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I arrived on 1st November. The Hotel reception is not clean . I had to clean up myself to sit-down and clean up reception area. there like 5 people who do nothing but cross their arm and argue with the guests and the housekeeper manager was asking for money to celebrate one the employees birthday. I was treated with a very disrespectful manner in regards to the housekeeper manager . She is very abusive with her co workers , guests and hotel personnel. If I was the headquarters manager. I will replace disrespectful people. Work place should be a peace of mind not a hostile. Guest should feel relax and comfortable not disrespected and not verbally abused.


We checked in on August 30 and are leaving Sept.3rd 2021. I asked to have to room serviced next day and it was not. The toilet was leaking and they fixed that. I called the front desk 3 times to get new towels and noting happened. I had to go down to the desk and ask again for some towels. The A/C does not work and it is 80 F IN THE ROOM. And there was no breakfast and no discount for that. I was told if I know anybody who wants to work to send them in to apply. I stay in a lot of hotels and this is the first with no breakfast. Also when I booked this on line I was not told that was a deposit or no breakfast. I would like to have some one call me about this matter. Thanks,EM


Major storm cause power outage through out the city so we need to stay at a hotel after checking in I inquire about WiFi NONE breakfast NONE and pool hours NONE the room was non refundable and the management on duty would not refund my money or accommodate me in any way the hotel allowed for pets but did poor cleaning pet hair and odor throughout the hotel and dog poop outside the entrance very unacceptable


This complaint is about the Ramada inn in Campbell river b c Canada.
The staff are very friendly and courteous!
This has to do with the pool and hot tub
It has become quite unclean especially the hot tub
We are a group of ladies that have been swimming there for quite awhile never had a problem but in the last few months the pool area has declined in cleanliness to the point some ladies have developed rashes etc. We would appreciate if this could be resolved as we are sure you would want your customers who stay here have a good experience thank for your time


We arrived after 9:00 pm, but it was warm in Espaola, NM. The refrigerator was turned off. The light bulb was out between the beds, so we checked it out and the outlet it was in was not working. We got an extension cord because my husband has a bi-pap he uses at night for sleeping and it would not reach the next nearest electric outlet. there were no bags for laundry and there was cigarette burns on both bedspreads. My husband has to keep his diabetic meds refrigerated and it was advertised as having a refrigerator.
The next morning we went down for their breakfast and there was only cereal, toast and muffins and coffee and tea. No protein at all. People with diabetes cannot have all high carbs without some protein. We felt for the shape our room was in and no protein the price for the room was way too high.


I made reservations for May 29, 2019 for my family at the Ramada in Henderson, Kentucky. We were supposed to be in adjoining rooms because my elderly parents have mobility issues. Once we arrived, we were placed a distance away. I was told it was because they had only one pet room (I notified when I made the reservation that I had a Pomeranian).
My niece touched the sheets as she was preparing to go to bed, and told my sister, “Mommy, this has a texture, and I don’t know if that is pubic hair or eyelashes, but they are all over.” My sister told her to go wash her hands and told me to look at the sheets. There was dried semen and pubic hair present.
I notified the female working at the front desk. This caused further observance of the room, especially after we discussed that the room had an odor. The carpet had not been vacuumed, hairs on the sink, and the mirror hadn’t been cleaned in a long time.
The receptionist said her manager asked if it would be okay to just change the sheets. I asked her if she would be good with those conditions and sleep on it and told her to ask her manager the same thing. It was unacceptable.
After we moved our belongings into another room, my sister found an old carton of chicken nuggets that had been there for quite some time (that I aggravatedly threw out into the hall). There was also a lot of dust and food under the furniture and behind the bathroom door.
I checked my account when we returned home and noticed that one of the rooms was charged for two days instead of one (which I will have my bank dispute). This was a very unpleasant experience. The only positive thing I have to say about this business is the female that served my family breakfast went beyond (she even fixed my mother a waffle because my mom said she always messes them up) her duties for service. I suggest you promote her to management.
This establishment is an embarrassment to Ramada and Wyndham Resorts and shouldn’t expect any future business from myself or my family. I should have stayed at the Baymont or Super 8 off I-64 at Exit 25 in Evansville, Indiana (like I usually do) at a cheaper rate and much more sanitary.


