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My restaurant had a installation on Dec 1st, the tech guy broke our fancy wall light that cost 80 dollars and can’t get it my state. The tech guy promised us his supervisor would get us a call regarding to this matter. I called Comcast on the same day let them know the damage the tech guy made. The agent also promised me that someone would call me on couple days. Until today, I got no call from Comcast after several attempts. Yesterday when called again, I felt mistreat. The rep was rude and mean, I asked for supervisor, local branch number and his name, he provided none. I felt deeply insulted by him, I think the reason he treated me like that is because my poor English, my accent, and my race. Comcast made a damage to my restaurant and refuse to take responsibility.


the wireless router comcast installed less than a year ago went out according to your technical support person. she told me comcast no longer carried routers and i had to buy one and to throw the other one out as comcast did not want it back as it was old AND used when comcast installed it. Check the recorded conversation if you dont believe me. i bout new router for 100.00. comcast would not help me get it installed over phone unless i paid 79.95 for premium support. i gave them debit card # and technician assured me if i could not be helped over phone they would credit my bank account back. they were unable to help me so i had to pay comcast to come out here for 99.00. he opened router front pushed a button and was done.

that was fine and have no problem with paying service call amount to be added to my bill. my problem is comcast will not refund the money for the premium tech support as i was assured they would. my husband and i have spent hrs on hold this week with never getting anyone to help us. they keep saying they will transfer me to correct dept then send me right back to main menu where i repeatedly have to put in acct # phone # last 4 SS#…..over and over. i am extremely unhappy and have now opened a case file against you with wells fargo. they said if comcast has not refunded my money in 15 days from last monday they will give it back to me and they will come after comcast. i am posting my complaint on the website for my apt building so all residents can be assured to not use you. i will be going with AT&T the first of year and will advise my neigbors to boycott your company also. when a customer calls comcast they should be helped in a timely matter with a real person and problem should be solved. i am done with comcast.


On demand suddlenly stopped working. Had technician out over the week end. The idiot tested the DVR, the box outside, drug a long cable thru our living room and den, knocked over my orchids in our front atrium and couldn’t find anything. Switched out our DVR box anyway. He finally decided to report it to the company and said it was a technical problem at their end, not at our house. We could have told them that. He couldn’t tell us when the problem would be fixed and no Comcast doesn’t call you to tell you the problem is fixed.

We kept checking and finally last night On Demand worked…but tonight it doesn’t. Called comcast again and when through the whole scenerio again with Paul, the first guy we talked to and he wanted to send out a technician again. Unbelievable. We said no. Oh, and by the way the box that the doofus traded with our old box doesn’t let us record anything, so now nothing works, except we can watch one program at a time. And for this we are paying thru the nose. Time for direct T.V.


I am thoroughly discusted with the level of customer service that Comcast has shown me for the past two and half years! Comcast proceeds to bill me for service that they refuse to deliver on demand. I spoke with a Ruth from the Ocean City call center on Monday April 2nd, 2012. Who initiated a ticket number: 003800356 for service in my home that has been out since March 3, 2012.

Comcast is refusing to credit my account. Each time I call Comacast I am on the phone for well over and hour, passed from person to person to person with no resolution, hung up on several times, etc., The way Comcast passes people aroudn from one person to another to avoid assisting a person.

Clearly there are incompetent people that are employed here that clearly care less it is a shame that Comcast advertises that they provide excellent customer service and this is nothing short of a complete fabrication to put it mildly. I have requested to speak to a supervisor on countless ocassions and will sit on the line for an hour and then be told that someone will have to call me back and I never receive the call.

Direct TV, FIOS, the Dish, none of all listed provide this as I am aware of person who have service from these providers and the only complaints that i get are from Comcast repeatidly.. Only 1 in 10 of the technicians that they send out to a home are competent and professional.

I do plan on forwarding a complaint by letter to the executive address as I have looked that up and will go further than that until something is done as Comcast should literally be ashamed and embarassed for false advertising.


In December I place a order to have comcast installed on the second floor of my daughters apartment. The technician arrived and said that comcast no longer runs wires up the stairs because of safety reasons I told the technician that I understood their reasoning. I then call comcast again and asked if there was another way that cable could be installed in that second floor. I spoke directly with Christina Saitca who told me that the only other way it could be done is to have comcast drill through the floor but my daughter would need permission from the landloard ( which she got ) In January 2012 the technician ( Jeff ) showed up at my daughters apartment.

