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CenturyLink is a Fortune 500 Company in the worldwide telecommunications industry. Founded in 1968 CenturyLink was formerly called Central Telephone and Electronic, Inc. With 47,000 employees, this publicly owned (NYSE “CTL”) grossed more than US 18 billion in revenue and US 773 million in net income in 2012. The CEO is Glen F. Post, III if you want his email address. Their subsidiaries are Century Tel, Embarq, Qwest and Savvis. 

If you need customer service their website has bilingual (English/Spanish) service with a live chat that you can reached at 1-866-904-1817. You can also mail their corporate office directly at 100 CenturyLink Drive, Monroe, LA 71230.

The best option to file a complaint would be using our online form. Although most users are still reporting problems with their service or even class action lawsuits on a regular basis. If you are having tech support issues they have an entire page dedicated to that as well. Their website has a tab for quick bill paying and “How to Use, Troubleshooting or Fix Services”.

The company frequently hosts topics such as Corporate, Bright Ideas and Security on their Blog with recent articles about ‘retailers this season’ and ‘the next generation of cyber security’. CenturyLink has a presence in social media through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Their corporate account on Twitter is most responsive @CenturyLink or send an urgent request to them using the Twitter handle .

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I cannot get an answer to why my business phones are not working at Jerrys pizza 1417morningside ave Sioux City Iowa.


How come you have such lousy and intermittent service all the time.. Many times during day, I can not get on the internet. It happens all the time. I pay good money for service and do not get it.


You can't drive down the street where I live without watching a Centurylink truck swerving all over the road, texting and driving. Today I pulled up to a stop sign and (Photo attached) this is what I saw. How do you report one of these phone zombies to Centurylink? Short answer: You CAN'T! Try calling any of their phone numbers and you get endless options none of which take you to a live person. I guess I'm going to have to start a YouTube Channel that just show's how bad Centurylink drivers are. They can't put their phone down when they drive, and they drive all over the road because they're staring at their phone most of the time. What type of company allows this behavior?


To Whom this may concern,
As a CenturyLink employee for over 20 years and a loyal customer, I have always worked under one of our principle rules of a Customer First attitude where our customers are concerned, in fact I take great pride in this, though I am aware that there are times when we don’t meet the expectations of our customers, and when this occurs, we fail to meet our own expectations or goals in providing an excellent customer experience. This is not solely with our customers, but also those businesses we are in partnership with, in this case CenturyLink and DirectTV. Which is why I want to file a formal complaint regarding the billing excessive from either DirectTV or CenturyLink to my account.
For 5 years I have never missed paying my bills, when I only had to deal with one company (CenturyLink) for all my phone, internet and TV (Prism) services. So, when I canceled my Prism account due to the increase in my Prism service, I entered into a contract to bundled DirectTV for video service and a phone and 10 meg HSI speed for $109 for both services. For the few months my bill was fine. However, as the months went by my bill has increased from $109 to $500. I have continually contacted the Billing departments for both companies concerning this issue but have told by that issue was with CenturyLink by DirectTV billing person and that the fault was with DirectTV by the CenturyLink’s billing person. In fact, I had both billing reps on the phone who were arguing at each other as to whose was at fault. I attempted to provide the CenturyLink Rep with all the confirmations numbers I have for the past 4 years, but the CenturyLink billing person rudely told me that I would still have to pay the high bill regardless and that I would be disconnected if I didn’t and hung on myself and the DirectTV person. The DirectTV person called me back and was shocked and amazed at how badly I was treated by our Rep and advised me to write this letter.
As a CenturyLink employee, I am very reluctant in writing this letter. Yet I have tried to reach out to everyone I could to resolve this issue short of filing a PUC complaint as my wife has been urging me to do, which I feel would put my employment in jeopardy. But these unexplained increases in my account and being threaten with being disconnected has forced me to reach out to you at this level. Not only is this disturbing to me as a customer, but also it makes me wonder if this is what we want our customers have to go through as well. So, I’m asking that you please look into this matter before my service is disconnected and to know who was responsible for this indiscretion. Thank you.
Anthony Windon
Account TN 702-515-0655
CenturyLink ESAP-ABW073766


Again no internet service! My Microsoft is shutting down every morning with a problem and when I ask why it points to Century Link. I have filed a complaint with the Federal government last Sunday (no service) Too bad you increased my cost from $30 to $50 a month...If you want to lower my cost to $30 it will put an end to me filing complaints... I am retired and have time to file complaints for your service....When we had a repair man come he said my down rate was .85 and it would take 15-20 minutes to download Google. He also said most likely all my problems are coming from slow service from century Link! The balls in your court!


For years my internet service has been 8mbps. I recently call to check why my service plan was not what it is was advertised as and learned that my service is now 3mbps. My bill is still the same and I can not get a plan that offers faster service. Cutting my service by more than half while keeping the price the same is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! Your customer service is the worst service of any company I have ever dealt with!


Been waiting for service since 4/30/19. Two cust reps said they would call me and never did. Made two trips to cottage for installation and to check on progress at 4 hours each. Still no service. If there was another provider in the area I wouldn’t be going through all this. There are 7 other cottages by ours and I surely won’t recommend you


Took us months to get service and it has been trouble from the start. Worst service we have ever had from ALL providers! Upper management gets paid the big bucks, but the people who do the work get screwed. They are constantly cutting back and when you leave there, they give you nothing. If you work for this shitty company, get out before they "let you go"!


The pain started yesterday when I discovered that neither my laptop nor desktop could download e-mail from my Centurylink e-mail box. I quickly diagnosed the problem (because I am savvy to internet transfer protocols). However, it took 1.5 HOURS to convince the low level tech that my e-mail clients were fine and talking to the POP server and the issue was on THEIR end. Eventually they escalated my issue up one level, promising to have a tech call me at around 3:00pm the next day. At half past midnight, a tech called me wanting remote access to my computer. This is, of course, what a tech does when they think your client doesn't connect to the server. She was rude, would not listen to me as I explained the problem, and hung up on me.

The next day I spent another hour with tech support jumping through similar hoops until one finally decided to create a trouble ticket with the IT department. IT recognized what I already knew but rejected the ticket saying that this was an isolated incident and they would not address it. I was then referred to the sales department who explained that I needed to buy a protection plan if I wanted to have problems like this solved. WHY should I pay to have a problem solved that is NOT of my own doing? It is the provider's responsibility to be sure their system WORKS. If a corrupt inbound e-mail is at fault, the provider has no responsibility to fix that e-mail but it IS on them to be sure their system is functional in spite of it. I pay for functional e-mail service and while I expect delays and glitches here and there, I do not deserve to be ignored like this!

I now have 3 hours invested in "tech support" and still can't download e-mail.


YOU CAN REVIEW THE PROBLEM WITH ...I apologize for the delay of my response as I am on our evening shift. Me and every member of this team works under Stephanie Polk to get your issues taken care of. Rest assured we can get your issues taken care of. Is it your billing that you still want to go over?

- Chris

stephanie polk vice president of customer advocacy... AFTER SEVERAL REQUESTS MADE BY ME NO RESPONSE FROM THIS PERSON

Understood. Let me know when you are ready to discuss this.

Mon 10:51 AM




Hi, Called to ask what expense your company has in regards to cost to access each tv in the the house. I explained that Comcast charges me between 6 and 10 dollars a tv extra after I buy the package to access the service. on each tv. My question to the service rep on the phone was what charges Century link charges per tv. I explained i was in my research phase in checking out rates. The next thing I got was a dial tone. Not sure where to find this info. I have been with Comcast for 12 years and am ready to change but found no help with this guy in doing that. Called at 1055 thursday from Des moines wa.


Customer service and Financial hours are a bit ridiculous. Not Everyone is a House wife or an 9 to five person. I work from 6 am to 6pm Mon- Friday. You guys are only open from 8am to 6pm Mon-Fri. I can never seem to catch any one to help me. I work an assembly line 12 hours a day the last thing i wany to do on my 30 min lunch is be put on hold. My outrageous bill is over due, I Have been trying to make an payment arrangement and or just keep my internet and pay off what I owe. That being said. I keep getting the hop around with 1800 phone numbers. I call this number it takes 30 min for someone to answer and by the time i get a number, its closed.
Your Online contact us page is a soul sucker. No matter how many times you push the phone option. It askes for your address and then gives you a 1800 number that isnt for your area. ??????????????? Im flabergasted by this situation and i get no help.


I have CenturyLink Internet at two locations - home and 45 miles away at Apiary and pecan orchard.
On 15 April I upgraded my home Internet to accommodate my security camera. CenturyLink did the update at 5 PM on 14 April. at 5:03 PM my security camera at the remote location stopped working. (last picture time and date stamped) I discovered this on or about 25 April. Contacted CenturyLink, told them my Internet was down and security cameras were not transmitting any pictures. They made me a tech appointment for 2 May between hours of 1 PM and 5 PM. I drove to my apiary (45 miles) and waited in the rain all day waiting for the Tec. No show. They have my cell phone number - no calls.

I was told they sent me a email on 2 May that my appointment was rescheduled for 3 May.

- First how stupid is that - no internet and they send a notice via email.

- Second they had my phone number - why did they not call me.

I tried to call the Hillsboro Supervisor for the local CenturyLink Tec - no answer.

On 3 May at 9:35 I receive a text from the Tec saying she can not find my place - how stupid is that - I am the only place at the end of Linda's Lane with 4 ft x 4 ft signs that also include my phone number. She did not call me - she texted me and said she returned my ticket. When I called her back at the text number she told be too bad nothing she could do about it. I explained that my security system worked on that internet connection and that I was leaving for Alaska on 8 May- I need it repaired before then. I asked her what her name was and after a long pause she reluctantly gave me Melody. She had a pretty bad attitude when I challenged her on her statement "I could not find your place." She made no effort to find my place as one of her companion Tecs hunts on my place, her supervisor from Hillsboro has personally been to my place on previous problems and again there are 4 ft x 4 ft sigs at the gate with my cell phone number. Later she left me a phone message saying "we can talk about it." What kind of flipped attitude is that?????

So after I called Centurylink several times during the day on 3 May and demanded to talk to a supervisor I was rescheduled for 7 May between the hours of 8 am and 12 PM.

CenturyLink is a nightmare in our area for service. When you have a problem they could careless about taking care of you and a poor response. My wife is the manager of a large department store in Gatesville a few miles from my apiary. she has like problems with response time - hears her customers constantly complain about CenturyLink service.

