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7 Additional Customer Complaints

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I ordered Comcast internet service on August 10th 2015. I was told my free self install modem would arrive in the mail within 3-5 days. On Saturday August 15th I received an email stating that I had a bill for $51.70 due September 17th. I called a customer service agent and asked why I owed 51.00 when my plan was for $25 and a $10 a month modem rental totaling $35 a month before taxes. She informed me that I was being charged $15 for the FREE self install kit. Upon hearing how upset I was she refunded the $15. on Tue August 18th when I still have yet to receive my modem I called Comcast again the rep told me my modem was on back order but I could go pick it up at a Comcast store 2 blocks from where I was and I also asked her to refund my account for the days I HAVE been charged for when I didn't have a modem or service.

When I got home and plugged the modem in nothing happened. I called Comcast back and tech support said I had a dead line and that someone would come fix it the next day, which they did come but the line that was turned on had little internet speed. I could watch anything not even Xfinity Tv. I called back and the agent tried trouble shooting the problem but said he would have to send an agent out. Keep in mind I am still without service but got a new bill online for 72.00 for the tech being sent out and for equipment. I called again and the charges was removed. on Sunday August 23rd 3 Comcast tech's and 2 trucks came out to my home. They checked the lines outside and in and said I had no or very low signal and that they could not fix the problem and they would have to outsource the work.

That person would be coming later on that evening. By Monday evening no one had come and the internet was still not working so I called Comcast yet again and got George who really tried his best to help me but not only did he not know who came to my house but he said they made no notes and had not outsourced the work. I thought here is a multi billion dollar company and they had no idea who the three men that were at my home were, they had no notes as to what they did there nor what the outcome was. George transferred me to his supervisor named Elizabeth and she said she would escalate it to upper management and I would receive a call in the morning as to what could be done. As I am writing this it is 1:30pm on Tuesday and I have yet to receive a call back.

But guess what I still have on my Comcast account, A bill for service I have yet to receive. I am done. What else is there for me to do but write this complaint and call corporate office which I am about to do. Comcast sucks already and I've only had the service  or non service for 10 days.

We were emailed by a Comcast sales rep several months back to change our services. We were under a contract with Birch Communications. The sales rep told us is we switched to Comcast, we would not have any early termination fees, he would take care of that. He lied we have been billed for over $1100 in early termination fees. When I emailed him about this he directed me to his supervisor. The supervisor promised 2 months free service to offset the fees. He lied also, we have not received any free service and he will not return my calls or answer the phone.

This has been going on for several months and I am repeated directed somewhere that I get no answers. I currently have a complaint I filed on May 28, 2015 #CR 4664407 and was promised an answer in 48 hours. No one has replied to this complaint. I have been sent in a circle of unanswered complaint attempts for several months. I requested an email address to send my complaints to and no one will supply this information.

On 7/15/15 I went into the local office to setup a transfer of service to my new address effective 7/31/15. My home phone service was shut off on 7/15 and we still have no service. I have made numerous calls to Comcast, emailed customer service, and I have been back to the local office. I was told on 7/16 that they know what happened but it would take 24 hours to fix it. We now have had no service for 75 hours. We need this problem fixed by end of service, today, or i will have to go with another provider.

To Comcast: I was customer a few years ago and decided to come back.  I spoke on 03/14/2016 to Carlos who was the service agent at Comcast.  Carlos checked my payment history and said everything was good (no issues).   Carlos transferred me to a voice mail questionnaire, which I responded and agreed to authorize Comcast to use my current number. The service agent scheduled the installation for 03/19/2016 from 8:00AM to 10:00AM. The service technician never show up:

  • Call 11:00AM to Cathy from Comcast – She communicated to me that there was no order
  • Cathy set up an appoint for Sunday 8:00AM to 10:00AM (Confirmation#349650)
  • I hung with Cathy and James from Comcast call me and wanted me to re-scheduled for 3/22/16
  • I inform James that I spoke to Cathy and she rescheduled the service for Sunday
  • On Saturday you spoke to Mauricio another agent from Comcast – I ask if any changes or cancellation were made for service installation for Sunday and he responded no.
  • At time that I speaking with Mauricio, James called. Once completed the call with him, James call back and told me if I do not change the date that he will cancel by order
  • On Sunday the service technician did not show up and 12:35pm I call back and talk to Fay from Comcast and he said that order was cancelled
  • I requested that I speak to the supervisor on call – I waited ten minutes to speak to Supervisor
  • Fay said that “my supervisor will talk to you”  he transfer me to a Mendina voice mail instead which I left my name and phone number    
  • I call back and Oswaldo wanted me to reschedule new work order. I reply that I will call Comcast about the service

I am very disappointed Comcast.  You did not honor the service day you agreed to.  If there any issues, I expected Comcast to communicate that to me prior to the service day. This was waste of my time.  This gives me hesitation to what the kind service I will be getting in the future.

My name is Marcus Williams and I have a complaint about the way my services were disconnected. I have lived in this house for 3 years with your cable and Internet without issue until 3/25/16 when I woke up to check my email and noticed my modems Internet light was off. I immediately check my Xfinity home security and noticed it did not work either. After checking if there was a issue in my area, I noticed there was and it was being worked on so no big deal,  it happens sometimes. After arriving home from work I noticed a tag on my door that asked me to contact Xfinity for  a technician to come out and I did and one was scheduled for 8:30 am the next day. I worked that day so I had to call in and let them know I would be in later for this issue.

Once the tech arrived he check my lines and told me that a trap or tap ( not sure which one)  was placed on my source and my house would have to be rewired and another tech would have to be called to do it. I have had cable and internet for 3 years were I live and now I'm going to have to pay to rewire my house? So now my kids are out for spring break and I have no Internet or cable for 4 days because someone placed something on the source of my connection? Wouldn't it be fair to remove it and I could have my service back instead of forcing me to pay over $150 to rewire my house? Why would a technician come out just to tell me another technician needs to come out? Please help with this. 

The following Comcast emails do not work. When I called an talk to a agent, they would not give me any information.  I looked up the following on the internet. Again none of these work.  Suggest that you write a letter and send it over night express.;  '', ''

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. They debited my account twice back in Sept, 2015 owed me a credit of 305.00 it took three months of long phone calls, getting hung up and lied to when I finally got my credit on Jan 7th it was for 212.00 not the 305 as owed because they claimed a portion of it was mailed on December 24th which does not make any sense since I been trying to get the credit since transferring service in October. I am going to close out my account as soon as I can get direct tv Comcast is the worst company I have ever dealt with!