He asked me what he would be doing and I said that he needed to drill through the floor to run cable to the second floor. Jeff then said in a snide way ” We don’t do that ” I asked him if he was a sub contractor or if he worked directly with comcast. Again he got nasty and said ” What does it say on my truck ? ” Jeff then left without even looking at the job. I called comcast and told them that if they gave me the cable I would run it, the person said that they would have to charge for the cable. I then said then why don’t you send a technician to run the wires for me. The person said that the technician tried to drill through the floor ( which is BS ) and that the job would be too hard.

If comcast cant be honest and just say the job can’t be done then do so, but in the good ole american way they kept passing the buck. Good Going Comcast, great way to treat your customers


I ordered digital starter package at $29.99 a minth for six months with free HBO and DVR. My first bill was 38.58. After that first the bill, the bills were over$71 for second bill, over $53 for third, over $53 for the fourth, and so on. In September, I went 23 days with trouble with my service. I made numerous calls for service and refresh signals. four techicians came change everything, but still trouble with services then you charge me foa service call. eventually, I had to cancel service in October with you owing a balance of 82.30 to me.

Now, you send me a refund of $35.06 when you know that you owe me $82.30 and you don’t want to pay it. First, you overcharge for the digital starter package after the first month. Then, you want to keep the money that you owe me and on top of that one of your supervisors hung up on me. You wander why people are switching to dishnetwork and directv because they have better channel reception, they are being over charge, they have more digital channels, and installation and DVRs are free.

You wandering why people are contacting the FCC and Consumer Affairs about your service. This is the reason that I cancel service previous because my bill is never the same from month to month. I am filed a complaint with the FCC and Consumer Affairs and if i have to I will file a civil suit against you for breach of contract and fraud.


After having the “lack-luster” Comcast on-screen guide for years I yearn for those days of yore. Their new “TV Guide” on-screen programming guide leaves me frustrated and confused. The new “guide” has ridiculous ads after every 4 listings (as if anyone with any intelligence wouldn’t automatically skip reading them)that slow your search to the point of irritation. The other thing that really sucks is that you can never go back. Once the show has played you can’t go back to the “guide” if you want to see the name of what has just aired moments before.

DVR service. Whatever happened to the PIP that I had jsut a few months ago? The DVR that you rent to me just stopped providing that service. I liked that. A call to Comcast customer service verified that PIP is no longer available. When asked. Comcast could offer no explanation for the discontinuance of this service. If Comcast wants to make their service more user friendly then why are they taking so many steps backwards?


I am normally not one to complain, however after reading the similar stories about Comcast, I just wonder how large corporations can justify frauding the public this way. Like the other customers, I too was lured from another provider Dish Network) to accepr a $200 gift card offer last march. My bills were paid on time for the last 6 months and still no word from Comcast after 5 telephone calls. I was also told that someone from management will get in touch, what a joke!! Its not only the money, but the idea that they can do this to the general public. I am seriously thinking about filing a class action lawsuit, even if I have to spend thousands of dollars out of my own pocket.

Also, I plan to contact the local media in the Detroit, Mi. metro area to expose this scam.


Comcast’s Triple Play. It’s 5:30PM and I just pulled into the driveway from work. I’m trying to let the dog out, start dinner and relax for a few minutes, when my son comes down from the third floor to tell me our Internet service is down. I’m not too concerned at first, since we’ve had some bad storms within the past two days. I then realize that my husband seems to be watching TV without any problems and the phone is working. I tell my son to call Comcast, 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278).

I’ve got dinner cooking on the stove and I’ve just sat down when my son comes down from the third floor with phone to ear and asks me if we have an Arris modem. Well, I give him one of those, “are you talking to me” looks, and say, “I don’t know, don’t you know?” Well, now I’m up on my feet and following my son up two flights of steps to the third floor. While on the way, he’s telling me that Comcast thinks we’ve been without connection for some time, and could have been connecting remotely through our neighbors’ wireless service. Well, now he’s got my attention, since I’m hearing that I’ve been paying for a service that we haven’t had for some time and obviously didn’t need.