Most of this it the attitude of supervisors and tecs. with the exception of one Tec named John (the only good one).

If you want to complain to CenturyLink you have to do it on Facebook or Twitter - there is no email. I do not and never will have a Facebook or twitter account. There are a lot like me - mostly Christians.

You need to retrain your supervisor and techs in our area or you are going to lose most of your customers when a new ISP comes to our area.


To whom it my concern:

I have been trying to get a fraudulent bill that Century link had added to my regular service and they only say they can go back 3 months. which I feel is not right.

We in fact did pay that bill every month because I thought is was part of my service for my company.

My account number is # 400262888 which is the valid one and the one that is in dispute is #441124036 they have been charging me for this service since 2014 and I don't have or never did receive any equipment for that account.

I have been bounced around from person to person saying that can see what the issue was and I should be getting a refund but they will call me back and that never happens.

The last contact I talked to was a Ms. Taylor and was put on hold for 27 minutes and was one of the rudest people I had talked to up to this point.

I had asked her to bring up that account #441124036 and see if there was any activity she told me if I wanted to know what activity that account had I was going to have to get a court order.

I told Ms.Taylor I just wanted her to see that there wasn't any activity so she would know that is was an account that wasn't being used and it was a fraudulent account that I was being charged for.

So I contacted the law enforcement division and talked to the officer there and asked her if she could bring it up so she did and stated it looked like there might have been some internet activity but I told her that I didn't have any equipment for that account.

By the way she was very professional and helpful.

I then was instructed to go to CAG and get them involved which is what prompted this e-mail

I contact Mr.Steve Bullock our governor and he referred Mr.Tim Fox our attorney general but he had asked me to try and get it resolved before he had to get involved so that is what I am trying to do.

So if someone could please get back with me regarding this in justice and not acting in good faith it would be very much appreciated!

My records show that I should get back $5707.90 and everyone that I have spoken to confirms it should be $5624.00

which I would accept your number if we could get this taken care of this week.

My contact number is 1-406-253-5548

Respectfully submitted


Century Link internet company.

Date 04/27/2019

Dear Sir / Madam,

RE: Century Link Equipment (modem)

I am writing this letter to dispute a claim regarding the returning of an equipment (modem) to Century Link; account number 402 494 964 7920. Your department has forward the claim to collection agency (EOS CCA, PO BOX 981025, Boston, MA 02298)

I moved to Lynnwood, Washington from South Sioux City, Nebraska in May, 2016 and terminate internet service in South Sioux City. Century link was failed to provide me with a return box and mailing material on time. The equipment was mailed to them on the later date as I contacted them with a reminder to send me the return mailing labels. In my understanding this matter had been resolved.

At this time, I am seriously thinking of finding legal help from small claims court to solve this matter as it potentially could affect my financial credibility, and my reviews about Century Link are not very great any longer.


Nadeem Mian
P - 712 - 574 - 1778
14014 Admirality Way
Apt # 7E
Lynnwood, WA 98087


Moved here to Minden Nebr. from Central City Nebr. Jan. 2 2019. We had our acct transfered to minden
cause sales lady talked us into it. It will be good she said, no problems she said, you'll be satisfied she
said. Tech came out found our line was broke under ground laid new one on top of ground, said they'd
be back and bury it. Sure they will. We are still waiting. This is my third complaint and no one cares.
Since we have not heard back all these months I assume Century Link does not want our business.
I guess this is where I look for a new phone/internet server. contact number 1-402-631-1257 Don Graham
776 W Brewster Minden Nebr.


We have been working trying to get century link at our business since December of last year! After signing the contract we were told that our service would be installed and up and running around 2/20/19. This was great with us. We were anxious to get rid of our current internet/phone system. On 2-7-19 we received an email that our date was slid to 5/30/19! We couldn't believe it and asked what would take so long. We were told it was our city permitting process. I pushed the and it was issued on 3/26/19, a month ago!. Then we were told that it would take a long time for the building owner to sign the contract. I was the building owner so signed it that day. Why wasn't this done at the start of the project? Then we heard it was the engineer. We have a former century link employee working for us who has coordinated with the engineer and all that is done. We initially had good contact with our project manager and relationship manager but now nothing. We have informed our current suppliers of the change and now are paying big bucks to keep the current system going. The people we have been dealing with are Cory Settoon (project manage and Jennifer Martinez relationship manager). What is taking so long????!!!!

Joy Stucke
S&S Welding Inc
253 266 2281


my download rate dropped to 3 Mbs and below and is staying there no matter what time of the day or night. this happened when the company sent out a service person at the line and did something in the box. i noticed this effect right away and called Centurylink and called C/S for help. i got nothing but a run around and an attempt to sell me other products / packages. when i refused this offer i was hung up on. i called back and the rep put someone on the line that told me they had to fix a switch at the line, and there was nothing wrong with my line, then they asked me some tech questions, that i answered and then I asked them why these questions, that this had nothing to do with the in house equipment because nothing has changed, also before calling the first time, I verified everything in the house was still working as it should, and shared this info with them. i called back and had an off-shore rep this time. i asked to speak with an on-shore supervisor. after yet another lengthy go around with this rep, i was finally transferred to an off-shore supervisor. i questioned right away if they were in the U.S. or not, and they told me they were not, so i made the same request again, and the supervisor hung up on me.

today 4-24 i called 3-different times. the first one the rep hung up on me when i asked for a supervisor, the second wanted to sell me something again, and finally on the 3rd although off-shore they finally did send me to a manager that was also off-shore. he told me they had no way to transfer to on-shore reps or supervisors when requested. don't you find this hard to believe when we are dealing with a PHONE COMPANY? i believe most if not all banks that use off-shore reps will transfer you upon request to an on shore rep, i know Citi Bank and Slate does, so why can't a phone company do this, lol?

i have waisted close to 4-hours so far trying to just get a little info about my account and bringing up what happened.

now i ask you, is it legal for an American company to refuse to provide customer service from U.S. based reps, when they have these reps? is it good business practice to ignore what a customer is saying about a potential issue, when only trying to sell other products? is it legal when the company will not send you what you are paying for, i.e. guaranteed baud rates, not up to but guaranteed?

the shame of this is i was just wanting info about the legal requirements of the Mbs rate, to question what happened the other day when the service people messed with the line, and then my Mbs dropped, but only to find i have lost close to 4-hours of my life, and nothing much more than hearing sales pitches, or wanting more verification. I even asked the last off-shore supervisor to just send me info about the account package I have been paying for, for over 20-years, and he said he didn’t have that to send. He did offer to look for my account info / package and if he could find it, would call and let me know he mailed it. He committed to do this by end of day today. well it's past end of business day for them, so i'm filing this complaint, due to no call committing to any mailings going out.

My account number with Centurylink 314284337


We moved into our house at 776 W Brewster in Minden Nebraska in Jan 2019 and found our underground cable to house
was broken some where. The installer laid a new cable on the ground to get us phone and internet, and said they'd be back to
bury new cable. It is now April 22 2019 and the people hired to take care of our yard don't want to mess with a cable laying
on the ground Either we get this fixed ASAP or we go to another provider. When we moved from Central City Nebr. to Minden
the sales lady begged us to stay with you guys, so we did since we had century link for 6 years in Central City. But it is time
for you guys to get this taken care of. Need to hear something from you this week of your intentions....Thanks Don Graham
PS best numbers to get us are 402-631-1257-don, or 402-631-1650-Louise


We moved to Minden Nebr. and had our service switched from Central City Nebr. To Minden. When the Tech came out
he found the line from pedestal to house was broke underground. To get service up and running he laid a new line on
top of grown from pedestal out front to back side of house. It is still on top and hinders in yard work we need to do in our
yard. Would like this buried before it is cut by mower, tiller, etc. Thank you and await to hear ASAP.
Our name is Don & Louise Graham 776 W Brewster Minden Nebr.68959 1-308-832-1156 or call at 1-402-631-1257 to better
reach us.


my wifi service sucks,i keep losing it time after time daily,had new modem installed last yr.still have the same problems,slow wifi and i'm paying more for it now than last yr.customer service sucks too.can't get anyone,on hold for hours!!


Customer #313396650. I called support on 3/20/2019 told her I wanted to cancel phone and take advantage of the new rate for internet of $55/month. She said new modem would arrive 3/22/2019. It did not show. Many calls and online chat later three modems were ordered none showed up. I got in contact with Mindi on facebook chat she ordered another one, that makes FOUR modem orders. I received the modem on 3/29/2019. I was told I would get a credit for the phone, modem rental and no internet for seven days in the amount of $15. This amount is not even close to my prorated cost. Do your people get training? This has been a horrible experience. Your people have made lots of promises and they all fell short of delivering. I just looked up my bill for April and the amount went up again. It did not reflect my new services nor any credits.

Thank you


We have been a CenturyLink customer for over 40 years (started when they were “US West”, then “Qwest” now “CenturyLink”). In the last year their phone service and customer service has gone in the toilet – and it badly needs to be flushed! We have been billed for service calls when the problem was in their own wiring down the street. We have been wrongly billed for a modem. For the last year we have placed over a dozen service calls and had countless numbers of technicians to our home to check the lines and every time the problem is in CenturyLink's old lines, between their boxes and our house. The static on our phone line becomes so bad when it rains, and for weeks after, that we are unable to carry on a conversation with the person on the other end without a fingernails-on-a-chalkboard screeching static.

I have lost count on the number of technicians that have come to our home in the last nine months. Chad Dykes, a “supervisor” with CenturyLink, has asked me to call him directly (602 565-9133) rather than call the typical repair number. For the first couple of months of calls to Chad he has tried to help by sending out repairmen, often the same day. But, now he doesn't pick up his phone and when I leave a message about the ongoing interruption in service - I have left four in the last two weeks with him and a fellow supervisor, Jim Davis (602 474-2408) – I do not receive a return call. Keep in mind, Chad was the one who offered his number to me to call him directly. Apparently they are receiving so many calls like mine that Jim now has a recording on his voicemail, “If you are calling about a repair, call the repair number.” DON'T DO THAT! The calls are outsourced to Timbuktu and if you can even understand what they are saying, in the end, they will charge you $80-100 dollars to send a technician to your home even when they find the problem is with the CenturyLink equipment. That has happened to us.

