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This is NOT a complaint (I could not find a site for submitting positive comments)… so...
We flew from Charlotte to Boston on 6/25/19 and stayed at the Doubletree Boston-Bayside until 6/29/19. We had a most positive experience
with your staff and facility there. The person who made the most positive difference was Shawn Phillips. She (Shawn) handles customers in such a professional manner and makes them feel welcomed. For example, The hotel shuttle was to pick us up at Logan Airport, but traffic jams and logistics kept us waiting at the airport for over an hour and a half. Shawn kept in constant touch with us as we waited (via text) and assured us that the ride was on the way (after the wait reached 1hr and 30 minutes, she said she would comp breakfast for me and my family because of the wait.
Later, on 6/28 our air conditioner went out in our room around 5:30 pm.. Hotel maintenance was sent and the maintenance guy (Hector) put a new
AC unit in in less than 40 minutes while my family and I sat on the beds and watched television. Needless to say, we were impressed. Last, but not least, our shuttle driver both to, and from, the airport was Sammy. Sammy should be a professional entertainer... he is terrific.
I just want you to know that you have a great staff at Bayside-Boston, and they should be commended. I seldom see this type of positive attitude
and It is sooo refreshing.


I placed a reservation for 2 rooms a few months ago. Reservation is in July. Unfortunately I have had something serious happen & need to cancel. I have talked to several people & keep getting told nobody can do anything. I have been hung up on, transferred to wrong departments & left a message for the hotel manager to call & haven't heard back. I will NEVER use any kind of Hilton hotel again. Anytime I go anywhere that's where I always stay but I wont again.


To whom this may concern,

On April 18 2019, my girlfriend and I travelled to Miami where we stayed at DoubleTree Resort & Spa by Hilton Hotel Ocean Point - North Miami Beach from the 18th to the 21st. We booked your hotel because we wanted a relaxing place to stay by the beach with the Spa as it was offered by Expedia. We got the package and upon arrival we were beyond upset the fact that the Spas Hotel was closed. It pretty much ruined a part of our plans. No where in the site or Expedia site or Sunwing site was there a notice letting any travellers know. If I knew that I sure wouldn't have picked up DoubleTree Resort. I got changed amenities and sure didn't get what you offer. I contacted Sunwing and Expedia about this matter and they told me that its the Hotels responsibilities to let the companies know if anything is not working properly. I not only feel lied to, but also I chose a hotel for the Spa reason and sure didn't get that. It totally defeated the purpose of staying there. Been at DoubleTree Resort and it was great but after this experience I don't think that it will be one of my choices.

Hopefully something can be done because this has been nothing but headaches and definitely not relaxing and enjoyable.


Danny Vitorino


Checked in on Friday May 24, 2019 came for my grand daughter graduation staying until Tuesday. I always stay here when I visit but this by far was the worst stay after running all day come back to room no room service. I been here all this time and only had one day of room service. Attended my nephew graduation today May 27, 2019 left hotel at 8 am just got back at 4:24 no service to my room. She was just getting to my room. I'm tired standing in the hallway and once again, I was tired so I told her to just give us towels and rags we were literally standing in hallway. I had to go buy bathing towels because every time we leave the room, room service says, they will bring back the bathing towels. I ask one day the housekeeper said there was none clean got to bring back. This weekend was a heat wave and I did not enjoy my room for the first time. Lastly, I went to front desk and complained and your customer service representative was so defensive and rude. I was trying to explain that someone place the do not disturb sign on the door, because our sign was still in the room on the closet door. Service here was horrible and honestly I had to clean our own room and purchase rags. Most of the housekeepers don't speaks English to have a clear understanding. On today, May 27, 2019 as I was approaching the first desk to ask where can I get ice I heard her tell the other clerk that if she ask me anything we are going to fight. I told her well I need ice so I hope you are ready to fight. She said she wasn't talking to me. By far, this has been the worst stay I have ever had. I really love staying here and I pray they resolve these issues ASAP!