I reach the third floor and I’m trying to do a quick scan through the myriad of electronic devices. I pick up the blue box that reads Linksys and ask, “Is this it?” My son says, “no, he’s telling me we have an Arris Modem and that’s a router, not a modem.” So, I pick up the black box, and I say, “Is this it?” My son says, “No, that’s the Cisco Modem from Comcast.” So, then I say, “OK, I give up, if they know we have an Arris Modem in the house and they installed it, why can’t they tell us where it’s at”? My son says, “what about the box in the basement where the cable lines come into the house?” The tech on phone agrees, but suggests he send a signal to the modem first. We’re instructed to unplug the Cisco modem from the power source and wait for the lights to flash and reset. The tech also mentions at that point, that if we’re speaking to him on a landline phone, we may be disconnected when the signal is sent. He promises to call back, should this happen. We’ll the signal is sent to the modem, we try the Internet and it’s a no go, lose connection with the tech, and, you guessed it, there’s no call back.

I march down two flights of steps, stir the food on the stove, and throw some meat on the grill. Well, now I’m ready to try my hand at calling Comcast. After all, it shouldn’t take that long, how hard can this be? I pick up my cell phone and call the 1-800 number and here’s what I hear on the other end, “please enter your telephone number where you want or have service; please enter your account number; thank you for your recent payment of $148.05…; press 1 if you are having trouble with your service; press 2 if you are having trouble with your high-speed Internet; press 2 for connection issues; we would like to send a signal to your cable modem, but first we must warn you that we may lose connection if you are speaking on your landline phone; press 2 for no signal; press 2 to decline to take a brief 2-minute survey; and please be advised that the call wait time is 9 minutes, due to unusually heavy volume.”

OK, so now I’m on speakerphone, back to stirring the dinner on the stove, turning the meat on the grill, and tech #2 comes on the phone. I’m asked to provide my name, phone #, and a description of the problem. I explain that I was just disconnected from tech #1, hoping to be transferred back, or to pick up from the end of the last conversation. No such luck. I’m told the techs are randomly connected to customer calls. I went through the complete explanation all over again and told him that we already had a signal sent to the modem and that all we’re seeing on the Internet is the Comcast page with instructions on how to set up an account.

I explained that we already have an account, don’t need to set up a new one, and would just like Internet service restored. He insists on resending a signal to the modem and asks for the CMAC 12-digit code on the Arris modem. Ok, so now we’re marching down to the basement with flashlight in hand. We find the black box and we’re instructed to look for the code near the barcode sticker. I find the barcode and read off what’s there. I’m told that’s not the right code and it should be on the back of the box. I say, “the box is connected to the wall, do you want me to rip it off the wall?” The tech says, “Oh no Ma’am, that’s alright, we’ll just resend the signal.” I’m waiting for him to resend the signal and my cell phone goes dead. OK, now I’m determined to find the code on the back of box. The Comcast installer attached it to the wall, so it must detach from the wall. I slide it in four different directions, while my son says, “no, now wait mom, I’ll get it.” Well, it finally comes lose from the wall and sure enough, it says, Arris on the back and there’s a 12-digit code.

Time to take the food off the stove and remove the meat from the grill, but I’ve lost my appetite by now. Husband and son have no problems eating. Son decides it might be best to do the dishes.

I sit with laptop in hand and contemplate the error of my ways. The one perk I have is to occasionally work from home. No X-box or Facebook for my son is one thing, but take away my WFH and that’s another story. I boot up, just per chance the signal the last tech sent might have done the trick. I launch Internet Explorer and there’s that same Comcast account set up page. I notice a Chat option in the upper right corner. Ah ha, maybe I can do better with Chat. I sign on and I’m off and chatting with tech #3.

I explain that I’ve lost Internet service, had the signal sent twice to the modem, and I don’t understand why I’m being directed to an account sign on page. I tell him I have the CMAC, 12-digit code. He tells me he’s going to resend the signal to the modem and not close the chat window. It’s raining now, lighting strikes nearby, and there’s a clap of thunder. My dog bolts past my laptop, rips out the power cord from the back, the screen flickers, and tech #3 is back in cyberspace.

Ok, so now I’ve had it. I plug in my cell phone into the charger, call the 1-800 number, and push 5 to cancel my account. It’s now 9:20PM and I wait another 9 minutes to speak to a customer service representative. I explain that I’m ready to cancel my account after wasting over 4 hours trying to troubleshoot a problem with my Internet service. She listens very intently and then explains in a very apologetic and consoling manner that she is very sorry for the service I’ve received thus far, but she is in the Video Department.

