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After joining Century link high speed internet, I was told I would get information in the mail on how to obtain a $ 50 reward. I received a card with a campaign code of 11-52642 instructing to go to Centurylink.com/getmyreward and enter the aforementioned campaign code. I was not able to enter the information into any of the web sites listed. A nice scam from Century link


Image of CenturyLink Gift Card Coupon

to who it may concern: i was promised a $250 gift card for joining century-link prism tv. however, when i went online to receive my gift card, i was unable to access this gift card. i am not the only customer that has had this problem.

if you all are unable to keep the deals you make with your customers, then you should tell your employees not to scam others into joining your program.

i am very upset that i did not get my gift card but i am more upset that i was scammed by a company by that i trusted. i would still like to be issued my $250 gift card or to be credited to my phone bill.


I placed an order for service the end of July 2012. After a few phone conversations with different representative i finally got one who could take the order. I was promised a $150.00 gift card for the trouble and obtaining the service. I was told that a post card would come in the mail and to fill it out then send it back , it has been close to months and I have yet to receive a postcard. I have called numerous times to inquire about the $150.00 giftcard . Each time I get the same response the postard is coming. I truly fell as if this is a scam.


I received service in 9-2012 my giftcard was suppose to come in 12-2012, I never received it I called and they said I had to register on line no one told me to go on line to register, so I finally did but I am so angry about my first bill being 280.00, they bill one month in advance I don't want anything from them. I am going to report them to BBB. I promise you, the results will come after that.


CenturyLink promised to send me a giftcard/prepaid debitcard within 4-6 weeks when I sign up for autopay and I did. That was in July. Since then I called them about 3-4 times wondering where the giftcard would be and everytime they told me: it will be mailed out right away.

That was 16 weeks ago. just called today and talked to somebody at CenturyLink and guess what. The card is in the mail and guess what else: it will take about 4- 6 weeks. what can you do? nothing really. just switch companies, I guess. this is ridiculous and not worth my time, really. they seem are either completely unorganized or criminals.


I was promise a gift card if I bundled for 12 weeks and now september has come and gone. and no gift card and every time I talk to someone they give me a different story about my gift card.Why are they able to get away with such a scheme like this,no other company would able to, cant they be made to honor their contract,we would have to pay our bill if we tried that.

I signed up for the 5 year bundle and was promised a free $150 giftcard from American Express. There is no where to sign up for it via the century link website. I speant over $600 and I want my $150 gift card I was promised.


I have been at the Residence Inn, on business, in Durango, CO for a week. Internet stinks! Constantly getting bumped off, front desk is aware of the issue. Call technical support, was told that the speed is capped at 1/2 meg...that is not sufficient to load a page. Dial up is far more reliable because u.stay online. Cant complete email without getting bumped off.


They will first pull you in with all of their lies and then when you get their service, they will screw you with everything they can. First I hooked up my service with the promise of $150 gift card just for signing up. Then I was told my first bill would be no more than $110 and when I got my bill they prorated me for 2 1/2 months resulting in a $250 bill. Second I knew I was moving out of state and I was assured that I could transfer my service no matter where I went. They had to cancel my service, I had to turn in my equipment and because of all of that, I no longer qualified for the gift card that originally intrigued me to get the service. Apparently I had to transfer my service which would have happened had they been able to like they originally had promised me, but they couldn't so they cancelled my gift card that was 1 day short of being sent in the mail. Yes that's right.


they tell you will receive a gift card but then its based on credit that they dont tell you about then as they are promoting this deal century link should back up what they say with something to their customers.......its all a gimmick to get you to sign on and this company is all about their best interest. century link puts no value in their customers


we bundled out direct tv with a centurylink telephone.was supposed to be cheaper.well come to find out 1 year later we were being charged for dialup internet service from msn,2 days after we had ordered the telephone ect we got the bill and noticed the internet so we called and cancelled it to make sure we were not buying msn internet,today over 1 year later a bill comes with the internet service on it,we never noticed this before,they mixed it in carefully maybe to be confusing but we had been paying for the service for over a year.we contacted centurylink and msn both say oh we are sorry but there is nothing we can do.we paid over 200 bucks for something we never used,something our computers cant even run,we have no modems in our computers,we use cat 5 100mb fiber internet and have had it for over 3 years,anyway there has to be a way they can look and see we never used there dialup service.if it was the other way around .eg us owing them over 200 bucks they would surely send it to collections and harrass us .we want our money back MSN and Centurylink


I signed up to a Century Link bundle when I got sick of the Comcast bad service. The sales person Ryan (612-332-8552) was selling me the product, throwing prices and discount packages at me left and right. The phrase that sold me was “you can cancel any time!!!”. I signed up to the 20Mb/S interned and Direct TV bundle. Comes to find out that I was locked in to a 2 year Direct TV contract without a mention.