On April 5th my son and 3 friend booked 2 rooms for one night That night they were down in the bar having a few drinks before turning in They left the next day everything ok My son checked his credit card statement and seen there was a charge on it for an extra $250 He called and spoke to someone who was very rude and said it was a Cigarette charge Nobody from this hotel called to inform him of this charge So I called a spoke to a Travis Gitter and asked about this charge He told me he knew nothing about it and transferred me to housekeeping I then spoke to a Sofia Ruiz who told me that day April 6th she was not there and knew nothing about it that I should talk to the head desk I told her the head desk a Travis Gitter just sent me to her I told her when they get their stories straight I was going to call back later Well I called the 19th and then again the 20th Left messages both times and nobody called back So I tried again on the 24th and a Travis Gitter answered I asked them what made them think there was smoking Was there a statement written up Time stamped and I wanted it sent to me Well I got this letter NOW dated April 6th stating Assistant head housing keeping Sofia B Ruiz ( with just a printed name not signed ) and Travis Gitter That there was a cigarette butt in the trash and they smelled smoke I asked my son and all 3 friends One said he might of taken out of his pants pocket and put it into the trash They all would have smelled like cigarette from the night before so the smell would be in the room still How can they just go charge someone with out telling them why. There is no proof but the smell from their clothes and a butt in the trash So this gives the right for this hotel charged them $250 for that I bet there are other people out there that this has been done to I believed they lied in there letter that was made up just to shut me up Hoping we can settle this problem My son was Nicholas Reed Check in date April 5th 2019


Is this correct? I am Marine combat veteran. I am also a disabled veteran. I did not fight for my adopted country as did my grandfather, my father, uncles, my brother, my sister, and my son to see this crap. We are all US citizens. We love this country and have lost to many friends in the service of this country. I can tell you that I will continue to pass it on.


Is the attached accurate?


To whom it may concern!

My name is Brandon Guilbeau and I work for GPS Hospitality!! My company uses the Lafayette Louisiana branch for quarterly meetings!! This place is used as a common meeting place since the group is use to meeting at this location !
I was informed by my supervisor that we would be meeting at this location and had spoke with hotel and it was ok for us to park for this one night! Well to make a long story short I was towed and the hotel property is trying to weasel its way out of being responsible!!
Also found out the hotel managers and the tow company owners are friends!!

Please reach out to me
This branch has been a nightmare to deal with!

Brandon Guilbeau


As a 22 year combat veteran in the USAF, I feel it is an absolute disgrace that your Colora9 Springs location has refused service to Military personnel. You have no earthly clue what these people go through to ensure your freedoms. We dont want praise or recognition. We just don't want to be tested like outcasts. It is despicable what has transpired there. I promise you, it is now my personal mission to destroy your company's reputation. I hope you're prepared to deal with the fallout. Good luck.


This was on Fox news today. Bar placed a sign to refuse service to Vets at the Colorado DoubleTree. Disgraceful!!! “So last night we took over 600 people to the DoubleTree Colorado Springs and paid over $50 a person,” Osbourne wrote on the Facebook post, which has since been deleted, FOX 28 reported. “Treated us like crap, refused to leave food for guests in the bathroom or chatting. They said when they are seated they will be served. They charged us over $12 a drink which we all paid. And then left this sign on the bar! This event was a post deployment ceremony! These men and women were being honored for serving our country, but I guess serving them at the double tree is too much! Just so you know, we did not damage the building and there was no reason to treat us this way!"


I just read an article about Double Tree Hotel in Colorado Springs disrespecting military personnel. We went through this in the late 1960's in the airports, train stations and streets military personal are fighting over there so you don't have a war in your lobby like many countries have. Double Tree lost this customer there are a lot of places to stay that appreciate our business. You need to screen and train your workers and managers much better.


