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Sears is one of the oldest department stores in the United States. Originally founded as Sears & Roebuck Co., the business was made famous for their "Sears Catalog" that would come out each year. 

Today, you can find Sears stores across the country selling a variety of items including: Clothing, Mattresses, Eyeglasses, Lawn Equipment, and more. Some states even have Sears automotive centers that can service your vehicle while you shop.

Common issues against Sears generally relate to rude employees, warranty refunds, technical problems, poor quality products, and the automotive center.

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Call Sears Home Service for warranty work on my sears kenmore elite refrigerator the compressor was bad. I called service and told them that it needed a new compressor. The compress in the refrigerator was from LG and there was a lawsuit over that compressor in my refrigerator. The repair guy came I told him to repair it. (see Attached) went to his truck and did not have the part then said I needed to pay him $766.10. I said sure when it is fixed. He said it does not work that way you have to pay me upfront, and when I said no he said I had to pay a service call of 99. I said I approved the order just come back with the parts and I will pay ypu. It never happen after several call I still do not have.refrigerator that works. So then I called and said please just send me the part that is covered they said no I had to talk to LG and they said sears has to do it. I just want the compressor ship to me that is covered by the warranty.


I have been waiting two plus months for parts and service for my water heater. The technician did come but did not have the correct parts to complete the repair. Other parts were order but not delivered. No contact from Sears since! NO HOT WATER FOR OVER TWO MONTHS>

Paul Ronningen


My Kenmore REFRIGERATOR,01750U3000 has been serviced 3 times due to ice maker not working properly and every technician says that this is an on going problem for this model. But Sears is still selling this model! WHY? I would like another model!


we just delt with the most rude and obnoxious service teck in my life. He accused us of sabotaging our A/C unit that he fixed a month ago.He sat in our home and accused us numerous times of sabotaging the unit. He also refused to give us his and his supervisor's name and number.very unprofessional of the teck I really would prefer not to have that teck back to my home.


A repairman was at my house on June 19,2019, to fix my ice maker in my refrigerator. He ordered the part and it has not even been shipped yet. I have spent hours on hold with different departments trying to find out what is going on. Each department transfers me to another department and I sit on hold there. I have been told this morning that my part is in the warehouse waiting to be shipped by UPS, but they can't tell me when it will be. I have a maintenance agreement on this refrigerator and I need to know what is going on and when I will get my ice maker fixed. I am not a happy customer!
Dottie Carroll
Phone: 903-896-1407 This is a land line. If I am not at home, please leave me a number that I can reach you directly.


I had a scheduled appointment for July 5, 2019, between 8am - 6pm, for a Kenmore Central AC preventive maintenance check. The service technician called me at 3:45pm on July 5 telling me that he could not make the appointment because it was raining and lightening and he was wet. I informed him that it had been raining all day and he could have called me earlier if he was unable to meet the appointment. Plus, I wouldn't have had to miss a whole day of work.

After the service technician called me about not being able to come, I called your customer service department around 4pm on Jul 5 and reported the situation to them. I had previous called twice on July 5 to ensure the technician was still coming and confirmed that he would be here. The customer service representative rescheduled my appointment for July 9. I requested that my rescheduled appointment be between 8am and 12pm, so I wouldn't have to miss a whole day of work again. He said he would leave special instructions for the technician to be at my residence by 12:pm on July 9. WELL, IT IS 12:10 pm, JULY 9, 2019 AND THE SERVICE TECHNICIAN IS STILL NOT HERE AS PROMISED BY THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE. ANOTHER DAY OUT OF WORK!!!

This is the third year in a row that I have experienced this same problem whereas the service technician does not show up as scheduled, and in some cases does not call me to let me know that they are unable to meet the appointment. I purchased an extended warranty when I had Sears install my new Kenmore Central AC/Heat System 5 years ago. It seems like since Sears already has my money that they can do whatever concerning scheduling, like I am always the last on the list and a fill-in for other broken appointments.

Even when the technicians come here, they do very little. I have yet see them clean the coils of the heating system during winter preventive maintenance checks. I also have a loud noise coming from the outside unit when the heating system is on, which has been going on for the last three years. The technicians cannot find the problem. In January 2019, during the winter preventative maintenance check, the technician said he could inject some type of fluid into the system which would eliminate the noise and would return to do so. He never did and would not return my calls. I even called customer service about this problem with no solution.

In any event, I will never again purchase another Sears product, nor will I ever have any dealings with Sears once this extended warranty expires. I have been a long-time Sears customer. But like I said, you got my money up front on this extended warranty on my Central AC/Heating System, so I feel you can provide poor service, show up for repairs/service when you want to and not loose money. Your customer service stinks and I have missed too many hours from work waiting on poor service or no-show from your customer service department and your service technicians.

Bill Abbitt
HP - 843-760-0849
CP - 843-509-5303


I am having numerous problems making orders and canceling orders. If you try to cancel an order just 1 or 2 minutes after placing I cant. If you try on line it states the order has already been placed. If I call right away I cant get through for over an hour. If you finally get an answer the representive always tells you it is already done and I will have to receive the package and then send it back for a refund. Your online site will not accept my earned points which makes me loose them which is beyond trusting customer service.I have lost points and free cash that I received due to your mistakes. I have received double orders on the same items and products that are not as promised.I am loosing faith in Sears an I have been a customer and card holder since 1968.I really would like a response this just is not right! Greg King 1-303-594-6974


I was satisfied until about a week ago. I had a blower but could not be repaired due to all the repair shops being closed in this area, I received a call last we and they rewarded me $310. and instructed me to go to the nearest Sears store, which was Hoover AL. This was an hour 17 minute drive for me. I called and they said they would have to order it on line. My question is why do I have to drive to have them place an order for me. I called the phone numbers today that was provided about 6 times and they said to call back in 2 hours this went on all day. I am not sure what to do. they only gave me 90 days, No Sears stores close to me. Phone number 334 285 4000.


Bought A refrigerator January 2019. Have had service calls due to the unit growling both day and night (wakes be up a night. Service person states this is normal for this type unit. I wish someone would pick it up and refund my purchase price $700. I cam be contacted at 81-229-8142 for any reason, I AM EXPECTING A CALL CVOCERNING THIS UNIT!!


we bought a lawn tractor in july of last year,used it 3 times,started it up in april it wouldn't
start had done all maintenance,called sears they sent a tech out he said I needed a new motor,waited 3 weeks for motor and tech, another tech came out said I didn't need a motor
that the first tech screwed up belt,he fixed it ,next day started tractor wouldn't go forward
or backward tech came out again adjusted something ran tractor and left,tractor ran for 20
minutes tech came out today said I needed another belt. gonna take another 2 wks wow


My name is Joe Simmons III, I contacted your complaint department on Monday June 10th in reference to a technician that worked on my snow blower and riding tractor. I was told I would be receiving a complaint confirmation by email which has not appeared.
In December I went to use my snow blower and it would not start. A technician was sent out to service the blower. He drained the old gas and put fresh gas in (I had already replaced spark plug) and it started.
I went to use it later that week and it did not start. I checked everything and proceeded to check the gas tank, it was empty. I filled it up and it started right up.
A week later I went to use it and it would not start. I checked the gas tank and it was empty. I knew my garage had a heavy gas smell and what was happening was the gas was leaking out.
I called Sears and they sent the technician out and he said it was a gasket problem. He ordered the part but never came out to replace it.
In April I contacted Sears about servicing my tractor. My wife said it was the same technician that worked on the snow blower.
He can out replaced the blades and changed the oil filter. When he originally arrived I had the battery charger on the tractor as it would not start.
When I got home to use the tracker it still did not start but I was not told that I needed a battery. I went ahead and purchased a battery which made me question did the technician even get to run the tractor to test it.
Now the major complaint, I was using the tractor this weekend and it started making a noise like the rod was bad. I proceeded to check the oil and it was empty. The technician drained and changed the filter but obviously did not replace the oil. There is no way the crank case would be empty after less than 10 hours of use.
I put oil in the tractor and put it in the shed. I do not know what damage has been done. Whatever damage has taken place is the responsibility of Sears to correct.

Joe Simmons
330-697-7481 Cell
330-899-1154 Home


If I could rate zero I would. Our refrigerator is 24 years old purchased from Sears 9/95. It served us well and we probably had 2 visits from the repair man. Two years ago, we received a call to renew our warranty for 2 years. The representative pointed out that the appliance was very old and that replacement would seem like a good place to be, meaning the repairman needed to verify is was unrepairable before replacing it. It finally conked out and it has been beyond painful scheduling as we were informed we would have to wait 9 days. Meanwhile, medicine and food would be spoiled but that did not have any impact on my frustration to them. They said they would give us up to $300. I expressed that the reason we purchased a warranty was to get extra perks .... such as covered repair, etc. At such time, if repair was deemed unrepairable, a replacement of comparable value would be realized. LOL. It took over one hour and phone transfer to 4 people. After I lost it, Cisco (tech) indicated that they would put me on emergency but for now they put me on the 9 day wait. I caught him in several lies when I said I needed a phone number for a manager and he said he was the supervisor. I wanted to talk to someone who could make a such luck. Exasperated, I told him to keep the placeholder date and I would call 2 days from now to get a status and he indicated that was too soon. In other words no such luck on emergency repair date. My mother is 94 and I am 70 meaning I will have to drag her with me to the store daily for perishables. These people are heartless incompetent baboons and probably are outsourced so they don't care. I will be going to small clams court to get refund on a useless warranty and refund on spoiled food. No one should have to go through this.


I order a 2 bagger CM42 on March 23, 2019. I was not made aware I only had 45 days in which to return the bagger, if I had, I would have put the bagger together to see if it fits the lawn mower. I was told when I ordered the bagger that it would fit my Craftsman riding lawn mower so I was not worried about that. On May 29, 2019 I put the bagger together because our mowing season just started. I was shocked to discover that the bagger did not fit my Craftsman mower. I immediately called Sears Parts they gave me another number (800) 349-4358. After speaking with this department they told me I only had 45 days in which to return the bagger (unused) and they would not return the bagger. So I am stuck with a brand new bagger that does not fit my Craftsman lawnmower. This leaves me with a $340.00 bagger I cannot use. The sales check number is 093003453460. I have been a loyal Sears customer for over 40 years and unfortunately because of this I can no longer shop at Sears.