She suggests that I speak with a Supervisor and asks me to hold while she transfers me. I think ah, at last, I’ve reached someone with half a brain who knows how to have a dialog without reading from a pre-scripted sheet of customer responses. After being placed on hold, I begin hearing pre-recorded messages that are designed to encourage customers to take advantage of online, self-service, trouble-shooting for modem issues. Certainly a preferable option, if only you had online service.


They forced me to get a new cable box, and now I can’t do what I’ve been doing for YEARS: Have the DVR record one program, and then switch to the TV set and watch another program entirely. Now you are FORCED to leave it at whatever channel the box is set on. I can’t record one channel on the DVR and watch something else. What a rip off. More choice? More control? BULLSHIT!!! They’re just trying to get me to RENT one of their DVR’s at $15 a month. Well, I can’t afford that much money, and besides, I already OWN my DVR. Then the idiots at Comcast want to charge me for a service call because they claim “it’s not a comcast issue because the DVR is not a comcast device. Morons.


I received another of the hundreds of BS snail mail junk mails this company sends out, and for some reason I opened it this time. In it it states that Comcast/Xfinity will upgrade my modem from their old one I have for free so that I can get the best service. Knowing telecommunications companies, etc… and that they are notoriously trying to set you up for some kind of a future service change that you then can not avoid with their “new great product”, I looked up complains about them and this new modem. I found nothing about this new “free modem upgrade” but I did find a LOT of complaints about how terrible the Xfinity service is. So, I tried to call the number that was in the letter to ask what the pros and cons (which I am sure they would not have told me) are.

First, they were too stupid to realize that the 1800-xfinity number alone does not translate on most cell phone (I no longer have a home phone line), so I could not dial their number – this is a telecommunication company for god’s sake! So, I looked it up online and called in, then after a sequence of 5 different recordings asking me to select this or that, they then said the office was not open at this time! So, suffice it to say, I will be keeping my old modem, because i am pretty sure there is some kind of irreversible “upgrade” that will need to take place and be paid for once I have the new and “better” modem in.


I use to be a big fan of Comcast Cable but ever since the “upgrade” to Xfinity it has just been awful. The old TV directory/menu was intuitive and easy to use. Now it is just a mess. The remote at times is too quick and other times you push the button and wait for something to happen. I get error messages telling me I am not a subscriber when I know I am! Sometimes the DVR records my shows sometimes it doesn’t depending on its mood. It is harder to set the DVR to record now after the “upgrade” to Xfinity. I used to be able to use my picture in picture feature on my TV but since the “upgrade” I haven’t been able to Quite often I can not watch a TV show and record at the same time.

I have to stop recording it to watch it. If I am lucky enough to watch and record the same program then if I go to another channel I get back to the one I am recording unless I stop recording it. . I have gone through three DVRs since the “upgrade” I have techs to the house. The best thing they do is apologize for the service. Just fix it! Xfinity is an absolute disaster. They had a good product but they had to go monkey with it. Just couldn’t leave good enough alone. I absolutely hate it and I am now looking into Direct TV. I am definitely going to drop Comcast and their Xfinity “upgrade”.


Absolutely the worst cable company ever! DVR programs record 6 minutes out of an hour and then cut off. Some programs never record at all even thought they have been set up. Customer service is NON existent. There is n such thing as a manager on duty when you call. Phone reps know nothing except how to reset your box. They will then send a service person to your home in about a week. That person shows up and says they can’t do anything because they don’t carry the equipment on the truck to replace and that I have to wait another week for another appointment to get the same faulty equipment already installed.

The new xfinity programing is 100 times worse than when they were Comcast. I am so sad that I had to sign a contract for two years for this horrible service. When Verizon comes to town… GOODBYE Xfinity forever!


A Comcast saleman convinced me to sign up for Comcast services since my recent residential relocation premises does not allow satelite dishes. However, the rude Comcast technician stated that I must buy my own cable to connect the second TV in the bedroom. He also stated that Comcast does not offer any internet protection online such as McAfee offered by AT & T. I guess he was also lazy. Comcast supervisors do not return my calls in a timely manner. I have waited for over an hour on the phone for customer asistance without any resolution. I even told the technician about the fact that I had gotten an building full of customers with the same problem as I.

However, Comcast treated me like a run away slave with no bill of sale. I have heard horror stories about how Comcast treat its’ customers. I guess I deserve this kind of retribution from Comcast for trusting them in the first place.


