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Home Depot is a retailer of home improvement/construction services and products. It is based in the United States, 10 Canadian provinces and Mexico. With 2,248 locations, Home Depot employs over 371,000 people. Revenues in 2014 were reported as US 78 billion and net income as US 5 billion. Home Depot is publicly traded on NYSE:HD.

If you need customer support for a problem with a Home Depot product or service you may call 1-800-466-3337 or you may email a question on the contact page or look up a specific department/appliance phone number. You may wish  to contact the CEO, Craig A. Menear. You may address your correspondence to him at 2455 Paces Ferry Rd. SE, #B #3, Atlanta, GA 30339 or call him at 770-432-8211.

Home Depot ‘big box styled outlets’ have evolved since beginnings in 1978 by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank and Pat Farrah. With the slogan‘More Savings. More Doing.’,  Home Depot extends philanthropic support through The Home Depot Foundation and gives military personnel a 10% discount.

The Home Depot sponsorship may be found with Habitat for Humanity and as official sponsor for NASCAR Tony Stewart’s car. Social media presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube self help videos are popular.

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I purchased a Maytag washer at Home Depot #6980 on November 24, 2017. I was told it would be delivered on Tuesday November 28, 2017.On November 27 I received a call saying my delivery would arrive on November 28 between 11:00-3:00. At approximately 4:30 my son called to see what was the problem. He was told be on site within 20 minutes. No delivery. I called the store the next day and talked to John Rogers who rescheduled my washer for Friday December 1. No delivery. I received a call saying my delivery would be on Saturday December 2, between 9:00 and 1:00. No delivery, no explanation. I went to the store on Monday December 4 and talked to John Rogers. he had my washer rescheduled for Tuesday December 12. On December 11, I received a call saying my delivery would be here between 10:30 and 2:30 on December 12. On December 12I received a call at 12:45 saying my delivery would be here in 20-30 minutes. At approximately 1:15 a truck pulled into my driveway then left. I called the number on my caller I.D. and asked what was wrong. The man told me that call should have never been made that there was a problem at the warehouse and he would get back to me. It is now Thursday December 14 I have heard nothing and I am extremely disappointed with the treatment I have received from Home Depot. My name is Willie jean mason. My phone # is 706-867-9481. My cell # is 706-701-0585. I would appreciate help from someone.


Delivery team told me they could not install dishwasher because shutoff valve was in basement even though it was within 6 feet of dishwasher as required by the website. Home Depot customer service confirmed this over the phone and were more than happy to cancel my order rather than attempt to provide any type of assistance, promising a refund in 7-10 business days. Just contacted them after 11 business days to be told my return has not yet been processed and it will be another 24-48 hours from Monday.


My construction company was contracted by a Home Depot service provider, (and badged accordingly). The contractor, Cento Solutions, chose to garnish my pay for work that was completed 6 months ago. I will be moving forward with putting a lien on two properties contracted by Home Depot.


Store 3651 E. Greensboro N.C.2912 S. Elm Eugene St. Greensboro N.C. 27406 Salesperson: AJP429 (ANNA)
My complaint: After buying the dryer I needed, she (I think her name is Anna) told me to go to the pick-up door and wait it will be out in 10 mins.
35 mins. later. I see her with a guy, two other ( employee) guys walking the cart with two appliances on it. When they get closer I can hear what her and the guy walking with her where saying. It is at this time I realize why I`ve been waiting so long. During the finalization of my purchase I remembered she told so guy " I`ll be right with you" SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! I waiting long because she felt the guy after me was more important than I . I`ll be honest with you I almost returned it right than and there. But I was on a time restart and had invested to much time already .

Also, when I first arrived to the appliance depart, I`m walking around looking. I picked the one to buy. I look around, don`t see anyone. I walked to the other side where I find two employees sitting doing something on their phones. I asked if they where sales people. No, I`ll call and get you someone. Thanks! I was in the department 10 / 15 min. before the sales people came to help me. And that would be fine if more people than just me was taking up her time. I can not put my finger on it but, did not like her from the beginning.

I usually buy the big stuff at low`s. On this day i just went to the closest store to save the. That was a mistake that will never happen again.
There U have it!


Bought maytag washer from home deport under warranty.....they replace with RECONDITIONED parts now it broke again but my warranty is expired now. I bought brand new washer why theY install RECONDITIONED parts. i think it should be replace with OEM PARTS.


My husband and I ordered a whirlpool gas stove and a ge washer from your Hagerstown MD store on November 1, 2017. Very good customer service from store employees. Delivery was to be made following Wednesday but was not made/no phone call stating a reason. I had to call to reschedule. Appliances delivered November 15. November 17 our gas company was at our house connecting gas range and we realized that there is no bottom to oven!! A week before thanksgiving and I can’t use the oven! We call the local store and were told to call the customer service number. Of course we are put on hold..then we are sent to service, then to parts, back to service, then back to customer service!!! No one would take ownership of this issue - for over an hour. Finally we were told that we would have the part shipped in 7-10 days. We asked that since the part should have been attached when we received the stove and thanksgiving is in a few days, could it be expedited. This kind soul checked with his supervisor and got permission to have it sent by Wednesday (yesterday).

Guess what...it’s Thanksgiving and my oven bottom panel is not here and I am expecting guests for dinner. Needless to say, everyone at my dinner will know the story along with everyone else I know.

I worked as a manager in the public sector so I know what good customer service looks like and when there is little customer service. Your stores try very hard to please the customer but your “customer service department” really needs to learn to take ownership of a problem when they speak with a customer instead of shuffling them from department to department. I don’t even have confidence that the customer service rep even went to his supervisor, but just told us what we wanted to hear to get us off the phone!

I have some Home Depot gift cards that were given to us. Sure wish I could change them to Lowes gift cards.

Linda Hann
494 Licking Creek RD
Big Cove Tannery PA 17212


Waterbury CT store # 6212.

On November 18th at 5pm est. One of your female (Caucasian employee's) racially profiled me! At the self check-out. While trying to purchase faux tin panels for my ceiling (price a little over $20.00 per sheet) your employee proceeded to ask me if I could afford to pay for the sheets and if I know how much they cost! Stating that they where expensive. When I stated to her that I did not think that they were expensive she proceeded to look up the price and again ask me if I wanted to purchase something so expensive. Completely embarrassed and angry I told her that I would not be purchasing and to remove herself from my space! Leaving out I spoke to one of the other employees informing them of the incident. The following day (11-19) after I was able to calm down I went back to speak with a manager Janisia ( I may have spelled that incorrectly) to report the incident. I have been a loyal customer to Home Depot but never have I been so disrespected and embarrassed in a store! As an African American women with two master's degrees and currently working on a PH.D, I am more than capable of purchasing some $20.00 panels. If this is the type of treat your company allows I will take my business to Lowes, Walmart or another company! Racial profiling is never acceptable and it was extremely hurtful!


you delivery man destroide my yard and nobody answered my complain from your Hialiah store
on top of forklift driver getting stuck he called another truck to drag him out and left no supervisorhas com out to see damage
and I have more pictures.
Thank you

Please call me at 305 878 5926


To whom it may concern;
I am writing this to you as a formal complaint in regards to purchasing items at your Lockport, NY location. A few negative experiences can really outnumber any good especially when encountering insulting, humiliating, and what's clearly discriminatory assumptions from few but too many employees at this location. Our family; my husband and son often visit this store pretty much on a daily basis. My husband is no stranger to this store, as our family has been doing business with Home Depot for over 20 years. On two seperate occasions, in less than one year, he has came home very distraught, unhappy, because of the shock it's very interrupting to his routine, and our world. Both situations, What should have been an easy checkout- was without a doubt, most definitely a form of discrimination and poor customer service , with our 10 year old son present both times. No explanation was needed, our son clearly realized with discomfort, same as my husband did - the truth to the indirect accusations. I myself have never encountered anything being a white female, nor would I ever expect that my husband would be either based on who he is; well mannered, outgoing, respected by many, most importantly a genuinely hard worker who takes on many jobs on top of his regular 9-5, multiple rental properties, multiple projects, people love that hes honest and upfront, he can fix pretty much anything, most amazing father-always teaching our son to be the same person he is with already being an outstanding student with we'll rounded skills. Overall, we are genuine positive people. Alot of frustrating things are swept under the carpet, as we donnot have time or need the extra headache to put energy into complaining about things that probably won't be heard.
However todays encounter is the last straw! My husband was fixing an electrical panel box, he brought the old CH breaker piece to compare what he needed to replace, as he has done on several trips to the store with other purchases. He showed the piece to the worker who helped him look for that part, as he then realized they didn't carry it, he ended up finding a part somewhat similar that would work. While he was checking out, he put the non identical, dirty, old piece back in his pocket. His few items rang up to be what he realized was overcharged for 2 parts, when he only had one. My husband asked what he was being charged extra for, the cashier looked at him ignorantly, raised his eyebrows and stated, "ughhh, u do have 2 breakers" .. My husband instantly aware of the accusation, pulled the old used piece out of his pocket and said, "I actually only have one on the belt with a barcode, this is one I brought into the store, clearly used up and not even the same piece" The cashier refunded him, stayed quiet, continued to appear like he had a reason for his attitude, did not apologize for the " misunderstanding", not even considering that our 10 year old son is staring and well aware of the accusation. My husband kept his composure and didn't even ask him why he had the nerve to assume he would put something in his pocket right in front of his face, and didn't ask him why he would automatically charge double the price. If my husband didn't notice, he would've just been charged and that cashier feels he can charge whatever he wants without asking to scan an item, based of of poor assumption.
Honestly, Lowe's has seemed too far especially when we travel to home depot sometimes upto 3 x a day when tackling home improvements, however Lowes may actually be worth the trip.. between the time, money spent on expensive items that need to be replaced due to poor quality, and the uncomfortable situations that feel 100 percent discriminatory. Home Depot being 5 miles closer has been the choice only because of convenience to us, yet very disappointing.
Last situation worth complaining about, my husband purchased a new leaf blower. While my husband was checking out, the cashiers store phone rang, he answered the call, as he proceeded to carry on a one sided conversation, my husband can hear only his replies, "oh no..they're not.. they are buying it". The cashier hung up and carried on with the transaction. My husband asked, "was that call regarding this purchase?", the cashier said, "yes". My husband bluntly asked, "does your manager think I was trying to steal this? The cashier paused, apparently on the spot- replied, "well he didn't exactly say that". Another situation my husband had to keep his composure with, just learn to deal with being indirectly accused and humiliated, again in front of our son who is well aware of the situation without explanation.
These experiences are not only hurtful, mortifying and very offensive, but they have taken place with our son witnessing how ugly and sad this world is. Regardless of white or black, or just plain poor judgement of others.We understand that there are situations that happen that are not to be trusted, but my family did nothing to deserve the disrespect.
At the end of the day; Cashiers!!!...DO NOT charge anyone for something that was wasn't placed on the belt, donnot charge items without a barcode, Donnot charge for items the customer is unaware of, make sure you are charging for a part you actually sell in your store, next time ask, "hey can I scan that?" That would've been a better approach. Managers!!!..Donnot call your employees and put them on the spot because you were too coward to approach the customer, don't make it so obvious. We are educated people, actually the employees at this store can use some education, mabey a 101 on customer service, customer approach, and discrimination. Employees!!! Treat everyone the same. If you feel that u treat everyone this way, then that would be your policy and everyone would know that the way you run a business. If not, I hope u don't come across someone that isn't capable of holding their composure. This is a very serious matter. Corporate!!!! You may have to hire someone at the door to check every receipt and matching item like Sam's club, that way it's not offensive when everyone else has to prove themselves the same way.


Approximately March 10, 2017 I purchased a water heater for my home. The following is a summary of what transpired between March 10, 2017 to present:
1. No invoice separating product and labor cost.
2. New Phoenix Enterprises signed contract #3806-372795 as agent of Home Depot. When I asked Home Depot about
New Phoenix Enterprises status as agent reply was do not know. New Phoenix Enterprises worked against Home
Depot's interest by violating POINT 13 of contract.
3. New Phoenix Enterprises committed FRAUD.
4. Kristofer Smith, District Service Manager, discriminated by his unfairness and one-sidedness on by denying cases
07153531 and 06060067.
All I have stated above can be verified by emails and other documents.




I purchased a lawnmower may 12 2017. Used it approximately 8 times to cut a strip of grass 60 x80. Failed to stay running next attempt to use.
Took it to local store in Lewes, De . It had a one or two year warranty. They charged me twenty dollars just to take it in for repair and said it would
be credited back when it was repaired. It would also take 6 to 8 wks. They called me on 10/31/17, said it was ready and wanted to charge me $70+.
They said it was due to stale gas residue, which is impossible for the short period of time I had it. I lost use of this in prime season. It was not misused. If you sell products with a factory warranty a reputable company would honor it. Sorry Home Depot but for $70 you just lost a good customer. Marty


Purchased LG dryer three yes ago. Also purchased 5 year protect policy. Problem occurred with dryer and had HD schedule repair service. Person didn't come nor did they call. Had to wait a week for repair to not show or call.. Called and spoke with store mgr that night. Seemed to want to address our issue. Said he would give to day mgr and have him call. Waited until noon with no call. Went to HD next day and contracted mgr. I told him why i was there. Said he gave complaint to an appliance person. Appliance person had not addressed the issue, said he had been busy. Appliance person asked who didn't show . Told him Quality App. He said they have reputation for that (then why use them?).