My name is Janice McMoore and my order number was 41551056. On Friday, May 25, 2019, I had an appointment to meet with a Service Maintenance Representative from Sears. The appointment was scheduled for 1pm. I had been communicating back and forth on the Sears’ “Chat” to get a better idea of when the service person would arrive although I had a window of 1-5pm, and needed to run out for a short period. The last Chat Rep that I spoke with when asked about how much notice I would get before the maintenance rep arrived could not be specific but indicated that I would get a call between 15-30 minutes before the rep arrived, after the service was completed on the last job. I received a text at 12:48pm stating the rep was on his way and he arrived at the house at 12: 50pm. The maintenance rep, Scott Williams stated that he had come from Dinwiddie Co., which is an estimated 48 miles from my address depending on where he was in the county. Mr. Williams appeared at my door at 12:55pm which is early although only by 5 minutes but if I had proper notice I would have greeted him verses my grandson whose mother was also there but in her SUV. When my daughter came into the house Mr. Williams was texting a Sears’ rep attempting to find out what he was supposes to be doing. My daughter contacted me to say that Mr. Williams at my home and was not sure of what he was supposed to do. Via speaker phone I informed them both that I would arrive in 5 minutes and Mr. Williams expressed “I have done everything” meaning he had checked all the burners and found them to be working. When I arrived, Mr. Williams stated he had checked everything but express that the fan was not going off and indicated that the fan switch was not operating. I informed him that the knob was not operating properly due to its alignment (the knob was not lining up to the off position due to it not being the original knob); I proceeded to show him what I was speaking of and turned the knob to the off position which turned off the fan. I first asked Mr. Williams what task he performed as part of maintenance; he was never specific so I started naming things. I asked if he had checked the receptors that the elements plug into; which he had not and went to his truck to get a piece of equipment to check them. He found that each of the burners was working. Mr. Williams did not bring anything to cover my counter tops except paper towels which were a concern due to I had just putting on a new Quartz counter tops this week along with a new sink. I got thick bath towels and used some of Mr. Williams paper towels to protect my counter tops. Mr. Williams removed the burners and proceeded to use the Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner after explaining that once he opened it I would have to pay for the product. The product was placed on the cook top housing (the box that the burners set in). After the product was allow to set-up. Mr. Williams took each of the housings placed them in the sink and rinse them off under the running water (flipping the boxes to be sure the product was removed from the top and bottom of the boxes). When I asking Mr. Williams about put the boxes in the water since they had electric receptacles on them his answer was, “I will dry them off good”. I told him that he would have to plug them in because I would not due to fear of being shocked. Mr. Williams plug the boxes back in. I then asked him about the fan switch and if that was something that he took care of. He stated that he would look at it and proceeded to take the two screws out of the control panel. When he lifted the control panel and turned it on its side where it was touching the metal on the cook top there was a pop, smoke and a burnt smell which caused a burn mark on the cook top. Mr. Williams asked if we would turn the cook top electric circuit off in the main panel box. He took another look at the control panel stating there was a small wire hanging down. He then put the control panel back in place and asked if we could turn the circuit back on in the panel box. He turned the knob of one of the burners and there was another pop; I stated that the stove was not working because I could see that the indicator lights did not come on when he turned the knobs. He requested that we turn the circuit off again and he looked in the control panel again it was at this point that my husband asked Mr. Williams if he know what he was doing and suggested that maybe someone should be called in that had knowledge in working on the cook top control panel. Mr. Williams agreed and made a call to the tech department explaining what had occurred; they were not able to schedule stating there was a shortage of tech staff and referred him to his supervisor and again Mr. Williams explained the situation to his supervisor. Mr. Williams supervisor (if I’m not mistaken Brook) told him to using his scheduling options and stated, “Who knows it might have been ready to go anyway.” It was then that I found out that the soonest appointment that anyone could come out to look at my cook top would be June 3rd or 4th. I shared that that date was not acceptable because I would have guests this weekend and we were talking about 10 days away. Mr. Williams stated he was leaving while I was on the phone trying to get a better date. I talked to at least 4 people in the scheduling section and two additional people one that should have been in the Customer Advocate section but based on the conversation she sounded like she was with scheduling also. Two of the scheduling people were very concerning; one was Mark (would not provide me with neither his last name nor ID number) and the other was Zach (ID#801232). Mark was very rude refusing to transfer me to his supervisor after I requested several times stating “I have to have a reason to transfer you; what can the supervisor do that I have not and there was no supervisor on duty”. I sharing that my problem was not with him but that I wanted to speak with someone above him. He final transferred me and I spoke with Zach who provided me with the same information about the only available date that they had was June 3, and was I going to take the appointment or not. I took the appointment making it clear that it was being taken under protest. Also sharing that I felt that the appointment was beneficial to Sears but not an attempt to make my situation whole since I had a functioning cook top before Mr. Williams came. Zach proceeded to shout, “Our technician did not do anything”. When I shared that I was not accusing the technician of anything but how did he know this since he was not here and I had remained in the kitchen the entire Mr. Williams was in my home Zach hung up. I continued calling until I spoke with a women in the what I think was the Complaint Department and she stated that she had an appointment for May 28, from 8-12. This appointment was accepted.

I am very bothered by this entire situation and surprised at the rudeness of the some of the scheduling rep. I don’t feel that I bear any responsibility in the cost that will occur in repairing my cook top and have no interest in replacing it. I have a Jenn-Air Cook top with a grill that I am very pleased with I only want to be made whole and have it repaired. After clean up from the product that Mr. Williams used I found that my new sink had been scratched by the burner boxes that were rinsed in it. I am requesting that the meals that were taken outside of my home due to my cook top being inoperative to be paid for by Sears which I will provide the receipts. I would appreciate being contacted to address this situation and have it settled. My contact number is (804) 901-9108 or if I can’t be reached my husband can be reached at (804) 901-4334. I’m hoping that this can be settled between Sears and me and it does not have to go any further.


Ordered two 1/4 in socket sets and was suppose to get these sent to my home. Sears order said they do not ship to P.O.Boxes, but that's where it was sent and Post Office wanted to charge me extra for handling so I sent them back. How do we solve this problem?


La manager no me atendió vien de moreno valley mall. Compre unos zapatos hace como 2meses o menos y tienen un defecto como de fábrica tiene la costura muy filoza .y me lastima mi pie está mal cosido . Pero la manejadora me llegó de mala actitud y me empezó a hablar muy grasera y en tono alto . Lla me estaba cambiando los zapatos y cambio de actitud y dijo que no q ese es mi problema que por qué Llo tenía que ver los zapatos antes y Llo no los mire . además me sentí como discriminación por ser mexicano




I bought a, Craftsman 25587 42" 19 HP Briggs & Stratton Fender Hydro Automatic Riding Mower, Order Date
Tue, Apr 16, 2019 and, didn't reseave the booklet for it.Thanks, James w. Suggs,can you please send me a booklet ? order # 894917245.
James W. Suggs
3679 Pee Dee Hwy
Conway, SC 29527
Salescheck #
Mfr# 25587
Part# 07125587000
KSN: 5610168
UPC: 043033584772


On oven #2 due to #1 unfixable. Now#2 broken. Both ovens have had repairs. I want a full refund to purchase something else elsewhere. I’m reporting you to bbb. Rated 2 zeros for both machines.


What a joke!!!! There is a reason Sears has filed chapter 13 over and over again. Purchased a service agreement. Can't get our appliance properly serviced in a timely manner. To order a waterpump it is going to take a week to 10 days!! I can go online and order it overnight and have it hear. They will NOT do that. This is the third time this has happened Save yourself the money and save away from SEARS.


Sears delivery team brought the WRONG refrigerator to my house. I paid 2600 for that refrigerator. They were advised that's the wrong refrigerator. They immediately took it back with them and advised me someone will contact me soon. It has been 6 hours and no one has contacted me yet. I have reach out to customer service several times and received nothing but POOR service with plenty of lies. Please will someone contact me regarding this matter. I took off from work so I could be at home to get my refrigerator but look what happen, I don't have any refrigerator. I thought Sears was top of the line but they service toady is beyound HORRIBLE AND SAD.


On February 21st ,2019 ,Sears technician came to service my washer machine,as of March 24,2019,Sears states they are still looking for the parts. I have called sears twice Sears not once have called me to give me an update,what must I do next. I go to the laundrymat weekly spending money need help thanks.

George Anderson


My Kenmore French Door Bottom Freezer is rusting on the back panel with ice forming on the out side of the fridge Model 253.70319214 series:4A34822628. This Kenmore is made by Frigidaire who have issues with this! The refrigerant line/coil is within 1 mm of touching the metal and is a manufacturing defect. A Sears tech came out and knows about this particular problem and only could provide a patch for the problem not a fix.
there are many complaints on line with this problem, so why aren't you recalling it. This product should be recalled since there is not a fix for it. I do not want to have to buy a fridge every few years because the manufacturer cannot produce a quality product.

This will be my last purchase at Sears!! do you wonder that you are going out of business. I will not recommend you to anyone!!!


I had service on my washer , yesterday, Feb. 12th. My washer could not be fixed. I paid the repair girl, Lori, a check for $94.34. for the appt. I need to have a receipt as soon as possible, with all the information on the receipt, as to why the washer couldn't be fixed. I need the service provider's name, business address and business phone number. The make of my washer, serial number. It all has to be stated on the receipt. I am able to get a reimbursement for the $94.34 and I will be getting a nice amount from the company I am dealing with to get a new washer. I need to have all the information as soon as possible so I can get my new washer. I will be purchasing one at Sears. I don't understand why I have to wait so long to get a receipt, and all the information I need. Waiting 1 week is ridiculous. Please see what you can do for me, and rectify this, so that I can have my paid receipt soon. Thank you . Mrs. Richard De Menno 703m South 23rd Street, Easton, Pa. 18042


tech out 3 times for dish washer. removed part to be refurnished nobody knows where par is 215-493-6769


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My Sears Home Warranty number is 99073846. This is an URGENT matter I am a 79 year old lady that needs her medicine refrigerated.

It is unacceptable to have to wait over 1 month for a repair. This is a major appliance this is a necessity for living. I need someone to help me.

My entire refrigerator and freezer is not working. My first service call was on 12/19, my freezer and ice maker were not working, my service order #SCCLCVQX7Z.

The service technician said I needed a new motor, I waited 1 week for a new motor to arrive, then it took another 2 weeks to get an appointment for installation. On 1/9 the service technician installs the new motor and leaves, since he was going back and forth to his vehicle I had no idea that he even left. My freezer and ice maker are still not working and now the refrigerator part is not working either (entire unit not cooling). I called to reschedule and was given an appointment for another 2 weeks out and I was given a new service order # SCCM1WJ9FT.

Why was i given a new service order and why is it showing on the online account my old claim number closed?

The job was never fixed and now i have my refrigerator part not working either. Also he took my old motor, i want my old motor back.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.
This as been a month, this morning someone fro cross country call me with the information of a new a appointment no one show up. I am very upset no food in the refrigeter, I need help, or I will put on TV.


handle on dryer came off. Technician came to fix it on 1/11/19, service order # 42103194. Technician did good job, no problems with him. Problem is charges. He was here for a half hour or less, fixed the handle and checked whole machine. I was told about the $99. diagnostic fee in advance, and I figured there would be a parts charge. Big surprise: Labor cost : $126.44. Routine job cost $279.91. Outrageous amount. Long time Sears appliance customer, never got hit like this before. Will think twice before using this service again.


Ordered items from Nine of the items were to be delivered before christmas and 9 items were to be picked up at the store in Kennesaw.

Items to be picked up at store (9 in total):

7 items were picked up just fine. 2 of the items were unable to be found by the store. They refused to process a refund. They said I had to mail in some receipt they gave me in order to receive a refund for one of those items. The other item, was located a week later and they wanted me to make another trip to the store to pick up the missing item.

Items to be delivered (9 in total).

4 items were delivered. 1 item was a pair of brown boots but in the box there was just a left boot. No one know what happened to the right boot. Contacted SEARS Customer service and all they could do was offer a refund. They would not ship out a replacement unless I paid them more money. I refused to pay them anything else so they said they could not help me. After I go off the phone with them they processed a refund.

5 other items were suppose to be mailed to me before Christmas. When I went on their website, the 5 items were still sitting in their warehouse on 12/21. Contacted them to see what was going on and why nothing was being mailed to me. They advised that the items would not be delivered until 12/27. The only thing they could do was refund the expedited fee I paid for early delivery. When I asked why they could not get on the phone and get the items to me. Both supervisor and agent could not answer the question. They had no clue how to resolve anything at all. Asked to speak with someone else and the "supervisor" said there was no one above him. Finally go off the phone with those useless agents cause I was getting nowhere.

On 12/27, package was suppose to be received with 5 items. I received a small box with one pair of shoes. Label said it was suppose to weigh 12 pounds but box weighed 1-1.5 lbs. Contacted customer service again.

Asked them were al 5 shoes actually mailed and they did not know.

Asked them if it was only suppose to be 1 box and they did not know.

Asked them if they could locate the missing 4 shoes and they had no answer.

Asked to speak with a supervisor and they said there wasn't a supervisor. My only option is the customer service agent on the phone. After about 3 calls and hours on the phone, agent offered to submit an email to escalation and advised me I should get a response within 24 hours. Called them the next day after 24 hours and the new line was it take 72 hours for escalation to respond. In the meantime, they have the 4 missing shoes and all of the money I paid and still no products or good customer service. I had to file a BBB complaint this evening.