Comcast Internet Services has the worst customer service I have dealt with. It all started 3 weeks ago when a contractor doing work at my neighbors house (where the Comcast utility box is located) cut the DSL line which goes from the Comcast box to my house. Since then I have spoken to Comcast’s customer service dept. over 15 times, they have sent out 7 different technicians and I still have the same problem, their cable line has not been buried and is run over my fence and through my deck. The latest situation happened earlier this week.

We had an appointment for a “line crew” to come out & bury the line on Tuesday 6/21. O crew showed up Monday, took a look at the problem & said they’d return Tuesday 6/21 to do the actual work. I called Comcast on 6/21 at Noon, 5:30PM & 8:00PM as nobody from Comcast showed up or called. I was told on all 3 calls that I had an open ticket and that a tech. would be at my home by 9PM. When nobody showed up, I called Comcast again at 9:30PM and was told my appointment was rescheduled for Wed. 6/22. My wife took days off from work Wednesday, we called comcast at 12:30PM, 5:15PM & 7:30PM & were told a tech would be arriving by 9PM.

I called back at 9:30PM when nobody from Comcast showed up & was told that the tech. called my cell phone at 7:00PM to reschedule for today 6/23. Of course this was totally false, a lie… When I pointed out that I called after 7:00PM and was told I had an “open ticket” & that a tech. would be out by 9PM. The customer service rep. apologized and did not have any further information for me except that they would be out today between 9AM-9PM. He also said his “supervisor” would call me (last night) with an explanation. Of course, nobody called last night.

Today, I spoke with a supervisor of the deptmt. which is supposed to come out to my house for the job. He had no explanation and said that it appears the job has been rescheduled for 6/24. When I complained, he said he’d have someone come out today. They are supposed to call me prior to coming, however, I won’t hold my breath. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other DSL options where I live or I would have switched providers a long time ago. If you are considering ordering Comcast Internet Services, do yourself a favor.


Since I have received the new Xfinity on my cable box, I have found, so far, 9 issues that make the old system guide look great! There is no timer to turn off at night, or, if you choose, to wake up to a news program in the morning. I had to spend time on a chat with a specialist to find out how to transfer a recorded program to a DVD. It was very simple, but no instructions on the guide itself. Just start watching the program and press record on your DVD recorder. But, you can’t turn off the cable box like before…you either watch the program or find your TV remote and turn it off.

If you schedule a program to record, the TV and cable box turn on at the same time, no matter that it’s 3:00am. This really SUCKS!….I’m finding another cable company.


I have had problems with Comcast since April 2010. I have been calling them almost 3-4 times a month asking them to fix my problem. Everytime they send a tech person to fix the problem and he reports it to be a signal or no issue at all. But the issue kept coming. Then comcast realised that there as a problem in the line and changed the ground cable. Still no luck so they were changing the cable from ground to my apartment, but since they did not get anyone to answer at the apartment below me they pushed the cable down the heating pipes (This is during winter, November). I requested Comcast to shift the cable to where it belongs.

I was not responsible for any hazzards caused due to cable being pushed through heating pipes. Comcast recently came by and replaced the cable putting it in the right place after arguing for about 30 mins. Now they charged me for the cable change which I have been asking for since November. I have been having issue with Comcast non-stop since April but the only thing they changed is my billing rate. It kept going up. Initially when i told them the problem a peson put me on a promo until the issue was resolved, but the issue was not resolved and the promo ended so I ended up paying more than was i had requested since they increased my internet speed to compensate the decrease of speed due to bad cabling.

This is seriously messed up and I am frustrated beyond belief. I do not know who to get comcast to change my pricing without having slow internet and bad cable. To note: I have been using comcast throughout, since 2006 in my old apartment, did not have a problem until i moved to this new apartment. This is what they do for loyalty. Every time I call now the billing department hangs up on me after putting me on hold, they dont have the curtesy to call back on the number in the account to make sure my issue is resolved.

I called about 4 times today to see if they can resolve the final issue with my billing. They make me explain the story from April 2010 until now and then put me on hold and hang up.


Your recent “updates of technology” to my area have killed my basic cable. I now get flashed on my TV “channel not available….need to get cable box”. I am elderly on a fixed income. Comcast service says there is nothing to be done unless I pay $50 dollars a month for the new box. I don’t want extra channels. I just don’t want that message to appear on all my channels I use to get for my same low price. Why are you trying to make people upgrade to a fancy box. I don’t want lots of music channels. I just don’t want my channels blocked with your comcast advertising for upgrades.

