit card company, who pursued Marriott directly and refunded my money.


Have 3 charges of $176.13 from 1-18-2020 , have talked to the Manager and can not get charges removed. Was told for 2 weeks this would be done. Called Discover to correct the charges, got email noting the Residence Inn would not respond. PLEASE HELP. 334-220-7807


Truly the Worst experience I have ever had.


I am disgusted by the racist and demeaning behavior that was shown towards my family. I am a Gold member who was working towards Platinum, but after this experience I am not confident on giving another dollar to your company.
I spoke to the young lady at the Courtyard Springwoods Village front desk to advise her that my card had a fraud alert and i had to clear with bank, but I would call her when she can run again for the $17.00 balance that they did not charge when I checked in. She said ok. A few hours later my husband calls and says a woman came banging on the door, he was in the shower so he jumped out because my children were in the room and was scared from the banging. He answers the door in a towel and your employee tells him "you need to come downstairs with me RIGHT NOW, and I will wait for you to put some clothes on and escort you down." She then proceeded to stand outside the door, like she was a police officer. That is very embarrassing. We pay just like every other customer. At this point my husband is confused and upset. He gets downstairs but by this time I am on the phone with another employee giving her my information. I hear your employee tell my husband that he needs to figure something out or get out.
I have been staying with Marriott for years. I train HR in making hotel accommodations for employees and I have never experienced this from Marriott. But I can promise you that none of the 80,000 employees we handle will stay at a Marriott ever again. I will not put them in a situation like me and my family experienced. I am disgusted and HIGHLY disappointed with the brand. I tried to speak to a manager at the location, but I feel it is higher than them. There isn't anything that you can do to take that feeling of racism that we felt, and had to explain to our children what to do in situations like this. But I thought Marriott was better than this.


I booked accommodation for the Sheraton villa Fiji. We arrived on 26th December 2019. We checked in at 2pm.our room was supposed to be side by side with my daughters room.and isn't. My room wasn't available until 4.30pm.but my daughters room wasn't available until 7pm that night. She has two small children age 3 and 7. We were constantly told they were getting the room prepared but they weren't even cleaning it. This isn't good enough. People come along way and when rooms are supposed to be ready for 3pm they should be. And we shouldn't be getting constant lies from the manager. Other people have been compensated and for not having to wait as long as us. This is our third year staying with this company and with all the hassle it's not worth it.


I feel like I was over charged in a stay at Marriott in Long Beach, CA in 2016. I have been contacted by attorneys concerning this matter but choose to speak with cooperate off first because of Mr. J.W. Marriott principles and standards. I can be reached by email or phone (337)214-3456.


Points refund but the experience with your customer service staff is appalling. Just read my several email exchanges with them (Reference- _00D37JC9y_5001SrxOAV.ref) to see how bad the experience is.


I recently returned from an interview in Baltimore, MD and i stayed at the Courtyard Marriott near the BWI airport. From the minute i got to the hotel the concierge both Frank, and a young lady were rude, not helpful, and were simply unpleasant. It was my first time in Baltimore i had no idea where anything was, and not having a helpful staff made my experience that much more unpleasant. The lady that handles the dinners at the hotel was rude all around, and also the shuttle driver would complain when he would have to take me to my job interview. I am still in disbelief with how poor the service was, i never wanted to leave my room because i felt so uncomfortable.


Myself and my husband booked a double room for last Saturday. Apart from the fact that the hotel is in the middle of a construction site, out room was of such a poor standard that I certainly felt I could not spend a night in it. We were given a room with two double beds, both of which had a huge dip in the middle and definitely need replacement. The room itself was very old fashioned and in desperate need of updating. The TV did not work at all and to top it off it just was not clean. It all felt like a cheap motel and not a 4 star hotel.
Upon complaining to the reception staff we were told there was no other rooms available, when we said we were not prepared to spend the night in that room and asked to speak to a manager (Alex Davies) we were informed he was not available to speak with us.
Eventually we were offered a room at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel. However when we arrived there was no booking for us. The staff at the Radisson were excellent and went out or their way to help us. The Victoria and Albert were uncontactable and we then spent over an hour and half waiting for a booking to come thorough. We eventually got into out room at 8.30pm. Our evening was spoilt and it caused us unnecessary stress when we should have being having a relaxing time. All in all a very poor experience with extremely poor customer service

Yours sincerely,
Claire Highley


I would like to express my experience at the Villahermosa Courtyard Marriott. It started from my arrival. The attendant at the door took my luggage from the cab and handed it to me instead of bringing it to the lobby so I could get registered. Now, I am more than capable of carrying my own bags but there is a certain expectation at Courtyard Marriott hotels and that is attention to service. I asked for help printing my boarding passes for my flight the next morning. The lady at the front desk named Carina, seemed annoyed at my request. She did try to help me for the entire 10 seconds she gave me but did not help me print my boarding passes, instead, telling me I could do it myself at the lobby computer; she was apparently busy doing something, I would guess, more important. I was unable to print my boarding passes because I’m basically inept regarding technology. They had the bar closed at 11:00 but the lobby said 12:00. I went to check myself and the guy in charge of the bar said he could serve me but I had to drink quickly. I told him that I’m not in the habit of chugging my drinks; those days were over after college. Instead he sent me to drink at the lobby I front of kids coming to a Quinceañera event. I did not see this as appropriate with so many kids and families. But what I do well is write. So I’m writing to express my disappointment at your Villahermosa Courtyard Marriott. I stay in your hotels mainly for the awesome beds you have. But I do expect service above the rest of the chain hotels. I’ve stayed in New York , Monterrey and Mexico City airport locations and it has always been outstanding service. I would suggest a little more training in customer service at your Villahermosa location. I’ll continue to come to Courtyard Marriott all over Mexico and the US because I do love your beds.
Thank you for your time


My stay at LeMeridian Philadelphia was a nightmare. I was locked out of my room twice. I was overcharged by $ 330.34 before checkout. My room was assigned to another guest during my stay. My bed was not made correctly. The bathroom door was off the track and I was told that they ran out of washcloths and was unable to get a clean washcloth until that evening. The food on the breakfast buffet was lukewarm and the eggs were cold. Definitely not worth $19.


During my stay from July 3rd to July7, 2019 I was overcharged twice. On my second day there my room was assigned to another guest who attempted to enter my room with a room key. Twice I was locked out of my room by the front desk staff. Once when they disabled the other guest and another time when they thought I had not paid. All in all they withheld $930.34 from my bank account for a $600 stay. Upon arriving I was charged for one nights stay which I booked through and the next day I should have been charged for the additional 3 nights that I booked under a group rate at LeMeridian. I was scrambling to transfer funds to prevent overdrafts to my account. Also my bed was not made correctly. the bottom flat sheet left a foot of the mattress uncovered. I was told that there were no washcloths and had to wait until that evening to get one. The breakfast buffet was just warm and the eggs were cold. I sincerely believe that this hotel does not live up the standard of excellence Marriott has set in the industry. I checked out on Sunday and have yet to be compensated for my horrible stay. I must say that the staff was very friendly, but the front desk staff definitely needs more training.


Hello, My complaint is in regards to a stay at the Woburn, MA location on June 19th, 2019. I booked this stay through Priceline and have already went through their customer service which consisted of them calling the hotel speaking to the manager and then denying a refund. The reasoning I was given was "we checked in late" and we were moved from one room to another (Yes, we were moved from the 1st room because it was a closed up musky smelling handicapped room only to find ourselves given another more disgusting handicapped room with urine soaked sheets that smelled 10 times as bad as the first room. Neither Priceline nor the Manager at the Marriot owned hotel seems to have heard of the phrase customer service. The woman that checked us in was also rude instead of helpful. A room with urine soaked sheets that smell and smells horribly is not an acceptable standard for any hotel. I am requesting some sort of compensation from Marriot directly in either the form of a refund or a free upcoming stay.


DFW Marriott South checked in 6/28. Clearly stated to the front desk clerk we wanted to pay cash for the room, to only put the incidentals on the credit card. She swiped my card and it charged the room and incidentals. The manager came out and was annoyed with the clerk while she was clearly trying to learn what she was supposed to do. The manager was annoyed with me too because I was telling him what an inconvenience this was. He said that I had to call my bank and there was NOTHING he could do. My husband asked if the had free breakfast and he, still annoyed, responded no, to which my husband said with this inconvenience maybe you could throw in 2 free breakfasts. The power was out and no one informed us when we walked into the hotel. We have a king w/ sofa bed. No bedding or pillows are in the room. My son went to the front desk around 11 to see if we could get 2 towels and bedding. They brought the 2 towels and a blue blanket (see attached photo). Day 2- still have not heard from 1 person giving an apology from my posts on there website. Still no bedding or pillows for pullout sofa. The hotel is HOT- lobby, hallways and rooms. Only 1 elevator is working and they have a couple of events with a number of people staying- thus long waiting lines for elevator. The humidity in the room caused the bedding, pillows and chips to be moist. I am just not happy with my stay. I have 2 Marriott reward accounts where I am a gold member and I am a Marriott vacation club owner. I am really disappointed with this property’s customer service and will not be staying here again nor recommending it to anyone.