Do not buy anything else from SEARS. They have relocated their customer service department to India. These agents are not problem resolution agent. Their job is just to get you off the phone. If they can appease you by giving some of your money back, they will try it. If there is an actual problem needing some form of tracking, research, solution or common sense, their customer service dept is unhelpful. They will not transfer you to someone who can make a decision or use common sense to come to a resolution. I am so disgusted with Sears at this point.


Water filter for Kenmore refrig. Ordered 2, specified for said refrig. Neither will fit. Called Sears Parts, rude response, said right part, nothing we can do. Repairman just left, said nothing wrong with refrig. assembly, filters are wrong. So Sears is obviously shipping a different filter under the same # and seem to have no knowledge or won’t admit the design differences on the filter head which won’t allow insertion. Had other, many, issues with Sears products and personnel, not too difficult to see why they are closing stores and nearly bankrupt.



I am so irritated about my shopping experience in your store last night that I had to take time out to write this letter. I am a loyal patron of your store. I am also a cardholder of your Sears Card and Sears MasterCard. In the past I have enjoyed my shopping experiences in your store, but as of late the customer service at the Sears Livonia Michigan Store (7 Mile and Middle Belt Rd) has left me with a bitter taste.

Let me explain, and I'm sure you will understand my frustration. I went in your store to do some Christmas shopping with some surprise points that I earned on Black Friday. I browsed your store, selected items to purchase and waited in a really long line to cash out. When I reached the register and the salesperson began to ring up my items, I noticed that the cold winter accessories (hat/glove/scarf sets 25% off or hat/scarf 30% off sets) were not ringing up with the sales price. I made mention to the salesperson and she called for a manager. The manager told the salesperson that the items were not on sale. But knowing that I saw the signs EVERYWHERE, I decided to go and get the signs and bring them to the salesperson as proof that the items are on sale. The manager was called to the register and advised again that the items were not on sale and pointed out the date on the sign, which really isn't a date that a lay person would recognize. By that I mean that I would expect to see (mo./day/yr) format. Instead, the date the manager pointed out was (mo./day) and the date was meshed in with lots of other small text...making the date even harder to recognize.

When I explained to the manager that the date is not visible in such small text, and there is no way for patrons to know that it's even a relative date to consider when selecting items to purchase. I went on to explain to her that if the sale was over on 11/24, then why are the signs still posted. I also explained that some of the signs are posted high and there is no way that a patron can identify what the date is with such small text when the sign is posted high above the product. Regardless to the concerns I expressed the manager's only response was that I should pay attention to the small print. I told the manager that I do not come into stores to pay attention to their small print. I did not buy any cold weather accessories, but I did make a small purchase. Please recall salescheck #014605139249 from your system for reference to the items that I did buy.

I must stress that I feel as though I wasted my time selecting items only to find out that they are not on sale as indicated in the store. If it were only one sign up, I would've dismissed the situation as a sign was inadvertently overlooked. But as you can see from the attachments that I have provided, there were several signs that all indicated that there was a sale discount on cold weather accessories.

Note the height of those signs in the picture, do you really expect your loyal patrons to climb up and reach those signs to determine if a sale is in progress or not? Pardon my sarcasm with that question, because that could surely be a liability to your company.

I want to point you that within the last 30 days, I have spent about $176.53 in your store. But I'm sure you can look at my purchase history and get a much better picture of the purchase history I've had with your store. I will also point out that my credit card purchases should total way more that the amount spent on purchases within the last 30 days. I bring all this up to show my continued loyalty as a patron at your Company.

In order to continue on with a good relationship, I need favorable resolution to this VERY unnecessary issue, which has left me feeling like my patronage to your store is worthless because of the lack of consideration and professionalism that was shown by the manager of the men's department in your Livonia Michigan store on November 27, 2018. Might I also add that the manager's disposition and that of the salesperson was less than friendly.

In closing, I very disappointed and while I have been a loyal patron, I will not continue to be depending on the resolution of this matter. If you sales are slumping and business is suffering, you may want to take a look at your managers!!! I am a firm believer that employees are a direct reflection of their managers and if the manager has a poor customer service skills, the employee will have them as well.

Looking forward to a fast, favorable and satisfactory resolution to a VERY unnecessary issue!!!


Dacia Owens
(313) 729-5843


Purchased washer and dryer. Sears cancelled delivered during the delivery time frame and rescheduled for 5 days later. ON delivery day they were 5 hours late and then bought the wrong dryer. I'm still waiting the correct dry. Called 3 different customer service numbers. One said my order did not exist. Second said it might be delivered in next 2 days but no sure. Third said the dry model is not offered by Sears. .I could barely understand any of the because of the thick accents. Email to customer service and CEO go unanswered.

Use to buy all my major appliances from Sears along with all car tires and batteries. Will never shop at Sears again.


I sent a complaint and have never heard back, one last try or I am taking my business elsewhere. On 07-28-2018 at 01:35 PM I dropped off my 2018 Toyota Camry to have the oil changed. Invoice number IN6120906 CRDEATED BY 674184. This car had 20,000 miles on it. Still new. They called me to tell me the car was ready. I went to pick it up. When I got out to the car the mats where all dirty with grease on them. I went back in and told the gentleman and he came out looked at them and then proceeded to clean them with mineral oil. So, please keep in mind I live in Shelton Nebraska. I have been taking my cars, truck, vans to Sears in GI till you closed the automotive. I take my car to this Sears in Lincoln Nebraska so I am a good 2 hours away. Anyway I leave your store and go to my daughters house. she made me leave the windows open over night cuz she said I would not be able to drive it like that with the smell from the mineral oil. So I did as she wished. I drove back home the next day Sunday. I drove my car to Grand Island Nebraska on Monday to work 20 miles from Shelton, Nebraska. Later in the morning my husband calls me and says there is oil all over the floor and a trail going out the driveway. DON'T DRIVE THAT CAR ANYWHERE HAVE ONE OF THE GUYS IN YOUR OFFICE CHECK THE OIL. so I did. they thought it looked okay. I didn't trust it. I took it to Graham Tire in Grand Island Nebraska from my office at noon. turns out that the OIL FILTER PLUG did not get put back in so my car was leaking oil. So now I spent 60.00 to have them put a new oil plug in my car. I am so angry cuz I just bought this car and had it's first oil change and this is what happens. What if I had took off for Minnisota or someplace when I left your store on that Saturday afternoon. This should not happen. My husband Sam Nuncio/also corporation of SANU called sears back and was told that accidents happen and he was sorry. Really, so if my car would of cease up what would of happened to my car. My oil is about to be due for a change and I just don't know if I can continue to take my car back to be serviced at the Lincoln Store. breaks my heart cuz I just love to shop at Sears. I just can't believe no one has gotten back to me since I sent the email before. I don't know what can be done. but this should not happen. I did tell the guy when I went to him about the dirty mats (as they were brand new mats I had just got the car maybe a couple of weeks before. the place we bought it suggested we get the oil changed so we can keep it on track) I asked him why not paper mats or shoe covers where worn or laid down and he said he had just taken over a couple weeks before and they didn't have any of that stuff yet. Really, if you don't have the tools to do your job, like paper mats then compromise by using a piece of card board or news paper. My husband just asked me if I was taking it back to you guys to change. I said I just didn't know. I didn't trust you anymore and more so cuz no one ever replied back to me. I spent $71.15 that day and then worries on Monday and another 60.00 on Monday. should not happen. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear back from someone this time. Sincerely Reynalda Nuncio, 308-216-0048 (cell) 308-389-7462 office at Chief Industries/Bldgs division. Todays date 11.08.2018


Just got a delivery and I have to return these shoes. And you don't have this size in stock because I don't want the pair you sent. And the censor is on the shoe! The shoes look beat up like the two boxes you sent the shoes in..I thought it was a joke!


Purchased a range hood on 5/9/18, installed and did not work. A ticket was placed, a technician was contacted, came to my home 3 times, still did not work so I hired an electrician to install a separate circuit to ensure that the voltage was at zero and it had it own breaker box as they thought perhaps voltage was preventing the mother board to be faulty. Upon completion a technician returned and it still does not work. My last contact to the Spencer Sears office where the purchase was made on July 31st and have not heard from them as to what can be done. My kitchen still has an open exposed range hood above my stove since May. I would like a working range hood please.


my microwave oven was purchased at sears. i also purchased themaster protection agreement for the microwave at the same time. as of this date 08-07-2018 this microwave has been not working most of the time that i have had it. the technications that are sent out to repair the micro. end up telling me that is needs a part. fine, but the parts usually take two weeks to get back. this has happen three times. on 04-30-2018 they came out, ordered parts and since then every other week a part goes and it is the same thing all over again. i am now waiting for a part and it has been since 06-01-2018. this is a bit much. i would like to cancel the master protection agreements that i have on all of my appliances. can this be done. i am very disatified with this company. this includes the freezer,refrigerator,washer,dryer and of course the microwave. that way i can save time in waiting for any more parts to come that never seem to get here. below is my name and address, please send me a reply as soon as possible.
evelyn summers 1640 s. 54th street, philadelphia,pa.19143. phone number 215 7295358.


i will never purchase a sears, craftsman, or kenmore tool, or appliance again.
getting parts is too hard ordering and time consuming.
no easily accessible store to acquire parts.
no real customer service.
i will not buy you clothes tools or appliances in the future
the only thing that you have done right is today version or your repair services on major appliances and it is a pity i will soon no longer need them.


first off i buy a fridgerater ,and washer and dryer,2 weeks handle on frigs breaks,call parts dept,they say they don't make the part its to new,the send a specialist to the house to see if its broken,i had to laugh at that,specialist comes out tells me my handles broken,he'll have to get the part,i tell him they don't make the part yet ,he calls looks at me and says they don't make the part,i'll have to put a report in,and they'll get back to you in 2 days,5 days go by no call,i call again ,they say they'll look into it,get back to me in 2 days ,still haven't heard,it the mean time i order a couch and love seat on line,they delivered it,they both were broken ,i called sears ,totally useless,they said will refund your credit in 10 days,i'm really not trusting that,i also found out that kenmore products aren't kenmore products,their made in china they just put the name on it,i totally understand why this once great company is going out of bussiness,they don't give a crap about there customers its sad,another american company gone


I purchase Tractor Lawmn Mover in January 2017 paid in full including 4 y. waranty.
Upon delivery in February /2017 I notice that Tractor wa unpacked and IT WAS A Wron Model. I contacted Sears and was reassured that since Sears did not have that tractor(Craftsman 42 ) they send me Craftsman 46.
At 1st try we have problems that tractor NOT STARTING. We call and Sears send repair person. Batery was replaced and almost immediately after another use Battery was DEAD again. We have to call Every Month and battery was replaced evry time and we been sugested that there is Alternator if the Battery new is been dying after ONE TIME/ Each TIME USE.
In August we finally got Battery from Craftsman by same tech. After Hurricane Irma we been using Tractor until March 2018 where suddenly Tractor stop , although motor running.
We call Repair and young guy came on property , barrely bend his body make picture on from site and we been told : "IS a Belt problem".
He attempted get belt via phone and than left without saying, living keys at door . 3 Person witnesses of such "REPAIR" as we have next door Marina Storage where manger is on duty 24hours and we are living next door. We call and agreed ordered Belts. We did and call for
Repairs schedules was running and NO BODY shown up over and over. Same manger been calling for Service waranty repair when suddenly after more that 5th/ 3mo we been told that "TRACTOR is BEEN under WATER........" and they have pictures....
We demand for pictures and ask for Representative Tech. to come as by that time we Lifted Tractor , same people who was @ First service repair LIFT TRACTOR and we took pictures . THERE IS NO RUST! And HOW Could be when MOTOR is Working w/ one turn of keys, except is tractor is not moving.
We Place Numerous demand for Reapr of TRANSMISSION as tractor NEVER WAS UNDER ANY WATER as wa on 5 FEET ELEVATD GROUNDS for what we have proof . Tractor was working October, November, December2017, January, February 2018 and MOTOR is working , therefore if RUST... by that time the wheels. and other parts of tractor including MOTOR IT SELF Would Not be working.
On about before June 25 we receive call from customer Solution Mr Willson who inform us that Sears will Replace Tractor in about 5-10-20 days and provide us w/ REFERRENCE #5805910 .
After waiting we contact Sears on 7/15, 7/16, 7/17 and asking for where / when we have OR REPAIR or Refurbished tractor and provide Refference # to a customer service representative.
We ask for resolution as we Paid A LOT of Money for LEMON and Now we entitled for REPAIR TRANSMISSION per Waranty.
And been told to wait 72 hours.
We just got another new reply for refusal to repair while Sears Have charged us A Lot for waranty that is not performed and we consider been Abused , coerse into scam contract when when we receive "LEMON " TRACTOR &"LEMON SERVICE FRAUD" from Sears REBOOK Company.