My internet bandwidth never went higher than 13Mb/S, they made several billing errors and by the time we clarified the TV and internet was shut down. They activated the internet the day I paid the bill but the satellite reception was off for more than a week. Comes to find out that upon receiving the bill, Century Link should send a confirmation number to Direct TV for the receiver activation. That never happened. I had to trace the problem down call Direct TV and Century Link to solve the problem. I spent 3 hours off my work day to trace and have access to the right departments.

I kept the Direct TV subscription it is a great service and canceled the internet connection. Comes to find out that they locked me in a year contract same way on paper, suddenly not mention. They just lock you in whatever and if you don't pay try to fix the mistake good luck!!! no one is willing to help. By the time something will happen they will shut the service down.



In the last 2 or 3 years my home phone bill has gone up from 26.00 to now 35.00. I recently added long distance to my home phone. They told me it would only be a minute charge whenever I called a long distance number. Then I got a bill with 2.99 to my bill, I called Century Link they said that when you first call a long distance number at the beginning of the month then it's a minute charge thereafter. I was not told that when I talked to a rep. Then this month I had a 5.00 charge for long distance. I called Century Link, they said that now they are charging 5.00 if you call long distance or not. I'm so tired of my bill going up every time I turn around. I paid 26.00 for years not they are trying to gouge me in every way possible. Also, I get calls from Century Link almost every day wanting to sell me something else. I even had a guy come to my door from Century Link wanting me to add things to what I have. We even have an automatic gate and he just pushed the gate open and came up to the door. He's lucky he didn't get shot. I told him I didn't want anything and he persisted, I had to be rude and tell him no I didn't want anything.
Century Link must be desperate because of losing so many customers with their tactics and complaints (see on-line) poor service, etc.
I had changed my home phone service to Comcast (bundle). It might not be any better service but at least it's cheaper and I get more for what I pay for. Century Link I'm paying 35.00 a month for just local and long distance. With comcast I'll get free local and long distance, call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail for less than Century Link.
Century Link needs to get their act together and start serving the public with reliable products at a reasonable price instead of harassing people and overcharging them. I hope the Better Business Bureau gets ahold of them.


I signed up with century link for there prism tv and internet and I was promised a $100.00 gift card, I have bee on the internet on their web site just like I was told but there is no link to sign up to get the gift card, I have spoken with century links customer service several times and they have no answers on what to do, I just want what was promised to me.


Dear Sir/Madam,
Several month ago i bundled my centurylink account with Direct TV.
It almost didnt happen because the several CSR at Direct TV were so incompetent that I almost cancelled my 15 year old relationship with Centurylink.
However, due to some amazing CSR in Missouri, for Centurylink, every thing got handled properly.
At that time thr rep aske me if there was anything else, I said, Direct TV was supposed to give me a $250 visa card- se said that I didnt qualify for that amount , but I would be receieving one for $100 because of my internet and Direct TV bundle.
Since then I have tried to track it on line, without success. I have called Century to confirm it was coming and beem given several different dates.
Today I added another service to my monthly bill(Rescue Me), and asked about my Visa card which was sopposed to arrive in Feb. 14th.
The CSR had no clue how to handle my question, and transferred me to a lady at the reward card company-who could even find my name and said I needed to go back to Centurylink.! Does anyone take pride and responsibility in their jobs anymore??? I called again and spoke to Lyla in NC, very nice, who said she was creating a ticket about my complaint. Did you guys take Mgmt 101 from the Obama administration??
Joe Spradlin


Upgraded to Prism and bundled my TV, internet and phone on 09-29-12. Was promised a $250.00 rewards card via American Express, which would arrive in 8-12 weeks. Neither rep nor installer told me I had to register for it, but thankfully, found it in the fine print in the contract. Did so, and discovered it had already been done for me. Thought this odd, so I contacted them to verify that all was well. Was advised that it was, and card would arrive in 8-12 weeks.

Went on website to verify status, originally appeared to be fine. Waited 8 1/2 weeks, then checked again, expecting an update or perhaps a ship date. Instead, discovered that order had been CANCELLED a month earlier, the end of October!! GRR!!! Called to inquire as to why my gift card order had been cancelled, and no one could tell me. Ooh...a mystery! Rep was very patient and did everything she could to remedy my situation, but no supervisors were available to expedite the correction, so she logged everything and advised me that customer service would return my call. "Give them three business days" she said. I said I'd give them a week. Sure enough, no call, no email.

I called again on 12-06-12 and rep advised me that a supervisor had re-ordered / re-issued the order for my gift card. I COULD EXPECT DELIVERY IN 4-6 WEEKS. Are you kidding me?!? She then told me that technically, I wasn't eligible for the card until after we'd had the service for 12 weeks, anyway. WHAT?!?

I could only get the supervisor's first name, no last name and no employee number. They could not tell me who had cancelled my card in the first place, or why. They assured me that my VISA rewards card would come as promised; I just had to wait a little longer. (Hmm...Visa? What happened to American Express?) In other words, I got a "We promise." But didn't they break their first promise? And they never even contacted me about it. And they weren't going to contact me about the "correction" either...they just noted in my file what to tell me if I called back.

