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Comcast Cable is a telecommunications corporation that has many subsidiaries as popular as the parent company. It was founded in Tupelo, MS in 1963 by Daniel Aaron, Ralph Roberts and Julian Brodsky. The current CEO is Brian L. Roberts and the “in the news” Executive VP is David L. Cohen. Comcast is publicly traded on NASDAQ as “CMCSA” and in 2013 had revenue earnings of 48.1 billion. With over 1.2 million people that apply to work at Comcast annual, as of December 2014 employees numbered 139,000.  

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Comcast has 24/7 support infrastructure via telephone, fax and most social media platforms. The most famous is the Twitter account @ComcastCares. If you want online customer service for Comcast Cable you can enter the website but you will be automatically connected to and a bilingual support site. There you will start an account and login with your address to receive a “closest support center”. There is a 2 hour window response and guaranteed “on time arrival”.

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The Movers Edge Program specifically supports users connecting to more devices. Given that there are many customer complaints about relocation issues, this is a wise move by Comcast. For faster service you can call support at 1-800-934.6489. To mail the Comcast Corporate headquarters address your concern, write to 1701 JFK Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19103. The corporate office phone number is 215-981-7890. Subsidiaries for Comcast are many. To name a few, Xfinity (residential and business), owns 51% of NBC/Universal, Telemundo, Netflix are under the Comcast umbrella.

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The Comcast slogan is "The Future of Awesome" and "Your Home for Most Live Sports".

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Your tech support is terrible. I called and was told to exchange my modem due to intermittent issues. I did this and called in after powering up my new modem. The technician was useless. After almost an hour of working to get me online he ended up telling me that the problem was my computers. I told him I have 3 computers and it was not possible that all of them had issues. I asked him to provide a tech to visit and he refused and told me to have my computers checked out. Well, my computers all work fine. I went to the local xfinity store and they informed how to get online. It worked and so do all my computers. Your tech wasted my time and your money! He said his name is Jalie (?) Uverse is looking pretty good!


In January 2016 we upgraded our cable box and were told if we subscribed to triple play we would be pay 10 less per month then what we were already paying and would receive premium channels. Then we were told we could switch our security system over to Comcast and only pay $30.00 per month with initial cost of camera and installation and activation. Sound s like a great deal doesn't it? A technician came to my home for 5 minutes and informed me that we could not switch over our existing system, ok no problem I understand, he leaves. I then get my phone switched over to Comcast and now have triple play, all is good right?

When I receive my bill for February 2016 it is in the amount of over $600.00 dollars, my normal bill was approx. $190. Itemized on the bill is all the the home security fees for installation, camera, activation fee and even a monitoring fee. WOW, how good is this security system when they are monitoring a system that we don't even have. That would make me feel real safe with their security system, they don't even monitor, or they would have known I was not activated, my current security knows when I'm on or off line. Call billing customer service, after over 30 minutes and 3 separate people was told bill would be fixed and a new bill would be sent out to me. Great, thanks for your help...WRONG. March bill arrives and over $600 dollars again.

Call again over 30 minutes on the phone, and a lovely lady tells me she will have this all straightened out for me, and by the way I didn't pay my bill last month, oh that's right I'm still waiting for the adjusted bill that the person in February told me I would receive. She tells me what my new up to date amount due is and I make out a check for $354.16, mail it off. She assures me that this what my new up to date adjusted amount due is and that she understands my frustration and will have her supervisor call me when her shift is over and allow me to vent my frustration, great...WRONG. No phone call and now in April I receive a bill for over $200 and then a notice that if I do not pay the over due amount they will shut off my service.

Mind you the overdue amount is due to their monitoring and installing my wonderful security system that I never received. Back on the phone again, after speaking with 3 people again, I now get to a manager in customer service. At this point I am livid and frustrated and very upset that they have now accused me of not paying my bills and sending out threating notices to turn off my service. The lovely and sarcastic gentleman that I had the privileged of speaking to could not figure out how I had a balance overdue and guess what, when he looked up my account the overdue balance had jumped another $20. Wow, interest?

Once he subtracted out all the overdue balances, he know tells me my current amount due is $206 and that is my monthly payment. How is that possible, the lovely lady in March told me that my balance for 2 months was $356 dollars, divide that by 2 and that is $178. Oh no she was wrong he says your new upgrade to triple play and all your equipment charges are now over $200, really, I was told it would be cheaper, Oh no its not, WRONG again. At this point I tell this lovely sarcastic customer service manager (who by the way told me to relax, WOW I thought I was the customer), that I wanted to return to my original service prior to all this lovely fiasco, and he tells me sure and don't forgot to return your new box or we will charge you.

Now mind you I have been a customer for over 28 years, have paid my bill, have been a loyal customer and this is how I'm treated? Not 15 minutes after I hung up the phone they had disconnected my phone and my upgraded service, WOW how is it that they can do that within minutes but cannot get my bill correct or even know I do not even have their security system. Well Comcast, my measly $200 a month may not seem much to you, but it is to me, so know I am switching my service over to Direct TV. I guess being a loyal customer for 28 years means nothing, and when I told him I was going to look into switching service he implied that I should do what I needed to do, well I have, and believe me I'm telling everyone I know what horrible customer service Comcast provides and the horrendous experience that I had. Good bye Comcast. Believe me word of mouth for bad customer service spreads like wildfire and I intend to spread my word far and wide.


