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Sears is one of the oldest department stores in the United States. Originally founded as Sears & Roebuck Co., the business was made famous for their "Sears Catalog" that would come out each year. 

Today, you can find Sears stores across the country selling a variety of items including: Clothing, Mattresses, Eyeglasses, Lawn Equipment, and more. Some states even have Sears automotive centers that can service your vehicle while you shop.

Common issues against Sears generally relate to rude employees, warranty refunds, technical problems, poor quality products, and the automotive center.

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A repairman was at my house on June 19,2019, to fix my ice maker in my refrigerator. He ordered the part and it has not even been shipped yet. I have spent hours on hold with different departments trying to find out what is going on. Each department transfers me to another department and I sit on hold there. I have been told this morning that my part is in the warehouse waiting to be shipped by UPS, but they can't tell me when it will be. I have a maintenance agreement on this refrigerator and I need to know what is going on and when I will get my ice maker fixed. I am not a happy customer!
Dottie Carroll
Phone: 903-896-1407 This is a land line. If I am not at home, please leave me a number that I can reach you directly.


I was satisfied until about a week ago. I had a blower but could not be repaired due to all the repair shops being closed in this area, I received a call last we and they rewarded me $310. and instructed me to go to the nearest Sears store, which was Hoover AL. This was an hour 17 minute drive for me. I called and they said they would have to order it on line. My question is why do I have to drive to have them place an order for me. I called the phone numbers today that was provided about 6 times and they said to call back in 2 hours this went on all day. I am not sure what to do. they only gave me 90 days, No Sears stores close to me. Phone number 334 285 4000.


we bought a lawn tractor in july of last year,used it 3 times,started it up in april it wouldn't
start had done all maintenance,called sears they sent a tech out he said I needed a new motor,waited 3 weeks for motor and tech, another tech came out said I didn't need a motor
that the first tech screwed up belt,he fixed it ,next day started tractor wouldn't go forward
or backward tech came out again adjusted something ran tractor and left,tractor ran for 20
minutes tech came out today said I needed another belt. gonna take another 2 wks wow


I order a 2 bagger CM42 on March 23, 2019. I was not made aware I only had 45 days in which to return the bagger, if I had, I would have put the bagger together to see if it fits the lawn mower. I was told when I ordered the bagger that it would fit my Craftsman riding lawn mower so I was not worried about that. On May 29, 2019 I put the bagger together because our mowing season just started. I was shocked to discover that the bagger did not fit my Craftsman mower. I immediately called Sears Parts they gave me another number (800) 349-4358. After speaking with this department they told me I only had 45 days in which to return the bagger (unused) and they would not return the bagger. So I am stuck with a brand new bagger that does not fit my Craftsman lawnmower. This leaves me with a $340.00 bagger I cannot use. The sales check number is 093003453460. I have been a loyal Sears customer for over 40 years and unfortunately because of this I can no longer shop at Sears.


La manager no me atendió vien de moreno valley mall. Compre unos zapatos hace como 2meses o menos y tienen un defecto como de fábrica tiene la costura muy filoza .y me lastima mi pie está mal cosido . Pero la manejadora me llegó de mala actitud y me empezó a hablar muy grasera y en tono alto . Lla me estaba cambiando los zapatos y cambio de actitud y dijo que no q ese es mi problema que por qué Llo tenía que ver los zapatos antes y Llo no los mire . además me sentí como discriminación por ser mexicano




On oven #2 due to #1 unfixable. Now#2 broken. Both ovens have had repairs. I want a full refund to purchase something else elsewhere. I’m reporting you to bbb. Rated 2 zeros for both machines.


What a joke!!!! There is a reason Sears has filed chapter 13 over and over again. Purchased a service agreement. Can't get our appliance properly serviced in a timely manner. To order a waterpump it is going to take a week to 10 days!! I can go online and order it overnight and have it hear. They will NOT do that. This is the third time this has happened Save yourself the money and save away from SEARS.


Sears delivery team brought the WRONG refrigerator to my house. I paid 2600 for that refrigerator. They were advised that's the wrong refrigerator. They immediately took it back with them and advised me someone will contact me soon. It has been 6 hours and no one has contacted me yet. I have reach out to customer service several times and received nothing but POOR service with plenty of lies. Please will someone contact me regarding this matter. I took off from work so I could be at home to get my refrigerator but look what happen, I don't have any refrigerator. I thought Sears was top of the line but they service toady is beyound HORRIBLE AND SAD.


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My Sears Home Warranty number is 99073846. This is an URGENT matter I am a 79 year old lady that needs her medicine refrigerated.

It is unacceptable to have to wait over 1 month for a repair. This is a major appliance this is a necessity for living. I need someone to help me.

My entire refrigerator and freezer is not working. My first service call was on 12/19, my freezer and ice maker were not working, my service order #SCCLCVQX7Z.

The service technician said I needed a new motor, I waited 1 week for a new motor to arrive, then it took another 2 weeks to get an appointment for installation. On 1/9 the service technician installs the new motor and leaves, since he was going back and forth to his vehicle I had no idea that he even left. My freezer and ice maker are still not working and now the refrigerator part is not working either (entire unit not cooling). I called to reschedule and was given an appointment for another 2 weeks out and I was given a new service order # SCCM1WJ9FT.

Why was i given a new service order and why is it showing on the online account my old claim number closed?

The job was never fixed and now i have my refrigerator part not working either. Also he took my old motor, i want my old motor back.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.
This as been a month, this morning someone fro cross country call me with the information of a new a appointment no one show up. I am very upset no food in the refrigeter, I need help, or I will put on TV.


handle on dryer came off. Technician came to fix it on 1/11/19, service order # 42103194. Technician did good job, no problems with him. Problem is charges. He was here for a half hour or less, fixed the handle and checked whole machine. I was told about the $99. diagnostic fee in advance, and I figured there would be a parts charge. Big surprise: Labor cost : $126.44. Routine job cost $279.91. Outrageous amount. Long time Sears appliance customer, never got hit like this before. Will think twice before using this service again.


Ordered items from Nine of the items were to be delivered before christmas and 9 items were to be picked up at the store in Kennesaw.

Items to be picked up at store (9 in total):

7 items were picked up just fine. 2 of the items were unable to be found by the store. They refused to process a refund. They said I had to mail in some receipt they gave me in order to receive a refund for one of those items. The other item, was located a week later and they wanted me to make another trip to the store to pick up the missing item.

Items to be delivered (9 in total).

4 items were delivered. 1 item was a pair of brown boots but in the box there was just a left boot. No one know what happened to the right boot. Contacted SEARS Customer service and all they could do was offer a refund. They would not ship out a replacement unless I paid them more money. I refused to pay them anything else so they said they could not help me. After I go off the phone with them they processed a refund.

5 other items were suppose to be mailed to me before Christmas. When I went on their website, the 5 items were still sitting in their warehouse on 12/21. Contacted them to see what was going on and why nothing was being mailed to me. They advised that the items would not be delivered until 12/27. The only thing they could do was refund the expedited fee I paid for early delivery. When I asked why they could not get on the phone and get the items to me. Both supervisor and agent could not answer the question. They had no clue how to resolve anything at all. Asked to speak with someone else and the "supervisor" said there was no one above him. Finally go off the phone with those useless agents cause I was getting nowhere.

On 12/27, package was suppose to be received with 5 items. I received a small box with one pair of shoes. Label said it was suppose to weigh 12 pounds but box weighed 1-1.5 lbs. Contacted customer service again.

Asked them were al 5 shoes actually mailed and they did not know.

Asked them if it was only suppose to be 1 box and they did not know.

Asked them if they could locate the missing 4 shoes and they had no answer.

Asked to speak with a supervisor and they said there wasn't a supervisor. My only option is the customer service agent on the phone. After about 3 calls and hours on the phone, agent offered to submit an email to escalation and advised me I should get a response within 24 hours. Called them the next day after 24 hours and the new line was it take 72 hours for escalation to respond. In the meantime, they have the 4 missing shoes and all of the money I paid and still no products or good customer service. I had to file a BBB complaint this evening.

Do not buy anything else from SEARS. They have relocated their customer service department to India. These agents are not problem resolution agent. Their job is just to get you off the phone. If they can appease you by giving some of your money back, they will try it. If there is an actual problem needing some form of tracking, research, solution or common sense, their customer service dept is unhelpful. They will not transfer you to someone who can make a decision or use common sense to come to a resolution. I am so disgusted with Sears at this point.


Purchased washer and dryer. Sears cancelled delivered during the delivery time frame and rescheduled for 5 days later. ON delivery day they were 5 hours late and then bought the wrong dryer. I'm still waiting the correct dry. Called 3 different customer service numbers. One said my order did not exist. Second said it might be delivered in next 2 days but no sure. Third said the dry model is not offered by Sears. .I could barely understand any of the because of the thick accents. Email to customer service and CEO go unanswered.

Use to buy all my major appliances from Sears along with all car tires and batteries. Will never shop at Sears again.


i will never purchase a sears, craftsman, or kenmore tool, or appliance again.
getting parts is too hard ordering and time consuming.
no easily accessible store to acquire parts.
no real customer service.
i will not buy you clothes tools or appliances in the future
the only thing that you have done right is today version or your repair services on major appliances and it is a pity i will soon no longer need them.


I purchase Tractor Lawmn Mover in January 2017 paid in full including 4 y. waranty.
Upon delivery in February /2017 I notice that Tractor wa unpacked and IT WAS A Wron Model. I contacted Sears and was reassured that since Sears did not have that tractor(Craftsman 42 ) they send me Craftsman 46.
At 1st try we have problems that tractor NOT STARTING. We call and Sears send repair person. Batery was replaced and almost immediately after another use Battery was DEAD again. We have to call Every Month and battery was replaced evry time and we been sugested that there is Alternator if the Battery new is been dying after ONE TIME/ Each TIME USE.
In August we finally got Battery from Craftsman by same tech. After Hurricane Irma we been using Tractor until March 2018 where suddenly Tractor stop , although motor running.
We call Repair and young guy came on property , barrely bend his body make picture on from site and we been told : "IS a Belt problem".
He attempted get belt via phone and than left without saying, living keys at door . 3 Person witnesses of such "REPAIR" as we have next door Marina Storage where manger is on duty 24hours and we are living next door. We call and agreed ordered Belts. We did and call for
Repairs schedules was running and NO BODY shown up over and over. Same manger been calling for Service waranty repair when suddenly after more that 5th/ 3mo we been told that "TRACTOR is BEEN under WATER........" and they have pictures....
We demand for pictures and ask for Representative Tech. to come as by that time we Lifted Tractor , same people who was @ First service repair LIFT TRACTOR and we took pictures . THERE IS NO RUST! And HOW Could be when MOTOR is Working w/ one turn of keys, except is tractor is not moving.
We Place Numerous demand for Reapr of TRANSMISSION as tractor NEVER WAS UNDER ANY WATER as wa on 5 FEET ELEVATD GROUNDS for what we have proof . Tractor was working October, November, December2017, January, February 2018 and MOTOR is working , therefore if RUST... by that time the wheels. and other parts of tractor including MOTOR IT SELF Would Not be working.
On about before June 25 we receive call from customer Solution Mr Willson who inform us that Sears will Replace Tractor in about 5-10-20 days and provide us w/ REFERRENCE #5805910 .
After waiting we contact Sears on 7/15, 7/16, 7/17 and asking for where / when we have OR REPAIR or Refurbished tractor and provide Refference # to a customer service representative.
We ask for resolution as we Paid A LOT of Money for LEMON and Now we entitled for REPAIR TRANSMISSION per Waranty.
And been told to wait 72 hours.
We just got another new reply for refusal to repair while Sears Have charged us A Lot for waranty that is not performed and we consider been Abused , coerse into scam contract when when we receive "LEMON " TRACTOR &"LEMON SERVICE FRAUD" from Sears REBOOK Company.