That’s not fair! Thing I have read says I should get a device for free to clear those blocks on my basic cable.


Can it be possible that comcast can continue charging ridiculous fees for services that do not work .I have the package phone, cable, internet and have been having problems with all three services.Also they charge you when they come out to fix the problems that they should take care of since we pay for the services.If you ask to speak to the supervisors they tell you someone will call you back and never do,but keep charging you none the less .I have had about 20 techs come out to my house in the last couple of months and they have done splitters , change boxes now i don’t even get dial tone on my home phone someone should be liable for this.

I think dish network is going to make a killing with all the complaints comcast xfinity is getting .If you have comcast and have had some of this problems change to dish network much better service and reliable techs you can count on.We should all get together and give these complaints to truble shooters so they cannot take advantage of their customers like they do we are all being robbed.


I used to enjoy Comcast’s video on demand. Now with Comcast’s “Xfinity” all I can say is if you love commercials you will love Xfinity. The new Xfinity has destroyed on demand for TV series, which is what I mostly use (or, used to use) Xfinity for. Comcast has both expanded all commercials to full length (prior to Xfinity they were very abbreviated commercials) and disabled any ability to fast forward through a commercial. I never watch live TV with all its commercials. Now you cannot even watch the recorded shows on Xfinity without suffering through 20 to 25 minutes of commercials each hour. On to Netflix or some other TV source for me and hopefully millions of others until Comcast gets the hint.


Dear Comcast, this is my xfinity tv complaints. Who’s bright idea was it to launch a changeover yesterday May 24th in the new Cable TV guide. Someone should be fired. What a way to exasperate and treat loyal high paying Comcast customers with DVR’s and movie packages. Last night The finale of Dancing With the Stars, American Idol at 8pm on another channel.

NBA World Basketball Championship, an important Stanley Cup playoff game, and a Tampa Bay Devil Ray Baseball Game were all on. Many of your loyal customers were using their DVR’s to record these programs. I got no sound on my Tv for hours and only 21 mins of Dancing With the Stars was recorded.

Nothing of American Idal was recorded. The changeover screwed up the system. I called Comcast starting at 10PM last night several times to no avail. The phones were ringing off the hook from what I understand all last night and today when I just called again after stewing all night about the incondieration of Comcast/ Xfinity.

I pay hundreds of dollars each month in 2 states for bundled packages. I have only taped or used my DVR for Dancing With the Stars and American Idol. It is why I pay a monthly fee…a luxury taken away last night on the most important episode of DWTS.

I feel bad for others who are sports fans who were denied the right to see the programs that they pay so dearly for. I feel we should be compensted for service not delivered. I will file a complaint with The Attorney General’s Office regarding this matter. This should generate a class action suit for so many of your disappointed customers last night.

Sincerely Yours for years and years,

Paula Benham


We absolutely hate the new comcast guide change. It’s retro like it was TV guide in the 70’s when cable first came out, very visually distracting and confusing, and hard to maneuver. The buttons suck and don’t work as well as they use them for their function. We will be looking for another carrier as a result of this backwards slide. I do not enjoy the ads for movies at the bottom of the guide and while I used to enjoy my tv watching, I don’t like it at all now.


Comcast customer service BLOWS! I’ve had more problems with trying to fix things then actually enjoying any service. If it’s not my cable box or card not receiving the correct channels and having to “re-ping” it a million times with no better a result, it is how my e-mail account needs are not met. As long as a person’s service is stable, the service seems great, but the moment he/she has a problem, he/she should expect huge hurdles, fiery hoops, and long delays. “They’ll get to ya when they get to ya.”… My frustration, and their total LACK of CUSTOMER SERVICE is becoming to much.

I would probably be happier with a slower connection, if it came with better…any… customer service. If you have similar complaints, please take the time to contact your local advocate. 7 on your side was my choice. With enough publicity, Comcast will not have a choice, but to address THEIR problem.


I signed up with comcast at thanksgiving of 2010, was told my rebate would be 6 to 8 weeks. It is now coming up to 5 months and no rebate. 10 calls to comcast and each time someone said a person would get back to me. Not one returned phone call. Before you believe what they say think twice the worst service I have ever had in my life. There saying that with comcast servive is the most important thing is nothing but bs.


