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Cable One is an American cable service provider and is among the 10 largest cable companies in the U.S. It is a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company and became publicly traded company in 2015. The company has it's headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona and is located at 210 E. Earll Drive Phoenix, Arizona 85012.

If you have a problem and want to escalate your issue to management, you might like to know that the CEO is Thomas O. Might. Currently Cable One is the 13th largest company providing cable services in U.S serving more than 730,000 customers in 19 states with high speed Internet, cable television, and telephone service. 

Common issues with Cable One services include wireless Internet service, high-definition programming, phone service with free local calling, and free unlimited long distance calling. Although the company has been voted the 5 best places to work in cable television by Cable World Magazine, many employees visit our website to complain each year.

Providing services to residential and business is done to their customers through support at 1-877-692-2253. This is the best phone number we can find. Other problems we see often with Cable One include smart devices like TV, laptops, customer service, billing issues, and mobile devices.

Apart from the regular cable TV services the company also sees a high volume of complaints with high speed internet services and combined package services combining both cable, internet and mobile devices.

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I have spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get help to resolve a billing issue and was told the problem was rectified but it has not been. My bill for Internet with one Tv and one computer was quoted as $63 per month. Now i am being billed per your agent for a home phone I don’t own. Please escalate this to upper management, as I am paying $63 a month and the bill is $83 and I don’t want my credit to be affected. I do not have a home phone!!! Just basic cable! Helen Andrade


At the Texarkana, Texas location I called to inquire why our internet got cut off after making payment. I was behind a month but paid in full on January 15th. The lady I spoke to was Donna. She was very rude, inconsiderate, sarcastic, and unprofessional. She made the comment, “If you would have paid your bill that wouldn’t have happened now would it.” After this comment was made I requested to speak to a supervisor/manager, she said one was not available. I then requested for corporates number, I no longer wanted to talk to someone who was of no help. This office has always had horrible customer service, I request that something be done about this, the customer service needs to be more professional.


From: James Coleman email address:
Subject: I have Multiple issues breach of contract, data usage, maintenance issues, billing, and Modem hacking.
Date: June 11, 2019
To: Director of Complaint
To whom it may concern :
I wish to complain about my internet service my account number is 121338966 that I subscribe to in December of 2017 or earlier I’m not sure you can research my account for the exact date of my subscription. My current internet service is not the one that I agreed on due data usage and hacking. I am paying $163.85 per month for just internet service I am a retired veteran on a fixed income I can afford that kind of internet bill.
I am complaining because of maintenance, data overage charges, billing, and modem hacked. I will address the maintenance issues first for months my internet speed was less than the Mbps speed that was part of my original plan. I had a number of problem with the internet constantly loading due to slow internet speed. There where constant internet outages. I was never compensated for service outages in my community there were frequent power outages but yet according to Cableone I still had data overages. I placed a number of service request call but was directed to Cableone Tech support, who could not help me most of the time the issues were with the system itself.
I had data a problem each month cableone said I had excessed my data limit charging for the additional data eventually changing my plan to a higher data plan which is more expensive. I had a problem with hackers, I had my network scanned by an IT expert, he founded that there were over twenty devices connected to my network. I reported the hacking to cableone tech support they ignored it and continue to charge for data overages without offing me an alternative plan such as the plan they are promoting for new customers, a plan $45 for 12 months at 100 Mbps. Cableone has an unlimited data add on for $40 added to any plan.
Modem Hacked I was logged off my network and was unable to reconnect to my network without the assistant cableone tech support representative. I had to use the default password of my modem and changed my password. I asked the Tech Representative what had happened but she refused to say why this happens but later I leaned someone accesses my network illegally and took control of my network.
What’s happen with cableone can charge extra in data usage to discourage the use of certain streaming services, while hindering access to others. Meanwhile, cableone has its own digital cable TV service with build in data-cap-exempt. The data cap is a mean of increasing the profit margin of cableone with little-to-no regulations or federal oversight keeping track of these practices letting cable companies run free and set their own rules on pricing.
look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem. If I do not hear from you within 10 days I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies and consider my legal alternatives.
You may reply to me at this email


James Coleman Sr.


I have had the worst service since I got service 6 months ago. Temp cable not buried for months, interrupted service. Last week a tech named Leon came and fixed my issue, however he did say I was going to get a credit. I never did! Richard Estrada reaches out to me but NEVER followed up with me or my question regarding a promise to credit to my horrible service. I just paid $161. And they want me to pay an additional $90 to restore a service that wasn’t working?
This needs to get resolved ASAP! The call center is useless and doesn’t know anything
Please respond


My Account # 100868785
I am the former owner of AGI Insurance & Financial Services in Aransas Pass, TX at 406 S. Commercial Street and a customer of the local CableOne company for 14 years. I decided to retire on November 30, 2018 and permanently closed my business. Upon contacting the CableOne company regarding the imminent closing, I was told that I would be penalized for breaking a 3-year contract I had with them. I received the final bill of $1,945.84. I called a couple of times trying to work out something with them considering that I had been with them 14 years and was always a loyal customer who even had my monthly payments on a bank auto-draft to insure that I was never late; it was to no avail. I spoke with several persons at their billing department and I was told that there was nothing that they could do for me regarding the balance. I mentioned that even my electric company Liberty Power waived the Early Termination Fees just with proof of not being in business anymore.
I do not remember signing nor do I have a copy of a 3-year contract; at the time of the said contract I had no plans of closing my business;
I was not closing the CableOne account to go to another (competitor) company and; most importantly, I was a loyal, good-paying customer. I would really appreciate a little show of compassion regarding this very large early termination fee with your company.


