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In business for over 70 years, Best Western is a brand of Hotels & Resorts which include Best Western, Best Western Plus, Best Western Premier, Vib, Glo, Executive Residency, BW Premier Collection, Surestay, Surestay Plus, Surestay Signature Collection. With more than 4,200 hotels in over 100 countries across the world, such as Mexico,  Brazil, Italy, and many destinations across the United States, Best Western claims to offer a unique range of accommodations for all types of travelers.

To reach Guest Relations call 1(800) 528-1238.To reach an online resource for Support look here. To write to CEO, David Kong address you envelop with: Best Western International Inc., 6201 N. 24th Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85016, USA. 

Some of Best Western's offers include: discounts for seniors, military, and AAA, hot breakfast served daily, free high-speed internet, and even 1,600 pet friendly locations.  Social support may be found on Facebook and Twitter .  

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    • United States
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    1(800) 528-1238
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BestWestern Hotels will “hidden”charge” you to death. My “quoted” total bill was $58.64- funds deducted from my account $98.37, one day, one person. The room was not really clean, not sure the sheets had actually been changed, it looked as if someone had slept on the bed and the staff just straightened the bed, not actually changing anything!!! The shower/Tub was filthy and rust stained. Don’t think I’ll EVER try staying in a BESTWESTERN again, EVER- or any of its chains!!!! Tried one, tried them all!!!!


I'm very disappointed in my stay, my family and I stayed this last Tuesday night. We got to the hotel really late and she was really nice and fast checking us in which was great, but then we went to get off on the 3rd floor after waiting for too long for the one elevator that was running, since we were staying in 327 and ugh how unbearably hot it was, it felt as if there was no fresh air. So we hurried up and got to the room. Then the batteries were dead in the remote so back to the lobby which, the lady didn't even know how to get to them or put them in correctly. Then my daughter wanted something from the vending machine and after going to the lobby first for quarter's but then to realize it was not taking change at that time so then we went down to get a dollar and just as we were getting in the elevator the lady says oh the vending machine only takes cards right now. What a waste of time. Then my husband wants ice, so he goes to the ice machine on our floor, but to find out its just a sign with no machine so he goes to the 4th floor and same thing, so he goes to the second floor and this time there's a machine but it's broken so he goes to the lobby and the front desk lady says oh yea our machines are broken and sends him to the kitchen in the restaurant where he finally got some. In the morning I went to the lobby and stood behind a cleaning lady as her and the front desk lady were chatting and finally the cleaning lady realized I was there and moved out of the way to let me talk to the lady that didn't even acknowledge that I was there. That hotel is not cheap at all so why is so much broken or not taken well Care of? I spent a lot of money to be so disappointed. I would defintely like a refund as I would have rather just slept in my car..we stay in hotels often, and this one will not be one again!


Stayed at Best Western in Virginia Beach,VA on Northampton Blvd. The room was clean front desk was polite. It went left when the woman putting the breakfast together was asked to show me how to use waffle maker. She clearly didn’t want to be at work and begin to explain and tell me to move my cup. Then stated I had an attitude completely unprofessional and ruined my stay.


Date of Incident April 6, 2019 7;00 PM
Booking ID #250496698
I went to the Desk Clerk, A Lady, native Indian, dark complexion, short black curly hair, 160 pounds, she could not find my confirmed reservation,
I told her my full name and she said it was for April 5, 2019(one day prior), not true. I said I here is the AMEX credit card statement, paid $95.92.
She said I would have to pay again if I want to stay at the hotel. I went to another hotel in Bakersfield. I am very upset.
When I came home, I called the hotel Manager and "She said I can't help you and hung-up on me. Both Persons are Unprofessional.
I want a refund in the amount of $95.92.

Raymond H. Lee
Contact me at


Our room was not serviced over night. Had to go to desk twice for towels and toilet paper. Was surprised with 22 dollars a night parking fee. Desk clerk seemed to think that was funny. Best Western in Savannah Georgia historical district. Stayed there on our honeymoon in July last year. Have not stayed at Best Western since


We arrived to Best Western Hotel. As we are checking in told us we had to pay them another 110.00 for transportation to Disney Parks. I even asked them before we booked and they said it was complimentary. They were rude when we questioned it and our stay was terrible and expensive.

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