I don't know what your company my case NOTHING. I rec. an e-mail from you and when I answered it I had the understanding it would be answered in 24-48 hrs. It is still not answered! It has been that many weeks almost! I send you a e-mail every month about this and still no even an answer from you. Are you afraid to mess with Sears? At least e-mail me back sense I e-mail you every month and tell me you don't want to mess with it or something!


I purchase a washer/dryer combination about 7 months ago. 5 weeks ago, the washer broke down. I called sears because it was still under warranty. They sent out a service guy a week later. He said you need this part and it was ordered. Made an appointment for another service call in another week. Another service man came out said that wasn't the part that was needed and that I had a very complicated machine and he couldn't fix it but that he did not know what it needed. He later called and said that he contact the first service man and that man thinks it may need a different part which was ordered. Another appointment for service was set up a week later, but the part didn't come so another appointment had to be set up a week later. Another service man showed up for that appointment and well that was the part needed either, but when he plunged it in the motor sparked and he figured I needed a new motor. He notified his supervisor that he would recommend a replacement. So, I waited and waited to hear something, a finally called the warranty phone number that I had to find out at my sears store here in Appleton. No one else would give me that number. The warranty dept said that the claim was denied. I said so what are you going to do? She said "Oh does you machine not work" NO!!!! I said it still does not work. She said well the case is closed. So now I had to reopen the case and another service man is coming tomorrow.

Am I crazy or is this service I am receiving from Sears terrible or what. I think it is. I have been waiting over 5 maybe 6 weeks for my washer to be fixed and now tomorrow I am getting a new service repair man here who does not have the part he needs so basically I am starting all over.

Please please please make me like Sears again!!!! Fix this!

Donna Brugge


I was just at Sears wasilla alaska in the tool department the guy at the counter was on the phone what seemed forever I finally asked if he was open he said “it will be a minute” and kept talking on the phone
He never acknowledged we was even infront of him so we walked to front of the store
As we were leaving he had to have the last say
Anyhow it was 7:00 alaska time
Very unhappy with the rudeness from him


I am writing to you today, because I have a story to tell you that I think will be of interest to you.
Let me start off by saying that I have been a loyal Sears customer for many, many years. When I purchased my first home, all of my appliances were Kenmore.
However, even prior to that, I had a relationship of sorts with Sears, as I had worked for Kellwood Company. Which, at one time was partially owned by Sears. During that time I grew to appreciate the emphasis that Sears put on quality products and exemplary customer service. As the years progressed and I moved forward in my career as a Home Furnishings designer, I even had one of the best-selling comforters at Sears, by the name of Candlewood – back in the 1990s, when I worked for a company by the name of Perfect Fit. But I digress.
I have all Sears appliances in my home, wouldn’t think of purchasing any other. And, I have a Service Agreement to cover repairs on these items. As a matter of fact, when I realized that my agreements had expired on my water heater and water softener, I upgraded from the Appliance coverage to the Whole House coverage. But, again, I digress.
The problem is my washing machine. And it started in I would say September of 2017. It was leaking. So we called for a service appointment.
A repairman came to the home in September and cleaned it – I was not there, my sister was, said we were using too much detergent, and that everything else was fine.
But two months or so later, we began to notice that we were getting “OE” (Operating Error) messages on the machine and it was not draining properly. The earliest that we could get someone out to look at it was February 9. This time I was home for the technician, John. Who informed me that the first person may have said he cleaned out the machine but could not possibly have done so as he just took two entire shop vacs full of junk out and also I have a picture of the gunk he removed as well. And when I said that he was to also look at my dryer which was giving me a “Vent” message, he said it was because the clothes were so wet from not being spun properly he didn’t have to.
Well, let’s fast forward a week or so – to mid-February. My clothes dryer is not drying my clothes and flashing “Vent” and now my washer is leaking all over the floor AGAIN. On March 7, the first technician who actually knew his stuff showed up at my home. Fred. And the first thing he said to me was “didn’t either of these guys tell you that your tub was separated from the machine? Because it is!” That is why, he advised, the machine made so much NOISE. Unbelievable! That was not the only thing that was wrong either.
And, as far as my dryer was concerned, my vent needed to be cleaned, which he did help me with. Something he did not have to do.

Since I had the Warranty coverage, Fred called into that particular department, pretty confident that the machine would be replaced. After speaking to someone who may not have the proper experience, it was decided that the parts would be ordered (approximately $600 worth – warranty wise) and Fred and another technician would come out and repair the washer in week or so.
Well, my dear Customer Service, one part arrived. And then I was deluged with robo calls from Sears telling me to re-schedule my appointment.
I did, and then I was called again and told to re-schedule. The appointment was re-scheduled out to mid-April. And finally someone by the name of Gary came to my home, picked up the one part that was still sitting there, told my sister “This is ridiculous, we are replacing your machine.” And left.
I have been working 12 hour days, six days a week for the month of April and had no choice but to call Sears from work and inquire as to what was going on. I was told that my case was “under review” and that they would be in touch soon.
Then, three huge boxes are outside my house. The parts that we had been waiting for. Sears certainly wasted no time getting in touch with me about these and arranging to pick them up. They were picked up the day after we spoke.
Again, I called Sears asking what was going on with my replacement and was told that my case was still “under review” but an e-mail was sent to “someone” from that department to call me within twenty four hours to expedite this. And that I would be offered either a replacement washer or a credit towards purchase of a new washer.

Yesterday, April 20, I called again and after being kept on hold for over forty-five minutes was told that credit in the amount of $519.00 was issued to me. I was beyond angry; my washing machine and dryer are Kenmore Elite and while they may be six years old or so they were NOT CHEAP. No one called me at home and offered me a choice. No one. The gal I was speaking to in the Warranty Department was just as upset as I was and put a stop on this kept trying to get a supervisor to speak to but she could not and finally she put an e-mail in for the supervisor to please contact me at my home within twenty four hours. Again. As of today at 13:35 (1:35 PM) no one has called my home.

With all due respect, this is simply not acceptable. Not at all. This system of yours clearly does not work. I do not want to have to tell someone my problem seventy-five-thousand times. I do not want someone to act as if they have the power to help me when they do not have the authority to actually do so. Please, I am begging you; find some way to streamline your customer service so that things like this do not happen to other people.
This has gone on since September of last year. I work extremely hard for my money. I live with my sister who is retired and a senior citizen and on a fixed income. I am the sole bread winner in my home.
The amount of time I have wasted on this problem, which I pay for a warranty to not have to waste time or worry about, is growing each day.
Not to mention the amount of time and money spent taking clothes to the laundromat on my one day off.

And I still do not have my washing machine. At this point I almost feel as if you should replace both the washer and the dryer for what I have been through.
Please, Mr. Lampert, I want to continue to shop at Sears, because of my loyalty to this institution.


I purchased a part on 2/15/18 from the Sears Home Central Parts and Repair Center located at 7353 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78245. I have tried calling them about 30 times over the past 6 weeks and nobody there answers the telephone. The number appears to be valid. Can you find out if the number is correct and if so, why nobody answers the phone there? The number on the invoice I have is I have is (210) 523-3469. Thanks.


I needed a HVAC system so I contacted several places for bids and decided to go with Sears. One company told me they could start on a Friday which was perfect so I made sure Sears could also start on Friday. Well Friday at noon I didn't hear anything and the salesman made all kinds of excuses so he would try to see if Saturday was doable, if not, Monday first thing. I had a friend house sit so I didn't have to take off work again because I took off Friday thinking the job would be done. Well my friend call me that the installers showed up around 9am but the HVAC equipment was not there yet. My friend called me back and At noon still no equipment. I tried to call my salesman and his office but couldn't get a hold of nobody, so I decided to take off work again and come home. The installer was very professional and told me that my type of furnace was a down flow system and would take a lot longer to install. I had to take off Tuesday because it would take the rest of the day to complete. Sears didn't even supply a new pad for the outside unit to set on and a new disconnect until I complained. This whole experience was a disaster. I will never contact Sears for anything again.


I purchased a Kenmore HE washing machine about 2yrs or so ago. When I purchased the machine I was asked if I would like a warranty and bought that too. Our washing machine began to leave clothes wet after a cycle and would not discharge all the water out. I contacted my local Sears in Leesville La and I was given a number to contact the warranty department to set up an appointment for repairs. I called on either January 30 or 31st and they told me that it would be the 14th of February before a service tech could look at my washer. The tech came and diagnosed the machine and ordered parts. I received the parts I believe on the 22nd February. Repairs were made on the 24th of February. This did not fix my washing machine so once again parts were ordered and I did not receive them until 6 March. I contacted the tech and he came and placed the new parts on the washer on 9 March. The tech was an extremely nice man and very apologetic. (Great Guy)
Around about 40 days without a washing machine. I purchased the product with a warranty feeling like I would get good service after the sale. I can order parts through Amazon and get them faster than I did through Sears. Very dissatisfied with how long it took for this to be fixed. I have spent plenty of money at Sears through the years along with several of my family members. Not sure if I can be convinced to spend money at Sears in the future. I am very dissatisfied with the service after the Sale.


In 2015 I bought a Kenmore Elite top-loading automatic washer, Model #796.3162#31#. In Nov 2017 the Valve Assembly, Inlet part # 5221EA1008F had to be replaced. This repair cost me $352.73. The appliance repair man said this part should have lasted 10 years or longer. I buy Sears products because they are suppose to be a good quality product for the amount I paid. I am very upset about spending that much money on a part that should have lasted another 8 years. I also spent another $30.00 dollars going to a laundry mat to wash my cloths while waiting on the parts to come in and be installed. Because of this I will probably take my business elsewhere when I need a new product.

Robert W Cox


I was expecting a refrigerator to be delivered within the time window texted. I received 2 additional texts delaying delivery. When checking Sears website, more time delays were added. When I tried calling the delivery service phone number I was lied to( told they were there & when asked time so I could check my security camera footage was told to call back tomorrow) . When I contacted Sear Customer Service was told that delivery ceases at 9 pm. I advised the representative that sears website indicated 9:48pm delivery time. Nothing was accomplished. Upon another call from CS the sale was canceled. Total confusion, no help and no resolution other than canceling sale!


What is your Puerto Rico stores policy on military discount. In Jan 18, I visited a Sears store in the Belair, MD area and I was given a 10% military discount. This weekend in your Plaza Las Americas Sears store, I inquired about the discount and was told none was available. I have always been a loyal customer of your tools and appliances. Please advise why the discount does not apply in Puerto Rico, Thanks.