He called HP protection and they scheduled an appointment for the following Tuesday (another week). On Scheduled Tues Swift App arrived and said the dryer needed a control board. Said he would order and it would be 3-5 days before part arrived. On eighth day I attempted contact with Swift. No answer so I left message. Called total of three times with no answer and no return call. On Friday Sept 21 I went back to HD and spoke with night mgr, Allen. Told him my story. Said he would take care of it and have day mgr handle. I remarked I hope better than first one. He said day mgr would do it as he, Allen , was his boss. He said he would have mgr call me before noon.

No call fro HD the following day. That evening I Went back to HD and spoke with Allen again. Told Allen no one had called. He said that he would turn it over to someone in appliance. Through all of this (almost one month) Home Depot personnel say they will help but don't follow through, don't call and really don't seen to give a damn about the problem. A lot of money was spent to get the protection plan. It appears I have spent money for a nonexistent policy. I'm so angry about this that I could scream. But that wouldn't get things done. Your people actually don't seem to give a s--t! If anyone contacts me about this I will be extremely surprised. Seems the only choice I have is to go to local TV and see what they can do.


My order of a Kitchen Cabinet has been very badly handled from the start. The cabinet was ordered through your Elston/Leavitt store. The salesperson and reviewer where both JM93C6. The salesperson ordered the wrong size decorative end panels, which have had to be reordered. When the cabinet was delivered it came without the crown molding and the light rail. The delivery man, who apparently was contracted and not a Home Depot Employee, told me that those pieces were on the Home Depot truck and would be delivered later that day. The reason why they were not included with the pieced he delivered was not explained to me. I know that they were delivered to your store, because I got an email from you notifying me of that. They were not delivered and after 4 phone calls I finally found out that you lost them and had to reorder them, I have been a Home Depot customer for a long time and if this is not resolved in a timely fashion I'm afraid I will have to become a Lowes customer instead.


I am a single mom and I ordered a refrigerator through online from home depot store account #W900167455. I used all my money so I could keep food for my daughter. I made ordered on October 12, 2017. And set up delivery for October 14, 2017. They charged my credit card same day. They called me on Friday October 13, 2017, that delivery will be made on October 14, 2017 between 4:30 to 8:00 pm. I was home waiting for delivery. But no delivery, no refrigerator and no money. Home depot is the worst store. Because of them I have no money and no food to store for my daughter. If you will not solve this as soon as possible I will complain every hour, and every where. And they called me at 8:45 pm and said they will delivery a REFRIGERATOR ON TUESDAY NOW!!!!!!!!! IT'S REFRIGERATOR .

Eva Gidova.


Home Depot sells used Railroad ties on line. I went to the Silverdale WA. store to make a purchase of 24 used ties.
I was told they do not have store pickup or home delivery for my area. but contacted the Sequim store and an order was placed from the Silverdale store for delivery to my home----after extensive work on the part of the Special Order staff---in keeping with HD service policy.
Whether by error or practice and calls to the Sequim store , the RR ties were delivered to my home from the Sequim store (Order H4716-37397).
I found I needed 8 more ties this last week and attempted to order the ties at the Silverdale store. Initially I was again advised there were problems placing such and order. I asked why they could not ship the ties to silverdale as is done with anything else ordered on line and not available in the store inventory. I also talked to the Swing shift Special order staff who reiterated the problems but was gong to investigate options the next day .He had suggested I rent a truck and drive to Sequim to pick them up. NOTE: I AM 80+ AND NO LONGER PICK UP RR TIES --IF I EVER COULD. I decided to go into the Silverdale store to resolve the problem in person. The concerns about placing such an order were again raised by the Special order staff. I also asked why Sequim store could not transfer my order to the Silverdale store if they could not deliver from Sequim. Again after much back and forth between Sequim Pro- staff and Silverdale special order staff the order was placed (H8998-37459). I told my contractor the material was coming.
The next morning I received a call from the lady who had assisted me in Silverdale saying they would have to refund my payment since they could not get the RR ties from Sequim. I declined to have my account credited and still wanted the ties I had paid for the previous day. I was to receive a call back. I have not had a call back.

I do not know the status of my documented paid order except that my last call from Silverdale was that they could not fill the order.

I see the problem as HD Corp.carrying and selling items but unwilling to bring the items into the store or transfer between stores. If you sell on line you need to be able to ship to home or at least to the local store.
My problem now is my project will not complete with the people I have hired to build my retaining wall if I cannot provide the materials needed for completion.

For the staff that tried in every way to assist me I have he utmost respect as they were clearly working to maintain the HD ADVERTISED service reputation.

They are stopped by management rules which prevent them from providing the full ADVERTISED service to the customer for all products sold by HD.

I question the management of the store and higher ups ----not the staff--- for lack of a system that assures all HD items are available --by every means possible--to deliver to the customer.

In the above cases the store manager should have resolved the questions with the customer--in lieu of leaving the dedicated staff to provide answers not in their authority. During at least one instance I know the staff urgently and unsuccessfully tried to get a manager --at my request.

Please advise me----In lieu of Silverdale store management -----of the status of my order to prevent further delay in my work.


October 9, 2017
Darelene & Ken Carpenter

On June 30, 2017, with the assistance of Home Depot Sales Representative, Brady Beach, we ordered new black aluminum fencing and a matching arched gate from Finyl Vinyl. It was supposed to take five weeks to complete the job. We are now beginning the FIFTEENTH week and the job is still not completed.
We expected our fencing installation to be completed within the first two weeks of August. We called Finyl Vinyl and Brady Beach multiple times in mid-August to get a status since we’d had no word on the status from either souce. Mr. Beach never answered our calls. Finyl Vinyl finally responded and informed us then, that although the fencing had a 5-week lead-time, the gate had an 8-week lead-time, an important fact not provided at the time we signed the contract with Mr. Beach. Surely your sales rep should have mentioned this manufacturing lead-time disconnect to us—that was important information.
Finally, on 8/21, we were notified by Finyl Vinyl that our installation could be scheduled for 8/29. As we were leaving on vacation 8/24, we made arrangements with our neighbor to oversee the installation while we were gone. We specifically requested that Finyl Vinyl confirm the install date with our neighbor so he could be present. They agreed to do this. They waited until the last minute to call him (day before) and he was not available on that date so they moved the installation date out 15 days (to 9/13) due to their “busy schedule.” We were not due to return from our trip until 9/15. The installation should have been completed by that time.
On 9/13, the installation crew was a No-Show and no one coordinated this information with our neighbor. When he called Finyl Vinyl to find out what was going on, he was told the crew was “busy” and would be there instead on 9/14 between 12noon-3pm. Our neighbor rearranged his schedule so he could be there but once again, they were a No-Show. Finyl Vinyl did not communicate this information to him. When our neighbor called Finyl Vinyl on 9/14 at 3:30pm to see what was going on, he was told the installation was being moved out yet another day, but the crew would be dropping off the supplies at our home at end of day. Our neighbor specifically asked that he be contacted when they did that (he lives across the street) but they dropped everything and left without contacting him. He only saw the materials later when he walked outside.
Finally, on 9/15, the crew arrived at 7am to install the fencing. Again, they ignored our instructions to check in with our neighbor when they arrived. The installation was completed but they installed the wrong gate design. We’d ordered an arched gate and they brought a straight-across design. They asked if we would accept it anyway. We said NO. I want the gate I ordered, not the one they made by mistake. Now, I have to wait for another 8 weeks before I get my gate installed. I called Finyl Vinyl on 9/27 to ask about whether there had been a “rush” put on the replacement gate manufacture since it was their mistake and I shouldn’t be inconvenienced for at least another 8 weeks because they made a mistake. The woman I talked to seemed surprised that I’d ask about something like that and she had no idea what was happening nor did she seem inclined to follow through on my request. After a few more comments from me, I heard some “tapping” (keystrokes) and she finally agreed to send the manufacturer an email. It’s no surprise to me that I’ve heard NOTHING since then.
This has been the worst Customer Service experience we’ve had, beginning with your Home Depot Sales Representative. It was as if once we signed the contract, he was done. I do not believe that is representative of Home Depot’s customer relations. The finished fencing product is very nice but our experience has been nothing short of POOR. If Finyl Vinyl sticks to the normal lead-time (and I have no illusions that Finyl Vinyl has done, or plans to do anything to prioritize the gate manufacture) and if we don’t get pushed aside by any “big jobs” somewhere, we may see our fencing installation completed in 19 WEEKS. It was bad enough to deal with the original delay-upon-delay situation but now the gate too? We have a spa in our back yard and are supposed to have a self-locking gate. It was bad enough to have to wait for the originally-stated 5-week manufacture period. When I mentioned my concern with the gate situation, the woman at Finyl Vinyl told me just to put netting across the opening. I’m sure that would be an effective deterrent…Never.
I believe we should be compensated in some way for our inconvenience and our general level of continuing frustration with this whole situation. We went to Home Depot for our fencing because we had such good customer service in the past when we had laminate flooring installed. This situation with Finyl Vinyl has been a nightmare.


I set up an appointment for a kitchen refacing a floor to be put in as well as a stone countertop I was contacted by the individual who was supposed to come out at around 8:05 this evening and he began to you know ask me the questions of how many kitchen cabinet doors do I have how big is my kitchen and I asked him I said well isn't that what the point of scheduling the in-home visit is for and he went on to say to me well yeah but I just you know I know you're in the Detroit area and I just you know this is very expensive and I said I said okay what does that mean you know I know a lot of people that call from the Detroit area once again seems to think that you know they're only going to be spending around $1,000 but I wanted to ask that man I said we'll do you call all your customers and say this to them you know sometimes people are really happy you know what I think this was a very discriminatory call you know I'm not sure if I want to use racial but it was very discriminatory and I was totally unhappy with it and I'm just really irritated right now but it was I was very uncomfortable with it and I definitely intend on canceling my appointment I had schedule with him and my name is Dwayne Williams my phone number is area code 313-926-2851 thank you


I set up an appointment for a kitchen refacing a floor to be put in as well as a stone countertop I was contacted by the individual who was supposed to come out at around 8:05 this evening and he began to you know ask me the questions of how many kitchen cabinet doors do I have how big is my kitchen and I asked him I said well isn't that what the point of scheduling the in-home visit is for and he went on to say to me well yeah but I just you know I know you're in the Detroit area and I just you know this is very expensive and I said I said okay what does that mean you know I know a lot of people that call from the Detroit area once again seems to think that you know they're only going to be spending around $1,000 but I wanted to ask that man I said we'll do you call all your customers and say this to them you know sometimes people are really happy you know what I think this was a very discriminatory call you know I'm not sure if I want to use racial but it was very discriminatory and I was totally unhappy with it and I'm just really irritated right now but it was I was very uncomfortable with it and I definitely intend on canceling my appointment I had schedule with him and my name is Dwayne Williams my phone number is area code 313-926-2851 thank you


paid 4,000 to have custom closet installation in july 8th when purchased new home. first the installer was 2 and half hours late then he brought his son with him. then the child went into my bathroom and decided to play with soap and had water everywhere. when installer left he did put on paperwork job incomplete. Because didn't have enough materials,August 25th or 26th hadn't heard from no one at home depot about completing closet, so I called was being transferred all around, being told we don't do installations .called numbers I was given I spoke with supervisor dale he sent a different installer out to see what needed to be completed and take measurements. I was informed may take to 10 or 12days for materials waited and waited 3weeks, did not get a call to set up time when materials come .Monday October 2nd I called being transferred all around finally I was transferred to a nice and professional employee that went above and beyond to help me. called 301-459-2755 was told they don't do installations a manager even told me he would have to investigate what I'm talking about my closet install, gave him angela's name and said he would call me back , he hung up on me didn't get any info to call me back or anything. kept calling finally got a very nice gentleman , he put me on hold and called them call went directly to Angela. Then she acted like I didn't have no installation because I would have to go through her until I reminded her of the first installer that had car trouble. Then the guy asked her why if he called and got through why my calls were being transferred. why? because she was rude and unprofessional as well as the other young lady that transfer calls to her. I told her I was going to make a complaint about her and the young lady. so apparently they didn't want to deal with me. but I paid my money up front and you want to give me attitude. customers are why you have a job. the supervisor Dale was very unprofessional as well and then I let him know this entire department should be written up, the entire chain of command because no one knows anything or they don't follow through and make sure when installers come back with paperwork and the job say incomplete, do you file paperwork as complete. it told me that no one cared because its a job to them so it can fall on someone shoulder to be blamed. Today October 3, 2017 I get a call and the supervisor dale tells me the wrong materials were not the correct measurements. I informed him he didn't call me back from 4weeks ago now I had to call like he said to see when will my closet be complete and get the run around on the phone for 2and half hours trying to get him or Angela. It's disappointment when employees work for companies and think they can be rude unprofessional. Especially when Home Depot want money up front. But now I'm into the 4th month of waiting for completion. I told Dale I was calling corporate to make a complaint on all of them they all dropped the ball. And really didn't care. no one checked paper work when returned to office, no one notified me I had to call and be transferred all around md,d.c., Virginia stores, please tell me why. Apparently he knew I was serious less than 5 minutes I get a call from Don the manager he say's were short some of the materials and were trying to get expedited to get job complete. I really don't know who to believe whether its a supervisor or manager. I thinks its sad this is the way home Depot treat customers.