Never told before booking under construction 400 E E Butler Pky Gainsville GA. The noise was unbelievable jack hammers from 7 am to 7 pm, dust, was moved three times because of issues. Air condition quit in one unit, moved, noise was terrible moved again, the last straw was the third bed sat on end and it came up. We checked out was there for a family reunion and have stayed here for the past several years. The side doors were not secured, lights out in the elevators no excuses for dust on the 4th floor. I have video of the conditions that I can share with you. Would like a full refund from the Hotel from HELL.


We had to wait 30 min to get checked in. The front desk would not accept my reward number to earn points because I booked online. Our room had no wash cloths to use for cleaning ourselves. The front desk lady was extremely rude and very unprofessional. When we went up to the front desk to ask about the wash cloths she was being rude to another guest. When we asked her for her name because she was being so rude she asked us to leave. When we asked her to spell her name she threatened to call the cops on us for trespassing although we already paid for our stay and she was the one being nasty rude!!! We were told to use bath towels to wash with or go buy some wash cloths because we wasn't getting any. Mind you we had 2 children and had to park a block away because there was no parking. We were also told we was not allowed to record any video while on the property.


We checked into the Ramada Jerusalem on 10th April.At breakfast on the Friday morning the restaurant was extremely busy yet there was only one coffee machine working. After a few minutes the machine stopped working. I mentioned this to the restaurant manager who shrugged his shoulders and made no attempt to sort it out. On Saturday morning we left our room to go to breakfast to find not one of the lifts were working. I went back to our room and phoned down to reception but no one answered. We then had to walk down from the 11th floor which is no joke when you are elderly and have bad knees! To make matters worse the receptionist just said it would be fixed in 5 minutes no matter when he was asked and he had no answer to the question why the phone wasn't answered. Many people were complaining all the time. We went into breakfast and of course there was no hot breakfast which I fully understood as it was Saturday but again there was no coffee machine. A waiter was moving around the room with a small jug of coffee which was empty very quickly. In the end we left as it was impossible to get a drink. I have stayed at other Ramada hotels before but this experience has put me off.


We had a family member staying there and we took the kids there to swim and when we got in the pool there was a electrical wire fully exposed under the water that was not capped safely ... On top of that there were no pool towels in the pool area so I asked the front desk for just four and I was told NO I CANT GIVE YOU ANY CAUSE I BEEN TAKING TOWELS TO THE POOL ALL DAY ..... So my kids had to walk up to the room soaking wet and cold ... There was no toilet paper stocked for the night and no house keeping done just a hole bad experience... On top of that now my kids are sick with the flu and got strep throat and have to miss school...


Ramada Inn Frisco Colorado. Second Shift Front Desk Person has refused to put cookies out for afternoon complimentary snack for the past two days. He promised my 13 year that he would have cookies out for them on 3/25/2019. We returned from dinner. I asked him about the cookies. He said that he was very busy and could not get cookies out. As far as I see, that front lobby was very slow since have been observing. I am very disappointed. As a matter a fact my son asked about those cookies around 4pm on 3/25/19 and that front desk person said they would be out around "tea time"? What does "tea time" mean to a 13 year old? We went back at 5:30pm before we went out to dinner for his "tea time" and those cookies were still not available. I will tell you that the Holiday Inn does offer cookies and they stick to their "Word". I am not paying out over $900 for the week to put up with a front desk person that messes with a 13 year old's head. Very disappointed with a very simple task for a very "not busy" front desk person to put a tray of cookies out for the kids. Very pathetic especially for an older person to act this way.