During my last call with Chad, last year, he admitted that the CenturyLink wiring (infrastructure) is old and needs to be replaced, but the company does not want to pay to replace the wiring that is running between the boxes and the homes they service – I am quoting him. Make some coffee, call in sick and do an internet search for “CenturyLink complaints” and “CenturyLink class action lawsuit”. Allegations of employee harrassment and wrongful termination, securities fraud, phone and internet service complaints are replete. So, now, I am off to file a complaint with the Arizona Corporation Commission (for what good that will do).


We have had Century Link as a Phone provider since 1979 an Internet provider since at least 1998. While the internet has never been speedy, about 5 years ago, I purchased the largest amount of Mbps available in the area, which I was told is 3.2. I pay more for 3.2 than many of my Comcast friends do for 25Mbps. I've asked over and over every time I have to call in due to the internet not working or being so slow you can't even look at an email, when is Century Link going to get better and faster service provided. And believe me, I've had issues after issues the last 5 years, I could write a book about it. Bandwidth exhaustion is ALWAYS the reason and that has been since 2015 . I've even talked to the Exhaustion Team. My question is if you know it, why not do something about it? Why are you not keeping up with the times and making upgrades as needed? I've been advised Century Link is looking at adding and upgrading service to areas that don't have service right now. What about your long time, loyal customers? Don't we mean anything or deserve better service and speed if we want it? I have to listen to the hold announcements about "as us about our 60 GB service" when I call in. Are you kidding me, I can't even get my 3.2 to have enough strength so I don't have problems, but you are working on getting some 60 GB. I see a great deal of new lines being run a few miles away, and myself along with others in the area, just hope the lines come past us. Come on Century Link, think about your loyal customers.


I would give a negative score if possible. Have been working with Century Link for almost 4 years. Was under a three year contract for phones which I did not renew but had to keep CenturyLink for internet only. That was mistake, the service has gotten 10x's worse as well as charges. Continue to charge outrageous fees for things they can not prove we owe. Threaten to disconnect our service if we don't pay. Century Link is taking advance of a non-profit community mental health agency. Our budget is very small and can not afford the outrageous charges they come up with. We are also in a very small community with limited options for internet and phone services. Customer service is horrible. Never talk to the same person twice and the next person doesn't know what is going on. Even our customer representative won't call us back because he can't explain why Century Link is doing what they are doing and has no recourse for resolution. The most unprofessional company I have ever seen. Criminal behavior. The government needs to step in and fix this company.


Contacted customer service to check on two issues. First, why my due date changed. That was answered easily and I appreciate the help. Secondly, a while back we contacted customer service to see if we could change our due date. We were informed we couldn't but we're told we could switch to the 100 mbps plan for the same price we were paying now, 45.00. Nothing happened with that promise. When I spoke with them today they just told me no, it's 55. When I asked for Corporate contact information they have me customer service phone number. I asked again for Corporate contact info and the agent refused. I fined this both disrespectful and unacceptable. I pay my bills faithfully and I expect century link to follow through on their promises. Lastly, the customer service rep kept incorrectly telling me what I pay monthly, telling me to look at my transaction history, which I did. She was looking at a totally different account. I don't appreciate being treated as though I am dumb. Please address this and keep me informed.


For the last 7 months our telephone systems continuously become non-functional. I'm the Director of Plant Operations for Promise Hospital. Our patients families are trying to contact them and they are unable to. The Doctors on staff are not able to reach out to the Clinical Staff. Our phone lines have been out for an entire day. Members of this organization are looking for answers a lot better than Century Link is working on the system. Our hospital cannot function properly when the lines of communications are down. We cannot provide great patient care when this happens. How can you help us do better and be better? Is there a priority list we can be placed on whenever our lines go down? We are a Hospital in the business of saving lives and/or making people better. If you look at the email trail sent today from you to my Hospital it should provide you with a better understanding of this complaint. My contact information is 318.425.4096 (work) and 318.529.8802 (cell)


I called up Centurylink to cancel my telephone service. They told me it would be cancelled that day and I would get a refund check in the mail. I found out it was not cancelled the day I requested it. I did not get a refund check in the mail. I received two bills in the mail instead. Then I called for two day's straight to try and resolve the issues. Wow, what a nightmare it is dealing with there so called customer service department! I bounced around from person to person. Was disconnected and left on eternal hold. And still my issues were not resolved. Not to mention telling the same story to every person I spoke with. Also they do not and will not transfer you to a supervisor or manager. Very unhappy with the service or lack thereof. I had this company for years and cannot believe the trouble I am having for disconnecting my service. You would think with all the competition out there with cell phones and internet services. Centurylink would want to keep their customer happy. I guess NOT.


Good afternoon I hope that you are having a wonderful day. My name is Regina Harris and I am an customer with Century Link. I have been a customer for a long time.

The reason I am trying to contact you is because I am having a big issue. I live in Farmville, Va and the one mile area from the south and north of me everyone can get up to 100 Mbps but I can only get 8Mbps.

I am facing regular disturbances when I work on the internet with school, my job, play on my X-box and even when trying to keep a conversation going with my phone. It just kicks me and then comes back.

Please kindly fix the issue by extending the amount of Mbps that comes through my area. I hope that you will find my matter concerning and work on it as soon as possible. Thank you for all that do and have a blessed day.


I want to register a complaint regarding the fact service is being paid for on a monthly basis and the delivery of service by Centurylink and my contacts with them to explain my complaint make me believe the talk of furnishing service to a going customer is 95% falsely stated and 5% riddled with 'computer' routings designed to disgust the customer! The increase in fraudulent telemarketing calls is making the telephone useless as a communication device and if the industry does not begin to use the technology available in todays world will soon obsolete itself. I made a recorded complaint by telephone at approximately 10:30 this A.M. about a suspected fraudulent call I received with my own telephone number used as the identifier and the fact I wasted about 15 minutes of my time being routed and rerouted by computer menues around your so called Customer Relations system. Are you deliberately attempting to destroy your own service oriented business???

.W. G. Boerner
715 732 8889


Eight years of absolutely the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in any industry. The current episode is only one example of the horrible experience we’ve had with them over the nearly the last decade. We’ve been without Internet now for five days and had a service call scheduled yesterday on Thursday from 1 to 5 PM after never hearing anything from them I called at 5 PM and had to chat online and make three total phone call The current episode is only one example of the horrible experience we’ve had with them over nearly the last decade. We’ve been without Internet now for five days and had a service call scheduled yesterday on Thursday from 1 to 5 PM after never hearing anything from them I called at 5 PM and had to chat online and make A total of three phone calls before I reach someone that could tell me that he would be here between six and 7:30 PM. Moments after 6 o’clock my wife tells me someone is at the end of our driveway we assumed it was them I walk downstairs open the door and turn on the light. After waiting two or three minutes my wife informed me that the truck was gone and I received an email and a text message at 6:07 statin A total of three phone calls before I reach someone that could tell me that he would be here between six and 7:30 PM. Moments after 6 o’clock my wife tells me someone is at the end of our driveway we assumed it was them I walked downstairs open the door and turned on the light. After waiting two or three minutes my wife informed me that the truck was gone and I received an email and a text message at 6:07 With one stating he could not gain access to our premises and the other stating we were not home. After calling immediately to customer service they informed me that dispatch is close for the night and the next available date they had was 15 February. That would make it 11 days without Internet. After multiple hours on the phone today I’ve been giving nothing but the runaround and claims that things are “escalated” with no guarantees of the time with one stating he could not gain access to our premises and the other stating we were not home. After calling immediately to customer service they informed me that dispatch is closed for the night and the next available date they had was 15 February. That would make it 11 days without Internet. After multiple hours on the phone today I’ve been giving nothing but the runaround and claims things are “escalated“ with no guarantees of the time for repair. I have screenshots of the calls and the time spent I have screenshots of the text and emails. At this point the story is so absurd that no one would assume we are not exaggerating. I am also reaching out to local Chicago new stations to see if they are interested in doing an investigative piece on the horrible and infamous service people in our area received from Central he. I think consumers should be made aware of this.


In early november 2018, I was notified by Century Link that they would no longer be servicing Century Link Prism. It was suggested that I opt out
for Direct TV. When I asked the reason, I was told money. I was told that Direct tv would be $120.00 per month approx. plus taxes. If I stayed with Prism, the cost would be $180.00 - $200.00 per month. On a subsequent phone call, I made it clear that I only wanted to deal with one company
and not two. I was told that there was no problem and my Direct Tv bill portion would be added to my Century Link bill. A call was made by Century Link to Direct Tv while I was on the line, and the Direct Tv rep told the Century link rep that the first Direct Tv bill would be $90.00 per month and the
following months would be $70.00 per month. My first bill was for $118.76. My second bill was for $156.96. When I called Century Link, I was
told to change the bill to $134.76. The third bill just arrived and was $148.08. When I called Century Link, I was told that the problem was the
Direct Tv billing. I was also told that if there was a problem with that portion of the bill, it was my responsibilty to call Direct TV to straighten it
out since they were no longer allowed to talk directly to Direct TV any longer.I have been on the phone since 3:00 pm this afternoon. It is now 9:50 pm. Customer service at both companies sucks. Stay away - tomorrow I will be signing up with Comcast.


Since May 2018 I have been dealing with DSL poor line quality due to CRC errors in the hundreds and FEC errors in the millions in a weeks time. Our service prior to May 2018 was good for the 3.5 MBPS but starting in May we started seeing thing just buffering and buffering. My daughter was trying to watch 15 min school videos for her college classes and it was taking 45 min or more to get through one video. Prior to May the internet service was good enough that I could work from how and hold meetings on my IP phone and do screen share meeting but not anymore. At some times just checking email is a buffering nightmare.

Attached is a recent DSL status snapshot from the modem. The techs come out and do very little, put there test meter on the line and look. So far the drop from the service post has been changed. The Modem has been changed at least 4 time since May. Modules on the line have been removed according to the techs, the plug the modem connect to was changed and the CAT5 between the service box and the plug has been changed. I am just one of seven CenturyTel customers on our street which is having slow and/or error laden issues. I have been trying to work with CenturyTel since May 2018 calling in every couple of week and working with the techs which come out but no progress has been made. Still the performance is very poor and the errors are overwhelming.