Good morning to whomever this concern:
Below are the emails that I exchanged with the manager at Residence Inn Airport Norfolk.
I am a US military member and I booked a room for two weeks at the above facility. I am a loyal member to the Marriott Franchise.
I spent 12 days at the Residence Inn hotel with the impression that was paying the Gov rate of $94 dollars and come to find out I was being charged $149.00. I have a choice every time I make a reservation and most of the time its Marriott for me. I asked the representative when I checked in March 10, 2019 and was told that I was paying the gov't rate and it was only $149.00 with taxes included. I am requesting that I get refunded the difference. I/US Govt spend lots of money with Marriott. Even when I am traveling on my personal time I use Marriott. I really don't want this to be a bad experience for me. I appreciate your time and I really wish you would consider my request of a refund to my government card. I don't have the money to pay the difference and I'm asking Marriott to compromise and honor my request. Thanks in advance.

March 10, 2019 - March 22, 2019 my stay at Residence Inn Airport Norfolk

Below are the emails between your manager and myself Renee Johnson 571-558-3678 work or 240-988-3948 cell number
My email address or

From: Jaymie Beasley <>
Date: June 26, 2019 at 11:03:18 PM EDT
To: Renee Johnson <>
Subject: Re: Your Rent Stay
I am sorry for this inconvenience Ms. Johnson. Unfortunately, I this situation there is nothing that I can do given the fact that we do not offer the per diem rate every week in the summer months. The rate you received was government, but not the per diem- instead it was the second lowest- government premium.

Please give me a call the next time you decide to book and I can verify if we have the per diem rate open for use.

Again, I am very sorry and we thank you for being a loyal Marriott convoy member.

On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 8:18 PM Renee Johnson <> wrote:

Jaymie I find this unexceptional especially since I asked the front desk about my rate when I checked in. They said my rate was the gov rate and that prices included the taxes. I had other military people staying in the hotel next to Marriott at the gov rate and I choose to give my business to Marriott. We have options about where we stay and I stayed at this hotel for 12 days. I always choose Marriott first and I’m disappointed that such a big company such as yours can’t accommodate my request or at least compromise. If u look at my stays at Marriott I have been a loyal customer over and over. I pay and never even use points. I’m asking you to reconsider.

Thanks Renee

Sent from my iPhone

On Jun 26, 2019, at 1:47 PM, Jaymie Beasley <> wrote:

Ms. Johnson,
I hope this email finds you well! It looks like on your recent stay you booked your reservation at the 149$ government premium rate as our $94 per Diem rate was unavailable. Unfortunately, since that rate was unavailable at the time you booked your reservation, we are unable to credit the difference back to you.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Jaymie Beasley

Assistant General Manager

Residence Inn by Marriott Norfolk Airport | 1590 N Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA 23502

EMAIL | PHONE 757.333.3000 x4000 | CELL 757.977.3504 | FAX 757.333.3001

This communication contains information from LTD Management Company, LLC. trading as LTD Hospitality Group that may be confidential. Except for personal use by the intended recipient, or as expressly authorized by the sender, any person who receives this information is prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, and/or using it. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately delete it and all copies, and promptly notify the sender. Nothing in this communication is intended to operate as an electronic signature under applicable law.
Jaymie Beasley

Assistant General Manager

Residence Inn by Marriott Norfolk Airport | 1590 N Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA 23502

EMAIL | PHONE 757.333.3000 x4000 | CELL 757.977.3504 | FAX 757.333.3001

This communication contains information from LTD Management Company, LLC. trading as LTD Hospitality Group that may be confidential. Except for personal use by the intended recipient, or as expressly authorized by the sender, any person who receives this information is prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, and/or using it. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately delete it and all copies, and promptly notify the sender. Nothing in this communication is intended to operate as an electronic signature under applicable law.


I had made reservations for June 27 and June 28, 2019 and had an unexpected family emergency and was unable to keep them. I called around 3:30 am on June 27th to cancel the reservations only to find out the they were non-refundable and was told by the reservations department to call the property and speak with the manager and they should be able to assist me with this request due to the circumstances. I called around 9 am and spoke with a lady who answered the phone who informed me that no one could refund my money and all but refused to let mem speak with the manager. I asked several times to let me speak with the manager who surprisingly was NOT at her desk. The lady then told me that the manager would call me back. Today is June 28th and I have NOT heard a word from the manager of that property. Either way I did expect a return phone call from the manager. I feel that this is very poor customer service. I had all intentions of keeping my reservations but life happens. I do not have money to give a corporation of your size when life's circumstances come along that can not be predicted a head of time. Would some one please contact me as I am not very happy with your company and your representation from your management.


We stayed at the Towne Place in Hawthorne,Ca and we returned to our room at 9:03pm to find our room untouched by housekeeping. I have stayed at almost every type of Marriott property because they are my preferred chain, but NEVER had this problem before. When I asked to speak with a manager there wasn’t one on sight so they let me speak with a Supervisor. Nothing was resolved!! There were 4 rooms booked in our party and none of the other rooms had this problem. I am so upset and extremely dissatisfied with these events. Perhaps it’s this location that has such poor customer service.


I am being harassed by your calling system despite over twenty requests to not be called back. I even spoke with a live person last week trying to end these annoying calls. I was called again once yesterday and twice today. I have reported this to the Federal Trade Commission. I am very disappointed that my request is not being honored. What more can I do?


Confirmed reservation #72596840 at Aloft Montevideo Hotel. Ready for Check in at the hotel we have been informed at the counter that we have been relocated to the Sheraton Hotel across the street, because they had to lodge a big group.
With a confirmed reservation somebody else is simply taking the decision to tell me that the management of the hotel decides who is staying and who is not, without even sending me any previous notice of such a very disappointing and annoying situation. I sincerely regret being a new member of your corporation to have experienced this very unfortunate moment
Hanna Geller


I attended a luncheon event on Sunday, June 9, 2019, at Marriott Midway, 6520 S. Cicero Ave. Chicago. IL
The attendants set lemonade out in tables with ice at 12:00 for a 2:00 serving. The guests complained because the lemonade was water by the time of the serving. Cold bread was put on the tables with no bread plates. Soup was the first part of the meal served. My table and several other tables were given oversized tablespoons to eat soup from a half cup bowl. Bread was served after the soup with no bread plates on any tables. The salad came later with a space on the side for bread roll which I had buttered and held in my hand until the salad arrived. The vegetables were steamed but under cooked. The last part of the meal was cheesecake for dessert, no spoon for the dessert and no coffee offered to guests. This type of showmanship is not representative of the name Marriott. I know that this was a fund raising event for Corpus Christi Church, but the food delivery was horrible and not at all a good representation of the name Marriott. I would suggest no other fundraising events at the Marriott. Maybe the event planners got a great price but the representation for Marriott and its long standing good name was deplorable.


My wife reserved a room 43 days in advance less then 100 yards away from an event called blues and brews. Since it was a all-day event I went by the hotel 930AM to make sure we wouldn't lose our room to pay or what ever it took to guarantee we would be safe. I was guaranteed since our credit card was on file that we would have a room. WELL after all day in the sun and drinking they had rented our room. Now here 4 adults 55 and older been drinking all day turned away 120 miles from home with no rooms in town. I just want to know how you can rent someone's room out from under you have the credit card if I don't show you still charge. I'm very upset how can a large coop. stay in business this way.


I made a reservation 43 days in advance even asked for early check-in. Went by the hotel early 10;00 AM to make sure I would have my room at the end of an event I was scheduled to attend and would not be finished until late in the evening. Was told that I had no worries as long as my card was on file I would not lose my room. WELL after a long event and cocktails 4 of us 2 couples went to retire and we were told our room was given away and they couldn't even find another room in the area. We are all 55 years and older. Now having been drinking and no room we were left out in the middle of nowhere I am very upset and demand some response BARBIE J TOWNSEND


We stayed at this property on 29-31 May 2019. Upon arrival we left our new rental car with the hotel valet parking. Early on 30 May the car was returned to us reeking of strong cigarette smoke. I immediately notified a woman at the check-in desk who identified herself as a manager. She went outside to the car and observed the odor in the car. Her response was to say it was only a rental car. She offered to ask the valet manager to tender an apology. The entire episode is upsetting. Her response seemed unconcerned and not adequate.


Stay at Mayflower Hotel May 25 -31, 2019
complaint file #679969

You have some very serious problems with your customer service. Please read the mail below and respond!

I still have not received a response to the complaint I flied with Mr Haji.

Further to our discussion this morning and the failure of your customer support service to react within 24 hours of reporting the incident, I am requesting you to take immediate action and inform the Executive Director.

There is a serious lack of safety for your hotel guests who are being put in danger from the total absence of first aid procedures or any awareness whatsoever of how to deal with incidents. Initially I was brushed off as if nothing had happened and it was only upon my insistence, in spite of my state of shock, that you took my name and address. This was astonishing in itself considering that I as a hotel guest you had my information on record. Your procedures need to be urgently addressed to avert any further accidents.

As a result of one of your porter’s running into my leg I am now experiencing considerable pain and will need to seek further medical treatment as soon as I arrive home. I had to cancel important business appointments on the evening and take a day off my work today.

I have protocoled the incident in detail and trust that you have done the same, although you clearly denied me access to any information you allege that you forwarded to your customer support.

Obviously I am very angry about the whole event which has had a direct impact on the ability to perform my work. If the Marriott fails to follow up the case and resolve the issue appropriately I will take legal action on the advice of my lawyer, whom I have already informed about the incident.


My complaint is not with the hotel itself because our experience has been great at the Fairfield in Johnson City, TN. But we stayed here three nights and halfway home had to turn around and come back. I was attempting to book rooms from the road on my cell and called a place that deceptively looked like your own reservation office. When the total was given I questioned the amount and the foreigner who was hard to understand said, "Whoops, I already confirmed it." He would not refund the money and would not explain the additional charge. He turned me over to another foreigner who had very broken English and he was mean and also would not refund our money. I know you have control over who you allow to reserve rooms and I do not appreciate being scammed like this. I was afraid I didn't even have reservations because they were so shady. I was probably overcharged for the room as well as the taxes and booking fee. I was lied to about the tax charge because we knew what it was supposed to be since we had stayed here three nights previously. Can you refund the difference please? Otherwise we enjoyed this hotel very much but please be more selective about who you allow to make reservations for you.