I purchase a washer/dryer combination about 7 months ago. 5 weeks ago, the washer broke down. I called sears because it was still under warranty. They sent out a service guy a week later. He said you need this part and it was ordered. Made an appointment for another service call in another week. Another service man came out said that wasn't the part that was needed and that I had a very complicated machine and he couldn't fix it but that he did not know what it needed. He later called and said that he contact the first service man and that man thinks it may need a different part which was ordered. Another appointment for service was set up a week later, but the part didn't come so another appointment had to be set up a week later. Another service man showed up for that appointment and well that was the part needed either, but when he plunged it in the motor sparked and he figured I needed a new motor. He notified his supervisor that he would recommend a replacement. So, I waited and waited to hear something, a finally called the warranty phone number that I had to find out at my sears store here in Appleton. No one else would give me that number. The warranty dept said that the claim was denied. I said so what are you going to do? She said "Oh does you machine not work" NO!!!! I said it still does not work. She said well the case is closed. So now I had to reopen the case and another service man is coming tomorrow.

Am I crazy or is this service I am receiving from Sears terrible or what. I think it is. I have been waiting over 5 maybe 6 weeks for my washer to be fixed and now tomorrow I am getting a new service repair man here who does not have the part he needs so basically I am starting all over.

Please please please make me like Sears again!!!! Fix this!

Donna Brugge


I purchased a part on 2/15/18 from the Sears Home Central Parts and Repair Center located at 7353 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78245. I have tried calling them about 30 times over the past 6 weeks and nobody there answers the telephone. The number appears to be valid. Can you find out if the number is correct and if so, why nobody answers the phone there? The number on the invoice I have is I have is (210) 523-3469. Thanks.


In 2015 I bought a Kenmore Elite top-loading automatic washer, Model #796.3162#31#. In Nov 2017 the Valve Assembly, Inlet part # 5221EA1008F had to be replaced. This repair cost me $352.73. The appliance repair man said this part should have lasted 10 years or longer. I buy Sears products because they are suppose to be a good quality product for the amount I paid. I am very upset about spending that much money on a part that should have lasted another 8 years. I also spent another $30.00 dollars going to a laundry mat to wash my cloths while waiting on the parts to come in and be installed. Because of this I will probably take my business elsewhere when I need a new product.

Robert W Cox


I was expecting a refrigerator to be delivered within the time window texted. I received 2 additional texts delaying delivery. When checking Sears website, more time delays were added. When I tried calling the delivery service phone number I was lied to( told they were there & when asked time so I could check my security camera footage was told to call back tomorrow) . When I contacted Sear Customer Service was told that delivery ceases at 9 pm. I advised the representative that sears website indicated 9:48pm delivery time. Nothing was accomplished. Upon another call from CS the sale was canceled. Total confusion, no help and no resolution other than canceling sale!


I have Sears Home Warranty, my dryer was not working, made an appointment which was weeks out, after a week I called to see if anyone can come sooner, was given the option of an outside source AIrtech, who came out in a couple of days (last week). The dryer was fixed but by the end of the week was not working again. I called sears this weekend to have someone come back out I was given a confirmed appointment for today between 4 and 6 pm, no one showed up. I called sears and was told that it is up to me to call Airtech and confirm a time and date. I asked so now I have to deal with this company even though I am paying Sears and what would it take to get Sears involved. I was told I had to contact Airtech they will give me an appointment since they started the repair if they can not fixed it they should reimburse me my 75 dollars back, if they find a new problem I will not have to pay. I asked why did Sears not tell me when I called that the confirmation time and date means nothing that I have to call to setup a time and date.This is not the service I am use to from Sears, please provide some sort of feedback please.
Your appointment is confirmed for Monday, January 29, 2018at 4:00 PM — 6:00 PM. Below is the email from sears: Thanks for your help. My number is 706 951 0652

The authorized Service Provider assigned to you is:


We're sending them to:


Important reminders:

Your deductible is due at time of service. (If unsure of your deductible amount, please see your Welcome Kit) Your service provider will diagnose the issue and recommend the best option based on your coverage.
Covered repairs are guaranteed for 6 months. If we didn't get it right the first time, you won't have to pay the deductible again.
See the FAQ below for additional information


If you need to reschedule or have any other questions, please call your plan's dedicated toll-free number (located in your welcome kit). Be sure to reference Service Order # SCCL1L6SMJ.




I am at wits end with Sears. In August, Sears came to my home to repair an elliptical. That was a 15 minute call. I was told the tech would arrive within a 4-8 hour period -- which was the case with every subsequent visit and was hugely inconvenient with my work. The service technician diagnosed the problem as being a faulty console, so I paid by credit card for a $95 service visit plus over $400 for the console. When the parts arrived, I scheduled a followup visit -- another 15 minutes on the phone. Turns out the console didn't fit my machine, so the correct model was ordered. When it arrived, I scheduled a third visit -- another 15 minutes on the phone. Tech person arrived, turns out the console wasn't the problem. Rather, it was one of three other parts -- all of which got ordered. It took 6 weeks for the parts to arrive -- in the interim, I called Sears twice to check on the status of parts and was promised a response -- each call was at least 15 minutes, and no followup occurred. When the parts arrived, I scheduled a followup visit -- another 15 minutes. The day of the visit, the tech had to cancel, and I got a call from Sears to call them back to reschedule -- another 15 minutes. In the interim, I had to change the date of service, which I did on line. However, I got three calls from Sears prior to the rescheduled service date seemingly unaware that I had changed the date. The service tech arrived, finally, and it turns out the problem was solved by a circuit board that cost about $60. After the visit, however, I discovered that the service tech had not reassembled the machine properly, so I needed a further visit to fix that problem. The rescheduling took 15 minutes on the phone. He arrived, and the fix was finally made -- in mid-November, three months after the first call. The tech issued me an itemization subtracting the cost of the parts I did not end up using, and said Sears would issue a refund. I called Sears to confirm, which they did -- which took another 15 minutes. No refund came after 3-4 weeks, so I called back. I was promised the refund, and a $30 gift card as compensation for all of the time on the phone and the 5 separate service visits necessitated by Sears' misdiagnosis -- a token "compensation" given the 20-30 hours of my time wasted. Again, no refund arrived, and now tired of having to spend 15 minutes or more on the phone, i tried Sears' "chat" feature. They said I needed to call. So I called, and was promised the check would be sent. They also disclosed a refund amount that was less than originally promised, so I asked for itemization -- this was a 40 minute call bouncing between people and waiting on hold. They had no record of the original amount, so I asked that the itemization of the refund be emailed to me. They emailed the new amount. It was still wrong, and I emailed back my explanation. And asked that the undisputed amount be sent -- along with the gift card. Sears responded that they needed my address for sending the check and gift card. I emailed it back. They said I needed to call. So I called -- another 15 minutes -- and gave the address. Sometime later, I got a call saying Sears' needed my credit card. I emailed and asked that they use the same card I used for the original visit. Sears responded that this information was not available, and I needed to call. So I called, and it took 20 minutes of processing time on the phone before the service rep would even take my credit card information. Then the rep said she had no record of the $30 gift card promise, and it would not be provided. So, i concluded the conversation expressing my sincere disappointment and frustration, and sent a final request by email to Sears.

So, after nearly a dozen phone calls of at least 15 minutes each, 5 service visits to repair one part -- each one requiring me to miss 4-8 hours of work, I have had to put in an INCREDIBLE amount of time for one relatively minor repair project. My observation of Sears' customer service is that the email and chat functions are basically useless as the direction in every case was to call customer service. Customer service is virtually useless because every call requires starting from scratch, verifying basic address information (which they ask me to confirm as opposed to asking me to provide for security purposes), repeating prior calls, regularly placing me on hold for unexplained reasons, and then only being able to repeat whatever information is on their screen. Every question I asked had to be referred to an "offsite research team" that would respond within 24-48 hours, and when they did, it was only to repeat their prior information but not actually address the concerns I raised. It was a brick wall. Every time I asked for a supervisor, I was told it was not possible.

Bottom line, I can see why Sears is struggling to remain viable. The entire customer interface system involves telephone representatives who have a difficult time communicating with customers, computer systems that do not allow the representatives to see a full case history in real time, a customer interface protocol that necessitates customers go through no less than 15 minutes on the phone with a CSR for even the smallest of issues, a lack of a complaint escalation process to supervisors, an email/chat system that is entirely window dressing, a lack of adequate record-keeping, and finally -- no sense of addressing real customer complaints.

At this point, even though I respect Sears' long history and Chicago roots (where I have some family), I don't see how I could ever do business with Sears again given these circumstances. I am taking the time to report here because my efforts to complain directly through Sears hit a wall.

Thank you.
Portland Maine


I want my refund of $900.00 I bought washer and dryer from the sears store in st Louis. I paid cash, They picked up them both. I have been waiting three weeks. Many telemarketers have said the check is the mail. I WANT MY MONEY !!!!!!!!!


My wife bought me a pair of hiking boots on August 21, on sale, to give to me on Christmas. She was assured if I was not satisfied with them, the boots could be returned within 30 days AFTER Christmas. I found the boots in an upstairs bedroom in September, and asked her about them. She said they were a Christmas present but now that I found them I could wear them now. I told her I had already purchased a pair of hiking boots a few months before and did not need them. We took them back to the store only to be told it was day 33 after the sale and we could not return them or get our money back. Sears policy is no returns accepted AFTER 30 days. We explained to the salesperson and the supervisor


I have many Sears complaints so I will start listing them now. First, a failure of initial product (upright freezer) to perform. Second, a failure of Sears to deliver selected replacement upon stipulated date. Third, a failure of Sears to offer amenable solution beyond the 30 day lag in delivery. Fourth, a loss of food stored above and beyond maintenance agreement. And finally, a failure of Sears to stipulate that an additional delay will not occur.


I am really disappointed by the service by sears and its poor management. I was really disrespected by one of the sears manager when I was really polite in response to my question about the return policy and she was unprofessional and tried to interrupt me without responding to my questions about the return policy. She tried to ignore me and it felt like she was winning in front of me by ignoring me I was wonder if sears management work to make violent against different race.


I bought the wrong blades for my craftsman tractor. The center hole wasn't right. Took them back found the right blades witch were more money and that was fine but they wouldn't credit me the full amount of what I paid for the wrong blades. They would only credit me the lowest selling price. I normally buy a new tractor there about every 3 years. But now I'll never buy another one there. Local mower shop just got all my mower business.


I purchased a Kenmore upright bagless vacuum not quite 2 years ago (Model 115.31125310. The belt broke, I got the part number from the Vac. manual and tried to find it on line but could not. Called Sears and they could not help me either. Went to the Robinson store and the salesman and I could not find the belt in the store so the salesman found one we thought would work ( Kenmore 39000). Put it on my vac. and the 1st I used it the belt broke. Went back and another salesman tried to find the (598006 # from manual) and could not but he felt the 39000 one was right refunded me the original one and I bought the second one.

Again the belt broke when in use. I am up set with Sears and want to know why I can't get the belt listed in my manual for my Vac. If they don't make it anymore what belt and part # takes it place. Salesmen at Sears could not find that info on their in store computers. Come on Sears this should not be so hard even if my vac. is 2 years. Give me the info I need to buy the right belt.