A tech was supposed to come to our house to install new equipment from our Comcast cable plan. The tech never showed, nor did anyone from Comcast bother to call to us and explain the situation or say we needed to reschedule or apologized for the no show. Called again, was assured that someone would be out next week to do the installation. Guess what, did not happen again and no call and no show. Called a third time, was told that someone would get back within four hours, how about we’re still waiting. Sometimes paying MORE for better services is so worth it when you avoid these kinds of problems. GO AT&T because COMCAST SUCKS BIG TIME.


Is it me or is it possible that xfinity is actually worse than comcast? On demand is an excellent feature when it works, which for me is about 60% of the time. Errors codes, claims to “try again momentarily” as a program cuts out in the middle of watching it with no result hours later, and lack of consistent updates really makes this a frustrating experience. Want to keep up with a season of your favorite show? Here’s the most popular codes if anybody else is curious. Get on demand, keep up with it for a few episodes, then wait a couple of weeks for episode 5 to pop up with no avail, but 6 might be there, or 4 twice. Im trying to follow a season on demand for a show that currently reads S4E3 S4E4 S4E6 S4E6 S4E9. AWESOME! At least I can watch fragments of series I am at work for and miss, thanks Xfinity.

For crying out loud, get your sh*t together comcast/xfinity, we pay for this service to WORK. I write this as I was watching a program that froze midway through and haven’t been able to access the on demand feature since. Its bad when you have to pirate basic cable programming because it simply wont work on demand. If you want to know how to fix the error codes the most common of them can be fixed easily.


On 3-15 I placed an order with Comcast to provide me with Telephone, Internet and TV. I was told the equipment for my order would be at my house by 3-22. On 3-24, I still had not received my equipment. I called Comcast and asked the status. The agent said he would have to talk to his manager. He came back on line and told me that the person that originally took my order had not “released” the equipment to ship. He told me as a result of Comcast error, he would ship the equipment overnight and I would have it on 3-25. He gave me a confirmation number and told me that I could track the shipment at On 3-25 I went on line for 20 min. and could NOT find any way to track my order.

I called Comcast and after lots of waiting got a rep who told me that there is no way to track an order on He transferred me to another department. The rep from the new department told me that the order was NOT shipping overnight and I would get it in 3-5 business days. I asked to talk to his supervisor who was Monik Employee# Semo0610. Monki told me that Comcast did not have any equipment to ship due to their vender delays and that all orders in March had been delayed due to this. I asked Monik why none of the half-dozen Comcast employees I had spoken to had told me this. Instead they all said “you will get your components in x-days”.

Monik could not tell me when the order would ship, but it would not be before April. She then told me that I would need to go through the “Order Release” process all over again because this needed to happen AGAIN because the order was delayed. I asked to speak to her superior and was told that there was no person I could talk to and that Comcast managers do not receive or return calls.
So, right now, I have been lied to a number of times and I have no idea when I will get my equipment. This is not a way to run a company and I WILL NOT accept this kind of extremely bad service.


I have enjoyed the convenience of the Comcast On Demand feature for many years and that is why I stayed with Comcast. Lately I have found that programs (Harry’s Law) come and go. Now I cannot find it at all. Episodes of other programs I like are random now. I have been catching up on “The Good Wife” episodes and watched the last three consecutive shows for the months of Feb. and March and then all of a sudden the most current March episode comes up as a year old 2010 episode. When I called Comcast they said “Oh you don’t get all the episodes, just some.” What good is that? And if they are not consecutive, what’s the point? I am shopping around for another service provider after this last incident.


i have internet by comcast now for several years, one year ago i switched with voice xfinity because they told me that i will save money. turns out this is a scam they charged twice as much for what i was paying before. i would recommend to cancel comcast xfinity service to whoever is reading this!


I called trying to set up arrangements to pay my Comcast bill which was set to be turned off tomorrow. I was unable to do so. Under normal circumstances i would be able to pay it considering i get paid today but its a blizzard going on outside. I couldn’t get my check and everything is closed. I find it very insensitive that no arrangements with Comcast could be made for me. Now not only am i stuck in the house, now i wont have any TV. I am very displeased with Comcast!


I just subscribed to Comcast on their $29.99/month promotion for 12gb. I thought it was a great deal and so I switched to their service. The first issue I had with them was when their first scheduled installation did not arrive in their specified time frame at all! Then I got my bill claiming that I owed them $190. Of course I thought it was some simple mistake, but as you have probably read, Comcast customer service department is HORRIBLE and I had to wait for a long time to speak with a rep. All in all, it has been so frustrating dealing with Comcast!