Something is rotten here. I also discovered that the price we were quoted (which changes every time I talk to a rep) is not valid for the length of our one year contract...it's only good for six months. When I discovered this (quite by accident) I spoke with both a rep and someone in the escalation department, and was advised that this was a common occurrence. They could not fix it for me, but advised me to call just before six months was up, and "negotiate" the rate we were quoted, which was supposed to be for the entire year.

All in all, I am very dissatisfied with the way in which this gift card thing is being handled. How is it that I am obligated to fulfill the contract we agreed to, but they are not? I have no guarantee that this gift card will ever arrive. Yes, yes, I have their "promise" and their assurance that this matter has been taken care of. What I don't have is a $250.00 gift card in my hand. And who's to say the order doesn't get cancelled again, without my knowledge or consent? It did the first time...

Personally, I think they should just issue a credit to my account and be done with it. I am very unhappy about this, and my husband is ready to pull the service. It's not that great any way. We've had a lot of problems that always seem to crop up when we REALLY want to watch something.

My advice to anyone thinking about switching or upgrading? Only consider what is tangible; what it's actually going to cost you, and what you're going to get. AND GET IT IN WRITING BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO IT!!! Before, people...not after it's installed. By the way, you have 30 days during which you can cancel service without penalty, and get your money back. or so they say.


I ordered Centurylink and talked it over with my DirectTV and they explained the cost would be $14.95 modem and 49.95 standard installation plus taxes.

Then Centurylink called me to confirm my installation date and time and I again asked the cost for this and they told me $14.95 s&h for the modem and installation was free to which I replied then why is the installer coming out. I was told to bring the modem.

When the person from Centurylink came out he brought the modem and proceeded to install the line to my house to which I asked is there a charge for this because I have cable to my house and he replied NO CHARGE.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got a bill for $219.00 dollars from them. They charged me $5 for partial mo. internet one-time charge for internet of $19.95 plus $34.95 for 1st mo. internet and $49.95 for standard installation. Then $99.99 for the modem which was never explained to me I have to buy there modem.Then $10.67 in sales tax.

Then when I called I was told those were the charges and I explained that is not what I was told the charges were to be even though I asked several different people. She explained I could go to their finance payment plan to pay it. At which time I told them I wish to disconnect service with them if this is the way they do business and the centurylink person said OK and sent me to disconnect.

There I was greeted by a person who I tried to explain my situation and why I was disconnecting who thought it was terribly funny and proceeded to comply with disconnecting my service. Beleive me when I say this company is very shady in it's business practices. In all my years with comcast I have never been treated with such disregard and humiliation as I was with Centurylink.

Well I'm going back to Comcast where at least there I know what the cost is and will be on a regular monthly basis.


I signed up for Century link bundle package.I was hooked up on Sept.4,2012.I was told I would get $50.00 off my first bill. That has yet to happen.I was also told I would get a $150.00 gift card. Everytime I go to the website to sign up for it,all I see is how to join Century link and get a gift card,not anything about signing up after I have been promised the card.I had a live chat with Erica R. from Century link today and all she kept telling me was to go to www.centurylink/getmygiftcard.com. I could not make her understand that website is not for that purpose.I am very frustrated and disappointed with this large company known as Century link.


I called Centurylink after frustration with another carrier and was promised a $250 gift card for a 2 year agreement. I tried to claim my gift card and after numerous phone calls from September to Dec I was told told I did not qualify for the gift card and all we can do is offer you an apology for being mislead.

Such a scam especially with service where the TV and internet constantly freezes up. I am totoally dissapointed with the service but mostly for the fact of being mislead and promised something that in the end was just a lure to get customers to sign up for more than what they origionally bargained for.

I will write the CEO and file a many complaints as posssible.


I would like to tell CenturyLink customers be aware of century links deal for new customers to receive a $150 visa gift card using the website www.centurylink.com/getmygiftcard. I ordered new service and I was told by the representative to sent in a survey and my second bill and I would receive my card. When I called after I received my second bill to make sure I was sending in everything I need to receive the card, the representative told me I could not receive the gift card because the agent that placed my order was not authorized to give me that deal. They did not honor what was online nor what their representative told me.

How are we as consumers know who is authorized to give there deals or not. Online it said call with the special code and you can receive the deal and when I called the representative confirmed it. Be aware of CenturyLink deals they do not keep their word. I was told I would recieve the $150 gift card. I sent in the information on 6/22/2011. I had not received it by the begining of September so I rechecked the web site and it stated they received the information 8/17/2011, the fine print in the orginal requested states, “Please allow 10-12 weeks from submission of request for shipment of the CenturyLink Gift Card.” Ok so I recheck today to see if the information had been updated as I have not received my card and it says,”Expected Delivery Date: 08-27-2011″. It did not say this when I checked in September. I called Centurylink and they gave me and number to call 877-227-0956 .