We ordered windows and a sliding glass door from the Warrenton,OR HomeDepot in May 2017, The order couldn't be initiated until Miles @ 503-267-7716 verified I was a real person, he drove to my house, between Longview & Cathlamet, WA, to meet me. He took my order, around the end of June. Later when we inquired as to how the order was going, Miles told me the cc# number wouldn't work. I finally convinced him That was B.S. so June 29th, Miles punched in the correct cc#, we were in motion again until the order arrived at Warrenton. This order for windows and a glass door went downhill from then. HomeDepot staff lost our windos and sliding glass door. The order was supposed to have been cancelled August 28th by Miles when I contacted him. I called him the 29th and he said, "the order had been cancelled, It's out of my hands". Yesterday, we get a call from Shauna 877-903-3768 ext 3768 63635, she was calling to schedule the install. She seemed surprised that we no longer own that property and that order was supposed to have been cancelled in August. At this point, we will never, never, visit another HomeDepot store, if this complaint is not heard and acted upon.
Shauna 877-903-3768 3768 63635
Miles 503-267-7716
Michael Forte 503-298-1177


I bought a chain saw for $169.00 plus tax.i had it 3 days and it quite working .It is hard starting finaly get it running and 5 minutes later cuts off it is defective.I went to home depot on skyline in cape coral fl where I spend thousands of dollars per year.i have a company called parker house rentals in the cape and buy all materials from home depot .I follow the procedior to return they sent me to the rental tool department to have it checked out I left it there for 10 minutes while I got more materials came back and the man running the department had a real attitude towards me he says it works have a nice day .that is really poor customer service .I got mad spoke to the manager and she gave me the runaround also she was very profesional .they should post a sign where u sell gas operated power tools so people know what to deal with before they buy the product I am very disappointed in your people I don't know if this letter means anything but I belive I may decide to do my business else where loosing a good customer over $169.00 dollar item is crazy look up my business and see what money I spend there .well I hope we can resolve this in a fairly manner thank you ceo joseph dinnocenzo


We just purchased a refrigerator and stove last week from Home Depot- I decided I would also like the matching microwave oven- when I went to order it I was told I had to pay $59.99 to have it delved to my home- I work in Batavia NY where I wanted to pick it up( which you have a store)- no way was I going to pay that additional fee- so I talked to the asst manager she would work around the delve fee by giving me a discount of the price of delve- where I am having the issue with- is that I also had a coupon for 10% off the microwave which helped make the decision to buy the microwave- she told me I would not be able to use it and she considered it double dipping- which in my opinion it was not-
I was not going to pay delve fee no matter what- and I was going to get the 10% off the appliance- so due her not working this out-
I am now buying the same microwave with no delve fee and 10% off at Lowes( which was the same price as Home Depot)
so you not only lost this sale but also any I might have made in the future due to this situation al for another $34
if you look at out past buying we have spent a lot of money redoing and restocking our house

Kimberly and William Eley


On Aug 31, 2017 I purchased a dishwasher, it was delivered on Sept 6 and not working. I called that afternoon, the following day, and finally went to the store (an hour drive). I was told to call Maytag as Home Depot doesn't replace. Maytag closed, called on Monday, repairman came and said the appliance was defective. Called Home Depot, 2 hrs on hold so drove again to Home Depot only to be told to call Maytag as it was out of your hands. Maytag tells me it will be 3 to 4 weeks to repair the new item I purchased from Home Depot. At this point I will never purchase anything from Home Depot in the future if this is an example of your customer service. You don't answer your phones forcing customers to physically to your store to report broken items delivered by your vendors. This is beyond unbelievable. I did complaint to your Honolulu representative (store) and got nowhere. I only give you 1 star above because there is no lower mark available.


i order a stove 2 weeks ago and they were suppose to delivery it but they kept playing around saying they will deliver it in less than 30 minures but nobody shows up. I guess this is how home depot treats there customers after they accepted our money. They need to fired or get rip of the people who handles the stove deliverys in the quincy ma area. They wasted 2 of my Saturdays waiting for it to be deliver and i'm wondering if i have to sue to get compensated for my time and distress. 2 week of takeout is no fun.


I purchased over $4000 worth of Cascade Tuffbilt metal fencing, including 26 - 5' x 8' fence panels which are still stacked next to my garage because even though I made the order at the local store in Billings Montana with the assistance of an Associate I do not have posts to put up the fence. I have tried three times to get posts. No one seems to know how to acquire the 73003517 line posts (I need 24 of them) or the 73003524 corner posts (I need two of them). This has been going on now for weeks. Winter is coming on and all I have at this point is $4000 worth of fence panels that cannot be installed while I am out the money and absolutely no one seems to have a way to get the damn posts.
The phone complaint system does not work. The on line complaint system gets no response.

In the absence of an answer, I am going to call CEO Craig A Menear at home after hours every night.

Vic Feuerstein
11506 Otis Creek Road
Shepherd, Montana 59079


Just need a follow up ...FYI been shopping at the Hammond store the last 3 days around 4 pm today Sun. the 3rd...only one register with and attendant ...l like to use your self check registers very convenient ...but 2 down the last 2 days today long lines and 3 registers down plenty of help but no managers around...why who maintains the registers.. ...Thanks Jose...Hammond,indiana>>>>


It has been more than two weeks i have been trying to order a counter top.
I have given your store the measurements. I have call a few times only to find out that they are working on getting what it woild cost. I do understand that it may take a little time. The lady i talk to said she would get back to me. Well not sure because the last tome i called she was not working that day. The employee o talk to said he would let her know i called.
If your company does not wish have my busses thats ok. But it would be nice just call and let me kmow.
Bridhgeport store in WV


I was at Home Depot in Merritt island Fl today looking at counter depth frig, spoke to appliance , I asked her to call Palm Bay store as I was there yesterday, she called told me if was gone, I called after to find out it was still there, so Deborah was to hold it for me. My husband and I got there, frig was there, 878 Samsung, I ask for military discount to complete with lowes, it was turned down, when I ask for delivery and was told that it will cost 79.09 and everything in the store claims free shipping with AnY order of 396 or more. I went to CS as there wasn't a Mgr in the store, spoke to CS Mgr she gave me a number to call, I called CS spoke to gayla she was to give me a call back on situation waited 4 hours no call . I will shop at lowes and do will the combat vet ma in Florida abs annex if this is the way you trust us,
Debra Mull


I am the Vice President of Pace Incorporated in Concord Ca. We have been long term commercial customers. Account Number: 6035322531913584. in May of 2017 there was unauthorized use of a very old card from a former employee. The card had not bee used for over 15years and all of the sudden on a holiday weekend 5/28/17, 5/29/17 it was used in 15 transactions at three different southern California stores in a 22 hour period. 10 of the transactions were for $900.00 or more totaling $10,419.00. We are in close contact with the retired employee Andy Dunivan and he is confident the card was properly disposed of years ago. Home Depot was notified by 5/30/17 that these charges were unauthorized yet made no attempt to prevent $9,000.00 worth of gift cards from being redeemed! I have spoken with Vicky at the security Ops Division and she informed me that Home Depot was NOT defrauded that Pace INC. was defrauded. and the charges would be our burden to bare. Their " investigation " is a joke! Vicki claims that checking photo identification is an individual store practice not a company policy. Yet in nearly 20 years of using this card I am ALWAYS asked for Photo ID if its over $50.00. I would appreciate someone from Home Depot contacting me about this and NOT Citi Bank. Pace INC does not feel that this is our total burden to bare. Thank you Cell: 925- 768-4843


Your complaint line isn't very user friendly. Please see below.

I ordered over $9000.00 worth of flooring not quite a year ago from Home Depot I was told I have a lifetime warranty on the flooring. I called Home Deport to report a transom had come up between the kitchen and the foyer and I had a small spot in front of the dishwasher. A fellow came to check it out. I was told my dishwasher was leaking. So the next Saturday I went to Home Depot to purchase a new dishwasher and decided to buy a new stove, also. (almost $2000.00). It was delivered on Thursday, August 3rd. They installed the stove but couldn’t get the dishwasher to fit. I had paid to have the old dishwasher removed but they were going to leave it, I said oh no, had to have the neighbor come over and cut the legs off the old one so they could take it out. I asked why there was water under the sink, and was told because it leaked a little when they undid the old dishwasher. Then the water started running out under the flooring, Keith and I sopped water all evening, and then used a fan to dry the floor. When I awoke the next day my floor was ruined from the dishwasher to the kitchen door. Warped, uneven, plus the inside of the cupboards were warped, a real mess I went back to Home Depot to report the problem on Aug. 4th, Spoke to manager Bill. He just kept saying that the contractor didn’t work for Home Depot and he couldn’t do anything about it. I finally left, telling him “I can’t talk to you anymore”. He had no sympathy, no I’m sorry, nothing but the contractors didn’t work for Home Depot. Needless to say I wasn’t a happy customer.
I text Sierra (the GOD send of the Home Depot on Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC) She had worked until 6am that morning but still called me at 11:30 am. She had Tim Foley (VP over flooring) call me. I explained what had happened. He asked me to come to the store that evening, he would be gone but LeAnn would help me, Keith and I went to the store around 5:30 pm, met LeAnn. She called Mike in plumbing; he took Keith over to the plumbing department, got a part and brought it back. She said here you go; this is what you need to fixed the problem. I said are you kidding me. (Keith and I are both in our 70’s and they expected us to repair the part ourselves) Mike said yes it’s easy. You just cut the pipe and put in the new one or call a plumber (on a weekend) or LeAnn suggested calling our home owners insurance. She did say that a claim had been filed. Tim had already told me that he had filed the claim. She was no more help than Bill the manager, just had a sweeter voice. We left, not happy at all.
A friend came to help repair the valve. So we went back to Home Depot Friday evening, to get the tools that we needed. We were given a hack saw, and told to cut the pipe and put on the new valve, WRONG. The hacksaw made the pipe out of round, and jagged so the valve wouldn’t work. The next morning, another trip to Home Depot, (told by 2 different employees that they thought the company was taking care of this for us, I said I thought that too) given more parts, and told to use a blow torch, de-sodder the pipe and put on the valve. After 20 minutes of using the blow torch, we used Google, It should have only taken 5 seconds to de-sodder, Back to Home Depot again, got a pipe cutter and 2 valves. Problem solved.
I purchased a new dishwasher that day and it was delivered the following Thursday. Still doesn’t fit, Called Tim and told him the other dishwasher didn’t fit either. He has made 5 appointments to come to the house (we live less than 5 miles from the store) to help but never showed for any and never called, The last appointment was set for 4:00 pm Thursday, Aug 17th. I was leaving on a vacation, told him I was to board the plane at 5:55 but he could call me until I had to board the plane. I didn’t hear anything so I called him back. He would be there at 6:00 pm. When I departed the plane, I had a voice message that Mickey would be there at 6:40. Not good because Keith had to leave at 6:30. I have heard nothing back from Tim.
Shirley called on Thursday, Aug. 24 to ask about getting the transom fixed, I explained to her what had been going one. She apologized, said she hadn’t been told any of this. She was leaving on vacation but would be back on Monday. She said if I hadn’t heard anything by then to call her back. She did give me the claim number and a phone number. I called to find out the claim hasn’t been assigned to anyone. I call Shirley back to give her an updated status. She will try to expedite the process
I have done everything that Home Depot asked of me. And still here we are, with molding warped cupboards, warped Pergo flooring, and no transom, plus I now have bugs because of the mold and water damage. I have a new dishwasher sitting in the kitchen (not installed) and I can’t seem to be able to get any help. What started out as a small problem has turned into a major issue?
VP Tim, Manager Bill and LeAnn need to take lessons on customer service from either Sierra, Shirley. or Jim in appliances. At least they have listened and tried to help. I feel like 3 weeks is more than enough time to get helped.

Niki DeYoung
100 Bonnie Woods Drive
Greenville, SC 29605


I ordered a washing machine on line and paid for delivery, installation, and for disposal of old washer. During the chat on line I told the person of the problem. I was not asked at any point if the washer had any amount of water in it. I however drained the washer down to a small amount of water because I didn't want a sour smell in my home. The delivery men refused to turn water lines completely off, as they were supposed to attach the new lines from the kit I purchased with the washer. My brother did it for them.

Then they refused to move the washer because of the water, even as they were told that we would take care of any spilled water. My brother had to move the washer as the two men watched. The movers from Spirit movers were very unprofessional. Now I did go to the local store and told them of the complaint. I was refunded 59 dollars. I am still unhappy about this event and I still have to dispose of the washer, which will not be easy to do. If I had known that this was going to turn out this way, I would NOT have made the purchase! In the future you may need to stress the need to honor a commitment to sub contractors so that your costumers will remain your costumers.


I bought a 22'' lawn mower the first week August 2016 (refurbished). The first week of September the self propel stopped working. I took it to the Cross Keys store to have it fixed only to have it held and "worked on" and told that the manufactures warrantee would not apply. well after picking it up and paying for supposed work, I used it once and it would not work any more.

I also took my 30'' in to have the self-propel fixed on it. I was asked about the tune up which I said do it as well and put new blades on it. I know the tune up is changing the oil, filter, and spark plug it was kept for a week and when I picked it up and used it the self-propel did not work. I took it back and was told that it was the belt and the wire. I paid and got it and it still does not work.

I noticed that the blades were not changed the first time and I was charged for it. But when I mentioned it was told that maybe I was cutting wet grass. Tough when I picked it up the second time the blades were new. I am trying to get a business in lawn-care going and can't do much with badly maintained equipment and having to put customers on hold. it's bad business. I have spent much money with Home Depot to the pointe that I was going out of town and as I came through the x-ray at the airport, the TSA agent said to me 'You look familiar ", I said You look familiar to me too but I can't think of where I know you from.