On February 24th 2015, I ordered online a craftsman snow blower. I used it for about 3 hours later that month. I then stored the snow bower in a building until November 2015. When I tried to start the blower it would not start and I was using the electric start option. In November I took the blower to Sears and they sent it off to be fixed. The repair people said the carburetor needed cleaned. I stored the blower in my basement for two weeks and got it out to start it because a snow storm was coming. Guess what - it would not start again. I took it back to Sears in Beckley WV and they sent it off again. Three weeks later I went to pick it up.

The repair people said they cleaned the carburetor again. I took some gas with me and a long extension cord and before I loaded it up in my truck and with the Sears customer service employees watching I tried to start it again using the electric start option and it still would not start. I asked the manager if he could refund me the purchase price, he went to call someone and came back and said that we had to send it off again to be fixed. Well the snow season is almost over. I have shoveled snow for several hours already. I would like a new snow blower or my money back so I can buy a different snow blower. I think I have bought a lemon.


I placed two orders within the last 3 months, each order had parts missing. Then I have to wait for parts. Had a washer and dryer delivered today can't use because of the missing parts. Two times this has happen which is getting a little ridiculous.


I called to schedule a service call for my dryer. I didn't call the company I had purchased the dryer from because I believed Sears to be a more reliable company. I was told I needed to be home between 1 and 5 PM. Being a teacher I said I could be home by 4PM, that was rejected and I was given a Saturday appointment during those times. At 4:41 PM I was called my the technician to say he would be here between 5:15 and 5:30.

At 5:33 PM I called to find out where he was and was told he would be here around 6:30 PM. I was offered a $50 Sears card as compensation. My husband and I had dinner plans that had to be cancelled because of the late arrival of the technician. I asked to speak to a supervisor and eventually was connected to one. I asked for the house call to be free since it was now well out of the promised appointment time. I was told that wouldn't be possible.

I cancelled the appointment and said I would not purchase another appliance from Sears. For a company that advertises as being very reliable-it isn't! I'm very disappointed and sorry I wasted my time waiting for anyone to arrive. This doesn't even rate 1 star, but I can't find a way to cancel out the one star.


First, I tried posting a comment to the MySears feedback section but couldn't log in. I tried resetting my password but was sent a link that didn't work. Please help me with this issue. Second, I am extremely upset with the way business has been conducted during my most recent purchase. My SaleCheck # is 028290821539 for future reference. I purchased a mattress and box-spring set from Ruby Cordero at your Victorville store on 12-19-15 and a month later I have no mattress to sleep on.

On the first delivery, I received the wrong size mattress and box-springs but was advised by the delivery guys to keep them and call for an exchange. I agreed and called the store immediately. After speaking with someone the next day, I was told that someone would be contacting me about the exchange and potential price differences. I did not object to this and understood the situation. I was given a delivery date for the mattress of the correct size. On the the day of the scheduled delivery I made arrangements to be home during the delivery window indicated. About 30mins before the end of the delivery window I received an automated call letting me know that there wouldn't be a delivery and that someone would contact me about rescheduling a delivery. This was strike 2 on this order. I agreed to give you guys another shot despite wanting to cancel my order completely.

Over the next few days I waited for a new delivery date. I was called twice with no delivery date but instead getting an automated message telling me that there had been a delay with the order. After the second call, I decided to call the store where I had purchased the mattress. I spoke with a gentleman named Michael there and tried to cancel the order. Michael indicated to me that to cancel the order I had to show up to the store in person. I went to the store in an attempt to cancel the order.

Michael told me that he would speak with his manager to see what he could do. I left the store without having cancelled the order but expecting to hear about the cancellation soon after. A few days later I received a call from Michael not about the cancellation but to give me a new delivery date. I told him that I was not interested in getting a delivery and that I just wanted to cancel. Michael told me that he would speak to his manager and would call me back that same day. I never got a call back.

I called into the store a couple of days later and spoke with Ruby. She was able to convince me not to cancel by telling me that she would get them to deliver my merchandise as soon as possible and would see about compensating me for my troubles. So I waited again for a new delivery date. A few days later I received a call with a new delivery date.

Fast forward to today, the date of the delivery. The delivery was here at about 2pm. One of the first things out of the delivery man's mouth was "1 mattress and 1 box-spring?" I told him that it didn't make sense to just order one box-spring for the size of the bed, to which he said that the person who put in the order must have made a mistake. At this point I'm at about strike 10 with this order. I just want to cancel. While the driver was still here, he called someone in the call center who indicated to him and to me that someone would call about the cancellation. Moments later I got a call from the delivery department. This is where things went from bad to worse...

I spoke to a person named SUSIE (Employee # 7603). As I began to speak with her about canceling my order, she became very abrasive. She did nothing to comfort my mind or extinguish my frustration. Instead she chose to take part in a one sided blaming match to which I had no answer as I was left speechless from the way I was being spoken too. I'm not sure if you guys record the phone calls but I would suggest giving it a listen if you do. Not being able to give a response myself, I handed the phone to my husband who had become incensed with anger at the way I was being spoken to. He was met with the same type of combative attitude which only angered him more. He eventually hung up on her as the conversation was going nowhere.

These events have led to this email being written for your review. I have been a loyal customer for years now and was treated like, if not worse than, a child who had done something wrong. I've been toyed and played with for the last time. I am prepared to forego any and all business I will ever have with Sears. I am prepared to cancel this order as well as cancel my Sears credit card. I am prepared to advise my friends and family of the trouble I have gone through with your company. All I wanted was a mattress and I ended up with a brain aneurysm. All I wanted to sleep comfortably and all I got was sleepless nights.

Please get back to me as soon as possible in regards to my cancellation. I don't want to be penalized the 15% for canceling my order. I just want someone to care enough about my business to get something done.


I work at a business, Avondale Veterinary Healthcare Complex, and I keep receiving a phone call from 515-278-7278 that makes me sit there for a minute until they hang up. No one answers and it hangs up on me. When I called back the first time to tell them this was a business and I can't get phone calls from our patients while I'm on the phone wasting my time with Sears support people. After 3 calls I finally got to a Sears supervisor (Chloe at 8006905650) and besides being lied to by two different reps at the 278 number.

Chloe had no idea either why you were calling me about a Sears fridge bought over a year ago with no current warranty or service calls. there was apparently no record why you had called our line either. so after rep #1 told me he had no problem taking me off the call list without even asking for any information, I received another call less then an hour later. When I called Rep #2 he claimed he was a manager when I asked to speak to someone above him, not knowing that apparently all of them were "case managers" which wasn't portrayed to me in the way the way they were handling my case. Very unprofessional.

After giving him every number in the building to look up, he finally found the account, which was under the very first phone number I gave him, but told me there was nothing he could do to keep them from calling. There was no reason he could see that they should be calling. After speaking to rep #3, she assured me she put a note in my account to stop soliciting, neglecting to tell me that was only for emails. which made no sense because I was complaining about getting annoying phone calls. I then asked to speak to a manager and she sent me to Chloe. Who apparently had no idea how to stop it either and went to ask around to her colleagues how to handle it.

Someone gave her a form to fill out to stop all mail, calls, and emails. I know it can take up to 30 days to stop the calls but you should be aware of the complete unprofessional attitude of your employees. From being lied to by the first rep to being told there was no way to help me and I couldn't talk to someone higher up then rep #2, to not even having my complaint handled right was just a little ridiculous. I wasted I don't even know how much time trying to get Sears guys to stop calling which I could have been here doing my job. It's a fault in your system on many levels. From your call system to you employee training program. Good Lord does no one teach good customer service anymore?


I purchased 3 items online from Received the items at home and due to work schedule did not open the boxes up until 12.21.15; all 3 items have a final markdown price of $1.50. I called Sears customer service on 12.22.15 and was told they would not honor the price on the items. Of course, I am upset. I feel duped to have paid $7.97 for something that cost $1.50. Obviously, I wanted the item and at this late date close to Christmas; I need the item and will not be returning it. I was sadly disappointed in the response from customer service.To add insult to injury the email address to escalate my complaint was invalid. I think if the people packing the items are aware from their packing slip the price paid they should have removed the label showing $1.50. Sears I love your items and pricing but your customer service response was lacking on this occasion.


I ordered a Proctor Silex Coffee Grinder on 11/27/2015 during the Black Friday sale and opted for free Store pick up from the Sears store in Rego Park at Rego Park- A, 9605 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, NY 11374. (Order #961464491). Following my order, I received an email from Sears on 11/28/2015 that my order is available for pickup at the above mentioned store. I went to the respective store on 11/29/2015 and I was surprised by what happened there. First of all, the 5 min pick-up was not 5 minute at all. The lady at the Sears pick-up kiosk took my Salescheck number and passed it to another personnel in store. He went to check my order and after some time he came out and told that he does not have my order and he will cancel it. No explanation, no attempt to satisfy customer and no courtesy!

Anyway, I brought this issue to the person who was incharge of pick-up department. She told me that this happens often as UPS guys don’t deliver the orders in time. Later, she told me that my order was sold out even after being sold online. The behavior that Sears corporate personnel did with me was totally irresponsible. They blamed their website for everything and told me that it was not a fault on part of the store. At last, I would say that after whatever happened, I will not shop again at Sears and would never recommend Sears to a friend or family member. I shopped at Sears for the first time and this is what happened. I ended up wasting my time and money for going to store just to find out that my product was sold to somebody else.

If Sears has any commitment towards customers, I would expect them to ship my order to my home without any extra charge. Otherwise, please return my money as soon as possible. My credit card should not have been charged in the first place without delivering my order.


I purchased a new band saw from Sears on Oct 15 2015. I also purchased the warranty plan. My saw stopped working over a week ago. I have called 3 times I have been unable to get even an appointment scheduled. No one will call me back. I am very dissatisfied, I had other tools that I had planed to purchase from Sears to replace so aging tools. Your service and your promises of service are reprehensible. Sears has changed to much for me. You once was a business that people could trust . You have turned in to a untrustworthy business.

I have spent a lot of money with Sears over the last 45 years. I am afraid that will change. I am not a person of idle threats but I subscribe to several wood working publications and blogs and personally know 2 people that write blogs for the woodworking industry and the professional craftsman. I am writing those publications and forwarding a copy of this and my warranty. I want others to know they need to be careful dealing with Sears. If I have not heard from someone with an appointment I am contacting the Better Business Burrow and the Federal Trade Commission. For over a week I have asked nicely and waited, but it is obvious you care nothing for customers.


I purchased a dishwasher from Sears ( store 01344 ) on 11/10/2015. Delivery to the store was scheduled for the 13th with delivery and installation the following day. On the 14th the installer phoned to say there was no dishwasher at the store so no installation. He called again on the 16th with the same message; - NO Machine at the store. Contacted the store: - advised that the dishwasher will now be at the store on the 19th. Well here I sit, late afternoon on the 25th. NO DISHWASHER; and looking at the Sears bill for a $1,000. As I sit writing this; received a call from the installer advising me that delivery and installation will now be Dec. 03. When I expressed dissatisfaction with the further delay he got a little angry with me because he was very busy. Needless to say I will no longer shop at Sears. And I will SHARE MY EXPERIENCE. No wonder Sear in Richmond closed - NO SERVICE. Whats that little phrase on your sales check "Well do our best"?


I would like to file a complaint against the sears outlet in Medley, Fl, I purchased an appliance at the store on delivery the item did not fit at my home, the delivery personnel return the item back to the store the same day. They were notified about the return and said to me that a refund would take 7 to 10 days, this was 10/21/2015, On 11/07/2015 I call the store and were told that the funds would be transfer back within 24 hours. To the day I have not received any funds, I have tried to be patient with the store but it seems I can't get any cooperation if there is not any funds transfer by 11/13/2015 I will be forced to take legal action.