Centurylink was supposed to come out for a repair ticket dated Back in November of last year the ticket to this date has not yet been pulled. No Tech has come out and the outstanding issue with my landline and internet remains the same. When contacting and speaking with representatives and customer service they all tried to get me to fix the problem myself. My bill is always paid and I pay the bill for the services im billed even though im receiving full services I called several times and nothing still has been resolved.


after your company was able to get your system running we were not able to access our tv. when we called they directed us to an off shore account person who told us our computer was hacked. You have no record of the call and who we spoke to so I wonder if it was a scam. we are 100% dissatisfied with your service!!!


I called the customer service number 800-244-1111 to ask a simple question about my service. I was on the phone 45 minute and talked to 3 people and was then hung up on. No-one knew the answer to my question and one representative told me there were no services connected to my account.That's nuts! I am using the services and I am getting billed for them each month. Centurylink customer service is horrible. Representatives are rude, uniformed and inaccurate compared to other companies with similar services Centurylink is the only provider in my area. This would not happen with free enterprise. So much for regulation!


internet at my home was not working this morning and is still down. When I called the service center, half the time the line was busy and when I did get through my call was dropped 5 times, sorry but your service both internet ( this is the 3rd time we have had service problems) and your service numbers are substandard to say the least. If I do not hear from you by 8am tomorrow morning and in a satisfactory way, I will be filling a complaint with our state's Public regulatory commission on your very poor service both internet and service response.


I was put under contract without being notifed or even told via phone. Had my monthly bill auto deducted from my bank account for 41.94 per month. When I cancelled the rep told me I would have that amount taken out for 4 more months to pay off contract. Instead 191.85 was taken 12/11/2018 and left me without money in my account.


got no dial tone on phone called in yesterday,they were to be here between 1p.m. and 5p.m. but did not show up. very poor service.


I have been asking for faster internet for years. All i get is when I call is sign up on web site, as is not available in your area yet. I live in a rural area and more customer is unlikely to happen. I work for state of FL. from home on line. I really would like faster internet. My address 242 NE Dixon ct, Lee, FL. 32059. All your customers in Lee/Madison would like faster internet, as I see people making comments in Facebook. Please check in to this. I feel it’s unfair just because there is a little customer, we don’t get what a populated area does. Thank you for looking in to this. Gloria


We Ordered CenturyLink internet service on-line and had the service installed on 10/26/18. We paid $115.81 for the 1st month service and installation. We are staying in a RV park and in late November we had to take our RV to a shop for some repairs. Two weeks later we returned to our site and hooked up our router, but the internet was not working. After a chat line exchange, and many phone calls (plus being discontinued and transferred at least 7 times!) we find out our service was discontinued. Now we have to order new service and someone has to come out to physically switch us back on. that takes 4 days for them to come out to do this, so we are without internet for another 7 days total. Plus they are charging us another service fee to reconnect our service. Centurylink is reimbursing us for the initial hook up costs. but why do I have to go 7 days without service?! We did not disconnect our service, Centurylink did that!

Also, I ordered service from Centurylink, I don't care if it's called a simple account, regular account, or any account at all. Yet Centerylink seems to have a firewall between customer service on different account types. NOT CUSTOMER CENTRIC! I got transferred 7 different times, put on hold a dozen times, had my call dropped and disconnected 3 times, and it was always "oh that's this department, or that's that department, someone else needs to help on that. I spent two hours on the phone today to try to try to sort this out. Now I have to wait for service again, and someone needs to do something which will probably take 10 seconds when they get here.


I called on Oct. 24th to close my account since Iwas moving to new location. The CS Rep. Told me that Century link can turn the service back on within 2 weeks and that the cost of any new line up to 2500 ft will be covered by Century Link. I agreed to move my service to new location and have been waiting since then for connection. Two months later and I still don't have any service.

Please escalate and address this issue.



Told may different things when asking about service!!!!
Asked for things in writing and they refused !
Supervisors do not teturn calls!!!


Centurylink has a pattern with their service techs. My internet goes out on a sadly consistent basis. You call and set up an appointment for a tech to come out. They don't show up. They don't call and tell you they're not going to show up. Then you call and find out it's been rescheduled for some random time 4 days later. This always happens. With my last problem, it took 4 attempts to get the problem fixed. 15 days without internet. I then called customer service in regards to being billed for service I didn't have for 15 days. They said they would issue a credit. It was $9. This company is an absolute disgrace. If I had any other choice, I would drop them in a heartbeat.


i put in a order on line for wifi got a email back saying that i would have wifi hooked up on 11-09-2018 still have no wifi i wated all day at home wateing on some one to show up from centrylink i calld in at 4 pm talked to a rep she told me that a teck was on his way to hook up my wifi ok at 6 pm still no teck so i am really p.o so i calld in again talked to a rep he could not find a order there was no account number for this order i spent two hrs on hold wile he was talking to some one about why i dont have wifi yeat by this time i,am just ready to ask for my money back he tells me that i will not have wifi for 10 to 20 days because they are doing someting with the cable lines and i am not happy at all i payed 45.00 for my first 30 days and dec will soon be here and i will have to pay a nother 45.00 for someting i dont have because i kerp geting the run around from this company and i did file a complaint with the fcc about this i am in disability and i have never ben treated so bad from a company like this and if something dont happen soon i will just ask for my money back is this how cable comp treat new castamers and i would like some one to get a hold of me about this


on 11/5/18 I called to change some things to my account. I wanted to drop Direct TV, due to them being owned by AT&T. I wanted to keep my internet, due to my new tv service, my side work, and my room-mate who is disabled and has a gadget that uses the internet to contact local EMS when necessary. I was told my internet service would stay the same and I decided to go ahead and get home telephone service. I was told that my phone would be connected on 11/7/18. Imagine my supervise when I got home from work on 11/6/18 and couldn't watch my one show, which I was looking forward to all day. Also, unable to do my side job, losing out on an est $500.00 because I was unable to connect to the net and work. However, one of the largest problems came, when I was sound asleep and was awoken by a large bang. I thought my room-mates life was in danger, without the net, his monitoring device that alerts EMS would not work. I was sooooooo, ANGRY. Yes, I yelled and cussed costumer service out. And when I called today (11/7/18 at approx. 9am), asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on the line with "Hime" who raised his voice to me and was also very rude and told me the only way to make a complaint was through the mail, has just infuriated me further. I will be reviewing the address and looking for CEO info. to give them a call and ask if this company has the ability to chew gum and walk at the same time. To disconnect internet services because of a change to an account, is something I can see being done in the infancy stage of the internet business.


After switching from Comcast to CenturyLink about a year ago, I have had nothing but problems. Since I used Centurylink for my basic landline, I decided to gamble and try bundling to save money. I even set payment up on my credit card and purchased their Modem/Router.

When I first had DSL “set up”- I paid $60 for set up alone. The tech arrived and got me going and even brought Router with him. The NEXT DAY, I was without phone and/or internet. I had to go to a neighbors to make a service call after going through all their automated BS. A few days later (without phone or internet) a senior tech arrived and worked on problem for several hours. He said everything was fine now and he removed 2600 feet of unused copper from the house. I later found out that they upgraded my phone plan without informing me. I tried to set up and configure options such a no solicitation and disabling answering (as I have a machine which I prefer). Trying to get someone to help with just logging in was impossible- I tried so many time with the answer “sorry, I am unable to help” I just gave up and cursed them. They told me that they reset my password, but guess what- they did not.
Two months ago, my phone went out again, but at least I still had internet. No here is another thing that really annoyed me. I tried filing a service request to fix my landline (no cell phone) and they informed me that due to security, they could not dispatch a service tech based on internet request alone and told me to call in request. I became more outraged and told them THE PHONE OUTAGE WAS THE PROBLEM.
I had to constantly contact them to check status as I had no phone and just received multiple emails asking for a review of service when NONE had been given. The lowest rating they had was a one so for feedback I asked them to add a ZERO (or even negative ratings).
They kept closing the ticket because they said they remotely checked the circuit and all was fine on “their” end. After a week I finally heard the phone ring and it was a CenturyLink tech. I assumed problem was fixed and as soon as I hung up to call billing dept., again no dial tone so had to start service all over again. They tried to tell me it was my telephones and brushed me off to another department who would charge $$$$ to come test/diagnose my home phones. Again, no one ever appeared. Note- for each time I requested service, they told me to be home and gave a time range of 6-8 hours of wasting my time. After 11 days they finally resolved the issue without ever showing up at my house. It was a broken terminal on the outside termination box yards away from the house.

I was quoted a price of $80/Month with a “no price change guarantee” as stated in their TV commercials. I just received a post card from Centurylink stating that after reviewing customer billing, they had been underbilling and not charging Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) taxes and will be adding it to the next billing. They informed me that there will be no back billing for their mistake.
This is not only the worst experience trying to receive service, but false advertising.


David, the product rep who was assisting me during my call on 10/16/17. I was looking to upgrade my service. He hung up when my husband wanted to further discuss it. Stating he spend 35 minutes on this call. As a long time customer this level of unprofessionalism may have cost you all a customer.

Disappointed Customer


Billing agent Jordan hung up on me while I trying to understand my billing - very bad

Jose Maria Telleria


On Oct 3rd. I called and spoke with customer service and see why my monthly charges increased $10.00 and asked if these charges could be adjusted since I'm a good customer. NO they could not help me, so I asked to be transferred to disconnect my services because of this and being low income and on s/s I simply cannot afford this. I spoke with "Jose"...AB53824...C89387114 and he said that he was able to do some adjustments. After waiting several minutes Jose said he could lower my monthly to almost what it originally was...which was $64.91 to INCLUDE taxes and etc. and NO OTHER CHANGES IN MY SERVICE. I had him repeat this three times while I wrote everything down. I asked Jose if this was temporary and he said NO, that as long as I was in "good standing" with Century Link this monthly charge will not change.
Today I receive a Order Change Confirmation in the mail that my monthly charges will be $85.00 not to include taxes and etc. The monthly charges increased instead of decreased!!!!! This is outrageous for a 76 year old disabled woman to have to go through. I tried to get this resolved, but being Saturday no one is available. I will wait until Monday, October 15th to see what your company will do. I am very disappointed with your company and how I am being treated.