He then said, "Do you go to Home Depot", I said , yes a lot. He sais "That's where from". If that does not say how much I use the store, I don't know what does. Though my machines do have wear and tare, I paid to have them fixed to work. One is not working( the one just purchased and used one month) and the other is barely working. I need to know what can be done about this. I do have paper work on this situation.


On the 25th of sept my wife and I ordered a Samsung refrigerator from the store in Danbury ct. On sept 28 to be delivered on October 5th.My wife noticed the item was on sale so she called to get the sale price which was 321.60 less. She spoke to Carmen and was told a managers approval was needed. For the next four days numerous calls to get the approval went unanswered. We finally drove back to the store which is 30 miles away after being left on hold for over an hour. This would be on the 3rd of Oct about 230 pm.

Spoke to Carmen again and although she was very nice was unable to get approval because apparently manager was not available in the store. The names of the people responsible were Al Conklin and Tonya. We finally canceled the order after not getting the approval which we were told should only be a formality. With the exception of Carmen the customer care service at this store is completely non existent. Because of the management here Home Depot lost a sale worth $2384.00 to Sears. Both my wife and I think Home Depot should take a look at their customer care in the management area.


I bought a 24.6 cu, ft. French Door Samsung refrigerator on 19 September, from the Home Depot, 11075 Tara Blvd, Lovejoy, GA, and it was delivered on 22 September 2016. My paperwork stated the refrigerator that I currently had in my home would be removed and hauled away. After they installed my new refrigerator the delivery people stated, "we did not come in a truck with a lift, so we will send a message to our company and have someone come and pick it up". Although, you delivered a large size refrigerator they could not remove a refrigerator that was a little smaller because the old one was too heavy. The old refrigerator was placed in the front of my house, today is 26 Sept and it is still sitting in front of my house.

On the 22nd I had not heard from anyone so I called the number for the Appliance Delivery and stated my problem to have the old refrigerator removed. The person I talked to was rude and stated that no one was in my area but she would send someone tomorrow which would be the 23rd of Sept. I asked at what time and she stated that she did not know but for me to just wait until someone showed up and that I did not need to be home. I did not trust her so I called the Lovejoy Home Depot on the 22nd and asked to speak to a manager to expressed my concerns, they transferred me to Logan the person who takes care of these types of issues.

I explained to Logan what the problem was and told her about the rude person I had just talked to pertaining to my refrigerator still sitting in front of my house. She called me back and stated that the refrigerator would be picked up on the 23rd between 2 and 4 o'clock. I knew that they would tell Logan the exact same thing that I was told with no intentions of picking up my refrigerator. Needless to say it was not picked up and today is the 26th of Sept so for 5 days I have had the large double sided refrigerator sitting in my yard with company having to walk around it.

My money can be accepted and after that my issues and concerns are just thrown by the wayside. This is the second time I have bought something from Home Depot and had major problems, I should have gone to Lowe's. I am very, very upset and do not understand why I have to go through this every time I buy a large ticket item from Home Depot.


Purchases a double wall oven on receipt #H1245-15194 at your New Rochelle store. The oven was delivered on Friday Sept. 9th. Your installers were scheduled for Monday 16th. My husband and I took the day off. Two brothers showed up around 5:45. They had no cutting tools with them. They said that the oven was too big and they couldn't do the job. We drove to Home Depot to try resolve the issue. We spoke with the appliance manager and asked if we could return the oven and reselect something else. We offered to pay a restocking fee. I've been doing customer service for the last 38 yrs for a major retailer for furniture and rugs. I found the young lady to be combative. I was rather surprised at her attitude.

We then spoke with the operations manager Treacy-Ann Burnett who was helpful. She could understand why it would fit. Shre offered to credit back the installation fee if we got someone else to do it.. Our carpenter looked at it yesterday and couldn't believe they couldn't do it. All that was needed was to cut about 2 inches off the cabinet. I found out since that the company that was sent to my home has had a lot of complaints. Tracey offered to give us a $25 gift. Knowing that Home Depot sent out a company that has had many complaints $25 doesn't cut it. The main issue I have is the way we were treated by the appliance manager. She was just unwilling to help!


Almost three weeks ago I purchased a cooktop in store. Was not able to fit, per Home Depot contractor. This was never communicated with store, and so I had to make numerous calls and emails after which the cooktop was collected from my home. I spoke with store representatives as well as sent emails regarding a suitable fit. Again no response and so I had to visit store and each time no one is able to assist. I was told that I would receive a call from manager or credit. To date neither of the above. I will therefore seek legal advice, as they have taken my money and have forfeited their side of the contract.


I hate to give one star because our sales person was so nice as was the delivery driver. Beyond that the experience is frustrating and I would say there is no such thing as customer service at home depot. We bought a washer/dryer last Tuesday 8/16...why is that in caps? Because if you pay Home Depot they should take care of an issue not the customer spending 2 days and phone calls to Home Depot store, Home Depot number attached to delivery form, LG, Deliver service, Customer Service complaint/resolution (Not) and still I wait.

Saturday 8/20 on delivery the dryer was damaged (the box looked great but the front of the dryer was smashed..now how does that happen) so it was never taken off the truck. It is now Tuesday 8/23 at almost 4:30 pm and I still have no idea when the replacement dryer will be delivered but well someone from LG is supposed to call me tomorrow (um yeah because they called me today like they were supposed to? nope) to tell me Thursday or Friday deliver....I work people I can't just take off...well I was told if when they call it is not an automated delivery notification you could ask for a time that works for you.

This is not customer service....customer service would be the delivery driver calling someone saturday to say hey damaged dryer when is the next date to get one out to these people? I was warned to go to Lowes...next time I will listen


Took two items without receipts to Home Depot for a refund or store credit. Home Depot would only refund one item and not the other without the receipt. I asked for the manager. He came and I asked him to authorize the refund or store credit. The value was $3.30 on a Home Depot product but he would not without the receipt. And he gave no explanation why the discrepancy as to why they would refund one item without the receipt and not the other.

So I took the store credit for the one item and made a small purchase to use it and when I got home I went to www.homedepot.com/survey that was on my receipt and completed the survey with the only complaint being not being given a refund on one of two items. The end of the survey asked if I wished for Home Depot to contact me and I answered it yes and gave my contact info. They never responded.

It really is a petty issue but they should realize that pissing their customers off just sends them to Lowes. I went on line and looked at scads of Home Depot reviews and lots of folks are giving their business to Lowes due to dissatisfaction with Home Depot customer service.


A few month ago I and my wife went to home depot between 159th Street and 151th Street on root 7th, to buy an internal door. After a few weeks I got the costume door that I ordered. Unfortunately the door was broken when it got to me, and I sent it back. The drive that delivered the door to me said a lay claiming that I knew, and I knew that the door would be broken. I did not understand what he was claiming since I paid for a new door, and not a broken one. I sent back the door.

I went to complain at Home depot headquarters and the CEO, and after a while they told me they would send me anew door. Yes after a few months they sent me a new door, but it was not the one I chose. The door is made very poorly and the glass is not the one I had chosen the first time. I decide to keep the door because I did not want to wait a few more weeks to install a door. But since I have another door to install, I will not buy anymore from home depot. I will buy the small stuff on the shelves, but no more the costume made stuff. After many years I learned, and now I will try other places.


Several months ago we bought a new lawn mower at Home Depot in Valdosta, Georgia. It quit working and we took it back. Was told had a 30 day return policy but they could send it off for a fee which we paid. Was told it would be a couple of weeks. Last week we got a call from the store saying they just shipped it and it would be 6-8 weeks. This is not acceptable as cannot mow the grass and have company coming for the 4th. They waited 2 weeks to send it off after saying it would be back in 2 weeks.


I recently purchased almost $900.00 of rails and posts to construct a post and rail fence in our yard, I placed the order online and when I went to pick it up there was a lot of confusion and what should have taken about 10-15 min. ended up taking an hour. The employee waiting to put the material on my trailer could not seem to get a "spotter" to help him move the packages through the store. This is a lot of money to for my wife and I and we had be putting some aside for over a year to do this job.

When I started the project the next day I was very disappointed with the railings, they were not anywhere near uniform in size, they were not similar in shape and in some cases I had to saw the ends because they were too thick to fit in the holes of the posts. This is unacceptable to me and I am sure others, fortunately I was able to modify where I needed to but I am certain that there are others that would not have been able to.

These materials were purchased at the Home Depot in People's Plaza, Newark, DE 19702. Please contact me about this problem.


6 months ago I visited home depot 1066 Central Parkway San Antonio, 78232. I was looking a light bulbs, a salesman recommended the Led bulbs as he told me they would last as long a 20 years and point it out on the promotion. I bought 3 of the top of the line.He told me they would save me over a $100.00 during their lifetime. I asked him if they failed could I bring them back for a replacement and he said yes.

Today one failed and I took it back to the same store. The young lady told me they would not replace it and If I had a complaint I had to take it up with the manufactory. (I did not buy it from the manufactory, but from Home Depot) I have spent over $3,000 dollars this year with Home Depot, I'm sure Lows will look forward to my business. I left the as the the young lady was picking up the parts from the floor. PS: I dislike liars or company's that don't stand behind what they sell.


I bought a home at the end of May and my credit score was 772-736-716. I asked HOME DEPOT for a project loan for $10,000. Instead, Home Depot sent me a credit card and a letter that implied my credit score was 695 and because of my score they would only give me $5000. I called customer service to find out where did they get the low score from I spoke with someone name Derrick in the credit department. He informed me that my card is void and hung the phone up without an explanation.

This was unprofessional and very humiliating. I have never been so insulted in my life. I am not sure what my options are at this time however, I was informed to contact you and that you may be able to assist me with reactivating the card, correcting a wrong, making me whole again and providing an explanation. I'm asking if you would give this your highest priority. I really need this credit line it was to allow me to complete the work on the home I just bought. Thank you in advance.


I was scheduled to deliver 9 pallets to a Home Depot in Laredo. It's by a Walmart and Academy. Got there 4 hrs early let them know in receiving I had arrived but not expecting to get unloaded until my appoint. Time between 9:15 and 10:15. Went back at 9 and they said it would be 10 . Called not to complain but let the Mgr know that I was told I would be unloaded at 10 but I honestly couldn't understand what he was saying. Another he went by and another. Walked back to receiving twice once seeing several people in the window, rang the bell with a guy looking right at me and walking out of that area and another girl walking off as well.

Walked back to my truck and saw 2 people BBQ asked them if they were in receiving and I feel like they were because he couldn't come up with answer very quickly. 5 times I went to receiving and I gave up and went to bed. Wake up at 3:30 am 5 hrs late to the forklift driver honking his horn continuously driving back and forth to wake me up to pull 1 tarp off of the 9 pallets. That is pathetic and so unprofessional. These people don't care. It's people like this that indirectly not knowingly contribute to accidents with semis involved I think.

All I'm saying most of the time when were unloaded were on our ten he break and if Home Depot says that if the drivers aren't on time they won't get unloaded then it should practice what they preach and not be 5 hrs late waking up a driver that had been asleep trying to get his rest.


First I have been a Home Depot customer for many years, I experienced a very embarrassing incident on May24@7:30pm. Upon checkout I was informed that I could not get my 10% military discount because not every item was discounted and only when I paid was I able to see what was discounted. The cashier was rude and when asked to talk to a manager I got a disgusted rolled eyed look. The manager would not talk to me but told the cashier she was right and that's the way it was.

Incidentally there was a customer in front and in back of me who was veterans also and we were all stunned. I have always respected Home Depot and valued its 10 % discount. I did not purchase anything and went to Lowes who thanked me for my service and as always gave me my 10 percent. If this is your policy, that's ok but all veterans organizations need to know this.. I'm hoping this was a misinformed manager and a misguided rude employee. Awaiting your reply.


Purchased a Smart LG Laundry washing machine from the The Home Depot in Collierville, TN, it was delivered December 30, 2015. I called The Home Depot in Collierville to complain about the machine as it was not cleaning our close they told me they weren't responsible that I should call LG from the number in the book I received. I called LG and they sent a repairman out and reset the machine however it still would not clean our close so I called LG again and a repairman came out and reset the machine but it still will not clean our close.

My cousin went to The Home depot with some of our laundry to show him the results of a cleaning by the machine and talked to a manager by the name of Kevin who told her there would be no problem on getting a refund and that they would call her the next day to take care of the matter no call came therefore my cousin called Kevin and he denied saying he would refund the money on the machine. I called LG and spoke with a gentlemen and after telling me there was nothing more he could do he referred me back to the Home Depot. Their idea is to bounce you between The Home Depot and LG with both throwing the responsibility back on the other.


In the last 10 years we have spent tens of thousands of dollars in the stores located in Palm City Fl, Chattanooga Tn, Port Charlotte Fl and Vero Beach Fl. Remodeling our homes and other properties. In January of this year we purchased a $6900.00 complete new air conditioning unit from Home Depot. Recently we were trying to order $1600.00 worth of cabinets. Finishing the order and arranging for delivery, we were told that they will NOT deliver to the second floor. We were also ordering all new appliances with the same issue--no 2nd floor delivery.

This policy has eliminated Home Depot from being our go-to company. We are in our 70's and cannot understand this policy which is certainly not user friendly for us. I am certain that we are not the only customers who are dealing with this lack of service. And we certainly have rethought our future shopping at Home Depot.