I bought the washer and dryer from Sears, my washer is not working. I called Sears technician 3 times in for repair. Nothing was done. Now I was told that I have to call the plumber to disconnect the gas line in order of Sears technician to get to washer computer. So why I have to pay for plumber twice to disconnect and then to connect the line gas line, if the washer is not working.
My phone is 917-328-9731


1star - cause it wouldn’t let me pick 0 stars,
I order 2 washers on line from on Jan 3, 2018
A day before the delivery, I canceled the order.
As of Feb 1 2018 I still haven’t received my refund.
It’s been hell ever since I canceled the order.
No one knows anything and I get different answers
Every time I call, and I get the same email saying

It’s a no- reply email TOO!
“Dear member,

Thank you for shopping at!

We have received your request for refund for the canceled order. As we have limited access, would request you to please contact the home delivery team.

Home Delivery Team - 1800-732-7747 Mon - Sat 6:00am - 11:00pm, Sun 6:00am - 11:00pm.

If you have any comments or questions, please chat with us now for assistance.

Thank you,”


Four years ago, I purchased from Sears in Hunt Valley, MD, which has since closed, a top-rated Samsung clothes dryer. I take good care of my appliances; I live alone, and have several appliances that are more than 30 years old. Approximately six weeks ago, my dryer stopped working. I called Sears repair on Dec 3 and on Dec 4, a very nice technician, Donovan O'Neill, came here. He said my dryer needed a new heating element, which he ordered. I gave him a check for $171.82. It is now a month later, dozens of phone calls, several schedule changes (I have had to re-organize my time) and it turns out that the part is simply not available. I've spent hours on the phone, getting rerouted to people in the Phillipines. No department seems to communicate with another. When, in exasperation, I called headquarters today, an extremely rude man said there was nothing he could do to help me. This is outrageous! I want a brand new Samsung dryer. I have been incredibly inconvenienced, ignored, insulted (by the man who answers your phone at Headquarters). I left a voice mail with your PR department and I suppose I could write about how horribly Sears treated me in my monthly newspaper column but would rather just get a new dryer. I look forward to hearing from you.


I have Sears Home Warranty, my dryer was not working, made an appointment which was weeks out, after a week I called to see if anyone can come sooner, was given the option of an outside source AIrtech, who came out in a couple of days (last week). The dryer was fixed but by the end of the week was not working again. I called sears this weekend to have someone come back out I was given a confirmed appointment for today between 4 and 6 pm, no one showed up. I called sears and was told that it is up to me to call Airtech and confirm a time and date. I asked so now I have to deal with this company even though I am paying Sears and what would it take to get Sears involved. I was told I had to contact Airtech they will give me an appointment since they started the repair if they can not fixed it they should reimburse me my 75 dollars back, if they find a new problem I will not have to pay. I asked why did Sears not tell me when I called that the confirmation time and date means nothing that I have to call to setup a time and date.This is not the service I am use to from Sears, please provide some sort of feedback please.
Your appointment is confirmed for Monday, January 29, 2018at 4:00 PM — 6:00 PM. Below is the email from sears: Thanks for your help. My number is 706 951 0652

The authorized Service Provider assigned to you is:


We're sending them to:


Important reminders:

Your deductible is due at time of service. (If unsure of your deductible amount, please see your Welcome Kit) Your service provider will diagnose the issue and recommend the best option based on your coverage.
Covered repairs are guaranteed for 6 months. If we didn't get it right the first time, you won't have to pay the deductible again.
See the FAQ below for additional information


If you need to reschedule or have any other questions, please call your plan's dedicated toll-free number (located in your welcome kit). Be sure to reference Service Order # SCCL1L6SMJ.




I am at wits end with Sears. In August, Sears came to my home to repair an elliptical. That was a 15 minute call. I was told the tech would arrive within a 4-8 hour period -- which was the case with every subsequent visit and was hugely inconvenient with my work. The service technician diagnosed the problem as being a faulty console, so I paid by credit card for a $95 service visit plus over $400 for the console. When the parts arrived, I scheduled a followup visit -- another 15 minutes on the phone. Turns out the console didn't fit my machine, so the correct model was ordered. When it arrived, I scheduled a third visit -- another 15 minutes on the phone. Tech person arrived, turns out the console wasn't the problem. Rather, it was one of three other parts -- all of which got ordered. It took 6 weeks for the parts to arrive -- in the interim, I called Sears twice to check on the status of parts and was promised a response -- each call was at least 15 minutes, and no followup occurred. When the parts arrived, I scheduled a followup visit -- another 15 minutes. The day of the visit, the tech had to cancel, and I got a call from Sears to call them back to reschedule -- another 15 minutes. In the interim, I had to change the date of service, which I did on line. However, I got three calls from Sears prior to the rescheduled service date seemingly unaware that I had changed the date. The service tech arrived, finally, and it turns out the problem was solved by a circuit board that cost about $60. After the visit, however, I discovered that the service tech had not reassembled the machine properly, so I needed a further visit to fix that problem. The rescheduling took 15 minutes on the phone. He arrived, and the fix was finally made -- in mid-November, three months after the first call. The tech issued me an itemization subtracting the cost of the parts I did not end up using, and said Sears would issue a refund. I called Sears to confirm, which they did -- which took another 15 minutes. No refund came after 3-4 weeks, so I called back. I was promised the refund, and a $30 gift card as compensation for all of the time on the phone and the 5 separate service visits necessitated by Sears' misdiagnosis -- a token "compensation" given the 20-30 hours of my time wasted. Again, no refund arrived, and now tired of having to spend 15 minutes or more on the phone, i tried Sears' "chat" feature. They said I needed to call. So I called, and was promised the check would be sent. They also disclosed a refund amount that was less than originally promised, so I asked for itemization -- this was a 40 minute call bouncing between people and waiting on hold. They had no record of the original amount, so I asked that the itemization of the refund be emailed to me. They emailed the new amount. It was still wrong, and I emailed back my explanation. And asked that the undisputed amount be sent -- along with the gift card. Sears responded that they needed my address for sending the check and gift card. I emailed it back. They said I needed to call. So I called -- another 15 minutes -- and gave the address. Sometime later, I got a call saying Sears' needed my credit card. I emailed and asked that they use the same card I used for the original visit. Sears responded that this information was not available, and I needed to call. So I called, and it took 20 minutes of processing time on the phone before the service rep would even take my credit card information. Then the rep said she had no record of the $30 gift card promise, and it would not be provided. So, i concluded the conversation expressing my sincere disappointment and frustration, and sent a final request by email to Sears.

So, after nearly a dozen phone calls of at least 15 minutes each, 5 service visits to repair one part -- each one requiring me to miss 4-8 hours of work, I have had to put in an INCREDIBLE amount of time for one relatively minor repair project. My observation of Sears' customer service is that the email and chat functions are basically useless as the direction in every case was to call customer service. Customer service is virtually useless because every call requires starting from scratch, verifying basic address information (which they ask me to confirm as opposed to asking me to provide for security purposes), repeating prior calls, regularly placing me on hold for unexplained reasons, and then only being able to repeat whatever information is on their screen. Every question I asked had to be referred to an "offsite research team" that would respond within 24-48 hours, and when they did, it was only to repeat their prior information but not actually address the concerns I raised. It was a brick wall. Every time I asked for a supervisor, I was told it was not possible.

Bottom line, I can see why Sears is struggling to remain viable. The entire customer interface system involves telephone representatives who have a difficult time communicating with customers, computer systems that do not allow the representatives to see a full case history in real time, a customer interface protocol that necessitates customers go through no less than 15 minutes on the phone with a CSR for even the smallest of issues, a lack of a complaint escalation process to supervisors, an email/chat system that is entirely window dressing, a lack of adequate record-keeping, and finally -- no sense of addressing real customer complaints.

At this point, even though I respect Sears' long history and Chicago roots (where I have some family), I don't see how I could ever do business with Sears again given these circumstances. I am taking the time to report here because my efforts to complain directly through Sears hit a wall.

Thank you.
Portland Maine


I will not rate Sears at even a one star, I purchased a front load washer and dryer in June. Something broke the inner drum and water ran all over the floor. It took over 9 full weeks to get parts and repair. In less than 2 weeks the washer was shaking all over so I called repair services again on the 3rd week of use, repair returned a week later to look at it and order parts, I was told not to use the washer so it does not cause more damage. It has been another 2 weeks waiting for parts so I called to find out where the parts were and was told they are backordered for up to 30 days. So I have owned a Kenmore washer for 7 months and the washer has been broken for 3 months, 42% of the time I have owned the set they have been broken. I tried to speak to a supervisor and got nowhere. Sears can not replace the washer because it is not working, no kidding. I was told the washer was made by LG, I will never own another LG appliance for as long as I live, they are junk. I had a microwave that died at the one year warranty so it was not fixed, another piece of junk.


I want my refund of $900.00 I bought washer and dryer from the sears store in st Louis. I paid cash, They picked up them both. I have been waiting three weeks. Many telemarketers have said the check is the mail. I WANT MY MONEY !!!!!!!!!


My wife bought me a pair of hiking boots on August 21, on sale, to give to me on Christmas. She was assured if I was not satisfied with them, the boots could be returned within 30 days AFTER Christmas. I found the boots in an upstairs bedroom in September, and asked her about them. She said they were a Christmas present but now that I found them I could wear them now. I told her I had already purchased a pair of hiking boots a few months before and did not need them. We took them back to the store only to be told it was day 33 after the sale and we could not return them or get our money back. Sears policy is no returns accepted AFTER 30 days. We explained to the salesperson and the supervisor


Purchased new Kenmore Elite refrigerator July , 2015. We took delivery of it spring 2016 and we installed it in the new house nov. or early Dec. 2017. It completely quit working September 2, 2017, not even a year after it was first used. Sear has not repaired it and they have not replaced it. they do not have the parts, which is the compressor and all elated parts of the thing. I understand their policy is - if they cannot repair it in 30 days they will replace it. they have not done so and the customer service has been ineffective at best.


I placed and PAID for order # 854859640 on Aug. 26. Sears cancelled the order on Aug. 31, and unlike my immediate payment to YOU, I'm still waiting for my refund. OUTRAGEOUS service. Will NEVER shop at Sears again...


I bought a riding mower in 2015 I bought a service agreement with it for 5 years. I has been deemed unfixable, I havent had a mower in months. My sons have been helping mow. We have had nothing but a run around with Sears. They told me on August 25th that they would resolve the matter and get me a new mower. They had till the 31st of August. My case number is 5163772. I need this resolved. I would rather get a refund, and go elsewhere. I need a mower desperately. Is someone going to step up and take care of this? I am really dissappointed because I really trusted Sears. My home phone is 812-623-4424 or my cell 812-363-5097 Could someone please call me ASAP. I am very stressed and can't take much more


I ordered a part for water heater. It was warranted and could have gotten it from manufacturer free, but could not get it soon enough. Sears told me they could get it to me between 4 and 6 pm the next day. When it did not arrive I obtained one that day and installed it. The next day I called and canceled the order and was told that it had been canceled. that evening it arrived and I called to ship it back. The people I spoke with seemed to be helpful. I was told I would receive an E-mail with a printable shipping label. I waited five days and after receiving no E-mail I called today and was told that. I would have to 4.95 for the shipping label.

This would have been fine except they were not going to refund the $18 I paid for expedited shipping. Sears finally decided to refund part of the shipping. This would have been ok if the problem had been my fault, but I did everything I was supposed to do. It was sears fault I did not receive the part when I was told I would receive it. I talked to four different people there and got four different stories. This isn't a lot of money but it is my money. Don't believe the "hassle free return policy" it is a hoax. I will never do business with sears again. Again, I could have gotten the part free from the manufacturer in the same amount of time it took to get it from sears.