A representative contacted me about changing my services, but did not inform me that I needed to change boxes and wiring. When the box arrived, I contacted Comcast and an installer was sent out on a Sunday, while I was at church. Upon arriving home and finding out that I had to pay $200, I called and spoke with someone. I was told that a supervisor had waived the fee, because I was not informed. Then I received a bill for $699, the fee was still on the bill. I contacted Comcast and the bill was cut down to $437.68. I paid the bill right there on the spot. Then I received my April bill and a charge was on it for $181 past due. So now I have been calling Comcast attempting to straighten this situation out.

I spoke with a supervisor and he said he would waive half of the bill and find the person who lied to me and make them pay the other half. I agreed to this. Then when I called them again Saturday, another supervisor informed me that on the account she see where I did not consent to half of the bill being waived. Now I received a past due notice today, saying pay by the 13th or services were being terminated. I am a senior citizen. I do not have $144 dollars laying around. My husband and myself live on a fixed income, that is why I pay on the 3rd or 4th of the month. Representatives should give you all the information and let you decide if you want to incur costly fees. I told here if she could cut my bill down then she could change my services. But I was mislead and lied to repeatedly by your representatives and it is not fair.

If Comcast terminates my service, I will take my business elsewhere. Would you please look into this matter.


The NBA announced they would be providing cable customers with a day of free NBA TV to so they could watch the Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs game. I contacted Comcast/Xfinity & they said they would NOT be providing that to their customers with that service. That is BAD customer service! I will be looking into other cable providers because of this. I would love to know the reason they did not provide this to their long standing customers.


I moved and Comcast came to transfer my bundle on March 4, 2016. My account, I was told it is a new account. They promised to keep my phone number; but gave me a new phone number. I asked to keep the package I had. When transferring my service, they switched my package bundle promising that it would be the same monthly bill. I did not realize that what they gave me were several Spanish and sports channels which I do not watch. I spent an entire day on the phone with Comcast in order to get my phone number and my old package, I was disconnected 4 times and when I phoned back.

I waited each time half an hour to speak to a rep. When I looked at my bill, I noticed that it was $382.00, I was charged for cancelling my old package $109.90 and $25.00 for an additional TV after telling them that I only wanted one TV to be connected and an additional line which I do not have plus tax. I was promised that these charges would be reversed, to no avail. If you do not remove these charges immediately (I am disabled on a very small income) I will cancel my account after being an excellent customer for 31 years.


You can look it up but I think we have had your service going on three months. When the installer finished his work he told me there would be a crew come out and bury the line in about 4 to 6 weeks. Weather was constant rain so I didn't press the issue. I did call about three or four weeks ago and talked to a rep about running the line under the house. He said someone would call me on March 25 the to set up and appointment. No one has called. Since then I have looked closely at the installation of your equipment. It's installed on the back of the house where it should have been installed on the side of the house near the electrical panel. There wasn't a level put on the box. I have not seen Comcast ever installed like this. Please call and make another appointment.


We have a recurring problem. Two weeks ago we were unable to pick up the transmissions of the ION Channel at all. On complaining, the on phone operator tried resetting our digital boxes to no avail. Then a technician came and checked all of our connections. Every thing was fine. Then when I called customer support on the phone again I was more forceful. Comcast needed to tell ION to clean things up and lo and behold we started to get ION again. That was good.

Now, today, 3/28 we are watching ION and the picture and sound are pixilating every 5 to 10 seconds. Comcast needs to tell ION to clean it up and send better signals. This is worse than it was watching TV in the 1950's, when the picture would fade in and out This is awful. Please have technicians work on this. ION is a worth which channel for us, but not this way. Please.


On January 15th I moved to Maryland and transferred my comcast service and have had a problems since the first day. Every day my cable box goes come tell off sometimes after unplugging for 10 ,its it pops back in but days it goes out for at least 24 hours. Not to mention the 25 hours the cable went out when the Grammys came on. Comcast in Maryland is worse than Sprint! They need to fix this Asa's by giving me a new box or by letting me out of this contract this unacceptable and VERY poor service..... Not to mention when chatting they tell you all of your services show strong signals well duh the problem is clearly the box.... And it has gone out again while typing this message.


While watching a movie (Catch Hell) this evening (3/7/2016), the movie terminated twice with a message that the remainder of the movie was unavailable... after the second attempt to watch the movie, I gave up. All thanks to the latest and greatest xfinity cable-modem/wireless-router: on average, we lose phone service and internet access at least once every day; after 4:00pm, several times a day.


No phone service since yesterday (3/2/16). Called comcast on cell phone. They could not fix the problem remotely so set up an appointment for today at 9 AM. (Reference # 564658132.) By noon nobody showed up. Called comcast at noon and was told the technician did not show up for work today and rescheduled service for Saturday afternoon. This is unsatisfactory! Talked to a supervisor who said she would try to have someone come out bu 3 PM today.