We were advised by Sears Technician that we needed a new gas furnace which we did not need. We called Sears out to check our air conditioning unit because we have a service agreement on the unit. We purchased the gas furnace and the new furnace did not work. Another Sears technician cam out and determined the Air Condiitioner unit was the problem and fixed it causing the new furnace to begin working. We really did not need a new furnace and now no one wants to accept responsibility for the Sears error. We are stuck with a bill which we should not have to pay.


We were advised by Sears Technician to get a new furnace-which we did not need. The real problem was the outside air conditioning unit. No one wants to accept responsibility for the error on the technician part and problems with the estimate by the Sears Sales Person. This seems to be very poor business practice.


Purchase a jenn-sir stove (Lorraine Dublis) on Sept. 16, 2015 (wrong type). On Sept. 29, 2015, the installer - my house with stove, in my kitchen he see I have a downdraft electric stove. He left, to take stove back to warehouse. Store sale person (Lorraine) nothing else to sell me. She said "the credit is automatic". Today is Nov. 10, 2015, Im still waiting for my refund. My case #3752742. Each phone call to Sears support tells the same, this is terrible service.


I purchased a SAMSUNG 65'' 4K smart TV at Sears Bowling Green Ky. Oct -12 Order # 955298616 gave $1797.99 now there is a 65'' class curved smart TV. 4K for 1599.99 i should be able to take the one i purchased back and get the one that is curved or give me a price adjustment on the one I purchased . Would like to have an answer from someone that has the power to do so? My family has purchased a lot of appliances and tools at Sears . I feel like there should be an adjustment or take it back and get the one that is $1599.99.


Sears technician came out 9-6-15 and diagnosed a problem with my microwave. another came out with out calling to schedule an appointment, I called and was given another 3 weeks later. on that date I waited until 6 pm and called and was told I was scheduled for the next day , I finally spoke with a supervisor who told me the tech ran late and they rescheduled me for the next day. The next afternoon I was called after lunch and told the tech went home sick. After numerous hang ups I spoke with someone who informed I would be the first appointment five days later. The tech came out I WAS THE FIRST APPOINTMENT but the first technician failed to order the parts.

I received the parts and called and was told I would be the first appointment of the day and wasn't. I called and was told my appointment would be between 10 and 11 am, the technician called at 9:30 stating he wouldn't be out until 2 pm. This is by far the worst experience of my 54 years. I was constantly lied to by numerous departments the first tech was incompetent and most of the people I spoke with on the phone were rude or wouldn't let me speak with a supervisor. This has been a 2 month ordeal and no one with sears or A&E could answer my questions or speed up the process because of the length of time it took to repair my appliance. Again this is the worst service I have ever encountered.


I ordered a hot water heater online. I called Sears to reorder when the service technician indicated the hot water heater they brought to install was was the wrong gas model and my hook up required a power vent. I called the number he gave me to cancel and reorder the right water heater. He gave me the model number and I verified at the sears online site. The service rep at the call center but me on hold twice for a told of 20 minutes. He then said he had to transfer me to another department. The second rep put me on hold for another 15 minutes (checking in occasionally). He then concluded that he needed to transfer me to another rep/department but he would brief the new rep on my need to cancel the current order and place a order for the correct water heater with the power vent. The third rep spoke very poor English and she asked all of the questions as if I had no previous order, which she had been given the number).

She too put me on hold multiple times. All to cancel one order. It took 45 minutes. She then stated the new model number did not exist when I was looking at it on the Sears website. She wanted to transfer me to yet another number and department (as I listened to people yelling in her background). Upon asking for a supervisor to assist her with the order and to express my frustration, she stated she could help to get the order placed. She struggled with understanding installation and what it meant to remove the old heater. I was placed on hold and then after 15 minutes, she dropped the call. She had my number but never called back. I had no idea if she completed the new order or if she just decided to get rid of me. I waited for a day to received the confirmation email of the canceled order and the new order.

I only got the canceled order, no new order. I called again and got a guy who confirmed the previous order was canceled but the new order was not in the computer system. He then suggested I call another number to order the water heater. By now, I have spent far too much time talking Sears reps who drop teh call and have no regard for customer service. I asked him is one could identify the rep from the cancellation confirmation. He quickly bid me a farewell. Two days later and many customer service reps later, I am back to ordering online with no help. This is the worst customer service operation i have ever experienced in my Life. I deserve to be compensated for the lack professionalism and and the lengthy driil and call waiting. If they call to schedule the installation, it will be a miracle. Has Sears outsourced their call center to a few people in the jungle?


I went to Sears and had a horrible experience with the store associate manager Shantel, who refused to enclose her last name. It is absolutely unethical as well as it is considered fraud to advertise false prices on item. The associate(unknown name) who was very pleasant and was helping me with 14 kt gold jewelry set which was 90% off of original price, which come to $69.00. There was GNI written next to 14 kt and I did not know that meant. I asked the associate if she knew, she stated she did. She recommended me to go to sears website and look the item and she provided some numbers from the tag. When we both located the item on my phone I saw that earnings were not the same earnings as it was in the jewelry box. I brought this to associate's attention and was told that the original earnings are missing and therefore were replaced with something similar to make a set, which was OK with me.

But since we did not find anything explaining GNI she decided to call a manager to clarify. Manager took a while to to come and when she come she was annoyed and had ignorant look. She open the little door to enter to the counter and slammed behind. I and associate looked at each other with puzzle faces. She took the set to find out what meant GNI and took a while . After all this time , almost an hour in total that I spend in Sears, she come to me with no answer regarding GNI, but to say that earnings did not belong to the set. I explained to her that I have noticed and brought to associate's attention but was told by her that the original earnings were missing therefore those were replaced to make a set. She looked at me , rolled her eyes and said" you must be kidding me, I am not selling the set, hmmm, you have a good day" and walked away.

Wow, I shop in Sears a lot since I live in the area but did not come across this type of bazaar behavior. I've told her since the set was advertised in such way and was confirmed by the associate I should be honored per state policy, but she kept ignoring me and walked away. This is considered fraud to advertise false prices . please look into this matter and if there will not be any solution I will take a legal action.


I purchased a laundry center for my tenant. After it was delivered and installed and still under warranty, a repair man had to come back and install"feet". While my tenant was waiting several weeks, her laundry center was propped up on a board. After some time, the repair man came back and installed the proper feet. A short while later, We got a recall notice that the laundry center will leak water. A kit was needed to repair the center. It came in the mail. The repair man came on a Saturday, but called me to say He could not make the repair. They send out only 1 man teams on a Saturday. This was a 2 man job that will take 3 hours.

The center has to be taken apart. It needed to be rescheduled. We chose a Tuesday. I get a call from Sears that I am scheduled for a Saturday. I explained why Saturday would not work. The man on the phone did not know how long the job would take and that it required 2 servicemen. We were rescheduled again for Tuesday. it was to be the first job of the day. I unlocked my tenant's door and waited for over an hour. No show. I called the repair line and learned that I had been rescheduled for 11 to 12. Once again I explain how extensive the repair will be. it can't be done in an hour. The man doing the scheduling said the team on the truck will call me. It is over 10AM and there is no call.


I am a single woman over 60. I recently purchase a lawn tractor ($1,589.99) plus insurance and a dryer ($399,99) plus insurance. The store insured me that the delivery man would help me start the tractor to make sure it worked and install the dryer. I took the day off from work on 10/6/15 to wait for the delivery. The man were very rude, pushed the tractor in the garage, damaged the dryer, said I did not have the plug and that they would not install the dryer. Man were very, very, very rude. Store did not tell me that I needed a plug. Went right to the store. Man in the appliance department very nice. Said the young kids don't know what they are doing and was very sorry for my inconvenience.

He helped me get the plug and vent hose for the dryer, set up a new delivery date for my new new dryer and remove my damaged new dryer for 10/13/15. Another day off from work. Got a call from Sears saying delivery would be between 3:00 and 5:00 on 10/13/15. At 5:00 I called customer service. Spoke to a Holly. She said the delivery man had two more stops before mine and that I would just have to wait. Say she would send a e-mail to the Warehouse. Never heard from her again. The delivery man arrived by 5:30. They got my anger with Sears. They understood after I explained what Holly said. Men were very nice and made me feel better. I have always purchased Kenmore appliance from Sears. This was not a good experience at all. Sears service has gone way down hill. No one cares anymore. Very, very disappointed.


On August 18, 2015 we purchased an LG dryer, model # DLG3371W at The Northpoint store in Sears in Atlanta GA. It has been a disaster ever since. First, prior to purchasing the dryer, we had a repair appt scheduled on a day from 3-6. The repairman showed up at 7:30 PM! After discovering the dryer was not worth fixing, we went into Sears and purchased above mentioned dryer. The salesmen in the store were not helpful and only interested in selling a product to conclude the "friends and family " sale. They erroneously charged us for delivery which was supposed to be free. This required three subsequent calls on my part to get it credited back to my account. Now that we have the dryer, we realized one feature that affects about 5 cycles, the sensor dry, does not work. We called and scheduled another service call for Friday, Sept 18, from 3-6. At 5 PM I called to inquire as to the status of my service call.

After being cut off 4 times, I was FINALLY told the technician was running late and would call me. I never received a call. I called back two more times(again being cut off) and finally was told they would show up between 7:30-9:30. Obviously, Sears has a huge scheduling problem with it's appointments that is unacceptable to homeowners/clients. When the technician came, he told me this sensor dry feature only works on extra large loads, something that was NEVER EXPLAINED to my husband and me in the store. We feel we were had, taken advantage of and completely misled. Previously all of our large appliance purchases have been made at Sears. This will no longer be the case, and in the age of social media, we have made it clear to all of our friends about our complete dissatisfaction with their lack of concern/honesty over such a large purchase. We are highly disappointed with being misled in the store, the lack of customer service, lack of appropriate scheduling of appts, and difficulty in speaking with a human being when calling.

Sears has disappointed tremendously and has lost ours and other people's business as a result.


We remodeled our kitchen in 2008 and purchased four appliances from sears, We also purchased the repair agreement. Of the four items, three have needed repair. The main one is the dishwasher. The control Panel was replaced in 2010, replaced again in 2011, replaced again in 2013, and I am now waiting for the technician to replace it for the fourth time. The repair agreement states that there must be four major repairs within 12 months before an item will be replaced. This is a senseless Sears requirement and only serves to keep sears from having to replace faulty products.

I have been involved in repairing many things during my life, and when the same component fails time after time you start looking for a different problem that causes the failure. Sears does not concern themselves with the underlying problem, only with a quick fix, get it running and don't worry about anything else, if it fails again send a technician out and do it all over again. The one thing I have learned is don't deal with sears.


We had an estimate done a few weeks ago for a leaky refrigerator, and paid the $89 fee for the repair person to come out. The $250 quote seemed excessive so we tried to find a decent priced refrigerator from Sears, but could not fine one in our budget. I tried several times to call and speak with someone about an appointment but stayed on hold for over 30 minutes each time. I finally made another online appointment and added in the additional comments section that we have paid the diagnostic fee and would like to have the repair done. I received several automated calls reminding me about the appointment but nothing acknowledging my comments.

I received a call at a few minutes before 2 (the appointment was between 10-2) from a Richard, who refused to give me his last name. He asked me if I was aware of the service charge, which he informed me was now $105. I explained to him about my notation and he told me "that's not how it works. You have to pay again. Why didn't have the repair done when we were out the first time?" This man was extremely rude and talked to me like I was a 5 year old. I couldn't believe it. I told him I didn't want him at my home and that I would call customer service.

I called and talked to someone that clearly didn't have a great grasp on the English language, although she was the least rude of all the Americans from Sears I talked to. She offered us $50 off of the visit. I explained to her, as I had explained to Richard with no last name, that the issue was the same and we had paid a diagnostic fee already, and we would not be using Sears for the repair. I called the Sears Holding customer service number, and the "lady" ( I use that term loosely).