I first ordered a weed eater with a visa gift card of two hundred dollars my realtor gave me when I bought a new house, the remaining balance of $58.68 I paid with my credit card. I waited 20 days for my order to arrive at Pasadena TX, Sears. When I got to store to pick up the manager said it did not come in and refunded my money on a sears gift card. So I went online at another sears store and ordered the same weed eater to come to my house, after 11 days I still have no weed eater and checked tracking and apparently it was sent to wrong address in Baytown. I live in LA Porte TX.

Apparently Sears cannot supply a weed eater even. I want my money back on my credit card, and do not wish to deal with Sears ever again nor recommend this store to anyone. So please refund my money to my credit card so I can buy me a weed eater somewhere else.


This has been the worst experience ever with Sears. I have been a customer since 1987 and never have I had the level of incompetency as I have recently experienced. I will try to break out the time frame. Around August 12 I placed an order in store at Clarksville, TN to be delivered to Greenville, NC. It was a two week delivery which put it at August 26th. When the delivery arrived it was the correct size but the deliver guys said the set was too small that the bed was a queen instead of a full, what was really going on was that the slats needed to be placed on the bed, anyway they took the set away but had my son sign a manifest saying it was delivered.

He is 19 so when an adult asks him to sign something he did blindly. After it was determined that the delivery was correct they had returned to the warehouse for the day and would not re-deliver. Also, they wouldn’t re-deliver another day. I finally was assigned a case manager (Yvette) who ended up canceling the order completely and re-ordering from scratch.

So, the new order was to be delivered on September 2nd and they delivered a mattress only size King…where in the heck did that come from…this may have been when Yvette cancelled the entire thing and re-ordered from scratch (it has been going on for so long now…). So now the next deliver was scheduled for September 10th and after three hours of waiting they finally delivered, the box springs only (but at least it’s the right size now). So we are on the phone again and finally got ahold of a nice man who finally found out that it wasn’t delivered from the vendor.

We would have another one on the next shipment which they said could be delivered no earlier than September 16th. The problem was that my son wasn’t going to be in town that weekend so it was arranged to be delivered Monday September 19th. Again, no delivery, again many phone calls. Finally found someone (thankfully spoke English and was in the United States (you may need to reconsider your outsourcing to other countries)). They found that on the 12th the order was cancelled at the warehouse. I know this happened once before but can’t remember which time.

Whoever is running that warehouse needs to be fired (I have never been an advocate for having anyone lose their job but this has gone too far). This time the person at the warehouse said it was confirmed to cancel (they talked to no one at our house nor my son) and that a manifest was signed (he signed for the box springs, if they put another one for the mattress in there that is deceit). Also, when I was tracking the order on line it showed a delivered status over an hour before the actual delivery. Why would that happen?

So, once again we are without a mattress and empty promises of deliveries and return phone calls (as far as I’m concerned they are all lies) . The level of incompetency has reached an all-time high on this one. I have been a customer for a long time but never have I had an encounter like this. But rest assured my credit card sure has been charged for said mattress, made sure that happened. I have had guests (70 year old grandparents) sleeping on the floor and my son has slept either on the floor or the couch for over a month. This is a very simple task, take a mattress to someone who paid for it, why is this so hard?


I bought a Craftsman 2 stroke weed wacker and trimmer in August 2015 (13 months ago). I purchased the Edger attachment barely a month later. I also bought several spare parts, including a spare blade for the Edger attachment. Sears never shipped that blade and when I tried following up they were extra ordinarily unhelpful and that issue was never resolved. Today I learned that Sears provides no more repairs, no cleaning and no servicing once this weed wacker is out of warranty.

I find it very hard to believe that I just spend close to $300.00 for something this company refuses to service after only one year. When I asked where else I could get this weed wacker serviced they refused to provide me with a contact. They shrugged and said: "Sorry, can't help!" We will not ever shop at Sears again.


I have many Sears complaints so I will start listing them now. First, a failure of initial product (upright freezer) to perform. Second, a failure of Sears to deliver selected replacement upon stipulated date. Third, a failure of Sears to offer amenable solution beyond the 30 day lag in delivery. Fourth, a loss of food stored above and beyond maintenance agreement. And finally, a failure of Sears to stipulate that an additional delay will not occur.


I purchased a leaf blower approx. a year ago and it died on me. I took it back and the store at country side mall replaced it. I brought the new one home did everything the instruction said used it for 10 minutes and it shut off and never started again. I took it back to countryside which is an hour from my home and got my money back with no problem. While I was there another customer brought his back for the same reason. I would suggest whom ever is making these for sears is ruining there reputation. I bought a craftsman on there reliability and I guess that all went away. I went out and purchased another brand and will not recommend your lawn equipment to anyone anymore. No wonder sears and K-marts are closing all over the US.


I was in Sears for over an hour. Picked out an adapter for my socket set, socks, 4 shirts, a pair of shoes, a belt, a pair of jeans. Went to the counter and the "system was down". The clerk said cash or check only. I was planning on using one of my credit cards but luckily I keep a check in my wallet for emergencies. Wrote a check for $152.79. They declined it. The check was out of sequence. I explained it was in my wallet for emergencies, but I was told it was for too high of an amount. It was before 5:00 PM so the bank was still open. It's right down the street from Oxmoor Mall, Louisville, KY. as is the business I own.

I have two houses and I'm in the process of selling one. My credit score is "good" over 700. It will be higher once I get the house sold and my monthly expenses go down. I went ahead and bought the shoes, jeans and belt with cash but had to put the rest back. Sears system goes down and I'm penalized. What a waste of time. Always loved my craftsman tools but if you have no more regard for customers. Been a craftsman Club member since 10/1991 but I never have my card on me so I guess they think I don't shop there any more.

I had 5 credit cards on me including one for my Insurance Agency, which is me, 2 picture I.D.'s good grief. I'd understand if the check was for $500 or something or if my credit score was questionable. Good grief.


For the record I have not received an original invoice for a service call not rendered. Instead I was sent notice of debt received on Saturday August 13, 2016. As indicated in your correspondence it’s past 30 days, and was not given the appropriate time to respond to this charge.

Why wasn’t I sent an original bill? I wasn’t even given the courtesy to pay this bill. I view this action as a means to intimidate and threaten me into paying this bill. My good credit and name is now being challenged. (If I gotten an appropriate statement, I may have paid the bill under protest).

How else am I supposed to interpret this assault on me? I am totally offended I have lost my respect for the Sears slogan: Coverage you can count on and peace of mind. Along with this statement I have sent you my original letter of proof of action protesting this service call, dated 07/13/16.


I am really disappointed by the service by sears and its poor management. I was really disrespected by one of the sears manager when I was really polite in response to my question about the return policy and she was unprofessional and tried to interrupt me without responding to my questions about the return policy. She tried to ignore me and it felt like she was winning in front of me by ignoring me I was wonder if sears management work to make violent against different race.


My husband bought a watch for me several years ago from Sears. I had set it aside and recently found it in the watch box of a watch I was currently wearing. The battery was dead so we decided to have it replaced. The girl at the counter told me that the hands did not line up. I asked how this could happen. She replied from dropping it. I told her it had never been dropped and to observe the conditioner showing no scratches. Then she said I put heavy items on top of it. She then said she would have to send it out for repair before getting a battery. I took back my watch and left. I went to a nearby jeweler who replaced the battery in a matter of seconds and advised me there was nothing wrong with the watch. I have been a loyal customer at this store for decades and, except for the occasional rude employee, I had no problems like this. I would hope this girl will be moved to another area where she might have better luck knowing what she is doing instead of forcing customers to go elsewhere.


Have been a loyal Sears customer since 1986, ALL of my appliances, tools etc...purchased from sears. So when my fridge died,,naturally I went to sears I bought a fridge, paid in cash-in full; at the Yonkers NY sears on 6/8/16. Very bad experience, since then major issues with delivery, the delivery company contracted by sears. Not the sears delivery van; none of them could communicate effectively in English. So being mono lingual, it was down hill from there. No worries after several phone calls (on hold for 30-35 min some times) we resolved the delivery / haul away issues in only 4 days.

Then there was a shelf missing in the refrigerator. I called on 6/14/16 and was told " it will be delivered within 7 days". 1 month later the matter still not hard is it to send a shelf or have me pick it up in the store. I called CS today and was told I ordered a "cup shelf". and as a result they can't send it. I repeated several times.."top shelf".. "the shelf that hold milk, juice, etc. in the body of the fridge" . I was the fridge I ordered did not come with the shelf I am requesting.

So I asked, what do I place in the slide that indicate a shelf should be there, how come the floor model have a shelf in the spot where I'm missing one? I was then told again, " oh..o.k, one will be ordered and sent to you in 7-10 days" Worse experience, but still fingers crossed.


I bought the wrong blades for my craftsman tractor. The center hole wasn't right. Took them back found the right blades witch were more money and that was fine but they wouldn't credit me the full amount of what I paid for the wrong blades. They would only credit me the lowest selling price. I normally buy a new tractor there about every 3 years. But now I'll never buy another one there. Local mower shop just got all my mower business.


My wife purchased clothes and one of the items was backordered. Sears shipped the wrong size so my wife went back to Sears, Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi, Mi on Saturday to return the incorrect pants and reorder the correct size. The manager could not help because she would not call another store and since the computer system was down, my wife could not reorder, all of this after my wife was blamed for ordering the incorrect pants size until she showed the manager the original order with the size she had requested. We will never set foot in Sears again and we plan to post our experience on Facebook, where one of our family works. Sears lost customers on Saturday.


I bought a new car battery Monday evening, June 13, 2016 from the Sears Car Care Center at the Berkshire Mall, Reading PA. On my way home, I stopped at an auto parts store and found a battery with a better warranty for the same price. I decided to take the Sears battery back on Wednesday June 15 and was stunned when the sales person insisted they don't do refunds on batteries. The battery is brand new and was never installed in a vehicle. It went from the store counter to the trunk of my vehicle, back to the store counter and now back in my trunk. There is nothing in the store notifying consumers that battery purchases are non-refundable and there's nothing on my receipt stating it either. I want to return the battery and have the amount credited back to my Visa card.


We were treated without respect and dignity in the Sears in Central Mall Texarkana Texas T5503. We just wanted to exchange a dead battery that cost 153.00. I have spent 1000's of dollars in Sears And I am an EX-employee. I will no longer shop there neither will my friends and family.


I purchased a Kenmore upright bagless vacuum not quite 2 years ago (Model 115.31125310. The belt broke, I got the part number from the Vac. manual and tried to find it on line but could not. Called Sears and they could not help me either. Went to the Robinson store and the salesman and I could not find the belt in the store so the salesman found one we thought would work ( Kenmore 39000). Put it on my vac. and the 1st I used it the belt broke. Went back and another salesman tried to find the (598006 # from manual) and could not but he felt the 39000 one was right refunded me the original one and I bought the second one.

Again the belt broke when in use. I am up set with Sears and want to know why I can't get the belt listed in my manual for my Vac. If they don't make it anymore what belt and part # takes it place. Salesmen at Sears could not find that info on their in store computers. Come on Sears this should not be so hard even if my vac. is 2 years. Give me the info I need to buy the right belt.


On 4/29/16 I took my self propelled mower to store 1773 for a tune up as it would not start. Sears employee stated the normal fee is $99.00 but there was a special of $75.00. #1 I was charged $99.00..#2 I was called and told a zone cable was broken and needed to be replaced. There are two cables on this kill switch and one for the drive wheels.

Neither of these cables ever failed to operate before these repairs and further the right front wheel is lose and wobbles and they drag when being pushed with the engine off (also new). The Tech stated the spark plug was dirty and needed to be replaced. This was a new plug and the engine never fired. I asked for parts back so this is not a real problem except to question the Tech's inspection. I picked up the mower 5/8/16.