I have set waiting all day with no phone and so far no technician. FYI. My son is an ex with T-Mobile and told me that Comcast could care less about residential customers and cater mostly to commercial accounts. Looks to me like this is true. I'll be looking into another company that delivers service not excuses.


We are Snowbirds from Michigan that have spent the last 11 winters in Panama City Beach, Florida at a condo. The condo has basic Comcast service included. Every year I rent a DVR from Comcast and return it when we leave. We leave Sunday and I returned the DVR box to the Panama City Office today. When I returned back to the condo, there was no picture and screen message told me 'service was not authorized and to call the listed number'. I did and was told that service had been canceled on this date by me.

I tried to explain that I had only returned a DVR and the service is not in my name but the owner of the condo so there was no way I should have been able to cancel it. Which I had seen on Comcast records when I had rented a DVR previously. I was advised they had no record of that person. I worked my way thru 3 different people and the final answer was if I wanted TV tonight, they could sign me up and then I could cancel in 3 days. A wonderful solution.


My service is working except for the CBS station (809). I called 1-800-comcast to speak with a customer service rep, wanting just to speak with someone. I could never get passed you automation service. it just said there is a service interruption in my area. there evidently is not a service interruption since I have only lost 1 channel. this has been a very dissatisfying incident.


I have been calling Comcast customer service number since 2/15 attempting to place a disconnect request and NO one has been able to place a disc order. I am constantly referred to the retention dept and their line has been busy or experiencing tech difficulties and I have not been able to speak to any one. I want my service disconnected ASAP as I have moved and in light of this will never use Comcast again.


Dear Comcast Xfinity; I'm writing this complaint letter to first inform Comcast Xfinity Corporate Offices of it's lack of Customer Service, the inefficiency in support services and the lack of follow-up and the entrapment of your service. As a result of these pratices, I have been charged unnecessary fees and late charges. I was told I CAN NOT downgrade the plan until the balance is paid. My services were terminated and I was still being charged.

According to the Comcast Customer Guarantee, I'm official requesting that ALL debt associated to the above account be dropped to a zero (0) balance and that the above account be placed on "complimentary" service status until this issue is resolved. Since November 2015 I've called Customer Service numerous times trying to downgrade this account. The downgrade is so I may bring this account current. I have request many time to speak with a "supervisor" with no avail. I was told a supervisor would call me back. I'm still waiting. Each time I made a follow-up call I was given a fraudulent answer or transferred to another department.


I cannot get any cable use of my television. Only the local channels work. On all 3 tvs. Cannot get a telephone call through to call customer service.


Can't get all the channels I pay for due to an error code XRE 03056. I'm unable to customer service on the phone I'm stuck. I found out its a common issue with them I don't know what to do.


I cannot believe the absolutely HORRIBLE experience in resolving my billing issues. I returned all 3 of my cable boxes , modem and remotes to a UPS facility in Lancaster Pa (Centerville Rd ) on 11/27/2015. I called earlier to have service disconnected on 11/28 - the date I was moving. To date I am being billed for this service. please remove all charges and refund anything owed. It is nearly impossible for me to tell what that may be. I have acted in good faith. I expect the same from you. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years with your company. Again , absolutely HORRIBLE customer service , spending hours on the phone with your representatives who don't help me at all.


A few days ago, about feb 8, our internet and phone failed. Calling Comcast tech support I was told I need new modem so at service center got new modem and also picked up X1 infinity equipment to install. Couldn't get any of it to set up so contacted tech support. After some messing around, was finally told there was a service crew working on problems in our area and to wait until they get it resolved. got text mail saying it was resolved and to go to web sight designed to activate our devices. did so and it reported it couldn't activate anything at time. Called tech service and was told they were still working on problem. Waited until later and got another text saying it was resolved.

In meantime, noticed, the activation page had taken over my home page on my computer so anytime I accessed internet or hit home button, instead of going to 'bing' as I had it set, it would go to your activation page Tried going through steps to see if that would clear but it would hang up on blank page saying redirecting. Called tech service to get equip set up and they suggested sending tech out. Next day, Eli, tech 2182 come and realized our signal was too low at sets for setting up X1. He changed splitter and reworked grounding of equip outside. Then added some equipment inside to get the signal up. After entering house, we split to bedroom and have a long cable going to living room area where it split between front room and family room.

He said we have too many splitters and I pointed out that was the price of the original tech some time ago, using only one cable to service to two TV's at the remote location. After working and getting our signal strength up at the remote location, after replacing one of our x1 boxes that was defective he set it up. And to my surprise, both tvs and the bedroom had pictures that were much better than we have had since we signed up for Comcast. We have obviously been working with so so but not as good as we should serve since we signed up. The pictures had much more detail and color quality than we have ever seen. This brings me to three questions. 1. Why wasn't our cable installed to get the best results our equipment is capable.