I spoke with told me to ask for someone who spoke English and immediately sent me back to the main customer service number while I was still talking! I did some research and called the number for Mr. Lampert's office. I asked to speak to Mr. Lampert and was asked who I was. When I said a customer who has been dealing with awful customer service, she rudely informed me she had no access to Mr. Lampert's office. Strange she had to find out who I was before she realized she had no access. When I brought this up, she yelled at me, said she knew what she was talking about and told me not to call her a liar (which I didn't). I was then transferred to a random voicemail.

I am going right on social media and review websites to share my experience, in hopes that Sears will take notice, perhaps by a drop in business, and mandate better treatment of their customers.


I bought an item on line from an outlet store, the sale was confirmed that day. The next day the sale was cancelled.I was told the item was no longer available at that store, but another store has that item fore sale. $800.00 more than I paid. the condition of both items was the same .Both were new floor models. I think Sears should sell the item for the price I was quoted.. and ship it to me..I have always bought Sears appliances in the past. But I will shop elsewhere if this is not resolved to my satisfaction. I have all the documentation available..and would send copies if needed.


I have a sears planner moulder which needs new drive gears. The gears I need sears no longer has. I have over 1500.00 invested in this planner and now you don't carry the parts I need to fix it. All of my tools are craftsman which I have always had good luck with. I have replaced these gears in the past and it was never a problem. Now what am I suppose to do. The same thing happened to me with a radial arm saw from sears a few years ago and I ended up buying a new sears saw which I had to get two before I had one that would cut straight. Your quality and parts available has declined to na point that I will never buy craftsman again.


On May 5, I attempted to make an $11 purchase, with check, at Sears, Bethesda, MD (2 weight lifts). I showed all ID requested, but clerk said my check was not accepted. Since I had recently written one for over $1,000 elsewhere, which was not questioned, I found this upsetting.

He said I had to call a number but didn't give it to me, so I went to the office. (This is the grungiest office I have ever seen, no one sitting there and no response after banging on the window). Finally, after walking into the warehouse, I found someone who could not help me only to say it's the bank not accepting the check, not Sears. I went to my bank, and no problem with them. Someone from headquarters should make a site visit here to inspect the "office!"


On Monday April 13, 2015, I contacted Sears repair section to look at my Wash Machine which was having issues. I was informed that the only opening was Thursday 23 April, and I needed to be home from 0800 to 1700. On Wednesday 22 April, I called and confirmed my appointment. Sometime after that A phone message was left, and I received it on Thursday morning advising that I had to reschedule my appointment.

When I called I spoke to an individual who told me I had to reschedule. I informed him that I had taken the day off, and I needed to have someone come to look at my wash machine. He refused, and I then asked to speak to a supervisor, and the Supervisor told me I had to reschedule because they did not have a repairmen in my area that day. I asked for his name and he refused. I asked where he was and again he refused. Both men sounded not to be American but a mid eastern origin.

I had to wait till Sears opened to speak to a Manager who referred me to a corporate number which ended with me back to this same Call Center. I ended up reschedule for an appointment two (2) week later because they did not have an opening on a day I could be available. It was the most aggravating experience I have ever had and has left a bad taste in my mouth with any future dealing with Sears.


I had a problem with the micro wave oven. Sears were there 5 times to replace and remove broken parts. Then they wanted to sell me a new display board. I said fine, and they said that there is no warrantee and I will have to eat it if it does not work. Also, the last attempt to repair it, they broke the lower oven also. The tech is very rude and has no idea what he is doing. I will never used Sears again and never buy anything from them. I was loyal with Sears for over 25 years. I filed a complaint and called the next day. All the info I gave was deleted. Wow! Sears what happened to you. You became a rip off and liar. So far, they charged me $635.00 and never fixed the problem. And they took off every single part they put on. Shame on you! I am telling everyone how bad of a co. Sears is. Bye and good luck.


I recently spent 2 months in the hospital recovering from a heart attack and missed a payment on my credit account. I was treated rudely when I tried to resolve the issue with the employee who called. I just received my statement for April and found my account cancelled, a late fee of $35.00 was assessed, and the missed payment of $233.17 was added to the current payment bringing my monthly payment to $459.17 which I cannot pay as I was unpaid during my hospital stay. This also is different than other companies who when a payment is missed you pay a late charge only. Not only did they close my account but insisted on calling for the payment on Saturdays and Sundays at all hours even when I was semiconscious and in the hospital. It is bad enough that the account interest rate is 25.24% but the charges that accrued were the result of fraud on my account.


Bought a Kenmore Elite refrigerator $ 2600.00. Less than 3 years ago, it stopped working. Called Sears for repairs and was told it would take almost a month before they could get a repairman out for service. If they can not service item in certain areas why sell to customers. CALLED for service April 6, 2015 and was told repairs could not be made until maybe May 1, 2015. This is the worst service I have EVER experienced. Will never buy ANOTHER SEARS PRODUCT !!!!! This is just ONE of the problems I have had with their products. PRODUCE BETTER PRODUCTS OR GET A BETTER SERVICE DEPARTMENT !!!


On April 4,2015 I bought a wash machine. I made this purchase at Sears in Florence, South Carolina. Unfortunately, your worker bought out the wash machine without the hose that was paid for at the time of the purchase. Though this seems like a quick fix (by getting the hose), and didn't act that way! To resolve the problem, I would appreciate your worker come and pick up the wash machine and sears return my money back. I don't even want to consider the washer anymore.
I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait until Friday 10,2015 by 5:00pm before seeking third-party assistance.


This is a copy of the email I sent to them... I bought my first new washer, dryer, fridge and stove from your store at Coquitlam Centre. Here’s my experience: I received the delivery date & was excited as it was my first new appliances ever. I was told before 5 p.m. on that day. I had everything ready for them. I had unhooked and pulled out the old washer, dryer, fridge and stove and taped them so they wouldn’t open. I was charged a fee for their removal. The delivery guys came right at 5 p.m.. Fine. I tried to show the elder of the two the best place to park and unload. There is a slope so I knew where the best place was. He wouldn’t listen. Instead he spoke(I think Italian) to his younger partner. I told them to speak English(didn’t take). They parked the truck facing down on the slope and I thought...this is not good and told them so.

They came up and took away the old ones and that went well. The older guy kept complaining about how he had all these other deliveries after mine that evening. How tired they were. My intercom went off and I was told that there was a “scratch” on the dryer. I went down to look and the “scratch” turned out to be the top of the dryer was completely buckled. It fell off the back of the truck. The guy tried to tell me it was no big deal and Sears would give me a discount. I was very angry at this point. I refused delivery of this. The guys are still speaking Non-English to each other and I am getting really pissed. They brought up the new washer & the old dryer. No offer of connecting even one of them. I had to drag them-on carpet- into my closet and hook them up myself. That’s fine-but a little customer service would have been nice. Not Finished. The older guy kept trying to get me to sign the okay on the delivery without bothering to check any walls etc. I told them how mad I was and got no apologies from them.

As soon as I could I phoned your customer service and told them what happened. I was really upset. A new delivery was set up to receive a undamaged dryer. I told her that I did not want the same delivery people. I had to wait a few weeks which was annoying. The new delivery was as it should have been. The two guys even hooked the the dryer for me. I was surprised that your customer service didn’t bother to call me to see if everything went all right. That would have been nice. The first delivery guys represent your company. Their bad service is on Sears. Is it worth saving money in this way? THAT WAS THE DELIVERY EXPERIENCE.

Now, the product experience. The Samsung washer and dryer work quite well. I am happy with them. Your store product Kenmore-is garbage. The Range: First time I used the oven cleaning operation it burnt the top of the open door . It cleans the oven very, very poorly. the burner coils burn unevenly and poorly. Difficult to clean over-all. I dropped a spoon on the top and it chipped the coating. My fault-but should that have happened so easily?! Other-all a major disappointment. Now, The Kenmore fridge-is disappointing
the plastic border around the shelves cracked. I had to duct-tape it. There should be something supporting the shelves-obviously poor construction. My fault-for not noticing-the drawers were too small. I had had many old appliances in my past and the majority of them worked a lot better than your new Kenmores. Am I careless with them-no I’m not.

Why am I complaining now? I look at these appliances daily. I know it won’t make any difference to you-Sears-but it may help me feel a little better. Of course I will never step foot in a Sears store as long as I live. Or recommend. Sounds dramatic but there it is. Would you? I lived in BC all my long life and, in the past, always heard and experienced good things from Sears-until this. I didn’t think I could lose by buying Kenmore products. I was wrong and now I have no trust in Sears. If it was just the delivery issue then I would have simply a bad taste in my mouth- but wouldn’t be anti-Sears now. Maybe-which I doubt-this email will make a sliver of a difference. I do not expect a response also, I looked at the BBB and various forums regarding Sears Canada. If I would of done that first I wouldn’t have wasted my time on this email. Lots of horror stories worse than mine. I had no idea. Again, this is to make me feel better...


I ordered a portable air conditioner on line from Sears.. The unit was the wrong size for my needs. Took unit back to local sears store, and was told ,it was not their item and they would not take it back. They said it was a third party order. The third party company wants me to pay to ship it back and pay a huge re-stocking fee. All of which adds up to more than a hundred dollars. I bought this unit from Sears, because I thought I could trust their name. The third party company was not helpful at all.( Living Direct). I am a very disappointed Sears customer, Help.


Tried calling your Manitowoc Wi. store on 03/28/2015 numerous times during store hours and nobody picked up the phone.


Have yet to receive my refund of $55.00. This is money owed to me, over charge. This company is a ripoff.From the CEO down to the customer service .


Have yet to receive the amount ($55.00) to my debit card ending in 0912.For being charge for scottich guard protection Your customer Service department has been notified. By a customer service agent (Rhonda Harris). I would like to have my money now. No more games.


After contacting Sears helpline (on 3 occasions) requesting guidance/assistance on how to purge the air from the water system connecting the factory installed icemaker in our new Kenmore refrigerator/freezer it was determined that Sears would need to dispatch a technician to resolve the issue. The first appointment was scheduled to occur on 3/14/15 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. After waiting around for 8 hours I contacted the helpline only to be informed that the technician may not be able to make it before 5:00 PM at which point I canceled the appointment and indicated I would need to reschedule. On Monday 3/16/15 I called to reschedule a service appointment specifically requesting a morning service call so as to minimize the impact it would have on my work schedule.

I was assured by the helpline technician that a morning appointment had been requested and that service would occur between the hours of 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM. At 11:30 AM I called the helpline to check the status only to be informed that the technician got a late start and my not be able to arrive before 4:00 PM. This is some of the worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure of enduring. Not only did I waste an entire Saturday waiting for a technician who did not have the decency to even call to inform me they would not be arriving within the 9 hour time slot, but now after taking off work to specifically be here to meet the technician today (3/17/16), I am again being informed by the helpline that my second appointment will likely not occur within a timely manner (if at all) again today. I sincerely hope that Sears management looks into the poor customer service being granted to their customers living in the 15542 zip code.


I ordered a circuit board for my Kenmore refrigerator. Sears took my money and promised delivery. On delivery date I called because I didn't have the part. I was told my order was cancelled and the only way I could Et the part was to have a Sears come to my home to do the service. They refused to sell me the part.