18 days no phone service different lie each time I call

Called 5 minutes apart recording said will be repaired Sept. 1
representive said August 29


Billing problems. I will never recommend another friend to get CenturyLink. I make payment through bill pay from my bank. Every month 1st of the month $55.00 The month I recommended CenturyLink to a friend I got $50.00 But I have auto bill pay and kept paying the same amount every month. A couple months after the $50. apparently, they showed me $5. short because when they gave me the $50 it left a $5. When paying the next bill $55. it was 1 day late, unknown why since it is paid the same time each month. So I had to pay the $5. and $9. for being late. Unknown where the $50. for referral has gone most likely in someone's pocket. I talked to two customer service reps. one being a supervisor. Long story short he could not tell me about the $50. and would do nothing to rectify the problem. I will never recommend CenturyLink to anyone ever again and go as far as to discourage someone from CenturyLink.


I have sold my home and contacted Century Link to disconnect internet service effective August 3, 2018.

Instead they disconnected service July 16, 2018. A supervisor told me it would be reconnected by July 18, 2018.

Now they say they cannot reconnect because they no longer service the area where I live.

I have been a customer for 2 years.

Now I have no internet service until August 4, 2018. I am definitely not staying with Century Link and I am now switching to WAVE which provides broadband service to my new house.


Terrible customer service. cant provide a simple email for mail conformation of change I requested. Will discontinue my service. Very displeased


8 days for a repair to a home line. Had to call customer service 5 times to connect with a person due to disconnections, and "sorry we're closed" recordings on a "24/7" contact number.


conThe regular amount that century give me is always (Forty Five Dollar a month) $45.00 every month. But when March comes they did not accept my payment for $45.00 instead they asking me to pay $124.00 where i believed no balance on my payment April 2018. I call century link but hard to wait for long hour to speak with customer representative. Now I can’t watch TV because they said I have to pay my balance
Century link ought me an explanation why they charge me $124.00.? For explanation where did they get the 124.00 while I am always pay on time $45.00. Thanks for your payment!
Confirmation Number: 14257262353
Bill Payment: $45.00
Convenience Fee*: $0.00
Total Payment: $45.00
Payment Date: 04/11/2018
In fact century ought me an explanation because of over charges. I reported century link about my internet no services since 1-09 -18 that the services cut off. I reported 1-12-18 I can’t call then right away when I learned no internet because I am sick so I call 1/12/18 instead. Services resume 1/16/18 a different of one week. But they charge me the same amount of $45.00 as if there is no interception. I have no internet for one week they should less the amount of no service but they still charge me in a regular amount of $45.00. Now they over charges. Now I can’t watch TV I suffer for their over charges. I will file a complaint to:
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
1700 G St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20552
consumerfinance.gov/complaint sumerfinance.gov/complaint


We had "high speed internet" and ended up cancelling after 4 years of overpaying and service not working at all or at dial up speed, we cancelled it. When we would call to complain, customer service representatives would apologize and could not believe that we had that kind of service. Our phone line goes out all of the time, which is SUPER inconvenient because we get 1 bar on cell phone service, it takes 5 days for them to look at, and then when it gets fixed, nobody tells you or bothers to call!! Meanwhile, I am sitting at home burning my vacation time waiting for a tech that was NEVER going to show up and guess what????? I still get to pay my full bill. I feel that we should receive a discount on our bill when we don't have service this long. I actually feel sorry for the Customer Service Representatives for what they have to listen to, when it really isn't their fault.


Staff is extremely unprofessional and always extremely rude when you call. The employees constantly just transfer the calls and will always hang up on you at least once during the phone call causing you to call back and repeat the same issues over and over. The bill constantly slowly increases after they have given you a set amount and also has unspecified additional charges and when questioned about the charges they give an answer that is not even relevant to the question that was asked or switches the topic. I spoke with Robert employee ID number 9975250 (Which he says this is his information, which I am sure is a lie) and he was nothing but rude the entire conversation and rather than attempting to correct the issue he was quick to have me cancel the services after I have been paying them for the past 4 years for services. This is not the first time that my bill has been altered to a higher amount. The staff at centurylink are very rude and do not appear to care about the customer satisfaction. I will be switching services as soon as I am able to get a new service provider.


My complaint is about my mothers account with Centurylink. I handle my mothers account because she does not understand anything about the internet or computers. A sales rep told my mother and me that the 10 mps was fast enough to stream videos and play games. It is not! She cannot use her On Demand because the internet is too slow. This is the only reason she wants internet. When she tries to watch videos on Youtube, it buffers constantly, even when she pauses the video and waits for it to load. My mother is planning on dropping them and going with a better company.


Been paying for 3.5 mbs , and only getting 2.0 mbs at best. Feels like I'm back in 1995 on dial up. If you don't do something better, Spectrum is right down the road. Decline in business means decline in stock By the time you realized what went wrong it will be to late. Spectrum is fixing to move in. Worst speeds on the market.


I contacted the phone company 3 weeks ago and they fixed the problem. However, every time we experience a bad wind, heavy rain or a heavy snow storm my service does not work. I pay for the service monthly and I am getting tired of the issue and constantly calling you. I would appreciate the issue being resolved once and for all or I feel that I must switch my services to the Cable Company. I have been with your company for over 40 years and really wish that this issue could be resolved quickly so that I do not continue to have this problem. I wonder if anyone has actually thought to check the telephone line itself!


Why is it that you WILL NOT upgrade internet service unless a modem is purchased thru CenturyLink? The modem you are selling for $150.00 is well overpriced. I was told by your rep/ that in order to upgrade to 40mpbs, I would need a new modem and I could not supply my own modem which is compatible with the upgrade to 40mpbs. So 60.00 for tech installation and a new modem from CL in the amount of 150.00.....210.00 is ridiculous.

BTW, the same CL modem can be purchased on Ebay for around 50.00.


Around July or Aug I decided to take your high speed internet and unlimited calling at the rate of 85 dollars. Over all around $ 95 including taxes and fees. Around oct the bill changed to over $ 100. At the time it was suppose to be FLAT RATE . Since Oct I've been being charged for local long distance. Had to call every month for adjustments. Have talked to so many people that I've lost count . Effective In march if this problem is not resolved I will no longer need your service. Thank You Tom D Tugman


The new email system does not work very well. I have gone through the fix it with your representatives twice and more problems show up. Currently if I compose an email and press the TO button to bring up my contacts list there is a long wait time, maybe one minute, for the list to appear. Also if I wish to add a internet address within the message content, it does not accept a past command but directs to use control-V and puts the address in the subject line.

I have been a long time happy customer and expect century link to either quickly fix all the problems or maybe go back to the old email system. I am not anxious to drop my centurylink internet, email, and land phone but at some point that may be necessary.


Thru their website I ordered a speed upgrade for my internet. I received email confirmation with ref. #C76105766. It stated service upgrade would happen 12/8/17. Did not happen on that date. Emailed them and received email back saying call them. Called them but their phone system kept hanging up on me. 6 times. Did not accept punched in and voiced account number. When finally got through as having no account number available the phone system put me on hold then rang once and then hung up! Tried again and when they finally answered I started to explain problem and was hung up on with out a word being said from their end. Tried again and finally got a person to hear my problem and he submitted a whole new order. Said I have to wait another week for system upgrade. Could not explain why initial order not done. I asked if there was a complaint dept. I could talk to about the automated system that kept screwing up and hanging up on me. He checked and was told no such dept. existed. I laughed and thanked him for his time.
I want to note that I was patient and polite at all times. I did hear hear loud yelling and profanity going on in the background while talking to the polite young man assisting me.


I have CenturyLink Prism and would like to know why HGTV programing for prime time shows is at 10pm which is too late for Colorado. It should be at 7pm. Several of our favorite shows, one of which is rated #1 and the new seasons starts tonight, the new season starts at 10pm and it should start at 7pm. Is there anyway this can be rectified. I am especially speaking of Fixer Upper. When we used Dish Network it always started at 7pm which is suppose to be prime time Mountain Standard time, right?


I just moved into a house at 8 Rivers Bend ct. Moscow Mills, Mo. 63362. My complaint has dot do with NOT being able to get internet service, when centurylink is the only service in my subdivision!!!! When I called to get service I was told that there is no available lines in my area, and that is a waiting list. Now the problem with that is I found out my neighbor has been on this “list” for 2 YEARS, which is not acceptable. The subdivision, Majestic Lakes, will be building new houses in the next few months, and what are you going to tell the people who buy these houses? That they have to be put on a waiting list? and not to have updated lines with no CAP on the speed. We are in the process of contacting a lawyer yo get another internet provider in this subdivision.


I have been a business customer with you for 20 years and get my bill each month in the mail. Acct:# 410716027

Recently we had the internet reconnected after 3 years @ home. It has been a nightmare! It took almost a month to get it working.
I never received a bill until you sent me a disconnect notice because I did not pay. Tried to explain I never got a bill, nevertheless, sent them
a check for 318.11 as they requested on 10-25-17. Today( Nov 10-17), still have not received a bill therefore went to check on line, and it says due Nov 7 17 48.24. Sent that in today. Please ask if they could send me a bill each month so I am not late and can review the bill.
Thanks Geri
989 464 6219
989 735 3716 office- Mon Wed & Fri


Transferred 9 times then hung up on. Nothing done to resolve my problem! Paying for services that are supposed to be great are Not! Doing things without my authorization to my line and being told that it will e fixed but isnt


I have now a second bill from Centurylink. The problem is I do not have Centurylink. They refuse to stop sending me bills for something I never got.
I spent nearly 30 minutes on the phone from Shirlree to Mark in billing to Lamysia in the Retention Dept. I provided name account number phone number. I do not feel any other information is needed. Lamysia refused to provide a supervisor to resolve problem. Lamysia refused to do anything with the said account until I provide personal information.


At the end of last month I called to complain about periodic lack of connection to the internet. The person I spoke with said she would make adjustment on my next bill. My next bill dated Oct. 12, 2017, just arrived. There is no adjustment shown. The problem I have with being able to connect with the internet has been happening for quite a while; I have lodged numerous complaints. I do not like being charged for full service when I do not have full service. Also I don't like being placated with false promises of adjustments. I have been a CenturyLink customer for years (in fact I was a customer under my husband's name when your company was CenturyTel) Believe me, I am a very dissatisfied customer!