I was on the elevator and hurd a unpleasant conversation in the next elevator very loud.What was said that the worker wasn't changing sheets.What was very unpleasant to hear that the manager is aware about the situation and nothing has been done. How is that safe for our health cross-contamination,uncleanness that's not acceptable.How long this been going on and nothing being done.As I walked to my car .Let me mind you the same manager and Employee is now outside smoking cigarettes on the side of the building.When I'm waiting on dry towels!!The towels in my room are damp also the sheets!! I went to the nearby Wal-Mart and bought me some towels.I really think someone need to look into this.Are you been polite to cover up the uncleanness?!


Please can you help as I feel I have been misled and now don’t know where I stand with the hotel booking I have made?

Last night I came across the George Michael tribute event planned at the Edinburgh Airport on the 15th February. With my wife being a huge fan of George Michael at it being the day after Valentine’s Day I thought it would be nice to come along. I seen the there was a 3 course dining option and that got me thinking about making it an overnight stay. Being a Hilton Honours member(HH#718199303) I went to your website and was hoping to find a overnight stay plus the event deal but when I couldn’t see anything I engaged in an online chat with a member of your team called Hunt. I asked if if there was an option to combine the event with an overnight stay and he assured me that this would be no problem and as a Hilton Honours member I would get the best possible deal. He provided me with a price which I was led to believe was a fully inclusive price for an overnight stay and 3 course meal tickets for the event. I provided my email address and asked if he could mail me the details so I could review the deal and make sure that it was what I was looking for, he told me this was not possible from the chat window, is this true? He then provided a direct link to the booking page on your website for the deal he had arranged for me. I could not see any mention of the tickets for the George Michael event and asked Hunt about this, he told me not to worry as he would put a note on my reservation to include them in my booking. With this in mind I went back an made the booking #3517817077.

Again I went back to the chat thread and Hunt confirmed that he could see the reservation. Again I asked about the tickets for the event and again he told me not to worry but now he was telling me to contact the hotel direct, he supplied me with the phone number and they would sort me out, alarm bells start to ring now! I did remind him that he said that he would add a note to my reservation but now he tells me due to data protection he cannot access my reservation!!!
I now ask Hunt to email the chat thread so I can use it for reference and he confirmed that I would receive a copy of the chat to my email address once I closed the chat. We exchanged pleasantries and bid each other a good evening. Unsurprisingly to me now I still await said email of our chat transcript. I have received my hotel confirmation and it has no mention of the George Michael event at all.

I phoned the hotel direct last night and they confirmed that I have made a reservation for 1 night on the 15th February 2019 on a Dinner, Bed & Breakfast no mention or notes regarding the event. This reservation is of no use to me with out tickets to the event. The member of staff was very helpful and informed my that I could book the event tickets via another website but this is not what I was sold by Hunt on the chat thread, he assured me several times that it was all going to be included. It also transpires that my evening dinner is not the 3 course meal as described on the event page but a evening meal at the hotel of which I have no details of how this is formatted.

I’m so confused now and have no idea where I stand or what I have been duped into booking. The whole process has taken what was supposed to be a fun overnight stay with a meal and entertainment by a tribute act of one of my wife’s favourite singers to me feeling very stupid and a bit angry mainly at myself for being rushed into the booking.

Can you please help me sort this disaster out as the booking I have made and paid in full is useless without the George Michael tribute night!

Alan Chester HH#718199303
14 Faraday Place
West Lothian
EH55 8NG

Mobile No. +44 (0)7770637684


Because they lied and said it was smoke in the room and i Do not Smokey company was outside smoking when security came and knocked on the door and if he he smelled a funny order why fidnt you call the police he lied and kicked us out round 12am and I want my money back and acomodations somewhere else please call me at 9194387520


I came to this hotel because my husband was coming in town from work so I try to surprise him, being that I knew that the hotel is all inclusive, I’m very disappointed when I had a room and tickets to go to maxi got dress so myshusbamd could have a good time and they will not let us use our tickets the lady on the top Priscilla was rude and her supervisor Travis did not make it any better just an overall and overwhelming bad experience. This is the double tree in SeaTac and I had book two rooms one for us and one for the kids. We recently got married first New Years together just disappointing


RACIST COMPANY!! I hope I never have to be humiliated by RACISM while staying at one of your hotels. Like the BLACK man from Portland had to encounter. Oh guess I wont have to worry. Cause I WILL NEVER give you any business. RACISTS!!!!!