I never felt it had the quality we see when we see the demo TV's in Costco, etc. 2. Why don't more of your technicians live up to the standards set by Eli, who went the extra mile to be sure we could get the best service our equipment was capable of. He is a real credit to your department and I hope your company realizes it. 3. Why did your company suggest I enter one of your web pages that didn't offer any visible way to cancel it and it locked up my home page so I couldn't access Bing in anyway a I normally could before I accessed this setup site and it also caused my virus control to block Comcast so I couldn't access it.

Eli changed my home page to another site but neither of us could figure out what happened. I told him I would run a malware program and restore my computer to an earlier date so he could move on to other customers. After he left, I tried these measures but didn't help. I still couldn't access Bing and had to tell it to allow Comcast before I could access your web.

Anyway, I am very happy that Eli set up our system so it works much better than before but disappointed that I would be directed to a web page that messed up my computer, which had been fine before this problem. Fortunately, the next day, the problem seemed to clear itself without any action on my part and I was able to once again use bing as my home page without your web page taking over. Anyway, thanks and kudos to Eli for getting our service set up as it should be but shame on whoever directed me to this destructive web site and to those who originally connected me to Comcast with less of quality in our service that we should have been enjoying.


I put 5 stars because I am 5 star hot. The network just let the f word shoot out thru my house. Comcast corporate offices allowing these networks to use your to use your pipeline to put filth over the airway is very base of you as a company. Why don't you be one to stand up for clean and right at least on commercial supported channels? If it was filth 30 years ago, its still filth even allow nudity. These things take families unexpected. Why don't you look at whats right instead only the dollar. Anyway, to cut the filth wouldn't cut viewer numbers, maybe increase it. I think I'm going to cancel cable and go back to antenna.


Well let me start by saying I have been a customer for 10 plus years. I want to bundle my phone and internet with you. I have talked to a few customer service reps and I am very dissatisfied. The amount I pay for cable TV is an outrage. My bill has almost doubled in the past 16 months. I have read many reviews about Comcast and they are all negative. I will be switching to Dish very soon.


I have been a customer for more than 35 years. Last evening Wednesday 2/3/16, when I sat down to watch TV around 7:30 PM I had no channels just an error message that the channels would be available soon. I called Comcast and was on the phone for over an hour trying to get this resolved. Of course they could not fix the issue remotely which is normal when there is a problem. So the answer was they needed to send out a tech. I was told they could send someone out today Thursday 2-4-16 between 7:00 - 9:00 AM or 1:00 - 3:00 PM.

I told the woman that I work and no one would be home all day so that would not work. Being a loyal customer for over 35 years I told her they needed to work something out for me to have someone come out in the evening. I was informed that your techs only work up until 6:00 PM which is crazy because I'm sure there are many of your customers like myself who work all day and need a tech to come out in the evening.

For me to lose time from work because of a Comcast issue is wrong on so many levels. So after arguing with your customer service rep. I told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor/manager. It took up more of my time waiting on hold for the supervisor to pick up and then when he did I had to go thru the whole issue all over again. He of course then put me on hold again so he could speak to a dispatch supervisor. When he finally got back on the phone I was told they would have a tech at my house between 6:30 - 8:00 PM tonight Thursday 2-4-16.

Not 10 minutes later the dispatch supervisor called me back to inform me that was incorrect as your techs do not work past 6:00 PM. So I was once again told that someone would be at my house today Thursday 2-4-16, between 7:00 - 9:00 AM. I informed the dispatch supervisor that this would cause me to lose time from work which I was not happy about. I requested to him over and over again that I would need the tech to be at my house as close to 7:00 AM as possible. He said he would make a special request to have that happen. Between 7:00 - 7:30 would have been great. Needless to say when I got up today Thursday 2-4-16, to wait for the tech to arrive I tried my TV and low and behold I had all my channels back. But I decided to wait a little while anyway to see if the tech would show up. I waited until 7:15 AM and of course no tech, what a surprise.

So I called to cancel the appt. I am very very unhappy with the lack of service that Comcast provides to there customers. This is not the first issue I've had with Comcast over the years, but it will probably be the last as I am going to look for a new cable provider. I'm sure even know I have been a loyal customer for all these years Comcast will not take this seriously and care that I will change providers.

I hope when someone receives this complaint they will contact me so we can discuss this matter further.


In December of 2015, the sales person called numerous times each day making a push for us to update our internet service since the trial date of a year was about to take effect and there would be an increase for the 25 mh per second. By taking the package we would now get 75 mh plus some box that would allow us to get TV programs on our tablets and phone for just less than $5.00 more. So we went with the package to get more MH and not be charged lots more for what we had. The tech. who first came to install the box was supposed to arrive by 5 PM, then after several calls someone came around 8 PM.

He was very unprofessional as he constantly complained about Comcast and went on and on about the problems he was having on the job and even in his personal life. All he did was unhook our Direct TV of which we told him not to bother because we were in a contract for 2 years with them. All we wanted really was the internet upgrade. He said that was done at the office. I called and arranged for another tech. to come and maybe put the box on another TV since it was part of the package and we were paying for it. He said all we needed was a splitter and supposedly he fixed it but informed us that the box was not HD. He said he would change it but he did not have one on his truck.