I was schedule for service (internet and WIFI) for my small business on 19 October, 2017. I was informed that the Technician should have the order completed by 1:00PM on that date. However, after not seeing any representative of Century Link, I called customer service and was told that the order according to the system had been completed. I informed them that in fact it hasn't been completed. I was told that the Dispatch would be contacted and so I waited, the person came back on the phone and said that the Tech wasn't answering their phone, and they would have him contact me. That was the first call to Century Link, after no call, I called again later in the day, and the very same thing happened. I was informed that Century Link would have a Tech back out there in the morning to install my internet, WIFI and router. So, about midmorning on 20 October, 2017, I called customer service again, I was again informed that they had contacted the Supervisor at Dispatch and he would be giving me a call to let me know the status. No call was received, I again called and was told that they were sending the Tech to my business now. We shall see. This is the most unprofessional way of business I have ever been a party too. I'm expected to pay for a service, and yet I can't get what I'm paying for in a timely manner. How do you close out an order, and not have ever been to the site to install it? I hope that our relationship is better in the future. This is unsatisfactory.


Arranged to have a second static ip connection installed. We now have only one. Confirmation number is 03507931 our account number is 311807724. My appointment date was originally Oct 16. Service Tech never showed up. I called and was told the day was not the 16th but the 19th. (my notes say differently) Oct 19th rolls around and again a no show. Called for answers and was told that the tech assigned to our job does not know how to install a static ip and if I didn't mind the best guy they have for this job will be at our office first thing the next morning. Told he would be there by 8 or 9. Again no show. I just called again and was told that the Tech has us down but is busy on another job and may or may not get to us today. WHAT THE HECK!!! This is just too much. The person on the phone says that because of the hurricane the men are slammed. THEN WHY NOT TELL US THAT!!! I have scheduled 3 times now a IT guy to be here and each time I have to keep sending him away. DOES COMCAST DO THIS??? Hummm I wonder.


I pay monthly for 10Mbps but seem to get less than 6Mbps daily if I'm lucky. If you look at my account, you will see that I complain weekly and monthly about the poor service. I am told every time that there is an outage in my area. My QUESTION is... why can't this be fixed? this outage has been going on for over the past three months and I'm getting very tired of paying for less that I deserve.


I have had problems for over a month and cannot get help. I am hearing impaired so I cannot call. This is the letter I wrote after Century Link told me to send as much information as possible.

Comment: RE: Ticket# NTM000019465254. For the last 2 months, my WIFI has been very slow. Then in the Beginning of Sept, I started having problems getting onto sights such as my bank, Dr, and mail order prescriptions and even Century link to check my bill but I had paid $188.70 when I had used friends computer to get into my bank and check my bills.I noticed Century Link did not get paid so I paid it thru my bill pay. I depend on my computer as I am hearing impaired and cannot hear on the phone. I rec'd an email saying to contact Century link cuz I owed over $300. I tried numerous times to get on chat but was unable-I kept getting a message saying-We had an unexpected error, please try again. Then I could not get onto my email-it said password incorrect so I changed my password numerous times and it said same. I went to the Coon Rapids office on and brought a copy of the check that my bank had sent to prove I paid the bill and also to talk to them about not being able to get on my email and how bad my service was. He tried to get on my emailed and couldn't. He got ahold of financial and sent copies of check ect. On the fax, he wrote to contact my husbands phone to let me know when the investigation was over. He even circled that. They also told me that they were having problems with wifi in my area but it should be fixed soon. The next day, I had a phone call from Century link. I told them it was a caption phone and they had to give me time to see what they were saying. They hung up so then next day I went back to the store and found out they found I had paid. I talked to them again about the service and the fact that I could not get onto my email. I also told them I wanted my phone cancelled. They told me they could not do that, I had to contact them myself. I told them again that I cannot hear and my chat did not work. They said it should be fixed soon and keep trying. At home-I kept trying. I had to get ahold of my Dr and order my meds thru the mail order. I went back to the store and there was only 1 person (on a Saturday )working and he was on phone. I waited about half hr only to be told he cannot do anything I would have to come back Mon and talk to the person that helped me before. I went back on Monday and talked to the manager Brendan Tloigan. He worked with me trying to get me back on. It seemed like he did but I wanted to make sure I could get on so I asked to used their computer. It again did not work. I was able to get onto chat at the store but after a very long wait between every time she asked me something, Brendan then contacted Century Link and was again told again they were having problems. I was at the store for 1 1/2 hrs trying to get this fixed and it still was not fixed. I kept trying a few more days but my computer was so slow-would take 3-5 min to get on anything. I used someone elses computer to pay my bills but I was late on Verizon bill for which I was charged $25. I went back to store again-this was my 5th trip there. It was obvious that the person who helped me was not happy I was back. I told him I still having problems. He told me there was nothing he could do. He said his manager already tried and could do nothing so he couldn't. I was so upset at the way he said it. I told him I would have to cancel if this would not be fixed. He said OK, I can do that. I asked about what would happen because I was bundled with Direct TV.He said that would be a problem because I would have to pay more if I wasn't bundled, He then asked if I wanted someone to come out and check it. I said yes because if anything would help, I wanted to stay with Century Link. He scheduled one to come out between 4-6 on wed so that my husband would be home. The technician called my husband that morning and wanted to come right then. It was very inconvenient for me and I had wanted my husband there but said OK. When he got there, I showed him how to close fence we have so my cat would not get out. About 20 min later, I went outside for something and I noticed the technician had left the gate open. I could not find our cat. I had to call my husband who came home from work to find her. He missed 2-3 hours of work over this. The technician had put in a new modem. He said something about the wires being bad because they went behind my fridge so he moved it to a different place. Now I rec'd an order change confirmation. It says I got a phone installed and was $60. What the heck is this? I already had a phone installed. He changed the modem, not install the phone. All this has cost me so much in time and money and caused me much distress. I am on social security so cannot afford this. I drove about 150 miles going back and forth to the store 5 times, I had to pay a late fee on Verizon bill, husband missed 2-3 hrs work due to the tech not closing gate. I have been so depressed since this all started and it still is not fixed. I feel like I was not treated right when I went to the store, because I was hearing impaired. I had to ask them to repeat what they said a lot to make sure I was hearing it right What is a hearing impaired person supposed to do if I cannot go in person for help. I just now went back onto Century link to check my currant bill again. this is what I keep seeing----Oh no! We're so sorry. We are experiencing technical difficulties and can't complete your request. Rest assured, we've been notified of the problem and will do our best to make sure it doesn't continue happening. Don't worry, everything is going to be ok. To get back on track, please use the other links on this page. Susan Szymanski

Today I have been trying to see my bill but am unable to get into my account.

I feel like I have not been treated right as I cannot hear. They tell me to call--I can't call. I do not think they understand that I am deaf and cannot call.I went to the store 5 times because I could talk to them in person but they say they cannot help me. However they did say they can disconnect me. I have been a customer since Century Link took over Quest and would like to stay a customer. What more can I do?

I would like to be compensated someway as this has been so consuming and has cost me so much time, money and causing depression.

Can you please look into it?

Thank You,

Susan Szymanski


I can not understand why I receiving a bill, when I no longer have service that are provided by your company. I guess we are going to have to take this to court. I have tried to resolve this issue on several occasions and to no avail. I have not been mailed out a tag to put on my box to return to y'all and I have service with spectrum as of 8/22/17. I have fulfilled my obligation to CenturyLink and I'm continually being harassed by your company. I last spoke with a Patrick,which is a supervisor that ,I requested. I have been having issue with this company and thought that It was taken care of, but as I can see you want to continue to bill me and my service should have been disconnected on 8/20/17. At no time have a request to have this poor service any longer. My sister has had issues with you and my parents have had issues with this company. I'm requesting to speak with someone in the corporate office. 1,poor customer service representatives,2, Supervisor do not handle situations of customers complaints well,3, technician fail on several occasions to follow customers instructions. When you have a business and are dealing with customers it should be the company's goal to provide a good product,service, training for Supervisors,representatives,and technicians,but apparently CenturyLink rather lose customers that are totally disappointed with service. I would like to know why I'm still being billed and I need to know why my account has not been closed out as it has a record in your system. I request that this matter be handled in a professional manner I'm a heart patient ,I'm on a fix income, and these last charges are unwarranted. At the latest Patrick stated , '8/30/2017.' I hate to complain,but if I have to address this matter on social media, better business bureau, and suit I will. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only customer that is having this problem out of your company.My phone number that I can be reached is 254 462 3410.


We get repeated hangups and debt harassment recordings on this service line annoying,252 438 2924 contacted no Roy cooper attorney gene


I have now been on hold for 45 minutes after going through the automated system trying to cancel my service. This is the second day in a row I have attempted to do this. (I had to hang up after 30 minutes yesterday)I have been a prompt paying customer for over 17 years. If I want to add a service my wait is less than 4 minutes. I own 2 businesses and 3 homes and Century Link is by far the worst company to deal with. I have told everyone I know to transfer their service. I just sold one of my businesses which is why I am canceling my acct. The new owner appropriately is going to another provider.


I cancelled CenturyLink 1 year ago and did not have any equipment to be returned because I did not rent any equipment from CenturyLink but in fact I bought it. A few months after I had cancelled I received a bill from CenturyLink in the amount of $98 and some cents for unreturned equipment. I called customer service and the young ladies over my account and she confirmed that I owe nothing because I never rented equipment but paid for it in full when I purchased it. She assured me that she will note my account and remove the charge and that I would have nothing to worry about. Yesterday I received a letter from a collection agency for unreturned equipment and the amount was $98 and a few cents. They're trying to charge me for something that I bought and paid in full. CenturyLink is a pack of Thieves and con artists as well as scammers.


Quite a few years ago I had a dispute regarding billing on my phone service. That company was bought by Quest than bought by Centurylink. Now I can't upgrade or add services because they say I owe $98. It's not the amount but the principle of it. They held a payment check received on Fri. over to Mon. making it late even though I proved it was received on time.


A Centurylink representative comes to my house sometimes up to six times a day a couple days a month. Even though there is a very nice (No Soliciting) sign next to our front door they complete ignore it and don't stop talking. Centurylink is the only company to ever be so obnoxious and irritating to the point now there is absolutely never use them. I don't care if the service is free. Centurylink has horrible practices. And I know almost all if not every neighbor of mine thinks the same way I do about there business practices. Don't come around my house anymore Centurylink.


We set up new service they were suppose to be out here wed BC to hook up our phone and Internet but they did not show we called they said they would be here to day but no they did not show up its been a month but they sent me a bill for services I have not got yet.


Sat on the phone for 2.5 hours just trying to get a basic home phone service. Kept getting hung up. The last call the lady too told me that the number (account) they gave me she couldn't find. Which the last 6people I had some too could. Well she put me on "hold" to speak to a supervisor. After 30mins. She tells me they are now closed and I'm going to have to call back tomorrow. And try to figure it out!