I spent just under two hours on the phone with Marriott today, including one call of 47 minutes which was mostly listening to the music!
My story:
I had a reservation for a free night on June 21 at the Courtyard Waltham Mass.
I wanted to stay an extra night and called reservations. and told them what I wanted.,
They told me they had taken care of it but when the confirmation came through, it was. for points for each night rather than utilizing the free night I had.
It took two more phone calls (including the 47 minute one) and the end result is that my reservation still does not show the free night.
I think I have been with Marriott about as long as Marriott has been around but your reservation service is almost impossible to work with and perhaps it is time I leave!
Can you straighten it out?


I stayed overnight at the Marriott in downtown Philadelphia on 5/24/19. When making my reservation, the person on the line was very helpful and found me a AAA discount. Upon checking in, we were in a hurry to make a concert and failed to notice there were no cups to drink from, and no ice bucket in our room. When we returned, we asked at the desk for some cups and was told they would be brought to the room. They did bring us 2 paper coffee cups. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I feel for a hotel located in prime historic areas, they would be a little more careful with prepping the rooms. In the morning, we found the shower leaked very, very badly and my husband had to put a washcloth in the path of the door to keep it from opening while I was in the shower. I have always liked and trusted your hotels, but I may look elsewhere in the future.


We stayed at the Lido House, Newport Beach May 13-15. My husband left his dress shoes and pants in the closet. We called the hotel less than 24 hours later and made 4 follow up calls to the hotel. No one could find the items. I sent an e-mail to a Ms Asti( FOH manger) She never replied to me but had the loss prevention person call. He determined that the items could not be found and basically said that was the end of the story. He proffered no apology and his attitude was borderline rude. I felt that I should have received a call from the manager of the hotel to explain why a hotel of this caliber has a theft problem. I will never stay at the Lido House again and I will post my experience in every online review that I can. Very disappointed.
Dolores Toby


Hi, I am the marketing and outreach coordinator for our AAU 15 year old travel basketball team. This is our second year staying at the Residence Inn Newport News, VA. Our young men and their families enjoy the facility and amenities very much. We are a travel basketball team based out of Fort Bragg,NC. We booked our reservations as such requesting to use our military benefits rate of $94 dollars per night. Seventy percent of our families are active duty or veterans of the Armed Forces. We are participating in a Memorial Day Classic tournament and your hotel was one of the few to honor our military ID rate. Upon arrival, the clerk (Ashley) informed us that our military rate would not be honored because we did not have Permanent Change of Duty or Temporary Duty orders. Mind you, our confirmations did not state that orders were required. While my husband and I, owners of the team, rate was $99 per night under a State rate, and we do not work for the state, our head coach and his family were denied any discounts. He had to use his points as well as a voucher to secure his room. This is Memorial Day weekend, therefore, hotels were completely booked. There was not a manager on site to assist. Nor could a manager be contacted by phone. We, as well as our coach, are long time Marriott rewards members, who work for the government. We were told that any of our families who arrived today would face the same rate increase $139 a night plus taxes. My issues is simple, we reserved at one rate, and that rate was not honored upon arrival. Nowhere on our confirmation email did it state that we needed orders along with a military I.D. The staff at the front desk were unyielding and unwilling to help support our military families. I understand and respect rules, however, I find it unconscionable that the hotel would not even consider honoring the military rate, as well as honoring our service members and their families. We have enjoyed the discretion of Marriott many times over in the past. I am confused how and why this situation was any different. I was hoping that a manager would have supported us and the rate that was reserved.

Thanks in advance,
Dr Wanda M. Crawford
Fayetteville Spartans Basketball Association
910 850-2676


I am 92 and handicapped so I booked a handicapped room at the Clare Hoel in Chicago for April 17, 18, 19. The only thing handicapped about it was a place to sit in the shower. When I arrived there was no chair in the room so I had to call and wait for one to be brought to my room. The bed was too high for most handicapped persons. I had to call for a stool to get in bed. The second day the room was not cleaned or the bed made. I let it go as it was late when I got back to the hotel. The carpet in the room had a huge stain on it. I have a picture of it but don't know how to send it. The room looked rather old and dismal without the dirty carpet. It was not a room for a handicapped person. I feel I was charged too much when I did not get what I ordered and should receive a refund or adjustment. Also you should find out what handicapped rooms should have in them.


My wife and I are in the Palm Desert Villas II condo units. I played the JW Marriot near Country Club and Cook and it was in great condition.

Then I played the golf course at the Marriot Shadow Ridge....It was very disappointing. I would never play there again. The fairways were cut very low..extremely ! and the greens were a disaster. They were brown in color, very fast....kind of like a sidewalk.

Please let them know because I I will be telling my friends not to play there for sure.


1- I stayed at Sheraton Grand Bangalore India, i spoke with the hotel manager and your customer service but nobody helps me and I'm desperate.
I received in my account only one stay day and point for one day only
I checked in and out every day so am expecting to receive 6,055 Points for every day and total of 6 stays and total of 36,330 Points
2- I also stayed at Aloft Bangalore from April 30-May 1 2019, in this hotel I haven't received to my account the extra point as the welcome give
3- I also stayed at Moxy Stuttgart airport/messe on April 23-24 2019 in this hotel I haven't received to my account the extra point as the welcome give for that stay.
you can inter to my account platinum Elite card no 202314071 and see all my activity.
I have to say that since and joined together Sheraton and Marriott hotels , I am frustrated and always have to check my account and spend precious time.


Just returned from a five-day stay at the Visalia Marriott. After reviewing my bill and was appalled at the extremely over-priced room rate plus resort fees and parking.

My total bill, excluding the restaurant charges was 1291.90 or 258.00/per night -- this is including taxes.

I just finished chairing three conventions with the American Rose Society in four years at the Marriott in Monrovia, California -- there was never any outrageous charges like this.

We were at the Visalia facility because of the Odd Fellows and Rebekah's convention and I thought we were getting the convention rate of 109.00/night. I talked to the hotel manager and her attitude was -- tuff! She was to 'research' my issue and contact me but for the remainder of our stay was totally ignored. Apparently they didn't set aside enough convention rooms so those of us that didn't make the cutoff were taken advantage of. To add insult to injury, I asked the girl at check in if we were getting the convention rate and she said yes.

Just thought you should be aware that the Marriott reputation has be sullied because the terrible way this was handled.

Chris Greenwood
MBV# 250568344


Poor desk service
Did not know streets were blocked all Saturday morning
Downtown hotel should know this
Took 5 hours to eat breakfast and get back to hotel



Thank you for the email. I’d like to get in touch with corporate to see if I can get the deductable of $500.00 reimbursed. The unit had booked numerous room for service members to stay there for the weekend. I know there are signs stating not responsible for damage and theft but, that may do more to encourage problems than deter them. I’m not sure who the actual property owner is but I need to know who so they can be contacted to address my concerns. Thank you.

Scott Shifflett

From: Julie Andrews []
Sent: Monday, April 29, 2019 1:13 PM
Cc: Natalie Kea; Rhonda Benbow
Subject: Fairfield Inn Marriott contact

Good afternoon Mr. Shifflett,

Thank you for speaking with me this morning and wanted to provide you my email address should you need to contact me regarding any concerns.
Again, we empathize deeply with the window and door damage caused during your stay and are working with local police to provide any additional helpful information regarding.

Thank you for your patience!

We wish you a great rest of your day!

Julie Andrews
General Manager
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
9230 Harris Corners Parkway
Charlotte, NC 28269-


Someone has successfully taken the best travel experience in the industry and flushed it down the toilet. My iPhone app, computer & iPad not longer function together. BONVOY doers NOT WORK.I have made repeated calls for help for naught. My member #318263316. I have the highest status Marriott offers, own 2 timeshares in Aruba and Maui and work in DC. I want to talk to someone who can actually help my situation instead of waisting more time on the phone with people who cannot, only to NEVER hare back from any on the next level. Frankly, I think you likely have a class action suit and a congressional hearing on the way. I leave tomorrow for DC.


CASE NUMBER: 122788271.


In March, I then tried booking 2 rooms in Ocean City, MD. using 2 of the 3 certificates.

That is when all hell broke out.

MARRIOTT COMPLETELY MISHANDLED THE ENTIRE PROCESS . . . IN SO MANY WAYS (please review my "Activity History"). I have spent days (10) and hours 18) and extreme frustration trying to get Marriott to correct its own mistakes . . . to NO avail. I have been put on hold, ignored, hung up ON (7 TIMES!!) and promised a correction which never happened.
My account has been placed "On Audit" for days; my account has had days where "Complete activity is not available"; etc., etc.
Right now, I am showing the 2 rooms booked using my Reward Points AND my certificates are gone !