I would like to start by saying that this was the worse experience I have ever had staying at any hotel. When we first checked in, we were given a room that was already occupied. We actually unlocked the door an went into someone else's room. A potentially very dangerous situation. Someone could have been hurt or worse. We didn't get the room that was originally booked on booking.com. We booked a 2 br deluxe king suite with 1 king bed, 2 queen beds, and a king sofa bed. We got a regular king suite with a king sofa bed. This was not enough room for all of us.

The room was horrible. It was a smokey, trashy unclean disaster. My husband and I are very allergic to cigarette smoke and the front desk people swore to us there was not smoke in the room. One of the front desk staff actually got rude with my husband because she insists the room did not smell of smoke and he told her he definitely smelled smoke. I now have a very bad sinus infection because of this stay.

The bathtub was very unsanitary and raggedy and just plain nasty. The carpet was not vacuumed or cleaned. There were cigarette ashes was on the floor by the bedside table in a non-smoking hotel. Lobby area by our room had a soda machine with a huge water leak coming from it the entire time we was there. The area was very slippery and dangerous. Room key stopped working the second day we were there. There was not an ice machine in our section of the hotel. The only close one was on the first floor in the main building and it was out of order. WE HAD TO go all the way to the front desk to get an ice bucket then on to the 4th floor to get some ice. The smoke fumes in our room was so bad we had to go outside several times during the night to get fresh air. We tried to change rooms but they said there was nothing available. The next day we had to go buy carpet freshner and fabric freshner so we could at least cope with the smoke fumes another night. The smoke smell got worse when the heat or air was turned on. They sent us to 4 different rooms that night before we actually got into a room. We actually ended up with the same smoke filled room we started out with. This is absolutely the worst hotel I have ever stayed in.

I immediately contacted the corporate office the first night around 1:00 am and spoke to someone about this situation in detail and the representative I talked to (Kevin Macaspac) told me it was after hours and customer care was closed but someone would call me the next morning around 8:00 am. I waited until around 9:00 am to hear from someone in the corporate office, but no one ever called. So I called them back and they told me the person I talked to gave me incorrect information. So this person took my complaint again and gave me a ticket number for my complaint. I feel a refund is necessary for this situation. I will never in my life stay in another RAMADA HOTEL. And I'll make sure I tell all my friends and family not to stay there either.





booking#44925960 (December 8,2017) I made a reservation in my name,james Anderson,at the ramada Hialeah in Miami-dade county,florida.when I arrived at the airport the shuttle driver took me to the ramada in Miami.i showed my reservation,and the concierge explained that my reservation was for a different ramada,the one Hialeah,but that unfortunately it had been closed permanently.at this point it was approximately 11:15 pm. the hotel clerk said that the two hotels were independent of each other,and so they could not honor my reservation.he connected to the international office in Mumbai,india.she arranged accommdations for me at another hotel,days inn in north Miami beach.as you can see this all was quite inconvenient.but this was just the beginning.in order to get to the days inn,i had to take a metered taxicab,which ended up costing me $60 then,then when I got to the days inn,upon check-in the charged me an additional $13 in resort fees,which,under the circumstances,i clearly should not have been required to pay.it allcould have been avoided simply by your company notifying me in advance or allowing me to stay at the first ramada the shuttle driver took me to.i am reguesting a refund of the following costs":a)$83(original ramada reservation),b)$13(resort fee charged by days inn)and $60(metered taxicab from the ramada Miami to days inn).in total this comes to $156.00. in lieu of this I am willing to accept a travel voucher for a two night stay.i hope this matter is resolved quickly. thank you for your time and attention. sincerely, james anderson


Room was a mess with garbage everywhere. I have pictures. Staff was rude and not accommodating. They said they would credit a discount which has not happened. They even went in and changed the address associated with my reservation so I can't file a complaint with customer service. I am extremely dissatisfied as well as appalled. 3 layers of sheets on the hide-a-bed all covered in sand and stains.


