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Cox uses Wi-Fi technology to provide television and Wi-Fi for all your devices in the home. Common issues with their products include Speed Advisor, Bundle Packages, TV Advisor, and a Visa prepaid card. The corporate headquarters is located at Cox Communications, Inc., 6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30328.

If you have a problem and need to reach Cox Support call toll-free 1-800-234-3993. The specialty sales and support numbers is 1-877-404-2568, or for Cox Home life dial 1-855-766-9812 for Home Networking. There is a direct line setup for technical support 24/7 as well.

Apart from normal service offerings Cox also offers Premium support, such as Tech Solutions and Service Protection Plan. The company also believes in giving back to the community, which is why Cox funds various charities related to youth, education, diversity and environmental issues.

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I called on July 13th to have my service transferred on July 28th, the day I move. Sim, gentleman I spoke to, did schedule this to have a technician be at my new address on the 28th between 10-12. When I returned home, on the 13th, I found my service was terminated. I called Cox and was on the phone for over an hour while they tried to restore my service. They did. On July 19th, I went online to pay my bill and noticed I owed $634.13. I was being charged with a $160.00 early termination fee. I called Cox on the 19th. The early termination fee was taken off of my account and the person I was speaking to noticed that my new monthly bill was $340.00 instead of the $222.00/month that I was paying. She transferred me to the Loyalty Department. Gentleman in that department submitted a campaign correction letter on my behalf. I asked him if he saw my appointment on my account to have a technician at my new address on July 28th between 10-12, he did. Today, July 24th, I called to see if my discounts had been reapplied to my bill, they were, but they did not see my appointment for the transfer on the 28th between 10-12. She then had to transfer me to that department to schedule another appointment. When I made the first call on July 13th, I inquired about the home security system. I did not order anything as I was not sure if the new home already had a security system, I was just inquiring at that time. Well, Sim, set me up for Cox Homelife, how do I know this, I received an email Congratulating me on choosing Cox Homelife. Sim, also called me and left a message telling me that he was able to get me a good package deal on the security as I am looking to get 3 doors and 4 windows sensored where I can monitor myself. He left me his name and number and extension 757-224-9391 ext. 1253. I have called him every day since and left messages and he has never returned my calls. To say I am beyond frustrated with Cox Communications is an understatement. My name is Patricia Charron, account number 6610065973105, pin # 7165. n 44 B Street, Unit 1, Cranston, RI 02920. Email address is My new address as of 7/28/18 is 40 Paolino Street, Johnston, RI 02919. Desirable Resolution?? What do you think?


When I was at my Fort Myers FL house in March my Cox internet service was not working. I called tech support and after checking my modem they told me the modem was not working and that I could go to the service center and pick up a new one OR.... I could have a technician come to the house to diagnose the problem. I told them to set an technician appointment and that I would also go to the service center to pick up a new modem. I was concerned that a new modem was not the problem.

My fears were confirmed. The new Cox modem I got at the service center would not allow any internet speeds more than 1-2 mbps. I was paying for 25 mbps second. My internet TV and my business connection would not work with these low speeds. When the technician came out the next day he said I had the wrong modem and gave me a new updated modem which worked perfectly. I was then charged $50 for the service call on my monthly bill. No one ever informed me that the technician visit would cost $50. I want my $50 rebated to my bill.

I tried to call the number listed on the corporate website but it simply directed me to sales at 1-866-961-0027. What is the best Cox customer service number to reach a live person? Please!


Today when I woke up this morning, unlike usual, my internet speed was terrible. I rebooted, I unplugged, and I had to start the process of calling into customer service (admittedly never easy with any ISP). I was routed to an automated service tech, and was on the phone with "it" for what felt like a good 15-20 minutes. After that couldn't solve anything I was routed to a human (tier 1). I had to go through my story again, I had to unplug again, he said I was at 120 mbps and I had to go to tier 2. Tier 2 was rude and not very helpful.

Said I had to plug in my computer directly to the modem (understandable), I asked if he could call in 30 mins (had to look for CAT5) and he said yes. He was just rude. He never called back. I called back and was patched into a lovely female tech. She immediately saw the problem and scheduled a tech to come on site. When I asked for the male, tier 2 techs name, she said there was no information on him.

Why couldn't someone have just identified the problem to begin with? Why make people repeat the same dang process over and over again to suit another level of customer support? I want a discounted bill. I don't care if it is only $10. Training in customer service would also aide that tier 2 male tech who wasn't helpful.


I contacted COX yesterday (4/22/15) to assist me with issues that have not been resolved with my Wi-Fi system. I asked to have an internet service tech come by my home (which I already pay for monthly). It was scheduled by the customer service rep out of Indiana (Latoya) to have a tech and a supervisor come by my home between 8:00 and 10:00 am. I took off work to be here and by 10:40am, I called a local solutions store to ask them what number I can call to find out what happened. The rep I spoke with pulled up my account and found that the tech service was ordered but was cancelled? No reason was given on my profile.

I have been a Cox customer for 23 years. I have a bundled package and have had numerous issues with Cox over the past, especially contacting customer reps in states all over the U.S. My Wi-Fi issue has been going on for several months without resolve. Nobody seems to know what they are doing and at times have been switched to people in India who cannot speak English and want to sell me a service package over the phone before they will help me. I am not happy! I am to the point where I am thinking about switching to another company. It is extremely difficult to get in touch with someone to assist me and take care of me problem. I would like to be contacted by somebody from corporate. I deserve that after 23 years of service and numerous wasted hours on the phone and lack of service.


I paid for a professional installation on 2/27 and was scheduled for an appointment on 3/2. The technician came at 7:30PM just to say there's nothing he could do. I called customer service and waited nearly 20 minutes to a supervisor that was non chaps r about the entire situation. She advised me that nothing could be done until the next available appoint which was today, 3/5. A second technician came today and stated that the line was cut and a bucket truck had to be rolled out until Friday 3/6. Before the tech left he stated that someone will come out and repair the line tomorrow morning and my services will be installed on Saturday between 10-12. I received an automated e mail stating that my professional installation is scheduled on Monday 3/9. I called the technician back and he didn't answer, he probably knew he gave me the wrong date.

I called customer service and spoke to tier 1 tech support and was suppose to be transferred to a supervisor but I was transferred to another tier one agent. 15 mins later a woman gets on the phone without introducing herself and says "what's the best contact number for you so that dispatch can you a call right back" I provided my contact number and was advised that dispatch will contact me shortly. I never received a call back. No one tried to help out or go above and beyond. I've never had these problems with AT&T

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