I used my corporate card to hold a reservation for our trainer, Ted Barac, at the Marriott Courtyard WTC at 133 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10006 (Confirmation #84365044). Mr. Barac checked in on Monday, February 18 and checked out Thursday, February 21.
Although Mr. Barac paid his bill in full, I was charged $159 (please see the attached March Amex page with the 2/19/19 charge from Courtyard 3A9). I phoned the hotel on March 14th at around 2:00 p.m.
I explained the situation to a Mr. Gabriel Fernandez at the front desk. He checked the records and said that the $159 charge was an error. He tried to transfer me to Billing but the voicemail was full and the manager was not in her office. Mr. Fernandez said that since Mr. Barac paid the bill, my credit card information was no longer in the system.
Mr. Fernandez tried to remedy the situation by getting my corporate card information again in order to issue the credit, but all he succeeded in doing was place another $159 charge on my card and crediting it (please see the attached April Amex page where the $159 was charged and then credited).
I appreciate any help you can offer in order to correct this situation.


I booked a one night stay at the Glasgow Airport Marriott for April 24. Booking was done through the Delta Airlines link to hotels. Upon check in I was told there would be a 10 pound charge for parking. This was quite a surprise as nothing in my booking confirmation mentioned a charge for parking. This was my first stay at any Marriott hotel and I will not ever stay at Marriott again.


I made a complaint over a month ago regarding excessive noise during one of my previous stays. I received the email below:

"Thank you for contacting Marriott!
We have received your email. For your records, the following case number has been created: 112549240.
One of our team members will review your inquiry and respond to you as soon as possible with a personal reply.
Travel Brilliantly!"

As I stated in my original complaint, I have stayed at your hotel over a hundred times and I have never made a complaint. For me to actually take my time to launch such a complaint means the infraction must have been pretty egregious. Then to receive inappropriate follow up by your company is very disappointing. The original complaint was an annoyance but not something that profoundly changed my view of Marriott. Your lack of follow up to a customers complaint has changed my view of your establishment.

Extremely disappointed in your lack of customer service.


Got hit with unexpected charges $10 to Park overnight, key deposit. Additional deposit was in the fine print which none of the dance troop parents saw and each deposit was different. Empty soap dispensers. Took 8 days to get my deposit back. Made a complaint 7days ago and no one called me back.. One parent went down the street paid the same price with a continental breakfast. One parent ended up sleeping in a car in the parking lot. Competition season next year no Merriot's


I contacted customer service about an issue with my credit card being charged.
I am a Mariott awards member for several years. I can't believe that customer
service would even treat me this way. The man refused to get his full name
but his name was " Carlos" he treated so disrespectfully and rude, I am not even
sure I can justify myself or my employer to use Mariott moving forward.
I am so disgusted by his behavior.
Mariott Bonvoy 893758938


See attached copy of email to Christopher Heaton, General Manager of Wheeling WV Springhill Suites, informing him of our unacceptable stay on April 11, 2019. We believe that is the falut of the management/ownership at this site and that changes are needed. We have stayed at this site numerous times in the past and have been very pleased. As of now we will continue to stay at Marriott facilities across the country but not at this site unless changes are made. Thank you for your attention to this. William Deines, 502 445-5557 (cell), 502 458-6428 (home). Marriott Bonvoy # 098232374


I made a reservation to stay at the Aloft Marriott in Rancho Cucamonga, California to stay the night of March 23. I had a confirmation number and they charged my credit card for the room on March 22. On March 23, the night of my intended stay, at 8:30 pm I called the hotel to let them know I would be arriving around 9:30 pm. At that time they told me that the hotel had been oversold and they did not have a room for me. They did not offer to help me find another hotel even when I repeatedly said , "So you are going to let a woman sleep on the streets after you charged her credit card". I was able to book myself a room at the Residence Inn but it took me a half an hour to convince them to honor the same rate as I had with the Aloft and they kept telling me that they couldn't do this. I am beyond bewildered that this is how Marriott is treating people. On March 25 I filed a complaint with Marriott wanting to be reimbursed for my time and stress. The complaint number is 114168570. I have called 3 times about this. No one at Marriott or the Aloft hotel has had the courtesy to contact me. This is crazy. I expect Marriott to reimburse me for my time and stress. Giving away a persons room, not notifying them, nor helping them, and then ignoring their complaints is not OK.


My daughter, Erica Dougherty was a guest at the Springhill Suites, Marriott Village Orlando, Florida February 5-11,2019. She is an employee of Varsity Brands and was working at the Universal Cheerleaders Association National High School Cheerleading Championships. The reservation was through Varsity, she stayed in Room #3502. Late on Sunday, February 10 when she returned to her room after her shift and was packing for an early morning flight, she discovered that her Ray-Ban Prescription glasses and case were missing from the room. she immediately went to the front desk to report this possible theft. She was assured that it would be investigated and someone would contact her. In the early morning of Feb 11. before leaving for the airport, she asked and was told that a report was filed. We heard from no one. When she returned to Pennsylvania, we ordered new glasses at a cost of $285.00. On March 6, I called and spoke with David Tavarez, who seemed to know nothing about the situation, but assured me that he would investigate/interview employees and call me. He called Erica that evening to say that he was working on the matter. We never heard from him or anyone. On March 21, I emailed David Tavarez to give one more chance to get in touch with me before I contacted Marriott Corporate, no reply. Today, April 10, I am asking for assistance from you to be reimbursed for the stolen glasses. I have given more than enough time for this to be resolved. I look forward to your assistance with this matter. Thank you, Debra Dougherty
I can be reached by email or my house #(570)459-1703 or cell (570)401-9742


Our crappy stay started at check in. I had reserved a king size bed and our room had two double beds. We were staying with a Sorority function and had booked several months in advance. When I called to extend our stay the girl said it was no problem and did not give us a new confirmation number. The room itself was ok. The hotel restaurant, Rivercity Grill, was awful. Two nights in a row my husband ordered the steak well done. Both times it came out rare. The staff offered to PUT THE STEAK BACK ON THE GRILL. NOT! Once a steak is brought out you do not put it back on the grill. I have had a gastric bypass and asked that no garlic be put on my steamed broccoli. The broccoli came out with garlic on it! The baked potatoes was hard. The cheesy potatoes and mac n cheese were platable. I had to request bread and butter because the server, Ivan, was no where to be found. My husband had to get me a glass of ice for my ice tea because the server refilled my glass with no ice. The crab cakes were mostly filler with very little crab in them. We had to wait forty minutes for our dinner when no one else was in the restaurant,. My breakfast muffin was rock hard, the coffee room temperature, and my scrambled eggs were runny and unedible. After the manager was called over they took off $20 off the second dinner bill. THE SERVICE WAS BEYOND AWFUL. It look another twenty minutes to receive the bill and we were the only couple seated. We were told a pool was available to find out the pool had been cemented in three years earlier. I will never recommend your hotel and nor will I ever pay to stay in another Marriott. I would give you NO STARS but that is not an option on this site.


I stayed at the Towneplace Suites in Roseville, CA and at the endof my stay, realized that myself and my group of employees were charged an incorrect rate based on allowable lodging rate for Placer County. I was told that they were going to charge the higher rate becauise we had a choice to stay there or in Sacramento County where the allowable rate is higher. The General Manager, Ezekial Mederos, was unwilling to consider adjusting our rates to reflect the correct lodging rate and was extremely rude when I talked to him on the phone. I will never again stay at this facility and will ensure that my network of co-workers will never stay there again as well. Customer service was non-existent at this hotel.


People in this conversation: SERUWAIA NAHALO

Bula Deborah
Thank you for your response- as requested, please find below a copy of your comments on the survey DEBORAH DUNCAN responded to a survey:
GSS: Overall Review Comment: We have stayed at this resort for the last 12 years every year and sometimes twice a year. This year was the worst experience we have had. The list is endless and I do not normally complain but however since the hotel has been taken over by the Marriott group the hotel has lost our business forever. I will never stay there again which is such a shame as we have made many friends that work at the hotel over the last 12 years and unfortunately we will not be able to see their happy faces any more. I think it is great that you do a survey about the hotel but in reality do you actually do anything about the comments - I have commented on small things in the past and still nothing ever changes. We can start with the breakfast if you can call it that - I understand that the breakfast area had to be relocated whilst building works were going on to repair the roof in the usual breakfast area but that does not excuse the fact that the coffee machine never worked once, and when they tried to fix it every morning and then running out of eggs and could not be bothered to get any more eggs, finding our own knife and fork to eat the breakfast , no tea offered to my husband on any day. In the end I paid $48.00 fijian to have breakfast outside of the hotel when breakfast was included with our deal. I also feel that you really don't understand how poor the average Fijian person is - cutting back their days so now they have to have two days off a week, how do you expect them to put food on their table at night for their families.
We note the laundry has been closed for the resort to enable the sheets and room towels to be done on site at their laundry and have been outsourced which has lead to absolutely no towels available to late afternoon or none at all. People were going to the front desk and complaining to the staff which was not their fault there were no towels it was the Marriott decision to close the laundry on site to save money. All you have done is in my instance was the towels that were finally in my room I hid them in a draw so at least I had some towels to dry myself with every day as none were available and you can say this is a four star resort??? . I will not be renewing my pacific membership at all which I used frequently in the past 10 years with the Sheridan card and vouchers.