Making a black man who was a guest in your hotel leave for what appears to be only because he was black is wrong. Your employees should be fired. The police officer who responded to the call should also be fired. I am a retired white police officer and found the behavior of your employees and the police officer nothing less than a racially motivated act.
I will never stay in another Hilton property. This behavior should have been done in the 1960s. I hope the man sues for millions. I would tell you this, if I were on the jury I would award him the maximum the law allows.


Your support of prejudicial practice during the recent interaction between one of your employees and an African American man, a hotel guest, is indicative of a corporate attitude of exclusion and fear. This is the foundational attitude that is polarizing our country, negatively impacting gains in race relations, and degrading our humanity. I implore you to stand quietly, consider the insidious darkness and evil such action and the support of such action brings into our world.

I expect to hear your personal disgust and outrage at the actions of a misguided employee and the hotel management at The Doubletree Portland who supported his action. Accept this opportunity to scrutinize your corporate culture. Become leaders of humanity, disavow the fear and hatred of our time, become known as a business that moves their employees toward the light and to their better selves.


just read about the incident in Oregon, spend thousands of dollars a year with Hiliton, You just lost my business.


I booked a room online and was guaranteed late arrival, I arrived at 11pm and was told that they sold my room since I was late. I am now stuck on the side of the roads because I do not have a room. I have been driving for over 3 hours trying to find a room tonight and all are booked. I drove over 8 hours to get here.


While the front desk was Outstanding except for one exception. The housekeeping service left a lot to be desire. First day was fine. The second day I found crums in the bed ( they were my , I had had a cookie the night before) but nobody made the bed the way it was supposed to be made. The trash was left from the day before. No complimentary coffee or tee or cups The reason I am Writing to you is so I don't have to give this hotel a bad review on line. Since every one else was Very, very nice


On Nov. 15, 2017, I made a reservation for a seven night stay at a special convention rate at the Doubletree hotel in Virginia Beach, and guaranteed it with my credit card. Last week I decided to add another night, and unbeknownst to me, the agent converted the whole reservation over to a non-fundable, immediate payment rate. My credit card was maxed out because of the large unauthorized charge, which has placed my whole trip in jeopardy, as I had budgeted everything so that I would be able to pay the hotel bill at the END of the visit like normal (my travel buddy was to be responsible for half the cost). Hilton/Doubletree REFUSES to refund the money and told me that if I cancel it, I lose the reservation and cannot get the special convention rate I had originally booked. I am still attempting to get this resolved, with no positive result so far.


Your hotel at 3200 Ocean Blvd in mrytle beach treated us as if our comcern about our door being unlocked when we come back from breakfast yesterday wasnt a big deal and i have a problem with their reaction! Our first impression was horrible when we arrived our first room was 326 it was filled with cigarette smoke so we moved room 611 and on 3-10 we went to breakfast and locked the room and come back to our door not being locked and she sent maintenance he fixed the door and i felt like she didnt think it was big problem with it


We stayed on 9/23/17 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh- Green Tree ... 500 Mansfield Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15205. We had a awful experience! We went to our room walked in and it smelled like skunk so bad it made us sick. Went to the service desk and they put us in another room. That room smelled better, but due to construction going on we had to walk a long way to get there. My son found pills on the floor in that room we turned into the service desk. Went to give my son a great weekend and turned out a nightmare! When we checked out they said we would get a free night for our issues we had. Never heard anything so I called and they said a manager would call me back and never did! I would love to give Hilton a second chance, but would prefer it not to be this hotel!