He gave us his number and said he would bring one by on Monday. My husband called. He said he'd come by. No one has been by yet! Since all this work was handled at dark, it was a few days that I noticed the cable wires had been left dangling from the brick of our house. It was nicely attached before the techs had been at our house working. After 6 different calls to the customer service people who can barely be understood because of the accents, the background noise, and their lack of knowledge.

I have been given three confirmations numbers, promises that someone will call me, and no one shows up to reattach the wires I am asking to be fixed, tons of apologies, and told "no worries" , I am now finished trying to work with the customer services. It is a waste of my time and totally useless. I want the wires fixed immediately or I will be looking for internet services elsewhere.


We have had nothing but trouble with Comcast equipment and service. The past month we have lost tv and phone service several times turnaround repair is too long and we get nothing but apologies which are not acceptable any more. Comcast is a disgrace and inferior to other companies your co does not stand up to your commercials.


I used to brag to friends and family how great Comcast phone customer service was, now that you have gone global I don't even bother to call. I just wait until i find a friend or family member who is able to fix my problem.

I can't understand the overseas people and their knowledge seems to be very poor If I ask to be transferred back to the usa they tell me they can't do that, Yet one time I spend 45 minutes on the phone with a gentleman from another country without success and he finally transferred me back to America. Within 3 minutes the lady had my problem resolved' just like it used to be.

I must also say that I still like the phone, cable and internet service, but the customer phone service is close to useless for me.I would change service, but my wife does not want to go thru the hassle.


I scheduled 1 appointment to repair a internal signal leakage issue for my home cable connection. The "service window" was set for a technician to show at my house between the hours of 8:00 a.m. CT - 9:00 p.m. CT. I took the day off to ensure I was available to provide the technician with access to my home. I waited ALL DAY and called at least 10 times to determine when a technician was to show receiving consistent verbal responses from a customer service representative that a technician was still scheduled to come. At one point, a representative from Comcast escalated this scheduled appointment ensuring me a technician would show.

By 6:00 p.m. I called again and was told my appointment was pushed. The second appointment was scheduled for the following day, Thursday 1/28/16. My husband took the day off as well and we waited and waited and called and called receiving the exact same deceptive responses that 'a technician was scheduled to show between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Both times a window of 8am to 9pm were promised. BOTH times no shows!!

When my husband finally called around 6:00 p.m. on 1/28/16 the customer service representative told him that our appointment had been pushed until February 4, 2016 without the courtesy of a telephone call informing of this as we waited an entire day, endured extreme inconvenience pushing other appointments even cancelling a few, My appointment that I made over a week ago has now been rescheduled by COMCAST without checking with me, the homeowner, for the 3rd time! THIS 3rd appointment is now for next week.... if they even show!

Both times I called Comcast numerous times through the day and was assured that the tech was coming .... all day long, both days I waited for COMCAST and no show. We weren't even extended the courtesy of COMCAST checking with me or my husband to see if the date was good for us. This is the biggest disregard of due process from COMCAST towards its customers as we take days off.... sit and wait for their techs..... all day .... and no shows!!! I was lied to by COMCAST, transferred to " supervisors" , transferred to the wrong departments, TWICE told that someone would call me back within a 1/2 hour to confirm when the tech was coming and no phone call.

I was told that on the first day the tech had been to my house and left a note, this was a complete lie as there was NO note on my door, and since we have had snow on our front sidewalk to our front door for over a week.... there were NO footprints in the snow to show that anyone had ever been to my house!! So this was another lie!! I have spent hours with COMCAST trying to get a manager on the phone, get an actual tech to get to my house and quit wasting my time waiting for them!

I have been hung up on, lied to, shuffled along for HOURS on the phone with COMCAST! I've spoken to several "supervisors" who promised techs would show up, been offered discounts and free services with no actual help or solution to the problem with my cable...just lies, false communication and t deceit.

We have an internal signal leakage which is not only affecting our service, but our neighbors service as well. Previous technicians have provided other service calls prior and have noted this issue yet failed to remedy this issue during their service call...noting they'll "write it up" when the solution could have been expedited on the spot saving months and months of failed connection issues not to mention us paying for cable service that isn't working properly over half the time. One last thing, my husband was offered a $100 gift card for inconvenience caused by the Xfinity Security Alarm system that was installed; the camera broke within a day, the connectors had to be serviced due to poor to no signals, etc.

That was over 5 months ago. He has called several times inquiring the status of delivery of this promised gift card and each time has been told it usually takes 90 days to be sent out...We are now going on 160 days. This type of poor customer service, incompetency, deception and lack of due process is unacceptable. We, as other valued customers, pay our bills on time and pay for services that are NOT rendered effectively. We demand a resolution and restitution! NOTE: THIS COMPLAINT HAS ALSO BEEN FILED WITH THE FCC!


I have no service for the last three hours and I cannot find any Comcast telephone number that can be of any assistance whatsoever. I think that AT&T would be a better answer to my problem with your service.