GSS: Staff Comment: Again we have been going there for years and years and we always ask for room 1520 - whilst we understand it is not always possible to get that room after all these years you would assume that a room would be given somewhere in that block of a block near by and not at the back of the hotel where we were put - we were moved after repeated requests the next day to a suitable room being 1470 which was fine. The staff are are unhappy in general they are all worried about when the hotel closes for renovations they will have no income to put food on the table for their families. Life is tough over there for many of them and some families are seperated for months on end as their husband or wife work on an island just so they have a job and don't see each other.
GSS: Room Comment: It was clean and comfortable and the cleaning staff were very good. The new products that you have in the bathrooms are a disgrace (I assume they are 'no frills' products, terrible and you should be ashamed of yourself to have these products in your hotel.
Warm Regards
Rooms Division Manager
T 679 6750 777 M 679 7702 044 F 679 6750 818


I have 3 kids and a wife we stayed at the hotel Thursday night the lady a the front desk swooped my card to many times and it took all my money. Me and my family had plans for the weekend but we can’t Evan eat I have no gas in my car to get to work Monday morning this is a mistake on the hotels part and me and my family are the ones that have to deal with it. First of all they make me feel like I was coning them and now I filled like rhey aren’t taking me serious I’m very in happy and pissed off that my weekend was ruined with my family and now I can’t get to work Monday morning cause I still don’t have the money that the hotel has taken from my account


My wife and I recently stayed at Towne Place Suites In Charlotte Arrowood, North Carolina. This was our second night on our trip home and once again experienced a very bad incident at the for mentioned property. We checked in about 2:00 PM and noticed that our room was very cold so we set the thermostat to 75 degrees. We then left to visit and have a late lunch. We then returned to the room at approx. 5:00 PM and noticed the room was still very cold, about 65 degrees. Obviously it had not warmed up at all. We called the front desk and notified them of the situation. We were told that the maintenance person would be notified and stop by our room. We waited for over minutes with no response. We contacted the office again and were told he was working in another room but would be at ours shortly. He finally arrived at 5:45, after working on the thermostat the room still had only warmed two degrees. We then checked out the adjoining room but noted it had the same problem.
We decided to stay in the room despite the cold temp., throughout the night we experienced the cold temp. and did survive till the morning. The following morning I did repeat my concerns to the front desk with little response. This is the second issue we have had with this brand and will never stay at this brand again. Marriott needs to examine exactly what they are attempting to do with this branded product and make a concerted effort to improve the product. Overall, poor service, dirty room, poor food and no heat.


Hello there,

I cancelled a stay with Westin Melbourne on 22 March, as my travel plan changed.
Cancellation Number: 63910250
Sun, Mar 24, 2019 – Mon, Mar 25, 2019

Then I got charged for NO Show fee.

Anyway, I checked in on 25th March and spoke to your staff and sent my cancellation email to
The staff said he would follow up and let me know the result.

However, I haven't heard anything from Westin Melbourne afterwards. Nothing.
Also I emailed Abigail Knight who processed my NO Show fee. But still no feedback!!!

The booking was cancelled in time and why should I be charged.

If it's a system issue, it's fine. But why nobody contacts me for an update???

I need a refund for the fee. Can't upload the emails. Let me know if you need them.

You help would be highly appriciated.

Thanks and regards,


My stay on March 11 to 15, in Salt Lake City, UT.
When I checked into the Marriott they notified me that the water was shut off until 6PM.
The next day the water would be off between 9AM and 6PM.
This was very inconvenient and disappointing. Please compensate me for the two days without water.
Thank you,
Steve McGarvey
080326267: Bonvoy number


January 18, 2019 we went to Nashville Tennessee to be with my brother-in-law who was undergoing a heart operation at St. Thomas Hospital(west). After a nine(9) hour operation we needed a room close by to rest and relax for the night. During the day my phone stopped working and I asked my sister-in-law to call Courtyard in the Green Hills Mall( I used to work in Nashville and knew it was there). She tried to book through Orbits but for some reason they could not get my card information to go through and so called Marriott reservations and said everything was taken care of and gave me the reservation number which I lost before we arrived at the Courtyard(it was a very long and chaotic time). The lady at Courtyard said they did not have a reservation and they only had one room remaining. It was dark, raining, and my wife(who is handicapped) was exhausted so we took the room, had a very restful night(room 218) and went to St, Thomas early the following morning(January 19th). When we arrived home and I checked my emails I saw both the room at Courtyard and a room at Residence Inn were billed to my card. We did stay at Courtyard(total of $207.30) , but not at Residence Inn(total of $162.70) where it appears for some reason we were booked at. I have called the complaint dept. several times without a positive experience. I am sure a company such as Marriott does not want to take advantage of some ones misfortune by charging for two rooms on the same night. I booked with a Citi AT&T card but they said Residence Inn refused to restore the $162.70 to my card and could not issue a credit. We are not trying to "beat" Marriott out of anything and have mostly positive experiences in the past, but I do feel it is not the right thing for Marriott to double charge us in our time of need over a mistake or misinformation. Thank You in advance. Bill Martin


I am trying to reach someone in the billing department to discuss how our credit card was charged multiple times. We have talked to a woman in reservation and we could not understand her very well but ended up reserving room 4 rooms. When she tried to email our reservations she had difficulties so we end up cancelling the rooms. Then we went through another difficult hour where we ended up reserving 4 rooms. We are a school and we received our credit card statement yesterday and have numerous charges and credits. The rep had difficulties emailing this info so we cancelled these rooms and we entered new the reservations. The rooms that were suppose to be cancelled were as follows: Dated 1/31/19 #56946581, #56946578, #56946577, #56943123; reservation was for two nights arriving on March 11, 2019 and leaving on March 13, 2019. It looks like we are being charged for these rooms in the amount of $2320.56. We need this attended to immediately and a refund given for this error.
Our actual rooms were #84445356, #84445260, #84445261, 84450439 and we were charged $2785.45 for these 4 rooms. We need to have all of the charges credited back on the school credit cards and then rebilled for the $2785.45 and we are requesting a receipt for the amount paid. Please reply as soon as possbile. Thank you, Laurie & Cecile


To Whom It May Concern:

I recently stayed in the above Marriott hotel for a soccer tournament this past weekend. From the moment we arrived, we encountered issues and unfortunately the stay was not a pleasant one.

As a soccer traveler, we are mandated by the tournament to use Anthony Travel to secure hotels through a room block. Unfortunately, some of us could not utilize the block because the types of rooms available did not fit the needs of the families involved. Therefore, we could not be given the block rate of $139 per night. The bigger problem is that each different family was charged a different rate and some were given breakfast vouchers and others were not.

I had booked online with a code my husband was given for work at rate of $97/night. When I arrived, I was told I could not use this code because he was not there to show ID (which I understood). I was subsequently charged $154/night without breakfast. My fellow soccer parents were all charged varying rates ranging from $129/night all the way to $171/night. These rooms were not suites, etc but 1 king and pullout bed room types. I am not sure how this is not criminal that all of these rates can be assigned to the same type rooms at the hotel. It was as if they were pulling prices out of a hat. In addition, I was told I would have to purchase breakfast for my family but then proceeded to watch the Marriott worker hand out breakfast vouchers after a parent complained.

I was beyond frustrated by this stay and disappointed in the service I received. I am a Gold Elite member and we almost exclusively stay in Marriott hotels for all of our travel. I want you to know that I am seriously reconsidering this moving forward.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


To Whom It May Concern:

While the staff and nice and the facility is rather well maintained, following one week of my stay, I must say this is one of the worse hotel experience I have EVER had (and I travel regularly).

1) Several missed wake-up calls were missed!
2) Room service did not service my room on more-than-one occasion (despite the fact that I DEFINITELY DO NOT have any door signs on the knob to indicate otherwise)!

other room issues
3) Non-working coffee machine
4) Non-working Desktop light (and despite the fact this I informed the Front Desk about this matter for several days in a row), the only response that I received were/are items #1 and #2 above, as well as

5) Random knocks on my room door.

Again, the staff seems really nice and friendly, however, this has been/is a really horrible stay experience.

I am absolutely abhorred!
Confirmation #: 74968156
Case #: 113565364

Please assist,


WHEN I go to the Burbank location I always stay at the Marriott Hollywood/Burbank airport location. I will book ahead of time and get a great room for a great price can not complain ,arrived at the airport on the 19th and found out someone forgot to make my hotel I decided to just go and put it on my card . for two nights the cost was almost 700 dollars ? the room was directly across from the elevator that I had to listen to all night and I have never seen a room so small ,I actually had to shut the bathroom door to get into the shower. and there was not a place to put my clothing like a bench or chair?? I feel I was taken advantaged of . yes I know I could have gone some place else but it was late .


Apart from the fact my two day stay was enjoyable and memorable, I am very disappointed in the fact that despite my usual vigilance in locking valuables in the safe or my case, I have had a pair of very expensive Head Phones (AU$500+) stolen from my room.

I know I can't prove the theft, but just wanted to inform you of my problem.
As a Platinum Elite member, I hope there is some compensation.


One of the girl from w Dubai palm hotel she was taken our contact details of our and she is calling to my husband and she is saying that she wants to meet my husband for the money. if we are not going to the give the money to her she is telling us that you cannot able to check in to any of the married hotel that she will put us a black leas. The thing is we came to hotel and we stay with our family and we paid all the bill at the hotel. And now she is telling that when we stay in w Dubai the palm we have some privacy photos which we take in the room me and my husband and she also telling that she put the cc camera in the room and all the things we did the room everything was recorded and she was sending to my husband and blackmail and asking for the money if we are not going to give the money to here she is telling that she put in social media and all the websites.This what you Marriot staff is doing with us this how gaining the money From the us her name is Gargi sivanandan I don’t which department but for sure she is working in w Dubai the palm but please take the serious action on her if not I will go to high authorize

Ksenia buzlaeva




I checked in to the hotel on 3/7 and out on 3/11/2019. I was there for the Super State Chess Tournament. I did not received the price of $99.00 for the room as the blocked rooms were already taken when I tried to book, it took three telephone calls to finally book the room I was hung up on 3 times. But after arriving I asked for the breakfast tickets for my two chess players one 8 and the other 12 and the lady at check in would not give them to me and I was pay full price and was in room 801 on the 8th floor. But after talking to other member of our team that arrived the next day they were able to get the $99.00 rate along with tickets for breakfast for their whole families. I feel like I was treated very poorly and I am a senior 75 years old. I had to ask to have our room cleaned every day and get coffee for the room. Our TV quit working on Sunday it took all day to fix and never had local channels. Also, many of your employees at this hotel could speak English very hard to communicate with them. Your people at the front desk were very rude and hard to understand. I feel like I was discriminate against and treated very badly.