1) arrived early and was told all was well with our reservation but that our room wasn't yet available.
2) came back and was told by the manager we had no reservation
3) despite the fact that my mother, who had booked the reservation, showed him her confirmation and payment receipt he just kept shrugging and saying we didn't have a reservation.
4) eventually he went to his office to contact he returned 30 minutes later having NOT called and having zero solution for us. We were not asked to sit down, offered water or coffee or in any way given any sort of hospitality or courtesy.
5) When we called ourselves we were immediately told that we had a reservation. The rep from spoke with the manager (Alberto Nogales) and emailed him a copy of our confirmation. At that point, we were checked in by the manager as he continuously kept telling us that he hadn't ever had the reservation. At no point did he express any sort of apology for the confusion.
6) When my mother asked him if there was any way he might like to compensate us for the almost 90 minutes spent trying to check in he behaved as if he was outraged, asking "it's my fault?!?". When I explained that while it wasn't his fault per se but certainly could have been handled better he agreed to comp our breakfast and upgrade us to a king size bed. (When we checked out our bill showed zero incidental or restaurant charges, however we've since been charged for the breakfast).
7) While we were checking in another couple was asking about the A/C in their room not working. The trainees at the desk all earnestly explained that it was only in a couple of rooms that the A/C was out and that it would be fixed very soon.
8) Upon arriving to our floor we suspected that the problem was more widespread and discoved that in our room the A/C didn't work.The thermostat was reading in the high 20s. We called down and were told it was a building-wide problem and would be fixed momentarily.
9) I went downstairs and asked about possible solutions (opening the window, changing rooms etc) and was told that neither was possible. After 10 minutes or so they offered to send up a fan and some bottles of water
10) A mainanence person came upstairs and opened the window, no fan or water was delivered. The room remained in the high 20s for the remainder of our stay.
11) The following morning we again were told the problem was being fixed and would be resolved momentarily.
12) As I was leaving the hotel that morning I slipped on the ramp and fell down, injuring my hand and twisting my knee (it was raining and the ramp was without any type of slip protection or signage warning of slipping). My hand is currently fine but I was unable to use it for the day and was extremely restricted in my ability to walk around. This was the only day my husband and I had in London and it was more than a little disapointing.
13) When I went inside to let the manager know what had happened I was told he was in a meeting and was unavailable. I insisted and a member of the staff went to inform him.
14) When he came out he stank of cigarette smoke and wasn't wearing a jacket or a name tag
15) He took an accident report and asked if I wanted him to call me a taxi to the hospital. I declined.
16) As I was leaving I saw one of the porters and let him know what had happened and requested that some type of sign be put out so that nobody else would get hurt. The porter said he would do what his manager told him to do. When I returned later that day to retrieve my luggage there was a small sign at the bottom of the ramp but nothing at the top of it. It was still wet.

Over the course of my life I've been lucky enough to travel all over Europe, the Middle East, Central America, The United States and Asia. I've stayed in rooms from $10-$1000/night in more than 20 countries. I have never before felt the need to complain, chastise or in any way ask for compensation but I am doing so now. The staff at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel on Bayswater Road in London is BADLY in need of training or replacement and your guests are being treated intolerably badly there. If at any point anyone had offered us a glass of water, a cup of coffee, a place to sit, a word of sympathy or even just done their jobs and not lied I wouldn't be spending my time today writing to you.

The room was paid for by my mother, Judy Bayer, through (she also travels extensively and is a Hiltons Honors member) the nights of September 3rd and the upcoming night of September 15th. At the very least she should be offered a full refund and if at all possible we would like to move our next reservation (9/15) to the Hilton at the Queensway station up the road.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Best Regards,
Lisa Bayer-Maisel


I called about a employee stealing supplies and credit cards from the job. I told the supervisor when it happened and the supervisor told me she would look into it that's been about 2 months ago. The supervisor I talked with ended up telling Ms. Kelly what was said.I made a report on her, cause if the hotel staff want do nothing about it I will myself. These pictures are stolen credit cards they just have her name on them and she smokes weed.