The agent assured me that Century link does not creep your bill up a dollar or two at a time. He assured me that my bill for internet and phone would be around 80 to 85 dollars tops (and this included all taxes and surcharges). My first bill was 101 my second 103 my third 106 and this month 107. I tried calling customer service and when I finally got ahold of a customer service agent he stated that he sees my bill is creeping up but that looks normal and when I asked him why it was going up every month he said I don't know they just do that.

He then stated he was transferring me to someone who could answer the question and I sat on hold for more that half an hour and no one picked up. What a joke! When was it okay to rip off the consumer? When did it become acceptable to have terrible customer service and still be in business? I need someone to call me back so I can cancel this unprofessional service. I would rather pay more to an honest company than get swindled.


My daughter called to set up CenturyLink Excel service and was routed to someone who sold her a CenturyLink bundle that we do not want and my daughter can't afford. After four separate calls, I was told they can't cancel service in first 24 hours! Makes no sense. They have no problem selling unneeded services to a naive person and then can't cancel the order? I was given different numbers to call by each person I talked to. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the supervisor would tell me the same thing. They use a hard sell approach and then make it impossible to cancel.


I have been sent to collection agency Central Credit Service LLC for an outstanding invoice. I knew this wasn't right since the sent me a check for $440.90 and I had returned their modem. Interestingly enough the girl behind the counter told me to hang on to the receipt and tracking number because they are notorious for billing you for not returning the modem. What she didn't say or know was that they also do not try to contact you before they send it to collection.

I've spent 4 hours being bounced around and "Taken care of. " But not one person apologized for my inconvenience. When I started to ask questions about things like, had they tried to contact me, or what their procedure was to send some one to collection I was informed we have taken you out of collections and there is nothing further I can do for you. I do have other calls to take the person said. I still have not been able to talk to the collection agency to see if indeed I was taken out our if there was a negative effect on my credit. They won't call me back. I would suggest Cable One or at the very least keep your receipts.


Had 2 CenturyLink sales people knock on my door (end of June 2016) promoting prism tv, said i was with direct tv and i was happy, showed me i could save 60 dollars a month, i informed them that i would be moving in a couple of months (Sept. 15, 2016) they said it would be a free install here and there, said alright, if it's free and i'm saving money. Called Sept 6, 2016 to coordinate move, was told i couldn't take prism with me, the fiber optic lines haven't been laid on the street i was moving to previous address on 79th.

I moved around the corner on 80th. Upset because I broke my contract with direct t v to go to prism, but alright. Next thing please don't disconnect my services until Sept 15th (day of move) they shut everything off on Sept 14th at midnight, on the phone with customer service, loyalty, retention team from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. Spoke to 14 different reps at the end of everything was told i would receive a $330.00 credit and not to be charged a fee to break my prism contract.

After all it wasn't my fault i couldn't take services with me, by the time i got off the phone with Brandi in the retention ream, she told me my final bill would be $50. I asked if i should pay it now, she said no, to wait till the final bill arrived, when that came it was $378., total thought they forgot to add credit. Next thing I know internet was cut off, I spent the next day again on the phone with century link, they told me they would not give that amount of credits to a customer, that there was no record of what i was talking about and hung up on my 3 times.

I finally got a hold of a rep who literally pieced together what happened to me when they lied to just get me off the phone, he said unfortunately his fellow co workers do this all the time and i should expect a call from Brandi's supervisor within 48 hours, of course no call, needless to say my stress level was at an all time high, I can't believe a company of their magnitude would treat their customers this way!! I then called after the 48 hour mark was up and these crazy people wanted to revisit the whole fiasco and try and keep me as a customer, are you kidding me?

All I wanted at this point was to send me out a box to send them back their equipment and to make sure they stopped billing me and hung up on 2 times wasted time 3 hours this time, called the next day finally discontinued services and to mail out return equipment box, then i was informed i would be charged a fee for breaking my contract. I told them it's ok for you folks to lie to me and break your word to me but you want to charge me?

I then informed them I will be disputing the charges and they were the worst company ever! Up until this incident I never had a problem with century link, but I always heard of other people talk about how they put them through the ringer, but this by far was the most upsetting worst display of customer service I've ever experienced!


I called to have my internet service changed to a lower service due to slow speeds I was getting and paying for but not getting. But Christina said that this shouldn't be happening, so not to change she's send out a tech at no charge with a new modem and increase our speed and it would be lower cost. Well he came swapped out our modem, kept our old one which we paid for! Then comes the bill which included a service call and a fee for the modem. Really you took ours that we paid for ourselves, no credit on the bill. Called transferred numerous times till finally Stephanie helped me an hour and half later.

Reversed the charges and I asked for some type of credit for the entire call time. You will love this response well I got you the credit didn't I? Credit that wasn't suppose to be charged in the first place. Then comes this you were only with me for around 35 minutes and that doesn't deserve a credit. Then the real kicker they said that my credit card company declined 2 months of payments. So the first time I called to see what happened she states it was an internal error not my fault give her the card number and make a payment, well that didn't happen she notes account saying I will call back to pay.

What, then it happens again call and this time well it's your issue call your credit card company and see what happened. I ask if they had a declined message nope just says declined. Now I need to send to someone who actually cares there a copy of a letter from my credit card company stating that the error was CenturyLink's not mine.


I called CenturyLink HQ and requested phone service explained that I had previously had service but the line ran no where. I had built a new home and needed service. They came out and turned on the service but did not route me a line into the house. I called and explained three more times . Finally some one came out he was very nice and said he understood and would help. I waited two more weeks and called and was told I had canceled the service. I had not cancelled it.

Finally service started the line was bad I called and they said if they come into your home it will cost you but their is no reason to have a phone that is not working half the time 5 days of the two weeks I had the phone it was not working. They man came out and found the trouble was u the road. He was Nice and helpful. The people that came and ran the line were very nick but the most of the people I speak with over the phone have not been two have been nice the rest have not they have been rude with a derogatory tone, confrontational attitude.

I asked for a basic service we mainly use or cell phones and I had yet to get the price we agreed upon when we ordered the phone. I don't know if I have made someone mad or what but the service that I have been receiving is poor.


About one month ago I attempted to get internet service with Century Link. Upon processing my bill I was asked to pay a $50 deposit. I received an email advising me I cannot receive service in my area and a refund was processed for the $50 deposit. The next day I received the equipment, which confused me so I called Century Link only to be told the equipment had to be sent back and my refund was never processed fully. The representative advised me the refund would reach me in 2 weeks. It has been almost a month and no refund. Every time I call I'm transferred from one representative to another with no results. All I can say is that $50 must be alot money for all that trouble. Really bad customer service.


This complaint is about CenturyLink and the scam they are running. On August 22, 2016 I call CenturyLink customer care to have my internet service moved to my new resident (2 blocks away, but same town). I spoke to a CSR named Angelica. I told her I just wanted to move my internet service. my price at that time was $29.95 plus $3.99 for internet recovery fee. Angelica told me she could give me a deal if i got DirectTV service thought centuryLink. I was on the phone with her for over 2 hours and I was told i could get centuryLink internet for $14.95 plus $3.99 internet recovery fee a month for the first 12 months then $24.95 for the last 12 months on a 2 year agreement, and DirectTV for $60.00 a month for the first 12 months on a 2 year agreement.

The DirectTV service deal would include service for 2 TVs, no monthly fee for HD DVR Genie and additional receiver in bedroom, and 3 months of HBO, Stars, and Showtime free. To guarantee the price i would have to put the acct on auto pay, which i did. I included the protection plan with DirectTV for an additional price of $7.99 a month. In total my monthly bill should have been $86.93, no additional fees or taxes. But they did the bait and switch on me. My bill was for $120.13.

So I called centuryLink and was on the phone with them for 1 hour and 59 minutes. i told them i was not getting what i was promised. First CSR i talked to said she would credit me the $11.46, but then said i would have to speak to DirectTV to correct their charges. (it's both companies on the same bill thru centuryLink). she transfer me to a CSR at DirectTV named Scott. I told him the story and we had to contact CenturyLink and do a three-way call to correct this. Scott stayed on the phone with me while i got passed on to 3 other people (Michelle, Jordan and the Supervisor Jose).

Michelle tried to fix it then put me on hold, then Jordan picked up and i had to start all over again. Jordan said he had to run another credit report on me cause it wasn't showing that the first CSR Angelica did it (she told me she did and had asked for my SSI number). Jordan asked for my SSI number at which time I had to tell Scott from DirectTV he had to leave the 3 way call and he did.

Jordan then tried to tell me there was nothing he could do about my bill and said "sometimes people here will just say things that aren't true and he can't do anything about that. I then asked for a Supervisor and was transferred to Jose. He said he would not give me the price I was promised in the beginning and said there was no one else i could talk to about it. (he was the end of the line), then said he was going to hang up on me because there was nothing he would do about it. I tried calling again but got passed around again and again. I was told if i cancelled the service I would be charged a $480.00 fee. This is crazy. How can a company like centuryLink do this and get away with it? I was lied to, they used the "bait and switch" on me and I call this fraud.


My complaint is that your firm has used a bait and switch tactic to gain my business. My bundled package price has crept up over the last several months. Each month, I call your firm to discuss the increase with customer service personnel. I have obtained names as well as confirm numbers that the situation would be remedied to no avail. My bill is virtually doubled this month. The reason is that there was supposedly balances carried forward with late charges.

These balances had been agreed to credits with four different customer service team members that I spoke with since June of 2016. There should have been no balance carried forward and no late fees. When I speak to the next representative they tell me that it does not matter. I have spent hours on the phone only to no avail. My year commitment was May 2016 and since that time, I have had nothing but more charges and higher fees. This is clearly a game you play to innocent victims to skim extra money from them until they are forced to look for other service instead of keeping happy and loyal clients.

My bill this month(October) is up to $195.25 and I am at your mercy to pay it. I was told in the last conversation that the October bill would be under $100 to compensate for all overages in the past and now it is double. Trust is an important issue and the fact that even your retention department can not rectify a clearly dishonest practice is to quote Hillary "deplorable"! I look forward to some type of resolution rather than having to pay a bill double what was promised.


I have been waiting for a $16 refund check and it is sitting in my closed account. I have called 7 times have been on hold and transferred around so many times and no end in sight. I get that $16 may not seem like much money to you but it is to me.