I am staying at your Gaylord Hotel in late April for the National Chess Tournament I hope I am not treated like this when I arrive there on April 26, 2019.

I feel like your staff could use customer care training.


I stayed in the Marriott Houston Westchase from March 7 checking out March 11, 2019. I went to the hotel for a state chess tournament which was supposed to have a special rate. I was too late booking because all the blocked rooms were booked, but when other people from our area (Harlingen) arrived they paid the first night but the next two nights they received the rate of $99.00 per night for the tournament. Also, they received free breakfast tickets, when I arrived I asked about them and was told no I did not book in time, therefore there was a lot of discrimination going on about who would receive free breakfast tickets and lower priced rooms. I had to pay the full price for the room (801) for each night and pay for all of our meals we ate at the hotel. The ladies at the front desk were VERY RUDE, very hard to understand, the ladies in the Starbucks could not speak English, not one person in our group could understand them. I had to ask every day for clean towels and coffee service and this was after 3-4 in the afternoon. The television quit working on Sunday had to call a service person and that took at least 5 hours and then could not get local stations. Also, the maids never vacuumed the room one time while I was there, nor could they speak a word or English. I know people need work but they should be able to talk to your customer where everyone understands the situation. I feel like I should be refunded or credited for at least two nights at the rate of $99.00 like everyone else received.

I will be staying at the Gaylord in Grapevine, Texas and I hope I do not receive the same treatment as I received at your hotel in Houston on Westchase. It was very disappointing to be discriminated against when I had two boys 12 and 8 playing chess and never received the same concessions.


I was involved in an accident where a Marriott employee was driving the golf cart,made a quick turn,and was dumped on the ground.I ended up with stitches in my head,and upon returning home,and being x-rayed,broken ribs.This happened on February 26,2019,at The W,Costa Rica.


I was scheduled to stay at the Springhill Suites by Marriott in Kennewick, WA on 2/4/19. A snow storm came through that day and I was unable to land in Pasco/Kennewick on 2/5/19. I called early the next morning as I was unable to call late that night when I finally learned that I would not be making it into Pasco/Kennewick at all. I called EARLY the next morning and talked with a desk clerk who indicated that she understood the weather issues and I wouldn't be charged a "no show" for 2/4/19. I was able to make it in on 2/5/19 and stayed one night. I received a bill which reflected one night's stay which was appropriate. It is now one month later and a mysterious charge showed up on my card and I had no explanation for this charge. I called the local office and because I no longer have the female clerk's name, they will not reverse the no show fee.


Will not allow you to book a room at florence sc if you lived to closed 62 years old was refused because the hotel says people r destroying and having wild parties , what is this al the surrounding hotel was booked up and front desk told me and my adult son this 10 PM, this was an emergency no game,


I stayed at the Courtyard Atlanta Northlake in Tucker GA on 2/10 & 2/11. I moved to the Sheraton downtown for 2/12. I started having severe itching on my hands and neck on 2/13. Upon arriving back home, I went to my company clinic and was diagnosed with scabies then to my dermatologist and had a confirming diagnosis. I sent an email, was issued a case number (103775307) and was told that I would be contacted in 3 - 5 business days. It's now been 2 weeks and I have heard nothing, I have also sent 2 follow up emails with no reply. I have been a loyal Marriott customer (rewards number 131047301) for many years. I am extremely disappointed in both the conditions that caused the scabies and with the lack or regard or follow up from the Tucker Marriott. I would appreciate if someone would just acknowledge that they have been receiving my correspondence.


I have spent over a month trying to get help from Marriott's customer service. I was charged for 2 rooms at the Marriott Detroit Airport at 30559 Flynn Drive and I did not stay there. I had booked the room but upon arrival the hotel had lost power and could not check anyone in or open hotel rooms. The hotel offered to shuttle us next door to another Marriott hotel where they had rooms available. The first hotel we did not stay at charged me for 2 rooms 4 days later. I have been trying to have the hotel fix this. They promise to and do nothing. The property controller Daniel Hall never calls back. Marriott customer service was able to get one room credited. I have spent weeks trying to get the second room credited. Today I find they have re charged my account for the first credit. This is on a corporate credit card. I never expected such terrible management from Marriott. They should be embarrassed. I have been a gold card member and this is how they treat people. Never once I have a got I'm sorry. What do they think, I'm lying or if they drag their feet I will just go away. Nope - getting my legal department involved now.


Wow, where to start. We stayed at the TownPlace Suites Albany University Area, Suite 118 on Sunday, February 24 this year. 5 major complaints from just one night there (pictures attached):
1. We had to wait at least 5 minutes for a desk clerk twice -at check-in and when I wanted to buy candy bars from the lobby area around 7:30 pm (in fact, I had to leave cash on the front desk after waiting for someone for more than 5 minutes - no one ever did show).
2. After making a pot of coffee, I went into the cupboard to get a coffee cup. I almost got sick when I saw how filthy it was! (picture attached)
3. The bathtub had a nasty looking stain in it (picture attached)
4. We paid extra to get a 2-bedroom suite as there were 3 of us staying. One bedroom was very small which is ok, but the dresser was placed in a way that it was impossible to close the bedroom door! We would have had to move the dresser completely out of the room to close the door - so it stayed wide-open all night. (We could see marks on the edge of the door where others had tried to close it.) (picture attached).
5. We were informed by the desk clerk that there was a $10 parking fee in addition to the price I was quoted in my confirmation email. When making my reservation, there was no mention of any parking fee.
I am actually embarrassed for Marriott that their name is on this hotel - it was truly an extremely negative stay for us - and it left a very bad taste in our mouths for Marriott. I strongly encourage that you have someone investigate my complaints and I think that you will quickly agree with me! Robert Harder Confirmation Number: 74945248


Stayed at Courtyard in Las Vegas on Rainbow last week....lots of problems:
Lack of knowledge from check in representatives.....

Stood at front desk for over 10 min waiting to ask question....clerk was on phone and never even noticed me...very poor PR skills
No complimentary coffee or tea 24 hours
Very loud noises coming from room above 3am....called front desk many answer!! loud music went on for 45 min.
Room was very clean
Food at Bistro was awful....

I stay at Marriot Hotels very often and this was the worst experience I have had...


I tried twice to make a reservation by telephone at your Westin Hotel 6631 West Broad St Richmond VA. The first time was at 9 pm. It took me 4 minutes to get through your voice system. Then the reservation person put me on hold for 5 minutes. I was trying to make a reservation for a friend in her name, but pay for it with my credit card. She could not figure out how to do this She told me it was impossible, I told her that was ridiculous that reservations are paid for by the person other than the guest all the time. She told me I would have to fill out a form and get it pre-approved before that could happen. This whole thing required 2 separate phone calls and took more than 20 minutes with me NOT being able to make the reservation.

I tried again at 7:00 am this morning and got the same problem. This is a terrible way to conduct business. After more of the same, and again being told that I could not make a reservation for a guest in her name and pay for it with my credit card, I hung up and made a reservation at a different hotel.

I cannot imagine that you expect people to waste that amount of time with such horrid customer service and phone reservations.


OMG Where do I start? This was the hotel stay from hell!!! I checked into the Residence INN BY MARRIOTT in Norfolk, VA on 02/18/19 for a four nights stay and was assigned room 703. Upon entering room it was cold and I attempted to adjust the temp several times to no avail, was miserable all night!!! The next evening upon returning back to my room, again it was extremely cold. Again I made several attempts to adjust the temp. Finally, I called downstairs to request assistance with the temp, after waiting another hour and continuously adjusting the thermostat I received a call from maintenance asking that I stop adjusting the thermostat because they were attempting to fix the issue temp finally acceptable. On Wednesday while taking a shower I turned around and was in such in AWWW and disbelief at the condition of the vent. It appears to be either a large accumulation of dust or mold. I was uncertain. I immediately phoned downstairs and requested for someone to come see and possibly remove the accumulation. Well someone did in fact come but he came with a yellow sponge left and returned with a brush and was unable to assist. The following morning (Thursday) I again complained to the desk supervisor who assigned me another room (720). I moved my personal belongings into the newly assigned room and quickly checked the vents due to time restraints. I informed the desk supervisor that the vents still had an accumulation just not to the magnitude of the first room. He assured me that the vents would be cleaned upon my return for the evening. Upon returning to my room, the vents had not been cleaned as assured and to my amaze there was also a dirty sock under the bed. I will go out on the limb and state that housekeeping merely replaces towels and changes sheets (I at least hope)!!!! Clearly nothing else is done. Again I am sadly disappointment with my experience and concerned about the health issues imposed on guest. This is totally unacceptable! I have pictures however, for some reason I am unable to upload. Please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to email pictures.


We stayed at the Marriott residence inn 5th street Nashville for a convention . We left the hotel room at 9.30 am and returned at 2.30 pm. Our rom had not been serviced . We went to the front desk and requested that our room be cleaned and services. We waited 1.30 hrs in the lobby before our room was ready. We were both exhausted and really annoyed since I went back to the desk at least 6 times asking if our room was ready. We were supposed to be given extra points on the app that I signed up on which also should have included the stay . I see I have 0 points on bob voyage. Membership 826175858.
At $350.00 a night I expect to be able to have use of my room and a serviced room.


