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In business for over 70 years, Best Western is a brand of Hotels & Resorts which include Best Western, Best Western Plus, Best Western Premier, Vib, Glo, Executive Residency, BW Premier Collection, Surestay, Surestay Plus, Surestay Signature Collection. With more than 4,200 hotels in over 100 countries across the world, such as Mexico,  Brazil, Italy, and many destinations across the United States, Best Western claims to offer a unique range of accommodations for all types of travelers.

To reach Guest Relations call 1(800) 528-1238.To reach an online resource for Support look here. To write to CEO, David Kong address you envelop with: Best Western International Inc., 6201 N. 24th Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85016, USA. 

Some of Best Western's offers include: discounts for seniors, military, and AAA, hot breakfast served daily, free high-speed internet, and even 1,600 pet friendly locations.  Social support may be found on Facebook and Twitter .  

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the owner at westhamton NJ is very rude the staff are nice he take your money then kick you out bed bugs there don't go there


Today we arrived at the Best Western in Shelby, Montana after driving 8 hours. We did arrive around 12:30 pm and asked if we could have a early check in. I was advised that no rooms are ready, but they could create a reservation for check in at 3 pm. At that point she said if we paid $20 extra they would get a room ready. There is absolutely nothing in Shelby as it is about 40 minutes from the Canadian border, so having no choice we agreed to pay the extra. It wasn’t 2 minutes later she had a room available.

We have always chosen to stay at a Best Western during our travels and are a member of the rewards program, but extremely disappointed, as it was a direct lie. For the hotel so desperate to make an extra $20 is a shame, I could see it if the hotel was full. I will not stay at this location in the future and will not recommend the BW .




San Antonio sure stay plus. Only 3 people on staff. No manager or ass. Manager. No room service, clean towels, soap, shampoo. No breakfast after first day of stay. Refrigerator didnt work. Two irons didnt work. Noisy room next to side door workers used as a smoke break all hours.


My husband and I were kicked out of Best Western in Mt. Gilead, Ohio on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 from the owner, Prashant Patel. She was very rude and yelled and screamed at my husband and her employees because he had booked with Priceline. Originally my husband had made reservations for Wednesday, November 27th,when he meant to reserve a room for the 26th only. When he realized he made a mistake he called and talked with an employee at the hotel who assured him he would take care of it. When we got there Tuesday night the employee said he meant to contact Priceline and forgot to do so. He said we could check into the room and he would talk to the manager/owner, and we could settle things in the morning as it was 10:30PM and we were tired from travelling. Around 10:45 the employee called the room and asked my husband to come to the front desk as the manager/owner was there and wanted to speak to him. After 10 min. go by my husband came back to the room and said the owner was yelling at him and the employees and telling my husband he should have called Priceline to cancel for Wednesday night and she demanded we pay for Tuesday and Wednesday night as well. He told me we may have to leave unless we paid for 2 nights and he was going back to try to reason with the owner. I was upset to think that he was being treated so poorly that I went to the front desk to see for myself what was going on and asked the owner what she had against Priceline and why was she being so unreasonable with working it out with us. At that point she became even more upset and said "that's it, get out" and pointed toward the front door. I told her we would leave but I was going to report her to corporate, and let as many people know not to stay at her hotel. She told me to go right ahead and gave me her business card. I could not believe we were treated the way we were because of her greed to make us pay for 2 nights. Should my husband have contacted Priceline to let them know of the change in nights? Yes, but he did not think of it as the employee told him he would take care of it for him. I have to admit I was not the most professional acting after she kicked us out. I gave her the finger leaving and she yelled after me "F---- You Lady! It should all be on camera from the front lobby/desk. Staying at any Best Western after this is highly unlikely as her image will be associated with Best Western for my husband and I for a long time! My husband remained cordial with her and the staff the whole time and even wished them well as we left. He is the plant manager for two packing companies in Kentucky and travels often. He even nicely asked Prashant at one point to "dial down her behavior and yelling" as he was the customer after all. Someone needs to give Prashant a course on customer service, and how to treat her employees with respect as well.


BestWestern Hotels will “hidden”charge” you to death. My “quoted” total bill was $58.64- funds deducted from my account $98.37, one day, one person. The room was not really clean, not sure the sheets had actually been changed, it looked as if someone had slept on the bed and the staff just straightened the bed, not actually changing anything!!! The shower/Tub was filthy and rust stained. Don’t think I’ll EVER try staying in a BESTWESTERN again, EVER- or any of its chains!!!! Tried one, tried them all!!!!


We checked in to Best Western, New Smyrna Beach on 10-27-19. On 10-28-19 in the afternoon, a BW employee knocked on our door and then let himself into our room uninvited. He started telling me "your card ain't no good, you have to come down to the desk." When I expressed my shock at both his intrusion into our room and his lack of communication skills, he just repeated the same, your card ain't no good. I went to my credit card website and it showed that the room fees were taken. Then he tried contacting the front desk and once he connected he realized he had the WRONG room. Why, for any reason would he just barge into our room? Suppose I'd just gotten out of the shower? He did apologize, but the damage was already done. In addition, our room keys were shut off. Had to go down and ask them to turn them back on. When we did so, they asked are you staying another night? We had already paid for the second night when we checked in. We received NO apologies from the front desk. I completed your emailed survey and got a rather lame response from the GM at BW in New Smyrna as well. We travel a good bit and have always had good service and accomodations, this may be the last time we use Best Western. There was no excuse for their bad manners and complete lack of responsibility.