After calling that number they have no record of a gift card being issued to my name and that they will esclate the claim and see what they can find out. NICE !! Does anyone know if they print the names on the giftcards?


Live approximately 20 miles from mid sized modern city, Gig Harbor in an area called the Key Peninsula. Centurylink is the only provider. they have informed me the are " tapped" out in our area for Data and I am restricted to 1.5 mbs, they However continue to charge residents ( approx 20,000) for the 10 mbs promised and because they are not governed by Utility commision can get away with it. They have refused to adjust bill. It takes 2 days to download a movie, I cannot work from home. I am wondering, maybe if we all went and filed small claims suits in our local courts some big time attorney may take them on as a class action...I am keeping daily logs through Ookla which saves a report for you.


5 reasons I hate CenturyLink

1) asked to use my existing phone number for their phone and internet pkg, and they said yes. Upon installation I saw brand new phone number on top of too slow internet service.
2) called Fri night to say I rescind my order. They said wait until Monday to cancel.
3) called Saturday to ask where to drop off modem. They said take to Lloyd Center Mall. Took it there, and they refused to accept it. Said call on Monday.
4) On Monday called customer service to cancel service. They said to put on return address label and drop off modem at local post office. I said the label says UPS, and said it 2 more times. Each time they said take it to post office.
5) took to post office who refused to accept it. Had to find UPS store to mail it.

This is the worst customer service I have experienced. Full of inept people who don't know company policy at all. Customer service person yawned loudly many times while talking with me. Also was told I would see a bill soon since they bill a month in advance. I had service for one day before attempting to cancel. What a huge rip-off joint.


Century link has not only terrible service but when calling them to go over any concerns they talk to costumers as if it is a burden to them to be on the phone at this very moment. When signing up we been given complete different rates ($20 difference in bill) and now 3 months in to it we are being told such rate does not exist. This company is almost criminal be careful!


My Family and I have been customers of CenturyLink for about five years now. We have used the internet and the home phone bundle, but then we decided that we did not need a house phone anymore. The internet service is the only service we use now. Customer service has been exceptional to us. The Internet speed has always been affordable, and almost no problems have occurred until now.

My mother pays $56 every month for regular speed internet which is fair, but what is not fair is not having the internet work. It was a Monday afternoon, around 5 pm on January 5, 2015 when I planned on watching a movie to celebrate the death of my winter break to find my laptop denying me internet access. I reloaded the page, thinking there was problem with my laptop. I soon found that out to be false when I checked my C1000Z modem’s DSL light. The DSL light on the far left was red and the internet light was off which indicated the internet was cut off. That is when I knew I would call CenturyLink’s technical support line the next day. I understand that technical difficulties just happen to occur accidentally, but what I do not fully comprehend is why it takes four different technicians to fix one internet issue. The three men swearing they could fix it, left swearing they would come back tomorrow and try again, but they never did. One of the technicians named Max actually fixed the internet issue for the night, but during the afternoon I came home to futile internet service. I do not know if Max and the other two tech guys inadvertently repaired my internet access, but what I do know is one technician came over to my house at 5 pm on Friday and fixed my internet service in less than thirty minutes. His name was Abel and he claimed one of the chords had not been plugged in which caused my internet access to go down. Another major issue I encountered was every time I tried to call a technician out for the job, I had to be told instructions such as “plug the green cord out of the DSL port, and plug it back in” or “look for other ports around the house to plug the green cord in” which involved me and my sisters moving heavy furniture out of the way. I was told that I had to do the long set of instructions before I called a tech guy out there even though I had told the other person on the line I had already done these steps multiple times before, and it ended up as a waste of time.

I, along with my mother who pays the internet bill, believe we should not pay for the three days the internet access was down. For all the distress caused, we would also like 30% off on next month’s payment. Please respond back in the next two weeks. Thank you for your consideration and time.


Paid January bill twice, once by my cancelled check # 7982 and second auto pay charge on my cc acct that was unauthorized, never signed up for autopay. James refused to take the information from me, basically called me a liar, no check was ever received. Prior to speaking with James I spoke to a Justina, who in fact told me I had a credit balance of $14.95. She was removing the unatorized auto pay and crediting my cc acct for the $14.95. I then faxed a copy of the cancelled check, as well as the charge to my cc acct. Waited for over a week for a response from James, did not receive one, so I notified my CC bank( who also is the same bank as my checking acct and disputed the charge.

The bank removed the charge from my cc acct, since they had proof of the payment by check that cleard. I finally received a response from James saying the check was cancelled and Centurylink basically used it as scrap paper, and claimed there was no money assoicated with the check, so tell why then has my checking acct deducted check # 7982. Secondly I question my Feb 25th bill for $3.85. James said he had no explanation, but it is valid and should be happy that it is $11.10 less. Again, horrible CS from James, worst service I have ever encounted. Today, I went to a Centurylink office to pay the $3.85 and was asked why I have not switched to the Fiber optic internet. Asked if I would still recieve the $14.95 price I was guaranteed to have for 5 years, He (Michael Meyer) said we would only be offered 1 year at that price.