It has now been a month since purchasing an expensive, top of the line impact driver from Ridgid. I purchased the product because it offered a Lifetime Service Agreement and was, I guess, supported by Home Depot. I have followed the detailed instructions to the letter and submitted registration for this product online. Twice. I‘ve been rejected twice. (“Unfortunately, we encountered an issue when cross referencing your product and/or proof of purchase information with our records and were unable to upgrade your products to Lifetime Service Agreement (LSA) status”)

I’ve double checked all numbers. Twice. I re-submitted online, as I was told I could do by both Home Depot and the Ridgid documentation that came with the product. Twice. I’ve been told by a recorded message to call back during business hours - at 3:30pm on a Monday afternoon, and 3:45 and 4:10. I am now told by the second rejection email, that I need to re-submit by “certified mail”, the “original” receipt, which would mean I would have no way to return the product, the customer id and the rejection email and wait another eight weeks for Lifetime Service Agreement approval - which would run over the 90 day registration period. You have to be kidding!

Two and a half hours time spent online, entering registration numbers, verifying registration numbers, trying to phone Ridgid for help and explanations, time spent writing letters to Ridgid, Craig Menear at HD, gas and time to the post office, standing in line and $5.55 to mail certified letter. Is this the kind of experience Home Depot would like to be running through its' customer's mind the next time they're standing in front of another Home Depot product contemplating purchase? Really?


We are very disappointed that your paint personnel gave us the wrong paint. Joe went in and asked for cement floor paint and was told that using the cheapest wall paint would be fine as long as we seal it with a polyurethane, which they also provided, with instructions on how to use it. This paint & polyurethane peeled off the floor. Joe went back, told them what happened, and was told to purchase stripper because it would take only the top layer off and would only need to repainted top coat. Not the case, it melted all layers off all the way to the cement, thus forcing us to remove everything and start over. We re-purchased the same supplies for the second time; repeated the process and the same thing happened.

When returning to the store a different paint employee was present, who told us we should not have used any of the previously purchased products, but should be using an epoxy paint for cement flooring and a sealer called wet look sealant. He explained how to use it, what to expect, and what to watch for. We just finished the room using this method and have only had a few spots that are questionable but overall it is pretty good.

We expect Home Depot to refund us the money for the 4 gallons of paint, the 2 cans of polyurethane, the 2 cans of stripper, and all the supplies. BTW the stripper was like rubber cement inside the can which means it was previously opened and used. We are quite frustrated and angry! Not only did we spend over $600.00 on the wrong materials, but also wasted two weeks of our valuable time dealing with this, not to mention gas and time returning to your store.
We expect you to resolve this situation to our satisfaction immediately!


On 08/02/2015 I purchased several items from Home Depot Store on 9051 Snowden River Parkway Columbia MD. I am a busy person and forgot to returned items that did not work and did not fit my project. Since I have never had any issues returning merchandise back and received store credit I did not bother to remember to return items and completely forgot I had them on my truck. I found them the other day and since I needed other merchandise I went back to the store and tried to return or get store credit for what I had.

After initial process I was told that I was past my 90 days and that I would get store credit. The clerk took my driving license and told me I was denied because of my tendency to return items (not accurate quote but it was what I understood) and gave me a receipt with the following Transaction #132650095-503-THD and was done again later after my conversation with the rep at the #866-550-3133 I called to fix this issue. After waiting for a while she told me the reason I was denied it was because I was past the 90 days and that if the store did not help me I would need to write the Corporate office. The Store manager went through the motions again and got the following same message and Transaction #132650230-060-THD.

I am a customer who over the decades has spent thousands to fix my home and I have dealt with many issues but issues I could deal with. The items I am trying to return do not exceed $52.00. This is more about principle than money.


Home Depot took my pro rewards away. I lost all my points! I went to buy 20 gallons of paint today and I don't seem to have a discount any more! Really! I liked shopping at your store in Chehalis. I really liked the people at contractor sales. Ill miss them because I was offered Discounts at a paint store. now Ill have to go there. You say Its because I haven't bought enough paint last year? You don't know! I send all my customers there!

Its the only discount I get from Home Depot -- or used to! I can go to the lumber yard and get contractor discount on every thing but I haven't just because of the people and the one perk I had of the paint discount! You didn't even warn me about doing this.


I ordered a refrigerator in January of this year (2016). We requested that the doors be changed to open to the left instead of the right. The refrigerator was delivered on 1/7/16, with the doors unchanged. I decided rather than asking the delivery guys to change it, I figured it should be a simple enough job to do myself so I let them go. Little did I know that these hinges were going to be over engineered. The refrigerator has to be nearly turned upside down to remove the bottom hinge and move it. I gave my local Home depot a call and asked if they could come out and correct the doors. I was told probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I was told I would have to purchase another refrigerator. Keep in mind, I am a retired hydraulics mechanic. I am looking at this hinge and all that needs to be done is for the refrigerator to come up off the floor and taken loose to move. I won't shop Home Depot again.


I was recently in the Home Depot located in Boardman, OH.(330)965-4790 on 08 Jan 2016 to purchase Wild Bird Seed. I selected a 40 lb. bag of the Farmers Delight that Home Depot carries for their customers. I proceeded to check out at the register. What I would like to bring to your attention is that the unprofessional behavior of the cashier, Jayne(JKG2096). I am concerned and frustrated because Jayne reacted in a bothered manner once I showed her my retired military I.D.

She then proceeded to inform me that she was unable to pick up the 40 lb. bag which was in a condescending tone. I do not mind having to assist a Home Depot employer, however, not when their tone and attitude was disrespectful and rude. I am a local homeowner and have been frequenting this store for over 9 years. As a loyal customer and a Veteran with 26 years of service to my country, I felt mistreated and looked down upon. I was taken back by this behavior due to that fact that I didn't provoke this type of behavior from your cashier. In all, I was hoping to receive a better quality of customer service. Thank you for your time looking into this issue.


We bought kitchen cabinets, $2800.00 worth. While putting in the counter top, which one section was not cut, so they didn't fit. We tried to modify them, but they still wouldn't fit. I called Topsham, Maine Home Depot, where we got them, explained what was going on to a lady named Audrey. She took all the info, I sent her a picture, she talked to a manager, and got back to me. She asked if I had a way to get the counter top back to the store and I said yes. She said to bring them back to the service desk and there would be new counter top, all cut waiting for us. We get the counter tops back to the service desk, the new ones were there and that's when the trouble started. The man at the service desk, his name was Loren, gave us a hard time. Every little thing we said he had to call someone.

He said because they were cut, they were unsellable. I told him Audrey said to bring the old ones back and pick up the new ones. He just kept arguing with my husband. I was at the point where I said to my husband, let's just go to Lowes and get what we need. It's pretty bad when we spend almost $3000.00 dollars here and get hassled like this. Then again he had to call someone and told us to wait. He then changed his tune and did the exchange. It turned out alright but we were there for almost 2 hours it shouldn't have happened. I will think twice about Home Depot before we do another renovation.


Had a bathroom vanity made and the workmanship was very bad. Don't know who you use to make the cabinets but they apparently don't take pride in their work. Had to hire someone to fix the problems because Home Depot wouldn't take them back. This is a sample of how things look. Drawers don't close correctly.


So I am at Home Depot today and the older gentleman in front of me shows his ID for a veterans discount. The clerk tells him he does not qualify for a discount so the gentleman asked to see a manager. They ask me to go to another line because this may take a few minutes. I tell them no thanks I want to hear this. So a young cocky full of himself moron comes to talk to the gentleman and says no you do not qualify. The gentleman tells him he has always gotten a discount there. So the moron says well we have told our people to tighten the rules and we only give what corporate requires we give and you do not qualify. The gentleman says he will then take his business elsewhere. The young moron replies that is your choice. The gentleman starts to leave and I step in.

I tell the moron if one of your idiot friends walked through the door right now you would have the option of giving him a discount and with your attitude you would do it. So step over to the register and give this guy his discount. He says he does not qualify for it. So I tell him look here is how this is going to work. Either you give this guy a discount and I call Home Depot corp and tell them how good of a manager you are in spite of the stupid policy. Or I go home call Home Depot corp tell them I stupid the policy is and their manager is a moron, then I blast face book and it goes viral and you get to be the moron you are.

I think you know which one he chose!

So people please blast Facebook with this story.
It was Home Depot store E Spokane #4714
5617 E Sprague Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99212

What a shmuck, he also told the gentleman that he would have to talk to the CEO of Home Depot to change his mind. I hate people who do not respect our military.


Tried to get parts for a screen door tonight at the west long branch, new jersey store. After looking for screen door parts for 25 minutes and not finding the parts, and not finding any associates, I asked for help from a young man who walked me to the front to two other associates who then referred to a third large woman who was quite demeaning and pointed to aisle 11 for the parts is a nasty and demeaning tone. I looked up and down the aisle and could not find them. Obviously none of these three women were interested in showing me the customer where the parts were. After spending another 20 minutes looking, there were no parts in aisle 11.

I went to the front again and again they did not know what to do again. 5 people on your staff just standing around talking and talking on cell phones instead of taking care of customers. Finally i found one good guy, Frank who got me to the part in less than 5 minutes. It appears the store is lacking the basics of customer service and the how can I help you attitude. I have been a customer for many years and never gad a poor and humiliating experience such as this one.

Please see photo of employees in front of store on cell phones while they are suppose to be working.


I have been a loyal customer at Home Depot since 1991. My Pro # is 9149800603. Today, at the Home Depot in Hawthorne, NY, at about 2;45pm, My wife and I went to return some items and buy some items. I returned three linoleum tiles that the cashier said "did not come up". This was fine with me, but I asked some questions. I asked "is it possible that I bought these items here, but, that Home Depot no longer carries them? The cashier said "sounds goods to me". I said "what? I'm not asking you how it sounds". I then asked "is it possible that I bought then at a different Home depot that carries them?" The cashier replied "Sounds good to me". I said, "What? I'm not asking you how it sounds. He then said, "do you want a head cashier?" I said yes.

The head cashier, Cesar came over after 10 minutes and reiterated the same responses and the cashier and defended his answer of "sounds good to me". Cesar would not answer either of my questions and become belligerant. In the mean time, the line for returns grew longer and our voices grew louder. Basically, instead of answering my questions, Cesar defended the cashier, made it seem like I was doing something wrong, and caused a scene in front of several customers.

Embarrassed and frustrated, i said "this is unfucking believable", and went to look for the store manager, many of whom I know. I asked another employee to summon the manger. I told her that I did not want to speak to the the head cashier and that I needed to speak to the store manager. She got on a phone an talked to someone and told me that the manager was coming. Then, Cesar, who is tattoo riddled and who acts like a tough guy, approached me and said that he was the manager. I said "no you are not, you are the head cashier". I told him that I had never seen him in the store before today. He said " I have worked here 7 days a week for 3 years". I said "with no days off?" He said "yes, no days off". Clearly Cesar was lying and be belligerent to a me. We were at the self checkout area, and several customers witnessed the incident.

Then, Cesar said, while he was approaching me and getting very close to me "why don't you take your tiles and leave?" At this point, I was afraid for my safety and felt like he would strike me. I turned around and left. Then I remembered that I had a door lock in my hand that I needed to pay for, so I turned around and paid for it in the self checkout line. The store manager on my receipt says Fred Schlott. If you don't fire Cesar, I will be filing a police report.


I bought a roll of multi color led christmas lights planning to return and buy 4-5 more rolls. I came back the next day to get them and they were all sold out so I bought 4 rolls of clear ones instead. I wanted to change to roll of colored lights but I couldn't find my receipt. The store would not let me exchange and would only credit me the lowest price the lights had ever sold at which was about $1.47. I paid over $6. This is outrageous. I wasn't asking for money, just an exchange because the store didn't have what I needed. As usual. I have never had this problem before especially for a simple exchange. I will shop elsewhere from now on. There are plenty of other businesses that would appreciate my patronage.


I write this complaint with much disappointment with the decline of the customer service at the Home Depot. However as a professional myself I believe you need to know about my negative experiences. Keep in mind the 2600 Hurstbourne PKWY located in Louisville Kentucky is the only store involved. I have a property management company and deal with both the Preston and Hurstbourne locations. The Preston Highway store without question is excellence concerning customer service: Within the last week I purchased approximately $1100 worth of appliances the Hurstbourne store. A problem occurred with our new range and we realized we had no manuals. My wife called your Hurstbourne store and after a 20 minute hold time she was told she should have received the manual with the delivery. He continued to tell my wife if she was having problems with the range she needed to call GE.

When she ask for the phone number she was told to go on line and print the manual and the number probably would be on the manual. He said he would look into the situation and call her back. That was a day ago. On December 3rd 2015 I went to the same store to purchase a Christmas tree light tester. When leaving the store one of your women employees ask to see my receipt. I started to look in my bag and remembered the receipt was in my wallet. When reaching for my wallet this woman attempted to jerk my bag from my arms in front of several people. Handing her my receipt I told her asking to see my receipt was one thing but being rude was another. After leaving the store and driving home for about 5 miles the more upset I became and decided that I should call the store manager and report this incident.

After calling and being placed on hold for around 5 minutes I decided to drive back to the store. This all took place around 5:30 – 5:45. Upon arriving I went straight to the service desk and ask a gentleman the name of the store manager. I was told he was not in and I requested his name which he wrote down on a piece of paper. Curious as to the problem I told him what had happen. I told him about being on hold and suddenly relized I was still on hold and allowed him hear the Home Depot recording on the speaker. He looked down at his phone blinking and read me my phone number and ask me if that was it. The store traffic was very slow that night and only one other customer was ahead of me at the service desk and just think I drove back 5 miles to the store with my phone still on hold after waiting 5 minute to go.