Appointment was set to repair my washer. The appointment date was set for 3/14/15 with a window from 3pm-6pm. At 6:03 pm, I called Sears customer service because the technician had not yet arrived. I was told not to worry as the tech ran late on a prior appointment. At 6:56pm, I called Sears customer service again as the tech still had not arrived. I was yet again told that the tech would be arriving soon and a call would be placed to the tech to call me to provide a status. At 7:47pm. I called Sears yet again to check and was surprisingly informed that the technician took it upon himself to RESCHEDULE my appointment without so much as a courtesy call to me. After being on the phone with Sears for over an hour, the only constellation given was an "apology" and and offer to keep the appt set by tech. This was my 1st experience with Sears..horrible is putting it mildly.


On Friday, February 20 I was at your Robinson Town Center loacation in Pittsburgh, PA. I was buying 2 pairs of gloves. When I got to the checkout, the swipe machine was not really working properly and I had to keep reswiping. Eventually it worked but it also gave me $40.00 cash back. I told the cashier I did not ask for that and did not want it....I wanted it to remain in my account. He said that he couldn't do that and I had to take the cash. Again, I told him I did not want cash back. He called his manager over and that man was extremely rude ! He said there was no way to void the transaction and redo it and I had to take the $40.00.

AGAIN, I told him I wanted the cash put back into my account and wanted to pay only for the gloves. If I had wanted cash back, I would have asked for it. He rudely said to me that if I didn't want the cash taken out of my account I could go into the4 mall and find a MAC machine and put it back in the account. It was the way he said it that really ticked me off. He was rude and nasty and felt it was my responsibility to take care of the situation. If your machine was not working properly, it should not have been in service, but the cashier told me it always does that. So why was this still active? What if that money wasn't in my account and it made my account have a negative balance? This should not be happening and I can assure you I will not shop in your store again. RUDE AND DISCOURTEOUS


I was not informed there would be $154 labor to install two tires. This is outrageous. I can take the same tires and have them installed at a local tire store for $18. I'll buy the other two tires, but I will not have Sears put them on my car. We have bought appliances, bedding, clothes, lawn mowers, tools and more. Never again. I now know why Sears is going out of business.


We have suffered very disappointing service from Sears Appliance Repair and Sears Customer Service around the same issue - a dishwasher for which we had purchased extended service. To begin the Maytag dishwasher itself had many repair issues. On three occasions Sears ordered the wrong part, on three occasions the repair was not done correctly and service had to come out again, and we, of course, had to stay home to be there.

Most frustrating has been since we began speaking to Sears Corporate Customer Service about the last repair, which is still incomplete, leaving our dishwasher inoperable. They have been stringing us along since last May around ordering the part that is required. I have spent countless hours on the phone with customer service staff, front line and supervisors, all of whom said that they were attempting to resolve the issues - that the part was on order, or the wrong part was shipped and the right part was now on order and so on. Since the last time I contacted Sears customer service by email they have not responded at all.

In the past we had purchased all our appliances for our home and some rental properties, from Sears. We will no longer be dealing with Sears - we have had far superior service from community based retailers and repair people. We bought a washer on 11/10/10 had it installed on 11/22/10 it broke on 12/ 7 /11 they wont honor the warranty even though its only two weeks out the worst part is this is a vacation home and the washer was only used twelve times, and the service dept. refused to talk to me unless i signed an extended warranty.

I am a contractor and always handle a warranty thats even a month out this guy was so rude that we are remodeling our kitchen with all new appliances i can guarantee none will be Maytag or come from sears


I went to Sears today 11-17-2012 to ask about the amish heaters that they sell.Also in my morning newspaper was an ad about the same heaters that Sears sell.The ad was selling the heaters for 295.00 with the coupon in the paper from the company itself .Sears was 399.00.I just ask the sales associate if they honored the coupon in the paper and she just snapped off at me and said that if i want one of those heaters for that price that i better order it because they would not sell one to me unless i paid the 399.00.I just asked a question .I did not need to be talked down to infront of everyone around me.I buy all my household appliances from Sears but with that kind of customer service i will not be going back there anymore.


I should have known when sears kept changing my appointment for my delivery of my washing machine and dryer. After numerous changes in dates and changes in time and them arriving late the manager at sears Hamilton Mayslanding promised me a 100$ gift card which was never received. Months later receive a recall notice and trying to schedule was a mess!!! One representative said it was recall then couldn't schedule me sent me to another rep who said it wasn't recall then to manager who didn't know how to deal with problem who them sent me to tech support who then said I needed the recall department who I was sent to who then said it was a recall but was giving me an 8 hour window which is unacceptable then given to manager who scheduled me and then said it wasn't recall work finally to last manager who said it is recall work and scheduled me and said there will be NO charge..... hmm wonder how this is going to play out!!!!!!!!!!!! Was on the phone for a total of 1 hour 13 minutes terrible!


When Sears say “Good”, don’t think that means respectable, moral or noble – The company have failed deliver and shown the lowest standards of customer service!
When Sears say “Great Price”, don’t think that means they will honor the advertised price – The company secured my purchase money, sent nothing and made me pay more to speak to their security Centre!
When Sears say “Guaranteed”, the only thing I was guaranteed was hours of trouble and frustration.

After over 40 emails and international calls I wrote to Sears Chairman Edward S. Lampert and CEO / President, Louis J. D'Ambrosio. Two very busy men – I never expected a personal letter in return from either but a month later no one has got back.

I’m out of pocket, feeling distinctly cheated while Sears enjoy “the good life – guaranteed”.

The lesson – don’t fall for any Sears offer that seems like a good deal. I would look elsewhere, even paying a little more, rather than be letdown and treated like dirt.


I ordered a BBQ gas grill from Sears online and had it shipped to my local Sears store. The final order page said that it would be available for pickup in 12-14 days, pending email confirmation. I never received an email nor did I hear a word from Sears. However, I received my credit card statement and was charged for the item.

So I contacted the local Sears store and had no idea what happened to it. Then I called Sears 800 number where I was told that the item was "ready for pickup" but they also showed no inventory for it!!! The guy then checked the inventory at a store 40 miles away. My grill was in stock there. So he canceled the original order, placed a new order and drove the 40 miles to pick it up. That was on Saturday (July 2). Today, July 5, I finally had time to un-crate it in order to put it together.

However, I discovered that it was so damaged that it is unusable!!! I called twice and they were no help. Then I called the store during normal business hours more than a dozen times and couldn't get ANYONE to actually answer the phone. However, I finally tried saying "Store Manager" and finally got someone to answer. I told the assistant store manager that I thought Sears should come and pick it up in order to exchange it.

No go. No sympathy. Basically, I'm screwed. So I'll spend another $15 in gas money to correct another Sears screw up. I'm asking for a refund. I don't want an exchange.

Sears then brought my new mattress and box springs, took old out and set it on my front lawn, said there was no room on truck for old. Would be back to pick it up, never returned, numerous phone calls, Sears did not call me back as promised. Trucking Co. said now they would remove it on Saturday, they brought the new on Thursday! If they took a new one off the truck why was there no room for the old one. Person at Co. who delivered it was very hard to understand, could get no satisfaction from them.

If they do not remove it tomorrow, I'm stopping payment on my new mattress and box springs.


I had a light switch that appeared to short in my Kenmore refrigerator, which was under warranty. I contacted sears repair and provided exactly what the machine was doing and the model/warranty service number. A technician came out and read what I reported. He looked at it and then advised the switch may be bad, but the part would have to be ordered. He pulled it apart, bent the wires and reconnected it and it resumed working.

He ordered the part and scheduled the next 4 hour possible time block. I provided him a cell number as an alternate to the home phone listed before he left. At the next service date a week later, I received no call on the cell phone provided, but had a message on the home phone instead. The home message said they were here 10 min prior, while I was outside with my dogs. I immediately called back thru the phone tree, finally to connect with a person who said both numbers were called, my home phone and a number I've never heard of. There was no record of my cell phone at all.

I was told even tho it was less than 15 minutes from initial contact, it would need another 4 hr block scheduled. This is ridiculous! First off, have the part I gave you the info on for the first scheduled maintenance so we don't have to schedule a second date. Secondly, get the phone numbers correct! I can't afford to sit around for 4 hours anymore than you can afford missed appointments. I'm disappointed in your level of service and contact.


I purchased a refrigerator at the Sears Outlet. It was supposed to only have two tiny scratches on the side and a tiny scratch on the handle. It was set to be delivered the day after we moved into a new house, which did not have a refrigerator. It was delivered as scheduled, but 2 hours later it had an error code about a compressor fan error on the screen and was hot on the sides. We called the service line immediately and were told they could not send out a technician to look at our "brand new refrigerator" for 5 days!! When the technician came he said the whole bottom frame of the fridge was bent and it needed a new compressor and evaporation unit. We called Sears and said we wanted to have this refrigerator removed and we would like to buy a new refrigerator at that was not damaged, at the regular Sears store. A "case manager" called and told us he would take care of everything. All we needed to do was get a model number and call him and he would take care of all the details.

When my husband called him back he was told he could not find a model matching that number. I got that number in the Sears store from a sales person, and I could see it online. We decided 1 week after being without a refrigerator, to go and buy the thing in the store ourselves. The sales person was so nice and even called the outlet store for me after I had gotten the runaround trying to talk to a manager. We set up a delivery and removal of the defective one for the very next day. I was so relieved I was finally going to have a refrigerator and be able to fix food for my children. I should have known better. 15 minutes after their scheduled window I was called by the driver and told "due to the weather they could not deliver my item that day, and because it was July 4th the next day I would have to wait 2 days.

I recieved a damaged refrigerator, taken back to store. have spoken to several people on several occasions, and 3 more deliveries have been set, but no refrigerator yet. They were supposd to delivery it today (no call to say it would not be, and again made arrangement for someone to be at my house to recieve appliance). I called at noon and spoke to delivery department. They said that my delivery was scheduled for January 12th. This happened to me before about 6 years ago, but my brother had just purchased one for my mother and it had been delivered the next day, so I tried again. Fool me once same on you, fool me twice same on me. I told them my story and said I wanted to be the first person they delivered to on Tuesday. 


To whom it may concern, my name is Mike Kissel and I have a complaint with a company called Fast Media that is associated with you on For Christmas my son purchased a retractable light for me order# 3951610. This light is unopened and unused and we would like to return it for which it is not long enough for me to use in my shop.

We made a trip to Sears at the wood field mall in Il shortly after christmas but were told we didn't have the right number for sears to refund our money.
My wife spent an hour on the phone with someone from Sears because their were no return instructions from Fast Media and they were not answering the phone.

Sears said they would email Fast Media and in return have Fast Media email my son so we could get an RA # to make this return possible. Three days went by before my son received the email. Additional questions were asked why we were returning the merchandise and they didn't give us the RA#.

I recently emailed and left a message on their phone but am waiting for a response as of today 1-15-13. I cannot believe how difficult thy are making this for such a simple return and also this greatly reflects on Sears. I would greatly appreciate help with this so I can return this merchandise.


We have 4 Sears appliances; washer, dryer, stove and refrigirator and have a warranty policy on all 4. We called Sears for service on the washer about 2 months ago as the machine was making noise. We had to wait 2 weeks for the repair technician to come out. He lubricated something, said all was fixed and left. 2-1/2 weeks later the washer died. We called Sears service and was told the first available repair appointment was in 2 weeks so we waited. Sears sent a coupling in the mail during that 2 weeks.

When the technician got to us and checked the washer he found that he would need 4 additional parts, Motor, transmission, tube and something else and that he didn't have the parts and would have to order them and that would take about 2 more weeks. After a week and a half Sears called to see if the parts had arrived. We told them that only one had. Sears then checked there computer system and said the parts would arrive in 3 days. I asked to set up a repair appointment for the day after the parts were scheduled to arrive but was told the first available service appointment would be another 10 days down the road.