I said why would I switched then, I still have 3 and half years left on the $14.95. Michael, said he would call to see what could be done. Not complaining about him, he was very nice, but If I am not quaranteed the $14.95 through Oct 2016, it is a breach of contract.. Waiting anxiously for a response from you regarding the horrible service from James CPTV288 and the internet charge continuing through 2016. Right now I am a very disatisfied Customer.


I was told that I coulld get the highest speed available for same the amount I was paying which was 66.67. When I looked at my account again they had charges about ninety dollars. I was told that I was supposed to be paying that amount all along because they don’t have a plan like that. I was with Coastal Communication and they came took over our accounts. So they refused to switch me back to what I already had and I am on a fixed income. So I told them to turn it off.


When I ordered century link the internet pricing was 19.99 a month for five years and they have been charging me 50.00 per month and there internet has not been working since I have had it. Then I don’t get a bill every month and then get a disconnent notice after they disconnent me. I’m every upset with them and the us postal service. Can you please look into this because this is not right. Thank you.


Después de un año de servicio con centurylink estoy muy desepsionada en la forma de engaño y nada profesional que se maneja la compañía y los agentes.
La primera vez que un ajente me hasistio me dijeron que sería sin contrato y que podía hacer cambios en el futuro sin ningún problema, poreso asépte pero 6 meses después cuando intente cambiar mi servicio me dijeron que tenía un contrato de un año, y que sí desidia cancelar me cobrarían los meses restantes del cervisio aunque no lo tuviera. Después llame nuevamente para cancelación una semana antes de mi término supuestamente del contrato y pedí que estaba bien que me cobrarán los días restantes o que después del 13 no quería más el servicio. Pero ahora me dijeron que serían 200$ de cancelación aunque faltarán sólo 7 días para el término y me dijeron que tenía que llamar el día 13 ni un día antes o después para no tener extra cargos. Pero al llamar el día 13 resulta que se encuentra serrado por ser sábado cosa que jamás me informaron, pero para contratos y servicios de pagos si están abiertos, para mi tipo de problema NO. Ahora tengor que pagar extra por días que no estoy haciendo uso de su servicio


Having heard from friends and acquaintances that CenturyLink is the least reliable internet option in the Colorado Springs area, I was disappointed to discover that it was the only option in my new apartment complex. I set up service immediately upon signing my lease (around March 15th), however, as I teach online classes and can’t be without service for even a short period of time.

I scheduled service to begin on March 26th but was told that a technician couldn’t come to install my modem until April 9th. As I couldn’t wait that long, I selected the self-installation option. Installing the modem was easy (the one positive here is that the instructions for self-installation were quite thorough and clear), and for a few days, the service was fine, but then it began cutting off randomly and eventually stopped working altogether. After spending an hour on the phone with tech support on April 10th, the representative determined that they needed to sent a tech out, but they couldn’t send anyone until the 13th. I scheduled an afternoon window, and hung up, surprised and annoyed that it would take them three days to address what must be a relatively common problem.

The next morning, I received a confirmation email for a morning appointment on the 13th. I had scheduled for the afternoon specifically because of an engagement I have on the 13th that cannot be rescheduled, so I called Century Link again, and after 30 minutes of going round in circles was told that they had filled the afternoon appointments for the 13th and can now not send a technician until the 16th. I’ll be without internet for nearly a week before someone even shows up to address the issue, not to mention how spotty the service was to begin with.

I couldn’t be more dissatisfied with Century Link’s internet service or it’s unprofessional response to technical issues. I will be sending a letter to corporate and will approach the property managers at my residence with a request to expand our internet options on the premises to any companies besides Century Link. I’ve recently returned to the United States from abroad, and I can honestly say that the service I’ve received from Century Link is worse that internet service I had in very rural Thuwal, Saudi Arabia and undeveloped Moshi, Tanzania. I am exceptionally dissatisfied and will never recommend Century Link to a friend, relative, or even enemy. Fortunately, I enjoy coffee, as I’ll be spending quite a bit of time working from coffee shops in the next few days.


The past three or four months my service is interrupted to the point that I cannot call out or receive calls in at all different times of the day and evening, when this is happening my phone will read line in use or no line, and when I pick it up to try and use it during these times other people will be having a conversation in spanish and they are able to hear me as well and they seem to know that they are using my line illegally. I have had all my in house connections checked and rechecked and there is nothing wrong with them. I have missed out on job contracts and many personal calls from my elderly mother who needs to be able to reach me for emergency reasons. I have been a customer for over 25 years with the same number, if this does not get fixed and stop I will discontinue my service with you and I will urge others in my family and friends to do the same. Please be prompt on fixing this on going problem or I will have no choice but to discontinue my service and even look into possible legal suits against your company. thank you.