I had reserved an upper floor room at the Residence Inn Rocky Mount NC 01-17-19. Upon arrival i was told that since i had a assist dog we would have to stay on the bottom floor. The room was a mess and upon arrival the toilet was clogged up, it was very noisy and no one was responding to the issues with the toilet until i went to the front desk. My wife is hearing impaired, we keep our dog well groomed and bring our own sheets to sleep on. Being a platinum member i would think i would be treated better. I have lived basically in a residence in San Diego for the last 5yrs and they were exceptional. There were dogs on the top floor i stayed and they weren't even an assist dog like ours. My over all feeling was treatment was less because of the assist dog being present (Not Comfort Dog!) I will never stay in Residence INN again in Rocky Mount. if this is how impaired people are treated maybe i should switch to Hilton or others. Very disappointed


I was charged a smoking fee and do not even smoke. I have spent over `10k alone at this hotel and will sue if I do not get a full refund immediately. of the $250 I was charged. I have requested to speak with the general manager and NEVER HEARD back I. I am very disappointed and plan to sue for charging my card and having this false stigma on me ..I do not even smoke.

Please let me know it has been handled asap. 3rd attempt legal written
CC law, Hammond , LLC.


I am a Presidential Marriott member and time share owner. Most of our vacations and stays have been with Marriott since 1980. I just spent 10 days with friends at the Marriott Hutchinson Island Resort and Marina. The resort was totally not up to the Marriott standard. The rooms were poorly maintained and poorly furnished for the price. The management team was not considerate or receptive to complaints of noise, broken washers and exercise equipment. There was little communication with the front desk on events such as Elite meet the manager wine and cheese of any activity at the resort. Employees did not seem to know what events were occurring. No notification was given when an event was cancelled. There were very few scheduled activities for adults.
The facility itself needed upgrading. The majority of the staff were not of the friendly nature of the resorts and hotels we have stayed in before. The rooms were sound proofed so that you could hear everything going on in the room next to you. This is the first time I have complained about a Marriott or a Marriott resort. I do believe that Corporate should take a look at this facility both from a physical standpoint and a management standpoint.


Managers at the courtyard in Charleston WV and some of the employees are always high on dope, you need to check in to this. It’s sad that nothing is being done about this, paper work is not up to date, maybe you need to sended a inspector again , there a lot of things not right there, Marriott has always had a good name but this is bad. Owner are hard to get along with, work you to many hours if you are on salary and talk Down to you, that’s not the Marriott way.


My recent 4-day trip to Ontario was not 100% positive. I checked in on Monday 1/28/19 and I checked out on Thursday 1/31/19. I was in town for business. I’d like to compliment the front desk staff. They were friendly & helpful, every day, all day. I’d also like to compliment the breakfast bar attendant. She was extremely attentive, making sure that everything was clean and delicious. And, the coffee bar was never empty! Thank you very much for that.

I chose Springhill Suites because it is very close to the airport, close to my office and the website advertised “Brand New Hotel”. Myself and my coworkers travel on a bi-monthly basis. We normally stay with another brand name hotel but decided to try this one for a change. Unfortunately, although this hotel is brand new, my room was not acceptable. The bathroom floor was scuff marked and dirty for the entire week. The shower drain was full of hair on day 1. The complimentary lotion was half empty and used. The hair conditioner was extremely low. The house keeping staff showed up on Tuesday but did a sub-par job of cleaning and supplying the room. The bathroom floors were still scuffed and dirty. The ironing board was left out, the tv was left on, and the blow dryer was left on the sink. The house keeping staff did not show up on Wednesday. This was VERY disappointing. I called down to the front desk for towels & supplies at 8pm but they were not able to clean my room.

I’m attaching a few pictures. I hope this will be taken care of so future travelers will not have this disappointment.


You ROBO caller keeps calling me even when I have requested removal more than 1 week ago it calls me at least 5 times a day and I am going to call my Lawyer in the Morning and sue you for invasion of Privacy my phone number is 360-201-3969

I will never stay at a Marriot Fuck off already . I have had enough


I want to know the management company who manages the Marriott North in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. The following is my complaint which is serious and I want to know this information ASAP. I am chairman of my high school reunions. We will be having our next reunion, our 60th, possibly the first weekend of Nov. 2019. I am looking at hotels to have the reunion at. Our past history with Marriott hotels is we have had a total of 8 reunions at different Marriott hotels in Broward County Florida. We have averaged over 200 guests at the reunions and book over 40 rooms these hotels and we have the reunion cover from Friday to Sunday.

What I am upset with we have had 4 reunions at the Marriott North in Ft. Lauderdale plus my wife and I celebrated our 50th anniversary there with over 130 guests for the weekend. My daughter has had 2 or 3 Christmas parties there for the University of Miami.
The main reason for the unpset is I have called and left messages for the banquet office 5 times leaving my reason for the call and my home phone number. I have also been told that the front desk manager would call me back as soon as he came in at 3PM yesterday 1/29/2019. No one called me back. I called 3 hours later and asked to speak to the night front desk manager and the front desk gal told me she would give the phone to the manager. After a short wait the phone rings and I have to leave a message. I want to know how to contact these lousy managers to find out about getting prices for a 60th year reunion. If I get no results I will go to other hotels for my reunion. Please let me know ASAP. THE MAIN REASON FOR THE COMPLAINT IS NO ONE IS CALLING ME BACK. THESE PEOPLE MUST BE REPRIMANDED FOR LACK OF SERVICE AND NOT KEEPING WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE ETC.
Thanks for your help,
Al Caroccio


We stayed at the Residence Inn Dallas Arlington South, It was one of the worst hotel experiences we've had in the US. After trying, we finally left before we were scheduled and moved to a place much farther away because we couldn't take it anymore.
The room smelled. I bought a can of Fabreeze and sprayed the drapes, sofa, rugs every day, and it didn't make a difference. Maybe, because whatever was coming out of the HVAC was too yucky (see pic).
The rugs in the room and hallways and other public areas never seem to be vacuumed - there was always crap on the carpet.
The breakfast buffet was actually decent, but the service and cleanliness were disgusting. We constantly had to hunt down servers to replenish dishes, cups, utensils, and food on the line. Most of the time, the servers were chatting with others in the kitchen or at the front desk. The tables were never clean - we cleaned them ourselves. The weekends were the worst - we usually just skipped and went elsewhere (even though we had paid for breakfast). One morning, someone was cleaning the floors in the public areas while we were trying to eat breakfast. So we were smelling cleaning products while trying to eat. Really?
I used the gym every morning but the machines never seemed to have been serviced -they were squeaky and lethargic. Also the AC in the room wasn't adjustable by guests and it was so hot and stuffy in the room that it was like hot yoga. The door was propped open - i guess because of the HVAC issues. Not the most pleasant experience.
I filled out the Guest Satisfaction Survey and gave a terrible rating, but very honest feedback. The message we got back said "Providing the highest level of hospitality is our number one priority and we sincerely apologize for falling short of meeting your expectations. As a teachable moment, we have shared your feedback with the appropriate hotel team to ensure the necessary guidelines are in place to prevent the issues you had from occurring in the future. Once again, thank you for your valued feedback and we hope to serve you again whenever your travels bring you back to Dallas."
No offense, but the response is clueless. No "teachable moment" is going to correct the issues at the hotel. It needs a complete makeover. i used to think Marriott was a decent hotel - not luxe - but decent. I no longer think that. i'm going to think twice - maybe three or four or five times - about ever booking a Marriott again.


I was charged on my credit card for a room at the Marriott Auburn Hills hotel and I didn't even stay there, after calling customer service twice 50 minutes plus each I was told that that hotel would contact me to clear up the situation.
that was more than 3 weeks ago, The date of the wrong charge was December 15th 2018, I did stay at the Pontiac
Marriott that nite that hotel and charges were fine but not for the Auburn hills site my case # is 94865478.
Please contact me to clear this up, as I am upset how I was treated and lied to by you rep.
Richard Visser 269-506-7988


Rewards Number 874269970 / #510-697-2414 / NorCal 95030-5300 / COMPLAINT: I am being deluged with "ROBO CALLS" from various numbers in the Oakland, CA area that are always different so no matter how many times I block them they call again. I am on the US Gov't "OPT OUT" list and have been since it's creation and I have always renewed as needed. I have a Chase Marriot VISA car and I use Marriot Hotels as possible. BUT I will cancel my card and no longer use Marriott hotels if you do not take my name off your "Robo Call" list as it is very and constantly annoying me! It is my understanding that if you fail to respond to my DEMAND(not a request) I will take legal action and have secured a local SF lawyer who has won a number of cases against "Robo Callers". AGAIN I DEMAND THAT YOU CEASE ROBO CALLING MY NUMBER $510-6972414 FROM REPEATED-LY CHANGED NUMBERS INDICATING YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION BY NOT USING THE SAME NUMBER SO THE CUSTOMER COULD BLOCK THE CALLS. STOP STOP STOP! Thomas Claridge / 510-697-2414 / / NorCal: 510-
697-2414 / 1.21.2019 @5:30pm PST--------


My family and I recently vacationed at the San Antonio property on the Riverwalk, I paid for 2 rooms approximately $2000.00. Upon arrival I asked the front desk if I can use some American express gift cards to pay for my room and I also had a $400.00 Marriott gift card. I held the room with my personal American Express credit card until check out 2 days later. Upon checkout time I presented the gift cards and was told they could not take them because they had new card machines and it wouldn't accept them. I asked repeatedly if they were sure and they said sorry we cant take them.