If you ever decide to go with Comcast service, make them send it to you in writing. I recently switched to a bundled Comcast service (internet/tv and phone) after a CS rep lied to me and claimed I would save money by switching my phone from Qwest to theirs. I told them I was paying $50 at Qwest and $66 to Comcast per month. That’s $116. The Comcast rep told me if I switched they would pay all installation charges for phone and that my total bill per month would be $114.

Needless to say, after switching, and having NUMEROUS technical issues which required calling for repairs, plus unauthorized tampering with my account password, choice of paper billing, and ring tones, internet service going down, phone service going down, 2 visits by Comcast technicians to set up and repair what they did…my new bill was $195.

I called to complain and they had billed me $27 for a “trouble call” – although at no point was I told I would be billed for anything. They also mysterious had me paying $1.99/m for their Service Protection Plan – which I never requested- but fortunately they did because I had to call technical support so often to get things working. Even now I am getting dropped calls and spotty phone service. I had to file a claim with the BBB to get them to address the “trouble call”…and they lied to the BBB Agent about having credited it to me already. I am still fighting with them over it.

In short – DO NOT TRUST WHAT ANY COMCAST SALESMAN SAYS – get it in writing, video tape it, record it – to prove later what they said to you, otherwise they will deny it. They will say they are taking down your complaint for a credit and must “forward it for approval, which will take 48 hours” and then, when you call 48 hrs later to see what happened, they will have no record of it, and tell you the same thing over again. This is how they will string you along. Comcast needs to be sued with a class action lawsuit for deceitful sales practices.


Comcast is the worst pack of lying thieves I have ever had the displeasure to deal with. Since we had the Comcast modem, we asked Comcast where we should return it for our money back and were told to bring it to the office in Savannah, GA. It has now been 3 months, and since we have not received our money back, we called Comcast. They have no records of our returning the modem, even though we have a receipt with all the information. They refuse to pay since they have no records, even though we have an official receipt. What a bunch of low life, lower than whale poop in the bottom of the ocean thieves. I’ll have to sue them to get my money back. Utter thieves. Nothing but thieves and liars.


Comcast is the worst company!! I was lied to by a customer service representative and charged over 200 dollars (2mths) for BASIC cable and internet service. It all started when I got Comcast. After getting online and it being so slow I called Comcast and told them I had a NEW computer and being online was awfully slow. I call Comcast and sure enough I was outraged! No one ever gets back to me. I was dealing with lots of personal issues and truly had NO TIME to deal with COMCAST, so I said okay and let it go…My internet it still very slow, and comcast raised my price to over 100 a month for basic service and never fixed my internet problem.


People say comcast cable shame on them, but what do you mean shame on them? You just admitted you were getting more channels than you were entitled to, for what you pay. So when they realize it, they have to charge you properly or you do without. YOUR choice. I have Brighthouse and I don’t get a free ride. If I want the channels for my daughter and my HBO, I have the choice but it costs. Basic TV is free, but you want more, you have to pay. Why are you anymore special than the other subscribers paying Comcast. At least you had it free before AND they didn’t ask you to pay retroactively (now that would be shameful of them).


I have been a Comcast customer for probably 18 years. 13 through my condo which I had no dealings with, but 5 since I purchased my home. For the most part things were fine, despite the fact periodically they raised the prices or required new equipment without letting me know.  I contacted Comcast to see about having my bill reduced and possibly add DVR service. Increases are automatic, decreases you have to ‘beg’ for. Comcast has chosen to not respond to me this time. No phone calls no e-mails. I so want to send this to the newspapers. It is wrong.


Comcast cable television will not let me cancel my service!!!! I HAD TO CALL THE CITY GOVT. TO START A COMPLAINT ABOUT THIS AND THE FOLLOWING INFO: the worst more disrespectful, rudest, most arrogant smart assed kids for customer service. you will go down along with att. i am canceling my service with joy! complete JOY! you should all be without jobs and poor and begging in the streets and maybe you well figure out you were so bad to customers who were paying your paycheck. good riddance to trash!!!


My request is seemingly simple. I want copies of 3 statements from 2009 to confirm that I was not being charged for two modems back then. I recently found out that Comcast had been charging me two modem fees when I only had one modem. After being lied to on the phone (told I was double charged for 3 months only) I traced back statements as far as they can be viewed online (about one year) and then Comcast refunded the double charge for that full year. Three months later and 31 emails back forth and I still don’t have them.

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