4/8/13- I had an unsatisfactory conversation at the Johnson City, TN location. My complaints include the entire spectrum: Lousy internet service, lousy customer service and completely screwed-up billing. First, consistently rude to me with my constant billing mistakes.

He cuts me off when I’ve asked why I have another billing error and his eventual response is that it’s a “computer glitch.” I’m real tired of dealing with his attitude and the lame “computer glitch” response.

Second, I am sick of the constant billing mistakes. I would like you to go in the computer and look at all the billing errors since July 2012. This current bill should make the FIFTH billing error – most frequent mistake is trying to charge me late fees, even though I pay in PERSON after a bill I mailed in Sept/Oct.(?) got cashed by CenturyLink but never got posted to my account.

Third, I get poor internet reception (I’m not getting the 4-6gs like I should) and I have to frequently shut the box down and restart it. It affects my computer internet and Netflix & Pandora causing the programming to frequently freeze up.

Fourth, I am angry that after poor internet service, poor customer service and constant screwed-up billing that CenturyLink never offered me the discounted rate for low-income customers when I switched from Charter to CenturyLink in July 2012. I was shown all the other “promotional” packages, except the one for low-income customers.

I would like a legitimate answer – not excuses – regarding why the low-income internet service was never offered to me. Responses have included: “We didn’t offer low-income rate in July” which is untrue and “we sent fliers regarding the promotion” – what does that have to do with intentionally not telling me about the promotion when I walked into the office?

Lame response was: “We don’t want to offend customers by telling them about a low-income package.” Then they said that this offer is by the government and not CenturyLink. The least I should get is appropriately lower billing to go with the lousy overall service.


Two months ago I filled out offer to Centurylink to auto withdraw monthly amount of bill from checking account. The offer was to give a $50.00 Visa card to let Centurylink do this. I called them and was told abruptly to contact this site and it would be taken care of after not receiving the card two months later. Guess I was scammed!! I will call and change this back to me sending payment myself. Where’s the honesty with this company? Shame on them!!


I bundled with Centurylink 11-18-12 was supposed to get 150.oo gift card when i was hooked up the man told me he had sign me up and i didnt have to do anything i called today and they told me i had to sign up on line when i tred to the web site dont come up i hope this is not a scam i have been with centurylink for 30 yrs.or more Thanks


In January of 2012 I bundled my phone with Century Link and Direct TV. I was told that if I would register for my reward card I would receive it as soon as I had been connected for 8 weeks and in good standing. After 9 months of waiting I called Century Link and was told they had not received my registration and that I would need to re-apply. Which I did and have in my possession an e-mail from Century Link thanking me for registering for my Rewards Card. Dated September 11, 2012. It said my card would be processed and delivered with an approximate date of 12/4/2012. As of Dec. 27, 2012 I still have not received my card. I think 12 mos is long enough to wait.


Being a long time customer for over 35 years overall experience is extremely poor. company in my area (central fl.) starting with winter park telephone, then united telephone, next sprint, embarq, and centurylink. Each time they made excuses about the previous company. Having been an employee all I can say is this process is all about money….. telephone service is expensive and quality is poor, dsl modems they provide are sub-par, get your own dsl modem like a Paradyne/zHone and configure yourself for a better more stable Internet connection, but the Internet speed is well below acceptable level, they will only give me 512K which cost me $55.00 a month for ph and dsl. The company consistently makes excuses. I’m canceling service and moving to BrightHouse Networks for 1M costing only 19.95 a month for 12 months.


I have had intermittent outages on a daily basis with CenturyLink DSL service here in Foley AL from day one. They continue to insist that the problem is mine, not theirs. I have replaced everything piece of equipment between my computer and their ISP wall socket including one of their serviceman repairing my wall that socket and telling me he got pure single but because I use a wireless modem hooked to their router, I have the problem not them.

My traces from the computer out to their router (replaced twice) shows good signal. Three service calls and what I have been told by these CenturyLink service men is that the equipment DSL, repeaters, Central office equipment is the only equipment from the original company they bought out years ago and CenturyTel/CentuyLink hasn’t upgraded a thing. They simply patch it when it breaks.

They still insist it’s my problem. I have worked with the teleco’s (from AT&T to most of the original RBOCS to most CLECS and ILECs, twisted pair to ISDN to fiber)since 1983. I know a little about this technology and I know when smoke is being blown up my rear end….these folks are the worst I have dealt with in my career with the telephone companies….

I pay for 1.5MB service and am lucky to get .75 and it literally gos down 10-12 times a day. Can’t us Skype or do any serious work from home; forget doing a WebEx session.. I am a remote worker for an IT company in Virginia and this flat sucks.


this company has blocked my access to my own records, to my ability to view my account bills, usage, calls made or received or to do anything at all on my account. theyve blocked me from online chat or emails to their company. theyve blocked me from being able to create my own username and password but this company created a username and password and now their employees re going into my account every day. i am then told i must pay whatever bill they created and there is no way for me toknow if the billing is valid since i’m blocked daily access to my account. company refuses to address this and utility office of washington says they have 14 days to review so there is no remedy. very shady company!