My point is your employees are not answering your phones. They are allowing your customer to remain on hold and maybe encouraging them to hang up. The employees may have been tired or whatever but your Hurstbourne store needs help. Consider this as a courtesy corporate complaint because if this was my business I would sure want someone to tell me. I did speak to the assistant manager and pointed this women out to him. I enclosed a picture of this women if it uploaded correctly because I didn’t get her name.


Went to home depot in Oneonta, NY. Bought a washer and dryer for almost 1,000 dollars. Arranged for delivery, got up to the front to pay and they said they would NOT honor my husband's military discount as items were on sale. So for the sake of around $60 you lost a $1,000 sale. We are informing all VETERANS of this. Working in retail myself I know word of mouth causes damage. Lowe's is up the road will go there to make our purchase and do our business with them in the future. My husband has stage 4 cancer because he protected our country so thanks for nothing.


Please cancel my Home Depot credit card due to what I have just read on facebook. I am a veteran and if this is how you treat veterans I will shop at Lowes from now on. By the way they do give veterans a discount. Home Depot should be ashamed of themselves for not honoring our veterans.


An advertisement at the entrance to homedepot brought us into the store to purchase granite countertops, the ad stating 7 days installation from day of payment we purchased on November 14th and as of today November 22nd we have no countertops and template is to be taken tomorrow according to the store. When we spoke to the Assistant manager, Marvin he had no answers we were told the store manager would reach out on Monday. After I called and spoke to the manager he was less then helpful and rude. "What do you want?" During the holidays it gets busy we can only do what the installer can do. This is not my problem as I have paid in full and expect what I paid for in the time frame I was told would be done in. NO APOLOGIES at all for this inconvienience as I was expecting to have my counter for the holiday and now I will have Plywood that my husband will have to put down. We have purchased our entire kitchen from homedepot over $25,000 in supplies we should be valued customers not made to feel second rate. Please look into this matter.


Do veterans get a Home Depot discount? There is a story on facebook that a veteran went to (store #4714, 5617 E. Spraque Ave. Spokane Valley, Wa. 99212) and was told he no longer qualify for a veteran discount any more.---- if so-- why is it I have not seen any thing saying that vet. get a discount - I'm 65 year old and a vet - and have been shopping for years at Home Depot -and have never been ask or told about it. Also I applied for work at Home Depot year ago and did not hear from them.


Manager gave me a price on an item. When I came to get it he would not honor that price. I complained on Facebook and home depot complained to Facebook and got me suspended. You think that will keep me from letting everyone know how much you suck. Wrong.


A couple of years ago i purchased double pane windows which had a lifetime warranty. I called in to fix sliding door window and was scheduled an apppointment for Nov. 11, 2015 between 2-4. The appointment was a no show and i did not get a phone call on reason for the no show. I called daily from Nov. 12 - 16 for status and was given a run around. Below are the reasons/excuses i was given by Home Depot employees: David Benzo installation manager is in a meeting and will call you back (to date no phone call). Another manager with phone number at corporate promised to look into the problem and promised to call me back on 11-13 (to date no response) Called the Home Depot complaint line on 877-654-6688 on Nov. 13, 14, 15 and 16 and was told that someone would call me back. I talked to Char to schedule an appointment but was told that the next available is for Dec. 9 which to me is unacceptable since i had an appointment on the 11th which your company did not meet therefore i should have priority. Dealing with your company has been a nightmare and i am reaching out to you for resolution.


I have order a Anderson window that came incomplete. It was order to have a motor the motor did not come with it the contractor asked the home deport clerk if everything was included in price and was told yes. When I picked up the window the motor was not in the box. I went to palatine store and was told I would have to pay for the motor . The contractor was with me and said that this has never happen before. We settled on paying for the motor and NOW I have to wait till Dec. 4. REALLY. I called the palatine store twice yesterday 11-11-2015 talked with Adam once was told that he would help me get it soon and he would call me back. I told him I was going to email the corp. office. I have been a Loyal home depot customer but I am losing faith. Now I have a bath that is at a stand still. I will let people know how unreliable your business is. Thanks for listening but I am sure it will not go anywhere.


I had a death in my family. A family member purchase a washing machine for me at this time.I did not have the opportunity to use the machine immediately. When I did I was not satisfied with the preference of the machine. I contacted the store and was told by an assistant store manager that I could swap it out. I was also told I could do this at any HOME-DEPOT store. I went to the nearest HOME-DEPOT store in Hammond Ind. and was told the same thing if I had purchase the machine from them. I went to the store where the machine was purchase and was told the manager made a mistake and got no cooperation from them. I explain that the machine was of inferior quality defective and sub-par performance. The customer service rep had a Oh Well attitude and basically said I'm stuck with it I was even welling to up-grade and pay more money. Can you HELP?


3 days before Veterans day My 84 year old step father showed his VA ID for a discount at the cash register and the clerk told him he was not entitled to it because he was not service connected. This man served in the Korean War was discharged with honors. It was the appropriate Id as it is the id issued to him by the Northport VA in Long Island and he was in Florida to attend the Veterans Day parade at the Tampa VA. As I was driving home I glanced back in my rear view mirror and saw the tears rolling down his eyes. This man never cries and is a man of few words. This is what America has come to, three days before Veterans day.


On the line for 17 minutes before I could speak with someone in the kitchen department. Waiting wasn't as much of a problem as the music on the line. It was loud, too loud and unappreciated. Really hate being on hold, not because I'm special but because the music is horrible!


My name is Tami Price. I’m writing to you in regards to a situation that happened in November/December 2013. During this time I lived in Kingsland Georgia. I became friends with a wonderful young lady by the name of Mendy Langley. I met her at church several years prior to this event. She is a domestic violence survivor, and also a survivor of Spina bifida … her type is very rare…. she has endured many years of suffering while as child and continues to live in pain 24/7 and will till the day she dies. She is a mom of 3. Her oldest is a daughter that has learning difficulties and will forever live with her. Her second is in 3rd year of college.. ( most of his schooling was home schooling until high school) his college is paid for by his high grade point average and other grants. Her youngest is now in 6th grade and like her brother is smart beyond her years. You might be wondering why im telling you all this. Great question.

In the winter of 2013, your store in Fernandina had a manager there by the name of Douglas Bischoff (sp) and his assistant Sandy. One day he approached one of his customers and asked them if there was anyone they knew that needed some “help”. He was looking for someone that fit the need for some program where the store shows up with a semi-trailer and several dozen employees and the media is involved somehow. That customer gave them my friends name as they attended the same church and he knew of the sad situation she was in . ( husband abused her and children and then dumped her after 20 plus years of marriage and him in the navy.He dumped his family and left her with no health coverage and putting his 3 children on the “system” so he could go have a fling with someone 20 years his junior) anyway Doug contacted my little friend.. ( who during this time was EXTREMELY shy and had panic attacks over the littlest thing..) this is when I came into this picture with home depot…she didn’t want to be home alone when these people came over.

I was there when Doug and Sandy both came and Doug informed Mendy that they would indeed be taking her on. They told her to get ready to have a big semi-truck and 30 plus people there in 3 weeks. They also brought her and her children a Christmas tree and ornaments and a few presents a few weeks later .. again telling her to get ready. Then the week came and went… Doug would say the funds have been allocated we are just waiting on this and that… and oh the Ac /heat had to be done by a licensed person in Georgia.. as his store was just over the fl/ga line. A month goes by… nothing… but they send her some room heaters… a patch… she and the girls are still dealing with temps in the home in the 50’s… another month goes by.. Nothing.. but promises .. Doug telling us not to give up.. this WILL happen… then next thing we know...

NO DOUG at Florida store.. HE had been promoted and now is up in Brunswick, Ga. Sandy the assistant in Florida has no idea what to do… we are still being told it will happen… well by this time I end up relocating several states away.. Doug KNEW this was coming and he told ME that it would happen before I left. Well it is now going on the 2 years and not one thing has ever come of this promise that I personally take from Home Depot. My friend is way too shy and doesn’t want to cause ANY problems for anyone… however I on the other side am beyond frustrated over this entire ordeal. This has showed not only her and her children not to trust Home Depot but anyone that makes promises. They have already been hurt enough from a man that walked out on the family and has not looked back. I am seeing my friend face yet another winter without all the things promised to her and her children.

If it were something like we MIGHT be able to help … but for them to build up the hopes of children and an abuse women is something totally different. I am to the point of now going around my friend and letting hopefully the right people know how this person represented Home Depot and giving Home Depot the opportunity to set this right. I'm enclosing MY contact info at the bottom of this letter. If you have ANY questions contact me… I don’t want my friend put through one more thing from home depot other than a semi truck pulling in her front yard.


I have a real dilemma here with Home Depot. I bought a lake house on Lake Brownwood that needed some serious renovations done to the floors and kitchen which I ordered and had installed through Home Depot. Unfortunately I ran into some problems with uneven floors in the kitchen and had to work on them to have the laminate flooring installed the following week. During this time I was also working with HD to upgrade the kitchen cabinets and counter tops. I ordered cabinets in Sept, paid for a contractor to come out and measure to verify the measurements given for the cabinets - the contractor didn't want to provide the store with the measurements as I was looking at doing the majority of the work myself (moving power and water lines, adding additional power receptacles, etc.). Chris (Manager) stepped in - we got the measurements finally but I didn't want Perry (contractor) involved with the install- during this time I was told that the caI have a real dilemma here and need your assistance.

I bought a lake house on Lake Brownwood that needed some serious renovations done to the floors and kitchen which I ordered and had installed through Home Depot. Unfortunately I ran into some problems with uneven floors in the kitchen and had to work on them to have the laminate flooring installed the following week. During this time I was also working with HD to upgrade the kitchen cabinets and counter tops. I ordered cabinets in Sept, paid for a contractor to come out and measure to verify the measurements given for the cabinets - the contractor didn't want to provide the store with the measurements as I was looking at doing the majority of the work myself (moving power and water lines, adding additional power receptacles, etc.). Chris (Manager) stepped in - we got the measurements finally but I didn't want Perry (contractor) involved with the install- during this time I was told that cabinets would be ordered and any modifications due to incorrect measurements could be done by amending the order. Subsequently Home Depot had another contractor (Byron) come out and measure the cabinets the beginning of Oct. the measurements were obtained and a Delivery Date of 11/24 was given.

Come to find out the order was never placed In telephone discussions with Jessica (CSO) who was also under the impression that the order was placed. Then a new delivery date was established for 11/9. On 11/2 I received a call from the cabinet company asking to verify my order, subsequently I found out that my order was placed on hold for 2 weeks due to a "glitch" and a new delivery date was established for some time in Dec. I received a call from the delivery company for delivery either 12/3 or 12/10.

I find this totally unacceptable as I still have to have the Granite counter tops measured and installed after the cabinets are installed. When this project was undertaken we had a vision of the kitchen being completed for the holidays, hopeful for Thanksgiving but definitely by Christmas- this doesn't appear to be the case as I was told it could be 3 to 4 weeks for the counter tops to be measured, cut and installed. My other issue is that I have already paid for my cabinets and counter tops in Sept through the HD Project loan program- They are requesting Payment on 11/19- I have not yet received any merchandise ordered on that loan and am reluctant to begin payments until after all merchandise and services have been delivered.


Read the about the veteran being denied his veterans discount because he didn't qualify! Do you need to be reminded that if it wasn't for veterans of all ages especially the retired ones that there may not even be a home depot! Hence you wouldn't have a job!! To sit on your ass and pass judgment on others who have served our country! Clearly you are self absorbed greedy cowards who take take and take from customers who you claim to care so much about and you don't want to give back a little to the people who have served our country! And if that is not enough you hire manager's who don't have a clue as to what it means to be a veteran!! And probably talked there way into position with little or no work ethics. So if you choose not to honor every one of our veterans active or retired then I choose not to shop at your store!! While remodeling my home! Lowe's is my store of choice. They homer all our veterans!


I had purchased a dryer to be delivered today , 11/3/2015 , sometime between noon - 4pm to 19 Pronghorn Run , Carmel Ca. 93923. I received a voicemail confirmation on 11/2/2015 , from Temco Logistics ( someone Home Depot subcontracts for deliveries ) stating the above. Their contact number 1-510-675-9150 , ask for Gabby. The trucks shows up to deliver at the wrong address. He is instructed the correct address and how to get there. He refuses to deliver stating he does not have enough gas. Mind you the above address is only 2 miles down the road, 5 minutes tops. so he gets in his truck to leave and head back to his companies location which is about 70 - 75 mile from my location. Now he has gas to drive there but not to deliver. I called his office (the number listed above) 5 minutes after he leaves my location. The office returns my call 5 minutes later stating he said he has left the property and cannot go back. Mind you it takes 20-25 minute for a truck that size to leave this property. I tell them the driver is still on property. They do nothing, but offer to deliver on Friday 11/6/2015. I need the dryer today not Friday I explain. Nothing. I call Home Depot, talk to 4 different people in the so called customer service department. Nothing. I just get transferred from one person to another. I am a very very very unhappy customer , mind you we have commercial account with you and spends a very generous amount of money each month. You call this customer service. I would like to suggest you be careful on who you sub contract to make deliveries on your ( Home Depot ) behalf.


Found washing machine with damage at Home Depot in Boerne about e weeks ago. Talked to the department manager, Greg, who told me he could not sell it until they had a replacement for display, which would take a week or so. Greg said he would call me when he got the replacement. Greg said he would sell it for $325.00 and might could go a bit less due to the damage. I checked last week and learned a replacement was due in today. Went to store, found they had received a replacement, went to buy it and was told it would be $371 or thereabouts. Greg was there (in the back somewhere as the salesman went back to check with him) but would not come to the floor. Told the guy to keep the thing as I do not do business with liars. Will not ever in my life show with you people again and will advise my contacts on the various social media of this, in detail.