I have vowed never to stay at a Marriott property again, if you really get this letter and care to keep a customer I would like you to somehow make this up to me that I had to spend my own credit card after being told it was not a problem. I will eagerly and hopefully await a response. I still have my Marriott card worth $400.00.


At 11:15 PM, 1/18/19, I am awaken by an argument outside my window, two men are fighting in some foreign language. As the fight gets heated, pushing and shoving, the police show up and they make friendly talk. The police leave and the two men return outside the window, talking loud to locate a car key with a flashlight one has thrown into the shrubs. After they find the key an leave and I almost get back to sleep. Then again at 12:00 AM they are outside in a heated discussion so I called the front desk. The conversation disappears outside, but is now heard in the hall outside the elevator near my door. It’s foreign languages prevent me from knowing what they were arguing about, but had I been by myself, I would have checked out and found a safer night location. Room 123, Fairfield Inn, 4035 Sheraton Dr, Macon Georgia.



I sent in a complaint the other day but still have not hear from anyone

Please see below the information you have requested

Confirmation Number 87471356

Check in Date December 26 / 2018

Check out Date December 28 / 2018

Hotel Name Sheraton Hotel Zagreb Croatia

I book the room for my Daughter and her boyfriend

Daughter Name ( Bianca Grzunov )

Boyfriends Name ( Franjo Nimac )

When I book the room I informed the room will be for her and her boyfriend ,

When they arrived they asked for a smoking room , so they received a smoking room but was down sized to a smaller room and bed

When they entered the room they found two long hairs in the bath tub , also there was only water for one person and there saw no slippers or bath rob in the room

Plus before when checking in the front desk would offer 500 points or a bottle of wine they were never offered this

the next day when they went around to the city and returned back to the room they thought there would be water in the room again but there was not

they called the front desk to ask if they could have some water they were informed that only on check-in water is free and after that you must pay

this was never the issue before over the years

Also when the room would be made up the staff would re place the coffee and tee as well the water but they had no luck , Plus at night the staff would come to the room to fix the bed and leave some small chalcocite on the bed but not this stay

My daughter was not please with the service on her stay , and I too as I have been going to the Sheraton Zagreb for over 15 years and in the past year the service has gone down a lot

I was planning to come this month again to stay at the hotel with my wife before I fly on my next business trip but now I might change hotels in Zagreb

The last time my wife was there the hotel was under renovation and the stay to was not great as the room the received the AC was not working and the noise in the morning was so bad my wife and daughter could not sleep past 7 am

Best Regards Mr Latimer

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Dear Mr. Latimer,

Please be assured that both Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, LLC and Starwood Preferred Guest strive to maintain the highest quality of customer service. I apologize if your experience has not been an example of this and would like to assure you that it was the exception and not the rule.

Please forward the details of your complaint with the name of the hotel, city of location, dates of your stay, guest's name and confirmation number and I will be happy to open a corporate service file to begin an investigation on your behalf.

Thank you for your interest in Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, LLC. We look forward to receiving your reply at

Best Regards,

Jenni S.

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Compliments/Concerns about previous hotel stay
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sherton zagerb
Good Day

I reserved a room at the Sheraton hotel in Zagreb for the date Dec 26 2018 till Dec 28 2018 for my daughter and her boyfriend , I have stayed at the hotel for the past 15 years with my family , we always had a great stay , the service was too great , This stay my daughter said it was not like before , as when checking in the front desk always asked if you would like 500 points or a bottle of wine , but they did not asked this time , also the room my daughter was staying in the bath tub had two long hairs in the bath tub , as if the tub was not cleaned 100 % , also the room was book for two people and there was only waster for one person , plus there was no bath rob or slippers
then when they asked for water for the room the next day they were informed that they will have to pay for it , before then the room was being made up the next day water was left in the room as you were there for two nights . I guess the way costumers are treated now is not the same since Marriott took over
Plus before the staff would leave small chocolates on your bed when the room was made up ,

Best regards Douglas Latimer



Right, look people want a good bed , nice room and excellent shower, you have a very big room and bath and bed, so kudoos to you, BUT the shower is plain awful. (see below). When I was at the Premium Lounge (airport) I overheard 2 pilots and a stewardess complaining of the showers too, I had to laugh , but maybe I ought to let you know. So here you go.

1) you showers (I have stayed in different rooms) are weak, no power, hot is not hot just luke warm, and the control knobs are silly. You get sprayed with water (freezing) and wait till it get warm not hot (I notice the maids now turn the shower heads to the wall for that very reason.

2) Your cool light, are cool for a second then, I can't see anything , a lamp would be nice.
3) NO plug ins, well very few!!!
4) Your gym is too hot and there is NO CHANGE ROOM, are you serious. NO change room for the pool. Everyone I saw as scooting in and out of the bathroom.

I always stay here because it is attached to the airport and your people are nice. It is overpriced for all that I have described. I am going to post in every place possible this review at 2 stars out of 5 and recommend everyone stay away, my next visit will be somewhere's else. UNLESS you fix the shower. then maybe I'll come back.
Rooms are nice and big, fresh and clean, great bed, lovely coffee pot. Seriously, a welcoming 2 bottles of gratis water please.
FIX THE showers, not hot enough and those suicide handles people , what where you thinking, go through cold to get to hot all the while a full flow. Her is a suggestion, stay in the room yourself, get a shower for yourself and see!!!!! Simple.


Dear Marriott hotel
My wife and her three friends are stolen money from 
Your hotel. 
One of your hotel staff broke into the rooms 
during their absence for dinner out. 

Ms SUNG HEE PARK stolen USD280 
Ms HYE JEONG LEE stolen USD350 
Ms HYUN SUK CHO stolen USD320 
Ms BONG JU KIM Stolen USD410 

How come this kind of thing happened in your hotel? 


The manager Gilles Lebrun was given evidence of an employee steeling from the hotel for over 7 years. Also he knows that this house keeper has stolen a diamond ring worth over $50,000 from a clients suite at Minto Hotel her former employer.
Gilles took the employee, Ann zahoor to his office and showed her the evidence. Gilles Lebrun and ann zahoor ate now best friends and he is now giving her relationship advice at the same time she still has her job and will continue to steal from the hotel and its guests.


I prefer to remain anonymous as the following information left my family in such distress I would like to inform the company and following allow the experience to no longer disrupt my life. About a month or so ago my family and I were in the Northwest Arkansas area visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday. After searching hotel rates we decided the Courtyard in Bentonville Arkansas was where we were going to reside during our break. It quickly turned into a very stressful mind blowing occasion. My husband, myself and my 5 year old daughter were enjoying the amenities amongst ourselves. We met a seemingly very sweet barista got what we needed and sat down to chit chat and enjoy our family time when my daughter says mom I need to go to the bathroom. I quickly asked the front desk associate where downstairs I could take her and she pointed us in the direction of the bathrooms. As we were in the bathroom we heard strange noises coming from outside our stall. As I finished up w my daughter I was shocked to hear a mans voice as well. I signaled to my daughter to be quiet so they didn't hear us talking. I peaked through the crack of the door only to find the sweet young barista (we can't recall her name but she is younger and has blonde hair) and another employee having sex in front of the sinks the man had a shaved head that is all I could see of him. My daughter heard the entire incident. My heart was racing and it took everything I had not to say something. For the past month I have been thinking about just letting it go but last night as I was tucking my 5 year old into bed she asked me if I remember when she was going potty at the hotel, if I remembered the odd noises. She is 5 years old and should never have to think about such things. It makes me sick that you have individuals like this working at such a reputable location. Or that they are a representation of such a wonderful company, we have stayed at Marriott hotels for over 20 years and never have been so disgusted. I am hoping you handle this issue with the utmost punishment I would hate for another loyal customer to be witnessed to such haneous behavior by the staff at this facility.


I am attending an event in Dearborn on Feb 1. Communication from the event host informed me of a block of rooms available for attendees at the Dearborn Inn. It is now two months away giving me plenty of time to reserve a room.

Why should it be impossible to simply reach a live person by phone and inquire about the block room rate and availability? No less than a dozen calls to the following numbers, have produced no results.

313-271-2700 This is the actual property, where on multiple attempts over five days, and extended hold time on hold, I reached a live person twice. Unfortunately, they were unable to respond to my inquiry about the block reservation. A dozen or more attempts at different times over five days, mostly resulted with, "just a moment". After holding, I was transferred to a never ending promotional recording and finally given an opportunity to select from several options. Waiting out the recording finally resulted in an option which put me back in the same frustrating loop or on hold forever.

Other, customer service or reservation numbers: 800-736-0554 888-236-2727 (both took me to the same promotional recordings.

I understand the desire to force customers to an online reservations system. If so, a suggestion might be to add an option to inquire about items, not found on a voice menu or to simply enter a message such as this text I am entering now.

Jim Chiodo,
Holland, MI


We rented a condo/hotel room from an owner of a unit at the Singer Island Marriott & Spa. When we arrived we were told to check into the front desk of the hotel. Upon checking in we were told the owners of the unit did not pay their fees for amenities. Therefore my son (10 years old) was not allowed to use the pools or even have access to the beach. We offered to pay a fee for my son to have access but was told no! So we checked out. We will never stay at another Marriott again! I will post this story on every review site I find. I will compaign against anyone ever staying at a heartless Marriott again. They expected my son to simple stare at the pool & beach. Who does this?

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