I called into Centurylink on 10-15-2011 @ 6.55pm regarding my bill; Bree answered the phone after saying her name she said yea… I said would you like my name she stated well usually people call in and start rambling about what they need. I waited a moment and gave her my acct # while putting me on hold and coming back stating sorry someone was talking to me… then complaining that her computer is just not going fast enough… I sat quietly thinking this has got to be a joke… then she says what you need regarding your bill… I stated my bill went from 30.00 to 50.00 for the same service.

She states ohhh it’s the taxes… again sitting there very quiet thinking does she really think Im that stupid… I said taxes… she said ohhhh no you are off your 6 month promotion.. Granted I’m thinking 6month promotion I have been with them for over 3 years… So I stated I understand your commercial for 19.95 a month not asking for that but I’m not paying 50.00 for wireless internet.. She stated ohhh someone should have told you…

I thought without going off on this person I asked for a supervisor which then Charles comes on the phone and I stated well Charles what I would like from you is to pull this call I was just on with Bree he stated he is not able to do this until we hang up. I let him know what she said to me and the best he could say was ohhh Im surprised Bree gets very good scores..

REALLY… I am thinking that this is the worst customer service I have ever had.. I told him to then pull up the call when we hang up and he stated I would receive a email next week… now I dont know what I am going to receive by email but I am thinking if this is what Centurylink is going to be about I’m not sure giving their 19.95 prices is really going to make up for the worst customer service I have ever had.. I myself is in customer service for a utility company now granted people just cant shop around for their utilities buy I can tell you I have never ever… spoke to anyone like Bree did and yes wireless internet I can shop around for..

I want to make sure this call is pulled up and put under review…


Two weeks ago we had no access to the internet. After complaining, I was told they were working on the lines. They could not provide anymore service as the technical support only knows what is told them and they were given no specifics. FINALLY someone told me a fibre optic line was cut and they were repairing it. That was a 24 hour outage. NOW, our internet has been out for 3 days, and to date no one can say WHY! When I requested credit they couldn’t even access their computers and I was on hold for 20 minutes while someone attempted to get that done.

When you call and direct your call to the appropriate internet technical support extension, there’s a recording that says “sorry we are having problems in Ohio and are working to correct this” — So I hit the button for a HUMAN voice to help me, and once again, they have no details, no idea what the problem is, they extended the “it’ll be running by 7 p.m. Friday night to now, it’ll be running by Monday at 7 p.m.” — IS THERE NO in-field weekend help? Are they so incompetent that they can’t hire qualified in-field workers to assess/fix the problem?

CAN SOMEONE please tell me if there’s another available internet service other than CENTURYLINK in my area (Galena, OH) because I want another internet provider!! They don’t deserve to be in this business -


Constant and ongoing service interruption of internet broadband service. Centurylink has been a totally unreliable broadband service provider to this Ocala, Fl resident. This is an ongoing problem, for me and if my responses on various blogs and forums are honest, I am not the exception. I lose service predominantly between thursday through Sunday. Always when service support is non-existant or nearly so. The plug will be pulled many times during the week in the evening hours gor 10-20 mins at a time. On the weekend loss of service can be measured in hours. Tonight, 5-4-2011 at about 10:00pm for about an hour. Last weekend it was for most of the weekend.

A tech came into the neighborhood from centurylink and disconnected my line and only my line and cross wired my hard wired srvice, I have multiple picutures of my hard wired phone line hanging down from the telephone pole, just a blowing in the breeze. On late Sunday they finally relented and sent out a body to reconnect and I was back to just my intermittent unplugging until tonight. If you want internet service and feel safer with cable service I highly recommend it. Thats my intent.


I have Centurylink since August 2009 when it was Embarq. I didn’t have a problem with billing then, but the phone guy they sent to hook up my phone did a shoddy job and I had problems with my internet being slow and kicking me off all the time. This has been ongoing for the past 2 years. The phone number they gave me was someone elses phone number beofre and I kept gettinbg non stop, constant calls from creditors and telemarketers for the previous owner of this number. I called Centurylink a few times but they said there was nothing they could do. I ended up just unplugging the phone and sticking it in a drawer.

In December of 2010 I decided to get rid of the home phone that I wasn’t using but being charged for.I called Centurylink and explained that I wanted to eliminate the home phone and just do staright internet.I was told they had a promotion for 1 year of broadband internet for $24.95 a month. That was a good price so I agreed. When I got my first bill they had over charged me by about $20. I called to resolve this issue and was given a credit. The next month it was the same over charge, I called again and was given a credit. Every month the bill goes up even more and every month I have had to call. For the past 3 months I have been told that I was never quoted that price, that they don’t have that promotion, and that whoever gave me the credits was wrong.

