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RCN provides a single destination for all your entertainment needs from TV, Internet, and to Digital TV. The company provide full suite of communications products and services to business of all sizes from small to large. RCN Corporation was founded in 1993. If you have a problem with management, you can escalate your issue to Jim Holanda, the CEO of the company. 

Most of its systems were partnerships with power companies, which provided rights-of-way on poles. The company headquarters is located in Princeton, New Jersey. The customer service number is U.S. 1-800-RING-RCN (1-800-746-4726) with 24 hour a day service, 7 days a week.

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RCN is carelessly digging up properties in our development to install their cable lines and doing a very crappy job of patching back up the areas they dug up. My lawn where they dug up and patched over looks horrible. If they would ever expect me to switch from Service Electric, they should first understand that first impressions are generally lasting impressions. So far, my first impression is that RCN only cares about themselves.


I worked for RCN for awhile and I wanted to add my review here. It is really a great company and does not deserve the complaints. Sure it's not perfect, but what company is?

As of 2006, RCN claimed over 424,000 domestic customers and 130 cable franchises. This employs a lot of people. Want to know how many? As of 2013 RCN's network covered offered coverage to approximately 3.8 million people making it 10th largest provider of cable broadband in the U.S RCN is provider of bundled telephone, cable television, and internet service delivered over its own fiber-optic local network as well as dialup and DSL internet service.

It provides service to consumers in the Boston, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and Chicago areas. And to top it all off, in early February 2009, RCN converted to an all-digital network. With the transition, the company was able to use the entire spectrum for digital and high-definition television broadcasting, reducing the need to compress signals.

So, just understand that a lot of people's jobs are on the line when you rant on a website like HissingKitty.


I've been with RCN company for only 5 days I call several time about issue I was having with the company finally I decide to cancelled my account I have payed $ 96.96 for a bad service received today I have just received a bill for $71.12 I call just to hear that I have to pay for a full month when I was supposed to pay $39.99 for (Internet+TV+unlimited phone) STARZ,SHOWTIME that I never receive. Is this the way for RCN to take money from honest people?please let me know.


How can I file a complaint directly against RCN for poor customer support online?


We were planning to have an internet connection and RCN did a good job by giving one of the best internet plans at my place. I chose the wireless router and the technician were prompt on delivering the connection on time. They explained to me everything on the connection, plan etc. Great service at great cost.RCN are prompt and professional. Now since World Cup is on I am able to enjoy seamless streaming on the internet with un-interrupted services. RCN has a great deal to offer even for people who want Digital Cable TV. I would definelty ask my friends to opt for RCN for their good service.

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