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I been harassed 3 times in 1 week from the same store
I spoken to the Mgr on Friday
Monday someone else’s calls wakes me up n again today in less then one wk 3 calls
They are nasty n now I know why ever wk there is a help wanted sign out the turnover tells a lot bout this store I have left numberous message to senor mgr Gavin
Not one call back
Some one gave me a Catherine to call no one can find her at a 1-707 595 8472
This is crazy every month this guys call don’t talk to each other or write info down to say someone has reach out to this place n will be in to pay bill
There not doing there job they purposely harassed me n son has a unit n has been near ever call n negative call
When will someone help the customer
But I do know u guys will sell my stuff in a heart beat
But won’t train ur employees with customer service skills n the correct call customer about bills
Excuse my French
Public storage sucks
And I will never ever use them once my stuff is moved and I will all family n friends never to use this store or the company at all
No one cares except the poor person on the phone listening me yell when it’s not even her fault
Poor training
Poor service
Raised prices in contract
Rude rude rude

Valerie Jones


I have rented my storage unit for the last 7 years from PS storage located in Everett, WA at 9830 Evergreen Way, and was pleased with your company services. It looked well maintained and secures. Awhile back i recieved an email from the property informing me my lock had signs of being tampered with, and they have decided to change the lock. They told me they had the key for me, when i come in. I recently went to the storage, and the property manager notified me at that said time that my unit was broken into last year, and through further inquiry, I found out to my dissatisfaction, that it has been broken into twice last year and i was never informed until the day i went in for my keys. Neither the police nor I was notified in a timely manner, and whoever the person was/is that broken into my unit, stoled priceless amount of my valuables and totally ramsacked my unit. Im in such distress, distraught, and displeased how that location handled that matter in its entirety and they have no remorse or sympathy for what im going through and has not offered me any help in the matter. I can go on but looking forward to a response


I had a trailer stored at PS in Oklahoma city I found out today when my son went to use the trailer that it and the trailer next to it was missing. When he arrived at to facility the gate was half open and no one to be found. When some one was located her response was that the gate had been doing that for a while. She informed him that the trailer as far as she new had been gone at leased since the 24th its know the 31st no phone call. But she did send a move out receipt on the 29th still no contact.


Good afternoon, Mr. Havner

I really hope this email reaches you, the storage unit at 6700 Reames Rd Charlotte NC, that I have rented for 3yrs was broken into and ramshackle, I’m not sure if anything is missing. What’s so odd to me is the unit is on the second level, in a climate control space, I was told someone climbed on top of the unit and tore back the wiring, smashed the lock, nothing was caught on surveillance, but the worst of the experience was speaking with Mr. Reid with is one of your DM, I was told to call him on 08/27/2018 between 8/5, I made several attempts left several messages he didn’t call me back and didn’t answer the phone, I called back to the Public storage ON 08/29/2018 from where I currently rent, explaining I’ve yet to reach Mr. Reid, I was told they will have him give me a call. Mr. Reid, is so rude and heartless, he ask me how can I help you, his tone was rushed and angry, I explained the issue, and said I was given your number and was told to call you, he in returned said I don’t know why they told you to call me, I was shocked, he is very condescending and discourteous, even to how he spoke to me, I feel disrespected, clearly he doesn’t care about what happen to me and it showed in his voice and he words I pay $171,00 monthly maybe nothing to him but it a lot for me. I’m a very dissatisfied customer.


I have been renting from you for 1.5 years and my rate has been increased by over $80.00 a month! This is outrageous !!!! Is their anything you can do to help with this increase that starts Aug 1st. These increases are huge! I also was notified by an email from Public Storage with the title being "YO!" Your storage is increasing!!!! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Exactly what kind of organization are you running? SEE BELOW

-------- Original message --------
From: Public Storage <>
Date: 7/13/18 2:10 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Yo

Here is your Monthly Storage Invoice.
Hi Alyse,

Thanks for choosing Public Storage! As a friendly reminder, your storage invoice for rental period 08/01/2018 to 08/31/2018 is now available for payment. If your account is set up for AutoPay, your payment will be automatically processed.