This is a follow up complaint at Ramada Suites by Wyndham Wailoaloa Beach Fiji, (original complaint was from Donna), where we got moved out of room 555, because the owner unexpectabtly showed up. The hotel tried moving us to a smaller room. We complained and requested an upgrade to a ocean view room (hotels 1/2 empty). We unhappily settled on the same floor plan a floor lower. Moving rooms may not seem much of a hard ship but keep in mind these are “suites” and we just bought groceries and supplies for 17 days. Of course I don’t expect to hear anything back from Ramada or the “independently owned and operated under a franchise/license agreement” representivies. So! Our only course of action to penaltize the hotel is to not spend any more money with-in the hotel. There’s two restaurants, a Spa, and a Convenience store. Until our move, we ate and drank on site, used the Spa, and frequented the convenience store. No more! We’re here a total 17 days...15 days from the forced move). This probably equates to $100/day ($1500 Canadian or $2250 Fijian). Our only regret is the people working here are extremely pleasant, and we wish them the best. Also, we travel extensively, world wide, and will only frequent a Ramada as a last resort (pun there for you). I’m sure out of the millions that frequent your facilities, we’re a non-entity. But, to us, we feel some justice was served! Also, enjoy your ‘one star’ rating we’ve given you.., although I doubt it’ll influence your lousy 1.5 rating....


We booked 17 days into Ramada Suites by Wyndham Wailoaloa Beach Fiji, January 12-26, 2019. On our second day, we were asked to move rooms, because the owner was coming, and always stayed in suite 555. The room they wanted to move us to was smaller than the one we were in. We asked for an upgrade to Ocean View, and were denied several times. After much discussion, we got the same floor plan one floor lower. We had gone grocery shopping the day before & filled our fridge/freezer as we plan to make some meals during our long stay. Was not fun having to pack up & move everything & receive NO Compensation!!
Very disappointed that we weren’t upgraded! Especially since it’s low season here and the hotel is far from full. So much for enjoying paradise!

Not happy with Ramada Suites Wailoaloa Neach Fjij, Nadi


My 81 year old Husband checked in at Orlando airport Ramada
Black woman at counter eas too busy tending her 2 little children she brought to work to give him accurate directions to room
He heard her say other building
We went to other hotel with all luggage in tow and embarrassed ourselves asking they were affliated to Ramad
I went
back in and demanded a map of premises to show us were room was and she hives a map of vacinoty that was hand drawn and had nothing to do with the RAMADA HOTEL

She should have an understanding if the english language to help guests


First and foremost I wouldn't even give this place one star. We were to stay at the Ramada Plaza downtown Atlanta on Saturday December first while traveling to the SEC Championship game. We booked two rooms. Upon our arrival that day around 2;00 pm we were told that we couldn't check in until 4:00 pm. The guy at the desk was totally uninterested in being helpful. He wouldn't check me in and say that a room would be available after 4:00 just said I couldn't check in. (Never had that happen in any hotel) Later on it became obvious as to why.
I informed him that we were going to the football game at 4:00 and needed to be able to park there. There was a security gate that needed a pass. He said; "oh" and simply punched in a access card and handed it to me. The guy never even asked me my name.
After the game and dinner we returned to the hotel a little before midnight. After waiting for someone to return to the front desk a very surly woman came of the elevator a grumble "hold on, ill be there in a moment". When she finally graced us with her presence at the desk I gave he my name and she informs me that we don't have a room there anymore because the hotel was overbooked! It's midnight, in Atlanta during the SEC Championship game! There are no rooms at midnight! As I argued with the woman who could obviously care less about the situation she literally says " Sir we aren't charging you for the room and will refund your payment" Are you kiddtheying me??? Like that should fix everything??
As my timper flared she informs literally says that she is the one that is distressed for having to explain to several customers that they no longer had rooms. She now is the victim here. Who trains these people?? In the end she couldn't have been ruder, less helpful and more uninterested in the problem that we were dealing with.
We start trying to find a hotel. Guess what? We had to drive two hours out of Atlanta to find one hotel that had a vacancy. The worse part was that when we arrived that afternoon the hotel looked so bad, smelled worse and was generally run down to hell. I read reviews this morning that the rooms where even worse so it may have been a blessing that we didn't get to stay there.