We did an online order to ship to store #6651. We are very disappointed in this store the way we have been told over and over are order was their and we live 35 miles way to go down to find out that NO the order was not there. four times this has happened. We would call to make sure. Say are you sure. and the would say yes customer service. The this last four time they said they would deliver the stuff as soon as it can in. And everyday this goes on we are losing money off our job. And not only this we lost a very big job. Because of this order. Now we spend thousands of dollars at your store to have this happened. In Tehachapi, CA which is much farther from us was the nicest people. When we have jobs and promise our customers we would have the stuff there at a certain day. This doesn't mean your store can jerk us around. This has caused a lot of stress. And very disappointed with your store on how it handled our order.


Last May, we had a small Kitchen build in our all weather lanai and wished to have a small 5 Cubic inch refrigerator placed into or sink/cabinet area. Having purchased the sink and plumbing at Home depot, I decided to purchase the small refrigerator there also. To my surprise, there were many that could fit and were priced well under $200. After pointing out one on the shelf, a salesman said to us "that refrigerator will not work as a built in cabinet model because it has no ventilation to the front. You need a model that you can only buy on line made by "summit" " and it costs $526.00" "this is the only way you can do it!" So we went on line, and did the purchase and had it shipped to our nearby Home depot store.

We picked it up and had it installed. It worked for 14 months and died. Summit said the warranty is only good for 12 months and that this unit is not meant for a built in situation anyway. Summit refrigerators are also not very kind about offering any kind of rebate or incentive to solve this matter. Sadly, Home Depot also is so far not taking any kind of personal responsibility even though they are the ones that suggested this expensive alternative in the first place. Our local Home depot has wonderful people in their customer service department, but I think their hands are tied.


I was buyer landscape items for our home and got ready to check out, the cashier in the outdoor section, was not experienced and did not know much about the items I was buying, I had in my cart 18 pavers which she could not identify, finally out of frustration, I went to the isle where they are and got the item numbers and gave them to her, no help. She finally found a paver at about the same price and I said use that. I had your coupon which would expire on Oct 3ist if using a home depot card which I gave her, she said it would not accept the card, it was a new card and I had taken the sticker off which says "Your replacement card is ready to use.

Remember to take the enclosed coupon with you, at that point, some 15 minutes later I gave up and went to the main part of the store. In order not to have the same experience, I took pictures of the item displays along with the unit prices and item numbers. The woman at this check out was trying to help and had all items on the list completed, by now I could not find the Home Depot card, left it on top of the pavers, which I went back and got. She said no problem enter your ss number which I did and she said we don't even have and account. I was livid and paid with my debit card and left, I didn't even get to use the 10% off coupon which is one of the reasons for shopping at your business anyway. It seems to me others have had similar experiences and I thought, maybe, it was some of their own fault, but this was certainly the shopping trip from hell


I purchased carpet from home depot about 1 yr and 10 months ago, and it is all worn down and ripping. I paid a lot of money for that carpet and I have to replace it because it looks so bad. I am disappointed that I have to go through the manufacturer to see if I am eligible to get compensated. I would like to find out as soon as possible. I've been a shopper of Home Depot for years and would like to continue shopping there.


Very unsatisfied with the service at Harlem Rd Cheektowaga 14225. We wanted to purchase a new shed and purchase the additional warranty and labor to have it constructed. When in the store, we couldn't find anybody to help us, workers were walking right by us and not even answering our questions. I ended up driving 20 miles out of my way to another Home Depot and found the service much better, workers willing to go the extra mile for me. I do not think I will be purchasing from them again.


Called customer service to make a purchase of 5 pallets of wood pellets from the Auburn Home Depot. Customer Service rep said I would get a 10% discount on the purchase. Went to the store and they said they could not give me a 10% discount on the purchase. See below: Please call store 6846 at (315)252-4540 concerning a promised discount on your order, anyone with the customer service can assist you.


Our company is a residential construction company in NorthEast Ohio. in 2015 we have increased revenues exceeding 45%. We are a family owned and operated company. We have currently purchased from our local Home Depot store an excess of $40K so far in 2015. A new project to begin in November that could increase those numbers. Although I am sure, 40K is not a large amount of the yearly sales, it is about 70% of the material costs YTD for our company. We do not hold, nor have applied, for a Home Depot credit line as our company has the cash flow needed without this store credit. Last night we purchased a new Dewalt miter saw from the Chardon store. The price was $599 and a free table came with that purchase. We noticed that the same dimension, amp and dual bevel sliding compound miter saw from Dewalt was a "special buy" at $399. But no free table. (the Table is $199) So our determination is that the there is no real deal. $599 or $598. Actually the 399 with the table was a 1$ value. We purchased the $599.

My complaint is that when dealing with the manager of the store, I pointed out our purchase history for the year and that we don't get any consideration different than Joe Homeowner. I was told that there is no incentive for professional companies other than a credit account. Even with that, unless we purchase over $2500 in a single purchase, there is no discount. We purchase almost daily due to lack of space on the job site. Yesterday was just under $700 the day before that $600. and so on. I also noted that we used to get coupons and deals IE: $25 off next purchase of ...We don't get any of that anymore. He stated only companies with credit get those. Some special treatment should be given to commercial customers without credit lines with Home Depot. Just because we don't have a credit line, does not mean we are not purchasing large amounts of product from your store. We will be looking for other organizations that treat commercial customers with a bit more care.


Why are customers allowed to bring large dogs into the store? In the past 2 days I have visited 2 different Home Depot stores, one in Woodbridge, Virginia and the other in Springfield, Virginia. The store in Springfield allowed a man to bring in a large Doberman Pinscher and the store in Woodbridge allowed a man to bring in a large German Shepherd - neither were service dogs. Is this your policy to allow large dogs in your store that could possibly cause harm to your customers? I am not a dog lover, actually I am afraid of dogs and I should not be subjected to be afraid while shopping. If this was a Pet Smart Store, I would understand but it isn't and I ask you to please reframe from allowing customers to bring in pets. If you continue this policy, please let me know and I will take my business elsewhere.


This is a second hand complaint that I hope you take seriously. I was on Facebook today and read a post about the Home Depot manager at E Spokane # 4714 in Spokane Valley, WA 99212. The person that posted this was taking up for our military. All Home Depot stores should provide discounts to our military and the fact that this manager did not is very disappointing to me. My father served in WWII and was in the reserves so you can understand why I would be upset at the very hint of disrespect to a veteran. Please reply to me and let me know the status of this issue. I eagerly await your reply.


I am writing with an inventory complaint at our local HD in Johnstown, PA. We always buy at HD. We started a patio with paver SKU#524-290. We purchased approx. 400 to start. When my husband went for another 200, (your inventory was showing 350+/- there was only 55? After many questions and looking for these pavers that were showing "in stock" an associate finally figured out that one of the cashiers put in the wrong SKU for a purchase of these pavers.

They used a SKU for red pavers therefore showing that the red/charcoal were available. I can't tell you how many times I've called/stopped regarding this product. We actually had to make two different trips to your associate stores out of our area (Altoona & Greensburg) to purchase more. Mind you these stores are not a hop, skip & a jump from here. They are approx. 1Hr. away from our home. We had no choice. We needed them. This not only cost us our time but gas money & mileage on our vehicle. This all began last Tuesday, the 18th and our store still cannot give us a date of when the pavers will be arriving let alone when and if they were ordered and this is over a week later. Your input on this matter is appreciated.


I would like to report a complaint from Store # 4714 E. Spokane. 5617 E. Sprague Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99212. I apparently have been given information that recently a veteran came to this store and made a purchase. When he asked the cashier if he was eligible for a veteran's discount he was denied. I would like a response in writing and on Facebook from this store's manager and from the CEO, Craig A. Menear about the current store policy that is in place and that was in place about giving a discount to our military families and veterans? I hope to hear back from you soon.


Takes 5 weeks to get a storm door installed. The level of service I received by you is at an all time low. The door needs to be measured before the install (takes about 2 weeks for someone to measure). Then the store says the technician measured the wrong door (takes another week) to remeasure. Takes another 6 days for someone to call me to let me know that the measurements are in and that someone would contact me to setup installation. I called the Bustelton Store in Philadelphia yesterday to speak with a manager who assured me someone from the install dept. would call to schedule an appointment. The install dept. called last night at 5:30 PM to inform me the next available time to install is another 2 weeks. Home Depot this is awful customer service. I will be returning everything I purchased and never shop here again. I'll make certain to tell my story to other people in a similar situation.


I have been rebuilding my home since the flood of 2014, I'm retired and on Social Security so the military discount I get really helps. I was at the Home Depot today, ( 7-27- 15) at about 11:30 am. I was purchasing over $100.00 worth of supplies. When I showed the cashier my military ID, she told me they don't do military discounts anymore, I told her she was wrong because I was just there the day before and purchased dry wall and supplies and received my discount.

She then called her supervisor, a big black lady showed up as her supervisor and started waving a bunch of papers at me saying they never do military discounts only on the 4th of July, I told her I was just there the other day and I have been getting my military discounts for the past year, she very loudly told me I was wrong and became very argumentative. It was very embarrassing because other customers were behind me, so I left everything there and went to Lowes. Apparently your employees and supervisor at that store don't know your company polices.


We ordered a countertop and backsplash from your store in Altoona,Pa. From the very beginning there were issues. First we were mislead about the countertop we wanted. When the person came to measure he told us that particular countertop would be pieced and I wanted one piece. We had to go back to the store ( which is 50 mins. from our house ) and order a solid wood one. When they came to measure for that one, we were told it would be about 3 weeks. About June 1 should have been the time. We didn't hear from anyone so I called the store and was told that the people they had to install it was under new management. We kept calling to find out when it was going to be installed and we were told that we would be put on the top priority list.

When the day finally came that the installation was going to happen, the installer only had the countertop and not backsplash. They were 4 hours away and I couldn't believe that they would not have checked the goods before they left the shop. We were told it would be a while before they could come back and install it. All this time, my kitchen was tore apart waiting for the complete installation of the countertop; I told L.E. Smith, the installation people, that this was unacceptable and I wanted it by the end of the week. They called and said they would be able to do it, A different installer brought the backsplash and when he came, again hours away from our location, he didn't have any caulking with him. What he had was dried up.

My husband had to take him to our local hardware store to get some. When I came home from work, the backsplash was not flat, it looked like there were gaps all around. I called and told them I was not happy and was told that the installer said it was a good job. I asked for someone to come look at it and they sent someone. I was told this was their best man (from L.E.Smith's) It was bad and Rick told me he would order another backsplash and fix it right. He was supposed to come July 1 or 2 and said he would come later in afternoon so I would be here, and that he would be the one putting it in. We got a message when we were out of town that they would be installing it on June 29. I was not home when it was installed, my husband was.

When I got home from work, I noticed right away that they damaged the drywall in 3 different places and that they did not clean the caulking off the countertop, it looked awful. My husband and I had an argument about it, and HE fixed the drywall and repainted and went to home depot to BUY some cleaner to clean the countertop. I was and I am still furious with him. He called home depot and told them of the problems and it was decided that they would give us $150,00. I told them to keep the money.

This is not about money. I am very unhappy and dissatisfied with the whole experience and just want you to know how unhappy and how frustrating this was for me. My husband and I are still not speaking and I know you don't care about that, but I want you to know how a simple countertop installation could be so messed up. I will not be using home depot for any more home projects. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions for me.


Ordered blinds (Living room and kitchen) in March with an install date of May 5th. On May 5th, installer is missing some parts for the kitchen blinds & has to re-order these pieces. The parts arrive 2 weeks later & install date of May 21st. On May 21st, the installer has the necessary parts for completion of one window however the wrong color wand was shipped for the other window. I was promised the correct wand would be ordered & sent directly to our home in a few days. I have made several calls with absolutely no results.

I have been more than patient. I received a message yesterday and returned a call to Rockwood & was told the person that called is not in today. I then called to our local HD store & spoke to someone in the blind dept. who said they would call Rockwood & call be back. A rep. from Rockwood called & did not know the color of the wand. I advised it is the same color as the other window and matches what I ordered. I was then asked to take a picture of it and send to them? Unacceptable!


I purchased a Samsung washing machine and the extended 3 year warranty. The washer is barely 2 years old and it broke. I contacted the warranty dept. and was then referred to Solar for the repair. Well, after scheduling a service call, which took 6 days for them to actually come out to my home, I learned they had to order a part. Now I am waiting for the part to come in. This is completely ridiculous. The washer is still not fixed and I have to wait another 6 days.

I seriously doubt I will ever purchase another appliance from Home Depot again. The service warranty is a Joke!! But the laugh is on the customer. I will never recommend to anyone the use of Home Depot appliances. As I write this letter, I am still without a washing machine, and I am sure there will be some other excuse from Solar again next week.

Horrible service by Solar, and I am frustrated totally with Home Depot's input, or lack thereof, since I have called several times regarding this matter.


The service at Home Depot was awful and the information the Home Depot representative gave me was incorrect and sent me on a wild goose chase. After finding what I was looking for, I returned to him and explained that next time he needs to tell the customer that he didn't know what they were looking for instead of sending them on a while goose chase.

After many words went back-and-forth the Home Depot representative told me "I can take this apron off" as if he wanted to go to the parking lot and fight. Not sure if this is standard for Home Depot, but I thought someone should know what is going on at the Pearland store.