Customer service was very rude, talked over me and refused to listen to my needs. Kept pushing sales and I was at work when I called and told this person I do not have time for this I need you to take care of my issues. He talked over me and did not listen and transferred me to another extension. Also there automated system does not work and when I called and stated I cannot pay my bill it won't take the information. The response is there doesn't show any problems. I say it's not working and I haven't been able to pay on this automated system the last couple of months and they don't do anything about it.

They keep repeating the same thing over and over. I have a friend that is experiencing the same issue and he hasn't been able to pay thru that system for the last 4 months. What's wrong with this company? Are there no supervisors. I sent the complaint thru the customer service email and they send sorry for the problems please call customer service. So round and round we go with no resolve.


I have been getting these spamming phone calls that go on for weeks non-stop they just keep calling me and calling me everyday of the week. I have called CenturyLink before and they keep telling me there is nothing they can do. I have Call Rejection that does no good at all and I am fed up sick and tired of the bullcrap. I want these phone calls to stop right now?


Every time there is any moisture in Casper, Wyoming, my landline quits working. At least six times since May, a technician comes out and every time, it has been indicated that the main line that fees the neighborhood is far beyond its life expectancy. The last time, I asked the technician why the main line is not being replaced, he indicated that CenturyLink would not replace the line. He said it would require an electrician and they just wouldn't replace it. What are my remedies. Also, please advise what governmental agency I can contact to file a complaint against CenturyLink. With winter coming up and more moisture than normal, I cannot continue to be without a phone until the line dries out


I was visiting a store today and two of the CenturyLink employee representatives were there to represent and sell product. I visited the store (Walmart at 136th avenue in Westminster, Colorado) to purchase one item that we needed for a television installation. Your representative (for purposes of description, he was a black male with braids pulled back) tried to stop me & was incredibly disrespectful when I said said no to him and kept walking. He continued to say what he "was trying to give me".

When my fiancé and I walked around the corner, the rude employee mocked me. Then, he and the other representative started laughing. My fiancé went back over to him, stating that we could hear what they were saying about us. He said "I know" and continued his behavior. I have already spoken to customer service at Walmart, they do not want their customers being treated poorly in their store. This young man is an embarrassment and the way that I will remember CenturyLink.


Got a disconnect notice for our CenturyLink phone number with account 45560629. We never received a single invoice for this account. We were assigned account #313027765 for phone billing and have paid every bill. This is considered double billing to us.


This letter is long overdue but is written to express my sincere anger and disappointment with my experience with CenturyLink. I had been a faithful customer of Comcast and had been receiving my internet and cable tv through them but in March 2016 decided to explore my options secondary to cost. I called CenturyLink on or about March 7th to inquire about rates for both internet and TV service. I spoke with a representative named Robert at length about the services and rates offered through CenturyLink.

At that time I was still under contract through Comcast and informed him that unless I was saving a substantial amount on my bills it wouldn’t make sense to pay the $180 early termination fee to Comcast. Robert verified the following information to me. With a two year commitment and for a locked monthly rate of $62.62 I would receive Direct TV (the Xtra package) for two TVs within my home along with internet at the speed of 40b/second. In addition I would receive a $100 Visa gift card through Direct TV.

This all sounded too good to be true so I repeated this offer to him several times to make sure I heard this right. He continued to tell me that this was an accurate price for two years. Although I was still a little nervous about canceling my Comcast contract and signing on I couldn’t pass up the savings that I would accumulate over the two years. I also knew that the automated message I heard stated that the conversation would be recorded for quality and that if for some reason things didn’t go exactly as promised that I could fall back on that. I proceeded to sign up with Century Link, pay Comcast the early termination fee of $180 and enjoy my new services with significant savings. Well unfortunately things did not go as promised, not even close. Although my first bill was $61.82 I was surprised to see my next bill due at $107.21.

So I called CenturyLink on 5/6/16 and spoke with Anna. I explained my concern about my new bill and explained that I spoke extensively with Robert. She informed me that Robert no longer worked there and that he made a “mistake” when quoting me that price. Not only did she tell me my rate was going to be significantly higher than promised but that in the second year of the contract it would go up an additional $30/month. She informed me that she couldn’t help it if Robert told me the wrong information but that I was still obligated by the contract to keep paying the higher rate.

She went on to tell me that she had went to law school for over two years and knew that there wasn’t anything I could do about this. She also stated that if I wanted the $100 gift card that I would have to contact Direct TV myself and request this. I asked to speak to a manager and was transferred to Fred. I requested CenturyLink review my call to confirm the information I had given. He stated he would make a request to do so and that I would here from a representative within 10 days. I also asked him to request that they call me after 4:00 so that I could take their call. After getting off the phone with Fred I called Direct TV and inquired about the $100 gift card. They informed me that since Century Link offered this gift card that I would have to get it from them. Needless to say I have never received a gift card.

On 5/10 and 5/11 during my work hours I received messages from Kristin at CenturyLink asking me to return her calls regarding the recorded call. I called the number she left on 5/11 at 1:25 p.m. and spoke with Joan and asked to speak with Kristin. I was informed that she was unavailable but that Joan would pass on my information to Kristin and my request that she call back after 4:00. On 5/12 at 3:50 p.m. I called and was told that Kristin was gone for the day but that the receptionist would send an email to her to let her know that I called.

On 5/12 at 4:10 I received a call from Justin who said he reviewed my notes and he informed me that Kristin was gone for the weekend. He said after reviewing my information the best CenturyLink could do was offer me $20 off my bill if I sign up for automatic withdrawals and that he couldn’t do anything about my Direct TV bill. He said I needed to honor my contract. I stated that I didn’t know why I had to honor my word when CenturyLink is obviously not honoring theirs. I asked him to send to me in writing the offer he made regarding the $20 discount. He said it was against policy to send me a written quote. He also stated that he had not personally reviewed the recording but from the notes he had from Kristin this was all they could offer me.

On 5/16 at 3:00 p.m. I called again attempting to reach Kristin to ask her if she had reviewed my call. I was told by Justin that Kristin was unavailable. He said that he reviewed my notes and that I had agreed to a plan that was for over $75/month. I denied this and asked him if he had actually listened to the recorded call. He said he had not but that this was in the notes from Kristin. I said I wanted to speak with her and he told me that there was no need to speak with her, that this was the best offer Century Link could give me. He said that CenturyLink was unwilling to work with me anymore on this. After once again explaining to him everything Robert had told me he said to me that sometimes customers don’t always tell the truth.

Since this time I have given up. I have never been allowed to speak with the only person, Kristin, who apparently listened to my initial call. Every month when I receive my CenturyLink bill I become upset. I am currently paying about $40 more per month ($480/yr.) for the first year than I was promised. The second year it goes up to $70 more per month ($840/yr.) during the second year. That’s a total of $1,320 more than what I had initially agreed to on the phone with Robert ($62/mo.). In addition I paid $180 to get out of my Comcast contract and I never received the $100 gift card I was promised. So I am stuck having paid $180 to get out of my contract, $1320 more than promised over the two year contract plus I never received the $100 gift card promised.

You can see why I am so upset with my Century Link experience and at this point have no intention of ever using this service again after my contract expires. I would very much appreciate a review of my case as well a response to this letter. I would like to believe that the customer service personnel at CenturyLink are not told to lie to potential customers to get them to sign onto their service. I would like to believe that the recording of conversations is actually used to verify information discussed during the call. I would like to believe that CenturyLink is a quality company that stands behind their word. I am currently not convinced of any of the above.


I am mailing CenturyLink regarding a very frustrating experience that that I am having with CenturyLink. I have tried unsuccessfully to resolve this issue via chat and multiple phone calls (17), so I hope that this letter will get some attention. On 8/18/16 I was approached at my home by a sales rep from CenturyLink selling new fiber optic options available in my neighborhood. I told him it sounded interesting, I particularly liked the dedicated line aspect on top of fiber, and told him that I was getting 70-80 megs currently thru my provider and would need to have that as a min baseline.

And asked what would the cost be. After many minutes on the phone with CenturyLink call center they came up with a plan- they could install a bonded pair that would get me a minimum of 60mb and likely in the 80-90mb range. I told them that I was paying 55/month for my current service and could they beat that? After many more minutes of conversation back and for between the rep and the call center they said I could get the bonded pair with min of 60 mb at 52.50/ month. I told them that if they could guarantee 60MB minimum and the bonded pair (2-30mb) at 52.50, I would give it a try.

Sales Agent name: Dawson- ID# cydhbwk
Call Center name: Joan- ID# 605090
Service Order# N49224059 dated 8/8/16

On 8/22/16 an installer came out to set me up with the new service- first question I asked was did I receive a bonded pair. His answer no, single pair, that’s what the work order indicated. I told him that I agreed to bonded pair with a minimum of 60mb and likelihood of 80-90. After repeated attempts and configuration he was able to pull 50mb. I asked him what I needed to do at that time to get what was agreed on- he said call products division and see when the bonded pair could be installed. The next day, 8/23/16, I spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to find someone that could help me. Many transfers, long wait, assurances that I would be transferred to the person that could help me then either put back into the queue or hung up on multiple times. I decided that I would give this another day.

On 8/24/16, I tried again, and after many more hang ups, re-queueing and 2 more hours I got someone who was able to tell me that they could get me the bonded pair with the 60mb min, but it would cost me 80/month. I stated that that was not acceptable and if they could not do it for the agreed price they needed to shut off the service and remove the equipment and I was not going to be charged for the wasted effort. The customer service agent agreed to this and said a prepaid label would be sent to me to return the equipment. On 8/30/16, I returned the equipment via UPS.

On 9/6/16, I received a bill for 83.11- not happy! 14.95 monthly charges for Internet- service was on for 24 hours. 13.98 related monthly charges ?- again service was on for a day. 53.54 service additions and changes? .64- taxes

On 9/12/16- I again called and explained the situation to the first CS person (in India), she said she would need to transfer me to a supervisor that could help me. I was placed back in the queue and after waiting another 5 min explained the situation again to a CS agent (in India), after the explanation she said that she would have to transfer me again, I pleaded to make sure that I would get to the correct party. Without response I was placed on hold again, after another 5 min I was connected with a CS person who was US based, I started explaining the issue and was hung up on or cut off.

There doesn’t seem to be any rational process to deal with customer service issues at CenturyLink company, it seems to be broken at every level. I just want my account credited for the service fees and be done with it, would appreciate your help with this matter.

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