I can easily say that this place was the worst experience witth the worst staff i have ever incountered. I do not know who actually owns the hotel that flies your flag but I would be horrified if they were flying my flag. I have posted reveiws and will continue to find ways to help shut this slum lord of an order down.
I would like an explanation as to how this happened and an apology from this roach motel. Their actions created a situaiton that could have been dangerous and was a massimve impostion to us and apparently others that fell victim to the same mindless staff.
* BTW, remember the first guy that wouldn't check us in? It became obvious that he knew and just didn't want to deal with it or us so he pushed it off to the next shift. My guess is that the jerk got off work at 3:00.

Your prompt attention to this would be appreciated.

Most sincerely yours

Wes Jones


Dear Expedia:

I am writing to you about an error in the bill I booked for my 1-night stay at your Ramada Hotel 1575 Regal Row Dallas, Texas 75247 on October 24, 2018. I did go on ID90 Travel to inquire about the location but I never entered my credit card information. I noticed you can reserve a room without using a credit card. The confirmation I received was 1135779711.

When I made the reservation for this room by phone, I specifically asked the Reservations clerk Jessie whether the special rate was for Southwest Airlines employees. She explained to me that the discounted price was discounted. I also asked if the hotel was close to the airport and if they had a shuttle. The reservation agent booked my room and provided me my confirmation number, which was 7387630082535.

However, on the morning of my departure as I was checking out, I noticed that my bill was for 2 nights. When I mentioned to Tara, desk staff person she instructed me to contact Expedia. Once I called Expedia they contacted the hotel and was informed that the General Managers, Sherri or Daniel would not be in until the morning.

He also told me there was no local staff on duty at the moment who could deal
with correcting any error, and since I had a meeting to attend, I waited for the call from Expedia.


Aaron J. Parker



I booked a room at the Ramada Inn, 2141 Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, Ca. for 3 nights, 9/25-9/28, I ck'd out on the morning of the 26th since my project was deleyed. I was billed for all 3 nights when I only stayed 1 night.

My personal credit card was billed for the first night and my company card was billed for the next 2 nights. I picked up the receipt on the morning of the 26th but didn't look at it real close.

Surely they should have a housekeeping record to indicate I wasn't there. The gal at the desk was Hispanic and didn't speak English real well. Maybe she misunderstood, I don't know. The location is not willing to work with me on this matter, or at least the person I have tried to communicate with has no time for me.
Please advise.


Ramada Inn and convention center in Alpena.Michigan.I stayed 8-26-9-3 2018.I flew in from Charleston, SC to see relatives. I grew up in Alpena when this motel was the Holiday Inn. Very poplar then. They had a band, crowds that never ended, people lined up to get in. This was the only place in town to have fun. Lasted over a decade. Now the holidome area floors are falling apart.(pool area) I actually tripped on the holes by the pool. They lost air condition labor day weekend. My room was so damp my clothes could not dry, They gave me a fan but it was hot and musty, The holes are a major lawsuit coming one day.This place has so much potential. Miss the days when this place was rocking. Great times.


This is in regards to the Ramada in Whitehall Pa
I had a business event that was handled by manager Kathy L at the location
It was mismanaged and affected my scheduled and promised programming in a negative fashion
I need a call from corporate ASAP or I’m going to an attorney


RAMADA ALBUQUERQUE EAST was the host hotel for our Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Tournament in Albuquerque, March 15-16-17-18,2018.
The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team had a block of rooms.

I was told by the general manager of the team that these HEROS were not treated with the respect they deserve, As stated the manager of the hotel was downright mean.

They were very surprised at the treatment they received from the manager on duty at the time.