I am so very disappointed with Cable one. I have been a loyal customer since August of 2012. I made my past due payment (from December) today and I found out that they had permanently deactivated my account. After I called to see if we could waive the $150+ reconnect fee, the very kind customer service woman informed me that it was not possible and if I wanted my service restored, that is the amount I would need to pay. I honestly wanted to remain a customer of Cable one, but apparently I'm not that important of a customer to them. Sad sad day.


Ever since you screwed with the e-mail, I can no longer get my personal list (it's there, but no place that you can send the contacts to) to attach to my e-mail? Also, your new system sucks!! Nothing works right, and is imposable to figure out what or how to do most things. It won't let me change my format, as the one I liked the best is NO longer my favorite, as I can't do simple things? As it is now I am seriously thinking of changing my e-mail. Some how I figure is complaint will just fall between the cracks anyway.


The rubbish garbage cable one internet service stinks in Texarkana,they have been trying to fix issues with internet service since the god knows what century. 11/12/2018 and the upload too slow. They might need to download real technicians from elsewhere.


I've been trying to get service since January. A tech has been out and determined that the cables are old and need replacing in the marina (Grandpappy Marina). I've left multiple messages for someone from the Sherman, TX office to give me a call with an update and to-date no calls have been received.


Overall we have been very satisfied with our CableOne TV and Internet service. However, I am writing to complain about the recent rate increases on my bill. My bill has gone up from $186 to $212 beginning in January of this year, an increase of $26. Most of the rationale given for the increase is due to the increase in broadcast surcharges. However, this only accounts for an $11 increase. The remainder of the increase is due to increases in Cableone equipment - an increase of $12.50!!!! I find this amount of increase - an increase of 50% to be excessive and unacceptable.


The month of April and May 2016 my cableone home phone and Internet intermittently work. I have a special needs child and prefer to keep a home phone I have receive important calls regarding my child's appointments ad at this time information about the changes in medical insurance. Due to my home phone only working intermittently I am receiving these messages late when they call it states that this number has been disconnected or changed!

This gives the impression I'm not paying my bills! Today I called the cableone number to pay my bill on my home phone and it told me that this number has been disconnected or changed! I then use my cell and it goes right through starting with a message that my bills is ready and will be sent out in 2 days. Last month the message stated that thy new they were sending the bill out late but it would be there by blah blah blah! At no time has cableone adjusted my bill to reflect a credit for the times I am unable to use my phone or Internet, so I am paying full price for a service I am unable to use at all times!

Cableone is aware when and where services are not being provided at no time do they feel it's important to contact the customer and inform them in a delay of services they make no apologizes for there bad service. But if I were to not pay my bill my services would be disconnected immediately! Cableone should remember without the customer they have no business! I am currently looking at my options for other services with other providers so that I can ensure I receive important messages regarding my child's needs!


My phone has been out of and on since Monday. When you call the Cable One customer service number to report it your on hold 30 min. Or longer, all that dumb music plays so when they answer the only thing they can say is we are working on it. My question is how long do it take to fix this problem? They need better help from Monday to Thursday, no phone support does not make sense! I am paying for a service I cannot use.


Previously, I was a customer of all the services that Cable ONE provided. Due to continued price increases and poor customer service, I cancelled my services and retained only the internet and phone services. I thought this would be ideal for my budget. No...the corporate office decided to outsource the billing aspect that changed the billing cycle date for the customer. If you are looking for the cost cutting factor in your business, ask for customer input and review complaints from the subscribers. Maybe you will get it right.

Lastly, offer your employees customer service training where they learn to listen, rather than responding like rhetorical robots. Thanks for listening. I do hope this message does not fall on deaf ears and you will respond as time permits.


Due to my power and gas being shut down one week, I was charged over $200 to get those turned back on. I was not able to pay my internet bill. The service was disabled on Thursday, April 30th. I made full payment on Wednesday, May 6th! Not even a week later, I find out today that it is permanently shut down with me not having any warning!!

I'm sorry if my electricity and gas came first before internet. Now you want another $200 to start new service, well forget it. Your internet is slow, my son is now living with his dad because his internet is better (teenager, xbox). I have called tech support numerous times and have got no help just hung up. Now, I see why your ratings are low. I will be finding another provider with better customer service and dependable internet. I cannot rate my experience because it was zero stars


Make life easier by choosing Cable One as your choice of internet. I have taken the connection and found it a very fast and convenient. Cable One not only offer internet but also Cable TV for home or office purpose. They have some amazing packages which is the best that I have come across so far. You can combine all three products as well and pay monthly charge to them. Such services are hard to find and I am amazed with the 50 Mbps at just $35/month plan. I have taken their service and referred 3 of my friends too on Cable One. Great customer care as they tell us in detail about the plan and explain very clearly. Will continue to deal with Cable One going forward too.

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