I was informed to pay a certain amount and paid it to make payment arrangements to keep the services active. I was told after the payment is made, call and make payment arrangements. I called to make payment arrangements and was told that I could not make payment arrangements even though the customer service reps gave the wrong information. I was on the phone for 4 hours with Comcast, talked to 4 people. Three said paid the amount so I left my job, ran to the Comcast office waited one hour then paid the bill. and make payment arrangements. I called to make payment arrangements and the last person said I received the wrong information your service will be disconnected. This is unfair and misleading. I would like assistance with this and a call back.


First off fox network not working so I can't watch American Idol. The bigger problem is my x1 box has been acting stupid for at least a few days now. I think I need a new box. One newer that has some of the kinks worked out. DON'T put a product out with out really knowing the problems it has.


I am a 75 years old senior with a very low income living in a senior complex. Comcast is the only cable we are allowed to have and my income is $741.00. Basic cable is $89.00 a month Comcast offered me a bundle for that price + tax my bill was 130.00 a month and my rent is 297.00 a month. With food and utilities, life insurance and personal needs not much left. I asked comcast to let me oft out the contract. They charged a fee of $ 130.99 dollars.

We have low incomes I down graded to $39.00 dollars a month cause couldn't afford it and Comcast charged me more and continued asking for a price I might be able to afford. They shut off your cable every month at the beginning of the day that it is due you cant pay in the afternoon and charge a re -connection fee. With a lower price plan you can't get any local news. If you move to another floor the fee is $300.00 dollars.

Most of our seniors does not have cable. It hard to sit and stare at 4 walls. Lots of seniors here are unable to watch TV. Comcast help us!


1/13/2016 At 11:50 A.M. on Browntown Road, todays date, Sawyer, Michigan, your Comcast van truck # 34495, which was tailgating me on an ice covered two lane secondary road, swerved over and passed me when I slowed to cross a railroad track. It was also on a hill where you could not see if any traffic was coming toward you and had the double yellow, do not pass center lane lines. He was also speeding and driving too fast for conditions and soon was far out of sight. If he wants to wreck and injure himself that's one thing, however he could have easily killed or injured someone coming towards him on the hill.


Dear Comcast, I can solve all your problems with we customers. Come up with a plan to hire people who know what they're doing. Then, put out surveys that actually work. Then, provide an e-mail platform. Your sucks. It's almost like it's an after thought. I once had a bill of $600 that should have been $159, plus another $159 I forgot I didn't pay. It's all bad, Comcast. I heard you have a nit wit who bought your company. Fire the people in the Philippines and hire educated computer programmers. Sorry, you'll have to pay them well. I think you should be very very careful in today's world where people get crazy because of businesses like you and there's no telling what they'll do. HOWEVER, I love Xfinity TV.


I purchased a home in Boynton Beach, Florida 33436 in July, 2015. I ordered Comcast services and because I live in new York my brother was there when these services were installed. The alarm services were never installed and I spoke to representative and told them I wouldnt be there til January so I would get that service when I came. I also spoke to a representative in August or September when I learned about the option to have my service put on hold until the end of December for 17.00 a month.

I have spoken to numerous agents since then and in November was told that I was issued a credit for four months of service and for 6 months of alarm service inasmuch as I never had an alarm. No one seems to understand that I don't have an alarm and never did. I am going to try and call customer support again but not even sure it will help.


I Made appointment a week ago for i130/2015 from 12:30p-2:30p for Internet service for which I received a confirmation by Comcast customer service department the evening of 12/29/2015. Unfortunately, the technician did not show up for scheduled service call. When I contacted customer service at 2:35p re: the no show I was told my appointment was 4p-6p which I had no prior knowledge of as I was not notified of the change in appointment time. Very poor customer service practice. Considering seeking cable and Internet service from another service provider.


Account Number # 8771300410150522, I most recently transferred all my services for my home to Com Cast cable. This was absolutely the worse decision I could have made if you look at my accounts I've had so many outages that it would make you wonder what is she really paying for. Unfortunately I spoke to the rudest Manager of Customer service ever.She spoke as if your company was doing me a favor, while I pay you $242.00 dollars a month for Internet, Cable and phone service. Now I have to take this to a legal level. I spoke with Christine Martin operator IE.

She informed me that even though I continue to have multiple outages that the credit would be $19.38. She absolutely refused to listen. Not sure when companies start hiring persons as Managers that don't have professional skills or listening skills. When I informed her that my home has not been protected for two days due to my phone line and all my services being out. Her response was get a new alarm company.

So now I must take this to the Better Business Bureau and Fraud division after being hung up on 5 times this is the way you representatives treat your customers.


Comcast Xfinity is deleting on demand episodes of TV shows online except for the previous week. Example is Mysteries of Laura where only Episode 8 is available. A week ago I was watching online episodes of Legends. All of season 2 were listed. I had watched episode 1 and was 2/3rds of the way through episode 2 when the screen reported an error. I logged back in and found only the last two episodes available. Seven episodes deleted in a key stroke. What gives Comcast?


I had a no contract Comcast account for about a week in July 2015 for which I was charged $177+ few cents. I never received the bill but did get a collection notice. I have had account with you for over twenty years, lately off and on. I fail to understand why I was not charged for only the days that my account was active. Address for the connection was in Arlington, VA 22207. I will be grateful if you could kindly help resolve the discrepancy in my bill.