I was called a liar and was hung up on. My internet never works properly, it is always very slow, kicks me off or there is no connection at all. Centurylik has also been charging me for home phone bundle when I don’t have a home phone and they tell me that I still have a line and are charging me for the ability to call 911. They have done nothing but lie, not keep their word and I believe they are trained in the art of decieving people and deliberatly doing so to make an extra buck. I am tired of these big companies raping the American people. They do it day by day and get away with it! I have seen these ghost charges with a few large companies and they do this because most people don’t notice it and just pay the bill.

This is how they make billions in profit at our expense. When I sign up for something and agree on a certain price, I expect the bill to be the same each month. Instead they add ghost charges, taxes, fees, this and that and expect us to just pay up. This is not correct, this is fraud and a scam! It is unacceptable and I am ready to sign my name to file a law suit with a group of others who have experienced the same thing. There are millions of people out there who have experienced the same thing, we need to stand up and fight back against their lies and scams!!!


I own and operate a small bookkeeping business, which processes payroll, and records that requires a phone line. I called for century link service numerous times in the past month to fix the hum on the line so my dsl will work in order to process payrolls,and send scanned documents to my clients. Century link service tech come out after business hours which are stated up front with dispatch when setting up the repair order. They close the ticket and I have to go through the same problem now going on a total of 3 days of down time, which has cost me $350.00 per day. So a total of $1050.00 in time and work. I want to be part of class action that sues century link for lost time.


Still mingly with dinosaurs here with dial-up service that is so pathetic and customer service cannot help me issues with because according to them “dial-up outdated”….no kidding! There is a few block area here that Century Link refuses to upgrade to Broadband. I imagine because it effects only a hand full of people, but at least two of us here are trying to make a living using our computers, which has turned out to be a frustrating, time consuming and costly effort. Folks within just a few blocks already have broadband. Installers in this area tell us there is a dial-up connection box here that is so outdated, they cannot even get parts to repair it and Century Link has no plans to upgrade.

In the meantime, we are being held hostage to paying for a service that is outdated and poor at best. Customer Service, just ‘handles’ me as I imagine is the company’s policy. So sick of the canned and scripted responses that get me no where. The problem lies with management and is not something customer service can resolve. Bottom line, Century Link is gonna have to loosen the purse strings a bit and upgrade this area.

They have referred me to Hughes.net, which I discovered is now part of Century Link. I cannot afford the cost of installation and equipment, and aside from that, I’d sure like to get away from any Century Link service if possible. We have phone service with them also, and our bills are a nightmare to figure out the charges each month, also by design I am guessing…can’t dazzle them with brillance, baffle them with BS… sort of approach.

I’m thinkin Century Link has gotten a bit too big for their britches, to the point that customer satisfaction is gone by the wayside against their bottom dollar.


Centurylink Internet is terrible!!!!! It’s been slow for the last year and goes off all the time. Does anybody know of a class action suit going on to them to make them correct this problem? I know everyone using Centurylink has the same problem.


My husband signed up for special with direct tv and centurylink. Centurylink was advertising that you can try there internet for 30 days free and if you are not satisfied then just return the product. So my husband tried it for three days, did not like the service so he returned it and now he is being charged one month service and a early termination fee of $99.00. I am so pissed off at direct tv. They told him the month fee for internet was going to be $20.00 but he was billed $51.00 for a months service he never had.


In Oct 2010 I stopped my non working broadband internet and bundled Dish Network services from Centurylink. I paid the final bill and they told me I would have to pay a 200.oo early termination fee. I refused and they started harassing me and turned over the account to a collection agency. I had been with them for over a year and a half so how was it an early termination. I talked to Centurylink several times and finally a supervisor (name withheld by me) told me they renewed my contract because when I called in November 2010 to cancel they gave me 5.00 off my bill if I would continue with improved services.

The services did not improve. They even charged me for home telephone services which I did not even have. I’m fed up with the collection threats and will gladly pay an attorney to start a Class Action Lawsuit for me and I know countless other victims. Does century link go door to door and sell direct tv installations? No! I never signed any contract with Centurylink. You may email me with your story. Centurylinks former name was Centurytel. The strangle hold monopoly is over. I paid Dish Network even though Centurylink should have paid them with my last payment. Centurylink is going DOWN. BRING IT ON. If you have had an experience with this company Email me at DARCUN1@AOL.COM put Class Action in the subject and I will add your name to the list. God Bless and down with these GREEDY Unethical companies.


I could have gotten a better deal going right to Direct TV but it’s too late now. I called to speak with another supervisor today and he gave me the circle jerk about the whole thing, telling me I didn’t give them enough time to investigate getting broadband here, which is a lie. He said it wasn’t in the notes that I had gotten a call telling me it couldn’t be done and said he was “sorry if you feel that way”. Not sorry for all the lies and inconveniences, but sorry if I felt that way. I will never deal with Century Link ever again. I plan to report to BBB and am considering going to a lawyer to discuss a class action suit, as they essentially broke my contract that the salesman originally promised. It’s time that companies stopped treating their customers with such disrespect.

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