I called this morning to the 888-391-8867 and was eventually sent to Nico who wants me to take the mower back to the store to be sent back for repair. This requires me to get it delivered again, borrow a mower again and lose mine for another 10 to 14 days. I have already paid $142.60 and I believe Sears should send a repairman to my house, to do the repairs properly, at Sears expense and not cost me $99.00 more. I have used Sears products most of my life and they have always been fair in their dealings and that is what I am asking now.


Dear customer compliant service. Purchased Kenmore stove / oven range last July 2015. Oven cleaning cycle the smoky grease comes out top of door. We noticed vents in back of stove do not exhaust / ventilate the heat. Sears customer service stated there is no charge. The first appliance repairman look at door seal, pull up on seal stated everything was good, wanted or said the bill is for $95.00, then left. Customer service stated Maria wasn't to pay $95.00.

They then tried to make 3 additional appointments: each time appliance tech call wanted $95.00 and one $135.00 when just to come out. Should not have to pay which -Your product Kenmore - Sears Warranty. Maria wishes to have these issues resolved, fixed, or new replacement. We fill out your ' how did we do.. . since then NO Reply. Below is information: dates, times, work order numbers. Kenmore RANGE, 1YR, BTW 600-800.

Here is the email I got from Sears support line:

Dear Maria, Thank you for contacting Sears Holdings Corporation. We feel pleasure for allowing us the opportunity to assist you. Record Number: 4012589. We have reviewed your service record on range which was declined estimate on 01/27/2016 and found that there was no issues with the unit. In-warranty covers only normal wear and tear of the appliance. Since there was no issues with the range on first call, it was charged $95.00. However, there is another service for the range scheduled on 02/05/16. Please call us at 1-800-479-6351 if any billing disputes after the service completion. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by replying to this email or via phone.


In 2012 we completely remodeled our kitchen. We bought all new appliances from Sears. New refrigerator, new gas stove with microwave above and a new dishwasher. The Microwave Hood Combination is a Kenmore Elite Model # 72186013010. We have had to replace the igniter on our gas stove twice but what has really upset us is the microwave handle. We had to replace the handle in 2013 due to plastic bubbling and silver paint coming off. Not a stainless handle, which it should be above a gas range. We had to pay $68.50 for the part and $142.56 in labor to Sears. It is bubbling again and peeling off.

The date of the ticket for replacement is Jan. 17, 2013. Service order number 40681306. Now that the handle is doing this again, I have done some checking and there are tons of complaints concerning this matter. I even read that someone is wanting to start a class action law suit. I wonder if Sears is going to be responsible if someone gets sick from the handle parts falling into the food below?

This is really sad to pay so much for appliances and get such poor results. I have been buying from Sears for years and have been a loyal customer but this has really gotten to me. You should replace all of these handles with Stainless Steel. There should be a recall on this. This could be a health concern. Do you expect your customers to continue buying these poorly made handles? There are many people upset about this. I am very disappointed about this. Buying a washer and dryer this week but not from Sears.


I purchased a Kenmore vacuum cleaner with a three year warranty. It is so heavy for me I haven't used it a couple of times. I called customer service to see if I could return it and they said no. I am older person on a fixed income so this a problem for me. I would appreciate help with this and I am disappointed with Sears.Thanks so much.


On February 24th 2015, I ordered online a craftsman snow blower. I used it for about 3 hours later that month. I then stored the snow bower in a building until November 2015. When I tried to start the blower it would not start and I was using the electric start option. In November I took the blower to Sears and they sent it off to be fixed. The repair people said the carburetor needed cleaned. I stored the blower in my basement for two weeks and got it out to start it because a snow storm was coming. Guess what - it would not start again. I took it back to Sears in Beckley WV and they sent it off again. Three weeks later I went to pick it up.

The repair people said they cleaned the carburetor again. I took some gas with me and a long extension cord and before I loaded it up in my truck and with the Sears customer service employees watching I tried to start it again using the electric start option and it still would not start. I asked the manager if he could refund me the purchase price, he went to call someone and came back and said that we had to send it off again to be fixed. Well the snow season is almost over. I have shoveled snow for several hours already. I would like a new snow blower or my money back so I can buy a different snow blower. I think I have bought a lemon.


I placed two orders within the last 3 months, each order had parts missing. Then I have to wait for parts. Had a washer and dryer delivered today can't use because of the missing parts. Two times this has happen which is getting a little ridiculous.


I called to schedule a service call for my dryer. I didn't call the company I had purchased the dryer from because I believed Sears to be a more reliable company. I was told I needed to be home between 1 and 5 PM. Being a teacher I said I could be home by 4PM, that was rejected and I was given a Saturday appointment during those times. At 4:41 PM I was called my the technician to say he would be here between 5:15 and 5:30.

At 5:33 PM I called to find out where he was and was told he would be here around 6:30 PM. I was offered a $50 Sears card as compensation. My husband and I had dinner plans that had to be cancelled because of the late arrival of the technician. I asked to speak to a supervisor and eventually was connected to one. I asked for the house call to be free since it was now well out of the promised appointment time. I was told that wouldn't be possible.

I cancelled the appointment and said I would not purchase another appliance from Sears. For a company that advertises as being very reliable-it isn't! I'm very disappointed and sorry I wasted my time waiting for anyone to arrive. This doesn't even rate 1 star, but I can't find a way to cancel out the one star.


I had an appointment to have my AC/Heat Unit scheduled for Jan 23, 2016. However, the technician/repairman never showed up nor did he call to let me know that he wasn't coming. I even called Sears Customer Service Rep and they didn't know what was going on. I wasted a half day because of this bull stuff. This is the third time I have experienced this problem over the past three years and with the same problem with your new Kenmore AC/Heating System (Heat Pump) I purchased. I'm glad that I took out an extended warranty because I would have been paying for the screw up your technicians have failed to repair.

This AC/Heat unit I purchased from Sears is crap. I purchased this unit in September 2011 and in Feb 2014 the fan motor was replaced because it was very noisy. It still is! Several technicians have been out to check it out but they said its working okay but don't know why it is noisy. Last July a technician came and said it may be the capacitor because it seem to not function at a 100%, but he didn't have one with him and said he would report it for someone to come out and replace it. No one ever came to replace the capacity.

My previous AC/Heat unit was 19 years old and was functioning great, and had less problems during this time than what I am experiencing now. However, I made the mistake of having one of your sales reps talked me in to replacing it which I regret...lesson learned.

Even your wed site is screwed up. I tried to set up another appointment but couldn't. The error message said: "Apologies, we're unable to schedule this order online. Please call us at 888-213-2746 and we’ll get your service scheduled." This has been happening for about a month now. This is such good customer service...I am definitely not happy with your service. I had intended on having Sears redo my kitchen, but now I have reservations.

I sure hope that the next time I have a scheduled appointment that a experienced technician will show up and knows what the heck he is doing. It appears that most of the techs seem so inexperienced or don't give a heck...just want to be paid.


My cloths dryer stopped working. Always owned a Kenmore. Checked Sears on line and found dryer. Went to Sears store in Moss Creek, South Carolina to check it out. Told sales guy the model number. He checked on line, saw the machine I wanted and said he would charge me $200 more than the on line price. Clerk was rude. Last time I shop at Sears. Konrad Tuchscherer


First, I tried posting a comment to the MySears feedback section but couldn't log in. I tried resetting my password but was sent a link that didn't work. Please help me with this issue. Second, I am extremely upset with the way business has been conducted during my most recent purchase. My SaleCheck # is 028290821539 for future reference. I purchased a mattress and box-spring set from Ruby Cordero at your Victorville store on 12-19-15 and a month later I have no mattress to sleep on.

On the first delivery, I received the wrong size mattress and box-springs but was advised by the delivery guys to keep them and call for an exchange. I agreed and called the store immediately. After speaking with someone the next day, I was told that someone would be contacting me about the exchange and potential price differences. I did not object to this and understood the situation. I was given a delivery date for the mattress of the correct size. On the the day of the scheduled delivery I made arrangements to be home during the delivery window indicated. About 30mins before the end of the delivery window I received an automated call letting me know that there wouldn't be a delivery and that someone would contact me about rescheduling a delivery. This was strike 2 on this order. I agreed to give you guys another shot despite wanting to cancel my order completely.

Over the next few days I waited for a new delivery date. I was called twice with no delivery date but instead getting an automated message telling me that there had been a delay with the order. After the second call, I decided to call the store where I had purchased the mattress. I spoke with a gentleman named Michael there and tried to cancel the order. Michael indicated to me that to cancel the order I had to show up to the store in person. I went to the store in an attempt to cancel the order.

Michael told me that he would speak with his manager to see what he could do. I left the store without having cancelled the order but expecting to hear about the cancellation soon after. A few days later I received a call from Michael not about the cancellation but to give me a new delivery date. I told him that I was not interested in getting a delivery and that I just wanted to cancel. Michael told me that he would speak to his manager and would call me back that same day. I never got a call back.

I called into the store a couple of days later and spoke with Ruby. She was able to convince me not to cancel by telling me that she would get them to deliver my merchandise as soon as possible and would see about compensating me for my troubles. So I waited again for a new delivery date. A few days later I received a call with a new delivery date.

Fast forward to today, the date of the delivery. The delivery was here at about 2pm. One of the first things out of the delivery man's mouth was "1 mattress and 1 box-spring?" I told him that it didn't make sense to just order one box-spring for the size of the bed, to which he said that the person who put in the order must have made a mistake. At this point I'm at about strike 10 with this order. I just want to cancel. While the driver was still here, he called someone in the call center who indicated to him and to me that someone would call about the cancellation. Moments later I got a call from the delivery department. This is where things went from bad to worse...

I spoke to a person named SUSIE (Employee # 7603). As I began to speak with her about canceling my order, she became very abrasive. She did nothing to comfort my mind or extinguish my frustration. Instead she chose to take part in a one sided blaming match to which I had no answer as I was left speechless from the way I was being spoken too. I'm not sure if you guys record the phone calls but I would suggest giving it a listen if you do. Not being able to give a response myself, I handed the phone to my husband who had become incensed with anger at the way I was being spoken to. He was met with the same type of combative attitude which only angered him more. He eventually hung up on her as the conversation was going nowhere.

These events have led to this email being written for your review. I have been a loyal customer for years now and was treated like, if not worse than, a child who had done something wrong. I've been toyed and played with for the last time. I am prepared to forego any and all business I will ever have with Sears. I am prepared to cancel this order as well as cancel my Sears credit card. I am prepared to advise my friends and family of the trouble I have gone through with your company. All I wanted was a mattress and I ended up with a brain aneurysm. All I wanted to sleep comfortably and all I got was sleepless nights.

Please get back to me as soon as possible in regards to my cancellation. I don't want to be penalized the 15% for canceling my order. I just want someone to care enough about my business to get something done.


I work at a business, Avondale Veterinary Healthcare Complex, and I keep receiving a phone call from 515-278-7278 that makes me sit there for a minute until they hang up. No one answers and it hangs up on me. When I called back the first time to tell them this was a business and I can't get phone calls from our patients while I'm on the phone wasting my time with Sears support people. After 3 calls I finally got to a Sears supervisor (Chloe at 8006905650) and besides being lied to by two different reps at the 278 number.

Chloe had no idea either why you were calling me about a Sears fridge bought over a year ago with no current warranty or service calls. there was apparently no record why you had called our line either. so after rep #1 told me he had no problem taking me off the call list without even asking for any information, I received another call less then an hour later. When I called Rep #2 he claimed he was a manager when I asked to speak to someone above him, not knowing that apparently all of them were "case managers" which wasn't portrayed to me in the way the way they were handling my case. Very unprofessional.

After giving him every number in the building to look up, he finally found the account, which was under the very first phone number I gave him, but told me there was nothing he could do to keep them from calling. There was no reason he could see that they should be calling. After speaking to rep #3, she assured me she put a note in my account to stop soliciting, neglecting to tell me that was only for emails. which made no sense because I was complaining about getting annoying phone calls. I then asked to speak to a manager and she sent me to Chloe. Who apparently had no idea how to stop it either and went to ask around to her colleagues how to handle it.