On 10/26/19 @ 625 Hwy 190 Covington, La - Considering the location, not prepared for No power’ event. In addition, property management allowed excessive rowdiness, loud music, etc until after midnight by college students staying at the hotel. Disrespectful to other guests staying there. I advised property manager in person and called BW 800 number to advise them but was told they did not have direct number to the front office. Despite, power down and no land line available... its appalling that a personal number for Manager was not available. I will be requesting Refund of my night stay (which I was advised of when I called the 800 number.


I'm very disappointed in my stay, my family and I stayed this last Tuesday night. We got to the hotel really late and she was really nice and fast checking us in which was great, but then we went to get off on the 3rd floor after waiting for too long for the one elevator that was running, since we were staying in 327 and ugh how unbearably hot it was, it felt as if there was no fresh air. So we hurried up and got to the room. Then the batteries were dead in the remote so back to the lobby which, the lady didn't even know how to get to them or put them in correctly. Then my daughter wanted something from the vending machine and after going to the lobby first for quarter's but then to realize it was not taking change at that time so then we went down to get a dollar and just as we were getting in the elevator the lady says oh the vending machine only takes cards right now. What a waste of time. Then my husband wants ice, so he goes to the ice machine on our floor, but to find out its just a sign with no machine so he goes to the 4th floor and same thing, so he goes to the second floor and this time there's a machine but it's broken so he goes to the lobby and the front desk lady says oh yea our machines are broken and sends him to the kitchen in the restaurant where he finally got some. In the morning I went to the lobby and stood behind a cleaning lady as her and the front desk lady were chatting and finally the cleaning lady realized I was there and moved out of the way to let me talk to the lady that didn't even acknowledge that I was there. That hotel is not cheap at all so why is so much broken or not taken well Care of? I spent a lot of money to be so disappointed. I would defintely like a refund as I would have rather just slept in my car..we stay in hotels often, and this one will not be one again!


I stayed at Best Western Ocean Reef Suites in Nags Head, NC May 22-23, 2019 and was told I would receive a $20 gift card which the desk clerk was going to email the information to me and never received. I contacted customer service to do a follow up on July 9 and verify email address mailing address the date of say and come to find out I have a new rewards account and credits where applied to an old account over 10 years. The represent would not correct the situation because I would need to verify the old PO Box which I telling her I no longer have and the Post Office is no longer there and she kept assisting that it is my problem I advise her that this is so unfair and I wanted to talk with a manager or someone else in charge. Of course I counted she left me on hold for over 22 minutes. Only thing I am looking for is my gift card and rewards to be applied for other stays within Best Western and to make better choices with customer service reps if they don't have solutions.


Stayed at Best Western in Virginia Beach,VA on Northampton Blvd. The room was clean front desk was polite. It went left when the woman putting the breakfast together was asked to show me how to use waffle maker. She clearly didn’t want to be at work and begin to explain and tell me to move my cup. Then stated I had an attitude completely unprofessional and ruined my stay.


The first night was good. Kenya was great! The next day went for breakfast -no meat and no cereal. All 3 ladies outside talking and smoking. No one at the desk! SMH. The last day Elizabeth said she would bring the luggage cart to my room (I originally said I would come get - but she said she would bring it at 1030 - mind you check out is at 11am). So 1030 comes and goes - no cart. Went and got it myself. As we were packing the cart - a cockroach comes crawling from the AC unit. UGH! Went to talk to the General Manager - that was pointless - it was like talking to the wall! They need a new staff - more professional people and keep their breakfast buffet up to par - make sure there is enough since breakfast is from 6-9am. Need to do better people!


Date of Incident April 6, 2019 7;00 PM
Booking ID #250496698
I went to the Desk Clerk, A Lady, native Indian, dark complexion, short black curly hair, 160 pounds, she could not find my confirmed reservation,
I told her my full name and she said it was for April 5, 2019(one day prior), not true. I said I here is the AMEX credit card statement, paid $95.92.
She said I would have to pay again if I want to stay at the hotel. I went to another hotel in Bakersfield. I am very upset.
When I came home, I called the hotel Manager and "She said I can't help you and hung-up on me. Both Persons are Unprofessional.
I want a refund in the amount of $95.92.

Raymond H. Lee
Contact me at


Our room was not serviced over night. Had to go to desk twice for towels and toilet paper. Was surprised with 22 dollars a night parking fee. Desk clerk seemed to think that was funny. Best Western in Savannah Georgia historical district. Stayed there on our honeymoon in July last year. Have not stayed at Best Western since


This is far from a complaint. I stayed in Soiux Falls and the lady at the front desk went above and beyond to help me, her mame was Amanda Todd..She was not only baking cookies and checking people in with a beautiful smile and ver y friendly attitude but she also took the time to help me with the scanner. I will be enternally grateful for her help and kindness.

Thank you

Michele Benedict


We arrived to Best Western Hotel. As we are checking in told us we had to pay them another 110.00 for transportation to Disney Parks. I even asked them before we booked and they said it was complimentary. They were rude when we questioned it and our stay was terrible and expensive.

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