I'm not happy with your decision of giving me only $35 after I protested for being charged $99.99 for installation of a new kit when your representative told me nothing will be all started when I cancelled the DVR and the HD Installed. Without my consent. The charge is $99.99 for which you deducted $29.99 and after I protested they reduced another $35.00. My bill was adjusted to $197.53 but I refuse to pay $35. My bill should be 162.53. When the tech came, and he told me I did not have to change the box but he changed anyway. I'm very upset at your co. Because each employee gives a different answer. I was told specifically I would not be charge at all for the visit.I expect you to credit me the $35.00 that remains on my bill.1 know I have until the 24 of this month to cancel my account. I expect a prompt answer to my complaint from the customer hotline.


On 12/3/2015 I decided to upgrade to Xfinity Triple Play, ordered it @ Littleton, Colorado Payment/Customer Service Center. On 12/8/2015 the installer installed your so called triple play - minus our home phone number that should have on 12/3/2015 started the procedure to transfer it back to you - apparently that never happened. I have been to Comcasts other payment Center/Customer Service @ 8222 S. Yosemite St # 110 Centennial, CO 80112 - manager Kevin Saunders (which is totally worthless - he does not even have his Voicemail setup on his Cell Phone. I have been there on 2 occasions, and have been told 24 hours - as of now 12/13/2014 we still do not have our phone transferred, and we now have no E-mail & Occasional Internet, plus the fact we were suppose to have an Appointment today 12/13/2015 between 2:00 - 4:00 P.M. today and no one came, plus we cannot turn off the system. We are at the end of even considering this change - plus the fact we had until 12/11/2015 to cancel Century Link or Face a $200.00 Charge, which according to my calculations that time has come and gone.


Comcast billing department double billed me. They did this without me knowing. All of my checks are bouncing now. I have no money to live on. They told me that I would get my funds within 24 hours. The funds were not there. Then I called and they said it takes at least 3 to 5 days. No customer service supervisor from Comcast will speak with me. They do not care. I am going to be forced to hock my droid. Comcast totally sucks.


The Comcast corporate office stated that I could make payment arrangements and now I am told I can not. I keep getting different information from their complaint department. I have asked to speak to a supervisor and no one has returned my call. My daughter is helping with my billing and they have done this to her.


The Comcast technician did not install phone connection, set up all remotes or review wifi username and passwords or email. I received a follow up phone call about my service and a tech would be out between service calls on sat 12/5. I called to speak to the Comcast complaint department that calls for follow up and was sent through at least 5 people that were completely incompetent. After being asked to explain why I called for the 5th time I gave up. 30 minutes of my time wasted and still not satisfaction from the corporate office at Comcast.


On Sunday, 11/29, I called Comcast customer service to report a black out screen on one of my secondary TVs with a digital adapter. I spoke with ‘Mary.' All I wanted to know was why I had a black out screen on the station airing the Steelers NFL football game. The other TVs in the house were receiving the picture fine, no black out screen. So 'Mary' says she will check into the problem. She comes back on the line and states she is sending a signal to the problem TV to see if that resolves the issue. I'm guessing she knows what she is talking about so I follow all of the directions she continues to give me to turn off power, unhook cables, etc. Immediately my TV screen goes to static with no picture on any station. After repeatedly trying to resolve the issue 'Mary' states that it looks like it’s the digital adapter that is now no longer working. She will send a new one out to me.

On 12/1 I receive a package and there is a new remote in the bag but no digital adapter. So I try to call into the customer service line to let someone know about my situation. I get a recorded message that a service outage has been reported for my cable line and it should be resolved by 4:47pm. Now understand, I was reading this message at 6pm and the problem had not been resolved. To make matters more confusing I checked on my main digital starter TV and it is working fine, no outage, nothing. Again today 12/3 I have tried to contact customer service to explain that I did not get the new digital adapter and the recorded message keeps referencing the outage at my house they are working on. Obviously they are not working on anything at my house. All i want is the new digital adapter! Is there anyone else I can contact to take care of this problem?


I have a Bank of America debit card, and I'd like to have my monthly bill for my internet connection directly billed to my debit card. I have not been able to get through the guard dogs on the Comcast website to arrange this. It keeps asking for my password. I didn't know I had a password with Comcast. Does this company wanna get paid, or should I arrange for internet access with another company? No luck emailing the Comcast corporate office either.


I am contacting Comcast today because of the extremely unsatisfactory service that I have been receiving from your company. My wife and I have been dealing with your company for nearly 10 years combined. I recently discontinued our home security service with your company to go with an alternative provider. When I signed up for the home security I was fully aware of the three year contract and made sure that I fulfilled that contract prior to disconnecting service. I signed up in February of 2012 and disconnected service in July of 2015.

As you can simply calculate my three year commitment was met and therefore no penalties should apply according to the contract. I have made over 10 phone calls and two visits to our local Comcast store here in Denver. More than half of my conversations with Comcast have resulted in your representative telling me how sorry they were for the confusion and would be taking off the current $471.00 early termination fee. Where your company is getting this number I have no idea. I transferred service to my new home in January of 2014 and did not extend the contract at that time, however it seems as though your system shows otherwise.