By the time the repairs will have been made 5 weeks will have elasped. I told the Sears service operator that with what all the parts and labor was costing it would be cheaper for Sears to have just given us a new washer and we could get the new machine in 2 days. She didn't respond. We will never buy appliances from Sears again. We have since found out from an ex-Sears service technician that Sears now subcontracts out all its service work. He said the service trucks don't say Sears any more and the technicians shirts don't say Sears any more. 2/20/2012


case no.6223595 i just want to express my frustration with sears i only had to line my car up when i replace my tires since i took my car to sears ive had my car lined up three times in 21 mos at my expense i want this complaint to be on file, the person at corporate office was more upset than i was but im the one that paid repeatly for the same thing yet i was told nothing was wrong with my front end im gonna call trouble shooter i plan to boycott this store whole heartly thats why i cancel my card i told my mother to cancel hers two times it was put on her card sears is not public friendly


You had an a/c unit advertized in last sumdays paper. I wne into inquire on the item. I was told i had to come back in a few weeks they will not be on the sales floor until the reset was done. I showed her the ad she said they are in the back but will not be out for a few weeks to come back then. I advised the sale would be off by then. again she said they will not be out for a few weeks. I asked what can be done since it was on sale. SHe said please come back in 2 weeks. If you have an item advertized and do not have it or can not bring it out you should either post an apolgy saying out of stock or at least offer a rain check. I have purchased several appliance and tools off your company over the years. I even purchased a regridgerator and dryer 2 months ago off the otlett here in town. I may need to start rethinking where i purchase my needs. I sent a coment in on the website on monday and have not heard anything back. I even emailed some j brooks the internet said to file a complaint with. I understand resets because i have worked in a chain store myself but you should have least offer rain checks if you are not ready to sell the item. Even i paid more for the item i bought it off of home depot. I do not like shopping at the large hard ware store because of experience dealing with repairs and have never had any problem with sears. If i have purchasing the product or item i may need to figureout another way of buying what i need


We purchased the top of the line Sears appliances when we remodeled our kitchen. The only appliance that runs correctly is the microwave. All the others have failed us. Our glass top, touch panel slide in stove is the latest to fail. It failed days after delivery requiring replacement of the $1000 computer and panel. It has been losing pixels and now has another ERR report and does not work at all. With Thanksgiving upon us, this is a very disturbing event. The dishwasher gives a flashing green light instead of sanitizing. The refrigerator produces ice but does no longer dispense it.
All these appliances are two years old and out of warranty therefore. We have always purchased Sear Kenmore products believing that they are the most reliable appliances out there. Not so any more. May the buyer be aware.


I was scheduled for a repair appointment for my dishwasher between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 PM on Thursday October 6, 2011. Because my fiance and I both work, we had no one to be home during the hours from 1:00 to 4:00 (when I normally return home from work). I took a half day off of work on the 6th. At approximately 3:30 PM I received a phone call stating that the repairman was running late, but would get to me as soon as possible. As of today, I have still received no further notification from Sears about my scheduled appointment.

To say that I am dissapointed would be an understatement. When I called Sears today they informed me that really nothing could be done, and that they could not disclose the reason to me why the repairman never showed. They couldn't even guarantee me a later time so that I did not have to take off of work again. Needless to say, I won't be taking off of work to sit and wait for someone who may or may not show again. The dishwasher I purchased is not even 6 months old and was installed by Sears.

The fact that it already has issues does not make matters better. I am currently in the process of selling my home, and this is not a bonus by any means to a potential buyer. We are building a new house, and we were planning on using Sears for items such as the garage door opener, knobs for the cabinets, appliances (washer, dryer, etc), but will now go somewhere else where customer service is better understood. We (my fiance and I) understand that things happen, but never contacting us, refusing to make a new appointment that helps to fit our needs, and saying nothing can be done is poor business.


I recently purchased, for Company use, a Sears Kenmore fridge from the Sears Richmond Hill Furniture and Appliance Store. Delivery was scheduled for the following Tuesday between 7am-noon. At the time of purchase I specified and paid $25.00 extra to have the handles placed for a right side door opening. Unfortunately neither happened. The delivery crew left a mumbled message which I could not decipher on my voice mail, and shortly thereafter a Sears representative called to reschedule as, I was advised, noone was there to accept the delivery, this is a business address and I along with 30 others are in the office all day.

It was rescheduled for Thursday between noon and 6pm, and did arrive at 4pm, although I now have to call customer service and have someone come in and reverse the handles. This whole procedure was a royal pain. Sears pay more attention to your employees, and I would suggest your outsourced delivery company B & N Delivery Service do the same.

Approx. 3 weeks ago the door locked on the Kenmore range that was purchased in March of 2011 and under warranty. I contacted my local store where I bought the range and they tryed to get a repairman out quickly but they were told it would be Dec.5 before a service tech could come out. It was the week of Thanksgiving and my family was looking forward to our traditional dinner. This didn't happen and we had to change our plans. Dec. 5 has come and gone and we are now scheduled for Dec 12. I have purchased many appliances from Sears in the past but do not intend to do so in the future.

This type service is unacceptable and especially on a product that is still under warranty. My dissatisfaction is not with my local store. They did what they could.


On 11-25-12 I ordered a christmas presents online through the sears website. I am told my order was canceled, when I do not know they did not give me a date. I then on 12-20-12 ask if you canceled my order why do I have no refund. I was told she didn't know she would start the investigation for me. She said to give them 3-5 business days and I should receive my refund.

Since then I have called, emailed, called and emailed. Every time they cannot tell me why I have not got my money refunded. I just get they are working on it I should have a answer within 3-5 business days. I gave my money in good faith expecting a product in return. But all I have gotten is a big headache dealing with this. Please help
Thank You


Purchased bed sheets on, so I believed I was buying from Sears. I received a defective product and Sears refused to accept a return stating that it was not their product. It does state on Sears' website that my purchased was from a 3rd party vendor. I was on Sears' website, so I assumed I was purchasing from Sears. This is a deceitful practice, I was lured into buying this product because I trusted the Sears name. I cannot even return this product to the 3rd party vendor because they have 7 day return policy. Sears has a 90 day return policy. I never expected that Sears was no different then Lesson learned! I will never shop at Sears again.

Also, I called my local Sears store and I was told that I could return my online purchase to their store. I drove appx. 20 miles to this store and they refused to take the return. Sears representatives should know that they will not take returns on some the products they sale online!


I called Sears Repair on Monday to service my Sears Washer and Dryer. The first appointment was on Thursday and they gave me a four hour window for the appointment. When I explained that I work and cannot sit home for four hours waiting for a repair person, they offered to have someone call 15-20 minutes prior to arrival. On Thursday, a representative called and stated that the repair person was at my home and no one was answering the door. When I explained the situation and asked that they wait 15 minutes for me to get home, she said they could not do that. She then offered an appointment for the following Wednesday. That would leave me without a washer/dryer for 10 days.

When I explained that she seemed completely apathetic. I then asked why the driver did not call before his arrival. She said that he did and he left a message on my cell phone. I explained that my cell had been with me all day, no one had called and no one had left a message. I told her that I could fax her my call records for the day to show that the repair person had not called and was being dishonest with her, and once again she seemed to be completely apathetic. I asked several times to speak to her manager, and finally was told that the manager will call me back. I am still waiting for that call. 


I wanted to purchase a 50" Toshiba LED TV from Sears at Eastland Mall in Columbus, OH, as advertised, Thursday night for $299.99, so I made sure I was in line before 8 o'clock. Got in the store found the TV right away and was standing with another young man for a salesperson to come over and give me a slip of some sort to purchase the TV. When I looked for a ticket to purchase there were none. In fact everyhthing was flipped over. After about 20 minutes I decided to go to the register. The sales person told me that most of the TV slips had been passed out at 6 and 7 o'clock. How can that be if the sale did not start till 8:00 P.M. Obviously it was a waste of my time to even attempt to come to the store. If I would have known I would have been able to purchase TV earlier I would have been at the store two hours early too. This should have been advertised the procedure for purchasing. If I would have known I would have probably been able to get one.


On September 14, 2007, we purchased a Sears Elite washer, model no. 11027032603, along with a matching dryer. They were the most expensive models in the store, and for the price, we thought we were buying a quality product.

The washer has since quit working. I scheduled an appointment with Sears Repair Service for October 22, 2012. The technician said it had a bad bearing and needed a new electrical timer control. The estimated cost of repair is about half of what we originally paid for the appliance.
The machine is barely five years old. The technician said that is was not used enough to make a bearing go bad. My first washer and dryer were Kenmores and they lasted 30 years with minor repairs. Based on quality of those products, we have purchased a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, and microwave-hood combination, along with a riding lawn mower, cultivators, and other outside machinery -- all from Sears!

To resolve this matter to our satisfaction, and for our continued loyalty, we would like Sears to guarantee the quality of this product, by installing the new electrial timer control and bearing, with any other needed parts, at no cost to us. We are willing to pay for the cost of labor.

Looking forward to favorable response.


We hired sears to clean our carpets in our new house. The woman on the phone scheduled with my husband for Saturday Oct. 6 between the hours of 4-7. We arrived at the house at 3:30. There was a note on the door stating they had been there and left since noone was there. We contacted the number on the form. We found out that they put us in the computer for a different time (1-4) and also had a wrong phone number for us. They refused to send anyone back out. There was no supervisor or manager to talk to. Tried calling the dispatcher for the area and of course they didn't answer the phone and had no voicemail. I will NEVER recommend sears to anyone. I am livid at the type of customer service thry have!!


Dec 22 - Dryer quit working, called Sears 800 number to schedule warrenty repair. Dec 24 - Capital City Appliance called to schedule appt. Dec 31 - Cap city came out to check dryer and told me they had to order part. Jan 11 Cap city returned to repair dryer. Jan 14 - Some IDIOT from Sears called to tell me how much money I saved by purchasing the warrenty.

I informed him ,that due to their EXTREMELY slow response times I was forced to buy a replacment dryer, negating anything gained from buying the warrenty. Also I informed him I will never purchase another warrenty from Sears - if Sears only goal is to pass their warrenty repairs off to some third party . 20 days,give or take, is too much time to wait to get service.


We have a service contract with Sears on a tractor lawn mower. Model 1500LT. We have had the machine for three years. We have had trouble with the belt coming off the mowing deck since the first year. This year we had trouble and the belt jumped the track on 3/1. We called for service and set a date for an annual service and to fix the belt on 3/7.

On that date the service repairman showed up at the wrong address even though when we scheduled we told them the mower was at a different address. We had to reschedule for the 14th. On taht date the service repairnman called a cell number and our home phone and did not have good connections on either. Both phones were working fine the repairman must have been out of cell range. He pulled a second no show.

We called the service department m=number angry and were told they would be out next Wednesday. We got a mesage to reschedule called and they said that the Wednesday appoint was the first open and we said good. We went to the local store and tried to talk with the service manager to have someone fired. They said they would be out Wednesday.

The 20th came and went and when we called the store manager and got a service manager out of Portland they said we were scheduled for the 27th. We had miscommunicated and thought the 20th was the next Wednesday which it was but we were skipped. We will never buy anything from Sears again in this lifetime!!!


I have used Sears products for years. As others can attest to, Sears is no longer Quality Controlled products. I have a LP Gas Range, I love it, or I did. The burners on the cook top have been leaving a black residue on my pans. This particular repair person has been here before and done a very poor job cleaning out the back of my frig. I ask him to look at the bottom of my pans, this black residue started a few months back.

He refused to look at the burners and under the burners. He claims there is no way to adjust them???? He said it was my pans. I have had this Range since 2000. My pans are older than that. What's with this attitude? My oven was not working properly, he did agree to that. Said it was off by 20 degrees. It was burning on the bottom and the top was sligtly cooked? Hopefully that part works. I will continue to clean the black off of my pans.