Someone gave her a form to fill out to stop all mail, calls, and emails. I know it can take up to 30 days to stop the calls but you should be aware of the complete unprofessional attitude of your employees. From being lied to by the first rep to being told there was no way to help me and I couldn't talk to someone higher up then rep #2, to not even having my complaint handled right was just a little ridiculous. I wasted I don't even know how much time trying to get Sears guys to stop calling which I could have been here doing my job. It's a fault in your system on many levels. From your call system to you employee training program. Good Lord does no one teach good customer service anymore?


Have had warranty for sears washer since purchase of appliance. At the end of the warranty the dispenser leaked bleach onto the washer door frame. Sears ordered the wrong part several times and on another occasion forgot to order part. Now I am told that the part is no longer available. Still have the wrong parts which were shipped to us. Have requested 4 times by email that someone from corporate contact us. Also, spent almost an entire day on the telephone with them which was at 11 phone calls and still no resolution. Still no contact from corporate and still need the right part.


My husband purchased me a sweater on line, and when I received it, it had a hole in the shoulder. So he called the customer service number on the receipt and explained the problem. And the lady told him he would have to order another sweater so he did and she told him that she would e-mail him a ups shipment label in 24 to 48 hours.

Well the label never arrived in his e-mail, but the new sweater that she told him to reorder did no holes in that one. He recalled the number again and spoke to the superviser and she told him the same load of crap that the ups label would be in his e-mail in 24 to 48 hrs. And its been four days past that. The real kicker is that his credit card has been billed twice.


I purchased 3 items online from Received the items at home and due to work schedule did not open the boxes up until 12.21.15; all 3 items have a final markdown price of $1.50. I called Sears customer service on 12.22.15 and was told they would not honor the price on the items. Of course, I am upset. I feel duped to have paid $7.97 for something that cost $1.50. Obviously, I wanted the item and at this late date close to Christmas; I need the item and will not be returning it. I was sadly disappointed in the response from customer service.To add insult to injury the email address to escalate my complaint was invalid. I think if the people packing the items are aware from their packing slip the price paid they should have removed the label showing $1.50. Sears I love your items and pricing but your customer service response was lacking on this occasion.


I schedule an appointment on December7,2015 for repairs for my washer, technician came out and replace one spring, I called for them to repair the basket that spin in the washer, because the basket is off balance and water is getting on my floor, so after he so called complete his job he left. I went to check and the problem still exists, so I called Sears again an told them what had happen they sent the same technician out, on December14 he called first and told me this is how it is suppose to work, he had and attitude when he call.

So he came I had my mom on the phone, also he didn't do no repairs on this day and he also try to tell me this is how a washer is to move I told him no the washer move but not back and forth were is to it making noise, and water is getting on my floor, so he left after raising his voice, no repairs were done and I was charged for service. My mom herd everything that day, her name is on this form because she pays for the warranty for my home and her home. I am now out of $40.00 dollars because I had to go to a laundry mat. Now my repair is schedule For December 22,2015, WOW! Another week.


Hello here we go I had a leak coming from under my truck. Took it in and they said that I have a crack radiator. Then they call me back and said that I also have a leak in my hose. So they called me and said that it was back firing and they wanted to see why before ii come and get it. So they called me on a Saturday and said that it was ready. When my daughter went to pick it up she did not even get home and the service engine light came on but I had to wait until Monday before I could call back. He told me to bring it back again when he called back he said that it was my sensor my oxygen sensor. I said oh my goodness I brought it in for a leak now you say this is wrong he said that he will work with me on it I wasn't happy about it at all.

They fixed it and I call to complain about it but the guy said but I agreed to have it fixed I said that I had to get it fixed to get it fro down there. And I said that I didn't think that I should have to pay for that cause I just brought it for a leak. My truck was running fine even with the leak when I had it fixed now they are telling me all this. My service engine light never came on and now this is a mess. I asked they guy was there someone over him that I could talk to and he told me no. But he gave me the e-mail address and the address to where I could right I told him that he had to be someone one there over him. Cause he could not of hired himself and there is someone that he has to call if he call out. But when I picked my truck up again on Nov 28th which was a Monday put gas in it made another stop and went home.

Then Thursday went to the store and the school to drop a project off for my grandson. Came back out turn the truck on the service engine light came back on and it would not go into gear. So I called them and asked them what in the world did you do to my truck now everything is going wrong with it since you guys worked on it. Got it back down there on that Thursday and he called me back on Saturday Dec 5th and told me that it was my other sensor now and my transmission . He said that he would work with me on the sensor but they don't do transmission work before I knew it I went off and he said that he will not work with me. He say that they put it on a machine and it tells you what's wrong and they only came up with the sensor which I don't believe cause my service engine light never came on.

I told him that who ever is working on my truck did not know what they was doing. Cause they have messed up my truck so bad I hope that I can have it fixed on what they did cause I have spent close to 2700 dollars in one month. And that is not right that I should have done that I don't mind paying for what I have done but all this came from a leak yeah right. sears has lost my business. When I called back to add to my complaint all the lady at this time told me that she could not do nothing that I would have to talk to the store manager. And told me to take it some where else and I told her I would but I have a card there and don't have cash on hand like that. I took all my cars their and got my tires and battery's their and my daughter tires from there. This was just not right and a very bad experience. This all happened at the sears store in Sebring Florida, 33870 Auto Center.


I ordered a Proctor Silex Coffee Grinder on 11/27/2015 during the Black Friday sale and opted for free Store pick up from the Sears store in Rego Park at Rego Park- A, 9605 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, NY 11374. (Order #961464491). Following my order, I received an email from Sears on 11/28/2015 that my order is available for pickup at the above mentioned store. I went to the respective store on 11/29/2015 and I was surprised by what happened there. First of all, the 5 min pick-up was not 5 minute at all. The lady at the Sears pick-up kiosk took my Salescheck number and passed it to another personnel in store. He went to check my order and after some time he came out and told that he does not have my order and he will cancel it. No explanation, no attempt to satisfy customer and no courtesy!

Anyway, I brought this issue to the person who was incharge of pick-up department. She told me that this happens often as UPS guys don’t deliver the orders in time. Later, she told me that my order was sold out even after being sold online. The behavior that Sears corporate personnel did with me was totally irresponsible. They blamed their website for everything and told me that it was not a fault on part of the store. At last, I would say that after whatever happened, I will not shop again at Sears and would never recommend Sears to a friend or family member. I shopped at Sears for the first time and this is what happened. I ended up wasting my time and money for going to store just to find out that my product was sold to somebody else.

If Sears has any commitment towards customers, I would expect them to ship my order to my home without any extra charge. Otherwise, please return my money as soon as possible. My credit card should not have been charged in the first place without delivering my order.


I purchased a new band saw from Sears on Oct 15 2015. I also purchased the warranty plan. My saw stopped working over a week ago. I have called 3 times I have been unable to get even an appointment scheduled. No one will call me back. I am very dissatisfied, I had other tools that I had planed to purchase from Sears to replace so aging tools. Your service and your promises of service are reprehensible. Sears has changed to much for me. You once was a business that people could trust . You have turned in to a untrustworthy business.

I have spent a lot of money with Sears over the last 45 years. I am afraid that will change. I am not a person of idle threats but I subscribe to several wood working publications and blogs and personally know 2 people that write blogs for the woodworking industry and the professional craftsman. I am writing those publications and forwarding a copy of this and my warranty. I want others to know they need to be careful dealing with Sears. If I have not heard from someone with an appointment I am contacting the Better Business Burrow and the Federal Trade Commission. For over a week I have asked nicely and waited, but it is obvious you care nothing for customers.


I purchased a dishwasher from Sears ( store 01344 ) on 11/10/2015. Delivery to the store was scheduled for the 13th with delivery and installation the following day. On the 14th the installer phoned to say there was no dishwasher at the store so no installation. He called again on the 16th with the same message; - NO Machine at the store. Contacted the store: - advised that the dishwasher will now be at the store on the 19th. Well here I sit, late afternoon on the 25th. NO DISHWASHER; and looking at the Sears bill for a $1,000. As I sit writing this; received a call from the installer advising me that delivery and installation will now be Dec. 03. When I expressed dissatisfaction with the further delay he got a little angry with me because he was very busy. Needless to say I will no longer shop at Sears. And I will SHARE MY EXPERIENCE. No wonder Sear in Richmond closed - NO SERVICE. Whats that little phrase on your sales check "Well do our best"?


This is a customer complaint about the the abusive and unethical practices of Sears floor sales personnel at the store located at 500 W Warner Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92707. I own and operate several apartment complexes in southern Calif. and in Austin, TX., as well as the laundry facilities on the respective properties. On late afternoon of Nov.18 I sent my manager (Miguel Pinones) to look at the washer at that store as indicated by the link below. The washer was $1228? for a “floor model” , next to it was another unadvertised identical item one month old “returned and repaired” for $885. The floor salesman advised the prices will be reduced 10% on Nov.19, so my manager decided to return the following day to purchase the item. The “following day” Nov.19, a salesman said the 10% store wide discount did not apply to “commercial washers”.

My manager nonetheless agreed to purchase the $885 washer “without the store wide 10% discount”. After fumbling and being unable to find the keys and paperwork for the item the salesman informed my manager he could not sell the item for $885 and that the price would be $1225 instead. No 10% discount and a $340 price increase! The reason given was that the “prices had been changed in the computer due to the store wide discount”, and the item could only be sold at $1225 with no store wide discount. This “bait and switch” and unprofessional tactics are deplorable and uncharacteristic of an organization such as Sears. I trust your administrative personnel will look into this matter. I will also be forwarding a copy of this complaint to the Sears main headquarters customer satisfaction.


I would like to file a complaint against the sears outlet in Medley, Fl, I purchased an appliance at the store on delivery the item did not fit at my home, the delivery personnel return the item back to the store the same day. They were notified about the return and said to me that a refund would take 7 to 10 days, this was 10/21/2015, On 11/07/2015 I call the store and were told that the funds would be transfer back within 24 hours. To the day I have not received any funds, I have tried to be patient with the store but it seems I can't get any cooperation if there is not any funds transfer by 11/13/2015 I will be forced to take legal action.


We were advised by Sears Technician that we needed a new gas furnace which we did not need. We called Sears out to check our air conditioning unit because we have a service agreement on the unit. We purchased the gas furnace and the new furnace did not work. Another Sears technician cam out and determined the Air Condiitioner unit was the problem and fixed it causing the new furnace to begin working. We really did not need a new furnace and now no one wants to accept responsibility for the Sears error. We are stuck with a bill which we should not have to pay.


We were advised by Sears Technician to get a new furnace-which we did not need. The real problem was the outside air conditioning unit. No one wants to accept responsibility for the error on the technician part and problems with the estimate by the Sears Sales Person. This seems to be very poor business practice.


About an hour ago I went to your website and filled out an online app for your Sears Credit Card....entered all the required info - waited about one minute and was approved....then was told I had to agree to online account and set up payments which I agreed to. Then was told to continue I did and went to the Citibank site - where I was to set up account.....but the page was blank....message said I had typed in the wrong address....(I hadn't typed anything) it went to the website automatically. I was there for 10 minutes waiting nothing what do I do now...? What a frustrating experience for all your customers.


Purchase a jenn-sir stove (Lorraine Dublis) on Sept. 16, 2015 (wrong type). On Sept. 29, 2015, the installer - my house with stove, in my kitchen he see I have a downdraft electric stove. He left, to take stove back to warehouse. Store sale person (Lorraine) nothing else to sell me. She said "the credit is automatic". Today is Nov. 10, 2015, Im still waiting for my refund. My case #3752742. Each phone call to Sears support tells the same, this is terrible service.

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