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PHONE: (781) 872-1871


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STORAGE LOCATION: 420 Washington St
Woburn, MA 01801
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Monthly Charges

Monthly Rate: $172.00
Rent Discount: $0.00
Rent Tax: $0.00
Insurance: $0.00
Monthly Total: $172.00

Current Balance

Current Balance:
(as of 07/11/2018) $0.00
Charges for Rental Term:
( 08/01/2018 to 08/31/2018) $172.00
Total Due: $172.00

TOTAL DUE: $172.00

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Glad to have you with us,
Your Public Storage Team

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I have in authorized transactions and I need my funds ASAP


I ams disabled and got behind in my payment. My lock was removed the dooe was open and the lock was thrown in. When the bill was paid I came to my storage and could not open the door it was jammed. I was informed only the Gen Mgr can change the locks. Then I blame the Gen Mgr. When I finally was able to open it everything was thrown around and had fallen over. I have antique furniture and expensive dish and glass ware. The pics below will show you. The girl working was informed. Her reply was file insurance.
This is uncalled for and ridiculous.

Rodney Gary


I am an independant outside adjuster working for a major insurance company and I have traveled from another city to Houston, Tx as I have been deployed to work here after Hurricane Harvey to help the residents of Houston rebuild their homes and their lives. As you may know, it is at times very demanding living on the road and away from home but it comes with the territory. There is absolutely no extra time for anything while on a deployment as an adjuster because we have to make every minute count. That being said, I packed up everything I could think of into my van that I thought might need for my stay here in Houston and rented a small 5x5 storage unit @ a facility @ 11770 Southwest Fwy. on 9/18/17 and the store manager put a lock on my unit that day. Today's date is 9/21/17 and the lock is still on the unit. I have requested that the lock be removed as I must unload the contents of what is in my van into the storage unit so that I will have room to work out of my van, thus the reason for renting a storage unit. I have requested that the lock be removed but have been denied access to my unit for some unknown reason. The problem is, I can't work and do my job with my van packed full. I don't have thre time or money to rent another unit and shouldn't have to. The staff here is rude and discourteous and have no regard for meeting their customers needs. Customer service is not a word in their vocabulary apparently. I am losing thousands of dollars each day not being able to work. I have tried to move my "reservation" to another location but the so-called management has refused to facilitate the move. Please do not use this Public a storage facility. I have been using Public storage for years and have always been very pleased with the outcome. Until now.


When I started my public storage lease last may at the one by 8830 Long Street,Lenexa, KS 66215-3528 . The attendant lady told me that if I move out before the 6th of the month we will only have to pay for the days we keep our staff in the storage. But when I went to the office to pay and move out, the attendant told that I had to pay for the full month of September because the company policy had change starting September 1st and that I should had received an email about the policy change but I didn't get any email from them. All the email that I got was that my rent was due before September 1st so I had to pay for the full just for keeping my stuffs in there for four days and I'm very unhappy about that.


This is not a complaint. I had a wonder full experience with Theresa and Tim Teruel at the 2222 Delaware location in San Mateo California. 22321. Both were very professional and very helpful with my needs. I also like the professionalism of carrie, the property manager next door 107035, she is always ready to assist.


When I lost my job I lost my storage and Public Storage company violated the laws in the state of Washington by not returning my pictures and college degrees and all the veteran and personal paper work that I had in the storage. I have called and left several message with the different supervisors and have not received a response from no one. This tells me that the company does not care about the laws of the state and leaves me no choice but to take the next step.


I purchased a 5x5 storage unit yesterday from Public Storage on 10/7/2016. I loaded all my stuff in the unit and left between 5 and 6pm. The next day 10/8/2016 I had to access the unit around 7:15 am to get a few items. I was told by the manager Brandy that I needed to enter in the gate code when entering and exiting the property.