I have called my LP Gas provider to see if he can shed some light on the matter. I know that black on the bottom of every pot and pan is not right. If the oven quits again, this will be the thrid third time, I will replace the Range and not with Sears.


Sears giving me the runaround on warranties, not showing up for appointments or calling to inform customer they would not be making scheduled appointment. Furnished new home w/Sears appliances: dishwasher, refrigerator, cooktop, b/in oven, microwave, garbage disposal, freezer, washer and dryer(Elite models). Repairs already on cooktop (2), freezer (1 popping door continues) and dishwasher (5 repairs including 1 replacement and continue to wait for leveling of appliance as they do not show up for scheduled appointments). Moved in home in May 2011.

Shifted from one person to another over the phone, calls dropped - have to relate total information each time I call or the phone call is dropped and I have to call back. I had an appointment with Sears maintenance the time was between 1-5pm to repair my oven. I waited all afternoon and nobody showed up. I decided to call about 4.30pm and I was told that my appointment was rescheduled because the technician called my house and nobody answered the phone, that was not true because there was no message left on my machine and I didn't leave my house. I got into an argument with the rep and she hung up on me.

I called again the second rep told me the reason the technician didn't show up is because he was working on another job and it took a lot of time and he forget to call me, she also hung up on me because we couldn't agree on another appointment. The reason why I am upset is because nobody bothered to call, if I didn't call I would not have known the technician wasn't coming. I am very dissatisfied with the service I paid for.


On black Friday at 4:00 am I went to sears first like i always have the past ten years . I spent 300 cash and another 246.00 on my ATM card the clerk said that she had to ring it up on credit ithen picked up my merchandise and ran off to buy a tv at another retailer after waiting 3 hours in line I got my 46 inch tv to the checkout and I had insufficient funds I called my bank and it was true sears had double charged my account causing me to have insufficient funds and waisted time to say the least no savings on my tv and complete embarrassment now it's Monday I open my new shoes from sears and the clerk did not remove the security tag I get a pair of pliers and break it off red ink pours on my shoes and clothes now I go to sears it's 9:30 they don't open till 11:00am I wait go in the manager looks into the double charge laughs at my shoe and says there is nothing she can do now I'm out of money no tv ink stained shoes and clothes my bank says I have to wait five days and then we will take action and I feel like a patsie a sucker for a bargain who got clumped by sears


4/3/13 - took waranteed lawn mower in for service due to hard starting, bolt missing from previous year Sears maintenance and replace handle cushions. Mower was in 3/29/12 for same starting problem and was not properly fixed at that time
4/26/13 - went into store for another matter & asked about mower - it was returned to store but I never received a call telling me it was there.
4/26/13 - did not take possession of mower because bolt was still missing and handle cushions were taped with electrical tape & not replaced. Told Sears on site rep to send it back for repairs & it was not acceptable to me due to poor repairs, bolt still missing.
5/7/13 - still waiting for mower to come back & grass is very high. I sent it in plenty early in order to NOT have this happen.

I will NEVER purchase another Sears mower - this is my 2nd and will be the last. TERRIBLE SERVICE RECORD


As I was looking at some merchandise in Sears (Clarksville TN) and playing my harmonica, a young lady came over and asked me to play some songs with her other Sears associates which I did. I played several patriotic songs and "Amazing Grace". The girl named Belinda who had called me over started arguing with me about some rap artist and then argued with me about Jesus. When I asked her to tell me a favorite scripture about Jesus she became defensive and told me the following: " I'm about ready to take off my badge and tear into you". I then asked to speak to her manager who was an older man named Henry. When he came over I asked him about filing a complaint form (so that Belinda would not threaten some other customer as she had done to me). Henry became irate and told me to follow him. However, he didn't take me to get a complaint form but just got more angry and agitated. When I asked for his name he wrote down "Henry" threw the paper on the floor refused to give me his last name and walked away, telling one of his assistants to 'call security". And so I left. Is this how Sears treats customers? I am a 61 year old doctor and have had a private practice here in Clarksville TN for 25 year . I hope you will help these personnel get some help so tht they will treat customers better. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, James R. Hebda Ph.D.


Hello, I am submitting a complaint because yesterday, at Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville, GA. I was in the Sears store and I saw a few teens sitting by a vending machine near the customer pick up exit. One of them were offering candy to the employees that walked by, and one of them turned back around and yelled at the the teens. He cursed at them and had an aggressive body language towards the teens (pulling up his pants and making a fists with his hands), and this went on for about thirty seconds. He then he grabbed the bag out of one of the teens hands and threw it violently at the other teens, and the candy spilled all over the floor. Then when he stomped back into his workplace.

The teens got up walked towards an exit to the store he walked back out of his workplace and chased them, and was yelling threats towards them with three other employees trying to help catch the teens. I tried to find the manager, but i was frightened he would snap on me so I left the store and went to the mall security. They didn't seem to do anything but tell the teens they can't go to that store again. Please do something about those employees. They seemed to work in the customer pickup area of the store. The one that yelled at the kids was an African-American male, with tattoos on both arms, and had a muscular body. The others were big men but I didn't remember exactly what they looked like. I would be very thankful if you could do something about those employees.


On October 28th, 2011, I made a layaway purchase at I subsequently made paid extra on my bi-weekly payments so I could receive my merchandise early as oppose to waiting until December 23rd to make my final payment and receive my merchandise as this was far to close to Christmas and I didn't want any disappointment for my 9 year old daughter and my 10 year old son if for some unknown reason something went wrong and I couldn't get my merchandise to have under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. I don't know why I had this feeling, however I did. So on December 8, 2011 I made my final payment.

I made the payment on this day because my wife and I had decided we were going to finish our Christmas shopping the weekend of the 9th and 10th and we wanted to be able to pick up our merchandise at this time. After making the payment I checked my bank online as I always do to ensure they have something showing a pending transaction. I saw the pending transaction so I thought nothing more of the purchase and prepared myself to pick up the merchandise the next day. This was all set up because the place I had to go to pick up my merchandise was not the closest Sears to my house because they did not have the merchandise at that store.

So on December 9, 2011, my wife and I ventured out to do our shopping after dropping my kids off at their Grandmother's house. My wife and I got to the Sears store at around 8pm. Now granted the store closes at 9pm but I assumed we would be in and out within a few minutes so I was not worried about the time. I went into the store and went to the merchandise pickup section and entered my information into the system so I could have it brought out from the layaway area. The system told me my merchandise was not available because there was still a balance due.

The system told me to see an associate to make the final payment. I immediately went to find a store manager. After briefly speaking to the store manager I realized I was in big trouble. He told me because the original purchase was made online, I would have to speak to He was very polite about it and even gave me the number. While standing in the store I called After speaking with the customer service representative for several minutes, the CSR asked to speak with the store manager. I put the store manager on the phone and proceeded to wait. Finally without resolution my phone went dead at 9pm.

The store manager said they were closing but we could call back, however we would get put back in line on the phone and we would be waiting for a while. With it already being 9pm, my wife and I decided to leave and get started on a solution first thing in the morning. the next morning I made the phone call to They were extremely rude and very unhelpful. I was told by more than one CSR there was nothing they could do except send an email, open a ticket and get back with me within 72 hours. Let me not forget to tell you how many times they said they were sorry.

I told them telling me sorry that many times was not getting my merchandise to me any faster. After several hours and phone calls to and to the Sears store where my merchandise was, I was finally told I my payment had been processed and I could pick it up at the store. I made contact with the store and they told me they still could not release my merchandise. I finally got someone at to tell me they had my money, however they had not applied it to my layaway account and that it would be applied within 72 hours and I could pick it up after that. This in my mind was unacceptable because they had my money I wanted my merchandise. At this point I called my bank to see if they could help.

Upon contacting my bank they told me due to the status of the transaction it was out of their hands, but I could go to the store, make the purchase, and contest the payment and get my merchandise. With this being a Saturday and not being able to wait till Monday to make any contact with Sears Corporate office, this is what I decided to do. Now Monday December 12, 2011 comes around, and I make my phone call to However, this time I asked directly for the number to their corporate office. I got the number and called them. Upon speaking with an Executive Account Manager, I was given a run around again.

I got every excuse under the sun, from our system is down, to we are working on your solution, however it is going to take us 24 to 72 hours and we will email you. I told them I did not want an email, I wanted to be called. In my opinion an email is impersonal and they are dealing with my money so I wanted to be updated personally with a phone call. They refused to update me with a phone call. At this point I was upset and asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told they were the top and they had no supervisor. After the run around I finally gave up and hung up.

I ended up calling back and speaking with a different "Blue Ribbon Service Case Manager" I was able to get an address and a name for the CEO of Sears, but was still told that any correspondence would come to them first. That should not be the case, because the CEO should want to know how his customers are being treated. I am still working on a resolution for this issue but wanted everyone to know not to use Sears to purchase anything. I hope if enough people see this, sears will either step up and assist customers better or they will go out of business due to their poor customer service.


i paid layaway in full on jan 20.never received product and when i called i was told product was not is stock.i have made several calls about my refund in the amount of 228.61.the layaway contract number is 093000981356 and my name is frederick brown ,220 knoll view dr ,salisbury n.c 28147.i talked to a supervisor named veronica and here ext is 118.i feel like i have been getting a run around why i have not received my can call me at 704-213-2340


I purchased a washing machine and it leaks. Sears service technicians are unable to fix the leak and I am getting the runaround about replacement and or a refund due to "corporate policy". I have talked to multiple people in multiple departments and have continually been told mistruths and been given unacceptable and quite frankly unbelievable reasons as to why there has not been a solution. From my experience it is obvious the different departments within Sears do not communicate internally and have total disregard to customer satisfaction. I am also convinced nothing will result from sending this complaint.


My experioence with sears customer service and support has been horrible. My refridgerator has been completely out of service for 36 days, which I do not have a means to store any food in my house. I explained this issue and all I get is I am sorry. They have been out to fix the unit 4 times, and it is still not working. Even the technicians stated that the unit needs to be replaced, but sears will not replace the unit. The technicial just informed me that he will order more parts, but the unit cannot be fixed. This means that I will have to wait another 2 weeks for a technician to try to fix it again. And, another two week I will be without a refridgerator, or 50 days or almost two months. The sears reps had no compassion for what I am going through. All they could tell me was that there was nothing they could do. I asked to talk to a manager, and I was put on hold for 30 minutes, and no one ever came to the phone. I called back and asked for a manager, and the same thing occurred. No one came to the phone. I have been a fatihful sears customer. At this point, I will never purchase another sears product.


I placed a Samsung Galaxy tablet on layaway using on January 22, 2013,Order number 09000984439 I made my initial payment at that time I then made another online payment February 1, 2013 prior to the due date of February 5, 2013 a few days later I got a recorded phone message that my payment was late and that my order was going to be canceled. I called my local store and was told it would not be canceled the payment was up to date. I then made another payment on February 19, 2013 the date it was due. At that time it said it was late. How can a payment be late when it was due and payable an on that date? I went back online Sunday February 24 to make an extra payment and there is a BIG RED Canceled on my layaway. I went to my local sears store where the item was to be picked up. They couldn't help me said I would receive a refund in two to three days. I then called and was given a reference number 136006 and told at that time I would receive an email regarding the matter and that it was canceled in error. I have yet to hear from anyone regarding this matter. Three calls today and all I get is our system is down we can't answer any questions until it's back up. They couldn't answer questions the first time I called. I want my money refunded immediately in to my account. Or you risk being held liable for fraud and will be turned in to the Texas State Attorney Generals office and my Attorney will be in contact with you.

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