There were also several teams that stayed at this same hotel and stated the service was under par.

I did let Alan Quintana, who we worked with know about the disrespect out WWAST received and yet to hear a reply.

The WWAST has given their all to the Country and all of us so that we can remain free. I am very disappointed at the performance of this hotel.

For the remainder of 2018 and into future years we will be looking for a different Host hotel.

Thank you and I am eager to hear the reply.

Toni Ramsey
Trustee RCTI
Director USSSA


They wouldn't honor the free parking offer I was given over the phone when I made the reservation, which was for one night, Dec
24, 2017. Afterwards I called the reservations, was offered $25 back, which I refused since the parking cost me $226, and was told I would get an email from "Escalations" within 10 days. After 2 weeks went by without any email from them, I called over and over again, and was badgered, saying the hotel had made the deal with me for parking therefore they didn't feel responsible. Today, Jan. 17, the person from "Escalation" said that indeed, I had been offered free parking, but she offered me 5% back on the cost of my room, which I refused, saying she and the hotel would hear from the Better Business bureau.


I made 2 room booking in Ramada Hinton, AB on 20th Aug 2017 by 05:09 PM under the name of Manpreet Agroia, the conversation took place around 7 minutes and the confirmation number is 10210853.

After 30 minutes again i made call for confirmation and i got at same time.

By 06:30pm on same day I made call for changing the room name from Manpreet Agroia to Harpreet Jassal, because Harpreet is getting discounts under Walmart company, and the hotel staff change the name to Harpreet Jassal, now i got new confirmation 10210861.

Apart from that, Due to personal reason I cancelled the rooms on same date by 08:20 PM and again i got cancellation number 10210861.

On 24th Aug 2017, I got charged for 303.13 CAD for 1 Room, Now here is the Situation- I explain everything to hotel staff and i got reply that I cancelled on 1 Room under the name of Harpreet jassal. the same situation i explained to Hotel Manager and she refused everything and not listening to me, at end of conversation she was so rude.

Nightly Rate was 278.10 CAD and i got charged for 303.13 CAD

Please find the attachment of phone record (highlighted by red)


We booked a room at the Ramada in Stony Plain, Alberta Canada, on line through a site offering bonus air miles. We we arrived with our 2 small dogs we were told the only rooms that allowed pets were smoking rooms. We are stuck in a room that stinks to high heaven and because of the on line booking site we cannot get a refund and go else where. Nowhere on the site advertisement did it explain this situation. I will never stay at a Ramada again. It positively stinks in here!


I've been staying at the Ramada 2705 Annapolis Ln. N., Plymouth, MN 55441 for many years and never had much of a problem until new ownership. tonight I pulled my sheets back and found dirty, bloody sheets, this is the second time, at check out counter I've heard people come up and refused to stay at the hotel because their room was dirty. There are many issues here, poor maintenance etc. I will be calling the Hennepin County health Department as these are major issues and health concerns especially if the sheets are not changed regularly. Don't know if I can continue staying here, at the same time I don't want to try to find something else, hope something can be done about this issue.


Stayed at the Ramada Portland, Maine on Sept. 27 and 28, 2016. There was a TV set in one of the lobby areas that was tuned to a news station that emphasizes only one point of view. No problem with that, but when asked to change the station. I was told no one knows where the remote control is located, and (2) they are not allowed to change that by Ramada. So, is this true? And does that mean that Ramada hotels seeks to espouse only one political view to the exclusion of any others? I need to know this for future reference in planning travel.


Unhappy with my stay at the Ramada Encore Birmingham with the Cadburys world tickets. This is because I booked and paid for a family room that was to be available on saturday 26th January at 2.00pm, but on arrival no room was available until 5.00 pm then we were given an inadequate double room that was not suffient or large enough to be a family room. After numerous attempts with the booking desk we were finally allocated a suitable family room that was at 9.30pm. Other families encountered similar problems but to not such an extent as we did. this ruined our groupon experience completely.

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