The manager, John, was very respectful and did take the time for me to discuss this issue and then asked was there anything else he could help with. I said, I would like to file a complaint and he gave me everything I asked for and took charge of the situation.

This happened on 5-21-15 around 7:00pm. Not sure what the gentleman's name was but John, the manager, should know him well after this ordeal. The Home Depot store in located on the west side of Pearland on Highwayay 518.


If I could give them zero stars I would!

I ordered an electric dryer not realizing I needed a gas dryer. No biggie, when the dryer came I denied the delivery as instructed and called to order the gas dryer. I was assured by the sales representative that my card would not be charged for the electric dryer because it had not been "delivered." Fine, yes let's order the right one if you are sure I will not be charged twice. "No worries, if it does get charged, by the time the new charge is due to be deducted, your money for the electric dryer will be refunded automatically." Ok I ordered it.

Fast forward a week, check my account and I have bounced items, bank charges and a negative balance. Sure enough Home Depot charged me for both dryers. Called them and was told to wait 3 - 5 business days and the money would be refunded. On the 7th business day I call and was told, "We have to wait for the third-party vendor to refund us our money before we can refund your money." WHATTT????!!! What happened to the 3 - 5 business days, and why do I have to wait for a third party, I didn't pay a third party I paid Home Depot.

Needless to say, it is supposed to take another 3 - 5 business days to get my "refund." In the meantime, my account is in the negative with no end in sight, my bank can't do a thing until Home Depot refunds my account and all I keep getting from Home Depot is, Sorry. I will never make a big purchase with Home Depot, and I have made it my mission to tell everyone I know how horrible this company treats people!!


On 5-8-15 I went to the Home Depot in Salem Or (3021 Cherry Ave) to buy some outside plants. They were advertised for $7.88. When I looked at them they were too small for what I wanted to do. There was a display that had the flowers I wanted but were not a hanging basket. I have baskets and decided to get the plants and make my own baskets. The sign on the display said "marked down" from $9.88 to $2.88. Great deal, so I got four of them.

When I got home and checked the bill I was surprised to find out they were really $7.88 ea. I went back to the store and ask what happened to 2.88 The lady took me to the display and showed me the sign. I ask her so what it says 2.88. She informed me I was reading it wrong that they are 7.88 but the sign does look like 2.88. I am pissed and might shred my card and start shopping at LOWES. Not happy at all with you guys!


Had bought Ridgid Pressure washer model RD 80971 with an extended warranty. Ridgid gives a 3 year warranty plus the extended 2 years. Pressure washer pump stopped producing high pressure on 05/06/2015, so I called and they said the warranty was expired. The machine was bought on 12/19/2010 and that is only 4&1/2 years old. I faxed papers to you and I was told I would here IF they would repair on 05/13/2015. Then you would set up a repair date.

I waisted my money on this plan and expect my money back. I am having it fixed because I need to finish around the house before I go on Vacation. I DON'T have a month to waist on waiting for you to repair it. I expect a response and then will decide to cancel my credit card and have any future dealings with HD.


After consideration, feeling that Home Depot was a reputable company and under the assumption that they would staff competent and skilled professionals, I entered into a contract with them to provide what was called a “small” bathroom remodel project at my home. Home Depot assigned and directed this work to be performed by a third party contractor known as Romanoff Renovations. The project began Tuesday, September 2, 2014, and was estimated to take 4 or 5 days. Sadly this project escalated into a 6-week fiasco due to incompetence, negligence and mismanagement on the part of Romanoff Renovations personnel.

As a result the entire remodel is substandard and non-conforming to basic standards and practices. The drywall finishing is substandard, the shower curb tiles are misaligned and the entire shower structure is out-of-square. The glass shower surround key components were initially installed backwards and had to be re-ordered and re-installed. All of this was a direct result of Romanoff Renovations knowingly assigning duties to persons that were neither trained nor skilled to perform the work.

Six weeks later on, December 7, 2014, damage was discovered in the great room that shares a wall with the shower. The water pipe that connects to the shower head was not fitted properly. This connection was made by Romanoff Renovations personnel but not by the project plumber. This negligence caused a leak to occur every time the water to the shower was turned on. Water had destroyed all the wall insulation, the drywall and a large portion of our hardwood flooring in the great room and a portion of the bathroom wall adjacent to the shower. This damage was reported to my local Home Depot, as instructed on my contract, who in turn contacted Romanoff Renovations.

The local Field Manager contacted me and had a plumber come out and fix the leak, however, black mold was found throughout the wall, base molding and hardwood flooring and, therefore, a mold remediation company had to be contacted to perform mold removal at my home and air testing completed before repairs could be started. This required them to remove a large portion of the wall in our great room and bathroom and remove a large area of our hardwood flooring. Following that we had to have new drywall installed, taping, mudding and sanding performed over the next month requiring three (3) attempts to achieve acceptable results.

Damage to our hardwood flooring was so extensive that total replacement of the entire floor was the only option. Our current flooring had been discontinued and was no longer available so, over the next month, I was instructed to find new flooring. Each time I approached them with a possible material I received some reason they would not agree. A Regional Manager for Romanoff Renovations took over my case and told me I had to select flooring from Home Depot only, even though my current floor did not come from Home Depot or any other box store, and I was given a “not to exceed” cost per square foot. The amount allotted did not equal what my current floor was worth per square foot. When I objected, I was met with a “final settlement” monetary offer she stated was “fair market value”. I told her I did not want money, I wanted my home back the way it was before they damaged it. Even though Romanoff Renovations admitted total responsibility for all our damages they were not willing to provide satisfaction.

I once again contacted Home Depot for their help in resolving my damage issues. The local Store Manager attempted to help but was told by his District Service Manager that he would be taking over my case going forward. I was told he would be “reaching out” to me on several occasions and attempted to contact him several times but could not reach him or get him to call me back. I finally sent him a letter requesting nullification of my current Home Depot contract and a refund of the money I have already paid to date. In my Home Depot Contract it states that “Home Depot will attempt resolution of any claim within sixty (60) calendar days of receiving notice”, it also states that “Home Depot warrants the workmanship of the installation for one year from its completion date. During the warranty period Home Depot will repair, at no costs to consumer, any defects due to faulty workmanship.” I believe failure to honor these conditions constitutes nullification of my contract, however, when he finally did respond it was to reject this nullification. They were negligent in assisting with resolution to a problem caused by a party they employed to perform services on their behalf and they clearly violated the terms of their own contract. Now they are unwilling to offer satisfaction to me although I have incurred costs; not to mention mental anguish, physical illness, overwhelming disruption of our day-to-day living, etc. (too many to list on a single page.) They want their money.

This has been such a horrible experience and I do not want another consumer to go through this. It has consumed and wasted time in my life I can never get back. Neither the Home Depot District Manager nor Romanoff Renovations Regional Manager cared about my home or the stress and frustration this situation caused. They appeared only concerned about their bottom line. I found them both to be extremely unprofessional and condescending. So please reconsider before you ever allow any of these people to enter your home. I certainly wish I had the opportunity to reconsider.


I purchased a new Fridgedaire Range which was delivered today soon after lunch. At the time of purchase I was told that a new appliance cord was required for installation of a new range. I paid for the new cord ($22) at that time and it was to be delivered with the range.

Luckily, my kitchen wasn't ready for the installation and they left it for my remodeling guy to install. I went to check on the cord and found that I did not have a new cord but my old one was put on the new range. I would have never have discovered this if it had been installed. Feeling ripped-off, I called the appliance department of the Home Depot. I was informed that the new cord was needed or the warranty would be invalid. They said they could have a new one delivered on Friday. I said no way, it must be here today (Monday) or I would report a fraud. A subsequent return call revealed that a new cord would be delivered to me today. It was also revealed that the delivery person stated that he did not have a new cord on the truck and therefore installed my old one.

Why didn't he tell me that that was what he did? If this would void my warranty, why not say that someone would deliver the correct cord? OR - Why not tell me that I would get a credit for the undelivered new cord? He knew that it was on the delivery slip. He admitted to the salesperson that he know that I was to get it.

Later, the delivery guy called and said that he was on the way with the cord. Also, said that old cord use did not void the warranty. Still waiting for delivery person - wonder where he got the new cord from? He knows that I am pissed. He does not know that I will have a recorder recording every word that he says.

So, who is lying, Home Depot or delivery guy? He also said that Home Depot always tells customers that they must buy the new cord - but is is not needed. Is this an ongoing FRAUD? FRAUD by Home Depot and FRAUD facilitated by delivery people? Do they split the take?


We purchased a patio set from the online store as they did not carry size of table we needed or chairs in store - we selected the set from a larger display set - we did purchase the umbrella and stand within the Glen Mills, PA store on April 12, 2015. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran, they would not accept his license (which states he is a Vet), or the DD214 discharge form. Need to have an ID from the VA hospital or Vet Admin. - which forces us to use their doctors/hospital. This is discriminating. He served for 1 year in Artillery and put his life at risk. 10% discount is the least he deserves. Also, product when received in shipping was damages/legs dented and bent and tiles do not sit flat on table top & boxes were torn. We are NOT packing it up and shipping it back or paying for the cost of either. But your company needs to send a representative to our home to inspect it. That is real customer service.


I would like to make you aware of the issue I have encountered at a Home Depot store in Indianapolis.

My husband and I closed on our new home April 20th 2015. We went to Menards the same day to order 3-rail white vinyl fencing. We were told they could not get the posts here for 2-3 weeks. At that point, I called the Home Depot on High School Road in Indianapolis. I spoke with someone who called the distributer and assured me that if I ordered it through Home Depot and paid for it by end of day Tuesday, April 21st, it would be in by Friday, April 24th, 2015. This is crucial because my husband has taken off work from the 28th to the 2nd to help me put up this new horse fence.

I was told that they could not take my debit card information over the phone as it exceeded the 500$ limit. So I drove over an hour to the store Tuesday morning. Upon arrival, I asked an associate if they would price match with Menards as your posts are 24.97 and Menards are 17.99. I was told that you would not price match. I agreed to pay your price because I was assured the posts would be here that Friday. I paid for the entire order in full and was told I would receive a call when it arrived.

Fast forward to yesterday, April 28th, 2015. I called first thing in the morning to come pick up the posts. I was informed by a different associate that my order would not be in until May 5th. I explained that that was unacceptable and that I had been ASSURED it would be here by the end of the previous week. The associate said she would call the distributer and call me back. I never got a call. So my husband and I drove over an hour to the store to get some clarification.

Upon arrival, I spoke with Tony D, and assistant manager. He told me that there was no way that my order could or would be here before May 5th. He apologized profusely but couldn’t offer any solution other than 10% off my order. That does not solve the problem. I have spent over 1300$ on just posts for fencing, 130$ does nothing for me and is honestly insulting. Tony said he would try to look for another solution and promised to give us a call. Again, no one called me.

Today, Wednesday April 29th 2015. My husband and I are traveling to Terra Haute, Indiana, to pick up the remaining rails for the fence (your company doesn’t carry 16ft rails). I have yet to hear from your company so I called corporate. At around 9:15am I was connected with Yolanda. She listened to my issue and contacted the store manager. When she came back on the line she told me that the store manager, Erica, was on the phone with the distributer when I first placed the order and heard them say the posts would be delivered by Friday, April 24th, 2015. Yolanda put me on hold and continued speaking with Erica. Yolanda came back several times while I was on hold and updated me as to what was going on. By the end of the call (9:32am), I was informed that Erica was in contact with the distributer and she would call me back with shipping information with in an hour. She did not call me back.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 11:31am. I called Erica back and she said that the distributer told her it was being put on today’s truck and should be there tomorrow but to call back before 2:30pm to get confirmation that it got on the truck. Erica told me that she would call me back with that confirmation. I thanked her and hung up. She did not call me back with confirmation.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 2:43pm. I called Erica again to check on the confirmation. I was told she just got back from lunch and needed to call the distributer then she would call me back. At 2:54pm Erica called me back to tell me that the post did NOT make the truck today and they would “hopefully” make tomorrow's truck. I asked Erica if it would have made a difference if she would have called BEFORE 2:30 as the distributer had asked her to do. She said she didn’t think it would have. She told me that she repeatedly asked to speak to a manager and was told they were in meetings all day thus not available. I asked when I could expect the posts. She said it would “hopefully” go out tomorrow and would take 1-2 business days to get here. She then told me that she would give me a call tomorrow afternoon with an update.

I then tried to call Yolanda back at the number and extention she gave me but only got her voicemail. She had said to call her if things were not resolved. So I left a message for her to call me back at 3:22pm. She did not call me back.

My issue has not been resolved. It is about to be Thursday, April 30th and we are without posts for our fencing. My husband works for the USPS and only gets one day off of work every 2 weeks. His next day off is Mothers Day and we will be putting up dog fence that day. This week was scheduled time off of work that could not be rescheduled.

We must get this horse fence up this week. If we do not get these post by Friday, we will not be able to put up the fencing ourselves. I cannot put this fence up myself once my husband goes back to work as we have a 5 month old son that I care for. This means that we will have to pay for someone to install the fencing before May 12th so that we can move our horses to our new property when we move.

Because your company has dropped the ball numerous times, I would like this situation resolved quickly and adequately. I am losing money by ordering these posts through Home Depot. I am losing money by having to hire someone to install this fencing if your store cannot get me the posts by Friday May 1st. My husband has lost money by taking off of work and not getting this project done. Due to these facts, I would like you to either get me these posts by Friday morning May 1st or pay for the fencing to be installed once the posts arrive.

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