I have received 4 different phone calls from the Southwest Credit Group attempting to collect on your behalf. Each time I have explained the issue and told them that I met the terms of the contract. The response is the same each time from Southwest. I am told I have to contact Comcast again and try to resolve this issue. I have had enough of going round and round with your company. I am aware that anytime a person is sent to collections his or her credit score may be negatively affected. The lack of communication with in your company is appalling and I will not stand for this abuse anymore. I would greatly appreciate your personal attention on this matter and want to have this unwarranted early termination fee of $471 taken off our record ASAP. I have been patient and professional dealing with your company and simply request the same in return.


We spend over 200.00 dollars a month for service. To have Comcast employees on a so called news show, Morning Joe disrespect the president of the United States daily for three hours is a national disgrace. What's worse Miss Nicole Wallace called the president a Jerk on TV this morning. She needs to be removed for a few weeks as Mark Halprin was for calling the president a Jerk. This is a national show and it has landed in the gutter. One can disgrace over policy but Morning Joe is a damn national disgrace. Its time you do something about it!


I purchased a modem on and had Comcast installed it in 2013. Shortly after that they started billing me monthly for the modem. I managed to stop them a few months later. 6 months later they started billing me again and have continued billing me every month for 3 years. A letter to the Comcast corporate office and a recent visit to the service center got promises but no credit or phone call. I am dumping my service!


Dear Comcast complaint department. Recently your company or your subcontractor set up cable television for us. Unfortunately the Job was done in a very unprofessional manner. The contractor cut the wires to my Attic antenna system, disconnecting the television signal for four other apartments in this multifamily. The other wires he added run the length of the building but were not attached to the wall.


My Comcast bill suddenly jumped 30 dollars per month and when I called I was greeted by the most rude and verbally abusive man I have ever had the experience of speaking with. Since you have no interest in keeping a customer that has been with your company for more than 20 years I have decided to explore other options. there will be no further payments since we were told that our agreement with you has ended and now must pay a higher price. Beginning December 1st we will have other services in place. please be advised that we have contacted the Attorney General's office,BBB, and the department of elderly affairs. Your equipment will be returned before the 1st day of December. You should be ashamed to treat loyal customers in this fashion.


I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years. I have 4 TVs internet & home phone. We pay well over $200 a month ... and without any warning we no longer have the yes channel. All the money I gave you over the years & I can no longer watch Yankee games due to Comcast dropping the YES network. I am a 2 1/2 cancer survivor (stage 4 breast cancer) & the reason I keep Comcast is so I can watch the Yankees. Why should I pay you more than $2500 a year and not even be able to watch the YES channel. I may have to switch carriers ... Comcast should tell me how to resolve this situation.


Hello, I have been having the same issues as I was months ago, and I cant seem to get pps to help me fix this, and I cant seem to get Comcast to charge me the right amount on my bill. And they are putting fees onto my account that i have been told would not in fact be on my billing statements. When I called to have my internet billing and internet connection looked at, I was told first that I would not be in a contract, upon my request of asking to verify that it wouldn't be. Upon having to go to Comcast Office to pick up the new Modem/Router that came with these new changes, I then came home and took over 6 hrs for myself to hook up and install the device and get my home up and running.

Upon seeing that Comcast had in fact charged me a fee for installing faster speeds. What? I was not told about this fee and charge. I refuse to pay for something I had no idea about. I was calling to get my billing cut down, not higher. For the last few months now, 6 months of back and forth. I now sit with the same issue! My internet cuts out all the time that I am trying to listen or watch YouTube or NetFlix.
No, I do not have many devices on while this happens either. I have tried that. It doesn't matter if only one device is even turned on to take a space on the router, it still cuts out. Even with the Ether cord hook straight to the device, it will still cut out. However it seems that when your workers have gotten here, they don't have enough time to hang out and relax, and let me use my internet the way that I do to show them that it cuts out....

As I sit here an type this out, I have YouTube on and in only just one song, it has cut out a total of 30 times. This is crazy! I didn't think id ever have these troubles this badly. When you look at the internet from your side, it shows things are up and running. And the modem shows that here to. But something is really wrong with it. My son just last night was on a laptop trying to contact his Grandma, and the messages wouldn't go through. It kept coming up with internet error message. I cant take this anymore! I would like to see a team of people who know what they are doing when it comes to this stuff. I believe that if I was able to sit down with them and talk about my issues ive been having, and what I know from what I have been told by Comcast workers, and what I have read, about I am sure that we will be able to figure this out.

But until then, I am filing this complaint. I have already filed with the FCC/BBB and now this form too. I will also be sending a copy of this to the email address of Please, i am also still waiting on the site and i have been waiting to the last 30 min on there for someone to take my online chat support. Please Please, this is becoming a huge Financial concern to me. I cant afford fees on my account that are suppose to be there, and credits that arent being placed there, and with me an my son Below Poverty Level and disability income, we cant afford this anymore.

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