Upon leaving I was confronted by Brandy and an unnamed gentleman before entering in the gate code to leave. Brandy had a very confrontational attitude and made me feel very uncomfortable and that I was getting lectured. She told me "I hope you didn't stay here all night. I don't have a record of you leaving or coming in this morning." I told her I had entered in the gate code just like she had instructed. She denied having any record of it.

Accusing me of spending the night. She said in a very rude tone "if this happens again Ill tell you to take your stuff and leave." My husband got out of the van and asked if they had security cameras. She said "we do but you parked in a place where the security cameras don't film." He said "please check the other cameras and you will see us coming and going. We did not stay here." She came at me in a very unprofessional accusatory way. I had my baby and husband with me. It was upsetting to have management be so rude and confrontational.

Please get the facts straight first the next time. I will give self storage one more chance. I hope to not have any more trouble with the management. If so I will find another company to store with and ask for a full refund. If the gate system is not recording the codes entered they need to fix the system and not accuse their customers. My only request is that management be spoke with about their need for having a professional approach to situations like this. If in fact the gate codes let me in and out last night and the same this morning as they did than Public Storage north 16th Street Sacramento, CA.


Public Storage ruined me and my kids life. I went thru a very ba domestic situation and was forced to put all m belongings in storage in 7/15 and go into a safe haven with and my children. In 4/2016 I moved into a house and had planned on retrieving our things from storage. Two days after moving in i found out i was a victim of fraud and the house i was renting did not belong to the landlord. I contacted the DA office and police to file a complaint and was told that this individual was being watched by the police and feds for committing housing fraud. At this point me and my children became homeless smh. I was told the contact pa victim services and that relocation expenses, storage, and my stolen cash would be replaced.

I was unable to pay for the storage and the Da and victim compensation contacted public storage several times to let them know that my unit would get paid for, however no return call was given. I was notified that my unit would be going into auction on 6/21. Finally on 6/20 the victim ppl got in touch with the district manager and was told that there was nothing they could do and the auction would still go on. Unable to pay me and my children's things were auctioned for 600 in rent (April, May, and June) and 400 in late fees. I became so distraught due to my kids being so upset i attempted suicide smh. While in the hospital my sister looked up my account and seen that only 100 dollars was credited to my account for over 20k in clothes, furniture, jewelry.

When my sister questioned why this was done and why only a credit of 100 was received she was threatened by the district manager that he was turning over this account to there legal team. My sister then received a call from someone who works at public storage and told her that two staff had stolen stuff out of my unit before the auction. I just feel like this was a very evil and cruel thing to do considering the circumstances not to mention the city was paying for the bill due.


This is my first time renting a public storage unit in Roselle, Illinois. The lady at the counter, Ashley was super nice and very informative. I had no problems with that. My complaint is that I had a balance of $14.42 due March 1st, I went on my phone to pay the bill and entered my bank routing number and account number as it appears on my check and paid it. I got confirmation on my phone that it was received. Only to find out when I was looking at my checking account and didn't see that amount taken out, I then decided to go into my public storage account and saw that the balanced owed for March 1st was increased to $39.42. I called to ask why and was told that my bank is not a ACH member.

So I called my bank which is Chase and they replied they had no record of anything going through except for my initial payment when I opened the account. So for the whole morning I went back and forth and am upset that no one at public storage customer service wants to take responsibility. I have paid the $39.42 that was due March 1st on my computer versus my phone. I feel that I should be reimbursed for the $25.00 because I still don't know what happened and I even paid the $14.42 before it was due. I don't think that's it's fair that I have to be penalized and still to this date don't know why. The day I signed up using my phone I had a personal check in from of me so that I would enter the routing number and account number correct.

Thank you.


My Public Storage unit has been broken into from the unit next door which is not occupied by anyone. It's a inside job and my daughters graduation ring among other things have been taken. I want to know what public storage is going to do about this. I will complain to the corporate offices next!


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