My reservation was made for me as a guest of the Grand Lodge of Illinois Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. I received a reservation for Thursday, October 6 through Saturday October 8. I received an email from the hotel, and a link to a website to pick out my room. Every time I tried to use it, it gave me an error message that the system was not working properly and to come back later. I did that four time, with the same results. The front desk, when I arrived, gave me the key to room 913. That was OK, but not on a Hilton Honors floor.

On Friday I attended the meeting where I spoke as a guest of the Masons, returned to Room 913, and notice there had been no housekeeping. While I was working on some papers, I was surprised by a man opening my door with a key. He told me 913 was his room, he had the key to prove it, and I needed to get out. I told him I did not order a roommate. He left. I called the front desk, and the person there told me I was not even registered in the hotel, and yes, they had given the room to someone else.

Then this person switched me to someone else who told me I was supposed to have checked out that morning. Then I was asked to restate how long I intended to stay, which was until check-out on Saturday. Someone else tried to blame the problem on converting to new room keys, and sure enough, two guys knocked on my door and said they were there to calibrate my door lock. This was, by then, too much of a parade of people trying to get into this room. Then housekeeping showed up and said her list did not include the room because it was unoccupied.

I went to the front desk to check out on Saturday and spoke with the woman who had originally checked me into the hotel on Thursday. She was apologized and said she did not understand what went wrong, and how some other clerk had given a key to my room to some man. She wanted to know what the hotel could do to make up for this. We settled on 30,000 Hilton Honors points, but she said her manager needed to approve. At this point, I have not heard from the manager about an apology or the points.


I was hung up on by the Doubletree front desk attendant Taylor / Tyler after he badgered me about a repair that needed to be done on my door. Please allow me to explain: I checked in Friday August 12, 2016. My room was never cleaned, just the trash emptied on occasion. The toilet had /soda in the bowl, (Dr. Pepper) and on the seat. Which is a clear indication the toilet was never cleaned. I had to call to the front desk for toilet paper. I assumed this was part of the amenities that came with the room. I guess not! A bra I never wore was thrown in the shower.. The lock on my door was not working properly so my door was accessible to the public for 4 of the 5 days I was there as evidenced by a friend just walked in my room and woke me up for a meeting.

My door was shut but it was not locked. Tell me how safe I felt. On the fifth day the General manger sent engineering to look at the door, the same engineering department Taylor/ Tyler said he was sending the day before. I had the tuck able sheets, this never happened when the bed was made. The front desk stated my sheets would be changed on Tuesday however the same pizza crumbs remained in the bed from the night before. Finally my door was fixed on Tuesday. in my room I had $1300 cash, my engagement ring valued at $5,000+ and a Movado watch my son bought me valued at $500+.

I was told I should have used the safe. Well if the door would have locked that would have been enough security for me! I did not appreciate the lack of concern from the General manager or never being asked about compensating me for endangering me for the 4 of the 5 days I stayed there! if I wanted my room accessed by the public, it should have been my decision, not the hotels! I have stayed at this particular location at least 5 times and never have I been treated so poorly. I never complained as I felt like there may be some type of repercussion.

The general manager was to casual about my concerns and I feel like someone should know about it therefore, I will be contacting the Doubletree corporate office, the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney Generals office as I don't feel I received what I paid for. Never should ones safety be compromised. I took the hotel representative Karen to my room to view said concerns about the cleanliness of my room. She witnessed all I speak of and contacted the General manger on his cell phone.


Called housekeeping 3 times about something left in the room. No response called front desk 4th had a rude clerk who said it was lost.


Make your vacation worth it by booking the best hotels through Doubletree. I have taken my family for a trip and booked the best possible hotel I could find on Doubletree. It gives you a choice of hotels with the rates attached to it. That's not all. They have pics and images of the hotel so that you can get a sneak peek to the hotel and know where you are getting into. I planned my stay in advance.

Double tree has smarter stay with our Advance Purchase Rates. When you plan ahead and reserve in advance, you'll save up to 20% a night. Who does that. Great comfort, food and ambiance with the hotel that I booked though them. Amazing vacation and I sure know next time it is going to be Double Tree to plan my vacation or travel.

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